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that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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01 April 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

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Holy City Bible Code


Holy City Bible Code


Stratfor leak: Assassination of Obama! | Opinion Maker

HOMELAND IN-SECURITY: Rise Of The Global Police State (Sneak Preview) - YouTube

Sarkozy compares Toulouse to 9/11 – the only similarity is they’re both false flags!! « Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

Technology Review: The Authority on the Future of Technology

What's Wrong With These Headlines?

Was Jet Blue Pilot A Victim Of Excitotoxins/Aspartame?

Rate of Mortgage foreclosures? « CAFR1

With the "world's largest" gathering of atheists this weekend in Washington, D.C., the National Post's graphics department takes a look at how the world's religions break down. | Holy Post | National Post

Children 'sacrificed' to Mexico's cult of Saint Death - Telegraph


Poll Results - The 2012 TIME 100 Poll - TIME


Prometheus – Illuminati Programming Goes Batsh*t « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

False Flag Alert: American Ambassador to Kabul Claims al Qaeda Planning 9/11 Style Attacks in Afghanistan :

Post-mortem America: Proximate cause of death

Monsanto plans massive biotech experiment in the US — RT

Explaining Central Banking to the Publicly Educated - The Dollar Vigilante Blog -

Illinois Traffic Stop Of Star Trek Fans Raises Concerns About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops

Student Finds Bags Of Sunken Treasure In Oakland's Lake Merritt During School Trash Cleanup

Imagining The Unthinkable

The Truth About the US Postal Service | Common Dreams

'Secret agents specialising in dark arts may have covered up death of MI6 spy found in holdall¿ | Mail Online

Twitter hoaxer comes clean and says: I did it to expose weak media | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Proposed South African secrecy laws widely condemned | World news | guardian.co.uk

'Faster than light' neutrinos scientist quits - Science - News - The Independent

How iPads are turning young eyes old before their time by making us forget to blink | Mail Online

Did ancient glaciers carve a five-mile-deep valley on Mars? Deposits found by space probe hints that 1,800-mile 'trough' was carved by walls of ice | Mail Online

Keith Olbermann Wears Hoodie, Killed By Current TV

Monsanto's Roundup is Causing DNA Damage | Natural Society

Environmental causes of homosexuality

FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging - Yahoo! News

Are Boys Turning in to Girls Because of Man Made Chemicals? | Scienceray

Dr. Daliah: “Panic Attack” Causing Panic on JetBlue… Or Psychotic Event?

Dr. Kipp: Doctor Speaks out on Obamacare and the Supreme Court


+Prison Planet.com » Sheriff Arpaio: Obama Birth Certificate Is An Amateur Fake


+1:24:40/Sheriff Arpaio: Obama's Records Are Missing + Mike Zullo, Jerome Corsi Full Interviews. - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury

Prison Planet.com » Stealth GMOs Rapidly Consuming Global Food Supply

New snooping law to allow Government access to everybody's emails, texts, and internet browsing | Mail Online

Police Tracking of Cellphones Raises Privacy Fears - NYTimes.com

Clinton: World must unite to stop Assad's war on Syrian people - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Prison Planet.com » Biden Hints at More Gun Laws in Wake of Trayvon Martin Case

Lawyer for soldier accused of Afghan massacre charges military with ‘information blackout’ | The Raw Story

Prison Planet.com » The Illusion of an Economic Recovery: The Backlash of Higher Gasoline Prices…

Soros's MF Global Bank Heist Via JP Morgan with Max Keiser - YouTube

American World Bank president defends U.S. monopoly on World Bank presidency | The Raw Story

Prison Planet.com » French Constitutional Court Bans Law Enforcement Use of National Biometric ID Database

Was MI6 spy-in-a-bag Gareth Williams killed by 'secret service dark arts'? - Telegraph

