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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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08 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Obama Weekly Address: "Our Country Is Stronger, Safer And More Respected"
"Real Time" Panel vs. Christine O'Donnell On Small Gov't & Social Issues
Sen. Barrasso Gives GOP Weekly Address On Obama's Economic Failures
Bill Maher: Obama "Had A Much Better Presidency Than A Campaign"
Jon Stewart Slams FOX News For Coverage Of RNC And DNC
Krauthammer: Obama Has Offered Nothing; "Shameless" And "Unconvincing"
Palin: Obama Depending On People Who Want "Free Stuff" To Vote For Him
Greg Gutfeld On Liberal Celebrities At DNC
Alan Colmes: Romney Continuing Republican "Race Card" Tactics


DCCC Ad: Rothfus Had "Strategic Alliance" With Chinese Law Firm
DCCC Ad: "Bill Johnson: Out for Himself"
DCCC Ad: "Payday Paton"
Elizabeth Warren Ad: "Rigged"
Claire McCaskill Ad: Proud To Be Ranked Most Moderate Senator
Andrea Mitchell: "It's Not Good Enough" Not A Great Bumper Sticker
Limbaugh: Media, Liberals Will Throw Obama Overboard To Save Ideology
Black Libtalker: RNC Was "Pale, Stale And Male"
Obama: GOP Trying To Sell "Tax Cuts To Improve Your Love Life"
Ed Schultz On Obama's Speech: "He Made Me Feel Good Tonight"
Romney: Obama "Was Unable To Fulfill The Old Promises"
MSNBC Host: People Gave Obama Unrealistic "Supernatural Abilities"
Obama On Jobs Report: "Not Good Enough"
Romney TV Ad: "We're Not Better Off Under President Obama"
U.S. Economy Adds 96,000 Jobs; Unemployment Falls To 8.1%
Gibbs: "None Of This Is Going To Be Easy & He Never Said It Would Be"
Wasserman Schultz: "We've Got A Long Way To Go"



The Message From Both Parties Is That Americans Are Disposable ~ Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Harsh realities for Democrats - CNN.com

Paper: Obama Clearly Using Covert Hypnosis Methods - YouTube

Sheriff Joe's Lead Investigator Just Back From Hawaii: Only "pResident" Ever To Have 3 Aliases | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

HuffPost Highlights - Toolbar

Reality Check: DNC Runs Over Delegates With Scripted Platform Vote - YouTube

Meet Amber Lyon: Former Reporter Exposes Massive Censorship at CNN | A Lightning War for Liberty

Putin: Using Al-Qaeda in Syria like sending Gitmo inmates to fight (EXCLUSIVE) — RT

Harry Reid Bolsters Son’s Interests in Chinese Solar Plant Deal

FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America — RT

Pentagon plans drone sales to 66 countries — RT

JFKs LAST SPEECH EVER - just before his assassination - YouTube

Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report Interview | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

ROSA KOIRE: American Bar Association interview - YouTube

DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To" - YouTube

Chinese children used in US-backed GE food trial | Greenpeace International

Healthy Perspective: The latest health & wellness news with a dose of conversation - USATODAY.com

Do It Yourself Home Mosquito Trap - Safety From Disease Begins At Home

Nanotechnology, Terra-Forming, Transhumanism, and You | GreenMedInfo

Nearly Two in Three People are Incapable of Understanding their Medication – and it is Killing Them | ZenHaven

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress on Display in D.C. Museum « CBS DC

As the stomach turns . . . | Sinclair News.Net

Democrats Shift Language on Israel, Remove ‘God-Given’ From Platform - ABC News

The DNC's Controversial Jerusalem Capital Vote - YouTube

DNC County Chairman: Christians Want Jewish People to Die - YouTube

DNC's Oldest Delegate Remembers Taking Horse and Buggy to Polls - YouTube

Joseph Kennedy III wins Democratic primary in Massachusetts | Reuters

Feds, CMPD give peek inside secret command center | CharlotteObserver.com

“President Romney” | Opinion Maker

Large sections of thick liquid oil spotted floating in Gulf after Isaac — Oiled wildlife reported

Issac tar balls came from BP oil spill, tests confirm | Environment | guardian.co.uk

