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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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01 May 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World" : 21st Century Rebel

Occupy Your Mind!


The Michael Savage Show 04/30/2012


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Andrew Breibart's LA Coroner Dies! - YouTube


51 MIN./Alex Jones: Turning The Tide (High Quality) - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Highway Checkpoints Illegal

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney In Massachusetts This Weekend

Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes - ABC News

Prison Planet.com » Obama to Grandstand Over Boogie Man Osama’s Demise

Obama to Grandstand Over Boogie Man Osama's Demise - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Authorities Refuse to Disclose Details of Chicago Evacuation Plan

Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Protests in Resurgence - Bloomberg

Prison Planet.com » NSI Instructional Video: Public Photography is Terrorism

Suspicious Activity Reporting Line Officer Training - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » CBS Runs Defense For ‘Everyone’s a Terrorist’ FBI Flyers

Amerika: Land of The Snitch - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Misguided May Day: OWS Plans to Shut Down America

Occupy Wall Street Protester End the Fed - Best Rant! - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » The Ultimate Green Bombshell: New Study Finds Wind Farms Cause Actual Climate Change

Prison Planet.com » Neo-Cons Hypocritically Leverage “Human Rights” Against China

Prison Planet.com » NATO Summit In Chicago Set to be Martial Law Showcase

Secret Government Plans to Evacuate the City of Chicago During NATO Leaked - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Why? – 21 Unanswered Questions That They Don’t Want You To Look Into

Prison Planet.com » Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America – And It Is Working

Prison Planet.com » Arizona Bill Would Ban UN Agenda 21 Within State

Prison Planet.com » Brewing a Conflict with China

Green Fascism: Death by Wind Turbine - YouTube

Key Underwear Bomber Witness Runs for U.S. Congress - YouTube

Alex Jones calls for Occupy Bilderberg - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Fully Armed U.S. Troops Patrol Minnesota Neighborhood

UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India's poor | World news | The Observer

Prison Planet.com » The Velocity of Money Is Coming, Along With Big Price Inflation?

Fed officials, hawk and dove, agree: no more easing | Reuters

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul v. Paul Krugman

We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’: Shiller - Business News - CNBC

+Prison Planet.com » How to End the Healthcare Debate – Forever

Prison Planet.com » The Costs of War

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/30/12 The Alarming Suicide Epidemic in the Military - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » The Regime’s Guide to Good Citizenship

Prison Planet.com » Bin Laden: Everyone Is Missing the Big Picture

Prison Planet.com » Trail of Death: Breitbart Coroner Turns Up Dead, Arsenic Poisoning Suspected

Was Breitbart's Coroner Poisoned to Death? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » What is America’s Economic Breaking Point?

Breaking Point, The End of the Cheap Energy Economy - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » US Using Staged “Blind Activist” Stunt For Leverage Ahead of Talks

Prison Planet.com » Obama’s Osama Deception Proves Reality Has A Conspiracy Bias

Prison Planet.com » The 9/11 Magic Ritual- The Hypnotism of Power, The Madness of Human Sacrifice, And The Abuse of The Sacred

Prison Planet.com » Madness Has No Boundaries: The Irrationality of The West, Israel, and Islam

Prison Planet.com » Blind Chinese Activist is US NED Proxy

Prison Planet.com » Torture Cheerleaders Back In the News Trying to Defend the Indefensible

Prison Planet.com » DoD Confirms Russian Troops To Train On U.S. Soil

Prison Planet.com » Amazing Photos Show What the World Really Eats

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism - Washington Times

Prison Planet.com » SEALs slam Obama for using them as ‘ammunition’ in bid to take credit for bin Laden killing during election campaign

Prison Planet.com » Ammunition Shortages Coming?

Prison Planet.com » CISPA is Anti-American and Unethical, says UmeNow CEO

Could Fast and Furious Scandal Bring Down Obama? - YouTube

Robert F Kennedy assassination witness says FBI covered up fact there was a SECOND gunman | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » Borg Tea Party Voted to Kill Fourth

Opponents Pounce as Obama Trumpets the Killing of Bin Laden - NYTimes.com

Boost for alien search: BILLIONS of habitable planets may be lurking in the Milky Way | Mail Online

Cyborg down! New American military uniforms will test soldier's urine to warn of nuclear or biological attack | Mail Online

Prison Planet.com » S.S.R.Lies music video – 2012 edition – exposes the psychiatric drugging of children

S.S.R.Lies music video - 2012 edition - exposes the psychiatric drugging of children - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Pesticide Exposure Found to Lower Intelligence

Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » FDA refuses to ban antibiotics in livestock, resorts to voluntary phase out that will be ignored by industry


Breitbart Coroner Turns Up Dead: Arsenic Poisoning Suspected! - YouTube

Breitbart’s coroner poisoned to death?


'07/Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA - YouTube

**Prison Planet.com » Obama/Bin Laden 2012: Re-Elect the Stoic, Heroic Killer

'09/9 11 Bin Laden At Rawalpindi Hospital September 10th 1 28 2002 CBS - YouTube

Outside White House after Bin Ladens Death Madness, and Geraldo Rivera - YouTube

A witness account of Bin Laden's death - YouTube

Eyewitness account of Bin laden killing in Abbottabad (with subtitles) - YouTube

Exclusive: 'Bin Laden Dead' Hoax Exposed - YouTube


Naked TSA Protester: My job is to protect my rights | 9news.com

Olympic defence missiles 'don't work in bad weather' - Telegraph

Chief: Drones 'certainly' coming to skies over Beltway - WTOP.com

Rupert Murdoch Not Fit to Lead News Corp., Lawmakers Say - Bloomberg

Prison Planet.com » Obama National Security Chief Calls Drone Strikes “Just,” “Wise,” But Concedes We Attacked Militants Knowing Civilians Would Be Killed

Prison Planet.com » Fukushima still spewing massive radiation plumes; America in ‘huge trouble,’ says nuclear expert

U.S. drone strikes resume in Pakistan; action may complicate vital negotiations - The Washington Post

Prison Planet.com » A Far-Right Greek Party, With A Flag That Looks Like A Swastika, Is On The Verge Of Entering Parliament


The Road We've Traveled - YouTube


**The Truth About Nephilim Giants (Full Video) - Steve Quayle - YouTube

**Tim Wallace-Murphy Lectures on Hidden Wisdom - YouTube

**The mysterious origin of man - YouTube


Dog-eating jokes are the main course at press dinner

US and allies ramp up plans for military intervention in Syria

Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. - NYTimes.com

Poll shows 62 percent of Americans own their homes as rates plummet to 10-year lows | Mail Online


» DoD Confirms Russian Troops To Train On U.S. Soil Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


April 24, 2012 US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To “Take And Hold” Denver Airport


+Anomalies at Denver Airport

Sinister Sites - The Denver International Airport | The Vigilant Citizen

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 1) - YouTube

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory: A Documentary (part 2) - YouTube

Denver International Airport (DIA) « Mystery of the Iniquity

The Denver Airport Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) Explained NOV 2011 - YouTube


LiveLeak.com - 50ft Giant emerges from dock and walks through Liverpool


**Exposing The New Age Agenda [One World Religion] - YouTube


April 26, 2012 Obama Outlaws All Protests In US Ahead Of Historic Banking Collapse

Occupy prepares nationwide May Day mayhem

The gunmen in the Mary Moorman photo - YouTube

Refreshing News: US Secret Service to receive ethics training after Colombia prostitution scandal

You pay higher hydro bills, big business pays less - thestar.com

War and Cancer | Crack Two

Thousands of Occupy activists descend on U.S. cities for biggest May Day protests in nation's history | Mail Online

