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02 June 2013

Weekend Review

Darrell Issa: Jay Carney Is Obama Administration's "Paid Liar"
The McLaughlin Group 5/31/13
Axelrod On IRS: "If There Was Somebody Politically Involved In This, It Never Would Have Happened"
Sarah Palin Gives Commencement Address To High School With 26 Graduates
Karl Rove: Michele Bachmann "Did Nothing"
Center For American Progress President Shares Part In Obamacare: "I Helped Write The Bill"
Woodward On Scandals: "It's All Very Troubling... A Feeling That No One's Coming Clean"
Blackburn: "It Will Take A Generation To Rebuild Trust In The Federal Government"
Schumer: "The President Has Confidence In Holder And I Believe He's Going To Stay"
Brokaw: "Tough To See" How Eric Holder Holds On To His Job
"Meet The Press" Panel: Holder, WH Scandals, Syria, Female Breadwinners
"This Week" Roundtable: Plouffe & Rove Face Off, Obama Scandals, Bachmann
"Fox News Sunday" Panel: Should We Do Anything About Syria?
"Face The Nation" Panel: Obama's Second Term Doldrums
"FOX News Watch" Panel: Backlash Against Holder, DOJ
Axelrod: Leak Investigations Won't Threaten "Responsible News Organizations"
Baltimore Mayor: If We "Make It More Difficult" To Get Guns, We Can Stop Illegal Guns
Fireworks: Lanny Davis vs. FNC's Peter Johnson Jr. On Obama's Benghazi "Deceit"
Obama: High College Costs Hold Back Middle Class
CBS News: IRS Scandal Has "Taken A Toll" On Obama's Approval Rating
Axelrod: Holder "Was Carrying Out His Responsibilities" By Probing James Rosen
Chris Matthews: Why Are You Wasting Time On Your "Duff" Talking About This Benghazi "Twaddle"?
Special Report Panel: US Closer To Getting Involved In Syria?
Mark Levin Favors Decriminalization Of Marijuana
Pentagon Papers' Daniel Ellsberg: Bradley Manning A "Hero"
Ann Romney: Americans Feel A "Breach Of Trust" With Government
O'Reilly: Have We Found Smoking Gun In IRS Case?
Maddow: Story Changes Again In FBI Killing Of Tsarnaev Associate
Hayes: More Questions Arise Over McCain's Secret Syria Trip

Time Travel - Historic Nostalgia
The People's Voice | Indiegogo
David Icke To Launch Revolutionary TV and Radio Station
The Dark History of The Opium Business | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Federal Law: Every Living American Can Be Arrested Right Now for Felony Possession of Drugs Made in Their Own Brains - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Merchants of Shame » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Nuking Dangerous Asteroids Might Be the Best Protection | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Earth Heal - Before the Fall: Evidence for a Golden Age
Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East' | Mail Online
Hogwarts for Hackers: Inside the Science and Tech School of Tomorrow | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
HSBC recruits former MI5 chief | Business | guardian.co.uk
Taser gun demand for all police on the beat | UK | News | Daily Express
China’s Drinking Water Poisoned, State Report Misses Cause » The Epoch Times
Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener
Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar - YouTube
Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146% - Forbes
Ethics: Obamacare Begins Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions : Freedom Outpost
PressTV - Google must give customers’ data to FBI, judge says
Judge orders Google to comply with FBI's secret NSL demands | Politics and Law - CNET News
Virtual life in the future Matrix | Jon Rappoport's Blog
The College Industrial Complex | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Are DRONES the future of delivery? US firm plans vast network to deliver everything from drugs to post | Mail Online
Exclusive: IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions About Scandal
The IRS, its glory days and its checkered past | World news | The Guardian
Worldwide protests planned on eve of Bradley Manning trial — RT USA
Murder, Inc: Official US Policy
Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way - Yahoo! News
PressTV - Poll: Americans against US war on Syria
PressTV - Russia plans to sign deal with Syria to sell MIG-29 M/M2 fighter jets
PressTV - No-fly zone over Syria ‘an act of war’
Syria 'will not receive Russian S-300 missiles for at least a year' | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - Russian missiles put Israel at risk: US, Germany
State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War
Tehran says U.S., not Iran, sponsors terrorism | Reuters
Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria - Telegraph
U.N. experts: No rise in cancer seen from Japan's nuclear disaster - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Ethiopia diverts Nile to build mega-dam - Africa - World - The Independent
What killed Elvis? It's a question at Michael Jackson's death trial - CNN.com
STARBUCKS BANS SMOKING No More Coffee and a Cigarette with your Morning Paper | The Guardian Express
Actress Jean Stapleton, from 'All in the Family,' dies - CNN.com
Visible Origami | Going in Reverse, from the Cradle to Hearse.
