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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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31 March 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"




News Video:

Obama: Buffett Rule Will "Make This Country A Little Fairer"
GOP Weekly Address: Boehner Says Obama Needs To Step Up On Energy


Pakistani Perspectives On U.S.-Pakistan Relations
Azerbaijani-Israeli Relations And The Iranian Threat
Campaign 2012: U.S. Policy Toward India
Chinese Firm Surpasses Exxon In Oil Production
Mali Sanctions Threat
Burmese Activist Speaks Out
Algeria Rejects Burial Of Toulouse Gunman
Japan Warning Over North Korean Rocket
French Police Swoop On Suspected Islamists
Suu Kyi Says Myanmar Polls Not Completely Fair
How Effective Will Romney Be In Foreign Policy Realm?

Congressman Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney
Limbaugh Explains Theory Of How Obamacare Could Be Found Constitutional
Piers Morgan Takes Down Toure Over Trayvon Martin Case
Scarborough: The Right Is Politicizing Trayvon Martin's Death
Obama: "You're On Your Own" Economics Doesn't Work
Toure: Trayvon Martin Case Most "Racialized Moment" Since The O.J. Trial
Jon Stewart Slams Spike Lee: "Leave The Cyber-Bullying To Teenagers"
Mike Tyson: Bigoted Tea Party Can't Stand Seeing Obama As President
Barney Frank On Mitt Romney: "There Is A Meanness At His Core"
Biden: "We Want To Create A Global Minimum Tax"
Biden: Romney Will Bring Economic "Momentum" To A "Screeching Halt"
American Crossroads Ad: Operation Hot Mic
Todd: RNC Ad Hurts Case For Supreme Court Hearings On TV
Ann Coulter Likens Zimmerman "Lynch Mob" To The KKK
Schultz: NRA Pushed "Stand Your Ground" Laws
AFL-CIO: Conservative, Right-Wing Policies To Blame For Trayvon's Death
Cavuto: Obama's Intentions Look "Sinister"
RNC Web Ad Rips Obama Budget: "Zero Votes"
O'Reilly: Media Trying The Martin Case On TV
DNC Web Ad Links Mitt Romney With Paul Ryan


Live Free Or Die Radio - Thursday, March, 29, 2012

David Duke Show 30

Paul Drockton Show 30

Paul Drockton Show 30 - 2

Through The Mirror With Larry Sinclair 30




Current TV Fires Keith Olbermann Claiming Network Sabotage - BlackListedNews.com

Why We Need To Fight The Super Congress And Take Back Our Government - YouTube

China cracks down on Internet after coup rumours | The Raw Story

Was MI6 spy-in-a-bag Gareth Williams killed by 'secret service dark arts'? - Telegraph

Brzezinski Says Romney Lacks ‘Grasp’ of Foreign Policy - Bloomberg

American World Bank president defends U.S. monopoly on World Bank presidency | The Raw Story

Massive $17 Trillion Hole Found In Obamacare - BlackListedNews.com

Stunning Finding: President's Health Law Creates $17 Trillion In Unfunded Financial Obligations - YouTube

One Trillion Dollars Visualized from Mint.com - YouTube

How Wall Street Manipulates & Manufactures Atrocities - BlackListedNews.com

Police Yourself: The spread of “Suspicious Activity Reporting” - BlackListedNews.com

Foreign Policy Junta: Trained in The U.S.A. | StratRisks

The Student Loan Debt Time Bomb | Economy Watch


The Osgood File: Transcript:GOING MOBILE AS THE WAY TO PAY.


