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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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09 June 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

"One man with courage is a majority." ~Thomas Jefferson



World Awakening to Financial Terror - YouTube

The Illuminati Message Behind Prometheus - YouTube


Ron Paul, Don't Destroy Yourself - YouTube

Ron Paul A Traitor? - YouTube

Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different - YouTube

Sen. Rand Paul: 'Gov. Romney is right there with us' - Interviews - Hannity - Fox News

Rick Santorum predicts a convention fight with Ron Paul delegates over party platform - ABC News

Ron Paul Could Use Rick Santorum Delegates in Tampa if He Released Them

Rick Santorum Announces the Launch of Patriot Voices - YouTube

Will Ron Paul's battle transform the party? | Washington Times Communities

Rand Paul's signal to the GOP - POLITICO.com

Keeping Ron Paul's liberty movement alive | Washington Times Communities

Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it? - CSMonitor.com

Ron Paul concedes defeat, asks supporters to ‘be respectful’ in Tampa | Texas on the Potomac | a Chron.com blog

Ron Paul to endorse Mitt Romney? Latest comment indicates he may | The Capitol Column

Rand Paul Endorses Romney; Tea Party, Ron Paul Support to Follow?

Ron Paul Admits He Won’t Be Nominee | FOX8.com – Cleveland news & weather from WJW Television FOX 8

Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee - POLITICO.com

Rand Paul Backs Romney: Ron Paul to Follow? - International Business Times

Ron Paul, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Where The Candidates Get Their Money From

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul, Don’t Destroy Yourself

Prison Planet.com » The Trouble with Rand Paul

35 min./Frustrated Paul Supporters Sound Off on Romney Endorsement - YouTube

57 min./Rand Paul: Don't Join The Dark Side! - YouTube

36 min./Penny Freeman, former staffer in tears over Ron Paul betrayals - YouTube

25 min./Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney explained - YouTube


Adam Kokesh: Jesse Benton's Torrid Past - YouTube

First AVTM Podcast will examine Jesse Benton, challenge Ron Paul, call out the summer soldiers - YouTube


Ron Paul fans attack Rand for endorsing Romney | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney

Ron Paul Supporters Are Fuming Mad at Rand Paul - Politics - The Atlantic Wire


Iran: Syrian intervention 'will be defeated' — RT

Syrian rebels tried to get me killed, says Channel 4 correspondent | Media | guardian.co.uk

Prison Planet.com » Developing: Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels Prompt EPA Censorship, DHS Hazmat Team

Prison Planet.com » Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

The Loud Booms: Fireworks or not? - YouTube

Indiana Radiation Spike Triggers Elevated Levels In Other States

Prison Planet.com » ‘Shaking Booms’ Snapped Trees in Half Days Before Indiana Radiation Incident

TV NEWS REPORT: In MICHIGAN 60ft Trees Snapped off after House Shaking Booms - YouTube

6/7/2012 -- Indiana Radiation UPDATE = possible cause: Large amounts of RADON - YouTube

6/7/2012 — RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems — North Indiana – South Michigan |

Prison Planet.com » The Globalization of Propaganda And The Rise of The Alternative Media

Alternative Media Becoming Mainstream - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » BBC Planning Huge New Conspiracy Hit Piece

BBC Planning Huge New Conspiracy Hit Piece - YouTube

Reality Check: Is QE-3 Really About Forcing You To Invest In Risky Stocks? - YouTube

A Reality Check On The Fed And QE3: Video

Euro Madness: Made in US? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » “Material Banknote Order Reinstated”

Prison Planet.com » US Government Still Insisting It Can’t Be Sued Over Warrantless Wiretapping

Prison Planet.com » NDAA banned: Indefinite detention of Americans ‘unconstitutional’

NDAA banned: Indefinite detention of Americans 'unconstitutional' - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Lawsuit: TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public

NAPOLITANO: Big Brother's all-seeing eye - Washington Times

World’s best cryptography brains behind Flame spy virus — RT

Prison Planet.com » Congress Introduces Constitutional Amendment for Parental Rights

'Pentagon sanitizes movies to make Americans warlike' - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Rockefeller Anti-Fertility Vaccines Exposed

Prison Planet.com » Henry Kissinger Proposed to ‘Destroy’ the U.S.

Prison Planet.com » House Approves Measure to Stall Light-Bulb Efficiency Standards

Prison Planet.com » Dr. Oz caves to Big Pharma, pimps vaccines on public after admitting he does not necessarily even vaccinate his own children

Globalist Social Engineers Subliminally Prepared The Public for 9/11 - YouTube

U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Prison Planet.com » Western Misperceptions About Syria Created By The Media Are Causing A Humanitarian Crisis

Time Magazine Wants You to Know How To Die - YouTube

» Globalists Push Forward With Another New Massacre in Syria Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Lord Monckton Investigates Obama's Forged Birth Certificate! - YouTube


+ Infowars Exclusive: Lord Monckton’s Research Investigates Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud - YouTube


» End of Peak Oil: 200-Year Supply Of Oil In One Single Shale Formation Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


» The Darkness Lurking Behind The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Part 1 - The Unlawful Killing Film of Princess Diana (Sneak Preview) - YouTube

Part 2 - The Unlawful Killing Film of Princess Diana (Sneak Preview) - YouTube


Drones and Cyberattacks Renew Debate Over Secrecy

Bilderberg 2012: Luke Rudkowski Interview on Ted Turner Depopulation and More - YouTube