Michigan Engaging in True "Animal Genocide" - YouTube

Earth Hour Hijacks YouTube! - YouTube

Earth Hour Loves Murder! Earth Hour Is A Scam! - YouTube

Police Tracking of Cellphones Raises Privacy Fears - NYTimes.com

» The Illusion of an Economic Recovery: The Backlash of Higher Gasoline Prices… Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Defense Department seeks new authorities for counterterrorism fight - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

Colleges Withhold Transcripts From Grads in Loan Default | The Nation

Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school

Exclusive Dr. Jerome Corsi, Obama "the greatest deception in American History"!! - YouTube


24 min./Recognizing Good from Evil with Alex Jones - YouTube


Prison Planet.com » A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

Prison Planet.com » No Country for Con Men: Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse Put Obama To Shame

Prison Planet.com » Afghan al-Qaeda ‘plotting’ another 9/11?


+ The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


46 min./Lost Archives 14: The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla - YouTube


First evidence for string theory at the Large Hadron Collider | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics | Science | guardian.co.uk


» Washington Post poll: Ninety-six percent of public says Obamacare is unconstitutional Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Scalia on Obamacare Mandate: ‘If the Government Can Do This, What Else Can It Not Do?' | CNSNews.com


Chart: Estimated Loss of Health Coverage Under Obamacare

Chart: Obamacare's 17 New Taxes Will Cost $502 Billion


In Pictures: The Impact of Obamacare


Full audio: Obamacare at the Supreme Court, day one

Full audio of Obamacare at the Supreme Court, day two

Full audio: Obamacare at the Supreme Court, day three




SCOTUS Transcript - Day 2

SCOTUS Transcript Day 3


Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Day One - YouTube


Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Day Two - YouTube


Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Day Three (1/2) - YouTube

Obamacare at the Supreme Court: Day Three (2/2) - YouTube


Seven of Obamacare's Biggest Failures from the Last Two Years

Why Religious Liberty Is Important for Institutions


+ElectAd | Ron Paul Town Hall in College Park, Maryland – March 28 2012

Ron Paul Examines Federal Reserve Bailout of Eurozone - YouTube


Ron Paul Rally 2012-UW Madison, Wisconsin - YouTube

Ron Paul Rally - Madison, WI - March 29, 2012 - YouTube


ElectAd | Rick Santorum Addresses the Waukesha County GOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in Pewaukee, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney Addresses the Waukesha County GOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in Pewaukee, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney Holds a Phone Bank for Governor Scott Walker in Fitchburg, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Campaign Rally in Platteville, Platteville – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney Town Hall in Muskego, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Pewaukee, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney Addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Pewaukee, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich Addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Pewaukee, Wisconsin – March 31 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Campaign Rally Weston, Wisconsin – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney “Fish & Fry” Campaign Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Talks To John King – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Press Availability Following Event In Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich Visits Campaign HQ In Green Bay, Wisconsin – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Barack Obama Campaign Event, University of Vermont, Vermont – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich Campaign Rally Oshkosh, Wisconsin – March 30 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Campaign Rally Hudson, Wisconsin – March 30 2012


American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic - YouTube

ElectAd | Barack Obama Campaign Event, Maine Community College, Portland, Maine – March 30 2012


ElectAd | DNC Ad: Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan: That’s Amore

ElectAd | DNC Ad: Remember

» Obama’s Forgery and Fraud Have Become a Thorn in the Paw of the Union Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Disarming America: Homeland Security Buys Up Ammo Supplies - YouTube

How Does a ‘Common Citizen’ Know If They Can Be Target of NDAA? | The Dissenter

Loving Little Face Scanning Cameras with Alex Jones Nov 2001 - YouTube

» Poll Shows 77 Percent Against Raising Gas Tax and 58 Percent Prefer Tolls Over Taxes Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

While Congress Dawdles With Stopgap Transportation Bill, Poll Shows 77 Percent Against Raising Gas Tax and 58 Percent Prefer Tolls Over Taxes - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

