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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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04 June 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


**Bilderberg 2012: The Official Attendees List | The Vigilant Citizen

**Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg 2012: detailed member bios, UK Guardian’s video report

*(COPY)Bilderberg 2012: Detailed Member Bios, UK Guardian’s Video Report | Before It's News

+Everything Bilderberg - 12160

Activist Post: Diverse activist groups unify to protest bilderberg 2012

+The Australian Bilderberg Group Connection | Before It's News

Activist Post: Bilderberg Foreign Security, Employee Rules, Prostitutes, and Protester Arrests

Bilderberg Bonanza: TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein visits ‘Occupy Bilderberg’

‘Occupy Bilderberg’ complains of media blackout, but chases media away

Tea Party and Occupy activists rub shoulders at Bilderberg protest | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bilderberg 2012: Ken Clarke's drive of shame | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bilderberg 2012: protesters hail their hero, Alex Jones | World news | guardian.co.uk

Bilderberg 2012: guess who's coming to dinner | World news | guardian.co.uk

OpEdNews - Article: Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People?

See who’s busting Bilderberg wide open

Bilderberg Group mystery - international banking & otherworldly interests - Honolulu exopolitics | Examiner.com

Bilderberg 2012: Eating Babies and More | Gather

Bilderberg 2012, the End? - English pravda.ru

Bilderberg Conference: Is it a powerful global cabal? | HeraldNet.com - Nation/World

Bilderberg 2012: real men don't like oligarchs | World news | guardian.co.uk

BOR: The First Rule of Bilderberg is...

Bilderbergers commit a felony? — RT

Bilderberg gathering: Conspiracy theorists join the world's elite - World news, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Looking Back at The Huge Success of Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - YouTube

The Final Day At Bilderberg 2012 With Luke Rudkowski - YouTube

» War Criminal Kissinger Pictured Leaving Bilderberg Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Bilderberg Exodus Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Bilderberg Exodus - YouTube

Alex Calls End to Diplomatic Immunity at Bilderberg - YouTube

Bilderberg 2012: protesters hail their hero, Alex Jones | World news | guardian.co.uk

» Tucker: Bilderberg Wants Mitch Daniels As Romney’s VP Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Bilderberg Members Label Protesters “Cockroaches” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Infowars Interview: Max Keiser on Bilderberg and the global financial crisis - YouTube

Bilderberg Agenda WWIII -- Aaron Dykes Infowars.com.flv - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg Members Label Protesters “Cockroaches”

Prison Planet.com » Tucker: Bilderberg Wants Mitch Daniels As Romney’s VP

+Prison Planet.com » Video Round Up From Bilderberg 2012

Prison Planet.com » Elite Plan One World Bank at Bilderberg Confab

Elite Plan One World Bank at Bilderberg Confab - YouTube

Is Bilderberg a conference on world affairs or a powerful global cabal? Depends on who you ask. - The Washington Post

Prison Planet.com » Insider: Bilderberg Members Share Ron Paul Death Wish

'Markets are facing a rerun of the Great Panic of 2008': Head of World Bank warns Europe is heading for 'danger zone' on bleakest day for global economy this year | Mail Online

The Global Elite's Death Race with Joe Banister - YouTube

Bilderberg Group Exposed Worldwide on their 58th Anniversary :

Photo: Obama’s Chief Economist Attends Bilderberg Meeting :

Photo: New York University Professor Attends Bilderberg :

+Shepard Ambellas: My Experience at Bilderberg 2012 (Part 1) :

Bilderberg 2012 Arrest: For The Record… :

Jim Tucker reveals Bilderberg wants Ron Paul DEAD! - YouTube

David Icke on how Bilderberg elites control society - YouTube

5 Unidentified Exclusive Bilderberg 2012 Attendee Photos :

+AFP PODCAST: Tucker & Anderson at Bilderberg | American Free Press

Washington Post Finally Breaks ‘Bilderberg’ Silence | American Free Press

What is Bilderberg? | American Free Press

Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary | American Free Press

*Promo/THE BILDERBERG FILES | American Free Press

AFP PODCAST: Jim Tucker at Bilderberg | American Free Press

AFP PODCAST: Mark Anderson at Bilderberg | American Free Press


* Timeline to Tyranny Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


VIDEO | The Amelia Earhart Mystery Finally Solved with New Evidence?

DoD eyes expanded military ties to Vietnam - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

AFP PODCAST: Forecasting Revolutions | American Free Press

Modern-day vaccines have their roots in Nazi medical experiments

» How the HIV Virus Became the US Government’s Most Successful Bio-Weapon Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Propaganda Battlefield: Militants Abroad, Conspiracy Theorists At Home Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law

George Soros Speech Goes Viral - Business Insider


» Rubio Addressed World Government Group in New York Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

A Conversation with Senator Marco Rubio (Video) - YouTube

Sen Mark Rubio Speaks at CFR Ahead of Bilderberg - YouTube


+ ‘Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties - NY Daily News


» CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


AIG Chief Sees Retirement Age as High as 80 After Crisis - Bloomberg

» National Guard Magazine Cover Story Specifies Americans as Greatest Terror Threat Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» If You Oppose Torture and Gitmo, the SPLC Says You Are an Extremist Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Court: Can police detain without warrant?