10News - Hepatitis A cases linked to frozen berries sold at Costco - 10News.com - News
Woman Records Police Barging into her Home in Case of Mistaken Identity (Updated) | PINAC
Opinion: Why MERS virus is so scary - CNN.com
Roi Tov – 25 Years After the Assassination: Israel Lost
OpEdNews - Article: Not Good Enough for Pet Food: Chinese Organic Food Scrutinized at Congressional Hearing
Activist Post: No One Will Hold Henry Kissinger Accountable
PressTV - Ex-IRS chief visited White House 157 times
‘Monsanto is the metaphor for genetic manipulation, food chain control’ — RT Op-Edge
Underground Health - Health News, Holistic Healing, Alternative Medicine
Hungary Destroys All Monsanto Crops - Fitlife.TV | Health Education | Fitness Education | Healthy Recipes | Fitlife.TV | Health Education | Fitness Education | Healthy Recipes
Activist Post: Is This the Man Who “Radicalized” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?
On the Contrary: FBI appears to have silenced Boston Marathon Bombing witness by killing him
PressTV - FBI agents killed my son to keep him silent: Ibragim Todashev’s father
"Laws of Physics for a Holographic Universe" --New Theories of Space-Time
Will We Ever Understand Consciousness? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
The Incredibly Close Links Between Google and the Politicians Who Refuse to Step in to Porn Row | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Ben & Jerry’s Is Going Non-GMO - Underground Health
charles hugh smith-Will Crushing Student Loans and Worthless College Degrees Politicize the Millennial Generation?
Reactor-dismantling cost rule may change | The Japan Times
China’s Drinking Water Poisoned, State Report Misses Cause » The Epoch Times
What the College Industrial Complex Doesn’t Want You To Know | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Mayflower Oil Spill: Exxon Doesn't Want You to Know People Are Getting Very, Very Sick
There Is No Distant Love In Morph City | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Vatican to spend millions on new churches... and on artists to furnish them - News - Art - The Independent
Prophet For A Dying Empire – Chalmers Johnson | Veterans Today
The Black Secret of Higher Education
Iran's Arak reactor looms into Israeli, Western view | Reuters
Israel furious over Dead Sea Scroll fragments sold in private deals | World | News | Daily Express
PressTV - Al-Qaeda militants form US neocons’ private army in Syria: Gordon Duff
Monsanto shares fall as South Korea joins pause in wheat imports - The Washington Post
Monsanto set to halt GMO push in Europe — RT News
Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam
Jeff Rense & Stan Deyo - Cyber War & Antigravity - YouTube
'Unpredictable' storm in Oklahoma turned on three chasers - CNN.com
Activist Post: Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption
BREAKING! Mike Zullo: NOTHING Can Stop Us Now - exclusive interview (6-1-13) - YouTube
PressTV - Obama's war on whistle blowers
Russia Ready For War, Orders Thousands Of Troops To Border
The FBI Changes Its Story (Again) on the Ibragim Todashev Shooting - 12160
'Liberty Reserve' And Why Some Money Launderers Are "More Equal" Than Others | Zero Hedge
US Muslim sues FBI over ‘months of torture on unspecified charges’ — RT USA
Fox News Commentator: Breadwinning Women Are “Hurting our Children"
The Next HUGE Economic Crisis– Student Loans | InvestmentWatch
Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth.
Bilderberg 2013: Attendees Scared as Protestors Accumulate - | Intellihub.com
The Other Forgotten Obama Scandal |
Al-Qaeda magazine warns of more 'lone-wolf' attacks
The IRS: Destroying Liberty Since before You Were Born |
America’s Tax Money Funding Monsanto To Promote GMO’s! |
The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain | spotlight
IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions about Scandal |
REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER May 31 2013 attacked former GW Bush / "I think the Pope might be an atheist," - 12160
When Satanists Make the Rules |
Sensing West's weakness - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews
Ben Swann on Fox News with Megyn Kelly - IRS Controversy 5/31/13 - YouTube
The Reality of Fear In The US And Terrorism For Dummies | InvestmentWatch
GMO genetic pollution alert: Genetically engineered wheat escapes experimental fields planted across 16 states
Perpetual War – and Obama’s Perpetual Con Game | Black Agenda Report
IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud!! - Joe Banister - YouTube
The Law That Never Was: The Fraud of Income & Social Security Tax — Home
1newsjunkie: Ancient U.S. Weapon Makes a Surprise Reappearance in Syria
NEW Interview with G. Edward Griffin "The Individual vs. The Collective" - 12160
Activist Post: DHS wastes billions of taxpayers' money in the so-called fight against terrorism
CONFIRMED!-RUSSIA MORE and MORE Considered WORLDS LAST HOPE- Unplug The Matrix - YouTube
Oklahoma Appeals Court Rules Police Dashcam Videos Open - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
Kennedy Assassination. 50th Anniversary Commemoration. No One Knows the Full Story of What Happened | Global Research
Refreshing News: One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year, House Dems Find
All The Jobs Are In The Black Market: Too Bad They're All Illegal! | XRepublic
"Todashev Came At The FBI Agent With A Broom Handle" | XRepublic
IRS Suspicion Widens: GOP Donors Question Audits - ABC News
Poll: Benghazi Investigation Erodes Hillary Clinton's Favorability Ratings - Guy Benson
Secret Court Document Finds Spy Techniques Unconstitutional, Justice Department Fights To Keep It Hidden
*Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or — Goodbye!

