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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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01 March 2013

" A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Obama Launches False Flag on Internet to Take it Over - YouTube
Media Lies About 2 Billion Bullets! - YouTube
Gerald Celente: Feds Preparing for Economic Implosion - YouTube
+Ted Nugent Gets in Tyrant's Face - YouTube
Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps - YouTube
Terrorist Napolitano Threatens The American People - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Rights Group Sues Big Sis Over Internet Kill Switch
Prison Planet.com » 20 Years In Jail For Selling a Gun to a Pot Smoker
Prison Planet.com » Feinstein: “Bad Things Happen” Because of 2nd Amendment and Gun Culture
Prison Planet.com » BigDog Robot Now Has An Arm
Prison Planet.com » ‘Mind Meld’ Study Leading to DARPA’s Killer Robot Army
Prison Planet.com » Programs That Should Be Cut – But Won’t Be Cut – From The Federal Budget
Prison Planet.com » The Sequester Begins: Even Obama Has Begun Downplaying the Effects
Prison Planet.com » Video: Obama Supporter Would Rather Be Murdered Than Use Gun In Self Defense
Prison Planet.com » DHS Censors Information About Firearms Purchase
Walter Zimmerman Warns Of Financial Crisis - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » Authoritarians Target Internet Freedom
Prison Planet.com » Consumer Spending Drought: 16 Signs That The Middle Class Is Running Out Of Money
Al Qaeda Mag Publishes 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' List | The Weekly Standard
Did UFO 'shoot down' Russian meteorite blasting it to smithereens? Now conspiracy theorists' launch extraordinary claims after new footage emerges | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » Victory For Euroskeptics: UKIP Defeats Conservatives
Prison Planet.com » Israeli site shows photo of kids dressed as burning Twin Towers for Purim, upsets everyone
Prison Planet.com » What to do if you are paralyzed by fear of civilization collapse, police states, plagues and other calamities
Income drop: US personal income biggest drop in 20 years - chicagotribune.com
Prison Planet.com » The ‘death tax’ is nothing short of government wealth confiscation, period
Prison Planet.com » Michael Savage: This is A Time for War
'Never Again' Campaign Launched: Gun Control Has Historic Roots in Disarming Blacks, Lynchings by the KKK | CNS News
Obama donor in process of buying up and 'destroying' America’s top pro-gun media outlets | The Daily Caller
Mayor Bloomberg: Don’t Panic About the Sequester | Politicker
Sen. Reid to Press: ‘You Guys Have an Obligation to Report’ the Democrats Are Right | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Coal Plants Likely the First Targets of Climate-change Executive Orders
Rep. Goodlatte Blasts Obama for Releasing Illegal Aliens to ‘Promote His Political Agenda on Sequestration’ | CNS News
Prison Planet.com » Planned secret tidal wave bomb aimed to destroy coastal cities
Prison Planet.com » BPA Damages Cell Function, Found in Fetuses at High Levels
Cartoon - Founding Fathers Discuss The Constitution - Home - The Daily Bail
WATCH: Obama Tells Press 'I Am Not A Dictator' - Home - The Daily Bail
Surveillance State: The Modern Internment Camp | Brainwash Update - YouTube
Hactivist Faces 100 Years, You Are What You Eat, Surveillance: Modern Internment - YouTube

Income Posts Largest Drop In 20 Years As Consumer Spending Rises
China Launches New Stealth Frigate - BlackListedNews.com
It’s time for this idiot to resign in disgrace: Clueless Joe Biden tells shooters to fire through the door, committing murder. |
Asia Times Online :: World Affairs
US Training & Equipping Syrian Rebels: US-Made Anti-Tank Missiles Already In Use; Plans To More Than Double Aid To Rebels - 12160
