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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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02 March 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

PressTV - US student loan debt nears $1 trillion: Report
The Obama Administration and the Dirty Thirty | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Economic Official Sperling Warned Woodward
'Sequester' cuts to hit healthcare hard - Los Angeles Times
Many Steps to Be Taken When ‘Sequester’ Is Law - NYTimes.com
The Sequestering of Barack Obama
Obama orders sequestration cuts - chicagotribune.com
Obama signs order to begin $85B in spending cuts | Fox News
Sequester-Sequestration FAQ: All your Sequestration questions answered.
The Daily Show's Sequester Conspiracy Theory Is Pretty Convincing - Politics - The Atlantic Wire
The Missing Recovery -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org
Unemployment hits new record in euro zone, personal income plummets in US - World Socialist Web Site
I am So Upset About The Sequester Cuts - YouTube
Sequestration - Definition in the Federal Budget
NYC The Blog: Spotting An Undercover NYPD Taxi Cruiser

'I am not a dictator,' Obama says - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

The Scientific Proof of the Existence of the Soul - Waking Times : Waking Times
Hemp ~ “Weeding” Out The Myths - Waking Times : Waking Times
GMO Seed Freedom or Freedom from GMO Seeds – Which Will It Be? - Waking Times : Waking Times
10 Lies and Misconceptions Spread By Mainstream Nutrition - Waking Times : Waking Times
How China is enslaving the world: Beijing's ruthless leaders subjugate armies of foreign workers with opium, plunder resources across the globe - and now they've got Britain in their sights | Mail Online
Activist Post: BPA Can Lead to Brain Impairment, Neuro-disorders
University of Ottawa Racism, Censorship and Abuse of Power
PressTV - Hagel: US ‘can’t dictate to the world’
PressTV - Police covering up 9/11 truther’s death?
Obama Using Illegal Immigrants As Form of Terrorism Against Americans - ALIPAC
Watergate journalist Bob Woodward 'threatened' by White House - Telegraph
Exchange between Bob Woodward and White House official in spotlight – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Activist Post: US Lawmakers Push for Internet Sales Tax
'I'm just a pilgrim,' Benedict XVI says in public farewell - CNN.com
Bradley Manning admits to leaking 'the most significant documents of our time’ — RT USA
Candidate protoplanet spotted inside its stellar womb - Astronomy Magazine
Black holes spin close to the speed of light - CBS News
WKEF-TV ABC 22 News :: News - Top Stories - Chicago Proposes Sex Ed For Kindergartners
“He Who Isn’t Busy Being Born…” « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
6 Things Grosser Than Horse Meat In Your Burger | Popular Science
NOW HEAR THIS / As the saying goes: Where’s the beef? » Viewpoints » Weatherford Democrat
Environmental footprint of vegetarian diets 30% lower, say researchers
Randy Pausch: Really achieving your childhood dreams | Video on TED.com
You Don't Want Super-High-Speed Internet, Says Time Warner Cable | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
Right-wing Supreme Court justices attack US Voting Rights Act - World Socialist Web Site
Kansas Democrats force amendment to include lawmakers in welfare drug tests | The Raw Story
Kor Ecologic Urbee 2 car will move from 3-D printer to road
Pentagon’s DARPA researchers learn to control rat’s brain over Internet | End the Lie – Independent News
Consumer Spending Drought: 16 Signs That The Middle Class Is Running Out Of Money
NDAA Bill: Obama Says Goodbye to Freedom and Democracy
Radiation Food Lab - EnviroReporter.com
Bradley Manning admits to leaking ‘the most significant documents of our time’ | End the Lie – Independent News
In Latest Decision, Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Government Spying | A Lightning War for Liberty
Feinstein on Gun Control: 'All The Police' Support My Gun Ban | CNS News
Charleston Voice: 65,376,373 Americans ‘Arm Up’ before Civil War *video*
Airplane Pilot Complaints...And Maintenance Crew Solutions
American Victims of the Soviet Gulag
Russias Growing International Influence - Soviet Bear - YouTube

