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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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11 June 2013


Carney On NSA Surveillance: "This Is Not The Manner By Which He Had Hoped To Have The Debate"
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: "Bring Back The Death Penalty" For Edward Snowden
Axelrod On Snowden: "He's A Whistleblower Who Then Blew The Country"
Ed Henry vs. Carney On Obama Claim That "Every Member Of Congress" Knew Of NSA Spying
Krauthammer Defends NSA Spying Program: "Of Course There's A Potential For Abuse"
Judge Napolitano: NSA Leaker Edward Snowden "An American Hero"
Cavuto: Government Abusing Its Rights By Taking Away Ours
Greenwald To Mika Brzezinski: Your "White House Talking Points" Are Misleading, False
Limbaugh: The Real Danger Is Obama, Not NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden
Hayden On Surveillance: "We've Had Two Very Different Presidents Doing The Same Thing"
Clapper: We Couldn't Read Everyone's Emails "Even If We Wanted To"
Cruz: Obama Administration "Willing To Circumvent Our Constitutional Rights"


Filmmaker has a key role in NSA revelations
Queen visits recovering Prince Philip in hospital
'Implied threat' puts Newtown schools on lockdown
Hillary Clinton's arrival on Twitter leaves followers wondering what's next
Obama nominates Jason Furman to lead Council of Economic Advisers
Obama Marks Equal Pay Act Anniversary
Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman's attorneys fabricate evidence
Iraq Insurgent Attacks Kill 70
NSA leaker left Hawaii without a trace - YouTube
NSA leaker: Hero or traitor? - YouTube
White House reassesses policy on arming Syria rebels
Iranian diplomat detained for three months without lawyer: sources
Taliban surge expected to continue
Iceland may not be the haven US leaker hopes
Debbie Rowe comfort eats as she orders Mexican food... as it emerges she 'will take custody' of daughter Paris | Mail Online

Anonymous Hacks Prism, Gains Access To Obama Skype Account! | Fedgate
Will U.S. even survive Obama’s full term?
Yes, NSA has content of phone calls, emails
21 Photos Of The Sexy Kate Upton On Her 21st Birthday | Opinion - Conservative
Infowars Nightly News: Monday (6-10-13) Full Show | Politics
Concentration Camp Obama | Alternative
Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Revealed? (Video) | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Mysterious and Strange Archaeology Discoveries That Science Cannot Explain - News - Bubblews
Ancient Relic From Atlantis Found - News - Bubblews
The Sixth Stage Of Dying Is The Afterlife | Paranormal
Invisible Aliens: Extraterrestrial Life May Be Beyond Human Understanding | Space
The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed! | International
Nelson Mandela - Dead or Dying? | International
Proof! Boston Bombing Conspiracy - Planned Highly Organized Terror -Video | Terrorism
Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″ | Prophecy
Our Privatized National Security State - NationalJournal.com
The NSA’s phone-call database: A defense of mass surveillance. - Slate Magazine
Surveillance Program Got You Yawning? Here’s Why You Should Worry - The Daily Beast
RealClearMarkets - While the Young Exit the Workforce, the Old Hang In
One of the Darkest Periods in the History of American Prisons - Andrew Cohen - The Atlantic
The real hole in the border bill - NYPOST.com
FAA cuts, exhausted pilots, ancient planes: Is your flight really safe? - Salon.com
MAP: These States Rejected Federal Money to Fix Their Terrible Mental Health Systems | Mother Jones
Benghazi Matters — The American Magazine
The Trouble Within Islam by Tony Blair - Project Syndicate
From G8 to G20 to G-Zero: Why no one wants to take charge in the new global order
In Box Office Hit, American Dream Is Still Alive — In a Maturing China | Tea Leaf Nation
Al-Qaeda's Deadly Arsenal | RealClear
RealClearMarkets - Obama Fails as America's CEO
Tech Companies Tread Lightly in Statements on U.S. Spying - NYTimes.com
Dubai: An Oasis Of Entrepreneurship Amid A Region Aflame - Forbes
Vitamins: Good or Bad? - James Hamblin - The Atlantic
Bridging the male education gap - latimes.com
A Universe Made of Tiny, Random Chunks - Issue 2: Uncertainty - Nautilus
Quantum entanglement isn't only spooky, you can't avoid it
'Polygamy,' the Broadway play: Mormon controversy on stage nearly 100 years before 'Book of Mormon' musical | Deseret News
Nineteen Sixty-four: Is Everyone Lining Up to Challenge Hillary Clinton Catholic?
