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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
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10 March 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


World News(www.abc-facebook.info/)


Free Oldies Music - (www.tropicalglen.com/)




Obama signs anti-protest Trespass Bill - BlackListedNews.com


Rense & David Paulides - 100s Of Missing People In US National Parks - YouTube

Rense & David Paulides - 100s Of Missing People In US National Parks Part 2 - YouTube

Rense & David Paulides - 100s Of Missing People In US National Parks Part 3 - YouTube


Missing 411: www.nabigfootsearch.com/missing_411.html


Missing 411 Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved. - Panama City Paranormal | Examiner.com

Unexplained “Phoenix Lights” explosion caught live on news broadcast | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

Original Phoenix Lights - UFO footage 3|13|1997 - YouTube


Phoenixn Lights(www.thephoenixlights.net/)


After 14-Years Phoenix Lights Still A Mystery | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Mystery: U.S X-37B space plane has been in orbit for over a year | Mail Online

Did our moon once have a twin? Twin Nasa probes swoop across lunar surface to map INSIDE using hi-tech gravity sensors | Mail Online

UFO CHRONICLE | Historians Banned From Hiking Area 51

THE PHOENIX LIGHTS 15th ANNIVERSARY: Veteran Airline Pilot Recounts Witnessing "The Huge Mass – at Least a Mile Wide"


Jesse Ventura - Area 51 (Conspiracy Theory, S2 Ep 2) - YouTube


Strange Fish Part 1 - YouTube

Strange Fish Part 2 - YouTube


Slicing Into Food Industry's $40 Million Lobbying Efforts

How Putin Will Change The World | Real Zionist News

Clash with Iran could see use of huge, new U.S. bomb | Reuters

Coca-Cola Removes Carcinogen to Avoid Cancer Warning Label | Natural Society

Adrian Hamilton: What politicians won't admit - our soldiers die in vain - Adrian Hamilton - Commentators - The Independent

Billionaires defy the worldwide turmoil – and get even richer - Business News - Business - The Independent

Mexican drug cartels 'operating in the UK, France and Netherlands' - Telegraph

Eye-watching software spots liars more accurately than police interrogators | Mail Online


*Cancer - The Forbidden Cures - YouTube


23 min - .11 Feb./This Hoax Affects Everyone - YouTube


New evidence casts doubt in Lockerbie case - Africa - Al Jazeera English

Refreshing News: US flight attendant tells terrified passengers their plane is going to crash

Hackers beat Google Chrome security - Telegraph

High Pay Beef Industry Job For Official Who Approved Ammonia Treated “Pink Slime”

poorrichard's blog: The Criminalization of Protest: Say Goodbye To Free Speech in America

Invisible Mercedes - YouTube

Lone Star Watchdog: The kony Scam, the Bigger Picture, It is about AFRICOM and more wars we cannot afford.

Why Are Police In America Treating Women Like Dogs?

$5 Gas This Summer? | Eric Peters Autos

Activist Post: E-book Cartel Exemplifies What America's Economy Has Become

Activist Post: Cancer Causing Chemicals Contaminating Water Supply Through Fracking

Did BP Cause Damage to the Gulf Sea Floor? Ever-Larger “Natural” Oil Seeps from the Giant Macondo Reservoir

Caesar Has Crossed the Rubicon! US to Bypass Congress and Seek International Permission for War - YouTube

Adam Kokesh on Veterans for Ron Paul & Their March on the 2012 RNC - YouTube

Announcing the Veterans for Liberty Super PAC & VFRP March on the RNC - YouTube

Ron Paul The Revolution Is On - YouTube

Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers - The Daily Beast

Activist Post: Huge New Doubts Over Stephen Lawrence Killers' Forensic Convictions



The Holy See - Archive: http://www.vatican.va/

Vatican Site

The Holy See


Catholic Church(www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/)


*The Two Babylons


*The Two Babylons--Alexander Hislop


Blacklisted Radio 3/9/2012 Podcast

Blacklisted Radio 3/8/2012 Podcast

Blacklisted Radio 3/7/2012 Podcast

Blacklisted Radio 3/6/2012 Podcast

Blacklisted Radio 3/5/2012 Podcast


Media Consolidation: Illusion Of Choice

The 147 Companies That Control Everything - Forbes

Retort: The 147 Companies That Run The World? They're You. - Forbes

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world - physics-math - 19 October 2011 - New Scientist