Why Lightning Struck the Vatican - YouTube

Mother Teresa: Anything but a saint…
International cooperation is needed to make the internet safe for the world - Telegraph
Asia has more billionaires than North America - Telegraph
Moscow is billionaires' capital of the world - Telegraph
Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA | Zen-Haven - Soren Dreier
Vatican admits secretly bugging its own clergy - Telegraph
Hugo Chavez is fighting for life, says vice president - Telegraph
Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam
Nasa warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation - Telegraph
Resistance From a Cage: Julian Assange Speaks to Norwegian Journalist Eirik Vold
Surveillance State: The Modern Internment Camp « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Monsanto and the FDA: 2 crime families working a trillion-dollar hustle | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Activist Post: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Confirms HAARP's Ability to Manipulate Atmosphere
Activist Post: Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate
PressTV - John Kerry’s verified lie on Syria
The Beast | Veterans Today
PressTV - Iran calls on UN to hold Israel accountable over Palestinian prisoners
Bradley Manning: the face of heroism | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Manning plea statement: Americans had a right to know 'true cost of war' | World news | The Guardian
Photorealistic 3D Images - Business Insider
Fukushima Mother: “Are they going to kill these children?” — Lawyer: Nation’s worst child abuse in history (VIDEO)
A Bedazzled Drone Replica Asks Us To Ponder Deadly Strikes At Home | Popular Science
: The Third Van Allen Belt
My Way News - Plight of the American bumblebee: Disappearing?
Crossing The Threshold « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Electric cars playing catch-up to hybrid cousins - Business - MiamiHerald.com
Vegan Fashion Hits the Runway - US News and World Report
The Brilliant Lunacy of the Maddest Scientist in Motoring | Autopia | Wired.com
Does Your Brain Have a Right to Privacy? | Zen-Haven - Soren Dreier
Chemtrails, Wireless And You « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Globalists Hate C-Span - YouTube
Al Duncan -- EPA. Population Control and Agenda 21
Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on TED.com
PressTV - Docs show US Marshals use spy drones
Drones a threat to our privacy | SeacoastOnline.com Tablet Edition
How Does the U.S. Mark Unidentified Men in Pakistan and Yemen as Drone Targets? - ProPublica
Border Patrol Drones May Get Wiretapping, Human Identification Capabilities
Jack Blood Show - Podcast Player - 12160

The Act of 1871: The “United States” Is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions : Federal Jack
The Act of 1871: The "United States" Is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions - YouTube
Surveillance State: The Modern Internment Camp | Brainwash Update | XRepublic
Refreshing News: Study finds children with low self-esteem are often praised for personal qualities instead of efforts
Activist Post: Data Leak Reveals Bank of America Spying on Internet
Toxic Light – The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs « Underground Documentaries
poorrichards blog: ibm's watson: interfacing with god
For Every Action | Kirwan's Art & Articles
Jon Stewart takes aim at Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s blackface - 12160
New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine - 12160
At the Brink of Dictatorship |
There Goes The Sequester | Zero Hedge
Dr. Paul's "Plea for Sanity" on CNBC - 12160
Internal IMF Study: Fund Has Gained World’s Trust by Advocating Currency Debasement :
States Join Lawsuit Challenging BACK DOOR Bailouts - Home - The Daily Bail
Rand Paul: Sequester Doesn't Cut Enough - Stossel 2/28/2013 | XRepublic
Hidden Secrets of Money – Currency Vs Money | InvestmentWatch
The Day of Doom is Upon Us |
Bloomberg Exposes The Myths About The So-Called Sequester cuts – It’s Much Ado About Nothing | InvestmentWatch
Ron Paul: Sequester Is Just A Fear Tactic | XRepublic
Activist Post: The War on "Hacktivists": 100 Years in Prison?
Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill « CBS Denver
US: Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terrorism -- News from Antiwar.com
Left To Die - The Government's Policy On Homelessness
WASHINGTON: DHS freed over 2,000 immigrants since February. - Politics Wires - MiamiHerald.com
Using Military Weapons on Americans: 20th Anniversary of Federal Attack at Waco « Antiwar.com Blog
Should children and incompetent persons be euthanized in Belgium? | LifeSiteNews.com
Fort Hood shooting suspect trial set for May 29
Student Debt Nearly Tripled In 8 Years, New York Federal Reserve Reports
Climbing Student-Loan Delinquencies Pinch Young Home Buyers
“Download this gun”: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds | Ars Technica
The Details Of What Information The Police Can Suck Out Of Your Phone - informationliberation
Court of Appeals: Illinois Law Must Allow Concealed Carry of Firearm
Supreme Court Justices Critique Voting Rights Law
The Sequester Begins: Even Obama Has Begun Downplaying the Effects
Woodward Taking Heat Over Claim of “Threat” From White House
Without Congress, Obama Deepens Overt U.S. Support for Syrian War
Putin’s KGB/FSB Converging with New IMF Banking FSB
Coal Plants Likely the First Targets of Climate-change Executive Orders
John Kerry Addresses Global Warming in First Foreign Policy Speech
Top U.S. Scientists Call for Draconian UN Social Engineering
Public Concern About Environmental Issues Reaches 20-Year Low
Vatican Accuses Media of False Reports as Conclave Nears
WikiLeaker Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to 10 of 22 Charges

