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"If the American people ever allow private banks
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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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12 June 2013



NBC News/WSJ poll: Affirmative action support at historic low - First Read
Allen West on Bill Cosby's pro-Muslim post: Are you crazy? - Washington Times
Syrian bishop: Murder of teen for blasphemy "shocked the entire population of the city, Muslims and Christians, who do not want an Islamic state in Syria" - Jihad Watch
Gov't spends $41.3 million in 2011 to advertise food stamps | The Daily Caller
Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’ | WashingtonExaminer.com
Michael Savage: ACLU turns on Obama

Google asks to disclose details of NSA spying - The Hill's Hillicon Valley
'Digital Blackwater': NSA Leak Highlights Key Role of Private Contractors | Common Dreams
The CIA Invests in Robot Writers
Why did Edward Snowden go to Hong Kong? | This Can't Be Happening!
Snowden gave to Ron Paul bid | The Japan Times
A.C.L.U. Files Suit Over Phone Surveillance Program - NYTimes.com
Daily Kos: Want to See Your NSA or FBI File? Here's How...
Going non-GMO in dietary supplements: ‘The supply community is not there with us yet’, say manufacturers
Schumer: 'Illegal Immigration Will Be a Thing of the Past'
Leaked Footage of Famous Hollywood Producer Claiming Obama Silenced Clinton By Threatening Chelsea // Mr. Conservative
Corporations Own 20% Of Your Genes
Arctic Research Station Evacuated After Ice Melts Underneath It
If Dr. Offit Had His Way, Vitamins Would Be Treated as Drugs | The Alliance for Natural Health USA
10 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance - Waking Times : Waking Times
Vegetarians have significantly lower mortality rates, reveals study
Detoxing the Money Programming - Waking Times : Waking Times
Fight GMO: 7 Easy Steps to Start Saving Your Own Seed - Waking Times : Waking Times
Darpa Robotics Challenge: the search for the perfect robot soldier | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Activist Post: Austin Leads Agenda 21 Adoption with Smart Grid, International Codes
US Government ‘Carrots’: The Eternal Path to Servitude | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Profits Over Prophets | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Beyond Fake Death at the Boston Marathon; or "Northwoods Happens" - YouTube
Obama’s NSA Spy Op Revealed! | Real Jew News
Are We Food for the Moon? - Waking Times : Waking Times
From the gaping jaws of a giant shark to the intricate dance of mating seahorses - the Best Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition reveals its winner | Mail Online
Edward Snowden, NSA files source: 'If they want to get you, in time they will' | World news | The Guardian
Edward Snowden: what we know about the source behind the NSA files leak | World news | guardian.co.uk
Assange on Snowden: He's a hero, we've been in contact — RT News
NSA snooping: Obama under pressure as senator denounces 'act of treason' | World news | The Guardian
Sen. Feinstein calls Snowden's NSA leaks an 'act of treason' - The Hill's DEFCON Hill
Climate change threat to North Sea oil and gas output from increasingly intense storms caused by global warming - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
81 Medications Which Contain Aspartame | EUPHORY
White Man Getting Wiped Out And Bombing Away - Morris - YouTube
TMZ Presents 'Black Baby' - YouTube
Bilderberg 2013: Ken Clarke called to Parliament to answer questions about conference | Mail Online
The “Arab Spring” and the uprising against Brother Erdogan | Veterans News Now
Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice | Watch Free Documentary Online
NOT for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO - YouTube
Tax tracks: IRS buys spy equipment amid spending scandal — RT USA
Leak alleges State Department coverups ranging from prostitution to drug trafficking — RT USA
Activist Post: Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
Civil liberties and security: between two worlds | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Edward Snowden: saving us from the United Stasi of America | Daniel Ellsberg | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Ron Paul offers I-told-you-so on NSA crisis: 'This is a natural consequence of growing government. The more power they have, the less they want to tell us about' | Mail Online
Senator Al Franken: from SNL spoofer to NSA surveillance hawk | Jon Rappoport's Blog
27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine
Russia May Consider US Spy Leaker’s Asylum Request – Media | Russia | RIA Novosti
Germany Reveals Alleged Russian Spies’ Names | Russia | RIA Novosti
Are there more spy revelations to come? America rages at NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and labels him a 'traitor' - Americas - World - The Independent
Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
NewsDaily: Journalist in US surveillance case: More to come
The Triumph of Self-Worth Over Net-Worth - Waking Times : Waking Times
Russian Report Warns Of Grave Monsanto Threat To World
Obama Busted Again Professor Henry Graff : I taught at Columbia for 46 years Obama Could Not Have Gone There | Obama
NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing « An Enlightened Perspective | Alternative
Obama identity fraud: The net closes in
Obama, DHS lawlessness on immigration exposed by watchdogs - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com
JB Williams -- Can Obama be Impeached?
