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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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08 July 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


56 min./America's Nazi Secret with Author John Loftus - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » America’s Nazi Secret with Author John Loftus


**Prison Planet.com » New Obama Executive Order Seeks ‘Control’ Over Communications During ‘Crisis’


Executive Order 12472--Assignment of national security and emergency preparedness telecommunications functions


Selected Executive Orders on National Security(http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/eo/index.html)


The Drone Zone - NYTimes.com

Prison Planet.com » Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling

New TSA Policy Orders Travelers to Freeze on Command - YouTube

LePage calls IRS the 'new Gestapo' | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

Prison Planet.com » Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria

Prison Planet.com » The Collapsing US Economy and the End of the World

Al-Qaeda terror suspect caught at Olympic Park - Telegraph

WikiLeaks: Western firm advised Assad on media spin - Israel News, Ynetnews

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Pledges $20 Million, and Counting, for African “Clean Energy” Projects

Prison Planet.com » Have Banks Been Manipulating Libor for DECADES?

Will The British Bankers' Association Ban Barclays As It Said It Would? | ZeroHedge

David Kotok: What A Crazy Week - Business Insider

26 min./The TSA & Military Declare War on American Liberties - YouTube

Support the Declaration of Internet Freedom

Prison Planet.com » Why is cancer almost never found in mummies? A disease of modern living

+Prison Planet.com » Behavioral Disorders in Children from Cellphone Use During Pregnancy

Prison Planet.com » Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership


Prison Planet.com » Army Course Manual Trains Soldiers to Confiscate Constitutionally-protected Firearms


**(115 pgs./)'06/USAMPS-Civil Disturbance Ops


'09/ Operation Garden Plot Documents Published Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!









44 pgs./Dr. Russell Blaylock: Obamacare is Mandated Social Engineering - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Seven Ways Events Like 7/7 Empower Socialized Warfare

Prison Planet.com » What If Nothing Happens?

UFO Invasion At Olympics 2012 Is Y2K-Style Hysteria - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Disgruntled UFO Researcher: Infowars Declares War On Exopolitics

The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement? | ExplosiveReports.Com

Olympics 2012 False flag the destruction of London illuminati - YouTube

Green Jobs Fail… Again


The Katherine Albrecht Show Saturday July 07 2012 Hour 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show Saturday July 07 2012 Hour 2

World Crisis Radio Saturday July 07 2012 Hour 1

World Crisis Radio Saturday July 07 2012 Hour 2


+The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law? | Food | AlterNet

Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry - YouTube

Cloned Horses Allowed To Compete In The Olympics - BlackListedNews.com

Drone Hijacking? That's Just the Start of GPS Troubles | Danger Room | Wired.com

Tens of thousands protest Mexican presidential election results | The Raw Story

US concerned Mexico's new president may go easy on drug cartels | World news | The Guardian

Enrique Peña Nieto Facts: What You Need To Know About Mexico's New President

Iran to Sell Oil Through Private Consortium to Evade Sanctions -- News from Antiwar.com

My Way News - The tax man cometh to police you on health care

Cash Strapped California Votes For $68 Billion Monorail To Get Federal Bailout - BlackListedNews.com

23 min./Deep in The Land of Tyranny - YouTube

26 min./The TSA & Military Declare War on American Liberties - YouTube

Powerful New Film Scares People Living Inside The Box! - YouTube

20 min./Humanity's Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe - YouTube

+Dan Feidt: Military Prepares for Martial Law Takeover - YouTube

DHS List 'Liberty Lovers' As Terrorist! - YouTube

DHS List Patriots as Terrorist - YouTube

45 min./Frank Serpico: "The Human Race Has Been Sold Out" - YouTube

50 min./They Worship The Dark Flame of Evil! - YouTube

» Forbes Op-ed Voices Opposition to Gun-grabbing U.N. Treaty Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms - Forbes

