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children will wake up homeless on the continent
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03 June 2013

21stCenturyRebel :Monday Review

Gwen Ifill: James Rosen Wanted "Secret Information For Secret Information's Sake"
Krauthammer On IRS Scandal: "Is The White House's Best Defense Stupidity?"
Alter On Valerie Jarrett: "A Lot Of Fear Of Her," She's "Not A Well Liked Figure"
Dem Sen. Mark Pryor Stands By Obamacare: "It Was The Right Vote"
Krauthammer: Issa Should Not Attack "Underpaid" Carney, "Leave That To Me"
Carney Denies Hillary And Obama Made Deal For 2016: Obama "Not Thinking About Next Presidential Election"
Chris Matthews: "This White House Is Not Organized On Anyway The Way The Campaign Was"
Gibbs: "Republicans Are On The Verge Of Overplaying Their Hand"
Carney On Issa's "Paid Liar" Comment: "That's Amazing"
Dem Congressman: IRS Needs More Funding In Order To Prevent Future Scandals
Geraldo On New Jersey Senate Appointment: "I Would Definitely Take The Call"
FNC's Political Insiders On Scandals Plaguing The White House
Allen West: Impeachment Should Be On Table For Obama Over Benghazi
Chuck Todd: "Darrell Issa Is This Guy That Cries Wolf"
The McLaughlin Group 5/31/13
Karl Rove: Michele Bachmann "Did Nothing"
Woodward On Scandals: "It's All Very Troubling... A Feeling That No One's Coming Clean"
Axelrod On IRS: "If There Was Somebody Politically Involved In This, It Never Would Have Happened"
Brokaw: "Tough To See" How Eric Holder Holds On To His Job
Center For American Progress President Shares Part In Obamacare: "I Helped Write The Bill"
Sarah Palin Gives Commencement Address To High School With 26 Graduates
Blackburn: "It Will Take A Generation To Rebuild Trust In The Federal Government"
"This Week" Roundtable: Plouffe & Rove Face Off, Obama Scandals, Bachmann
Darrell Issa: Jay Carney Is Obama Administration's "Paid Liar"
"Fox News Sunday" Panel: Should We Do Anything About Syria?
"Meet The Press" Panel: Holder, WH Scandals, Syria, Female Breadwinners
Schumer: "The President Has Confidence In Holder And I Believe He's Going To Stay"
"Face The Nation" Panel: Obama's Second Term Doldrums
"FOX News Watch" Panel: Backlash Against Holder, DOJ


* US Supreme Court justices rule police can take DNA samples from people charged but not convicted of crimes - BlackListedNews.com

**Official Bilderberg Attendee List Released - BlackListedNews.com

** Bilderberg Meetings / http://bilderbergmeetings.org

Seven banks and bankers that always attend Bilderberg meetings | Job news & advice | eFinancialCareers
U.S. Fails to Join Allies in Signing UN Weapons Treaty - Bloomberg

Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification? - BlackListedNews.com
Google-owned Motorola reveals stomach acid-powered tablet that turns your body into a password - BlackListedNews.com
Why inflation matters: How the Fed is creating real estate inflation and hiding behind inflation data to continue their expansionary ways - BlackListedNews.com
The Legacy Of The Bernanke Regime Will Be Stagflation - BlackListedNews.com
The Big Banks and Commodities Future Trading Commission Conspired to Hide Speculation from Congress - BlackListedNews.com
18 Signs That Massive Economic Problems Are Erupting All Over The Planet - BlackListedNews.com
It's A "0.6%" World: Who Owns What Of The $223 Trillion In Global Wealth - BlackListedNews.com
Lessons From The 1930s: The Stock Market And The Economy Are Not The Same - BlackListedNews.com
Fugitive banker accuses Kazakhstan president of kidnapping | The Raw Story
Iran Claims To Have Stopped A Mossad 'Terror Network' - Business Insider
Holder Laid the Groundwork for “Too Big to Jail” In 1999 - BlackListedNews.com
As Manning Trial Opens, Prosecution Hides Name of “Enemy” He Allegedly Aided - BlackListedNews.com
FBI Director Candidate Comey Complicit in “Dark Chapter” in US History - BlackListedNews.com
U.S. And China To Hold Talks On Controlling Internet | FDL News Desk
Collision of national, NYC immigration bills could add thousands to voter rolls | Fox News
Doing the ‘Absolute Opposite’ of So-Called Green Revolution Techniques, Poorest Indian Farmers Growing Record Amounts of Food - BlackListedNews.com
Taxpayer dollars used by U.S. government to promote GMOs in other countries - BlackListedNews.com
Are We On the Brink of World War III? - BlackListedNews.com
+ The week ahead: Bilderberg 2013 comes to … the Grove hotel, Watford | World news | The Guardian
Bilderberg Authoritarianism Destroys Humanity
How to Hide Your Digital Communications from Big Brother | Internet News for Entrepreneurs and Tips to Make Money Blogging
Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or -- Goodbye!
