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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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15 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Prison Planet.com » As Predicted, Bernanke Launches QE3 to Help the Big Banks … Which Will Destroy the Economy

Prison Planet.com » US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy

Prison Planet.com » FBI and DHS Warn of Terror Attacks in Response to Anti-Muslim Video

Egypt protests continue against anti-Muhammad film - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » UT Bomb Threat Call Claims al-Qaeda Connection

Romney says 'red line' on Iran i... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

Prison Planet.com » New Banker Bailout Disguised As QE3

Prison Planet.com » Florida City Prepares to Outlaw First Amendment

Prison Planet.com » More sniper ammunition being ordered by DHS – Who are the targets?

Prison Planet.com » Nuclear Reactor Facility Evacuated In Austin

Official doubts anti-Islam film creator'... JPost - International

Clinton: US had nothing to do with film that sparked violence - Israel News, Ynetnews

Prison Planet.com » Great Expectations: Benghazi-Style Blowback an Integral Part of Terror War System

Escobar: US could drone Libya to death - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Muslim protest reaches Israel; riots in Jerusalem

Western embassies stormed in Sudan, Tunisia as anti-U.S. protests spread - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Gasoline Prices More than Double Under Obama: $1.84 to $3.85 | cnsnews.com

Prison Planet.com » Police Learn Propaganda Tactics at Internet Conference

New cameras to watch cameras that watch you - WTOP.com

Prison Planet.com » Global Chemtrail Bombardment – User Photos and Video

Prison Planet.com » Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban will cause New Yorkers to poison themselves with more aspartame

Prison Planet.com » Dow Chemicals seeks approval for new genetically modified seeds that present worse threat than Monsanto’s Roundup

Psychopathic Personality Traits Linked With U.S. Presidential Success, Psychologists Suggest

Maker of 2016 Obama's America Speaks Out - YouTube

TSA's Psyop Obedience Training - YouTube

Was Bizarre Muhammad Movie a Contrived Fraud? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Campaign Aide Benton Goes to Work for Sen. McConnell

Prison Planet.com » March of the Truthers

All Roads Lead to Food - YouTube

The Snoop Police - YouTube

The Fed's Engineered Collapse - YouTube

The World Food Crisis Special Report - YouTube

GMO Wheat May Destroy Liver - YouTube

State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis | The Cable

There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all - CSMonitor.com

Texas Police Kill Unarmed Man Before Confiscating Witness Camera and Deleting Images | Pixiq

Texas Police Chief Approves of Officer Dragging Elderly Woman Out of Car on Camera | Pixiq

» Obama Appeals Against Court Ruling That Strikes Down Indefinite Detention of American Citizens Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

(D) Carl Levin on NDAA 'Obama Admin insisted on the contents' - YouTube

» Think You’ll be Better Off in Rural America? Think Again Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Let Krugman’s Invading Space Aliens Buy iPhones Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Ron Paul: “Country Should Panic Over Fed’s Decision” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Operation Screw: The Fed goes all-in on QE - YouTube

» First Planets Found Around Sun-Like Stars in a Cluster Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Microsoft admits millions of computers could be infected with malware before they're even out of the box - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

» This is What a Technocracy Looks Like Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Florida City Prepares to Outlaw First Amendment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Sovereignty Evaporating: Europe’s Steady Slide Into Tyranny Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» FBI and DHS Warn of Terror Attacks in Response to Anti-Muslim Video Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Threat of CSIRO’s GM Wheat Revealed at Press Conference Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Canadian Police Find $744K Worth of Drugs Using High-tech Pot-spotting Drones Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Guns of Pot Users to be Confiscated Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» It’s All Starting to Unravel for Obama Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FBI Clears Halliburton Crew in Loss of Radioactive Tool - Bloomberg

Tyler Durden: QE3 Gets You High - Home - The Daily Bail

Fight Club: Meet Tyler - YouTube

TexMessage: El Paso students draw vivid, disturbing pictures of 9/11 | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog

Half of drugs prescribed in France useless or dangerous, say two specialists | World news | guardian.co.uk

Birth control may boost risk of carrying staph bacteria | Fox News


Ethan Bearman: Don’t Offend Me, I’m A Muslim And Will Kill You

Chris Hedges Warns of Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip | Reuters

Funnel Vision – Is It Closing In On You? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Secret Sky Experiments: Chemtrails Conspiracy Exposed (Documentary) - YouTube

Libya - 'Death To America'

My Way News - The iPhone 5 and LTE _ what it means for you

China calls Romney's accusations 'as false as they are foolish' | McClatchy

Paul Ryan tosses red meat to eager conservative crowd | McClatchy

Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch | The Smoking Gun

Firing in Flood: Muslims to THINK Again | Opinion Maker

Activist Post: More sniper ammunition being ordered by DHS. Who are the targets?

