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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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10 February 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto & LAPD’s Recent Actions Raises Lots of Disturbing Questions | Davey D's Hip Hop Corner
Keyes: Gun Control Is Part Of A Plan To Kill Hundreds Of Thousands - YouTube
Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present - YouTube
Obama Interior nominee received Obamacare waiver for REI | The Daily Caller
BBC News - Davos 2013: Kissinger says Iran nuclear crisis close
Dark Legacy – JFK and 9/11 « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Record Numbers Of US Military And Veteran Suicides
Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does
How big is the universe … compared with a grain of sand? - video | Science | guardian.co.uk

The Sandy Hook Psy-Op - Did You Take The Bait? - YouTube

Hurry- D/L Dr. Oz Interview - Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Louis ''Having a DRILL'' - National TV - YouTube

Transcending Language and the Leap of Faith « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
DIANE FEINSTEIN An American Traitor
Hacker reveals George W. Bush’s naked self-portraits | The Raw Story
George Bush's family emails hacked | World news | guardian.co.uk
Keeping Americans Safe: Freedom of Information Takes Another Hit in the United States | This Can't Be Happening
PressTV - GOP’s hatred of foreigners in US
The End of the Free Internet As We Know It? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
OIC Islamic Nations Leaders Bow Down To Zionists - Sheikh Imran Hosein - YouTube

Roi Tov – Kerry Teases Iran
Washington And Israel Target Iran
Whitewashing Extrajudicial Killing
Meet The 31 Corporations and Banks Who Dodged $128 Billion in US Taxes
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to Join CFR as Distinguished Fellow - Council on Foreign Relations
Geithner Admits: "I Never Had A Real Job" - Home - The Daily Bail
Activist Post: Another FBI Patsy Arrested in Fake Bomb Plot to Start a Civil War
Obama ready to cut strategic nuclear arsenal 'by a third' | World news | guardian.co.uk
US missile defense shield flawed – classified studies — RT
Are we all living inside a virtual simulation? « Jon Rappoport's Blog
10 things the media don’t want to discover about Sandy Hook « Jon Rappoport's Blog
Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues - The Vigilant Citizen - The Vigilant Citizen
Study Finds 80% of All Antibiotics in US Used for Big-Ag | Common Dreams
Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps - C-SPAN Video Library
Favors For Special Interests
Largest Prime Number Known Is 17-Million Digits Long, Mathematician Says
Toxic Light - The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs - YouTube
Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version 2013 HD - YouTube
Red tape holding back clinical trials - Telegraph
FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic | Consciousness TV
Is China Mobilizing For A War With Japan? | Zero Hedge

