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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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11 April 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

EPA Draft Stirs Fears of Radically Relaxed Radiation Guidelines - Forbes
'Dark Lightning' Zaps Airline Passengers with Radiation | Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes | LiveScience
US 'prepared' to deal with North Korea action - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English
N. Korean missile launchpad moved into firing position - report — RT News
Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas - Waking Times : Waking Times
Mysterious rock pile structure found beneath Sea of Galilee off Israeli coast | Space, Military and Medicine | News.com.au
In this nuclear standoff, it's the US that's the rogue state | Jonathan Steele | Comment is free | The Guardian
The One Percent – An Inside View « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Homeland Security top officer to work on UN’s new global Internet rules — RT USA
PETA wants its own fleet of drones — RT USA
Homeland Security Today: Legal Aspects of Using Drones for Domestic Surveillance Explored in Congressional Report
California NDAA Nullification Bill Passes Assembly Committee Unanimously – Tenth Amendment Center Blog
Reid’s Gun Control Bill Makes a Missing Firearm a Ticket to Five Years in Prison
Obama Budget Proposes Cuts to Social Security and Medicare
Obama's War On Social America
Russia Conducts Topol ICBM Drills | Defense | RIA Novosti
North Korea nears 'dangerous line,' Hagel says - CNN.com
Near-Death Experience Is ‘More Real than Real’ | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Air Pollution From Traffic Linked With Childhood Cancer
The Sun is Not What we We Have Been Told.... Eric Dollard reveals 3 secrets about the Sun - YouTube
Leaked report: Nearly half of US drone strikes in Pakistan not against al-Qaeda — RT News
China Poised To Gain In Pakistan Elections - Pakistan Man - YouTube
The Terror Within - YouTube
BitCrash: Down 50% In Massive Sell Off: Over $1 Billion Vaporized In a Few Hours
Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight | Threat Level | Wired.com
Jeff Rense & Noel Tyl - The Legendary Astrologer - YouTube
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Let's Rebuild America!" - (4/8/13) - YouTube
PressTV - America’s death wish
The Wall Street Ticking Time Bomb That Could Blow Up Your Bank Account | Alternet
FBI sued over secretive mass surveillance program — RT USA
The H7N9 bird flu in China: How dangerous is it? - Slate Magazine
We need an IQ test for politicians - NYPOST.com
Weve Been Taken Over by Stealth - Morris - YouTube
The Elephant in the Room: Militarism | Common Dreams
EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency | Fox News
Activist Post: Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts
Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee | LiveScience
Hoover's FBI X Files revealed | Weird | News | Daily Express
Will the Real Zombies Please Stand Up? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Mysteries In the Beauty of the Wonder of Life
Lesbian Mary, mother of God!
FCC Contemplating Full Frontal Nudity, Use of the F-Word on Broadcast TV | Restoring Liberty
Porn 'downloaded in Vatican City': 'Female and transsexual porn shared in Catholic Church HQ' | Mail Online
Seventeen magazine promotes sleaze to young girls - New York Family & Parenting | Examiner.com
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids | Veterans Today
Why isn’t former astronaut Mark Kelly in jail for gun crimes? |
Harvard Law Study concludes gun bans are pointless waste of MONEY/ Soviet Conspiracy? |
Raiding your retirement to pay for college - Robert Powell - MarketWatch
Homeland Security Now Training For Funerals? 43 Items Tell The Story - 12160
Bail-in: The Birth of the New Financial Order - 12160
The BBC Film That Exposed Israel's Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (CENSORED by YouTube/BBC) - 12160
Wealth And Income Inequality In America - Business Insider
Refreshing News: The ACLU has obtained internal IRS documents that say Americans enjoy "generally no privacy" in their e-mail messages, Facebook chats, and other electronic communications.
If Obama is serious about Green Jobs start with Hemp |
The Vertical Politics of Domestic Drones 1-800-Politics.com
IRS: We can read emails without warrant |
The Formation and Organization of Resistance Movements |
Privacy protections booted from CISPA data-sharing bill | Politics and Law - CNET News
Why Are The Banksters Telling Us To Sell Our Gold When They Are Hoarding Gold Like Crazy? - BlackListedNews.com
Court Rules on 9-11 BBC Conspiracy | Talk Digital Network
Double Dipping - GAO Finds Overlap In Dozens Of Federal Programs | XRepublic
Another Reason Why YOU Need A Gun: BASEBALL BAT vs GUNS Will Generally Not Work Out This Well | XRepublic
PressTV - Venezuela closes borders ahead of presidential election
5 Common Misconceptions That Destroy Computers | Cracked.com
Big banks 'more dangerous than ever', IMF's Christine Lagarde says - Telegraph
North Korea’s Justifiable Anger » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Pat Robertson Says America's Middle East Peace Push Is 'Asking For The Wrath Of Almighty God' (VIDEO)
Will US, North Korea crises ever end?
Microsoft has no fast Windows fixes as PC sales crater | ZDNet
Friend or Foe? U.S. Must Be Hesitant of Supporting Syrian Rebels 1-800-Politics.com
Activist Post: Who's to Blame for Bitcoin's Flash Crash and What's Its Real Value?