'Nuclear time bomb:' Downed K-27 submarine must be lifted out — RT

Negotiators have 'framework' to end Chicago strike - News - Boston.com

Hain Celestial calls for EU-style GMO labeling

: Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride

Gov't Guarantees 90% Occupancy Rate In Private Prisons - :

: Study Shows Workers at "Green" Companies are More Productive

Walmart apologizes after rejecting 9/11 kids' chorus - CSMonitor.com

Dutch unleash intelligent robot bins: No ID, no rubbish • The Register

12 Famous Vegans and Why They Made the Switch | Care2 Causes

Canada sees resurgence of syphilis: experts | Sympatico.ca News

Syphilis outbreak hits Nunavut - North - CBC News

Ebola virus death toll doubles in Congo - Africa - World - The Independent

Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – No Money for Morgellons Research Group! | Farm Wars

PressTV - US infrastructure on brink of thermodynamic breakdown: Analyst

Ron Paul: "Country Should Panic Over Fed's Decision" | ZeroHedge

Source: “Jesse Benton was Fired from C4L, Ron Paul is Very Upset” | Liberty Chat

Failing the Test: Obama and Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Must Go | This Can't Be Happening

Hey Politicians, Get Mantiq’s Latest Invention | Mantiq al-Tayr

US incomes fall to 1989 levels. How did that happen? - CSMonitor.com

Jose Manuel Barroso Says EU Countries Must Form Tighter Union & This Involves Giving up Control of Banks | TheBlaze.com

After huge White House construction job, West Wing emerges little changed _ but for how long? - The Washington Post

Ron Paul: "Country Should Panic Over Fed's Decision" | ZeroHedge

Source: “Jesse Benton was Fired from C4L, Ron Paul is Very Upset” | Liberty Chat

Failing the Test: Obama and Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett Must Go | This Can't Be Happening

Hey Politicians, Get Mantiq’s Latest Invention | Mantiq al-Tayr


US incomes fall to 1989 levels. How did that happen? - CSMonitor.com

Jose Manuel Barroso Says EU Countries Must Form Tighter Union & This Involves Giving up Control of Banks | TheBlaze.com

After huge White House construction job, West Wing emerges little changed _ but for how long? - The Washington Post

MR Aleppo in a Warzone Sept 14 - Voice Over Only - YouTube

The Daily Bell - Who REALLY Produced the Film 'Desert Warrior' That Is Now Convulsing the Middle East?

PressTV - Sinister September: Zionist anti-Islam plot simmering

Syria: Christians take up arms for first time - Telegraph

Syria: sectarian violence hits Damascus - Telegraph

Turkish authorities begin blocking Syrian borders - Telegraph

MSNBC host: ‘Who’s More Dangerous, the Supreme Leader in Tehran or Netanyahu?’ | Washington Free Beacon

U.S. strikes on Iran would risk all-out Middle East war: Experts - CBS News

Israel rules out peace deal unless refugees get compensation - Telegraph

US Taxpayers Spend More on Israeli Defense Than Israeli Taxpayers, Says Former IDF Official « Antiwar.com Blog

PressTV - German govt. grilled over failure to remove US nukes

Maple leaf ragged: what ails Canada? | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bush Era Navy Complicit in Terror and Assassination.wmv - YouTube

Laura Flanders and Chris Hedges: The Absurdity of American Empire | Common Dreams

Rahm Emanuel's Privatize Chicago Plan

AEG’s Perchlorate Problem - EnviroReporter.com

Activist Post: The American Corporate Party and the Derailing of Revolution

VIDCAST: Explosions and Reports of a Crash in Association with Juno Launch Explained?

Missile Engineer Sees UFO | UFO CHRONICLE

NYC bans big sugary drinks at eateries, theaters

The New Junk Food Danger | Yahoo! Health

Bad News For WikiLeaks | Real Jew News

My Memories of Jesse Benton | Tom Woods

Game Changer! Why This Fed Decision Was a Huge Departure From Every Move The Fed Has Made Before - DailyFinance

Federal Reserve announces QE3 — RT

Fed to launch QE3 by buying mortgage securities - The Fed - MarketWatch

My Way News - US consulate attack in Libya said twin operation

California man confirms role in anti-Islam film - Yahoo! News

Iran strike must be bigger than Afghan/Iraqi ops combined - report — RT

How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You - Business Insider

Activist Post: Is Social Media Leading Us to a Hyper Revolution?