60-Year Old Anti Free Speech Law Struck Down | Press Releases
Hitler Tried It; The Banks Are Now Doing It: Total Financial Control Over All Transactions: Have a Look at Tomorrow's World | Economy
Obama Vs. Obama - Both Sides of His Face | Obama
Column: Mounting controversies are all about trust
America Under HAARP Attack? 64 Million Americans In Path Of Severe Storm Systems | Alternative
Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado | Veterans Today
"Jesus": The Shortest, Simplest, And Most Powerful Prayer | Christian News
Boston Bombing Makeup Artist Caught Red Handed!!! - Video | Alternative
Beyond Fake Death @ Boston: "Northwoods Happens" | Conspiracy Theories
Sheriff Richard Mack On InfoWars Talking about Obama's forged birth certificate | Alternative
Boehner: Obama Caught In IRS Scandal. Video. | Alternative
Meals Ready to Eat – Not! | Self-Sufficiency
Students Write Suicide Notes in Class Assignment | Strange
7 Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed
Gov't Is Afraid Of This New Technology - And It Is For Everybody! | Science and Technology

Why I Stopped Buying Juice Boxes (The Picture Will Gross You Out) | Alternative
Refreshing News: London police confiscate sleeping bags and food parcels from homeless people
Ron Paul: American People Are Sick And Tired Of Govt Overreach | XRepublic
Putin on NSA leak: Govt surveillance shouldn't break law (EXCLUSIVE) | XRepublic
Activist Post: Is it More Treasonous to Violate the Constitution or to Expose Those Violations?
Activist Post: What Is The Government’s Spying Agenda?
It's High Time We Abolished the Department of Homeland Security
GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn
Ron Paul: I’m worried that the government might kill Edward Snowden with a drone
DISARMED: A History of Gun Control « Underground Documentaries
[181] NSA Whistleblower Witch-hunt, Bilderberg 2013 Debriefed, Nestlé Water Takeover - YouTube
While No One Was Looking: House GOP Voted Against GITMO Closure |
CIA Says It ‘Wants To Know Everything’ |
Activist Post: Top 3 Current Global Targets For Anglo-American Destabilization
The New Gun Rights Documentary That You Need to Know About |
Activist Post: ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of NSA Phone Spying Program
The Rest Of The World Is Absolutely Disgusted With Our Big Brother Spying Methods | InvestmentWatch
Is the Government Also Monitoring the CONTENT of Our Phone Calls? | Washington's Blog
NSA Official: “The Government Is Not Trying To Protect [Secrets About NSA Surveillance] from the Terrorists. It’s Trying to Protect Knowledge of that Program from the Citizens of the United States” | Washington's Blog
OpEdNews - Article: Public Banking-- A Major Answer to the Progressive Question of What to Do in the Face of Corporatization of America
Ryan Dawson Fukushima, JFK, 911, NSA (1/3) - YouTube
Ryan Dawson Fukushima, JFK, 911, NSA (2/3) - YouTube
Ryan Dawson Fukushima, JFK, 911, NSA (3/3) - YouTube
ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of NSA Phone Spying Program |
DHS-Funded Exercise Portrays “Free America Citizens” as Terrorist Cell
Snowden Is Just The Straw Man Obama Needed
Anglo-American Militarism: Don’t Worry About Surveillence, In Britain, Everything’s Okay | THE INTERNET POST
The Rebel - Rebel of Oz's Home for the Global Resistance - The sure way to bring down organized crime government in the US in one peaceful move on July 2
The NSA Has A Secret Group Called ‘TAO’ That’s Been Hacking China For 15 Years | Business Insider Australia
Americans Are Actually Concerned About Privacy – Really? | Veterans News Now
What was the Israeli involvement in collecting U.S. communications intel for NSA? - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
ADL Spies
If You’re Wondering Who Helped Pass the NSA’s Eavesdropping Powers, Here Are Some Familiar Names… | The Ugly Truth
In a new interview NSA leaker Snowden says he's not avoiding justice - 12160
Snowden: 'Im Not Here to Hide, I'm Here to Reveal Criminality'
"In My Country, They Claimed Surveillance Was For the Safety of the People. Same in Soviet Russia. Same in East Germany" | SilverDoctors.com
“Metadata” Can Tell the Government More About You Than the Content of Your Phonecalls | Washington's Blog
The Current Surveillance State Is The End Result Of Two Consecutive Presidents Rewriting Their Job Descriptions | Techdirt