Connecting The PRISM Dots: My New Theory | Uncrunched
How to Build a Secret Facebook | Motherboard
RealClearTechnology - Four Reasons We Can't Protect Our Digital Stuff From the Government's Spying Eyes
RealClearTechnology - 5 Things We Still Don't Know About U.S. Spying
RealClearTechnology - A Fascinating Search for the World's First Web Pages
JFK's Bully Pulpit Lessons: American University and Civil Rights - US News and World Report
A Changed Alabama Remembers '63 - CBS News
Earth may have more oil than anyone thought- MSN Money
Why Gas Will Never Hit $5 a Gallon
Making Green Energy Profitable: The Boom In Distributed Renewable Energy - Forbes
RealClearDefense - Toward a Global Missile Defense Architecture
Is This China's New Design for a Stealth Bomber? - An FP Slideshow | Foreign Policy
Super secret base fuels China's space ambitions - CNN.com
Should contractors do national security work? - The Washington Post
- The Washington Post
Maurice Sendak's 85th birthday: Google doodle goes where the wild things are | Technology | guardian.co.uk
+Welcome to Alcatraz

Top 10 Asian War Films | Japan Cinema

Dana Milbank: Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks are the backlash of too much secrecy - The Washington Post
PRUDEN: Would the government lie to you? - Washington Times
Joe Klein: Why Civil-Liberties Freak-Out Is Harmful to U.S. Democracy | TIME.com
Obama's Orwellian Legacy | RealClearPolitics
Susan Rice, Samantha Power Raise Obama's Human Rights Profile | New Republic
A Power of Conviction | RealClearPolitics
The Gang of Eight’s Bill: To Know It Is To Hate It | Power Line
Hillary must own 2014 - Salon.com
Tim Carney: Even law-abiding people should oppose surveillance | WashingtonExaminer.com
Kennedy’s Civil Rights Triumph - NYTimes.com
Obama's power grab: Column
Chris Hughes on NSA leaks | New Republic
Making treason cool - NYPOST.com
Why Edward Snowden Is a Hero : The New Yorker
We Can't Trust Obama | RealClearPolitics
Michelle Obama Is Reveling in Her Lame-Duck Status as First Lady - The Daily Beast
Lessons of 1986 amnesty loom in immigration debate - Washington Times
NSA intelligence programs combined secrets with democracy - The Washington Post
IRS Buying Spying Equipment: Covert Cameras in Coffee Trays, Plants | CNS News
Video: Director of National Intelligence Lying about NSA Data Collection - BlackListedNews.com
Why were roadblocks in St. Clair and Bibb counties asking for blood and DNA samples this weekend? | al.com
Kristol, Matalin: Don't conflate NSA and IRS - POLITICO.com
IRS Obamacare official clocked 165 White House meetings - BlackListedNews.com
The banking revolution that would wipe out Britain’s (and the US’s) debts - BlackListedNews.com
Booz brags: our workers can do 'grave damage' to U.S. security | Killer Apps
America Secretly Approves $1.3 Billion Worth of Military Aid to Egypt - theTrumpet.com
War and Water: Hydropolitics Propel Balkanization in Africa - BlackListedNews.com
'Digital Blackwater': NSA Leak Highlights Key Role of Private Contractors - BlackListedNews.com
NATO Adopts Microsoft’s Kinect Technology for Training - Technorati Technology
From 9/11 To PRISMgate - How The Carlyle Group LBO'd The World's Secrets - BlackListedNews.com
NSA Document Leak Proves Conspiracy To Create Big Brother Styled World Control System - BlackListedNews.com
27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine - BlackListedNews.com
Lawmakers turn their attention to the Patriot Act following NSA revelations | The Raw Story
*The Ultimate Bilderberg Group Documentary - YouTube

Police State America in Good Hands with James Comey
World On The Brink - Waking Times : Waking Times
Study: Huge spike in cesium outside Fukushima long after 3/11 — “Incorporation into sediments was almost irreversible”
Nuclear Dominoes Fall in California and Kentucky – EcoWatch: Cutting Edge Environmental News Service
No nuclear renaissance- instead, a nuclear terminal illness « nuclear-news
Holocaust Denial is Prevalent and Dangerous - Jewish World - News - Israel National News
The Holocaust and the Myth of the Past as History
We’re the Rats, and Facebook Likes Are the Reward | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
For Most Foods, The Faster It Spoils, The Healthier It Is - The Toxic Preservation of Food Is Killing Us - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race - Waking Times : Waking Times
Top 10 Reasons to Bring your Kids to the Farmers Market - Waking Times : Waking Times
No External Opiates Needed - Waking Times : Waking Times
Alleged US security officials said NSA leaker, journalist should be 'disappeared' – report — RT News
Surveillance in the US and UK: Spreading national insecurity | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Edward Snowden and his like are vital antidotes to the surveillance state | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Source's employer: Reports of NSA leak 'shocking' | World news | The Guardian
Mass Surveillance In America
Life On The Far Side: Word War One
Edward Snowden: How did a high school drop-out become entrusted with the government's biggest secrets? | Mail Online
NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
US surveillance has 'expanded' under Obama, says Bush's NSA director | World news | guardian.co.uk
A list of other famous leakers in recent history | World news | The Guardian
PressTV - Not impeaching Bush sure paying off
Exclusive - U.S. finds long-lost diary of top Nazi leader, Hitler aide | Reuters
Paedophile gymnastics coach who abused girls for 40 years is spared jail for SECOND TIME as top appeal judges refuse Solicitor General's request to increase sentence | Mail Online
The Essence of DNA Identity
John Barbour Looks At Alex Jones At Bilderberg!