Congressional leaders call for halt to 'cascade of leaks' - CNN.com

Holder launches probe into possible national security leaks

D.C. police: Driver deliberately crashed into NW building, poured gas over car - The Washington Post

+ The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» As Greenback Sinks, Dubai’s Chief Economist Calls For Chinese ‘Redback’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults - Telegraph

» Air Force Set to Be Deployed Inside U.S. to Collect Data and Search Citizens Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FirstEnergy Says It’s Fixing a Leak at Ohio Nuclear Plant - Businessweek

» Syrian Rebels Set Trap for British Journalists Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

PJ Media » Meet John Brennan, Obama’s Assassination Czar

The PJ Tatler » Obama Press Conference: The Private Sector Is ‘Doing Just Fine’

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama In Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous - The Ulsterman Report

Curtain Theatre Remains Found: Site Of Shakespeare's Performances Uncovered By Archaeologists

Flame-Retardant Sandwiches, Who Knew? | Inspired Bites

Account of doctor who treated Abraham Lincoln after he was shot found - Telegraph

PressTV - FBI systematically spreading fears and threats in US society: Analyst

PressTV - FBI treating American ‎activists as terrorists ‎: Analyst

PressTV - ‘US uses boogeyman method to threaten its activists’

'US escalating intimidation of whistleblowers’ — RT


Starchild DNA Showing "Wright" Stuff - YouTube

Dr. Richard Schulze BLOG:His Dream, Our Nightmare!

Home Remedies for Sinus Infection - Natural Sinus Infection Treatment

Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter - environment - 01 June 2012 - New Scientist


Killer Insect Virus Helping to Decimate World's Bee Population | Common Dreams

Is Cloud Nine behind the 'zombie apocalypse'? Police issue warning about new drug after TWO more cannibal attacks | Mail Online

Miami police warn of 'Cloud Nine' drug after homeless man threatens to eat officers - Telegraph

New hope for Alzheimer's sufferers as breakthrough allows scientists to grow new brain cells from normal skin | Mail Online

Prometheus's Fire, Alien Gods and Pandoras Box of Tricks | Before It's News

Prometheus Crew Spills Its Guts About Movie's Most Shocking Scene | Underwire | Wired.com

The Revolution Is a Relay Race | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty

Hannity / Politico: Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012

Bankers and politicians 'showed same group mania and symptoms as mental health patients' in lead up to credit crunch | Mail Online

Don’t 30 Million Workers Deserve 1968 Wages? | Common Dreams

How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job

Scientists Decode an Unborn Baby’s DNA. Is It Cause for Celebration — or Alarm? | ZenHaven

Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the Olympics Games, warns former MoD UFO expert | Mail Online

The Venus Transit and the Lost Civilizations of Earth « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Activist Post: The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Amazing Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

Event Horizon Chronicle: Aliens Will Save Us From Global Nuclear War

The Improbable, the Impossible and the Inexplicable. Visible Origami

Truth Seekers..It’s Already Here « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Truth Seekers | The Shakedown

The Vortex Heart

Activist Post: Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions That The Mainstream Media Refuses To?

NPN Email Alert: Talmud: Wellspring of Jewish Pornography Industry

Blackburn Calls For Investigation Of TSA Hiring - NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

Call For Intervention In The USANo-Fly Zone On US-Mexican Border

Obama´s Little Flock of Mascots | ZenHaven

Is President Obama’s Cabinet a “Team of Rivals”—or Just a Bunch of Figureheads? | Politics | Vanity Fair

US election 2012: Jeb Bush says 2012 was 'probably my time' - Telegraph

Wish it away: US government ignores archipelago of Japanese debris heading its way — RT


Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age - YouTube

Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire - YouTube

Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program - YouTube


Rep. Poe to Holder: How Many Mexican People Have Been Killed From Fast & Furious Gun Trafficking? - YouTube

Issa on Fox News: What's Next For Fast & Furious? - YouTube

Issa to AG Holder: Who Is Responsible for Operation Fast & Furious? - YouTube

Barb Adams: Zombie Apocalypse – A Reflection of Modern Society?

**News Video:

IAEA-Iran Talks: Three Things to Know
Bailout for Spain Inevitable?
European Debt and the Obama Campaign
Annan: 'All-Out Civil War' Looms in Syria
Moon, Annan and Elaraby Jointly on Syria
Greece: Hussaini's Dilemma
State Dept.: Syria Needs to 'Wake Up'
China Rate Cut no Cause for Celebration
UN Divided Over Syria
French Left Looks to Cement Power in Parliamentary Vote
Police Rescue 13-year-old Kidnap Victim
China Pledges Help for Afghanistan
Video Captures Syrian Tank Destroyed by Rebels
Assessing Obama’s Foreign Policy


President Obama Speaks To The Press About The Economy
RNC Video: "Headwinds"
Bill Whittle: Will Voters Stand Up To Organized Labor?
Sen. McConnell On Obama: "He Must Be On Another Planet"
Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney On "Hannity"
Obama Backtracks: "It's Absolutely Clear Economy Is Not Doing Fine"
RNC Web Ad: "Doing Fine"
Ingraham: Michelle Obama Is Popular And A "Great Mom"
Romney: Obama Calling Private Sector "Fine" Will Go Down In History
Fineman: Clinton Has "Complicated Things For The White House"
Romney TV Ad Touts Massachusetts Record
Todd: Handwringing In The Democratic Party Over What Obama Is Running On
Obama: "The Private Sector Is Doing Fine"
Boehner: Mr. President, "The Private Sector Is Not Doing Well"
Chris Matthews To Obama: Stop With The "Pissant" Tactics
Obama: Being Accused Of Leaking Classified Memos Is "Offensive"


