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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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10 April 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World .... "

FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama | CNS News
Illegal border crossings leap ahead of immigration bill - Washington Times
Immigration bill is personal for many at Capitol rally
Court Expresses Antipathy for S.E.C. in Handling of Madoff Case - NYTimes.com
Fed Releasing Minutes Early Due To Early Release To Congressional Staffers And Lobbyists | Zero Hedge
Insurers can’t charge more for smokers in health exchanges - Washington Times
Smoking Is a ‘Preexisting Condition’ - Kevin D. Williamson - National Review Online
HS baseball players suspended in hazing incident - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Obama's defense budget reneges on base closure promise - Washington Times
Observer-Reporter | Justice Thomas: Many black communities in decline
Underground homeless camp cleared near the East Bottoms - KansasCity.com
EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency | Fox News
Lorne Michaels, King of NBC at Last, Will Be Exec Producer of SNL, Tonight, and Late Night | Showbiz411
Md. man sentenced in Va. for selling outdated meat - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
CNN Press Release Openly Advocates for Background Check Legislation
Notes from Memphis Night at the White House | The Weekly Standard
Cruz: Obama’s View of Federal Power ‘Knows Virtually No Bounds’ | CNS News
Anthony Weiner gives tearful confessional, eyes comeback - Maggie Haberman - POLITICO.com
British test tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards dies | Reuters
McConnell accuses Kentucky liberal PAC of bugging campaign headquarters - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
» New York Police Confiscating Firearms from People Taking Anti-anxiety Medication Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
First lady throws herself into gun control debate - The Hill
Senators unveil deal on background checks - John Bresnahan and Dan Berman and Reid J. Epstein - POLITICO.com
Maine hermit living in wild for 27 years arrested - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Autistic man left toothless after Indianapolis dentist pulls ALL his teeth instead of just three in bizarre dental mix-up  - NY Daily News
Woman behind street parties to 'celebrate' death of Margaret Thatcher named - Telegraph
Friendships cut short on social media as people get ruder: survey | Reuters
Alec Baldwin on Rupert Murdoch: I Was Born to Spit on Him
Witnesses: Man drove 90 mph with genitals hanging out the window - WJHL-TV: News: Weather, and Sports for Johnson City, TN
South Korea increases surveillance as North moves missiles | Reuters
North Korea: US 'ready to intercept up to THREE missiles' | World | News | Daily Express
Allergy to Sperm Was Nearly Game Changer in Marriage - ABC News
Google favours ‘in-house’ search results - FT.com
Court hears arguments on NFL concussions - ESPN
Huffington Post bringing Christie to White House Correspondents' dinner | NJ.com
Helmut Kohl: I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro - Telegraph
Finland police say Russia's President Putin mistakenly placed on criminal blacklist | Fox News
Report: Kuwait media law proposes $1 million fines for insults to emir - The Washington Post
Judge rules administration overlooked fracking risks in California mineral leases | Reuters
EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency | Fox News
Activist Post: Secret FDIC Plan to Loot Bank Accounts
NY Times Advertisement
Britain's biggest banks use astrology to play the markets
PressTV - Thousands of young women turned into slaves in Germany
Baby milk powder rationing introduced by supermarkets | Money | The Guardian
Global Disappearance of Bees | World Truth. TV
Samara: The Russian city being 'eaten alive' by giant sinkholes | Mail Online
Billions of bugs to erupt from underground lair for the first time in 17 years | Science & Tech | News | Daily Express
Food Forest Comes to Life in Seattle
Health and Wellness Eating Dandelions
PressTV - S Korea, US upgrade surveillance status, report says
U.S. official: North Korea could test fire missiles at any time - CNN.com
North Korea Warns Foreigners in South of Nuclear War - NYTimes.com
Federal budget cuts: Air Force grounds 1/3 active-duty combat aircraft | The Asbury Park Press NJ | app.com
We need an IQ test for politicians - NYPOST.com
The Elephant in the Room: Militarism | Common Dreams
Cancer - The Forbidden Cures - YouTube
U.S. official: North Korea could test fire missiles at any time - CNN.com
US confident it can intercept North Korean missiles, says top admiral | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - US rulers brainwashing public to justify military adventurism
Mind control, the shell game, and the stealth gods | Jon Rappoport's Blog
‘WikiLeaks release to hurt ‘Mr. Death Squad’ Kissinger’ — RT Op-Edge
‘Who controls the past controls the future’: Assange Presents Massive Project K Leak | Conscious Life News
WikiLeaks: Vatican Dismissed Pinochet Massacre Reports As 'Communist Propaganda'
Retired Army Officer: DHS Must Surrender Their War Weapons to Dept. of Defense | The Gateway Pundit
Richard C Cook » Blog Archive » Major Disaster to World Civilization May Loom, Warn Scientists and Spiritual Masters
Activist Post: UK Man Wins Court Victory Over BBC for 9/11 Coverup Broadcast
Leaked Document Military Internment Camps in U.S - YouTube
Secret FDIC Plan To Loot Bank Accounts
Activist Post
Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code?