*Poll Results - The 2012 TIME 100 Poll - TIME

+Magnitude 5.0 hits Fukushima — Multiple other quakes of similar strength in northeast Japan

California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation | ZeroHedge


Online buzz: Did Santorum just drop N-bomb on Obama? (VIDEO) — RT


* 69 MIN./Rick Santorum Visits Janesville - YouTube


Republican Party of Florida Staffer Issues FB Threat | Sinclair News.Net

NASA UFO Files Revealed On Science Channel Special

Something Out There | NASA's Unexplained Files - YouTube

Graham Hancock on the Purpose of Pyramids, the Location of the Ark of the Covenant, and more [videos] | Conscious Life News

Evidence Of Giants: Nephilim, Rephaim, Anunnaki | Conscious Life News

New Ancient Mayan Artifacts Found with Images of Spaceships and an Astronaut? | Conscious Life News

Global Rumblings: Enormous ConeHeads Paracas Peru

Podcast Show #82:Presents James Bamford/NSA’s Gigantic Utah Center, Privatization of Intel & the Assault on our Liberties-Privacy

America: A Global Serial Killer by Solomon Comissiong

Keith Olbermann Wears Hoodie, Killed By Current TV

Extorting Alums: Colleges Withhold Transcripts from Grads in Loan Default | This Can't Be Happening

Monsanto's Roundup is Causing DNA Damage | Natural Society

FDA rejects call to ban BPA from food packaging - Yahoo! News

Environmental causes of homosexuality

Are Boys Turning in to Girls Because of Man Made Chemicals? | Scienceray

Activist Post: FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign | Natural Society

Junk Food, Fast Food Proven to Cause Depression | Natural Society

The UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women's Health

Activist Post: Money is Not Needed with Energy Abundance

Bees’ Decline Linked to Pesticides, Studies Find - NYTimes.com

Michael McCarthy: Refusal to heed scientists' warnings is indefensible - Commentators - Opinion - The Independent

New pesticides linked to bee population collapse - Nature - Environment - The Independent

+Buckwheat Piadina | Alchemy Angles

**Cooking and Recipes

McDonald's turned me into a prostitute: Woman¿s bizarre claim in lawsuit against burger joint | Mail Online

Vote for Barack Obama!


+The Ballad Of Jed Clampett - Lester Flatt ,Earl Scruggs (1962) - YouTube


Dead MI6 Spy In Bag: Another Error By LGC Forensics

Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know

How Wall Street Manipulates and Manufactures Atrocities

'Oil for Food' Barter Trades Begin to Get Around Sanctions on Iran

FDA Rejects Monumental BPA Ban

Study: interrogative torture is unexpectedly harsh and ineffective

Why Is Pig Virus Still Being Given To Children?

Big Government Seeks New Ways to Manage "Big Data"

Amalgam Fillings Leach Mercury Vapor Into The Brain

TSA continues to expand operations outside of airports with VIPR teams

American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic - YouTube

NSA storing the personal data of Americans? - YouTube

McGrath: 'US intelligence is turning the nation into a battlefield' - YouTube


**Operation Gladio [BBC Timewatch, 1992] State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe - YouTube


Calling Out the CIA for Its Secrecy Game on Targeted Killing Nathan Freed Wessler,

US House of Representatives approves plan to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : FBI: We are losing to hackers

MSM: NDAA, to Restrict Journalists? - YouTube

Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush's Chicago District

You Want To See Glass-Steagall Die? in [Market-Ticker]

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Peter Schiff on BRICS and the - \"Demise of the Dollar\"

A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

Activist Post: Study: interrogative torture is unexpectedly harsh and ineffective

Santorum Calls Obama a "Government Nigger" (Best Video) - YouTube

Tax Day: Share info on US funding of Israel

What every American needs to know about the Federal Reserve System « Fabius Maximus

O'Reilly: NBC, Media Inciting Racial Violence

Israel Defense Ministry plan earmarks 10 percent of West Bank for settlement expansion - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Organized Criminal Banksters Stealing 15 Trillion by Extraction, Embezzlement and Fraud!!!

Refreshing News: FBI agents' training material is 'critical of Islam'

U.S. Puts Boots on Ground Across Africa | American Free Press


+Iran Like You've Never Seen It [Pics] - informationliberation


World News - Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone

The U.S. Military and Massacres by Tim Kelly


+ Download MP3 : Jeffrey A. Tucker Says Money Launderers Prefer Tide 2 to 1 Over the Competition [Audio]


Obama: "You're On Your Own" Economics Doesn't Work | RealClearPolitics

How the West De-democratised the Middle East

VIDEO/John Pilger : Real Journalism

US Anti-terrorism Law Curbs Free Speech and Activist Work, Court Told

Will The Koch Brothers Buy The White House?

