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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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07 July 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

Savage Audio






The London 7/7 Bombings - BlackListedNews.com


Can the Eurozone Weather the Financial Storm?

God Particle ‘Discovery’ Exposes a Faithless Church

The Power Still Resides in the People… See the Founding Fathers

Ethan Bearman: Shocking Tax in Health Care Law

The Demise of Health Insurance

Dr. Daliah: Health Care Ruling ‘Huge Blow’ to ‘All Americans’

Bradlee Dean: What’s the Goal of the Sadistic GLBT Lobby: Your Children?

Record Number on Disability; America has become Europe

John Roberts: Missing the Mark or Right on Target?

Obamacare… What Now?

Jim Brown: How does Romney Deal with “Obamney” Care?

Barb Adams: American Dream or Nightmare?

Green Jobs Fail… Again

Gates Foundation Depopulation Summit Demands Global Approval - BlackListedNews.com

Will The British Bankers’ Association Ban Barclays As It Said It Would? - BlackListedNews.com

Hillary Clinton declares Afghanistan a 'major non-Nato ally' of US | World news | guardian.co.uk

The Pentagon's Proxy on Russia's Southern Border: Georgia Gets New U.S.-Approved Defense Chief - BlackListedNews.com

Putin’s July 4th Message | Washington Free Beacon

If the US Loses Syria, the US Loses its Empire - BlackListedNews.com

Paraguay ‘Coup’ has all the ‘Hallmarks of the CIA’ - BlackListedNews.com

Utah Garden Challenge Actually Government Registration In Disguise - BlackListedNews.com

BA staff to compile 'dossiers' on customers using Google Image search (Wired UK)

Drought hits 56 percent of continental US; 'significant toll' on crops - U.S. News


+History Of The Federal Reserve System


Maddow: Ron Paul Could Be Nominated At The Republican National Convention - YouTube

* Ron Paul Tampa Rally | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign CommitteeRon Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee


Is the CIA Involved in Drug Trafficking? “I think George Bush is deep into it” – Ron Paul


'Jews Don't have To Go Through TSA': Homeland Security's Janet Napalitano - YouTube

Wikileaks - CIA's tool - YouTube

The Creation Museum evolves: Hoping to add a life-size ark project, the museum hits fundraising trouble | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

Free SLO - Prisoners Sewing American Flags? Now That's Patriotic!


+Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America :


U.S. House bill would cut food stamps, farm subsidies | NOLA.com

New TSA Policy: Ordering Travelers To “Freeze” On Command? - 12160

Barack Obama, His Mother, and the CIA

Walter E. Williams: States should nullify Obamacare — won’t lead to military action against states | _

Flashback 2009: Obama Promises to Close Gitmo – Today: $40 Million for Gitmo Upgrades « America First

Pentagon Contractor Caught Illegally Selling Military Technology to China | _

Romania president impeached amid EU, US concern | Fox News

How did Romney's IRA grow so big? | Reuters

| The Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Obamacare Breathing Life into the Secessionist Movement in Texas? |


Hours After Meeting Obama, Ohio Restaurant Owner Dies - 12160


Drone Hijacking? That's Just the Start of GPS Troubles | Danger Room | Wired.com

Google means important people won't just be a face in the crowd for BA - Telegraph

Maple Seed ‘Samarai’ Drones Will Swarm The Future, Lockheed Martin Predicts | TPM Idea Lab

Job Insecurity: It's the Disease of the 21st Century -- And It's Killing Us | Economy | AlterNet

Three NSA Whistleblowers Back EFF's Lawsuit Over Government's Massive Spying Program | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Women could delay the menopause indefinitely with ovary transplant: doctors - Telegraph


Roll-your-own cigarette operations to be snuffed out - Business - ReviewJournal.com

+ Roll-your-own cigarette stores going up in smoke - Chicago Sun-Times


Russia & Brazil’s Strategic Alliance Continues « Critical Strategic Metals

RBS ‘Glitch’ Goes Airborne As Biggest Russian Bank Halts All Credit, Debit Card Operations…(Time To…”Go To The Mattress’s!”) | RevolutionRadio.org

Retired US General Wesley Clark becomes an adviser to Romania’s PM Victor Ponta | Daily news in English from Romania - Romania-Insider.com


