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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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than an idea whose time has come.”

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04 April 2013


Prison Planet.com » Two North Korean Submarines “Disappeared”
Should the world worry about N. Korea?
North Korea's advantage explained
Military buildup in China near North Korean border continues | Washington Free Beacon
North Korea warns 'moment of explosion' nears - CNN.com
Rep. Peter King: US could make preemptive strike on North Korea - The Hill's Video
PressTV - Two Koreas teetering on brink of war: Russian analyst
North Korea 'ratifies' nuclear strike against US — RT News
PressTV - US deploys second destroyer closer to North Korea coast
PressTV - South Korea says it has contingency military plans
North Korea: US acts to calm fears over 'alarming' atomic plan | World news | The Guardian
One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says | World news | guardian.co.uk
CAUGHT: Obama Sending Syrian Al Qaeda Navy SEALS Sniper Rifles « Pat Dollard
Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
Campus poised to join Obama’s BRAIN initiative
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”
Activist Post: Neuroscience, Obama's BRAIN Project, and Military Mind Control
President Barack Obama pledges $100m to unlock secrets of the brain - Science - News - The Independent
My Way News - Too early for 2016? Not for Hillary Clinton's fans
Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore | UK news | The Guardian
Dark Matter Evidence: Scientists Find Signs Of 'Smoking Gun' In Universe's Greatest Mystery | VIDEO
UFO Documentary Reveals “Humanoid of Unknown Classification” | UFO NEWS
Astronomers anticipate 100 billion Earth-like planets
Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons' | Real Stories of Sleep Paralysis | LiveScience
What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Healthcare - Waking Times : Waking Times
Scientists Seek to Legitimize Geo-Engineering While Acknowledging It's Catastrophic Effects - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Truth is Out There - The Role of Conspiracy Theories in Personal Transformation - Waking Times : Waking Times
Air Force Wants New Energy Weapons to Cause Non-Lethal 'Bioeffects' | Danger Room | Wired.com
Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster — RT USA
Documents show Homeland Security spies on peaceful demonstrators — RT USA
Federal judges pushing back against 'no-fault' Wall Street deals, in which firms pay heavy fines to settle serious probes, without admitting guilt - NYPOST.com
ALERT: All Of The Money In Your Bank Account Could Disappear In A Single Moment
Top senator apologizes for 'Monsanto Protection Act' after public outrage — RT USA
McDonald's want ad demands bachelor's degree, two years experience for cashier | WashingtonExaminer.com
U.S. sees highest poverty spike since the 1960s, leaving 50 million Americans poor as government cuts billions in spending | Mail Online
Genetics may explain severe flu in Chinese people
Bird flu: H7N9 strain infects four more in China | World news | guardian.co.uk
Scientists: China bird virus likely silent threat | World news | The Guardian
Activist Post: Mass Bird Deaths Linked to USDA and Big Agra
Leno: AP Replaces 'Illegal Immigrant' With 'Undocumented Democrat' | NewsBusters
ALIPAC Compensates for AP Big Brother actions: Will now use 'Illegal Invaders' - ALIPAC
AP giving way to ‘political correctness on steroids’
Shocking video shows New Orleans prison inmates with guns, drugs and beer and even hanging out in the city centre | Mail Online
American Troops in Europe Ordered To Watch for Flying Saucers [UFOs] | UFO CHRONICLE 4-26-1948
The Economist has a climate change of heart « Hot Air
Graham Ovenden: How the art world turned a blind eye to a paedophile | Mail Online
Peepers Call for the Awakening | Show Me Oz
Michael Benson's Awe-Inspiring Views of the Solar System | Collage of Arts and Sciences
Fla. House passes bill banning Internet cafes, adult arcades | Poll » TCPalm.com
Move Over IMF for the BRICS Development Bank
Playing the Venezuelan Anti-Semitism Card
'1mn died' from Afghan heroin, drug production '40 times higher' since NATO op — RT News
PressTV - Israel scares US like a mad dog to threaten Iran: Iranian analyst
PressTV - US, Jordan expand training of Syria militants: Report
West Prepares Modified Libyan Scenario for Syria - Russian MP | Russia | RIA Novosti
Where will it burst next? Arkansas oil spill sheds light on aging US pipelines — RT USA
U.S. sending defensive missiles to Guam - CNN.com
Taking 100% Responsibility For the World We Have Created - Waking Times : Waking Times
Female Marines Fail Infantry Officer Course | Washington Free Beacon
The Chart That Will Crash The Market: "We Have Reached the Terminus"
I.M.F. and Europe Set Strict Terms for Cyprus - NYTimes.com
WANTED For Crimes Against America
Ban lifted on pro-paedophilia group in The Netherlands - Europe - World - The Independent
Reflections on the Tyranny Approaching |
U.S. “Human Rights” Wars: Arms Control as a Weapon | Black Agenda Report
The messages of Russia’s military exercise in the Black Sea | StratRisks
poorrichards blog: how the government killed martin luther king, jr.