Decriminalization of Prostitution for Minors? |
Are Big Banks a Bunch of Organized Criminal Conspiracies? | Alternet
Help Wanted: Must Be Infallible - By Joshua E. Keating | Foreign Policy
The Misuse of the Word “Conspiracy” & The Origin of the Label “Conspiracy Theorist” : Federal Jack
Proposed Connecticut Bill Mandates Mental Health Assessments for Homeschooled Children : Federal Jack
MF UNTOUCHABLE: Corzine Avoids Lifetime Trading Ban - Home - The Daily Bail
poorrichards blog: The Shadowy Boondoggle That Is ‘Homeland Security’
Civil Unrest Inevitable? Maxine Waters: ‘Over 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost’ Due To Sequestration…Sarah Palin: Feds Are Stockpiling Bullets For Civil Unrest | InvestmentWatch
Suicide of a Superpower: Pat Buchanan on the Death of Western Civilization « Underground Documentaries
Peter King Lashes Out At Marco Rubio, Says He’s Playing New Yorkers For ‘Suckers’ |
The Real New World Order. Bankers Taking over the World |
Martial Law Coming to America |
When Gun Confiscation Starts. How Will a Rebellion Play Out Nationwide? - The Lone Star Watchdog | The Lone Star Watchdog
John Stossel Says 'Uncle Scam' Is Robbing Our Children, Spending Still Increases With Sequester | XRepublic
The Tower that Toppled a Terrible Technology » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Glock: Why It's America's Most Popular Handgun - Home - The Daily Bail
Rubio: Peace process not a top priority for Israel right now | The Cable
Russia Plans to Keep 10 Warships in Mediterranean | Defense | RIA Novosti
Shock! $307 Billion paid to Africa while America goes over cliff |
Eric Holder Second Amendment Hit Piece 'Home-Grown Terrorists Threat Rivals Overseas' | XRepublic
Obama's Rules For Assassinating U.S. Citizens - Home - The Daily Bail
The Geopolitics of Oil and Natural Gas: Russia is Back to Stay in the Middle East | Global Research
BPA Damages Cell Function, Found in Fetuses at High Levels |
USA paid for propaganda in Sweden in the 1950s - Radio Sweden
Horsemeat scandal: Four new products test positive |
The Media Doesn't Matter Trend: Beppe Grillo Proves It
Chicago police not answering 911 calls | XRepublic
Rick Santelli On Gold ETFs: 'If World Collapses, You're Stuck With Paper' - Home - The Daily Bail
+Full Spectrum Dominance - YouTube

Max Igan Speaks to Freedom Central | Dprogram.net
Gadsden flag vs American flag – Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
The true history of gun control – Timeline | Dprogram.net
Obama using computer-generated Twitterbots to create appearance of social media support for gun control | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Transhumanism, Overpopulation, and Eugenics with Aaron Franz | Dprogram.net
Scientists link two rats' brains, a continent apart

Rare superbug emerging in U.S. elicits advisory warning from CDC | Fox News
» DHS Censors Information About Firearms Purchase Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Al Duncan -- EPA. Population Control and Agenda 21
USA AT THE BRINK OF DICTATORSHIP GOP considering “ceding” power to President Obama | count down to zero-time
Hookahs, hash and the Muslim Brotherhood | GlobalPost
In conservative Pakistan, everybody must get stoned | GlobalPost
Sen. Reid to Press: ‘You Guys Have an Obligation to Report’ the Democrats Are Right | CNS News
Obama: ‘I Am Not a Dictator - I’m the President’ | CNS News
Ad Campaign Launched: Gun Control Has Historic Roots in Disarming Blacks | CNS News
McKeon: ‘I Don’t Know What Extent This White House Will Go To, But It’s Got To End’ | CNS News
Rep. Roby: ‘Unconscionable’ for Obama to ‘Use Our Military Families as Pawns in His Crusade for Higher Taxes’ | CNS News
Ryan: We'll See If Obama Uses the Sequester Flexibility We Plan to Give Him | CNS News
