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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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06 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."


5 dead after powerful quake strikes in South Pacific - CNN.com
Video/Report: Five dead after Pacific quake

Federal Reserve hacked | Business | guardian.co.uk
Shocking W.H. Statement ~ 'Wise to kill Americans' - YouTube
NPN Article: Israel Admits Forcing Birth Control on Black Jews
PressTV - Israeli lies on Iranian nuclear program become exposed
Obama Declares Global Cyberwar
Fatal Cyber-Attacks 'are Possible and Plausible' : Virtual Threat
Chinese Hackers To Blame For One Third of Global Cyberattacks : Virtual Threat
FCC Should Revoke Licenses of FOX & CNN « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Puzzle Palaces
Legalizing Illegality: Americans Too Stupid To Realize Their Fate
NY Politicians Fail To Intimidate Students
Is this the face of Richard III?
Judge Cynthia Brim wants Cook County job back after insanity acquittal | abc7chicago.com
How to Escape From the Trunk of a Car » The Homestead Survival
Meet Rex: the $1m bionic man with working heart, set of lungs and human face - Science - News - The Independent
Tsunami Destroys Villages in Solomon Islands - WSJ.com
Five dead in Solomon Islands after earthquake and tsunami | Earth | EarthSky
National UFO Center by George Filer - Filer's Files #4 - 2013 - UFO Photos in Space
Obama: 'No doubt' we need more taxes — RT
PressTV - Obama gun control gambit covers his attack on Medicare
PressTV - Corpocrisy: The systematic betrayal of American workers
Memo justifies drone kills even with patchy intelligence | Reuters
Take a Rare Look at How Obama Decides to Send Drones to Kill Americans | ZenHaven
US Senator McCain Likens Iran Leader to ‘Monkey’ | World | RIA Novosti
Hillary Clinton undergoes more medical tests - Telegraph
Iran has 'all the ingredients necessary' to make a nuclear weapon - Telegraph
PressTV - US sanctions murdering Iranians in cold blood: US professor
Israel arrests Hamas MPs - Middle East - World - The Independent
NPN Article: Good vs. Poor Anti-Zionist Leadership
South Korea, U.S. Military Drills Kicks Off Amid North Korea Nuclear Threat
Sandy Hook is The Weakest Part of the US Empire - Morris - YouTube
On the Contrary: Republican Idol Worshippers and their Criminal Politics
Lobbying by big business killed New Mexico GMO Bill, say supporters
Zappa On UFOs The Supernatural And Intelligent Extra Terrestrials - YouTube
Evan Camp: Exciting Students with Unsettled Science - YouTube
Margaret Thatcher had "psychopathic tendencies", says actress who played her - Telegraph
Russia Shuts Down 90 Websites Over Child Pornography | Crime | RIA Novosti
Listen to a Solar Flare Drown Out Radio Communications on Earth | Wired Science | Wired.com
How much does it cost to become a US ambassador? — RT
Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener | Consciousness TV
PAC Calls for embattled Senator Robert Menendez to Resign - ALIPAC
CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support' | World news | guardian.co.uk
The Story Of The Fake Economist Who Fooled A Nation - Home - The Daily Bail
The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message - The Vigilant Citizen - The Vigilant Citizen
Submarine Cable Map
3-D printing breakthrough with human embryonic stem cells
Dumbed-down populations accept outrageous vaccine logic « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Next Comes ~ 'Civilian National Security Force' - YouTube
With BLM Knowledge: Wild Horses Sold to Kill Buyer by BLM Contractor | This Can't Be Happening
When the Rule of Force Replaces the Rule of Law | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
DARPA’s Injectable Foam Blocks Internal Bleeding | ZenHaven
Gasoline costs take biggest share of household income in three decades - The Hill's E2-Wire
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True | Consciousness TV
+Kitty Cams UGA Photos & Videos

Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery
Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds | Mother Jones
“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas | Global Research
Members of Congress Introduce Historic Bills to Regulate and Tax Marijuana Like Alcohol at the Federal Level | _
Former pilot and 9/11 conspiracy theorist shoots and kills 2 teen children, then himself | _
Judge Napolitano on Jesse Jackson's Bags For Federal Government To Help With Chicago Murders | XRepublic
MSM Blackout - The US Govt Executed Martin Luther King... Proven in US Court, 1999 | XRepublic
14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans | News Forage
Does Obama’s Kingly Power to Kill US Citizens Extend to Domestic Suspects? « Antiwar.com Blog
Activist Post: Is America a Police State Yet?
White House: Drone Killings ‘Ethical and Wise’ -- News from Antiwar.com
How to Build a Radio/Drone Jammer | _
National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies | _
Lord Mockton single-handedly takes down Global Warming Hitler Youth | XRepublic
Seven million will lose insurance under Obama health law - Washington Times
Butner NC - Madoff Tells of $9 Billion He Stashed Away With Friends: Prisonmate -- VosIzNeias.com
Renewable Energy Industry Wasting Billions Annually While Producing Nothing | _
Bruce Willis: Gun Control Laws Could Lead To Government Taking Away More Rights | _
ACLU "This Power (To Kill Americans) Is Going To Be Available For Every Future President!" | XRepublic
Facebook could soon track your every movement - Neowin
Newton, CT Mother QUESTIONING things - YouTube
Refreshing News: "Every American has the right to know when their gov't believes it is allowed to kill them." - Senator Ron Wyden
Iran’s President Ahmadinejad In Egypt In Landmark Visit | My Catbird Seat
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does | InvestmentWatch
United We Fall – Three Nations, Two Sides, One Union (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
China’s Return to Port Near Persian Gulf Sets Off Regional Alarm Bells | StratRisks
OpEdNews - Article: Obamacare: A Deception
Spy Agencies Plan 'Black Box' Style Web Surveillance
Bill Gates’ $10 billion vaccine scam « Aletho News
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does - BlackListedNews.com
Activist Post: Big Food Employs Cyber Armies to Confront Critics
Dick Morris Fired by Fox? CNN to Get Scoop Wednesday Night
Why Are Black "Leaders" Anti Gun ? - 12160 Social Network
Why are ever-younger adults contracting shingles? - Health - Macleans.ca
Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives - YouTube
License number leads cops to salon robbery suspect
Postal Service warns of Saturday cuts; readers express mixed emotions
Quinn's State of State to call for online voter registration
Cook County Gun Ordinance Approved: Plan Targets Straw Purchasers Of Illegal Guns
Tunisia PM forms new government
Hezbollah Dismisses Claims of Bulgaria Bomb Blast
Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Summit: Muslim Leaders Divided On Syria, Mali Crises Solution
Boy Scouts of America Delays Decision on Membership Policy Banning Gays
Quinn pushes for minimum wage hike, gun control and gay marriage
2 children and 1 woman killed in Denver shooting
Jodi Arias Takes the Stand and Says She Killed Travis Alexander, Planned Suicide
Brennan confirmation hearing to hit on drone policy
Ashley Judd Senate 2014 Candidacy Attacked by Karl Rove Super PAC
House Republicans cool on path to citizenship
Ex-Treasury Secretary Geithner's new job: fellow at NY think tank
Dick Morris Dropped by Fox News
Celebrities pressure Congress to act
IRS Tax Tip: Missing Your W-2? Here's What To Do
Postal worker worries about job security
Why the Anonymous Fed Hack Matters
Google Agrees to Acquire Channel Intelligence for $125 Million
Twitter update brings big Search and Discover boost
Better Than Sext? New Facebook App Could Change the Mating Market
6 Reasons Hackers Would Want Energy Department Data
Do You Suffer From Facebook Fatigue?
Racial bias alleged in Google's ad results
The Grammys -- Celebrities Warned ... Keep Your Genitals Covered!!!
Christie, Letterman trade fat jokes
Picasso painting of mistress Marie-Therese sells for $45 million
Last-stand Neanderthals queried
This Drill Bit May Be The Key To Finding Life On Mars
Iran Claims Photo Mixup in Monkey Launch
Mixing alcohol with diet drinks may get you more intoxicated
Baby Boomers' health worse than past generation's
Marijuana smoking may increase stroke risk for young adults