Jackie Gleason's Ufo House, Nixon, and Aliens - YouTube
PressTV - Extremist US pastor Terry Jones announces plans to burn Qur’an again
Activist Post: Globalist Hidden Hand Revealed in Destabilization of Syria
PressTV - What is the real American game in Syria?
PressTV - Israel, Turkey co-plotted military operations inside Syria: Gordon Duff
Arms supplies to all sides of Syrian conflict should be halted - Putin — RT News
Roi Tov – Netanyahu's Bread and Circuses
Ron Paul launches his own school — RT USA
Sinkhole at 300 ft. is Superdome-sized | New Orleans' Multicultural News Source | The Louisiana Weekly
Dengue Fever Infections Soar To 390 million, Three Times Previous Estimates : US/World : Medical Daily
4 Common Sense Reasons to Stop Eating Meat - Waking Times : Waking Times
Benefits of a Vegan Diet - Greener Ideal
'What Can I Do?' - Farmer Joel Salatin Answers This Important Question - Waking Times : Waking Times
State of Missouri bans Agenda 21; What would Harry Truman Say? : TreeHugger
States look to tax guns, ammo
Weve Been Taken Over by Stealth - Morris - YouTube
Massachusetts, national drone companies are struggling to gain public acceptance in face of controversy - Business - The Boston Globe
DOD Inspector General finds $900 million stockpile of Stryker parts | McClatchy
Activist Post: Leaked Government Report Reveals Testing Of Gun Detecting Drones
Drone Attacks On Tribal People To Genetically Mix Them - Pakistani - YouTube
Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) - YouTube
PressTV - US war against Iran ‘empty threat’
In this nuclear standoff, it's the US that's the rogue state | Jonathan Steele | Comment is free | The Guardian
GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 1 - YouTube
GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 2 - YouTube
GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 3 - YouTube
GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 4 - YouTube
The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks - YouTube

*Five operating system alternatives to Windows 8 and XP | ZDNet

+North Korea Documentary PROPAGANDA video - REAL FOOTAGE - YouTube

Texas College Students On Piers Morgan: We Could Have Stop The Stabbing If We Were Allowed To Carry Guns | XRepublic
The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America |
Activist Post: EPIC files lawsuit against FBI to obtain documents about massive biometric identification database
Legal Aspects Of Using Drones For Domestic Surveillance Explored In Congressional Report |
Reid’s Gun Control Bill Makes a Missing Firearm a Ticket to Five Years in Prison |
Margaret Thatcher and the Triumph of Crony Capitalism: “There is No Alternative” (TINA) | Global Research
Derivatives Managed by Mega-Banks Threaten Your Bank Account. All Depositors, Secured and Unsecured, May Be at Risk | Global Research
Rick Santelli On Paper Gold Vs. Physical Gold - Home - The Daily Bail
