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that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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07 September 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"



DCCC Ad: Rothfus Had "Strategic Alliance" With Chinese Law Firm
DCCC Ad: "Bill Johnson: Out for Himself"
DCCC Ad: "Payday Paton"
Elizabeth Warren Ad: "Rigged"
Claire McCaskill Ad: Proud To Be Ranked Most Moderate Senator
Limbaugh: Media, Liberals Will Throw Obama Overboard To Save The Ideology
Black Libtalker: RNC Was "Pale, Stale And Male"
Obama: GOP Trying To Sell "Tax Cuts To Improve Your Love Life"
Ed Schultz On Obama's Speech: "He Made Me Feel Good Tonight"
Romney: Obama "Was Unable To Fulfill The Old Promises"
MSNBC Host: People Gave Obama Unrealistic "Supernatural Abilities"
Romney TV Ad: "We're Not Better Off Under President Obama"
Obama On Jobs Report: "Not Good Enough"
Andrea Mitchell: "It's Not Good Enough" Not A Great Bumper Sticker
U.S. Economy Adds 96,000 Jobs; Unemployment Falls To 8.1%
Gibbs: "None Of This Is Going To Be Easy & He Never Said It Would Be"
Wasserman Schultz: "We've Got A Long Way To Go"


RNC Web Ad: "The Breakup"
President Obama Addresses The 2012 Democratic National Convention
Krauthammer On Obama: "One Of The Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard"
Jon Stewart On Bill Clinton's "Amazing Display Of Actually Saying Stuff"
Chris Matthews: If Obama Beats The Right-Wing, They're Finished
Brit Hume On Obama's Speech: "Significant Number Of Straw Men"
Vice President Biden Addresses DNC: U.S. At The "Hinge Of History"
MSNBC Hosts React To President Obama's Convention Speech
Jennifer Granholm Address to DNC: "Rev Up Your Engines"
Dr. Jill Biden: "Joe Always Works To Give People A Sense Of Hope"
John Kerry At DNC: Ask Bin Laden If He's Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago
Gabby Giffords Gives Pledge of Allegiance At DNC
Obama: "I Worked With Congress To Cut A Billion Dollars In Spending"
Andrea Mitchell On Obama's Speech: Not A "Whole Lot Of New Policy"
Sununu: Clinton's Speech "An Infomercial For The Clinton Brand"; Obama "Screwed Up The Presidency"
Former FL Gov. Crist Addresses DNC: I Didn't Leave GOP, "It Left Me"
Malkin: People See Obama Pandering To Those Who Boo When You Say God
Mitt Romney Web Ad: "Give Me A Break"
Matthews: If Clinton Landed On Mars "He Would Know How To Reproduce"
Allen West Ad: Three Times They Said No To God
Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats' Idolization of "Mythical" Obama
Mark Levin: We're A Great Nation In Spite Of Obama; Policies Are "Alien"
Matthews On Clinton Speech: They're Going To Teach That In School One Day
Axelrod, Jarrett Run Defense For Obama Over Jerusalem Omission


MSNBC Hosts React To Bill Clinton's Convention Speech
Krauthammer Scorches Clinton's Speech: "A Giant Swing And A Miss"
Brit Hume On Clinton's Speech: "Self-Indulgent And 30% Too Long"
Elizabeth Warren Addresses DNC: "The System Is Rigged"
Sandra Fluke Addresses The DNC In Primetime
Bill Clinton Addresses DNC: We Are Better Off Since Obama Took Office
Morris: After 8 Years Of Obama No Dem Will Get Elected For 100 Years
Nancy Pelosi At DNC: A Vote For Obama Is "A Vote For Medicare"
Wasserman Schultz: Jerusalem Being Left Out Of Platform "Technical Oversight"
Peter Schiff Report: DNC Attendees Favor Banning Profits
Anderson Cooper: Wasserman Schultz In An "Alternate Universe"
Nun At DNC: Romney-Ryan Budget Fails Moral Test
Jerusalem And God Vote Gets Booed At Dem Convention
Tom Brokaw Denies Existence Of Liberal Media Bias
Trumka: "Romney Doesn't Know A Thing About Hard Work"
Paul Begala: Floor Vote On Jerusalem And God Was "Embarrassing"
Krauthammer On Israel: If Obama Personally Intervened To Have It Reinstated, How Did He Allow It To Be Omitted?
Pelosi Declares Dems Will Take Back House: "We've Out-Redistricted" Republicans
Bill Richardson: Obama "Just Needs Support From The Other Side"
Romney: Americans Don't Want To Let "Incomplete" Obama Take The Course Again
Libtalker Tina Dupuy: GOP Convention "Nicest Klan Rally" Ever
Strickland: Welfare Reform Reaction From GOP "Not So Subtle Racism"
Jon Stewart At DNC, Says Obama Slogan Should Be "Yes, We Can, But..."
Chuck Todd: "Michelle Obama Owned Convention ... In A Way No Speaker" Did In Tampa
Ed Schultz: After Tonight, How Could GOP Think About "Taking Away" ObamaCare?
Flashback: Obama Has Long Held Campaign Events In The Rain



Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (9-6-12) Dan Bidondi, Linda West & Jon Bowne - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (9-6-12) Tyrel Ventura, Lenore Skenazy & Andrea Hernandez - YouTube


**Economy & Survivalism/ Insights & Inspirations - September 6, 2012 - YouTube


'Quantum Teleportation' Beams Information Farther Than Ever Before | Space.com

Dog Travels 500 Miles to South Carolina Home : People.com

Tutankhamun's death and the birth of monotheism - health - 05 September 2012 - New Scientist

Paranormal Hollywood: Fact vs Fiction - Mania.com

Lost Medieval Church Discovered Beneath Parking Lot | Richard III | LiveScience

Voyager's Long Journey: 35 Years of Incredible Solar System Images | Wired Science | Wired.com

Quebec election celebration turned drama - YouTube

Raw Video: Gabby Giffords Leads Pledge at DNC - YouTube

Obama admits defeat in the political ads war - YouTube

NASA's Dawn heading to dwarf planet - YouTube


Steve Sanchez: RNC vs DNC does it really matter? YES!

Bradlee Dean: The Muslims’ Trojan Horse

Barb Adams: CFLs—Not a Bright Idea


DNC Day 3: Beau Biden Addresses The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Gabrielle Giffords Pledge of Allegiance The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Charlie Crist Addresses The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: John Kerry Addresses The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Jill Biden Addresses The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Democrat National Convention Video Presentation: Joe Biden Introduction Video, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Joe Biden Vice President Nomination Acceptance Speech, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Dick Durbin Addresses The Democrat National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Democrat National Convention Video Presentation: President Barack Obama Introduction Video, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012

DNC Day 3: Barack Obama Nomination Acceptance Speech, Charlotte, North Carolina – September 6 2012


flashback:Barack Obama Acceptance Speech - YouTube


Obama DNC Speech Transcript 2012: Text, Video of the Acceptance and Address : Politics : Latinospost

Obama DNC Speech Transcript Text Accepting Nomination : Offbeat : Enstarz


Wayback:Barack Obama 2004 DNC Speech Part 1 - YouTube

2:Barack Obama 2004 DNC Speech Part 2 - YouTube


Obama spins on jobs report: We know it’s not good enough

IMPORTANT: Obama lied about Afghanistan in DNC speech

Marco Rubio: There is no tax increase that we can pass that will pay off the National Debt

Romney campaign to ‘carpet bomb’ airwaves after Obama nomination speech

Orwellian: C-SPAN caller says Republicans are brainwashed and need to be “rewired”

Paul Ryan on jobs report: This is not even close to what a recovery looks like

CHART OF THE DAY: Where Obama projected unemployment would have been without the TRILLION dollar stimulus

AWESOME – New Romney ad pits Bill Clinton against Obama: “Give me a break!”

Rush Limbaugh: DNC in chaos and there is no speech that can recover from Democrats booing God

Bill Clinton’s war on women: 1999 Juanita Broaddrick interview with Dateline NBC

Fantastic: Obamacare summed up in one sentence

Israel at wits’ end with Obama’s refusal to put down red lines on Iran’s nuclear program

Mark Levin: Obama’s been the worst president for women, minorities, and hard working Americans and HE MUST BE DEFEATED

Today: Obama admin once again refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Jesse Jackson: Big Government is how we know we are godly

STUNNED – Krauthammer says Obama’s nomination speech one of the emptiest speeches he’s ever heard

Sarah Palin: The DNC is a bunch of ‘bunk’ again tonight

***ROMNEY RESPONDS*** – Another anemic jobs report, unemployment rate deceptively falls to 8.1 percent

43 min./Preppers Creed: Government Will Not be There For You In a Crisis - YouTube

43 min./Proprietary Software is an Instrument of Unjust Power - YouTube

Tyranny will Come to Our Door in a Uniform - YouTube

Mother Harassed by CPS for Having 'Free Range' Children - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » More New Documents Show TSA Intends To Deploy Body Scanners At Rail, Bus, Ferry Terminals