*Transcript: Bradley Manning's Court Statement

Who’s Turning Syria’s Civil War Into a Jihad?
Zionism Is Crime Against Humanity: Turkish Prime Minister
Africa and AFRICOM Neo-Imperialism and the Arrogance of Ignorance
The US and the M Word
Bob Woodward 'Threatened' by White House? Exclusive: The Woodward, Sperling emails revealed
The Sequester and the Tea Party Plot
Gasoline Prices, a Challenge to Obama
USDA Set to Approve Horse Meat Slaughter in the US
Bradley Manning: Profile in Courage Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Records reveal drones used in US can intercept electronic communications, identify people
The Missing Recovery
DARPA's Big Dog Robot Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks At Us
Prince Edward Island Activists Call for Ban on GM Salmon
Sequester vs. The Real Economic Collapse
Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses
“Behind the Mirror”: Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie
The Vigilant Citizen » Discover the hidden symbolism in music videos, movies and famous landmarks around the world
U.S.-NATO Missile System: First-Strike Potential Aimed At Russia
Newtown Sandy Hook School Massacre: Updated Timeline, Chronological Assemblage of Coverage
Polluted America: GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare
Washington is the Architect of “Political Islam”: U.S. Replicates Afghan Model In Middle East, North Africa
Upcoming Tenth Anniversary of Illegal Invasion of Iraq. Her Majesty’s Government: “Don’t Mention the War”
GMO and the Corporate Patenting of Living Organisms: Monsanto’s Patents on Life
Banning Nuclear Weapons: UK to Snub Discussions on Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons
Planeloads of Croatian Combat Weapons for Syria Al Qaeda Rebels
South Korea- Japan Relations and Washington’s Containment of China
Seoul’s “Blood Alliance” with Washington: Former Dictator’s Daughter takes over South Korean Presidency
Episode 260 - Globalists Hate C-Span
Globalists Hate C-Span
Video Report: Operation Gladio-Q & A
Hollywood-Style History
Interview: Sibel Edmonds on the Worst Police State in the History of Mankind
Manning’s WikiLeaks Admission Inspires Supporters -- News from Antiwar.com
Can Chuck Hagel Stop the Pentagon Juggernaut? by Eric Margolis
John Kerry the Interventionist » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Chief of Staff Out at DHS | The Weekly Standard
Republicans warn Obama has 'poisoned' relations with campaign-style attacks - The Hill
Police Turn Over Evidence In Levy Case To FBI « CBS Baltimore
Keystone XL Pipeline Does Little Environmental Harm, US Finds - ABC News
Kerry in Egypt Among Bickering Politicians
Democracy Making Strides in Former Soviet Armenia
New Internet Regulations Provide Window into N. Korea
The US Corporate State by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
The Developing Student Loan Crisis by Robert Wenzel
How Stand Your Ground Against Tyranny
Do You Live in Sinkhole Territory?
TrackingPoint - Maker of Smart Scopes - is Expanding, Hiring
Ex-member: Muslim Brotherhood has secret societies in 80 nations, including U.S. | World Tribune
Jihadists Call For Murder Of US Pastor, Critics of Radical Islam & Heads Of State - Freedom Outpost
As Pope Departs, Discord Remains at Vatican - NYTimes.com
National Debt Up More Than $6 Trillion Under Obama
State Dept.: No Reason for Obama to Block Keystone Pipeline
President George W. Bush, Texas Gov. Perry to Eulogize Pianist Cliburn
VP: Venezuela's Chavez Undergoing 'Tough' Chemotherapy
Woodward: White House 'Code: You Better Watch Out'
Obama Issues Order Setting Off ‘Slow Grind’ of Budget Cuts
Man Convicted of Gun Charges Among 17 Pardoned by Obama
No Sign of Florida Man Swallowed by Sinkhole
Former CIA Director: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Tragedy of the Commons’
Al-Qaida Issues English-Language Advice Magazine for Militants
Benedict's Obedience to New Pope Part of Tradition
Kerry: Egyptians Need to Find Political Consensus
Buffett: On the Hunt for More Acquisitions
Mediterranean Diet Miracle: Top Doctor Reveals How to Maximize the Lifesaving Benefits
Brain Scan Reveals If You’re Republican or Democrat
Spring Allergy Season Starts Early in Some Parts of US
Cholesterol Can Be Good for the Heart: Expert
Van Allen Probes Spot Third Radiation Band Before it Disappears
Intuitive Surgical Robots Probed by U.S. in Surgeon Survey
Obama: No Deal, but Blame Republicans for Cuts
Cato Institute to Malzberg: Sequestration Won’t Devastate Most People
Woodward, Defiant Reporters face Fastballs from Obama
Alinsky's influence on Obama's Immigration Plan
Sequester, budget, get Obama caught lying
15 Famous People Who Mysteriously Disappeared | Celebrities