**David Icke 2012 Full Length - 'For Evil to Triumph it needs Good People doing Nothing!' - YouTube


July 4, 2012 American Rebel Forces Attack Gas Pipelines, Explode Trains As US Civil War Nears

Obama to China: Dump the Car Tariffs - Businessweek

» Obama Administration Participates in Finalizing UN Gun Grabbing Treaty Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Examiner Editorial: Not content with winning, Obama aides rewrite court's ruling | WashingtonExaminer.com

The Flame Virus – Have the CIA and NSA Infiltrated Microsoft? | Top Secret Writers

AP survey: High US unemployment to persist well into next presidential term - The Washington Post

Another Killing Machine

Is the Bible a Threat to National Security?

Report: Countrywide Used Loan Discounts to Buy Congress, Fannie Mae Execs, Other Government Officials

Oil and Illusions

Drone Program Will Dismantle Our Freedoms

Can Americans Escape the Deception?

It’s Not Our Job To Take Power, It’s Our Job To Fight Power!


The 15 Strangest College Majors Offered Today, | Before It's News




* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- July 6, 2012

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- July 5, 2012


Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone - YouTube

Death of the Birds and the Bees Across America

Was there Advanced Knowledge of the 7/7 London Bomb Attacks?

7/7 Conspiracy Theories and Connecting the Dots

Have Banks Have Been Manipulating Libor for DECADES?

Living in Tarps and Tents: The Plight of Haiti’s Earthquake Victims

Job Crisis Denial: The Rising Tide of Unemployment in America

Are Banks Raiding “Allocated” Gold Accounts?

GRTV: London 7/7: The Key Evidence

The Planet's "Rare Earth Elements" (REEs): The Worldwide Battle for Strategic Resources

The Assassination of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet

Worldwide Military Network: NATO's "Global Military Block"

Assange’s Last Stand? by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

America Adopts the Israel Paradigm by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Why Women Should Not Enlist by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

Israel Won’t Cooperate With UN Probe of West Bank Settlements -- News from Antiwar.com

The political illogic of Romney mounting a foreign policy offensive | Stephen M. Walt

Ali Fatemi: A Call for War That Should Be Ignored

McChrystal says it's time to bring back the draft - Army - Stripes

Hollywood and the Election: Movie Stars Can Raise Money for Obama, But Can They Do Anything Else? - YouTube

PJ Media » What the Constitution Doesn’t Mean

Ron Radosh » What ‘Socialist’ Policies Will Do To America if Barack Obama has a Second Term

Rubin Reports » Yasir Arafat Is Still Dead and We Know Who Really Did Him In


PJ Media » Obamacare’s Threat to the Second Amendment


Barack Obama Campaign Rally, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 6 2012 | ElectAd

Mitt Romney Statement & Press Availability On June Job Numbers, New Hampshire – July 6 2012 | ElectAd

Barack Obama Campaign Event, Poland, Ohio – July 6 2012 | ElectAd

Barack Obama Campaign Rally, Parma, Ohio – July 5 2012 | ElectAd

Barack Obama Campaign Rally, Sandusky, Ohio – July 5 2012 | ElectAd

Barack Obama Campaign Rally, Maumee, Ohio – July 5 2012 | ElectAd


Do you have an offshore bank account? - YouTube

Four Years of Failed Policies on China - YouTube

Crossroads GPS: "Excuses" - YouTube

Step in the Right Direction? - YouTube

+Audio/Why Audit the Fed?;Liz Whal of RT TV America talks to Lew Rockwell

Your Bucket List by Gary North

Religion and Libertarianism by Walter Block

Patriautism by Jeff Berwick

How to Use Briquettes and Master Grilling | The Art of Manliness

Believing These Persistent Fitness Myths Can Sabotage Your Success by Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola and Phil Campbell on Sprint 8 Elliptical Demonstration - YouTube

Seafood health benefits: It's filled with nutrients and could cut your risk of a heart attack in half | Mail Online

You Have To See This - Mind Blowing ! | Before It's News

I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant - YouTube

US Army Builds 'Mysterious Artificial Island' In Atlantic Ocean | Before It's News

Rebuilding Poplar Island - YouTube

Omens In America: Washington, DC Has Been Put On Notice | Before It's News

The Oil Change Co-Pay | Eric Peters Autos


**What Barack Obama Has Done His First Term (List) | Before It's News


Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force”