A Short History of Fuel Substitution in the UK | 3000 Quads

» TSA Begin Takeover of Amtrack Stations Through ‘VIPR Teams’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Feds Using NDAA To Silence Journalists Critical Of Government

» IRS wants 4,000 new agents, $300 million budget to enforce Obamacare Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Why Would HHS Buy Bullets? Are They Expecting Something? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years

Depleted Uranium: The Toxic Wastelands with Dr. Doug Rokke - YouTube

Biosecurity advisory board reverses decision on ‘engineered bird flu’ papers - The Washington Post


28 min./Deeper Insights into The Illuminati Family with Author Fritz Springmeier - YouTube


The real hunger games: How banks gamble on food prices – and the poor lose out - World Politics - World - The Independent

» 9/11 Survivor: False Flag Attacks Opening Salvo for Geopolitical Agenda Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

911 Victim Telling You How It Is - YouTube

Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all - World Politics - World - The Independent

» US Blocks Investigation into Army’s Massacre in Kandahar Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Clinton meets with Persian Gulf nations over missile defense - The Washington Post

Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all - World Politics - World - The Independent

» US Blocks Investigation into Army’s Massacre in Kandahar Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Clinton meets with Persian Gulf nations over missile defense - The Washington Post


+Ron Paul Face the Nation 4-1-12 - YouTube


Lone Star Watchdog: America's History of Armed Tax Revolts. Can it Happen Again?

Wealthcare: UK govt bill opens up NHS to private profiteering - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul tells the real reason for the oil price in 2008

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Actual Media Proof They Are Blacking Out Ron Paul!

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Voice Experts Claim Teen's Cries, Not Zimmerman's, Can Be Heard On 911 Call


**Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet - Wired How-To Wiki


BBC News - Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws

The Mainstream Media Is Completely Out Of Control

Important Media Propaganda Against Ron Paul - Stay Knowledgeable - YouTube

Secret intelligence source: Merah was an informant - Press TV News - YouTube



Architects & engineers evidence proves 9/11 story fake - YouTube

Anti-Neocons - Flight 93 oddities


Robosigner Bethany Hood and Fein Such & Kahn busted on phone and in person. - YouTube

Mortgage Movies: Prostitution isn't all: KingCast & Mortgage Movies advise NYTimes writer Nicholas Kristof to delve into Goldman Sachs, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group small merchant rip-off schemes.

Health Basics: The 11 most toxic vaccine ingredients and their side effects

The U.S. Military and Massacres by Tim Kelly

Financers and Sex Trafficking - NYTimes.com

Shockingly Craven Behavior in Vaccine Experiment on Babies: Adding Drug to Improve Response | Gaia Health

Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway? - YouTube


+The Irish Holocaust : Federal Jack

30 min./The Irish Holocaust - YouTube


The Intercept: Comedy Gold: The Clumsy Attempt at Discrediting 9/11 Truth in Portland

Paul & Napolitano ~End the Fed - YouTube


Occupy Interview - Delphi Technique Based Infiltration of Occupy Groups - 1 of 3 - YouTube

Occupy Interview - Delphi Technique Based Infiltration of Occupy Groups - 2 of 3 - YouTube

Occupy Interview - Delphi Technique Based Infiltration of Occupy Groups - 3 of 3 - YouTube


Chicago bans anti-war march during NATO Summit — RT


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The Advantages of Small States and the Dangers of Centralization (Hans Hoppe)


+Lone Star Watchdog: The Real America's Most Wanted List of Financial Terrorist.

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Rick Santorum Doesn\'t LIke LIbertarians In The Tea Party

The Illusion of an Economic Recovery: The Backlash of Higher Gasoline Prices...