The Story of Your Enslavement - YouTube

The Road to World War 3 - YouTube

War by Deception 2013 (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Google Moves to Destroy Online Anonymity … Unintentionally Helping Authoritarian Governments - Washington's Blog
'11/Privacy Compliance Review of the NOC Media Monitoring Initiative
When Your Entire System is Backed Only By Credibility, Corruption Scandals Can Bring the Whole System Down | InvestmentWatch
The Cost of War Includes at Least 253,330 Brain Injuries and 1,700 Amputations | Danger Room | Wired.com
Bacteria Found Deep Under Antarctic Ice, Scientists Say - NYTimes.com
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura – Police State – Banned Episode « Underground Documentaries
More people bailing out of Facebook; is a FB collapse imminent? - 12160
ALERT: DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border (Affects All People Within 100Miles of Border) | InvestmentWatch
The Fema Camp Bill is Back! | _
An Insider’s Perspective on Ammo Shortages | _
Hoffman reveals: The Forgotten Slaves--Whites in Servitude
US military leader plays down 'zero option' for troop levels in Afghanistan | World news | guardian.co.uk
The Cost of Exploring Space: Film vs. Reality | News Forage
Petraeus & Allen, Blomberg & Fritsch: We Have Seen This Movie Before | _
David Petraeus: CIA director's bodyguards exposed affair with Paula Broadwell, claims 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report' | Mail Online
Explosive Federal Mandate Killing Thousands of Supposedly Federally Protected Red Snapper Fish | XRepublic
Rand Paul: The President, Republican or Democrat, Should Never Get To Decide Someone's Death | XRepublic
Accused Gunman Christopher Dorner Issues Statement… “It’s Not Me!” : palookavillepost.com
OpEdNews - Article: Will Christopher Dorner be a Victim of Obama's Drone Policy?
Manhunt highlights enforcement weaknesses against determined resistance | _
Massive $1 Million reward offer for Christopher Dorner - 12160
US To Use Drones In Chris Dorner Manhunt | Zero Hedge
Drones and Our National Religion | War Is A Crime .org
Michael Bloomberg’s PAC Spent $660,000 In 12 Days To Try To Sink The Candidacy Of A Pro-Gun Democrat | _
All Wars Are Banker Wars | Peace . Gold . Liberty
Activist Post: This Is It! China Surpasses U.S. As Number One Global Trading Power
Ron Paul & Woody O’Brien & Jim Rogers: Debasing Currency Is Both Dangerous And Foolish. This Is Going To End Very Very Badly!!! | InvestmentWatch
At The Same Time That We Are Going Into So Much Debt, Our Ability To Produce Wealth Continues To Decline….Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America | InvestmentWatch
Awaken slaves! - How The Private Central Bank Ponzi Scheme Trapped And Destroyed America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
Ominous stock trade suggests insider knowledge and warning Sign of a financial Armageddon?
How Your Bank Account Could Disappear | _
Software that tracks people on social media created by defence firm | World news | The Guardian
How Raytheon software tracks you online - video | World news | guardian.co.uk
Former German Parliamentarian Exposes West’s Alliance with al-Qaeda
CBO - The Coming Raid on Social Security - BlackListedNews.com
The U.S. Government Is Preparing For War Against The American People - BlackListedNews.com
Who Is Mary Jo White? - BlackListedNews.com
The Real New World Order. Bankers Taking over the World - BlackListedNews.com
L.A. County Sheriff's Department intends to fire seven deputies - Los Angeles Times
Allen Passes ISAF Command to Dunford
Panetta Praises Outgoing, Incoming ISAF Commanders
Ahmadinejad : West should pull gun away as prelude to talks
Kerry: Obama Wants Diplomatic Solution to Iran
Nearly 3000 die in U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan: official
Dempsey: Afghan Mission Will Determine Troop Numbers
Corbett Report: Rummaging Around FBI’s Skeletons
Lies The FBI Told Me (video)
Episode 257 - Lies The FBI Told Me
Film, Literature and the New World Order
Sandy Hook Tragedy: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground
Two Years Later Uprisings Continue in Tunisia and Egypt: Neo-Colonialism and the Struggle for Genuine Democracy and National Unity
When Racketeering is Heralded As ‘Development’. The Demise of India’s Farmer in Favor of Western Agribusiness
Kazakhstan and Russia sign agreement to create a Unified Regional Air Defense System
Week in Review: The Bankers’ New World Order and the American Police State
Knowledge and Public Education in Crisis. “Accelerated Privatization of Global Education”
Targeted Killings: The White Paper Allows the Government to Kill a US Citizen who is not on the Battlefield”
Big Oil’s in Good Hands With Obama’s New Interior Secretary Sally Jewell
Senate Intelligence Hearing: What Senator Mark Warner Asked CIA Director John Brennan