Obama speech on civilian security force - YouTube


The Mysterious Case Of The Disappearing Dust | Before It's News

Aliens Will Look Like Huge Jelly-Fish Floating In The Air - Scientist Says - MessageToEagle.com

“Impossible” Binary Star Systems Found

E.T. Originally Based On 'Scary Real Alien Encounter'! | Before It's News

The Dead Have Often Been Seen with Aliens on UFOs by Contactees | Church of Mabus

Thousands Unknown Ancient Structures Seen From Space - Puzzling Aerial Archeology In The Middle East - MessageToEagle.com

Ancient Alien Moon 'Fortress' And Pyramids Revealed | Before It's News

MASSIVE Moon Monolith - YouTube

Ancient Unexplained Inscriptions Found in The United States | Socyberty


Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America | Before It's News




Russian Commandos Instrumental in Attempt to Disarm Americans - YouTube


Guess who's coming to Red Flag? If you said the Russians, you're right... - The DEW Line

Beware of 2012 Prophecies | Before It's News

8 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today | Before It's News


+ Camping is more than just equipment – Here is a list of skills you need to have | The Survival Mom


DNA From Three Parents Okay, Genetically Modified Babies Are Ethical Says British Council | Before It's News

We Are Legion The Story of the Hacktivists - Trailer - YouTube


U.S. Army course authorizes use of deadly force, internment camps during U.S. civil disturbance | End the Lie – Independent News


Exposed: Military Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual - YouTube




Activist Post: U.S. Army course authorizes use of deadly force, internment camps during U.S. civil disturbance


Quick Cash - 21 ways to make money in one day or less!


Portion Sizes in Restaurants Quadruple Since 1950s

'Monsanto seed of discord brings Latin American Spring' - YouTube

Dr. Michael McNeill to Provide Expert Presentation on Health and Agriculture Risks of Monsanto's Herbicide

U.N. finalizing Arms Trade Treaty, U.S. claims Second Amendment will be protected

WikiLeaks “Syrian Files” Obtained by Flame to Set Up Assad

+Legalizing Weed is the Best Thing For America (infographic)

America's Farmers Fight Monsanto's Scorched Earth Legal Campaign Of Threats And Intimidation

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock You

Activist Post: A Nation at War Can't Afford Domestic Improvements

Feds: Airlines Must Let Passengers Fly With Pigs for 'Emotional Support'

Global Warming Blame-ologists Play with Fire

Obama: Supply-side Economics a 'Theory' that 'Has Never Worked'

Obama Calls Corporate Bailout His Vision of ‘Betting on American Business’

Obama Criticizes Romney for Supporting Structured Auto Bankruptcy that Administration Adopted

OTJ: Jeffrey Bell - 'The Case for Polarized Politics'

‘I,’ ‘Me’—Obama Uses First-Person Pronoun 117 Times in 1 Speech

Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Resigns from Congress

Obama Calls Bailout His Vision of ‘Betting on American Business’

U.N. Proposes Global Taxes to Fund ‘Global Challenges’ Such As Climate Change

Gallup: Fewer Adults Getting Health Insurance Through Employer

Target Donates 100% of Gay ‘Pride’ Shirt Sales to Pro-Homosexual Group

Cosby star: New show about 'positive black family'

Seventeen magazine: We celebrate all shapes, sizes

Blagojevich's brother writing book on legal saga

Farm parody 'Sexy and I Know It' goes viral

Negro Leagues Museum getting All-Star game boost

HHS Tab for ‘Preservation and Maintenance’ of Native American Languages for 2011: $13,242,720 | CNSNews.com

Time Stuffs Magazine With 15 Pages of Pro-Roberts Coverage; Holder Contempt Vote Gets Two Paragraphs | NewsBusters.org

ABC Helps Obama Get the Word Out About 'Nefarious' Romney | NewsBusters.org

Scott Walker-Bashing Bill Maher Calls For Public Pension Reform | NewsBusters.org

Will Politico Update 'Sobbing Woman Thanks Obama for Health Care Law' Story? | NewsBusters.org

John Roberts' move to the dark side

John Roberts: Bribery or blackmail?

A surefire recipe for celebrity

Where's the conservative leadership?