Refreshing News: US elections 2012: why Barack Obama's 'open mic' slip-up shows he is a man without a plan

Taking an aspirin a day will cause cancer, not prevent it

Activist Post: French Constitutional Court Bans Law Enforcement Use of National Biometric ID Database

CIA Secret Prison: Polish Leaders Break Silence About Black Site

NSA Dismisses Claims Utah Data Center Watches Average Americans | Fox News

"Pink Slime" manufacturer turns out to be a major Romney donor | Nerve.com

Financers and Sex Trafficking - NYTimes.com

World News - Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone

Phantom Report » Blog Archive » UGANDA OIL: US Africa Command, a tool to Recolonize the African Continent





+What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 28th Mar 2012 - YouTube


Trayvonnosaurus Rex - Taki's Magazine

Whitney Houston's Bustier Sells for $18,750 at Auction

Canada Says It Will Stop Making Pennies--Which Now Cost 1.5 Cents a Piece to Produce

Liberals Prepare To Vilify The Supreme Court If They Don't Get Their Way

When Did YOU First See Through Obama's Masquerade?

The Left's Orwellian Censorship Campaign

If Only We All Had (Liberal) Brains, We'd All Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

Obama To Planned Parenthood: 'Never Stop Fighting' - 'Neither Will I'

US Postal Service Wants Out Of Government-Provided Health Insurance

MSNBC's Scarborough: Conservatives Hinted Trayvon Martin Deserved To Be Shot | NewsBusters.org

Daily Kos Week in Review: The Anti-Rainbow Coalition | NewsBusters.org

Maher Calls His HBO Audience 'Liberal Drug Addicts' | NewsBusters.org

Podcast Show #82: Boiling Frogs Presents James Bamford/ NSA’s Gigantic Utah Center, Privatization of Intel & the Assault on our Liberties-Privacy

Aung San Suu Kyi's Rise to Power Spearheads Political Change in Burma

Obama Urges Congress to Approve Higher Tax Scale for the Rich

National ID threatens ‘ultimate control’

T-shirt company in crosshairs for saying no to homofest

Is Obama on verge of 'gay marriage' endorsement? (OneNewsNow.com)

High court justice: Obama birth certificate fishy

University: We have standards … double standards

Obamacare fight ‘soon to be over’? LOL!

New Turin Shroud theory claims Christ did NOT rise from the dead | Mail Online


44 min./Jesse Ventura - Big Brother (Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 4) - YouTube


If They Can Force Us to Buy “Health Care”… | Eric Peters Autos


**"Is the Electoral College Outdated?" - YouTube

60 min./"The Obama Administration vs. The Constitution" - YouTube


Introduction to the Constitution - Part 1 - YouTube

Introduction to the Constitution - Part 2 - YouTube

Introduction to the Constitution - Part 3 - YouTube

Introduction to the Constitution - Part 4 - YouTube

"Introduction to the Constitution" - Concluding Session - YouTube


1:24:31/End the Lie Radio with Madison Ruppert - Episode 9 - YouTube


Clinton: Time Running Out for Iran Diplomacy

War porn: The new safe sex By Pepe Escobar

Rhode Island Guardsman died saving Afghan girl - CNN.com

Noninterventionism: Cornerstone of a Free Society by Anthony Gregory

+Video Report/Anatomy of a Massacre ; Eye Witness Report Of Recent Afghan Massacre

Video/John Pilger : Real Journalism

US House of Representatives Approves Plan to Destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps

Supreme Court Judges Have Access to Guaranteed Care, Shouldn’t You?

Can America’s Descent Possibly Be Reversed?

Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center

CIA Director: Web-Connected Devices in Your Home Make it Easy to Spy on You

Santorum: Romney Can't Be 'Shoved Down' Voters' Throats

Sen. McConnell: Time Now to Focus on General Election

Heritage Foundation's Gaziano: Individual Mandate ‘Not Our Idea’

Details Emerge about Bin Laden's Other Residences

Trayvon Lawyers Want US to Review Prosecutor's Role

Rep. Ryan: I Misspoke on Military Advice to Obama

Rep. Ryan: Romney May Win ‘A Lot of Delegates’ This Week

Drug Breakthrough May Stifle Colds

Foot Discovery Shows Prehuman Walked at Same Time as Lucy

DO WE NEED A PUBLIC DEBT? Restoring Economic Growth and Reducing Social Inequalities through Public Loans

CANCER CAPITALISM: Humanity's Evolution or Destruction. Regaining Social Control Over the "Real Economy"

The Concept of "Revolutionary Freedom"

Who is Kofi Annan? The United Nations "Peacekeeper" Handpicked by the CIA

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Obama’s Forgery and Fraud Have Become a Thorn in the Side of the Union

UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE US AND CANADA: New Round of Mass Layoffs in North America

NBC to do ‘internal investigation’ on Zimmerman segment - Erik Wemple - The Washington Post

Funeral director on Trayvon Martin's lack of injuries - CBS News Video

Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman NAACP: NAACP, civil-rights leaders, Trayvon marchers call for Zimmerman's arrest - Orlando Sentinel

Rush Limbaugh: My Enemies Are Lying About My Financial Health - The Daily Beast

Man Denied Entry to US From Mexico to Bury Son, 10 - ABC News

Tom Brokaw to Appear on Chinese Communist Television | The Weekly Standard

Richard Branson headed to 'center of Earth' - Yahoo! News Canada

Michelle gets slimed: First Lady caught in green goo's line of fire at children's awards | Mail Online

Police Tracking of Cellphones Raises Privacy Fears - NYTimes.com

Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description

Orwellian Free Speech Zones Expand to Mesa, Arizona

4409 -- Mesa Police Lynch Free Speech! - YouTube

China says U.S. has no authority to impose unilateral sanctions on countries dealing with Iran

Stealth GMOs Rapidly Consuming Global Food Supply


25 min./Keiser Report: Kamikaze Banking (E269) - YouTube


The Biggest Event of the 2012 Great Awakening

'Oil for Food' Barter Trades Begin to Get Around Sanctions on Iran


**Cooking and Recipes


Vegan Uramaki – Crispy Tofu Vegetable Sushi with Wasabi & Pickled Ginger

Easy Vegan Cold Rice Paper Rolls with Chickpea “Tuna” & Grilled Portobello


The Mysterious Crystal Sphere Of Atlantis | Before It's News

Obama Passportgate – A History | Before It's News

Who is Going to Fact-Check Team Obama? Their Statements on Iran Aren’t True. | Before It's News

The Revelation of the Memories of Previous Lives and the "War in Heaven" | Before It's News

Feds refuse to release Obama draft docs to Sheriff Joe

Who Is Obama? | Before It's News

Dinesh D'Souza - Obama & 2016 - YouTube

Cross removed at base in Afghanistan - Tim Mak - POLITICO.com

New Pics Emerge Of Fast And Furious Weapon Used In Officer-Involved Shooting | Before It's News

Laws Of Physics Deemed Heresy In Rome | Before It's News

Was This Ancient Monolith a Stone Age Astronomy Tool?

Charleston Voice: Short History of US Coin Shortages

Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle | Before It's News


44 min./Lindsey Williams spills the Beans - jeff rense - 26 March 2012 - YouTube

*1:22:00/Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-18-2012) Deconstructing Fear & Moral Culpability - YouTube


Extorting Alums: Colleges Withhold Transcripts from Grads in Loan Default | This Can't Be Happening

Study Reveals "Suicide By Cop" Common Occurrence - OpEd

The Financial Elite Choose To Kill 1 Million Children Each Month | Dprogram.net


The Kill Shot: Approaching The Moment – The Secret CIA Program | Dprogram.net


38 min./THE KILLSHOT - YouTube


Lessons from Hitler | Dprogram.net

Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler( Excerpts )

+Full text of "Mein Kampf"


FDA Discounts More Than a Million Signatures On GMO Labeling Petition | Dprogram.net