Feds Radiating Americans at Roadside Checkpoints - YouTube

White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

Prison Planet.com » Food Inflation, Food Shortages And Food Riots Are Coming

Condoleezza Rice Confronted on Bilderberg - YouTube

President threat kill Twitter man arrested Charlotte DNC Obama - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

Prison Planet.com » Media Begins Attacking Organic Food Consumers Following Flawed Study

Media Begins Attacking Organic Food Consumers - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Busted: Co-Author of Flawed Stanford Organic Study Has Deep Ties to Big Tobacco’s Anti-Science Propaganda

Prison Planet.com » Are You Better Off? 40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You

Prison Planet.com » Update On $80 Million in Seized Gold Coins: Judge Rules They “Belong to the U.S. Government”

Prison Planet.com » The Message From Both Parties Is That Americans Are Disposable

Intelligence Committee Chair Describes Explosive Confrontation Between Netanyahu and American Ambassador - Jeffrey Goldberg - The Atlantic

Prison Planet.com » UN: Armed Intervention May be Necessary in Syria

Prison Planet.com » GOLDMAN: It Looks Like QE Is Coming Next Week

Prison Planet.com » Are the ‘banksters’ wrecking the global economy really the Trilateral Commission?

Prison Planet.com » Obama Admin. Boosts Food-Stamp Participation by Targeting Seniors

will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas on Obama's Secret Kill List - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » British Columbia to require flu vaccines for ALL healthcare workers

Prison Planet.com » Identity Profiling: Covert Biometrics

Anonymous - Fighting Trapwire. (#OpTrapWire) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Stealth Corporate Coup d’Etat

Prison Planet.com » Do you buy organic food? New York Times writer calls you a delusional cult member suckered into a ‘fable’

Prison Planet.com » 95 percent of American parents sacrifice their young children to the vaccine industry

Prison Planet.com » Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use

Kal Penn Questioned on Obama Policies - YouTube

$10 Trillion Withdrawn From U.S. Treasury This Fiscal Year Alone, Treasury Says | cnsnews.com

Dinosaur Media Runs Cover for DHS 1.4 Billion Ammo Buy - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » US and Israel Use Propaganda and Proxy War in Syria to Pave Path Toward Iran

Prison Planet.com » Working on Different Clocks

Prison Planet.com » How “Crazy Survivalists” Make The World A Better Place

Military Drills Set For Ontario September 12th to 16th! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » DARPA “Emergency Response” Robot Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt

Obama convention glow dimmed by grim jobs data | Reuters

Obama's Change: Killing without trial, spying without warrant - YouTube

Hackers Obtain Mitt Romney's Tax Returns? - KMBZ

Romney’s sister: Mitt is ‘not going to be touching’ abortion as president | LifeSiteNews.com

France to give heavy artillery to Syria rebels to 'smash Assad regime' - YouTube

Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election

Nowhere to Hide: Secret Spy Sat Agency Plans Unblinking Array | Danger Room | Wired.com

New 9/11 truth documentary among 'most watched' on PBS this week

Immigration - If We Do NothingHere's What We Face

America’s Secret Deal with the Mexican Drug Cartels | Global Research

A virus that kills cancer: the cure that's waiting in the coldc - Telegraph

Judge upholds Arizona "show-your-papers" measure in mixed ruling - Yahoo! News

The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions Ever | USAHM Conspiracy News

Chinese make 25% of world's luxury buys - Yahoo! Finance

Low testosterone linked to Alzheimer's disease

Judge orders sex change for Mass. murder convict - Yahoo! News

US Military starts registry for people developing health conditions after being in Japan — Says Tokyo babies had 12 millisievert radiation dose to thyroid in weeks after 3/11 (MAP)

Mitt & Mormonism - Does It Matter?

UFO Hacker, Gary McKinnon Will Learn His Fate on October 16 | UFO NEWS

How Genetically Modified Corn Is Creating Super Worms | ThinkProgress

PressTV - ‘Wall Street zombies, hyenas dodge tax’

Rense & Gordon Duff - Election Time - YouTube

BP Showed 'Gross Negligence and Willful Misconduct': US Department of Justice | Common Dreams

Activist Post: Nuclear Experimentation: Year 67

Activist Post: Uberveillance: Internet of Things, Energy Harvesting, and Guardian Angels

PressTV - Ahmadinejad renews call for change in international management system

Warlords in Drone Frenzy – Global Rollout Planned « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Young and jobless? It’s not getting better, U.N. agency says - latimes.com


Mars Science Laboratory(http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/)


US health care: It's officially a mess, institute says - Vitals

290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use

Susan Sarandon: I had death threats for being 'un-American' - Telegraph

The “anternet” discovered! How ants mimic Internet protocol | SmartPlanet

NRDC: Press Release - Leading Scientists to Congress: Do Not Block Government List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals


