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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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12 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World""

**Alex Jones Show : 9-11-2001 (Full 5 Hours) - YouTube

**William Cooper : 9-11-01 Radio Broadcast ( Full 8 Hours ) - YouTube

The 9/11 Hoax and the New American Century 11 Years Later - Mike Rivero - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (9-12-12) Dinesh D'Souza - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (9-11-12) Top 10 Smoking Guns of 9/11 - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (9-11-12) Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11 - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Monday (9-10-12) Lenore Skenazy - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Monday (9-10-12) Tom Woods - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Sunday (9-9-12) Full Live TV Edition - YouTube

Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government - YouTube

Kurt Sonnenfeld: The Man Behind the Camera / 9-11 Witness - YouTube

'Muhammad-mocking Movie To Flare Up Troubled Region' [James Corbett © RT] [Video]

Muhammad film: Israeli director goes into hiding after protests | World news | guardian.co.uk

Protests in Cairo and Benghazi over American film | World news | guardian.co.uk

It's The Occupation, Stupid

With attacks in Middle East, campaign turns to foreign policy – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

PressTV - 'Pope to recognize Palestinian state?'

Widespread distrust of US extends beyond Middle East, poll shows | World news | The Guardian

At least 289 killed as fire in Pakistani garment factory rages - CNN.com

Netanyahu denied meeting with Obama after lashing out at US — RT

Claim: Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president

30 pg./Barack Obama - The Red Menace

About That 9/11 Terrorist Attack . . . « The PPJ Gazette

FLASHBACK: 9/11 Official Story is “Bogus” According to Bush Economist :

NBC’s ‘Today’ Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence For Kardashian Interview - TVNewser

? For Obama & Romney: If Elected Will You Authorize The Murder Of American Citizens? | Sinclair News.Net

More Killing in Obama’s ‘War on Terror’ Than Bush’s ‘War’ | The Dissenter

Sheldon Adelson Stands To Get $2 Billion Tax Cut If Mitt Romney Is Elected: Report

NPN Email Alert: New Genetic Research Confirms Koestler's "Khazar" Theory

OpEdNews - Article: The Real Reason For The Afghan War?

Treasury sells big chunk of AIG stock at a profit | Reuters

Victims of the Nuclear Age, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, The Ecologist, 11/99




US loses $450 mln worth of fuel in Afghanistan — RT

Genomic Sacrifice – Absorbed Dose vs. Second Event

The insanity of Obamacare in one sentence « The PPJ Gazette

9-11 explained in 5 minutes!!!.mp4 - YouTube

Splitting the Sky - 9/11: Follow The Money - YouTube

Activist Post: Unanswered 9-11 Questions Vetted on New Open-Source Debate Website

PressTV - NYT: Bush neglected warning before 9/11 attacks

Brace For Impact!!! - YouTube

The 9/11 Plug-Ugly Circle Jerk Blues. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Airlines accused of 9/11 negligence must stand trial — RT

Marc Thiessen: Why is Obama skipping more than half of his daily intelligence meetings? - The Washington Post

Apple ID hack scandal: New questions about FBI involvement — RT

GoDaddy rejects claims that hacker took them offline — RT

PressTV - America: Dread remains of a dream

Oil Cartel Murderers « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson

BP sells Gulf of Mexico oilfields to Plain for $5.6bn - Telegraph

PressTV - Pentagon: China US debt holdings ‘not a threat’

Man Shoots at UFO and Hears 'Bullets Bounce Off of It' | UFO CHRONICLE

Critical Bill For States In 2013
A Constitutional Militia

Colombia - Extractive Capital & Peace Negotiations

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer? Until We Know for Sure, Kucinich Urges Cell Phone Right-to-Know Act | Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich

Cyborg Roaches Could Be Future Emergency Responders | LiveScience

Mars Magma Study Questions Red Planet's Watery Past, Habitability

Event Horizon Chronicle: Scrying Remote Antiquity From Way Back Then Until Now

GMO: How China and US 'secretly tested genetically modified golden rice on children' | Mail Online

Our GMO Boycott Is Changing | The Alliance for Natural Health USA

Activist Post: Big Bad Scary Corn Takeover (Infographic)

Activist Post: GM mosquito trial results in Cayman prove ineffective in tackling dengue

Scientists predict life on many more planets - Telegraph

Cloning Camels with Human Genes for Big Pharma | Farm Wars

Israel did 911 - All the proof in the world - YouTube

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 ~ Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied | Kirwan's Art & Articles

The 9/11 Hijackers: Fraud in Official Video Exhibits Uncovered by Expert Panel - MarketWatch

9/11: The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation | State of the Nation 2012

State Terror - Official Israeli Policy

Chicago Teachers vs Rahm Emanuel

Spoiler alert: Poll finds small following for Libertarian candidate – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Romney’s Tax Plan Leaves Key Variables Blank - Washington Memo - NYTimes.com

Romney says he would keep parts of Obama healthcare law | Reuters

Paul Ryan’s campaign immediately retracts candidate’s support for medical marijuana | The Raw Story

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim - YouTube

Assange lawyer: A man who committed no crime is persecuted (EXCLUSIVE) — RT

The Real Unemployment Numbers Are Worse Than You Are Being Told

Environment Minister Tony Burke accused of trashing marine science after slapping a two-year ban on super trawler Abel Tasman | News.com.au

The 100 species at risk of extinction - because man has no use for them - Nature - Environment - The Independent

Save Ann Romney's Life And Mitt's Mind - Aspartame And MS

Obama Lists His Five Criteria for Death by Drone

IRAN LIE same as IRAQ LIE - YouTube

Israeli science website: Obama birth certificate forged


Rense & Dr. Pat Flanagan - High Tech Mass Mind Control - YouTube

Rense & Dr. Pat Flanagan - High Tech Mass Mind Control Part 2 - YouTube

Rense & Dr. Pat Flanagan - High Tech Mass Mind Control - Part 3 - YouTube


WWII massacre: Memos show US cover-up of Stalin’s Katyn slaughter — RT

The Crime That Ends The Demonic Reign

Unconstitutional Abuse of Power, Are You Next? - YouTube

Who Was the Donkey Who Signed The Miserable Paris Economic Protocol?? « Kawther Salam