Abortion 'holocaust'? If the shoe fits ...

'God will provide' foolishness

Intellect-challenged Minimalists

B. DEAN: Modern conservatives: Spineless capitulators

D. LIMBAUGH: 'GOP wants more debt' and other Obama lies

Never a last resort

From preserving liberty to destroying it

J. CASHILL: Obama's Social Security Number challenged

A. NAPOLITANO: A vast new federal power to 'tax'

Ever-Bigger-Government America

Morgan Freeman: No Black President For U.S. Yet : NPR

Black pastors: Let’s reject Obama!

Republican teachers uneasy at Obama-themed union convention | Fox News

Republicans warn union campaign in Michigan could roll back reforms | Fox News

Nugent: Roberts is ‘a traitor’

Did Justice Roberts commit treason?

Obama presidency ‘dead last’ in economic recovery

Christian pastor spends 1,000th day in prison

3.1 Million Workers Join Disability Ranks Vs. 2.6 Million That Got Jobs In Obama Recovery - Investors.com

Tensions rise between Russia, Saudi Arabia

‘Uncle Sam is screaming!’

Short Sharp Science: Ouija board helps psychologists probe the subconscious

California high-speed rail gets green light

My Way News - The tax man cometh to police you on health care

The Drone Zone - NYTimes.com

Denver introduces new transgender inmate policy | wtsp.com

Police: Teen Shoots Self In Attempt To Wake Up From Shroom-Induced Nightmare « CBS Tampa

News from The Associated Press

NYC School Teacher Simonette Mapes-Crupi Found Fatally Stabbed Inside Staten Island Apartment « CBS New York

Is Apple working on a rival to Google Glasses? Leaked patent hints that a wearable iPhone may be on the way | Mail Online

Hitting the pavement, Obama puts on the pounds? – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Man sentenced for drug deal that killed police dog | WWAY NewsChannel 3 | Wilmington NC News

Ralph Nader: 'Cowering' Democrats face defeat - William Bergstrom - POLITICO.com

That's No Baloney: Lobster Cheaper Than Deli Meat - US News and World Report

Study: Women With Bigger Breasts More Likely To Get Breast Cancer « CBS Las Vegas


The Shard - London - Laser Show Launch - 5th July 2012 - YouTube

The Shard London opening: Laser show dazzles... but would you pay £25 for a ride up to the top? | Mail Online

The Shard – a giant middle finger directed by the super-rich at the rest of London – Telegraph Blogs


Marxism in America - Lt. Gen. Ret. W. G. Jerry Boykin Video - YouTube

Why Marxism is on the rise again | World news | The Guardian

Gary McKinnon given last chance of examination before extradition decision - Telegraph

Internet porn is making teenage relationships more violent says country's top law chief | Mail Online

Vitamin D Health Benefits - What Can Vitamin D Do For You?

Fish Mercury Levels: 1/4 Freshwater Fish Exceed 'Safe' Mercury Levels

ObamaCare…Chief Justice Roberts Is A Traitor | Real Jew News

Anti-Obama reporter says he’s being watched by drones | End the Lie – Independent News

Broken America: The towns left in financial ruin - Americas - World - The Independent

Libyan Update From a Libyan - A Failed State - YouTube

Gaddafi Followers are the Majority of Libya - Part 2 - Asiel - YouTube

Robert Redford - Global Elite, Agenda 21 Promoting, Illuminati Whore Hypocrite.flv - YouTube

Who determined that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012? | Cosmic Convergence 2012

TEDxSanJoseCA 2012 -- Seth Shostak - What If ET Is Out There? - YouTube

UFOs sweep the skies: Orbs spotted worldwide (VIDEO) — RT

'The mob learned from Wall Street': Eliot Spitzer on the 'cartel-style corruption' behind Libor scam - Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer // Current TV


Invisible Light


Not HIS Image (part 1)

Not HIS Image (part 2)


Beethoven's 5 Secrets - OneRepublic (Cello/Orchestral Cover) - ThePianoGuys - YouTube

Barack Obama's life story contains 'myth, not truth', says biographer. So why did the media report it as truth? – Telegraph Blogs

Death of the US Constitution: Can Americans Escape the Deception?