BP executives sought to blame blue collar rig workers: U.S. | Reuters

More than 50 million Americans short of food - Sep. 5, 2012

Activist Post: Food Inflation, Food Shortages And Food Riots Are Coming

Anonymous Claims FBI Tracking iPhone Users - IBTimes UK

Activist Post: Identity Profiling: Covert Biometrics

Gaithersburg Elementary School abolishes homework - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

Yosemite hantavirus warning widened after third death | Science | guardian.co.uk

Vladimir Putin accuses Britain and US of double standards - Telegraph

Weak jobs growth beyond government's control - Economy Watch

Robbers 'kidnapped Bank of America manager, strapped fake bomb to her stomach then forced her to empty safe' | Mail Online

Internet 'snooper's charter' could jeopardise national security, ISPs warn - Telegraph

Be Smart as Paint. Smoking Mirrors

Copyright Trolls' Bogus "Negligence" Theory Thrown Out Of Court Again | Electronic Frontier Foundation

McDonald's to open its first-ever vegetarian-only restaurant | Fox News

Children 'too embarrassed' to pick up books, study says - Telegraph

TV Stations May Start Using Military Drones Like ‘Any Other Type of News-Gathering Equipment’ :

Mathematicians offer unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations

Artificial Universe Created Inside a Supercomputer : Discovery News

Long-Term Care Looms as Rising Medicaid Cost - NYTimes.com

Contact lens wearers at mercy of a bug found in tap water and gnaws through the eyeballs causing blindness | Mail Online

How green tea boost your brain | Mail Online

Football Kills: Bread and Circuses for the Masses :

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012 – in pictures | Science | guardian.co.uk

Romney pounces on Obama over disappointing job news | Reuters

Obama's Change: Killing without trial, spying without warrant - YouTube

Hackers Obtain Mitt Romney's Tax Returns? - KMBZ

Romney’s sister: Mitt is ‘not going to be touching’ abortion as president | LifeSiteNews.com

Democrats Throw Palestinians Under The Bus

Iran’s Strategic Diplomatic Victory over the Washington-Israeli Axis: Its Larger Political Consequences | My Catbird Seat

NYPD Opens Branch in Israel - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election

Nowhere to Hide: Secret Spy Sat Agency Plans Unblinking Array | Danger Room | Wired.com

Israel did 9/11 - All the Proof in the World - YouTube

Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9 -11 - YouTube


9-11 Attacks: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses

9/11 Videos - The Controlled Collapse of WTC 7

Woman Waving From WTC 1 Impact Area - photos and videos

Bush Caught in a Lie About the 9/11 WTC Attacks

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark


Eleven Years after 9/11, Guantanamo Is a Political Prison


Study Finds BPA Actually Changes Your Brain - 12160

Americans Against Being A Lapdog For Israel: Why is the U.S. government such a gigantic lapdog for Israel?

7 New Toxic Genetically Modified Crops Up For Government Approval « THE INTERNET POST

Activist Post: Does Explosion in Food Stamp Spending Contribute to Higher Food Prices?

BBC Now Admits Al Qaeda Never Existed | _

FBI and DHS Preparing False Flag Attack Claim Domestic Terrorists Building IEDs | _

Sherrie Questioning All: Let's revisit - Absolute Campaign Promises/LIES by Obama - Says "I promise and take it to the Bank, it will happen"

+Top 25 Ingredients in Taco Bell's 'Beef'

Activist Post: Does Marijuana Cause Cancer? Research Says Marijuana Fights Cancer

*The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1 The Coup d’Etat (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

*CIA Secret Experiments (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

*Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Anti-Neocons • View topic - Criticism of Israel now a hate crime by law in CA

FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America | _

Feds Seizes Gold Coins Worth $80 Mln From Pennsylvania Family

Full-Spectrum-Dominance.com | Factual, Informative, Timely - Reporting on the other things that you need to be knowing about...

Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use | TruthTheory

Products Made to Fail and Break - Off The Grid News

Anjali Kamat: Homeownership: An American Fantasy

Energy from the Bomb: Russia To Produce Electricity with Former Nukes - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Why Drone Strikes Cede ‘Hearts and Minds’ to Taliban | The Diplomat

Young adults drop out of the job market - Sep. 7, 2012

Jobs Report: 368,000 Americans Gave Up Hope | Fox Business

If We Learn Our History, We’re NOT Doomed to Repeat It | ZeroHedge

Is Palestine a Lost Cause?