**The great global warming swindle - Full version - YouTube


FBI Investigates Philly Plane Hoax | _

Venezuela Holds U.S. Vessel And Crew On Suspicion Of Arms Trafficking - Forbes

Reporters Expose CNN Business Of Airing Government Sponsored TV News

Activist Post: FBI and DHS Preparing False Flag Attack Claim Domestic Terrorists Building IEDs

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Activist Post: Defense Science Board report: DoD should ‘more aggressively use autonomy in military missions’

Human Rights Watch: Widespread CIA Torture Cover-up Revealed

Video: Dem Chairman says Christians "Want Jews to Die and Convert"

If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Ron Paul Would Have Been a Better President | _

MUST SEE GRAPHIC - How The Too Big To Fail Banks Were Born - Home - The Daily Bail

Everything Is Illegal In America (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries

Activist Post: How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place

The DNC leaders are now portraying law breakers as heroes | _

Reality Check: DNC Runs Over Delegates With Scripted Platform Vote | _

Why the U.S. Drought is Hitting Harder Than Most People Realize | _

Withdraw from WTO and Repeal NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA | _

The One Party Zionist System Revealed at DNC | _

Activist Post: Are You Better Off? 40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You

Activist Post: Copyright Trolls' Bogus "Negligence" Theory Thrown Out Of Court Again

Activist Post: Media Begins Attacking Organic Food Consumers Following Flawed Study

Jimmy Rogers: 'The Fed Has Already Started QE3, Bernanke Is Secretly Printing' - Home - The Daily Bail

US General in ‘Secret’ talks with Barak - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

Activist Post: Questioning The Dalai Lama: Who Would The Buddha Vaccinate?

Rick Santelli On Jon Corzine And The MF Global Customer Heist: "I Walk Away Thinking, If You’re One Of Those Elites, You’re Above The Law" - Home - The Daily Bail

Dick Morris: Bill Clinton Personally Orchestrated the 1993 Waco, Texas Tragedy

Big Brother is WWWatching You | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World

Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal : Federal Jack

The Real Hunger Games – Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market | _


**Zeitgeist: The Movie - 2007 by Peter Joseph @ Vimeo


The Message From Both Parties Is That Americans Are Disposable – Paul Craig Roberts | Dprogram.net

Busted: Co-Author of Flawed Stanford Organic Study Has Deep Ties to Big Tobacco’s Anti-Science Propaganda | Dprogram.net

Time Magazine Writer Jokes About “Dead Fetus” Beauty Pageant at RNC | Dprogram.net

Elizabeth Warren to DNC: The ‘system is rigged’ against you | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Obama's Change: Killing without trial, spying without warrant - YouTube

Democrats: Let's Ban Profits! - YouTube


"We're Training To Invade The United States": Chinese Soldier Spills The Beans? | Global Unrest

China Now Using a Cruise Ship to Haul Troops and Tanks | Danger Room | Wired.com

*The John Moore Show 9-5-2012 - YouTube


November Obama Re-election Followed By RIOTS, US Nuked, Fema Camp? - YouTube

FBI And DHS Preparing False Flag Attack Claim Domestic Terrorists Building IEDs | Global Unrest

Severed Heads Live On After Decapitation: What Is The Houston Chronicle Trying To Tell Us And Why Would Chanel Create Something Like This? Ohhhh, Now I Get It! | Strange

Losing One’s Head: A Frustrating Search for the ‘Truth’ about Decapitation « The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

Severed heads live on after decapitation | MeMo | a Chron.com blog

Democratic Party Not What It Once Was | Press Releases

+Today’s Democratic Party is split when it comes To supporting Israel

Obama minions: Gov’t ‘can override your religion’

Hubble Watching Ancient Orbs | Space

Science Fiction or Fact: Star-Destroying Superweapon | LiveScience

Mysterious Star With The Secret Of Eternal Youth | Space

Seeing The Birth Of The Universe In An Atom Of Hydrogen | Space

Ghost Hunting Theories: Big Ancient Skulls

Weird Skeletons in Mankind's Closet

The Case of the Strange Skulls

Giant Skulls - YouTube

Does the Internet Have a 'Kill Switch'? : Discovery News

Talking About Sex During Sex Is Good for Sex | LiveScience

Michelle Obama Hopes To Take Over Grocery Stores In Next Four Years… - The Ulsterman Report

DHS Ramps Up To Subdue And Kill Americans | Prophecy

Aliens Killing Human Beings - A Very Rare, Yet Documented Case - YouTube

Synchronized Drone Swarm Takes Flight in Austrian Sky

D. C. Police Embedded With Developers to Control Behavior by Design

Obama’s statements about the drone war are ‘total baloney’ according to outside experts

Food Inflation, Food Shortages And Food Riots Are Coming

What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user? - YouTube

Keith Olbermann on 9/11 Truth - YouTube

Judge furious about undercover Occupy operation police set up - YouTube

Stealth Corporate Coup d'Etat

Identity Profiling: Covert Biometrics

TSA Continues Its Unchecked Expansion Across the U.S.