The Global Water Grab: Meet the “New Water Barons”
The CIA Orchestrates a Pre-Election Campaign in Paraguay
HILARIOUS: Conan O'Brien Rips AIG's New Ad For America
David Stockman: 'The United States Of Insolvency'
Ron Paul Network Was Lucrative for Jesse Benton
We Must Out-Educate and Out-Innovate Other Nations
A Choice For Corporate America: Are You With America Or The Cayman Islands
Tunisian President's Party to Quit Government
More Than 20 Die in Stampede at India's Ganges Festival
Kenya to Begin First Presidential Debate
Venezuela Devaluing Its Currency
Syria: How Jihadist's Are Taking Over Syria's "Revolution"
Is Iraq on its Way to a Civil War?
US Officials Confess to Targeting Iran’s Civilian Population
US Congress Seeks to Thwart Palestinian Reconciliation
Video : US' Betrayal of Truth: Our Silence Is Complicity
The Running Man … For Real
AudioBreaking the Psychological Chains of Slavery
Assange to White House staff: ‘Leak drone killing rules’
Raytheon RIOT Software Can Track and Predict All Your Movements
NDAA: Hedges v. Obama: Did the Bill of Rights die today?
High School Student Issues New Warning ... to His Generation: Tyranny Has Come, Will You Take Action?
New 3D Printed AR-15 Mag Called "Cuomo" Holds 30 Rounds
News Services Fake Dorner Manifesto, Quick-Shooting Police Mistake Little Women for a Big Man
Obama-linked Think Tank Proposes Universal Preschool, Expanded Child-care Subsidies
Obama’s Global Development Council Promotes Abortion, UN Redistribution
Drug War Mexico, NAFTA and Why People Leave
Militias Could Preserve the 2nd Amendment, Not Scissors
Yes We Can!
GMOs: Not Even in Moderation | Dprogram.net
Film: Resonance – Beings of Frequency | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man – Episode 190 | Dprogram.net
Adam Vs The Man: Tom Woods – The dollar might not collapse? | Dprogram.net
Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye – Sandy Hook, Columbine & Pedophilia Are All Connected | Dprogram.net
Max Igan & Rena Iliades Regarding Local Councils | Dprogram.net
Automation: Destroying Jobs or Creating Productivity? | Dprogram.net
No suspicion necessary: DHS can still seize belongings without reason | Dprogram.net
Michael Savage Covers Infowars’ DHS Ammunition Story | Dprogram.net
Cannabis is Key to Good Health When We Eat it vs. Smoke it | Dprogram.net
Open source distiller uses solar energy to make salt water drinkable | Dprogram.net
Daniel Ellsberg on NDAA: Obama Has More Power Than King George | Dprogram.net
UK Lawmakers Prefer Online Adultery to Government Websites - IBTimes UK
CISPA Returns back, Forget privacy reforms - Hacking News
Dem Rep: 2016 Pres Candidate Will Have 'Powerful' Database That Has 'Everything On Everyone'
40 Ways That China Is Beating America
Cruise-missile submarines are on the way out. - NewsMilitary.com
6 Things to Keep Your Memory Sharp | Wake Up World
NWO Black Pope Speaks | Watercooler Topics
Self-Running 40kW (40,000 Watt) Fuelless Generator (Full Version | Science and Technology
"We Were Having A Drill": Sandy Hook 3rd Grader Spills The Beans - From The Mouths Of Babes Comes The Truth | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
9/11 Researcher Found Dead: Wrote Book Implicating Bush Administration In The 9/11 Attacks | 9/11 and Ground Zero
Proof Of Aliens On Earth And Mars, Videos And Photos | Beyond Science
Russian cosmonaut Marina Popovich: ETs warn Cataclysms will unify human consciousness ~ COSMOS TV LATEST NEWS
Bushes Are Rats In A Trap; Rockefellers Flee; Queen Beatrix Quits: Benjamin Fulford | Politics
The Plans Of The Illuminati ~ Alan Watt | Alternative
Claim: There are Nazis on the Moon | ET. Updates
Everything Starts as a Conspiracy…Don’t Forget the World Was Once Flat | The D.C. Clothesline
Military Coup In The Works; Enlisted Will Revolt Against Disloyal Generals | Alternative
Mystery scars on Obama's head begs the question - has the President had brain surgery? | Mail Online
Clinton Body Count At 47... That We Know Of! | Alternative
The Parker Family Mystery - Sandy Hook Video | Alternative
Sandy Hook Hoax Exposed New - Glendale, CA School Video Comparison | Alternative
CIA Admits Full Monitoring of Facebook and Other Social Networks | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Obama SSN Flagged By U.S Government As Fraudulent, Citizen Who Discovered It Now Being Represented By Former State Supreme Court Justice | Alternative
Obama Failed E-Verified: Linda Jordan Fined For Challenging Obama's Identity Fraud - Video | Obama
Obama gets notice of default in Calif. court over forgery allegations - National Republican | Examiner.com
Whitehouse.gov - Obama To Wage War On Sovereign Citizens | Politics
Supply Ships Arrive in Antarctica for Operation Deep Freeze | Military
DNA Chip For ADHD Children Diagnosis | Health
No More 4th Amendment: DHS Can Still Seize Belongings Without Reason | International