36 pg./The network of global corporate control


Michael Madsen, Kill Bill Star, Arrested for Child Cruelty

Report: Whitney Houston's Daughter and Adopted Son Romantically Involved

Rosie O'Donnell Calls Kirk Cameron's Anti-Gay Views Un-Christian

Dick Van Dyke marries a 40-year-old and other celeb relationships that bridged the generation gap - 3am & Mirror Online

Contested GOP convention getting more likely?

Hispanics, women: Problems for the GOP?

Obama's re-election case gets a boost from jobs report

Obama campaign to release documentary next week on president's first term

Romney used private email accounts as governor

TV ad campaign for Jindal education program ends Sunday, coordinator says

Warren's support from Hollywood stars criticized

Daylight saving time: Some health, even survival, tips

'Game Change' Shows a Media System Eating Itself

Preacher admits he was wrong about Doomsday

Cops in Pa. shooting had trained for campus gunman

Gingrich raps Panetta over Syria remarks

One-year anniversary of Japan earthquake and tsunami - YouTube

Moscow's Winter of Dissent Faces Reality of Putin's Win

After Kony, could a viral video change the world?

Yemen air raids 'target al-Qaeda militants in south'

Annan 'to visit Syrian refugee camps in Turkey'

Strauss-Kahn Cambridge speech protests: Three charged

Pope Benedict speaks to US Bishops on denouncing legalizing gay marriage

Prince Harry changes schedule in Jamaica after 6 British soldiers reported killed

Recognizing Iran’s right to enrichment key to end Tehran-West dispute, diplomat says - Tehran Times

Undercover Billionaire: Sara Blakely Joins The Rich List Thanks To Spanx

Company faces $500000 fine in fatal 2007 mine collapse

Save Helpless Faraway Africans From The Comfort Of Your Armchair!

Search Engine Users Dislike Personalized Search But Like the Results

Apple admits to two key allegations in ebook price fixing case

Google exec: We won't break users' trust

Earliest Fossil of Iridescent Dinosaur Feathers Reveals New Behavior Clues

Filmmaker Cameron plans record 7-mile ocean dive

Full Titanic wreck site is mapped for 1st time

Strange Effects: The Mystifying History of Neutrino Experiments

Daylight Saving: Time To Spring Forward - YouTube

LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking'

Recommended: 'Pink slime' panic grows online: Are we overreacting?

Coke's recipe to stay, despite scare claim

The Myth of the Free-Market American Health Care System

Shocking HIV Rates Among Black Women

Suicides among Army personnel up 80% in four years

Why so little flu this year? Experts baffled


The Michael Savage Show 03/09/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/08/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/07/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/06/2012

The Michael Savage Show 03/05/2012


Michael Savage: Breitbart tape ‘fell flat’

Embassy Row: Texas alert angers Mexican ambassador - Washington Times

Muslims announce plans to ‘eradicate’ Christianity

Effort to put marijuana legalization measure on ballot is in disarray - latimes.com

Portland-area couple sues Legacy Health for $3 million for 'wrongful birth' after child born with Down syndrome | OregonLive.com

Rense & Dr Farrel - Babylon's Banksters Here and Now - YouTube

Bell: ‘I lives to harass white folks’

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

Michael Savage: Breitbart tape ‘fell flat’

Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan

Pravda asks: What happened to American media?

Unmanned checkpoints planned on Mexico border

Haiti infighting scaring off quake-recovery aid

The moral value of capitalism

Give migraines the boot

Our choice: Impeachment or dictatorship

What's wrong with what Kirk Cameron said?

Obama's idea of deviance

Why we are a nation divided

The shadow power behind the Supreme Court

Republicans: Worthless cowards!

Fluke's no fluke: Sisters love Uncle Sam

America's enemies: From without … or within?

Obama’s testosterone deficiency

America’s undisputedly Christian heritage

Rense & Dr Deagle - SmartMeters and Electropollution - YouTube

Obama economy a shambles!

How Would Stateless Society Work?