The Effects of the Accident on Human Health | Chernobyl Children's Project (UK)

White House: U.S. drone killings legal to combat threats | Reuters

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The Failure of Keynesian Economics

Jamie Scott Enyart : Biography

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : They\'ve Talked A Small Government Game For Years! NONE Of Them EVER Meant It Except Ron

RFK Assassination Witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes Says Sirhan Sirhan Didn't Act Alone

Robert Kennedy Assassination: Intimidation of a witness | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

ZCommunications | The Great Obama Bailout by Paul Street | ZMagazine Article

Iran Army gains capability to intercept, redirect enemy missiles: Cmdr

Activist Post: Amtrak forms new department to be headed by former FEMA official, signals tighter integration

False Flag Earth – The Planned Decimation of a Planet « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

Activist Post: The Costs of War

Activist Post: A Morning of Empire TV Will Numb Your Mind

Activist Post: The Police State Moves Into Cyberspace

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead | Fox News

Activist Post: Pesticide Exposure Found to Lower Intelligence

NATO Summit : Operation Red Zone the Militarization of Chicago | _

Activist Post: FCC: Google staff knew Street View cars were stealing private data

Subsidized Student Loans, Subsidized Banks, and Socialism on May Day | _

Activist Post: The Silent War Within the Brains of U.S. Soldiers

Media Is Mysteriously Mute On Ron Paul's Incredible False Flag Warning As USrael's War With Iran Looms

Why? – 21 Unanswered Questions That They Don’t Want You To Look Into

Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe - CNN.com

Bill Gives The IRS Power To: Authorize The Removal Of The Right To Own A Firearm – | Congressman Tom Tancredo

Face Off: Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on Bloomberg TV - April 30, 2012 - YouTube

C-SPAN StudentCam 2012 / www.studentcam.org/Winners12.htm

Executive Order 9066 - CSPAN Documentary On US Concentration Camps

Interview with Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI) & C-SPAN StudentCam Grand Prize Winner - YouTube

Ron Paul's secret weapon - the delegates - YouTube

Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard | CNSNews.com

'OWS has right target, must sever itself as US caught in vice of no escape' - YouTube

Serious blow to dark matter theories? New study finds mysterious lack of dark matter in Sun's neighborhood


U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed | _

Vatican 'accepted one billion lire' to bury crime boss in basilica next to former popes - Europe - World - The Independent

Lone Star Watchdog: The TSA LIke the Like NAZI Brown Shirts, East German Stasis and the KGB?

CBS Runs Defense For ‘Everyone’s a Terrorist’ FBI Flyers

60 Minutes: Ex-Mossad Chief "Israel on the edge of Disaster; Iran is Very Rational!!!" - YouTube

Chicago to Welcome Militarized May Day?

Key witness to RFK assassination says Sirhan Sirhan didn’t act alone | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

World Of Technology: Barack Obama: we need to do 'nation-building right here at home'

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Drug War: Huge Success

» NSI Instructional Video: Public Photography is Terrorism Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Suspicious Activity Reporting Line Officer Training - YouTube

» International Scientific Order Needed To Facilitate “The Big Die Off”, Top UN Adviser Says Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Martial Red Zone In America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America – And It Is Working Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Green Fascism: Death by Wind Turbine - YouTube

» Brewing a Conflict with China Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Alex Jones calls for Occupy Bilderberg - YouTube

» Fully Armed U.S. Troops Patrol Minnesota Neighborhood Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Highway Checkpoints Illegal Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» FBI Arrests “Anarchists” in Cleveland Bomb Plot Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes - ABC News

Police Departments Wait For FAA Clearance To Fly Drones

PressDisplay.com - Newspapers From Around the World

Alex Takes Calls from Military & Police on The Growing Police State - YouTube

Tasered to Death: Should all be afraid of cops? - YouTube

» Turn in Your Bin Ladens: What If Using Cash Becomes a Crime? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Biometric ID Cards Replace Cash - Mark Of The Beast.flv - YouTube

University of Akron engineering professor raises doubts about jet crash that killed Poland's president | cleveland.com

flashback:Poland rejects Russia's findings over plane crash that killed president - YouTube

flashback:Poland rejects Russia's findings over plane crash that killed president - YouTube

'10 flashback: Regime Change by Plane Crash Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

flashback:'10/ Poland rejects Russia’s findings over plane crash that killed president Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

'10 flashback:Did Global Elite Kill Polish President Kaczynski? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

+Digital Enhancement Of Amateur Plane Crash Site Footage (w / English Subtitles) In Smolensk - YouTube

Six jet attack missile sites across London during Olympic Games - London - News - Evening Standard

Gaddafi-era Libyan oil chief drowned: Vienna police - Yahoo! News

» Obama’s Osama Deception Proves Reality Has A Conspiracy Bias Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama to Grandstand Over Boogie Man Osama’s Demise Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FLASHBACK: Obama Campaign Accused Clinton Of Using Bin Laden To ‘Score Political Points’ In 2008 - ABC News

» Osama bin Laden Death Anniversary Prompts Terror Warnings Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.

After bin Laden, Al-Qaeda 'essentially gone': US - Yahoo! News

» You are all suspects now. What are you going to do about it? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Joseph Kony hunt is proving difficult for U.S. troops - The Washington Post

Humor is ridicule Marxist style

RFK assassination witness tells CNN: There was a second shooter - CNN.com

Romney takes swipe at Obama over bin Laden mission - Video on msnbc.com

Osama bin Laden death: SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit | Mail Online

Romney: 'Even Jimmy Carter' would have ordered bin Laden attack - CNN.com

World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower to rise higher than the Empire State building today, while competing for rival’s business - NYPOST.com

» Tarp Overseer Debunks Bailout Myths: Big Companies HAVEN’T Repaid Tarp Funds Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» FDA Allows Corporations to “Recondition” Old Food Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

BP to start three new Gulf of Mexico oil rigs | Business | The Guardian

Power really does corrupt as scientists claim it's as addictive as cocaine | Mail Online

Obama has held more fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined as he visits key swing states on 'permanent campaign' | Mail Online

ACORN Whistleblower Says Obama DOJ 'Has Gone Wild' - ACORN - Fox Nation

» 500%: Student Debt Load Matches Silver Price Increase Since Start of Century Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Obama’s green team comes out swinging as election proceeds - The Hill's E2-Wire

Ron Paul Solo Interview on Bloomberg TV - April 30, 2012 - YouTube

Ron Paul - Full Speech - Sunday | Video Library | Battle Creek Enquirer

Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video) - YouTube

Paul Vs. Paul - BlackListedNews.com

Treasury Dept. Fails to Implement Two-Thirds of Post-Bailout Recommendations - BlackListedNews.com

Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America – And It Is Working - BlackListedNews.com

White powder envelopes close NYC banks - World - Canoe.ca

Google Sued for Suggesting Rupert Murdoch and Other Celebrities Are Jewish - Hollywood Reporter

Bomb defused in Northern Ireland would have caused devastation | Reuters

Pesticide Exposure Found to Lower Intelligence

China’s Land Bridge to Turkey Creates New Eurasian Geopolitical Potentials

The King’s Propaganda

Clues Put FBI Informant at the Apex of Fast and Furious Scandal

*Articles > BP Whistleblowers, Over a Dozen of Them Assassinated, Missing Or Kidnapped in Last 2 Years...