U.S. can intercept North Korean ballistic missile, top American admiral says - CBS News
The Clear Signs of a Global Inflationary Tsunami Are Already Visible Around the World | InvestmentWatch
This Iranian Drone Could Someday Save Your Life | Popular Science
Who wants a smart meter to track'n'tax your car? Hello, Israel • The Register
After destroying at least 2,5 Million Trees: Israeli forces uproot 300 olive, almond trees in Hebron | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين
What Christians Don’t Know About Israel
The Textbooks Have Eyes: Now E-Books Can Track If You Do Your Homework - 12160
Beyond missionary work: The porn that’s watched in Vatican City | THE INTERNET POST
Transsexual pornography 'downloaded at the Vatican' - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
Amazon Secretly Removes “1984″ From the Kindle | THE INTERNET POST
Cheney: US in ‘Deep Doo Doo’ Over NKorea
Here's the List of 158 Guns That Dianne Feinstein Wants to Ban in 2013 - 12160
Someone at the Vatican Is Downloading Really Dirty Porn - 12160
Porn downloaded at the Vatican, US website claims - Telegraph
Margaret Thatcher dead: CNN run former PM with JIMMY SAVILE picture in tribute blunder | Mail Online
Greek Commission Concludes Germany Owes Billions in War Reparations - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The Pharma Reich - 12160
Cop Claims Cell Phone Is A Weapon, Assaults Man For Recording | XRepublic
Five operating system alternatives to Windows 8 and XP | ZDNet
google, beyond the cia: insurgency and espionage factory | poorrichards blog
Debunking Old Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong | Veterans Today
8 Tips to Keep the TSA from Stealing Your Stuff - TSA Watch
More Than 101 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job
Pepe Escobar & Ryan Dawson Iraq/Syria 2013 - YouTube
The Deplorable Treatment of Wounded Troops
AR500 Body Armor – Affordable and Effective |
Las Vegas Bans Google Glasses
CORZINE CRONYISM BOMBSHELL - High Ranking DOJ Lawyers And AG Eric Holder Were Partners In Firm That Represented MF Global - Home - The Daily Bail
The Elite’s Plan For One World Currency |
DHS Suggests Christians, Constitutionalists Should Get Extra Surveillance From LEOs |
The Secret FDIC Proposal That Puts Your Savings At Risk | Zero Hedge
Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee - Yahoo! News
Bi-Partisanship We Don’t Need: The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree | NationofChange
Nuclear North Korea: Truth vs. Rhetoric | Think Tank - YouTube
Bitcoin crashes, losing nearly half of its value in six hours | Ars Technica
Leak Shows US Hid The Truth About Drone Strikes
Greg Hunter interview of Jim Willie : Large Widespread Cutoff of Supply Chains Coming | InvestmentWatch
Michelle Obama Goes On Twitter, Comedy Ensues - Home - The Daily Bail
The 9/11 USAF Stand Down
Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight | Threat Level | Wired.com
Activist Post: Will the Real Zombies Please Stand Up?