Congressman Confirms Heated Argument Between Netanyahu and US Envoy

Americans Are Disposable


5 Countries the U.S. Is Royally Screwing Over

Africom is Spreading its Activity Throughout the Continent

Democrats Parade Osama bin Laden's Corpse as their Proudest Achievement

"President Romney" How to Prevent Those Two Words From Ever Being Spoken

Don't Call It 'Raising the Retirement Age,' Because That's Not What They're Doing

The Vanishing Appeal of Capitalism

Blair government's role in Iraq war 'undermined democracy'

Senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham urge US to arm Syrian rebels:

Gaddafi son to leave political asylum in Niger

Who Gets Africa’s Water?

Haqqani Network Officially Designated 'Terrorists'

When Did Dissent Become a Crime? America's Police State on Steroids at the Conventions:

America's Takeover of the United Nations

America’s Secret Deal with the Mexican Drug Cartels

+THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

GRTV: West Seeks Destruction of Syrian Nation

9/11 Insider Trading - Mark Gaffney on GRTV - YouTube

The Policies of Happiness

Targetting US Citizens: Obama’s Five Rules for Covert Drone Strikes


Audio: The Creeping Police State;Jim Puplava talks to Lew Rockwell.

Download/Jim Puplava talks to Lew Rockwell.


Human Genome Is Much More Than Just Genes - ScienceNOW

Medicine in a microchip: Company testing an implantable, wireless drug delivery system | MedCity News

FBI and DHS Preparing False Flag Attack Claim Domestic Terrorists Building IEDs | Pakalert Press

Dems denied God 3 times

Capt. Obama and Titanic 2.0

GOP-enabled Clinton rises from the dead

The godless Democrats

Dems tone deaf on the moral crisis

The squeaky wheel gets the entitlement

P. BUCHANAN: God doesn't belong in a godless party's platform

B. DEAN: Rubio is wrong about Obama

Which will it be: 'Subject' or 'citizen'?

B. PRESS: The only question that counts in 2012

Twilight Zone week

J. CHASTAIN: Which platform is 'extreme'?

J. CASHILL: Why did Obama announce Osama takedown?

E. RUSH: Making the election about race … again

J. FARAH: 'We belong to the government'

L. ELDER: The 5 'reasons' to re-elect Obama

Black America: Reaping harvest of racial idolatry?

Romney Says Fed Moves Have Had Little Impact - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Paul Ryan On Medical Marijuana Legalization: 'Let The States Decide' (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama: 'Due process' in drone strikes - POLITICO.com

The Carmel Pine Cone's first story of the week

Death threats surround 9/11 memorial event

Matthews on Obama: 'The Fact That He's Black' Is Why 'They're Asking for His Papers' | NewsBusters.org

Honor planned for ‘vulture’ capitalist

Egypt getting assertive with military

The Greatest “Disclosure” Event Ever to be Released to the World – Today in Belgium – by the Keshe Foundation | Here and Now

Keshe Foundation Promo Intro Video- YouTube

2012 POLE SHIFT - A FACT!^ - YouTube

Coming Russian Nuclear Sneak Attack On America? - 1985 Vision Makes You Think Today | Alternative

New Russian Missiles Could Defeat NATO Shield | Military

Biden Speech Filled with Factual Distortions, Wild Accusations, Baffling Statements | rebelpundit

Nobody expects the American Inquisition | Prepper Podcast Radio Network

Barack and Michelle Obama move to Hawaii after White House -- already shopping for house

Researchers successfully manipulate rat DREAMS... and human dreams could be next | Mail Online

How Did This Happen? Lies – Left and Right, A Story of Disillusionment

Study Finds BPA Actually Changes Your Brain

Copyright Trolls Censor Internet Content with False Claims of Infringement

Indigenous Property Rights and Third World Labor Conditions

Coming Food Crisis Plays into Global Elite’s Demand for Population Stabilization

Nanotech, Terra-Forming, Transhumanism, and You

If Organic is Bad & GMOs are Good, Shouldn't They Be Proud to Label Them?

Russell Brand Peter Hitchens Newsnight 2012 - YouTube

D. C. Police Embedded With Developers to Control Behavior by Design

The Law. Vs. The Law: Is Another Murder Taking Place Now in San Bernardino County?