Awaken To The Truth (http://awakentothetruth.com/)


John Lamb Lash (Non Background Music Version) on Cosmic Gnostic Radio - YouTube

3/13/11 John Lash: GAIAs Experiment, Psychopath-Intra Species Predator, Warrior Approach - Grok Talk - YouTube

John Lash - The Gnostics (META - HISTORY series) - YouTube


1of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

2of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

3of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

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5of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

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7of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

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9of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

10of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

11of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

12of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

13of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

14of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

15of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

16of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

17of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

18of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

19of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

20of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

21of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

22of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

23of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

24of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

25of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

26of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

27of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

28of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

29of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

30of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

31of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

32of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

33of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

34of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

35of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

36of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image

37of37 John Lamb Lash Not In His Image


MetaHistory - (http://www.metahistory.org/)


Ron Paul is Becoming Something More Important Than President - YouTube

63% of Americans Agree with Arizona Immigration Law (SB 1070)


USS Liberty Casualties


Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty


**USS Liberty Cover Up Full Movie The Loss Of Liberty US Navy Army Marines Military - YouTube

Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty


+World Of Mysteries: Presidential Campaign Posters 200 Years of Election Art (15 pics)


John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012 - YouTube




Port Authority to pay Chertoff firm $1.2M for security study | 911Blogger.com

Clinton Inflates Terror Threat, Contradicting Data -- News from Antiwar.com

Activist Post: Gates and WHO Partner to Create the Global Vaccine Action Plan

London Trader - Staggering 515 Tons of Gold Sold in 4 Hours

Refreshing News: Soviet Union Scored an Interplanetary First at Venus 45 Years Ago

Ron Paul, Let’s Take it to the Convention! | _

UFO seen over Israel Azerbaijan Jordan Lebanon & Turkey or some new missile being tested ? - YouTube

Breaking News- A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus | Gold Coast Chronicle

The Roach Motel at the End of the Universe. Smoking Mirrors

CIA’s Phony Vaccination Program a Thorn in Aid Workers’ Side in Pakistan -- News from Antiwar.com

Nuclear Base Running 'Containment Exercise' After Radiation Spike

JFK Revelations: Excerpt from New Book “Official Stories” :

Forest lands in the East attract oil and gas bidders, but some question rush - The Washington Post

VIDEO: NATO Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida - BlackListedNews.com

VIDEO: NATO Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida In Violation Of 130+ Years Of The Posse Comitatus Act | Before It's News

AMERICA IS GONE!! Listen to this... It is over! WAKE UP PLEASE!!!. - YouTube

The Daily Bell - As Commandos Raid Tampa, US State Dept Demands Power to Declare War?

NATO Special Op Forces Assault Tampa, Florida - YouTube

The FDA’s powers are increasing and farmers should be worried - BlackListedNews.com

The Associated Press: House passes homeland security spending bill

Lockheed Martin Sells THAAD Missile System To UAE - Business Insider

Mossad Wants Credit for Stuxnet

ACLU Phone App Lets You Shoot the Cops | Threat Level | Wired.com

Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers - Yahoo! News

All Leaks Are Good Leaks

High court wants Facebook to reveal trolls - The Inquirer

First India-Japan naval drills on Saturday - Rediff.com India News

Boomers giving away too much? - generations & money - MSN Money

10 Ray Bradbury predictions that came true — Nation — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine


How to Conduct Psychological Operations | Public Intelligence


**250 pg./FM 3-05.301 Psychological Operations Process Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist) by H. Michael Sweeney

arthur zbygniew: disinformation tactics and techniques

67 pgs./An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" for dummies - Sleepless in Midland

Kitman TV: Saul Alinsky - Rules For Radicals pdf

Mark Levin - Oct 14th - Alinsky's Rules for Radicals (Part 1 of 3) - YouTube

Mark Levin - Oct 14th - Alinsky's Rules for Radicals (Part 2 - YouTube

Rules for Radicals, part 3.m4v - YouTube

Communist Manifesto 10 Planks


The History of Knowledge: Darkness in the Academy

POLICE STATE USA: The Paranoid Style of American Governance

America's Student Loan Racket


101 uses of a dead baby

Ring of babies found 'sacrificed' to ancient gods in 1,000-year-old Peruvian tomb | Mail Online

Bilderberg 2012 - Eating Babies and More




Infowars Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold-Covered Roasted Babies to Eat | Video | TheBlaze.com


Robotics Student Jumpstarts Human Evolution With Robotic Appendage (video)

6/08/2012 America is a Battlefield

Bringing the Battlefield to the Border

Media, Drones, and Rank Propaganda

Cyberweapons: Bold Steps in a Digital Darkness?

Preparing for a Post-Imperial Future

The Perpetually Self-Defeating 'War on Terror'

White Phosphorus: The New Napalm?

3,000 US Soldiers to Serve in Africa Next Year

Pat Buchanan: The bell tolls for the government unions

Right should play to its strengths on the net

Addressing Concerns about the Integrity of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Jobs Reporting - House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform

Obama's Green Jobs: What's In A Name? - YouTube

Why Obama's coalition is unraveling | Fox News

What do historians really think of Obama? | Fox News

Anonymous hacks 'Aryan Front' Neo-Nazi website — RT


New 'bath salts' zombie-drug makes Americans eat each other — RT

Zombie Bullets: US ammo producers cash in on Zombie Apocalypse fears — RT


Pentagon stops giving out free guns to police — RT

Koran-burning pastor puts Obama through a noose — RT


*Audio:Lew Rockwell; Is This the End of the Ron Paul Campaign?