» Obama Administration Participates in Finalizing UN Gun Grabbing Treaty Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Monsanto Claims ‘Integrity’ and ‘Transparency’ Top Priorities Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Most Dishonest, Least Transparent Company Monsanto Claims ‘Integrity’ and ‘Transparency’ Top Priorities | Planet Infowars

» UN Bureaucracy Just a Formality Before US Military Attack On Syria Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Floor Speech, Syria June 19 2012 - YouTube

» Does anyone think voting for Mitt Romney will bring real change to the USA? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

45 min./Joseph Farah: Obama is A Walking False Flag! - YouTube

Indiana militiaman gets back his 41 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammunition from the feds - NY Daily News

Humanity's Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe - YouTube

Is Apple working on a rival to Google Glasses? Leaked patent hints that a wearable iPhone may be on the way | Mail Online

» DOT Construction Signs Hacked To Read ‘Impeach Obama’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Impeach Obama 2012! Join The National Campaign! - YouTube

» Obama Tax Pays For “Free” Illegal Alien Health Care Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Natural, organic items grab bigger share in supermarkets – USATODAY.com

» Iran Army Ground Forces to hold military drill Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Wondering About Romania? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

4 Parts/Globalism by Distraction – Max Igan

Ron & Rand Paul Introduce A Manifesto For Internet Freedom - YouTube

Exclusive: Security heightened at Nebraska GOP convention in anticipation of Ron Paul insurgency

Children, What Do You Know About Obama? - YouTube

Spy Drone Buzzes Journalist’s Secluded Home | Dprogram.net

Spy Drone Buzzes Famous Journalist's Secluded Home! - YouTube

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Does anyone really think voting for Mitt Romney will bring real change to the USA? Dark Politicks

US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT! - YouTube


**New Tupac Shakur Documentary Full Movie by KnowTheTruthTV Hologram Killuminati Illuminati Exposed - YouTube


DARPA's Super Spy Gigapixel Camera: Imagine Its Use On A Rifle Scope | Before It's News

Were Ann Dunham & Barack Obama Really Married? | Before It's News

+Were Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Really Married?

How Obama steals elections « Nobarack08's Weblog

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland Sparks Debate | Before It's News

Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Oath Keepers, and the Mormon Cannery Lie | Before It's News

Stewart Rhodes: Feds Demand Customer Lists From Storable Food Facility « Organic News Net

Answers on mormon cannery controversy - YouTube


10 Of The Most Powerful Professors In The World | Before It's News


+50 Best Blogs For Architecture Students | Before It's News


Omens In America: Washington, DC Has Been Put On Notice | Before It's News

Ancient Alien Moon 'Fortress' And Pyramids Revealed | Before It's News

"Frankenstein" Bog Mummies Discovered in Scotland

Thousands Unknown Ancient Structures Seen From Space - Puzzling Aerial Archeology In The Middle East - MessageToEagle.com

An Underwater Explosion Continues To Send Dead Sea Life To The Surface | Before It's News

Cosmic Houdini-Like Vanishing Act Discovered, Astronomers Baffled | Before It's News

Boost Your Energy And Athletic Performance With Beet Juice | Before It's News


The 20 Hottest Photos of Katie Holmes | HEAVY

Beautiful Babes From Behind | Maxim


Forbes.com Video Network | Forbes 400: Warren Buffett & Jon Bon Jovi's Ukelele Duet


Your Color Red Really Could Be My Blue | Color Perception | LifesLittleMysteries.com

Japanese Scientists Use Gas to Purify Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Next 5 changes Facebook will make Without Telling You | Post Planner

Mary Kennedy Autopsy: Antidepressants Found In RFK Jr. Wife's System

They sold us 'happy pills' - but all we got was suicide and misery - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog

Who determined that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012? | Cosmic Convergence 2012

ObamaCare…Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor | Real Jew News

Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

Google Sadly Joins The Anti-Gun Brigade - Forbes

Buffett Makes Annual Donation to Bill Gates Foundation - Bloomberg

Study: The ‘gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana | The Raw Story

AIDS-Free Generation? Researchers Show New Optimism About Dreaded Disease


Who Controls America?(https://thezog.wordpress.com/)


* Activist Post: U.S. Army course authorizes use of deadly force, internment camps during U.S. civil disturbance

Exposed: Military Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual - YouTube

(234 pgs./)**U.S. Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual

*Location of FEMA Concentration Camps

+Known FEMA Camp Locations Listing


Rothschild’s Weather Channel Buys Weather Underground | ZenHaven

A Gaddafi Follower - Green Libyan Counter Revolution Anyday Now - YouTube

OpEdNews - The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Global Attack by the One Percent

‘The Firm’ Has You, Neo | ZenHaven

Bones of 200 slaughtered soldiers from the time of Christ are so well preserved in peat bog that their DNA can be studied | Mail Online

Mysterious African 'Fairy Circles' Stump Scientists | Earth Mysteries | LiveScience

PressTV - Switzerland defies US, EU ban on Iran oil

NOTW editor 'spiked paedophilia scoop on Arthur C Clarke for fear of Murdoch' - Press - Media - The Independent

Read The Panicked Email That Scientologists Are Circulating After The TomKat Breakup - Business Insider

Where Mormonism meets Scientology – Telegraph Blogs

Underwater Eruption Strews Ocean Surface with Dead Fish | Global Warming | LiveScience

Life on Mars: New Mars Rover will drill into young craters where 'building blocks' might survive | Mail Online

These Things too are for the Purpose of Demonstration. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Caterpillar eruption near Mount St. Helens | WashingtonExaminer.com


+NASA Concedes Space–Time Portals Exist - AlienDigest.com

ScienceCasts: Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth - YouTube


UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously As Overall UFO Activity Continues to Increase - AlienDigest.com

The War on Health: The FDAs Cult of Tyranny | GreenMedInfo | Blog

Gundersen on TV: It can no longer be called the Fukushima Daiichi ‘accident’ (VIDEO)

Anti-Obama reporter says he’s being watched by drones | End the Lie – Independent News

Broken America: The Towns left in Financial Ruin | ZenHaven

UFO NEWS | Larry King to Host Show on New Internet TV Network

The Collapsing US Economy and the End of the World

DARPA seeks robots which ‘approach the efficiency of human and animal actuation’

Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria


**Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry - YouTube


Exciting new alternative currency - Summit County Mountain Hours - YouTube

The Philosophy of Liberty - YouTube

Globalist Scientists Say Spanking Children Causes Mental Disorders

Health Care, And The Altar of The Black Robe

Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level

'Monsanto seed of discord brings Latin American Spring' - YouTube


**David Icke 2012 Full Length - 'For Evil to Triumph it needs Good People doing Nothing!' - YouTube


July 8, 2012 “Super Event” Warned Near As Weather Chaos Pounds Planet


July 4, 2012 American Rebel Forces Attack Gas Pipelines, Explode Trains As US Civil War Nears

flashback:June 11, 2012 380 American Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle


Revolution 2012: It’s Time To Rise | _

State Dept: We’re Not Consistent on Human Rights Violations in Middle East « Antiwar.com Blog

DC crumbles as government spends abroad - YouTube

Consumerism as Conditioning - YouTube

Boehner: I can’t make you love Mitt Romney | _

Will Gun Confiscation begin with Debtors’ Courts? | _

Nightmare Scenario (Michael Rivero) - YouTube

51 min./Illuminati symbolism . I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant Showing The Next 9/11 False Flag - YouTube