15 Reasons Why the War on Terror, Drugs the Police State Must End to Restore Our Bill of Rights. | The Lone Star Watchdog
Guest Post: Why The Surveillance State Must Be Erased | Zero Hedge
Nestle: Water's Corporate Takeover | Brainwash Update - YouTube
Another Reason Not Mentioned Why NSA Spying Should Make us Really Concerned And Very Angry | The Lone Star Watchdog
Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide' - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Brit Hume dismisses concerns over NSA spying as "misplaced hysteria" - YouTube
Former Russian Citizen Talks About Life Under Soviet Surveillance and Gives Warning to Texans. | The Lone Star Watchdog
The NSA and the Infrastructure of the Surveillance State
Top Counter-Terrorism Czar: Revealing NSA Spying Program DOESN’T Harm National Security | Washington's Blog
Even the Warriors Say the Wars Make Us Less Safe |
Want to See Your NSA or FBI File? Here’s How… | THE INTERNET POST

Get My FBI File - http://www.getmyfbifile.com
Colombia worries as troops join Arab mercenary force - UPI.com
The Story Of Joseph Nacchio And The NSA - Business Insider
Google Opens Up Some More: The 'Secret' Computer System It Uses To Give Info To NSA Is Secure FTP - BlackListedNews.com
House committee looks into the IRS seizure of 60 million medical records | The Daily Caller
Exclusive: The agricultural revolution - UK pushes Europe to embrace GM crops - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
The Trade Deal Scam - BlackListedNews.com
Our government has been building spy-access into the Windows Operating System since the late 1990′s - BlackListedNews.com
“Eminent Domain” Back On Table Following Fed’s Latest Bailout Proposal - BlackListedNews.com
Before police could plan for a terrorist attack, the real thing happened - Metro - The Boston Globe
Disease Outbreak Threatens the Future of Good Coffee | Wired Science | Wired.com
What the Cellphone Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About Radiation Concerns | Alternet
New Study Shows That Animals Are Seriously Harmed By Eating GM Crops | One Radio Network
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, June 11 - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Exposing the Enemy of the People «
Ron Paul: Obama Should Send Snowden A Thank You Letter - YouTube
Rand Paul: We Will Be Judged on Whether We Defended All Life from Conception CNS
Rand Paul to Illegals: ‘We Will Find a Place for You;' Envisions 12 Million ‘New Taxpayers’ CNS
Obama: ‘We Owe' Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship CNS
Boehner Expects to Bring ‘Bipartisan’ Immigration Reform to the House Floor CNS
No Word From Kerry on State Dep’t Sexual Misconduct and Coverup Claims CNS
Obama's War on Girls: Plan B
Obama Less Tyrannical Than Bush?
Fewer Visas or More Surveillance?
Biden 2006: Don't Trust a President Who Spies on People
Obama: 'We Owe it to the DREAMers to do Better'
Rep. Maxine Waters: Obama Campaign Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individual'
Ari Fleischer on NSA: 'I'm Proud on this one to Defend President Obama'
Sen. Grassley: Immigration Bill 'Legalization First, Enforcement Later, If at All'
Michelle Obama: Achieving the American Dream ‘No Longer Possible for Too Many Families’
IRS Buying Spying Equipment: Covert Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants
DREAMers, Here Illegally, Are ‘Our Most Talented Young People,’ Says Colo. Dem
Southern Baptists officially oppose gay Scout rule
Pope Urged to Declare Islam a Peaceful Religion
ABC, NBC Minimize New State Department Sex and Drugs Scandal
Berlin: Before And After The Wall
NSA Chief: 'We're Doing...the Right Thing' Conducting Surveillance on Citizens
Obama's Definition of 'Smarter Enforcement': None
Bill Clinton, 'Father of the Year'
Catholic League's Bill Donohue: Pope Must Oust Vatican's 'Gay Lobby'
Deputy CIA Chief Morell Out, Obama Names White House Lawyer to Job
Gen. Dempsey: No Stand Down Order Issued in Benghazi
Hollywood Turns Against Obama Over NSA Snooping
Biden: Al Gore 'Was Elected President of the United States'
Bloomberg Takes Aim at Democrats Over Gun Votes
Peter King: Punish Journalists Who Report Classified Information
Girl Receives Lung After Challenging Transplant Rules
Jon Friedman: Does Media Help or Hinder War on Terror?