Taxpayer-funded gun control gets huge foundation boost


**Tarpley, Jones: The Great Debate! - YouTube


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Ill Will

Jim Brown: Equality? All Kids have a Right to Internet Access!

Bradlee Dean: Right and Wrong: Permanent Fixtures

EPA Using Drones to Spy on Cattle Ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa

Vitamin D and Cancer – Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals at Treating Cancer

Royal Society Believes Depopulation Will Save the Environment

Obama Has Not Kept His Promise About GMO Food

Obama Promises to Label GMOs - YouTube


**Global Viewing Locations: 2012 Transit of Venus


June 4 Lunar Eclipse: Why To Avoid Looking At It | The Health Coach


Italy Earthquake 2012: 5.1 Earth Tremor Hits Novi Di Modena

Parasites In Pinstripes With All Their Ideas | International Forecaster Weekly Bob Chapman The International Forcaster | Economy News | Investing | US Market Information | Gold | Silver | Wall Street Bailouts | Investment Trends | Money Resources | US and Worldwide Politics

Rawesome bombshell: Lab test evidence against Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms) found invalid; allegations unsupportable

Drone blitz on Pakistan enters third straight day | World news | guardian.co.uk

China warns of full-scale war in Syria as Lebanon army restores calm

Israel fitting nuclear arms on German-supplied subs: report - Yahoo! News Canada

Obama's Latest Bailout Plan Summarized In 4 Words: "3000 Bucks For Thingamajigs" | ZeroHedge

Obama Economic Plan: Go Buy A Thingamajig - YouTube

Three Months to Save the Euro: George Soros - Business News - CNBC

Christopher Elliott: "Meltdowns" The TSA Forgot To Mention (VIDEO)

Biowarfare alert: Is a mass bio-terror pandemic planned for 2012?

1930s photos show Greenland glaciers retreating faster than today • The Register

Prison Planet.com » Western Lifestyle to Surge Global Cancer Rates by 75% Come 2030

CERN director says LHC will find God Particle by end of the year - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Americans Eat 35 Lbs of ‘Stupidity’ Linked High-Fructose Corn Syrup on Average

War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod 'had to be separated' - Telegraph

Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa? | Washington Times Communities

US military build-up in Asia: 'Act of War'? - YouTube

10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages And Preparation From The Economic Collapse In Greece

» The Maple Spring and the Mafiocracy: Struggling Students versus “Entitled Elites” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Three Rogue Nations: Producing Order Out Of Chaos | Cosmic Convergence 2012

Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)? | Cosmic Convergence 2012


**AlJazeera - 101 East - Fukushima Fallout (2012) - YouTube


+Feds vs. Zombies: CDC officially denies 'Zombie Apocalypse' — RT


+CDC - Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response: Zombies


* pdf/A Zombie Final


Feds vs. Zombies: CDC officially denies 'Zombie Apocalypse' — RT

After gory incidents, online 'zombie' talk grows - Boston.com

Center for Disease Control denies ongoing zombie apocalypse | Digital Trends

CDC Claims 'No Zombies' Despite Miami, Maryland Cannibal Attack Photos, Video Evidence


- How to Clean up the Pineal Gland - Waking Times : Waking Times


+Twilight Language: Synchromystic Cannibals?


Obama Defies NDAA Ruling

On Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues

The Top 6 Lamest Bank Giveaways Ever - Current Rates, News and Information about Banks and Banking

Libertarianism in an Age of Discontent

Medical data breaches raising alarm - The Washington Post

Top 20 US Newspaper: The world’s food chain could be compromised — Japan’s radiation seems inescapable

Leon Panetta: China should not fear new US military focus on Asia-Pacific | World news | guardian.co.uk

Science fiction writer resurrects controversial idea of slapping BARCODES on infants at birth to make surveillance easier | Mail Online

Long-Sealed Watergate Documents May Be Released | Mail Online

Activist Post: Scientists Push for 'Solar Geoengineering' With Nano Particles to Whiten Our Skies

Consumer Alert: BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxic Bisphenol

Vitamin D and Cancer - Vitamin D Better than Pharmaceuticals

June 2, 2012 Obama Moves To Crush Poland After Global Genetic Disaster Revealed

June 1, 2012 US Move To Make Internet “Weapon Of War” Sparks Global Fears


**The GMO Threat [Full Length - HD] - YouTube


Barack Obama pot smoking: New book "Barack Obama: The Story" resusurrects Obama pot-smoking days - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