Media wars: Question more - YouTube

RomneyGate looms: The Governor’s secret hard drives | _

Refreshing News: US Election 2012: Barack Obama, China and a fight for Ohio

29 min./Exposing the Federal Reserve! - YouTube

It's over for the banking cabal. 4.jul.2012 - YouTube

Inside Story - Rigged bank rates: Is there more to come? - YouTube

Monsanto's history marred by scandal - YouTube

Monsanto's seedy legacy - YouTube

Farmageddon – The Government’s War on Small, Sustainable Farms (Video) « America First

Clinton: Russia & China will 'pay price' for supporting Assad - YouTube

Google guilty of violating user's privacy? - YouTube

Featured: 8 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Today - LPC Survival

June Jobs Report: Private Sector Hiring Misses - Business Insider

Obama calls for rebuilding U.S. economy | The Raw Story

Everyday life of destitute Americans during the Great Depression | Crack Two

Hillary Clinton declares Afghanistan a 'major non-Nato ally' of US | World news | guardian.co.uk

Mitt Romney Committed Voter Fraud—Looks Likely | Veterans News Now

The Pentagon's Proxy on Russia's Southern Border: Georgia Gets New U.S.-Approved Defense Chief - BlackListedNews.com

The 7/7 London Bombings: How to Set Up a Patsy

How Did Mossad Know the London Bombings Were Going to Happen?

Focus on US Troops in Yemen Masks Saudi Spy Ops -- News from Antiwar.com

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Trying to Avoid Court, Settlement Talks 'Ongoing'

Ringo Starr Still Seeking Peace for His Birthday

'SNL's Seth Meyers Might Be The Man To Fill Regis Philbin's Shoes

Cause of North Atlantic plankton bloom is finally revealed

Mar's Super-Frigid Landscape Captured by NASA's On-Site Rover

Worm lifetime 'longer in space'

Pakistan shuns physicist linked to ‘God particle’ - BostonHerald.com

The Higgs Boson: Why You Should Care About the God Particle. And, Sadly, Why You Don't - Forbes

New robotic legs could usher in age of more human-like robots

Six-member crew selected for simulated Mars food mission

New camera to image Earth disasters from the International Space Station

Small Volcanic Eruptions Can Cool Global Climate

The final space shuttle launch

Synthetic Protein EP67 Boosts Immune System To Fight Off Flu

US study finds mismatch between kids and vitamins


**DNS Changer malware: You're running out of time to check for it

+Last day to check your computer - YouTube


Inside Apple's Go-Slow Approach to Mobile Payments

Google pushes for gay rights with 'Legalize Love' campaign

Inside the Twitter-LinkedIn divorce

Should you switch to Windows 8?

Facebook to Target Ads Based on App Usage

Apple pulls its products from EPEAT 'green' certification registry

British Airways program upsets privacy groups

Cisco Rethinks 'Cloud' Service After Customer Outcry

China Must Prevent Rebound in Property Prices, Wen Says

Four Chinese miners rescued, seven die

US Commander Apologizes Over Handcuffing of Korean Citizens

Treasury Sales Could Bring Record for Yields

Friends, family remember the good done by couple killed in derailment

Pennies add up

Obama aide hints at tax evasion in challenge to Romney to release records

Durbin: Romney needs to release tax returns

Sen. Rob Portman is in N.H., but not meeting Mitt Romney, he says

Texas launches challenge to justice department block of voter ID law

Lawrence Solomon: Obama's Jewish financiers

Shots by Murdoch at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core

Republicans Heat Up Election With Campaign Blitz

Freeman Says Obama Is Mixed-Race

Huntsman to skip national GOP convention

Recommended: Ted Nugent: It might have been best if South won Civil War

+Sunday on 'This Week': Gov. Bobby Jindal and Gov. Martin O'Malley

Is Sarah Palin haunting Mitt Romney?