The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries Links Satanic 2013 new world order ! part 1 of 2 - YouTube
The Illuminati The Missing Documentaries Links LUCIFER 2011 part 2 of 2 New World Order 2012 YouTube - YouTube

Lucifer Rising - Jimmy Page (Lucifer Rising and other sound tracks) - YouTube

Lucifer Rising - Kenneth Anger (Remaster and Foley) Incredible Sound - YouTube


Beach Boy Wilson Wins Grammy, Says no New Reunion
Part 1: The Ten Greatest Romantic Films Ever
Part 2: The Ten Most Romantic Scenes Ever
'SNL' Ignores Disastrous Chuck Hagel Hill Performance, Mocks GOP Instead
States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs
Media Portray Dorner as Whistleblower, LAPD Reopens Firing
Countdown to State of the Union--2009: Big Promises for Big Government
Countdown to State of the Union--2010: Stalled Progress, Supreme Court Rebuke
Countdown to State of the Union--2011: Invoking Tucson, 'Poised for Progress'
Democrats Slam Dr. Carson for Prayer Breakfast Speech: 'Not Appropriate,' Says Schakowsky
Countdown to State of the Union--2012: Obama Repeats Himself With Election Year Messages
Obama Plans Pay Boost for Federal Workers
Christie Yells at Ex-White House Doctor over Phone
Pelosi Says First Amendment Grants 'Right to a Gun'
Obama Breaks 3:1 Cuts-to-Taxes Promise
DHS Ammo Purchases: Gun Control by Another Name?
Pelosi: There's No 'Spending Problem'
Univision Staffer Calls Marco Rubio 'Loser'
Facebook Fan Pages Call Dorner a 'Hero'
Hagel Went to Five Colleges, Was 'D' Student; Media Oblivious
Panetta's Testimony Calls Obama's Benghazi Explanations into Question
Obama Rejected Security Advisers' Recommendation to Arm Syrian Rebels
Sex Trafficking: Dominican Republic Becoming Thailand of the West?
World View: Arab Spring Destabilization Increases with Tunisia Crisis
China Sends Ships to Disputed Waters as Tension Runs High
New US Commander Takes the Helm in Afghanistan
Tunisia: Pressure Grows on Islamists to End Crisis
Hidden Hagel 2008 Speech Surfaces: No Attack on Iran Even if Israel Threatened
Chuck Hagel: I Am Not Going Anywhere
White House Set to Cut U.S. Nuclear Arsenal by One-Third
Man hunt for ex-soldier who shot police chief's daughter and killed policeman | World | News | Daily Express
White House: No more information about drone killings will be released to public - 12160
Chuck Baldwin -- If You Are Going To Take A Stand, You Must Take It Now!
Bruce Willis: Gun Control Laws Could Lead To Government Taking Away More Rights
Mold? Leaky Roof? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have 'Healthy Housing' | CNS News
DHS Are Militarizing Local Police to Create Federalized Law Enforcement Agencies | OCCUPY CORPORATISM
Obama's Regulation Revolution
Sen. Graham Vows To Block Confirmation of Brennan, Hagel Over Benghazi
Cantor: Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Get U.S. Citizenship
Obama's Treasury Pick Lew to be Grilled on Citi Bonus, U.S. Debt
Ben Carson: America Like Ancient Rome, Obama Not My Target
In Post-election Vacuum, Rubio on Rise within GOP
Obama Must Address Jobs, Economy, Hutchison Says
Seagal, sheriff train Arizonans to guard schools
Rand Paul: The 'Sequester’s a Pittance'
Among U.S. Evangelicals, Surprising Support for Immigration Reform
Paterno Family-Commissioned Analysis Faults Freeh Findings
Poll: Hillary, Rubio More Popular Than Obama; Boehner Hits Bottom
Rep. Cotton: Americans Don’t Need Another Tax Increase
Ahmadinejad: I'll Talk With US If Pressure Stops
Schork: Don't Like High Oil Prices? Blame the Fed, Not OPEC
News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com
NASA Rover Drills into its First Martian Rock
Primaries lead Rove, GOP Groups, to seek Party Power
New Ice Age may be Caused by Obamanomics
Horse meat found in British supermarkets 'may be donkey' - Home News - UK - The Independent
Justin Bieber on SNL Emails Picture of His Penis to Hillary Clinton | NewsBusters
Joan Collins, 79, dazzles in sequined biker jacket at pre-Grammy shindig | Mail Online
Muslim Brotherhood want aide as top Egypt cleric | Reuters
Second family accuses Disneyland of racism after Donald Duck refuses to hug their son | Mail Online
Real-life 'vampire' addicted to blood - Unexplained Mysteries
Humans evolved from furry, insect-eating creature - Telegraph
What evil lurks in the brain? German neurologist says he's found a 'dark patch' | Fox News
Invisible Smartphone on the Horizon? : Discovery News
Picasso's Genius Revealed: He Used Common House Paint | LiveScience