TV stations may start using military drones like ‘any other type of news-gathering equipment’

Copyright Trolls' Bogus "Negligence" Theory Thrown Out Of Court Again | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 1: Supplies, Gear and Tasks to Get You Started

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 2: First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Home Safety

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 3: Special Foods, Fire Drills and Home Safety

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 4: Prescription Medicine, Cash, and Things to Keep Us Warm

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 5: Sanitation Supplies and Establishing a Community of Like-Minded Folks

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 6: Fitness, Energy Bars and Face Masks

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 7: Gear, Tools and Skills to Save Lives

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 8: Adding Supplies, Tasks, and an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Your Vehicle

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 9: Duct Tape and Drills

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 10: Practice Going Off Grid

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 11: Stock Up on Disposables & Build a Neighborhood Contact List

Activist Post: Getting Prepared Month 12: Food, Water and the Motivation to Keep Going

Study: Mammogram radiation may put young women at higher risk of breast cancer | The Raw Story

White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

Search and rescue | Homeland Security News Wire

Full Reserve Banking revisited - BlackListedNews.com

US sends more spies, diplomats to Turkish-Syrian border - BlackListedNews.com

Are You Better Off? 40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You - BlackListedNews.com

Arrested for Copwatching - YouTube

How 'Pro-Choice' are Democrats? - YouTube

Social Liberalism and the Drug War - informationliberation

Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Related To Tax Hack, Not Piracy | TorrentFreak

How U.S. and Saudi Backing of Al Qaeda Led to 9/11

Iraq: How the CIA Says It Blew It On Saddam’s WMD

Why Desmond Tutu is Right About Bush & Blair Inside the CIA Dossier on Iraq

Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election?

The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted.

No, really: Govt warns of 'zombie apocalypse'

Obama minions: Gov’t ‘can override your religion’

DHS Ramps Up To Subdue And Kill Americans | Pakalert Press

The Ancient Airships Of Atlantis | Science and Technology

The EyeOpener- Drones Over Asia: 21st Century Warfare in the New Battlefront

Drones Over Asia: 21st Century Warfare in the New Battlefront - YouTube

Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/12)

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

Israeli Leaders Dial Back Iran War Rhetoric After Meetings With US Military Officials -- News from Antiwar.com

US Sends More Spies to Help Organize, Train Syria’s Rebels -- News from Antiwar.com

Judge: Obama Can’t Limit Gitmo Detainees’ Access to Lawyers -- News from Antiwar.com

US Designates Haqqani Network a Terrorist Organization -- News from Antiwar.com

Clinton Met With Friction From Antagonized China -- News from Antiwar.com

The Dumbing Down of American Foreign Policy by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com

The War Drums Are Getting Louder - Taki's Magazine

Why Drone Strikes Cede ‘Hearts and Minds’ to Taliban | The Diplomat

Obama campaign brags about its whistleblower persecutions | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Hair dye, no bullets in bin Laden’s room

VA study shows that battlefield stress might be aging veterans – USATODAY.com

Attorneys: Fort Hood suspect Hasan offered guilty plea - Washington Times

Shenanigans in Charlotte by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Politics Subvert the All-Important Rule of Law by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Where Is the Domestic Jihad? by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

+THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

America’s Takeover of the United Nations | Global Research

America’s Secret Deal with the Mexican Drug Cartels | Global Research

Canada closes Iranian embassy, suspends diplomatic ties | Global Research

Obama speech caps two weeks of demagogy and right-wing policies | Global Research

Nuclear Weapons Made in America under German Air Force Command | Global Research

September 11, 2001: 9/11, Bin Laden and the Tyranny of the Corporate Media | Global Research

The Truth Behind Obama's Kill List | Global Research TV

Lies and Double Standards Regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program | Global Research

A Century of US Drone Crashes | Global Research

The Democrats’ Phony Populism | Global Research

Sleeping With the Devil: How U.S. and Saudi Backing of Al Qaeda Led to 9/11 | Global Research

On Intellectuals and Their Duties in the 21st Century | Global Research

Collapsing Economy, Undemocratic Government, Global Warfare: The Montpelier Manifesto | Global Research