The GOP is throwing the match.

Legitimizing Anarchy

Call and Raise You Ten

Vetting Obama’s Pastor

A remarkable bit of American history

Panetta, Sibelius, & Chu Expose Insanity of Obama Policies

“Food Justice” Has Arrived

U.S. to probe cross-border money laundering with Mexico

Bill O’Reilly: Exporting Nonsense on Gas Prices

Pope Benedict Attacked for Defending Marriage

Obama’s “Catholic Plan”

The Greens Think You’re Stupid

President Obama Creates ‘Dueling Prayer Vigils’at the Supreme Court

Tea Party Deserves Credit for Shutting Down ObamaNomics

This is the Disgusting Racism of the Left…

Bill Moyers, Progressive Propagandist

The Girl Scouts: Planned Parenthood's 'Tactical Arm'

U.S. Schools under Attack as Secretary of Education's Brain Hacked

Obama's Political Expediency Is Hurting Our Nation

Liberal attorney wants to arrest Rush Limbaugh using 'blue law'

Fluke's Medical Inaccuracies

Sandra Fluke and the Nature of Insurance

'Doonesbury' comic wades into Texas ultrasound controversy

Assad rebuffs Annan - starts shelling another town

Obama's Treasury Dept. Trying to Chill Anti-Mullah Group Here in America

So When Are We Allowed to Be Intolerant?

The Left Finally Goes for the First Amendment

Whoa, Rick Santelli, on Term Limits!

'Hate Crimes' and 'Occupy' Protests

The Pyrolysis of the Spent Fuel Rods at Fukushima

HuffPo's Pro-Jihad Propaganda

Berkeley's idea of 'free speech'

Chris Christie Calls Ex-Navy Seal An Idiot

Bill Maher Addresses Criticism for Sexist Remarks and False Equivalencies to Limbaugh

Post: Polling Shows Women Give 15-Point Advantage To Democrats

Georgia Lawmaker Compares Women to Cows and Pigs

'Candidate Walmart for President' Releases First Campaign Ad

Santorum: Global Warming Is 'Political Science'


+9th/Labor News and Notes Round-up


Mitt Romney Says He Likes Grits, Saying 'Y'all'

AZ Senate Votes For Bill Allowing Doctors To Deny Pregnant Women Info About Genetic Testing That Might Encourage Abortion

Newt Is Beating Little Ricky In The Real GOP Delegate Count

Jon Stewart Mocks Hannity for the 'Radical Crowd' He Runs With After Latest Breitbart Debacle

Who Is Still Advertising on Rush Limbaugh? Not as Many as Rush Would Have You Believe

Bashir Suggests Fox News Book Title: Satanism, Sluts, and Why We're Scared of the Next Election

Palin: Obama Wants to Return to the 'Days Before the Civil War' When People Were Not Considered Equal

Bill Burton: Notion That There is Equivalence Between Maher and Limbaugh's Remarks is 'Crazy'

Does Romney Still Find It 'Hard to Disagree' With Limbaugh?

Georgia Women Senators Walk Out, Protesting 'War On Women'

The Professional Left Podcast(http://professionalleft.blogspot.com/)

Assassination as Speech Suppressor - informationliberation

Oil and the Pentagon - informationliberation

Economic Warfare & Strangling Sanctions: Punishing Iran for its “Defiance” of the United States

NATO Forces Operating Covertly in Syria: Wikileaks

Surveillance State: The Making of the US Internal Security Apparatus

Sovereign Citizens: Radicals Exercising 'God-Given Rights' or Fueling Domestic Terrorism? - ABC News

FBI Preys on Citizens Via NDAA: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube


Vaccines- Deadly SV40 part 1 - YouTube

Vaccines- Carcinogenic SV40 part 2 - YouTube

SV40 Deadly Vaccines part 3 - YouTube


Rense & Dr. Ken Johnston NASA airbrushed photos that had shown structures on the moon - Part 1 - YouTube

Rense & Dr. Ken Johnston NASA airbrushed photos that had shown structures on the moon - Part 2 - YouTube


The Scientists Take Over: C. S. Lewis Denounced Transhumanism in 1945 | Old-Thinker News