Obama: No Deal, but Blame Republicans for Cuts
Bookmakers Say It’s Italy vs. Africa for Next Pope
White House: Automatic Cuts to Come Friday Night at Midnight
Hamas Threatens Obama Over Jerusalem Visit
Hannity Issues New Attack on Ellison
Vatican 'Princes' to Gather Next Week
WSJ: Government Takeover of Student Loan Market Fails Miserably
King Levels Rubio for NY Fundraising
Napolitano Says Release of Detainees Was Too Quick
Catholic Association’s Ferguson: Obama Administration a Threat to Religious Liberty
PPP: Hillary Would Beat Walker, Ryan in Wisconsin
GOP 2016 Hopefuls Head to Fla. RNC Event
Dallas Fed’s Fisher: Time for Fed to End its ‘Monetary Ritalin’
Mediterranean Diet Miracle: Top Doctor Reveals How to Maximize the Lifesaving Benefits
1 in 8 Adults Have Sensitive Teeth: Study
Potassium: Critical But Missing Food Label Information
Author Simcox: the citizen Terrorists of al-Qaida
Sequester, budget, get Obama caught lying
America Has 'Gangsta-Violence' Problem
Obama Calls Sequester 'Manufactured Crisis,' But HE'S The One Who Manufactured It | CNS News
'Never Again' Campaign Launched: Gun Control Has Historic Roots in Disarming Blacks, Lynchings by the KKK | CNS News
Gay Rights Advocates to Supreme Court: ‘View of Marriage Has Evolved’ | CNS News
As Kerry Heads for Ankara, Turkey's PM Equates Zionism With Fascism | CNS News
Boehner: 'We’ve Done Our Job' | CNS News
White House Says Woodward Wasn’t Threatened | CNS News
Rep. Steve King: Conservatives Should Refuse to Pass CR Unless it Protects Conscience Rights of Americans Against Obamacare | CNS News
Obama says no way to avoid gay marriage case | CNS News
Rep. McCaul: Release of Illegal Aliens Shows 'Weak Stance on National Security' | CNS News
Michelle Obama: Walmart Fulfilling Its ‘Moral Obligations’ by Selling Healthy Foods | CNS News
Growing push to halt workplace bullying | CNS News
9th Circuit Orders Judge to Re-Hear Case that Could Force Prisons to Hire Wiccan Chaplains | CNS News
Catholic Association: We Must Answer Benedict’s Call ‘To Stand Up and Defend Religious Freedom’ | CNS News
Kerry: Obama Remains Willing to Hold Bilateral Talks With Iran’s ‘Elected’ Government | CNS News
U.S. Hints at Sanctions as Pakistan Moves Ahead on Gas Pipeline With Iran | CNS News
First lady: Not surprised by reaction to Oscars | CNS News
Husband and Wife Behind 'The Bible' Miniseries | CNS News
Medical examiner: Nothing new learned in lottery winner autopsy
Durbin Decries Sequestration's Effects on Medical Community
Gag order issued in Joliet double homicide case
Fla. man swallowed by a sinkhole is feared dead
Sinkhole swallows man in Seffner home - YouTube
Obama: If I were on Supreme Court, I'd defend same-sex marriage
Beam me up, Yoda: Obama won't do 'Jedi mind meld'
Voting Rights Act still necessary
Special Guests: Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams, Judge Andrew Napolitano
Cop's fascination with cannibalism sent him on downward spiral: FBI agent
Owner says dog was poisoned at Westminster Kennel Club show
Menominee Tribe upset with Walker's casino stance
Education secretary says 'pink slips' comment was misinterpreted
TRENDING: Back on the attack: Romney hits Obama for spending cuts
Seven California children missing, believed abducted by father
Scott Brown to host fundraiser for Chris Christie
Look back at Pope Benedict's final week - YouTube
Kerry: Erdogan comments complicate Mideast
US criticizes NKorea for wining and dining Rodman
Vatican takes first steps running pope-less church
Hugo Chavez 'battling for his life', says VP Maduro
Al-Qaeda's Abou Zeid killed in Mali - Chad's Deby
Taxes squeeze US households, factories to add to growth
Obama blames Republicans before signing 'arbitrary' sequester order
ISM Index of U.S. Manufacturing Increased to 54.2 in February
BeerSci: Is That Water In Your Pint Glass?
