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14 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination - Americas - World - The Independent

Jimmy Carter Corrects Obama - Jimmy Carter - Fox Nation

More protests break out in Muslim world as U.S. appeals for calm - The Washington Post

Iranians protest film mocking Muhammad; no violence reported - latimes.com

FBI Warns of Violence in America Over Anti-Islamic Movie - ABC News

US Identifies Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Blamed for Attacks « CBS DC

Reports: Marines Not Permitted Live Ammo | Washington Free Beacon

Israeli Arab Official Warns Of ‘Armageddon’ Over Anti-Islam Film « CBS DC

Teamsters leader compares GOP to Cambodian dictator | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com

» Photos: TSA Checkpoint At Mitt Romney Political Event Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Turmoil Over Contentious Video Spreads - NYTimes.com

Angry protests spread over anti-Islam video - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Egypt's Mursi condemns embassy attack, protesters clash | Reuters

US: Warships move toward Libya, consulate in Berlin evacuated - WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

Iraqi militia threatens U.S. interests over film | Reuters

Teamsters leader compares GOP to Cambodian dictator | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com

» Photos: TSA Checkpoint At Mitt Romney Political Event Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Turmoil Over Contentious Video Spreads - NYTimes.com

Angry protests spread over anti-Islam video - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Egypt's Mursi condemns embassy attack, protesters clash | Reuters

US: Warships move toward Libya, consulate in Berlin evacuated - WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

Iraqi militia threatens U.S. interests over film | Reuters

Monk Found Wandering Naked After Eating Hallucinogenic Berries, Getting Lost | NBC4 Washington

Social Security and Disability Payments Hit Annual Records—With Month Left in FY | cnsnews.com

Fed Pulls Trigger, to Buy Mortgages in Effort to Lower Rates - US Business News - CNBC

Bernanke Policy Credibility Seen Outlasting His Fed Term - Bloomberg

Fed Stimulus is Creating ‘Phony Numbers’: Trump - US Business News - CNBC

Biden: 'I am Supposedly an Expert on Foreign Policy' - Joe Biden - Fox Nation

‘Whose Democratic Party?’ | Washington Free Beacon

Game Changer! Why This Fed Decision Was a Huge Departure From Every Move The Fed Has Made Before - DailyFinance

Federal Reserve announces QE3 — RT

Fed to launch QE3 by buying mortgage securities - The Fed - MarketWatch

My Memories of Jesse Benton | Tom Woods

My Way News - US consulate attack in Libya said twin operation

California man confirms role in anti-Islam film - Yahoo! News

Iran strike must be bigger than Afghan/Iraqi ops combined - report — RT

How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You - Business Insider

Flight 93 Eyewitness Sees A Second Plane, Says Flight 93 Was Shot Down - YouTube


Dark energy mystery solved? Researchers claim they are 99.996% sure it is real | Mail Online

Truth Is Not By Consensus « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

'Pink slime' company sues ABC for $1.2billion as 'network wrongly told customers the product was unhealthy' | Mail Online

How oil spills could be cleaned up with magnets - video | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Why Are We Being Kept in the Dark Over GMOs?

Dr. Mercola discusses GMO Labeling - YouTube

Spinach could help beat dementia - Telegraph

Endangered species tables and charts

Classics Professor Discovers First Ever Etruscan Pyramids in Italy : Saint Anselm College

A reporter's error, or yet another lie from Paul Ryan? - PamRotella.com BREAKING NEWS

US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA's Military Detention Provision | ZeroHedge

Access denied | This Can't Be Happening

House conservatives call for suspension of foreign aid | Sinclair News.Net

Big Ag Directly Funded Anti-Organics Stanford Study: Report | Common Dreams

OpEdNews - AP: California man confirms role in anti-Islam film

OpEdNews - Romney: "Can't imagine saying no' to Netanyahu meeting

OpEdNews - Article: Romney's Foot-in-Mouth Disease is Terminal

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers | Threat Level | Wired.com

Daily Kos: Vladimir Putin thanks Mitt Romney for strengthening Russia's anti-U.S. resolve

PressTV - Romney justifies Russia stance on US missile system in Europe: Putin

New questions about makers of anti-Muslim film as shadowy details emerge - CBS News

YouTube refuses to take down video that caused murder of US ambassador in Libya — RT

My Way News - Obama, Romney trade tough words over attacks

Daily Kos: Joe Scarborough eviscerates Mitt Romney

Israel's Netanyahu opens the door to Iran attack - The National

Death and Destruction in the Name of Free Speech | State of the Nation 2012

Netanyahu Hitting America! | Opinion Maker

Is Israel being shown the dead end? | Opinion Maker

US, allies set to launch anti-mine naval exercises - News - Boston.com

PressTV - Romney & Obama in service of Wall Street

swompyskippy 911 twin towers 9/11 by Bike the lost tape my never seen before 911 footage - YouTube