OpEdNews - Article: What's in a Seed?

Access denied | This Can't Be Happening

A reporter's error, or yet another lie from Paul Ryan? - PamRotella.com BREAKING NEWS

OpEdNews - Article: Romney's Foot-in-Mouth Disease is Terminal

OpEdNews - AP: California man confirms role in anti-Islam film

Former NRC Chairman: “We all know Fukushima had a lot of impact worldwide” (VIDEO)

Spinach could help beat dementia - Telegraph

Endangered species tables and charts

West Nile virus cases spread in the US - Telegraph

Dark energy mystery solved? Researchers claim they are 99.996% sure it is real | Mail Online

'Pink slime' company sues ABC for $1.2billion as 'network wrongly told customers the product was unhealthy' | Mail Online


Flight 93 Eyewitness Sees A Second Plane, Says Flight 93 Was Shot Down - YouTube

Duck and Cover - Nuclear Safety & the Cold War - YouTube

CIA Agent Explains How Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist - YouTube

BP Criminality Awarded Government Contracts | Brainwash Update - YouTube

9/11 Anniversary: Ten Years of Lies - YouTube


Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway? - YouTube

The house of Rothschild - the Money's prophets - full 56min - YouTube

The Muslim News:Tunisia: Mossad in the Maghreb: Stepping up its game

300 Mossad mercenaries operating in Tunisia - English pravda.ru

Obama Lists His Five Criteria for Death by Drone - BlackListedNews.com

Mystery absence of China's heir-apparent, Xi Jinping, sparks rumors - World News

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s “Global Economic Coup”: Secret Negotiations Behind Closed Doors - BlackListedNews.com

Charleston Voice: Do You Attend a "Christian" Zionist Church? Zionists lobby for US attack on Iran

Video Riots, The Freedom Of Speech, Or, Is There More To It? | Veterans News Now

Your 2012 Approved Choices: Vote For Obama And Martial Law Or Romney And Martial Law | Video Rebel's Blog

Kent State: Was It about Civil Rights or Murdering Student Protesters? | Global Research

Carney: Protests not directed at the United States | Washington Free Beacon

The tragic consulate killings in Libya and America's hierarchy of human life :: www.uruknet.info :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [gd]

Wesley Clark Confronted on 9/11 - YouTube

Russia, China Join Hands Against America’s Global “Missile Defense” Plan | _

Public Enemy Number One Is Osama Bin Bernanke, World War Is Front Of Us - Gerald Celente | XRepublic

Who really killed Ambassador Stevens? - 12160

Jackals of Jekyll Island – Federal Reserve Audit

Thanks Obama – The Terrorists You Used To Topple Regimes In Egypt And Libya Are Now Attacking Our Embassies

Muslim Protests Now Targeting Western Embassies In Over 20 Countries

As a wave of anti-American riots erupts across the Islamic world... Muslims' U.S. flag burning protests spread to Britain | Mail Online

FOIA Documents Show FBI Was Watching Occupy Protestors, Some Docs Still Secret on National Security Grounds - posted by james at Occupy America Social Network

The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III | _

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination - World Politics - World - The Independent

Owner of Zeus, the world's tallest dog, says her giant canine is so big children thinks he is a horse | Mail Online

Refreshing News: 18 Handy Uses for Essential Oils

Nature's Horror Show: World's Ugliest Creatures | Fox News

Kansas Birther Case Ends After Joe Montgomery Withdraws Objection to Obama On Ballot

Full Text: Fed Statement On QE3 - BlackListedNews.com

Obama Sends More Drones, Marines to Libya, But Did They Ever Leave? - BlackListedNews.com

Who Is Alan Roberts, the Director of 'Innocence of Muslims'? We Think His Real Name Is Robert Brownell | VICE

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s “Global Economic Coup”: Secret Negotiations Behind Closed Doors - BlackListedNews.com

Researchers create short-term memories in vitro

More Americans opting out of banking system - The Washington Post

Police Learn Propaganda Tactics at Internet Conference - informationliberation

Drug Sentences Driving Federal Prison Population Growth, Government Report Finds - informationliberation

Malaysia holds seminars on how to spot gay children

A Map of Muslim Protests Around the World - Global - The Atlantic Wire

Former Washington cop convicted in 1957 murder of Illinois girl | KING5.com Seattle

Japan to start random body searches at airports in October | The Japan Times Online

U.S. Exempts Japan, 10 EU Nations From Iran Oil Sanctions - Bloomberg

Russia, China Join Hands Against America’s Global “Missile Defense” Plan | Global Research

White Owl Conspiracy: More Sniper Ammunition Being Ordered By DHS. Who Are The Targets?