Pro-Romney Super PAC Launching Huge Ad Buy During Summer Olympics

Medicare Cuts, Competing Views On Overhaul Keep Health Issues Hot In Campaign

‘A bevy of Romneys’: For GOP presidential candidate, politics is an extended family affair - The Washington Post

Egypt's president reopens parliament, army response awaited

Putin orders inquiry into floods that killed 171

Syrian military holds exercises in show of force

In Libya vote, coalition party headed by former transition chief claims lead

Another $16 billion in aid, but Afghan businessmen say help us

Anti-NATO march takes off in Pakistan

Clinton in plea for rights of Afghan women

President Assad accuses US of 'destabilising' Syria

Mexican electoral officials confirm Pena Nieto win

US too weak to wage war against Iran: Washington ambassador

Qaeda suspect breaches Olympic area ban five times

Mali braced for military intervention amid fears it could become 'next Somalia'

Mickey Mouse takes stage in North Korea

France, Germany fete 50 years of post-war reconciliation

Temps cool after heat wave that left more than 35 dead

Increasing number of US schools splitting up boys, girls in classrooms

GOP, Democrats restart fight over Bush-era tax cuts

Congressman Barney Frank weds in same-sex marriage

Barney Frank marries longtime partner - YouTube

Voter ID Laws Could Block Thousands

LA Sheriff: Natalie Wood death investigation is still 'ongoing'

Miss. Abortion Case Heard by GOP-Appointed Judge

Activists gear up to help young illegal immigrants remain here under new Obama policy - Chicago Sun-Times

Casey Anthony Trial: In a new book, defense attorney Jose Baez makes the case for his client's innocence - Crimesider - CBS News

Chicago Infrastructure Trust A Model As More Mega-Projects Turn To Private Investors

John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive - YouTube

New Hampshire Strikes a Blow Against the Sovietized Amerikan 'Justice' System - informationliberation

U.S. sugar program pitting growers against soda and candy firms - latimes.com

Controversial Princess Diana film dropped | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

P P S I M M O N S: Putin sends nuclear bombers into US air space in clear message to Obama

These Companies Got Rich Selling Illegal Weapons To US Adversaries - Business Insider

Guess who's coming to Red Flag? If you said the Russians, you're right... - The DEW Line

Another Killing Machine

Is the Bible a Threat to National Security?

Oil and Illusions

Drone Program Will Dismantle Our Freedoms

Teenage Sexting Is Becoming The Norm | TechCrunch

Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America

Death of the US Constitution: Can Americans Escape the Deception?

Drones: A Global Instrument of Remote Warfare

The Arafat Assassination: Israel’s Lethal History with Polonium

Was there Advanced Knowledge of the 7/7 London Bomb Attacks?

7/7 Conspiracy Theories and Connecting the Dots

Why No Economic Sanctions against the US?

GRTV: London 7/7: The Key Evidence

The Planet's "Rare Earth Elements" (REEs): The Worldwide Battle for Strategic Resources

Worldwide Military Network: NATO's "Global Military Block"

The Assassination of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet

Army blocks access to information about Bradley Manning Support Network, citing an “active investigation”

Poisoning Arafat

Ariel Sharon Ordered the Assassination of Yasser Arafat

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Global Coalition of Big Business Actors

Obama's health care law: How the owners of a society play with their property

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): More Power to Corporations to Attack Nations

GLOBAL WARFARE: U.S. Marines Deployed Worldwide, From the Black Sea To Africa And Beyond