Exxon's Unfriendly Skies: Why Does Exxon Control the No-Fly Zone Over Arkansas Tar Sands Spill? | DeSmogBlog
Obama Executive Orders Nationalizing Energy, Food, Water, Everything Else - BlackListedNews.com
Top scientists to Obama: Ban mutation experiments that will make avian flu more infectious — RT News
What is Going on With North Korea is Not What it Seems | Veterans Today
US Financial Sanctions Against the DPRK As the Godfather of Nuclear Tests on Korean Peninsula | Netizen Journalism and the New News
Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want to Break Up Big Banks | Washington's Blog
Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal - BlackListedNews.com
Concerned Officials Warn: “North Korea Could Explode a High-Altitude Nuclear Device Over the United States” | InvestmentWatch
Thomas Sowell - Educational Issues - YouTube
½ Of 9-11 Victims Dissolved Into Nothing |
Aclu Comes Out Against New Gun Restriction | XRepublic
Top ten ways humanity is being murdered in the name of ‘evidence-based science’ (#1 GMOs) |
Enron CEO Skilling Could Be Released From Prison Early – Consumerist
WATCH: Christine Lagarde On Cyprus Bailout - Home - The Daily Bail
Armistice Agreement Withdrawal: North Korean Belligerence? | THE INTERNET POST
The State—Crown Jewel of Human Social Organization | The Beacon
TIME Rips President For Obamacare Incompetence - Home - The Daily Bail
Frontline: Secret History of the Credit Card « Underground Documentaries
Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? « Underground Documentaries
The Obamacare Revolt: Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care - 12160
The Single Chart That Should Force The Fed Out Of Business - 12160
One Step Closer to a "United Nations Global Military Regime" - 12160
Forget The B-2s Over Seoul, Pentagon Sent THAADs To Guam - 12160
Anti-Gunners Reveal their Strategy |
Official: Methane in soil near giant sinkhole at 100% of lower explosive limit — ‘Biogenic gas’ may be getting pushed up to surface (VIDEO)
The Real Story Behind the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
The U.S. Government Believes that the Founding Father Were Terrorists |
10 Tips For Finding Ammo |
Confirmed: 2 N. Korean Subs Missing |
Time for action on Google's privacy policy | Big Brother Watch
10 Ways Products Are Designed To Fail - Listverse
Anti-Neocons • View topic - North Korea, Calm Down Everyone
Madoff Contacts Congress: ‘JPMorgan and Other Major Banks Were Complicit In My Crime’ | InvestmentWatch
Freedom Fries: And Other Stupidity We’ll Have to Explain to Our Grandchildren (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Bitcoin Provider Instawallet Hacked - Business Insider
Vaccines Don’t Protect: Exposing the Vaccination for Immunity Fraud - Waking Times : Waking Times
Sphinx (somewhat disingenuously) says it didn’t develop firearm tracing technology |
America Started to Die When the Fed Was Founded - Bitcoin ATM Co-Founder
Poll: Almost One Third Of Americans Believe In New World Order |
EPA: Expect More Radiation in Rainwater |
Rick Santelli On Paper Gold Vs. Physical Gold - Home - The Daily Bail
Obama’s Alinsky Tactics Go into Overdrive |
MF Global Trustee's Report Blasts Obama Bundler Jon Corzine - BlackListedNews.com
44 killed in 9-hour firefight at Afghan government buildings - CNN.com
Goldman Sachs Trader Faces Prison For Secret $8B Position - BlackListedNews.com
Price of NATO Invasion of Afghanistan: Over Million Heroin Deaths - BlackListedNews.com
Obama picks Goldman Sachs exec for ambassador to Canada - Politics - CBC News
Canada-EU Integration Moves Forward, U.S. and NAFTA Next - BlackListedNews.com
Japan: Monetary Madness in Times of Unsustainable Deficits? by Axel Merk
Stunning Facts About How the Banking System Really Works … And How It Is Destroying America - BlackListedNews.com
Hugo Chavez Leaves a Prodigious Legacy That Will Never Die
Canada To Play Large Role In Massive NATO War Games
Battleground against Neoliberalism: European Trade Unions and the Struggle for Public Services
DPRK’s “State of War” Declaration Is a Faulty Translation: Not an Official Policy Statement from Kim Jung Un