+Find your own private Internet with Freenet |
Woody Harrelson: "I'm an Anarchist... I Think People Could be Just Fine Looking After Themselves" - | Intellihub.com
IRS Says They Need More Time For Documents, What if Tax Payers Needed More Time From The IRS | XRepublic
Russia Deploys Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier - Business Insider
Find your own private Internet with Freenet |
Autism: Made in America (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese?
Activist Post: Google-owned Motorola reveals stomach acid-powered tablet that turns your body into a password
Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or — Goodbye!
How Schools Are Selling Your Children's Privacy - YouTube
IRS Agent Exposes IRS Fraud!! - Joe Banister - YouTube
Wake Up Call 2013: Obama DHS Prepares For Civil WarWar - 12160

Nestlé is sucking water from an Ontario watershed during drought conditions |
Obama was pushed by Clintons into endorsement of Hillary in 2016: book |
The Administration’s domestic Surveillance and Torture programs: Obama appoints former Bush deputy Attorney General to lead FBI
Former Pro-GMO Scientist Cites GM Food Safety Concerns
1newsjunkie: Jesse Ventura Loses TSA Lawsuit, Threatens To Run For President And/Or Flee To Mexico
IRS Scandal Gets Bigger, More Groups Being Targeted | XRepublic
Beyond Prophecy: Illiteracy and novelty - The hotbed for manipulation and blind subservience!
Bill Clinton takes a cool half-million from Jewish National Fund for speech in Israel | Mondoweiss
Profiting From Human Misery... 'The United States, from 1970 to 2005, increased its prison population by about 700 percent' - 12160
Ted Cruz goes all Ron Paul: “Abolish the IRS!” | InvestmentWatch
PressTV - 1st super-governmental world war begins
How to Hide Your Digital Communications from Big Brother | Internet News for Entrepreneurs and Tips to Make Money Blogging
Buying Organic Ultimately Costs Less | Miami Acupuncture Therapy
A Blast of a Find: 12 New Alaskan Volcanoes |
152 New Sex Abuse Allegations in BBC Jimmy Savile Scandal
Seeds of Death - Unveiling The Lies of GMOs - Full Movie - YouTube
Kissinger: U.S. and China to Collaborate on Globalist “World Order” - | Intellihub.com
Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’ - | Intellihub.com
FBI Kills Former MMA Fighter With Ties To Boston Bombing Suspect as Plot Deepens - | Intellihub.com
Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s Fierce Opposition to GMO’s |
Texas man held by FBI in Obama threat, Bloomberg ricin letter cases revealed |
What Is Ricin? Poison Used In Three Recent Cases |
Did “FBI” gangster hitmen silence Todashev to cover up Boston false-flag? | The Ugly Truth
FBI appears to have silenced Boston Marathon Bombing witness by killing him | The Ugly Truth
Internet monitoring system to stalk social media users who question safety of vaccines - BlackListedNews.com
How AIPAC Rules
The 25 Rules of Disinformation |
A Shocking Wake Up Call: This Is How Far The Police State Has Come |
Murder, Inc: Official US Policy |
WACO: A New Revelation (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The War on Kids: The Definitive Documentary on the Failure of the Public Education System - YouTube
The Political & Corporate Betrayal of Mankind – Max Igan
More Vulture Capitalism – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
Mark Passio on Loss of Freedom & the State of Humanity | Dprogram.net
Virtual life in the future Matrix | Dprogram.net
Jesse Ventura for president? Former governor toying with idea - TwinCities.com
Bilderberg to Greet Alex Jones with Extra Security | Dprogram.net
Cracking The Bilderberg Nut | Dprogram.net
Special Report: World To Unite Against Bilderberg Bullies | Dprogram.net
Beyond Bilderberg – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Secretive Bilderberg Using Disruptive Tech to Stir Revolution | Dprogram.net
Hotel Breaks Discrimination Law on Orders of Bilderberg | Dprogram.net
Stealing from the gods: Bilderberg and the new dawn of man | Dprogram.net
Special Report: World To Unite Against Bilderberg Bullies | Dprogram.net
Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East' | Mail Online
Nestle Wants to Patent Natural Medicinal Plant That has Been Freely Available for 1000′s of Years! | Dprogram.net
No.10 rocked by secret love affair: 'Stunned' PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will 'blow political agenda out of the water' | Mail Online
China's Military Concerns Pentagon - Business Insider
Killing Cancer Cells with High pH Therapy