Feb 5 2013 - Body Chemistry & Health - YouTube
Feb 7 2013 - Digital Identities & Privacy - YouTube
Coast To Coast AM -The Shift Age - 02.09.2013 - C2CAM - YouTube
"This is what happens when your commander stops being an American ...
Modern Banking in America: where do we go from here?
Source: New Info on Benghazi Is Going to Come Out & Leave People ‘Amazed & Shocked’
Which Cable News Host Asked Guests If They Thought There Was ‘Anything Offensive’ in Ben Carson’s Speech?
CNN Anchor Asks With a Straight Face If Global Warming Is to Blame for Asteroid
Dr. Carson on His Political Views: If There Was a ‘Logic Party I Would Be a Member of That’
Why Is France’s Communist Party Dropping the Hammer and Sickle as Their Symbol?
‘Have We Seceded Already?’: Miss. State Supreme Court Accidentally Flies Confederate Flag
‘You Should Improve Your Aim’: Former Diplomat’s Fantastic Reaction to ‘Shoe’ Attack Caught on Tape
New DHS Report Announces Authority to Seize and Examine Electronics From Travelers Along the Border for Any Reason
Why Did NBC Cut A Sketch Cut From SNL’s Open And Then Release It Online?
The Only Way to Fully Understand How Amazing These Expanding Sculptures Are Is to Watch This Video
Associated Press: Solar Energy Actually Has a Big ‘Hazardous Waste Problem’ (And How Much Did Solyndra Contaminate?)
Is Nobel Peace Laureate Obama Planning a Middle East Peacemaking Summit?
Currency Wars: Something Big Is Happening In Venezuela
Conservative Doc Reveals Why He Spoke Out Against Obama’s Policies at Prayer Breakfast — Plus, Would He Ever Run for President?
Movie Star Steven Seagal Joins Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Train Armed ‘Posse’ as School Guards
Clint Eastwood: Why Should We Care When D.C. Acts Like It Doesn’t ‘Give a Damn’?
Feminism is Hateful & Hated—Let’s Kill it!
Chris Kyle, Ron Paul, and Liberal Doublethink
The Global Warming/Climate Change Alarmists: Forward or Bust
Obama’s Carbon Dioxide Lies
The Amazing Grace restored to America by Dr. Ben Carson
Benghazi – Where was the Commander-in-Chief?
Obamacare and the DSM-5: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid
Permanent Legal Immigration vs. Amnesty
France Wakes Up To A Socialist Reality: Will America?
Killer Dorner’s Supporters Are Par for the Left’s Course
ObamaCare: Christian Leaders Will Fraternize, Fall, or Fight!
Dr. Benjamin Carson tears into Obama policies at National Prayer Breakfast
Obama to drastically cut immigration and border security budgets
Obama’s minions meet with police brass to discuss immigration
Planning the Decline of America
Sally Jewell: Obama’s Interior choice knows how to kill jobs, and that’s the whole idea
Big Three Nets Slant Overwhelmingly For Obama’s Gun Ban Campaign
Talking heads, Hezb'allah-style
Univision stacking the deck against Rubio
Pelosi, Democrats in denial about spending
Outgoing NATO commander in Afghanistan says we're 'on the road to winning'
Congress mulls FISA-like court for drone strikes against US citizens
Hysteria over Dorner leads cops to shoot at innocent people
Rev Jesse Jackson Senior feels Christopher Dorner's pain
Which Country has the Highest Rape Rate in the World?
Killer Dorner's Supporters Are Par for the Left's Course
'Assault Weapons' Bans Are Just the Beginning
The Myth of Overpopulation
Getting Past Liberal Bullying: Conservatism Post-2012
Against the Ghetto Plantation
Obscuring the True Face of Mohamed Morsi
A Perfect Contrast
Gimme Some Truth: Mini-Doc on Fracking With Artists Against Fracking
Transvaginal Ultrasound: Rape Is Not A Medical Procedure
Shark Tank Vulture Chides Couple For Making Product In U.S.A.
How Organizations with Ties to Hate Groups Are Trying to Influence the Immigration Debate
Scahill On Brennan Confirmation Hearing: 'Total Kabuki Oversight'
Fox' Bolling Blames Union Contracts for the U.S. Postal Service's Financial Woes
Daniel Ellsberg on the NDAA: "The U.S. Government Sees the Public (As An) Enemy of The State"
Eric Cantor Claims He Doesn't Know 'What the Dream Act at This Point Is'
Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail? That Means Too Big To Exist
Weekly Address: Sequester Would Deal 'Huge Blow to Middle-Class Families'
McCain Chides Republicans on Immigrants: 'What Do You Want to Do with Them?'
What Paul Krugman Wants to Hear at the State of the Union
Ellison to GOP Rep.: Don't Whine About Sequester After Forcing it By Threat of Default
SNL Nixes Skit Mocking GOP's Israel Stances During Hagel Hearing
Rand Paul Mocks Ashley Judd as 'an Attractive Woman' Who Doesn't Deserve to Run
Sen. Kaufman On JPMorgan Chase: Private Lawsuit Found Evidence the Feds Didn't
Pelosi Pushes Back at Assertion That Raising Medicare Age Saves Money
Video: Voter Fraud Strikes Again, Discovered in Ohio
Video: Bizarre: Michael Moore Actually Asks Lucid and Important Questions for a Change! (On Mass Shootings and Antidepressant Drugs)
Another theory about Obama's domestic army
Savage summit and its 'Islamophobia' problem
Reducing violent crime in U.S. from the inside out
KUPELIAN: The secret life of gun-haters
Shock claim: Obama picks Muslim for CIA chief
Radical Islam surging in Balkans
Military coup coming in Egypt?
Anne of Green Gables goes blonde, sparking red hair scare | Books | guardian.co.uk
My Way News - Cheney criticizes Obama nominees in Wyoming speech
Potential showdown on immigration reform likely to be on how safe is Southwest border, who decides | Fox News
Sen. Grassley: 'The irony is thick' in Lew’s Cayman Islands investment fund - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
2 persons of interest questioned in Hadiya Pendleton's death
Obama returns home to speak about Chicago's gun violence
3 dead in copter crash on Calif. reality TV set
Lindesy Graham and Jim Inhofe threaten Chuck Hagel nomination
Hagel, Kerry, Brennan: Is the Senate even trying?
Paterno family: Freeh report 'factually wrong'
Maybe an iWatch will go with your iPhone
Kids 'using coding skills to hack' friends on games, expert says
Eric Schmidt to sell 42% of stake in Google
Facebook's Connect outage begs the question, is the Internet too connected?
A Growing App Lets You See It, Then You Don't
List of winners at the 55th annual Grammy Awards
Grammy Awards 2011: The Winners
Carrie Underwood Walks Grammys Red Carpet in $31 Million Diamond Necklace
Giant asteroid will zoom past Earth
NASA Set to Launch Satellite to Continue Study of Earth's Surface
IBM supercomputer takes on new role in health arena