Barack Obama, his Mother, and the CIA

The Western Welfare State: Its Rise and Demise and the Soviet Bloc

The 7/7 London Bombings: Documents Prove that the Official Story Cannot be True

GRTV: US Targeting Independent Governments

GRTV: The First Casualty? War, Truth & the Media Today

GRTV: The 7/7 London Bombings in 7 minutes: Unanswered Questions

‘I,’ ‘Me’—Obama Uses First-Person Pronoun 117 Times in 1 Speech

Ringo Starr turns 72 in Nashville with peace, love

Priebus: Obama ‘Living in Fantasy Land’ on Economy

Leaks, Lies, Auditions Are All Part of Veepstakes

Thousands May Lose Internet When FBI Pulls Plug

Al-Qaida Suspect Visits Olympic Site Area 5 Times in One Day

Rep. Price: High Unemployment Indicative of Obama’s Failed Policies

McCain Declares Libyan Election a Success

Dem Rep. Carson: US Public Schools Should Be Like Muslim Madrassas

McConnell Sees 50/50 Shot at GOP Control of Senate

Gibbs to Romney: Come Clean with Tax Records

Romney Already Prepping for Debates With Obama

Obama in 'Urgent' Call for Campaign Cash

Assad Accuses US of Fueling Syrian Uprising

Dismal Job Figures Put Pressure on Fed, Raise Stakes for Obama

Never Underestimate a 'Slickster'

American Optimism Must Be Renewed

How to Use Briquettes and Master Grilling | The Art of Manliness

Time Stuffs Magazine With 15 Pages of Pro-Roberts Coverage; Holder Contempt Vote Gets Two Paragraphs | NewsBusters.org

ABC Helps Obama Get the Word Out About 'Nefarious' Romney | NewsBusters.org




Scientology: Pinching, purification and finding The Bridge to Total Freedom: My very sinister induction at the Scientology HQ... just three days ago on July 4 | Mail Online

Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Gov. In 2010

BioWatch: The biological defense program that cries wolf - latimes.com

Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK - Telegraph

The Drone Zone - NYTimes.com

Boehner: I can't make you love Mitt Romney - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Did Justice Roberts commit treason?

Obama Has More Cash on Hand Than Romney

Obama’s Outsourcing Far Worse Than Romney’s

Holder DOJ Hires Leftist Firm Catalist in Voter ID Case

National Post: Oprah No Longer Marching in Obama's A-List Parade

Obama's New Student Loan Bill Deeply Flawed

Occupiers, Convicted Terrorist to Protest at Private Residence of David Koch

(?)Axelrod Says Romney Is Most Secretive Since Nixon

Not a Tax: IRS to Hire Thousands of New Agents to Enforce ObamaCare

Obama Spends Record $12 Billion To Keep Documents Secret

Los Angeles Jewish Federation Helps Enforce Shariah Law

L.A. County To Vote On Whether Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms

Obamacare Redistributing Wealth to Big Labor?

Obama Talks Struggles of His First Campaign -- Where He Ran Unopposed

NewsOne Writes Series on Reparations Just in Time for 2012 Campaign

Obama Admin: Solyndra Went So Well, Let's Do It Again in Africa

Cookin' up a Revolution: Far Left Fails at Culinary Fundraising

Four Justices Explain Why Congress' Power to Regulate Commerce Does Not Save Obamacare

Adam Carolla: Hollywood Media Won't Save Obama

Obama: Confused About the Declaration

The Five Biggest Corporate Political Donors in 2012

Obama On Weak Jobs Report: 'Step In The Right Direction'

Obama, the Broken Record

How Obama Won His First Election

'Frontline' Demonizes Dentists Providing Child Care for Profit

Boehner: People Don't Love Romney, But They Dislike Obama More

Planned Parenthood Sponsors ESSENCE Music Festival

Deregulation: The Future of Cable/Satellite Broadcasting

Dershowitz to Fellow Democrats: Stop Attacking Sheldon Adelson

Google Pushes for Gay Marriage Worldwide

Knesset Approves Haredi Soldiers

Next Month's Job Growth Could Be Even Lower

Federal Disability Rolls Exceed Population of New York City

8-July-12 Worldview: China Escalates Military Buildup in South China Sea

Navy Approves New Hovercraft

Arab Spring Giving Way to a Brutal Winter in Libya

Speaker Boehner: You Don't Need To Love Romney To Support Him

McCain: Arm Rebels In Syria

Barbour: Lots To Love About Romney

Durbin: 'Romney Is The ObamaCare Daddy'