Monsanto set to halt GMO push in Europe — RT News
Monsanto shares fall as South Korea joins pause in wheat imports - The Washington Post
Monsanto’s Deception Game On GMO In Europe
Herbicide and Pesticide Exposure Linked to Parkinson's Disease
Europe rejects GMO crops; kinder gentler America seeks labeling | Jon Rappoport's Blog
The Black Secret of Higher Education
Activist Post: Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption
PressTV - Obama's war on whistle blowers
The United States should be in the dock, not Bradley Manning - Comment - Voices - The Independent
PressTV - ‘No legitimate govt. in US for decades’
PressTV - 25 signs that US veterans are treated like trash
Congress: Who The Hell Do You People Think You Are?
Jeff Rense & Stan Deyo - Cyber War & Antigravity - YouTube
Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea
red alert pole shift news it has moved - YouTube
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Top 10 Natural Health Remedies of Coconut Oil
WACO: A New Revelation (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The War on Kids: The Definitive Documentary on the Failure of the Public Education System - YouTube
Seeds of Death - Unveiling The Lies of GMOs - Full Movie - YouTube
A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Slavery By Consent (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Caffeine Fix Now Considered A “Mental Disorder” |
Health and Human Services Website For Girls, 10-16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, 'Mutual Masturbation' - 12160
Nestlé is sucking water from an Ontario watershed during drought conditions |
10 Ways to Starve a Multi-National GMO Conglomerate |
Testosterone Pit - Home - Starving the World for Power and Profit: The Global Agribusiness Model
Former Pro-GMO Scientist Cites GM Food Safety Concerns
Buying Organic Ultimately Costs Less | Miami Acupuncture Therapy
This Blog Will Blow Your Mind!: 800 Scientists Demand Global GMO “Experiment” End
Obama's FBI Pick No Friend of the Constitution
Obama, Clintons Had Secret 2016 Deal | XRepublic
Obama was pushed by Clintons into endorsement of Hillary in 2016: book |
America’s Greatest Affliction: The Presstitute Media
Summer Break for the Kids? 10 ways to Deprogram Our Children From Public School Indoctrination this Summer. | The Lone Star Watchdog
Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of MLK's fate -- former CIA analyst says
China is CURRENTLY Iraq’s Biggest Customer For Oil, With The Price of $91.85 Per Barrel | InvestmentWatch
Activist Post: An Effective Substitute for War: The United Nations Agenda 21
The Obituary For Democracy - Gerald Celente | XRepublic
DefenseTechnology.com - Duty Aerosol Sprays, Chemical Munitions, Specialty Impact, Tactical Defense, and Crowd Management - Pepper Sprays, Pepper Mace, Rubber Bullets and Projectiles, Colored Smoke and more less-lethal solutions
Former Governor Jesse Ventura Toying Around with 2016 Independent Presidential Run | The Daily Sheeple
IMMINENT: “I Don’t Think Obama is Going to Finish His Second Term Without the Bottom Dropping Out” | InvestmentWatch
Bilderberg 2013 - Live Streams - News Updates: The Late Bob Chapman is Right About the Bilderburg Group” We are Breathing Down Their Necks”
Bilderberg 2013 - Live Streams - News Updates
China Reaps Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom - NYTimes.com
How The Federal Reserve is Suppressing a Recovery - 12160
'Taxation is legalized form of robbery' - YouTube
The new TSA: Machines out, groping in | The Lone Star Watchdog
Hillary Clinton approval plummets. Benghazi? (+video) - CSMonitor.com
Activist Post: Supreme Court approves warrantless DNA sampling, likens it to fingerprinting and photographing
Police Can Take DNA Swabs From Arrestees: Time to abolish the Supreme Court!! - 12160
Supreme Court upholds DNA swabbing of people under arrest - U.S. News
Companies That Spent $45 Million To Oppose & Stall GMO Labeling - 12160
Montana eyes Oregon GMO grain problems |
SHOCK: Pay Obamacare’s Cheapest $20,000 Family Plan or Pay The Penalty Fine of $2,000… Two-Thirds May Not Insure Under Obamacare… | InvestmentWatch
Activist Post: What the College Industrial Complex Doesn’t Want You To Know
Top 5 Alkaline Foods and Why You Should Care - | Intellihub.com
Who Killed JFK? |
The Political & Corporate Betrayal of Mankind – Max Igan
Miami Cops Choke Hold Teen for Staring at Them. A Puppy is Involved. - informationliberation
Now it's a "Crime" to Give a Cop a Dirty Look? - informationliberation
Government Creates a New Criminal Class - informationliberation
The FBI: An American Cheka - informationliberation
Slavery or Freedom - informationliberation

Woolwich murder suspect in court; latest news on murder of Lee Rigby (Video)
Protesters gather 8 million signatures against Japan nuclear plan - UPI.com
TEPCO finds groundwater contaminated with radioactive cesium | Kyodo News
Exclusive: Pakistan expresses interest in non-nuclear EMP weapons technology | Terminal X
Nuclear states developing new weapons in defiance of treaty, report claims | World news | guardian.co.uk
China patches cracks in the Great Firewall ahead of Tiananmen anniversary – Quartz
Dangerous Minds | You have to see this zoomed out photo of Tiananmen Square’s ‘Tank Man’
China drawn to Mexico's opening economy - Yahoo! News
Iran announces spy arrests after Ahmadinejad helicopter ‘accident’ | intelNews.org
China, India, Pakistan boost nuclear arsenals: study
What is Happenning in Istanbul?