The Permanent Unemployment Economy | Global Research

The Myth That Japan Is Broke: The World’s Largest “Debtor” Is Now the World’s Largest Creditor | Global Research

Mexican Drug Cartel was working alongside the US Government | Global Research

Bradley Manning Trial Secrecy | Global Research

This Perfect Hell by Ralph Raico

Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty! A Post-Tampa Review of Walter Block's New Book by Jo Ann Cavallo

The Liberal Way To Run the World – 'Improve' or We'll Kill You by John Pilger

Think Privacy Is Threatened Today… Just Wait Until Tomorrow! by Mark Nestmann

Gun Shopping for Self-Defense, by Chief B. - SurvivalBlog.com

What's making you itch?: From penicillin to perfume or the menopause - the causes of that maddening tingle | Mail Online

Anthrax Island by Lizzie Bennett

Top Natural Remedies for Depression by Edward Group

Jennifer Granholm DNC Speech Highlights: 'Rev Up Your Engines' - YouTube

Brewers to make White House beers - POLITICO.com

Romney: 'If last night was the party,' jobs report is 'hangover' - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

The Carmel Pine Cone's first story of the week

No Prison Time For Obama "Hope" Artist In Federal Contempt Case, Judge Rules | The Smoking Gun

R.E.M. Asked Fox News to Stop Playing 'Losing My Religion' During Dem. Convention | The Weekly Standard

Krauthammer On Obama: "One Of The Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard" | RealClearPolitics

US may fight Solyndra tax breaks in bankruptcy plan | Reuters

Chicago braces for first teacher strike in a generation | Reuters

Convention irony: Ford signs raised during Granholm's bailout rant | WashingtonExaminer.com

Reporters Using ‘Fake Names’ to Buy Obama Campaign Merchandise at the DNC | Politicker

White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

Video: US election 2012: Barack Obama's 'great speeches' don't make Americans better off, says Paul Ryan - Telegraph

Barack Obama Doesn't Trust Your Dirty Hands ... Says Former Body Man Reggie Love | TMZ.com

Researchers Warn Contact Lens Wearers Of Parasite That Gnaws Through Eyeballs « CBS DC

Obama's DNC 2012 speech: Bleak unemployment numbers morning after Obama tells DNC 'our problems can be solved' | Mail Online

Fed Chairman Bernanke benefited from low interest rates to refinance his home mortgage - The Washington Post

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation Reports Record First Quarter Fiscal 2013 Financial Results - Seeking Alpha

If We Learn Our History, We’re NOT Doomed to Repeat It | ZeroHedge

License-plate readers create 'massive intelligence database' | massive, plate, create - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

Some Of The Really Bad Things That Could Happen If You Do Not Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse

Bracken: When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence | Western Rifle Shooters Association

Netanyahu cancels security cabinet meeting, citing information leak - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

Brazil orders Nestlé to label GM products

"We don’t have a democracy" - US Greens’ Vice-Presidential Candidate - interview: Voice of Russia

Japan, U.S. mull joint use of Guam facilities for drones to keep China in check | The Japan Times Online

God doesn't belong in a godless party's platform

Biden stepped in it, again

Black America: Reaping harvest of racial idolatry?

Twilight Zone week

Rubio is wrong about Obama

Democratic women and their orificial obsession

Which will it be: 'Subject' or 'citizen'?

J. FARAH: 'We belong to the government'

A. COULTER: Matthews a few race cards short of a full deck

R. RINGER: GOP's afraid to say it: Obama is a bad man

Making the election about race … again

L. ELDER: The 5 'reasons' to re-elect Obama

J. CHASTAIN: Which platform is 'extreme'?

J. CASHILL: Why did Obama announce Osama takedown?

B. PRELUTSKY: Obama's Uncivil War

C. MONCKTON: Are freedom-lovers winning?

J. FARAH: The racist, bloody truth about Democrats

P. GELLER: American Jews' responsibility to oust Obama

Why Obama's Great Speech Fell Short - NationalJournal.com

My Way News - Obama's convention evolution complete

Krauthammer On Obama: "One Of The Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard" | RealClearPolitics

Obama promises women ‘right to dead baby’

America's 10 Most Polluted States

Matthews on Obama: 'The Fact That He's Black' Is Why 'They're Asking for His Papers' | NewsBusters.org

White House: ‘Important Not To Read Too Much Into’ One Monthly Jobs Report « CBS DC