Huckabee: Churches Should Consider Dropping Tax-exempt Status
Jennifer Lopez: Latinos Realizing Power in Politics, Media
House Dems' Insistence on Obamacare Threatens Immigration Deal
NSA Leaker Snowden Is in Hong Kong; Tells Paper He's Staying
Top Doctor: Make Sure Checkup Doesn't Do More Harm Than Good
Mammograms Don't Reduce Breast Cancer Death: UK Study
Tech Companies Want Transparency on Security Probes
China Launches New Manned Space Flight Mission
Why President Obama Became a Snoop
Data Mining Further Shreds Our Privacy
Better Believe This Is Obama's America
What Did Obama Really Know?
Americans Have Lost Faith
Snowden Threatens to Reveal More 'Explosive' NSA Secrets
Gordon Chang: Snowden May Trade Info 'for Refuge' in China
Former US Attorney Mukasey: Snowden Must Serve Prison Time
Rich Lowry: NSA Scandal Like Lincoln's Habeas Corpus Suspension
Ron Paul: Fear Snowden Could Be Target of Drone Assassination
NSA Chief Says U-S- Infrastructure Highly Vulnerable to Cyberattack
Rep. Slaughter Invokes Name of Two Pro-Lifers to Support New York Pro-Abortion Bill | CNS News
Military Leaders Tout Obama’s $75 Billion Pre-K Program as National Security Issue | CNS News
Energy Dep't Spending Millions So You Can Buy a $50K Hydrogen-Powered Car | CNS News
Security Tightens, Field Shrinks Ahead of Iran’s Presidential Election | CNS News
Manual Found in Mali Suggests al-Qaida Has Surface-to-Air Missile | CNS News
Dispatch Call Describes Paris Jackson's Injuries | CNS News
Networks Skip Audio of IRS Official Lecturing Pro-Life Group: Don't 'Force Your Beliefs' on People | NewsBusters
Piers Morgan Asks Robert Zimmerman If He Regrets His Brother Carried a Gun With Him | NewsBusters
Chris Hayes Apologizes for Tagging George Wallace As Republican: A ‘Stupid, Inexcusable, Historically Illiterate Mistake’ | NewsBusters
One American Who Isn't For Sale
PRISM: Big Brother Government is Now in the Open
NSA Deception Operation? Questions Surround Leaked PRISM Document’s Authenticity
Bank Deposits Confiscation: The “Cyprus Experiment” and the Launch of a Global Trend
US Treasury Bonds are Junk Bonds? Is America Defaulting on Its Sovereign Debt? Can You Trust the Wall Street Credit Rating Agencies?
India’s Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT), What Impacts on Commodity Futures Exchanges?
The Inauguration of Police State USA. Towards a Democratic Dictatorship?