The SECRETS Beyond the Veils | Kirwan's Art & Articles

I Found the Culprit « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

VIDEO: Explosion on Jupiter’s surface - Dallas - Flash Player Installation

Weird Planets - NASA Science

Apple Corp. Allows Forced “One-Child” Pregnancy Screening of Its Employees in China

New Attack on 2nd Amendment: Obama Says Substance Abusers Cannot Own Firearms

Hidden ORIGINAL 13th Amendment , 1812, Real Evidence - YouTube

New cameras to watch cameras that watch you - WTOP.com

Activist Post: Police Learn Propaganda Tactics at Internet Conference

Roi Tov – Tabloid Science

OpEdNews - Article: What's in a Seed?

Israel Owes the USA | Kirwan's Art & Articles

With range of 1,242 miles, missile could reach any Israeli city | Washington Free Beacon

Activist Post: Staging World War 3 For A Mutually Desired Outcome

Los Angeles Considers Issuing Immigrants Library Cards that Double as ID | Fox News Latino

Products Made to Fail and Break - Off The Grid News

US census figures show more than one in five children are living in poverty | Business | guardian.co.uk

When A “Neutral Journalist” Stops Being A Journalist | Sinclair News.Net

The Comings and Goings in the Land of the Temporary. Visible Origami

Geoengineering Faces Dilemma: Experiment or Not? | Climate Central

Sandinistas vs. Monsanto « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

'Fast and Furious' guns ended up in Colombia - Colombia news | Colombia Reports

Are all presidents psychopaths? How U.S. leaders from JFK to Roosevelt and George W Bush were all fearless and dominant | Mail Online

Police officer pleads guilty to faking information in rape cases - Telegraph

Hillsborough: prosecutions likely over 'the biggest cover-up in history' - Telegraph

Mammoth fragments raise cloning hopes - Telegraph

"The 'Astounding' Loss of Sea Ice This Year is Adding a Huge Amount of Heat to the Arctic Ocean and the Atmosphere"

Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects - NYTimes.com

Aspartame: Safety Approved In 90 Nations, But Damages Brain

Why the Mainstream Media Reports on Fish Oil Are Dead Wrong | Live in the Now | Natural Health News | Natural Health Resources

What's that white pyramid in Papago Park? | azfamily.com Phoenix

PressTV - Netanyahu trying to overthrow Obama: Israeli opposition leader

U.S. warns of rising threat of violence amid outrage over anti-Islam video - CNN.com

Meet The Right-Wing Extremist Behind Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Riots

Denmark: Sterilization of Unemployed May be a Good Idea | ZenHaven

'Innocence of Muslims' actors, crew duped by director — RT

15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans

19 More Photos Of Libyans Apologizing For American Deaths

The provocateurs know politics and religion don't mix - Comment - Voices - The Independent

PressTV - US group issues warning on Iran attack

Obama's NDAA Law Allowing Indefinite Military Detention of Citizens Ruled Unconstitutional - New York - News - Runnin' Scared

Corporate Media's War On Public Education

My Way News - US sends Marines to Libya after deadly attack

US Ambassador Killed: Fingers Pointing at Israel « Kawther Salam

Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag” (Updated) | Veterans Today

GAINESVILLE: Florida pastor says he did not promote anti-Islam video because church website was hacked - Florida - MiamiHerald.com

Are Romney’s comments on Libya a 2012 game changer? – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Iran Gold Imports From Turkey Surge To $8 Billion YTD As Gold Increasingly Used As Currency | ZeroHedge

William Cooper predicted 9/11 « we must know

Incomes drop in 2011, rich and poor divide deepens | McClatchy

Numbers, Analysis Show 30 Years of Failed US Economic Policy | Common Dreams

Conventions 2012: The Price of the Party - Fault Lines - Al Jazeera English

Pentagon unveils DARPA-made mule-drone (VIDEO) — RT

Portrait of A Hapless CIA Puppet « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Security lapses at nuclear complex identified two years before break-in - The Washington Post

Rep. Morgan Griffith Questions EPA About Grants to China for Coal Production - YouTube

Robbery Suspects Toss Money Out SUV Window During LA Pursuit | NBC Southern California

U.S. Grows An Industrial Complex Along The Border : NPR

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

Staff and crew of film that ridiculed Muslims say they were 'grossly misled' - CNN.com

On the Contrary: Self-righteous Blowhards Mock Muslim Rage

For Barack Obama, all roads to the White House lead through Florida – and Israel - Americas - World - The Independent