Demanding A Student's Facebook Password A Violation Of First Amendment Rights, Judge Says | Techdirt

Unbanked states: Households without bank accounts - Sep. 14, 2012

Dollar no longer primary oil currency - China begins to sell oil using Yuan -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

Justice Dept. fails to meet 60-day requirement for employee background checks - Washington Times

The Provocateurs Know Politics and Religion Don't Mix

The Great Islamophobic Crusade

The Unanswered Questions of 9/11

THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

GRTV: 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out

9/11: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Buildling was Not An Inside Job

US-Backed Terrorists Murder US Ambassador in Libya | Global Research

Globalization As Imperialism | Global Research

The Euro Crisis: Origins and Consequences | Global Research TV

Nuclear Power: The Energy of Protest. The Future could be Renewable | Global Research

Arab Autumn: Reaping the Grapes of Wrath | Global Research TV

U.S. Middle Eastern Policies Backfire | Global Research

Greater Middle East: 33 Years Of U.S. Backing Terrorism, Regime Change | Global Research

The Revolution from Above: The Wipeout of Americans’ Hopes | Global Research

The Short, Miserable Life of American Prosperity | Global Research

After End Of Soviet Union, U.S. Pins China On Combat Chart | Global Research

World War III: The Unthinkable Cost of Preserving the Petrodollar

Heart problems increase substantially after earthquakes, new study claims | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Nouse.co.uk » Synthetic life: The world’s first man-made jellyfish

Cern reveals plans for new experiments measuring 50miles in length to solve mystery of how gravity works | Mail Online

Blood on his hands: Obama Skipped All Daily Intelligence Briefings Since Sept. 5Rant Political

Is Latest ‘Zombie Cannibal’ Attack A Prophetic Warning To America Or Biological Warfare? | Pakalert Press

The next role for Jose Andres: culinary advisor for “Hannibal,” a future NBC series - Going Out Gurus - The Washington Post

US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

+Tentative Deal Reached in Chicago Teachers' Strike

White House Warns of Military 'Destruction' in $110 Billion Sequestration Cuts

Ryan Calls for ‘Moral Clarity’ in American Foreign Policy

Obama Orders Security Review for Worldwide Diplomatic Facilities

GOP Connects Obama to Carter on Mideast Turmoil

Two US Marines Killed in Taliban Attack on Prince Harry Base

Obamanomics Has Failed Dismally and Bernanke Can’t Save It

Walker Vows to Appeal as Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Union Law

Four Dead in Worldwide Anti-Muhammad Film Protests

Obama Vows to Stand Fast as He Honors Libya Dead

Sen. Lee: US Should Consider Closing Embassies in Troubled Nations

William and Kate Sue French Mag Over Photos

Obama Wages War on Catholicism, Says Catholic League's Donohue

Gingrich: Obama Doesn’t Realize Radical Islam Is at War With US

Neil Armstrong Buried at Sea

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Faces Probation Probe Over Movie

Romney Leads Obama Among Married Voters

Obama Says He 'Absolutely' Could Lose Election

Knowing These Hidden Heart Attack Symptoms Could Save Your Life

Scientists Recreate Primeval Plasma Wonderland

Romney Was Right About Embassy Response

News Media Should Wear Obama Buttons

Romney Shows Foreign Policy Courage

A Re-elected Obama Could Finish Off US

Get Your Obamacare Tax Exemption Card

Journalist Banned From the U.K. For Exposing "The Torture & Rape of Children" - YouTube

Strange details about ‘Innocence of Muslims’ filmmaker emerge as more questions arise

The Mosquito War's: West Nile Virus Nano Vaccine Patch - YouTube

Poetic Justice Finds US Enablers of Terror

How Money Is Created -- Your Signature, The Banks and The Fed -- Three Necessary Ingredients - YouTube