Supreme Court Judges Have Access to Guaranteed Care, Shouldn’t You?

Can America’s Descent Possibly Be Reversed?

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Obama’s Forgery and Fraud Have Become a Thorn in the Side of the Union


The Art of Warfare : Iran and The Gas Pipeline Battle"


- The Big Brother Conspiracy: Tracking our every move is big business too, says Jesse Ventura

*44 MIN./Jesse Ventura - Big Brother (Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 4) - YouTube


Cross-Border Martial Law: Stage 1 by Gary North

The Hutaree Case: Next, Time, They’ll Send in the Drones by William Norman Grigg

Cash for Freedom by Charles Goyette

Be Honest With Me Altucher Confidential

Why We Shouldn’t Want the Media’s Help by Allan Stevo

Why We Shouldn't Want the Media's Help by Allan Stevo - YouTube

If They Can Force Us to Buy “Health Care”… | Eric Peters Autos

Quitting Rice | Mark's Daily Apple


+Gun Related Quotes from the Founding Fathers


George Zimmerman wins support of Quran-burning pastor - Orlando Sentinel

Fox Says NBC Edited Transcripts To Make Zimmerman Look Racist

George Zimmerman Trayvon Al Sharpton: Rev. Al Sharpton will escalate efforts if George Zimmerman isn't arrested in Trayvon's death. - Orlando Sentinel

Greatest TV Moment Of The Trayvon Martin - Zimmerman Case Evah! | Before It's News

Rep. Corrine Brown has a Meltdown - YouTube

ABC Faked The Zimmerman Video | Before It's News

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury

Madonna's New Age End Time Satanism...It Is Reappearing In These End Days. It Did Not Begin With The Super Bowl | Before It's News


57 MIN./The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class - YouTube


Savage: Could 2012 Be America's Last Presidential Election? | Before It's News

Dictatorship 2012? We Might VoteThe Bastards Out But They May Elect To Stay In... | Before It's News

More Obama Birth Certificate Media Threats Surface | Before It's News

Avril Lavigne's is a transsexual says his brother Matt Lavigne | Before It's News

+Supreme: Obama BC A Fraud | Before It's News

George Soros’ Son Strikes Out On His Own | Before It's News

Shahnameh And Ancient Iranian Legends | Before It's News

Mercenary Secrets Revealed | Before It's News


58 MIN./THE OTHER ISRAEL [full documentary] - YouTube


Jesus Gave A Warning Hidden Till 1870 – Yet Still It’s Not In The Bible | Before It's News

Obamas Inner Lenin Invoked In Desperate Re-Election Strategy | Before It's News

Pyramids Of Glass Submerged In The Bermuda Triangle | Before It's News

Benjamin Fulford National Emergency Committee 28/3/2012 | Before It's News

Archangels Michael And Gabriel On The Angelic Realm: Hour With An Angel Transcript, March 26, 2012 | Before It's News

FEMA Bracing For 'Maximum' Disaster Says Agency Chief | Before It's News

Is A New Madrid Earthquake The Next 9/11? - Video | Before It's News

Is a New Madrid Earthquake the next 9/11? - YouTube

The Mysterious Crystal Sphere Of Atlantis | Before It's News

BBC News | AMERICAS | 'Lost city' found beneath Cuban waters

Quasi Mundo » Mothership And Base Discovered On Moons Surface, Video, March 2012

David Icke: How To Free Your Mind - YouTube

Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked - YouTube

HAARP ~ How To Make An Earthquake: Simulacro ~ Mexico Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake, & Iceland’s Volcano! | Political Vel Craft

The Truth About Hair - Covered Up Since The Vietnam War - Apparently Apparel - A New Style of Coverage!