Birth of a Turkish Spring Report from Turkey: A Taste of Tahrir at Taksim
Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism “the greatest strategic disaster in American history.”
New Report Finds 1 in 6 in U.S. are Going Hungry
‘We Steal Secrets’: State Agitprop
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq - YouTube
Kokesh Calls for a Final American Revolution
Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The Deindustrialization Of America Into Overdrive
The Monsantrocity Rap
Watch "Unveiled And Lifted" in Full Today
The Oslo Illusion: The Historical Accords between Palestine and Israel
The Administration’s domestic Surveillance and Torture programs: Obama appoints former Bush deputy Attorney General to lead FBI
Perpetual War and Obama’s Perpetual Con Game
African Land Grabs: Defending Basic Human Rights, Promoting Sustainable Agriculture
Wealth from Economic “Recovery” has gone to the Richest Americans
“Pivot to Asia”: US Military Build-up in Asia, Threatening China
The CIA: Keepers of the Hit Lists. War Crimes as Policy
Vermont Politics, Threats to Civil Liberties and Freedom of Information
Interview 673 - The Geneva Business Insider with David L. Smith
Interview 672 - Jan Irvin on the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and the Creation of the Drug Culture
+ BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 3, 2013
Narco News: FBI Director Candidate Comey Complicit in “Dark Chapter” in US History
Top 5 Alkaline Foods for Better HealthNatural Society
Activist Post: Obama Introduces "The Re-Obamulator"
Activist Post: David Icke Launching Global Multimedia News Channel
Thomas DiLorenzo: More on the Myth of Lincoln, Secession and the 'Civil War' by Anthony Wile
Kennedy Assassination. 50th Anniversary Commemoration. No One Knows the Full Story of What Happened by William Boardman
TOM LEONARD: The death of an outrageous American fraudster raises a tantalising question... Was LBJ behind Kennedy's assassination? | Mail Online
Statistics: Achilles' Heel of Government by Murray N. Rothbard
How 30 Million 'Wi-Fi' Credit Cards Can Be Plundered By Cyber Identity Thieves Exploiting Contactless Payment Technology
Welcome to the Electronic Concentration Camp: John Whitehead on what's in store for us
The New Xbox One Will be a "Monitoring Device Under the Guise of a Gaming Console" - The Vigilant Citizen - The Vigilant Citizen
The Dissolution of the West - Paul Craig Roberts on GRTV - YouTube
Syriana Pipelinestan, EU Electioneering, Japanese Insanity - Geneva Business Insider - YouTube
Watch “Unveiled And Lifted” in Full Today | Dprogram.net
Imminent: “I Don’t Think Obama is Going to Finish His Second Term Without the Bottom Dropping Out” | Dprogram.net
Gingko Biloba: A ‘Living Fossil’ With Life-Extending Properties | Dprogram.net
David Icke Launching Global Multimedia News Channel | Dprogram.net
Infowars Reporters Confront Bilderberg Security | Dprogram.net
‘The Texas Twister Has Landed’: Max Keiser and Charlie Skelton Talk Alex Jones | Dprogram.net
Flax, Fenugreek and Fennel strongly protect lungs and large intestine | Dprogram.net
Report: Israel Has At Least 80 Nukes -- News from Antiwar.com
News shark ‘disrupted like a nuclear bomb’

Obama birth-certificate doubts head to Capitol
Chris Christie's Lautenberg Dilemma Is 2013-as-2016 All Over Again - Elspeth Reeve - The Atlantic Wire
Frank Lautenberg, 1924-2013: Politics await as praise pours in [video] - NorthJersey.com
New IRS boss, same stonewall
Transgender Teen Voted Prom Queen At Middleboro High « CBS Boston
Two-Thirds of Americans Don't Know If They Will Insure Under Obamacare
Obama and Google swap staff | WashingtonExaminer.com
National Republicans Party ... don't use the word conservative!
The Nuclear Option Should Not be Used
OUTRAGE: Judge Gives Nidal Malik Hasan Office, Staff, Right to Question All of His Victims!