Letters From the Underground Mail Bag: Subterranean Labyrinths, Underground Bases, and Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains :

Death by Regulation | Laissez-Faire Bookstore

This Weekend's 'Supermoon' Will be Year's Largest | Supermoon Full Moon | Space.com

Michelle Obama to America: ‘We Are Blessed to Have Him’

Clinton Labor Sec. Reich Dedicates New Book to Occupiers

America's Two-Faced Liberals

Obama: GOP Agenda is ‘Dismantling Unions,’ ‘Lay More Off,’ and Let America ‘Fall Further Behind’

Obama Suggests Romney Might not Have Killed Bin Laden

EPA Administrator Says Philosophy is to 'Crucify' Oil Companies

CBS Gives Krugman Platform to Bash Austerity, Call For More Spending

‘Bowl-a-Thon’ Raises $466,014 to Help Poor Women Buy Abortions

Obama: 'Republicans in Congress Would Rather Put Fewer of You to Work...'

Obama on Romney and Bin Laden: 'I’d Just Recommend Everybody Take a Look at People’s Previous Statements'

U.S. Military Not Reporting All Afghan Attacks on NATO Troops

Three Years Since Senate Democrats Have Passed a Budget

Harvard Got $5.6M in Federal Student Loans and Grants--Despite Its $31.7B Tax-Exempt Endowment

WH Official: ‘Al Qaeda Morale Is Low’ With Some Members Giving Up, Going Home

Santorum wants promises from Romney before backing

Obama Campaign Unveils New Slogan: 'Forward'

Japanese PM Visits White House for First Time in 3 Years -- But No State Dinner Held

‘Taxmageddon,’ Coming in 2013, Means You’ll Work Longer Than Ever to Pay for Government

Delta Air Lines Buying Its Own Oil Refinery

Lavender Graduation and Rainbow Tassles for U-Maryland's LGBT Students

World workers express anger, gloom on May Day

Kofi Annan Wants $7.5 Million to Cover Expenses for His Syrian Peace Mission

A Year After Bin Laden’s Death, Poll Finds Little Change in Muslims’ Views of Al-Qaeda

Court Denies Hudson is Getting Star Treatment

'Crocodile Dundee' Star Paul Hogan Ends Tax Battle

David Limbaugh Column: Obama Administration's Repeated Abuses Are Extension of Extreme Liberalism | NewsBusters.org

Chu Memo on Federal Hydropower Reflects ‘Religious Fervor of the Radical Left,’ GOP Lawmaker Says | CNSNews.com

Iranian Lawmaker Criticizes Saudis for Remaining Silent on Qur’an-Burning by American Pastor | CNSNews.com

Romney Joins Calls for U.S. to Protect Pro-Life Chinese Activist Who Exposed Forced Abortion | CNSNews.com

The election fraud lobby

More evidence Obama's a depraved liar

Here comes $1 gas ... or not

You call this 'free choice'?

The Supremes' Obama-burning questions

Evangelical pastors declare: 'We are gay'!

Is Europe sailing on the Titanic?

H. CAIN: 9 Obama decisions Romney wouldn't make

The heroic 9 take it to Obama

J. FARAH: I have a problem – with Joe the Plumber

Obama: Headed anywhere but 'Forward'

STAR PARKER: How to keep the poor poor

M. ACKLEY: The state of slow learners

A plebiscite on the American Revolution

Blogger threatened with jail for writing on health

Video: Sebelius gets schooled on health care

Lawmaker’s ‘how to slap Washington’ strategy

Obamacare ‘slush fund’ vs. student-loan bill

Democrat comic scorches Obama again

Fix government? Obama wants to start in Mideast

Soros tied to U.S. hunt for Kony?

Does ‘Freedom Tower’ height fulfill prophecy?


MAY 1ST. Obama's Election Campaign. Labor Unions and the Occupy Movement

Al-Qaeda in Syria: Pretext for Intervention

VIDEO: Nuclear "Security" and Nuclear Hypocrisy

China’s Rise, America’s Fall. Which Superpower is more Threatened by its “Extractive Elites”?

ILO report: Worldwide unemployment over 200 million

Obama's Election: The Democrats Need the Unions

Osama Bin Laden: Everyone Is Missing the Big Picture

Welcome to the Asylum: Capitalism, a Ceaseless and Futile Quest for Money and Goods

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS: India's "Bilateral Investment Treaties": A New Form of Colonialism?

The Piece of Paper that Killed Bin Laden

Early "Psychological Warfare" Research and the Rockefeller Foundation

Insider Trading 9/11: Allegations that informed circles made substantial profits in financial markets in connection to 9/11

The 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC): Unspoken Financial Bonanza

POLICE STATE: "Robots R’US": Military-style Drones on 63 Military Bases In The USA

NAZISM, THE LESSONS OF HISTORY: The Global War on Terror, in the "Original German"

CIVIL LIBERTIES, REMOTE SPYING AND THE DRONE LOBBY: Opening US Domestic Airspace to Unmanned Drones

US-Philippine military exercises directed against China

China’s ‘Reformist’ Crooks by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Waking Up to the Drones by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com

The C.I.A.’s Misuse of Secrecy - NYTimes.com

President Obama, 'Warrior in Chief' - Robert Wright - International - The Atlantic

Brennan speech is first Obama acknowledgment of use of armed drones - The Washington Post

White House Admission of Drone Strikes Does Nothing to Justify Program’s Legality, ACLU Says | Common Dreams

Obama pokes Romney on bin Laden raid | Herald Sun

Depressed Bin Laden thought about ‘al-Qaida' name change, White House says - ABC News

Hugo Chavez says Venezuela should quit OAS rights body, which has criticized his government - The Washington Post

$50M secret warship to be auctioned for scrap metal | news10.net

May Day Rallies Held Around the World

Search Resumes for Indian Ferry Accident Victims

Norwegian Olympic Hopeful Dies Suddenly

Year Later, Bin Laden Killing Still Colors Pakistan-US Ties

Ancient Sound Reimagined for Modern Times

Bin Laden Was Worried About Arab Spring, Says US Intelligence Chief

Study: Millennials Rejecting Religious Doctrine

Breaking AMAZING News caster tells people,goverment satanists exposed,wake up,29/06/11,MP4,mp4. - YouTube

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Today's Corruption is the Old Perfected - YouTube

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Today's Corruption is the old Perfected Part 2 - YouTube

Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony - YouTube

CISPA…Internet Spy Bill Exposed | Real Zionist News

Who is behind the anti-Apple 'Wake Up' campaign?

How Apple avoided paying BILLIONS in taxes last year alone despite their record profits | Mail Online

Rense & John Barbour - Soros will Count Ron Paul's Votes - YouTube

UFO NEWS | VIDEO | Mystery Object Captured Via Live Feed On Space Station Camera

CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed - YouTube

Activist Post: Human Colony Collapse Disorder: The Top 10 Countdown To Our Own Extinction

KGB Agent Tells You What The Illusion Is ! - YouTube

Global Clean Energy Within Reach - YouTube

Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy? - YouTube

Probe into Japanese bathtub fatalities after 14,000 die in one year - Telegraph

Orwell - The Blueprint Of That Which Is Happening Now

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 :

Obama threatens to veto CISPA cybersecurity bill, citing privacy concerns - The Washington Post

Rocky Kistner: BP Sees a Return to Grandeur as Gulf Fishermen Reel From Disaster

Norwegian Scholar Connects Breivik to Mossad - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

Martial Red Zone In America: Heavily Armed Security Teams To Patrol Chicago, Feds Prepare for Mass Detentions, Evacuation Planning Underway

Fukushima Gov’t: Over 35% of young people tested have thyroid cysts or nodules

RMSMC :: Public deserves to be informed of looming Fukushima disaster and Ron Paul’s delegate success

Paul Drockton: Did Your Representative vote YES on CISPA

American Laws Most Americans Don't Know! But Should Know!