Giving the Public Information about the 1947 Roswell Incident

Literacy is key to unlocking the cycle of poverty - Houston Chronicle

PressTV - A world infected with US-Israel psychological operations

PressTV - Canada being steadily Zionized

Activist Post: Ben Swann: Grassroots Blowback is Coming to the Establishment

PressTV - Israel support precondition for US presidency: Lawmaker

PressTV - Fed far more powerful than thought

There may be too little gold to restore the gold standard - Telegraph

Activist Post: Stellar Wind: The Secret NSA Domestic Spying Program; Whistleblower William Blinney Tells All

‘NAFTA on Steroids’: secret agreements to censor the Internet | KurzweilAI

Rewarding Idiots with Democratic Totalitarianism

Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places | This Can't Be Happening

Go Tell it on the Mountain, Israel did 9/11. Smoking Mirrors

Anniversary of 9/11 marked under cloud of health problems, funding fights | Reuters

911-2012 - The Smoking Gun of Consequence

Taliban 'prepared to work with US on security in Afghanistan' - Telegraph

Scariest Parasites In The World - Business Insider

Obama vs Romney On Issues Mattering Most

This Is How Facebook Is Tracking Your Internet Activity - Business Insider

No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America? | Big Brother Watch - YouTube

911 FOX reports Flight 93 shot down by an F-16 from the US National Air Guard - YouTube

During the Days After 9/11 ABC News Discouraged the Wearing of American Flag Pins by Reporters-Truth

CIA Analyst: 9/11 Intelligence Failures | Interview with Ray McGovern - YouTube


The Road to World War 3 - YouTube

Since 9/11, the Pentagon's budget went up by two trillion dollars - Thomas E. Woods | XRepublic

When Bush Received Bin Laden Memo "He Was Very Blasé He Was Told To Be That Way By Cheney" | XRepublic

Christie Whitman says air is safe days after 911 - YouTube

33 pg./The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses

Rockefeller Reveals 9 11 FRAUD and New World Order to Aaron Russo - YouTube

Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria? - YouTube

9/11, The Bill Of Rights & We The People | XRepublic


9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying - YouTube

The Dead, the Dollars, the Drones: 9/11 Era by the Numbers | Danger Room | Wired.com

[06] 9/11: No Civil Liberties, Gitmo Dryboarding, Afghanistan Opium War | Breaking The Set - YouTube

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory | _

The Bush White House Was Deaf to 9/11 Warnings - NYTimes.com

30 Signs That The United States Of America Is Being Turned Into A Giant Prison | _

9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes - YouTube

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower | XRepublic

+Day 51 – The True Story of Waco (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Day 51 - The True Story Of Waco - YouTube

Nine million use credit cards and payday loans to cover monthly household bills | This is Money

The Chicago teachers strike and the war on teachers - Madison Independent | Examiner.com

IAEA: Iranian "Nuclear Danger" Decreased | NewsClick

Activist Post: 8 Reasons to End Prohibition of All Drugs Immediately

The Second Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed: Dangerous Dicta | XRepublic

The Triumph of Conspiracy Theories Demands A Redefinition of The Term | _

For Barack Obama, all roads to the White House lead through Florida – and Israel - Americas - World - The Independent

Activist Post: Jackals of Jekyll Island - Federal Reserve Audit

Chicago teachers say they’ve been handed an ultimatum | The Raw Story

Activist Post: President of Italian Supreme Court calls for international criminal investigation into 9/11 attacks

Activist Post: Dow Brings Back An Agent Orange Ingredient for New GM Plants

Government Finally Admits To Cover Up Of 9/11 Cancer Toxins


Identity of anti-Muslim filmmaker called into question | The Raw Story

To Protest and Dissent is American as Apple pie, Not an Act of Terrorism. Any Questions? | The Lone Star Watchdog

IMF Global Takeover Underway | XRepublic

9 11 Controlled demolition - YouTube

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga Says CIA, Mossad Behind 9/11 : Federal Jack

Proof that Osama bin Laden Was CIA and Died in 2001! Osama - Bush - CIA Connections in Вести и Политика • News & Politics Forum

The Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before the 9/11 Attacks

9/11 WTC Explosions: The Official Collapse Theory Implodes

The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

Activist Post: Constitutionalists Labeled as Terrorists for Speaking Out Against the Government

Sheriff Department Destroying Records Of Officer Involved Shootings "Some Files Are Even LOST" | XRepublic

TSA: Criminality, Body Scanners Beyond Airports | Big Brother Watch - YouTube

New Aerial Photos Of 9/11 World Trade Center Collapse - Home - The Daily Bail

Monsanto's Failure in Agriculture | Brainwash Update - YouTube

We Are All Now Terrorist - YouTube

911 cover up condensed to 28mins :mainly info on the Israelis - YouTube

FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11

Jesse Ventura Doubts the Bin Laden Fairytale on CNN - YouTube

Bush Insider Says 911 Was An Inside Job - YouTube


+9/11: All In One Chunk


Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9 -11 - YouTube

The 9 11 Solution RESTORED - YouTube

The Pod People And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

9/11 Videos - The Controlled Collapse of WTC 7

Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses


ELEVEN YEARS….. Still Nobody’s Even Been Arrested! « THE INTERNET POST

The 9/11 Reichstag Fire

The 9/11 WTC Collapses - An Audio-Video Analysis

11 Years After 9/11, U.S. And Al Qaeda Come Full Circle In Syria « THE INTERNET POST



Waiting For The ‘Hammer To Fall’ – U.N. Small Arms Treaty « Keys To Liberty

The Third Building Which Collapsed on 9/11 Was Not Hit By a Plane - Washington's Blog

TSA: Terror War Profiteering 101 | XRepublic

"Let's End The Growing Police State In This Country!" Gary Johnson | XRepublic

Chris Hedges on 9/11, Touring U.S. Economic Disaster Zones in "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt" - 12160

PressTV - Planned war on Iran and the General who said No!