When Someone Doesn't Do Their Job,Let Them Go' - Clint EastwoodLet Them Go' - Clint Eastwoodxtractive Capital & Peace Negotiations

Obama not snubbing Netanyahu during US visit, says White House | World news | guardian.co.uk

US 'has no moral right to prevent Israel acting against Iran' - Telegraph

30 PG./Barack Obama - The Red Menace By Another Sojourner for Truth


Claim: Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president

The dangers of N.S.A. domestic spying - YouTube

TODAY: Donors unaware charity money goes to telemarketer

The Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs | ZenHaven

Jackals of Jekyll Island - Federal Reserve Audit

Bacteria Cause Cancer — The Microscopic Evidence

Chicago - America's Epicenter Of Resistance

Noriega, Pan Am 103 & the Lizard Kings « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

Democracy Takes A Hit | Opinion Maker

Bradley Manning Heads for Trial; No One Charged for Murdered Civilians - YouTube

BBC 'made youths put hoods up to make estate look worse in Panorama documentary' - Telegraph

Activist Post: 8 Reasons to End Prohibition of All Drugs Immediately

Is MSG safe? The dangerous effects of Excitotoxins! - YouTube

Principal Sees Racism in Peanut Butter | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

11 Historical Geniuses and Their Possible Mental Disorders | ZenHaven

Pest Infestation-Reducing Bats Dying from Pesticide Exposure

4 Reasons to Seek Out Local Honey: Organic Gardening

Larry Flynt offering $1 million for Romney's financial records | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Who Murdered 26 Canadians on 9-11? Israel Murdered 26 Canadians on 9-11 - YouTube

Libya rejects American-style Democracy? - YouTube

Joseph Nasrallah Speaks at the FDI/SIOA Rally 9/11/2010 - YouTube

US Controlling Heroin in Afghanistan? | Think Tank with Fariba Nawa - YouTube

The World at War, The Banks Profit - YouTube

Felix Zulauf - Gold, Systemic Collapse & The End Of Fiat Money

Activist Post: Marijuana Compound Found Superior To Drugs For Alzheimer's

Republicans Working To Keep Gary Johnson Off The Ballot In Battleground States | XRepublic

Activist Post: The American Corporate Party and the Derailing of Revolution


Obama: Egypt not an ally of US, but not an enemy - First Read

Coptic Christian leader of organization that produced anti-Muslim film spoke at Pamela Geller's anti-mosque rally

There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all - CSMonitor.com

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination - Americas - World - The Independent

Scientists discover green tea boosts brain cell production, aids memory

How A Hate-Driven Anti-Muslim Film Led to the Death of Four U.S. Diplomats | Veterans News Now

Days Later: US Newspapers Run Graphic Photos Of Libya Ambassador

Reports: Murdered U.S. Ambassador To Libya Was Sexually Raped

Neocon False Flag in North Africa – Part of Election Strategy : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

» House Approves Extension of Secret Surveillance Under FISA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

More Americans opting out of banking system - The Washington Post

Chris Whalen And Barry Ritholtz On Bloomberg: "The Big 4 Banks Have To Cheat To Hide Their Insolvency" - Home - The Daily Bail

BP To Start Libya Oil Drilling in 2013 | _

US Ambassador's Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy - BlackListedNews.com

Activist Post: Police Learn Propaganda Tactics at Internet Conference

» Is Muhammad Movie a Contrived Fraud? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Charleston Voice: Who in the US State Department Declined US Marine Security Attachment in Libya - Elsewhere Also?

Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag” - Mossad and CIA AssetTerry Jones Responsible for Film Review and Criticism | XRepublic

Documentary on Iranian Life - Rick Steves - Ask yourself, does it look like these people want war? | XRepublic

Activist Post: Joe Klein: Netanyahu Tactics "Absolutely Outrageous and Disgusting"

Children Born To Parents Who Eat Genetically Modified Wheat May Die Before The Age Of Five – (NaturalNews) | Health

Neither of the 2012 Candidates Seems to be an Honorable Man. Our Choice? The Lesser of Two Evils. That's How Far We've Fallen. | Election 2012

Al Qaeda Releases New Video of American Hostage - ABC News

Hillary Clinton Strongly Condemns Attacks On Libyan Embassy: ‘There Is No Justification For This’ | Mediaite

Anti-Neocons • View topic - Ron Paul Predicted Al Qaeda Will Move Into Libya After invas

Israeli-funded film triggers a bloody 9/11 in Benghazi & Cairo | Pyramidion

U.S. ex-con identified as man behind anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ - thestar.com

Pat Robertson: Muslims ‘go crazy’ because they have the spirit of a ‘wild donkey’ | The Raw Story