+Audio Page/Andrew Gause and the Real World of Money – Bedtime Stories: The Velocity of Money, The 4 Trillion Dollar Balance Sheet and More – August 29, 2012 – Podcast Ready to Go | One Radio Network

Study Involving 18,000 People Confirms Acupuncture for Pain a Truly Effective Solution

Your Hearing Loss may be a Result of Common Painkillers

Freedom Not Fear: Creating a Surveillance-Free Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Movement for Freedom Not Fear - YouTube

Hillary Celebrates End of Ramadan at State Department with Libyan Ambassador | cnsnews.com

Obama: ‘Even in Our Grief We Will Be Resolute’ | cnsnews.com

Rand Paul: ‘I Will Always Take a Stand for Life’ | cnsnews.com

Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier | cnsnews.com

Tony Shalhoub: ‘The 1st Amendment, You Know, It’s a Bit of a Slippery Slope…’ | cnsnews.com

FRC President Tony Perkins Parodies 'God' Vote from Democratic Convention | cnsnews.com

Michelle Obama: ‘No One Gets Where They Are on Their Own’ | cnsnews.com

Stunned NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Wonders Why Obama Supported Mubarak Overthrow | NewsBusters.org

Ryan on Re-Electing Obama: ‘If We Renew the Contract…He’ll Never Answer to You Again’ | cnsnews.com

Bachmann: ‘Obama Is the Most Dangerous President We Have Ever Had on American Foreign Policy’ | cnsnews.com

Ryan on Embassy Attacks: ‘The Least Equivocation or Mixed Signal Only Makes Extremists Bolder’ | cnsnews.com

Ryan: Obama’s ‘Never Once Lifted a Hand to Defend the Most Helpless … the Child Waiting to be Born’ | cnsnews.com

Teachers’ Strike Boosts Interest in Chicago’s Privately Run Charter Schools | cnsnews.com

Eastwood: Obama’s Doing All ‘He Possibly Can to Keep Power. There’s No Way He’s Going to Give it Up’ | cnsnews.com

Hobby Lobby Becomes First Non-Catholic Private Business to Challenge HHS Mandate | cnsnews.com

Egyptian President Calls Blasphemy a ‘Red Line,’ As Clinton Invokes ‘Free Expression’ | cnsnews.com

Lady Gaga Gets Live Tattoo at Perfume Launch | cnsnews.com

Chris Matthews: Romney “arrogant” to run against Obama, shows “certain kind of disdain” for Obama

+FULL SPEECH: Paul Ryan speaks at Values Voter Summit

Carney: We had no reports of possible attacks ahead of time — but is it true?

UNBELIEVABLE – Carney: “Let’s be clear, these protests were in reaction to a video…”

Romney says “confusing and troubling” that Obama refusing to meet with Netanyahu

Graffiti on US embassy in Cairo: “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion “Bin Ladens”

+FULL INTERVIEW: Mitt Romney talks with George Stephanopolous

New Romney ad: Obama is failing American workers

Al-Qaeda leader praises 9/11 attacks, tells Muslims “topple the western proxies” during period of “American weakness”

Allen West: What you see coming from Obama is called “dhimmitude” to the Islamic world

Is It Time To Come Home? by Patrick J. Buchanan

Prepping is Investing, by Michael W. - SurvivalBlog.com

Airplane funniest film ever, research finds - Telegraph

The Intermittent Fasting Dilemma: How Many Meals Per Day Should You Eat? by Ori Hofmekler

How to Eliminate Unhealthy Foods | Mark's Daily Apple

The Revolution From Above by Paul Craig Roberts

The Brass Standard by Thomas Sowell

160 Reasons to Stock Coconut Oil in Your Larder « Survival Sherpa

A Plane Did Not Hit The Pentagon On 9/11 (Video) | 9/11 and Ground Zero

Obama: Detention OK for 1st Amendment 'activities' | Economics and Politics

Obama and Ahmadinejad - Forbes.com

Islam in the Great Tribulation - YouTube

Martian Mystery Revealed By Opportunity Rover, "Blueberries" Puzzle Researchers | Space

Tropical Jungle Found in World's Largest Cave | Awesome Time Wasters


+The 10 Best Websites For Your Career - Forbes

-The Top 75 Websites For Your Career - Forbes


Obama's foreign policy now in flames

Atheists' and Muslims' cross to bear

Why is Rove still on Fox?

