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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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03 April 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Campus poised to join Obama’s BRAIN initiative
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”
Rubio and Rand Paul's Amnesty Trick Will Lead Conservatives To Their Own Doom! - ALIPAC
Facebook and Twitter-linked sex crimes quadruple in four years as paedophiles exploit social network users | Mail Online
Schools expel 15 sex bullies a day: Even primary pupils driven to assaults by internet porn | Mail Online
AP IMPACT: Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US - Yahoo! News
Russian Moon Robots Program Shows Nation's Renewed Interest In Lunar Exploration
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warns North Korea on ‘reckless’ provocations, vows U.S. will defend itself and its allies | Toronto Star
New North Korean broadside warns 'moment of explosion' nears - CNN.com
UN Arms Trade Treaty Passes By Overwhelming Vote : Freedom Outpost
Labour's banking watchdog abolished as Bank of England takes charge of regulating financial service industry | Mail Online
Anyone Who Thinks Apple Will Rule The World Forever Should Look At This Picture - Business Insider
Global warming has INCREASED ice around Antarctica - | Mail Online
Government's climate watchdog launches astonishing attack on the Mail on Sunday... for revealing global warming science is wrong | Mail Online
Spike in law enforcement assassinations raises fears | The Lookout - Yahoo! News
China mobilizes military, on 'high alert' over N. Korea threats — RT News
U.S. will not accept North Korea as a 'nuclear state,' Kerry says - CNN.com
CURL: The Obamas live the 1 percent life - Washington Times
Chemical warfare against the nation right under our noses | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Top scientists to Obama: Ban mutation experiments that will make avian flu more infectious — RT News
Monsanto Protection Act
Kentucky set to be first state to legalize hemp production — RT USA
ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly via IRS Loophole INCOME TAX FRAUD - YouTube
AMAZING Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill! - YouTube
Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice « Underground Documentaries
Greenspan Admits To Congress He Was Wrong About Fraud - Home - The Daily Bail
Activist Post: Surprising Number Of Americans Believe In Conspiracy Theories, And Many "Theories" Are Actually True
Activist Post: ALERT: All Of The Money In Your Bank Account Could Disappear In A Single Moment
War With North Korea: Kim Jong-Un is Not a Threat, Despite Hawkish U.S. Rhetoric
Pentagon sends missile defences to Guam as North Korea 'approves nuclear attack on US' - Telegraph
Escaped Scientologist Goes Public About "Cult" Brainwashing and Labor Camps - | Intellihub.com
Audio: Stockman says Fed is off the deep end | InvestmentWatch
I.M.F. and Europe Set Tough Terms for Cyprus Bailout - NYTimes.com
Video: Indian study reveals male bats perform oral sex on females
50,000,000 Americans on food stamps in US - 12160
You are Under Arrest! (So..do you want to be a Snitch?) - | Intellihub.com
Obama Care “tax” originated in US Senate – Lawsuit poised to KILL Obama Care on a technicality | InvestmentWatch
McDonald’s want ad demands bachelor’s degree, two-years experience for cashier |
Mayor Against Illegal Guns Busted For Demanding Gay Sex At Gunpoint |
Report: Obamacare Credit Could Trigger Surprise Tax Bills |
Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit |
The Money-Changers | THE INTERNET POST
Why Western Democracy Is Mind Control
IAEA Says Iran Probably Building Atomic Weapon - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News
BREAKING: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says crisis in Korean Peninsula ‘has already gone too far.’ | InvestmentWatch
Iran said advancing 'at murderous pace,' could have bomb by July | The Times of Israel
Rep. Peter King: US could make preemptive strike on North Korea - The Hill's Video
Ron Paul Blasts Online Sales Tax Scheme - 12160
Congressman Who Created The TSA Flips Out Over Waste - Home - The Daily Bail
How GMO Farming and Food Is Making Our Gut Flora Unfriendly - Waking Times : Waking Times
As Families Starve, Supermarkets Throw Away Half Of Food Supplies
Truth Is Offensive: How long before being Offensive becomes being “An Enemy of the State”? | Global Research
USDollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate
Giving Parking Tickets to Drug Companies - The Economics of Pharmaceutical 'Safety' - Waking Times : Waking Times
Reading News Online A Criminal Offence?
