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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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08 June 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-04-22


Grateful Dead Live at Studio (Shakedown Street Rehearsal) on 1978-08-01

Grateful Dead Live at Studio Sessions for Anthem of the Sun on 1967-00-00

Grateful Dead Live at Studio- Wake of the Flood Outtakes on 1973-08-01

Grateful Dead Live at Studio (Terrapin Station Outtakes) on 1977-02-20

Grateful Dead Live at AoxomoxoA Outtakes on 1969-12-31

Grateful Dead Live at Studio- Workingman's Dead Outtakes on 1970-01-01

Grateful Dead Live at Studio Rehearsals with Keith Godchaux on 1971-09-29

Grateful Dead Live at Stone House Studio - Rehearsals on 1983-01-31

Grateful Dead Live at Stone House Studio - Rehearsals on 1983-02-06

Grateful Dead Live at Stone House Studio - Rehearsals on 1983-02-01

Grateful Dead Live at Stone House Studio - Rehearsals on 1983-01-24

Grateful Dead Live at Club Front - Rehearsals on 1983-03-14


Psychedelicatessen Jerry Garcia Bithday Special 8-5-07


New Riders of the Purple Sage Live at Fillmore East on 1971-04-28

New Riders of the Purple Sage Live at Fillmore East on 1971-04-29

New Riders of the Purple Sage Live at Fillmore West on 1971-07-02


Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1970-09-17


Fleetwood Mac Bob Welch Commits Suicide Dead At 65 - YouTube

Bob Welch | Music | The Guardian


"Sentimental Lady" by Bob Welch - Grooveshark

"Hypnotised" by Bob Welch - Grooveshark


The American Conservative Union(http://www.conservative.org/)


The Michael Savage Show 06/07/2012 FULL


"Black Friday" by Steely Dan - Grooveshark

"Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure - Grooveshark


Live Free Or Die Radio with Lee Rogers

The Bob Tuskin Show with Bob Tuskin


Rense & Marrs And Abraham Bolden - Loyal JFK Agent - Pt 1 - YouTube

Rense & Marrs And Abraham Bolden - Loyal JFK Agent - Pt 2 - YouTube

Rense & Marrs And Abraham Bolden - Loyal JFK Agent - Pt 3 - YouTube

Rense & Marrs And Abraham Bolden - Loyal JFK Agent - Pt 4 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 5 - YouTube


Barb Adams: Zombie Apocalypse – A Reflection of Modern Society?


The Katherine Albrecht Show 06-07-12 Hr 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show 06-07-12 Hr 2


Curtain Theatre Remains Found: Site Of Shakespeare's Performances Uncovered By Archaeologists

The Fourth Of July

An end brings a New Beginning


Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media - YouTube

There is no “WE” Anymore | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter - environment - 01 June 2012 - New Scientist

Blackburn Calls For Investigation Of TSA Hiring - NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather & Sports


+Bilderberg Report 2012 » Shadow Masters, Bilderberg group.


Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age - YouTube

Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire - YouTube

Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program - YouTube


Pentagon reports 154 suicides in first 155 days of 2012 - US news - msnbc.com

Rand Paul endorses Romney - POLITICO.com


+The 25 best quotes from Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign - Photos - 1 of 25 - POLITICO.com


Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 2 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 3 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 4 - YouTube


Air Force Set to Be Deployed Inside U.S. to Collect Data and Search Citizens :

Dangerous STD Becoming Untreatable

War profiteering and campaigns perpetuate the War on Terror - National Homeland Security | Examiner.com

Panetta admits that US is at war in Pakistan — RT

The Great Wall of China more than twice as long as thought - Telegraph

Account of doctor who treated Abraham Lincoln after he was shot found - Telegraph

Design News - Captain Hybrid - China's Electric Cars No Better Than Ours

PressTV - FBI treating American ‎activists as terrorists ‎: Analyst

PressTV - FBI systematically spreading fears and threats in US society: Analyst

Activist Post: Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions That The Mainstream Media Refuses To?