National Intel. Director in 2010: No more blabbing secrets to the media | Old-Thinker News

FDA Considers Outlawing Cancer-Linked BPA | Natural Society

11 Big Surprises Inside Vaccines | Old-Thinker News

Activist Post: 11 Big Surprises Inside Vaccines

The top 10 worst sources of aspartame

Bill Gates' Clueless Fabrication on GMOs in Poor Countries

Illuminati Use China to Loot the West - henrymakow.com

Sheriff Arpaio: ‘I Talked to Breitbart Just Before His Death’ :

Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Possibility of Andrew Breitbart Assassination - YouTube

Why Did FBI Director Robert Mueller Hesitate to Answer Question on the Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens? | Fox News Insider


Obama to GOP Crusaders: Slow Down by Eric Margolis

Freedom Betrayed

Titanic pictures: Extraordinary sonar images show full map of shipwreck on ocean floor | Mail Online

Warm, Protected and Modest: What to Wear in Difficult Times, by Marilyn E. - SurvivalBlog.com

‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975 video)

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Can Silence People From a Distance

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

The Occult Roots of Scientology: Exploring the Influence of Aleister Crowley on L. Ron Hubbard

KONY 2012 Addendum - YouTube

Japanese Govt Has RE-SET Acceptable Radiation Exposure Level To The Same Level As Radiation Workers - YouTube

Liberty, Democracy and Occupy - YouTube

NATO Game Over 2012 - English - YouTube


Australia's Decline into Fascism - 1/4 - YouTube

Australia's Decline into Fascism - 2/4 - YouTube

Australia's Decline into Fascism - 3/4 - YouTube

Australia's Decline into Fascism - 4/4 - YouTube


Alien Abductee Spills His Guts | Before It's News

Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix? | Before It's News

All That Is Hidden Must Now Be Revealed | Before It's News

Private prison company offers to buy 48 states’ prisons | The Raw Story

Obama: U.S. must invest in technology | Online Journal

Romney asks for money from new supporters | Online Journal

‘Home Alone’ house sold for $1.6M | Online Journal

Report: Romney Is Clear Favorite of Washington Lobbyists

Romney's Evangelical Problem on Display in South

McDonnell Now Leading VP Candidate

Perry Defies Obama on Women’s Health Aid Under Abortion Ban

Sen. Carl Levin: Naval Blockade of Iran Should be Considered

Ruddy: Romney's Fuzzy Math Doesn't Add Up

States Hit Hardest by Housing Now Lead Jobs Recovery

Banks Foreclosing on Churches in Record Numbers

Romney Picks up 9 Convention Delegates From Guam

Militants Fire Barrage of Rockets Into Israel

Steve Forbes: Fed Reasoning on Housing is 'Backwards'

The Switch to Daylight Savings Time Can Kill You

Fruits, Veggies Make You Better Looking

Hollywood's Sarah Palin: ‘Yes, I’m a Liberal Democrat’

Ron Paul Blasts Obama Administration on Seeking International Authority Before Congress

Conservatives Introduce Plan to Balance Budget in 5 Years--Eliminate Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce Depts.

Yet Again, MSNBC Excuses Bill Maher’s Disgusting Attacks on Sarah Palin

Thomas Column: Nice Apology Rush, But You Should Also Invite Fluke Out to Lunch

Lamar Smith Column: Media Downplaying Gas Prices to Boost Obama

Sen. Johnson: ‘I’ve Got Nothing To Say’ On Fluke Testimony

Sen. Landrieu ‘Not Going to Make any Comments’ on Fluke Testimony

White House Won’t Say If Obama SuperPAC Should Return $1M from Maher

Food Stamp Program Doesn’t Check SSNs of Some Recipients

$100 or $1,000? Wide price range for birth control

U.S. Wants ‘Justice’ for Gaddafi’s Victims, But New Libyan Gov’t Noncommittal on Lockerbie Cooperation

Parents Television Council Likes 'Bully' Rating

President Obama Strikes Back At GOP Critics On Gas Prices « CBS DC

Los Angeles readies for a ''Levitating Mass'' | Reuters

Metro pledges to address sexual harassment on system | Washington Examiner

CNN Hypes 'Exploding' Number of 'Extremist' Anti-Gov't Groups | NewsBusters.org

Democrat Lawmakers: Americans Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens Doesn’t Justify Law to Check Legal Status | CNSNews.com