Tax-Loving Conservatives by Gary North

What Is Money? by Peter Schiff


* Words the Government Uses To Spy on You by Anthony Cuthbertson


Weapons Maintenance -- A Missing Element, by Odd Questioner - SurvivalBlog.com

Nicotinamide riboside: Hidden vitamin found in BEER and MILK can make you stronger, slimmer and healthier | Mail Online

Unique Shaving & Grooming Rituals from History and Around the World | The Art of Manliness


**Documents @ Public Intelligence(http://publicintelligence.net/category/documents/)


7,000+ Radiation Level At 1:20 AM 6-7-2012! Why? | Before It's News

The CDC Knew The Zombie Pandemic Was Coming? | Before It's News

Was The Internet Invented In 1934? The Scientist Whose 'Televised Book' Foretold The World Wide Web Seven Decades Ago | Before It's News

Internet First Imagined in 1934 | History of the Internet | TechNewsDaily.com

Internet - Paul Otlet - Tratado de documentación - YouTube

'Genetic Experiment' Terrifies Chinese City's Residents Fear Mysterious Animal Is Escapee From Nearby Research Centre | Before It's News

A Cathedral For The New "One World Religion" Brought In By Hologram Technology!! | Before It's News

Joseph Farah is ready to go to jail for principles of liberty – are you? | Before It's News

Obama’s Third-Party History - Stanley Kurtz - National Review Online

Securing Your Data: There is Very Little You Can Do. But These Tips Will Help | Before It's News

Waking Up Tired? Here Are 7 Possible Signs To Explain Sleepiness | Before It's News


**Must Read! List Of Aborted Fetus Products On Grocery Shelves | Before It's News


Children of God for Life(http://cogforlife.org/)


See Inside The Mind Of Michelangelo | Before It's News

Canine Comfort: Do Dogs Know When You're Sad? | Pets & Emotion | LiveScience

The Antikythera Time Machine


Watch " Now That’s A Gaffe: President Obama Makes Accidental Oral Sex Joke" Video at mediaite


The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta


Anti-surveillance App Developer Targeted at Border by Department of Homeland Security

Indiana Radiation Spike Triggers Elevated Levels In Other States, Corporate Media Stays Silent

UN BioTrade Turning Africa into Financial Resource for Global Governance

Mainstream Media Peddles Tired Cannabis Cancer Myth (Updated)

US & UN Openly Waging War on Syria

Obama: The 'Weaknesses In Our Economy' Are Due to Cuts in State and Local Gov't

Pelosi Calls Obamacare 'A Right' - But, 'Health' Isn't Mentioned Anywhere In The Constitution Or Bill Of Rights

The King is Dead! Long Live Federal Nutrition Standards?

Soros Mega-Foundation's New U.S. Chief Has Ties To Obama Administration, Corzine

Pelosi: Catholic Archdioceses Were Not ‘Speaking’ for Catholic Church When They Sued Administration

Pelosi: Obamacare Is ‘A Right’

State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports

HHS Secretary: If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare, Many Benefits Would ‘Cease to Exist'

Filmmaker John Waters: All You Can Eat Restaurants Should be Illegal

‘True Blood’ Creator Says Conservatives Are the Same as Vampires

Rick Santorum Launches ‘Patriot Voices’

Boy Scouts Not Changing Membership Policy That Bans Openly Gay Scouts and Scout Leaders

Hannity Urges Fellow Broadcasters to ‘Protect Freedom of Speech’ by Opposing Politicized Boycotts

Hamas-Supporting Turkey Calls for No ‘Complacency’ in Fight Against Terror

Potomac Named Most Endangered River

NASA to Launch Black Hole Hunter

Obama: Congress Needs to Help Rehire Teachers

Lauryn Hill’s Tumblr Letter on the Music Business

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers Join Forces in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

The CDC Published in 2011 an “Educational Comic” About a Zombie Pandemic in the South-East

Obama’s data advantage - Lois Romano - POLITICO.com

The G.O.P.’s Gay Trajectory - NYTimes.com

SDSU Student Back Home After Detour Over ‘No-Fly’ List Status « CBS Los Angeles


Don Rickles Shocks Hollywood Crowd With Racial Obama Joke - The Hollywood Reporter


Luka Rocco Magnotta: Video 'Canadian cannibal' sent to his 'fans' while on the run | Mail Online

Miami police investigate Magnotta in cold case - Montreal - CBC News

Was Canadian 'psycho killer' inspired by Hollywood? - Yahoo! News Canada

Luka Magnotta: 'Cannibal killer's aunt tells of his weird childhood: He was a time bomb waiting to explode - Mirror Online


Lanny Davis Goes Off On Obama Aides: "You Have Vicious People Who Are Working For The President"

Lanny Davis Blasts Obama Campaign - YouTube


Lauryn Hill speaks out on tax evasion charge, claims she went ‘underground’ for her family’s ‘safety and survival’ but intended to pay IRS - NY Daily News

Ms. Lauryn Hill

Defamation action filed over Miss USA rigging claim | Reuters


(Audio)‘This spells the end of Obama’s tyranny’


Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry launches no-party..