America In Decline: The Soul Crushing Despair Of Lowered Expectations | ZenHaven

Activist Post: Blatant Corporate Media Propaganda Inciting Hatred of Syria to Justify Intervention

Brzezinski: Don’t Be Emotional About Syria | ZenHaven


David Duke Show


Paul Drockton. Silver Bullion Vs. the Worthless Dollar


Paul Drockton Show 5th 1

Paul Drockton Show 5th 2



China Has The Ability To Shut Down All The Telecommunications Technology It Sold To America - Business Insider


Wide Awake With Charlie McGrath


Home Remedies for Sinus Infection - Natural Sinus Infection Treatment


Dr. Richard Schulze BLOG:His Dream, Our Nightmare!

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze/"DETOXIFICATION: VOLUME ONE"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"DETOXIFICATION: VOLUME TWO"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze/"DR. SCHULZE'S 5-DAY LIVER DETOX"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"5-DAY BOWEL DETOX"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"5-DAY KIDNEY DETOX"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"COLD & FLU MANUAL"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"20 POWERFUL STEPS"

Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze/"DR. SCHULZE'S SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE"


Book View : Dr. Richard Schulze /"There Are No Incurable Diseases"


+Curezone.Com :Educating Instead of Medicating


Herb Society UK(www.herbsociety.org.uk/)


Obama’s Kill List – All Males Near Drone Strike Sites are Terrorists

Congress likely to Reauthorize Warrantless Electronic Surveillance Powers

The U.S. Military is Operating Drones Domestically and Sharing Data with Law Enforcement


Redding News Review 06-07-12 Hr 1

Redding News Review 06-07-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 06-07-12 Hr 3


**Adam Kokesh debates Webster Tarpley at Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - YouTube


Blacklisted Radio with Doug Owen 7th

Blacklisted Radio with Doug Owen 6th


Biggest Whistleblower in JFK Case Ignored - BlackListedNews.com

10 Signs That The Highways Of America Are Being Transformed Into A High Tech Prison Grid - BlackListedNews.com

Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to Operation Fast and Furious | CNSNews.com

US Government Still Insisting It Can’t Be Sued Over Warrantless Wiretapping - BlackListedNews.com

Zombie Bullets: US ammo producers cash in on Zombie Apocalypse fears — RT

Suicides Surge Among US Troops - ABC News

Miami Beach passes recycling ordinance | News - Home

Kawther - The President Who Can Be Described As A Fat Cat

NPN Email Alert: Talmud: Wellspring of Jewish Pornography Industry



Through The Mirror With Larry Sinclair






Ted Turner Calls for Depopulating Two Thirds of the World – Luke Rudkowski Reports :

Lone Star Watchdog: Should Mitt Romney Be Disqualified for Violating the Logan Act Twice?

The Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before the 9/11 Attacks

From dreams to drones: who is the real Barack Obama? | Pankaj Mishra | Comment is free | The Guardian

Lone Star Watchdog: Bearing Arms is More then Just a Human Right,Gun Ownership Is A God Given Right and Duty to Preserve a Free State.

Zero Gov - Anti-Government, Pro-Liberty » Blog Archive » America’s Largest Export: Bigger Government by Bill Buppert

News Brief: Leaked Bilderberg Documents, "Wikileaks of Bilderberg" and More - YouTube


* Cover-up of USS LIBERTY


Classmates: Mitt Romney Impersonated Police Officer In High School And College | _

World's largest, most advanced underground hospital opens in Haifa | The Times of Israel


Global Firepower - 2012 (www.globalfirepower.com/)


Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 1/6 - YouTube

Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 2/6 - YouTube

Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 3/6 - YouTube

Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 4/6 - YouTube

Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 5/6 - YouTube

Strategic Challenges for Warfare: U.S. Army War College 6/6 - YouTube


2012-06-07 Eric Holder Lies Again - YouTube

Army “Nutter” Ray Odierno Goes “Full Stalin” at CFR | Veterans Today

Where is the outrage? | Fox News

45 Reasons Why America Should Cut Off Ties With Israel, AIPAC And The Neocons

The Cabal is Negotiating its Surrender - Ben Fulford - YouTube

'The End Is Not Near, It Is Here and Now' - Gold Legend Jim Sinclair


**Dead in the Water (Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967) - YouTube


Bleier's Blog: Jonathan Simon: Did Scott Walker really win his recall vote?

Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines | Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op

The Sociopaths Who Made Americans Sleep in their Cars Want You to Elect Them Again: You May Think You're "wealthy" But Maybe Buy a Bigger Car? | Before It's News

How to spot a sociopath - 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job


Biggest Whistleblower in JFK Case Ignored


**Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

+Zero Gov - » Rules for Radicals

**Communist Manifesto 10 Planks


Sherrie Questioning All: 3 0f 4 Cancer Doctors would NOT take Chemo themselves, due to destroying the body and low success rate.

Scientists uncover evidence of impending tipping point for Earth

MD5 password scrambler 'no longer safe' | ZDNet

Crypto breakthrough shows Flame was designed by world-class scientists | Ars Technica

BBC News - Flame malware makers send 'suicide' code

Major ISPs to turn into copyright police by July, says RIAA | Digital Trends

Report: Hackers could access US weapons systems through vulnerable chip - CSMonitor.com

Radiation Poisoning? “Scientists Fear Entire Ocean Affected” | Pakalert Press

The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System | ZeroHedge

FBI Did Not Steal Megaupload Evidence Because It’s “Digital”? | TorrentFreak

Activist Post: Developing: Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels Prompt EPA Censorship, DHS Hazmat Team

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Conflicts at the Fed

the cybersecurity act (s. 2105) - Google Search

1934 Montgomery Ward Catalogue

Activist Post: Cancer Causing Ingredients in Sunscreen Omitted in FDA Labeling Guidelines

Feds to farmers: Grow GMO beets or face sugar shortage | Grist


Freedom Tracks : http://freedomtracks.com/homeless.html


Bath Salts, Naked Zombie Cannibals & Stupid Senators - YouTube

Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers - Yahoo! News

TSA Continues to Forbid Recording of Checkpoints as Congresswoman Publishes Scathing Report | Pixiq

Lockheed Martin Sells THAAD Missile System To UAE - Business Insider

Moscow Gay Pride Banned For 100 Years | Society | RIA Novosti

Sorting Out the Facts about Iran

Shackled During Childbirth


The Price of Inequality and the Myth of Opportunity

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 7, 2012

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 6, 2012

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 5, 2012

* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 4, 2012


War on Whistleblowers: 'Manning & Assange just the test case' - YouTube

The History of Knowledge: Darkness in the Academy

Financial Collapse At Hand: When is "Sooner or Later"?

POLICE STATE USA: The Paranoid Style of American Governance

CONFRONTING IRAN, "PROTECTING ISRAEL": The Real Reason for America's War on Syria

VIDEO: US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" in Syria: Towards a Regional War?

PROXY WAR WITH IRAN AND RUSSIA: Intervention in Syria Has Nothing to do with Humanitarian Concerns

SYRIA: The Houla Massacre and the Subversion of the Peace Plan

Crisis of the European Left: Towards a New Form of Popular Unity


HISTORY: Reversing the Vietnam Verdict

HUMANITY'S EVOLUTION AND THE GREAT REVERSAL: An Antonomy of the Corporate Right Counter-Revolution

Military build-up in Indo-Pacific region: US “pivot” to Asia threatens war with China

Towards a Global Economic Slowdown: Stock Market Slide, Declining GDP, Rising Unemployment

Expert Panel Reports False Accounts of US Political and Military Leaders on 9/11

Media Contacts @ www.consensus911.org/

What Liberals Really Respect

Did the US just Open Pandora's Box? - Global Guerrillas

» Rockefeller Foundation Predicts 13,000 Dead at London 2012 Olympics Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Was UFO a Russian ballistic missile? - Israel News, Ynetnews

Prometheus Crew Spills Its Guts About Movie's Most Shocking Scene | Underwire | Wired.com

Chariots in Red Sea: ‘Irrefutable evidence’

101 uses of a dead baby

Ring of babies found 'sacrificed' to ancient gods in 1,000-year-old Peruvian tomb | Mail Online

6/08/2012 - America is a Battlefield

In constitutional republics, presidents don’t have ‘kill lists’