Egyptian Muslim Chick Wrestler Bit Israeli Wrestler After Israeli Won; Broke Her Fingers, Too
Michael Douglas’ TMI: Old News that Oral Sex Causes Cancer; Schlussel FLASHBACK 2011: “Another Bill Clinton Dividend: Throat Cancer Rises in Men”
Obama’s EEOC Sues Trucking Company After Muslim Who Refused to Transport Alcohol Fired; Not First Time
Mass. Congressman: Russians Believe Boston Bombings Could Have Been Prevented
Storm Chaser’s Haunting Final Facebook Post Before He Was Killed in Tornado
Ben Stein: Obama’s War on Terror Strategy Is ‘Surrender’ and ‘Delusional’
Book: Obama Made ‘Secret Deal’ to Support Hillary in 2016
Darrell Issa: Jay Carney’s Just a ‘Paid Liar,’ IRS Targeting Likely Came ‘Right Out of Washington’
‘I Have Her Teeth Marks on My Back’: Israeli Wrestler Bitten by Egyptian Rival — Guess Who Won the Match (Update: Organizers Deny)
23 Incredible Pictures from the Protests Currently Rocking Turkey
89-Year-Old Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg Dies
The Horrific Way a Texas Man Was Killed Involving a Swarm of ‘Africanized’ Bees
The Reason an Israeli Man Couldn’t Bring Himself to Turn in His Weapons Will Sound Familiar to U.S. Gun Proponents
Egyptian Activist Pays Major Price for Insulting Islamist President and Lambasting the Muslim Brotherhood
New IRS Head Tells Congress: Americans No Longer Trust Agency
IRS Battle Turns Ugly: Former Obama Adviser Revives Decades-Old Allegations, Calls Issa a ‘Suspected Arsonist’ and ‘Insurance Swindler’
The Dem Rep. Who Thinks IRS Deserves MORE Funding in Wake of Targeting Scandal
Bradley Manning Court-Martial Begins – Here Are the Key Points in the WikiLeaks Case
Fort Hood Suspect to Represent Himself in Trial
Treasury IG: Cincinnati Employees Won’t Say Who Gave Orders (But Testimony Points Back to D.C.)
‘It’s Not a Hate Thing’: Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly-Gay Members
Karl Rove Tears Into Arianna Huffington and David Plouffe Over IRS Scandal in Contentious Segment
Is This the Wild Twitter Account of the Former IRS Commissioner’s Wife, and Does It Show She Worked for Obama’s Reelection Campaign?
‘Something to Hide’: GOP Congressmen Call This DOJ Response to Their Office ‘Insulting’
Is This America’s ‘First Female Navy SEAL’? Transgender Former SEAL Comes Out in New ‘Warrior Princess’ Book
Republican Congressman’s Scathing 1-Minute Obama Critique on House Floor
‘They Are Liars’: Beck Says These Then-And-Now Obama Videos Prove It
Washington Times Writer: IRS Scandal ‘About to Explode’
Ted Cruz: ‘Abolish The IRS’
MARK LEVIN: It’s My Generation That Has Shredded The Constitution
The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight
Kindergarten and the Kafkaesque
Why Iranian Elections Won't Matter this Time
Russia up in the Air over Syria
Fixing our 'Mickey Mouse' Copyright Laws
Amnesty will Lead to More Affirmative Action
Larry King Carrying Soviet Water
Sustained Civilian Demand for War Implements
War of words escalates between Issa and White House
Issa claims tea party targeting probably directed from Washington
Rubio immigration reform proposal sees Congress in charge of border security
25 people shot in NY city in the last 48 hours
Survey shows that up to 2/3 of uninsured don't know if they'll buy insurance
Schumer: Immigration bill will pass by July 4
What it will take for the GOP to win over young people
Rumors of the Demise of Conservatism are Sorely Exaggerated
Amnesty and Historical Guilt: the Mexican-American War
Anti-US Military Barack Obama should stand down this Independence Day
War Drums Syria: When the Ethnic Cleansing & Religious Persecution Begins
Journalist Lemmings Dive Off Cliff While AG Holder Spies, Blusters & Prevaricates
Obama and Holder: “Stop us if you can!”
