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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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30 April 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World" : Weekend Review



Spanish company will "Count" American votes overseas in November

H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (On Passage of the Bill) -- GovTrack.us

House passes CISPA bill - Keith Perine and Jennifer Martinez - POLITICO.com


43 min./Ron Paul Hits A Home Run: Guest Host on CNBC 4/23/2012 - YouTube


FOX News Admits Ron Paul Is Headed To Tampa Convention! - YouTube

Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian?

Is Michelle Obama Sending a Signal in This Picture?

NORAD and US Northern Command to conduct simulated nuclear attack | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron Paul 2012


Police vs Protester: Feds sending armed agents to Chicago three weeks before NATO Summit — RT

Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Ev - Flash Player Installation

Department of Defense Confirms Russian Troops to Conduct Terror Drills Inside U.S. :

Mad Cow Disease May Infect Through Milk Despite USDA Claims

CISPA Passes the House with Amendments Which Make it Even Worse Than it Was :

Cameron’s old buddy – Egypt’s ex PM Ahmed Shafiq banned from election « Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

New international land deals database reveals rush to buy up Africa | Global development | guardian.co.uk

China’s property boom has peaked, forever – Telegraph Blogs

China’s Land Bridge

Activist Post: The Great Data Sellout Reveals How We Pay For Our Own Enslavement

Boy, they got lucky: The incredible story of how the U.S. air force accidentally dropped a nuclear weapon on to a little girl's playhouse in 1958¿ in South Carolina | Mail Online

Japan-based Marines to relocate to Hawaii | Local News - KITV Home

Holstein with mad cow disease was lame, lying down | World news | The Guardian

Giant cannibal shrimp that can grow up to 13 INCHES long invade waters off of Gulf Coast | Mail Online

Neil Heywood case sheds light on privileged lifestyles of China's elite | UK news | guardian.co.uk

China’s war of the oligarchs | Compass

Human Metabolism Negatively Impacted by High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Methanol, Biproduct of Aspartame Linked to Autism, Preterm Delivery

Activist Post: Trials Without Crimes or Evidence

WH Economic Adviser: "We Need a Global Minimum Tax" - YouTube

Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?

Beware: In Obama’s Global Tax Scheme Americans are “the Rich” - John Ransom - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary

Arnie Gundersen on San Onofre - YouTube

Armenia Firmly in the Russian Iran Geo Strategic Alliance - YouTube

Astronomers find new planet capable of supporting life - Telegraph

Shattering news? Huge sheets of volcanic glass on Mars could be a haven for life | Mail Online

Huge green cloud over Moscow has terrified Russians tweeting for their lives | Mail Online

HAARP rings or the hand of God

Don’t believe weaponized weather modification is real? The United Nations does! | The Golden Rule

USDA Says Mad Cow Test Drop Is No Meat-Supply Threat - Businessweek

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in EU parliament rejects ACTA — RT

3.2bn-pixel camera in LSST telescope will bring revelations about space | Mail Online

UFO NEWS | VIDEO: UFO Spaceship Orbiting the Sun, or a Camera Glitch?

Incredible video shows black bear falling 15 feet from tree after being TRANQUILISED at crowded university campus | Mail Online

Strong Wind force dramatic plane landings in northern Spain - YouTube

‘Room 237,’ Documentary With Theories About ‘The Shining’ - NYTimes.com

Only ten companies control most of your consumer food brands | THE UNHIVED MIND


The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Tony Robbins - YouTube

Obama Changed His Name In Canada? | Before It's News

Obama Changed His Name in Canada? - YouTube

A Real Photo Of A Chemtrail Spy Plane Interior?


Amazing stereo images | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! Games


The Silicon Graybeard: NC Blogger Facing Jail Time

Ron Paul - Don't Blame Capitalism. This is Corporatism, A Special Interest System - YouTube

Lady Gaga makes an impact yet again as she steps out in floorlength purple hairy dress | Mail Online

Video of Aleppo and Prices Go Sky High - YouTube

The Truth About Hair - Covered Up Since The Vietnam War - Apparently Apparel - A New Style of Coverage!

Rhino Wars: Defending the horn - YouTube

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Brazil: The Barroso Case (1976)

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Spain: Possible Abduction or Teleportation (1986)

UFOs & NUKES | UK | MY UFO EXPERIENCE | UFO Enters Restricted Airspace Over Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility


Andrew Basiago: Time Travel and Project Pegasus At Free Your Mind Conference - YouTube


Andrew D Basiago on Mars & Time Travel - YouTube


Andrew D. Basiago CoastoCoast 11-11-10 host George Nory.mov - YouTube


Mars and Moon Anomalies - Andrew D. Basiago & Andrew Stec - YouTube


Life on Mars with Andrew Basiago - YouTube


Andrew Basiago - The Pegasus Project - YouTube


DARPA & TIME TRAVEL Andrew D. Basiago Coast to Coast am 05-17-2011b.mov - YouTube


Alfred Webre - Time Travel, Life on Mars, Parallel Realities and Dimensions - YouTube


More than half of congressmen in EPA Region 6 seek removal of ‘crucify them’ official

Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule after Daily Caller report goes viral

**News Video:


A Years-long Insurgency Divides Southern Thailand
Osama Bin Laden Dead: One Year Ago
Dissident Dilemma Tests U.S.-China Ties
2012 Election: The Death Of Osama Bin Laden
Man Behind "Enhanced Interrogations" Defends Them
Nigeria Attack Kills At Least 15
Hong Kong Protesters Support Chen Guangcheng
Popo Slows Down
Deadly Bombs In Syria's Idlib Target Security
Suu Kyi's Party End Boycott Of Myanmar Parliament
Spoiler For U.S. - China Talks?
The Hunt For KSM
Pakistan And The Terror Threat: Al Qaeda's Core Devastated
John Brennan Talks War On Terror