Time To Consder A 2nd Constitutional Convention! | _

Activist Post: The Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs

Obama’s “Employment Creation” Program: Massive Outsourcing of American Jobs | Global Research

September 11 Responders Still Waiting For Relief Promised In 2010

Mossad Link To 1st WTC Bombing Raises Eyebrows

AE911Truth Action Alert

More Killing in Obama’s ‘War on Terror’ Than Bush’s ‘War’ | The Dissenter

9/11 Families Demand to Re-open Investigation : Federal Jack

911 Q&A - YouTube

911 & Israel - Rediscover 9 11 - YouTube

Israel did 9/11 - All the Proof in the World - YouTube

ZERO An Investigation Into 9/11 (FULL documentary) - YouTube

Media hype 9/11, ignore 1m Iraqi victims: Ahmadinejad « THE INTERNET POST

Activist Post: America is a Republic, Not a Democracy

Government Officials Say 9/11 Was State-Sponsored Terrorism … But Disagree About WHICH Nation Was Behind Attacks | ZeroHedge

Activist Post: The 11th Anniversary of 9/11

Sep 11, 2012 We know who did 911 Bob Moriarty 321gold ...s ...inc

**War is always by Deception - YouTube

*Hunter S Thompson on 911 - 12160

Arianna Huffington Confronted on Censoring Jesse Ventura 9/11 Article - YouTube

-Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Season 1 Episode 2 – 9/11 « Underground Documentaries

Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: 9/11 [Season 1, Episode 2] (Full Length • HD) - YouTube

+NEW PICS : 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public - 12160



9/11/01: Raw Eyewitness Testimony “I Think a Bomb Went Off In The Lobby First, Then The Plane Hit” : Federal Jack

On Sept 10, 2001 Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies Says Israel Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act : Federal Jack

9/11 lawsuit ‘bigger than your wildest imagination’ - BostonHerald.com

9/11: The Sensible Doubt – A Danish View of 9/11 (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Why 9/11 still casts a shadow over America - Americas - World - The Independent

Story Of Osama Bin Laden Assassination Stinks Like Cheesy Hollywood Propaganda | XRepublic

The War on Drugs Is Used to Keep Drugs Expensive | XRepublic

The Unanswered Questions of 9/11 | Global Research

David Kwiatkowski Hepatitis C Case Could Help Pass Federal Legislation | Z6Mag

What Is The Real Unemployment Rate? (INDEXSP:.INX) | ETF DAILY NEWS

The OEM Issued a WTC Collapse Warning

The 1975 World Trade Center Fire

9/11: Hurricane Katrina Raises A Question

9/11 Is the LitmusTest - YouTube

Should the Government Track Your Political Activity? | XRepublic

“Ron Paul Is Right: The Fed, And The Lunatics That Run It, Are The Heart Of The Problem” | _

Video: 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out | Watch Colorado Public Television Presents Online | Colorado Public Television / KBDI 12 Video

Jim Rogers: "Conditions Will Worsen In 2013 & 14". | XRepublic

Judge Napolitano - 16th Amendment is the Great Fraud in US History | XRepublic

9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush

WTC 7: Sound Evidence for Explosions - YouTube

A Holocaust Debate -- Mark Weber vs Michael Shermer (full) - YouTube

Mitt Romney "I'll Keep Parts Of ObamaCare" No Longer Repealing Obamacare | XRepublic

16-Year-Old Questioned by FBI Over You Tube Video | _

+The Third Building Which Collapsed on 9/11 Was Not Hit By a Plane - BlackListedNews.com

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - AE911Truth.org - YouTube

Obama and Marxism: The Influence of Saul Alinsky | BeyondOpinion.com:: Christian Apologetics Ministry


92 pg./"THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT... An Analysis of the Alinsky Model"


576 PG./Rules for Revolution


US consulate attack in Libya: unrepentant film-maker goes into hiding - Telegraph

GoDaddy outage was caused by router snafu, not DDoS attack | Ars Technica

VIDEO: Anti-Islam Movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Sparks Attack That Kills US Ambassador In Libya - BlackListedNews.com

Innocence of Muslims Trailer 2 "Egypt Protest Movie" - YouTube

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US' Own Ambassador in Libya - BlackListedNews.com

Obama vows to track down ambassador's killers | Reuters

From the archive, 18 August 1970: Kennedy talked of possibility of killing Castro | From the Guardian | The Guardian

America's Under Water: Debt Equals 103 Percent of GDP | cnsnews.com

Repeated exposure to traumatic images may be harmful to health

China And Russia Are Ruthlessly Cutting The Legs Out From Under The U.S. Dollar - BlackListedNews.com

The Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs - BlackListedNews.com

GHEI: ATF's latest gun grab - Washington Times

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: University of Phoenix Tops Debt Slave Racket with 35,049 Student Loan Defaults (Top Public School has 786); Debt Slave Collection Business is Booming; Housing and Economic Implications

‘NAFTA on Steroids’: secret agreements to censor the Internet | KurzweilAI

9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden: America’s Anti-Soviet “Peace Warrior” and CIA “Intelligence Asset” - BlackListedNews.com

Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops - BlackListedNews.com

Big Data is Creating A Digital Nervous System - Forbes

The Lies that Led to the Iraq War and the Persistent Myth of ‘Intelligence Failure’ - BlackListedNews.com

Miracle-Gro to pay big fine for fake pesticides, poison bird feed | The Raw Story

Blacklisted Radio Podcast – September 11, 2012

Ask the DNC: "Can Americans Trust Mitt Romney to Make the Right Decision On Which Citizens to Assassinate?" - informationliberation

Gawker Asks the DNC: Is Romney Ready for the Kill List - YouTube

The Liberal Way to Run the World - "Improve" or We'll Kill You - informationliberation

Firm That Brought You Holo-Tupac Dies Less Than A Year After IPOing, Taking Millions In Taxpayer Subsidies With It | ZeroHedge

Taliban Threatens to Kill Prince Harry - Yahoo! News

Why Pretend that Government is Anything Other than a Gang - informationliberation

John Kerry Confronted on Building 7 "Controlled Fashion" Comment - YouTube

Peter Schiff On CNBC ~ Ban Corporate Profits - YouTube

The Feds Can't Catch the Cartels' Cocaine-Filled Submarines - Yahoo! News

Google Adds Pirate Bay Domains to Censorship List - informationliberation

The Prisons We Call "Airports" - informationliberation

TSA agent admits detaining people is not really about airline safety - YouTube

The Class of 1984 | Big Brother Watch

China satellites: Science or spying?

The CIA’s Islamist Terrorist Network | CounterPsyOps

AP Exclusive: Memos show US hushed up Soviet crime - Yahoo! News

Testosterone Pit - Home - The Pauperization Of America

What does this say about our values as a ‘free society’?