America's Student Loan Racket: Stiffer Debt Bondage Coming
The Birth of Summer | Show Me Oz
UFO photos shot in Netherlands near Muiderslot Castle are probably insects
Netherlands UFO Photo Not ‘Manipulated’
Sen. Feinstein calls Snowden's NSA leaks an 'act of treason' - The Hill's DEFCON Hill
NSA snooping: Obama under pressure as senator denounces 'act of treason' | World news | The Guardian
Assange on Snowden: He's a hero, we've been in contact — RT News
US lawmakers call for review of Patriot Act after NSA surveillance revelations | World news | guardian.co.uk
Edward Snowden: what we know about the source behind the NSA files leak | World news | guardian.co.uk
Hundreds Rally to Declare "I Stand with Snowden" | Common Dreams
Edward Snowden, NSA files source: 'If they want to get you, in time they will' | World news | The Guardian
Yahoo, Google, Facebook and more face fight to salvage reputations over NSA leaks | Technology | The Guardian
Whistleblowing: Exemplary Patriotism
FDA Approves First GMO Flu Vaccine Containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Stephen Colbert Talks About Monsanto Wheat With Laurie Garrett - YouTube
Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC's Attempted Propaganda - YouTube

50-year-old CARTOON TRIED TO WARN US - YouTube

Famous High School Dropouts

Only One in 15 Online Child Porn Suspects is Arrested | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
US government invokes special privilege to stop scrutiny of data mining | World news | guardian.co.uk
Obama on NSA surveillance: Can't have 100% security and 100% privacy — RT USA
Activist Post: CISPA Will Legalize PRISM Spy Program
NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, and 2 Israeli companies | Jon Rappoport's Blog
“Occupy Your Home”: Confronting “Electro Pollution” and Smart Meter Toxification | Global Research
PressTV - Surveillance USA
Glenn Greenwald: Every Time When Something Happen Like This The Govt. Scream Enough Time Terrorist - YouTube
Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations | World news | The Guardian
NSA leaker comes forward, warns of agency's 'existential threat' - CNN.com
The Essence of DNA Identity
America’s “Secret Fukushima”: Uranium Mining is Poisoning the Bread Basket of the World | Global Research
5 things to note about NSA surveillance programs - Yahoo! News
911 and War by Deception (April 2013) - YouTube
10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla ~ RiseEarth
Mr. & Mrs America Turn in Your Phone Records - YouTube
We Live Under A Spyocracy - YouTube
Alex Jones Makes History in Watford, England - YouTube
Alex Jones Takes Over National BBC Broadcast - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Video: Alex Jones Rips Into Bilderberg at Fringe Festival
Prison Planet.com » Most Americans Oppose Fourth Amendment
Prison Planet.com » Germany Demands Obama Explain “American-Style Stasi Methods”
Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul: ‘When you have a dictatorship… truth becomes treasonous’
Prison Planet.com » Bloomberg: Alex Jones’ Free Speech Causes Terrorism
Prison Planet.com » British Police Use Anti-Terror Moves to Arrest Protestors
Prison Planet.com » Former NSA Head: Disclosure of Spy Program Does Not Hurt National Security
Prison Planet.com » Obama: ‘If You Can’t Trust Us, We Are Going To Have Some Problems’
Prison Planet.com » Effort to Portray NSA Whistleblower Snowden as Chinese Intelligence Operative Underway
Prison Planet.com » Most Americans Support Being Spied on by NSA
Prison Planet.com » 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine
Prison Planet.com » Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
Prison Planet.com » Twenty TRILLION Phone Calls: “They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001″
Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg and Alex Jones on BBC One Show
Prison Planet.com » Government Spying on Americans … and then Giving Info to Giant Corporations
Prison Planet.com » Corporations Own 20% Of Your Genes
Prison Planet.com » Did NSA use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare?
Prison Planet.com » DHS Admits Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives Planned Months Before Marathon
Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg 2013: The sun sets on Watford
Prison Planet.com » The Royal Families Illuminati, Pedaphilia, Murdering Past
Prison Planet.com » FBI wants all software makers to build in backdoors for government surveillance
Prison Planet.com » Obama’s War on Whistleblowers
Prison Planet.com » The Predictable Response to Edward Snowden’s Disclosure of PRISM
Has the US become the type of nation from which you have to seek asylum?
Cops In Turkey Raid Square With Teargas - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » Auntie is a Whore
Prison Planet.com » Obama killing US with PRISM
Prison Planet.com » Anti-GMO tree protestors arrested at conference for exercising free speech rights
Prison Planet.com » Obama’s Nefarious Role in The NSA Spying Scandal
Hoyer: No comparison between Obama, Bush on secret NSA surveillance - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Prison Planet.com » Brief History: Monsanto Has Been A Merchant of Death for Decades
Prison Planet.com » Scientists’ dire warning: GM salmon will breed with trout and permanently harm the ecosystem
» Government Spying on Americans … and then Giving Info to Giant Corporations Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Ron Paul: When you have a dictatorship, truth becomes treasonous Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Speed Camera Called a Scam Motorists Can’t Win Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Effort to Portray NSA Whistleblower Snowden as Chinese Intelligence Operative Underway Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» U.S. State Department Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges to Drug Rings Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» IRS Agent: Keep Faith to Yourself Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Boehner brands Edward Snowden ‘a traitor’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
U.S. government has given Afghan National Army more than $1 billion in ammo | Washington Free Beacon
Obama: 'We Don't Want to Tax All Businesses Out of Business' | CNS News
Edward Snowden NSA leaker drops out of sight - chicagotribune.com
Clapper under fire for suggesting no knowledge of fed's massive phone, email collecting | Fox News
Arrests made in London ahead of next week's G8 summit - CNN.com
» Ron Paul Warned Us About Computer Surveillance in 1984 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
BBC News - TEDGlobal welcomes robot cockroaches
Resistant to Insecticides, 'Crazy' Ants Spreading Across US and Targeting Electronics
Mega Mosquitoes: Why 'Gallinipper' Bites Feel 'Like Getting Stabbed' [VIDEO] - International Science Times
Do Treaties Trump the Constitution? | Tenth Amendment Center
» Did NSA use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
86 Civil Liberties Groups and Internet Companies Demand an End to NSA Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Fighting terrorism: Do 'deradicalisation' camps really work? | World news | The Guardian
Stealth motorcycle for special forces being tested - New York News | NYC Breaking News
» Filmmaker Exposes Bilderberg’s Burden on Mankind Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Listen On The Internet Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Since 9/11, life _ and surveillance _ made easier - Yahoo! News
PEASE: Tea Party concerns with Gang of Eight ‘Amnesty’ immigration bill - Your Houston News: Opinion
GMO Papayas (Papaw) Approved In US and Canada But Not Europe
Genetically modified wheat: Researchers say Monsanto's questioning of testing accuracy is unfounded | OregonLive.com
Organic growers lose decision in suit versus Monsanto over seeds - Yahoo! News
Pakistan’s Sharif declares end to secret approval of drone strikes | West Hawaii Today, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Anti-G8 protest headquarters in London raided by riot police | World news | guardian.co.uk
Turkey Police Move to Recapture Istanbul Square - WSJ.com
Violence flares as Turkey PM cracks down on protests - The Times of India
These Chicago Murderers Passed Background Checks
Chicago books that would make great movies
Kirk should tour worst neighborhoods — with Brother Jim
Why have Chicago homicides dropped 34% so far?