Close Encounters at Crop Circles: Mysterious Blond Men, the Man in the Brown Suit From Another Planet | DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts - DBKP

Unknown Object Above Lunar Surface! | Before It's News

Object above Lunar Surface ? - YouTube

Space Alien Encounter Scenario Has Scientists Saying How We Will React | Before It's News

The "UFO Galaxy" Imaged By Hubble Space Telescope | Before It's News

UFO Waterproof Remote found floating in the company of the rich and famous -- Engadget

Revealing Secret Kundalini | Before It's News

Civilization At Risk Says First "State Of The Planet" Declaration | Before It's News

Time-lapse history of human global CO2 emissions - YouTube

Supreme: Obama BC A Fraud | Before It's News

Sheriff Joe Arresting Obama. | Before It's News

North Pole 2012: Norwegians Call Off Expedition To The Pole | Before It's News

O'Reilly: NBC, Media Inciting Racial Violence

Witness: Zimmerman was Crying for Help in Trayvon Shooting

Lead Detective in Trayvon Case Wanted to Charge Zimmerman

Santorum: Obama Will ‘Destroy’ Romney Over Romneycare

Unpaid Bloggers' Lawsuit Vs Huffington Post Tossed

Army Hero Killed Saving Afghan Child Returns Home

$1.5B Spent on Mega Millions - What That Money Could Buy

Karen Santorum: We're In Campaign 'for the Long Haul'

Lugar repays $14K for Improperly Billed Hotel Stays

Army Reserve Reprimands Soldier Who Backed Paul

Rove Shows Favoritism of Romney As GOP Candidate

Syria Claims Revolt Over, Army to Pull Out Gradually

MasterCard Warns Banks of Possible Security Breach

Drug Breakthrough May Stifle Colds

Astronomers: Billions of Planets Might Support Life

Foot Discovery Shows Prehuman Walked at Same Time as Lucy

Obama's Leftist Radicalism

Learning from the 'Slaves' of Oppression

The Politics of the Supreme Court

All Americans Don't Use Healthcare

Obama Urges Congress to Approve Higher Tax Scale for the Rich

New York Mayor Takes on Global Smoking

Remembering Earl Scruggs

Diplomats Push for End to Syria's Violence

3 Winning Tickets Drawn in $640 Million Lottery

After 'Gen X', Today's Young Might be ‘Gen E’

George Zimmerman $10,000 for legal defense - Orlando Sentinel

Civil rights leaders condemn Sharpton's call for escalated civil disobedience | News - Home

Schnitt Calls for Sharpton's Firing and Possible Arrest | Latest News on Trayvon Martin - The Schnitt Show

Does Malik Shabazz Still Think Detroit Residents Should ‘Burn The City Down?’ « CBS Detroit

Vaccine to stop heart attacks could be here in 5 years

GE’s Immelt to Remain Neutral in Presidential Campaign - Bloomberg

Rush Limbaugh: My Enemies Are Lying About My Financial Health - The Daily Beast

Is sugar toxic? - CBS News

Man’s Claim of Bear Rescue Could Be Hoax « CBS - Flash Player Installation

2 Dead, 12 Hurt In Mass Shooting In North Miami « CBS Miami

Justice Breyer on Obamacare: 'I Haven’t Read Every Word of That, I Promise’ | CNSNews.com

Jackie Mason's gal pal arrested after home brawl - NYPOST.com

Richard Branson headed to 'center of Earth' - Yahoo! News Canada

Press For Truth Presents: The New World Order Of The 21st Century - YouTube

What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common – Chuck Baldwin | Dprogram.net

The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks | Dprogram.net

Officer Jack McLamb Exposes FEMA Death Camps & mailbox dots. He also confirms 911 was an inside job. - YouTube


Illuminati News: Illuminati Symbol quotes

White Crane Kung Fu Provides The Missing Link In Karate | Before It's News

Left-Leaning Cable Network Ousts Keith Olbermann--Replaces Him With Elliot Spitzer

If Only We All Had (Liberal) Brains, We'd All Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