CIA teleportation whistleblower to go public in Vancouver ExoUniversity seminar - Vancouver ufo | Examiner.com

Raul Castro turning 81, trying to preserve communism | Reuters

Mariela Castro hopes Cuban-U.S. relations can normalize in Obama second term - POLITICO.com

Latin American Herald Tribune - New Book Claims Fidel Castro Knew About Kennedy Assassination

Your Cell Phone Makes You A Prisoner Of A Digital World Where Virtually Anyone Can Hack You And Track You

Putin to Meet With Ahmadinejad in Beijing Before Nuclear Talks - Businessweek

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The Income Tax: WWII Disney Propaganda


- CDC Zombie Apocalypse Prank Goes Dangerously Wrong In Miami


+DIY Home remedies and old wives cures using baking soda


* Worst Companies at Protecting User Privacy: Skype, Verizon, Yahoo!, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul Message to America - LETS END THE FED!

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Judge Napolitano on Obama's Secret "Kill List"

Queen's Jubilee - A Republic Would Not Change Anything - YouTube


+Russian geneticists disprove “Out of Africa” claim


75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves

Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza infections

Oil prices stall on questions about the extent of slowdown in global economy; gas prices fall - Yahoo! News Canada

Does Syria Hold a Trump Card on the US? | _

Activist Post: The Killer Elite Hit List

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : GERALD CELENTE - Your Living in One Big Global Corrupt System.

BBC News - Flame: Attackers 'sought confidential Iran data'

Christine Lagarde’s fairytale world | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs

Refreshing News: Venus to cross Sun in rare spectacle

Frankie Avalon - Venus - YouTube

Elder of Ziyon: Photo: Empire State Building in blue and white (updated)

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic") - YouTube


The lies about the 1967 war are still more powerful than the truth | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED


Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty (1:08:32)


Admiral Thomas Moorer Rejects Israeli's Excuse

Adm. Moorer and Jim Ennes at 1985 Forum

*34 PG/Declaration of Ward Boston,Jr.


McCain confronted about father's coverup of Israeli attack on US Navy ship.mov - YouTube

McCain and Israel's Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty - YouTube

+John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!

+Cover-up of USS LIBERTY


America’s Wind Power Leader Facing Critical Blackouts | Real Science

Craig R. Smith: I believe we are on the edge of another Lehman-type meltdown - National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com

Western Banks ‘Reaping Billions From Colombian Cocaine Trade’ - 12160

How China’s ‘Fifty-Cent Army’ Manipulates Online Opinion :

GM to buy out white-collar pensions - Chicago Sun-Times

SEC changing rules for when exchanges halt trading - Chicago Sun-Times

The L-Award Winning $60 Bulb by Philips vs C.Crane GeoBulb | Brian Eisenhauer

Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa? | Washington Times Communities

Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure

The Lies about the 1967 War are still more Powerful than the Truth | My Catbird Seat

Report: SAS and MI6 to set up camps inside Syria - BlackListedNews.com

Another REAL ID Deadline Bites the Dust - BlackListedNews.com

George Soros: European Union Could Become 'German Empire'


Sex Pistols God Save The Queen For Diamond Jubilee No.1 - YouTube

Diamond Jubilee: Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen re-released - Channel 4 News

Sex Pistols re-release 'God Save the Queen' – The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen gets Jubilee re-release | Video | Reuters.com


Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper - Britain/Ireland

Pentagon Looks to Expand Military Relationship With Vietnam | Defense News | defensenews.com

What Chinese Investment is Doing to Canadians | North America | World | Epoch Times

Tiananmen 23 Years Later: An Unknown History? | China Law & Policy

A Killer In the White House | This Can't Be Happening


+British royalty dined on human flesh (but don't worry it was 300 years ago) | Mail Online


First Super Weeds, Now Super Insects -- Thanks to Monsanto

The Houla Hoaxsters by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Obama’s Iran charade - Salon.com


+Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield 'Hiding in Plain Sight' by Douglas P. Horne


Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 2 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 3 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 4 - YouTube

Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Hero? - Part 5 - YouTube


+How to Memorize a Deck of Cards with Superhuman Speed | The Art of Manliness

Rihanna: Illuminati Slut | Before It's News

Alex Jones Is An illuminati Running Dog... | Before It's News


December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky - YouTube


Phoenix Rising Star: The Angel Stargate | Before It's News

A Secret Hidden From Mankind - YouTube


How To Make Organic Cleaning Supplies

Amazing Transformation: Never Stop Believing In Yourself

Flying Saucer Found Above Mars Rover! | Before It's News




"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?