+The Obama's, I Knew They Had Both Lost Their Law License, But I Didn't Know Why Until I Read This | Blogging/Citizen Journalism

The Vatican's Secret Plan For The Arrival Of An Alien God | Paranormal

*Jesse Ventura - Howard Stern Full Interview | Conspiracy Theories

Video: Underneath the Vatican Satanic | Religion
Video: Aliens and Presidents 2013 | Alternative

Alien-ated Youth

Secret Underground Tunnel System Base Officer Blows The Whistle | Alternative
Update: Elisa Lam and Illuminati Symbolism in the Cecil Hotel | Economy

The Revelation Of The Pyramids - The Truth - Must Watch | Science and Technology

CIA Fronts: GCN, RBN & AFR | Alternative

Dr James David Manning Exposes Barack Obama, America Has been Pushed Far Enough (Video) | Alternative

The Son Of Perdition: Barack Hussein Obama (Full Lenght Video) Part I & II | Obama
The Pyramids and the Bible

Must See!! Jesse Ventura: Plum Island ~ Conspiracy Theory | Politics

Soon Obama EXECUTION By SCOTUS | Opinion - Conservative

President Harrison J. Bounel | Alternative
Re~Post - Dr. Who: Music of the Spheres | The Galactic Free Press
The Men Who Didn’t Go to the Moon
FBI Datamining Code And Software leaked by Anonymous | Cyberwarzone
Super Strange David Bowie Music Video | Strange
David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight) - YouTube
Age-Proof Diet For Longevity | Health
The Thirteenth Floor.avi | PutLocker
Bonnie Franklin: Her Show, Politics Glamorized Single Motherhood, Helped Destroy US; NOW Abortion Activist
Obamaconomy: Nearly Half of All US Home Sales Are Foreclosures & Short Sales
“Screaming Goat” Version Of Obama’s Dire Sequester Warning
You Can Never Have Enough Progressivism
Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves, Barack Obama Freed Illegal Aliens!
Faux Farms: Lambtics
Besting the White House Marxists, Dr. Ben Carson style
ObamaGov: The story of a Tyrant and a collaborative Congress
The Obama-Media vs. Bob Woodward
Obama -vs- The US Constitution
Bob Woodward is a White House Appeaser
The U.N.’s Anti-Semitic Alliance
John Dewey: Bosom Serpent of American Education
Can the Democrats in the Senate do a budget? 1403 days and counting!
Defending Gun Rights With Civil Disobedience
Does America want to end the FED?
Its Time to Raise the Minimum Wage
Why juvenile incarceration reached its lowest rate in 38 years
Sequester blues: Morning-after hangover hits Washington
Who will take on job of fixing Detroit's finances?
Long slog to 2014 election begins for Senate's 'red state' Democrats
Wall Street shrugs off 'sequester': Why is it ignoring Washington this time?
Mitt Romney interview to air on Fox News. Is an Act 2 for him in the works?
Virginia-based website airbrushes rambling Ashley Judd speech overnight
Second-grader suspended for having breakfast pastry shaped like a gun
Harvard Crimson president defends editorial urging some conservatives not to enroll [VIDEO]
Casting the first stone: Christian college fires pregnant woman for premarital sex
Carville explains why Obama, unlike Clinton, hasn't drifted to the center [VIDEO]
Madness and transformative transcendentalism
Obama: ‘I never want to make myself 100 percent clear’ [VIDEO]
Less than one percent of immigrant visas denied due to welfare risk in 2011
Will: 'I will do many things for my country and my profession. I will not take seriously [Jay] Carney'
Obama blames congress for his sequester, says all bad economic news will be Republican’s fault
RUSH: Remember Obama said the sequester was part of his grand bargain? We’ve got a real Jekyll and Hyde here!
UH OH: Dr. Ben Carson not sure you should be able to own a semi-automatic weapon if you live in populated area
HILARIOUS: Women take Joe Biden’s shotgun advice
Lindsey Graham torches Obama, Republicans: Fire The Politicians, Keep The Soldiers
Rep. Jim Bridenstine explains how Obamacare is going to screw you and why we must fight it
Mark Levin: What Obama is doing is 100x WORSE than Watergate
National Security Experts Warn: Reject Brennan
O’Reilly: The Bible contradicts itself
Useful Idiot Hanoi John Kerry Is Learning about Islam
Brooklyn cabby suspected in murders of family members who helped daughter escape arranged marriage
The real reason why Pam Geller was not invited to CPAC
Why should a conservative bother using Wikipedia?
Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps - YouTube