Obama Codifies the Power of Indefinite Detention by Sheldon Richman

Probing Obama’s secrecy games - Salon.com

How Would You Like A Graduate Degree For $100? - Forbes

+Paracord: The Most Versatile Item In Your Bug-Out Bag | Ready Nutrition

Mercantilism, Merchants, and 'Class Conflict' by Murray N. Rothbard

Goosing the Market by Charles Goyette

The Bell Tolls for the Government Unions by Patrick J. Buchanan

Would You Know Opportunity If You Saw It? by Bill Sardi

Is There a Libertarian Position on Same-Sex Marriage? by Laurence M. Vance

James Rickards: The US Is the Biggest Currency Manipulator

The Criminal Banking Cartel's End Game: A 100% Digital Monetary System by J.S. Kim

Rand Paul endorses Romney - POLITICO.com

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney (Hannity, 6/7/12) - YouTube

Wasp Spray Wards Off Flesh Eating Zombies | Before It's News

The CDC Knew The Zombie Pandemic Was Coming? | Before It's News

The Truth Of Japan's 3/11 Earthquake | Before It's News

2012.3.11_02/09 The truth of 311 seismic terror By Richard Koshimizu - YouTube

Facts About The Bilderberg Group You Never Knew | Before It's News

What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery with Suzanne Taylor - YouTube

Underprivileged Kids Get Free Prom Clothes

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers Join Forces in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

The CDC Published in 2011 an “Educational Comic” About a Zombie Pandemic in the South-East

US & UN Openly Waging War on Syria

+Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf)

The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Amazing Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

The Rapid Evolution Of The Cyberwar Arms Race


* The Trillion Dollar Plant (3rd Edition) - YouTube


Henry Kissinger Proposed to 'Destroy' the U.S.

10 Tips That Will Guarantee You Have Food if SHTF

What Is Volume Telling Us about Gold Stocks? - Casey Research

How Plants Make Cocaine | Before It's News

Pelosi: Obamacare Is ‘A Right’

Disney's Cynical Pro-Obama Ploy

The Bell Tolls for the Government Unions

Who Will Protect the Freedom To Blog?

Obama To Don ‘Disguise’ To Eat Hotdogs In Central Park Unnoticed By Bloomberg's Food Police, Public

Soros Mega-Foundation's New U.S. Chief Has Ties To Obama Administration, Corzine

Video: Hannity, Bozell Discuss New MRC Study, 'George Soros: Godfather of the Left' | NewsBusters.org

Pelosi: Public Opposes Obamacare Because ‘Understanding of it Has Been Jeopardized by Misrepresentations’ | CNSNews.com

Holder: Justice Department Will ‘Vigorously Use’ Voting Rights Act Against States | CNSNews.com

Holder Claims Emails Using Words ‘Fast and Furious’ Don’t Refer to Operation Fast and Furious | CNSNews.com

Pelosi: Catholic Archdioceses Not ‘Speaking’ for Catholic Church in Suits Against Obama Administration | CNSNews.com

HHS Secretary: If Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare, Many Benefits Would ‘Cease to Exist' | CNSNews.com

State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports | CNSNews.com

Calif. Blackouts Possible With Nuke Plant Offline | CNSNews.com

Next Six Months Could Determine Fate of the Internet, FCC Commissioner Warns | CNSNews.com

Rick Santorum Launches ‘Patriot Voices’ | CNSNews.com

Pelosi: Public Opposes Obamacare Because ‘Understanding of it Has Been Jeopardized by Misrepresentations’ | CNSNews.com

Obama Praises LGBT Heroes Who 'Bent the Arc of the Moral Universe Towards Justice' | CNSNews.com

Warren Buffett Calls for Lower Spending, Taxes than Obama | CNSNews.com

Boy Scouts Not Changing Membership Policy That Bans Openly Gay Scouts and Scout Leaders | CNSNews.com

U.S. DOT Testing Cars That Avoid Crashes by Talking to Each Other | CNSNews.com

AG Holder Headlines LGBT Event Honoring School Students, Transgender Attorney | CNSNews.com

Top Customer: Under Obama, Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Have Jumped 452% | CNSNews.com

Pentagon stops issuing free guns and surplus equipment to police | CNSNews.com

Conservatives 'Cautiously Optimistic' Supreme Court Will Uphold California's Prop. 8 | CNSNews.com

Hannity Urges Fellow Broadcasters to ‘Protect Freedom of Speech’ by Opposing Politicized Boycotts | CNSNews.com