Constitutional Silver Dimes Will Disappear First - 12160
Global Elite Preparing New Korean War to Coincide with Economic Implosion? |
The Confiscation of Bank Savings to “Save the Banks”: The Diabolical Bank “Bail-In” Proposal | Global Research
Central Banks Controlling the world since 1694 | International Forecaster Weekly Bob Chapman The International Forcaster | Economy News | Investing | US Market Information | Gold | Silver | Wall Street Bailouts | Investment Trends | Money Resources | US and Worldwide Politics
Arkansas oil spill: Exxon reacts to tax 'loophole,' pledges ‘to cover all costs’ — RT USA
Refreshing News: Suspect in Colorado prison chief death got out early because of a paperwork error
Refreshing News: New California "Right to Know" Act Would Let Consumers Find Out Who Has Their Personal Data -- And Get a Copy of It
North Korea To Restart Nuclear Reactor, China On High Alert | StratRisks
New Hampshire Bill Introduced to Re-Instate ORIGINAL 13th Amendment – The Truth Is Coming Out | InvestmentWatch
Food Stamp Fraud Soars To $750 Million Each Year - 12160
The Big Banks Are Recklessly Gambling With Our Money, And It Will Cause The Global Financial System To Collapse - BlackListedNews.com
Congress Planning To Debate CISPA Behind Closed Doors - BlackListedNews.com
Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN | The Gateway Pundit
Activist Post: Will Globalists Use North Korea To Trigger Catastrophe?
Another Gold Shortage? Dutch ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery | silveristhenew
Shell Shocked – Disarmament – Tyrants – Treason |
Checkmate on your “Military Type” Firearms Ban |
Activist Post: HPV Vaccine Safety: Has the CDC abandoned its mission?
The Other Israel (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Fed Isn’t Providing “Monetary Morphine”; It’s Spreading Financial Cancer That is Killing the Markets and Democratic Capitali | InvestmentWatch
Damn Interesting - http://www.damninteresting.com/

Film: The Power of the Purse
Economic Crisis Hits the Netherlands - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Autism affects 70 million people worldwide - InterAksyon.com
The Silver Bear Cafe
DHS: Legal Immigrants from Asia Outnumbered Latin Americans in FY2012 | CNS News
Dutch court overturns paedophile association ban · TheJournal.ie
Can Washington get vets off the streets? Tens of thousands homeless despite billions in spending - In Plain Sight
Tough Fight For US Troops Happen At Home - Business Insider
Tell youngsters the truth: the UK needs you to work not go to university - Telegraph
More problems cited in F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program - UPI.com
Judge to announce if Stockton will become most populous US city to enter bankruptcy | Fox News
Veterans fight changes to disability payments - FederalNewsRadio.com
List Released With 132 Names Who Pulled Cyprus Deposits Ahead Of "Confiscation Day" | www.bullfax.com
BBC News - How much gold is there in the world?
Sorry, Mates, Strictly Business: Australia Wants To Cut Out US Dollar In Trade With China
Smartphone Privacy Concerns - Business Insider
Judge rules 'NATO 3' can be tried under state terror law - UPI.com
Nebraska Police Chase Down Man Video Recording Their Abuse While Second Man Video Records It All | PINAC
Rick From "Pawn Stars": The Government is Destroying Us
Jeff Berwick Talks Bitcoin on FOX Business - informationliberation
Jeff Berwick On CNBC: 'What's a Bitcoin? And How Did It Break $1 Billion?' - informationliberation
Bitcoin Hits Astonishing $147 High Per Coin - informationliberation
What Happened In Cyprus Will Happen Everywhere: Marc Faber - informationliberation
Ron Paul: 'The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery' - informationliberation
New York: Judge Rules Against Use Of X-Rays During Traffic Stops - informationliberation
DHS Explains Plans To Buy 1.6B Rounds Of Ammo: We're Buying in Bulk to 'Significantly Lower Costs' | CNS News
*Obama Executive Orders Nationalizing Energy, Food, Water, Everything Else

Executive Order -- Establishment of the Presidential Commission of Election Administration | The White House
Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012
Will Russia Establish Bases in Afghanistan?
Reality Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street Widens
Proposed EPA Sulfur Standard to Boost Gas Prices
Planned Parenthood Rep Gives Chilling Testimony on “Post-Birth” Abortion
Researchers Say New Tests Support Authenticity of Shroud of Turin
President Obama Wants to Get Inside Your BRAIN
Eurozone Boss Seeks More Looting as Capital Controls Hit Cyprus
Canada-EU Integration Moves Forward, U.S. and NAFTA Next
BRICS Regimes Forge New World Bank, Call for Global Currency
Roseanne Barr: “MK ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood”
New Hidden Law Allows Monsanto to Plant and Sell GMO Seeds Even if They Are Later Found to be Toxic
“World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda (Trailer Video)
The Long History of Lies about Iran
Russian War Games Send a Strong Message Against NATO Intervention in Syria?