Genesis Communications Network GCN News Illinois State Rep Compares Gun Control To Population Control «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Eyewitness: Yes, The Nazis Did Confiscate Our Guns «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Video: Big Sis Threatens Terror Attack Over Sequestration Cuts «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Barb Adams: Mind Melds and Brain Nets «
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Michael Savage: This is A Time for War «
Big Meteorite Discovered in Antarctica : Discovery News
Did UFO 'shoot down' Russian meteorite blasting it to smithereens? Now conspiracy theorists' launch extraordinary claims after new footage emerges | Mail Online
Bizarre eyeball transplant allows tadpoles to see out of their tails
The shady origins of five popular board games | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games
Sequester spin: Obama’s incorrect claim of Capitol janitors receiving ‘a pay cut’ - The Washington Post
PRUDEN: A White House under siege by reality - Washington Times
High-flying executive Claudio Osorio pleads guilty to fraud, money-laundering conspiracies - Miami-Dade - MiamiHerald.com
Using DNA To Trace Michelle Obama’s Past | Ancestry.com
Dennis Rodman 'loves' Kim Jong Un, calls his father and grandfather 'great leaders' - NYPOST.com
Family of engineer who died in Singapore after warning of Chinese spying wants answers | Fox News
A nasty, brutish, imperial presidency – Telegraph Blogs
Shooter takes VP Joe Biden's advice — and lands in trouble with cops - Washington Times
Black Chamber of Commerce CEO: Obama is Tyrannical ‘Borderline Communist’ (Video) | The Gateway Pundit
DNC won't repay Duke Energy for Charlotte convention costs - Washington Times
Islamic group launches new round of cyberjihad attacks against U.S. banks, says they'll continue until Muhammad video is removed from YouTube - Jihad Watch
China airs drug traffickers' moments before execution - latimes.com
Bronx man who allegedly stabbed mom to death and chopped her up took photo of himself holding her head - NYPOST.com
Proposing that Society ‘Reduce’ Evil
The $6 Trillion Man--Debt Up That Much Under Obama | CNS News
Armed Services Chair: Never Seen Such Lack of 'Truth-Telling' from Commander in Chief | CNS News
Obama: Sequester Won't Be Apocalypse - 'Just Dumb' | CNS News
Obama on Gay Marriage: America's Gone Through ‘Same Evolution I’ve Gone Through' | CNS News
'Never Again' Campaign Launched: Gun Control Has Historic Roots in Disarming Blacks, Lynchings by the KKK | CNS News
USDA Funding Up 58% since 2002; Up 44% Since 2008 | CNS News
Obama says no way to avoid gay marriage case | CNS News
Catholic Association: We Must Answer Benedict’s Call ‘To Stand Up and Defend Religious Freedom’ | CNS News
Play About a Pope Resigning Heading Off-Broadway | CNS News
NBC's Gregory: Obama Doesn't Like Washington Press Corps, Feeling is 'Mutual' | NewsBusters