Obama Jokes "A Pit Bull Is Delicious" At WH Correspondents' Dinner
CIA Clandestine Service Head Rodriguez Defends Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Obama, Clinton Talk About Picture In Situation Room During Bin Laden Raid
Gillespie: Obama One Of The "Most Divisive Presidents In History"
Brit Hume: Obama's SCOTUS Fight Is "Embarrassing"
Gibbs: GOP Message Is "You Didn't Clean Up Our Mess Fast Enough"
"Meet The Press" On The Women Vote
"This Week" Roundtable On State Of The Economy
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On Obama Campaign's Scrutiny Of Romney Donors
Krauthammer: "Lightning No Longer In The Bottle" For Obama With Youth
Paul Krugman: Ben Bernanke Has "Been Assimilated By The Borg"

The Federal Role in Education


Obama Addresses The 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Jimmy Kimmel's Full Performance At 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Maher: Obama Is "First Black President Of The Racist States Of America"
"FOX News Watch" Examines Coverage Of Trayvon, Possibility Of Riots
Maher On Romney Donating To Mormon Charities: "He Gives To His Cult"
Obama Weekly Address: Protecting Vets From Schools Preying On Them
Reich: We're Still In "Gravitational Pull" Of Economic Policies By Bush
Ryan Gives GOP Weekly: Obama In Campaign Mode, Intent On Dividing Americans
Krauthammer: Obama Can Celebrate Bin Laden, But Can't Attack Romney
O'Reilly: Left In America Getting Nervous About Obama's 2012 Chances


Sherrod Brown Ad: Josh Mandel Is "A Politician We Can't Trust"
Bashir Denies He Accused Romney Of Politicizing His Wife's MS, Cancer
Andrea Mitchell And Haley Barbour Have Contentious Argument On Obama, Romney
CBS' Stahl Calls Feeding KSM Ensure Dietary Shake "Orwellian" Tactics
Obama Tells Troops To Marry Someone "Superior" Like He Did With Michelle
Sen. Dick Lugar Ad: Mitch Daniels
Trump: Ad Attacking Obama's "Celebrity" Was "Terrible"
Boehner To Obama: "Do We Have To Fight About Everything?"
Charlie Cook: Obama Is "A Metrosexual President"
Sen. Inhofe Calls For Investigation Into EPA Official's "Crucify" Comments
Obama Campaign: Would Romney Have Made Same Call On Bin Laden?
Hannity: Obama Sounds More And More Like Carter
Maddow: Romney Reassembles The Bush Foreign Policy Team
O'Reilly: Biden Is Cheap With His Charitable Giving
O'Donnell: Obama Might Only Have To Campaign In Seven States



USA is a Corporation, not a Country - YouTube



Paul Krugman: Ben Bernanke Has Been ‘Assimilated by the Borg’ - ABC News

Suspected Arsenic Poisoning in LA Coroner's Death

Workers still at risk decades after Chernobyl blast | euronews, world news

Radioactive: Revelations on nuclear plants sound a warning - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mad Cows, Meat Inspection, and Regulation by Charles Goyette

NNSA’s MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility and U.S. Plutonium Disposition Program | National Nuclear Security Administration

Activist Post: How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever

Profiled By The TSA? There's An App For That : NPR

Find that Sage in the New Age Bin. Visible Origami

Drone Warfare In Yemen

Activist Post: Death of alleged murderer in Washington state highlights media bias against survivalism

Brazilian prostitute had collar bone broken when three US marines threw her out of a moving Embassy car | Mail Online

9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops: An Evening of Debate - C-SPAN Video Library

The 10 Biggest Earthquakes in History « Zen Haven

Richard Stallman: CISPA nearly abolishes people's right not to be unreasonably searched - YouTube

Anders Behring Breivik’s Plan of "Increased Polarisation"

Tottenham Court Road bomb scare reveals police team preparing for London 2012 Olympics | Mail Online

Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuses Sarkozy allies of choreographing maid scandal - Telegraph

DSK and the missing BlackBerry | World news | guardian.co.uk

Chen Guangcheng 'safe' in US embassy | World news | The Guardian

Power really does corrupt as scientists claim it's as addictive as cocaine | Mail Online

GM plans to open 600 dealerships in China in 2012 | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know | RevolutionRadio.org

Google releases full details of FCC investigation into Street View WiFi snooping

Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter | ZeroHedge

You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going to Do About It?

Summertime Blues - HUMAN EVENTS

Paul Drockton: CISPA and Anonymous on the Same Team?

Roy Tov – If Obama wins, will Israel attack Iran?