Global Paradox: Peace Not Wars
In Case You Missed It Propaganda
U.S. “Human Rights” Wars: Arms Control as a Weapon
A Brave New World? Neuroscience, Obama's BRAIN Project, and Military Mind Control
Artificially Converted to Poverty Imperialism 101
The Bill for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupation: $4 to $6 Trillion
Julian Assange may be safe from extradition to US, says Justice Stefan Lindskog
Chance of Julian Assange going to US
Julian Assange to run for Australian Senate Video
Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks Could Explode, Agency Warns
Reagan and Obama budget directors urge to cut Pentagon spending
Special Report: How the Fed fueled an explosion in subprime auto loans
Camp Nama: British Personnel Reveal Horrors of Secret US Base in Baghdad
Depleted Uranium The BBC’s hatchet job on Fallujah’s genetically damaged children
The Great Afghan Corruption Scam
The Treason of Intellectuals
9/11: Illegitimacy of US Government
Communism, Welfare State – What's the Next Big Idea?
Debt = Serfdom
Are DHS Arming Obama’s Civilian Army With Recent Ammo Purchases?
Gates Foundation Funds Data Mining Project to Dumb Down Students
MSM Propaganda Wants Americans to Think US Constitution is Outdated
Mass Bird Deaths Linked to USDA and Big Agra
Today's Monetary System is Much More Dangerous Than Bitcoin
Cops Shoot Unarmed Man 16 Times In His Bed! Then Call It Justified!
Whistleblowers: The Silenced Heroes
America's Drug War Profiteering Prison Industrial Complex
Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal | Electronic Frontier Foundation
US to Deploy Missile Defense System to Guam Due to N. Korean Threats
The Cell Phone Turns 40
Iran, World Powers to Meet Again on Nuclear Stalemate
Self-Testing Might Help Curb Spread of HIV
U.S. May Launch Preemptive Nuclear “First Strike” Against Russia: Chief of Staff
War against the “Axis of Evil”. How Hollywood Smears North Koreans
What are the Causes of Breast Cancer? New Epidemiological Study
Human Trafficking
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), An Oppressive US-Led Free Trade Agreement, A Corporate Power-Tool of the 1%
Countries at War? Coca-Cola Sold in North Korea, with a Distinctive Can and DPRK Logo
Fukushima Radioactive Fallout in California and Alaska: Health Impacts on American Children
America’s Six Trillion Dollar Wars
Interview 643 - Kevin Carson on "Objective" Journalism
Interview 641 - Stefan Verstappen on Defense Against the Psychopath
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Corporate Power-Tool of The 1%
Hagel Outlines Impending Defense Cuts -- News from Antiwar.com
Kerry: US to Defend South Korea From North -- News from Antiwar.com
The Shift in the Drone Debate « Antiwar.com Blog
How the Pentagon Corrupted Afghanistan by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com
Suddenly, NYPD doesn’t love surveillance anymore - Salon.com
The Long History of Lies about Iran by Muhammad Sahimi -- Antiwar.com
Mr Obama, on what planet do you live? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Explaining North Korea by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Irresponsibility in the Department of Defense by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
Chuck Baldwin -- Who Are Freedom’s Friends And Enemies?