Best Buy Halts US Sales Decline
The Reason Why We Don't Eat Horse Meat Is Purely Economical
SEC Steps Up Chesapeake Probe
McDonald's dropping Fruit & Walnut Salad, Chicken Selects in US
DARPA's BigDog robot can throw cinder blocks farther than you
Dynamic Robot Manipulation - YouTube
German Copyright Law Targets Google Links
Facebook sends invite promising 'new look for the News Feed'
Are Microsoft's free Office Web Apps good enough for you?
Google Glass Takes Flight in JetBlue Mockups
Google has $48 billion cash hoard
Microsoft to Sell Atlas Online Ad Platform to Facebook
Turn Off, Tune Out: The National Day of Unplugging Is Upon Us
FCC will investigate phone unlocking ban, cites innovation, competition concerns
China blames US for most cyberattacks against military Web sites
Samsung Galaxy S IV to come in black and white, up to 64GB of storage
Code.org wants to get programming into high schools
Apple Wants Court To Approve Settlement For Child-App Purchase
Fukushima: 'Small increased cancer risk'
Greenpeace slams WHO over Fukushima radiation - YouTube
Childhood Asthma Linked To BPA Exposure
Psychiatric Disorders Linked Genetically
Flu no longer widespread in the US
Program to Cut HIV Transfer to Babies Gets High Marks
DNA science points to better treatment for acne
Obama says he's ready to tackle Medicare costs
SpaceX capsule hits snag on resupply mission to space station
SpaceX Capsule to Supply ISS Hits Trouble - YouTube
NASA Discovers New Radiation Belt Around Earth
100 million sharks killed each year, say scientists
After Glitch, Curiosity Switches to 'Safe Mode'
Monster black hole spinning near speed of light revealed
David Bowie's new album The Next Day streaming for free on iTunes
Five candidates submit required number of signatures for special election for US Senate - Boston.com
French Montana’s Becomes Latest Victim Of Drive-By Shooting, Tour Bus Shot At In Philadelphia Leaving One Dead | The Versed
Syrian rebel chief says US food, medical aid won’t help his fighters defeat Assad’s forces - The Washington Post
Evidence of Prebiotic Molecules Discovered in Interstellar Space; Increases Odds of Finding Alien Life | Cleveland Leader
President Obama’s Legacy: Government Greed - Gov. Bobby Jindal - National Review Online
The Benefits of Optimism Are Real - Emily Esfahani Smith - The Atlantic
Roma Downey and Mark Burnett: Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible - WSJ.com
Jack Lew Confirmed as Treasury Secretary: Democrats Gave Him a Pass | New Republic
Obama Is Playing a New Game - WSJ.com
Bob Woodward, Demonstrable Liar « The Dish
Obama is the closest thing to Nixon we've seen in 40 years | Fox News
Conservatives Hindered by Ownership-Society Ideal - Bloomberg
Jack Lew and Citigroup: How the Corrupt Rich Get Richer with Cronyism | RealClearPolitics
Mort Zuckerman: The Jobs Picture Is Far Worse Than It Looks - US News and World Report
The Democratic Majority Is Doomed - WSJ.com
A Grieving Father's Plea | RealClearPolitics
Editorial: White House vs. Woodward | Boston Herald
5 False Assumptions Political Pundits Make All the Time - Molly Ball - The Atlantic
What the Hell Happened to Bob Woodward? -- Daily Intelligencer
President Obama’s Losing Hand on the Sequester Fight - NationalJournal.com
How the aging of America is hurting the Republican Party
Our Debt, Ourselves - NYTimes.com
Chief justice out to end affirmative action - CNN.com
Cries of Racism Cloud Real Issues in Court « Commentary Magazine
Scalia, Race, and ThinkProgress’s Vicious Cycle - By Charles C. W. Cooke - The Corner - National Review Online
Has the American Bar Association kept our judges white and male?