Sex and the single girl

Ponzi, Madoff, Obama: Masters of disaster

How Romney can prove he's a (principled) man

The good Muslim spy

B. DEAN: Deceiver in chief

J. CHASTAIN: Trickle-down dysphoria: Obama's psychiatric pain

R. RINGER: The realities of life after Obama

A. NAPOLITANO: What if November changes nothing?

US official: Nuclear bomb is our red line - Israel News, Ynetnews

GOP: Stop funding for ‘Solyndra scams’

Muslim union demands pope apology, accuses him of sedition | Pakistan Today | Latest news | Breaking news | Pakistan News | World news | Business | Sport and Multimedia

Health-care system wastes $750 billion a year - CSMonitor.com


*Coast To Coast AM - Nephilim, Giants & Prophecy - 09-13-2012 - C2CAM - YouTube


Infowars Nightly News: Friday (9-14-12) Gerald Celente - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News 2012-09-13 Thursday - Steve Shenk - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Friday (9-14-12) Ben Swann - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (9-13-12) Jesse Ventura - YouTube


US won't tolerate efforts to harm Americans: Obama

Kate photos 'in no public interest'

Kate Middleton's Topless Photo Taker: Jail Time, Huge Fine a Possibility

Kate Middleton's Topless Photo Scandal - YouTube

Authorities question may who may be anti-Muslim filmmaker

'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' Gets Google Makeover

Mayor's reputation tarnished in teachers union dust-up

Murderer's family had suspicions about his role in death of Sycamore girl, 7

Duckworth, Walsh sharpen rhetoric in suburban congressional contest

Lake Forest district says school will be in session Monday, strike or no strike

Campaigns Push Forward as Mideast Unrest Spreads

Romney's 'Middle Class' Definition: $250,000 and Less - YouTube

Wisconsin now battleground for Obama, Romney

House votes to end energy loan guarantee program

Romney Fan of Snooki Gets Personal in Bid to Show Lighter Side

Samuel L. Jackson to Star in New Obama Ad?

Ron Paul supporter quits Electoral College

McConnell making preparations for re-election

Hightower: Romney pitches a Hamm-handed energy policy with shaky gimmicks

Failed Walker Recall Election Cost Wis. Taxpayers $13.5 Million

President Obama to Campaign in Milwaukee Sept. 22

Romney bus visits Alamosa

Can A Republican Win A Senate Seat In Blue Hawaii?

'October surprise': Libya, Egypt embassy attacks could change campaign

The Kerry-ization of Mitt Romney

Republican plan for Medicare could face years of hurdles -experts

University of Texas defends bomb threat response - seattlepi.com

UT Austin Pres.: 'Very Confident' Campus Is Safe - YouTube

Judge throws out Walker's union bargaining law

Chicago teachers to stage big rally amid hopes of end to strike

Rosh Hashana's Sacred Bread Offers Meaning In Many Shapes And Sizes

Misunderstanding set off Kansas City bomb scare?

Camp Bastion assault: Two US marines die in 'Taliban revenge'

U.S. stocks begin higher with Fed move in play

Federal Reserve Expects to Keep Interest Rates Low Through Mid-2015

Report: 1 in 5 Women Use Pinterest. So Where's the Money?

Twitter Hires Elite Apple Hacker Charlie Miller To Beef Up Its Security Team

A New Kind of Monkey, With Colors That Set It Apart

Two 'hot Jupiters' found in star cluster: NASA

Study: No high-risk Great Lakes Asian carp paths

IBM Scientists Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds

Stress, Depression May Affect Cancer Survival

Presidential election brings out surprises on Facebook

McDonald's to Add Calorie Counts to Menus

Buying mortgage paper by the fed...frees US dollars to flee!

Transgressors Rising up in Middle East:War and Antichrist to Follow

Leadership - a gift shared by Reagan and Romney? Absent with Obama!

Debbie Schlussel-ICE Employee Caught Harboring Illegal Aliens – The Natural Result of Obama Immigration Non-Enforcement

Debbie Schlussel-PLO Terrorists Mourn Amb Chris Stevens: “Close Friend” Who “Understood Palestinian Side”

No Apologies but the Toll Keeps Mounting

Obama and Clinton Must Resign – NOW!