[NATGEO] The truth about Zombies Part 1 of 3 - YouTube

[NATGEO] The truth about Zombies Part 2 of 3 - YouTube

[NATGEO] The truth about Zombies Part 3 of 3 - YouTube


Has the real Zombie Apocalypse begun? | Conspiracy HQ

Things That Block Light | Before It's News

THE SOYLENT HOLOCAUST: “They shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm.” ISAIAH 9 continues «


Articles: Barack Obama's Stolen Valor

The Diamond Spiders Have Invaded | Before It's News

Don't Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse - Business Insider

Earth Blasted By Mystery Cosmic Rays In 775 | Before It's News

The Many Uses of Baking Soda in Survival Situations | Doom and Bloom (TM)

Pelosi Predicts Scalia, Alito, Thomas or Roberts Will Side With Administration on Obamacare

Obama Called Ex-Im Bank ‘Corporate Welfare’ in ’08, But Now Lauds Federal Loans to Boeing, Dow Chemical

Some See Waning Support for Obama Among Democrats Who Are Religious

U.N. Chief Silent on Longstanding Failure to Define Terrorism

New Miss USA cites Audrey Hepburn as role model

'Family Feud' host Richard Dawson Remembered for Kissing, Wisecracking

Bill Maher buys minority share of NY Mets

British queen leads 1,000-strong jubilee flotilla

Putin defends Russia's human rights record

Navy marks Battle of Midway's 70th anniversary

Zimmerman back in jail, 2 days after bond revoked

Why Can't Israel Name Its Own Capital?

New Study Finds Flame Retardant in Common Foods

The Global Elite’s Digital Agenda Played Out as Censorship and Cyber Warfare

How the HIV Virus Became the US Government’s Most Successful Bio-Weapon

Walker Maintains Lead Heading into Epic Wisconsin Recall Vote

Obama Avoids Wisconsin

Bill Clinton Becomes Essential to Obama's Re-election Hopes

Ed Klein: Jarrett Is White House 'Buzzsaw'

Rubio Earning High Praise in Senate for Foreign-Policy Work

Radio Host Neal Boortz Retiring, Passing Torch to Herman Cain

Vatican Slams Radical US Nun's Book on Sexuality

Bin Laden Spent Fortune on 9/11, Other Attacks

Voters Rebel Against California's $68B High-Speed Rail Plan

Rasmussen: Majority Rejects Bloomberg Super-size Soft Drink Ban

'Sex and the City' Actress Plans Obama Fundraiser

Khamenei: West Lies About Nuclear Iran to Avoid Its Own Problems

Hussman: More Fed Easing Will Trigger Economic Disaster

Canadian dismemberment suspect arrested in Germany - CNN.com

Ministers skeptical on Elizabeth Warren - The Boston Globe

Obama, Clinton to Headline Trio of NYC Fundraisers | NBC New York

No respite for pope as more documents leaked | Reuters

Pope says family values are key to escaping modern ills - Yahoo! News Canada

Japan 'diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less - Yahoo! News

Sen. Marco Rubio earning respect in Senate for foreign-policy work - Florida - MiamiHerald.com

Axelrod: Rubio as VP would ‘insult’ Hispanics | Washington Free Beacon

Obama Tanking on Intrade - President Obama - Fox Nation

Black Man Disguised As Elderly White Man Allegedly Robs 11 NorCal Banks « CBS San Francisco

Flesh-Eating Bacteria: Time to Panic?

New High-Tech Weapons Against Cancer

Is Texting Ruining the Art of Conversation?

Google’s Social Network Ascending

NASA: Milky Way Due to Collide With Another Galaxy

End of the Nation-State by Doug Casey

The Failure of ‘Law and Order Conservatism’ by Ryan McMaken

Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9% | Benzinga

What I Wish I Had Done Differently | The Survival Mom

States explore new ways to tax motorists for road repair

Axelrod to Univision TV: Romney's picking Rubio would 'insult' Hispanics

RNC chief Priebus: Walker kept promises to voters, Obama hasn’t

Children of undocumented families outing their illegal status

Advertising in schools becoming more common

In Walker recall, road to White House runs through Wisconsin

Winners and losers in Wisconsin recall vote

Fort Collins teenager, 13, creates political board game based on Electoral College

Is tenure hurting public education?

Drug traffickers going coastal as they use boats to sneak drugs into Texas

Jill Biden writes children's book based on son's deployment

Joe Biden's daughter Ashley ties the knot

Gay marriage advocates gain corporate support

Child prodigy earns medical degree at age 21

U.S. employers waiting and watching before hiring

Obama's ambassador pick brings fight over Iraq policy back to Capitol Hill

Obama – the first Jewish president, too?

President Bill Clinton vs. Gov. Scott Walker and me

The Obama likability trap

Sudden Infant Vaccine Death

Agenda 21: We've got it, like it or not

As Indian as I

And the standard is …?