Surviving in a rogue America

Is Goldman Sachs to take the Bank of England too? – Telegraph Blogs

Hollande's 'Growth Bloc' spells end of German hegemony in Europe - Telegraph

Video: Titanic replica to be built in China - Telegraph

A Different Philosophy of Civil Disobedience

Coroner of Andrew Breitbart Poisoned Amid Suspicious Circumstances As Trail of Death Continues :

Why Were The Trillions In Fake Bonds Held In Chicago Fed Crates? | ZeroHedge

To Joliet jail for NATO offenders? - Chicago Sun-Times

Activist Post: FDA Allows Corporations to 'Recondition' Old Food

Incredible purple crab is one of four brand new species discovered on Philippine island | Mail Online

About One Baby Born Each Hour Addicted to Opiate Drugs in U.S. « Zen Haven

More evidence Obama’s a depraved liar

Pesticide Exposure Found to Lower Intelligence

Osama bin Laden death: SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit | Mail Online

The Zombie Diet Food Plan (In Four Easy Steps) by Todd Sepulveda

25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know

Multiple Threatening Letters Containing White Powder That Turned Out To Be Cornstarch Sent To Manhattan Banks, Including Wells Fargo « CBS New York

Transcript for Ann Barnhardt Interview | FINANCIAL SENSE

Trail of Death: Breitbart Coroner Turns Up Dead, Arsenic Poisoning Suspected | CounterPsyOps

Obama Changed His Name in Canada? - YouTube

If you’re supporting Obama for re-election, may I remind you… | CounterPsyOps

BREWING A CONFLICT WITH CHINA: Provoking a Long-term Cold War...

The UN May Have Silenced the Afghan Public

Welcome to the Asylum

U.S. Military Drones Reported Operating Across the United States

The FBI, Elaborate Entrapment and Hannah Arendt on Secret Police

Celebrating our “Warrior President”

May Day Started Here

Wyoming Veteran Allegedly Threatened by Police at VA For Giving Out Political DVDs and Bible Literature

Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Infiltrating and Taxing Conspiracy Groups

Neo-Con Hypocrites Leverage 'Human Rights' Against China

More Government Crimes Against Schapelle Corby

Chemtrails, GMOs and Transgenics

A Different Philosophy of Civil Disobedience

The Ugly Truth About Obama's War on Medical Marijuana | StoptheDrugWar.org

SEALs' Anger Over President’s bin Laden Credit Grab Grows

Bin Laden Wanted Obama, Petraeus Assassinated

Peter Bergen: Bin Laden Was “Delusional”

Ex-CIA Official: Tapes Destroyed to Prevent al-Qaida Reprisals

Five 'Anarchists' Arrested in Plot to Bomb Cleveland Bridge

Arianna Huffington: Obama's bin Laden Ad 'Despicable'

Rubio: My VP Consideration 'Tribute' to America

Defense Official: War on Drugs Shifts to Global Crime Networks

Obama's Refusal to Back NYPD Undercuts Anti-Terrorism Gains

Occupy's May Day Protests Get Slow, Soggy Start in NYC

Democrats Want Info on Mortgage Aid Trials

Walker Raises $13M for Recall Election Defense

Lugar Won’t Say If He’ll Back Republican Primary Winner

Mourdock vs. Lugar: Ind. GOP Senate Race Both Nasty, Nice

UK Lawmakers: Rupert Murdoch Unfit to Run Company

Einhorn: Fed Rate Stance 'No Longer Useful,' Risks Inflation

Slash Cholesterol Levels in 12 Weeks

Protect Yourself From a Heart Attack With an Upbeat Attitude

Pesticides Linked to Brain Changes

Toyota Concept Electric Car Resembles Recliner Chair

Number of US Newborns with Drug Withdrawal Triples

Obama's Failed Promise on Immigration Reform

Obama Is Headed Anywhere but 'Forward'

Revolution Is Alive by Lucas Sepulveda

Public Deserves To Be Informed of Looming Fukushima Disaster and Ron Paul’s Delegate Success by Seth Stern

The Costs of War by Ron Paul

A Cynical Process by Thomas Sowell

HOT: Breitbart's Coroner Possibly Poisoned to Death by Robert Wenzel

It Can’t Happen in America… Oh, Really? by Tim Case

Brewing a Conflict with China by Paul Craig Roberts

Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Attack - YouTube

Ron Paul Debates Arch-Statist Paul Krugman - informationliberation

Key witness to RFK assassination says Sirhan Sirhan didn’t act alone | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

RFK Assassination Witness Comes Forward, Says There Was 2 Shooters - YouTube

With May First/Riseup Server Seizure, FBI Overreaches Yet Again - informationliberation

Government Employees Should Not Be Taxed | Libertarian News

So You Work for a Prosecutor? | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty

Harvard Got $5.6M in Federal Student Loans and Grants--Despite Its $31.7B Tax-Exempt Endowment | CNSNews.com

Jon Lovitz doubles down on Obama is a ‘f**king a**hole’ comments - Yahoo! News

Obomney 2012: Video Shows There Is Not a Dime's Worth of Difference Between Romney & Obama - informationliberation

Romney Obama the Same? - YouTube

Attorney General Admits Obama Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana Laws - informationliberation

Romney tells Obama to back off on bin Laden issue - Yahoo! News

Osama bin Laden death: SEALs slam Obama for using them as 'ammunition' in bid to take credit | Mail Online

DEA 'accidentally' left forgotten suspect in cell | UTSanDiego.com

FL Motel Goes All-Nude to Boost Bottom Line | Reuters

Democrat comic scorches Obama again

Cops: Girl's Kin Towed Her Toy Car Behind SUV | The Smoking Gun

UT Southwestern Doctors Make Obesity Breakthrough « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

I thought the outside world was paradise, says the only North Korean to escape from prison camp - London Life - Life & Style - Evening Standard

Obama arrives in Afghanistan report says; White House denies it - NYPOST.com

Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe - CNN.com

Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes - ABC News

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism - Washington Times

Obama’s New Campaign Slogan “Forward!” Is a Hitler Youth Marching Tune (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Farakhan Says Joining Army Is Fighting ‘for the Enemy’ | Nation of Islam | Video | TheBlaze.com

Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Local News: Old $50 bill found real, but not before bearer arrested (05/01/12)

Solyndra Not Dealing With Toxic Waste At Milpit - Flash Player Installation

Obama Fails to Stem Middle-Class Slide He Blamed on Bush - Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren’s embattled campaign: Cherokee tie found 5 generations ago - BostonHerald.com

Economy Face Off: Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman: Video - Bloomberg

Father Sacrifice Son Mount Hope Cemetery Arrest

Google Sued for Suggesting Rupert Murdoch and Other Celebrities Are Jewish - Hollywood Reporter

"The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music And Destroyed A Generation" | Before It's News


+Cooking and Recipes


Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil | Before It's News

How to Use Coconut oil: There are hundreds of uses for coconut oil! - YouTube

Storing Eggs – Detailed Method For Freezing Surplus Eggs | Before It's News

Off Grid Living: Propane Gas | Before It's News


+Bombshell! -- FEMA Camps Confirmed: Nightly News - Video | Before It's News




Collecting Rainwater May Be Considered A Privilege, Not A Right | Before It's News

The Genesis Machine Part 1 (esoteric occult research) - YouTube

The Genesis Machine Part 2 (esoteric occult research) - YouTube

The Genesis Machine Part 3 (esoteric occult research) - YouTube

*Shocking Longevity Miracles Of Qi Gong Masters | Before It's News

Disfiguring Drug Sweeps Russia | Before It's News

Even Low Levels of a Pesticide Used In Corn Crops, Almonds, Orange and Apple Trees Causes Irreversible Changes in the Brain