Doesn't Everyone Celebrate the Weekend by Dwelling on Cute Obama Photos? | NewsBusters
Leno: Maxine Waters 170 Million Job Loss Stupidity Explains 'Why We're in This Situation in the First Place' | NewsBusters
With No Pope at the Helm, Who’s Running the Catholic Church for the Next Few Weeks?
Sequestration Is Upon Us: Now What?
Why Are Some Liberals Freaking Out Over What Happened at the Supreme Court on Wednesday? We Explain
Man Goes Missing in Florida…When Bedroom Falls Into Sinkhole
Hannity Lambastes Dem Congressman Over Past Ties With ‘Radicals’ Like Farrakhan: ‘He Spent Years Spewing Their Hateful Rhetoric’
DHS Released 2,000 Illegal Immigrants, Plans to Release 3,000 More in March
Hollywood Actor Wants to Know: ‘Is Obama Just Another Ivy League A**hole?’
Report: Democratic Donor Trying to ‘Gut and Destroy’ Pro-Gun Media
New Issue of Al Qaeda Magazine Explains Why It’s Easy to Assassinate Bush, Clinton, Sarkozy and Tony Blair (Plus: Mentions Blaze Contributor!)
Rep. Clyburn: Scalia Doesn’t Care About the Voting Rights Act Because He’s ‘White and Proud’
President Obama On Sequestration: It’s Not Me, It’s ‘Because of a Choice…Republicans’ Made
The Sequester Is Here…
Rewriting History? Progressive Radio Host Says U.S. Has Been Socialist Since ‘Founding of the Republic’, Cites George Washington
Woman Sues FedEx After Receiving Shocking Delivery That She Claims Put Her Family in Danger
Fort Hood Suspect Could Describe Terrifying Deadly Shooting Rampage for the First Time
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: No 2016 Plans
Dem. State Rep. Stripped of Title After Telling Teen Girl During Hearing, ‘I Got a Snake Sitting Under My Desk Here’
Man Takes Joe Biden’s Gun Advice — and Now He Probably Wishes He Hadn’t
How Much Money Did Sean Hannity’s On-Air Battle With Rep. Keith Ellison Raise?
The NRA Is Unveiling a New Pro-Gun Contributor — and You Might Be a Little Surprised
Meet Obama’s ‘Pastor-in-Chief’ — The Man Who Sends the President Daily Scripture (Plus: Key Details About Obama’s Faith)
Cuts in Place, Obama Puts Blame Squarely on Republicans
Wall Street Legend Warns: A ‘Storm’ Is Coming
Here’s a Video of Obama Warning About Sequestration Interspersed With a Screaming Goat
576 Engines Power Each Hand of These 288 Analog Clocks in Trippy Art Installation | Video | TheBlaze.com
What This Guy Can Do While Juggling Will Blow Your Mind | Video | TheBlaze.com
‘Shocking’ 54-Square-Foot Tenement Apartments Housing Chinatown Immigrants in NYC | Video | TheBlaze.com
Shipping Containers Being Turned into Houses? Yup — See It Here | TheBlaze.com
If You Thought 3D Printing Was Cool, Wait Until You Hear About the 4D Variety | Video | TheBlaze.com
First Look at the Bottom of the Lake Under a Glacier in Antarctica | Video | TheBlaze.com
Can an Umbrella Really Slow You Down When Falling From the Sky? This Guy Tried and Filmed It | Video | TheBlaze.com