The Secret to Super Sperm? Less TV
Zero Tolerance in Our Backyards: Ending Female Genital Mutilation
Study finds a spoonful of cinnamon improves health
Solomon Islands emergency crews head to tsunami devastated villages - Australia Network News - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Villages Disappear Powerful Quake 5 dead / Tsunami Fears in South Pacific / 8.0 Quake Solomon Isl - YouTube
Bruce Willis Opposes New Gun-Control Laws, Brushes Off Link Between Onscreen and Real-Life Violence | E! Online
New study shows closest Earth-like planet ‘stroll across park,’ possibly 13 light-years away - The Washington Post
British researchers say their new Antarctic base can slide across ice on hydraulic skis | Fox News
More People are Dying at Home and in Hospice, But They are Also Getting More Intense Hospital Care - Forbes
Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds | Mother Jones
‘Yemen on brink of political collapse’ | StratRisks
Virginia Moves Closer to Creating an “Alternative Currency” | A Lightning War for Liberty
All dogs will now be microchipped, the Government says - Telegraph
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does
High-tech military detection gear delivered to aid in Alabama hostage surveillance – CNN Security Clearance - CNN.com Blogs
Sen. Paul Introduces Bipartisan Audit the Fed Bill
Bill Introduced to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
British Spy Agencies Plan ‘Black Box’ Style Web Surveillance
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does
First City in U.S. Passes Resolution Against Drones
The Drone Ranger
How to Feed the Homeless
Drone Assassinations are Egregious Abuse of Power by Obama
2nd Grader Suspended For Trying To Save The World
Judge Napolitano: Killing Americans with Drones is Nowhere Justifiable Under The Constitution
Jimmy Lee Dykes: The Media’s New Poster Child for Those Crazy Preppers
Energy Grid Vulnerable to Hacker Groups, Says DHS and DoE
School Suspensions Continue for Anything Remotely Gun Related
4 Part/A Time of Transition – Max Igan
Rise in Asset Prices all an Illusion-Fabian Calvo | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog
Are you dealing with an 'almost-psychopath'? Are you one? | abc7.com
QE for Dummies | Peak Prosperity
Terminator robots are almost here astonishingly lifelike ‘bionic man’: Science Museum unveils $1million robot with his own heart, blood and face | count down to zero-time
U.S.-Canada Harmonizing Border Security and Immigration Measures – Dana Gabriel |
Activist Post: Codex Alimentarius and GM Food Guidelines, Pt. 1
Activist Post: Codex Alimentarius and GM Food Guidelines, Pt. 2
The Mega Super Bowl Illuminati Nuclear Conspiracy | Economy
Making Of A Totalitarian State | Politics
Making of a Totalitarian State
Sandy Hook School Shooting Staged With Lies - Video | Alternative
Is The Universe A Computer Simulation? German University Study Suggests So! Video | Space
Inception of Remote Viewing & The Reality of ESP - Russell Targ | Alternative
Adam Lanza 2 Different Stories - Video | Alternative
Beyond Bilderberg History & Structure Of The NWO | Alternative
Rita Louise On Why The Annunaki Have A Gold Fetish & War Of The Alien Gods | Paranormal
Triablogue: Are abortive women murderers?
Common Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients | Health
21 Foods That Will Reduce Pain, Inflammation And Boost Immunity More Effectively Than Medication | Health
13 Evidence-Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil | Health
Where do you Get your Calcium? | Guiding Instincts
Learn How to Detoxify Electromagnetic Radiation and More with Bentonite Clay | Wake Up World
Beyonce Flashes Illuminati Triangle Sign At Super Bowl XLVII | Global Unrest
15 Things That May Have Caused Super Bowl Power Outage | Science and Technology
Nowhere To Hide: New Facebook App To Track Offline Users – Report | Science and Technology
Beyonce's Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Ritual? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
New York's 'SAFE' Act: The 'Rape' of the Second Amendment
What the Despised Rich, Smart Kids, and Fallen Heroes Have in Common
Obama's Egyptian Dilemma
Domestic Energy: Triumph in the Face of Adversity
The true cost of immigration reform
Paying for Obamacare with death panels
An illegal 'by any other name'
Obama wants sequestration deal that includes revenue
A Way Out of the Wilderness for the GOP
You Got Your Tax Increase, Dems...Now Show Us the Money
Exchanging Liberty for a Pittance
Unconstitutional Recess Appointments Extend beyond NLRB