Israel and Occupied Palestine: Just another Shin Bet Interrogation
Avoiding Economic Collapse: A Guide to Complementary Currencies
BRICS Challenges Unipolar World and US Dollar Hegemony
America’s Six Trillion Dollar Wars
Guantanamo Hunger Strike Spreads
List of 132 Names of Cyprus Elites and Companies Who Emptied Bank Deposits ahead of “Confiscation Day”
Worse than the Great Depression: Mass Unemployment, 100 Million Americans Live in Poverty
Britain’s De-industralization and Privatization: The Economic and Social Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, “The Iron Lady”
Public Banking: A Solution to the Economic Crisis? How to Reverse the Tide of Corruption and Private Enrichment

Interview 644 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Interview 643 - Kevin Carson on "Objective" Journalism
Interview 641 - Stefan Verstappen on Defense Against the Psychopath

Korean War, Conspiracy Poll, Phone Tattoo - New World Next Week - YouTube

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Corporate Power-Tool of The 1%
Video-Peter King: U.S. Could Preemptively Attack North Korea
North Korea moves missile to coast as nuclear crisis escalates
Kim Jong Un's Order Is Final Decision to End Showdown with U.S.
U.S. Chemical Battalion's Redeployment in S. Korea Condemned by CPRK Secretariat
S. Korean Puppet Army Incites War Fever
U.S. Sends Weapons for Preemptive Attack in Vicinity of S. Korea
US Protection Racket Root of Korea Conflict
The Long History of Lies about Iran
Global Paradox: Peace Not Wars
After Iraq, Climbing Out of the Moral Abyss
Western Democracy is Mind Control and Invisible Government
In Case You Missed It Propaganda
The Role of the Israel Lobby in the Growth of “Christian Zionism”
U.S. “Human Rights” Wars: Arms Control as a Weapon
Artificially Converted to Poverty Imperialism 101
Israel's New Generation of Racists:
Julian Assange may be safe from extradition to US, says Justice Stefan Lindskog
Chance of Julian Assange going to US
ACLU Raises Concerns Over Sen. Reid's Gun Bill
Will Russia Establish Bases in Afghanistan?
Reality Gap Between Wall Street and Main Street Widens
Proposed EPA Sulfur Standard to Boost Gas Prices
Poll: 28 Percent of U.S. Believes Conspiracy Seeks World Government
Roseanne Barr: “MK ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood”
All Taxation Is Theft - informationliberation
Destroying the Switzerland of Central America - informationliberation

"State Control": What the UN Firearms Treaty is All About - informationliberation

Eyewitness Video of Illinois Police Tasering a Pregnant Woman - informationliberation
Good riddance to deposit 'insurance' - informationliberation
Conspiracy Theory Poll Results - Public Policy Polling
Medical Marijuana Now On Sale in Czech Pharmacies - informationliberation
Pirate Bay Proxy Owner’s Bank Account Seized by Anti-Piracy Group | TorrentFreak
15-Year-Old Girl Demolishes Gun Control Arguments
Syngenta and Bayer's Answer to Bee Decline: Just Plant More Flowers
Navy Veteran Has Guns Confiscated Without Warrant After Forced Psychological Evaluation
10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Buy with Bitcoins
Bitcoin: The New World Order's Plot For A World Currency?
Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Change, And The Poisoning Of Life On Earth
Public Banking: What Better Time Than Now
Obama admin says disclosing secret court opinion on illegal spying could damage national security
Subsidized Corn Destroying Global Bio-Diversity
Police Officer Gagged For Advocating Marijuana Decriminalization
The Real Story Behind the 'Monsanto Protection Act'
HPV Vaccine Safety: Has the CDC abandoned its mission?
The un-American savings rate: Americans savings rate heads to a record low. Americans saving about 2 percent per year and the near extinct pension.
wars and rumours of wars escalation Global Elite Preparing New Korean War to Coincide with Economic Implosion? | count down to zero-time
Dave Daubenmire -- Taking the Bible Back to Church
Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.