Sen. Kerry Blames U.S. for Dispute Over E.U. Airline Carbon Tax: ‘We Dragged Our Feet’ | CNSNews.com

Grammys add changes to jazz, Latin, R&B fields | CNSNews.com

Former Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch dead at 65 | CNSNews.com

Ex-Miss Pennsylvania Stands by Rigging Allegation | CNSNews.com

MacLaine earns AFI honor for her many lives | CNSNews.com

Talk Radio’s Barry Farber Praises ‘Divisive’ Radio Hosts | CNSNews.com

Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine: The Importance of Magnesium

How To Can Chicken Breast | Before It's News

Three Cups of Coffee a Day Prevents Alzheimer's

Can Dieting Drive People to Suicide?

Fruits and Veggies Help Smokers Quit

McCain Calls For Outside Counsel to Probe White House Leaks

Pattern of White House Leaks Threatens Nation’s Security

Obama Asks Congress to Focus on Economy

Obama Double-Crossed Kennedy Family

House Votes to Kill Obama's Medical Device Tax

Coke Pushes Back Against Bloomberg Soda Ban

Obama Joined Third Party in 1990s

Holder Offers to Meet With Boehner on Fast and Furious Investigation

CBS Poll: Most Americans Back Arizona Immigration Law

Texas Considers 85 Mph Speed Limit on Toll Road

Painting of Christ Fetches $4.6M at NY Auction

Romney Leads Obama by 1 Point in Michigan

Dash for Cash by Obama and Romney Comes at a Cost

Israel Identifies Cyberspace as Key Battlefield

Senior Saddam Aide Executed in Iraq

Harvard’s Feldstein: US at 33% Chance of Recession and Fed Can't Help

Governor Looks to Remove Grizzlies from Endangered Species List

Cars That Avoid Crashes by Talking to Each Other

Immortal Technique: Our ignorance affects the world - YouTube

+7 Secrets Destroying The Candidacy of Mitt Romney (That the RNC does not want you to know!) | Dprogram.net

The White House Secret Kill List – Chuck Baldwin | Dprogram.net


MEDIAROOTS – The 9/11 Propaganda Archive, Part 1

MEDIAROOTS – The 9/11 Propaganda Archive: How Scared Should You Be?


The 9/11 Propaganda Archive: Afghanistan War Run-Up | Dprogram.net


Mitt Romney Campaign Event in St. Louis, Missouri – June 7 2012 | ElectAd

Barack Obama Campaign Event, Beverly Hills, California – June 6 2012 | ElectAd

Hannity, Bozell Discuss New MRC Study, 'George Soros: Godfather of the Left' | MRCTV


Obama To 23 Million Struggling Americans: 'The Private Sector Is Doing Fine' | MRCTV

MSNBC Guest Bob Shrum: GOP Bringing Back Jim Crow Laws | MRCTV

Media Gush Over Obama Basking in 'Thundering and Sustained Applause' of Gay Community | Media Research Center

Special Report: George Soros: Godfather of the Left | Media Research Center

CNN Airs Four Uninterrupted Minutes of Obama Campaign Propaganda | Media Research Center

Viva Cristeros

Spineless elite ignore Obama fraud

Homosexual Manifesto: Satire or reality?

Guys do double duty for feminist delusions

The real 'war on women'

You call this guy likable ?

If less evil is more, where's the choice?

L. ELDER: Obama's 4 lies about the economy

Nuns on the run – and on the bus

Guns don’t kill people, fear kills people

Liberals Threaten Not To Vote In November Over Disappointment With Obama « CBS DC

Another Alinskyite emerges from Obama’s past

Decoding the 'Flame' virus - CNN.com

Look who’s following superstition now

Poll finds strong support for high court to strike down health law, mandate - The Hill's Healthwatch

Obama calls for stimulus over austerity | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Romney: Obama's economic comments were a blunder | Washington Examiner

Hollywood trip marks Obama's 150th fundraiser | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Celebrity-in-Chief: 28 celeb fundraisers for Obama | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Ron Paul fans attack Rand for endorsing Romney | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

I'll Have Another Scratched from Belmont

Sessions: Food stamp spending up 100 percent since Obama took office

Canada News: Luka Rocco Magnotta: Police probe possible link to L.A. slaying - thestar.com