“Digital Blackwater” Rules: The NSA Black Box in a Black Hole
Lobbyists for Canadian Pipeline Have Deep Ties to White House
27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine
Former CIA Employee Snowden, Blows Whistle on NSA’s Dragnet Surveillance
The Transformation of Society - YouTube
The EyeOpener Report- NSA Spying: False Hope vs. Real Solutions

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 12, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 11, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 10, 2013

Greens Make You Healthier! by Margaret Durst
The Constitution Doesn't Guarantee Safety, It Guarantees Privacy
Anonymous: #OpAwakeTheMasses Has Begun
Inconsistencies and Weak Accusations Highlighted in Week 2 of Bradley Manning Trial
Trouble in Paradise: Belize Destroys Unauthorized GMO Soybean Crop
Epidemic of Birth Defects and Cancer in Iraq: America's Toxic Legacy
Treasonous Spying: Shoot the Messenger, Not the Monitor
Joe Biden Warns Democrats of Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul
As Sovereignty Dies, EU Hauls U.K. to Court Over Immigrant Welfare
States Propose Fees on Hybrids to Cover Gas Tax Losses
S&P Issues an Upgrade of U.S. Sovereign Debt Along With a Warning
The Acceptance Con
Yes, credit cards are making you a bad person - Quartz
India Adding 40,000 Mountain Troops at China Border | Defense News | defensenews.com
Google Opens Up Some More: The 'Secret' Computer System It Uses To Give Info To NSA Is Secure FTP | Techdirt
Maher and the Liberals Defend NSA Surveillance Grid - informationliberation
Ex-NSA Leaker's Advice To Snowden: "Always Check Your Six" - informationliberation
Is it More Treasonous to Violate the Constitution or to Expose Those Violations? - informationliberation
If Edward Snowden Is a Criminal, Why Aren't the Rest of Us Criminals As Well? - informationliberation
George Takei Fears NSA Spying Programs -- Daily Intelligencer
Candidate Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance - informationliberation
Smear Brigade Goes After Snowden | Antiwar.com Original
NSA Snooping on Americans Is Unconstitutional and Outrageous by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
Assange + Manning: Sacrifices Bearing Fruit | Antiwar.com Original
Russia foreign minister says his gov’t hasn’t received asylum request from NSA leaker Snowden - The Washington Post
Activist Post: Hydrofracking Boom or Bust
Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university? | Education | The Observer
DHS Admits Boston Drill Using Backpack Explosives Planned Before Marathon
America’s New Normal: Mass Surveillance, Secret Courts and Death to Whistleblowers | Tenth Amendment Center
The Breakdown of America | Tenth Amendment Center
The Federal Government Sucks & We All Know It | Tenth Amendment Center
Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/13) - The Vigilant Citizen - The Vigilant Citizen
The Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons | Global Research
322 IRS visits to White House
'Naked and Lonely' Without Google Glass: Andreessen
Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon Price' as Costs to Climate Increase - Bloomberg
Steven Spielberg Predicts 'Implosion' of Film Industry
Obama Appointee Who Heads U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Is Hacked By "Guccifer" | The Smoking Gun
Senators urge Obama to stay on sidelines of immigration debate - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Flake on Border Enforcement: This Time Is Different Because ‘They Have to Submit a Plan’ | National Review Online
Illegal Crossings Up 9 Percent – No Wonder the GOP Is Leery
» DHS Wants Equipment For “Riot Control Situations” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Santelli Savages CNBC Co-Hosts, Cramer For Getting Government Data Before Everyone Else | RealClearPolitics
My Way News - NSA leaker Snowden says he's not avoiding justice
EXCLUSIVE: Whistle-blower Edward Snowden talks to South China Morning Post | South China Morning Post
Snowden Says Of US Gov: ‘If They Want To Get You, They’ll Get You In Time’ « CBS DC
WH Celebrates New High Performance Computing Center Opening | The Weekly Standard
Sensenbrenner: Obama Administration’s NSA Assurances 'a Bunch of Bunk' | National Review Online
Shia LaBeouf, Government Surveillance Whistleblower? | Threat Level | Wired.com
A picture shows Edward Snowden in 2002 pulling down his pants when he worked as a webmaster and editor for a Japanese anime company run by friends in Maryland | View photo - Yahoo! News
Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years | South China Morning Post
Naked Acrobat Terrorizes BART Riders At SF Station « CBS San Francisco
Earlier Denials Put Intelligence Chief in Awkward Position - NYTimes.com
FEMA denies extra rebuilding funds to West, Texas, for deadly fertilizer plant explosion - The Washington Post
Yellen overwhelming favorite to replace Bernanke at Fed: Reuters poll | Reuters
Trayvon Martin murder case jury selection drags into third day | Reuters
Internet anonymity is the height of chic | Technology | The Guardian
WASHINGTON: NSA director: Programs disrupted dozens of attacks - Politics Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Mick Jagger, Rock Icon, Closet Conservative?
