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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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05 June 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"




Crossroads GPS Ad: "Stopwatch"
Krauthammer: Obama Campaign Is "At The Bottom Of The Barrel"
Schultz: Republicans Have 'Vilified' The People Of Wisconsin
O'Reilly: Wisconsin Recall Is A "Vicious Battle"
Corn: Focus Groups Show Massachusetts Attacks Work Against Romney
John B. Taylor On Economy: "The Problem Is Policy"


Rendell: "Nobody Out There Thinks That Gov. Romney Is Unqualified"
George Zimmerman Back In Jail After Bond Revoked Over Money
David Limbaugh: "The Future Of The Country Turns On This Election"
Obama: Republicans Are Offering "Fear And Frustration"
Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Was Taken To The Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed
Wasserman Schultz: GOP Knows "They Can't Win This Election On The Merits"
Carney On Economy: "Congress Has Failed To Act"
Walker: Win Would Mean "Victory For Courage" To Take On Tough Issues
Dem Senator: "Fundamentals For The Economy Are Actually Quite Good"
Jim Messina: CO, IA, WI, OH, VA, NC, NH & FL Are "Undecided"
American Crossroads Ad: "Fear"
Axelrod: Romney Picking Rubio As VP "Would Be An Insult" To Hispanics
Obama Campaign Touts Backing Of Vogue's Anna Wintour
Chris Matthews: Obama Rejecting Keystone Was A "Mistake"
Obama TV Ad: We've Heard it All Before
Fmr. DNC Chair McAuliffe: Obama Has "Excellent" Record On Job Creation
Sarah Jessica Parker Ad For "That Guy" Obama Airs During MTV Awards



Bilderberg 2012: Historic Revolt Against Global Elite - YouTube

Max Keiser: Bilderberg European Vacation of Financial Ruin - YouTube


Infowars Nightly News 2012-06-04 Monday - YouTube

The Alex Jones Show 2012-06-04 Monday - YouTube

The Alex Jones Show 2012-06-03 Sunday - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » “Anti-Democratic” World Government Advocate Attends Bilderberg

Prison Planet.com » Rubio: “We Need To Prepare People” For War With Iran

Rubio: We need to prepare public for war w Iran - YouTube

Former Clinton Adviser Dick Morris - 'Bill Clinton Does Not Want Barack Obama to Win' [6-04-2012] - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » “Ends Justify the Means” As Cops Illegally Handcuff 40 Innocent Bystanders

Prison Planet.com » TSA In “Obscene” Grope Down Of Senior Citizen

Bilderberg Attendees Call Protestors "Cockroaches" - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Obama Mulling Aircraft and Sea Vessel Embargo on Iran

Prison Planet.com » 21 Signs That This Could Be A Long, Hot, Crazy Summer For The Global Financial System

David Icke: Bilderbergs Grip of The World An Infowars Exclusive - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » 5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion

Prison Planet.com » War Drums for Syria?

Massive experimental drone takes to skies above Edwards AFB (Video) - latimes.com

According to Tarpley: Ron Paul is a Warmonger - YouTube

**Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones Bilderberg Debate - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Why Well Meaning Socialists Like Webster Tarpley Misunderstand Ron Paul & Libertarians

Prison Planet.com » 5 More Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream

Prison Planet.com » Are Guillotines Next? 11 Examples That Show That Beheading Is On The Rise All Over The World

US military build-up in Asia: 'Act of War'? - YouTube

Looking Back at The Huge Success of Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Alex Calls End to Diplomatic Immunity at Bilderberg

Official Bilderberg 2012 Attendees List Including Possible VP Candidate! - YouTube


*Bilderberg Group 2012 Attendee List

**Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg 2012: detailed member bios, UK Guardian’s video report


War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod 'had to be separated' - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21

Prison Planet.com » Will Ron Paul supporters be okay with Vice-president Paul?

Will Ron Paul supporters be okay with Vice-president Paul? - YouTube

Ex-Spy Telescope May Become a Space Investigator - NYTimes.com

Prison Planet.com » Coke bottles may require cancer warning label if drink ingredients not changed

Coke reveals its secret: It may need to carry a cancer warning - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent

Secret mission accomplished: America's secret space plane to land after a YEAR in orbit - and no one knows what it did up there | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » Biowarfare alert: Is a mass bio-terror pandemic planned for 2012?