'War of 1812' Flag Still Inspires After 200 Years

More problems raised at Pentagon F-35 fighter review - Yahoo! News

Lao, Chinese defense ministers meet on military ties - People's Daily Online

Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce?- US Business News - CNBC

This Is How Facebook Is Tracking Your Internet Activity - Business Insider

U.S. Department of Education: 79% of Chicago 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading | cnsnews.com

Natural Society | Natural Health Solutions

NYPD Social Media: Ray Kelly Instructs Cops To Use Facebook Aliases, Traceless Laptops To Track Crime

Apple Corp. Allows Forced “One-Child” Pregnancy Screening of Its Employees in China

Poverty In America - Business Insider

Tracking School Children With RFID Tags? It's All About the Benjamins | Threat Level | Wired.com

Exclusive: Senior MF Global Executive Said Corzine Knew About Misuse of Funds | Fox Business

EXCLUSIVE: UK Businesses Still Strangled by Banks Mis-Selling Derivatives - IBTimes UK

The Unanswered Questions of 9/11 | Global Research

9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out | Global Research TV

THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks | Global Research

9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden: America’s Anti-Soviet “Peace Warrior” and CIA “Intelligence Asset” | Global Research

9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered. David Ray Griffin Speaks Out | Global Research

If There Was a War Prize, Obama Would Top the List | Global Research TV

Chinese Army: Inciting Wars Will Only Bring Disaster to Japan | Global Research

Occupy the Trans Pacific Partnership: Civil Disobedience Blocks Entrance to Site of TPP Negotiations in VA | Global Research

Hollywood Scripting and the Pentagon: Creating “The Enemy du Jour” | Global Research

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US Ambassador in Libya | Global Research

Credit and Debit Cards: Towards A Cashless Society | Global Research

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11 | Global Research

The Globalization of NATO: The Roadmap to “Post 9/11 Madness” | Global Research

AFTER 9/11: TEN YEARS OF WAR | Global Research TV

9/11 Insider Trading: Money, Motive and Technology | Global Research TV

The 9/11 Hijackers: Fraud in Official Video Exhibits Uncovered | Global Research

The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy? | Global Research

On 9/11 Doubts Were Immediate | Global Research

Blood-Crazed Muslims Drag Body Of US Ambassador Stevens Through Streets Of Libya

$9 a gallon for gas in NJ and NY - New York News | New York City Breaking News

Our Truth, and Theirs by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Bahrain? Never Heard of It by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

Obama Misleadingly Claims 9/11 Revived American ‘Values’ -- News from Antiwar.com

Romney’s Afghan Policy: ‘Different’ but Really the Same -- News from Antiwar.com

Pre-9/11, Haqqani Group Urged Alliance With US -- News from Antiwar.com

Al-Qaeda Chief’s Brother Offers to Broker Peace Deal -- News from Antiwar.com

9/11 and its legacy of fear | WashingtonExaminer.com

Our 9/11 Torturers by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com

Is there no Plan B on Iran?

Yemeni prisoner who died at Guantanamo was once ordered freed | Reuters

TSA under microscope on Sept. 11 anniversary - Jessica Meyers - POLITICO.com

Panetta: Navy SEAL writer should be punished

*AUDIO/ Romney’s Neocons;Eric Margolis talks to Lew Rockwell

Download: Romney’s Neocons;Eric Margolis talks to Lew Rockwell

Heading Out on Your Own: 31 Life Skills in 31 Days — Series Wrap-Up | The Art of Manliness

6 Essential Attributes of Successful Survivalists | The Survival Mom™

How much Cash Should I have? | The Modern Survivalist

GLA – A Super Supplement by Margaret Durst

Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics – and the Republican Party Platform by Laurence M. Vance

Massive Government Cover-Up In Virginia? by Lawrence A. Hunter

A Republic, Not a Democracy by Ron Paul

WWII Massacre: Memos Show US Cover-Up of Stalin’s Katyn Slaughter

Depending on Dependency by Thomas Sowell

Prelude to World War I by Ralph Raico

Can Any Lawyer Be This Silly? Why Obama Voluntarily Retired as a Lawyer by Gary North

Has Obama Called Bibi's Bluff? by Patrick J. Buchanan

David Stockman: Austerity Is Not Discretionary

Thomas Jefferson on Liberty by Jeff Thomas


+Mystery Beneath The Antarctic Ice | Environment

Search for life.wmv - YouTube

Exploring the unkown.wmv - YouTube


video clips@http://www.ellsworth.org.uk/


Invisible Cosmic Mysteries Made Visible | Space

Quantum Consciousness & The Paranormal | Unexplained Phenomena

'2016' - 'Suggests A Trojan Horse Has Been Planted Into The Midst Of The American Republic' | Obama

3 Bizarre Theories About Aliens - Weird Worm

Obama Caught Red-Handed Trying To Stage New 9/11 | 9/11 and Ground Zero

The Illuminati are Panicking: David Icke Reports 1/4 - YouTube

The Poverty Rate in America is the worst in Half a Century | Gerald Celente Trends Blog

Think About This 2012 - YouTube

9/11 for US and 3/11 For Japan: Here Are Clues To The Next Disaster Date | 9/11 and Ground Zero

911 Clues EVERYONE MISSED - YouTube

Does This Visual Show Barack Obama’s True Plans For America? Total Economic Collapse. - The Ulsterman Report

Illuminati: Origins of Secret Government - YouTube


Obama, a National Security Disaster - YouTube

The dangers of N.S.A. domestic spying - YouTube

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Cui Bono Fed: Who Benefits from the Federal Reserve?

NASA's Voyager 1 Continues On Its Journey - Space News - redOrbit

Just the Facts?: Baltic Sea Anomaly / Nazi Connection? -- Richard III Found? -- Katyn Massacre Cover-Up | Paranormal

Secret Chamber Found Behind Great Pyramid Shafts | Scienceray

Man Made Ancient Pyramids Found on Antarctica | Scienceray

DHS Warns Muslim Brotherhood And Iran Forming New “Terror Axis” | Alternative

Discovery May Rewrite History Of Henry The Eight And King Richard III | Science and Technology

6 Super-Foods that Fight Cancer and Prevent Cancer | Health

Top Ten Things To Do To Survive 2012 Coming Financial Collapse | Survival

Surviving 2012 and Beyond - The Coming Financial Collapse - YouTube

11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life – A Guide to 2012 and Beyond | Self-Sufficiency

Homeland Security Report (Zombie Alert - DHS) | Self-Sufficiency

U.N. mum on deaths of Americans

The Earth & Moon Ring Like Mighty Bells | Strange

Dreams of Diana: The Female Hybrid & The View | Strange

Staging World War 3 For A Mutually Desired Outcome

New Attack on 2nd Amendment: Obama Says Substance Abusers Cannot Own Firearms

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US' Own Ambassador in Libya

Pentagon unveils mule-drone - YouTube

Decentralized Internet Being Built to Thwart Censorship

Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words) - YouTube

Can Genetic Modification Really Lead to Renewable Fuel?