Chinese colonel says bird flu is US biowarfare - 12160
"Starve The Beast, Don't Join The Military" - War Veteran - YouTube
Ending Forfeiture Abuse: How States Can Be Tough on Crime and Respect Property Rights |
Colt Moves Its AR-15 Plant To Texas Over Gun Control Laws |
Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Let’s Rebuild America!” |
6 Ways President Obama's Budget Is Worse Than Everyone Thinks - Investors.com
Gun bill clears Senate hurdle as filibuster falls short | Fox News
An Inconvenient Truth - By Micah Zenko | Foreign Policy
Since 1790, the United States has suffered 16 banking crises. Canada has experienced zero . Why can Canada avoid banking crises but the U.S. can’t? ~ News Forage
99 Problems but Cuba Ain't One | Weapons of Mass Distraction - YouTube
US And North Korea Had Secret Meeting
Leak Shows US Hid The Truth About Drone Strikes
Greg Hunter interview of Jim Willie : Large Widespread Cutoff of Supply Chains Coming | InvestmentWatch
Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, & It's NOT Weapons
Why Are The Banksters Telling Us To Sell Our Gold When They Are Hoarding Gold Like Crazy? | InvestmentWatch
Print-a-Pistol: Home-made guns soon to be piece of cake with 3D printing? |
FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama |
Denver Airport Whistleblower: 'Underground Tunnels, Structures and Buried Runways Exist' - | Intellihub.com
Time to Rethink Iran - YouTube
Buffett Strikes Gold: No Cash For $1.5B In Goldman Stock - Home - The Daily Bail
Michael Snyder ~ The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America | Shift Frequency
A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City (Full Version: Two Parts) « Underground Documentaries
Poll: Most Americans Feel Threatened By Government - US News and World Report
Intelligence Documents Suggest Obama Administration Lied About Who Drones Kill | Alternet
Want to stop the bedbugs bite? The solution is a LEAF, researchers say - and it could finally spell the end for the mini menaces | Mail Online
Activist Post: Will the Legal Justification For Assassinations Without Due Process Be Released?
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) - YouTube
Poll: 34% Say U.S. Has Crony Capitalist Economic System - BlackListedNews.com
Shell, Nestle, Monsanto and McDonald’s Have Biggest Private Spy Outfits - BlackListedNews.com
5 Questions for Eveline Lubbers | parapolitical |
How the Pentagon Used Video Games to Spy on Users Worldwide - BlackListedNews.com
Margaret Thatcher's funeral to involve 700 armed forces personnel | Politics | guardian.co.uk
DHS Tests Gun-Sensing Drones In Oklahoma | StratRisks
North Korea's Missiles 'In Upright Position'
Europe Extends Confiscatory Non-Template ‘Template’ To Interbank Deposits - BlackListedNews.com
From Tax Hell to Tax Haven - BlackListedNews.com
Are We Paying Enough Attention to Information Technology’s Dark Side? | Singularity Hub
UN chief hails Pope Francis as a global spiritual leader | News | GMA News Online
DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’ Brains - Blog
Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine' - Telegraph
Chuck Baldwin -- The Pulpit Is Responsible For It
Feral Pigs Going Hog-Wild in US - Yahoo! News Canada
Are Individuals The Property Of The Collective?
Denver Airport Whistleblower: ‘Underground Tunnels, Structures and Buried Runways Exist’ | Pakalert Press
The EyeOpener- Meet the 9/11 Whistleblowers
Interview 646 - Radio Liberty: The Velocity of Money
Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”
Roseanne Barr: “MK ULTRA Mind Control Rules in Hollywood”
Anonymous Murder From A Safe Distance
Free Speech, Culture Wars, and Enlightenment
Hagel: North Korea Nears ‘Dangerous Line’ -- News from Antiwar.com
The President’s Privileged Right to Kill by Andrew P. Napolitano -- Antiwar.com
An eye-opening map of which countries execute the most prisoners
WikiLeaks: US blamed Israel for peace delay in 1975 | JPost | Israel News
Bin Laden raid member can be witness in Manning court-martial - The Washington Post
Leak Shows US Hid The Truth About Drone Strikes
7 Critical Steps to Take Following a Disaster
Monsanto’s Power: Two Reporters Fired for Revealing Health Dangers in Milk
IRS claims they can read your e-mail and other electronic communications without a warrant
Gov't Smears "Anti-Government" Parents
Officer Thinks a Cell Phone is a Weapon, Assaults Man Filming Him
The Grocery Store Blacklist: 12 Food Companies to Avoid (and 95 Sneaky Aliases)
After 20 Years, Codex Alimentarius Draft Statement Still No Closer To Allowing GM Food Labeling
Does Conventional Medical Training Destroy Empathy?