+25 Obama crimes the House should investigate

PressTV - Poll: Obama 2nd worst US president

PressTV - US government busts constitution into nothing: Activist

We Were Attacked BOTH in '93 & on 9/11 because of U.S. support for Israel - YouTube

ObamaCare And The Marx-Men

Wikileaks begins release of 2.4 million emails from Syrian government - Telegraph

Roy Tov – Arafat’s Assassin Admits

Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring by Grant Smith -- Antiwar.com

+Why The Supreme Court Claims Obamacare is Constitutional « REALITY BLOG

The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible

ObamaCare Lost on the Medicaid Mandate & Commerce Power. It May Yet Lose on the Tax Power. | Cato @ Liberty

An Interview with an Underground Base Contractor - AlienDigest.com

Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases - AlienDigest.com

Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths (Part 1) :

Where Are All the Deep Underground Military Bases? (Part 2) :

Letters From the Underground Mail Bag: Subterranean Labyrinths, Underground Bases, and Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains :

Drought Stalks the Global Food Supply - Businessweek

The Largest Banking Scandal of the 21st Century (JPM)

Family fights government over rare ‘Double Eagle’ gold coins | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television | The Vigilant Citizen

‘Predator’ on the prowl: Multi-billion DARPA rival set up in Russia — RT

The Labyrinth | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Look Who's Buying America Now! - DailyFinance

Questions about chief justice's health-care ruling could have lasting impact - CSMonitor.com

SYRIA: Imperial Arrogance Spells Fatal Over-reach for the US and Western Allies

Clinton: Russia and China will 'pay price' for supporting Assad — RT

Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

+Obama signs highway bill - The Hill's Transportation Report

‘I WANT YOU’: Uncle Sam Hiring Criminal Hackers | American Free Press

U.S. Military Perfecting ‘Thinking’ Killer Drone | American Free Press

Obamaniacal Tendencies . . . President Gone Power Mad? | American Free Press

Independent report on 2009 Fort Hood massacre recommends wide-ranging changes to FBI | Mail Online

Ill. man exonerated after 30 years in prison for murder | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

Conventional Diagnosis of Parasites

CIA Veteran Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up

Gates Foundation Depopulation Summit Demands Global Approval

Coke and Pepsi Contains Alcohol - New Findings

4 Parts/Globalism by Distraction – Max Igan

“The Aliens Are Coming”: Psychological Programmers Versus The Alternative Media | Dprogram.net

Disgruntled UFO Researcher: Infowars Declares War On Exopolitics

Rockefeller Council Demographers Subjected American Slums To Eugenic Mind-Control Ops

Libertarian Candidate Johnson to Newsmax: Just 'Say No To Government'

Libertarian Johnson: Bring in Free-Market Healthcare Reforms

Otto Reich: Liberty Should Be a Universal Right

Obama: Not Satisfied With Job Creation

Huckabee: Limbaugh 'Very Critical of Me, Very Wrong'

Air Force Considers Segregated Training After Sex Scandal

Libya Holds First Free Election in 60 Years

Black Pastors Group: Pride in Obama Has Turned to Shame

Rasmussen: To Fix Healthcare System, Put Consumers in Charge

Three Antidepressants Found in RFK Wife's System

Proclaimed Virgin Mary Visions Draw Thousands to Alabama

Nancy Reagan Turns 91, Gets Disney Serenade

Obama in 'Urgent' Call for Campaign Cash

McConnell: Obama Trying to Bully Political Enemies Via Disclose Act

Protests, Joy Mark Free Libyan Election

US Gives Afghanistan Special Security Status

Dismal Job Figures Put Pressure on Fed, Raise Stakes for Obama

GOP Message Misses the ‘Everyman’

Never Underestimate a 'Slickster'

America's 'Most Important' Gun

American Optimism Must Be Renewed

President Distorts Truth Behind His First Election

Obama Rips Clinton Era in Jobs Report Defense

S.E. Cupp: 'Ann Romney Is Lying'

Flashback: Obama Dismisses 310,000 New Jobs In 2004

Obama Admin: Solyndra Went So Well, Let's Do It in Africa

Malaise: In Jobs Response Obama Aspires to Bring Back the Nixon Years

Adam Carolla: Hollywood Media Won't Save Obama

Rocker Nugent Blasts Justice Roberts, Wonders if South Should Have Won Civil War

Obama Econ Adviser 'Okay' with 8.2% Unemployment

Obama, Supreme Court Solve Unemployment: Tax the Jobless!