Is the President Still Relevant Here? « Commentary Magazine
Labs for Testing Fiscal Policy Positions - NYTimes.com
Did the Obama administration just bail out a bunch of GOP governors on Medicaid expansion? | AEIdeas
Real Clear World - Video - Large Shark Kills Man In New Zealand
Real Clear World - Video - Exclusive: Interview With Somali President
Real Clear World - Video - S. African Police Drag Man, Who Later Dies

Health-Care Law Leading to Doctor Shortage? | RealClearPolicy
Doug Holtz-Eakin Explains the Impact of the Sequester | RealClearPolicy
Sequestration Panic! (Michael D. Tanner) | RealClearPolicy
The Truth about Sequestration | RealClearPolicy
Sparks Fly: Bernanke Asked to Cut the 'Ton of Fat' | RealClearPolicy
Middle Out Economics 101 | RealClearPolicy
Real Clear Markets - Video - Icahn Takes Latest Shot at Ackman Over Herbalife
GOP is Erratic in its Confirmation Strategy - Diana West - [page]
Henninger: The Obamaian Universe - WSJ.com
So Much Government Growth Provides So Much Spending To Cut - Investors.com
Why Democrats Must Get Smart on Entitlements - Bloomberg
Woodward vs. White House: Washington at its weirdest - The Washington Post
Why the Sequester's Defense Cuts are Scaring Me Less and Less - Ricochet.com
Boston Review — Emmanuel Saez and David Grusky: Taxing Away Inequality
Bernanke's testimony to House Financial Services panel | Reuters
INTERVIEW: The Shifting Diets of a Fast-Urbanizing World – Next City
Why Do We Want Prices in Health Care? - The Daily Beast
*Transcripts:27th:Obama's Speech Dedicating the Rosa Parks Statue
Interview with Representative John Lewis
Interview with Representative Tom Price
Guests: Reps. Cummings, Schakowsky, Yarmuth & Moran
Interview with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
Analysts Debate the Voting Rights Act Case
Panel on ICE Releasing Illegal Immigrants
Media Availability with Secretary Kerry
BBC News - Analysis: US Syria strategy aims to salvage reputation
The Other Iraq | The Weekly Standard
'South African Violence' Only Explains the Pistorius Case If He's Not Guilty - Jina Moore - The Atlantic
Argo, F**k Yourself: Iran and the Oscars
Now Al-Qaida Wants to Torch Your Car and Snarl Your Commute | Danger Room | Wired.com
Is This the End of Globalization?
Has Obama Lost Interest in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict? - The Daily Beast
American Recessional - Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online
Is the U.S. kowtowing to Iran in nuclear talks? - The Washington Post
College: Where Free Speech Goes to Die | Hoover Institution
The Hundred Days: 1 March-18 June 1815
The Washington Post Magazine, Lolita Lebron Article
Chugoku Shimbun Peace News 2004
Before Kennedy, There Was Humphrey - The Peace Corps Turns 50: 10 Little-Known Facts About It - TIME
New Gorbachev Memoir Offers Inside Look at Soviet Kremlin - SPIEGEL ONLINE
How the Bush administration sold the war – and we bought it | Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Some Far Out (at Least for Now) Energy Ideas - NYTimes.com
What ARPA-E Does Well: Making Connections | MIT Technology Review
The Energy Game is Rigged: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Topped $620 Billion in 2011 : TreeHugger
Opower: using smiley faces and peer pressure to save the planet. - Slate Magazine
Dark Energy Camera Could Reshape Einstein Cosmology - Forbes
Fluid and Gases: How Obama Can Balance Energy and Environmental Priorities | Brookings Institution
American energy and economics: Better out than in | The Economist
Sustaining Our Energy Renaissance | Blog | Energy Tomorrow
How Oil Can Improve Our Long Term Energy Situation
A new way to invest in green energy - Fortune Tech
Is Cleantech a Dirty Word? | The Energy Collective
Why People Should Care About Clean Power - Forbes
The 25 Best Companies in America
Druckenmiller Sees Storm Worse Than ’08 as Seniors Steal - Bloomberg
The Sequester Game of Chicken
The Experts: Are Collectibles a Bad Investment? - WSJ.com
Why Won't Americans Listen to Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles? - Businessweek
Companies Take Action to Woo a Cautious US Consumer
Critical Thinking Is Best Taught Outside the Classroom: Scientific American
Study Finds Genetic Risk Factors Shared by 5 Psychiatric Disorders - NYTimes.com
Human sexuality is naturally promiscuous, primarily amorous | Ars Technica
How Can Meditation Help You Control Your Mind?