America is AT WAR with China, and losing | InvestmentWatch
FDR Issues Executive Order 6102 Banning Gold Ownership - Home - The Daily Bail
Senator Toomey Betrays Gun Owners |
Margaret Thatcher's Dark Legacy | Weapons of Mass Distraction - YouTube
How India Dented Big Pharma’s IP Monopoly: Arjun Jayadev & Joseph Stiglitz | Economy Watch
Media Still Hype Staged Toppling of Saddam Statue as Genuine - BlackListedNews.com
Band-Aid on Band-Aid: All 104 Nuclear Reactors Currently Operational in the U.S. Have Irreparable Safety Issues - BlackListedNews.com
The Number 1 Reason That Jon Corzine Is Not In Prison - BlackListedNews.com
America's Hired Death Squads and Torture Teams Are Still Operating in Iraq | Alternet
As Law Enforcement Budgets are Slashed, Private Eyes and Security Firms Move In - BlackListedNews.com
Biden: 'The Black Helicopter Crowd is Really Upset' - BlackListedNews.com
Film: Propaganda 2012 | Dprogram.net
German woman who survived WW2 says Obama is the same as Hitler | Dprogram.net
Automatic Brain: The Power of the Unconscious | Dprogram.net
Leaked Document Military Internment Camps in U.S | Dprogram.net
Next News Network: Populations Increasingly Relying on Private Security | Dprogram.net
Modern Money, Public Purpose, and Democracy | Dprogram.net
Meet The 9/11 Whistleblowers – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Photo of Gay Man Who Walked Through Muslim Suburb of Paris With Boyfriend Causes Shock | Dprogram.net
Survival: The Ultimate Form of Resistance | Dprogram.net
The Reasons for (Eating by) the Seasons | Dprogram.net
SLHS: The Industrial Food Complex, with Community Activist Leiha Maldonado | Dprogram.net
ATF Creates New Program To Spy On Anyone Who Owns A Gun | Dprogram.net
Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines | Dprogram.net
It's Time to End Policing for Profit
Jon Stewart Highlights Monsanto Protection Absurdity
Even the NY Times is now rejecting Monsanto GMO science
N. Korean Satellite Flies Over America Over And Over And Over Again In The Next 5 Days... | Space
Video: 1/3 Of US Air Force Grounded: 'Sequester' N. Korean Nuclear False Flag On The Horizon? | Global Unrest
Dirty Dirty Dirty – FBI Witness Murdered Who Had Access & Was To Testify In Obama/Soetoro Passport FBI Investigation. | Opinion - Conservative
The Obama's, I Knew They Had Both Lost Their Law License, But I Didn't Know Why Until I Read This | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Potassium Iodate for the North Korean Threat. | Survival
Arming The DHS Is An Act Of War Against the Citizens of America! | Politics
27 More Reasons To Stock Salt - Survival Life
Fossil Eggs Reveal Dinosaur Embryos And Yield Organic Material | Animals-Pets
US City Sea Level Rise Maps Nickolay Lamm - Business Insider
Global Disappearance of Bees | World Truth. TV
Bevis and Butthead Education ~ Video | Survival
The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks | Politics
Many Military Convoys Now Moving Through the United States - CHINA 'RUSSIAN, AMERICAN TROOPS! - Video | Military
2013 Martial Law is Certain (Stunning Video) | Self-Sufficiency
22 Things A Burglar Would Never Tell You | Self-Sufficiency
7 Foods that Help to Quench Your Hunger | Wake Up World
The Mysteries of Crater Lake, Oregon | Strange
Article On Suspicious Patterns In Missing People | Strange
5 Most Powerful Drug Lords in History | Strange
Underneath The Vatican Is Lucifer, Medusa, Isis, Pagan Gods & Idols (HD) , | Alternative
Just the Facts?: Two New 'Mongolian Death Worm' Sub-Species -- Massive Wasp Nest -- No More Manned Lunar Missions | Paranormal
America's Most Haunted Houses | Paranormal
Gerald Celente on The Conspiracy Show April 7, 2013 | Politics
Video: 9/11 Bush Crime Is Apocalypse | 2012
NWO Agenda and Wars For the Next 7 Years | Alternative
The Meaning Of Cancer | Alternative
N. Korea: 9/11 Was False Flag Attack By Multinationals - Eye-Opening Video | 9/11 and Ground Zero
We Are Star People: Scientific Proof We Were Created By Aliens | Alternative
Alien Origin - The Amazing 17 Months Old Baby That Can Read? | Alternative
Chinese Army Claims New Bird Flu Strain Is US Bioweapon--Officials Concentrating On Neutralizing Virus | Alternative
Howard Carter's Egyptian Alien Children | Alternative
Video. Anti-Christ? Obama's12 of 19 Signs In Bible!!! | Prophecy
N. Korea Has 8 Nuclear Warheads: Kim Jong-Un Awaits Obama Phone Call On Basketball Diplomacy | Global Unrest
Illegal We Do Immediately; Unconstitutional Takes A Little Longer’: Kissinger In New Mass Wikileaks Document Release | International
James Franco’s Satanic ‘Love In The Old Days’ Video | Religion
The True Facts Behind Joel Osteen's Resignation | Religion
Obama Antichrist-Scar Deadly. Video. Apocalypse. | Prophecy
Anonymous Murder From A Safe Distance
Free Speech, Culture Wars, and Enlightenment
Audio/Sucking Up To The Saudi Crown
7 Chilling Facts About Retirement in America That Should Make Obama Tremble
Video:Ending Forfeiture Abuse:
Video:Print-a-Pistol? Home-made Guns Soon To Be Piece Of Cake With 3D Printing?