Christopher Elliott: "Meltdowns" The TSA Forgot To Mention (VIDEO)

Prison Planet.com » Obama Administration Argues No Warrant Required for GPS Tracking of Citizens

Prison Planet.com » Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to have faked academic credentials

While Defending Enhanced Interrogation, Former CIA Chief Hayden Beat Up A Subordinate In Front Of Obama - Business Insider

Russia says Assad could go in Syria settlement - Yahoo! News

Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg: the covert globalist government?

Bilderberg: the covert globalist government? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » French Bishop: Syrian Soldiers Face Foreign Fighters, Mercenaries, and Militants

Israel airport security demands access to tourists' private email accounts - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

George Soros Speech Goes Viral - Business Insider

Prison Planet.com » The Hoarding Continues: China Purchases A Record 100 Tons Of Gold In April From Hong Kong

Prison Planet.com » Record Number Of US Households On Foodstamps

Federal Judge: Amtrak IS a government entity - YouTube

The Age Of Drones: Military May Share Domestic Surveillance Data With Police According To An Intelligence Report | StratRisks

Monsanto – Buy Our Seeds Once, Pay Us Forever - BlackListedNews.com

Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade' | World news | The Observer

Microsoft Update and The Nightmare Scenario - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab

Ex-Blackwater executives finger CIA in weapons trial | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

Fascinating Debate Between Tarpley and Kokesh at Bilderberg


RFK Assassination Witness Tells CNN: There Was a Second Shooter | Decrypted Matrix | of | the Mind

New Prosthetics Keep Amputee Soldiers on Active Duty : Federal Jack

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Sen McCain Wants Investigation Into Who Leaked Information About U.S. Waging Cyber War On Iran

Obama Administration Doubles Down for Indefinite Detention Authority : Federal Jack

The Billion-Dollar Mitt Machine | Tim Dickinson | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Mark Zuckerberg Sued For Unloading Facebook Stock Before Price Collapse | | | AsKKissy.com | |

Lone Star Watchdog: Has the Establishment Over played Their Hand Cheating Ron Paul?

Bilderberg 2012 and the Death of Corporate Media :

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Rothschild Bankers Behind Climate Change Movement

U.S. missiles infected with Chinese fakes

Refreshing News: Facebook looks at technology that would allow under-13s to use website

Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND! All Delegates Must See This! - YouTube

Vernon Jordan tacitly admits existence of One World Government plan « unicornpoo

Clinton Adviser Vernon Jordan on Bilderberg: "We Don't Want Any Press" - YouTube

MF Global - YouTube

Zionism, Jewishness and All That Jazz- Double Standards-06-02-2012 - YouTube

Nearly half of Americans haven’t learned anything about science or evolution in the last thirty years

Cindy McCain on the LIBERTY COVERUP: "I don't care about this issue." - YouTube

Meet the McShames....CoverUp Specialists - YouTube

Cindy McCain says she doesn’t care about dead US sailors | Ray Hanania Columns

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : How Cops Trick People Legally Possessing Marijuana Into Doing Something Illegal & Then Bust Them






+Painting The Tape Definition | Investopedia

ALERT: CNBC Accuses Morgan Stanley of Painting The Tape!

4 Massive Frauds You've Probably Never Heard Of

Activist Post: The U.S. military is operating drones domestically and sharing data with law enforcement

More bad news for Facebook as poll shows 80% of users ignore website's advertising | Mail Online

Assassin-in-Chief in the Oval Office | The Nation

10 Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream

5 More Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream

Will the Obama Administration Push the Panic Button? | _

Unauthorized digital certificates could allow spoofing

Cyber Spy Program Flame Compromises Key Microsoft Security System - Yahoo! News

ah, mephistophelis.: JAPAN: That Black Dust Collecting Everywhere Is Alive... ...and EATING radiation?

NASA gets two military spy telescopes for use in astronomy - News - Stripes

CONTROL – Always a Double-Edged Blade | Kirwan's Art & Articles

Adolf Hitlers Struggle for Peace - YouTube

+The 9/11 Consensus Points | Consensus 911

+Activist Post: Ibuprofen Kills More Than Pain: Here are the Top 10 Alternatives

+Refreshing News: The 10 Most Useful Medicinal Plants For Your Garden

End of the Nation-State - informationliberation

International - Michael McAteer - Japan's Latest Nuclear Crisis: Getting Rid of the Radioactive Debris - The Atlantic

Massive experimental drone takes to skies above Edwards AFB (Video) - latimes.com