McCain: Obama Admin Handling Of Syria 'Shameful And Disgraceful'

McCain: Important For Romney To Go To Israel

Durbin, Barbour Spar Over Jobs

Boehner: 'The American People Probably Aren't Going To Fall In Love With Mitt Romney'

+Campaigns Debate Health Care Mandate

Comparing Spending Predictions on the Supreme Court Ruling on Medicaid

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Taking Apart Roberts' Awful Decision

Marketers are targeting us with in-your-face ads - latimes.com

Drone hijacked by hackers from Texas college with $1,000 spoofer | Naked Security

Pirate Bay Founder Submits Emotional Plea for Pardon | TorrentFreak

Banish Annoying Video Ads From Your Internet Experience - Wired How-To Wiki

Why American workers are worse off today - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

Sluggish Jobs Growth Is Symptom of 'Zombie' Economy - US Business News Blog - CNBC

Now Wall Street Doesn't Want Your Money? - Businessweek

3 Health-Care Misconceptions That Never Die

Libya’s Unintended Consequences - NYTimes.com

RealClearWorld - Oil and Water in the South China Sea

America the Absent - By Kati Suominen | Foreign Policy

New Statesman - Europe on the verge of a nervous breakdown

RealClearWorld - Is Islam to Blame for Freedom Deficit in Middle East?

Eastern space politics meets Western space business - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

When Mitt Romney’s campaign struggles, don’t blame the Boston locals - Opinion - The Boston Globe

Obama's Hyphenated America | RealClearPolitics

Obama’s Goose Is Cooked - Larry Kudlow - National Review Online

Battling for every Iowa vote | The Des Moines Register | DesMoinesRegister.com

The Issue of 2012 | The Weekly Standard

Barack Obama’s two-day bus tour of Ohio was aimed at portraying him as the defender of the American middle class. - Slate Magazine

Fareed Zakaria: Curbing the cost of health care - The Washington Post

The Dream of Command Economics - By Yuval Levin - The Corner - National Review Online

Obama then and now - The Washington Post

The Democrats May Not Stay Long on Obama’s Chosen Path | Via Meadia

Real Clear World - Video - Taliban Publicly Execute Woman Near Kabul


c2cam/07.07.12 - MERLIN Project / Prophecy & Hidden Agendas [ coast to coast am ] - YouTube


Osama bin Laden WAS NOT buried at sea, but flown to US for cremation, leaked emails reveal | Mail Online

Short Sharp Science: Ouija board helps psychologists probe the subconscious

Drone Census Tracks US Government's Secret Swarms | Flying Robots Owners | LiveScience

Higgs boson find by CERN could make light speed travel possible, scientists speculate | News | National Post

Giant filament of dark matter connects galaxy clusters, say astronomers (+video) - CSMonitor.com


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Saturday, 7/7/12 - Batchelor 10pm

Saturday, 7/7/12 - Batchelor 11pm

Saturday, 7/7/12 - Batchelor 12am

Saturday, 7/07/12 Larry Kudlow

**News Videos:


Obama Urges Congress To Pass "Common-Sense Ideas" In Weekly Address
Obama To Romney: "What You Say Matters And Your Principles Matter"
David Brooks: Romney Has A "Secret" Plan For Health Care
Krauthammer: Romney "Hasn't Been Ideological Enough"
WSJ: The Problem With Romney's Campaign Is Mitt Romney
Obama TV Ad: Romney's "Not The Solution, He's The Problem"
GOP Weekly: Obama "Holding Us Back And Making Things Worse"
Obama: Most People "Would Acknowledge That I've Tried Real Hard"

*8 July

American Minute for July 8th

This Day in History for 8th July | HistoryOrb.com

July 8 Events in History

Today in History: July 8

Today in History: July 8

July 8th This Day in History

July 8th in History

Today in History for July 8th - YouTube