Chuck Norris smacks down Michelle Obama plan

Dems’ flip-flop exposes ‘godless’ decision-making

Zogby: Obama’s Speech Didn’t Help Win Undecideds

Schoen: Obama Is No Bill Clinton

Ryan: More Stimulus From Fed Bad Idea

Canada Severs Iran Diplomatic Ties on Terrorism Threat

US Designates Haqqani Network a Terrorist Group

Rove: Caroline Kennedy's DNC Speech an Attack on Catholic Church

Obama, Romney Plunge Into 60-Day Race to Election

Obama Campaign Is Founded on Myths

Reality Check: Biden Misleads on Impact of Romney’s Tax Plan

Va. Gov. McDonnell: Obama's Speech Won't Fix Unemployment Crisis, Gas Prices or Debt

Pentagon Escalates Case Against Navy SEAL Author

Planners Craft Strategies to Avoid New US Healthcare Taxes

Biden Says Obama Makes ‘Gutsy’ Choices in Contrast to Romney

McCaskill Releases New Ad Branding Her as Moderate

Ryan Says Obama 'Really Bad' at Creating Jobs

Joe Kennedy III Wins Mass. Congressional Primary

Gadhafi Son's Trial Likely to Be Delayed

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DNC Was Obama's 'Hail Mary' Pass

Conventions Distract From Fiscal Focus

Culture of Entitlement Threatens Entrepreneurship

Democrats Thrice Deny 'God' A Place In The Platform - Then 'Boo' When Chairman Declares Motion Passed

'Journalists For Obama' T-Shirts Handed Out At Democrat Convention

Obama Tells Supporters They Can 'Do Something About' The Coming Droughts, Floods And Wildfires

Gallup: Obama's Job Approval Climbs to 52%; Leads Romney 48% to 45% | cnsnews.com

Unemployment Drops to 5.1 Percent—For Government Workers; Lowest Among All Industries | cnsnews.com

Crist: ‘I Didn’t Leave the Republican Party – It Left Me’ | cnsnews.com

Sen. Merkley: Rights Come from God, Constitution Creates 'Right to Marry Whoever You Love' | cnsnews.com

'West Wing' Actor Says His Rights Come from a ‘Piece of Paper’ | cnsnews.com

Former SNL Star: Democrats ‘In Every Way Anti-God’ | cnsnews.com

‘Paying for College Is a Shared Responsibility,’ Education Secretary Says | cnsnews.com

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US faces deadline on Haqqani network decision | cnsnews.com

Pakistan Christian girl in Quran case to be freed | cnsnews.com

Despite Photo, State Dept. Says U.S. Envoy Didn't Bow to Statue of Dictator | cnsnews.com

Actress Kathleen Turner: Contraceptives Are ‘Basic Health Care Right’ | cnsnews.com

Administration: Bingo Games Can Promote Food Stamp Use | cnsnews.com

Gallup: Obama Enjoys Massive Lead Among Those With No Religion | cnsnews.com

Hoyer: Defeating Obama Is GOP’s ‘Number One Priority’ Even over Job Creation | cnsnews.com

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Half of Military Voting Assistance Offices Not Working As Law Intended, Report Finds | cnsnews.com

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MTV Targets Youth Vote with Lefty Ad During Video Music Awards | NewsBusters.org

Clint Eastwood Defends Convention Speech: ‘Obama Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People’ | NewsBusters.org

Sen. Merkley: Rights Come from God, Constitution Creates 'Right to Marry Whoever You Love' | cnsnews.com

Obama Mentions Compromise, Then Lists What 'I Refuse to Go Along With' | cnsnews.com

Jimmy Carter: Decriminalize Pot | cnsnews.com

IAEA and Nuclear Monopolists a "Gang of Thugs" | Global Research TV

Video/Oops: Dem Rep claims Slavery in 1898 Brooklyn under Dutch control

Video/Daily Show finds Twisted Tolerance at DNC Convention

Video/Flashback: Give Me A Break

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President Obama Fails to Make the Case for Re-election in Charlotte

The Empty Chair Accepts His Nomination

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We Have Ways of Making You Change Your Mind

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Abolish the Department of Education?

If you need a reason to vote against Obama...

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Time to get grounded in reality for Election 2012

Clinton’s Speech at Convention Actually Highlighted Obama’s Weaknesses

No, Don’t Fool America Twice

Debbie Whatshername Schultz Declares There is a God…….

Democrat Party: - Truth, God and Jerusalem no longer allowed

My 2010 Commentary on “Obama’s Make-Believe Life”

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Where’s the Case for Organic Foods?