Bill would allow bosses to seek Facebook passwords | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
BBC News - North Korea threats: US to move missiles to Guam
North Korea vows to expand nuclear arsenal, signaling end of talks - latimes.com
AFP: N. Korea approves nuclear strike on United States
Obama senior adviser laments Drudge Report effect on the news | WashingtonExaminer.com
In U.S., Child Poverty and Hunger Rates Remain Alarmingly High - BCNN1
The Run 2016 » Biden: ‘There’s no woman like Hillary Clinton’
Hillary Clinton Shares Stage With Joe Biden in One of First Public Events Since Leaving State - Yahoo! News
‘Illegal immigrant’ no more | THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE
The Associated Press Drops "Illegal Immigrant" From Standards Book - ABC News
AP drops ‘illegal immigrant’ from Stylebook
Leno: AP Replaces 'Illegal Immigrant' With 'Undocumented Democrat' | NewsBusters
WH: Immigration Reform 'Will Be Good for the Middle Class' | CNS News
Bill O’Reilly vs. Laura Ingraham
'Presidents Club' to Reunite at Opening of George W. Bush's Library | TIME.com
ObamaCare in Trouble? Exchange provision delayed, as lawmakers push to repeal another | Fox News
Obamacare Incompetence | TIME.com
Tens of thousands Obamacare 'navigators' to be hired | WashingtonExaminer.com
Sen. Schumer's prison lobby ties alarm immigrant advocates - Washington Times
70,291,049 Background Checks for Gun Purchases Under Obama | CNS News
Obama criticized for using dated, disputed gun stat to sell background checks | Fox News
NBC Confirms Fallon Will Succeed Leno - NYTimes.com
News from The Associated Press
The North Korean Nuclear Crisis What You Aren’t Being Told | Economy
Plant Grow Zones | Survival
10 Free Items That Could Save Your Life | Self-Sufficiency
100 Billion Earth-Like Planets In Milky Way Say Astronomers | Space
Obama One Signature Away From Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty | Alternative
The Top 5 Protein Sources For Your SHTF Diet | Alternative
How To Keep Warm When Power Is Out | Survival
Linda Adams Complains Birthers Obstructing Truth by Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala. | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Christ Has Returned - and there are four of them to choose from | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
THC Induces Fear Extinction In Humans. | Alternative
How To Turn On Your Lifeless Immune System | Alternative
They Are Beating Us With Sociology And Social Psychology | Conspiracy Theories
Crisis Actors Used At Sandy Hook: An Infowars Special Report - Sandy Hook - A Staged Event | Conspiracy Theories
Homeland Security Insider Warns Orchestrated Collapse of U.S. dollar 'has begun' | Alternative
Mystery Babylon : The False Prophet Resides As Lucifer Is Invoked On Ishtar Sunday | Prophecy
Dragon Skeleton Discovered In Chinese Sea (Video) | Alternative
Trailer Talk: 'The Purge' Says America Reborn by Letting Citizens Run Wild
Rolling Stones Announce 9-City Tour
President Bill Clinton Reverses Himself On DOMA, GLAAD Rewards with New Honor
'World War Z's' China-Sensitive Edit Only the Beginning
It's Official: Jay Leno to Leave 'Tonight Show' Next Spring
Jim Carrey Tries High Road on Gun Debate, Forgets His Recent History of Hate
Elmo Actor Accused Again
What Sequester? Stars Align (Again) at Obama's White House
APNewsBreak: Ohio school says Jesus portrait down
Dr. Ben Carson: An Unapologetic Conservative of Color Whom the Left Hates and Fears
Leahy to Rubio: I'll 'Consider' Single Immigration Hearing
Ashley Judd Adviser: Dems Forced Actress Out of Senate Race
Nearly 50 Million Americans in Poverty, Worst Since LBJ
Phyllis Schlafly at CPAC on the GOP Establishment, Karl Rove, Mitt Romney
Poll: Expanded Background Checks Won't Curb Gun Violence
Cost of Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubled in Obama's First Term
Nervous? Obama Endorses Anti-Gun Dem Kelly One Week Before IL-02 Election
The New Climate Consensus
U.S. Government Issues Corrective Order for Exxon Spill
Mark Kelly's Video Failed To Show He Was Denied Handgun Purchase, Too
GOP Sen. Kirk Announces Support for Gay Marriage
It's Official: Sanford Facing Colbert Busch in SC
Group Raising Money to Give Away Self-Defense Firearms in Dallas