Defense Science Board report: DoD should ‘more aggressively use autonomy in military missions’

Rochester city employees caught by red-light cameras 119 times | Democrat and Chronicle | democratandchronicle.com

Obama: 'You'll Love Me Even More' | The Weekly Standard

The Carmel Pine Cone's first story of the week

Mexico Arrests Suspect in Fast and Furious Killing

Winning: Top Senate Dem Recruit Slams ObamaCare

Fed Chairman Bernanke benefited from low interest rates to refinance his home mortgage - The Washington Post

Possible Lawsuit Over Aurora Movie Shootings Targets Owner « CBS Denver

Culture of Entitlement Threatens Entrepreneurship

Confident Obama Team Already Planning Second Term

Priebus: We Can Win Senate, Even Pick Up Hawaii

Post-convention Ad Crush to Get Even Heavier

More States Challenge US Anti-gay Marriage Law

Eastwood: I'm an 'Average Joe,' Obama 'Pulled Wool Over' Public

GOP Senators Urge Panetta to Make Sure Troops Can Vote

In Florida, Obama Says US Not a Nation in Decline

Debates May be Last Stand for Obama

Nine Ex-DEA Chiefs Urge Holder Stand Against Marijuana Ballots

Border Agent Brian Terry's Alleged Killer Arrested

Robert Duvall Raises $800,000 for Romney Campaign

Pentagon Escalates Case Against Navy SEAL Author

Obama Commemorates Anniversary of Sept. 11 Attacks

Obama’s Same Old, Same Old: Dismal Jobs Reports Are Cooking President's Goose

DNA ‘Junk’ Now Seen as Complex Switches Controlling Health

Scientists Create Encyclopedic Look at Our DNA

A Godless Party Expels the Creator

CNN's Piers Morgan: Bill Clinton Ranks With Churchill and MLK as Orator | cnsnews.com

Sen. Merkley: Rights Come from God, Constitution Creates 'Right to Marry Whoever You Love' | cnsnews.com

Former SNL Star: Democrats ‘In Every Way Anti-God’ | cnsnews.com

‘Paying for College Is a Shared Responsibility,’ Education Secretary Says | cnsnews.com

Obama Proclaims Three National Days of Prayer and Remembrance for 9/11 | cnsnews.com

Putin: Obama Is ‘Very Honest’ And ‘Sincerely Wants to Make Many Good Changes’ | cnsnews.com

Obama speech gets 35.7 million viewers | cnsnews.com

Obama Stays Away from Putin’s Summit After Putin Skipped Obama’s | cnsnews.com

Ellison: ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Being a Muslim’ | cnsnews.com

Gallup: Obama Enjoys Massive Lead Among Those With No Religion | cnsnews.com

FACT CHECK: Obama and the phantom peace dividend | cnsnews.com

Jimmy Fallon Endorses Obama During James Taylor Impersonation on NBC | NewsBusters.org

Marx's Path to Communism by Murray N. Rothbard

Lost Law Licenses: Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Nixon by Gary North

We Marched Right In by Charles Goyette

To Hell With the Republicrats! by Scott Lazarowitz

The Fed's Campaign by Peter Schiff

Heading Out on Your Own: Day 31 — A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place | The Art of Manliness

Overcoming the Insurmountable | Mark's Daily Apple

CIA Waterboarding, Qaddafi Collaboration Revealed—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)

More unwarranted optimism about Afghanistan | Stephen M. Walt

Eleven Years after 9/11, Guantanamo Is a Political Prison

White House drafting standards to guard U.S. against cyberattack, officials say - The Washington Post

Shenanigans in Charlotte by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Politics Subvert the All-Important Rule of Law by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Where Is the Domestic Jihad? by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

5 Fabulous Foods That Kill Cancer | Health

Ginger More Powerful than Drugs as Treatment for Heartburn

Obama: 'You'll Love Me Even More' | The Weekly Standard

The Carmel Pine Cone's first story of the week

Rochester city employees caught by red-light cameras 119 times | Democrat and Chronicle | democratandchronicle.com

Mexico Arrests Suspect in Fast and Furious Killing

Fed Chairman Bernanke benefited from low interest rates to refinance his home mortgage - The Washington Post

Possible Lawsuit Over Aurora Movie Shootings Targets Owner « CBS Denver


Infowars Nightly News: Friday (9-7-12) Dave Kopacz - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Friday (9-7-12) Lyndon LaRouche, David Crowley & Danny Mason - YouTube