Video: Hilarious: Women Test Biden's Shotgun Advice
Video: Political Spoof: 'Tired of the Sequester?'
Video: Must-See: Larry Elder's Excellent Keynote Address at David Horowitz Retreat
Video: Obama is 'Borderline Communist' says Black Chamber of Commerce CEO
Video: 'Tour de Blame' - Ted Poe Names Obama Games
Video: Wow: Maxine Waters Claims '170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost' in Sequestration Cuts
Video: Myths of Sequestration Panic
GOP Senator: Obama's golf weekend cost 341 federal workers a pay cut
Total illegals released as part of Frankenquester: 2,000
Harvard: Love it or Leave it
Revenge of the Nerds: Obama mixes up 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' metaphors
What's a warmist to do?
Obama's 'real agenda'
Frankenquester fail - the sequel
Bloomberg: US has 'infinite amount of money'
Dangerous Times: How Euro-socialism Set off a Fascist Bomb
Fighting the Real Enemy
What a Fine Mess We're In
The Logic of Liberalism
The Hijacking of America
Understanding the Threat of Progressivism's Equality
Blame Congress, Not Illegal Immigrants
Can Anyone be Only a 'Little Bit Pregnant?'
Decriminalization of Prostitution for Minors?
Unmasking the Grim Reaper's Foot Soldiers
The Mental Illness Conundrum
Low Information Voters? How about a Low Information President?
'Forward!' They Cried
Minimum wage: Taxation by Misrepresentation
The Growing Tyranny of the Political Elite
Bill Maher’s Surprising Take: ‘Maybe The Voting Rights Act Is Not Helping Minorities’
Fox’s Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Approve of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Calling Justice Scalia A ‘Troll’
GOP Rep. Explodes At CPAC: Not Inviting Chris Christie Shows They Have A ‘Suicidal Death Wish’
Bill Maher And Panel Go After CPAC For Rejecting Chris Christie In Favor Of Gingrich And Palin
Hannity Continues Tearing Into Keith Ellison: People Deserve To Know If He’s Been ‘Palling Around’ With Radicals
Wolf Blitzer And Panel Help Out Obama, Explain Difference Between Vulcan Mind Meld And Jedi Mind Trick
George Will To Laura Ingraham: Obama’s Sequester Scare Tactics Are ‘Even Losing The Mainstream Media’
The Best Late Night Clips Of The Week: FLOTUS At The Oscars, Gibbs On MSNBC, Trump On Twitter And More
Touré Tears Into Antonin Scalia Over ‘Racial Entitlement’ Argument: This ‘Is Completely Racist’
In death, Facebook photos could fade away forever - Yahoo! News
Report tells radicals how to burn America
IRS moves to collect billions in Obamacare fees
Levin Ad: 'Stop Censoring The News'
Voting Rights Act Protest at SCOTUS
The Sequestercist
DNC Chair on Hillary 2016: ‘I Don’t Know a Woman or a Man’ Who Doesn’t Want To See Her Run
Extortion by government
Californicating our nation
Killing the Obamacare zombie: Hope lives!
More GOP guvs drink Medicaid Kool-Aid
The cruel and unusual 8th Amendment
The sycophants' attack on Bob Woodward
The myth of inherent goodness
Has the bell begun to toll for China?
J. KNOX: Bloomberg buys Chicago congressional seat
B. PRESS: Americans risk losing our most sacred right
J. FARAH: Moral relativism in America
Why America's elite hates the American Way
J. CASHILL: Ohio thwarts Obama SSN challenge
T. NUGENT: Chicago solution: More cages for gangstas
GOP's erratic confirmation strategy
A Shifting of the Paradigm – Max Igan
Obama Bites! It’s So Trendy To Be a Sheep | Dprogram.net
BPA is deadly to the developing brains of babies in utero, new study shows | Dprogram.net
Monsanto and the FDA: 2 crimes families working a trillion-dollar hustle | Dprogram.net
DHS To Buy All Ammo Period – In The Market For 50 Billion .223 Shell Casings | Dprogram.net
Anonymous Warning: Obama and the Government You Do Not Fool Us – We Are Awake!!! | Dprogram.net
Russia Is Preparing To Attack America | Dprogram.net
The James Freeland Show – February 18th, 2013 | Dprogram.net
Taking aspirin regularly causes severe degenerative eye disorders | Dprogram.net
Media Lies About 2 Billion Bullets! | Dprogram.net
Wide Awake News with Sibil Edmonds | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Out Of Balance” | Dprogram.net
Chomsky Confirms Neocons Pushed Iraq War Over Objections | Dprogram.net
Max Igan Speaks to Freedom Central | Dprogram.net
Richard Burton Gets Hollywood Star