Audience Member Confronts Bill Maher After Comic Slammed Sarah Palin's Special Needs Child
Jim Carrey's 'Dumb and Dumber' Moves Hurting Once-Great Career
Robert Redford Wants Obama to Bypass Congress on Coal
Free Speech Activist Ai Weiwei Compares U.S. to China
Reid Blocks Senate Vote on Border Security Amendment to Immigration Bill
Breaking: Obama Threatens Veto of Religious Protection for Military
McCain: 'No Border Is Ever Going to Be Sealed'
HIllary Clinton Denies Knowledge of State Department Scandals, Cover-Ups
Harry Reid: GOP Poisoning Immigration Reform with Border Security
Rubio, Republicans Hope Cornyn Amendment Gives Cover to Vote for Immigration Bill
FEMA Denies Aid Request for West, Texas Explosion Disaster
Washington & Wall Street: At Facebook, It's About Quality vs. Quantity
Telegraph: Guardian's Snowden Scoop Unraveling?
Report: 'Furious' CBS Anchor Buries State Dept. Sex Scandal
Greenwald: Media Filled with 'Slavishly Partisan…Democrats'
Politico: Obama Oversaw 'Greatest Expansion of Electronic Surveillance in U.S. History'
Morning Joe Attacks Snowden as 'Weasel'
King: Prosecute Journalists for Publishing Leaked Information
Deputy CIA Director Who Signed Off on Benghazi Talking Points Resigns
Egyptian Minister Reveals Hamas Aided Brotherhood Prison Break
Snowden: More Public Servant than Criminal
Australian PM Subject of 'Tacky' Sexist Menu
Vast US Surveillance Could Encourage China: Ai Weiwei
Japan Diplomat Shouts 'Shut Up' at UN Meeting
Libyan Army Chief Resigns After 31 Killed in Benghazi
High Profiling Doug Hagmann against NSA
Doug Hagmann tells seminar three major crisis events are imminent
A Warning to Public Servants in the Obama Administration: It’s RICO time!
Muslims Killing Muslims
You Can’t Outleft the Left
The NSA Data Mining Matters
The Death of a Political Career
More Mega-Legislation: Senate Takes Up Immigration “Reform”
Hydrogen-Powered Cars – A Pipedream
Spread the Word About What the Senate Is Doing
So Now Life Insurance Companies Are Gambling, Too
Commanders Demanded It: Carl Levin Cuts Sexual Assault Provisions From Military Spending Bill
Steubenville Hero Faces More Jail Time Than Steubenville Rapists
Oh Dude, Saran Wrap Is Less Transparent
John Oliver Slams Republicans for Reactions to NSA Surveillance
Julian Assange Advises Edward Snowden to Go to Latin America
Ingraham: Emergency Contraception Is 'a Good Deal for Pedophiles' and Child Rapists
Fox News Guest: Trayvon Would Be Alive 'if He Didn't Have a Street Attitude'
Marco Rubio Effectively Ends 2016 Presidential Campaign
How Dangerous is the 'Security/Digital Complex'?
Rep. Peter King Calls for Criminal Prosecution of Journalists
Bernie Sanders Warns of 'Orwellian, Inhibiting Impact' of NSA Surveillance
So Much for That Slow News Cycle: The Daily Show's John Oliver Takes on the NSA
O'Donnell: We Can Thank the NRA For Latest Mass Shooting
BBC: NSA Whistleblower 'Disappears' in Hong Kong
IMPORTANT VIDEO: Women Getting Breast Cancer From Storing Cell Phones In Bras
US Court Approves Sharia Bankruptcy Plan – No Separation of Mosque & State
U of Chicago Chapel Removes Christian Pews to Accomodate Muslims; Pews Defiled for “Modern Art” Exhibit
Mark Levin BLASTS Paul Ryan On Immigration: “I’ve Had Enough Of This Crap!”
Marco Rubio Calls Sean Hannity To Set The Record Straight On Border Security
RUSH: Maxine Waters Let The Cat Out Of The Bag On Democrat Data Mining
RUSH: Data Mining Diverting Resources From Real Law Enforcement
Rubio Called Rush Over Limbaugh Saying He Was ‘Disappointed’ In Him
Limbaugh: Immigration Bill Designed To Destroy GOP
RUSH: I Want To Live In The ‘Shadows’ Like The 11 Million Illegals
LEVIN: Who’s Done More Damage To This Nation, Edward Snowden Or Barack Obama?