Apocalyptic TV: Art Imitating Life or Predictive Programming?

The Easy Way to Sharpen a Knife Without Spending a Lot of Money

Iran’s Strategic Diplomatic Victory over the Washington-Israeli Axis: Its Larger Political Consequences

The Unanswered Questions of 9/11 by James Corbett

The EyeOpener- The TPP Cometh: Tyranny by Trade Deal

Answers in Absolute for ‘Why 9/11?’


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- September 11, 2012

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- September 10, 2012


“A Lot of People Believe This Stuff”: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Politics of Public Relations

B.O.B. and Nicki Minaj’s “Out of My Mind” or How to Make Mind Control Entertaining

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

Pakistan: Center of the Grand Chessboard - YouTube

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory - YouTube

Declassified documents prove U.S. covered up Soviet massacre of 22,000 Polish officers

10 Obstacles to Achieving Personal Independence

Stanford Anti-Organic Study Plays into UN Codex Alimentarius Outline for Global Depopulation

Legitimizing Illegal Spying

Streamlining the Process to Split Your Mind

Canada: Selling Its Soul to America

US Government’s Secret Army: Foreign Troops to be Deployed After Martial Law is Declared

Simple Ways to Avoid Pesticides in Food, Exposure

The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy?

Ben Swann w/ Jerry Doyle ~ Grassroots Blowback Is Coming - YouTube

Jeremy Scahill Takes Down MSNBC Panel On Obama Foreign Policy - YouTube

How I Have Lived Fluoride Free for 9 Months, and Tips to Help You Do the Same

Top 10 Foods That Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup

U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya - NationalJournal.com

Romney campaign links embassy attacks to Obama’s failed Middle East policies | The Cable

Mitt Romney’s statement on the Libya ambassador attack - The Washington Post

Libyan ambassador blames ex-Qaddafi forces for consulate attacks | The Cable

How the media turned Obama's foreign policy bungle into a Romney gaffe | WashingtonExaminer.com

Biden on slain diplomats: 'As courageous as any of our warriors' - POLITICO.com

Obama to Diplomats: I Value Your Work Because I Spent Time Abroad as Kid | The Weekly Standard

Investigators: Sebelius Illegally Campaigned on Taxpayer’s Dime

Latinos want bias probe of Fox, talk radio | WashingtonExaminer.com

Weinstein Co. Beefs Up 'Master' Premiere Security Over Calls from Angry Scientologists - The Hollywood Reporter

Jane Fonda As Nancy Reagan: First Look - Deadline.com

Girl Leaves Dental Dungeon With Mangled Teeth; 3 Charged With Child Abuse « CBS Miami

Egyptians angry at film scale U.S. embassy walls | Reuters

Several Stabbed At Subway Station In Queens « CBS New York

After huge White House construction job, West Wing emerges little changed _ but for how long? - The Washington Post

LAMBRO: Obama on track to have worst job record since World War II - Washington Times

News from The Associated Press

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New Somali president survives double suicide bombing

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Landmark Higgs boson announcement clears key hurdle

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West Nile cases in US up nearly a third in latest week: CDC

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Gerbils regain hearing thanks to stem cell therapy

Texas woman to receive first US double arm transplant

Fish oil supplements may not reduce heart attacks

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Acupuncture May Offer Real Relief for Chronic Pain

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Romney Goes On Right-Wing Radio To Reassure Conservatives He Will Support Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

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Do Right-Wingers Really Want to Be Talking About PDBs Today?

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Rachel Maddow Features ProPublica's Work Pulling Back the Curtain on Money in Politics

Who's Behind That Political Ad? There's An App For That

Florida Sheriff Offers to Prove Pistol Prowess by 'Shooting at' Female Opponent

Wealthiest Americans Have 288 Times Net Worth of Typical Family

State Department Officials Killed in Libya by Muslim Protesters

Rush Limbaugh: Chicago Teachers Striking 'So Obama Can Solve It'

Hannity guest Obenshain rants: Obama 'promotes Islam,' 'attacks' Christians

Rahm Shortchanges Public Schools, Showers Charters With Cash

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Sandra Fluke and Others at DNC as 'Far Left Extremists'

Chuck Todd: Romney 'Outrageous' and 'Irresponsible' for Politicizing U.S. Deaths in Libya

Mitt Romney, 9-11 Profiteer?

Romney's Debacle: Smirking Attacks Make Unfitness Clear

Russia's Putin Thanks Mitt Romney For Calling Them Greatest Foe

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Strictly a local problem?

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Bloomberg, Cuomo strike deal on Ground Zero Museum

Al-Qaeda #2 in Yemen, former Gitmo inmate, killed in air strike

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Moody's threatens lower U.S. credit rating

How The NYT Commemorates 9/11: 'It Was Bush's Fault'

Terrorism expert Dr. Jonathan Schanzer guests on Moran's show

Termites in Our House

The Wrong Response in Cairo

Persistent Pragmatism Over Relentless Radicalism

Right on cue

US Ambassador, three other Americans, assassinated in Libya

Obama administration disavows Cairo embassy statement criticizing free speech

DNC used backdrop of Russian ships

Embassies in Algeria, Tunisia warn of protests

Moody's may join S&P in downgrading US rating

Bill Clinton plays the Obama hole card against Romney

Obama to invest in ads for Wisconsin

Obama's 'smart diplomacy' now a bad joke

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What's really going on in Cairo and Benghazi attacks?

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Libyan Jihadists' Free hand

Obama's Arab Spring becomes the Arab Winter

Report: Obama skipped intel briefings in the week leading up to Cairo and Benghazi attacks

9/11 - The International Day of Jihad

Romney Stuffs Obama, John Sununu Needs To Stuff It

Glenn Beck: America Not Better Off Now Than It Was Four Years Ago – ‘Are You Up to Changing That?’