Schizophrenic Nature of U.S. Foreign Policy Causes A Predictable Disaster In Libya « THE INTERNET POST

U.S. ex-con identified as man behind anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ - thestar.com


Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan | XRepublic

Bizarre story behind film that supposedly sparked middle east unrest - Is Muhammad Movie a Contrived Fraud? - 12160

TaxProf Blog: TIGTA: Tax Returns Prepared Through IRS's Volunteer Assistance Program had 51% Error Rate

Reality Check: Attack On U.S. Ambassador In Libya An Example Of "Blowback"? - 12160

The Secret History of Western Education (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Romney won’t meddle with Fed, says Larry Meyer - Political Watch - MarketWatch

Activist Post: Is Social Media Leading Us to a Hyper Revolution?


'Obama puts off Iran invasion until November' - YouTube

Obama Lists His Five Criteria for Death by Drone - BlackListedNews.com

Russians Say Attack in Libya Vindicates Their Position - NYTimes.com

'Fast and Furious' guns ended up in Colombia - Colombia news | Colombia Reports

House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers | Threat Level | Wired.com

cryptogon.com » Dennis Hill Talks About Curing His Stage IV Prostate Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Blacklisted Radio Podcast, September 12, 2012

Blacklisted Radio Podcast – September 11, 2012

9-11 explained in 5 minutes!!!.mp4 - YouTube

Drug Sentences Driving Federal Prison Population Growth, Government Report Finds - informationliberation

Ron Paul: "Country Should Panic Over Fed's Decision" - informationliberation

The Fed's Balance At The End Of 2013: $4 Trillion - informationliberation

Welcome to the American Gulag: Using Involuntary Commitment Laws To Silence Dissenters - informationliberation

The Liberal Way to Run the World - "Improve" or We'll Kill You - informationliberation

Edwin Vieira Jr. -- Corporativism in Money and banking has led America to Fascism, Part 1

Edwin Vieira Jr. -- Corporativism in Money and banking has led America to Fascism, Part 2

Edwin Vieira Jr. -- Corporativism in Money and banking has led America to Fascism, Part 3

Justice Dept. fails to meet 60-day requirement for employee background checks - Washington Times

US nuclear bombs will remain in Germany - The Local

War Is Boring » Danger Room: Stealth Jet’s Oxygen Woes Still a Mystery, Air Force Admits

Organic farms sprouting up like weeds | Yle Uutiset | yle.fi

Social Security and Disability Payments Hit Annual Records—With Month Left in FY | cnsnews.com

China's Part in Afghanistan Mining Boom - China Digital Times (CDT)

Anonymous' Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Chat | Threat Level | Wired.com

Big Ag Directly Funded Anti-Organics Stanford Study: Report | Common Dreams

Sweden aims to be cashless society - Europe - Al Jazeera English

America's Under Water: Debt Equals 103 Percent of GDP | cnsnews.com

Is your ISP spying on you? - Techworld.com

Don't Be a Soldier in the City | VICE

Millennials: The emerging organic majority? | Grist

Exclusive: Senior MF Global Executive Said Corzine Knew About Misuse of Funds | Fox Business

VIDEO:Clinton on Qaddafi: "We Came, We Saw, He Died"

The Great Islamophobic Crusade

VIDEO:DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: Jesse Ventura No More Gangs in Government

Robert Fisk : The Provocateurs Know Politics and Religion Don't Mix:

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US Ambassador in Libya | Global Research

Greater Middle East: 33 Years Of U.S. Backing Terrorism, Regime Change | Global Research

Would Neocons Control Romney? | Global Research

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s “Global Economic Coup”: Secret Negotiations Behind Closed Doors | Global Research

U.S. Middle Eastern Policies Backfire | Global Research

Deadly Riots in Libya: Right-Wing Christian Group Behind Anti-Muslim Film? | Global Research

Libya's Destabilization Serves Western Political Agenda | Global Research TV

Blowback in Benghazi? by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Romney team sharpens attack on Obama’s foreign policy - The Washington Post

State Health Dept warns of missing radioactive device | Trail Blazers Blog

A look at examples of Muslim anger in recent years over perceived affronts to Islam - The Washington Post

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave? -- News from Antiwar.com

Our Truth, and Theirs by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

160 Reasons to Stock Coconut Oil in Your Larder « Survival Sherpa

SHTF Planning Gets You Ready for Life's Unexpected Emergencies | Ready Nutrition

Astaxanthin for Heart Health and Chronic Pain by Joseph Mercola

Understand the Rules Before You Transport Precious Metals Overseas by Mark Nestmann