Video: Amazing Little Kid is a Natural at Trick Shots
Video: Flashback: Two Year Old Tiger Shocks TV Host
Video: Ann Coulter to Obama: 'Screw You! You Don't Think We Care About The Children?'
Video: Muslim Patrol in London: 'The Police can go to Hell!'
Video: 'Active Shooter Training Video' from US Homeland Security: How to Protect Yourself During a Mass-Shooting -- Use SCISSORS?
Uggh – VIDEO: Rapper Who Threatened to Kill Girlfriend Raps His Response in Michigan Court; Thanks, Judge Chmura
FUNNY VIDEO: The Iranian Space Monkey; Iran Announces Plans for Human Astronaut
Where were the Christians when Hitler rose?
Limbaugh: The Left-Wing’s ‘War On Boys’ Continues
RUSH: Even If Sequester Happens Government Will Spend More Money – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media Post
LEVIN: Cabal Of GOP Establishment Needs A Hard Swift Kick In The Ass Off The Public Stage
Levin Blasts Eric Cantor: Obama Is A Thousand Opportunities!
+Audio Interview: Skeptic Sharon Hill
The Washington Post Can't Even Get A Basic News Story Right
Corbett To PA Uninsured: Sorry, Your Health Isn't Worth It
O'Reilly: Ted Nugent's Kind of 'Straight Talk' is What the Republican Party Needs
Dick Morris Memories: Out at Fox News For Chronic Wrongness
TYT: NRA's LaPierre Makes Fox News Look Reasonable
Southern Baptist Leader: Gay Ban Is 'the Heart and Soul of Scouting'
RedState Calls Tea Party Brand "A Cancer," Urges Name Change
Coulter to Obama: Gun Background Checks Mean 'Universal Extermination... Screw You!'
Kasich Supports Medicare Expansion, Tosses Tea Partiers Into Tizzy
Swanson: Wombs Of Women On Birth Control 'Embedded' With 'Tiny Fetuses'
Republican Privatization Schemes in Action: Subhuman Prison Conditions
Pennsylvania GOP Has Plan B For 2016 Electoral Vote Hijack
OK School Says 'Zero Tolerance' for Bullying After Teen Shoots Self in Bathroom
RUSH: Bob Menendez Story Is ‘No Big Deal’ ‘Because A Democrat’s Life Is A Sex Scandal’
RUSH: NYT Putting Down A Marker For Justices On Voting Rights Act Case
RUSH: If Nixon Had Same Power Obama’s Assuming, He Could Have Wiped Out Bill Ayers
Limbaugh: “There Isn’t Any Resistance To Obama Anywhere, And It’s Going To Get Worse”
RUSH: It’s Time GOP Stopped Telling Everybody What They Need To Do And Just Do It
Here Are the States Saying ‘No Thanks’ to Drone Flyovers
Now You Can Encrypt Your Calls, Texts to Protect Them From Being Spied On
Did Al Sharpton Omit ‘Under God’ From Pledge In New MSNBC Ad? MSNBC Tells Us No
Parents Shocked After Their Down Syndrome Daughter Comes Home From School With Her Feet Duct Taped So Tight She Bruised
Tour This $65K Doomsday Bunker Built by a Utah Survivalist Prepper
What This Inmate Did After He Found a Trooper’s Lost, Loaded Gun Could Pay Dividends
Family Research Council President Debates CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on Gays in the Boy Scouts: ‘Doesn’t Pass the Parent Test’
Cantor Outlines New GOP Priorities Not Terribly Far Off From Obama’s
What Would Reagan Do? Flashback on Anniversary of 1985 ‘Reagan Doctrine’
CNN Anchors: Heavy Traffic Means the Economy Is Improving
What’s It Like To Drive The World’s Smallest Car? (Terrifying!)
Hillary Clinton’s New Web Site Sparks Increased Speculation That She’s Planning a 2016 Presidential Run
‘Fu** You’: Shocked Woman Flips Off Judge in Court After Hearing Bond Amount — Judge Responds in Amazing Way
Have You Seen the Huggies Commercial That Appears to Be Pro-Life? But There’s a Catch
‘Hercules’ Actor Kevin Sorbo Bashes Hollywood’s Liberal Hypocrisy and Rips Obama: ‘One of the Worst Records’ in American History
Get to Know One of the World’s Youngest Female Billionaire: A Drag-Racing Burger Queen
How Did Jay Carney Respond to Reporters’ Questions About Drone Strikes on American Citizens?
This Toddler’s Basketball Trick Shots Are So Impressive, You’ll Probably Think the Video Is Fake
Big Change Coming to Board Game Monopoly
MSNBC’s Scarborough Skewers Obama’s ‘Chilling’ Drone Program: U.S. Gov’t Is Saying ‘We Can Kill You’
Whatever You Do, Do Not Type This on Your Mac OS X If You Want It to Work
‘American Gun’: Murdered Ex-Navy SEAL Was Working on a New Book About U.S. Gun History
Restaurant Employee on ‘Undercover Boss’ Show Admits He Hates Customers, Gets Immediately Fired
‘Out of His Mind’: Hear the Frantic 911 Call Placed by the Sister of Chris Kyle’s Alleged Killer
Federal Reserve Confirms: Anonymous Infiltrated Its Internal System, Releasing Bank Executives’ Info
Calif. Democrats Actually Want to Force All Gun Owners to Buy Liability Insurance
Native American Man Flips Out on Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters: ‘You’re All F***ing Illegal!’
Texas Man Locked in Bank Vault for Hours After Pranksters Forget Combination
Ted Nugent Goes Off on Piers Morgan During Fiery Gun Debate: ‘You’re So Full of Crap’
ICE Union Boss Blasts Obama Admin. for Making U.S. Immigration Law ‘Essentially’ Unenforceable
The Truth About PTSD and America’s Military Veterans
Obama’s Chief Speechwriter Quits White House
World First: 3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Are Dems Looking to Sell Voter Info to Retailers?
Sister of Vet Charged in Murder of Chris Kyle Told 911 Operator Her Brother Was ‘Psychotic’ | TheBlaze.com