Big Brother: FBI’s $1B ‘Next Generation Identification’ Program Will Track People Using Facial Recognition

President Obama Regrets Attacking Paul ‘Jack’ Ryan in Budget Speech

Pat Robertson Tells Husband With Troubled Marriage: ‘You Could Become a Muslim, and You Could Beat Her’ (Poll)

‘Reproductive Justice’: Women’s Rights Group Encourages Women to Wear Scarlet ‘A’ as Sign of Pride

Texas Man Allegedly Killed Teen He Previously Raped to Prevent Her From Testifying Against Him

Maryland Dem Drops Out of Congressional Race Amid Allegations She Voted in Two States

Reuters: GM Is Losing Nearly $50K on Each Electric Volt

Quick-Thinking Hero Saves Children by Pulling Hummer in Front of Speeding Car

‘Crazed’ Obama Supporter Shouts Down Pro-Lifer: ‘It’s Between a Woman & God!’

Who’s Ready for Another Delightfully Awkward Prank Video?

Atheist Richard Dawkins Targets Romney’s Faith: ‘Can You Really Vote for Such a Massively-Gullible Fool?’

MSNBC Guest Rips Network’s DNC Reporting: Like ‘Obama for America Meet-Up’

Small Business Owners Direct Frustration Toward Anonymous for Alleged Hack of GoDaddy Sites

Bush Chief of Staff Recalls Iconic Moment He Delivered 9/11 News to the President

Shocked: Meet the NY Couple That Has to Wear Plastic Gloves Because Stray Voltage Is Surging Through Their Home

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This Is the Stunning Time-Lapse Video of the Freedom Tower’s Construction

‘The Notebook’ Director’s Bizarre Take on Incest: ‘If You’re Not Having Kids – Who Gives a Damn?’

See the Pictures From Inside the Racy ‘GoGo for Obama’ Event at a NYC Gay Bar (Content Warning: Including USA Flag Thong!)

Here‘s the App That Puts ’Obama, In His Own Words’ at Your Fingertips

Limbaugh: Rahm Emanuel Manufactured Union Crisis So Obama Could Solve It

Ron Paul Knocks DNC & GOP Conventions as ‘Taxpayer Funded Spectacles,’ Reminds Both Parties the U.S. Is a Republic

Listen Democrats Omitted More Than Just ‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’: See What Else Was Left Out of the Party Platform (And Not Reinstated)

SEAL Behind the Bin Laden Tell-All Gives Detailed ‘60 Minutes’ Interview in Disguise

Video Captures Chicago Teachers Using Students to Stage Strike Protest

IRS Rewards UBS Whistleblower with $104M Payout

Obama, Romney Take Down Negative Ads & Avoid Partisan Jabs in Honor of 9/11

We Will Never Forget: Incredible Pics Show World Trade Center Tribute Lighting Up Night Sky

These Charts Show That, Yes, Gov’t Is Growing

Rand Paul Comes to TheBlaze Newsroom to Discuss ‘Government Bullies’

Limbaugh Predicts Total Economic Collapse in U.S. if President Obama Re-Elected

Taliban Releases ‘Victorious’ 9/11 Message: ‘Everyone Considers It Their Right to Kill’ Americans

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L.A. Library Cards Could Soon Double as Debit Cards, Official ID for Illegal Aliens

Why Did the Southern Poverty Law Center Include Occupy-Related Terrorists Under ‘Radical Right’ Header?

Wis. Police Release Dramatic Footage Showing Shootout With Sikh Temple Gunman

Another Snub? White House Reportedly Declines Netanyahu Request to Meet With Obama

MA Catholic Diocese Refuses to Sell Mansion to Gay Couple and Now It’s Being Sued (But What’s the Full Story?)

Obama Administration Approves Deferred Deportation for First Group of Illegal Aliens

Former Susan G. Komen Exec: Karl Rove Advised Us to Restore Planned Parenthood’s Funding

Obama’s Brother Finds His Keeper

Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren Warns of Socialism: ‘People Who Don’t Know God Make Government God’

Here Are the Top 10 Celebrity Names Most Likely to Give You a Computer Virus

Fact Check: Did Obama Omit ‘God’ & ‘Prayer’ From His 9/11 Proclamation?

Prison Seminary Program Trains Inmates to Plant Churches & Evangelize the Poor Upon Their Release

Here’s Why You Should Expect QE3 (More Money Printing) on Wednesday

‘White Privilege’? Portland Principal Claims PB&J Sandwiches Could Hold Racist Connotations

‘Real News’ War Room: Will National Security Chops Carry Obama to a Second Term?

Atheists Continue to Push for 9/11 Cross Ban, Claiming It Has Caused Them ‘Physical and Emotional’ Pain

Ever Wonder How Slingshots Were Made Before Rubber Bands? This Guy Shows You

Can You Believe Scientists Are Growing Human Ears on Rats (See the Images!)

Watch Beck Reflects on 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and How It Changed America Forever

Tony Perkins Slams DNC For Booing God: ‘I Recall In History Where There Was Someone Else Who Denied God Three Times’

It‘s the ’American Way’: You Will Not Believe What Some Democrats Told Us About Socialism

Remorseful? Read the Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Embassy Attacks

Watch Video Emerges of Rioting Egyptian Islamists Tearing Apart American Flag on 9/11 Anniversary

Public Univ. to Pay $4K for Transgender to Show Photos of Sexual Transformation

White House Repudiates U.S. Embassy Apology to Rioting Muslims in Cairo

Oops: Navy Times Identifies Warships in DNC Tribute Video to Vets as…Russian

Time Mag’s Infamous Breastfeeding Mom Is Back…Breastfeeding on a Different Magazine’s Cover

Catholic College Under Fire for Listing ‘Homosexuality’ With ‘Murder, Rape, Robbery, Prostitution’ in Course Description

This Is a Recent History of Perceived Western Insults That Have Sparked Deadly Islamist Violence

Officials: Egypt, Libya Attacks Likely Planned in Advance

Is the Obama ‘Convention Bump’ Really Just Due to Spending?