The GOP's poisonous identity politics

Please – photo ID me!

Your tax dollars at work

News flash: It's not men holding women back

Liberalism is terminally ill

Obama: 5 traitorous leaks – and counting

Was Jefferson really a profane secularist?

Bob Marshall should be Virginia's next senator

T. SOWELL: The real 'war on women'

A. KEYES: If less evil is more, where's the choice?

J. FARAH: Viva Cristeros

The decision you share with Pontius Pilate

R. RINGER: The RINOs are coming!

Spineless elite ignore Obama fraud

White House talks with ‘anti-Israel' pre... JPost - International

Iranian general: Our finger on war trigger

28 min./The Coming is Upon Us - Translation: Reza Kahlili (Author of "A Time To Betray") - Atimetobetray.com - YouTube

Muslim cleric: Jerusalem to be Egypt’s capital

Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Liberate Jerusalem - YouTube

Russia to build Iran 2nd nuclear reactor

Plants may be able to 'hear' others - life - 08 June 2012 - New Scientist

New Milford Woman, 27, Charged for Sex with Male Student, 16, at Glenholme in Washington Rejects Plea Deal - News - Housatonic Times

'Schindler's List' Producer Claims Graduation Speech Censorship - The Hollywood Reporter

The decision you share with Pontius Pilate

Americans storm streets against Obamacare

‘The Great Destroyer’: Obama ‘waging war’ on America

Get Limbaugh’s latest: ‘The Great Destroyer’

American Patriots Bible - YouTube

Ikea left red-faced after translators reveal their product names sound like Thai words for sex acts | Mail Online

The Vatic Project: Aaah, Lets Celebrate Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubiliee; Let's be Honest, this is what we are Celebrating

The Vatic Project: America was bombed 1,000 times During World War II


Pop-Up Fallacies 02 - The lies behind Obama and the Death of Osama bin Laden - YouTube


**Obama globalist explained The U N Deception - YouTube

27 min./Dial 'O' for Murder: Voter Fraud, Intimidation, and Murder in the Obama 2008 Campaign - YouTube

**Sheriff Arpaio: Entire Obama Birth Certificate Press Conference - YouTube

**CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America - YouTube

**(KillerSpray.com) JOAN VEON When Central Banks Rule the World! [full] - YouTube

42 min./John Stossel's Illegal Everything - YouTube


1) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Intro + Hour 1 of 5) - YouTube

2) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 2 of 5) - YouTube

3) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 3 of 5) - YouTube

4) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 4 of 5) - YouTube

5) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 5 + Closing and Credits) - YouTube

E Book

**John Taylor Gatto; Underground History of American Education


29 min./Overview of America - YouTube

**The Money Masters - Full - YouTube

**Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World - YouTube

**Charlotte Iserbyt Interview — The Secret History Of Western Education (Full Length) - YouTube

E Book

**738 pgs./ Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - E Book


Money As Debt - YouTube

Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed - YouTube

Money as Debt III: Evolution Beyond Money - YouTube

+Global Governance: The Quiet War Against American Independence - YouTube

37 min./Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version) - YouTube

**Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full - YouTube


**American Deception(http://www.americandeception.com/)




Gnostic Media - http://www.gnosticmedia.com/


Does the Devil Own all these Companies ??? - henrymakow.com

The Awakening of the Average American - henrymakow.com


Danny Wilten - Know What Is In Front Of Your Face - Part 1 - YouTube

Danny Wilten - Know What Is In Front Of Your Face - Part 2 - YouTube

Danny Wilten - Know What Is In Front Of Your Face - Part 3 - YouTube

Danny Wilten - Know What Is In Front Of Your Face - Part 4 - YouTube


25 min./Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness.mp4 - YouTube


Egyptian presidential election: Leading Egypt to democracy or disaster?

Spending Money Like It’s Water

Christians should vote for Romney

Turning the Tables on Obama and the Dems

Latest group of Americans denied their right to life—Unborn female children

Anomie and Immigration

Chicago Rally for Religious Freedom Takes a New “Twist”

The Immorality of Liberals

The Dark Empire of the United Nations

The Sexualization of Scouting

Exciting New Cancer Treatment Receives Approval For Human Clinical Trials

Report Card #2: Betcha Obama Wishes he could Vote Present. Or will he get a Pass?

Eric Holder’s Version of Truth or Dare

The Economic Disaster Inflicted by Abortion: Roe v Wade as Financial Holocaust

Liberty Values

The Old Guard

After Obamacare

Looser Money? Tighter Money? Everyone Misses The Point

Field of Dreams, the American economy

The 2g-scam part-1

The 2g-scam part-2

Obama is discarding the Constitution in favor of International Law


Alex Jones Show Complete (Commercial Free) Thursday June 7th 2012 - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Friday (6-8-12) - Lord Christopher Monckton - - YouTube

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Americans' Heads Getting Bigger

World's Biggest Pearl? Massive Oyster Could Contain Golf-Ball Sized Gem

Limbaugh: Obama Is Profiling Muslim Men

Limbaugh: To Obama National Security Leaks Are “No Big Deal”

Rush on Death Of Unions: Finally Tax Payers Have Realized They Are Paying For A Deal They Don’t Get

Limbaugh on National Security Leaks: NYTimes Taking Dictation From Obama Regime

What Is Causing the Mysterious E.Coli Outbreak in Southern States?