Satellite photos show preparations for new North Korea nuclear test - Telegraph

10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The United States | Opinion Maker

Prostate cancer surgery has little or no benefit in extending life of patients | Mail Online

Mother Wins Top Environmental Award for Beating Monsanto

Tarp Overseer Debunks Bailout Myths: Big Companies HAVEN’T Repaid Tarp Funds … And Funds to Help Homeowners HAVEN’T Been Paid | ZeroHedge

Ex-Israeli spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran | World news | guardian.co.uk

The Essence Of True Lies

Mensa accepts Heidi Hankins: 4-year-old from England with genius I.Q. | newjerseynewsroom.com

BP Blow-out Cover-Up - EcoWatch.org - YouTube

The Saga Continues: H.W. Bush Announces the New World Order in 1991 to Bilderberg in 2012 :

The Night the LAPD Failed « Zen Haven

Jim Newton: On April 29, 1992, the LAPD failed - latimes.com

Police Departments Wait for FAA Clearance to Fly Drones « Zen Haven

FDA refuses to ban antibiotics in livestock, resorts to voluntary phase out that will be ignored by industry

Banks cooperate to track Occupy protesters

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Today's Corruption is the Old Perfected - YouTube

Poll shows 62 percent of Americans own their homes as rates plummet to 10-year lows | Mail Online

Did The RNC Break Any Rules/Laws In

Mitt Romney tells students to take financial risks | Mail Online

U.S. Officials Continue to Shift Focus From al Qaeda to ‘Home-Grown Extremists’ :

Attempt to Abduct Israeli Girl at Disney World - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News

Media buzz as US confirms Russian troops to train on American soil — RT

Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. - NYTimes.com

CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed | Real Zionist News

Atrazine: 'Banned weedkiller causing birth defects' in Kent as Erin Brockovich fights case in US | Mail Online

5 Home Remedies for Cough

Fluoride - poison makes you docile to be more easily manipulated

My anorexia was fuelled by celebrity magazines: Victim demands ban on airbrushed photographs | Mail Online

Aldebaran Robotics' NAO Robots Dance at the USA Science & Engineering Festival - 2 - YouTube

Boost for alien search: BILLIONS of habitable planets may be lurking in the Milky Way | Mail Online

Windfarms can increase night time temperatures, research reveals | Environment | guardian.co.uk

SUPER Moon On Cinco de Mayo


*Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video) - YouTube


Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Gay Bilderberger

Charleston Voice: Rubio - Another Lieberman Republican


Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (4-24-12) - Lew Rockwell - - YouTube


Theodore Roosevelt's Life-Saving Speech | Past Imperfect

Brain Magic

Keith Barry: Brain magic - YouTube


- Homeland Security


* Seed Lady Network


Richard Stallman: CISPA nearly abolishes people's right not to be unreasonably searched - YouTube

CISPAtriot Act: End of privacy approved by House - YouTube

White House vows veto, but will CISPA be signed? - YouTube


+Final Vote Results for Roll Call 192: H R 3523


Paul & Napolitano~End the Wars - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Peter Schiff on CNBC: Borrowing Spending Understating Inflation? The Answer: Ron Paul!

The 7 Deadly Linux Commands | TechSource

The Family Farm Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America :

Vitamin C cured polio during the epidemic of 1948 - 49

Baby Boomers face impoverished retirement in United States as Social Security, Medicare run out of funds | Personal Finance | Financial Post

The Middle Class Hasn't Disappeared. It's Just Sliding Toward the Bottom


List Of Traitors In The House Who Voted For CISPA - 12160


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Secret Service Very Concerned Local TV News Station Doing Actual Investigative Journalism

25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know - BlackListedNews.com

Nancy Pelosi Says She'd Back Simpson-Bowles Plan (VIDEO)

Could Tide detergent cause cancer?

Paul & Napolitano~End the Wars - YouTube

Rubio campaign fined for improper contributions - Yahoo! News

Ron Paul pulls huge crowd in Houston - April 27 2012 - Imgur

Updated Delegate Count - Ron Paul CLOSE 2nd! - YouTube

Anonymous vs CISPA: 'Bill fights imaginary threat' - YouTube

The Rice Video - Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement - YouTube

Nigel Farage: This is How Dictatorship Begins - YouTube

The United States is a Corporation not a Country - YouTube


Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Attack - YouTube

The time to wake up your family and friends is NOW, if you haven't already. - YouTube

Lock The Gate - the coal seam gas mining situation in Queensland - YouTube

To Joliet jail for NATO offenders? - Chicago Sun-Times

World Of Technology: ISI claims it tipped off CIA on Osama hideout

DOD's new espionage unit to cover broader range of targets -- Defense Systems

Meth lab explodes in man's pants, Oklahoma police say | Wichita Eagle

Activist Post: How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever

Activist Post: Psychologists demonstrate implanting non-believed false memories in troubling study

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Conservative Presstitutes Try To Link 9/11 Truthers To All Conspiracy Theories - Webster Tarpley vs. Jonathan Kay on 911 Conspiracy

Refreshing News: US election: Barack Obama ribs Mitt Romney... and himself at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Why Ron Paul is Obama\'s Toughest Competitor

'World's Biggest Fracker' Pockets 1 Billion in Shady Deal | Jeff Goodell | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Prison Industries: "Don't Let Society Improve or We Lose Business"

Activist Post: Death of alleged murderer in Washington state highlights media bias against survivalism

Cannabis tourism up in smoke? Judge backs foreigner café ban - Europe - World - The Independent

Electronic Aviation - Articles - Can Stealth Technology be Penetrable?

Do Milky Way's Companions Spell Trouble for Dark Matter?

POLICE STATE: "Robots R’US": Military-style Drones on 63 Military Bases In The USA

WH Economic Adviser: "We Need a Global Minimum Tax" - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Seattle Mayor Sounding The Alarm About Anarchist Threats To Shutdown The City

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Gerald Celente - Tells it Like It Is.....! - America is turning into a Banana Republic

E.T. not home? Scientists say Earth may be a 'one-off fluke' and the Milky Way's billions of planets may all be lifeless | Mail Online

Buy your way to Heaven! The Catholic Church brings back indulgences - DailyFinance

Activist Post: Why Hasn't the Revolution Already Happened?