Neanderthals Died Out Earlier Than Thought | LiveScience
Silent Circle's latest app democratizes encryption. Governments won't be happy. - Slate Magazine
How Republicans Learned to Love the Mainstream Media - NationalJournal.com
» Conyers warns against using term ‘illegal immigrants’
US military launches training program for Mexico forces -- will it backfire? | Fox News
Three-year-olds chant ‘union power’ after reading new children’s book - EAGnews.org :: Education Research, Reporting, Analysis and Commentary
North Korea video shows New York in ruins after missile attack | Fox News
Al Gore's disastrous book tour: a breath of fresh air | The Daily Caller
Dems move to change federal pot laws - Salon.com
Obama signs bill suspending debt ceiling - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
SCHIFFREN: What we won't ever know about Hillary Clinton's legacy - Washington Times
Children Allegedly Engaged In Sex Acts With Each Other At Carson Preschool « CBS Los Angeles
Dawkins slams 'redundant' religion - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
Record 40 states honor Reagan birthday; 8 Democratic guvs balk | WashingtonExaminer.com
Obama praises abortion advocate who called tea party ‘racist,’ suggested Mitt Romney wants to heave rape victims into water | The Daily Caller
From condemnation to condone-nation
When the left liked guns
'Shall not be infringed' – period!
Sprinting toward Gomorrah
Agenda 21's terror Down Under
The strong-arming of a dhimmi Catholic diocese
Fact-based reality about women in combat
D.J. DOLCE: Razing Reagan's childhood home?
J. FARAH: De facto gun control
C. NORRIS: Reducing violent crime in U.S. from inside out
British courts to decide on U.S. drone killings?
J. FARAH: Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?