Middle East Exploding: Direct Result of Obama Policy and “Leading from behind”

Reap the Whirlwind

The Girly Man and the Sheriff

Romney exposes Obama’s ineptness

The ‘Obama Fat Head Syndrome’

Rosh Hashanah 2012 - Ancient Prayers, New Dangers

Christians Ask President Obama Show the Same Respect and Tolerance Toward the Christian Faith

President Obama: Jihad Your Chance to Win the Election

Why Obama Is Failing the Middle East Meltdown and How to Fix It

America’s Feckless Leader Apologizes AGAIN

Obama Refuses to Submit New Regulations Plan Required By Law

Are you ready for millions of Manchurian Candidates?

Romney Eloquence and Demeanor on Embassy Murders Prove His Readiness for Presidency!

America’s Emasculation

Obama Housing Program Hits Milestone: 1 Million Failed Mortgage Modifications

Jay Carney on Unrest in Middle East: ‘This Is Not a Case of Protests Directed at the United States’

Meet the 23-Year-Old Painfully Dubbed ‘Ugliest Woman in the World’ and See What She’s Doing to Fight Cyberbullies

Obama Admin. Argues Suspending NDAA‘s ’Indefinite Detention’ Provision Does Irreparable Harm to U.S.

Former Secret Service Agent Tells Wilkow Obama Administration Has Shown ‘Sheer Incompetence’ in Handling Libya Attack

MSNBC Political Analyst Blames America for ‘Fomenting’ Muslim Hostility: ‘We’re Horrible, Too’

Liberal Fox Contributor Says Michelle Malkin Is Angry & ‘Probably Needs to Get Laid’

GOP Rep. Tim Huelskamp: ‘Planned Parenthood Was Created for the Sole Purpose of Killing’ Minority Children

Krauthammer Claims Eruption of Violence in Mideast a Referendum on Obama Foreign Policy

Political Debate on Romney’s Role at Bain Sells Private Equity Short

Chuck Norris, The KKK, & Nukes: The Top 10 Most Brutal Attack Ads In Presidential History

What‘s a ’Sextravaganza’ and Why Is the University of Utah Hosting It?

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Detects Explosives in Vehicle Parked Outside Missouri Federal Building

‘Pro-Life, Pro-Gun,’ & Anti-Obama?: The Campaign Ad That’s Not For Who You Think It Is

Want to See an Asteroid the Size of a Skyscraper Flying by Earth? Here’s the Vid.

Could This Be the Most Complex K’nex Ball Machine Ever Built? It’s Got to Be Seen to Be Believed!

Romney Essentially Calls Obama a Liar: ‘The President Tends to, How Shall I Say it, to Say Things That Aren‘t True’

Here‘s the ’Cute and Curvaceous‘ Former Dem Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Appearance on ‘The Dating Game’

Experts Tell Beck About Islamists‘ Chilling ’Ten Year Plan’ for the West

This Is the Man Who Reportedly Translated & Sent the Anti-Muhammad Film to Egyptian Journalists

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz: ‘The U.S. Military Is Spending $20 Million for Firewood’

Islamists Are Up in Arms Again, Today: Here Are the Latest Pictures and Updates

Watch Who‘s the Woman Behind the Viral Video ’Obamacare Summed Up In One Sentence’?

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Occupier Wanted for Raping Woman, Throwing Her Off Second-Story Park Railing

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Report: State Dept. Had ‘Credible Information’ 48 Hours Prior to Libya Consulate Attack But Failed to Act

‘Spokesman’ for Anti-Muhammad Film Speaks Out on Islamist Protesters: ‘They’re Pre-Incited, They’re Pre-Programmed to Do This’

White House Backtracks on Obama‘s Egypt Is Not an ’Ally’ Comment: A ‘Longstanding & Close Partner’

German President Puts Country on Hook for Over a Quarter of EU’s New $600B Bailout Fund

More Than a Movie: Experts Claim Real Reason for U.S. Embassy Attacks Is Much More Sinister

Dutch ‘Robot Bins’ Require ID and Charge for Trash by Weight

DNC Delegates Define the Tea Party: ‘Backwards, Wack Job People’

Watch Scarborough Accuses MSNBC’s Fill-In Hosts of Running ‘Marxist Variety Hour’ in His Absence

‘Got a Spare Couch or Bed?‘ Obama Camp’s Latest Email Asks Supporters to House Campaign Workers for Election — No Lie

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Confronting an Obama administration stonewall

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Hillary Clinton, Defender of Infidelity and the Killers of Infidels

US warns of possible threat to homeland over anti-Islam video

Bernanke Sucker-Punches Romney Campaign

Muslim Brotherhood Lies So Obvious Even the US Cairo Embassy Not Fooled!