FDA Rejection Of NRDC's Call To Ban BPA Is A Huge Win For Consumers, As Well As Food Packaging

The Left's Orwellian Censorship Campaign

Liberals Prepare To Vilify The Supreme Court If They Don't Get Their Way

Despite Obama, Two Sectors Are Helping To Drive The 'Obama Recovery'

Gingrich Proposes ‘Personal Social Security Savings Account’ in Georgetown Speech

Biden Blames High Unemployment on ‘This God-Awful Recession We’ve Inherited’

Scalia on Obamacare Mandate: ‘If the Government Can Do This, What Else Can It Not Do?'

Santorum: ‘I’m Not Going to Run as a Conservative – I’m a Conservative Period’

House Passes Ryan Budget, With 10 Republicans Voting Against It

Sen. Portman: Obama’s Remarks to Medvedev ‘In That Context, It Does Concern Me’

New Rules Make Detention for Illegal Aliens a 'Holiday on ICE'

US Postal Service Wants Out Of Government-Provided Health Insurance

President Obama Pledges to Never Stop Fighting for Planned Parenthood, Which Did 329,445 Abortions in 2010

Oh baby! Great-grandchild for Queen Elizabeth II

Jerry Lee Lewis weds for 7th time in Mississippi

MSNBC's Scarborough: Conservatives Hinted Trayvon Martin Deserved To Be Shot | NewsBusters.org

NYTimes White House Reporter Shoehorns Defense of Obama 'Stimulus' Into Tourist Piece on D.C. Cherry Blossoms | NewsBusters.org

Daily Kos Week in Review: The Anti-Rainbow Coalition | NewsBusters.org

Bill Maher Uses Trayvon Martin Issue to Attack...Michele Bachmann? | NewsBusters.org

House Panel Plans to Subpoena Interior Department for Info on Job-Killing Oil Drilling Moratorium | CNSNews.com

Feminists Tout Obamacare for Providing ‘Near Universal Access to Family Planning' and 'Contraception’ | CNSNews.com

Slimy Reportage Defames Sterling American Industry

Post-mortem America: Proximate cause of death

How much is the U.S. dollar worth?

“Earth Hour’s” Global Propaganda Campaign

The Bankrupt Race Card

What Would the World be like without Cash or with one Currency

For ‘Earth Hour’ Let There Be Light

Will It Take Revolution?


U of T-led Research Team Discovers New Quantum Encryption Method to Foil Hackers

Where Does the Supreme Court Get Its Power?

WSJ: Obama Expands His Executive Power

Dad kills daughter for having US actors on her mobile phone - Emirates 24/7

Anti-Israel politician Galloway wins shock return to UK Parliament | The Times of Israel

Shrinkage: Navy Won't Build as Many Ships as It Planned | Danger Room | Wired.com

Las Vegas Homeowners Association Scandal Claims 4th Victim | AOL Real Estate

Businesses Face Lawsuit Fears As Feds Mandate 'service' Horses Be Allowed In Stores, Restaurants | Fox News

United Airlines bans transport of certain breeds of dogs | Fox News

Fox Hypes RNC's Doctored Audio Of Supreme Court Arguments | Media Matters for America

Voter ID Laws: The Purposeful Exclusion of Minorities

Conservative Strategy to Capture College Age Voters

Debbie Schlussel:$640 Million Mega Millions: Did You Play the Poor Man’s Voluntary Tax Lottery?

Debbie Schlussel:Shocker: Immigration Lawyer Married to Arab Helps Muslims Commit Immigration Fraud

Debbie Schlussel:WTF?! Obama Gives Temporary Protected Status to All Syrian Illegal Aliens in US

Limbaugh Defends Apple, Foxconn Against Liberalism

Limbaugh: Shell Oil CEO Takes Charlie Rose To School. Only Problem, Charlie Wasn’t In Class.