EPIC files lawsuit against FBI to obtain documents about massive biometric identification database
Defying Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Taxes to Russian State Arms Firm
Lone Star College Stabbing Undermines Gun Control Argument
Obama-backed Egypt Forging “One Nation” With Sudan Terror Regime
Proposed EPA Sulfur Standard to Boost Gas Prices
14,000 Idle Wind Turbines a Testament to Failed Energy Policies
How Thatcher helped Pol Pot
Time to Bell the Obama Cat
New Economic Sanctions on Iran, Washington’s Regime Change Strategy
U.S. to America: Be Afraid! “The North Koreans are Coming”
Obama’s War on Social America
South Korea and U.S. Raise “Watchcon” Alert Status to “Vital Threat” before Expected North Korea Missile Test
The Media Consensus Behind Militarism
Chicago School 'Market Socialism' by Thomas DiLorenzo
No, North Korea Will NOT Start a Nuclear War Tomorrow | Washington's Blog
Can You Trust Anonymization Services? by James Black
Leafy Greens Essential for Immune Regulation and Tumor Resolution by Joseph Mercola
Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Is Fake
Another reason to go to work on an egg - it could lower your blood pressure | Mail Online
Report: “Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil” | Survival
Video: 1/3 Of US Air Force Grounded: 'Sequester' N. Korean Nuclear False Flag On The Horizon? | Global Unrest
Underneath The Vatican Is Lucifer, Medusa, Isis, Pagan Gods & Idols (HD) , | Alternative
Best Stuff You'll Need When SHTF | Self-Sufficiency
Video: How To Skin A Deer The Right Way | Self-Sufficiency
7 Critical Steps to Take Following a Disaster | Self-Sufficiency
If Obama Is Serious About Green Jobs Start With Hemp | Opinion - Conservative
Does the testosterone truly make you turn out to be energetic? | Health
7 Foods that Help to Quench Your Hunger | Wake Up World
Video- The Story Of Bottled Water | Health
20,000 U.S. M-16s Stolen From Unguarded Warehouse In Kuwait | Middle East
Russian Missiles Arrive In Venezuela | Alternative
200,000 Year Old Anunnaki Cities Discovered in Africa | Alternative
Stephen Hawking Predicts End-Of-Earth Scenario | Alternative
Stephen Hawking predicts end-of-Earth scenario | Cutting Edge - CNET News
Petrus Romanus & The Final Judgement: It's Supernatural With Tom Horn, Cris Putnam & Sid Roth | Alternative
13000 Year Old Satellite! The Black Knight UFO NASA Images | Alternative
Denver Airport Whistleblower: ‘Underground Tunnels, Structures and Buried Runways Exist at DIA’ | Alternative
DHS Preparing To Protect US Govt From The American People According To Former Black Panthers Head | Alternative
Russian NGOs Demand Explanation from Putin
UK Organ Donations Jump 50% in Five Years
Wild, Unregulated Hacker Currency Gains Following
Libya Grants Egypt $2 Billion Interest-Free Loan
More Than 2,000 Invited to Thatcher Funeral
Sec. of Defense Hagel: North Korea 'Close to a Dangerous Line'
Homophobic Assaults up in France Amid Gay Marriage Debate
American Marries Mexican on Rio Grande River Border
World View: Eurozone Eyes Uninsured Bank Accounts for Further Bailout Grab
Margaret Thatcher: Beyond Feminist Ideology
Scandal-Hit Hollande Vows to 'Eradicate' Tax Havens
Blackout: NBC's Luke Russert Tweets Non-NBC Link to Abortion-Doc Story
Media Focus On Weiner's Salacious Pics; Ignore Vicious Smear Campaign
Witnesses: David Gregory Throws Fit Over Charity-Event Parking: 'I Know All the Politicians In Town'
Media Ignore: Second Abortion Clinic Horror Story Surfaces
Pro-Gun Control Senator to CNN Anchor: 'We Appreciate Your Support'
Chicago Sun-Times Author: Election a 'Formality' Before Democrat Took Jackson Jr. Seat
More Activists Petition Networks to Cover Gosnell Abortion Trial
Mother Jones Rewrites McConnell Tape Transcript
CNN Press Release Openly Advocates for Background Check Legislation
Poll: TV Helping Push Same-Sex Marriage Approval
Angelina Jolie Joins G-8 to Urge End to Sexual Violence
Jane Fonda's Message to Conservatives Angry She'll Play Nancy Reagan: 'Get a Life'
Malawian Government Harshly Criticizes Madonna
BH Interview: 'The Moment' Host Kurt Warner Wants a Better Brand of Reality TV
Bette Midler Says Climate Change Skeptics Have Small Brains, Blames GOP for Warm Spring Day
Treasury Dept. Calls Beyonce, Jay-Z Cuban Trip 'Educational'
Quentin Tarantino Trims 'Django' for Chinese Theaters
Video: Disarmed Chicago Shop Owner Reduced to Using Stick to Fight Off Pistol-Wielding Armed Robbers - informationliberation
Witness Contradicts Cop's Story in Fatal Shooting of 15-Year-Old Boy - informationliberation
A Caveman's Account of "Civilized Society" - informationliberation
How The Market Creates Jobs And The Government Destroys Them - informationliberation
Bitcoin Suffers A Correction Amid Apparent DDOS Attacks On Some Exchanges | TechCrunch
Playing Devil's Advocate - "Why Bitcoin Will Crash To $0" By A Bitcoin Supporter - informationliberation
Tortured for Testimony: Anarchists Get Solitary Confinement for Not Snitching - informationliberation
Legalize Recreational Drugs - informationliberation
John Stossel grills Glenn Beck for claiming to be libertarian - informationliberation
Conservative Military Jock Sniffers at CPAC 2013 - informationliberation
Man angry about regulations threatens to bomb White House - The Hill's RegWatch
Why We Need To Stop Exaggerating The Threat To Cops
Decriminalization, Legalization, or Freedom? - informationliberation
For the Price of the Iraq War, The U.S. Could Have a 100% Renewable Power System
DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’ Brains - Blog
Activist Post: Obama’s new brain-mapping project is already a Lilliputian disaster
Activist Post: Cheap by Choice: When Frugality Means Freedom