15 Superfoods For a Slimmer Body: Their Health Advisories and Facts on Weight Loss

Top 10 Chemicals Causing Autism and Neurotoxicity

How The Orchestrators of Choice Make You Believe In The Illusion of Food Branding

Ten Steps To Reduce Your Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease | Before It's News

Reiki: Its History and Its Uses

Sex addiction and the brain | Addiction Blog

Scientists Uncover Exciting Lead Into Premature Aging And Heart Disease | Before It's News

How Heroin Works: Imaging Opioid Receptors In The Brain | Before It's News

12 Civilizations That Mysteriously Vanished | Before It's News

[Graphic] Horrific Proof Aliens Mutilating Humans | Before It's News

Are We Visiting Us From The Future Or Is It All Alien Intrusion? | Before It's News

The Power Of A Million Suns: Remarkable Outburst From Old, Volatile Black Holes | Before It's News

Giant alien planet may have split into 2 - Technology & science - Space - Space.com - msnbc.com

700 Rogue Stars Ejected From The Galaxy Are Found In Intergalactic Space | Before It's News

Magnetic Pole Mutations Triggering Doomsday | Before It's News

How Human Cells 'Hold Hands' | Before It's News

FLIR Debuts Scout Thermal Night Vision Scope | Before It's News

The world's ten creepiest abandoned cities | Gadling.com

Quasi Mundo » Ancient statue depicts topless female gladiator

Benjamin Fulford: Chaos On Multiple Fronts As Controlled Implosion Of Financial Cabal Continues | Before It's News

Madeleine Albright: “Champion of Democracy.”


56 min./Hitlers Search For The Holy Grail - YouTube


How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds - Yahoo!

5 Home Remedies for Cough

Mad Cows, Meat Inspection, and Regulation by Charles Goyette

Fluoride - poison makes you docile to be more easily manipulated

My anorexia was fuelled by celebrity magazines: Victim demands ban on airbrushed photographs | Mail Online

FDA refuses to ban antibiotics in livestock, resorts to voluntary phase out that will be ignored by industry

Paul Krugman: Ben Bernanke Has Been ‘Assimilated by the Borg’ - ABC News

9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops: An Evening of Debate - C-SPAN Video Library

The 10 Biggest Earthquakes in History « Zen Haven

Your card details are 'stolen out of thin air': Information could be 'robbed by radiowave' thanks to new contactless technology | Mail Online

Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. - NYTimes.com

Mitt Romney tells students to take financial risks | Mail Online

Poll shows 62 percent of Americans own their homes as rates plummet to 10-year lows | Mail Online

Police departments wait for FAA clearance to fly drones - latimes.com

SUPER Moon On Cinco de Mayo

Aldebaran Robotics' NAO Robots Dance at the USA Science & Engineering Festival - 2 - YouTube

Windfarms can increase night time temperatures, research reveals | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Mary Ann Sieghart: We need more independents to break the stranglehold - Mary Ann Sieghart - Commentators - The Independent

Google staff knew of Street View data breach, says FCC | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Debate rages over severity of child-porn sentences | World news | The Guardian

Cannabis production booming in Britain, say police | Society | The Guardian


30.4.2012 - 1/4 - Coming Cataclysms - YouTube

30.4.2012 - 2/4 - Coming Cataclysms - YouTube

30.4.2012 - 3/4 - Coming Cataclysms - YouTube

30.4.2012 - 4/4 - Coming Cataclysms - YouTube


2012 - The Annunaki And Humankind Discussed !! - YouTube


*(Full Show MP3 : 1 Hour, 43 Minutes)Jim Marrs


BBC News - Automata in the modern age

Who's in charge – you or your brain? | Science | The Observer

Watch a Great Blue Heron Chick Hatch on Live Webcam | Wired Science | Wired.com

Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee Declared That The Evidence Was In... | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Suffered Rare Disease | Mummy Science | LiveScience

Dark Matter May Collide With Atoms Inside You More Often Than Thought | Dark Matter Human Body Collisions | Space.com

New particle discovered at CERN

Cosmic Log - Stonehenge's eerie sounds revived

Short Sharp Science: Older than Giza – ancient burial chamber revealed

Losing Your Religion: Analytic Thinking Can Undermine Belief: Scientific American

BBC - Future - Science & Environment - Technicolor visions of the future


Bambuser - http://bambuser.com/


Cryptomundo » Kelly Creatures and Ivan T. Sanderson

The Genesis Machine (Video) | Before It's News


What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – April 30th, 2012

The Thom Hartmann Show – April 30th, 2012

Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – May 1st, 2012


Keiser Report: Vicious Circle of Bankster Huddles (ft. Matt Taibbi) (E277) - YouTube

Gerald Celente - This Week in Money - 30 Apr 2012 - YouTube

Gerald Celente -- Ian Henschke ABC Australia - 26 April 2012 - YouTube

Gerald Celente : The Great Depression All Over Again - YouTube

Marc Faber Interview Part 1 - Keynesian Clowns, Middle East to Blow Up, and Money Printing - YouTube

Marc Faber Interview Part 2 - Keynesian Clowns, Middle East to Blow Up, and Money Printing - YouTube

Health Ranger Report - Laura Pressley and anti-water flouridation, April 2012 - YouTube

MEDIAROOTS – Reporting From Outside Party Lines

Selective bin Laden leaking - Salon.com

Bin Laden Photo Release: We Are Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t «

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-29-2012) Judyth Vary Baker - Final Interview Until 2013 - YouTube

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-13-2012) Dissecting The MSM's Fear Porn - YouTube

International Scientific Order Needed To Facilitate “The Big Die Off”, Top UN Adviser Says | Dprogram.net

GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating

The Regime’s Guide to Good Citizenship | Dprogram.net

Independent task force wants major changes to Stand Your Ground law

McCain on Bin Laden raid: 'The thing about heroes, they don't brag'

Obama pays a few women big bucks; Record vs. Bush is mixed

Mass. looking to slow the growth of its health-care costs

Obama insists he’s not trumpeting bin Laden’s death for votes

Canadians complain about mysterious 'hum' coming from US side of border

Texas movie theaters refuse to show atheist ad

Romney closes gap with Obama, poll shows

Obama takes harder line against China

Dan Rather: Mitt Romney has ‘good chance’

Wow: Ku Klux Klan protests Westboro Baptist Church

House Republicans: No offsets for extending Bush-era tax rates

Fewer Americans form households in recession, hampering economic recovery

First lady honors Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson campaign stop

U.S. infants in drug withdrawal triples

Chris Christie on being VP: Romney 'might be able to convince me'

GOPers split over how to reform health care

GOP thinks attacking Obama as celebrity will be effective in 2012

Obama is using his dog to target pet lovers

GOP money floods battlegrounds, threatens Dems' hold on Senate

Most student loans unaffected by upcoming increase in rates

Priest admitted letting teen watch porn, sharing bed with him - Philly.com

The Advent of the ‘Back Off Hollywood Fan Club’

May Day For Communists Or Mayhem Day For OWS

Big Brother, the Internet, and Your Right of Privacy

Will Pastors Risk Tax-Free Status to Help Save America?—Calling Black Robe Regiment II

Nationalism, Social Justice, and Civil Rights: Palestinian Discourse on the Social Networks

Obama’s budget cuts on U.S. security unconstitutional, say experts

Agenda 21 biggest threat to Libertarians!

Agenda 21, where are you on this Presidential candidates?

Limbaugh Convinced Obama Question On Bin Laden Was A Set Up Planted Question

Limbaugh: This Election Is About Two Visions Of A Country… Right VS Left.