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama’s Documents Are Amateur Phonies | Dprogram.net

Fox Says NBC Edited Transcripts To Make Zimmerman Look Racist

Obama Is Trying To Start A Race War: Exploiting Trayvon's Death - YouTube

David Icke: This Is Not A Bloody Game | Dprogram.net

David Icke "This is Not a Bloody Game!" - YouTube

Are Earthlings an ‘invasive species’ soon to be exterminated by a technologically advanced race of beings who protect life? – Mike Adams | Dprogram.net

Two Chicagoans among those helping build Romney's $75 million war chest

Chicago Weekend Shootings: 1 Dead, 8 Wounded Overnight In Chicago

Rahm's April Fools' resolution

CHA runs program to help disabled get own homes

Searchers Work to Recover Runner Micah True's Body

More Trayvon Martin events draw thousands - YouTube

Sanford, Fla., residents: 'We are good people here'

Scenes from Obama's day in Vermont

Kansas lotto player hit by lightning after buying Mega Millions tickets

Obama's insurance requirement not the only mandate

1940 census records include 21 million still alive

The World Bank

Arizona police find missing New York college student’s body in car at bottom of cliff - NY Daily News

Brotherhood presidency bid turns up heat in Egypt race

China Curbs Web Commentary

France detains 19 suspected Islamist extremists

Iraq's Fugitive Vice President Travels to Qatar

China Shows Strong Growth in March

Who will Romney's vice presidential pick be? A conservative.

Mitt Romney Awkwardly Mocks Gingrich Donor With Mega Millions Lottery Joke

Dems, GOP woo unmarried women voters

Santorum invokes Ronald Reagan during Jelly Belly factory tour

Lugar dances on health care mandate in primary

Ron Paul brings his message to University of Maryland

Obama presses Congress to pass 'Buffett Rule' tax increase on millionaires

Health Care Politics A Hot Topic After Supreme Court

What's so bad about an open convention?

Romney rivals split on ever embracing his candidacy, Gingrich says he’d have no choice - The Washington Post

Gmail Tap: Say Goodbye to the QWERTY Keyboard

Google Tap tries to April fool with Gmail a la Morse code

Google April Fools Roundup

Cellphone buyers continue moving toward smart ones

Amazing! Google's self-driving car allows the blind to drive

Apple Invents a Killer 3D Imaging Camera for iOS Devices

Bobbi Kristina Brown Cast on Tyler Perry Show: Source

5 Easy to Pull April Fool's Day Pranks

Last Titanic menu fetches £76000

PHOTOS: Students, Robots Participate in Regional Competition

Exploring the deep blue

MU researcher discovers animal effigy mounds in Peru

Long use of any hormones raises women's breast cancer risk


**C2CAM - 9-11 Conspiracies & Lunar Civilizations ...


Video: Peugeot paint changes colour with your mood - Telegraph

New images of Titanic wreck revealed - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience - msnbc.com

An Age When Fear is Preferable to Trust

DREAM ACT: Leaving Americans Out in the Cold

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy (I)

Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy (II): The Ground War

Those Inciting Violence Over Martin Tragedy Must be Prosecuted

How much is the U.S. dollar worth?

Anthropocene - Age of Man

What Would the World be like without Cash or with one Currency

It’s the Lies About Beef that are the Slime

Utopia’s Free Lunch

Child Bullied and Mocked For Standing Up For Pledge of Allegiance in Classroom

The UN acts in violation of International Law while claiming to uphold it

Slimy Reportage Defames Sterling American Industry

Sinister Liberal Version of “Natural Law” is a Perverse, Anti-Constitutional Hoax

Progressive Monetary Policy and the Hate The Rich Ploy

Capitol Follies

Christianity or Thoughtcrime?

The 'Islamic Art' Hoax

Obama's Russia Policy: Hysterical Ambassadors and Leg-Rubbing between Presidents

What's on That Ship, and Where Is It Going?