Wall Street Vultures Drive Up Food Prices While Billions Starve | American Free Press
The Morphing of the Military | American Free Press
Thought Police Won’t Stop Prosecuting Historians | American Free Press
Bilderberg May Meet in Virginia, Again | American Free Press
Majority Says the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights | Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Obama's Favorability Best Since '09 - Yahoo! News
Intellectually Indifferent Jon Stewart Calls GOP 'Stupid'
25 billion Served Up: iTunes Reaches Digital Milestone
Newtown Children to be Featured on Grammy Preshow
Director Plans TV Movie Tied to Newtown Shooting
Family Reserch Council Shooter Pleads Guilty to Domestic Terrorism
Lawyer Who Argued for Drone Strikes Angling for SCOTUS Nomination?
Zimmerman Brother: George Supported Obama, Wanted to End 'Club of White Men'
Liberal Think Tank: Working Less Could Slow Global Warming
Candy Crowley Out at CNN?
Dick Morris Out at Fox News
CNN Warns: Christie's So Fat He Could Die In Office
The Media's Curious Lack of Outrage at Our Assassin-In-Chief
BuzzFeed Plays Nice with Rubio, Attacks Once Back Turns
Big Three Networks Favor Obama Gun Ban Campaign
'Hannity' Tonight: Exclusive Breitbart News Interview with Zimmerman Brother
Washington Post Pushes Janet Napolitano for President in 2016
Imperial City: Why the Media Don't Care About the Poor
Pentagon to Extend Some Spousal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples
Spain: Former Muslim Could Face Deportation for Speaking Against Islam
British Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage
US, Egypt Defense Chiefs Back Security Ties
Syria, Mali Crises Tops Islamic Summit Agenda in Cairo
WH Drone Strike Policy Adapts 'Bush Doctrine' Against Individuals
OSF Report Slams Interrogation Techniques That Led to Bin Laden
Special Ops Vet Group Criticizes Weapons Sale to Muslim Brotherhood
DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
The joint Obama-Rove betrayal destined to unite conservatives
Losing the Battle with Islam
New steps recommended to preserve China’s famous Terracotta Warriors and other relics
Colin Powell is Right – Sometimes our Questions are Idiotic
Obama Goes All the Way Live with His Gay Agenda
Taking America from Welfare State to Opportunity Society
DOJ Says Obama Can Use Drones on American Citizens! Civil War Nigh?
DOJ memo: U.S. drones can attack U.S. citizens abroad pretty much whenever
Fighting Government Cronyism with an Opportunity Agenda
The Hispanic Vote and Immigration
Human health risks from Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Radiation Real
Reincarnation, God, and Government
Was Jesus a Libertarian?
President Poseur
Is Fatherhood Being Killed so the State Can Play God?
Ten Years After Powell’s U.N. Speech, Old Hands are Ready for More Blood
Lest We Forget War Criminal : Colin Powell's UN Presentation on Iraq WMD
The Gatekeepers
The Relentless March of the U.S. Police State
Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues
Cyber Warfare: US & Chinese Gov Use Hackers To Attack Digital Infrastructure
Psychiatrist: Veterans Suffer “Moral Injury” Causing Suicide Epidemic
Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage
Standard and Poor’s Credit Rating Agency Charged With Fraud in Sub-Prime Mortgage Ratings
London Screening of the film Stealing the Arab Spring
Women in Combat: Behind the Pentagon’s Decision
Her Majesty’s “Post Imperial” Government in Crisis: Prime Minister Cameron in Blunderland
Multimillion Dollar Bonanza: Nuclear Waste from US Weapons Industry To Be Sold for Profit?
Drone TV Propaganda Financed by Lockheed Martin
Suppressing 9/11 Truth in the Mainstream Media, Demonizing the Messenger
The Trickery of the Military Budget
The US and North Korea are “Legally” Still at War. Another Failed UNSC Resolution against the DPRK
Putting the Squeeze on North Korea
GMOs: Changing the Human Genome One Meal at a Time
The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons
World Bank “Success” Undermines Haitian Democracy
Police State North America: U.S.-Canada Border Security Agreement. Sharing Biographic and Biometric Data
Biden in Munich: The Ugly Face of Imperialism
U.S. Dollar Collapse: Where is Germany’s Gold?
The U.S. Congress: From One Crisis to Another, The Politics of Debt Default