Obama Waxes Nostalgic for Economic Malaise of '70s

MSM Ignores WH Spokesman Admitting Obamacare Unconstitutional

Oliver Stone: Anti-Weed Laws 'Worse than Slavery'

Rich Hispanic Exec Wants to Eradicate Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Carney: Obamacare Not a Tax but Legal Anyway

Media Ignores Obama's Own Confusion on Mandate/Tax Distinction

Assad's Top General Defects

Highest Ranking Sunni in Assad’s Inner Circle Defects

Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'The Gap Is Getting Wider'

Obama Says Obamacare Fight Is Over and He Won

Gallup: Plurality (47%) of Americans Think Obamacare Will Hurt Economy

UN Seeks Tax on Billionaires

U.S. Presbyterian Church Narrowly Remains on Israel's Side

Obama Paints Picture Of Struggling For Cash In First Race

In Ohio, President Distorts Truth Behind His First Election

Obama Administration to Sell Foreclosed Homes To 'Vulture Capitalists'

Media Refuses to Make Obama Pay Price For Lies

NewsOne Series on Reparations Just in Time for 2012 Campaign

ABC: 'Best News' Is Gas Prices Will Drop in Time for November

A Doctor's Reaction to the Court's Ruling on the Affordable Care Act

Obamanomics 101 With Ohio's Sherrod Brown

The Politics of Fire

'American Restoration': Reality Show or Metaphor to Restore America?

Ex-EPA Regional Head Moving to Sierra Club

UN Pushes Carbon Tax for 'Global Development'

Why NBC Won't Fire David Gregory

Administration Caving to Fringe Environmental Lobby

Obama: Confused About the Declaration

Is Obamacare Redistributing Wealth to Big Labor?

Quinn signs campaign finance law loophole

George Zimmerman, the Constitution, and the shifting politics of self-defense

Utah boy, 4, dies after 6-foot-tall tombstone falls on him

Scott Peterson claims 'mob' mentality led to murder conviction

Obama says Congress has 'more to do'

Examining Paterno's Legacy

Casey Anthony Verdict Anniversary

Huntsman Chides Republican Party, Declines Convention Invite

New details about Romney's wealth confirm F. Scott Fitzgerald's quip about the rich - CSMonitor.com

President Obama makes Pittsburgh campaign stop on CMU lawn - YouTube

In new ad, Obama challenges Romney on China trade

Obama says 'more to do' on jobs as GOP vows healthcare repeal

Obama: 'No apologies' for health care law

Campaign For Liberty's Matt Hawes On The Ron Paul 'Technology Revolution'

Wealthy moguls unscripted on Twitter

Campaigns Drop Clues to PACs

Rangel squeaks out primary win after all the ballots are counted

Voter ID law latest challenge for NAACP

Libya: voters cast their ballots in first election in 60 years - YouTube

Seventh arrest in terror raids

US Grants Special Ally Status to Afghans, Easing Fears of Abandonment

Pakistani party alliance urges mass participation in anti-NATO march

Egypt President's First Foreign Visit to Be Saudi

Annan: international community has failed to solve Syria violence

Why Everybody Loves to Hate Angela Merkel

Iranian poll draws startling response to nuclear question

Japan's Government Eyes Buying Disputed Islands

Job Weakness Starts to Define Landscape of Election Year

Employers Get More From US Workers as Jobs Gain Lags Forecast

How to Be Sure You've Found a Higgs Boson

After Higgs boson discovery, what's next for physicists?

Students react to 'God particle' discovery - YouTube

Robotic legs move just like yours

With Mars Rover's Newest Panorama, It Feels Like You're There

Why DARPA Continues to Invest in Extreme Hypersonic Technology

Discuss: Are global-warming skeptics breaking a sweat?