North Korea moves missile with 'considerable range' to east coast - latimes.com
North Korea claims to have 'smaller, lighter' nuclear weapons - latimes.com
U.S. would seek regime change in North Korea if attack occurs - Washington Times
North Korea may launch mid-range missile -NHK WORLD English-
Senate GOP: Gang of Eight Deal Could Cost Trillions in Welfare
Radar shows U.S. border security gaps - latimes.com
Despite gun-control push, more states have cut back on gun regulations since Newtown | The Ticket - Yahoo! News
OPEC chief says oil price is 'comfortable' - FRANCE 24
New bird flu strain causes fifth death in China
Lasers: The Latest Weapon Against Cocaine Addiction - Addiction Center - Everyday Health
Obama: Newtown Shooter Gunned Down 20 Children With 'Fully Automatic Weapon' | The Weekly Standard
Doctor Offers Warning Over Wrigley’s New Caffeine Gum « CBS Pittsburgh
It’s easier to apply for green card than Obamacare - MarketWatch
'Spay and Abort': County Attempts to Control Stray Cat Population - DNAinfo.com Chicago
James Carville supporting pro-Hillary super PAC
Obama seeks reprise of Speaker Pelosi
Obama in California: ‘I could get a whole lot more done if Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House’ | WashingtonExaminer.com
Ben Carson says white liberals are 'racist' - YouTube
Lost hiker's father says she might be injured
Perry explains border comments
Enron Ex-CEO Could See Shorter Sentence
New Hillary Clinton memoir likely to fuel 2016 speculation
Marijuana legalization wins majority support nationwide
Ohio judge sentences convicted "Craigslist" killer to death
Some states expect to lose legal challenges to their laws
One person missing in incident, which came during high winds
Patti Davis says Reagan wouldn't have opposed gay marriage
Actor Jeremy Irons Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Incest (VIDEO)
Denver Dem has Akin Moment on Guns
Illinois Supreme Court Rules Against E2 Nightclub Owners In Deadly Stampede
North Korean Escalation Is a 'Real Concern,' Cameron Says
Saudi Arabian court sentences man to paralysis
US to seek ways to continue helping hunt for Kony
Carnival Cruise Ship Broke Away from Port with 800 Onboard - YouTube
Ivory Coast begins exhuming dozens of mass graves
Syria civil war: clashes continue in Damascus – as it happened
Joss Stone's would-be killers: jumbled, disorganised – and highly dangerous
The Suspect Princess: Is This Good for Spanish Democracy?
Syria warns Jordan for allowing training, arming of rebels on its territory
Holocaust Remembrance: Hillel events to examine Jewish resistance during WWII
Egypt seizes ship carrying arms, holds crew: sources
Freddie Mac: 30-year mortgage rate falls from 3.57% to 3.54%
Ex-Goldman trader pleads guilty in NY fraud probe
Live: Facebook Home for Android unveiled
The Real Reason The Feds Can't Read Your iMessages
Blink! Google forks WebKit
The mobile phone turns 40 years old
Celebrating the cell phone - YouTube
Facebook ads growing dramatically
Paul McCartney Will Be 'Out There' In Austin
Farthest Star Explosion Yet Revealed by Hubble
Curiosity's parachute caught billowing in the Martian breeze
Shark-tooth war cutlery reveals tale of fishy extinction in Pacific
How the American West was made -- a new view of plate tectonics
Galaxy Next Door Has Colorful Wing
Clouds Contributed to Record Greenland Ice Melt
First glimpse of deadly sinkhole in Florida (+video)
WATCH: A massive black hole devours a super-Jupiter
Minnesota may be relatively free of invading Asian carp
Nelson Mandela is 'much better' after pneumonia scare, Zuma says after visit
Researchers 'Turn Off' Drug Addiction In Rats Using Lasers
Pizza Hut unleashes 'crazy cheesy' pizza
Genetic Markers May Predict Increased Risk of Alzheimer's
NY state assemblyman charged with bribery; another NY assemblyman charged and cooperating - The Washington Post
Stephen Colbert takes on ‘Morning Joe’ over sister’s congressional campaign: ‘It is on.’  - NY Daily News
BBC News - How are goths and emos defined?