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 6, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 5, 2013

The EyeOpener- What’s In A Name?: Common Purpose & Global Infiltration
Gen. Carter Ham: Members of al Qaida group among Benghazi attackers

CBO: Entitlements, ObamaCare To Make Up 53% of Federal Spending | CNS News
The Numbers on Plastic Bottles: What do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean? - BlackListedNews.com
U.K. spy agencies plan to install Web snooping 'black boxes' | ZDNet
Infosecurity - Chinese ties suspected in APT targeting aerospace and defense industries
The Federal War on Marijuana The Future of Freedom Foundation
Sneaker tax? Illinois considers a 25-cent charge : Stltoday
Comcast, Verizon Wireless, and Time Warner Cable. When Will the Rest of Us Get Google’s Gigabit-per-Second Service? | MIT Technology Review
Pirate Bay Founder Helped Wikileaks On Several Fronts | TorrentFreak
White House: Drone Killings ‘Ethical and Wise’ -- News from Antiwar.com
Obama Plans March Visit to Israel -- News from Antiwar.com
Obama Targeted Killing Document: If We Do It, It's Not Illegal | Mother Jones
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Colin Powell: Conned or Con-Man? by Ray McGovern -- Antiwar.com
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Dreaming of Robert Taft, Getting John Bolton | The American Conservative
Iran’s Nuclear Politics by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Ron Paul’s Statement on Sniper’s Death Not ‘Appalling’ by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
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Ron Paul Quotes Jesus, Conservatives Outraged by Ryan McMaken
Reduce Health Care Costs. Are We Chasing the Wind? by Bill Sardi
Immigration 'Reform' Will Turn the US Into a Police State by Ron Paul

Kerry Sends 'Lunar New Year' Greetings | The Weekly Standard
Dem Congressman Warns Of "Mob Scenes" Without "Equity In Society" | RealClearPolitics
Sexual Harassment Investigation May Delay Hagel Vote | Washington Free Beacon
Boston Doctors Use ‘Medical GPS’ To Help In Heart Surgeries « CBS Boston
Rubio to deliver GOP response to Obama - Washington Times
Exclusive—Zimmerman Brother: Obama 'Bullied' My Family
Meet Rex: the $1m bionic man with working heart, set of lungs and human face - Science - News - The Independent
Scientists: Earth-like planets 'Right next door' - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Chris Rock: President Obama 'our boss,' 'dad of the country' - Washington Times
Police: Man Claiming To Be Obama Calls 4-Year-Old Girl A Hooker « CBS Tampa
The Disgusting Consequences of Plastic-Bag Bans - Bloomberg
Obamacare Starts In 2013, As Should Plans To Reform It - Forbes
RealClearMarkets - A Deficit of Trust Impedes Immigration Reform
Unions Have High Hopes for Weed Workers | New Republic
Why are IRS audits on charities up by 79% under Team Obama? | Fox News
The new Republican reality show - CNN.com
Dodd-Frank helps JP Morgan | WashingtonExaminer.com
Who Are You Calling a Liberal? | New Republic
No thank you, Karl Rove - NY Daily News
House Searches for Immigration Middle Ground | RealClearPolitics
The Global Farmland Rush - NYTimes.com
Obama’s Israel visit will be the moment of truth for Netanyahu - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
RealClearWorld - U.S. Needs to Put Away Evil Empire Card on China
Dispersion in the World's Largest Urban Areas | Newgeography.com
Up for Debate: Can Social Media Solve Real-World Problems? | New Republic
Obama’s Cyber Defense Leaves the Back Door Open
The fact is, the richer you are, the happier you are - Telegraph
401Ks are a disaster: Column
Must Financial Reform Await Another Crisis? - Bloomberg
10 Great Ideas Someone Should Invent Altucher Confidential
RealClearScience - Opinion, News, Analysis and Videos
Investing in Bad Science | Hoover Institution
Underwater Waves Spotted from Space | OurAmazingPlanet.com
35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis | LiveScience
No Lions And Witches---The Pantry Leads To Chemistry
Michael Specter: Is Dr. Oz Doing More Harm Than Good? : The New Yorker
You Can Never Go Back to Nature
Racism is Poisoning Online Ad Delivery, Says Harvard Professor | MIT Technology Review
DNA testing Richard III: How long does DNA last? - Slate Magazine
How to Save a Dying Language | Ideas & Innovations | Smithsonian Magazine
A Bible That Keeps Us Apart | First Things
Former 'Ground Zero mosque' imam accused of pocketing donations
Dell Goes Private: What's Next? - Hardware - Desktops/PCs -
Why Amazon wants its own currency | The Verge
How Facebook Is Transforming Science and Public Health | Wired Business | Wired.com
Why I have to quit Spotify | Digital Trends
Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media | New Republic
Microsoft Surface Pro review | The Verge
A Nuclear Needle in a Haystack: The Cold War's Missing Atom Bombs - SPIEGEL ONLINE
BBC NEWS | Americas | Missing for 50 years - US nuclear bomb
APAHistory.pdf (application/pdf Object)
MW - How Many Golf Balls on the Moon?
RealClearEnergy - Opinion, News, Analysis