P. BUCHANAN: Would GOP actually fix fiscal crisis?

J. FARAH: Eligibility issue and media hysteria

Bring on the jobs debate

FARAH: Atlantic joins Romney 'birther' craze

LARRY KLAYMAN: More Obama treason!

'Mitt somebody'

PATRICE LEWIS: Fixing stupid

STAR PARKER: America now solidly 'pro-life'

E. RUSH: Gendercide and America's course

Chuck Norris enters 2012 political ring

Comic rips Obama for Judaism remark

Chinese, Latin American crime lords linking

Another Alinskyite emerges from Obama’s past

War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod 'had to be separated' - Telegraph

Al-Qaida spreading reach into Mali

Is it ‘hate’ to expose Islam?

Evolution to fall in 2012?


3.6.2012 - 1/4 - Prophecy of the Popes - YouTube

3.6.2012 - 2/4 - Prophecy of the Popes - YouTube

3.6.2012 - 3/4 - Prophecy of the Popes - YouTube

3.6.2012 - 4/4 - Prophecy of the Popes - YouTube


28 MIN./The Hal Lindsey Report - Prophecy of the Popes - YouTube


55 MIN./Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here. 2012 - YouTube


* How do we know time travelers aren't constantly changing the past?


I've been to the future and it really aches - The Local

‘Zombie apocalypse’: Horror movie genre becomes twisted, real-life news headlines - NY Daily News

Space Cases: The Weirdest Legal Claims in Outer Space | Wired Science | Wired.com

Exclusive - The Vetting - Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers Barbecue, July 4, 2005

Ed Gillespie Spins Himself in Knots Attempting to Defend Mitt Romney's Opinion on the Auto Industry Bailout

Conservative Authors Blame The Republicans For Congressional Gridlock

Russ Feingold: Turnout Key To Beating Walker

Eric Ferhnstrom Plays The 'You Are What We Are' Game

Michelle Rhee's Reality: Charter School Job Insecurity Leads to Tragedy

Norquist: Bush Insulted Romney With Remarks on Tax Pledge

Rachel Maddow: "Republicans Have Succeeded in Effectively Killing the Unions in Wisconsin"

On 'This Week,' Paul Krugman Destroys Romney Surrogate, Calls Ryan Plan a 'Fraud'

Gillespie: Walker Victory Would Mean Unions Can't be 'Too Greedy'

Chris Hayes Explores The Disconnect Between Civilian and Military Lives

George Will Uses Bloomberg's Soda Ban to Blast Climate Change Laws

Both Sides Aren't Doing It

I Am The 99 Percent

Barrett: Walker Campaigning to Be 'Poster Boy' for the Tea Party

Bob Schieffer Accuses Axelrod of Going Negative Against Romney

Michael Steele Denies That There's Any Racism Involved in GOP Voter Suppression

The Vetting: Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf, the Socialist, anti-Israel Rabbi Who Taught Obama What He 'Knows' About Judaism

RNC Chair Explains How Tea Party Was Essential In WI

John Edwards Mistress to Release Tell All Book

Too Many Republican Congressmen Giving Unions Free Tax Dollars

Juan Williams: Obama Video 'Reeks Of Ornamental Excess' On Day Of Bad Jobs Report

Chris Wallace Slams Obama Car Czar With Facts On Fox New Sunday

RNC Chairman Priebus Confident On Walker: 'Special Person' Who 'Keeps Promises'

Obama Advisor On President's Economic-Plan: Let's Wait And See On Unemployment

Zimmerman in Police Custody

Baldwin Backs Bloomberg's Nanny State Soda Decree

Zero Hour: Panicked European Investors Pay Germany to Take Their Money

American Freedom Alliance Conference To Focus On How Global Governance Undermines National Sovereignty

Parker's Obama Ad to Air During MTV Movie Awards Tonight

Warren Caught Telling Another Tall Tale About Composite Grandmother

'Game Change' Author: 'Mitt Romney Is Never Going To Be Likable'

'Meet The Press' Panel Analyzes Latest Obama Jobs Numbers

'Fox News Sunday' Panel Talks Bloomberg's War On Soda

Dem Governor Rendell: Recalling Scott Walker Was 'Mistake'

Kleefisch Challenger: Collective Bargaining Affects 'Public Safety'

Tuxedo Clad Kid Caught Carjacking On Way To Prom

UK Royals Party In Street For Queen's Jubilee

Campaign Releases Embarrassing Ad Portraying Sarah Jessica Parker As Obama Shill

'Hunger Games' Earns Four MTV Movie Awards

Zimmerman Attorneys Request New Bond Hearing

China's Labor Goes Robotic

Just Hutcherson Talks MTV Movie Awards

WATCH: Never-Before-Seen 'Dark Knight Rises' Clips

Nigerian Airplane Crashes, Killing 153 Onboard

Syrian Leader Likens Bloody Crackdown To 'Surgery'

Family Fued Host Richard Dawson Dead At 79

Warren: I Would Be First MA Senator With 'Native American Heritage'

George Will Schools Krugman On Scott Walker Record

MSNBC: 'Can The President Make Mitt Romney Scary?'