Diplomatic fail whale? US embassy, Muslim Brotherhood clash over @TheDailyShow - CSMonitor.com
How did $300M minesweeper become scrap metal? Navy wants answers | Fox News
U.S. Catholics wowed by Pope Francis -- for now
'Ruby the Heart Stealer' maintains innocence and denies sexual relations with Silvio Berlusconi - Europe - World - The Independent
Conan O'Brien Got Naked with Chelsea Handler -- Who Should Be Next? - iVillage
Jay Leno To Leave 'Tonight Show' Next Spring - YouTube
Hollywood makes comedy about real-life double murder; relatives of victims outraged | Fox News
Bon Jovi: Did Richie Sambora Really Quit The Tour Because He Hates Jon?
Endangered Florida Panther Released into the Wild after being Raised in Captivity | The Jacksonville Observer
Huge building complex unearthed in Iraq near ancient civilisation of Ur | Mail Online
KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories - Face-Sized Tarantula: The Things Nightmares are Made of
Geckos in harnesses keep grip even in some wet spots, study finds - latimes.com
Rare North American River Otter Caught Munching a Fish on Camera : Nature & Environment : Science World Report
Dragonflies Gain Popularity among Public | French Tribune
Mapping the brain is a journey, not a destination - YouTube
12 Survival Items You May Have Overlooked | Survival
25 Must Have Survival Foods: Put Them In Your Pantry Now | Survival
10 Free Items That Could Save Your Life | Self-Sufficiency
How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Healthier Skin and Hair | Health
Obama Used Social Security Assigned To Dead Woman | Obama
Linda Adams: Hoax Or What? | 2012
NEW Barracks Being Built For Whom? - 36,000 Soldiers Per Base In 6 States | Alternative
Civil War in America Within 90 Days - Get Ready! | Alternative
Obama Explains the FEMA Camps - FULL version | Obama
Hundreds Of DHS Armored Trucks On The Move? | Libertarian
NEW Barracks Being Built For Whom? - 36,000 Soldiers Per Base In 6 States | Alternative
Operation Northwoods 2.0 Authorized By Obama: Guantanamo Bay Prison Break And Miami, Florida Terror Attacks Imminent | Conspiracy Theories
Dirty Money And Offshoring: Secret Files Expose Politicians, Con Men And The Mega-Rich: Global Elites' Offshore Accounts Exposed--It's Bigger Than Wikileaks | Economics and Politics
Cash And Canned Beans | Financial Markets
Magic Johnson's Son Practices Homosexuality, Dresses Like A Woman and Dates a White Man | Opinion - Conservative
WikiLeaks : LEAKED - U.N. Briefing On Alien God Arrival | Alternative
Are You A Descendant Of Irish King Niall Of The Nine Hostages? | Watercooler Topics
How The Illuminati Terrorizes & Controls Turkey | Strange
Is Time Speeding Up? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Rockefeller Ghost Cities | Alternative
A very interesting Interview with William Bramley | Ancient Origins
Alien At The Pentagon | Beyond Science
Pleiadians working with American Military | Beyond Science
Hidden Technology | Space
Blood Drinking Pre-Teen Cannibal Witch Cult Terrorizes Village | Paranormal
The Mysterious Oak Island Money Pit
The 'Somali Pirates' Who are Not What They Seem | International
Budget Deficit Exploding Out of Control – John Williams by Greg Hunter
Car Maintenance You Can Still Do Yourself - Eric Peters Autos | Eric Peters Autos
They Kill 20x More People Than We Do, But They Should Take Our Guns? | Freeman's Perspective
Eric Holder Is Correct: You Have No Fundamental Right To Homeschool by Jim Fedako
A Fever is Actually Good for You - Don't Fight It
Jeremy Irons: If Same Sex Marriage Is Legalized, Fathers Could Marry Sons
Busta Slur? Rapper Hurls Homophobic Insults at Restaurant Workers
Syria Criticizes Jordan for Hosting Rebel Training
Iran, World Powers Meet Thursday for Nuclear Talks
OPEC Chief Says Oil Price Is 'Comfortable'
Hackers Attack N. Korea News Website
UK Police to Treat Attacks on Goths as 'Hate Crimes'
Cameron Says N.Korea Shows UK Needs Nuclear Arms
Kuwait Parliament Approves Death Penalty for Those Who Insult Allah
ICE Union President: 'Disproportionate Number of Criminals' Entering U.S.