‘2016: Obama‘s America’ Filmmaker Responds to President’s Attacks: ‘I Think They Are Scared — And They Have a Reason to Be’

Anti-American Muslim Protesters in Morroco Chant ‘Death to Obama!’

Photos: Go Inside the Burned-Out U.S. Consulate in Libya Where Four Americans Were Killed

MSNBC Panel Actually Debates if DOJ Should Prosecute Anti-Islam Pastor Terry Jones for Libya Deaths

Battle Lines Are Drawn – America Is Still At War With Radical Islam

MSNBC Panelist Asks: ‘Who Is More Dangerous…The Supreme Leader in Tehran or Bibi Netanyahu?’

Watch This Week in Biden Gaffes: VP Forgets Where He’s Speaking

Q&A With Former Libertarian VP Candidate Turned Romney Supporter Wayne Allyn Root

Listen Obama on Romney’s Embassy Statement: ‘Tendency to Shoot First and Aim Later’

Watch Dallas Police Are Giving Prostitutes This Intriguing Ultimatum

Dems Apologize for Displaying Russian Warships Behind Vets at Convention: ‘Vendor Error’

GoPro Cam Captures Stunning Footage of Motorcyclist Being Thrown Through the Air During Accident

Read Some of the Alleged Final Words of the Slain Embassy Employee Known Online as ‘Vile Rat’

Exclusive Conservative Muslims Respond to Islamist Violence Over Anti-Muhammad Film: ‘Islam Needs to Come Into Modernity’

Al Qaeda Releases New Video of American Hostage

Limbaugh Suggests Obama May Be Responsible for Libya Deaths — Find Out Why

This Is the Anti-Muhammed Movie That Sparked Deadly Islamist Protests in Egypt & Libya Yesterday

Hot Mic Moment? Reporters Heard Planning Questions for Romney Before Presser

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But He Killed bin Laden!

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India Sides With Obama Against Israel

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NBC's David Gregory Attacks Romney for Middle East Violence Statement

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HuffPo Contributor: 'Why Should I Care' About Death of Ambassador Stevens

Obama Takes No Questions From Press Corps, Schedules Interview With Telemundo

Shep Smith: FL Pastor To Blame For Egypt Protests?

D'Souza: Media Believes It's 'Morally Important' Obama Reelected

Obama Admin to Buy from GM's Struggling Chevy Volt Line

Trying Too Hard to Be Manly Is Unmanly

Ohio Dem Candidate Campaigns Against Obama, Pelosi

Treasury Sells Big Chunk of AIG Stock at a Profit

Executive Order: Obama's Cyber Security Power Grab

Obama Hug: Florida Pizza Shop Owner Facing Boycotts

Panetta: At 9/11 Memorial, A Plea to Remember US Troops at War

Both Campaigns Eschew Politics on 9/11 Anniversary

Chicago Teacher Strike Poses Test for Unions

Thud: ABC/WaPo Poll Shows No Obama Bounce Among Likely Voters

Smoking Pot Linked to Testicular Cancer

Fact Check: Osama Bin Laden Alive, General Motors Dead

Virginia: Obama Won't Monopolize Airwaves Like 2008

Murphy: CT Senate Candidate's Mortgage Scandal Brews

9/11: A Clinton Legacy

Obama Breaks 9/11 Promise, Sends Clinton to Campaign for Him

Chicago Teachers Union Strike: Che Shirts, Anarchists Flags and Students as Props

Kraft CEO Is Against Cuts to Food Stamps

Surprise: Obama Up 1 in D+6 ABC Poll

MD State Dems Claim Fundraising on 9/11 Is 'Patriotic'

Congress Rubber Stamps Obama's Secret CyberSecurity Plan

Moody's May Downgrade US Without Lower Debt Deal

Her Royal Highness: Feinstein Refuses to Debate GOP Challenger Emken

Chicago Teachers Union Strike Could Swing Nevada to Romney

Chicago Teachers Not Happy With Union's Boy Gov. Quinn

11,327 Pages Added to Code of Federal Regulations Under Obama

Fiddling While Rome Burns: Obama Isn't Working -- Literally

VA Poll: Romney Leads 49-44, Gains Nine Points on Obama

Obama Campaign Breaks 9/11 Truce, Posts Attack Ad Against Romney

Romney Denounces Defense Cuts in Address to National Guard Association

Fast & Furious Guns Found in Colombia

President Signs 'Go Obamacare!' on Med Student's Lab Coat

Economist: Romney Tax Plan Increases Growth--Not Taxes

Obamacare Redefines 'Full Time' Employment as 30 Hours a Week

Obama Camp Condemns Romney Before Condemning Attacks In Egypt, Libya

Where Were the Marines?

Advantage Romney: Colorado Voters May Favor Government Reforms

Obama: Israel, No; Muslim Brotherhood, Yes

Flashback: Obama Admin Endorsed Muslim Brotherhood

Ambassador Murdered, Obama Going to Vegas for Fundraiser

'Don't Denigrate Islam' Says Obama After Calling Americans 'Bitter Clingers'

Shades of Tehran 1980: Obama Only Sending 50 Marines into Libya

Obama Repeats Hillary's False Narrative on Death of Ambassador (Warning: Graphic Photo)

2004 FLASHBACK: Kerry Slams Bush After Seven Servicemen Killed In Iraq

Egypt's Morsi Tells D.C. Embassy To Take Legal Action Against Filmmakers

On CBS, Obama Attacks Romney for Defending America 'First'

U.S. Caves On Free Speech: Military Called To Squash Film

Chicago Teachers Looking Out for Themselves

Report: Sebelius Violated Federal Law with Obama Reelection Appeal

Chicago Teachers Stalling Negotiations To Keep Union Bosses' Jobs

Chicago Teachers Join Socialists For Protests

Chicago Teachers' Strike Free Publicity for Pro-Choice 'Won't Back Down'

Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

Sheryl Crow Blames Cell Phone Use for Brain Tumor

Michael J. Fox Participates in 9/11 Charity Event

'Nice Guy' Hanks Moans About Narrow Red Carpet

Thin Skin ... Or Just Nervous? Team Obama Trashes '2016'

ABC's Moral Imperative to Release 'Path to 9/11' on DVD

Obama Breaks 9/11 Truce, Trashes Romney on 'Pimp with a Limp' Show

D'Souza: Obama Camp's Critique of '2016' a 'Mix of Name Calling and False Allegations'