Fox News "Obama is a Fraud!" from Charles Krauthammer | Press Releases
45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off | Alternative
10,000 Year Old Map Found Stuns Science Community | Alternative
Pres. Lucifer Has America In A Satanic Grip | Opinion - Conservative
101 Reasons To Go Vegan | Alternative
Irs Actually Fears Man Who Doesn't File Taxes | Alternative
We Are Human Guinea Pigs: DARPA and IBM help launch new low frequency microwave mobile data network | Alternative
Every Bank Transaction Will Require A Bio-Scan, Whether It Be A Thumb Print, Palm Scan Or Iris Scan. | Economy
Obama's Dead Pool! Mysterious deaths surround the POTUS Aka: Barry | Obama
Video. Obama Killed All Gay Lovers Like Jeffrey Damher | Obama
The Electronic Concentration Camp: On Target Pressure Points With John Whitehead & The Rutherford Institute | Science and Technology
Tingly projections make beamed gadgets come alive - tech - 30 May 2013 - New Scientist
Video - Turn a moving object into a smartphone - New Scientist
Moon being pushed away from Earth faster than ever | Earthquakes
Shimmering Diamonds in an Ancient Sea | Science and Technology
Moon Mystery | Science and Technology
Amelia Earhart's Plane Found After 76 Years? | Watercooler Topics
What the Internet Does to YOUR Brain | Watercooler Topics
Jewelry From Outer Space: Ancient Egyptians Accessorized With Meteorites | Watercooler Topics
Constitutional Sheriff Dies In Flood | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Gordon Duff Exposed - Nazi Connection? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Top 5 Alkaline Foods and Why You Should Care | Health
Mind Reading Computer Could Communicate With Coma Patients | Health
The Mayan 52 Year Cycle And The Significance Of Number 13 In The Stock Market | Financial Markets
» Hotel Breaks Discrimination Law on Orders of Bilderberg Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The Real Secret Space Program | Alternative
HHS Website For Girls, 10 to 16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, ‘Mutual Masturbation’ | CNS News
City Dome Discovered On Mars In Juventae Chasma, Video & Photos | Beyond Science
Besh-Ba-Gowah: Native American Ruins | Paranormal
24 Places Google Doesn't Want You To See | Space
Obamacare Is Adolf Hitler’s ‘T-4 Program’ Revived | Global Unrest
Proof That Satanic Music Has Invaded The Church | Prophecy
An Increase In Knowledge & The Future Of Humanity! | Prophecy
EXCLUSIVE: US Palestinian Muslim Leader Accused of Sexual Harassment by Several Muslim Chicks
‘Oh S**t’: Here Are the Best News Bloopers of May 2013
Islamic Radicalism (and Other Things) Could Soon Be Cured: Neuroscientist’s Bold Claim
New Never-Before-Seen Video of Boston Bombing Suspects Days Before Attack
Will Obama Ever Apologize for IRS Scandal? Here’s White House Spokesman’s Answer
NSA Confirms and Explains Ribbon-Cutting for Giant Utah Data Center
Author Stephen King’s Pro-God Response to Atheists and Non-Believers (Plus: See What He Said About ‘Intelligent Design’)
‘All in the Family’ Actress Who Played Edith Bunker Dead at 90
Rand Paul: We’ll Win Again ‘When the Republican Party Looks Like the Rest of America’
China Accuses U.S. of ‘Political Prejudice’ Over Tiananman Square Statements
U.S. Attorney: Anti-Muslim Speech Could Be a Civil Rights Violation
British Police Charge 2nd Suspect With Murder in Soldier’s Horrific Hacking Death
Jesse Ventura Going After Slain Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle’s Widow in Court
Would You Believe Wife of Former IRS Head Is an Exec at Left-Wing Political Action Group?
Report: IRS Collecting Documents From 88 Employees as Part of Scandal Investigation
Allen West: Impeaching Obama Should ‘Absolutely’ Be on the Table
Krauthammer: ‘Double Standard Is the Real Issue’ in DOJ Scandal
Iraq Says It Foiled New Al-Qaeda Plot to Use Toy Planes to Drop Chemical Weapons Over North America and Europe
Meet ‘Chris P. Bacon’ — The Handicapped Pig With a Three-Book Deal
Mass. Congressman: Russians Believe Boston Bombings Could Have Been Prevented
Storm Chaser’s Haunting Final Facebook Post Before He Was Killed in Tornado
Book: Obama Made ‘Secret Deal’ to Support Hillary in 2016
Darrell Issa: Jay Carney’s Just a ‘Paid Liar,’ IRS Targeting Likely Came ‘Right Out of Washington’
Ben Stein: Obama’s War on Terror Strategy Is ‘Surrender’ and ‘Delusional’
L.A.-Area Wildfire Triples in Size, Thousands Evacuated
IRS Spent $50 Million for Conferences, Report Finds; ‘Expensive Presidential Suites,’ ‘Free Drinks’
Guess Who Said Michele Bachmann ‘Did Nothing’ as Tea Party Caucus Chair?