The Men Who Made Space Colonies Look Like Home | DiscoverMagazine.com
10 amazing scientific facts about lists | Dean Burnett | Science | guardian.co.uk
BBC News - TED 2013: 4D printed objects 'make themselves'
How did early primordial cells evolve? - Press Office - Newcastle University
Skepticblog » Junk DNA and creationist lies
Craig Kanalley: Prominent Writers Criticize Facebook As Social Network Deals With Teenager Problem
Why Google built the pricey, powerful Chromebook Pixel | Internet & Media - CNET News
America has an energy boom. Now what? - Mar. 1, 2013
Can evil data scientists fool us all with the world’s best spam? — Tech News and Analysis
Wireless Connections Creep Into Everyday Things | TIME.com
Why you want a dual-SIM phone | Mobile World Congress - CNET Reviews
How To Share / Beam Any File On Android Via NFC | Redmond Pie
11 must-see videos from Mobile World Congress - CNET Reviews
8 Amazing iPad Mods and Hacks [SI]
BBC - Future - Technology - What is killing smartphones?
Mobile security startup PassBan offers smartphone owners a slew of authentication options—including one you can wear. | MIT Technology Review
BBC - Future - Technology - Darpa X-plane to radically rethink vertical takeoff
Could Google Glass give you cancer? Questions over Silicon Valley's latest must-have accessory | Mail Online
Obama urges Supreme Court to overturn Calif. same-sex marriage ban - The Washington Post
The Vatican is stuck in a monarchical past | National Catholic Reporter
InterVarsity to File Brief on Attempts to Restrict Religious Liberties at Universities
Defending the Faith: A shallow Joseph Smith wouldn't have been up to the task | Deseret News
RealClearReligion - The Myth of Cult Suicide
Roma Downey and Mark Burnett: Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible - WSJ.com
Castel Gandolfo: History of the Summer Residence of the Pope - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Stonewall: Ashley Judd to Refuse Reporter Questions at GWU Event
The Onion, Jon Stewart Rush to Obama's Side to Defuse Woodward-Gate
CNN's Ali Velshi: Sequester Will Destroy Obama's Booming Economy!