The Primal Blueprint 8 Key Concepts | Mark's Daily Apple

Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

"Northcom Is Cocked And Locked" - 4 Mutating Viruses In America - "An Event So Large We'll Go Directly Into Martial Law" | Health

The John Moore show 9/12/2012 - YouTube

Man Behind Controversial Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Protests Identified | Economy

Secret Chamber Found Behind Great Pyramid Shafts | Scienceray

Ancient Pyramids Found In Antarctica | Unexplained Phenomena

75 Percent of all ‘Honey’ Sold in Stores Contains no Honey at All | Consciousness TV

Hair Care Remedies Natural Cures for Hair Loss | Health

Atomic Explosion Clips from Atomcentral

Get Off The Grid: Computerized Home Makes As Much Energy As It Uses | Self-Sufficiency

Libya: Romney's 'Todd Akin moment'?

Romney and Obama: Only 1 acted presidential

Islamic law does not nullify 1st Amendment!

The 1 forbidden alternate lifestyle

Mitt Romney's treason

A. COULTER: Libya commemorates 9/11

R. RINGER: The realities of life after Obama

A. NAPOLITANO: What if November changes nothing?

J. CASHILL: Ayers, Obama: Exact same take on Chicago schools

P. GELLER: Leftist brownshirts and their Islamic thugs

Obama-backing group fights for felons’ votes

‘Vast majority’ support voter ID procedures

This is Your Murderous War Policy on Blow(back): Any Questions?

@AdamKokesh VS. @AmazingAtheist! (LIVE TBD! # 10) #HangoutsOnAir - YouTube

Reality Check: Does Libya Attacks Change U.S. Foreign Policy Moving Forward? - YouTube

Antibiotics for Strep Throat Completely Worthless for at Least 70% of Cases

Robert Gates makes nonsensical claims, raises fears over Iran, China and the military budget at ASIS

Sheryl Crow Attributes Brain Tumor to Cell Phone Use

Israeli Sponsored Film Sparks False Flag Attack and Manufactured Islamic Threat in Libya

US Ambassador's Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy

Congressional report calls on TSA to address body scanner health risks and privacy concerns

Central Missouri Copblocker Jeffrey Weinhaus Shot by MO St. Patrol Employee(s), Airlifted - YouTube

Actor Tim Robbins on Psych Drugging of Children - YouTube

Can Robots Bring Jobs Back to America? (Infographic)

No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America? | Big Brother Watch - YouTube

Activist Post: Trans-Pacific Partnership Takeover

House Republicans Pass Funding for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and Regulation Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith | cnsnews.com

Gohmert: No Merit in Losing Lives Under Current Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan | cnsnews.com

Obama: ‘I Stand Up for Foreign Aid’ to Answer ‘Biblical Call’ | cnsnews.com

Obama Unsure, But State Department Says Egypt Is an Ally | cnsnews.com

Cornell West on His Enthusiasm for Obama: 'It Has Dropped Significantly' | cnsnews.com

Egyptian President Calls Blasphemy a ‘Red Line,’ As Clinton Invokes ‘Free Expression’ | cnsnews.com

Libyan Envoy Pleads for Ongoing U.S. Support As Lawmakers Target Aid | cnsnews.com

Pelosi: ‘Even If Israel Did Not Exist … We Really Do Have to Help Egypt Go Forward’ | cnsnews.com

House GOP To Vote on Overall Funding Bill That Continues Foreign Aid to Egypt, Libya | cnsnews.com

Bernanke: Weak Jobs Picture Requires Unlimited Economic Priming | cnsnews.com

Hurting Muslims’ Feelings ‘Cannot Be Tolerated,’ Egypt’s Ruling Party Says | cnsnews.com

Eastwood: Obama’s Doing All ‘He Possibly Can to Keep Power. There’s No Way He’s Going to Give it Up’ | cnsnews.com

Islamic Bloc: We Told You This Would Happen If You 'Hurt the Religious Sentiments of Muslims' | cnsnews.com

Islamic Group Calls for ‘Condemnation of Extremists’--In U.S. and Overseas | cnsnews.com

Stunned NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Wonders Why Obama Supported Mubarak Overthrow | NewsBusters.org

Ari Fleischer Slams Media 'Double Standard' on Foreign Policy | NewsBusters.org

In Interview with Biased MSNBCer Andrea Mitchell, Former Komen Exec Handel Complains About Liberal Bias That Fueled Controversy | NewsBusters.org

American al Qaeda Op: To Claim America is Not at War with Islam is 'Bald-Faced Lie' | cnsnews.com

Levin: Media 'Pulled Up Their Dresses, You Saw Everything And It's Not Pretty' | cnsnews.com

Sen. Rand Paul: Egypt Should've Sent 'Tanks And Thousands Of Troops' To Protect U.S. Embassy | cnsnews.com

Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier | cnsnews.com

*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- September 13, 2012

Dagestan—‘Syria comes to Russia…’

B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” or How to Make Mind Control Entertaining

News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com

Minister: Libyan Security Showed Radicals Where to Attack Ambassador

Hayden: Obama Libya Policy ‘Broke It, He Owns It’

Former Navy SEAL Killed in Libyan Attack

Romney: 'The World Needs American Leadership'

White House: US Will Not Strip Aid to Egypt

Romney: US Seems 'At the Mercy of Events' in World

Former CIA Director: President’s Intelligence Briefings Are Valuable

Egypt's Morsi Condemns Embassy Attack

US Embassies Attacked in Yemen, Egypt

Vatican Condemns Libyan 'Terrorist' Attack

Trump: Fed Tactics Creating ‘False Numbers’ in Stock Market

iPhone 5 Radiation: Is it Dangerous?

Study: Mini-Strokes More Dangerous Than Believed

RNC Speakers Undermine ‘Racist Code’

Get Your Obamacare Tax Exemption Card Today

GMO red alert: GM wheat may cause liver failure, warn scientists - YouTube

GMO alert: Eating GM wheat may destroy your liver, warn scientists | Dprogram.net

PRESS CONFERENCE on the threat of CSIRO's GM Wheat - YouTube

DHS Warns Muslim Brotherhood and Iran Forming New “Terror Axis” | Dprogram.net

New iPhone Opts Out of Cashless Society | Dprogram.net

Government Finally Admits To Cover Up Of 9/11 Cancer Toxins | Dprogram.net

The End Of Humanity: Rise of the Robots | Dprogram.net

Guns of Pot Users to be Confiscated | Dprogram.net

The Girly Man and the Sheriff

The ‘Obama Fat Head Syndrome’

Rosh Hashanah 2012 - Ancient Prayers, New Dangers

Money For Nothing & Your Kicks For Free

A Bloodless Victory

Iran Intends to Dominate Middle East, Israelis Warn

America’s Emasculation

Obama-backed UN “Human Rights” Council Facilitates US-bashing Meet

Romney’s Response to US Embassy Attacks Measured and Completely Correct

Obama’s Plan to Solve Unemployment Changes Problem By Growing Government

Countdown to Obama’s Defeat

Obama Refuses to Submit New Regulations Plan Required By Law

Are you ready for millions of Manchurian Candidates?

“One death is a tragedy, but one miliion deaths is a statistic”

The Green Job Myth

Green, Rotten, and Red Sustainability Indoctrination

Attack show Obama as unprepared and perceived as weak says pro-troop group

Romney Eloquence and Demeanor on Embassy Murders Prove His Readiness for Presidency!

Our corrupting tax code turns 100 in February

New Wave of Attacks on U.S. Embassies

Campaign $$ More Important Than Safety of Americans As Obama Flees to Las Vegas!

Twenty-three Million Americans Under/Unemployed, Yet Obama Pushes Work Permits for Illegal Aliens!

Rush: Open Mic Captures Press Coordinating Questions For Romney, Establishing The Narrative

Rush: Talk About ‘Aiming Before You’re Shooting,’ Obama Is The Guy Who Gave Us This In Egypt

Rush: We’re Watching The Disintegration Of Two Institutions Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Limbaugh: Mrs. Clinton ‘Talking To Terror Community, As Though They’re Our Friends’

Rush: Media Sets Narrative on Egypt and Benghazi, “It’s Our Fault Because We Have A Constitution”

Rush: For Crying Out Loud! Prior To The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt Had Always Been An Ally.

RUSH: Gasp! Obama Deceiving Himself By Thinking He’s The Smartest Person In The Room.

Rush: Ohhhh! Obama Quoting Jimmy Carter Again

Limbaugh: QE3 Designed To Revive Obama’s Election Chances

Sarah Palin: “Our Enemies No Longer Fear Us And Our Friends Can No Longer Trust Us”

Savage: Islamic takeover hatched in Obama’s ‘ivory tower’

Survey: One-Third Of Americans In ‘Lower Classes’ Since Obama Took Office « CBS DC

Obama caves, embraces free speech for critics of Islam | The Daily Caller

The second 9/11 illustrates futility of groveling for peace | WashingtonExaminer.com

Debbie Schlussel-Impeach Anne Patterson: US Egypt Amb Ordered NO LIVE AMMO for Marines, Relied on Muslim Bro’Hood for Security (WTF?!)