1 Dead, 11 Wounded in Chicago Gun Violence
Bill Daley Plans Bid for Governor Amid Illinois Fiscal Mess
Chicago Tactics Put Major Dent in Killing Trend
ACLU sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance
Facebook urges US government to allow disclosure of security requests
Google Seeks Approval to Report NSA Data Requests - YouTube
Bush Approval Rating Back in Positive Territory
Senate immigration bill clears first hurdle; debate begins
Clashes in Istanbul continue; police use tear gas
Nelson Mandela remains in serious condition: South African government
Riot police clash with anti-G8 protesters in London
North Korea Postpones Talks With South
Julian Assange 'Strongly' Recommends Snowden Seeks Asylum in Latin America
Ron Paul on Snowden: It's a heroic effort - YouTube
Europe alarmed by US surveillance
Pope Francis vs. the Secret Vatican "Gay Lobby"
Islamist Rebels in Syria Execute 14-Year-Old For Blasphemy, SOHR
Center Field: Samantha Power's 'tough love'
Volatile stocks tumble in global sell-off
Customers Lose Big on Bank Overdraft Fees
The all-new Xbox One
Apple's Mac move could spur PCIe flash flurry in other notebooks, desktops
Google Buys Waze in Push to Expand in Mobile Mapping
Dispatch call describes Paris Jackson's injuries
'Dumb and Dumber' sequel dropped by studio; directors looking for new backers
Oprah donates $12 million to new African-American museum
One-Armed Miss Iowa Will Compete in Miss America Pageant
Smartphone-controlled 'cockroach cyborg' to appear at TED conference this week
Chimp Change: Caged Beasts to Be Added to Endangered Species List?
Why dark matter may not be so dark after all (+video)
SEE: Visionary pair imagines how humans will look in 100000 years
Off and no longer running: Space station's first treadmill to be jettisoned with trash
'Crazy Ants' a Threat to Parts of US
The World's Most Dangerous Oceans
Morning-after pill to be made available to American women of all ages
MERS affects fewer health care workers than SARS
Ew: Only 5 Percent of People Wash Their Hands Correctly
When did sunscreen get so complicated?
New York lays out $20 billion plan to combat effects of climate change | Reuters
Houston couple had tequila, argued before man fatally stabbed by stiletto heel | Fox News
Edward Snowden, hero or traitor? NSA leaker divides political world in sometimes-unpredictable ways - NY Daily News
Boston FBI Boss, Key Bomb Probe Figure, Steps Down - ABC News
Inspectors checked NC motel six weeks before gas deaths, health agency says | Fox News
Princeton University Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found - ABC News
Russian lawmakers pass anti-gay bill overwhelmingly in lower house, protesters detained | CTV News
The Wire: Snowden lying low; chaos in Turkey; China space launch; trial news roundup; Paris Jackson out soon - San Jose Mercury News
Smallest Galaxy Ever Discovered Bolsters Dark Matter Theory – News Watch
Humans Migrated To South Asia Much Later Than We Thought, Following Mega Volcano Eruption : Science : Headlines & Global News
Mexican gray wolves' territory may be expanded
Design Spacecraft For NASA Using Legos, Win The “Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition!”
Russell Brand plans to address Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X in Chicago Just For Laughs festival - Chicago Sun-Times
A Warning to Public Servants in the Obama Administration: It’s RICO time!
In ‘fixing’ immigration, the fix is in
The Death of a Political Career
Data Mining ‘America, SuperPower of the Covert Spy World’
The Sinister Spiritual Scandal Beneath All the Obama Political Scandals
UN’s “Post-2015 Development Agenda” Morphed from “Agenda 21”
How Extensive is the NSA Domestic Surveillance of U.S. Media? Is it legal?