RNC Rips Obama Over Anna Wintour's Elitist Fundraising Video

The Vetting: Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf, the Socialist, anti-Israel Rabbi Who Taught Obama What He 'Knows' About Judaism

Black Ministers Blast Elizabeth Warren's Apparent Abuse of Affirmative Action

Meet NCSL: The Taxpayer-Funded Lobby for Expanding Government

WI Recall: SEIU Boss Manhandles New Media Camera

Poll: Scott Walker's Lead Shrinks to Three

Defense of Marriage Act Goes to SCOTUS

Syrian Reporter Attacked On Live TV

Chris Matthews: Obama Is President Because He Put 'Cojones On The Line' Against 'Stupid-A** War'

Dem Senator: Lets Not 'Walk Ourselves Into Recession'

NPR's Peter Overby Confronted Over Conflict In Covering ALEC

RNC Slams Obama For Elitist Fundraiser In Midst Of Bad Jobs Report

Last-Minute Liberal Attempt to Smear Walker With False ‘Love Child’ Rumor Implodes

Exclusive - The Vetting - Senator Barack Obama Attended Bill Ayers Barbecue, July 4, 2005

Washington Post Fact-Checker: Romney's Use of Accurate Number Is a Lie

Axelrod: Obama Not Going To WI Because 'We're Well Represented'

Obama eCards: Remind Your Friends That America's Sexist

Today's Dishonest Politico Headline: 'Romney-Backed Solar Firm Flops'

What's at stake in Wisconsin?

Obama ad attacks Mitt Romney's record on jobs as governor: risky strategy?

Accusers of former Penn State coach must give names-judge

Zimmerman's Donation's Spike on Jail Return

Sheriff: Zimmerman Being Booked, Processed - YouTube

Does Sarah Jessica Parker's Obama ad cheapen the White House?

Former US presidential candidate Cain to host radio show

Cuomo Said to Seek Decriminalization of Small Amounts of Pot

High court protects Secret Service agents

Philadelphia priest-abuse jury asks key questions

Pennsylvania father charged with killing wife, young daughters

Gabrielle Giffords plans public appearance to campaign for former aide

Obama courts women voters as he pushes Paycheck Fairness Act

Obama calls on Senate to pass equal pay bill, says women still get less than men for same work - The Washington Post

Canadian suspect in gruesome killing arrested in Berlin

Nigeria Mourns Deadly Plane Crash in Lagos

Nigeria plane crash: Video of wreckage, ruins in Lagos - YouTube

Oddities in Chinese stock index evoke Tiananmen

Syrian rebels kill 80 soldiers, opposition claims

Nuclear Monitor Announces New Talks with Iran

Egyptians Build Momentum to Push Shafik from Presidential Race

Syria on agenda as EU leaders meet with Russia's Putin

Baghdad suicide bomber kills dozens in attack on Shia office

Nigeria's Boko Haram a holy war? Maybe not entirely

Eaton Centre shooting suspect identified

Hanoi opens 3 MIA search areas, releases letters

Danish court finds 4 guilty of terrorism

Tripoli airport closed after attack by armed militia

NATO strikes overland transport deals

Goldman Sachs boss Corzine criticised for role in MF Global collapse

BofA Withheld Depth of Merrill Loss in 2008: Filings

Facebook Ready to (Officially) Allow Children Under 13

Report: Yahoo, Facebook Close to Deal on Patent Suits

MTV Movie Awards 2012: Seven Things You Didn't See

Russell Brand pokes fun at stars as he hosts the MTV Movie Awards - YouTube

Prometheus Star Noomi Rapace On Ridley Scott, Alien, And Possible Sequels

Olivia Culpo: Three Things to Know About the New Miss USA

Octomom Nadya Suleman Going "Topless" to Promote Upcoming Adult Movie

Richard Dawson's Family Reveals He Was Diagnosed With Cancer Just Three Weeks Ago

President Obama Writes Excuse Note For Boy Who Missed School To Attend. - YouTube

Obama's vs. Romney's strategies

Obama urges Senate passage of equal pay bill

President Obama Writes Fifth Grader's Excuse Note

US Justice Dept. to monitor Wis. recall elections

Biden to deliver commencement speech in Miami

Reince Priebus Says Obama failed on Promises

Marijuana initiative could make or break Obama in Colorado

Drone wars and state secrecy – how Barack Obama became a hardliner

Wealth an issue for Democratic candidates, too

Romney Takes Conservative Fire For Top Aide Michael Leavitt’s Support Of Obamacare Exchanges | TPMDC

Tuesday is your last chance to watch transit of Venus

Space Shuttle Enterprise sails past New York to its final destination - YouTube

Discovery: Amelia Earhart lived on island for days after disappearance

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon Dips Through Earth's Shadow (Pictures)

What is Your Role in the Green Economy?