Breitbart's Coroner Poisoned To Death? - 12160

Activist Post: Human Colony Collapse Disorder: The Top 10 Countdown To Our Own Extinction

Obama's Osama Deception Proves Reality Has A Conspiracy Bias

Activist Post: ACTA in the EU is Beaten But Not Dead

Romney and his Chinese Investments | _

Evil is Triumphing as Good Men do Nothing | _

The Mechanics for the Destruction of the US Economy | _

Activist Post: A Different Philosophy of Civil Disobedience

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : London Considering Putting Surface To Air Missiles On Apartment Rooftops During 2012 Olympics

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Justice Dept Refuses To Admit National Guard Ordered To Shoot Protesters At Kent State

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : SCHOOL SUCKS: The American Way

5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds | Cracked.com

Islamophobic Group Clarion Fund Lends Film Footage For Viral Video Pushing Iran Attack | ThinkProgress

New US Stealth F-22 Raptor Fighters Now at Iran's Back Door - ABC News

Phantom Report » Blog Archive » International bankers and WWII

Burn The Quran - YouTube

Google 'aware of data scoop'

Pharma, Utilities and Big Ag Lead Lobbying in 2012 - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets

MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! New Drug War Documentary Opens In Seattle - YouTube

Activist Post: Rise of the Global Police State

Your card details are 'stolen out of thin air': Information could be 'robbed by radiowave' thanks to new contactless technology | Mail Online

Facebook "likes" aren't speech protected by the First Amendment-Bland v. Roberts

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Russell Means Vote for Ron Paul if you have any sense of justice

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus

President Barack Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner - YouTube

Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think - Business Insider

The Ron Paul Rabble: Political Pioneers - YouTube

In Search Of Rest - YouTube


**Cooking and Recipes

Turok's Kitchen


Bin Laden's Body About To Be Found ? | Before It's News

Obama Caught In Osama Killing Lies! | Before It's News

Obama Caught In Osama Killing Lies! - YouTube

Cyber Intelligence & Internet Spying: House Passes Draconian Internet Spying Bill | Before It's News

What It Means When Obama Says, "I Was Not Born Wealthy" | Before It's News

10 Forms Of Ancient Electricity | Before It's News

14 Action Inducing Lessons from Benjamin Franklin - by Dumb Little Man

Body Found in Remote Washington State Bunker | Before It's News

Manifestations Of A Rising Antichrist System! | Before It's News

Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45. on Vimeo

Egypt's 'plans for farewell intercourse law so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives' branded a 'complete nonsense' | Mail Online

Bones Helped Early Land Crawlers Relieve Acid Buildup In Bodily Fluids | Before It's News

LAPD: Coroner’s Official May Have Died From Ars - Flash Player Installation

"The Secret Meeting That Changed Rap Music And Destroyed A Generation" | Before It's News

CIA Coke Connection - Max Keiser on facebook

These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy - Business Insider

12 Civilizations That Mysteriously Vanished | Before It's News

Martial Law Pics Of One Concentration Camp In America - Video | Before It's News

Sexy Hidden Camera - Sexy Hot Teacher - YouTube

Bombshell! -- FEMA Camps Confirmed: Nightly News - Video | Before It's News

Eminem 3 A.M: Mass Satanic Sacrifice Ritual At The Masonic Temple/Hospital Mocking The Holy Trinity, The Devils Hour. | Before It's News

US Using Staged "Blind Activist" Stunt For Leverage Ahead of Talks. - BlackListedNews.com

Man Shoots Unmanned Police ‘Speed Enforcement’ Vehicle In Sante Fe - BlackListedNews.com

Man Shoots Unmanned Police 'Speed Enforcement' Vehicle In Sante Fe - YouTube

Tarp Overseer Debunks Bailout Myths: Big Companies HAVEN’T Repaid Tarp Funds … And Funds to Help Homeowners HAVEN’T Been Paid - BlackListedNews.com

CNBC Anchor and CFR’s Erin Burnett Pushes Bankster Agenda: ‘What if We Banned Cash?’ - BlackListedNews.com

Collision of gambling and social gaming now ‘inevitable’ | Betable Game Monetization Blog

Inverted Totalitarianism: Brand Obama and the Corporate State.

Beware PR men bearing dictators' gifts | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer

High Tech Survival Tools - BlackListedNews.com

Is New Cyber Security Bill (CISPA) An End-Run around Privacy Restrictions? - BlackListedNews.com

Nanny State: Feds Wants Nationwide Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving - BlackListedNews.com

U.S. ban sought on cell phone use while driving | Reuters

Obomney 2012: Video Shows There Is Not a Dime's Worth of Difference Between Romney & Obama - informationliberation

Romney Obama the Same? - YouTube

Attorney General Admits Obama Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana Laws - informationliberation

Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Attack - informationliberation

Can The Government Outlaw Groupon Discounts? - informationliberation

Can The Government Outlaw Groupon Discounts? - YouTube

Gaddafi's former oil chief found dead in Austria - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Jimmy Kimmel to Obama: "Remember when the country rallied around you in hope for a better tomorrow? ...That was a good one." - informationliberation

Jimmy Kimmel Hosts the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner - YouTube

5 New Lies That The Federal Reserve Is Telling The American People - informationliberation

Top CIA al-Qaida Interrogator: Obama, Pelosi 'Reinventing The Truth'

Peter Bergen: Bin Laden Was “Delusional”

Ed Gillespie: Biden's bin Laden Comments ‘Desperate’ Sign

Experts: al-Qaida Still Wants Revenge for Bin Laden's Death

GOP Gears Up For Battle With Obama’s Re-Election Machine

Group Plans 'Biggest Shutdown' of NYC to Mark Worker's Day

Rather: Romney Has ‘Good Chance of Beating’ Obama

Australian Billionaire to Build, Launch Titanic II

New Obama Ad Hits Tea Party, GOP Leaders

Obama's Grand Economic Illusion

Obama's Failed Promise on Immigration Reform

Did Hollywood Bribe China Officials?