Freemasonry and the Altar of Pluralism


+Audio Page:TRUNEWS - www.trunews.com/listen_now.htm

TruNews - audio feed

Audio:Revelations Radio Network (http://revelationsradionetwork.com/)

Audio:P.I.D. Radio 2/26/12: Peter the Roman – The Final Pope | P.I.D. Radio

+Feed:P.I.D. Radio(www.peeringintodarkness.com/)


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 9, 2012


*film/Virgin Birth Exposed: The Greatest Truth Ever Told (Full Uncut Series) 720p HD - YouTube


China, U.S. Chase Air-to-Air Cyberweapon | AVIATION WEEK

SpyTalk - Spy bloggers not ‘friending’ U.S. targets, Centcom says

Obama Professor Derrick Bell on The Permanence of Racism (1992) - YouTube

Derrick Bell in 2010 on Racism in the Era of Obama - YouTube

Breitbart: Unedited Obama Race Video Unveiled 2012 - YouTube

Breitbar Tapes Bill Ayers, Derrick Bell, Obama, Holder - You Were Scammed - YouTube

Did OBAMA KILL Andrew Breitbart? - YouTube


The Liberty Option Documentary Film - YouTube

NWO Blueprint of MadMen FULL LENGTH - YouTube

Alex Jones: Blueprint to Defeat the New World Order (1/2) - YouTube

Alex Jones: Blueprint to Defeat the New World Order (2/2) - YouTube

Breitbart From The Grave | TIME Ideas | TIME.com

+2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE - This is NOT Emerich's 2012! - YouTube


The Kony 2012 Phenomenon (pressfortruth.tv) - YouTube

KONY 2012 Exposed: African Invasion Psyop: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Jim Brown: Are Baseball and Politics Intertwined?

Steve Sanchez: Is the Bible a Resource for Financial Advice?

Weird NJ Visits The Stone Living Room - YouTube

Death Star | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History

New Bill Defends Astronauts' Rights to Own (and Sell) Space Artifacts | NASA Legal Dispute | Space.com

Cryptomundo » Are Lake Illiamna Monsters Getting Rattled?

The Gralien Report » Bigfoot is an Archetype: Sasquatch Reigns Supreme among “Folk Devils”

Videos:Prison Planet.com » Write Your Own Vaccine Waiver: Dr Eisenstein Explains

Videos:Prison Planet.com » Today’s American Churches Are Neutered: Pastor Chuck Baldwin Reports

Videos:Prison Planet.com » The Orderly Extermination of Mankind by World Government

Videos:Prison Planet.com » Stop The Pillaging of America with Bob Chapman

Prison Planet.com » Bioweapon Labs in Your Neighborhood: Special Report

Bioweapon Labs in Your Neighborhood: Special Report - YouTube

FBI Preys on Citizens Via NDAA: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Obama's Wars Grounds for Impeachment: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » No Jobs For Americans

Ron Paul: Unemployment rate is ‘probably closer to 20 percent’ - Election 2012 - The Washington Post

Prison Planet.com » The CIA’s History of Assassinations of American Citizens

Prison Planet.com » Smith & Wesson Reports Surging Gun Purchases On Back of Fears Over Obama Re-Election

Prison Planet.com » Iran: Israel’s Concocted World Threat

Déjà Vu: Obama's Military Actions in Syria May Be Impeachable

Prison Planet.com » Evidence of War Lies Public Pre-War This Time

Prison Planet.com » VIDEO: Vaccines Didn’t Cure Polio After All?