Louisiana Republican claims Obama giving TSA waivers to Muslims | The Raw Story

Supreme Court sides with Secret Service agents in free-speech case | The Raw Story

Mystery Iranian deaths amid shadow war - UPI.com

Assange Episode 8: Cypherpunks, stumbling block in the way of total surveillance — RT

5 TSA employees fired, 38 suspended for imprope - Flash Player Installation

India Plans To Launch First Military Satellite

Google Buys Startup KikScore Just To Shut It Down - Business Insider

Seeds of doubt: Brazilian farmers sue Monsanto — RT

Man Beheads Wife On Roof, Shouts 'Allahu Akbar' In Berlin: Report

Flame Hijacks Microsoft Update to Spread Malware Disguised As Legit Code | Threat Level | Wired.com

The Age Of Drones: Military May Be Using Drones - Flash Player Installation

DailyTech - Three Out of Four EU Committees Vote to Reject ACTA

What Chinese Investment is Doing to Canadians | North America | World | Epoch Times

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

Somebody Else's Atrocities

Police State USA The Paranoid Style of American Governance

+ BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 4, 2012

Towards a Global Economic Slowdown: Stock Market Slide, Declining GDP, Rising Unemployment

MODERN DAY LYNCHING: The Murder of Trayvon Martin. The Crime and the Context

The Great Book Robbery: How Israel intentionally destroyed the Palestinian cultural heritage

The Moral Challenge of ‘Kill Lists’

Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime

PLOTTING THE KILLINGS, SELECTING THE VICTIMS: Obama’s role in the selection of drone missile targets

Video: First Test Flight for Military's Mega-Drone | Danger Room | Wired.com

For Your Health: Radiation Hitting the Streets of LA

Land of the Drones, Home of the Zombies

Creepy… Democrats Hold Massive ‘Omming’ Séance at Wisconsin Capitol (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Islamic holy man and his wife are jailed for mutilating the genitals of their four daughters | Mail Online

National Guard withdrawing 900 troops from the U.S.-Mexico border - latimes.com

Will Your Future Be Full of Robot Assassins and Spy Aircraft? | News & Politics | AlterNet

Quantum teleportation over record distance, prelude to space networks

Will divers finally get to the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'UFO' mystery? Team heads into the abyss to discover the origins of strange, 400-metre 'Millennium Falcon' object | Mail Online

Politics - Conor Friedersdorf - Blowback and the Consequences of Obama's Foreign Policies - The Atlantic

What's behind Obama's new military base in Chile? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Ron Paul’s GOP Battle Reveals Some Truths About Political Parties by Ryan McMaken

Bilderberg 2012: Ken Clarke's drive of shame | World news | guardian.co.uk

Immoral Beyond Redemption by Walter E. Williams

Suffering Under Improper Banking Practices and Government Monetary Laws by Michael S. Rozeff

These Two Traps Are Absolutely Destroying the Next Generation of Young Men in America

Dear Mark: Swimming Pool Chemicals, Washing Veggies, and Carb Blockers | Mark's Daily Apple

+What’s the truth about modern medicine? | Old-Thinker News

Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show | NBC New York

Bionic Brains and Beyond - WSJ.com

Man or Machine? | Old-Thinker News

Laws restricting nonviolent activity are acts of aggression

How To Overcome Challenges

Fmr. Asst. Treasury Secretary: Economic Collapse Nearing

Is This Our Human Nature? - YouTube


Collective Evolution: 2012 The Shift Seminar w/ Franco DeNicola P1of4 - YouTube

Collective Evolution: 2012 The Shift Seminar w/ Franco DeNicola P2of4 - YouTube

Collective Evolution: 2012 The Shift Seminar w/ Franco DeNicola P3of4 - YouTube

Collective Evolution: 2012 The Shift Seminar w/ Franco DeNicola P4of4 - YouTube


John Pilger: War, Truth & the Media - YouTube

Pill Robot: The Pharmacist of the Future?