Real Clear Markets - Video - Is Washington Taking Its Toll on Markets?
Real Clear Markets - Video - Cashin: 'Two-Headed Monster' for Stocks
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20 Optical Illusions That Might Break Your Mind

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion Galleries
Optical Illusions funny, scary and amazing optical illusion magic to fool your eyes.
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'Family leave' available for service members' families - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
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6 February

William J Federer's American Minute for February 6th
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February 6 Events in History
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Political Video

February 6

Napolitano On Obama Drone Program: "This Is The Power Claimed By Kings And Tyrants"
Dem Congressman Warns Of "Mob Scenes" Without "Equity In Society"
BuzzFeed Brews With Marco Rubio
Kirsten Powers: Obama Might Be "Worse" Than Bush With Drone Policies
Matthews: Eric Cantor Wants Gov't "To Be A Helicopter Mom" On College Courses
Mark Levin: Rove, Establishment Need "A Hard, Swift Kick In The Ass Off The Public Stage"
House Dem: Republicans "Taking Food Out Of The Mouths Of Babies"
"Special Report" Panel On Rebranding The Republican Party
Scarborough Rips "American King" Obama's "Chilling" Drone Program
Chris Rock: President Obama Is "Our Boss" And A "Dad"
Jon Stewart Mocks Republicans For Rebranding Attempt
Rachel Maddow Questions Obama Drone Program: "Who Is A Bad Guy?"
O'Reilly: GOP Should "Aggressively Counter-Attack Liberal Politics"
Schultz: Drone Rules Don't Meet "Moral Or Constitutional Standard"

February 5

Rove: Group Will Back "Most Conservative Candidate Who Can Win"
Krauthammer On Sequester: "Republicans Will Do Nothing And Should Do Nothing"
Kristol: GOP Should Worry Less About Looks; Act On Conservative Principles
Sen. Rand Paul: I'm Thinking About Running For President
Stuart Varney vs. Keith Ellison On Taxing The Rich
Fireworks: MSNBC's "The Cycle" Debate Legality Of Obama Drone Program
S.E. Cupp: Why Do Super Bowl Halftime Shows Have To Be Overly Sexual?
David Corn: Justification For Obama Drone Program "Almost Orwellian"
Eric Cantor Addresses American Enterprise Institute: Making Life Work
Judge Napolitano On Drone Strikes: "Nowhere Justifiable Under The Constitution"
Carney: Drone Strikes "Legal, Ethical, Wise"
Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve Will Make Retirement As Rare As Single Income Households
John Bolton: Obama Can Order Drone Strikes Against U.S. Citizens
"Red Eye" Panel On Ray Lewis Using God As A "Force Field Against Accusations"
Scarborough On Drones: If Bush Had Done This, It Would Have Been Stopped
Top ICE Agent: "Zero Confidence In This Administration" To Deliver On Immigration Enforcement
Adam Carolla's Take On Super Bowl Ads With Bill O'Reilly
Conyers: "I Hope No One Uses The Term Illegal Immigrant Here Today"
Judge Jeanine Pirro: Owning A Gun Is My "Natural God-Given Right"
Piers Morgan vs. Ted Nugent On Gun Control
Obama Proposes Short Term Package To Avoid Consequences Of Sequester
Chris Christie Eats A Donut While Discussing Fat Jokes On Letterman
Krauthammer: Gun Control Won't Have "Any Effect" On Homicide
Klein: The GOP Establishment Is Not Afraid Of The Tea Party Anymore
O'Reilly: Taco Bell's Commercial Was Demeaning To Elderly People
Rachel Maddow: Facts No Remedy For Anti-Obama Conspiracy Theories

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