Lefty journalist Greenwald: Just wait, we’re going to break more surveillance scandals
More Mega-Legislation: Senate Takes Up Immigration “Reform”
Napolitano discusses border security with sheriffs, police chiefs
It’s RICO time! How to Stop the Obama Administration Crime Wave
Socialist Networking
NSA “Whistleblower” An Enemy Agent?
Video: Secret Recording: IRS Tells Pro-Life Group to 'Keep Your Faith to Yourself'
Video: Big Sis, Dems Ignore 'Radical Islam'
Video: Ivy League Student: Conservatives Just 'Rich White Men Who Don't Give a F**k About Immigrants'
Video: Anti-Semitism Caught on Tape: British MP to Female Soldier: 'You Look Like A Bloody Jew'
Video: Flashback: Sen. Obama Slams Wiretaps Under Bush
Video: Obama Caught on Tape at Fundraiser: Dems 'Don't Want to Tax ALL Businesses Out of Business'
Video: MSNBC's Mika Caught Using False Obama Talking Points
Marco Rubio is Dead to Me
The Ambassador and the underage hooker?
Did Verizon build a fiber optic cable to give feds access?
Obama gives in and stops fighting age limit on 'morning after' pill
Obamacare to increase premiums in Ohio 88%
Senate passes trillion dollar farm bill
Senator Feinstein calls leak 'treason'
Intelligence agencies assess damage done by leaks
Let the House pick up the pieces of the immigration reform bill
Vanishing Privacy
Sunni-Shiite divide in Syria may spark wider Middle East war
The Data Retention Disaster Heading to the US
The Obama Scandals and the Limbaugh Theorem
Rise in Female Breadwinners Means America Is a Loser
The Education Bubble Has Burst
The Enemy is Us
Two GOP Turncoats
Big Government Can't Fix Immorality
Audit the IRS
Are Republicans More Ethical than Democrats?
The Administration: Scarier Than You Could Imagine
The GOP's Continuing Betrayal of Its Rock Stars
Reining in Fascism
U of Chicago Chapel Removes Christian Pews to Accomodate Muslims; Pews Defiled for “Modern Art” Exhibit
Snowden No Hero – Should Be Prosecuted Like Manning; Partisan Hypocrites: Despite Denials, Limbaugh Others Supported More Invasive Bush NSA Wiretapping
Limbaugh is Criminally Nuts
Edward Snowden's Brave New World
Darwinism is NOT a Natural Science
Economic Illiterates Pounce on Wal-Mart Again
RUSH: A Dose Of Reality On Immigration And ObamaCare
RUSH: ‘Media Is Never Going To Do Anything That Will Result In Real Harm To Obama’
RUSH: Democrats Are Fine With Spying, As Long As Obama Is Targeting The Right Americans
Limbaugh: We Must Stop Amnesty And Hold The House In 2014
Rush ‘Disappointed’ In Rubio For Flip-Flop On Border Security
Rush Teases: Hillary Clinton Created A Culture Where It Was OK To Buy Women For Sex
RUSH: If We Got A Drone Anywhere Near Edward Snowden, Obama’s Got His Finger On The Trigger
RUSH: It’s Obvious Obama DOES Want To Tax All Businesses Out Of Business!
RUSH: Edward Snowden ‘Profoundly Articulate,’ ‘Extremely Thoughtful’
‘SCANDALGATE’: Rush Gives A Review Of The Obama Scandals
LIMBAUGH: Will The Land Of The Free Survive Obama’s Full Term?
5 Ways to Thwart the NSA and Gov’t from Spying on You
AP’s Discovery Suggests al-Qaeda Has Feared Weapon
Report Spells Bad News for Obamacare and Premiums in Ohio
Obama Admin Considering Resettling Syrian Refugees in U.S. and These Are the States Where They May Go
Police Confiscate Veteran’s Antique Guns Following a Visit With His Therapist
Rand Paul Spars With CBS Reporters Over Gov’t Surveillance: ‘Just Because Congress Approved It, Doesn’t Make It Right’
Allen West’s Blunt Response to Bill Cosby Over ‘We Should All Be More Like [Muslims]‘ Remark
Journalist Who Exposed NSA Surveillance Says There Are Still ‘A Lot More Significant Revelations’ to Come
Lindsey Graham on Domestic Surveillance: ‘If I Thought Censoring the Mail Was Necessary, I Would Suggest It’
Exclusive: Get a First-Look at the Pro-Gun Documentary That Could Transform Americans’ Views on the Second Amendment
‘We Can’t Wait Much Longer’: Syria’s Top Rebel Commander Pleas for U.S. Help as Iran’s Hezbollah Fighters Strengthen Assad
Democratic Senator Resorts to Speaking Spanish on Floor to Push Immigration Bill
Tense: Ed Henry Confronts Jay Carney on Obama Statements During White House Press Conference
Did the Nazis Really Make Soap out of Jewish Holocaust Victims?
Are Hospitals and Insurance Companies Too Big (and Powerful) to Fail?
It Has Come to This: German Gov’t Official Accuses U.S. of Stasi Tactics Ahead of Obama Visit
You’re Reading This Right: Christian Mother Turns to Atheist Group to Protest ‘Illegal’ Pre-K Graduation Prayer to…Jesus
License, Registration and…Cellphone: N.J. Bill Would Allow Cops to Look Through Your Phone After an Accident
Is This the Acrobat Girlfriend NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Left Behind?