NASA's Dawn heading to dwarf planet - YouTube

Obama admits defeat in the political ads war - YouTube

Technological Harassment Hits Home - YouTube

DARPA Cheetah Robot Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt - YouTube

Internet 'snooper's charter' could jeopardise national security, ISPs warn - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Stealth Corporate Coup d’Etat

Prison Planet.com » Do you buy organic food? New York Times writer calls you a delusional cult member suckered into a ‘fable’

Prison Planet.com » Spinning Bad Financial News Into Good

Globalist Plan to Downsize Americans into Jail Cell Like Homes - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Gray State Film: The Systematic Abolishment of Liberties to Bring in a Nwo

Gray State Film: The Systematic Abolishment of Liberties to Bring in a Nwo - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » More New Documents Show TSA Intends To Deploy Body Scanners At Rail, Bus, Ferry Terminals

Prison Planet.com » DHS “See Something, Say Something” Campaign Headed For A Mall Near You

The Banking Cartels' Engineered Depression - YouTube

Gold Back in a Big Way After $130 Million Purchase by Soros - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Government Officials Say 9/11 Was State-Sponsored Terrorism … But Disagree About WHICH Nation Was Behind Attacks

Prison Planet.com » Critics Slam Obama Deployment of U.S. Troops to Guatemala for Drug War

Prison Planet.com » Obama Interview with Ben Swann on NDAA, Kill Lists, and Syria

Ben Swann interviews President Obama (NDAA, Kill List, Syria, Afghanistan) - YouTube

will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas on Obama's Secret Kill List - YouTube

Mother Harassed by CPS for Having 'Free Range' Children - YouTube

» Jones Rebukes Jokes About Abortion Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Time Magazine Writer Jokes About Dead Fetus Beauty Pageant at RNC on the Dudley and Bob Morning Show - YouTube

Chris Hedges Warns of Authoritarian Takeover - YouTube

» The GOP’s Gold Plank Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Computer IDs culprits with tattoo recognition - Future of Tech on NBCNews.com

FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project - tech - 07 September 2012 - New Scientist

» Nazis in Search of Terrorists Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Infographic Depicts Nevada Set to Boom in Next American Gold Rush Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Delusional reality: Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television is a fiction Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Aurora theater shooting court documents blows inside job conspiracy wide open | Dprogram.net

Tyranny will Come to Our Door in a Uniform - YouTube

Presenting The Democratic National Convention Ron Paul Moment | Dprogram.net

BBC News - Nasa's Curiosity rover 'sniffs' Martian air

Aliens could be discovered within 40 years

Remote-control tech turns cockroaches into beasts of burden - Future of Tech on NBCNews.com

Dinosaur die-out may have been the second of two massive extinctions: Huge underwater volcanoes 'killed off all the sea-life first' | Mail Online

'Quantum Teleportation' Beams Information Farther Than Ever Before | Space.com

Dog Travels 500 Miles to South Carolina Home : People.com

Tutankhamun's death and the birth of monotheism - health - 05 September 2012 - New Scientist

The crack in globalism starts in the Middle East.

The Devil and the Democratic Party.

Illegal immigrant Bimbo Oyewole of Nigeria admits Friday to using murdered man’s identity for employment at Newark Int'l Airport - NY Daily News

Democratic Convention: DREAMer Benita Veliz Takes Center Stage | Fox News Latino

Jennifer Granholm goes crazy, or maybe just stays there | The Daily Caller

HURT: Obama's cold leftovers from 2008 are hard to swallow at DNC in 2012 - Washington Times

Savage: Dems rejection of God ‘the turning point’

Former Treasury secretary falls into hotel pool at DNC | WashingtonExaminer.com

Interpol and Swedish authorities aid Saudi Embassy to hunt convert - Continental News

Secret Service looking into DNC delegate who wants to 'kill' Romney | The Daily Caller

Exclusive Audio: In 1994, Obama Criticized Clinton's "Values" Pitch

» Is Obama playing for the opposing team?’