Prison Planet.com » Rockefellers Engaged in Mass Mind Control: Infowars Nightly News

Rockefellers Engaged in Mass Mind Control: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Kansas caucuses: Ron Paul seeks breakthrough - latimes.com

Prison Planet.com » Romney: Both Right & Left Say He’ll Flip Back to the Green Side

Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag - The Washington Post

Prison Planet.com » VIDEO: Whoops … ‘Rogue’ Vaccine Doc Wakefield’s Partner Reinstated

John Walker Smith cleared - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Activism Works: Campbell’s Drops BPA in Response to Health Activism, Outrage

Utter lunacy! Scientists claim moon sank the Titanic — RT

Media Cover-up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed! - YouTube

» Obama Plans More Middle East Wars Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Senator Levin Calls for Naval Blockade of Iran Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Obama's Wars Grounds for Impeachment: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Déjà Vu: Obama's Military Actions in Syria May Be Impeachable

» Smith & Wesson Reports Surging Gun Purchases On Back of Fears Over Obama Re-Election Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Massive Run On Guns After Obama Annoucement! - YouTube

» Infowars Nightly News: Citizen Assassinations and the Murder of the Fourth Amendment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The Daily Bell - No Paul = No Vote in November

Former Lobbyist says 'Ron Paul is a rarity and can't be bought'! - YouTube

China's new export to America: A baby boom - Asia - World - The Independent

Wind Farms In Pacific Northwest Paid To Not Produce | Fox News

NYPD report confirms manipulation of crime stats | Reuters

Unexplained “Phoenix Lights” explosion caught live on news broadcast | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

PHOENIX LIGHTS: Mysterious Light Flashes During Traffic in Phoenix?! - YouTube

» Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

KONY 2012 - YouTube

» Kony 2012: Pro-AFRICOM Propaganda by the Regime Change Machine? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» New protests in Russia against Putin Presidency Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Iceland calls its former PM to account for financial crash | World news | guardian.co.uk

'Arab countries sending mercenaries into S... JPost - Middle East

» Oil & Politics: The Real Situation in Iraq Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

In Geneva, a debate on whether to protect gays’ human rights - The Washington Post

» KONY 2012, Invisible Children’s Pro-AFRICOM & Museveni Propaganda Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Half of young black men unemployed - Home News - UK - The Independent

GE's Immelt: Global Economy In 'New Era' Of Instability - WSJ.com

U.S. Still Down 6 Million Jobs - Real-Time Advice - SmartMoney

NSA whistle-blower: Obama “worse than Bush” - Salon.com

» Coercive Nannies Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Israelis build the world's biggest detention centre - Middle East - World - The Independent

Olympics security bill: how it soared to more than £1bn | Sport | The Guardian

Christians were dragged from St Paul’s while they prayed - Home News - UK - The Independent

» Command and Conquer Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

The government is reading your tweets - CNN.com

» Ammonia-Tainted ‘Pink Slime’ Ravaging US Meat Products Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Anonymous Hackers Replace Police Supplier Website With ‘Tribute to Jeremy Hammond’ - International Business Times

Strong solar storm threatens to hit satnavs - Science - News - The Independent

Pew: Google Dominates Search, Despite Privacy Concerns | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

U.S. unmanned drones could share airspace near Canadian border

US Congress Bill Authorizes Wiretapping of Border Tunnel Builders

Obama Signs “Anti-Occupy” Law - The ITT List

Pat Robertson Backs Legalizing Marijuana - NYTimes.com

» The Criminalization of Protest: Say Goodbye To Free Speech in America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Kathleen Sebelius says decrease in human beings will cover cost of Obamacare contraception mandate Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

'Bad guys' besides Kony: Who else is wanted by the ICC? - latimes.com

» US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

9/11 Commission co-chairs prod senators for cybersecurity action – CNN Security Clearance - CNN.com Blogs


Infowars Nightly News: Monday (3-5-12) -Special Reports Compilation- - YouTube

3-6-2012 Infowars Nightly News with Aaron Dykes, guest Tim Baldwin - YouTube

3-7-2012 Infowars Nightly News with Alex Jones, guest Jon Rappoport - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News for Thursday, March 8, 2012 - YouTube

3-9-2012 Infowars Nightly News with Aaron Dykes, guest Dr. Mayer Eisenstein - YouTube


Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-09, Friday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-08, Thursday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-07, Wednesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-06, Tuesday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-05, Monday

Alex Jones - 2012-Mar-04, Sunday


Left-wing Comedians Bill Maher and Louis C.K. Feel Limbaugh Backlash

Chu Pressed On Solyndra

Congressman Pushes Legislation To Clarify Actual Unemployment Rate

Illegal RoboCalls Target Rush

Obama Administration Abandons Low-Income Women to Support Planned Parenthood

FLASHBACK: Gloria Allred Simulates Sex With Baseball Bat

Obama's Israel Flip-Flops

Washington Post: Big Hollywood 'Raised Legitimate Questions' About 'Game Change'