Facing the Ugly Truth About American Politics

Once Upon A Time In America - YouTube

DHS Granted 3 Years of Expedited Border Crossing to Person With 'Close Family Ties' to Watchlisted Terrorist

Biden: 'Imagine a World in Which Hunger Is Vanquished by Crops That Don’t Depend on Soil, Water or Fertilizer'

Out of Touch: Obama’s DOL Thinks Jobless Should Use Unemployment Insurance to Start Businesses

Immoral Beyond Redemption

America's Moral Schizophrenia

Obama Backs Legislation to Increase Gender Pay Litigation ‘Tools’

ObamaCalled Ex-Im Bank ‘Corporate Welfare’ in ’08, But Now Lauds Federal Loans to Boeing, Dow Chemical

MSNBC’s Matthews Laments ‘Ditto Head Thinking’ of Limbaugh Listeners: ‘They’re Not Growing’

New Book Describes Rift Between Obama’s Nat’l Security Adviser and His Political Team: ‘Water Bugs’

Charlie Daniels Column: Obama Should Look to the States

CBS: Walker Might Become Anti-Union 'Poster Child' If He Wins Recall

Rasmussen Column: Team Obama Finds Romney Hard Target to Hit

Gov’t Dishes Out Advice on Preparing Healthy Meals: Always Use Bowls or Plates

Colo. vote on pot could affect Obama-Romney race

Young Americans Urged to Lobby White House Over Jobs

Some See Waning Support for Obama Among Democrats Who Are Religious

Panetta, in Historic Vietnam Visit, Sees ‘Tremendous Potential Here’ for U.S. Naval Forces

Olsen twins get fashion's big prize

Janet Jackson to Produce Transgender Documentary

Radio Host Boortz Retiring, with Cain to Step In


British Parliament: President Reagan's Address to Members of the British Parliament - 6/8/82 - YouTube

30 Years Later: Reagan’s ‘March of Freedom’ Speech Predicting the Fall of Soviet Communism Still Rings True | CNSNews.com


"Berlin Wall" Speech - President Reagan's Address at the Brandenburg Gate - 6/12/87 - YouTube

"Evil Empire" Speech by President Reagan - Address to the National Association of Evangelicals - YouTube


Tarpley CSPAN Debate “9-11, False Flags, and Black Ops” 2012 | Illuminati Conspiracy Archive Blog

**Tarpley CSPAN Debate "9-11, False Flags, and Black Ops" 2012 - YouTube


Artificial Insemination Could Breed Better Bee

Jubilee Concert Features Elton John, Paul McCartney; Houston's Final Single Released

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert - Best Bits. - YouTube

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012 Live - YouTube

My turn as 'minority' may be coming

The president's Obamacare lies

Obama spits on Vietnam vets

Syria's insurrection: Not America's war

Biden '08! Ron Paul '12!

'Likely' referendum on same-sex marriage?

Obama lunges toward global government

'The Great Destroyer'

Politicians' deceptive wordplay

Can a general call suicide 'selfish'?

White House mum on Civil War hero

Sources: Raptors sent to help Israel

PICKET: DOJ to monitor Wisconsin recall election - Washington Times

First Read - Bill Clinton says Romney would be 'calamitous for our country'

Erupting Urinal Soaks House Press Gallery - Billy House - NationalJournal.com

Did Hitler have ‘good intentions’?

Are you ready for ‘Made in the World’?

We Only Think We Know the Truth About Salt - NYTimes.com

Dobson to prez: I won’t bow to ‘wicked’ Obamacare


+Platters founder Herb Reed dies at 83 | CNSNews.com


"Only You" by The Platters - Grooveshark

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters - Grooveshark

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by The Platters - Grooveshark

"Twilight Time" by The Platters - Grooveshark


Bob Weir - Twilight Time - San Gregorio Fest., CA 5-28-89 - YouTube

Jerry Garcia / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - YouTube

Dead Air with Uncle John 2012-06-03

Traffic & Jerry Garcia / Mr Dear Fantasy - YouTube

Jerry Garcia/ David Grisman-Ripple (2/2/91 rehearsal) - YouTube


Clinton Slams Obama: 'I’m the Only Guy Who Gave You Four Surplus Budgets'

Bill Clinton out of control on 2012 - Roger Simon - POLITICO.com

Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber - ABC News

Bloomberg Backs Plan to Limit Arrests for Marijuana - NYTimes.com

Schools Boss Is Sacked Over Explicit E-Mails | The Smoking Gun

Jill Biden: 'Joe would make a great president' - POLITICO.com

First Read - Rice delves into politics; to headline fundraiser for GOP women's PAC

Woody Allen picks Blanchett and Baldwin for next film - Yahoo! News Canada

It is time for governments to borrow more money - The Washington Post

Sen. Marco Rubio earning respect in Senate for foreign-policy work - Florida - MiamiHerald.com