Obama’s Dismal Jobs Record

United States Carbon Emissions Drop Drastically

God, Jerusalem and American foreign policy

The American Taliban -vs - American Marxists

Young Voters Say Availability of Full-Time Jobs More Important Than Lower StudentLoan Rates

Discovering new uses for old drugs

2012 Democratic Platform Endorses Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Sandra Fluke: All freedoms are equal, but some freedoms are more equal than others

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Godless Illinois Democrat Gets Mad Being Asked Why God Was Dropped from Dem Platform

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Limbaugh: There’s Nothing Obama Could Have Said That Would Change What He Has Done

Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren And The Cherokee

KHammer Comes Down On Obama: ‘One of the Emptiest Speeches I Have Ever Heard on a National Stage’

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Quantum world only partially melts: Ultracold atoms reveal surprising new quantum effects

Favorite TV Reruns May Have Restorative Powers, says UB Researcher - UB NewsCenter

IU mathematician offers unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations: IU News Room: Indiana University

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Obama Admin Cuts Military Participation With Israel, Increases Participation with Muslim Brotherhood

Canada Suspends All Diplomatic Relations with Iran

A Democratic Chorus of ‘No’ Rejects Mention of Jerusalem in Platform

Exclusive: Democrats Ignored Advice Against Radical Changes to Platform Language on Israel

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Judge Orders Ft. Hood Shooter Shaved

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Aid Was Good Enough For Mitt's Dad, But Not For Hungry Kids

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Fact-Checking Barack Obama

Change You Can't Believe

Joe Biden's Top Gaffes

John Kerry's Remarks @DNC, Not Reporting for Duty

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Excerpts: President Obama's Remarks to the 2012 DNC

Drew Peterson Jury Relied on Hearsay

Peterson will try, but attorneys say successful appeal is unlikely

Peterson case shifts to appeal, missing 4th wife

Peterson foreman says hearsay testimony crucial

Rep. Jackson leaves Mayo Clinic

Carnival worker accused of sexual assault in fun house

Chicago braces for first teacher strike in a generation

Lance Armstrong banned from Chicago Marathon

Romney pounces on Obama over disappointing job news

After the confetti, Obama faces a reality check

Political panel: Comparing and contrasting conventions

Obama's speech stirs record response on Twitter

Joe Biden #literally takes a beating on Twitter

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Lewis urges Democrats to keep America moving forward

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Romney, Obama pursue backing of working-class whites, key to swing states

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No Jail Time For Obama 'HOPE' Poster Artist In NY

Father steals kids and sailboat, police say

Obama, Romney battle over jobs numbers as candidates cross paths on general election campaign trail | Fox News

Family feud one theory in French Alps murder probe

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Vladimir Putin Gets Some Love at Vladivostok

Iran Oil Exports Fall Amid Efforts to Isolate Country

'Playboy' Prince Harry goes to Afghanistan

Myanmar Passes Foreign-Investment Law

Colombia: On a perilous path to peace

Nissan Executive Says China Sales Hurt by Japan Tensions

Cameron and Hollande agree on hastening end of Assad's rule in Syria

Front runners trade jibes ahead of Dutch election next week

UN nearly doubles humanitarian appeal for Syria


The World Next Week: September 11, the November Election, and Ben Bernanke

The Biggest Tragedy In Economics

Central Bank Actions Lifting Asset Prices – Not Jobs

Apple Leaves Pandora With Radio Blues

Why The Military Wants Robots With Legs: Robot Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt

Arctic ice melt 'like adding 20 years of CO2 emissions'

Shuttle Endeavour to fly over California landmarks, south US

7000 feet beneath ocean floor, deep-sea drill sets record

Two galaxies make strange traveling pair, but do they interact?

Want to Name an Asteroid? NASA Needs Help to Christen Near-Earth Space Rock

This solar eruption video will straight up melt your face it's so awesome

Physicists Quantum Teleport Photons Over 88 Miles

Lab Notes: 'Junk' DNA Is Anything But

Third death reported in Yosemite viral outbreak

ZOMBIE ALERT issued by Homeland Security

Most grandparents provide care for the grandkids

Popular Kids More Likely To Smoke Says Texas Study

Health Officials Tracking Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pet Turtles

Drink To Your Heart's Content -- If It's Nonalcoholic

Analysis: Use of pill to prevent HIV may be limited in US

A Rare, but Potentially Treatable Form of Autism

Los Angeles Pot Ban Suspended For Now

Star Trek Anniversary: Celebrate With Sexy Aliens and a Google Doodle

R.E.M. Demands Fox News Stop Using 'Losing My Religion'

Simon Cowell reveals Britney's 'X Factor' walk-off was for real

Prince Harry naked photos won't result in investigation of Sun newspaper

MTV's Video Music Awards Drop More Than 50 Percent From Last Year's Record Ratings - Hollywood Reporter

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