Saving Soledad: CNN Writes Selective History of Derrick Bell

The Vetting: Director of Derrick Bell Film 'Star' Obama Contributor

Palin Attorney: ‘Game Change’ Ignores Reality, Relies on Source ‘In Over His Head'

Hannity Debates Former Bell Student On Radical Teachings

Sally Kohn's Alinsky Attack On Breitbart

ShePAC Fights Back

Sowell Destroys 'Totalitarian' Bell; 'Ideological Intolerance'

President Obama Personally Lobbied to Kill Keystone Pipeline Amendment

O'Reilly, Rivera Spar Over Obama/Bell Relationship

Libyan Leader: Russia Welcome In Libya

Toddler Tantrum Gets Family Booted Off Flight

Solar Storm Fuels Northern Lights

Gloria Allred Targets Limbaugh in Publicity Stunt

Top 10 Lies of HBO's 'Game Change'

Christie: 'Damn, Man, I'm Governor, Could You Just Shut Up For A Second?'

One Year After Madison, Unions Stand With GOP Against Dems

MSNBC's O'Donnell Tries 'Gotcha' Interview Tactics On Joe The Plumber

Obama Money Man And Organizer Chris Hughes Buys 'The New Republic'

ReelzChannel CEO: Airing 'The Undefeated' No Right-Wing Conspiracy

Derrick Bell and Eric Holder's 'Nation of Cowards'

Sharpton: New Immigration Enforcement 'Jim Crow' Laws

The Vetting: Obama's Supreme Court and Critical Race Theory

Bell: Farrakhan 'Hero For The People'

Original Occupier: Bell Blames '1%' for 'Racial Hostility'

Bell Answers Rodney King: No, We Will Never Get Along

Bachmann Pushes for 'No Confidence' Vote on Holder


Sowell Destroys 'Totalitarian' Bell; 'Ideological Intolerance'

Chu Pressed On Solyndra

Hannity Debates Former Bell Student On Radical Teachings

Original Occupier: Bell Blames '1%' for 'Racial Hostility'

Bell: Farrakhan 'Great Hero For The People'

Bell: 'I Live To Harass White Folks'

Derrick Bell: My Views Are Too 'Jarring'

Derrick Bell: I Write My Views In Fiction Because They're Too 'Threatening'

Bell: Harvard Gives 'White Boys' Tenure

Derrick Bell: Clarence Thomas Promoted To Supreme Court Because He Said What Whites Wanted To Hear

Bell: USA Must Admit We're Permanently Racist

Radical Racialist Derrick Bell: American Whites Would Sell Blacks For Goods In a Future Bad Economy

Derrick Bell: Racism 'Important Stabilizing Function In Society'

Bell: Racism 'Permanent Part' Of US Culture

The Vetting: Buzzfeed Ben Smith Admits Paying For Obama Video Four Years Too Late


+World View: March 10th, 2012+

Maybe It Should Be Called the Chevrolet 'Vote' - Forbes

Adam Smith vs. Crony Capitalism - Reason Magazine

Upside: How to Tell if a Growth Stock Can Keep Growing - WSJ.com

Facebook's Missing Millionaires - Businessweek

Free-Trade Blinders - Dani Rodrik - Project Syndicate

Video: Arab Spring And Women's Rights

Video: Sen. Kerry On U.S. Involvement In Syria

Video: Zalmay Khalilzad On The Future Of Afghanistan & Iraq


+Clash Guitarist Hopes to Found Rock Library




The American Conservative » How to Read the Constitution

One Jesus for liberals, another for conservatives | Johnjoe McFadden | Comment is free | The Guardian

Translating (away) the son of God | The Christian Century

Doug Bandow: Mandated Contraceptives: The Tragedy of the Sexless Law Student

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48 pg./The Tibetan Rebellion of 1959 and China’s Changing Relations with India and the Soviet Union


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Obama Weekly Address: "We Can't Just Drill Our Way To Lower Gas Prices"
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