‘We’ll Pay for Cocaine’: Oliver Stone Opens Up About His New Pro-Drug Action Flick

FBI Testing Suspicious White Powder Sent to Church of Pastor Who Preached About Killing Off Gays

Alabama Takes a Stand Against Soros-Backed ‘Agenda 21’

Obama: ‘Offensive’ and ‘Wrong’ to Say White House Is Behind National Security Leaks

School Bans Student’s Rosary Over Fears it Could Be a Gang Symbol

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Calls on President to Raise National Minimum Wage to $10

Was ‘Schindler’s List’ Producer Disinvited as Graduation Speaker for Conservative Beliefs?

‘You Deserve to Die’: Florida Man Issued George Zimmerman’s Old Cell Number

‘Founders’ Fables’: Mom Says 7-Year-Olds Know What ‘Conservative’ Means Thanks to Children’s Books

Romney Calls Obama‘s ’Private Sector Is Doing Fine‘ Remark ’Out of Touch’

‘He’s Dead to Us’: White House Reportedly Freezes Out Mayor Cory Booker After Obama Comments

Addressing High Tuition Costs, Denver College Cuts Tuition in Half… For Illegal Immigrants

‘Only Hobbit Hole Company in the World’: Husband-Wife Team Make Tolkien Homesteads

You‘ll Never Believe What’s Being Classified as a ‘Green’ Job

Students Tricked Into Eating Moose Poop During Field Trip…While Teachers Watched

Pelosi: Fight For Your Right to…Obamacare?

Hollywood Legend Don Rickles Makes Fun of…Obama?!

Department of Justice Names Two Special Prosecutors in Leak Case

See Hawaii‘s Official Form Verifying They Have Obama’s Birth Certificate

Accused Fort Hood Gunman’s Beard Postpones Court Hearing

School District Confirms ‘Schindler’s List’ Producer Was Disinvited From Speaking to Graduates for Being Conservative

Anti-Walker Activist Ponders: ‘What Would Hitler Have Done With Fox News?’

Pie and the Obama worldview

Ex-Sports loudmouth says we're closet racists for not supporting Obama

Russia says it won't oppose Assad departure

Spanish bank bailout might cost 80 billion euros - IMF

How Times Have Changed

Has Obama lost 'Obama Girl'?

This nugget regarding Obama explains a great deal

An Abbas protection racket at NY Times and Wash. Post

The Conservative Legacy of Bradbury

Race Troubles?

Why Do We Elect People Who So Clearly Lack Character?

Do Republicans Really Have Only One Reason to Criticize the President?

Did Bill Clinton Deliver a Coded Warning about Obama?

Citizens United Becomes the Left's All-Purpose Excuse

Robert Mugabe...What Happened?

The Obama Nation versus the Reagan Sensation

The Lynching of George Zimmerman

Justice Stevens Gets a Medal

The Last Gasps of Public-Sector Unionism

Which Is More Dangerous: Obama's Head or Obama's Heart?

Piers Morgan Ignores Potential Indictments and Presses Scott Walker on Whether He'd Accept V.P. Offer

Stopped and Frisked? There's an App for That

Harry Reid Says He'll Try To Change Filibuster Rules If Dems Retain Senate Majority

Bill Kristol Pushes Ridiculous Notion That Bill Clinton Will Vote for Mitt Romney

Military Suicides: 154 in 155 Days

Even Drone Operators Have Feelings...Really

BREAKING: AG Holder Appoints Prosecutors To Investigate National Security Leaks

Cavuto: Cut Union Pensions Because They Don't Need 'Chateaubriand' Steak Every Night

Chris Matthews Likens 'Idiot' Conservative Economics To 'First Grade' Thinking

New Whistleblower Reward Program In Dodd-Frank May Spur More Ethical Wall St. Behavior

Lawrence O'Donnell Hits Mitt Romney for His Evolving Comments on the Vietnam War

Romney: Loss of Public Sector Jobs Means Country Is Moving 'In Right Direction'

Illinoisans could get more options for recycling plastic bags

1999 Des Plaines murder case to appear on 'America's Most Wanted'

Richard Crowe, 1948-2012

Obama's attacks on Romney's Bain Capital past may be paying off, new poll suggests

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act to Keep our Teachers on the Job - YouTube

Marco Rubio gets VP nod in conservative straw poll

In wake of Sandusky scandal, questions about laws

Obama camp: Romney might win

Holder: Prosecutors have authority in leak probe that reaches into White House

Democrats' Comments Spark Tax Cut Debate

Body of Tenn. killer donated to science

SC Sheriff's Race Marred By Kidnapping Allegation

Democratic leader consoles Wisconsin party after recall

One in, one out in Romney's search for a running mate

US arrests 190, rescues 18 kids in child porn crackdown

US Attorney's Office: 'No garden-variety harboring case'

Republican Leaders Respond to Obama

Connecticut won't file charges in fatal Christmas Day fire

Chicago CPAC energizes Midwestern Republicans

Romney focused on fundraising, and helping out a Utah friend

McDonnell talks up Romney at CPAC

President Obama meets with Hollywood's younger set

Mitt Romney Needs to Campaign, Connect to Ensure His Victory

Jindal: Obama "most liberal, most incompetent" president since Carter

Giffords in Tucson this weekend for Barber campaign concert

Ron Paul Fest In A Pickle

Iran, IAEA will continue talks: Soltanieh

Abbas not ready to resume peace talks with Israel, Palestinian officials say

Prince Philip leaves hospital

Golden Dawn spokesman claims he was provoked before live TV assault

Woman in iconic Vietnam War photo honoured

New Russian Law Assesses Heavy Fines on Protesters

Spain could ask for bank bailout this weekend

Rajaratnam swindled, cheated me: Rajat Gupta told Ajit Jain

UBS May Have Facebook Trading Loss of $350 Million

China to Dock with Orbiting Spacecraft in June

Crab-Crushing Mantis Shrimp Study Could Lead to Human Body Armor - YouTube

Tyrannosaur is truly Mongolian, experts declare

Nasa troubleshoots problem on Mars Odyssey orbiter

Stealth behavior allows cockroaches to seemingly vanish

Secrets of Hard-Hitting Crustacean Claw Found

Looking Up: How about a transit of Mercury?