Woman killed and dismembered cheating husband and scattered body parts around city | Mail Online

Math professor's side mirror that eliminates 'blind spot' receives US patent

NAPOLITANO: Big Brother's all-seeing eye - Washington Times

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Study Finds More Teens Smoking Marijuana Than Tobacco Cigarettes « CBS Philly

I’ll Have Another out of Belmont Stakes | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On Twitter

President Obama Has Private Meeting with Young Stars at Beverly Hilton - The Hollywood Reporter

Classmates save life of Bronx woman viciously thrown onto tracks at Hunts Point Ave. subway station - NY Daily News

Obama: "The Private Sector Is Doing Fine" | RealClearPolitics

High school teacher tells graduating students: you’re not special - NY Daily News

What's Changed After Wisconsin - WSJ.com

Swanky UK retailer's new ads show models wetting themselves - New York News | New York Breaking News | NYC Headlines

Bush tax cuts: Bill Clinton apologizes for comments - POLITICO.com

Bill Clinton: Median Income Now Lower Than When I Left Office | RealClearPolitics

Bill Clinton: Is He the Democrats' Newt Gingrich? — US Business News - CNBC

UGA professor charged with prostitution | Online Athens

Nine people shot in Chicago Thursday night and Friday morning

DOT Secretary plans to visit all 50 states before he leaves office

Approval Rating for Supreme Court Justices Hits Just 44% in New Poll

Former Coke executive repents, joins effort to reduce U.S. soda consumption

Coke says obesity grew as sugary drink consumption fell

GOP lawmaker's bill aims to curb use of spy drones on US soil

Nancy Pelosi: Health law represents 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'

What happens after health law ruling?

Mobster gets 8 1/2 years after telling judge, 'We got nothing better to do'

For 25th anniversary in Congress, Pelosi gets a hug from Boehner

The New York Times: Barack Obama's not leaking to us

Boehner replaces his top aide; shuffle seen as "fresh start"

Michelle Obama talks 'glass ceiling' in fundraising letter

Major science funding takes hit under Obama

House passes DHS bill with provision to bar ICE from providing abortions for illegal immigrant detainees

Links to Obama campaign show fashion industry’s political clout is growing

Investigators find child's clothes, toy at Patz 'killer' home

Planned Parenthood Federation president speaks to bloggers and activists at Netroots Nation

'Fifty Shades of Grey' whips up business for local adult shops


**Coast to Coast AM - June 07 2012 - Active Dreaming - YouTube


Asteroid Warning System Would Alert and Educate Public Worldwide | Space.com

Scientists warn geoengineering may disrupt rainfall | Reuters

Desert locusts thriving after fall of Gadhafi | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Jerrawerra: the short, hairy man of the woods | weirdaustralia

2012 Invention Awards: Augmented-Reality Contact Lenses | Popular Science

Silent Lucidity: Active Dream States and the Otherworldly | Mysterious Universe

Ancient Statue Reveals Prince Who Would Become Buddha | LiveScience

WND » Chariots in Red Sea: ‘Irrefutable evidence’ » Print

World Awakening to Financial Terror - YouTube

The Illuminati Message Behind Prometheus - YouTube


Alex Jones - 2012-Jun-07, Thursday

Alex Jones - 2012-Jun-06, Wednesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Jun-05, Tuesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Jun-04, Monday

Alex Jones - 2012-Jun-03, Sunday


Prison Planet.com » Scientific Study Links Anti-depressants In Drinking Water To Autism

Prison Planet.com » Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

The Loud Booms: Fireworks or not? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Developing: Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels Prompt EPA Censorship, DHS Hazmat Team

Alternative Media Becoming Mainstream - YouTube

The People Awaken to Financial Terrorism: Infowars Exclusive - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg 2012: Exclusive Unseen Photos

Prison Planet.com » Lawsuit: TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public

Prison Planet.com » BBC Planning Huge New Conspiracy Hit Piece

BBC Planning Huge New Conspiracy Hit Piece - YouTube

Globalist Social Engineers Subliminally Prepared The Public for 9/11 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney officially on Hannity - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » The Globalization of Propaganda And The Rise of The Alternative Media