Dead Reefs Can Come Back To Life, Study Says

Canadian researchers say small volcanic eruptions could cool climate

Revealed at last: Universe's intergalactic dark matter skeleton

Space Station 'Disaster Cam' Will Watch Over Earth

Despite record heat, sun farthest from Earth this week

Global warming no longer Americans' top environmental concern, poll finds

US science official says more extreme events convincing many Americans climate change is real - The Washington Post

DNS Changer Malware Could Lock Unwary Users Out of the Internet on July 9

Facebook and Yahoo Settle Patent Litigation

Twitter Tweaks Tweet Search

DARPA Officials Aiming for More Efficient Robots

Facebook to Target Ads Based on App Usage

Cisco Rethinks 'Cloud' Service After Customer Outcry

Some Thoughts On SimCity Social

GreenTech to Take First US MyCar Order From Domino's

The Environmental Cost of "Design First"

Flesh-eating bacteria case identified

Investigators probe mystery disease killing Cambodian children

Study links parasite in cats to suicide risk in humans

Protein May Boost Immune System, Keep Flu Away

After Delay, OxyContin's Use in Young Is Under Study

Salon comes under fire for offering waxes to girls under the age of 15

How use of a common wire grill cleaning brush could result in the need for invasive surgery | The Legal Examiner New York City


Infowars Nightly News 2012-07-06 Friday - YouTube

InfoWars Nightly News 07/05/12 FULL - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News - Wednesday July 4 2012 - Full Length - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday 7-3-12 Wayne Madsen- (Edited for USA & Canada) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News Complete (Commercial Free) Monday July 2nd 2012 - Matthew Stein - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Sunday (7-1-12) - Full Show - - YouTube

Alex Jones Show Complete (Commercial Free) Monday July 2nd 2012 - Harry Dent - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (7-3-12) Marsha Blackburn & Rosa Koire - YouTube

Alex Jones Show July 4, 2012 - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (7-5-12) Joseph Farah & Dr. Russell Blaylock - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Friday (7-6-12) Full Show - YouTube


Dan Feidt: Military Prepares for Martial Law Takeover - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Army Course Manual Trains Soldiers to Confiscate Constitutionally-protected Firearms

LOUISIANA GUN CONFISCATION FOOTAGES:AFTER KATRINA-Alex Jones Infowars Nightly News 2011-12-21 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America

43 min./Army Manual Outlines Plan to Confiscate Firearms, Detain Americans - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » There Will Never Be Enough Jobs In America Again

Hide..."Terrorists" are EVERYWHERE...(Just don't arrest the Financial Terrorists) - YouTube

45 min./Joseph Farah: Obama is A Walking False Flag! - YouTube

44 min./Dr. Russell Blaylock: Obamacare is Mandated Social Engineering - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

22 min./Merck Scientists Expose Massive Vaccine Fraud - YouTube

26 min./The TSA & Military Declare War on American Liberties - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Have Banks Been Manipulating Libor for DECADES?

WikiLeaks: Western firm advised Assad on media spin - Israel News, Ynetnews

'Iran will only shut Hormuz if i... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

50 min./They Worship The Dark Flame of Evil! - YouTube

» Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» How To Regard Rand Paul Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Black pastors target Obama | WashingtonExaminer.com

+ 70 Reasons To Mourn For America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Manufacturing A President with Journalist Wayne Madsen - YouTube

» Barack Obama, His Mother, and the CIA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

- The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves: 10 Ways That Obama Is Killing Jobs In America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Drone Zone - NYTimes.com

Is Apple working on a rival to Google Glasses? Leaked patent hints that a wearable iPhone may be on the way | Mail Online

» Guarding Opium Plants “For Our Freedom” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Guarding Opium Plants "For Our Freedom" - YouTube

Parasite tied to self-harm, suicide attempts | Reuters

» New TSA Policy: Ordering Travelers To “Freeze” On Command? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Seizing Mortgages?

Obama's 'Precious Legacy' and the Dilemma of Black Voters

Iraq suicide bomber deliberately kills members of his own family

Contempt: The Defining Characteristic of the Obama Presidency

Were Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Really Married?

The Tea Party Response to the SCOTUS Decision

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Obama 2004: Dismisses Job Creation Of 310,000 New Jobs Under Bush
Axelrod: Romney "Most Secretive" Candidate Since Richard Nixon
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Most accurate robotic legs mimic human walking gait

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These Things too are for the Purpose of Demonstration. Reflections in a Petri Dish

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Boss at data watchdog that 'let off' Google in much-derided probe gets a job... at Google! | Mail Online

­Royal loss: 'Rightful King of England' dies — RT

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17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012

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