Activist Post: Florida Senate Passes Anti-Drone Bill, 39-0
Activist Post: Force-Fed UK Austerity
Peace Plan Nixed: How the West Fueled the Ever-Growing Carnage in Syria
What Christians Don’t Know About Israel
Winner Takes All: The Super-priority Status of Derivatives
Chicago School 'Market Socialism' by Thomas DiLorenzo
Russian missiles in Venezuela | InvestmentWatch
UN chief hails Pope Francis as a global spiritual leader | News | GMA News Online
Batgirl Comic Character Comes Out as Transgender
Jay-Z Raps Cuba Visit Critics, Says Obama Knew About Trip
NY Dems Just Not That Into Weiner Mayoral Run
McConnell Campaign: Reports of Progress KY Illegal Recording 'Very Disturbing'
Exclusive: High School Canceled Santorum Visit Partly over Staff 'Information'
CREW Wants McConnell Investigated, Not Alleged Illegal Recording
KY Democrat: Progressive Activist Group Behind Secret McConnell Recording
Expanded Background Checks Will Erode Rights, Not Prevent Tragedy
Obama's $78 Billion Tax Hike on Low-Income Americans
Poll: Obama Approval Underwater
Surprise: Democrats Like Federal Tax Code
Obamacare Exchanges Will Cost Double
Obama's Budget: 2014 Election Gimmick
OMB: Obama First President to Spend $4 Trillion in One Year
The Decline of the Black Community
Rubio Joins 11 Republicans for 'Constructive' Dinner with Obama
Obama Hosts Steak Dinner for GOP Senators During Sequester
Hagel, Dempsey Face Congress over Defense Budget
Senate Begins Battle over Gun Control
Clarence Thomas: 'My Heart Is Broken' for Black America
Reverend Wright's Daughter Indicted for Money Laundering
Lt. Gov Candidate Snyder Breaks Mold With Attack on McAuliffe
CA Moves to Strip Boy Scouts, Christian Youth Groups of Nonprofit Status
Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Drops Attack Ads Against Toomey After 'Compromise'
California Bill Could Shut Down Small Restaurants
AFL-CIO: We Will 'Steamroller' Any Lawmaker Who Opposes Amnesty
Applications for Popular Conceal Carry Permit Surge
National Association For Gun Rights: Don't Expand Gun Control, Repeal It
Gabby Giffords Claims Internet Allows People To Circumvent Background Checks
Conservative Group Floats Plan to Fight Certain Spending Cuts
Conservative Groups Calling for Investigation into Benghazi Attacks
Mother of Benghazi Victim: 'Obama Went to Bed Without Sending Help'
Hagel Dodges Questions on Religious Liberty in Military
Sequester: WH Spends $704,198 on Gardening At NATO Ambassador's Home
Dubious Biden Claims on Background Checks Go Unchallenged on Morning Joe
Washington Post Breaks Watergate, Celebrates Secret McConnell Recording
In Defense of Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin: Pro-Israel Airman Defamed for Moral Courage in Dismissing Shaky Rape Conviction
Disney VP: New Princess Character Needs No Prince – “We’re Undoing That Damage”; Single Mom, Multi-Culti Character
EXCLUSIVE & Pathetic: Homeland Security Tells Agents “Take Shelter” as Illegal Aliens Protest Outside ICE Headquarters
North Korea needs a Taste of America's "Doctrine of Preemption"
Hillary's village has no morals...
Smokey Joe Barton Is Smokin' Something
Sen. Warren, Rep. Cummings Seek Docs To ID Mortgage Servicers
Krugman: Obama Is Trying To Placate 'Imaginary Grownups'
NRCC Chair Blasts Obama's Budget as 'Attack on Seniors'
O'Reilly Pines for the 'Wholesome' 1950's That Only Exists in His Mind
Maddow Calls Out Axelrod for Support of President's Social Security Cuts
Obama Offers To Cut Social Security; GOPers Offer To Let Him
Book Review: Lee Fang's 'The Machine'
Another Layer to Rendell’s Fracking Connections
NYC Settles Lawsuit with Occupy Wall Street for $350K
It's Not Your Imagination: Sunday Shows Do Need A Makeover
James Inhofe: Gun Debate Has Nothing to Do With Newtown Families
Oklahoma Tea Party Founder Busted for Threats to Lawmaker Over 'Fringe' Agenda 21 Conspiracy
Review Finds 4 Million People Wrongfully Foreclosed On
Reid Threatens Sternly-Worded Letter Over Gun Filibusters!
Former Navy Chaplain: 'Biologist' Jesus Opposed 'Three Women and a Dog' Marriage
Wingnut Conspiracies: Benghazi-Birther Mashup
Nugent Calls Obama 'the Chicago Gangster' and Asks NRA Host to 'Help Me Shoot Somebody'
Wow! Toomey and Manchin Reach Agreement On Background Checks
Missile spotted in 'launch position', United States and South Korean armed forces placed at 'vital alert' Watchcon 2 | Herald Sun
Is the Border Secure? Ranchers Say No - ABC News
Daughter of former Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright indicted - chicagotribune.com
Voice of Charlie Brown pleads guilty to threatening and stalking in California | Fox News
Amish gather a last time before prison terms begin | Fox News
Obama sends Congress $3.77T spending plan, riles both sides | Fox News
Obama: Put Nation's 4-Year-Olds in ‘Public Preschool;' Will Save on ‘Child-Care Costs' | CNS News
» A powerful voice against animal cruelty
UN panel: Libyan weapons spread at alarming rate - Yahoo! News
Syria's rebel army pledges allegiance to Al Qaeda as new Islamist insurgence threatens dictator Assad | Mail Online
Obamacare architect Rockefeller: It's 'beyond comprehension' | WashingtonExaminer.com
New York crackdown shines spotlight on festering corruption problem at state level | Fox News
FBI visits McConnell campaign HQ after allegation office was bugged | Fox News
State Sues Florist Who Refused to Decorate Gay Wedding | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
Romney and Bain Capital: the Obama campaign’s newest ad - The Washington Post
Stunning images of Hong Kong 'living cubicles' that look just like Borg cubes | Mail Online
Obama Is Set to Become the First President to Ever Do This
What Odd Items Did DHS Try To Purchase (And Then Suddenly Cancel)?