Apple is About to Reduce Google's Revenues

Google Updating Maps Service Ahead of Apple Rival Announcement

Facebook App Center: What Does It Actually Do?

7 Tips To Toughen Passwords

Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join High-End Pinterest Competitor The Fancy?


Twitter Unveils New Logo as Mobile Revenue Soars

Actually, Facebook ads work great, says comScore

Gladwell: History Will Revere Gates, Forget Jobs

Facebook adopts new data use policy against wishes of its users... Well, those that spoke up, anyway | Digital Trends

Diabetes Rising Rapidly Among US Kids

Prosthetic leg lost at sea 5 years ago discovered by fisherman

9/11 Health Fund to Cover Ground Zero Cancer Cases

1 in 12 teens have attempted suicide: report

Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered

Food allergies more common in city kids

'Zombie' drug blamed for bizarre attacks in US is available in Queensland

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Sees Her Newborns

One-third of young adults face medical bill troubles, debt

Trying to Quit Smoking? Try Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Angelina Jolie rumored to possibly direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey'


**Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length - YouTube


June 7, 2012 Russia Shocked After Thousands Of Americans Beg Obama Not To Kill Them

Report: China plans manned space launch this month – USATODAY.com

House GOP moves to act on religion in vets' funerals

Fox News Poll: 60 Percent Think Health Care Mandate Violates Individual Rights | Fox News

House Votes to Kill Obama's Medical Device Tax

Fast & Furious amnesia hits Attorney General Eric Holder during House testimony | Fox News

What Moses knew about motivation by Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Caroline B. Glick: Defeating the Alinskyites --- ours

Larry Elder: The Four Lies About the Economy That Obama Needs Voters to Believe

Michelle Malkin Who Will Protect the Freedom To Blog?

George Will: Reining in runaway regulators . . . And clawing back powers intended for Congress

Walter Williams: Immoral Beyond Redemption

Russian Railways Unveils Multibillion-Dollar Overseas Projects | Business | RIA Novosti

'New Party' Literature Suggests Obama Paid Dues to Join

Ben Smith Concedes Obama's New Party Involvement; Will He Pursue or Play Down?

Frustrated liberals want more from Obama

Banning Soda, Lessons from Wisconsin, Obama the Pot Smoker

NAACP Divided over Same-Sex Marriage

Dems Distort Facts to Protect Holder, DOJ

GOP Governors Blowing Hot Air to Support Big Wind

ACORN Official Grabs $445 Million Grant From Obama Admin

Madonna Uses Nazi Imagery in Israel Show

Obama Pushing Failed Solar and Wind Power Again

RNC Hits Back At 'Doing Fine' Gaffe

Obama Walks Back: 'The Economy Is Not Doing Fine'

BH Interview: Conservative Producer on Being Censored - 'It Will Wake People Up'

Pelosi: Archdioceses Suing Administration Not 'Speaking' For Catholic Church

John Travolta Resurfaces

Fonda Hearts OWS, Ignores Waning Movement's Violence, Anti-Semitism

Archbishop: Obama 'Picked Fight' With Church

Conservative Bloggers Speak Out On 'SWATting'

CNN Plays 911 Call in Erickson SWATting Case

Rock Blames Bush, Excuses Obama, Blasts Romney's Faith

More Polling Place Problems in Racine Throw Close Election Into Doubt

Rickles Jabs Obama with Janitor Joke

Report: 70 House Members to Call on DOJ to Investigate SWATting of Conservative Bloggers

Don Rickles Shocks Hollywood Crowd With Racist Obama Jokes - YouTube

Corey Booker Learns Crossing Obama Dangerous Business

Chris Christie Calls Obama's Economy Presser 'Outrage'

Maher: Dems Were 'Applauding' Terrorist Bombings In Iraq

HS Teacher Tells Students During Commencement Address: 'You're Not Special'

Bachmann: Obama 'Has Become A Healthcare Dictator'

Maher: 'We Need Occupy To Be Our Tea Party'

New Ad Slams Senator For Supporting Obama's 'War On Coal'

Matthews Berates Guest: 'Here's The Idiot Republican Argument'

Go Forward -- In the Right Direction

World View: Spain Expected to Request Bailout

End The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program

I’m Melting, Melting, Melt…

Some of What Wisconsin Means

Veterans Job Corps: A Non-Starter

"Don't Go in the Woods" DVD Review: D'onofrio Dazzles and Confuses

'Prometheus' Review: No Classic, Merely a Superior Genre Exercise

'Polisse' Review: Harrowing Look at France's Front Line Against Child Predators

'Longmire' Review: A&E Once Again Avoids Politics, Embraces Sturdy Storytelling

'New Party' Literature Suggests Obama Paid Dues to Join

Electricity Bills Are About to 'Necessarily Skyrocket'