NBC News Bemoans 'Plight' of Fast-Food Workers' Low Wages
Limbaugh: White House Targets Drudge
Terry McAuliffe Chooses Gay Lobby Over Protecting Minors From Sexual Predators
WH Senior Adviser: Drudge Report 'Hurts' Obama Messaging
Obama: Pelosi 'Never Lets Ideology Cloud Her Judgment'
'Boomtown 2: The Business of Food Stamps' to Air April 5th on 'Hannity'
Poll: Just 22% of Liberals Think Border Security 'Racist'
HHS Resurrects 'ACORN' Through ObamaCare
Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Immigration Reform Without Border Security
ACLU Opposes Universal Background Checks
SC Dem: Colbert-Busch 'Too Beholden to Political Left'
Exclusive: Cruz: Obama's 'Ongoing Politicization' of Newtown 'Shameful'
MF Global Trustee's Report Blasts Obama Bundler Jon Corzine
Obama Pushes to Give Home Loans to Lower Credit Borrowers
Franciscan University Refuses to Give Up Fight Against HHS Mandate
AP: Obama's IOUs Start Coming Due
Background Checks -- Not As Easy As You've Heard
FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels
Obama: Government Tyranny Impossible Because 'Government Is Us'
Claim: Obama to Give Back 5% of Salary in 'Solidarity' with Sequester Victims
The Problem with Progressive Teachers
Keynesian Theory verses the Austrian School: a war in theory
Why Term Limits Are A Bad Idea
April 3, 2013 Mexican Assassins Kill US Prosecutors, Police Warned Are Next
Critical Update: 3 April 2013: Two North Korean Submarines "Disappeared" March 8, 2013 North Korean Atomic Bomb Subs Cause Global Panic
MUST SEE: 15-Year-Old Girl Totally Dismantles Arguments for Gun Control
Rush Rips Roker Over ‘Superstorm Sandy’ Comments: “It Boggles My Mind”
Mark Levin Fumes After Obama Admits He Feels ‘Constrained’ By The Constitution
Limbaugh to TIME’s Klein: “Obama Doesn’t Care About The Implementation Of ObamaCare”
RUSH: ObamaCare Will Be A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle That Nobody Could Put Together If They Lived Forever
Finding Christ on the Internet
The Convenient Radical
Is ‘Scientist-in-Chief’ Obama competing with Brain Expert Dr. Ben Carson?
Only parents can set their children free from Common Core indoctrination
O’Reilly says the Bible is not welcome in national discussion
Capitalism and Free Masons ... Are You Kidding?
How Liberals Corrode Society
Has Benjamin Netanyahu's Apology Opened a Pandora's Box for Israel?
Using Conservative Jujitsu on Progressives
Facing the Hardest Truth on Public Education
The Fed's Deadly Instrument of Speculation
Sanitizing Mel Weinberg and the Horrors of Abscam
Visit Chicago for a Rollickin' Clockwork Orange Time, O My Brothers
Republicans need to Change the Way They Think
Fun with Obamacare
Creating Dependency, One Mouthful at a Time
The Coming Global Warming Voter Backlash
Oh-oh! The dreaded i-word starts attaching itself to Obama
Obamacare means hiring boom for 'navigators'
Muslim Brothers learning to be careful what they wish for
White House dialing back response to North Korea
Gay son defends the stance of anti-gay marriage Congressman father
Gun control bill sponsor displays laughable ignorance about guns
How a new Korean War may start
Where is Starbucks Board of Directors?