Video Captures Apparent Scuffle with Police After Man Tries Filming Citation for Smoking on the Sidewalk: Cell Phones Can Be ‘Converted Into Weapons’
Gay Man Claims Hospital Banned Him From Seeing Sick Partner, Had Him Taken Out in Handcuffs
Guess Which Country Says It Has Invented Time Travel
Study on Soda Size Offers Major Blow to Bloomberg’s Soda Theory
Wis. 8th Grade Crossword Puzzle Definitions: Conservatism = ‘Restricting Personal Freedoms,’ Liberalism = ‘Personal Freedom for Everyone’
Morning-After Pill Ruling Is a Matter of Child Endangerment
Eliminate the Corporate Tax
Wasserman Schultz Seeks a Little Special Treatment for Frustrated Staffers
Investigation Reveals: Mo. Highway Patrol Gave Feds Confidential List of Concealed Carry Gun Permit Holders
Charter Bus Overturns Near Dallas — As Many as 40 People Could Be Trapped Inside (Update: 2 People Killed)
The Downfall of Going ‘Paperless’ with Your Bank? Cyber Threats Are on the Rise
What a Dentist Allegedly Did to This Man’s Teeth Will Likely Leave You Speechless: ‘I Am Going to Look Like a Freak Now’
Ben Carson Steps Down as Johns Hopkins Graduation Speaker After Gay Marriage Firestorm
What Is The Mysterious, Possibly 4,000-Year-Old Boulder Pile Found Submerged in the Sea of Galilee?
Can You Guess What Might Be More Deadly Than Texting While Driving?
Find Out Why Sen. Ted Cruz Thinks Obama Has ‘Set the Stage’ for GOP to Take Control of the Senate in 2014
‘Divine Strength’: Two Teenage Girls Lift 3,000 Pound Tractor Off Their Trapped Father
Incredible Surveillance Video: Brave Shop Owner Battles Armed Robber With a Baseball Bat — and Wins
‘The Dollar Is On the Brink’: What Role Does Gold Play In the New World Economy?
Rand Paul Heckled at D.C. College: ‘Howard University Does Not Support White Supremacy’
Militia Members Sue State Police, FBI Agents Over ‘Mental Anguish’
‘A Meat Market’: Nurses Say Women Faced Dangerously Unsanitary Conditions Inside Delaware Planned Parenthood
Michelle Obama Tears Up While Pushing Gun Control in Chicago: ‘Hadiya Pendleton Was Me and I Was Her’
Critics Pan Yet Another MSNBC Promo with Harris-Perry: You Have ‘Right’ to Health Care, Decent Housing, and ‘Quality Food at All Times’
French President Gifted With Replacement Camel After His One First Is Eaten
WH Assistant Chef Says He’s Getting ‘Cut’ Because of Sequester — or Is He?
Hannity Explodes at Former Obama Adviser After He Tries to Defend Obama’s Music Party: ‘You’re on Drugs! You Can’t Be Serious!’
Fisherman in Kayak Has a Very Close Encounter With a Shark — and Catches It on Video! | Video | TheBlaze.com
Kentucky Democratic Official Now Implicates Progressive Group in McConnell Bugging Story | TheBlaze.com
Too Tired to Work But Not Too Tired to Play: Utah AG Busts Alleged Social Security Fraudsters | Video | TheBlaze.com
Rapper Jay-Z Responds to Critics of His Cuba Trip in New Song: Attacks Politicians, Claims Obama Said ‘You Gonna’ Get Me Impeached’ | TheBlaze.com
Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Indicted on Charges of Money Laundering and Fraud — Here Are the Details | TheBlaze.com
Gun Manufacturer Will Leave Connecticut Over Gun Control Legislation: ‘A Call to All Involved in Our Industry to Leave This State’ | TheBlaze.com
No Filibuster: Senate Votes to Move Forward on Gun Bill | TheBlaze.com
Biden Warns of Using AR-15s for Home Defense in Odd MSNBC Appearance: ‘It Can Kill Your Kid in the Bedroom’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
USC Prof. Caught on Camera Blasting ‘Stupid’ and ‘Racist’ Republican ‘Losers’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Global Warming Groups Claim Big Win in Battle Against ‘Climate Denialist’ Approach in Schools | TheBlaze.com
Read the 1953 Handwritten Letter From Francis Crick to His Young Son About DNA Discovery That Just Auctioned for $5.3M | TheBlaze.com
Activist Actually Gets People to Sign Fake Petition Calling for Full Repeal of Second Amendment and Door-to-Door Gun Confiscation | Video | TheBlaze.com
Lazy Criminals Leave Behind Empty Orange Juice Container — and Now Police Are Using Their DNA to Find Them | TheBlaze.com
Creepy: Severed Goat’s Head Delivered to Wrigley Field | TheBlaze.com
Rabbi of Judaism’s Holiest Prayer Site Endorses Controversial Prayer Plan — Here Are the Details | TheBlaze.com
Eastern European Brides Give Hope to Rapidly Dwindling Samaritans in Israel | TheBlaze.com