‘Traitor’: John Boehner Sides With Obama and Makes It Clear What He Thinks About NSA Whistleblower
Surprising Piece of Scottish Legislation Would Pair Every Child with a ‘Named Person’ to Ensure Well-Being
Surprised? Lois Lerner Reportedly Still Has Access to IRS System, Computer Privileges Haven’t Been Revoked
Is It Time for Churches to Abandon Tax-Exempt Status to Protect Religious Freedom?
Egyptian Girl, 13, Dies During Female Circumcision Procedure Sparking Condemnation
MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Gets Upset After Reporter Accuses Her of Reading White House ‘Talking Points’ on NSA Leak Story

Guess Who Has Been Named 2013′s ‘Father of the Year’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
The Amazing Moment This 5-Year-Old Girl Realizes That Baseball Catcher Is Actually Her Soldier Dad | Video | TheBlaze.com
Terrible: Dog-Throwing Soccer Player Gets Ejected as Fans Hurl Objects Onto Field | Video | TheBlaze.com
See What a Group of ‘Delirious’ Passengers with No A/C Banded Together to Do After Being Stuck on a Tarmac in Vegas for 5 Hours | Video | TheBlaze.com
‘I Want the Whole F***ing Menu B**ch’: Rude Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Loses It Over Not Getting Receipt | Video | TheBlaze.com
50 Incredible Pictures of the New Unrest and Police Response in Turkey | TheBlaze.com
Good luck tracking this, Big Brother!
Not everyone claiming to be ‘Christian’ is
‘Can you prove creation has a Creator?’
Pope admits there is a 'gay lobby' at the highest levels of the Vatican | Mail Online
Russia set to pass strict anti-gay law that could see foreigners deported for 'sexual propaganda' - Europe - World - The Independent
Putin lectures Obama on privacy
Kissing cousins? Icelandic app warns if your date is a relative - Business - CBC News
Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’ | WashingtonExaminer.com
Steve Clemons leak: Intelligence officials overheard joking about how NSA leaker should be 'disappeared' after handing classified documents to press | Mail Online
State Dept. allegedly nixed internal probes into sex assaults, hookers and drugs by overseas diplos, bombshell report reveals - NYPOST.com
Obama administration scandals kill gun-control efforts | The Daily Caller
The Ghost of Chavez: Venezuela Getting Sicker | Via Meadia
Benghazi killers still on the lam after 9 months, may have sought to 'smoke out' CIA - Washington Times
Sharpton: You Can’t Blame Obama for Secret Surveillance CNS
Obama: ‘We Owe' Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship CNS
Ari Fleischer ‘Proud’ of Obama’s NSA Surveillance, Compares to Airport Security CNS
Prostitution, Drugs, Coverup? Obama’s State Dep’t Under Fire CNS
Is Our Guardian Angel Big Brother?
Obama's 2007 Promise: 'No More Illegal Wiretapping of American Citizens'
Boy Suspended for Pop-Tart 'Gun' Loses Appeal to Have Record Expunged
Rep. Maxine Waters: Obama Campaign Database Has 'Information About Everything on Every Individual'
Obama Observes 50th Anniversary of Equal Pay Act
DREAMers, Here Illegally, Are ‘Our Most Talented Young People,’ Says Colo. Dem CNS
Search for 1st Web page takes detour into NC
Hillary Clinton, 'Pantsuit Afficionado,' Joins Twitter

Hagel: US 'Committed to Being the Largest Single Contributor' to Post-Combat Mission in Afghanistan | CNS News
Pope Urged to Declare Islam a Peaceful Religion | CNS News
George Stephanopoulos Spouts Obama's IRS Talking Points to John Boehner | NewsBusters
CNN's Cooper Interviews Transgendered Ex-SEAL ‘Warrior Princess’ | NewsBusters
Malkin Column: Anthony Weiner's Underage Girl Problem | NewsBusters
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Immigration Reform Odds Grow Longer
A New Tax Code: Here Are the Choices
Obama: George Orwell's Kind of POTUS
Big Brother at the Post Office
John Bolton to Newsmax: Snowden Traitor Who 'Committed Act of War Against United States'
Russia Would Consider Asylum for US Cyber Leaker
McNabb: Interpol Critical in Bringing Snowden to US
James Clapper Urges Guarding Data, Reassures Contractors
Pawlenty: Snowden's 'A Traitor,' Not a Whistleblower
Andrew McCarthy: Snowden a Criminal
Dancer Girlfriend 'Lost' Without Whistleblower Edward Snowden
Christie Draws Endorsements from Prominent Democrats
GOP Nemesis Declines Re-election Bid
Did the IRS Commit a Federal Offense?
Gorbachev In Hospital for Tests
Rubio Amendment Tightens English Requirement for Immigrants
Susan B. Anthony List: Obama's Compliance With Morning After Pill Ruling 'Sick'
Bill Daley Plans Run for Illinois Governor
5 Top Cancer-Fighting Foods
New Study Provides Evidence That GMO Foods May Be Harmful
Diabetes Breathalyzer Created by Chemists
Blood Pressure Lowered By Vitamin D
Do farmers really 'need' illegal workers?
L. KLAYMAN: My fight against Obama's abuse of power
Obama's silence on 'paid liar' charge
E. RATNER: Why media don't fight Obama's spying
R. SANTORUM: America demands truth on Benghazi
P. GELLER: Obama's ministry of propaganda
Obama's Big Brotherism
Christian minister opposes 'God Bless America'
You'd better believe this is Obama's America
Snooping technology: Guardian angel or Lucifer?