Limbaugh: Isn’t Obama’s Bin Laden Campaign Ad A Recruiting Tool For Terrorists?

Limbaugh: Had Obama’s Policies Been Enforced We May Not Have Ever Gotten Bin Laden

‘Team Obama’ Debuts New ‘Forward’ Campaign Video… Featuring Beck, Limbaugh, & Hannity

Limbaugh: State-Controlled Media Dismayed Over Not Creating A Lasting Bin Laden Bounce For Obama

Limbaugh to Lesley Stahl: “What Would You Want, To Be Blown Up By A Drone Or Have To Drink Ensure?”

Debbie Schlussel:Munich Terrorists Win Again: London Olympics Site Lists Jerusalem as “Palestine” Capital, Israel – No Capital

Debbie Schlussel:Whiny Brits: They Let Mucho Muslims In, Then Kvetch Over Olympic Security

Debbie Schlussel:Another Great Sign of Islamic “Democracy”: Former Libyan PM “Drowned” to Death in Austria’s Danube

The Realization of Osama bin Laden's Dream

Obama's Chicago-Style Campaign

OBL's Death a Victory for the Adults

ACLU Promotes Christian-Bashing Speaker

SEALs slam Obama for giving himself credit for Bin Laden raid

Norwegian socialist links massacre with Mossad

America's Useful Idiots

Barack Obama's Silence Speaks Louder than His Words

Fingering Zimmerman: Payback for the Sanford Police?

The Ultimate Appeal to Persuade Fellow Blacks to Stop Voting Democrat

Tarring Jihad's Opponents

'Forward' to the past

Victimhood and 'Choice'

Iran Says New Cyber Warfare Is Attack on Economy

Obama's 'gutsy' call not so gutsy

Wilders: 'Many people unfortunately are blind to the true nature of Islam'

Middle class wages dropping faster under Obama than Bush

A Command Level Case of Stolen Valor

Work 'til You Drop: Is that such a bad idea?

Was BP's Kurt Mix a Criminal or a Hero?

From Russia with Love (of Oil and Gas)

Obama's Epic Green Fail

Protesters trash Mission District businesses, cars

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism - Washington Times

I thought the outside world was paradise, says the only North Korean to escape from prison camp - London Life - Life & Style - Evening Standard

2 of 3 members of fugitive Dougherty gang sentenced to prison in Colorado - NY Daily News

Medicare slush fund shows Obama's abuse of power | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

MF Global probe sensitive for president—Charles Gasparino - NYPOST.com

Celebrating our "Warrior President" - Glenn Greenwald - Salon.com

Collective dislike among ex-presidents for former president Jimmy Carter - NYPOST.com

Popular Freedom Activist Harassed | American Free Press

Oil Politics | American Free Press

New DHS Security Technology Will ‘Read’ Your Body | American Free Press

PressTV - China to loan South Sudan $8 bln: Juba says

Justice denied for 22 people murdered in Los Angeles riots whose deaths were never solved | Mail Online

‘Small number’ of pilots wary of flying F-22 - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

Olmert: I don't trust Netanyahu on Iran issue - Israel News, Ynetnews

Fmr. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert: "I know one thing…the Iranian leadership has not gone beyond a certain line for the time being of developing the nuclear program" – CNN Press Room - CNN.com Blogs

Is George Clooney “Saving Sudan” for Israel? « The Passionate Attachment

Bob Woodward accused of embellishing key details of Deep Throat meetings for dramatic effect in the Watergate scandal | Mail Online

Friends Of Democracy, PAC-Super PAC Hybrid, Launched To Go After Other Super PACs

Illinois Faces 25% Cost Increase to Borrow $1.8 Billion - Bloomberg

Pesticide exposure linked to brain changes: study - Yahoo! News

Susan Powell Emails Described Family Problems Before Josh Powell's Murder-Suicide (SLIDESHOW)


+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 30, 2012

*1 May

American Minute for May 1st:

May 1st This Day in History

May 1st in History

May 1 Events in History

Today in History: May 1

This Day in History for 1st May | HistoryOrb.com

Today in History: May 1

Today in History: May 1 - YouTube




Final 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Released: 'I'm Gotham's Reckoning'

Jennifer Hudson 911 Call: Julia Hudson Reports Mother Dead

Santorum Won't Admit To A Picture With Lohan

Khan 2.0: 'Star Trek' Sequel's Villain Revealed

Actor Morales on Obama: 'Where's the Change That Was Promised?'

Will 'Murphy Brown' Return to Boost Obama's Re-election Chances?

'Red Dawn' Remake Coming in November

Epic Testing Fail For Roseanne, Sarah Silverman Pilots

'Winkerbean' Enters Culture Wars with Same-Sex Prom Storyline

Stephen King Rants About Paying Too Little In Taxes

Piers Morgan's Childish, Hostile, Cliché-Ridden Interview Of Jonah Goldberg

Leftists Manipulate Twitter to Ban Conservatives, BuzzFeed Shrugs

MSNBC Panel Swoons Over Obama's New Slogan

Scarborough: Obama Took Our Slogan!

Pro-Illegal Immigrant Group Uses Video Tricks to Lie About Hate Crimes

Rosenbaum Rep: 'Why Does MSNBC Compensate a Racist Like Sharpton?'

Occupy Twitter: Top Ten Dirty Tricks Leftists Play Online

Media Misses Point on Mormonism: Race and the Priesthood

Occupy Leaders Apparently Involved in Bridge Bomb Plot, Suspects Named

FLASHBACK: Obama Teams With Anti-Christian Bully Savage

Flashback: Secretary Sebelius Teams With Anti-Christian Bully Savage

Flashback: DOJ Teams With Anti-Christian Bully Savage

Flashback: USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Teams With Anti-Christian Bully Savage

Occupiers Self-Identify as Socialists, Revolutionaries

An Occupy Guide to May Day

NRA President LaPierre Rallies Conservatives at Massive Gun Rights Convention

Forward to Socialism

GOP Rep: Obama Demanding Reward For Killing Bin Laden Beneath Dignity Of Office

Romney To Obama: Back-Off On Bin Laden

Obama's Former Top Military Advisor: Worried About Using Raid For Election Year Politics

Jews Who Put Security, Israel First Want Romney; Other Jews Want Obama

Five arrested for trying to blow up Ohio bridge

Romney 2007: Track Bin Laden Anywhere, Kill Him

Obama Prepared to Defy UN Security Council to Make Nuclear Deal With Iran

Obama Prepared to Defy UN Security Council to Make Nuclear Deal With Iran

Report: Biden Denied Asylum for Defecting Chinese Official

US deploys F-22 fighter jets to UAE: officials

World Trade Center becomes highest NY tower

Obama Attacks Tea Party In Campaign Video

Obama Plasters Names Of Wealthy Private Citizens Who Donated To Romney On Campaign Website

Occupy Returns To NYC

MSNBC Contributor Quotes Karl Marx For May Day Occupy Strikes

Romney In 2007: 'Of Course We Get Bin Laden... He Will Pay And He Will Die'

State Rep Doesn't Want To Attract Veterans Because They Have 'A Lot Of Issues'

#OccupySF: May Day Riot Starts Early

Journalism Conference Organizers Reverse Course, Apologize For Savage Invite

The Hatred of Derrick Bell's 'Afrolantica Legacies'

Dan Savage Brags About White House Ties; 'Don't Need Permission From Parents To Talk To Their Kids'

Inside Savage's Visit To The White House

Epic Testing Fail For Roseanne, Sarah Silverman Pilots

Hollywood's 1% Plan Potential Record-Breaking Obama Fundraiser

Al Gore To College Grads: 'Occupy Democracy' Bring 'American Spring'


*29th/ Transcripts:Interview with Speaker of the House John Boehner

Obama & Bill Clinton at an Obama Campaign Event

Interview With Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan

Guest: John Brennan

Guest: Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Guest: California Governor Jerry Brown

30th/White House released transcript of Pres Obama and former Pres Clinton at campaign event « Gretawire

IRIN Global | GLOBAL: Interview with Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom on climate change | Global | Early Warning | Economy | Environment | Food Security | Governance | Human Rights | Natural Disasters | Water & Sanitation

1st/Ron Paul Vs. Paul Krugman On Bloomberg TV - Business Insider

Simon Johnson: Let ALL the Tax Cuts Expire


On Track for Global Clean Energy Switch?