Artificial muscle as shock absorber

Scientists tire of human genome, map tomato's

Hawaii Waves: Incredible Images Capture Kaleidoscope Of Colours (PICTURES)

Study suggests expanding the genetic alphabet may be easier than previously thought

Study: Childhood cancer survivors face new risks

Central New York Cancer Survivors Celebrate National Cancer Survivor Day - YouTube

Drug delays spread of certain breast cancers

The top four reasons moms stop breastfeeding--and what we can do about them

Nudge the US Out of Its Obesity

Foggers, "bug bombs" are no match for bedbugs, scientists say

Dawson's 'Feud' Legacy Filled with Laughter

'Seinfeld' Star Apologizes for 'Gay' Cricket Remark

Politics of ‘Star Trek’: “A Private Little War”

Obama eCards: Remind Your Friends That America's Sexist

Poll: Obama More Extreme Than Romney

Today's Dishonest Politico Headline: 'Romney-Backed Solar Firm Flops'

Egypt's top prosecutor to appeal Mubarak verdict

Attack of the Records

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Constitutionally Ignorant and Politically Tone-Deaf

Export Natural Gas to Create Jobs

How Obama Might Just Break Even on Jobs

Dept. of Justice Case against Former BP Engineer is Rapidly Crumbling

Climate-Catastrophe Skeptics - If You Can't Beat 'Em, Shrink 'Em!

Benchmarking Presidential Readiness

Obama Administration Combats Racist Air

SCOTUS ObamaCare Decision: Both Monumental and Irrelevant

Progressive Education's War On Knowledge

Muslim Outrage, Intimidation, and Blackmail

When Democrats Confuse Statism with Community

The Aesthetics of ObamaCare

Disillusioned Obama 2008 donors not giving to 2012 campaign

Huge push by labor, tea party, in final hours before recall vote

Obama and Walker: A Contrast in Campaigns

I Am Barack Obama's Worst Nightmare

Iran looking to hide evidence of A-bomb work at military site?

Free Syrian Army improving their combat skills

Tea Party Express VII in Wisconsin: The Good and the Ugly

The Economic Disaster Inflicted by Abortion: Roe v Wade as Financial Holocaust

Barack Obama Campaign Funded by Planned Parenthood Blood Money

Judge Should go to Jail, Not Pastor Who Taught Discipline of Children!

The State at the End of the Universe

Progressivism: An Adolescent Ideology

Demanding the Truth about Obama

Equal Rights for Unborn Feminists!

Obama Fiasco over the Same Sex Debacle!

Remembering Jefferson Davis: American Patriot & Southern Hero

Obama’s Black Friday

Future Shock: Will Liberals Defend Abortion Based on “Sexual Orientation”?

Limbaugh: Wisconsin Is A Battleground For The Very Future Of The Union Government Model

BBC News - Venezuela bans private gun ownership

DECKER: Savage damnation - Washington Times

Dawud Walid, the Quran and Jews :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Marion Sandler, ex-CEO of Golden West, dies


Zombie Prank Almost Goes Horribly Wrong | Video | TheBlaze.com


Paul Krugman: Solyndra a Tiny Misstep, a Billion Dollars Isn’t a Lot of Money | ABC‘s ’This Week’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander Apologizes for Gay Cricket Comments | GLAAD | Video | TheBlaze.com

Inside the world of smokejumpers and their gear | Video | TheBlaze.com

Nearly Half of Americans Believe in Creationism Over Evolution | TheBlaze.com

Thousands of Far Leftists and Neo-Nazis Clash in Hamburg, Germany | Video | TheBlaze.com

Some Democrats Worry Barack Obama Losing Support Among Religious | TheBlaze.com

Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte Answers Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is Accurate Portrayal of Women in Film | Miss USA | Video | TheBlaze.com

Janet Napolitano to Receive Gay Rights Award at DHS Pride Celebration | TheBlaze.com

Singer Colbie Caillat Attacked by Bugs During Pittsburgh Performance of ‘Bubbly’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Coalition of African American Pastors Slams Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance | TheBlaze.com

Blog Compares China’s J-20 With the U.S. F-22 Raptor With Some Citing ‘Reverse Engineering’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

MRC Special Report on George Soros: Godfather of the Left | TheBlaze.com

Which U.S. States Are Leading the Clean Energy Pack?

What Are the True Social Costs of Electric Power?