Romney, Secret Service, GOP -- Obama Mocks Them All

Obama, Clintons Deepen Political and Policy Ties

Gingrich’s Prolonged Exit Could Keep Him from Convention

Rasmussen: 55% Support Obamacare Repeal

GOP Heavyweights Offer Romney Only Lukewarm Endorsements

Juan Williams: Condi Rice Could Be Game-Changing VP Pick

As America's Waistline Expands, Costs Soar

More Families Building Their Own Tornado Shelters

Pakistan Condemns Resumption of US Drone Strikes

Yale’s Shiller: World in a 'Late Great Depression'

Slash Cholesterol in 12 Weeks

Wind Farms May Have Warming Effect

Bolton: Obama ‘Paralyzed’ In Solving Syria Crisis

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Father Benzion Dies at 102

Dartmouth: Dorm Assignments Will Not be 'Limited by Traditional Gender Binary'

Sheriff Arpaio: ‘I’ll Put up More Tents’ If Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Immigration Law

Obama's Palin Joke: 'What's the Difference Between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull?'

Romney Joins Calls for U.S. to Protect Pro-Life Chinese Activist Who Exposed Forced Abortion

Gov’t $15.6T in Debt Funds 16 Programs to Teach Citizens ‘Financial Literacy’

Nugent: Army's Cancellation of His Concert 'Defiles Sacrifices of Those Heroes Who Fought for U.S. Constitution'

H5N1 Flu Virus Could be 'Engineered' to Put Hundreds of Millions at Risk, Scientist Tells Homeland Security Committee

MSNBC's Bashir Attacks Ann Romney.... For Having Multiple Sclerosis?!

Obama Campaign Unveils New Slogan: 'Forward'

Bill Clinton, Appearing With Obama, Tells Dems Obama Deserves to Be Re-Elected

Obama Mocks Romney, Secret Service, GOP at Correspondents' Dinner

Romney Urges Young People to Take Economic Risks, Even Borrow From Mom and Dad

FCC: TV Stations Must Post Rates for Campaign Ads

Obama Using Bin Laden Killing As Campaign Tool

Debate Rages Over Severity of Child-Porn Sentences

World Trade Center Tower Will Become NYC's Tallest on Monday

Weaker al-Qaida still plots payback for US raid

Tim Carney: Media Reluctant to Note Chinese Dissident Chen Is Protesting Abortions, Sterilization | NewsBusters.org

Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Himself to WHCD With Vulgar Video, NB's Tim Graham Featured | NewsBusters.org

Gumbel: ‘Whipping Up a Frenzy’ Over Imagined Slights ‘Is a Play Straight Out of a Far Right Handbook’ | NewsBusters.org

The American Conservative » China’s Rise, America’s Fall

The Zombie Diet Food Plan (In Four Easy Steps) by Todd Sepulveda

The Scourge of Collectivism in the Nation State of America by Gary D. Barnett

Risky Investments in a Market Full of Conmen by Bill Bonner

The Banality of Tyranny by Joel F. Wade

Cash is Out, Bartering is King | Ready Nutrition

Caution: Wearing These Can Sabotage Your Health by Joseph Mercola

Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding - YouTube

Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study - Telegraph

Coffee: What's in your daily grind, and what does your cup say about you? | Mail Online

If You Talk Honestly About Race by Thomas Sowell

The Permanent Portfolio Revisited by Addison Wiggin

One Nifty Little Gun: The new Ruger SR22

7 Gadgets Retrofitted For The Future | Editors Pick | Minyanville.com

15 Best Baseball Movies | The Art of Manliness

The Barter Value of Skills | Ready Nutrition

Jim Sinclair has something to say

Frosty Wooldridge -- The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration

Frosty Wooldridge -- The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration, Part 2

Derivatives - The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks


The Katherine Albrecht Show 04-28-12 Hr 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show 04-28-12 Hr 2

World Crisis Radio 04-28-12 Hr 1

World Crisis Radio 04-28-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 04-29-12 Hr 1

Redding News Review 04-29-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 04-29-12 Hr 3


The King’s Propaganda

Clues Put FBI Informant at the Apex of Fast and Furious Scandal

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 27, 2012

FDA Allows Corporations to 'Recondition' Old Food

Brewing a Conflict with China

Amazing Photos Show What the World Really Eats

Are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Being Completely Overlooked?