Have You Seen the Pro-Common Core Commercial Created by Exxon and Running in Texas? | Video | TheBlaze.com
Coast to Coast AM - April 10 2013 - Urban Folklore - YouTube

Waterworld: How America's cities will look in five centuries if sea level rises predicted by scientists prove correct | Mail Online
From DARPA, A Navigational Device That Fits On A Penny And Works When GPS Doesn't | Popular Science
Thunderstorms contain ‘dark lightning,’ invisible pulses of powerful radiation - The Washington Post
Oldest dinosaur embryo fossils discovered in China : Nature News & Comment
Timothy Doner: The incredible teenager who taught himself 23 languages- including Swahili, Pashto and Wolof- with no plans of stopping | Mail Online
Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine' - Telegraph
'Sirius,' Steven Greer's Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny 'Alien' Humanoid (VIDEO)
Dog lovers tricked into buying steroid-filled ferrets instead of poodles | Metro News
Camera Uses Laser Beams to Take 3-D Images From 1 Kilometer Away | Wired Science | Wired.com
Environmentalists Call For Banning Water - YouTube
Cyprus Forced To Sell It's Gold April 11, 2013 - YouTube
U.S. Senator Inhofe: Banks Never Paid Back Bailouts - YouTube
Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Direct Energy Prototype - YouTube
The Associated Press: Calif. bill aimed at Scouts' gay ban passes hurdle
Giffords, Kelly own guns while pushing gun control - CBS News
This senator in Obama’s back pocket
FBI sued over facial-recognition technology
FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama | CNS News
2,000-year-old ritual bath uncovered in Jerusalem | The Times of Israel
BBC News - 'Entire streets' of Roman London uncovered in the City
18th century tombstones deciphered with new 3D technology - Canada - World - Truro Daily News
‘Missing prophecy’ reveals future of Israel
Iran: Nuclear weapons site? What nuclear weapons site?
WikiLeaks: U.S. blamed Israel for failed peace talks in 1975 - Washington Times
Gosnell lawyer insists no babies killed - Philly.com
Baby-murder trial reveals ‘clinic’ violence
Safety agency says baby study failed to disclose risks of blindness, death | Fox News
Joel Osteen hoaxer comes out of shadows
When America was at its greatest
As employers push efficiency, the daily grind wears down workers
Automakers Recall 3.3 Million Vehicles Over Air Bags - NYTimes.com
Video: Howard Student Tries to Corner Rand Paul: 'I'm A Dollar Sign With A Heartbeat... Citizens Worth More Than Dead Presidents and Ben Franklin'
Video: Eric Holder - Repeat Offender
Video: Secret Video: USC Prof. Rants About 'Stupid, Racist Republicans' In Every Class
Video: NY Minute: Is Weiner Up For A Comeback?
Video: Prank: Liberals Sign Petition on Guns for Criminals and Cops Only
Video: 10 Myths Preventing Peace in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
Video: Dem Admits: Gun Registry Now Will Become Gun Ban Later
Video: Rush Limbaugh Picks Title For Hillary Clinton's New Book
Video: Harry Reid Invokes Own Dad's Suicide in Gun Debate
Video: Michele Bachmann: 'Dems Targeting Me, But I Will Be Cleared'
Video: 'An Open Letter to the World' from an Israeli Jew
Video: Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God - Bradlee Dean
Video: Can Government Create Jobs?
Video: U.S. Navy Unveils New Laser Weapons System for Drone-Killing
Video: Union 'Navigators' for ObamaCare Given All Our Personal Data?
The Dhimmitude of American Jewry
Chained CPI means higher income taxes for middle class
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Reverend Wright's daughter indicted
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Global Governance 2025: Rewriting the Life of the Common Man as we know it
A Message to President Obama and the United States Congress—Why Are You Silent?
Media Working Hand in Glove with Democrats on Gun Legislation
Our Children, Global Citizens, and the Collective
Greedy green land grabbers
Notorious Camp a “Pioneer” in Torture and Brainwashing
Quack, Quack! Obama is the Lamest Lame Duck
Jeff Sessions(R-Ala) Asks 10 Questions on Immigration Reform That MUST Be Answered!
U.S. condemns Syria sitting as U.N. human rights judge at Paris assembly
Five Things to Know About the Obama Budget
Obama budget: You think government is big now? Just you wait!