The Job Numbers, in Context

Viral Video Of On Air Beating Causes Political Uproar In Greece

'Miss USA' Org Sues Contestant After Claiming Contest Was Rigged

Obama Labor Dept. Forces Journalists to Use Government-Issued Computers


**Adam Kokesh debates Webster Tarpley at Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - YouTube


"The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"That lucky old sun" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Solitary Man" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"I Won't Back Down" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Memories Are Made Of This" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"If You Could Read My Mind" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Further on Up the Road" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Big River" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Highwayman" by Kris Kristofferson/Johnny Cash/Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson - Grooveshark

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"Redemption Song" - Grooveshark

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"(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash - Grooveshark


Did He Feel Good? by Ian Penman - City Journal

101 Books Gen Ys Must Read Before They Die | Crisis Magazine

German invasion of Norway, 9 April-9 June 1940

Lost Battles of the Vietnam War

An account of the Salem witchcraft investigations, trials, and aftermath.

Nero and the Christians

Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah

How the Electric, Self-Driving Miracle Car Will Change Your Life - By Steven Kopits | Foreign Policy

Why piracy is perpetuating plastic pop | Music | guardian.co.uk

Why Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die? | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

Pelosi: 'I do my religion on Sundays, in church' | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

KUHNER: State-sanctioned anti-Christianity - Washington Times

The “Catholics for Obama” Syndrome

Miroslav Volf Tries to Reconcile Religious Exclusivism with Political Pluralism - Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD)

Dogma and Daily Life « Mormon American

What If We Eradicated All Disease? | A Cure for Everything | LifesLittleMysteries.com

Einstein was right, neutrino researchers admit | COSMOS magazine

Astronaut Don Pettit’s Photos of Earth from the International Space Station - Slate Magazine

Matt Ridley on the Increase in Lifespans | Mind & Matter - WSJ.com

Prometheus Adviser Kevin Hand: Aliens’ Advance Man -

Six Things You Didn't Know About Chicken Reproduction - Blog

Lemme see yo grillzzzz » Scienceline

Thinking about wine can help you relax, scientists claim - Telegraph

The Arsenic Diet | Wired Science | Wired.com

The Looming Lost Decade

Institutional Investor Global finance market news, analysis and research

Fed's capital rules: Another win for banks - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

Review & Outlook: The President on Growth - WSJ.com

Debt disaster looms—James Pethokoukis - NYPOST.com

Americans Cling to Jobs as U.S. Workforce Dynamism Fades - Bloomberg

Are the 10 Poorest U.S. States Really Republican? - Forbes

Living in a world without leaders - Paul Wells - Macleans.ca

Four Myths about Drone Strikes | The Diplomat

US pivot towards Asia is untenable - The Times of India

Putin the peacemaker for Syria? That's not how it's worked out in Chechnya and Georgia – Telegraph Blogs

Asia Times Online :: The Great Leap Forward from myth to history

Bernanke: A Trillion Here, a Trillion There | RealClearPolicy

Fareed Zakaria: Romney is wrong on tax cuts - The Washington Post

The Private Sector And The Public Sector Under Obama - Business Insider

Politics - David A. Graham - The Surprising Things Americans Believe About Health-Care Reform - The Atlantic

The Decline and Fall of Organized Labor

E-Mails Highlight Extent of Obama’s Deal With Industry on Health Care - NYTimes.com

Time to start talking about the minimum wage - Lean Forward


+Full Transcript of Obama’s Friday Morning Remarks on Economy - Washington Wire - WSJ


Review & Outlook: The President on Growth - WSJ.com

Obama’s Summer Jobs Rerun

Say, just how “fine” is the private sector doing, anyway? « Hot Air


Transcripts:7th/Bernanke's Testimony on Economic Outlook & Policy


Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought - The Washington Post

Mark Steyn: Obama redefines 'Green Zone' | obama, president, one - Opinion - The Orange County Register

Bill’s complicated apology - Salon.com

State Politicians and the Public Pension Cookie Jar - WSJ.com

How the Gay-Rights Movement Won

George Will: Subprime college educations - The Washington Post

'You're Likable Enough, Mitt.' - NYTimes.com

RealClearPolitics - This Is What the Tea Party Movement Is About

Slow Learner | The Weekly Standard

The myth of the presidential mandate - The Washington Post

Obama and Romney locked in tight race with 150 days to go until Election Day - TheHill.com

Podhoretz: Obama’s tone-deaf plea for the public sector - NYPOST.com

RealClearPolitics - Obama's Private-Sector Comment Lights a Fuse

Wisconsin's Recall Isn't The Left's Wake-Up Call, It's A Notice That Big Government Is Over - Investors.com

Demographic Shifts in Key States Could Aid Obama in Fall - NYTimes.com

If The Supreme Court Is Determined To Invalidate The Mandate, It Should Leave The Rest Of The Law—including Insurance Regulations—in Place | The New Republic

Clinton's "Apology" | Nealz Nuze | www.boortz.com

RealClearPolitics - The Return of the Reagan Democrats

Bill Clinton gets it right - BostonHerald.com

Obama is wrong. The private sector isn’t ‘doing fine’ « The Enterprise Blog

Obama’s `private sector is doing fine’ gaffe shouldn’t overshadow larger argument - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Health care for 6.6 million young adults - The Maddow Blog

Presidential Leaks | The Weekly Standard

The Court, The New York Times and Credibility | Swampland | TIME.com

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