Historic dig on Mars - YouTube
Mars rover drills deep for dust
Polar Bears Will Just Adapt to Land, Right? | Zack Strong's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC
Victor Stenger: Darwin and the Atom
Scientists Discover How Bacteria Changes Ions Into Gold – News Watch
Penguin Poop Leads Ice Researchers To Unknown Colony : NPR
Speak Up for Small Businesses, Family Farmers, Ranchers, and Energy Job Creators
Could this 'Star Trek' headband help banish migraines? | Mail Online
Yakima Herald Republic | Southern diet, fried foods might raise risk of stroke
Robert Samuelson: The vendetta against S&P - The Washington Post
Meat industry under scrutiny as horsemeat scandal spreads - CNN.com
U.S. Soy Supply at 48-Year Low as Brazil Ships Held: Commodities - Bloomberg
The Coming Raid on Social Security
Tax Deductions for Middle Class | People - Opposing Views
Asian Currencies Tumble. Yes, This Is A Global Currency War. - Forbes
The Illuminati Culture - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » World Banker Makes Stunning Confession
Prison Planet.com » The Fed’s Bailout Of Europe Continues With Record $237 Billion Injected Into Foreign Banks In Past Month
Prison Planet.com » U.K. Warned-CIA Will Access All Government Data
Prison Planet.com » GMO labeling bill killed by state Senate — but the fight has just begun
Prison Planet.com » School nurse all but calls me a murderer for refusing to vaccinate my daughters
» CISPA’s back: Hacking, online espionage resurrect cybersecurity bill Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
David Petraeus: CIA director's bodyguards exposed affair with Paula Broadwell, claims 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report' | Mail Online
UK's Wealth Gap Continues To Grow - Business Insider
» Hitler’s Food Taster Margaret Woelk talks about his vegetarian diet Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» FLASHBACK: Study Finds Toxic Flame Retardants in 80% of Baby Products Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
900-year-old Knights of Malta celebrates anniversary with Vatican mass | Holy Post | National Post
America in Strategic Retreat from the Mideast
State of the Global Jihad Online