Chris Kyle Widow: Former Navy SEAL ‘Died Because Somebody Wanted to Kill Him’
Bill Clinton’s Half-Million Dollar Speech Is Drawing Outrage in Israel
The Middle East is NOT an American mess, or responsibility
Teacher was Right to Warn Students About Drug Survey
CDC hyping wave of children's mental disorders just as new psych bible 'DSM-5' released
Artist's 'Cloning Agency' Replicates Jesus, Lady Gaga | Jonathon Keats | LiveScience
Real Wages Decline Again — Literally No One Notices - Business Insider
Irony: Couple Cuffed For Engaging In Free Speech In Front Of Independence Hall : Freedom Outpost
+Doug Owen's Blacklisted Radio Podcast 6.1.2013

*The 25 Rules of Disinformation
Everything Is Rigged, Continued: EU Raids Oil Companies in Price-Fixing Probe | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone
Japan Prints Money to Buy Foreign Assets — Phantom Report
It's A "0.6%" World: Who Owns What Of The $223 Trillion In Global Wealth - BlackListedNews.com
Former Obama Aides Take Lucrative Consulting Jobs with Special Interest Groups - BlackListedNews.com
New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts - WhoWhatWhy
Stuart Walton: Care plan sees dystopian future arriving early - News - Scotsman.com
Journalist Lemmings Dive Off Cliff While AG Holder Spies, Blusters & Prevaricates
The “Not Me” Administration
Searching for the ‘Moderate’ Christian
All the Things We Do Not Know
Eric Holder and Occam’s Razor
EPA Climatism: Dictating Our Lives, Living Standards and Life Spans
The Extremist Moderates and the Moderate Extremists
Tolerance: The New ‘Live and Let Live’ of the PC Indoctrinated
The Camelot Fraud
New High-Level UN Development Panel Report Retreads Old Left-Wing Ideas
On or Off the Record, Obama Administration is in Damage Control Mode
Wealth wiped out in 2008 crash hasn’t recovered under Obama
Forbes: In California, Obamacare raises individual insurance rates 64-146%
Disturbing pattern: Obama puts our enemies above us
AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Former CIA Asset Details Government Attempts to Censor Truth about 9-11, Iraq Wars
AFP PODCAST: Victor Thorn Interviews Texe Marrs
Obama Unravels: Scandals Rock Administration
Enough Money for Foreign Nations, But Not Our Own
The Israeli Link to the IRS Scandal
Bipartisan Tango and Lawless Justice
Rumors of the Demise of Conservatism are Sorely Exaggerated
Amnesty and Historical Guilt: the Mexican-American War
The White Paper of 1939
42% think Holder should resign: Rasmussen
Were the Boston bombings preventable? Dem congressman back from Russia says 'yes'
Supreme Court throws Egypt back into political no man's land
Arbitrary Process is the Ability to Arbitrarily Destroy
Southern Baptist Convention to spend $250 thousand to promote immigration reform
Bad blood between Barack and Bubba may threaten Hillary's 2016 campaign
Cuomo, Weiner, and Self-Exposure
Syrian rebels, Hezb'allah in firefight on Lebanese border
House Judiciary Committee 'very concerned' about Holder perjury
Integrity in a Post-Christian America
Dangerous Times: Benghazi Revealed Collusion with Al Qaida
Barack Obama: Don't say 'Islamic terrorism'!
Bring Back the Ottoman Empire
The Camelot Fraud
The FBI Murder of Ibragim Todashev: The Boston Witness “Who Knew Too Much”?
Boston bombing suspect has recovered enough to walk and told his mother that he and his slain brother are innocent | Mail Online
New Study Shows Cannabinoids Improve Efficiency Of Mitochondria And Remove Damaged Brain Cells | Collective-Evolution
Shocking Police State Crackdown at Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
Cruz Missle: Fire Holder!
Nixon and Obama: Like Brothers from Another Mother
If the Syrian Dictator Must Go… Why Not the Dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?
How AIPAC Rules
Perpetual War – and Obama’s Perpetual Con Game
Julian Assange Responds to Anti-WikiLeaks Attacks From New Film to Finances
"The United States Is A Police State" Paul Craig Roberts.
The United States of Whatever: Ecocide and the Soul of a Nation
18 Signs That Massive Economic Problems Are Erupting All Over The Planet
How to Hide Your Digital Communications from Big Brother
Watch "Unveiled And Lifted" in Full Today
How Schools Are Selling Your Children's Privacy
Imported U.S. Mac and Cheese Label: ‘Made from GM Wheat’
Will Declining Gold Resources Raise Its Value?