War as a win-win option
Birth of the Death Panel
The “Not Me” Administration
A medieval tale: King Obama & Queen Pelosi vs ye commoners
Privacy of World Citizens Wiped Out by USA
Islam is the Problem
Obama/Holder Justice Department Threatens First Amendment
The Extremist Moderates and the Moderate Extremists
Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Seniors
Woolwich attack: Call me Abu Hamza says Michael Adebolajo, the man accused of Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder - Telegraph
Congressman denies involvement in staffer’s alleged vote fraud attempt – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family | CNS News
Affordable Care Act's challenge: getting young adults enrolled - latimes.com
Newly released emails show EPA director's extensive use of fictional alter ego - Washington Times
Backlash! Gun-control laws nullified
New IRS chief to face House as agency's woes grow | Fox News
Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in 'everyone's reach' - FRANCE 24
ISLAMISTS & LEFTISTS CHASE College Republicans Out of Their Own Movie Screening (Video) | The Gateway Pundit
America’s Green Energy Problems: Defective Solar Panels
Political Islam in the Persian Gulf
EPA Climatism: Dictating Our Lives, Living Standards and Life Spans
Blog: Let Them Eat MREs
Articles: Bipartisan Tango and Lawless Justice
Articles: The White Paper of 1939
Breaking news and opinion on TheBlaze
This Amazing Cockpit Photo Captures the Moment a Marine Fires a Live Missile From an F-18 | TheBlaze.com
This Machine Could Involve the Most Complex Coffee Brewing Process | Video | TheBlaze.com
Atheists to Launch 1-800 Support Hotline for People Looking to Flee Their Faith | TheBlaze.com
Chris Kyle’s Widow Has a Theory: Former Navy SEAL ‘Died Because Somebody Wanted to Kill Him’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Video Shows German Military Drone Nearly Hitting an Afghan Passenger Plane | Video | TheBlaze.com
John McCain Denies Meeting Syrian Kidnappers During Secret Rendezvous with ‘Patriot’ Rebels | Video | TheBlaze.com
Bad News: Death Toll in Oklahoma Storms Rises | TheBlaze.com
Student Hilariously Redeems Himself After Failing With the Cymbals During the National Anthem | Video | TheBlaze.com
There’s Even More to Neil Armstrong’s Famous Moon Landing Phrase: Why You Might Be Misquoting It | Video | TheBlaze.com
Two Texas Police Officers Fired After Being Caught on Tape Beating Woman, Slamming Her Head Into Countertop | Video | TheBlaze.com
Female Israeli Soldiers Punished for Posting Racy Pictures of Them Posing Nearly Nude with Military Gear | TheBlaze.com
Two Would-Be Robbers No Match for Homeowner and His Gun | TheBlaze.com
U.S. to Sign Controversial U.N. Arms Treaty Despite Lawmakers’ Concerns It Could Lead to New Gun Control Measures | Video | TheBlaze.com
What difference does it make?
Let's discriminate among immigrants
Time to stop feeding the tiger
Everyday Hitler look-alikes
Why 'gay' civil-rights claim is specious
Amnesty bill: Rotten to the core
Conservatives about to buy Old Media papers?
Scandals? For Obama, agenda trumps all
Government piggies
Mental health profession set to destroy U.S.
'Moderate Muslims' not protesting jihad
Divergence: Will America be left behind?
Video: RIP: Lautenberg Called 'Partisan Hack' by Christie
Video: Unfriendly Skies? Drone Nearly Strikes Passenger Plane
Video: Must Watch: How to Argue with Liberals about Eric Holder
Video: Impeach Obama? West Says Yes.
Video: Shocking Police State Crackdown at Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
Lautenberg was the last World War II veteran in Senate
Gerardo Perez Allegedly Has Sex With Pit Bull At Chicago Animal Shelter: Cops
Cops say Chicago man admits killing pit bull: 'The dog tore my shirt'
Teen Killed, 12 Wounded in Weekend Violence
3 charged in fatal Chicago shooting
Governor: Illinois' credit downgrade hurts taxpayers, education
Illinois Must Adopt 'Fracking' Rules, Hire Experts
Joliet won't get new immigration detention center
Powerhouse fire: Old dry brush proved explosive
Death of Senator Places Christie in Difficult Spot
WikiLeaks Source Put Soldiers at Risk, Prosecutor Says
Hasan to represent himself in Fort Hood court-martial
Mississippi man linked to ricin letters indicted by grand jury
Obama administration disputes charge attorney general lied
The Muslim Civil War
Over 60 countries sign Arms Trade Treaty
Obama announces new sanctions on Iran
Pistorius family 'shaken' by leak of crime scene photos
In Mohammed Morsi's Egypt, insulting president still leads to charges
Jerry Brown's Energy Diplomacy
Would End of Fannie, Freddie Be Bad for Housing?
First US Floating Wind Turbine Deployed in Maine
Photo of Taco Bell worker licking shells sends shudders
Apple, US come out swinging as e-book trial gets underway
Microsoft: Our clouds don't bleed you to death
Going beyond Apple, Foxconn inks big partnership deal for Mozilla's Firefox OS
Google Glass Says No to Facial Recognition, at Least for Now
Google Glass Porn App Banned
Cheerios commercial featuring interracial family draws harsh comments
Evolution Exclusive: Fossilised Tooth Pinpoint to Ancestor's Diet 3.5 Million ...