Axelrod: Rubio as VP would ‘insult’ Hispanics | Washington Free Beacon

Is Obama a Socialist? - U.S. Election 2012 - CNBC

Russia turns east to embrace looming China | Reuters

Gov. Walker: Win or Lose, 'We Did the Right Thing' for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Recall a Test for Obama's Re-election

Biden Spends $1 M Annually for Weekend Trips

Zuckerberg 'Dumped $1 Billion in Shares Before IPO'

Jubilee Reaches Climax With Queen's Husband in Hospital

Brinkley Book: Cronkite Had 'Liberal Bias'

Ed Klein: Obama Trying to Discredit 'Amateur' Findings

Some Think Edwards Could Make Comeback

Book: Holder Considered Quitting

GOP Ad Slams Obama's Celebrity Partying

Obama Campaign Scales Down Ad Spots

Jackson Browne Believes Obama's Running on Empty

Buzz Over Hillary 2016 Shows No Sign of Abating

Syrian Rebels No Longer Adhering to Truce; Blame al-Assad for Collapse

France Slams Obama's Comments on Europe Debt

Stiglitz: Romney Would Push Odds of U.S. Recession Higher

One Daily Aspirin Could Have Saved Richard Dawson

Eat Fish to Keep Aging Vision Sharp

Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show

Rare Transit of Venus to Occur Tonight

Bob Dylan Honored at the White House

Obama Is 'The Great Destroyer'

Taxation Goes Global

Political Cons Deplete Our Tax Dollars

Madonna’s MDNA Tour Replete with Illuminati Agenda

Courtney Stodden, a Monarch Sex Kitten?

Recurring Dreams, Themes and Parallel Worlds | Before It's News



The Mysterious Arc Of Venus | Before It's News

Last Transit of Venus for 105 Years (Live Feed) | Before It's News

Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months - Video | Before It's News

48 min./Obama globalist explained The U N Deception - YouTube

The Obama Backgrond Issue Has Hit A Turning Point | Before It's News

The Hillary Gambit: Will She Replace Biden?

Obama's October Surprise: Will He Use the Military To Sway the Electorate?

Great Pyramid Starmap Etching Depicts Age Of 9200 BCE | Before It's News

Great Pyramid Starmap Etching Depicts Age of 9200 bce - YouTube

The Chinese Secret To Long Life | Before It's News

It’s Hemp History Week! - Waking Times : Waking Times

Home Remedies for Bee Stings | Before It's News

Ten Tips That Will Guarantee You Have Food if SHTF


Making Homemade Laundry Soap

Homemade Laundry Detergent [Soap]


Splitting An Atom In Half And Putting It Back Together | Before It's News

Barack Obama Campaign Funded by Planned Parenthood Blood Money

Super Creepy Video Ad Released By The Obama Campaign | Before It's News

Anna Wintour: "Don't be Late" - YouTube

Ancient Jugs Hold The Secret To Practical Mathematics In Biblical Times | Before It's News

The Creation Of Adam | Before It's News

Ayers and Obama: What the Media Hid

MSNBC On WI Recall: 'President Obama Probably Wouldn't Make A Difference Anyway'

Van Jones Campaigns In Obama's Absence In WI: Scott Walker 'Economic Cheater'

Jesse Jackson: 'We Will Be Marching On Gun Shops Around The Country'

Anti-Walker Protester Scares School Kids At WI Capitol Building

Axelrod: Rubio VP Pick 'Would Be An Insult To The Hispanic Community'

Bill Maher Now Co-owner of Mets, Anti-Limbaugh Leftists Silent

Warren Accused of 'Repeated Instances of Scientific Misconduct' Before Harvard Hire

'Machine Gun Preacher' DVD Review: A Mediocre Film for a Great Story

Greg Gutfeld: Hollywood Is Obama's 'Personal ATM Machine'

Did A WI Group With Democrat Party Ties Violate Election Law?