Carolla Joins 'The O'Reilly Factor,' Mocks Narcissistic Democrats

Bob Dylan: Stigma of Slavery Ruined America

Anti-Islam Filmmaker in Hiding After Protests

YouTube Blocks Video Blamed for Islamist Murders

Hollywood Silent on Free Speech When Islamists Are Involved

Eastwood: Obama 'Speaks as Though He Killed Osama bin Laden himself'

'2016' Producer Fires Back at Film Critics: Their 'Hatred and Bias' Overwhelm Them

Fred Armisen Out as 'SNL's' Obama Impersonator

Christian Bale Surprises Child Cancer Patient With Trip To Disneyland

Obama: 'Romney Shoots First, Aims Later'

Team Romney: Attacks Are Result Of Obama's Failed Leadership

Congressman: Embassy Attacks Appear Coordinated, Not Linked To Islam Film

Obama On Libya Attack: 'Justice Will Be Done'

D'Souza: Media Believes It's 'Morally Important' Obama Reelected

Reporter Defends Himself: Yes Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is A Proven Liar

New Doc Profiles Don McLean

Schakowsky: GOP 'Engaged In Daily Sabotage' Of America

Politico's Alexander Burns Reports Pro-Obama Narrative Over the Truth

Terrorist Who Killed Americans One Month Before 9/11 Not Sought by U.S. After 2011 Release

Obama Co-Sponsored UN's Free Speech Restrictions--With Egypt--in 2009

Remembering 9/11: 'I Can Hear You!'

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Surreal Photos Of Syria Rebel Sniper False Flag In Action

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Chinese man was unlawfully sent to 're-education through labour' camp - Telegraph

CCTV cameras being used in school changing rooms and toilets | World news | The Guardian

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9/11 lawsuit ‘bigger than your wildest imagination’ - BostonHerald.com

InfraGard Asking Community Leaders to Spy on Citizens - YouTube

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'Muhammad-mocking movie to flare up troubled region' - YouTube

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Promises Broken: If Moderate Voters See This Video, It's Over for Obama

Financial News, Investment Ideas, Business News, Financial Insights

Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words) - YouTube

Privacy and Security Fanatic: Feds Warn of Zombie Apocalypse! Buy emergency kit, but you might be a terrorist if...

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Today in History for September 11th - YouTube


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Woodward: Obama Does Not Like Congress, Has No Personal Relationships
U.S. Ambassador To Libya, 3 Staff Members Killed In Attack
Republican Governors Association Ad: "Duck"
Dalton For N.C. Governor Ad: "Talk"
Obama: Romney Has Tendency To "Shoot First, Aim Later"
"Special Report" Gives Detailed Timeline Of Events In Egypt, Libya
Krauthammer On Attack In Libya: "Fruits Of Appeasement And Apology"
Chris Matthews: Death Of Ambassador To Libya Has Been "Overshadowed By The Desperate Reach" By Romney
Paul Ryan: "Peace Through Strength Works"
Open Mic Catches Press Coordinating Questions For Romney On Egypt, Libya
Clinton: Election Is Test If Obama Has "Taken Us In The Right Direction"
Joe Klein: Netanyahu's Call For Military Action Was "Outrageous And Disgusting"
Chuck Todd: Romney Response To Attacks "Looks Crass And Tone Deaf"
Hillary Clinton: Libya Attacks Should Shock The World
Obama: Election Year Politics Hurting Progress
Romney: "An Apology For America's Values Is Never The Right Course"
President Obama Speaks On The Attack On U.S. Embassy In Libya
Netanyahu On Iran: "Wait For What? Wait Until When?"
"Special Report" Panel: Is Obama Snubbing Netanyahu?


Hoekstra For Senate Ad: "Meet The Parents"
Caddell On Romney: "This Is The Worst Campaign In My Lifetime"
Palin: Romney "In A World Of Hurt" If He Can't Explain The Choices
Krauthammer To Muslim Protestors In Egypt: "Go To Hell"
Rep. Allen West: Apology To Egypt Is "Rewarding Bad Behavior"
CNBC's Joe Kernen: Paul Krugman A "Communist"
Rove, Trippi On September's Electoral Map
Ed Rendell: "Even People Who Lost Their Jobs Are Better Off"
Obama Rejects Israel PM Netanyahu's Request For A Meeting
Obama Talks Football, Rappers With DJ Known As "Pimp With The Limp"
Obama: Some Cuts In Spending Won't Help The Economy Grow
Woodward Explains Book: "Gaps" In Obama's Leadership
Mark Levin: If Romney Becomes Another Bush Or Ford, He's Got To Go
Sen. Paul On "Government Bullies" And Why Obamacare Won't Work
Dan Rather: Romney Running "A Campaign With More Twists Than A Pretzel Factory"
Giuliani Reflects On 9/11, Discusses Whether America Is Safer Today
Shrum: Romney Retreats When He Goes Off The Tea Party Playbook
Fallen SEAL's Family On Bin Laden Aftermath: Obama Admin. "Criminal"
Woodward To Obama: "There Is Such A Thing As Presidential Leadership"
Maddow: We Still Don't Know Who's Bankrolling Political Advertising
"Special Report" Panel On The Chicago Teacher Strike
O'Reilly: Obama's "Disdain For American Tradition" Shown At DNC


Adam Carolla Analyzes Clinton Eastwood, DNC
Brit Hume Commentary On Obama's Convention Bounce
Krauthammer: Obama Does Not Lack In Self-Regard, But Lacks Managerial Skills
Obama Pulls Ahead Of Romney In New Poll
Rush Limbaugh: Media Running Campaign To Dispirit You
Ingraham To GOP: If You Can't Beat Obama, Then Shut Down The Party
Romney: "Forewarned" Is A Better Campaign Slogan For Obama
Obama Ad: Romney & Ryan Won't Answer Basic Questions About Tax Plan
Obama Campaign On Not Mentioning Unemployed At Convention: "Silliness"
Flashback: Obama Gave Shout Out To Chicago Teachers Union In 2008
Trump On GOP: "If They Don't Get Tough, They're Not Going To Win"
How & Why Other Countries Have Ended The 2-Party System
Carney: Obama Has No Stated Position On Chicago Teacher Strike
Obama Spends Morning Debating Nicki Minaj Endorsement On Pop Radio Station
RCP's Tom Bevan On Post-Convention Polls