DNA Map Leads to Abundant, Tasty Chocolate
Hunt for Closest Alien Planet Gets Rare Boost From Stellar Alignment
Milky Way's Local Arm Larger Than Previously Thought
Buzz Aldrin Explains What After Earth Got Wrong
Study sees climate upside in greening arid regions
Wyoming teen who built fusion reactor disqualified from science fair on technicality
Vegetarians May Live Longer
Illinois Gay Marriage Bill Sponsors Issue Apology To Same-Sex Families, Marriage Supporters
Obama to name two female lawyers and an African American federal judge to U.S. appeals court in District of Columbia - The Washington Post
New documentary examines WikiLeaks - YouTube
A One Way Ticket to Mars: Behind the Mars One Project - YouTube
From sci-fi to reality: 3-D printing arrives in Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times
Audio: Rush Limbaugh Guest Host Mark Steyn talks about Malik Obama / IRS / Lois Lerner Uber-Scandal
Pajamas Media’s Roger Kimball picks up on Malik Obama story
Barack Obama’s brother WORKS for Organization led by man wanted for murdering millions; Barack Obama’s friend allegedly SOUGHT to murder millions
Financial Road to Hell: Paved with masterful deceit – the loss of all control
+Cancer Killing Dandelion Tea Gets Research Grant | Alternative
Is Coca-Cola's Subliminal Ad Message An Anti-Illuminati Advertisement Or Another Direct Blow To The Face Of Humanity? | Business
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Ancient Treasures | Paranormal
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One Bot To Rule Them All: An Intelligent Robot To Exterminate Internet Bugs | Science and Technology
Good Bye To Cancer / What The Alopathic Doctors Won't Tell You... No One Needs To Die From Cancer... Doctors Are Far More Dangerous Than Gun Owners... | Health
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27 Year Old Bi-racial Man Says Bill Clinton Is His Daddy: He Wants To Meet His Sister Chelsea | Politics
The Evidence: This Is The Road To Impeachment - Charge Eric Holder With Perjury! | Alternative
Justice Dept Official: Criticism of Islam Not Protected Free Speech | Alternative
Lawsuit exposes Obama admin. plan to arrest and detain political opponents - Arlington Conservative | Examiner.com
Got Lint? The Many Usese of Dryer Lint | DIY
Jennifer Rubin: Bush Demanded 'Accountability and Candor' on Plame Leak
CNN Host Shoots Down Issa's Claim That IRS 'Rogue' Agents Were 'Ordered From Washington'
Raid on Turkey's ‘Occupy Taksim Park’ Demonstrators Triggers Outcry
CA State Bill Would Fine Firms Whose Workers Get Medi-Cal
Ed Schultz Weighs in on Bachmann's Failures as a Legislator
David Plouffe Calls Rep. Darrell Issa 'Ethically Loose' and 'Mr Grand Theft Auto'
Rove Loses It When Confronted With Bush Targeting of NAACP
Robert Gibbs: Darrell Issa Made Himself 'the Biggest Joke in All of Washington'
Mayflower Subdivision Still Vacant 2 Months After Exxon Tar Sands Spill
Fallen SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle Believed He Was Fighting A Religious War
Blockupy Protests Against European Banks
Young People View GOP As Rigid, Racist Dinosaurs
Bradley Manning Trial Begins at Fort Meade
How A War Hero Became A Serial Bank Robber
Rand Bashes McCain: US 'Will Be Allied with Al Qaeda'
Tony Blair: There Is A Problem Within Islam
World View: China's Premier Visits India, Fails to Solve Any Problems
State Dept: No Active Al Qaeda, Hezbollah Terror Cells in Western Hemisphere
Building of New US-Mexico Border Crossing Stalls
US Soldier Faces Trial over WikiLeaks Disclosures
Violence Flares on 4th Day of Turkish Protests
S.African Union Leader 'Shot Dead at Lonmin Mine'
Hezbollah Becoming the Guerrilla Arm of Syrian Government Forces
Death Toll Rises to 119 in China Poultry Plant Fire
China Redraws Map to Claim Major Trade Route in South China Sea
Obama to Sign UN Gun Treaty During Summer Recess
+Celebrating Drudge: 15 Years After The National Press Club Speech
Is CNN's Wolf Blitzer on the Way Out?