Debbie Schlussel-Jennifer Granholm: Michigan’s Own Crazy Jenny From the Block

Debbie Schlussel-Maobama Recognizes Maoist Mass Murderers, Removes Them From State Dept Terrorist List

Debbie Schlussel-Obama’s Snore-Inducing Bore

Rush Stymied: It’s Unreal. Obama Gives The Same Speech As ‘Hayseed’ Carter, 30 Years Apart

Ohio Dem. Invokes Nazi Propaganda Tactic in Calling Jewish GOP Opponent ‘Candidate of the Big Lie’

Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Freed After 3 Years in Iranian Prison

‘Nothing Improper Occurred’: University Spokesman Now Denies Flag Mistreated by Campaign at Obama Event — But Experts Say Otherwise

Giant American Flag Spotted Laying on the Ground Before Obama University Event [Update: School Apologizes, Removes Picture, Then Backtracks]

‘Kind of Like a Waterslide’: 14-Year-Old Boy Survives Getting Sucked Into a Storm Drain & Traveling Quarter of a Mile Through Sewer

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Home After Being Treated for Bipolar Disorder at Mayo Clinic

Watch ‘F**k Cardinal Dolan!’: Liberals Send Explicit Tweets About Catholic Leader Following Pro-Life Prayer at the DNC

5 of the Biggest Lies & Untruths From the Last Day of the DNC (Featuring Obama & Biden)

Paul Ryan Talks Medical Marijuana Legalization: ‘Let the States Decide’

Rev. Jesse Jackson Wants a Ban on All Guns Aside From ‘Bolt-Action Rifles, Shotguns & Revolvers’ (Poll)

Flashback: Obama Scoffed at Bush Jobs Report Showing Gain of 300K

NBC: Leno Took $15 Million Pay Cut to Prevent Additional Layoffs at ‘Tonight Show’

Canada Designates Iran ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’, Severs Diplomatic Ties

Why Is China’s Longest River Running Red?

Is This the Bravest or Dumbest Photographer You’ve Ever Seen?

Did Michelle Obama Sneak a Debunked Theory About Barack’s Mother Into His DNC Intro Video?

Who Is Calling ‘BS’ on Obama for His Response on Drones?

Allen West: America Gets What it Deserves if it Re-Elects President Obama

Contact Wearers Beware of Eyeball-Eating Amoeba

Stephen Yates Joins ‘Real News’ to Discuss China and U.S. Policy in the Western Pacific

Another Photog Captures Picture of a Sweet Couple — But This One Has a Twist

Something You Want to Transmit to Us, Vladimir? Putin More Than Doubles Russia’s Gold Reserves

Fox News: ‘We Hope R.E.M. Was Able to Satisfy Their Publicity Fix’ After Rockers Demand Network Stop Playing Their Music

Brit Hume on Obama Speech: ‘Significant Number of Straw Men and Criticisms of Proposals Nobody’s Making’

Meet 5 Potential Democratic Presidential Contenders Who Could Run in 2016

Convention Role Reversal: Did Romney Put Obama on Defense?

Why Did the Black Community Leave the GOP for the Democratic Party?

‘Real History:’ Can a Businessman Save America?

Krauthammer Hammers Obama: ‘One of the Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard on a National Stage’

Did You Catch Biden Misusing the Word ‘Literally’ Throughout His Entire DNC Speech?

Richard Dawkins Echoes Bill Nye: ‘Who Cares About Creationists’ & Their ‘Deep, Profound Ignorance’

Guess Whose Campaign Is Running More Personal Attacks

Clint Eastwood: ‘Obama Is the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People’

The Charlotte Freak Show

Obama Flunks the Job Interview

A Victim of the Obama Recovery

ObamaCare and Laptop Medicine

The Value of a College Education

Friendship Trumps Politics

Social Security: Disaster Is Closer Than It Appears

Magical Millionaires' Money

Painting Florida Red

Obama's Closed Conceptual Universe

Liberals' Goal - Improving Society

As We Approach the Final Battle to Save America

The New Hermeneutics of Barack Obama

How solid is the black vote for Obama?

Grievances and Condescension

Jesse Jackson, Jr. back in Washington

State Department still playing patty-cakes with Pakistan over terrorism

Verdict is in: Obama speech a flop - even with Democrats

Are we 'A Nation of Sandra Flukes?'

Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy freed from jail

Clint Eastwood Hangs 'Em High

President Obama Fails to Make the Case for Re-election in Charlotte

The Empty Chair Accepts His Nomination

The Democrats' Dog Whistle Slogan

See-Get: Choom Gang Economic Theory

The Environmentalists' Police and Welfare States

Racial Preferences in ObamaCare

Is America's Dance with Utopian Socialism Ending?