Light of Liberty Less than Flattering to Progressivism

Have a Little Faith, Just Trust Me!

Liberal Arrogance

'Romney drops out of race, endorses Santorum'

If you didn't turn out your lights out for 'Earth Hour,' you are seriously ill

AT's Rich Baehr on 'Obama's Battleground Advantage'

Liberals worry that striking down Obamacare would put the entire regulatory state 'at risk'

ObamaCare in My Mailbox

NBC caught selectively editing Zimmerman 911 tape

Basketball Obsessed Obama Has Sacramento Mayor's Back

Single-Payer and Obamacare

Despite promise not to, Muslim Brotherhood to field presidential candidate

More surprises found in Obamacare bill

Regulations Govern Our Lives - Then Send Us The Bill

The U.N. Acts in Violation of International Law while Claiming to Uphold It

The Future and Fears of Cyber-Warfare

Racism Is for Losers

On Restoring American Individualism

Biden on Trayvon: Let's Crack Down On Guns

Flashback: Obama's Homeland Security Video Features 'Terrorist' Wearing Hoodie

LAPD Says No To Hoodies

MSNBC Concedes Injury To Back Of Zimmerman's Head Apparent On Police VIdeo

Schakowsky Joins the 'Lynch Mob'

Celebrities Rush to Judge Trayvon Martin Case

Santorum: I’m Not Going Anywhere

Democratic Campaign Treasurer Pleads Guilty to $20 Million Embezzlement

NAACP Leader Condemns Sharpton's Call For Escalated Civil Disobedience

The Politics of 'Star Trek': Conservatism Abounds in 'Conscience of the King'

'Hollywood Hypocrites' Review: Brutal Takedown of Tinsel Town's Biggest Mouths

Utility Buys Wind Power at More than Double the Normal Rate for Electricity

DNC, MSM Smear Mitt with Deceptive Edit

Election Year Civility: Obama’s Tucson Memorial vs. Trayvon Martin Reactions

NBC Launches Internal Investigation over Altered Zimmerman Call

Did NBC Air Edited Zimmerman 911 Audio To Incite?

Piers Morgan Gets Caught In Touré's Racial Crosshairs

Obama Finally Unites America -- Against His Budget

AP Runs Interference for Obama's 'Flexibility' Gaffe

Reset: Russians Hack US Ambassador to Moscow

New Report Shows Air Force Debated Disposal Of 9/11 Remains

Military Excuses Muslim Soldiers' Uniformed Political Speech

Clinton: US Will Hold Egyptian Politicians 'Accountable'

Thousands March In Hong Kong Against Chinese Interference

No Solution in Sight for Afghan Troops Killing NATO Forces

At least 29 killed in Yemen army, Qaeda clashes

World View: Tunisian Cleric Calls for 'War Against the Jews'

Neighbor: I Saw 'Bandages' On Zimmerman's Face Next Day

The Vetting: Obama's Pal Ayers Says 'I Get Up Every Morning And Think Today I'm Going To End Capitalism'

Fox-Piven Name Calling Mania: GOP Crazy, Lunatics, Maniacs

Congresswoman Who Couldn’t Remember White Murder Victim: ‘Always Some Bullsh*t’

Soldier To Climb Everest With Prosthetic Ice Axe

Funeral Director: No Signs Of Fight On Trayvon

World's Highest, Longest Tunnel-To-Tunnel Bridge Set To Open

How a Financial Products Agency Could Protect Investors - NYTimes.com

Why the lottery is not a good bet - Mar. 30, 2012

The Smart Grid Has Been a Dumb Investment So Far (AONE, COMV, ENOC, FSLR, STP)