Turn NSA loose on illegal-alien problem
Obama's veiled threats against We the People
'Tyranny just around the corner'
Cameron Douglas Writes Drug Policy Essay from Jail
'Daily Show' Keeps Up Pressure on Obama, NSA - 'Good News: You're Not Paranoid'
Dave Caves: Letterman Lets Loose on Obama, NSA
UCLA Professor: Gun Control Can't Stop a 'Madman'
President Obama Continues to Fail as CEO
Schumer: 'Illegal Immigration Will Be a Thing of the Past'
Bush More Popular than Obama
Cornyn Security Amendment Could Decide Immigration Bill
Cruz Spox: Fine, We're 'Obamaphobes'
Kaine Praises Immigration Bill in Spanish on Senate Floor
Senate Votes 82-15 to Take Up Immigration Bill
GOP Supporters of Senate Immigration Deal Play Race Card on Opponents
Report: DHS Halted Background Checks to Meet Flood of Amnesty Requests
Menendez Accuses Cruz of 'Obamaphobia' for Opposing Amnesty
Report: Feds Preparing Charge Against NSA Leaker
Report: IRS Official Who Targeted Tea Party Groups Retiring
Perry Recruits in New York, Connecticut: 'Texas is Waiting'
Rand Paul Accuses Obama of 'Utter, Frank Hypocrisy' over NSA Scandal
Former DNI: NSA Leaker 'Low-Level' Employee with 'Overinflated' Idea of Role
Food Stamp Spending 5X Greater than Veterans Job Training, Education
Whistleblower: Hillary's Chief of Staff Quashed State Dept. Scandal Investigation
Did Hillary Clinton’s Run for the Presidency End Monday Morning?
Forget Gold, .22 Ammo up More than 400%
Public Surveillance Approval Depends on Who's in The White House
Carney: Obama Not George W. Bush
Allen West Responds to Cosby
'First Comes the Legalization': Rubio Contradicts Tough-Talking Immigration Ads
Paul Krugman Focuses on Princeton Bomb Threat Victim Paul Krugman
New York Times Yanks Weiner Story
New York Times: Lack of Global Warming Proves There's Global Warming
Time Magazine and the Enshrining of Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Can a Media Hero Do Any Wrong?
CNN Launches Dishonest Attack On Clarence Thomas--To Protect Voter Fraud
NBC News: Clapper 'Didn't Have Good Response' About Misleading Congress
AP Turns On Obama: Second Term On Verge of Imploding
Turkey's Secular Riot
Francis Reportedly Confirms 'Gay Lobby' in Vatican
Discovered Manual Suggests al-Qaida Has Feared Surface-to-Air Missiles
U.S Intelligence Sabotages Al-Qaeda Magazine
Corpse Found in Russian Airplane After 7 Flights
Benghazi Attackers Still on the Loose
Obama Admin Considers Resettling Thousands of Syrian Refugees in U.S.
Fort Hood Suspect Expected to Argue Shooting Was in Defense of Taliban
Double Suicide Bomb Attack in Central Damascus
Nepal Court Orders Passport Change for Transgenders
Mandela Spends Fourth Day in Hospital
Toll from Iraq Carnage Rises to 73 Dead
Germany Uses Special Label to Target Israeli Products
Taliban Beheads 10-Year-Old Boy
EU Won't Acknowledge Funding NGO's Leading Sanctions Against Israel
World View: Russia Considers Putting Troops on Israel-Syria Border
Wikileaks' Assange in Touch with Edward Snowden
Interview: Geert Wilders and the 'Islamicization' of Europe
NSA Leaker: China Not America's Enemy
Air Force Bans Personnel from Reading News Stories Reporting NSA Scandal

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/10/13: Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked? - YouTube
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The Establishment Strikes Back
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CDC to ‘Study’ Gun Violence, Ignore Link to Antidepressants
Whistleblowing: Exemplary Patriotism
Austin Leads Agenda 21 Adoption with Smart Grid, International Codes
Snowden leaks show NSA 'routinely lies' to Congress
The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)
The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II)
FBI Files Reveal Anti-Defamation League Spied on Arab Students
China Seeks “New Type of Great Power Relations”. Beijing will not Challenge US Global Dominance
The “Real Obama” is Bent on Killing Innocent People with Remote-controlled Drones
Alter-Summit in Athens: Pseudo-Left Response to Growing Social Opposition in Europe
The Uncertain Fate of the U.S.-NATO Installed Libyan Regime
Surveillance Can be Used to Frame You, If Someone In Government “Happens to Take a Dislike to You”
“Arrest Obama When He Visits”: South African Lawyers Ask for War Crimes Investigation and Prosecution
Interview 679 - Radio Liberty: The Turning Point Has Arrived
Interview 678 - Michel Chossudovsky on the End of the Syrian Ground War

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Activist Post: Turmeric Produces 'Remarkable' Recovery in Alzheimer's Patients
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Unnecessary Tragedy by Walter E. Williams
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100 years after ore boat disappeared in Lake Superior storm, searchers locate wreck | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota
Rover Finds New Evidence That Ancient Mars Was Habitable | Opportunity Rover | Space.com
Lost World Locked in Stone at Fossil Lake | LiveScience
Man of Steel: The top 20 reasons why Superman is Jesus | Metro News
Ron Paul: I’m worried that the government might kill Edward Snowden with a drone | WashingtonExaminer.com
Former NSA Chief: The Agency Has ‘Very Good Idea’ Which Secrets Snowden Swiped | TPMDC
Operation 'troll the NSA' starts up online with plan to jam spy scanners by sending same 'terrorist' message over and over again | Mail Online
'Quit Google, Facebook' suggests tech expert as surveillance scandal deepens (Wired UK)