Policymakers Guide to Unlocking U.S. Energy Bounty

Unconventional Oil & Gas Will Make U.S. Energy King Again

What Have More Than Half Of Midwest Energy Customers Never Heard Of?

U.S. coal is on the decline, and utility execs know it | Grist

Obama's Energy Shell Game - Bob Beauprez - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary

Over-the-top attacks on Obama’s green-energy programs - The Washington Post

Three keys to the next green business boom - Fortune Tech

Fuel Fix » OTC: Talk of safety is everywhere, but will it translate into practice?

What More Can Be Done to Ensure Safe Offshore Drilling? - Energy & Environment Experts

Why High Oil Prices are Here to Stay

Profit from high oil prices - Apr. 30, 2012

What More Can Be Done to Ensure Safe Offshore Drilling? - Energy & Environment Experts

Hate fossil fuels? Then buy up the reserves

It takes more than being a China hawk to produce rare earth metals | The Oil and the Glory

The Un-Renewable Nature of Renewable Energy

Obama’s green team comes out swinging as election proceeds - The Hill's E2-Wire

the Battle: Chancellorsville

Aerospaceweb.org | Ask Us - Gary Powers and the U-2

World Trade Center back as tallest building in New York City (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Washington Decoded: The FBI According to Weiner

RealClearMarkets - The Fiscal Game In Washington Is At Odds With Reality

RealClearMarkets - Obama Pushes False GM Success Story

Another weak May? Don’t be so sure - Tomi Kilgore - MarketWatch

Roger Federer, Swiss Banking Will Both Come Back - Bloomberg

RealClearMarkets - A U.S. Manufacturing Strategy: Not An Industrial Policy

Power, Sex and Conspiracy - NYTimes.com

How Elite Colleges Still Feed Wall St.'s Recruiting Machine - NYTimes.com

Occupy Activists Resurrect May Day for Americans | The Nation

Spring Slowdown: Is the U.S. Economic Recovery Stalling? | Business | TIME.com

As America's waistline expands, costs soar | Reuters

How Sugar Daddy Lobbyists Killed the War on Obesity

Why you can't trust tech press to teach you about the tech industry - Anil Dash

George Hotz, Sony, and the Anonymous Hacker Wars : The New Yorker

How Online Black Markets Work CIO.com

Ron Conway: Tech is nowhere near a bubble - Apr. 30, 2012

"Free babysitting": how would-be pedophiles use Craigslist—and how they get caught

A Stock Exchange for Your Personal Data - Technology Review

Review: Big Jambox Makes a Bigger Boom

BBC News - Web War II: What a future cyberwar will look like

The Intersection of Information and Energy Technologies - Technology Review

I have seen the future (and it's made of glass) - Computerworld

Google KNEW it was harvesting emails and passwords during Street View drive | Mail Online

Another Big Step Toward DRM-Free E-Books - Personal-tech/digital-content - Digital Content - BYTE

I'm leaving the internet for a year | The Verge

The Death of Free Speech, Continued - Karen Lugo - National Review Online

Osama Bin Laden, One Year Later : The New Yorker

The path to Osama bin Laden’s death didn’t start with Obama - The Washington Post

China’s Population Crash Could Upend U.S. Policy - Bloomberg

Al Qaeda Is Doing Nation-Building. Should We Worry? - By Will McCants | Foreign Policy

In Syria, America Allies with the Muslim Brotherhood - John Rosenthal - National Review Online

Taiwan’s Navy Gets Stealthy | The Diplomat

Hands behind Sudan's war | The Japan Times Online

The scary new Canada is a myth

Vatican loud on liberals but silent on abuse - The Irish Times - Tue, May 01, 2012

Leading article: Tensions that expose a gaping US-China divide - Leading Articles - Opinion - The Independent

The State of the Occupation | GlobalPost

Myth of Decline: U.S. Is Stronger and Faster Than Anywhere Else - The Daily Beast

"Has Russia Gone Back to Sleep?" by Georgy Satarov | Project Syndicate

Khamenei Preparing for a Deal? | Flashpoints

In 'Hard Measures,' former CIA official Jose Rodriquez defends waterboarding - CSMonitor.com

Should I Feel Sheepish for Writing a Jeremy Lin eBook? « Ted Kluck

Religion News Service | Blogs | Jana Riess - Flunking Sainthood | What Does It Mean When God Talks Back?

Evangelicals and Politics: The Hundred Years’ War « Public Discourse

Joel Osteen worships himself - Salon.com

WORLDmag.com | Narrow is the Way | Janie B. Cheaney

Osteen's 'Night of Hope' Overshadows Mormon Remarks - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 - CBN.com

Violence in Nigeria: Breaking the Country's Fatal Deadlock | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Sikh group develops app to report airport profiling – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Time to shatter Mormon myths - chicagotribune.com

On George Zimmerman’s (young) Catholic faith » GetReligion

On "Bullshit" and "Pansy-Assed" | Slog

Church closes racial divide – USATODAY.com

Scholar challenges Joseph Smith translation

Religion News Service | Faith | Leaders & Institutions | Utah storehouse at top of Mormon food chain

The American Spectator : Give Us That Old Time Religion

Evangelicals Condemn Burning of Qurans by Fla. Pastor Terry Jones

Fr Dwight Longenecker Asks, Does Mitt's Mormonism Matter? - Politics & Policy - Catholic Online

Three kinds of Mormons? Catholic priest is one kind of wrong | Following Faith | The Salt Lake Tribune

The persistence of superstition in an irreligious Britain | Andrew Brown | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Interview: Joel Osteen on Prosperity Gospel, Crystal Cathedral, and Jesus

Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution

This Weekend's 'Supermoon' Will be Year's Largest | Supermoon Full Moon | Space.com

Air France Flight 447: 'Damn it, we’re going to crash’ - Telegraph

Space Shuttle Discovery Buzzes New York City on Way to Intrepid - TIME

Secret Briefing Helped Sway H5N1 Flu Papers Decision - ScienceInsider

Dogs, But Not Wolves, Use Humans As Tools | The Thoughtful Animal, Scientific American Blog Network

Resurrecting the Dead With Computer Graphics | Paleofuture

New Studies of Permian Extinction Shed Light on the ‘Great Dying’ - NYTimes.com

RealClearScience - Genes Help Decide How Old You Will Get

Understanding Evolution: the Evolutionary Origins of Irreducible Complexity (Part 1) | BioLogos

Men, Morals Are Malleable

Why Should There Be Dark Matter? : Starts With A Bang

Saturn may have snagged Pluto's cousin, turned it into a moon

Why Is It Cool To Hate On Dinosaur Discoveries? | Dinosaur Tracking

Termites Groom, Bury, and Eat Their Dead - Blog

Rogue stars ejected from the galaxy found in intergalactic space | Research News @ Vanderbilt | Vanderbilt University