California Moves a Step Closer to Nullifying Unconstitutional NDAA
Virtual life in the future Matrix
Random Acts of Revolution
State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War
Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Spends $100 Million on Private College Stadium
America’s War and Syria’s Right to Defend itself against Foreign Aggression
The Chemical Weapon Accusations against Syria are Overshadowing the Insurgent Retreat
Who Was Behind the Woolwich Killing? Criminality of Britain’s Ruling Elite
John McCain: War Hero or Something Less?
Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists
Obama’s War on Whistle Blowers: The Trial of Bradley Manning
UK: Soldier Killing Suspect Approached by MI5 to Become Informer
Genetic Engineering and Corporate Agribusiness: GMOs and the Impacts of Glyphosate Herbicide
US Attorney General Eric Holder Personally Approved Obama’s Secret Effort to Seize Email and Phone Records of News Reporters
The Dissolution of the West: The Root Causes of the Economic Crisis
Post-Fukushima Japan: Deap-seated Economic and Social Crisis
A New “War on Drugs” in West Africa? Think Tank Report Says West Africa is a Drug Trafficking Hub
Data Shows that Palestinians now Own just 8 per cent of Historic Palestine
Interview 672 - Jan Irvin on the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and the Creation of the Drug Culture
Interview 671 - Laurette Lynn on Peaceful Parenting
Interview 670 - James Corbett on The Japanese Crisis
The New Great Game Round-Up, June 2, 2013
Corbett Report- Beyond Bilderberg
Berkeley Man Nearly Beaten to Death by CHP | NBC Bay Area
Bloomberg: Medical marijuana a 'hoax' - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Snopes Misses on Story of Collusion Between Sen. Feinstein and Husband’s Company
Obama's FBI Pick No Friend of the Constitution
Kerry, Obama, and the WEF’s $4 Billion Bailout Plan for PLO/Hamas
Kennedy Assassination. 50th Anniversary Commemoration. No One Knows the Full Story of What Happened by William Boardman
Statistics: Achilles' Heel of Government by Murray N. Rothbard
Slavery or Freedom by Scott Lazarowitz
Bring Amberlamps | Eric Peters Autos
How 30million 'wi-fi' credit cards can be plundered by cyber identity thieves exploiting contactless payment technology | Mail Online
Top 5 Alkaline Foods for Better Health
The Dissolution of the West - Paul Craig Roberts on GRTV - YouTube
More IRS Hijinks Seen on Newly Released Video
Hatch: 'Hard to Believe' Obama Unaware of IRS Targeting
Kudlow: Complex Tax Code Only Nurtures Corruption
Holder Facing Pressure from Democrats to Resign
Authors: China Rapidly Buying Major Corporations, Taking Over World Economically
DHS Can't Find 266 Illegals Who Pose 'National Security' Threat
Priebus: Republican Party 'Open for Repairs'
Goodlatte: Justice Has 'Damaged' Ability to Probe Leaks
Pope Leads Catholics in First Worldwide 'Holy Hour'
Rep. King: Holder Too Much of 'Lightning Rod,' Should Resign
Dish: Sprint Deal Approval Threatens US Security
Illinois Awaits Further Credit Cut After Latest Pension Failure
Cook Report: Race For Kerry Seat a 'Toss Up'
College Republicans Report: Youth View Party as 'Old'
Russia Sending Nuke Submarines South in First Since Soviet Era
Iraq Captures al-Qaida Cell Planning Poison Gas Attacks
BIS: Markets 'Under the Spell of Monetary Easing'
Bernanke Speech Offers Wisdom but No Hint of Fed Moves
Simple Vinegar Test Promises to Prevent Thousands of Cancer Deaths
'Blood Type' Diets Don’t Work: Study
Gadhafi Would Have Prevented Benghazi
Serious Problems with Internet Sales Tax Legislation
Consumer Choices Will Dilute Obamacare
GAO: HHS Already Rationing Enrollment in Obamacare’s Pre-Existing Condition Plan CNS
Who's Tracking Your Children?
Abolish the Corporate Income Tax!
Obama: House Student Loan Bill 'Not Smart'
Video: Mystery, Babylon The Great
Robert Kaplan: The Ottoman Empire rising from the ashes (with help of U.S.) | Walid Shoebat
Pajamas Media’s Roger Kimball picks up on Malik Obama story | Walid Shoebat
Barack Obama’s brother WORKS for Organization led by man wanted for murdering millions; Barack Obama’s friend allegedly SOUGHT to murder millions | Walid Shoebat
Audio: Today’s Ben Barrack show | Walid Shoebat
RED ALERT: Al-Jazeera and YouTube videos show how to make Roadside Bombs and Rockets in your own Garage | Walid Shoebat
Mark Steyn (Rush Limbaugh guest host on June 3rd and 4th) has found our work on Malik Obama | Walid Shoebat
Prophecy vs. Prophecy “Mania” | Walid Shoebat
Is Video Implicating Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi in Benghazi attacks now more relevant? | Walid Shoebat
Must-Hear Audio: How to Speak to the Media with Courage | Walid Shoebat
Liberal Prof on Amnesty of 11 Million Illegal Aliens: ‘They’ll Be Supporting All of Us In Our Retirement Age’ | CNS News
New Energy Secretary on Climate Change: ‘I’m Not Here to Debate What’s Not Debatable’ | CNS News
Sebelius to Class of '13: Good News, Obamacare Gives You Free Birth Control | CNS News
Father, son and unholy spirit?