Obama’s speeches are not just words — they are political action - The Washington Post
Conn Carroll: Progressives' war on the middle class | WashingtonExaminer.com
Obama’s Turn in Bush’s Bind With Defense Policies - NYTimes.com
Benghazi Bungle: Obama's Pass-the-Buck Presidency - The Daily Beast
Eight founders who ruined their companies
Stung By Media's Focus on Liberal Agenda, Obama Pivots Back to Economy - NationalJournal.com
After ignoring unemployment, Obama seeks to convince Americans it’s his top priority | WashingtonExaminer.com
Original Sin | New Republic
A Temporary Majority | The Weekly Standard
After Ron Paul, Then What for Libertarians? - NYTimes.com
Despite Talk Of Cooperation, Democrats Sharpen Political Knives
GOP Leaders Wield Unlikely Weapon Against Obama: Bob Woodward - By Eliana Johnson - The Corner - National Review Online
CAROL MARIN: President needs to come home - Chicago Sun-Times
Did the CIA Betray Syria’s Rebels? - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
David Petraeus: CIA director's bodyguards exposed affair with Paula Broadwell, claims 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report' | Mail Online
Mr. Menendez’s Ethics Problem - NYTimes.com
President Barack Obama has earned 'Great Divider' label | News OK
Climate change and the president - The Washington Post
A Sea Change in the Muslim World | RealClearPolitics
Michael Auslin: Pyongyang's Reality Check - WSJ.com
Mary Kaldor | The Role of the Nation-State - The Return of Politics | The European Magazine - The Debate Magazine
Benghazi Bungle: Obama's Pass-the-Buck Presidency - The Daily Beast
The difference between Western and Eastern protest | Full Comment | National Post
Is Keystone XL Obama’s line in the sand? - The Globe and Mail
North Korea: Rumblings from below | The Economist
The Washington Post: Login - The Washington Post
Why a flood of bankruptcies is good for America - Michael Casey's FX Horizons - MarketWatch
Arthur Laffer: Work Disincentives, Still Crazy After All These Years - WSJ.com
PEP and Pease: How the New Tax Law Screws the Upper Middle Class
Taxpayers Are Still Awaiting a Simpler System - NYTimes.com
America’s Genius Glut - NYTimes.com
No, America does not have a ‘genius glut’ | AEIdeas
How Economics Has Benefited From Immigration - NYTimes.com
Annals of History: Invaders : The New Yorker
The Real Culture Wars - New York Times


Alex Jones - 2013-Feb-10, Sunday
Alex Jones Show: Sunday (2-10-13) Full Show - YouTube

10th February

William J Federer's American Minute for February 10th
Today in History: February 10
Today in History: February 10
This Day in History for 10th February | HistoryOrb.com
February 10 Events in History
What Happened on February 10th This Day in History
February 10th in History
Today in History for Sunday, February 10th - YouTube



Pelosi: "A False Argument To Say That We Have A Spending Problem"
Durbin: Sequestration Was "Designed As A Budget Threat, Not A Budget Strategy"
Graham Threatens To Hold Up Hagel Vote Over Benghazi: "No Confirmation Without Information"
FNC's Political Insiders On Brennan, Hagel, Benghazi, SOTU, Economy & Rubio
Cantor: Sequester "Not The Best Way To Go About Controlling Spending"
Rand Paul: "Very Unseemly That A Politician Gets To Decide The Death Of An American Citizen"
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