Obama Sends Last-Minute Pro-Barrett Tweet

Questioning the Timing on the Times' Attack on Cardinal Dolan

Jesse Jackson Calls For 'Voter Tsunami' In WI Recall

USA Today Columnist: Warren Should Apologize to Native Americans

Artist Turns Dead Cat Into Drone

Miss Ohio: 'Pretty Woman' Prostitute 'Positive Role Model'

Facebook Boasts Lead To Major Gang Bust

Jesse Jackson Compares Walker To Segregationist George Wallace

AP: Obama Not a Socialist

Hollywood Sells Its Soul To China's 'Chill Wind'

Rapper Nicki Minaj Skips Festival After D.J.’s Remarks

Mainstream Media Escapes From Wisconsin

Live at Noon: Bloggers Briefing: Rep. Mac Thornberry on Threats in the Information Age

Teachers Union President Brags About Pushing Walker Recall in Schools

Condoleezza Rice's First D.C. Fundraiser Will Be ShePAC, June 25

Mainstream Media Downplays Impact Of Wisconsin Recall

Romney's Anti-Cronyism Theme Catching Fire

Long Lines as Recall Voting Begins in Heavily Democratic Milwaukee

Spanish Abortion Doctor Must Pay Child Support For Failing to Kill Unborn Child

Disney Kneels Before The State: Bans 'Junkfood' Ads

Clinton Slams Obama: 'I’m the Only Guy Who Gave You Four Surplus Budgets'

WaPo Misses Point on Book of Mormon

Dick Morris 'Bill Clinton Does Not Want Barack Obama to Win'

Fox News Leaves Israel Off Middle East Map

Judicial Watch Sues Air Force, Secret Service for Michelle Obama Vacation Records

Democrats' Closing Message in Wisconsin Recall: Barrett Will Unify the State

Obama Prevents Student Loan Rate Reduction

Russia and China Oppose Foreign Intervention in Syria

Recall Challenger Barrett Says He'll Cut State Worker Benefits

Today's Comedy Coward: Jason Alexander

LA Injunction Allows 'Skid Row' Residents to Pollute Streets With Human Waste, Needles

LA High School Brings Planned Parenthood to Campus

SCOTUS: Giving Tax Relief to Some but Not Others Constitutional

Election Officials: 'Very, Very High' Turnout in Wisconsin

Booby Prize: WI Dems Hope to Win Out-of-Session State Senate

Socialism Above Comediansim: Stewart Won't Mock Warren

Dem Governor: 'Nobody Out There Thinks That Governor Romney Is Unqualified'

In Wake of Hollande Election, Investors Redirect Cash From France to US

Black Ministers Blast Elizabeth Warren's Apparent Abuse of Affirmative Action

Ben & Jerry's Pushes Occupy Defacement of Currency

Exclusive - The Vetting - Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers Barbecue, July 4, 2005

'Spartacus' to End Revolutionary Run Next Season

Woodard on Obama: 'You Name It, and He's Done It'

Ratings: 'The Five' Beats Stewart, Trounces Colbert

Clinton Slams Obama: 'I’m the Only Guy Who Gave You Four Surplus Budgets'

Trumka Confronted On WI Recall: 'Will You Resign' If You Lose?

» Egypt’s Dog and Pony Revolution Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Why Well Meaning Socialists Like Webster Tarpley Misunderstand Ron Paul & Libertarians Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Tucker: Bilderberg Wants Mitch Daniels As Romney’s VP Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» 1.6 Trillion Dollars More Debt: Fiscal Conservatives Have Been Raped By The Republican Party Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Time for Civil Disobedience? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» EFF Tells CA Supreme Court Warrantless DNA Collection Unconstitutional Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Death Panels: Senior Claims Government Denied Him Medical Care Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

At museum on 9/11, talking through an identity crisis - Hawaii News - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

» The New Professionalism Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: 10 arrests for minor offences despite 1.5m people on streets of London | Mail Online

» Modern-day vaccines have their roots in Nazi medical experiments Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» How the HIV Virus Became the US Government’s Most Successful Bio-Weapon Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Vitamin D and Cancer – Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals at Treating Cancer Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

DOJ: Watergate Wiretap Records Should Remain Sealed - The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times

Court: Can police detain without warrant?

Cyberweapon Warning From Kaspersky, a Computer Security Expert - NYTimes.com

Artificial DNA Copies Just Like the Real Thing | LiveScience

NASA sends drones to monitor hurricanes

 | TG Daily

‘Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties - NY Daily News

Defiance: A Lost Virtue? : Personal Liberty Alerts

» Megaupload has no rights? US broke its own rules by going after Internet giant Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Wis. recall may offer some closure, but divisions remain

Diamond Jubilee: Queen 'humbled' by celebrations

California gay marriage case looks headed to Supreme Court

3 jurors picked for Sandusky child sex abuse trial

Most school districts reject 'pink slime' for lunch programs

Disney to curb junk-food ads, label healthier food

Romney Says He Would Unload GM Stake at Loss

Crossroads GPS dropping $7 million on anti-Obama ads this month

How Xbox SmartGlass will work


Airtime: A 'social video network' made by the Napster co-founders

Introducing Airtime - YouTube

Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning Unveil Airtime | Virtual-Strategy Magazine