Interview 646 - Radio Liberty: The Velocity of Money
The EyeOpener- Meet the 9/11 Whistleblowers
4/10/2013 The Thatcher Paradox
4/10/2013 Beware Lawyers Bearing AUMF Fix
4/09/2013 North Korea Is Like a Misbehaving Child - Ignore It
North Korea Mobilizes Military to Plant Crops -- News from Antiwar.com
Syrian Rebel Faction Merges With al-Qaeda in Iraq -- News from Antiwar.com
Intellasia East Asia News - A Chinese show of force to remember in the South China Sea
Women Fail Marine Infantry Officer Course, Again | SOFREP
DigitalOne - Cyber criminals targeting your cellphone: Experts
Media Still Hype Staged Toppling of Saddam Statue as Genuine -- News from Antiwar.com
The ‘it can’t happen here’ syndrome
Doctors driven to bankruptcy - Apr. 8, 2013
Oops! Mali family cooks and eats Francois Hollande's gift camel (VIDEO) | GlobalPost
Why Does Obama Want to Deport This Family? | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
NY Councilwoman Seeks Year in Prison, $1,000 Fine for Buying Knockoff Handbags - informationliberation
Why We Need To Stop Exaggerating The Threat To Cops
Decriminalization, Legalization, or Freedom? - informationliberation
Cuba Is Turning the Hakkens Over to the U.S. Government - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Puppies & Kittens & Censors...Oh My! Government Muzzles Internet Pet Vet - informationliberation
MSNBC Host Elaborates on Her Claim That Children Don't Belong to Their Parents - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Germany’s One-Party System
Obama’s War on Social America
The Economic and Social Crisis: Contemporary Capitalism and Class Struggle
Obama on Gun Control: An Exercise in Concealing Harsh Social Truths
Beijing Confronts Dilemma over Korean Crisis. Washington is Building Up Military Forces Directed against China
BioTech Lies Exposed: Genetically Modified Corn is Loaded with Chemical Poisons
Operation Destabilize Venezuela and the Secret US Embassy Cables: Infiltrate, “Divide Chavismo”, “Isolate Chavez Internationally”
Former U.S. Nuclear Chief: Nuclear Plants Should Be Phased Out — “Can’t Guarantee Against Accident Causing Widespread Land Contamination”
What’s Wrong with the US Economy and How we Can Fix It
Illegal Payments to Colombian Terrorist Groups: Chiquita Banana Giant Blocking Release of Files
Margaret Thatcher’s Belligerent Role in International Affairs and against The Irish Republic
Lew Rockwell; Want Liberty in Our Times?
Download:Lew Rockwell; Want Liberty in Our Times?
Tests and Tiger Moms by Thomas Sowell
Where Have All the Workers Gone? by Patrick J. Buchanan
Firearms Training When Ammo Is Scarce!
Silver Premiums, Demand, and Shortages by Jeff Berwick
Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Kansas Legislature Sends Governor Strongest Pro-gun Bill in Country
Shakespeare was right: rosemary oil boosts memory - Telegraph
Sheriffs suing own state over guns
Robot Sex Poll Reveals Americans' Attitudes About Robotic Lovers, Servants, Soldiers
Meet your future enemy: Pentagon developing humanoid Terminator robots that will soon carry weapons
» DHS-funded course asks cops if they will confiscate guns from Christians Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Golden Ratio: Using Gold to Price Market Data | Visual Capitalist
Military archdiocese objects to Catholic 'extremist' label :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)
THE COLLECTIVIST MIND GAME, PART 1: DEMONIZING THE NON-COMPLIANT Mind control, the shell game, and the stealth gods | count down to zero-time
Treasury Dept. Calls Beyonce, Jay-Z Cuban Trip 'Educational'
Quentin Tarantino Trims 'Django' for Chinese Theaters
Alec Baldwin: Fox News, Rupert Murdoch Exist for 'Killing People of a Certain Stripe'
MTV Cancels 'BUCKWILD' After W.Va. Star's Death
'Memphis Soul' Concert Rocks Fiscal Doomsayer White House
Alec Baldwin Late Night Bound?