RUSH: Washington And Media Elites Upset Over ‘Punk’ Edward Snowden
RUSH: A Dose Of Reality On Immigration And ObamaCare
Damage control: Hillary Clinton loyalists suspected of criminal cover-ups for diplomats - Washington Times
Los Angeles Times - California, national and world news - latimes.com
NBC News/WSJ poll: Affirmative action support at historic low - First Read
Allen West on Bill Cosby's pro-Muslim post: Are you crazy? - Washington Times
Rand Paul Spars With CBS Reporters Over Gov’t Surveillance: ‘Just Because Congress Approved It, Doesn’t Make It Right’
Police Confiscate Veteran’s Antique Guns Following a Visit With His Therapist
Joe Biden Goes Off on ‘Very, Very Intrusive’ Domestic Spying…in 2006
‘Hollywood Hypocrites’: NRA News Video Hammers ‘Out of Touch’ Stars Battling Guns
Ambassador Allegedly Linked to State Department Prostitution Allegations Was in the News for Controversial Remarks Two Years Ago
A ‘Gay Lobby’ Inside the Vatican? Pope Francis’ Leaked Private Speech Offers Stunning Admission
Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Supercell Storm Swirling ‘Like an Alien Spacecraft’ Over Texas
Teen Suspended for Pretending to Shoot Fellow Students…With His Hands
‘Sesame Street’ Program Sponsored by DOD Contractor Tries to Help Kids with…Jailed Parents
Video Shows Deranged Naked Man Assaulting People and Doing Gymnastics at San Francisco Subway Station
Senator Obama ‘Debates’ President Obama on Gov’t Surveillance, Civil Liberties
The New Proposal in a Fed Report That Involves Eminent Domain and the Government Seizing Mortgages
AP’s Discovery Suggests al-Qaeda Has Feared Weapon
Who Are the Two Senators That Joe Biden Says Make the GOP ‘Cower’?
Reagan’s Free-Market Environmentalism
5 Ways to Thwart the NSA and Gov’t from Spying on You
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Scores Major Victory Over Infamous Atheist Group in ‘Day of Prayer’ Court Battle
Obama Scandals Have Dems Worried, Seeking Distance From White House
John Bolton’s Surprise Theory on Snowden: ‘Not At All Sure That He’s Acting Completely Alone Here’
(UPDATE: GOV. PERRY RESPONDS) FEMA Now Refusing Aid to Texas Town Devastated by Explosion: Not Severe Enough to Warrant It
Wait Until You See the Cool Do-It-Yourself Guns Posted by a Person on Reddit
President Obama Surprises Reporters With Highly Unusual Move
U.S. Budget Deficit Grows by $135B+ in May
NSA Leaker Snowden Found Again in Hong Kong: Read What He Plans on Doing Next
CIA Deputy Director Resigning, Being Replaced by White House Lawyer
‘I Refuse to Marry Two Men’: French Mayor Could Reportedly Be Jailed for 5 Years for Refusing to Marry Gays
Suicide Note Homework Assignment Has NYC Parents in an Uproar
NSA Chief Denies Key Claim Made by PRISM Whistleblower, Claims Spying Has Disrupted Dozens of Terror Attacks
Dem Rep. Urges Colleagues to Stop Using the ‘Extremely Offensive’ Word ‘Illegal’ in Immigration Debate
Report: IRS Cancels Order for Spy Equipment
Check Out the Special Ops Community’s Stealthy New Motorcycle That Is Nearly Soundless
Why Does This CBS Reporter Have Tears Running Down Her Face During Live Report?
Hot Mic Catches Egyptian Politician Discussing ‘War’ with ‘Enemies’ Israel and America
Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Hides Household Pets
Mysterious 8-Mile Long Brown Foam Appears in America’s Largest Reservoir
The Awesome Trick a Magician Pulls Off With Homeless People That Makes Them $100 Richer
What Simple Gun Message Did This TV Actress Tweet That She Says Led to Half of Her Followers Abandoning Her?
Republican Rep. Notices IRS Agents Training with AR-15s During DHS Tour: ‘I’m Looking Into the Issue Now’
‘Arrest Obama When He Visits’: Muslim Lawyers in South Africa Submit 600-Page Complaint Calling for War Crimes Prosecution
MSNBC Host Apologizes for Mistake With Noted Segregationist’s Party Affiliation
Sparks Fly Between MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews Over ‘Big Monster’ Gov’t: ‘Do I Really Need to Go Back to Civics Class?’
The Picture of a Toddler Taped to a Wall That Is Sweeping Arabic Media
Down The Rabbit Hole w Popeye – Heather Callaghan on Food Freedom | Dprogram.net
NSA Spying: False Hope vs. Real Solutions – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Max Igan in conversation with John Lash | Dprogram.net
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