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Iranian general warns of bio-warfare
Chicago man charged in sex act with pit bull at city pound - Chicago Sun-Times
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Soros-funded activist: ‘I helped write Obamacare’
Bible Class in Texas Schools Faulted as Unconstitutional - Bloomberg
Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach' - FRANCE 24
Muslim Brotherhood cleric calls for Sunni jihad in Syria - Telegraph
Frustrated By Traffic, People Leave Cars And Walk On Expressway To O’Hare « CBS Chicago
China's first lady shines on LatAm trip with Xi - FRANCE 24
'Liberal Activist' Admits to Bugging Mitch McConnell's Office | The Weekly Standard
China, India, Pakistan boost nuclear arsenals: study - FRANCE 24
Bernanke jokes about own future in Princeton commencement speech | Reuters
Sound Of Change 2013: Madonna's 'swollen' appearance criticised by fans as she takes to the stage at Sound Of Change concert | Mail Online
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D. WEST: Who stole our history – and why?
J. FARAH: I thought blacks can't be racist?
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Where does paranoia end and tyranny begin?
'Moderate Muslims' not protesting jihad
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7 ways Obama can save his media relationship
And if you believe this …
Baptist beheads Brit
'Hey, s--t happens!'
Say no to GMOs in your food!
Wake up! Our freedom is in jeopardy
Slouching toward a military junta
Mental health profession set to destroy U.S.
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Mr. 'Friedman Unit' is an Expert on Middle East Policy?
Ingraham: 'Iraq Is in Flames Today' Because of Clinton's No-Fly Zone
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Forbes Tells The Truth, Then Lies About Obamacare
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K Street Accountability
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Car Maker Tesla Repays Federal Startup Loan - 9 Years Early
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Tony Blair: Woolwich attack shows there is a problem 'within Islam' - Telegraph
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EPA mandated device forces ambulance to shut down on the way to the hospital | The Daily Caller
Shulman's wife works for liberal group opposed to tea party | The Daily Caller
Brother of Al Qaeda commander killed in drone strike a major candidate for presidency of Libya’s parliament | Fox News
Man living on benefits killed wife of 32 years after being overcome by 'hopelessness' - Telegraph
Sebelius-Obamacare Scandal Starts Sizzling - Fox Nation
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Novel Middle East virus may take more than a week to sicken victims - latimes.com
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Americans Oppose U.S. Military Involvement in Syria
‘Outrageous’: Critics angered by new law making it illegal to wear a mask at unlawful protests
UK parliament hit by lobbying scandal - Indian Express
Britons warned to steer clear of Turkey as 1,700 protesters arrested as riots rock the country for a third day | Mail Online
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'Storm Chasers' Stars Die in Oklahoma Tornado
Woody Harrelson Declares He's an Anarchist, Compares Obama to Nixon
TSA Drops Full Body Scanners at Airport
159 Times to the White House We Go
TSA Finally Dumps Full-Body Airport Scanners
House Oversight Committee: WH Ignored Suggested Reforms Worth $67 Billion
Senate Immigration Bill Could Create Millions of New Voters in 6 Months
Four Mexican Nationals Sentenced as Part of Large Narco Operation in Idaho
Former Employees: Officials Ignored Complaints About 'Nightmare' Abortion Clinic
Same-Sex Marriage Hits Red Light in Blue Illinois
How Did the Educated Become So Ignorant?
Report: IRS Also Targeted Conservative Donors
Louisiana State Senator Switches Party, First Black Republican Since Reconstruction
Everybody Protests Obama at Chicago Fundraiser: Right, Left, and in Between
GOP: Report Will Expose Excessive IRS Conference Spending
Former Obama Aides Cashing In on White House Access
Federal Buildings Having Trouble Meeting 'Green' Guidelines
Study: Americans Less Optimistic About Future Since Obama Reelection
Happiness Index of Obama Coalition Plummets After Reelection
Some Dems Stand by Holder's Survelliance of Reporters
What About Romney's Gaffes?