Adam Carolla: More Race-Based Arguments Since Obama Became President
Producer Harvey Weinstein to Open Home for New Obama Fundraiser
GSN Developing Church-Based Dating Show
Gabby Giffords Claims Internet Allows People To Circumvent Background Checks
Obama Administration Cuts Back Pearl Harbor Tours
Stepdaughter of Slain DA: Murder Was 'Domestic Terrorism'
GOP's Toomey Breaks with NRA on Gun Control
Michigan High School Reinstates Santorum Speech, Requires Parental Permission
Obama Budget Increases IRS Funding $1B
Obama Budget Skyrockets Gun Control Funding
Rand Paul Speaks At Howard University
Obama Budget Cuts Funding for Detainment of Illegal Immigrants
Senate Conservatives Press Gang of 8 on Immigration Reform Entitlement Impact
Sen. Sessions: Obama Budget 'Not Merely Reckless; It's Unthinkable'
Report: Senate Bill to Grant Amnesty After 'Border-Security' Targets Met
Obama Budget: 41% Increase in Income Taxes
GOP: Obama Budget Would Increase Debt to $25.4 Trillion
Obama Budget: $50 Billion for Infrastructure, Including High-Speed Rail
White House: No Budget Deal Without More Tax Increases
Obama Budget Two Months Late, Declared Dead on Arrival
CT Gov: Gun Companies Don't Care, Will Sell to Criminals, Mentally Ill
New York City to Pay Occupy Protesters for Damaged Property
Biden Mocks 'Black Helicopter' Gun Control Skeptics
Michelle Takes Gun Control Tour To Chicago
Obama Hypocritically Proclaims Equal Pay Day
McKinley Wins 2/3 Counties and 22% in IL-02 Despite Zero Republican Party Support
Democrats 'Confident' They Have Votes to Bring Gun Control Bill to Senate
The McConnell Recording: Less Interesting Than Who Made It and Why
Federal Budget Cuts Ground 1/3 of Air Force Combat Planes
Number of Immigrants Overstaying Visas Plummeted After 9/11
Sebelius: Implementing Obamacare More 'Difficult' Than Anticipated
Ex-Ill. Lawmaker Elected to Succeed Jackson Jr.
Mother Jones Rewrites McConnell Tape Transcript
Quarterly Ratings: Top 13 Cable News Programs Belong to Fox News
Byron York: 'Media Bias' Keeping Reporters From Covering McConnell Bugging Story
Media Ignore: 'About 100 Babies Born Alive' Had Neck Snipped 'To Ensure Demise'
Exclusive–Palin Advisers: 'Unconscionable' Mainstream Press Exploited Thatcher's Death for Smears
HuffPo: Obama 'Largely Silent' on Poverty
Margaret Thatcher: Beyond Feminist Ideology
Scandal-Hit Hollande Vows to 'Eradicate' Tax Havens
US Judge Sets bin Laden Son-in-Law Trial for January
Judge Fines Costa $1.3M for Concordia Wreck
Syrian Militant Group Vows Allegiance to Al-Qaida
Survey: Palestinian Support for Gaza Rocket Attacks Falls
US Voices Concern Over New Iran Uranium Mines
Admin Official Believes North Korea Could Launch Attack at Any Second
Russian Patriarch Denounces 'Dangerous Feminism'
US Mulls Stepped up Aid for Syria as G8 Meets
World View: Japan Deploys Anti-Missile Systems After North Korean Threats
Global Governance 2025: Rewriting the Life of the Common Man as we know it
Our Children, Global Citizens, and the Collective
Conservatives are Powerless to Combat Obama’s Flagrant Taxpayer Fund Spending
Small Fry would run self-centered lefties of ‘The Collective’ Ragged
Margaret Thatcher did not divide, but merely highlighted the divide already there
What Is Sustainability?