G.(reen)O.P.? - NYTimes.com

All (Green) Thumbs - Jonah Goldberg - National Review Online

WPR Article | China Struggling to Respond to U.S. Energy Revolution

Carroll: Green hypocrites on climate change - The Denver Post

Breaking the negative feedback loop | Lawrence Summers

Welcome to Forbes

Barack Obama’s bad economic ideas—Charles Gasparino - NYPOST.com

23 years after Tiananmen, calls for political reform still ring

How to Repair the U.S. Pakistan Relationship - The Daily Beast

Karzai Family Moves to Protect Its Privilege - NYTimes.com

Where did the PA’s money go? - JPost - Opinion - Columnists

In Egypt, a pharaoh falls and the mameluks march on - The National

Russia's Role in the Houla Massacre | Opinion | The Moscow Times

Robot ethics: Morals and the machine | The Economist

Why Are Genius and Madness Connected? | Creativity and Mental Illness | LifesLittleMysteries.com

Have Emoticons Improved Written Communication? - Blog

UH Students Develop Prototype Device That Translates Sign Language

Quit fretting: U.S. doing OK in science education – USATODAY.com

Politics - Sujatha Jesudason and Anat Shenker-Osorio - Sex Selection in America: Why It Persists and How We Can Change It - The Atlantic

Opinion: Don't fall at the finish line in the race to eradicate polio – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs

How long does a Solar Eclipse last? – Starts With A Bang

Electrical stimulation of the brain: the benefits of the short, sharp shock | Science | The Observer

VIDEO/New Education Reforms in Wisconsin by Gov. Scott Walker

VIDEO/Brookings Podcast: Food Insecurity in Africa

Obama's Troubles in One Chart | Mother Jones

American Caste by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal Spring 2012

The Need for More STEM Workers | Brookings Institution

Mark Schmitt: When Did Conservatives Change Their Mind About Campaign Finance Disclosure? | The New Republic

The Claremont Institute - Restoring the Constitution

Boston Review — Kendra Bischoff and Sean F. Reardon: No Middle Ground

The Gospel of Stephen King – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Obama and Jeremiah Wright: Why a Pulled Ad Does Not Mean a Dead Issue | Religion & Politics

RealClearTechnology - Opinion, News, Analysis and Videos

Signs of Amelia Earhart's Final Days? : Discovery News

The Unknown Rebel - TIME

Comix as Propaganda

Jim Cullen, Review of Steven Biel's "Bonnie Parker Writes a Poem: How Two Bungling Psychopaths Became Bonnie and Clyde" (Now and Then, 2012) | History News Network

Jeffrey Eugenides Hails Donald Antrim’s 'Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World' - The Daily Beast

RealClearPolitics - Game On: The 2012 Battle Lines Are Drawn

If Walker Wins, What Are the Lessons? - National Review Online

Bloomberg versus the Big Gulp | Washington Examiner

Why Obama Campaign Should Keep Attacking Romney Over Bain Capital - The Daily Beast

CURL: This sure isn't the McCain campaign - Washington Times

RealClearPolitics - Can This Campaign Be Constructive?

RealClearPolitics - Are We at a Demographic Inflection Point?

Examiner Editorial: Obama's Interior Department stalls clean energy query | Washington Examiner


Sarah Jessica Parker Ad For "That Guy" Obama Airs During MTV Awards
Obama Campaign Touts Backing Of Vogue's Anna Wintour
Axelrod: Romney Picking Rubio As VP "Would Be An Insult" To Hispanics
Obama TV Ad: We've Heard it All Before
Chris Matthews: Obama Rejecting Keystone Was A "Mistake"
Former DNC Chair McAuliffe: Obama Has "Excellent" Record On Job Creation


Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda
Siegel, Faber on Europe and China
Overall Global Military Spending on the Decline
Flashback 1989: Tiananmen Square Protests
Turkish Women Protest New Abortion Law
Defiant Assad Rejects Role in Houla Massacre
UN Chief Calls for Broad Global Talks on Syria Crisis
Boats Fill the Thames for Diamond Queen's River Pageant
Plane Crashes in Nigeria
U.S. Economy Hangs on European Recovery
Queen Marks Diamond Jubilee
Is a 'Kill List' of Terrorists Ethical?
Robert Wright and Shadi Hamid Discuss Syria
Donald Rumsfeld on Syria and Iran



Axelrod: Romney Isn't a "Job Creator"
"This Week" Roundtable On The Economy
Gillespie: Obama's "Policies Are Hostile To Job Creators"
Govs. Kasich, Patrick Debate Economy, Presidential Election
"Meet The Press" Roundtable On Jobs Report
Shrum: "I Don't Think The President Could Win" A Referendum
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On Proposed Large Sugary Drink Ban


Obama Weekly Address: It's Time For Congress To Get To Work
Sen. Cornyn Delivers GOP Weekly: Obama Demonstrating An "Unwillingness To Lead"



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