Anti-Tea Party No Labels Co-founder Unleashes Attack on Sarah Palin
Federal Prosecutor Withdraws from Texas D.A. Case over Security Fears
Biden Strongarms GOP Senators on Gun Control
Carney: WH Working with Congress on Drafting Immigration Legislation
Study: K-12 Admin. Employment Outpaces Student Growth
WH Senior Adviser: Drudge Report 'Hurts' Obama Messaging
LA Times Mocks NRA's School Plan: 'Hail of Bullets Will Protect Everyone'
Foreign Policy Mag: Ted Cruz 'Most Hated Man' in Senate
Al Roker: 'Two Words' for Global Warming Skeptics: 'Superstorm Sandy'
Video: Ed Henry Holds Carney's Feet to Fire Over Sequester Scare Tactics
Washington Post Tries To Pit Rubio Against Tea Party
CNN Refuses to Disclose Palin-Basher's Anti-Tea Party Ties
Chris Matthews Says Hillary Best Presidential Option Since Eisenhower
AP Stylebook Ends Usage of 'Illegal Alien'
Bloomberg Fails to Mention Harvard, Yale Rebuke of Menendez Donor Melgen
US Embassy in Cairo Pulls, Reinstates Twitter Account after Fight with Egyptian President
Russia Worried by 'Explosive' North Korea Situation
Report: Six Dead, 70 Wounded, in Afghan Court Attack
Mandela 'Much Better' After Week in Hospital
Pope Highlights 'Special Role' of Women in Church
Report: Secretary of State Kerry to Visit Turkey
IMF Agrees to $1.2B Cypriot Bailout
Hamas Preparing to Ban 'Mixed-Sex Schools' in Palestinian Territory
World View: China Mobilizing Troops, Jets, Navy Near N. Korea
Serbia, Kosovo Fail to Find Accord at EU Talks
Poland Moves to Sell Troubled Flagship Airline
Gender Segregation Becomes Mandatory in Gaza Schools
What Americans Need to Know About the UN Gun Control Treaty
March 30, 2013 Russia Goes On Alert After Obama Jails Top CIA Spy
April 3, 2013 Mexican Assassins Kill US Prosecutors, Police Warned Are Next
Muslim Converted Canadian Greek High School Friend to Islam, Al-Qaeda; Murdered US Oil Workers in Algeria
Is Anyone Surprised that AP Dropped “Illegal Immigrant” From Its Stylebook (Back in October)?
Ebony Couple of the Year: Muslims Who Publish “Prisonworld” Mag to Convert Black Prisoners to Islam; From ’80s “Ready For the World” Band?
Limbaugh to TIME’s Klein: “Obama Doesn’t Care About The Implementation Of ObamaCare”
RUSH: ObamaCare Will Be A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle That Nobody Could Put Together If They Lived Forever
Did Leno Copy Limbaugh’s ‘Undocumented Democrat’ Line From 2010?
Limbaugh: NY Times Should Be Doing What Drudge Is Doing
Rush Caller: HealthCare Advocate Explains Why She ‘Objects To Welfare’
RUSH: White House To Do ‘Concert For The Sequester’
O’Reilly Factor TPM: The Left-Wing Media, Rush Limbaugh And Me
Watch Bill O’Reilly Snap As Laura Ingraham Sides With Limbaugh Over O’Reilly’s ‘Bible Thumper’ Comments
Levin Slams Dana Perino: It’s Outrageous To Suggest Ben Carson Doesn’t Know Where To Appear But She Does
Limbaugh: There Isn’t Any Evidence That Obama Has Any Interest In Success Of Democrats
Limbaugh: “Isn’t It Racist To Assume Obama Would Be Good At Basketball?”
Limbaugh: It Freaks Me Out That Vladimir Putin Is Saying Things I Agree With
U.S. Navy Moves Guided-Missile Destroyer Closer to N. Korea’s Coast Amid Hostile Rhetoric
18 Photos of Presidential First Pitches — Just in Time for Baseball Season
Lego to Pull ‘Anti-Islamic’ Star Wars Toy Set Following Muslim Furor?
Jesus’ Alleged Shroud Makes Extremely-Rare Television Appearance
UPDATE: Did Lego Really Cave to Muslim Demands Amid ‘Anti-Islamic’ Toy Controversy? The Company Responds
AP: Obama ‘Limiting Press Access in Ways That Past Administrations Wouldn’t Have Dared’
Autographed Beatles Album Sells For More Than Most Houses (Plus: Is There Gold in Your Record Collection?)
‘Scientist-in-Chief’: Obama Announces Plan to Map ‘Matter that Sits Between Our Ears’
Apple Rumors: New ‘iRadio’ Could Give Competitors a Run for Their Money
5 Things We Know About the White Supremacist Group That May Be Behind Recent Texas Slayings
Could This Lawsuit Really Kill ‘Obamacare’?
Survey: American Women Terrified of Becoming ‘Bag Ladies’
Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sings About Santa Claus, His Life During Bizarre Anderson Cooper Interview
Hannity Panel Explodes During Heated Debate Over Dr. Ben Carson’s Gay Marriage Comments: ‘This Guy Is a Monster!’