Is Cable’s Long, Glorious Ratings Run Finally Over? | Business | TIME.com

RealClearTechnology - Opinion, News, Analysis and Videos

Trayvon Martin: Guilty of Being Black | The Nation

Gas Prices Are Out of Any President’s Control - NYTimes.com

Steven Pearlstein: Eat your broccoli, Justice Scalia - The Washington Post

Mark Steyn: Just reading Obamacare cruel and unusual punishment | government, law, court - Opinion - The Orange County Register

Trayvon Martin killing raises loaded racial terms - CNN.com

The truth about Keystone - Salon.com

Klavan On The Culture » ObamaCare — How Nice People Crush Freedom

With the Focus on Syria, Mexico Burns, by Robert D. Kaplan | Stratfor

U.S. Now Has Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World

The myth of the disappearing middle class - The Washington Post

The Myth of the Myth of the Disappearing Middle Class | Jared Bernstein | On the Economy

If The Supreme Court Strikes Down The Affordable Care Act, The Conservative Justices Will Do Lasting Damage To The Institution's Legitimacy | The New Republic

10 Obamacare Questions Answered by MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber - The Daily Beast


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World Crisis Radio 03-31-12 Hr 1

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The Katherine Albrecht Show 03-31-12 Hr 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show 03-31-12 Hr 2


+Video:Obama: Buffett Rule Will "Make This Country A Little Fairer"

+Video:GOP Weekly Address: Boehner Says Obama Needs To Step Up On Energy

+Video:Maher Defends Romney's Father Decision To Move Plant


Watch Ron Paul: ‘I’m Trying to Save the Republican Party’

Van Jones: ‘Occupy…Saved the Entire Country From Destruction’

Watch Bill Ayers: ‘I Get Up Every Morning and Think…Today I‘m Going to End Capitalism’

Watch Santorum: ‘We’ll Step Aside’ if Romney Gets the Delegates

‘We’re Antagonistic Toward Religious Belief’: Military Atheists Hold Army-Sponsored ‘Rock Beyond Belief’ Festival

Watch ‘He Looks Black’: NBC Launches Internal Investigation into Selective Editing of Zimmerman Police Tape

‘We Want an Arrest, Shot in the Chest’: Protesters March in Florida for Trayvon Martin

Details About Olbermann’s Firing Emerge: Complained Car Drivers ‘Smelled’ and ‘Talked to Him’

Piers Morgan and Toure Battle Over Zimmerman Interview: ‘You Don’t Understand the Depth of the Pain in the American Soul’

Famed Runner Found Dead in New Mexico Wilderness 4 Days After Vanishing for a Run

Bill Maher Calls George Zimmerman a ‘Big, Fat, F**king Liar’

Man Lives with His Planes and His Guns in Utah Desert ‘Man Cave’

Incredible Video of Firefighter’s Close Call as Roof of Burning Building Caves In

Blaze Exclusive: ‘Monumental’ Producer Kirk Cameron Details His Journey From Atheism to Christ

Listen Adam Carolla Goes Off on Media Coverage of Rutgers Spying Case: ‘Completely F**king Strung This Guy Up’

‘Be Prepared to Struggle’: More Controversial Islamic Books Reportedly for Sale in Canada

Watch From Inside a School Bus as Deadly Indiana Tornado Strikes

‘Tree Lobster’ Extinct for 80 Years, Now Bred and Ready for Re-Introduction to Native Habitat

Man Dies at Occupy Tallahassee: Reports Suggest He Wasn’t Found for Days

‘Unsurvivable’: New Tornado Warnings Aim to Clarify Expected Severity

Check Out the Robotic Toilet That Made Kohler a Net Exporter of American-Made Products

‘No Hands’: Blind Mand Tests Google’s Self-Driving Car

William Ayers: 'I Get Up Every Morning Thinking ... Today I'm Gonna End Capitalism' | Fox News

My Way News - Obama postpones many issues until elections

WSJ: Obama Expands His Executive Power

Threat From Al Qaeda Affiliate Even Greater Since Death Of Al-Awlaki, US Officials Say | Fox News

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