Archaeology expands beyond traditional scope into other sciences | ASU News

Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers

Private Prisons Are the Problem, Not the Solution

The Many Kinds of Green Stimulus Spending

Conservatives Betrayed by Export-Import Supporters

Legalized Drugs: Dumber Than You May Think | The Weekly Standard

Job Sharing Would Ease the Pain of Recessions - Bloomberg

The Sorry Stafford Panderfest - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week

Beyond Austerity | Hoover Institution

The Inflation Threat Is a Bogeyman - Matthew O'Brien - Business - The Atlantic

Analysis & Opinion | Reuters

An Offense Against Free Market Capitalism: The Export-Import Bank - Brian Darling - Townhall Conservative Columnists

Holding Birth Control Hostage | Mother Jones

The American Conservative » Bump in the Roadmap

Why homeowner bailout plans don’t work - The Washington Post

Analysis: Obama falls short of meteoric expectations abroad | Reuters

America's failing powerhouse - The Browser - Salon.com

The `Party of No’ makes a comeback - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

President Obama is getting desperate -- and it shows | Fox News

Obama's 2012 campaign pitch: "Forward" - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Elizabeth Warren has lost her standing as chief female savior - BostonHerald.com

RealClearPolitics - The New World Disorder

Austerity, And The Failure Of The Governing Elite - Forbes

Romney campaign seems to have forgotten about Bush’s economic crises - The Washington Post

The Legendary Paul Ryan -- New York Magazine

Obama’s Osama Bin Laden Ad Is a Well-Played Attack - The Daily Beast

Michael Tomasky: How the GOP Became a Party of Whiners Over Osama - The Daily Beast

RealClearPolitics - Obama Slow-Jams, and the Media Dance to the Beat

Warfare or Courtship in 2012? - NYTimes.com

Norman Ornstein to the Press Corps: Stop Covering the GOP Fairly to Stop Their Success | RedState

Elgin woman claims record lottery jackpot, gets criminal record instead

Pentagon report paints mixed picture of war in Afghanistan

Suicide bomber kills MPs in central Somalia

Obama advisors spilt on whether bin Laden raid could succeed

Pak demolishes Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad - YouTube

Blind lawyer strikes a popular chord in China

John Edwards' attorneys question wife of ex-aide

Obama 'nerd prom' jokes: Did he go too far? (+video)

THE RACE: Romney has some hard choices to make

Genealogist Finds Record of Warren's American-Indian Ancestry

Romney seeks to change identity ahead of November

3 suspects arrested in Walla Walla Macy's burglary

Betty White Makes 2012 Campaign Ad Debut

US Sen. Brown uses health law to insure daughter

Romney in Portsmouth on Obama silliness 04-30-12 - YouTube

Sen. Lugar attacks Mourdock on 'record of failure' in Indiana

Kaine campaign hits Allen on Social Security

Michelle Obama cites 'special' tie with Tucson

'Even Jimmy Carter'

Facebook urges users to share organ-donor status

Google's Street View 'Engineer Doe' Identified

Crocodoc's new cloud-based document service abolishes the need for desktop apps

Big Jambox is like the original, only bigger. And better.

Tony Awards 2012: List of nominees

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman: I've hit 'rock bottom' with bankruptcy

Did Jason Segel Get Rejected by...Hillary Clinton?

PopTop review: George Harrison's life is revealed in new doc

One World Trade Center Rises

One World Trade Center reclaims the title of New York's tallest building -- Rough Cuts - YouTube

Dinosaurs were dying out before big asteroid hit — maybe

Evolution Says You're Weaker and More Disease Prone Than Your Ancestors

24 new species discovered on Caribbean islands are close to extinction

The Yellowstone Supereruption Is Closer Than We Thought

Robotics team takes part in international competition

Mammogram guidance for women in their 40s

Planned Parenthood vs. Texas: Funds in limbo pending ruling

Mom charged with putting bleach in her toddler's eyes

Pest Poison Tied to Brain Defects in Young Kids

Bring Back the Binky? Study Finds Pacifiers Actually Boost Breast-Feeding

Bob McDonnell to campaign with Mitt Romney in Virginia this week: Another VP tryout? - ABC News

Gingrich: Thanks and goodbye – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Gingrich thanks supporters in video - Political Hotsheet - CBS News


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The Manning Report – 30 April 2012


Romney: "Very Disappointing" For Obama To Politicize Bin Laden
Obama Ad Hits Romney For "Swiss Bank Account"
Lugar Ad Slams Conservative Challenger Mourdock As Unethical
Mark Levin: Obama Is Still Spiking The Football Over Bin Laden Mission
Newt Gingrich Thanks Supporters Before He Suspends Campaign
Dionne: Obama Needs Bill Clinton To Reach Big Contributors
"Special Report" Panel On Chinese Dissident Fleeing China
Fineman: There Are Dubious Claims In Obama's Seven-Minute Ad
O'Reilly: God Wants Us To Be Sane

The Rise Of The Asia Pacific
Obama: U.S. Consistently Presses China On Human Rights
Obama Sidesteps Talk Of Chinese Dissident
Pakistani Analysts Reflect On Bin Laden's Legacy
UN Chief Ban Hails Suu Kyi's Myanmar Compromise
Motorcycle Bomb Kills Two In Thailand
Russia Backs UN Resolution On Sudan Conflict
Released Bahraini Activist Feted
Violence In Idlib Shakes Syrian UN Truce
The U.S.-Japan Summit: Three Things To Know
India Continue Search For Ferry Disaster Survivors
Anti And Pro Government Rallies In Syria
Libya To Citizens: Give Up Your Guns
Top Terrorism Adviser Defends Drone Use In Pakistan


Mullen: I Worry That Bin Laden Raid "Gets Spun Into Election Politics"
GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: Obama Was Elected Because He's Black
Jonah Goldberg Vs. Piers Morgan On Obama Politicizing Bin Laden Raid
Obama Attacks "Right to Work Laws"
Brit Hume On Obama Knocking Romney Over Bin Laden: "Yuck"
Chris Christie On VP: Romney "Might Be Able To Convince Me"
Obama Takes Shot At Romney On Bin Laden: "Take A Look At People's Previous Statements"
Krauthammer: Obama's Bin Laden Attack On Romney Is "Unseemly"
Ron Paul Vs. Paul Krugman On Economy, The Fed
Chuck Todd: Republicans "Overreacting" To Obama's Bin Laden Victory Lap
EPA Official Resigns Following 'Crucify' Comment
Clandestine Service Chief Rodriguez Talks Interrogation Tactics On "Hannity"
Dan Rather Doubles Down On Bush National Guard Story
Will Cain Calls Out Gay CNN Anchor For Laughing At Gay Joke About Bachmann
Arianna Huffington: Obama's Bin Laden Ad "Despicable"
Romney: "Of Course" I Would Have Ordered Bin Laden Strike
New Obama Campaign Slogan: "Forward"
RCP's Tom Bevan, Alexis Simendinger And Erin McPike On White House Correspondents Dinner, 2012 Election

Fracking and Prospects for Energy Security in North America

A Years-long Insurgency Divides Southern Thailand
Osama Bin Laden Dead: One Year Ago
Dissident Dilemma Tests U.S.-China Ties
2012 Election: The Death Of Osama Bin Laden
Man Behind "Enhanced Interrogations" Defends Them
Nigeria Attack Kills At Least 15
Hong Kong Protesters Support Chen Guangcheng
Popo Slows Down
Deadly Bombs In Syria's Idlib Target Security
Suu Kyi's Party End Boycott Of Myanmar Parliament
Spoiler For U.S. - China Talks?
The Hunt For KSM
Pakistan And The Terror Threat: Al Qaeda's Core Devastated
John Brennan Talks War On Terror