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Redefines Racism – Apparently Only ‘Whites’ Are Racist
So, This Is What Barbie Would Look Like With No Makeup
See What NYC Looks Like From the 102nd Floor of the One World Trade Center Observatory (Hint: It Looks Awesome)
Associated Press Axes the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ to Describe…Illegal Immigrants
Woman Claims She Died and Woke Up With God in Heaven: ‘I Saw an Immense Brightness’
Where Is the Former Weather Underground Radical Who Spent 22 Years in Prison for Robbery That Left 2 Cops Dead? The Answer May or May Not Surprise You
Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Walk on the Wing of an Airplane? Take an Exhilarating Fly-Along With This Pro Wing Walker
Which Key Obama Gun Stat Are Critics Claiming Isn’t Quite Accurate?
New Footage Of Fla. Sinkhole That Swallowed and Killed a Man Released
CDC Releases Shocking Stat About Teen Moms in the U.S.
Do Some Americans Still Believe Obama Is the Anti-Christ? Conspiracy Theory Study Reveals the Answer
Federal Judge Who Emailed a Bestiality Joke About Obama Is Retiring — Here are the Details
Is ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ Real or an ‘Example of Community Panic’?
This Could Be the Coolest Thing to Hit the Golf Course in Quite a While
Pastor Who Stunned Christians With Gay Marriage Endorsement Explains: Believers Are ‘Not Inclusive on This Issue…They Are Homophobic’
Not Shocking: The White House Doesn’t Like the Drudge Report
Transgender Man Who Gave Birth to Three Babies Unsuccessfully Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum
College Records Reveal Bizarre New Details About Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza (Plus: An Odd New Photo)
Stunning Photos: Luxury Russian Skyscraper Engulfed in Flames
NBC Announces Jay Leno’s Replacement on ‘The Tonight Show’ — Did You See Which Comedian Was Chosen?
Which Democrat and Former Top Obama Official Does Bill Ayers Consider a ‘Right-Wing Troglodyte’ Pushing ‘Jim Crow’?
‘Thump the Bible’: Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham Clash in Explosive Gay Marriage Debate
This Chart Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About the Crisis In Cyprus
North Korea Says It Has ‘Approved’ Nuclear Strikes On the U.S.
Here’s What GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Found at the U.S.-Mexico Border in Arizona
Bill Maher Says This Politician’s Policies Make Him ‘Want to Join the Tea Party and Marry Ann Coulter’
Dem Congresswoman Mocks Concerned Pro-Gun Senior Citizen: ‘You’d Probably Be Dead Anyway’
CPAC: From GOP Fringe Group to Neocon Powerhouse
Is ‘Scientist-in-Chief’ Obama competing with Brain Expert Dr. Ben Carson?
The Heritage Foundation Keeps the Faith
Impeaching Supreme Court Justices
Only parents can set their children free from Common Core indoctrination
North Korea: The larger picture
Jay Carney upset over media’s lack of negative sequester impact coverage
What Is Bitcoin? Tom Woods Talks to Erik Voorhees - YouTube
Better or Worse?
American Arrested for Anti-homosexual Statements
Sean Hannity and Dana Loesch face the stupidest gun control argument in history
Ancient History and Modern Constitutional Powers of American Sheriffs (Part 1/2)
Ancient History and Modern Constitutional Powers of American Sheriffs (Part 2/2)
Partnership for Civil Justice Fund - New Documents Reveal: DHS spying on Peaceful Demonstrations and Activists
Was this the world's first mobile phone? 1938 film shows woman talking on a wireless device but it is not 'time travel' family say to the disappointment of conspiracy theorists | Mail Online
Plane toilets set to shrink as airlines look to save space | Mail Online
BBC News - LHC upgrade to open up 'new realm of particle physics'
Jeff Bush: First look INSIDE Florida sinkhole that swallowed a man as he slept | Mail Online
Searching for Russia's ‘Loch Ness’ | Russia Beyond The Headlines
Raudive Rises from the Grave: An Eerie Phone Call From the Dead? - The Gralien Report
A very interesting Interview with William Bramley | Ancient Origins
How Germany Planned to Fry the World
Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons' | Real Stories of Sleep Paralysis | LiveScience
Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code? : Discovery News
Hidden in caves 600ft below ground, carved into volcanic rock and filled with furniture made from bones: Meet the world's most unusual churches | Mail Online