Politico Misquotes Its Own Story to Push Obama Narrative on Sequester
'Know Your Place': Elite Media Target Herman Cain
Sequester: Media Will Blame Obama's Failed Economy on 2% Budget Cut
Andrew Understood What Republicans May Never Learn
Fearless: The Art of Breitbart
Andrew's Politics: He Hated Bullies
NPR, Keith Rewrite Obama Sequester History
The Year After Breitbart
Unmasking the Left With Andrew
Pop Cultural Conservatism, Year One A.B. (After Breitbart)
In Memoriam--Tribute to Andrew Breitbart: I Can't Stand to Say Goodbye (Original Song)
Meeting Some Guy Named Andrew
The Art of #War
Andrew Breitbart's Last Speech to the Team: Seek, and Expose, the Left
Andrew: One Year Later
Bashing Benedict: Networks Slam Retiring Pope
Chicago Media in Panic Mode Over McKinley IL-02 Primary Win
Marc Ambinder: 'White House Threatens Reporters A Lot'
Carney Lashes Out At Press: Do Some 'Old Fashioned Reporting'
Woodward Emails Back Claim of White House Intimidation
Cult of Obama: List of Journalists Throwing Woodward Under Bus
Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column
Woodwardgate: Media Gang-Tackle Iconic Journalist to Save Obama
CT Deputy Speaker Stripped of Post After Lewd 'Snake' Comment to Teen
CT State Rep to 17-Year-Old Girl: 'I've Got a Snake Sitting Under My Desk'
Joe Biden Gun Tips: Shoot Blindly Through the Front Door
Obama Trashes Whistle Blower Protection for Federal Employees
NH Gun Store: Obama 'Firearms Salesman Of the Year'
Jesse Jackson Jr. Writing A Book 'To Clear Up His Legacy'
Bloomberg: America Can Borrow 'Infinite Amount of Money'
Boehner after Obama Meeting: No New Taxes
January: Biggest Drop in Construction Spending Since July 2011
Harvard Crimson Warns Conservatives Not to Enroll
Second Amendment Foundation Threatens to Sue City Over Gun Confiscation
Romney Gives First Interview Since '12 Loss: 'The Ride's Over'
CPAC Keynote Speaker: Sen. Ted Cruz
GOP Leaders Get Seven-Minute-Meeting with Obama on Sequestration
ICE: Report About Director's Resignation 'Inaccurate And Misleading'
Woodward Right About Obama Moving Sequester Goal Posts
Mayor Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Rights Super PAC Eager for 2014 Races
Rep. Maxine Waters Inflates Sequester to '170 Million' Jobs Lost
Members of Congress Call for GAO Investigation of Planned Parenthood
14 killed in Malaysia Standoff with Filipinos
Official: Icelandic Meat Pies... Have No Meat
Man with 94 kg of Caterpillars Stopped at British Border
Scientists Spot Birth of Giant Planet
Egypt Opposition Leader Turned Down Kerry Meeting
Syria Jihadists Take Iraq Border Post: Watchdog
World View: China Moves Missiles Near Coast to Target Japan
Brennan Vote Delayed Without Explanation
Syrian Rebels Claim to Have Killed Hezbollah's Deputy Chief
How “Organic Food” regulations pushed real organic growers out of the market and benefited Big Agriculture - BlackListedNews.com
LIBOR: Viewing the Biggest Financial Crime in History » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Holder Shruggs Off Being Held In Contempt of Congress – He Has No Respect For Them, Either | Nice Deb
Detroit To Be Taken Over By The State - BlackListedNews.com
British terror suspects quietly stripped of citizenship… then killed by drones - Crime - UK - The Independent
Bradley Manning pleads guilty to misusing classified data in WikiLeaks case | Reuters
EU-US trade deal: Creating a new world order - BlackListedNews.com
Bob Woodward Embodies US Political Culture in a Single Outburst
Hollywood’s Propaganda Tales of torture and wanton killing are blockbusters in the USA
Bradley Manning says U.S. 'obsessed with killing' opponents
Is Honesty the Best Policy? Look at the Evidence
Our Murderer-in-Chief
VIDEO-Rep. Ellison: Hannity 'The Worst Excuse For A Journalist I've Ever Seen'
The United States of Propaganda (What We’re Up Against)
VIDEO-The Century of the Self
VIDEO-Michael Hudson Fictitious Debt and Manipulation of People
It’s Like Rooting for the Lions against the Christians
Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses
“Behind the Mirror”: Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie
What’s Up With Room 322 at Hotel ZaZa?