The Latest Food Crisis: “Food Insecurity”

Occupy Bilderberg 2012

Beyond the Collapse: Quest for a Future Framework

U.S. officials continue to shift focus from al Qaeda to ‘home-grown extremists’

Strategy of Tension: West Creates Eugenics Nightmare in China - then Celebrates Activists Fighting It

Top 10 EDC Items - YouTube

So much for security: airport employees allowed to work without TSA background checks

25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know

Methanol: Byproduct of Aspartame Linked to Autism, Preterm Delivery

Video/"The Real Terrorist Was Me"

The NSA Is Watching You

How The "Cyber Intelligence Sharing And Protection Act" Would Affect You (faq):

Video/The Spy Factory

Food Stamps In Crosshairs Of Republicans' Plan To Save Military

TOP OF THE WORLD: NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic

DEATH OF OSAMA? Judge Denies Request For Release Of Bin Laden Death Pictures

Media Disinformation and the Use of "Words"

THE GULF IS DYING: Two years After the BP Drilling Disaster, Gulf Residents Fear for the Future

GLOBAL MILITARY ALLIANCE: Partners Across The Globe: NATO Consolidates A Worldwide Military Force

NATO ENCIRCLEMENT OF RUSSIA. The Strategic Role of the "Visegrad Four": Poland, Hungary Czech Republic, Slovakia

POLICE STATE: "Robots R’US": Military-style Drones on 63 Military Bases In The USA

The 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC): Unspoken Financial Bonanza

The Supposed Legality of Murder

Insider Trading 9/11: Allegations that informed circles made substantial profits in financial markets in connection to 9/11

Early "Psychological Warfare" Research and the Rockefeller Foundation

CYBER INTELLIGENCE AND INTERNET SPYING: House Passes Draconian Internet Spying Bill

The Piece of Paper that Killed Bin Laden

Drone Attacks are Acts of Terrorism: 168 Children Killed in America’s Drone War in Pakistan. Photographic evidence

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS: India's "Bilateral Investment Treaties": A New Form of Colonialism?

'Occupy' Promises 'Biggest Shut Down The City Of New York Has Ever Seen,' Blockade Of San Fran | CNSNews.com

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Dog-eating jokes are the main course at press dinner

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Warren Blasted GE's Low Taxes, Not GM's

Maybe no housing rebound for a generation: Shiller - Chicago Tribune

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Calif. Man Sues BMW For Persistent Erection « CBS Detroit

Concerns About NATO Summit Violence Leave Chicago Guessing About Security « CBS Chicago

FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescriptions - Washington Times

Father Accused of Trying to Sacrifice His Son | NBC San Diego

Obama has held more fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined as he visits key swing states on 'permanent campaign' | Mail Online

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9 Obama decisions Romney wouldn't make

The state of slow learners

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GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on

Breitbart’s coroner poisoned to death?

Ted Nugent Says He's On 'Even Better' Terms With Secret Service, Praises Joe Arpaio

GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on

Muslim Brotherhood endorses Obama faith adviser

Arianna Huffington: President's bin Laden ad "despicable" - CBS News

Girls' schools 'going out of fashion', expert warns - Telegraph

41 million American workers don't get enough sleep, CDC says - HealthPop - CBS News

Webcam abortions on way out?

Number of Americans killed in Mexico continues to rise

Drones at Mexican border have yet to prove worth

Obama campaign's bin Laden ad omits Romney clarification on key quote

Chechen women in mortal fear as president backs honor killings

Central Americans determined to trek north to U.S.

New book on Bradlee: Editor harbored doubts about details of ‘All the President’s Men’

Gingrich expected to leave GOP presidential race Wednesday, sources say

Domestic violence rises in sluggish economy, police report

Trial to begin for Newark man accused of killing transgender lingerie model


Coast to Coast AM-Mars&John Carter,Ancient Life. - YouTube

Project HAARP Mind Effects Coast to Coast am 04-18-2012.mov - YouTube


Losing Your Religion: Analytic Thinking Can Undermine Belief: Scientific American

Cat People, Strippers and Telekinesis: Tales From Alien Abductees | Raw File | Wired.com

Cosmic Log - Stonehenge's eerie sounds revived

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New particle discovered at CERN

Civilian space travel just got one step closer as scientists test engine for spaceplane that can fly anywhere on earth in just four hours | Mail Online

Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal Activity, Bigfoot, Mothman, UFOs and Other Unexplained Phenomena

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Bradlee Dean - President Barack Obama - Abortion - YouTube


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On May 1st, Occupy Calls For A General Strike. Will You Be There?

Paul Krugman Pwns Carly Fiorina on Corporate Tax Rates

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Alex Castellanos Denies 'War on Women' by Being a Misogynistic Jerk

Boehner: Obama 'Diminishing the Presidency' with Student Loan Fight

Krugman Stands Up For Social Security And Stimulus On This Week

Pastor Joel Osteen: 'Being Gay Is a Sin'

Mitt Romney Tells Ohio Students: 'Borrow Money From Your Parents'

Court Says No To Stay On Closing Secret Donors' Campaign Loophole

President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

Liar of the Week: Mitt Romney's Brain Fehrnstrom Says Auto Bailout All Romney's Idea

San Francisco Dems Ask Obama Administration To Stop Prosecuting Medical Pot Facilities

Romney Campaign: Obama 'Divides' America by Talking About Bin Laden

John Boehner Throws a Tantrum on the House Floor Over War on Women: 'Give Me a Break!'

Students Protest Trillion-Dollar Debt While GOP Plays Politics to Protect the Wealthy

Obama Threatens To Veto Student Loan Act That Cuts Health Care Fund

They've Socialized Our Wombs: 'In Arizona I'm Pregnant'

Scott Brown’s Tax Blunder

New Law Makes American Agriculture Safe for Child Labor

GOP Looks to Slash Food Stamps To Protect Bloated Military Budget

S.E. Cupp Attempts and Fails to Defend Paul Ryan's Immoral Budget

Awkward: Tampa Asks Rick Scott to Ban Guns at RNC Convention

Franken Cries During VAWA Speech Recalling Paul and Sheila Wellstone

Etch-A-Sketch: Romney No Longer Believes AZ Immigration Law a 'Model for the Country'

Hannity and Bozell Bewail Alleged Attacks On Ann Romney

Billo Just 'Joshing Around' When He Called Robert Reich a Communist

Bill O'Reilly To Catholics United: People Cause Their Own Poverty

Lame ND Radio Ad: Obama Socialism Cuts the Military!