Get Ready: GOP Presidential Hopefuls To Headline Big DC Christian Event
Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Hoyer: No comparison between Obama, Bush on secret NSA surveillance - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Obama Schmoozes Reporters At Secret Meeting
The NSA Has at Least 1 Liberal Friend Left: Sen. Al Franken - NationalJournal.com
Outrage Becoming The Norm When It Comes To New NYC 911 System « CBS New York
Mali manual suggests al-Qaida has feared weapon - WTOP.com
Academics at Oxford University pay to be cryogenically preserved so they can be 'brought back to life in the future' - Science - News - The Independent
China's latest 'sacred' manned space mission blasts off - Yahoo! News
News from The Associated Press
Police: Man Allegedly Had Sex With Unconscious Woman ‘To Save Her Life’ « CBS Las Vegas
John Boehner: ‘Open’ House on immigration - POLITICO.com
Facebook and Twitter are magnets for narcissists - Technology & Science - CBC News
Officials at Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. accused of covering up sexual misconduct - NYPOST.com
Whistleblower: Hillary's Chief of Staff Quashed State Dept. Scandal Investigation
The big flip-off: Company doesn’t give feds data
Beth Schoeneberg -- Neither Shall Our First Amendment be Infringed
The Case For Impeachment | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Obama To Ignore Senate, Sign 2nd Amendment-Violating U.N. Gun Treaty | Pakalert Press
Twenty TRILLION Phone Calls: "They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001"
Secret NSA mind reading at U.S. university?
Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
BOMBSHELL: Document Examiner Tied To Obama Defense Attorney Says Birth Certificate Is 100% Fraud : Freedom Outpost
How To Build An Emergency Power System | Survival
Did An Extraterrestrial Speak To Us? | Paranormal
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How They Rigged the WTC Towers for Demolition | 9/11 and Ground Zero
Evidence Of Time Travelers? (Video) | Beyond Science
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Surveillance Can be Used to Frame You, If Someone In Government “Happens to Take a Dislike to You”
The NSA Black Hole: 5 Basic Things We Still Don’t Know About the Agency’s Snooping
23 Reasons Why I Feel Safer Today In America |
Candidate Obama debates President Obama on Government Surveillance - YouTube
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NSA In The UK – NSA’s Largest Data Mining Computer Center! | InvestmentWatch
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5 Ways the Tech Companies Are Making Monster Profits by Stealing from Our Future
Is The Surveillance State Constitutional?
Where is the Money Going? - The Shady Overlap of Disease Charities and Drug Companies - AllGov - News
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How Dystopian Secrecy Contributes to Clueless Wars
Our Government's Secrecy Has Caused Far More Deaths Than 9/11
What is the Government’s Real Agenda?
NSA Surveillance Furor Shows We’re Ready for War on Terror to Be Over - The Daily Beast
1993 WTC Bomb Attack - FBI Informant Emad Salem Tapes - YouTube
The Fuse Has Been Lit: Seven Critical Points on Uncle Sam’s Spying Program
FDA Approves First GMO Flu Vaccine Containing Reprogrammed Insect Virus | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Obama’s Plan B: Morning-after pill for underage girls | InvestmentWatch
IRS tracks your digital footprint - 1 - - MSN Money
IRS: We Can't Tell You Who Violated Your Privacy Because That Would Be Violating the Privacy of Whoever Violated Your Privacy - 12160
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Hillary’s sorry state of affairs Probes into her department’s sex scandals were quashed, memo says - 12160
$9,000,000,000,000 Missing From The Federal Reserve. Why should any American pay their taxes? | XRepublic
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The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby | P U L S E
911 ~ You've Got To Stand For Somethin' - YouTube
436 Federal Employees Had Insider Tip on $8 Billion Medicare Decision
The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse
Why Should Obama Be the Only One called to Resign? These 10 Members of Congress I Call to Step Down for Their Corrruption. | The Lone Star Watchdog
TaxProf Blog: Anderson: The Problem Is Not Just IRS Lawyers; The Problem Is All Federal Government Lawyers
DHS Admits Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives Planned Months Before Marathon - | Intellihub.com
Hotels may have to inform guests of gun-restriction policies |
Dust Bowl Conditions Are Literally Returning To The Western Half Of The United States | InvestmentWatch
US to Blame China on NSA Scandal. Chinese Warships Enter American Waters. Japanese Troops Drill with Marines in CA - | Intellihub.com
Edward Snowden: Courage is Contagious | Think Tank - YouTube
New FBI Head James Comey: Police State America is “In Good Hands” | Global Research
Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’ |
Ron Paul Blasts NSA Defenders On Piers Morgan: 'You're Justifying Dictatorship!' - YouTube
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Who benefits from US wars? | THE INTERNET POST
Bomb threats at Princeton University, Morristown High School, Southwest Airlines, Atlanta airport, Richmond airport, etc… | InvestmentWatch

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