Wikipedia's Top Hits: In America, George W. Bush's Entry Most Controversial
The Wall Street Journal Spins for the Senate Immigration Bill
DNC, Press Share Talking Points on GOP's Reaction to White House Scandals
Salon.com: Mutual Male Masturbation Not Good for Marriage
IRS Agent Was So Disturbed by Targeting, Sought Another Job
College Republicans to Release Report Slamming GOP for Turning Off Young Voters
I Knew What Obama Did Last Summer
Black Leaders: Immigration Bill Will 'Harm' African American Workers
Unexpected: Manufacturing Shrinks in May
Farm Bill Full of Subsidies for Politicians and Their Families
CA Sues Trader Joe's, Whole Foods over Lead in Candy
CA Legislators Introduce 15+ Bills Per Day in 2013
CA Bill Would Encourage Parolees to Register to Vote
Evangelicals Mislead on Funding of Immigration Ads
EPA Awards Non-Existent Employee with Certificate for Ethical Behavior
Washington & Wall Street: If Christie Wants to Be President, He Needs to Fix NJ Housing
Chicago Airport Traffic Drives People to Abandon Cars, Walk
Christie: GOP Has 'Obligation' to 'Redefine' Party After Major Defeat
Rep. Joe Garcia Says Voter Fraud Scheme 'Meant to Expand Voter Access'
Rep. Serrano: Don't Cut IRS Funding Over IRS Waste
Acting IRS Commissioner: 'Fundamental Failure' of Management Behind Scandal
Scalia Dissents on SCOTUS Decision Upholding DNA Samples of Arrestees
Acting IRS Commissioner: Agency Betrayed Americans
Obama Approval Rating Hits 12-Month Low
Acting IRS Commissioner: 'The Solution Here Is Not More Money'
Acting IRS Commissioner: President Approved Certain Bonuses
Rep. Lowey: IRS Scandal Due to Underfunding
Amnesty: Politics Before the Public's Safety
Inspector General: No Answers on Who Gave IRS Orders
Inspector General: Liberal Groups Not Treated Like Tea Party Groups
Trump: Immigration Bill a Republican 'Death Wish'
FLASHBACK: Brawley Documentary Reminds Us of Sharpton's Past
Rep. Bobby Rush's Latest Tirade Offers no Solutions to Chicago Killing Fields
Obama Passes on International Gun Control Treaty...for Now
Fewer U.S. Entrepreneurs Willing to Create New Businesses
Christie Faces National Test on Lautenberg Replacement
Former WH Adviser Plouffe Attacks Darrell Issa on Twitter
Republicans Demand Investigation to Find Out Who Ordered IRS Targeting
Inspector General: IRS Scandal 'Unprecedented' Abuse of Power
House Appropriations Chair Threatens IRS with 'Conditional' Funding
Obama Administration: 10-Year-Olds Ready for Sex
Werfel Won't Answer if Obama Ordered Him to 'Clear House' at IRS
Report: Chinese Censors Reject Brad Pitt's 'World War Z'
Does 'After Earth' End Will Smith's Reign of Box Office Supremacy?
Glenn Close Regrets How 'Fatal Attraction' Depicted Mental Illness
Shakira Wants to Breast Feed Son Into His Teen Years
Michael Douglas' Rep Denies Star Blamed Oral Sex for Causing Cancer, Doesn't Seek Retractions
BH Interview: 'Assaulted' Director Details Civil Rights Battle for Second Amendment
Madonna Fans Fret Over Material Girl's 'Swollen' Face
Prison Planet.com » Infowars Reporters Confront Bilderberg Security
House, Senate reach deal on GMO bill - Connecticut Post
Prison Planet.com » Science journal hires former Monsanto scientist to decide which papers should be accepted or rejected
Children think cheese grows on plants - Telegraph
North Korean officers join Assad's forces - Israel News, Ynetnews
Israel's defense minister: Hezbollah moving elite fighters into Syria - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Gulf sources: "Accidents" to Ahmadinejad, Jalili were attempted assassinations
Ya'alon: Assad controls only 40% of Syrian territory - Israel News, Ynetnews
Prison Planet.com » Yet Another Attack on the Ron Paul Curriculum
Prison Planet.com » Obama Administration a ‘culture of intimidation and cover-ups’
Bank of America $8.5 billion settlement heads for court showdown | Reuters
Terrifying video captures moment German drone missed Afghan plane carrying 100 passengers by just two metre | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » LAPD Caught In Intense Armed Standoff With Call of Duty Video Game Statue
Prison Planet.com » ‘Bomb-sniffing’ TSA dog turns into attack dog, viciously bites woman at airport for no reason
* Coast To Coast AM - June 02 2013 Apocalypse & Metaphysics C2CAM Today - YouTube

A creek near Lake Michigan will be poisoned to fight invasion of 'vampire fish' that attacks and sucks all the body fluid out of other fish | Mail Online
The Hanging Gardens of … Nineveh?
4 Hurdles to Making a Digital Brain | LiveScience
Mindscapes: The man who needs to paralyse himself - health - 30 May 2013 - New Scientist
New Physics Complications Lend Support to Multiverse Hypothesis: Scientific American
NASA - NASA's GRAIL Mission Solves Mystery of Moon's Surface Gravity
Avatars Become Fused With Your Physical Self : Discovery News
Noah's Ark theme park wants to show the Flood was plausible | Reuters
Mind reading computer could communicate with people in a coma: Researchers say system can understand answers to simple questions using brain scans | Mail Online
Consciousness: What Neuroscience Can Teach Us | Mind and Brain | LiveScience
Iranian general warns of bio-warfare
Earthchanges intensifying: Is planet’s magnetic North Pole migration accelerating? | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond
Gaddafi’s gold, diamond billions 'found in South Africa' | MINING.com

» ‘The Purge’ Is A Crime Spree Free-For-All That’s Just Around The Corner Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» $32K for 2 minutes with Obama: What would you say to the Prez? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Gold reclaims $1,400 as dollar falls after ISM - Metals Stocks - MarketWatch
U.S. to send Patriot missiles, F-16s to Jordan in training exercise - UPI.com
» Drone Surveillance Contract Called Off by U.S. State Department Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Al Gore backlash: Why environmentalists are celebrating rising CO2 levels Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Immigrants Generated A $115 Billion Surplus For Medicare From 2002 To 2009, Study Finds
Al-Qaeda sets up complaints department - Telegraph
Intel Chair: Release the Bin Laden Documents | The Weekly Standard
Robert Spencer: Another Obama Assault on Free Speech
Be there: AFDI free speech rally protesting DoJ attempt to criminalize criticism of Islam -- tomorrow
Cameron on London jihad murder: "There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror"
Robert Spencer: Will Islam Make A Man Out of You?