Debbie Schlussel-Chris Stevens, Friend of HAMAS: US Amb to Libya Was Islamopanderer to Extremism (NBC VIDEO) – The Male Lara Logan

Debbie Schlussel-U.S. Ambassador Raped by Muslims Before Killing – Arab Media Reports

Debbie Schlussel-“Sam Bacile,” Agent Provocateur: “Anti-Muslim” Movie is Fake, Conspiracy; Excuse, Provocation for Usual Muslim Attacks, Anti-Semitism; Fake “Israeli Jew”

Debbie Schlussel-U.S. Ambassador Murder by Muslim “Democrats”: THIS. IS. ISLAM. (& the Video That Allegedly “Started It”)

Pew Survey: Lower Classes Grow In Past Four Years

Finders Weepers: Early Bain Disputes Cast New Light on Its Business

Classless Palin Suggests President Obama Should Grow a 'Big Stick' if He Doesn't Have One

Stupid GOP Attacks: Jon Kyl's Rape Analogy

Romney Fails the Commander-in-Chief Test. Again.

Andrea Mitchell Calls Out Romney Adviser Williamson: 'Facts Matter'

Ohio Gov. Kasich: "Our Wives Are Home Doing Laundry"

The Vagueness of Romney’s Ideas is Hurting... Democrats?

Texas Teacher Assigns 4th Graders to Draw Suicides, Explosions on 9/11

Todd Akin on Libya: Obama Apologized 'Because He Didn't Like America'

Romney Libya Gaffe Rehab Relies on Lies

Norm Coleman Dares to Ask If the Middle East is Better Off Than Four Years Ago

Rush Limbaugh's Newest Whacko Conspiracy Theory

Afghan Leader Postpones Overseas Trip over Riot Fears

Obama Admits He Lost Egypt as American Ally

State Dept Denied Marines From Carrying Live Ammo At Cairo Embassy

Taliban Announces Plan to Capture or Kill UK's Prince Harry

Somali President Escapes Assassination Attempt

White House: 'Ally' a 'Term of Art'

US Consulate Attack in Libya Said Twin Operation

Consulate Warns US Citizens to Avoid East Jerusalem Sept 14

Head of Joint Chiefs: Back Off On Islamists

U.S. Cairo Embassy Fights With Muslim Brotherhood Over Twitter

Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings

'U.S. Was Warned Of Embassy Attack And Did Nothing' Claims Paper

World View: Egypt Faces 'Million Man Protest' After Friday Prayers

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Protests Against "Innocence of Muslims" on Friday

Pattern of Targeting Diplomats in Benghazi Should Have Been Warning

Team Romney on Obama's Foreign Policy: 'It's Amateur Hour'

Pope Visits Lebanon amid Syria War, Libya Protest

Media Blasts Romney For Not Apologizing On 9/11

NBC Publishes Unproven Claims of 'Anti-Muslim Incidents' in USA

Roll Call Claims 'Republican Split' over Romney Embassy Comments

Five Facts the Media Are Distorting About Romney's Response to Embassy Attacks

Obama and Media Attack Free Speech

BenSmithing Paul Ryan: BuzzFeed Story Undermines Its Own Headline

Press Endangers Private Citizen to Hide Obama's Middle East Failures

Mainstream Media Ignoring Disaffected, Disillusioned Obama 2008 Voters

Obama Expands ATF's Right to Seize Guns Without Due Process

Virginia: Romney in Fairfax County; Defense, Sequestration Issues May Boost Candidacy

Congress to Block Obama Admin. Welfare Law Changes

Obama Uses Murdered Consulate Staff to Motivate Campaign Workers

Paul Ryan Blasts Obama Over Weak Foreign Policy

Cairo Embassy Statement Approved by Chargé d'Affaires, Published Against State Dept's Wishes

NYC Large Cup Size Ban Now in Effect

End of the American Dream: 49% Think Hard Work Doesn't Bring Success

Nancy Pelosi Fights To Send Aid To Egypt

Obama's Auto Bailout: 20,000 Workers Lost Pensions

The Obamas: Take an Organizer Into Your Home

Gingrich: Attacks Were Coordinated, Directed by Enemies of U.S.