Morsi Culpable in Unprecedented Attack on the Coptic Pope’s Seat
Christian Origins of Essential American Doctrines
The Pyongyang-Tehran Proliferation Playbook
Sharia’s Sticks and Stones
Undocumented Democrats; They’re Just Pawns
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What the GOP's candidate must have
A tomahawk chop to political correctness
Wolves in wolves' clothing
Demands for 'knife control' already upon us
The Obamas' 'single mother' fixation
Liberals go crazy for the mentally ill
Why Obama should eat crow over 'Star Wars'
J. FARAH: Time to ban X-ACTO knives
J. NEWCOMBE: Is heaven just a 'false hope'?
P. GELLER: Muslim women who enable sisters' oppression
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5 decades of GOP-is-racist meme
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New details in Mexico teenager's death by Border Patrol
New details in Mexico teenager's death by Border Patrol
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Mali crisis: French withdraw troops amid fears of prolonged war — RT News
'Emergency' in Brazil state after flood of foreign migrants
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Adele tops young musicians' rich list
Spoiler Alert: Roger Ebert's contribution to the world? Joy
'Fast & Furious' Cinematographer to Direct the 'Point Break' Remake
Memory given a boost by playing sounds during sleep
Non-Amputees Can Experience the Illusion of a 'Phantom' Limb
Taco Bell is cooking up healthier menu -- by 2020
Indiana man charged in ax attack on abortion clinic
Hawking Gives Humans 1000 Years to Escape Earth
Scientists can now turn brains invisible
Mental Health Searches on Web Follow a Seasonal Pattern
Court battle looms over Nelson Mandela businesses
Creature Combined Human, Ape Traits
Early Dinosaur Embryos Found in China
Body Scanner Tech Finds Man Hidden in Roman Art
Is global warming a hoax? Catholic Online interviews a skeptic
It's raining on Saturn, and the rings are responsible
New bat genus looks like a mini panda with wings
New Mars Photos May Reveal 1970s Soviet Lander
'Time and Navigation,' at the National Air and Space Museum
How a Leafy Folk Remedy Stopped Bedbugs in Their Tracks
Combined robotics team in big competition
Researchers discover radioactive 'lightning'
Archaeology: A potted history of Japan
Fish Fossil Shows Why Humans Have Two Arms, Legs
Hijack an airplane with a phone? Security specialist says it can be done.
Before death, Google helps you get your digital affairs in order
Google Taps Powerful VCs for Google Glass Collective
Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice
What the heck is an 'Islamic Google Earth'?
Facebook Serving Up Ads Based on User Purchases
LinkedIn buys Pulse for $90 million
'Most energy-efficient' LED light revealed by Philips
Dimon Sees More Regulator Scrutiny After Embarrassing Whale Loss
Study shows 10-year decline in employer health coverage
Foursquare resorts to debt in latest financing
Lance Armstrong sells his $10 million Texas home
Microsoft Drops on Goldman Sachs Sell Recommendation
Internet IRS Documents: Citizens Have "No Privacy Expectation" With Email
Horse Meat Problems Resurface Across Europe
Obama Awards Highest US Military Honor to Heroic Korean War Chaplain
South Korea Bracing for North Korean Missile Test - YouTube
Candidates Attacked in Pakistan
Serbian shooting spree suspect dies in hospital
Uruguay Congress approves gay marriage bill
Chief Rabbi in France Resigns Under Cloud
Train passenger caught with Vladimir Putin fake ID
Father of bullied teen writes: 'I don't want her life to be defined by a Google search'
Obama Says North Korea Must End Its 'Belligerent' Tone
Israeli Court Rules for Women at Western Wall
Germany pledges to flush out neo-Nazi prison network
Rights Group Blasts Hamas Over Collaborator Deaths
Pentagon Says Nuclear Missile Is in Grasp for North Korea
Red Cross chief presses US on Guantanamo hunger strike
Not-guilty pleas in cancer-data-to-China plot
White House has message for North Korea - YouTube
Warrant: Texas stabbing suspect had gruesome fantasies
2 killed, dozens injured after bus rolls over in Irving, Texas
Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg reinvent the inside game
Zimmerman's mother pens letter to public on anniversary of son's arrest
John F. Kennedy assassination artifacts go on display for first time
Fox removes Coulter column with McCain reference
Perils for Swing-State Democrats on Gun Control
Man who sawed arms in Home Depot still critical
Rep. Bachmann's rival seeks rematch
Jenna Jameson Off the Hook in Battery Case
Father cuts off feet of daughter, 2, in tragic mower accident
Bullet hits Philadelphia shop worker's belt buckle
Hermit in Maine woods for 27 years is suspected in 1000 burglaries
LA Now Live: Rockefeller impostor convicted of murder
Goat's head delivered to Wrigley Field
Chicago Kickstarter Page: Seed Chicago Curates Local Crowdfunding Campaigns
Two robbers attack Chicago store where owner fiercely fights back
It should be easier to be green, says Senator Tom Cullerton
Wrigley Field rooftops spokeswoman: 'We're not stealing their product'
Man sentenced 13 years for Orland Park jewelry heist
Report: O'Hare ranks last in on-time performance
Beaver 'bites man to death' - Telegraph
Oscar Pistorius family releases statement, lashes out at social media users - Need to know - Macleans.ca
Analyst says Apple may launch new internet service, 'killer iOS app' after meeting with management
GOP Rep. Barton Cites Biblical ‘Great Flood’ As Evidence That Climate Change Isn’t Necessarily Man-Made | Mediaite
New species tree-dwelling porcupine discovered in critically threatened Brazilian habitat
Secret Population of Rare Orangutan Discovered in Borneo: New Protection for Primates : Nature & Environment : Science World Report
Climate Change and Global Warming - Four Out Of Five Americans Live In Areas Hit By Extreme Weather : US : Latinos Post
Golden Eagle in slow motion - Slo Mo #9 - Earth Unplugged - YouTube
Long Island Woman Caught in Cancer Scam to Pay for Heroin - ABC News
Implanted 'Bracelet' Helps Treat Heartburn - YouTube
Brain Scans Reveal Pain Is "Visible" : News : Nature World News
Charlie Sheen: Lindsay Lohan had ‘Anger Management’ set 'held hostage' because she was sick, tardy - NY Daily News
10News - Former 'Peanuts' voice actor Peter Robbins pleads guilty to threats, stalking - 10News.com - News
Octomom poses as Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers’ Conference! | Angelina Jolie : Just Jared
Will King of Pop's Children Take Part in Aunt's Reality Show? - La Toya Jackson Interview - YouTube
Conservatives Brace for Debate on Senate Gun Control Bill
NKorea Hints it Will Soon Launch a Missile
Hagel Says North Korea’s Missiles Can’t Now Reach the U.S.