Rush: If The Press Treated Democrats Like They Treat Republicans We’d Have Entirely Different Country

Limbaugh: How ObamaCare Could Be Found Constitutional

‘Just Common Sense’: Obama Renews Call for Buffett Rule

Does Van Jones Really Believe He and Glenn Beck Are ‘Irrelevant?’

‘Always Some Bull****’: Congresswoman Who Couldn’t Remember White Murder Victim Lashes Out at Reporter

Incredible Video of Firefighter’s Close Call as Roof of Burning Building Caves In

Listen Adam Carolla Goes Off on Media Coverage of Rutgers Spying Case: ‘Completely F**king Strung This Guy Up’

Soldier Returns Home to Loving Dog’s Ecstatic Show of Affection

Internet Goes Nuts Over Santorum‘s Alleged ’N-Word’ Slip — But Did He Really?

‘Tree Lobster’ Extinct for 80 Years, Now Bred and Ready for Re-Introduction to Native Habitat

2 Boys, 1 Woman Killed as Human Sacrifices to ‘Saint Death’ in Mexico

Orthodox School Gives Students Ultimatum: Delete Facebook Profile & Pay $100 Fine — or Face Expulsion

Check Out the Robotic Toilet That Made Kohler a Net Exporter of American-Made Products

‘No Hands’: Blind Mand Tests Google’s Self-Driving Car

Leftist UK Politician George Galloway Egged in Victory Parade

Al Sharpton Threatens Civil Disobedience if George Zimmerman Not Arrested

‘WalMart of Weed’ Opens First Branch in DC

President Obama Thinks Republicans Are Showing Signs of ‘Madness’

‘It’s Money We Don’t Have, But Money We‘re Committed to Spend’: Sen. Sessions Reveals ‘Obamacare’ Creates $17 Trillion in Unfunded Financial Obligations

‘President Flexible’: Super PAC Mocks President With James Bond-Themed Ad

Has Every Major Credit Card Provider Been Hacked?

Fired For Being Over-Exposed: Reporter Sarah Tressler Fired for Stripping

Watch Funeral Director: Trayvon Martin’s Body Shows No Sign of Struggle

RNC Caught Using Tampered Supreme Court Audio for Anti-Obamacare Ad

Beck: Obama Needs ‘Gamblers Anonymous’ for Wanting to ‘Double-Down’ on Green Energy

‘Do You Seen Anybody Else At This Table Drooling?’: Two Teachers Caught Taunting Ten-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy

Feral Fight: Family Farm Battles Mich. Over Ban That Will Kill Livestock and Livelihood

Why Is Homeland Security Buying 450 Million Rounds of Hollow Point Bullets?

O‘Reilly Scolds Media for ’Convicting’ George Zimmerman on Television as Al Sharpton Tries to Convict Zimmerman on Television

Biden to Crowd: ‘We Want…a Global Minimum Tax’

Listen Oops: Anti-Koch Filmmakers Caught Leaving Hot Mic Voicemail — They Eat ‘Scrambled Babies’

On Restoring American Individualism

ObamaCare: Your money or your life

Racism Is for Losers

State of Construction: The Best and Worst (Mostly Worst)

The Future and Fears of Cyber-Warfare

Health Care Reform Legislation Revisited

The Values of Pericles

Regulations Govern Our Lives - Then Send Us The Bill

'Worst week' of Obama presidency

US now has highest corporate tax rates in the world

OWS inciting May Day violence

EPA reverses rulings on fracking contamination

Gov. Haley will not be indicted for tax fraud

Obama Stoking Racial Warfare Flames?

The Tea Party Call to Duty

Democrats Ignore Real Racism while Exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012

Don't Get Drunk at the Individual Mandate Victory Party

The Obama Shift

Mega Millions Winners Are Rich, but Not THAT Rich

Winners in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland Share Immense Mega Millions Jackpot

Joe Arpaio Faces Crossroads In Civil Rights Case

Joe Arpaio Responds To Ruling Critical Of Pink Underwear Policy

WND Exclusive: McCain, Kyl back Obama pick to slap Arpaio ?