Romney: Obama's America 'at Mercy of Events'

US Braces for More Violence from Anti-Muslim Film

Democrats Apologize for Displaying Russian Warships at Convention

Judicial Watch Files FOIA Lawsuit Against DOJ

'2016' Producer Fires Back at Film Critics: Their 'Hatred and Bias' Overwhelm Them

Eastwood: Obama 'Speaks as Though He Killed Osama bin Laden himself'

Hollywood Silent on Free Speech When Islamists Are Involved

'SNL' Maestro Lorne Michaels Still Can't Figure Out How to Mock Obama

Hollywood Must Support Free Speech - Even the Ugly Kind

Scientologists Protesting 'The Master,' Studio Beefs Up Security

Film Industry Vet Helping FBI Locate Filmmakers Behind Anti-Muslim Movie

Albright: 'Most Important Thing Is To Respect Other Religions'

Anti-American Protests Over Film Enter 4th Day

CPS deal up in air as talks extend into early morning

Lessons Mayor Rahm Emanuel can learn

Suspected Gang Members Arrested in Drug Probe

Facing criticism, Netanyahu denies interfering in US vote

Raw Video: Unrest Continues in Cairo - YouTube

Al-Qaeda-linked suicide bombers target Somalia's new president

China's absent leader mentioned in media

Afghan Bus Crashes Into Fuel Tanker, Killing 50 Passengers

Pakistan factory owners in deadly blaze get bail

Talks to end Chicago teacher strike make progress

Clinton Calls Anti-Islam Film 'Disgusting' - YouTube

Dems use Paul Ryan's mug in ads

Clinton gives First Amendment lesson, urges end to violent protests

Family of 77-year-old dragged from car demand apology from Texas cop

'Al Qaeda gave up Osama to help Obama win re-election'

Boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali awarded Liberty Medal at ceremony in Philadelphia - The Washington Post

Harvard pediatrics professor arrested after allegedly spending $3,000 on child pornography

Obama, Romney stake their claims: A look at US Electoral College map - YouTube

GOP elector won't vote for Romney and resigns

A tea party-establishment tandem: Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell

Ann Romney Rally

Romney Has Chasm With GOP

Democrats' Shameful Voter ID Past

President Obama visits Las Vegas Wendesday

Why Florida Is Still Up for Grabs for Obama or Romney

Romney rep expected to pass on Great Lakes panel

General election contests for state Senate take shape

Republican plan for Medicare could face years of hurdles: experts

Microsoft finds new computers in China preinstalled with malware

Kate and William angered by 'grotesque' invasion of privacy

Anti-Muslim film promoter outspoken on Islam

Led Zeppelin to release reunion concert film

A New Kind of Monkey, With Colors That Set It Apart

NYC bans big sugary drinks at eateries, theaters

New York bans large sugary drinks - YouTube

Health roundup: First US double arm transplant OK'd

‘Very enthusiastic’ vs ‘absolutely certain’: The challenge of polling voter enthusiasm

Carter says American democracy threatened by financial influence of secret, wealthy donors - The Washington Post

Alison Pill nude photo: ‘The Newsroom’ actress accidentally tweets topless picture of herself - NY Daily News

'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' Gets Google Makeover - Hollywood Reporter

DARPA lets slip an improved robotic AlphaDog -- Government Computer News

Dark energy mystery solved? Researchers claim they are 99.996% sure it is real | Mail Online

Neil Armstrong remembered as space pioneer - YouTube

Memorial held for astronaut Neil Armstrong - Telegraph


Coast To Coast AM GMO Health Dangers 09 12 2012 - YouTube

Stargates And Alien Hybrids - Tom Horn - Coast to Coast AM Classic - YouTube


MP3 : 2 Hours, 12 Minutes/9.10.12 Kendall Carver

Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

Death Valley recognized with posting world's hottest temperature -- 99 years later - U.S. News

I'm addicted to eating sellotape: The 23-year-old who munches on three whole rolls of tape every day | Mail Online

Californians think Sears Tower was attacked by Decepticons on September 11th 2001 - YouTube

INFOWARS.COM - Occult Symbolism. - YouTube


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Killed U.S. Ambassador Illustrates Obama's Disastrous Foreign Policy in Libya - YouTube

Vampire Police: The Public's Take - YouTube

» Consulate Attack: NATO Stooge Ludicrously Points Finger at Gaddafi Loyalists Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Republicrats Exploit Elderly Dem Delegate Who Lamely Threatened Mitt Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Journalist Found Murdered

» Thanks Obama – The Terrorists You Used To Topple Regimes Are Now Attacking Our Embassies Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Rand Paul: Doesn’t Government Have ‘Better Things To Do’ Than Arrest An Amish Farmer For His Milk? | Mediaite

Congressional report explores history of military on U.S. soil | California Watch

» Report: They Knew It Was Coming: June 29, 2001: “Major Casualties”; “Dramatic Consequences”; “Imminent Threat” ; “Will Occur Soon” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Maker of 2016 Obama's America Speaks Out - YouTube

BREAKING: Jesse Ventura Looking to Run in 2016!! - YouTube

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McCain: Pres. is weak in his leadership - YouTube

» US Police Chiefs, Congress Issue Stark Warnings Over Surveillance Drones Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


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U.S. Ambassador To Libya, 3 Staff Members Killed In Attack
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