Jane Fonda Calls Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Performance 'Neither Appropriate nor Funny'
Colorado Democrats Moving to Ban Hunting Firearms
Who Ordered Release of 2,000 Detainees?
Environmentalists Fret Over Obama Admin Keystone Report
Amid Gun Control Push, Obama Pardons Man Sentenced for Gun Crimes
Pro-Life Student Sanctioned at DePaul University for Exposing Vandals
Company Will Move if CO Approves Gun Control
National Debt Explodes $6 Trillion Under Obama
No Charges in Completed Investigation of WI Gov. Scott Walker
Obama Takes Government Shutdown Off Table
Friday News Dump: HHS Releases 700+ Pages of New Obamacare Rules
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Americans Suffer Biggest Monthly Income Drop in 20 Years
A President Who Wants Power but No Responsibility
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Obama Moves to Approve Keystone Pipeline
McKinley Announces 'The Machine' Marching Tour for IL-02 Race
Joe Biden Gun Tips: Shoot Blindly Through the Front Door
Obama Trashes Whistle Blower Protection for Federal Employees
Ashley Judd Stumbles Through First Public Event as Potential Senate Candidate
Voice of Elmo Wants Lawsuits Dismissed, Cites Statute of Limitations
Stonewall: Ashley Judd to Refuse Reporter Questions at GWU Event
The Onion, Jon Stewart Rush to Obama's Side to Defuse Woodward-Gate
First Lady Says She's Not Surprised by Oscar Appearance Backlash
Piers Morgan Hits Yearly Low in Key Demo
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WaPo Busts Obama…Again: Four Pinnochios for 'Janitor Pay Cut' Claim
Contentious Quotes Upend Kenya Presidential Vote
Kerry: Egyptians Need to Find Political Consensus
Russian Demonstrators Rally in Support of U.S. Adoption Ban
Congressman Wolf to Sec. Kerry: Turn over Benghazi Survivors
Sinkhole victim still missing; ground 'very unsafe'
Police, family: 72-year-old killed in gangway was heading to dialysis
Chicago Man Shot: Dialysis Patient, 72, Robbed And Killed On His Way To His Weekly Treatment
Suzanne Davenport: 'Gawkers' should leave town alone to heal
President Obama Confuses “Star Trek” And “Star Wars”
Algerian gas plant siege mastermind 'killed by Chadian forces in Mali'
Yahoo preparing to shut down 7 services
Evernote hacked, forces password reset
Volcano Lancing Watch
Augmented Reality: Eulerian video magnification
New Baby Dinosaur Species Discovered! Prey to Ancient Crocodile
Wild bees boost harvest more than honeybees
Cancer Risk Found in Fukushima Infants
DNA science points to better treatment for acne
Sitting Less Reduces Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
NIH Cuts Began Ahead of Sequester
Judge calls Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer Mark Heller incompetent
Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns to Bodybuilding Roots
'Modern Family' stars stuck 1 hour in KC elevator
Dr. Seuss: Read Across America Celebrates 'The Cat in the Hat' Author's Birthday
Mom's Lawyers Want to Bar Baby's Autopsy Photos - ABC News
Rove tells Calif. GOP activists to 'get off the mat' after losses, broaden outreach to voters
Cannibal Cop Got Into Cannibal Porn In College, Visited Fetish Website Over 1000 Times: Gothamist
Now The Deaf Community Can Take Full Advantage Of Google+ Hangouts (GOOG) - SFGate
Facebook announces a new News Feed is on the way | Digital Trends
Michael Jordan Paternity Suit: Pamela Smith Sues, Saying 16-Year-Old Son Is Hall Of Famer's
Hannity Attacks Keith Ellison for the Fourth Night in a Row
Sequester: The Finger on the Trigger
NRA President: Gun Owners Will Do 'Whatever's Necessary' to 'Get Rid of' Anti-Gun Lawmakers
Lobbyists Paid Top Conservatives To Influence Malaysian Elections
Video Evidence Clears Activist in Occupy's First Protest Jury Trial
Romney: Obama Should Stop 'Berating' Republicans
State Department: No Good Reason Why Pipeline Can't Be Built
Rachel Maddow Calls Antonin Scalia 'A Troll', Right Wing Up In Arms
Exclusive Talk With Economist Richard Wolff: Sequester Cuts Inch Us Closer to An 'Explosion That Will Take People By Surprise'
Stéphane Hessel, Inspiration Behind Occupy Movement, Dies at 95
President Obama Says He Supports Abolishing CA's Proposition 8
OFA, Fundraising And Money In Politics
Some Ruthlessly Stupid People Are Pushing Guns
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