Santorum: Obama's taken steps backward - YouTube

Romney talks of Fox with Ryan, says had 'extraordinary week'

Obama urges Congress to pass 'Buffett Rule'

Biden in Chicago: How Obama Won't Lose

Obama faces host of election-year constraints

GOP Sen. Brown, Democrat Warren hit campaign trial

Ron Paul Addresses Packed UW-Madison Student Union

Hundreds Show Up To Listen To Gingrich In Wisconsin

Why Mitt Romney May Suffer if SCOTUS Rules Against Mandate

Daily poll: Should subsidies to oil companies making record profits be eliminated?

Bin Laden's Road to Abbottabad: Where Osama Went and When - YouTube

Clinton Confirms Iran Talks, Warns Tehran

French Intel Chief: Detained Islamists a Threat

Osama bin Laden widow tells of life on the run

US generals, Pakistan army chief meet on NATO skirmish

Obama could face election-year jam on gay marriage

Police: Josh Powell spun web of lies about day his wife vanished

Supreme Court takes up healthcare in secrecy - Today's Most Interesting News!

Illinois joins wind-farm pact

Groupon reports accounting blunder

Anonymous is not taking down the Internet today

Twitter Takes Tweetdeck Offline After Apparent Bug Opens Up Access To “Hundreds” Of Accounts [Back Now] | TechCrunch

Jerry Lee Lewis Marries Cousin's Ex-Wife

Will Smith, green slime ready for 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards

Merger of Performers' Unions Approved

Mysterious Animal-Shaped Structures Are Oldest Known

Study: Conservatives' Trust of Science Hits All Time Low

Fossilized raindrop imprints shed light on early atmosphere

Fossil Foot Indicates New Prehuman Species

Best Time to Observe the Moon This Month Is Now

Scientists: Human Brain Resembles Manhattan

Health Reform's Fate: How the Supreme Court Will Decide - YouTube

Babies Take Longer To Come Out Than They Did In Grandma's Day

Tobacco Companies Must Reveal Harmful Ingredients : FDA

CDC: Autism is more common than previously thought

Mattel to manufacture bald Barbie doll

The Bacon Coffin, For Those Who Love Bacon to Death

Feeling Fat? Maybe Facebook Is to Blame

20 Tips to Avoid Forcing Kids to Diet, Causing Eating Disorders and Obesity

The Cinnamon Challenge: Stupid and Dangerous

Synthetic marijuana retailers' opinions vary on statewide ban

Pegasus Research Consortium: www.thelivingmoon.com/

New images of Titanic wreck revealed - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience - msnbc.com

Navy: We're 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships | Danger Room | Wired.com

The Imaginary Monsters of U.S. Cities - Neighborhoods - The Atlantic Cities

Doomsday 2012: Thousands queue for UFO rescue at Pic de Bugarach

Engineering Humans: A New Solution to Climate Change? | Global Warming & Geoengineering | Human Enhancement | LiveScience

A Rosie Future: Jetsons -Like Gadgets with "Ambient Intelligence" Are Key to Smart Homes and Cities: Scientific American

Mysterious Stone Monolith Likely an Ancient Astronomical Calendar | Wired Science | Wired.com

Most Ancient, 'Impossible' Alien Worlds Discovered : Discovery News

Mystery solved? Turin Shroud linked to Resurrection of Christ - Telegraph

A Second Roswell? | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History

March 30, 2012 Psychotic Air Crews Warned Are Putting US Travelers in “Grave Danger”

March 24, 2012 Shock Obama Move Gives All Water in America To US Military

NSA Director blames China for a 'great deal' of military-related data theft | The Verge

NSA Dismisses Claims Utah Data Center Watches Average Americans | Fox News

Soros's MF Global Bank Heist Via JP Morgan with Max Keiser - YouTube

American World Bank president defends U.S. monopoly on World Bank presidency | The Raw Story

Was MI6 spy-in-a-bag Gareth Williams killed by 'secret service dark arts'? - Telegraph

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Rocks Wisconsin

United Nations Soft-Kill Depopulation Agenda Exposed with Jurriaan Maessen - YouTube