Morsi Culpable in Unprecedented Attack on the Coptic Pope’s Seat
Video: Rush Limbaugh Picks Title For Hillary Clinton's New Book
Video: Harry Reid Invokes Own Dad's Suicide in Gun Debate
Video: Michele Bachmann: 'Dems Targeting Me, But I Will Be Cleared'
Video: 'An Open Letter to the World' from an Israeli Jew
Video: Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God - Bradlee Dean
Video: Flashback: Thatcher Exposes Socialism
Video: Can Government Create Jobs?
Video: U.S. Navy Unveils New Laser Weapons System for Drone-Killing
Video: Union 'Navigators' for ObamaCare Given All Our Personal Data?
Why the United States is a Dying Country
Where's the Progress in Progressivism?
Guns: The Left's True Aim, and How to Thwart It
Barack Obama Couldn't Care Less about Dead Children
Gays are much ado about nothing
Not Yet Time to Declare Victory over Climate Anti-Capitalists
American Colonialism
Homosexual Marriage Advocate Takes Things to a New Low
Melissa Harris-Perry doubles down on 'children don't belong to parents'
Texas student knife rampage a planned attack
Architect of ObamaCare admits it is 'just beyond comprehension'
Immigration deal ready for roll out
Judge rules FDA must issue death after life
Give Jim Hlavac's Article on Gays Another Chance: Think "Not in Our Name"
Museums for kids who love dinosaurs
Obama budget: Spending cuts, higher smokers' taxes
Family Continues To Defend Paterno - YouTube
Michelle Obama brings anti-violence message to Chicago
Born deaf, suspect learned to express himself at a teen book club on campus
Bradley Manning trial: Bin Laden raid member to testify in 'light disguise'
Rand Paul: My support for Civil Rights Act has 'never wavered'
Rockefeller imposter 'continues to maintain his innocence'
Train Engineer Saves Puppy?s Life
34 charged in probe of illegal sports betting
ACLU Wants Prison In Contempt For Not Allowing Muslim Prayer
Obama calls for cigarette tax hike of 94 cents a pack
Chinese bullet train leader charged with corruption
Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Yemen slams US drone strikes
Syrian jihadists pledge fealty to al-Qaeda
Fed leaks rate-setting minutes to banks
IRS believes it can read your emails, chats, and more without a warrant
Apple not blocking comics with gay sex from the App Store after all
Yahoo, Apple Discuss Deeper iPhone Partnership
Facebook embeds movies, TV shows, music, books into status updates
Hands On With the New Foursquare
Google battles human trafficking with global hotline
Teens: Facebook's becoming more 'meh'
Facebook unveils sharper ad-targeting tool
Country Hall of Fame Picks Kenny Rogers, Cowboy Jack Clement, Bobby Bare
190M-year-old dinosaur bones found in China shed light on growth, development
How a Leafy Folk Remedy Stopped Bedbugs in Their Tracks
The Great Garbage Lakes? Pollution plagues the water
Declassified NASA Logs Reveal Tale of 'Turd Floating Through The Air'
Why We Don't Need a Fusion-Powered Rocket
Saturn's rings found to produce rain
Liquid Robotics launches new generation of wave glider ocean robots
Long-distance 3D laser camera unveiled by Edinburgh team
Study: Brain scans can measure pain
Robert Edwards dies at 87; Nobel winner for first 'test-tube baby'
Study: Soda Ban Would Backfire
HHS Charged with Bungling Preemie Study
Researchers discover new link between red meat and heart disease
Brains Turned Clear as Glass Help Scientists' Probes
Physician-Assisted Suicide Program Rarely Used, Study Finds
Clipboard: What's in your medical marijuana?