Obamas invited to June 16 Kenwood-Hyde Park wedding of Valerie Jarrett's daughter

Arson suspected at gay Oak Park nightclub

Blagojevich prosecutor leaving U.S. attorney's office for law firm

Romney Eyes Pennsylvania Despite Big Obama '08 Win

Court Won't Rehear California Gay-Marriage Ruling

Clemens' lawyer: Debbie Clemens to testify in perjury trial

President Obama (Sort Of) Covers 'Call Me Maybe' — VIDEO

Cases Close for Philadelphia Diocese Official

President Obama Hits Broadway, Covers ESSENCE

Ohio Teen Indicted in 3 School Shooting Deaths

Romney's (non) military record faces new scrutiny

Pew: Partisan polarization surges in Bush, Obama Years

China, Russia United Against Intervention in Syria

Canada murder suspect will not fight extradition

Egypt comes to terms with Mubarak in jail

Pope's butler quizzed over 'Vatileaks'

Panetta to encourage India for larger role in war

Norwegian far right defend Breivik's views on Islam

China Rejects US Call to Release Tiananmen Prisoners

Ahmadinejad says to propose solutions for intl. issues at Shanghai summit

US sees "apparent clean-up" at Iran site

Malawi Ready to Arrest Sudan's Bashir If he Comes for Summit

Skeletons treated for vampirism found in Bulgaria

Ukraine language bill prompts clashes between police and protesters

'Donuts' startup lands $100 million for dot-brand domains

A-List Witness at Gupta Inside-Trading Trial

Zippo produces 500 millionth lighter


* www.zippo.com/


Romney pushed for individual mandate in Massachusetts health care law, emails show

Biden tells Florida high school grads 'Don't give in to cynicism'

Shocking Voter Purges Taking Place In Houston & Across Texas

Feds to monitor California elections for discrimination

Google Buys Quickoffice to Boost Google Apps

Tech behind Flame attack could compromise Microsoft Update

Netflix Launches 'Open Connect' Content Delivery Network

Facebook to 'disappear' in under 10 years, according to analyst


+Herb Reed Is Dead at 83


Cissy Houston's book to cover Whitney's drug use with 'candor'

Paul McCartney Performing at London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Gwyneth Paltrow Uses “N”-Word On Twitter

Jerry O'Connell to revive Herman Munster for NBC

How tiny mosquitoes survive huge blows from raindrops

Did Early Birds Exterminate Giant Insects?

Man charged with selling live Asian carp in Mich.

This black hole was evicted from its home galaxy

Earhart Lived On An Island For Days After Disappearing


Transit of Venus: Viewing parties planned as excitement grows

Venus to make last-in-a-lifetime sun crossing Tuesday

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Disney to quit taking ads for junk food aimed at kids

Bus Driver With "Disabling Erection" Says Doctors Blew Him Off For Baseball

'Bath salts' drug behind Miami face-eating attack could be banned in Canada

Chronic sun exposure damages trucker's skin through glass


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Barack Obama’s bad economic ideas—Charles Gasparino - NYPOST.com

Walker Recall Battle May Hurt Obama - NYTimes.com

Bloomberg versus the Big Gulp | Washington Examiner

CURL: This sure isn't the McCain campaign - Washington Times

Wisconsin gov’s collective-bargaining reforms have been resounding success - Chicago Sun-Times

In Wisconsin, All Politics Is Presidential - Bloomberg

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Future tense, X: The fourth revolution by James Piereson - The New Criterion

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Smashing the Tyranny of the Democrats' Clichés

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Anti-Jewish attacks in France reach epidemic proportions

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Dept. of Justice Case against Former BP Engineer is Rapidly Crumbling

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Are you ready for the recall recount?

Affirmative Action in China?

Is Facebook a fad?

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Spending and Demographics

US Media: If you’re Totalitarian you can Kill Anyone you Like!