Ministers of G-8 Condemn NKorea in 'Strongest Terms'
Cheney: US in ‘Deep Doo Doo’ Over NKorea
Psychoanalyst Heath King: Kim Jong Un Logical, Not Irrational
Obamacare Exchanges Costs Double: $4.4 Billion
Home Depot Co-founder: Obamacare Will ‘Kill Off’ Small Business
Ron Johnson: Obama Not Interested in Fixing Deficit
Rep. Collins to Newsmax: Obamacare Will Devastate Small Business
USC Professor Tells Students Republicans Are ‘Stupid,’ ‘Racist’
Biden: Gun Owners 'Just Like the Feel...Like Driving a Ferrari'
Ron Johnson: Background Checks 'Speed Bumps' That Don't Work
Barbour Explains Departure from American Crossroads
Dave Camp: Obama Has 'Evolved' on Corporate Taxes
McAuliffe Company Suspected of ‘Visa-for-Sale’ Scheme
Facebook's Zuckerberg Launches Political Group
Herman Cain: Focus on Winning Senate, not on GOP Schisms
Boehner Defends Obama on Slowing Social Security
Syria Says Al-Qaida Merger ‘Real Test’ for Rebel Supporters
Chavez's Socialist Legacy to be Tested in Sunday's Election
Poll: Sequester Will Hurt the Economy
Scientists Uncover Miracle Food That Stops Heart Disease, Diabetes
Sleep Apnea Treatment Pays Off at Work
Implanted Device Treats Chronic Heartburn
Alarm over Vanishing Frogs in the Caribbean
Soviet Mars Spacecraft Possibly Spotted in Photos
Embryo Discovery Indicates Dinosaurs Grew Fast
Hawking Talks About His ‘Biggest Blunder’
U.S. Schools Need New Science Standards to Compete, Group Says
North Korea Must be Stopped by China
Mass Murder Case: Justice Deferred
No Magic Bullet in Gun Control
Top 10 Tax Hikes in the Obama Budget
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11 April

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Feinstein: Assault Weapons "Very Attractive To People Who Want To Remedy A Grievance"
Carney On Jay-Z And Beyonce's Cuba Trip: "The White House Has Nothing To Do With It"
Van Hollen: GOP Budget Plan Would "Put The Brakes On Our Economy"
Toure Approves Of MSNBC's "Brilliant" All-White Primetime Lineup
Biden: Some People Own Guns Because "They Like The Way It Feels... It's Like Driving A Ferrari"
Jay-Z Records New Rap Song In Response To Cuba Controversy: "Obama Said Chill, You Gonna Get Me Impeached"
Boehner: Obama's Budget "Not Serious, Will Cost Our Economy More Jobs"
Sens. Toomey, Manchin Sell Background Check Bill On "Morning Joe"
Carney On Chained CPI: "This Is A Republican Proposal"
O'Reilly: Have Illegal Drugs Harmed Your Family?
Manchin, Toomey On Background Check Bill: "We've Done It Right"
Dennis Miller On CA Covering Infertility Treatment For Gays & Greece
Scarborough To GOP Leaders: "Condemn" Greg Walden's Attack On Obama
Alan Grayson Opposes Obama's Budget: "The President Has Offered Something Up In Return For Nothing"
Matthews: McConnell Calling In False Alarm To Bury Real Story
"Special Report" Panel: North Korea: Bluffing Or Ready To Strike?
Chris Hayes: Deals In Washington Signal Shifting Political Center
Gun Advocate Larry Pratt Wants Toomey Ousted For Background Checks
Rand Paul Addresses Howard University
Krauthammer: If We're Stuck Debating Chained CPI, "We're Going To End Up Like Cyprus"
Howard Student To Rand Paul: "I Want A Government That Is Going To Help Me"
New Melissa Harris-Perry Promo: You Have The "Right" To Health Care, Education, Housing And Food "At All Times"
Jay Carney vs. Bret Baier On Obama's "Balanced" Approach To Budget
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Rick Santorum: Gay Marriage Discourages Regular Marriage
GOP Congressman: Obama's Budget A "Shocking Attack On Seniors"
Ted Cruz: Obama "Trying To Take Advantage Of" Newtown Shooting
Michelle Malkin On Melissa Harris-Perry Ad: "Hands Off My Kids"
Michelle Obama: "Hadiya Pendleton Was Me"
Chicago Store Owner Robbed, Shot, Fights Back With Baseball Bat
Obama Introduces Budget: "Not A Lot Of Smoke And Mirrors Here"
"Hannity": 15-Year-Old Girl's Testimony Against Gun Control Goes Viral
Sen. Kaine: Obama's Late Budget Submission Shows "Lack Of Concern"
Matthews: Republicans Continue Filibuster Threats Over Background Checks
O'Reilly: Was America A "Better" Country In 1950s?
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