It looks like the best way to repeal ObamaCare is to implement it
Obama to take 5% sequester pay cut
UN approves arms trade treaty
A Decade of Indoctrinating Palestinian Muslim Children in Koranic Jew-Hatred
Some people believe very silly things
AP drops term 'illegal immigrant'
2014's unhappy couple: Democrats and Obamacare
American Arrested for Anti-homosexual Statements
Nuclear weapons: Who has what? - CNN.com
Obama raises cash in push for Nancy Pelosi to become House Speaker again - Washington Times
First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration | The Daily Caller
ObamaCare in Trouble? Exchange provision delayed, as lawmakers push to repeal another | Fox News
The New York Times Editorial Board - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
(VIDEO): Venezuelan President claims Hugo Chavez appeared to him in the form of a bird - The Shark Tank
Climate-change hysterics: Meet reality
Ron Brown was Hillary’s 1st Chris Stevens
Why we’re losing traditional marriage
Gay marriage and tyranny of the majority
Nanny Bloomberg and Kim Jong Andy
Fox’s Juan Williams gets it half right
Jewicidals doing the work of jihadists
Black racism as a liberal strategy
When the government goes bankrupt
Don’t Knox this ‘serious network’
U.S. would seek regime change in North Korea if attack occurs - Washington Times
Video: Hoop and Shame: President 'Brick' Obama Loses It On The Court
Video: Smart Art and Haiku Humor: Existentialist School of Economics
Video: Fiery Debate: 'Bible Thumpers' Controversy Riles O'Reilly vs. Laura Ingraham
Video: Farrakhan: U.S. Govt Attempting to Murder 'BILLIONS' Worldwide
Video: Chicago Teachers Union Pres Laughs About 'Lying To Parents' and Turning Students Into 'Hostages'
Video: Hillary Clinton Supporters Launch 2016 Super PAC
Video: WOW: Rep. Diana DeGette Mocks Concerned Senior at Gun Rights Forum
Video: Rand Paul: Foreign Aid Goes From Poor People In Rich Countries To Rich People In Poor Countries
Video: Project Veritas: Piers Morgan, Oprah, TriBeCa Films asked to Ban Guns from Movies -- For the Children!
Video: Jay Leno Announces New PC Term for 'Illegal Immigrant'
Video: Caroline Glick: The Presence of Jews on the West Bank has Nothing to do with Prospects for Peace
Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Walk on the Wing of an Airplane? Take an Exhilarating Fly-Along With This Pro Wing Walker | Video | TheBlaze.com
Do Some Americans Still Believe Obama Is the Anti-Christ? Conspiracy Theory Study Reveals the Answer | TheBlaze.com
Is ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ Real or an ‘Example of Community Panic’? | Video | TheBlaze.com
Transgender Man Who Gave Birth to Three Babies Unsuccessfully Begs for a Divorce in This Odd Legal Conundrum | TheBlaze.com
Zapping Brain With Laser Might Pose an ‘Unconventional’ Treatment for Cocaine Addiction | TheBlaze.com
Obama Says ‘We Can’t Have Perpetual Campaigns’…at Pricy (Up to $34,200 Per Ticket) San Francisco Fundraiser | TheBlaze.com
Which Democrat and Former Top Obama Official Does Bill Ayers Consider a ‘Right-Wing Troglodyte’ Pushing ‘Jim Crow’? | Video | TheBlaze.com
Bill O’Reilly Responds to ‘Thump the Bible’ Debate Furor: ‘Not Going to Win Any Debate in This Country’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
New Anti-Rape Underwear Claims to Send Electric Shock Through Would-Be Assailants | Video | TheBlaze.com
Obama: Gun Control Won’t Lead to Confiscation Because ‘I Am Constrained by a System Our Founders Put in Place’ | TheBlaze.com
CNN’s Piers Morgan Unleashes on Obama and Congress: ‘The Whole Thing Is Pathetic’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Archaeologists Uncover 4,000-Year-Old Site in Biblical Abraham’s Hometown of Ur (From the Time He Likely Lived There) | TheBlaze.com
Multicopter Takes You on an Eerie Flight Through Abandoned ‘Battleship Island’ (a.k.a. ‘Skyfall’ Villain’s HQ) | Video | TheBlaze.com
What Parents Don’t Know About Bowdoin - Bloomberg
President Obama doesn't have a 'pastor problem' - latimes.com
HURT: Newtown as political tool against guns - Washington Times
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Our 21st-century segregation: we're still divided by race | Reniqua Allen | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Diagnosis - Human - NYTimes.com
The Republican plan for replacing Obamacare doesn’t replace Obamacare
He Wears the Mask - NYTimes.com
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Campbell Brown: The President Gives Hollywood a Pass on Violence - WSJ.com
Obama’s chump change  - NY Daily News
What feminism has come to  - NY Daily News
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Black conservatism seems so unappetizing - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Do North Korea’s threats mask power struggle behind the scenes? | McClatchy
U.S. reducing rhetoric that feeds North Korean belligerence - CNN.com
The Geopolitics of Missile Defense | The Diplomat
National Security’s Alpha Women | TIME.com
U.S. Defense Against North Korea - Video - The New York Times
Veterans Affairs Officials Offer Reassurance About Troubled Hospital - NYTimes.com
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