Prison Planet.com » Neo-Con: Syria Has Nothing to do with Humanitarian Concerns

Strictly Confidential: 1966 Bilderberg Documents Leaked - YouTube

Devastating 1966 Documents Blows Bilderberg Agenda Wide Open!! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Congress Introduces Constitutional Amendment for Parental Rights

Prison Planet.com » House Approves Measure to Stall Light-Bulb Efficiency Standards

Report: Dozens Arrested After Riot at Foxconn Factory | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

World’s best cryptography brains behind Flame spy virus — RT

Prison Planet.com » HPV vaccines: Gardasil becomes a market dud in wake of informed backlash

Prison Planet.com » Dr. Oz caves to Big Pharma, pimps vaccines on public after admitting he does not necessarily even vaccinate his own children

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Big Pharma: Getting away with murder

NAPOLITANO: Big Brother's all-seeing eye - Washington Times

TSA: Land of The Pedophile Kingdom with Jon Corbett - YouTube

Euro Madness: Made in US? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Market Is More Fragile Now Than Pre-Lehman

Hitler Bullish on the Dollar - YouTube

US Government Still Insisting It Can’t Be Sued Over Warrantless Wiretapping | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Time Magazine Wants You to Know How To Die - YouTube


Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (6-7-12)


Alternative Media Becoming Mainstream - YouTube

» Ron Paul Supporters Decry Rand’s Endorsement of Romney Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Part 1 - The Unlawful Killing Film of Princess Diana (Sneak Preview) - YouTube

Part 2 - The Unlawful Killing Film of Princess Diana (Sneak Preview) - YouTube


» The Darkness Lurking Behind The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


Obama: Leak allegations are 'offensive'

Congressional leaders call for halt to 'cascade of leaks' - CNN.com

» As Greenback Sinks, Dubai’s Chief Economist Calls For Chinese ‘Redback’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Social workers hid fact they knew teenage mother was at risk from sex grooming gangs SIX YEARS before she was brutally murdered | Mail Online

In Japan, fax machines find a final place to thrive - The Washington Post

Feds arrest 190 alleged child predators in massive undercover operation | Fox News

Is Rand Paul Supporting Romney to Save His... | Gather

9/11 Families Blast Plan to Subsidize Ground Zero Memorial With Yet More Government Handouts - New York News - Runnin' Scared

The Big Business of Border Control | Mother Jones

» Post-Bilderberg, Attendees Ramp Up Push for Syrian Intervention Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Women in shelter allege abuse and baby selling - CNN.com

» US Offers Bounty for Somali Militants Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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Rick Santorum has not released delegates

Obama's Bain Capital attacks may be working with battleground state voters

Possible GOP running mates don't excite

Sen. Rand Paul: 'Gov. Romney is right there with us'

House Acts to Repeal Medical-Device Tax

Gov. Bobby Jindal to raise money for Romney, Virginia governor

Dejected Democrats Rally At Wisconsin State Convention

Romney to embrace Hatch during Utah swing

Cassis says GOP leaders back her for McCotter seat

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Cloud Hole Photographed by Satellite: Big Pic

NASA Kills X-Ray Telescope, Blames Project's Cost

Tipping Point? Earth Headed for Catastrophic Collapse, Researchers Warn

Pint-size gizmo shoots X-RAY LASER for first time

Shrimp's fist-like club inspires new body armour

EPA sued over wildlife exposure to lead from spent ammunition

Universe's 1st Objects After Big Bang Possibly Seen by NASA Telescope

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More young Americans have health insurance

CDC: Older Teens Often Text While Behind the Wheel

Blood Test Spots Genetic Diseases In Fetuses

Food allergies affect more city kids than rural ones

Spine manipulation for neck pain 'inadvisable'

Lobby E-Mails Show Depth of Obama Ties to Drug Industry

Blood Test May Predict Outcome in Early Breast Cancer

Man gets double arm transplant in Mexico

Fruits, Veggies May Help Smokers Quit

Indian Believers Swallow Live Fish as Asthma Cure

Chicago’s ghost hunter, Richard Crowe, dead at 64 - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago cabbie sentenced to 7 1/2 years in terrorism case - chicagotribune.com

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French Left Looks to Cement Power in Parliamentary Vote
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Video Captures Syrian Tank Destroyed by Rebels
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