NRA Publishes DoJ Memo on Obama Federal Gun Grab & Confiscation Agenda
Video Report: Operation Gladio-Q & A

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 28, 2013

Hollywood-Style History
Interview: Sibel Edmonds on the Worst Police State in the History of Mankind
Episode 260 - Globalists Hate C-Span
Interview 616 - Sibel Edmonds Answers Questions on Gladio B
Horse Meat, Hanford Leak, Obama's Oscar
Interview 615 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Glenn Beck: Principled Libertarians are "Nazis" and "Facists" - informationliberation
Protester Says She'd Rather Die Than Use A Gun In Self-Defense | CNS News
Bradley Manning Explains Why He Released To Documents To WikiLeaks 'First He Went To NYT' - informationliberation
Bradley Manning: the face of heroism | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Countdown to freedom: CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou begins jail sentence - informationliberation
Comcast: We Won't Terminate Your Account Under Six Strikes; We'll Just Block Every Single Website - informationliberation
Senators Push Resolution Committing US to Aid Israel in Attack on Iran -- News from Antiwar.com
AIPAC Lobbyists to Congress: Despite Sequester, Don’t Touch Israel Aid « Antiwar.com Blog
Baghdad Bloodbath: 34 Killed, 70 Wounded in Attacks -- Antiwar.com
At Least 30 Afghan Police Killed in 48 Hours -- News from Antiwar.com
Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to Leaks, Not Guilty to Aiding the Enemy -- News from Antiwar.com
The Shadowy Boondoggle That Is ‘Homeland Security’ by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com
The Syrian Back Door to War With Iran by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
20 Years Ago Today: Operation Showtime | The Beacon
FayObserver.com - Fort Bragg soldiers prepare to deploy to Kosovo
BBC News - Ex-CIA officer Kiriakou 'made peace' with leak decision
Americans see biggest one-month decline in income in 20 years - Mar. 1, 2013
Senator: Obama's Golf Weekend With Tiger Cost As Much As 341 Federal Workers Furloughed | The Weekly Standard
News from The Associated Press
Cigarette tax jumps up $1 a pack in Chicago : News
Michael Hastings: "There Are People Waiting For Woodward To Die So They Can Dish Stuff On Him" | RealClearPolitics
Michael Jordan Hit With Paternity Suit | NBC Chicago
Bradley Manning Admits Providing Files to WikiLeaks - NYTimes.com
Hamas warns Obama: Don't visit Temple Mount - Washington Times
Romney likens 2012 race to 'roller coaster,' in exclusive ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview | Fox News
Dana Milbank: Sotomayor, Kagan ready for battles - The Washington Post
News from The Associated Press
Massive ice balls attracting attention along Lake Michigan - Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News
Kerry: US Hopes for Peaceful Syria Solution
EU wants to be 'role model' for global environment, anti-poverty talks | Global development | guardian.co.uk
Breakdown of Law and Order: “We Can’t Depend On the Police Department” | Old-Thinker News
Explosive report: 98% of newborn babies are genetically screened | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Newtown Sandy Hook School Massacre: Updated Timeline, Chronological Assemblage of Coverage
Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA
Polluted America: GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare
Austerity USA Begins March 1st: Bipartisan Project to Impoverish the American People
GMO and the Corporate Patenting of Living Organisms: Monsanto’s Patents on Life
Seoul’s “Blood Alliance” with Washington: Former Dictator’s Daughter takes over South Korean Presidency
This Year’s Subsidy to Wall Street is Equal to the Amount of This Year’s Sequester Cuts
The Uncommon Courage of Bradley Manning
US Moves Towards Open Arming of Syrian Opposition
Inflation Is the Legacy of the Federal Reserve
Capitalism as Disease: Spreading Governmental Tyranny and Gun Violence
Collapse of Social Programs in America: Three-Quarters of Progressive Caucus Not Taking a Stand Against Cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
College Education in America: “Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash”
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Woodward: WH Didn't Threaten Me, But "It's Not The Way To Operate"
Preview: Mitt & Ann Romney Interviewed By Chris Wallace
Pelosi: Republicans Giving Out "Pink Slips"
Carney On Woodward: "We Had A Factual Disagreement That I Think We Stand By"
Maxine Waters: 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost Due To Sequestration
CNN: Obama "Sullying" Brand By Appointing Big Donors As Ambassadors
Carney Grilled On Sequester Cuts, Can't Defend Claims About Teachers
Baier: "I Think Bob Woodward Has A Little Bit Of Explaining To Do"
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Robert Reich: "Let's Just Repeal The Sequester"
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