Politicians Can't Stop World Economic Equalization

After 2012, Who Will Lead?

Hard Truths for Hispanic and African-American Voters

The Honorable Elizabeth Warren?

Putting Sand in the Gears of the Price Mechanism

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The Plight of the Elderly Conservative

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Libya and Egypt: Fool Me Twice

Obama: The Weak Horse

Fast and Furious Embodies Corruption at Highest Levels


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OBAMA FLASHBACK: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease

flashback/HuffPo: Samuel L. Jackson's 'I Voted for Barack Because He Was Black' a 'Surprising Confession' | NewsBusters.org

University of Texas defends bomb threat response

Black Flag of Islam Flies Over American Embassy in Tunisia as Attacks on America Continue Around the Globe | Cleveland Leader

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Kate Middleton topless photos: with camera phones and drone technology, soon no one will be safe – Telegraph Blogs

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'America's Top Model' Alum Addicted To Meth

Rabbi: Media Outlets Engaged In 'Blood Libel' By Falsely Reporting Jewish Director Made Anti-Muhammed Film

Rolling Stones Keyboardist Gets 'Satisfaction' Opposing Green Building Program

Not So Divine: Midler Say Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Should Be Charged for Murder

Dylan Won't Endorse Obama, Says Voters 'Change Their Minds'

NPR's Shapiro Defends Question Collaboration

CNN Ignores Real Goal of Cairo Riots: Freedom of Blind Sheik

Mainstream Media Ignoring Disaffected, Disillusioned Obama 2008 Voters

Joe Klein Desperate to Change Debate from Obama's Foreign Policy Failures

Insta-Fact Check: Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

CBS: Obama's Message Making Impact

Obama and Media Attack Free Speech

Surprise! Oversampling Dems Puts Obama in Lead

Virginia Elementary School Rejects Michelle Obama Request To Speak

Colonel: Hillary Made Decision Not to Post Marines at Benghazi

Iowa Republican Elector, Ron Paul Supporter Resigns

BREAKING: Obama Proposes $129M Cut From 'Embassy Security, Construction, and Maintenance'

Obama Covers Posterior, Suddenly Complies With War Powers Resolution

No Marines for Libyan Ambassador, Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation

Obama Campaign Cites Chinese Propaganda Agency to Attack Romney

Fed Move Will Help Wall Street, Not Main Street

Ryan: I Dont Belong To The Government

Romney: Obama 'Tends to Say Things That Aren’t True'

Obama Campaign Tweets Sweatshirt Sale as Coffins Arrive from Libya

Obama, Egypt, and Israel: None Dare Call It Treason, Fifty Years Later

GOP Lawmakers Pressure Obama to Get Tough with Egypt's Morsi

Biden Calls Sudan's VP over Embassy Security

Libyan officials: US Drones Behind Airport Closure

Obama Asks Erdogan to Speak Against Arab World Violence

Obama Doctrine: Slashes Military Amidst Islamist Uprising

Islamists Attack Sinai Peacekeepers

Islamist Rioters Burn Down Lebanon Hardees, KFC

Flags Burned at London Protest Against US

Militants Attack Peacekeeper Base in Egypt's Sinai

Hundreds of Angry Afghans Protest Anti-Islam Film

Live Map: Obama's Middle East Appeasement Explodes Across Region

ROUND UP: Islamists Worldwide Setting Countries on Fire

State Dept. Rules of Engagement Kept Marines out of Tripoli, Benghazi in Libya

Islamists storm German, British embassies in Sudan

Pakistani Soldiers Hold Back Muslim Protesters Shouting Anti-US Slogans in Islamabad

Gold Star Family: SEAL Team 6 Killed by Rules of Engagement

Pope Visits Lebanon amid Syria War, Libya Protest

Team Romney on Obama's Foreign Policy: 'It's Amateur Hour'

Pattern of Targeting Diplomats in Benghazi Should Have Been Warning

Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings

Hillary Continues To Blame Video For 'Senseless' Attacks

CNN: Black Flag Not Al Qaeda, Just 'Affirmation Of Faith'

GOP Lawmakers Pressure Obama to Get Tough with Egypt's Morsi

Romney Holds Moment Of Silence For Libyan Attack Victims

Obama Covers Posterior, Suddenly Complies With War Powers Resolution

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Meets With Attorneys

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The Deadliest Poisons in History (And Why People Stopped Using Them)

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