Sunni-Shi'ite lovefest shaken: Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria
France: Muslims attack Jews as they walk to local synagogue
Robert Spencer: Boston, London, Paris: The Goal of the “Islamophobia” Hysteria Realized
Madrassa teacher and mufti becomes Taliban commander
UK MP who was stabbed by an Islamic jihadist calls on Google and YouTube to remove "extremist" videos
Turkey's protesters accuse Erdogan of Islamic supremacist agenda
Real Clear Markets - Video - Hidden Billionaire Uncovered at Bass Pro Shop
Real Clear Markets - Video - Bernanke's Ten Suggestions for Princeton Grads
Real Clear Markets - Video - 'Dr. Boom'? Roubini Sees Two Years of Stock Gains
A Simple Way to Reduce Suicides - NYTimes.com
Andy Kessler: Professors Are About to Get an Online Education - WSJ.com
What Tolstoy Teaches Us About Insider Trading - The Daily Beast
Room for greatness - FT.com
RealClearWorld - Turkey's Secular Backlash
RealClearMarkets - Danger Ahead: Easy Money Is No More
Economically, Could Obama Be America's Worst President? - Forbes
The West's toxic hypocrisy over lead paint - opinion - 03 June 2013 - New Scientist
Pigeons master touchscreen intelligence test | Ars Technica
14 Words for Horse: The Linguistics of Game of Thrones - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
Research On Religion | Bill Clark on an Academic’s Spiritual Journey
Books, films more than a passing fad
Are Torrent Sites All About the Money? | TorrentFreak
Google’s balloon-based wireless networks may not be a crazy idea | Ars Technica
How and why to teach your kids to code - NBC News.com
Why We Can't Send Humans to Mars Yet (And How We'll Fix That) | Wired Science | Wired.com
RealClearTechnology - At Computex, New Computers Come Out to Play
Woe is Linux. Woe is Me. | John C. Dvorak | PCMag.com
Online credit card security: The RSA algorithm, prime numbers, and Pierre Fermat. - Slate Magazine
Leave me your DNA … and I'll 3D-print your face | Eleonore Pauwels | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Are We at the Electric Car’s Tipping Point? - The Daily Beast
DOE loans drive innovation: Opposing view
China Reaps Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom - NYTimes.com
The Green Jobs Chimera | Via Meadia
Nuclear power: Fracked off | The Economist
Energy, Security, and Climate » Does OPEC Matter? Jeff Colgan Responds
A Floating Wind Tower Is Launched in Maine - NYTimes.com
Information Dissemination: First Four Thoughts
The Russian Submarine Fleet Reborn | U.S. Naval Institute
Think tanks press Congress, Pentagon on base closures, compensation - The Hill's DEFCON Hill
Military think tanks to review women in combat standards
Maritime Game-Changer Revealed at Shangri-La Dialogue | Flashpoints
Time for minutemen is past - Philly.com
The U.S military has come up with more camouflage patterns than it needs. - chicagotribune.com
Dana Milbank: Accuse, and ask questions later - The Washington Post
The IRS Story Keeps Getting Worse « Commentary Magazine
Abstract Immigrants | RealClearPolitics
Senate Choice Could Help Christie Mend GOP Ties | RealClearPolitics
Don’t Trust the Pentagon to End Rape - NYTimes.com
The fierce urgency of $$$: Obama aides cash in - Yahoo! News
Death of Senator Places Chris Christie in Difficult Spot - NYTimes.com
Frank Lautenberg, the Last of the New Deal Liberals | The Nation
Fear Begets Anger on IRS Scandal | Fox News
Issa Stirs Echoes of McCarthy as Obama's 'Best Friend' in IRS Probe - NationalJournal.com
Obamacare in California: How conservatives distort the debate | New Republic
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Scandalpalooza - NYPOST.com
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The Grounding of Big Government
Al Sharpton’s Long Bill of Goods, From Tawana Brawley to Primetime - The Daily Beast
State “Recovery” is Figment of Blue Imagination | Via Meadia
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