Pentagon to track soldiers using tattoos - Unexplained Mysteries
Turin Shroud 'is not a medieval forgery' - Telegraph
BBC News - Robot ants: mini-machines mimic insect colony
Coast To Coast AM - 03.25.2013 - Vatican & ETs Free Energy - YouTube
Coast To Coast Am - March 26 2013 - Savants & PSI Phenomena - YouTube
Coast To Coast Am - March 27 2013 - Alternative Archaeology & Perspectives - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - 03-28-2013 - Mystery Booms & Gobekli Tepe - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - 03.30.2013 - Chemtrails Special - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - 03.31.2013 - Space Tech.Turkey UFO Sightings - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM Daily April 1 2013 - The Reptilian Mythos - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - April 02 2013 - UFO Update/ Singularity & Tech C2CAM - YouTube
The Savage Nation - April 02 2013 FULL SHOW - YouTube
The Alex Jones Show - Tuesday, April 02, 2013 (Full Show) - YouTube
INFOWARS Nightly News: Hosted By Alex Jones: Tuesday, April 2 2013: Tony Rooke - YouTube
Bill O'Reilly Attacks Ingraham Over 'Bible Thumper' Comments
Hey, First Amendment! You Better Duck
Ben Carson Attacks 'Racist' Liberals For Wanting to Keep Him on 'the Plantation'
Louis Gohmert: Limiting Gun Magazines = Justifying Bestiality
Mark Sanford Wins GOP Nomination For SC 1st District House Seat
Rutgers Men's Basketball Coach Fired over Homophobic and Abusive Behavior
Exxon Off The Hook For Paying Into Cleanup Fund. Guess Why.
Texas DA McClelland Died In a Hail of Bullets
Florida Republican Party Committeeman Arrested for Child Porn
Friend: Powerball Winner To Pay Month's Rent For Neighborhood
NRA Recommends Sidearms, Shotguns, AR-15s For Schools
North Korea nuclear threats prompt US missile battery deployment to Guam
Roger Ebert Cutting Back Work Schedule To Battle Cancer
Music Service Rdio Launches Vdio for TV, Movies
Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son, But Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?
Fifth man files suit against Kevin Clash, former voice of Elmo
Multitoe - the room with a 3D view - YouTube
Polio To Be Eradicated By 2018
Cholesterol: Bad for Heart and Eyes
Path to HIV Seen in Study of Patient's Antibodies
Roger Ebert to take reviewing hiatus after return of cancer
Mandela Said to Be 'Much Better' Than a Week Ago
Man Dies After Wisdom Teeth Removed
Study: Eat fish and live longer
First hint of dark matter detected by space station
Watch a Black Hole Feed on Its Planet-Sized Prey [Video]
Feast your eyes: The Small Magellanic Cloud
Supercomputers Reveal How Spiral Galaxy Arms Grow
Unmanned NASA Planes Fly Through Poisonous Volcanic Fumes
Google parts ways with Apple over WebKit, launches Blink
Robocall Killers Seek End Of Nuisance Calls
Gmail autocomplete updated with search history and contact thumbnails
Baidu Eye Is China's Answer to Google Glass, Company Confirms
Mozilla Firefox 20 Improves Browser Privacy
Wedding Social Media Dos and Don'ts
Playboy submits to Apple with nudity-free 'Pornography 2.0' app
West Virginia Sheriff Shot and Killed Outside Courthouse
Police believe Northridge kidnap began as burglary, sources say
Judge to retire after sending racist Obama email
Utah's Mountain Man, fugitive and survivalist, in custody at last
Northern Calif. woman convicted in fatal boiling water attack on ex-husband
Federal prosecutor withdraws from Aryan Brotherhood of Texas case
Indiana house explosion suspect pleads not guilty in murder plot
One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says
N. Korea announces plans to restart a reactor - YouTube
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns State Dept. for Defending Egyptian Satirist Accused of Blasphemy
Uproar Over Mao Quote Shows U.S. ‘Narrow-Mindedness,’ China Says
'Mudding' was 'BUCKWILD' reality star's medication
Prodded by Islamists, Bangladeshi Gov’t Targets ‘Atheist Bloggers’
Taliban attack Afghan courthouse, leaving 53 dead
Francis marks anniversary of John Paul II death
EPA Settlement: Company Must Spend $76,952 to Replace Light Bulbs | CNS News
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Iran Atomic Deal Before June Unlikely, Ex-Obama Adviser Says
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Low-Cal Diets Better Than Surgery for Diabetes
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