Okay If You're A Fox Anchor: How the Propaganda Network Rigs the Debate

Rep. Todd Akin Says Student Loans Caused 'Stage 3 Cancer of Socialism'

flashback:Newstalgia Reference Room - Teddy Roosevelt - 1912 | Newstalgia

Marc Faber Interview - Keynesian Clowns, Middle East to Blow Up, and Money Printing - informationliberation

Humor is ridicule Marxist style

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a “Nice Man”

The Empire of Poverty

Is Government Running Away From Us or Is It Just The Politicians Running?

Will Pastors Risk Tax-Free Status to Help Save America?—Calling Black Robe Regiment II

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Obama, Self-Proclaimed Unifier, Morphing Into A Divider and Conqueror

Whatever Happened To Liberals?

The “What If” of John Edwards

Nationalism, Social Justice, and Civil Rights: Palestinian Discourse on the Social Networks

Wanted: A Competent Command-In-Chief

Folding light: Wrinkles and twists boost power from solar panels

O’Reilly Exposes Andrea Mitchell’s Liberal Bias [Video]

Is this house big enough to hold my ego?

Using a Dictator to Bring the Disparate and Desperate Together!

AFP: Obama’s Wasteful Spending Ad

Post-Zionism is so 1990s

Agenda 21 biggest threat to Libertarians!

Agenda 21, where are you on this Presidential candidates?

Debbie Schlussel:“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” – The 20th Year Reunion of the Rodney King Riots

Debbie Schlussel:Quote of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel Said What? The Absurd Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Limbaugh Slams CNN Suzanne Malveaux’s ‘Groupieism’ At #NerdProm WHCD

Twitter Lib Identified As A Flag-Spam Ringleader Also Spearheading A Stop Rush Limbaugh Effort

Jimmy Kimmel Uses Old Tired Joke On Limbaugh At White House Correspondents Dinner

OUCH! Arianna Huffington Gets Heart Ripped In Half By Obama

FREE Joe Biden iPhone Ringtone ‘The President Has A Big Stick’

The Big Get: High School Student Lands 30 Minute Interview With Rush Limbaugh On The State Of Racism In The Media

Rush Has A Belly Laugh Ripping Lesley Stahl Over “Dire Orwellian Ensure Techniques” At Gitmo

Limbaugh: Pelosi Says Obama Would Veto The Republican Student Loan Plan

Limbaugh: POTUS Has Launched An All Out Assault On US Private Sector Economy

Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Disruption of Status Quo - Bloomberg

Al Gore at Hampshire College: Global warming is real and needs to be addressed now | masslive.com

Lawmakers: Newt's long farewell may cost him at Republican convention - TheHill.com

US deploys F-22s to base near Iran | Fox News

Former aide feared John Edwards would have him killed - NYPOST.com

Vacation backlash: Blue collar Dems jealous, angry at Obamas | Washington Examiner

Monkeys Strip Taiwanese Girl at Local Zoo | China News 24


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Obama to Grandstand Over Boogie Man Osama's Demise - YouTube

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Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study - Telegraph

Chief: Drones 'certainly' coming to skies over Beltway - WTOP.com

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Google Engineer Told Others of Data Collection, F.C.C. Report Reveals - NYTimes.com

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+ Obama/Bin Laden 2012: Re-Elect the Stoic, Heroic Killer Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama Exploits Bin Laden Hoax For Election Propaganda Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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Tasered to Death: Should all be afraid of cops? - YouTube

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The journalist: Homeland Security's top terrorist? — RT

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Obama to Grandstand Over Boogie Man Osama's Demise - YouTube

World Trade Center’s Freedom Tower to rise higher than the Empire State building today, while competing for rival’s business - NYPOST.com

World News - US offers 'safe passage' to Afghan Taliban leaders

In Tunisia after Arab Spring, Islamists’ new freedoms create new Muslim divide - The Washington Post

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World needs to stabilise population and cut consumption, says Royal Society | Environment | The Guardian

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THIS IS IT: The Asteroid Mining Plan Backed By Google And Goldman Billionaires - Business Insider

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Giant cannibal shrimp that can grow up to 13 INCHES long invade waters off of Gulf Coast | Mail Online

» Alabama Closes Gulf Shrimping After Scientists Find Severe Deformities Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

H5N1 Flu Virus Could be 'Engineered' to Put Hundreds of Millions at Risk, Scientist Tells Homeland Security Committee | CNSNews.com

ACORN Whistleblower Says Obama DOJ 'Has Gone Wild' - ACORN - Fox Nation

» Torture Cheerleaders Back In the News Trying to Defend the Indefensible Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Richard Stallman: CISPA nearly abolishes people’s right not to be unreasonably searched Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Humor is ridicule Marxist style

Google 'aware of data scoop'

AllGov - News - Is New Cyber Security Bill (CISPA) An End-Run around Privacy Restrictions?