Schumer: Immigration bill to pass Senate by July 4
WH: Republicans 'Drown Us in Money'
Schumer on Holder: 'I Believe He's Going to Stay'
WH: No Need for Special Prosecutor
Issa: Carney a 'Paid Liar'
RNC Chair: Obama Created 'Culture' Leading to IRS Scandal
Axelrod: Time to Investigate Non-Profit Groups
Rand: GOP Must Be 'The Party of Passion'
McCain: 'Tough' for Holder to Answer Whether He Should Stay
IRS Employee: D.C. Told Us To Target Tea Party
Republic HS Class President: Palin Inspires, Understands Small Town America
Congress Returns With IRS Top of Agenda
Palin Honors HS Grads. in Town that Helped Her Dad 49 Yrs. Ago: 'You Got Us on Our Path'
Concealed Carry Legislation Passes In Illinois with Veto-Proof Majority
Evangelical Group Pushing Immigration Doesn't Legally Exist
FBI Helps Brings Justice for Multiple Child Sex Slaves Across US
Wife of Former IRS Chief Campaigned for Obama, Questioned Romney's Taxes
Pentagon Denies Relationship with Anti-Christian Extremist; Instantly Complies with His Demands
Cook Political Report Moves Markey-Gomez Senate Race to 'Toss-Up'
IRS Spent $50 Million in Two Years on 'Conferences'
National Immigration Forum Funded by Soros and the Left
The Chinese Cyberattacks: What Andrew Jackson Would Say--And What He Would Do
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Liberal Media Gearing Up to Spin Obamacare Failures
Sharpton Converts 'Politics Nation' To 'Convict Zimmerman Show'
Investigating Obama Scandals Polls 7 Times Higher Than Gun Control
To Protect Obama From Scandal, Media Pretend to Care About Economy
Twenty Current, Former BBC Workers Face Allegations of Sexual Abuse
Huffington Post Fooled By Fake White House Press Corps Site
Krauthammer: 'We Are in Cyber War' with China
Labor Union to Publicly Pressure Sun-Times to Rehire 20 Photographers
Tony Blair: There Is A Problem Within Islam
Rand Bashes McCain: US 'Will Be Allied with Al Qaeda'
McCain: Assad Has 'Upper Hand' in Syria
Egypt: Court Rules Legislature Illegally Elected
Philippines Passes New Gun Controls
Thousands Rally Against Nuclear Power in Tokyo
Disabled Afghans Protest Against Red Cross Attack
Report: US, China to Hold Regular Talks on Hacking
Chinese Patrols in Asian Seas 'Legitimate': Top General
Iran's Ahmadinejad Unhurt in Helicopter 'Accident'
Millions Take Part As Traditional Marriage Movement Sweeps Through France
World View: Police Crackdown in Turkey Sparks Huge Anti-Government Rallies
Chicago Man Sentenced to 23 Years in Bomb Plot
Banned Cleric: UK Jihadist Who Killed Soldier a 'Freedom Fighter'
American Muslim Suing FBI, State Dept over Alleged Torture by UAE
Wedding Bells for Suspected Natalee Holloway Killer in Peru Prison
Top Muslim Cleric Urges Sunnis to Join Syria War
China Skeptical of Expanded US Role in the Pacific
Russia's Ambitious Smoking Ban Goes into Efect
World View: Pakistan Condemns American Drone Strikes
Europe’s Meltdown: A Cautionary Tale
U.S. Officials Told Benghazi Hospital to List Stevens as 'John Doe'
Cops say Chicago man admits killing pit bull: 'The dog tore my shirt'
Taste of Chicago restaurants announced
3 charged in fatal Chicago shooting
25 Facts That Make Chicago The Most Depressing Big City In America
Chicago man, 50, arrested in having sex with pit bull at animal shelter
Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning to go on trial
Military's sexual-assault problem has deep roots
Murder trial finally starts for man who inspired 'Departed'
Thousands take to streets in Turkey, clash with police
55 dead in NE China slaughterhouse fire
Palestinian Authority Selects Professor to Be Next Premier
Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60th coronation anniversary
Mugabe 'will follow election ruling'
Indicators present muddled picture of China's factories
Bernanke offers wisdom but no hint of Fed moves
Local Experts Weigh in on Potential Student Loan Rate Hike
Freddie Mac: 30-year mortgage rate hits 3.81%, highest in a year
Apple under the gun as US e-book trial starts
Acer to launch 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, unveils 5.7-inch smartphone
Google Glass without facial recognition is just a child's toy, for now
Yahoo Shuts Down Mail Classic, Forces Switch To New Version That Scans ...
Mozilla Readies Major Firefox Redesign As It Ponders What The Browser Of The Future Should Look Like | TechCrunch

Graphene Is The Strongest Material In The World Even When It Has Defects, Research Finds | CleanTechnica
Buzz Aldrin, Movie Critic: 'After Earth' Isn't Realistic - The Moviefone Blog
Photo: Ancient Bead From Meteorite
Actress Jean Stapleton Remembered at Local Playhouse
Actress Pia Zadora arrested on domestic battery
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Manly Sweat Makes Other Men More Cooperative - ScienceNOW
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Social Security, Medicare Still Face the Abyss
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