Mass. regulations would require testing medical marijuana for contaminants
In Blacks, Alzheimer's Study Finds Same Variant Genes as in Whites
Stephen Hawking: Explore space for humanity's sake
Women Prefer Bigger Penises, May Have Shaped Evolution
Study: We're Closer to Identifying the Genes That Cause Laziness
Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: Justice Minister Revisiting Alleged Rape Case - ABC News
‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham admits to making sex tape, wants to sell it for a ‘couple million' - NY Daily News
Lindsay Lohan cries on David Letterman's show - latimes.com
House GOPer: Biblical flood proves climate change isn’t man-made - Salon.com
Beautiful striped bat is the "find of a lifetime" (photos)
Space Station May Test 'Spooky' Entanglement Over Largest Distance Yet | LiveScience
Interactive Map Reveals Extreme Weather Disasters Impact 80 Percent of Americans (Map) : Nature & Environment : Science World Report
Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening (Premieres April 10, 2013) | NOVA | PBS - YouTube
Ten retailers urged to pull potentially toxic products
Allergy to Sperm Was Nearly Game Changer in Marriage - ABC News
Stem cell therapy takes arthritis treatment into the future - YouTube
North Korea needs a Taste of America's "Doctrine of Preemption"
Hillary's village has no morals...
EXCLUSIVE & Pathetic: Homeland Security Tells Agents “Take Shelter” as Illegal Aliens Protest Outside ICE Headquarters
VIDEO: Britney Spears on Death of Annette Funicello – “I Think That’s Great”
“Accidental Racist”: Brad Paisley’s White Guy Apologism Song Says Cowboy Hats Racist, Blacks Still Slaves
TwoCrowsParanormal: Nazca Lines Damaged
Four Two-Headed Creatures Defy the Odds – News Watch
'Sirius,' Steven Greer's Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny 'Alien' Humanoid (VIDEO)
Dog lovers tricked into buying steroid-filled ferrets instead of poodles | Metro News
2012 Understanding Consciousness Evolution - Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell Summit - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM - April 09 2013 - Understanding Consciousness - C2CAM - YouTube
Army Email Labels Christian Ministries as “Domestic Hate Groups”
Study: The coal industry is in far more trouble than anyone realizes
RNC meeting eyes outreach to minority voters, internal reforms
‘Obama phones’ subsidy program draws new scrutiny on the Hill
Army recruiter who killed student, self had wed young soldier last year
Dealer admits he altered most valuable baseball card ever sold
Ryan Sees Progress on the Budget Front, If Obama Breaks the Status Quo
Obama: Put Nation's 4-Year-Olds in ‘Public Preschool;' Will Save on ‘Child-Care Costs' | CNS News
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Police: Lone Star Stabber Planned Attack for Some Time, Had Fantasies of Stabbing People to Death Since Elementary School
Student Hammers No-Guns-on-Campus Policy on Live TV After College Stabbings: ‘We Would Love to Have God & the Law on Our Side’
Colo. Sheriff Alleges Shock Training to TheBlaze: DHS-Bound Official Warned Against ‘Christians Who Take the Bible Literally’
Margaret Thatcher Was Frighteningly Accurate When She Made This Economic Prediction
Calif. Tax Bill Seeks to Punish Boy Scouts’ for Gay Ban, Targets Group’s ‘Unfortunate Discriminatory and Outdated Practices’
This Is How 5 Catholic Leaders Killed During Argentina’s Brutal Dictatorship Could Become Saints (It Involves Pope Francis)
N.Y. Dad Who Had Pistol License Suspended Over Comments Made by 10-Year-Old Son Will Likely Take Legal Action Against Police
Navy’s New Cost-Saving Weapon: A Laser That Can Shoot Drones From the Sky
Al-Qaeda Acknowledges Syrian Rebels Are Part of Its Network, Fighting to Establish Caliphate in Syria
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Want to Know How Much Tape It Takes to Lift a Car? Watch This Video
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