Barbaric Abortion Policies In China: Is The U.S. Next? - YouTube

People Waking Up to The Bilderberg Group with Ace Journalist Jim Tucker - YouTube

Bilderberg Group: The Secret Order Revealed with Mark Anderson - YouTube

Recognizing Good from Evil with Alex Jones - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

Prison Planet.com » Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know


Lord Monckton: Obama birth doc is fraudulent

Lord Monckton: Sheriff Joe, posse ‘right to be worried’


+Gizzi says Obamacare decision up in air



+A new perspective on Obama mandate



The left's sewage-soaked race card

Government is the problem

Wanted: 1 courageous judge

Treason from within

This is no way to elect a president

'Palestinianism' equals anti-Semitism

John Marshall's fascist jurisprudence

D. WEST: 'Blacks are under attack!' – by other blacks

ALAN KEYES: 'O' or Mitt: The republic fails either way

10 reasons to walk out on 'Day of Silence'

L. ELDER: The media's selective outrage

Why the suffering?

Feds refuse to release Obama draft docs to Sheriff Joe

High court justice: Obama birth certificate fishy

Al-Assad and his WMDs?

March 30, 2012 ~ Where Was Jesus Buried? | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS

They were your children … until Obamacare

Shocking new report: The case AGAINST college

Jim Brown: The Debate is Over a Lot More than Healthcare!

Election Year Civility: Obama’s Tucson Memorial vs. Trayvon Martin Reactions

Left-Wing Filmmakers Caught On Tape Harassing Koch Brothers

New High Def Police Video Of Zimmerman Appears Damning Of ABC Report

Armond White Hits 'Bully' For Red State Prejudice

Attorney: Civil Lawsuit Likely In Martin Shooting

Funeral Director: No Signs Of Fight On Trayvon

World's Highest, Longest Tunnel-To-Tunnel Bridge Set To Open

Hundreds Make Road Trip To Play Mega Millions

New Report Shows Air Force Debated Disposal Of 9/11 Remains

Did NBC Air Edited Zimmerman 911 Audio To Incite?

Bozell: Leftist Film Critics Ignore Artistry, Attack Politics

Democratic Campaign Treasurer Pleads Guilty to $20 Million Embezzlement Scheme

Weekend Box Office: 'Hunger Games' Still #1, 'Titans' Solid #2, Julia Roberts Weak #3

GOP Congressman Proposes Overturning the Ban On Earmarks

Debunking Liberal Myths About Conservative Comedy

The Politics of 'Star Trek': Conservatism Abounds in 'Conscience of the King'

'Wrath of the Titans' Review: CGI Splendor Surrounds Malnourished Greek Saga

World View: Tunisian Cleric Calls for 'War Against the Jews'

Obama 2008: Jerusalem Capital of Israel, 'Must Remain Undivided'

Higher Definition Police Video Appears To Show Wound On Back Of Zimmerman's Head

NAACP Leader Condemns Sharpton's Call For Escalated Civil Disobedience

MSNBC Concedes Injury To Back Of Zimmerman's Head Apparent On Police VIdeo

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High School Allows 'Black Power' Poster, Kills 'Respect Women' Flyers

‘Most Evil Person Alive’ Newsweek Editors Caught Joking About Letting Cheney Die

'SNL' Star Seth Meyers: Liberal Viewers More Sensitive to Political Gags

Flashback 2008: Obama 'Jerusalem Will Remain Capital Of Israel'

Coulter: Zimmerman 'Lynch Mob' Like KKK

AP Runs Interference for Obama's 'Flexibility' Gaffe

Atlantic Shills for Obamacare, Calls Single-Payer Conservative

Soledad Makes It About Race, Again

Dem Senate Rejects Obama's Oil Company Crackdown

Shock Audio: WI Radio Hosts' Sexist Attacks On Lt. Gov

Rosie Gets The Boot A Day Early

Olbermann To Appear on Letterman Tuesday Night

Whitney's Mom Says She's Proud of Her


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