Corn Ethanol and a Non-Warming Earth

Liberals Are Waging the Real War on Women

Democrats Roll Out Racism in Presidential Campaign

Attack of the Records

Debbie Schlussel:Alhamdillullah [praise allah]: Muhammad Ali’s Grandson, Jacob Wertheimer, Bar Mitzvahed – Sting Like a Maccabee

Debbie Schlussel/VIDEO: Are Arabs, Muslims Selling Your Kids K2/Spice? Highly Addictive Drug Sold in Gas Stations Led to Murders

Top Obama EPA Official Admits to Plan to Destroy the Coal Industry in America (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Obama administration's proposed tariff on Chinese solar panels raises fear of trade war | Fox News

‘Stand your ground’ legal defenses worked in Florida even when victims were shot in back, investigation finds | The Lookout - Yahoo! News

BBC News - Venezuela bans private gun ownership

Pirates making hundreds of millions in ransoms, as attacks intensify off Somali coast | Fox News

Rush Limbaugh Dissects ‘Sex And The City’

Obama Becoming “Barack Hussein Kardashian”: Limbaugh Slams Anna Wintour’s Obama Ad

Mark Levin: Where is the Outrage Over ‘Foul-Mouthed Little Puke’ Bill Maher and the Mets

Mark Levin Interviews Gov. Scott Walker On Eve Of Recall Vote

Mark Levin Interviews David Limbaugh On New Book “The Great Destroyer”

Rush: Does Meghan Vogel Story, Who Stopped To Help A Fallen Runner, Suggest We Are In A Decline Of Hard Manliness?

Rush: If Only 2% Of The Population Is Gay, Do We Really Want To “Totally Redo Cultural Standards” For LGBT?

Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Was Taken To The Cory Booker Memorial Woodshed

Limbaugh: Wisconsin Is A Battleground For The Very Future Of The Union Government Model

Must See: This Cosmic Event Won’t Happen Again Until 2117

‘You Can’t Be Moral & Believe in God’?: Penn Jillette Sits Down with The Blaze — and Credits Glenn Beck

Veteran Claims Anti-War Landlady Refused to Rent Him an Apartment Because of His Military Service

Explanation: A new scientific method for controlling how much we eat leads to rapid weight loss

Has Van Jones Tipped His Hand on His Next Big Step to Mobilize the Left?

Meet the Once Anti-Semitic Muslim Who’s Now an Ardent Supporter of Israel

‘Guns Out, Jobs In!’: Jesse Jackson Describes Upcoming March on Guns Shops at Town Hall Event

‘Painful Every Step of the Way’: Top EPA Official Inadvertently Tells The Truth About the White House’s Environmental Agenda

Boeing‘s ’Ginormous, Hydrogen-Powered Uber-Drone’ Takes First Flight

See the Innovative Way These Chinese Workers Transport a Telephone Pole Without a Truck

Yikes: Miss Ohio USA Cites Prostitute in ‘Pretty Woman’ as ‘Positive and Accurate’ Depiction of Women During Miss USA Pageant

Watch Jesse Jackson Compares Gov. Walker to Segregationist & Invokes Lynching of Emmett Till

Did You Know the U.S. Was Planning on Funding a $20 Million Pakistani Version of Sesame Street?

Soros Speech Disappears from His Website — Which One and Why? (Update: It’s Back)

Richard Dawkins’ Next Book to Detail His Personal Path to Atheism

Special Report — George Soros: Godfather of the Left

‘Disney-Lapse’: Time-Lapse Video Shows You a Year of Disneyland in Less Than Five Minutes

Madonna Under Fire for Depicting French Politician With a Swastika on Her Forehead During Tel Aviv Performance

Crossdressing Crime Spree Finally Ended by Police

New Leader of Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center Is Straight

Conservative Authors Blame The Republicans For Congressional Gridlock

Ed Gillespie Spins Himself in Knots Attempting to Defend Mitt Romney's Opinion on the Auto Industry Bailout

Miss Ohio: Prostitute in 'Pretty Woman' Is a 'Very Positive Role' for Women

During Birther Rant at NC GOP Convention, Trump Claims He Can't Be Racist After Hiring Arsenio Hall

Former Obama Car Czar Shoots Down Romney's Assertions on Auto Bailout

Axelrod Denies Attending National Security Meetings

'Middle-Class Millionaires?' A Misguided Move From One of Our Favorite Dems

Gov. Bob McDonnell Admits President Obama Deserves Some Credit for Virginia's Unemployment Rate

Heritage Foundation 'Expert' Can't Cite Any Examples of Voter Fraud When Pressed by Chuck Todd

Mitt Romney's Tax Fraud

Paul Krugman Is Tired Of You People

O'Reilly: 'Racial Profiling' Ban Would Increase 'Street Crime'

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