Beyond politics

Universal Education or Universal Competence


Time to get grounded in reality for Election 2012

Kudos to CNN for Fact Checking the Democrats

Obama’s Energy Tax Proposals: Wind vs. Oil and Gas

Romney/Ryan or Bust!

Clinton’s Speech at Convention Actually Highlighted Obama’s Weaknesses

True caring, compassion and social justice

2012 Democratic Platform pushes taxpayer-funded abortion

We're Meltinnngggg.....

Reuters' Misleading Headline Portrays Obama's Speech As 'Fast & Loose With Facts' But Own Story Differs

Christine O'Donnell Proves She's Even Dumber Than We Thought She Was During Real Time O.T. Segment

How To Tell If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Repressed

Romney: 'When You Give a Speech You Talk About the Things You Think Are Important'

Barney Frank: 'Myth Romney'

Stewart: Clinton Had More Stats in Speech Than RNC Did in Entire Week

Politico: CBS News Hires Frank Luntz For Election Coverage

Palin Complains Democrats Attacked 'Little People Like Me' at Convention

If It's Sunday, It's Gonna Be Conservative

A Democratic Chorus of ‘No’ Rejects Mention of Jerusalem in Platform

Canada Suspends All Diplomatic Relations with Iran

Canada breaks off relations with Iran

Presidential Polls, Israel, and Iran's Nuclear Ambition

World View: Canada Suggests Diplomats Weren't Safe in Iran

Jewish, Palestinian Vote at Risk over DNC Platform

Romney to Obama: Quit 'Dismantling Our Military'

Russia Seeks UN Backing of Syria Peace Plan

Terror Takes Back Seat in Presidential Campaigns

Nuke Talk Questions Await Ahmadinejad at UN

Hu Vows Stable Chinese Growth as Worries Mount

Canada: Headless Torso Found in Niagara Falls Belongs to American Woman

Report: Iran Acquits Christian Pastor Charged with Apostasy

Report: Cigarette Tax Hike Caused 'Proliferation of Contraband' in Mexico

Obama Admin Cuts Military Participation With Israel, Increases Participation with Muslim Brotherhood

The Obama Doctrine: Turning His Back on Israel

MSM Ignores RNC's Latina Gov., Hypes Castro as 'Latino Obama'

Mainstream Media Ignore Cardinal Dolan's Benediction at the DNC

The Media Fought Clint and Clint (and Romney) Won

Pundits Wrong Again: Dismal August Jobs Numbers 'Not Baked In Cake'

Obama's Convention Bounce Will Deflate Quickly

Charlotte Police Chief: City Did Not Request DOJ Mediate Occupy DNC Protests

If It's Hello 1980, It's Goodbye Obama

Obama and Biden Challenge Opponents' Patriotism

Obama's Reversal on Hard Work and Smarts

Obamanomics: 173k New Food Stamp Recipients, 96k New Jobs

Obama: Demonizing Tax Cuts

Obama Owns Today's Gas Prices

Obama's DNC Speech, Decoded

Carville Turns on Obama: 'Not Best Speech at Convention'

Flashback Obama 08: 'The Real Question Is, "Will Our Country Be Better Off 4 Years From Now?"'

Dem Rep: Obama's Rise a 'Miraculous Movement'

The Audacity of Cronyism: Jarrett, Plouffe, and Donilon

Democrats' Pro-Choice Stance Comes with Many Asterisks

Moby Spins Like Top to Defend Obama's Awful Jobs Record

Jon Voight, Hollywood Conservative, Tireless Romney Surrogate

Fox News: Occupy Unmasked 'Explosive'

Exclusive: 'Atlas Shrugged' Producer Predicts Sequel Soars Higher Thanks to '2016,' Ryan as VP Candidate

Madonna's New Body Art: 'Obama'

'The Words' Review: Two Intertwined Tales Can't Equal One Compelling Story

Michael Moore: Obama Didn't Save Detroit, Just Fired Plenty of People

Meet the New Members of 'Atlas Shrugged' Franchise

After Political Conventions, It’s Still the Economy - NYTimes.com

Obama's Same Old, Same Old | RealClearPolitics

Colbert King: Republicans should meet the ‘takers’ of America - The Washington Post

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