U.S. ban sought on cell phone use while driving | Reuters

Obama’s green team comes out swinging as election proceeds - The Hill's E2-Wire

» Trail of Death: Breitbart Coroner Turns Up Dead, Arsenic Poisoning Suspected Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Was Breitbart's Coroner Poisoned to Death? - YouTube

Exxon Mobil cleaning up oil spill in rural La. | Fox News

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FFw/JB (4/28/2012): Ron Paul wins Louisiana Caucus! - YouTube

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The 'Barry and Bill' show raises $2 million

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Irony alert: Solyndra abandoning its toxic waste

OWS plan 'global disruption' on May Day

On Self-Hating Jews

Terry Jones Burns Koran to Protest Iranian Pastor’s Imprisonment

Hillary Clinton on Iconic Sit Room Photo: ‘The Way I Usually Look When My Husband Drags Me to an Action Movie’

‘Totally Unsuitable’: Soldiers and Missiles to be Stationed on Residential London Rooftops During Olympic Games

Romney Campaign Responds to Allegation He May Not Have Ordered bin Laden Raid: ‘Divisive’ and ‘Sign of a Desperate Campaign’

Leaked Red Cross Email Shows Org. Prepping for Violence at NATO Summit in Chicago

President Obama Opened Correspondents’ Dinner With a Toilet Flush…Really

Krugman Slams the Fed for Current Economic Crisis: Bernanke Has Been ‘Assimilated by the Borg’

If Our President Were Muslim He Would ‘Get Something Done’: Farrakhan Encourages Obama to Convert to Islam!

‘Jesus Was a Commie’ Director Defends Rev. Wright & Dan Savage on Twitter: ‘Rev Wright Was Addressing Sins of U.S. Past’

‘F***king Bulls**t’: Actor Jon Lovitz Doubles Down on His Anti-Obama Diatribe — ‘He’s President, Not King!’

Watch a Boeing 727 Passenger Jet Crash in the Mexico Desert…on Purpose

What are the Occupiers Planning for Tomorrow‘s Massive ’May Day’ Protest?

‘Tax Me, For F@%&‘s Sake’: Author Stephen King Slams the GOP & Calls for Higher Taxes on the Wealthy In Virulent Op-Ed

Is the Incredible Video of Manhole Cover Completely Flipping an SUV a Fake?

Occupy San Fran Seizes UC Berkeley Farm (and There are Wacky Pictures)

Limbaugh Hits Back at Media Matters: Launches Site Section Dedicated to Refuting Its ‘Facts’

The Blaze’s Will Cain Calls Out CNN Anchor for Laughing at Marcus Bachmann Gay Joke

Legal? Florida HOA Evicts Owner’s Tenant, Changes Locks and Rents It Out

Low-Rated '30 Rock' Makes Blackface Okay Again

Clinton, Obama Share Insights About Famous Bin Laden Raid Picture

Clinton and Holder Already Suspended the War on Terror -- in 1999

The 5 Al-Qaida Leaders Most Wanted by the US

Obama Admin Wants 'Appropriate Balance' With China on Human Rights

US Pastor Burns Korans Again To Urge Iran Clergyman Release

After bin Laden, Al-Qaeda 'essentially gone'

Pro-Illegal Immigrant Group Uses Video Tricks to Lie About Hate Crimes

Huffington: Obama's Bin Laden Campaign Ad 'Despicable'

Enough with the Hoodies

Chris Matthews Wins Dumbest Media Question of the Week

Real NPR Headline: 'Is Slow Growth Actually Good for the Economy?'

Comrades! Obama's New Slogan: Forward!

Obama Campaign: 'Fair Game' To Say Romney Wouldn't Have Made 'Brave Decision' To Kill Bin Laden

Kimmel Pokes Fun at Obama, Secret Service

GOP Strategist: Obama 'One Of The Most Divisive Presidents In American History'

Libertarian Gary Johnson Taps Judge Jim Gray for VP

Obama Advisors Fight Over Whether Obama Politicized OBL Kill

The 'Fairness' of the US Supreme Court

EPA Has a Long History of 'Crucifying' Businesses

Hollywood's 1% Plan Potential Record-Breaking Obama Fundraiser

Beach Boys Reunite For 50th Anniversary

Potential Reality Show Targets Military Widows

Breitbart is Here: Protests at White House Correspondents Dinner

'SNL' Alum Lovitz Doubles Down on Obama Bashing

Kimmel at White House Correspondents Dinner: One Term, Not Two, For Obama

Dan Savage Brags About White House Ties; 'Don't Need Permission From Parents To Talk To Their Kids'

Obama Plasters Names Of Wealthy Private Citizens Who Donated To Romney On Campaign Website

Gov. Brown: Politics Changed 'A Hell Of A Lot'

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'This Week' ABC Panel Part II

Hispanic Leaders Unhappy With Obama

Al Gore To College Grads: 'Occupy Democracy' Bring 'American Spring'

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22nd/Guests: Lieberman, Coburn, Cummings & Jackson Lee

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Escape Poses New Riddle for US, China

Same Titanic but brand-new, built from scratch, billionaire says

Depressed Bin Laden thought about 'al-Qaida' name change, White House says

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Indicted Rep. Smith: I'll fight bribery charge

Few options for homeless young people in Chicago

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Gaddafi confidant drowned, police say

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Wife of Edwards aide breaks down on witness stand

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Sen. Rick Santorum Confirmed for RPT Convention Gala

Campaign Consultant on Trial for Election Fraud

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Don't Let Google Intercept Your Wireless Data

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Robert Wagner's daughter arrested after shooting at Malibu home

Wind farms are warming the earth, researchers say

Wind Farms Raise Local Temperatures: New Study - YouTube

Immunizations Essential for Infants

Special Documenting James Cameron's Record Descent Airs Sunday

Cannibal shrimp: The invasion has begun

With Shuttle's End, Space Firms Seek New Direction