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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Nothing is more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.”

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09 March 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

**RON PAUL /flashback ‘08

YouTube.Com/ Ron Paul Rally @ ’08 RNC


The Michael Savage Show 03/08/2012


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46 MIN./David Icke: The Truth Behind Theology and Christianity - YouTube


UN Launches COUP D'ETAT Over US: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Trendy Left Demands War In Africa: Webster Tarpley Reports 2/3 - YouTube

Trendy Left Demands War In Africa: Webster Tarpley Reports 3/3 - YouTube

Trendy Left Demands War In Africa: Webster Tarpley Reports 1/3 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » DHS Mission Creep: They Are Now Helping Arrest Prostitutes

Prison Planet.com » US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

Prison Planet.com » FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil

Prison Planet.com » Virginia State Senate Passes Bill Forbidding Indefinite Detention of Americans

Delegate Bob Marshall, March 5, 2012, Point of Personal Privilage, discusses NDAA Billl (HB1160) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » TSA Threatens MSM Reporters Over Coverage Of Body Scanner Story

How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » FBI Director Fails to Refute State-Sponsored Murder of American Citizens on US Soil

FBI Director Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Russia Accuses Libya of Training Syria Rebels

Russia blasts NATO over Libya exporting revolution - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Obama Plays Dangerous Game, Offers Israel Bunker Busters Needed For Iran Attack

Russia says 15,000 foreign terrorists in Syria | Reuters

Don't attack Iran, urges Israel's ex-spy chief - Yahoo! News Canada

Prison Planet.com » Endless Feud: ‘Head of Libyan NTC is Gaddafi 2.0?’

'Gaddafi 2.0?' Split & struggle flares up Libya again - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » U.S. May Attack Iran with New ‘Great Weapon’ – Pentagon Official

Prison Planet.com » Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back From The New York Fed

Prison Planet.com » Fed Saves the Day by Sterilizing Money

Prison Planet.com » Rockefellers Engaged in Mass Mind Control: Infowars Nightly News

Rockefellers Engaged in Mass Mind Control: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Weaponizing Religion: Romans 13 Co-Author Tim Baldwin Reports

Weaponizing Religion: Romans 13 Co-Author Tim Baldwin Reports - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Status Quo Has To Go

Paul Sees Convention Fight as Best Bet - WSJ.com

Another Elite Child Sex Ring Exposed: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » The High Cost of Dumbing Us Down

Prison Planet.com » Sneaky: Coca-Cola Removes Known Carcinogen to Avoid Cancer Warning Label

Prison Planet.com » Libya’s Big-Oil PM Rolls Over for Western Masters

Prison Planet.com » The Cat’s Out of The Bag: Obama Administration And Shadow Government Admit Congress Doesn’t Matter

Panetta Publicly Admits U.S. Military/Obama Takes Orders from The U.N. 1/3 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Rawesome Foods’ Sharon Palmer innocent of all charges, District Attorney staging public theater, declares attorney

Prison Planet.com » The FBI, The CIA, Homeland Security, The Federal Reserve And Potential Employers Are All Monitoring You On Facebook And Twitter

Mock Cyber Attack on New York Used by Obama to Pitch Senate Bill - Bloomberg

Prison Planet.com » 41 States Sell Out to Merck’s HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine Lobbyists

The Monsanto Monopoly - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » FDA Considers Outlawing Cancer-Linked BPA, Decision by March 31


The Soul of Trendy Mindlessness 1/3 - YouTube

The Soul of Trendy Mindlessness 2/3 - YouTube

The Soul of Trendy Mindlessness 3/3 - YouTube


+ Resolution Calls for Impeachment if Obama Does Not Seek War Authorization from Congress Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


*Bill Text 112th Congress (2011-2012) H.CON.RES.107.IH


KONY 2012: African Invasion Psyop: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

» LulzSec’s FBI Informant Leader Hinted at CIA Connection Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FBI: 'Sabu' Turns on LulzSec - YouTube

Shutter, then shudder. Spy-app sends smartphone pics to police — RT

» The legalized killing of every person on earth (with pesticides) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Aspartame danger: Urgent warning about tumors and seizures Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Kathleen Sebelius says decrease in human beings will cover cost of Obamacare contraception mandate Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Coercive Nannies Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Mystery: U.S X-37B space plane has been in orbit for over a year | Mail Online

poorrichard's blog: Financial Bubonic Plague

The Future is Now and We’re the Generation that Must Act

Video: Prison Planet.com » UN Launches COUP D’ETAT Over US: Infowars Nightly News

Video:Prison Planet.com » Tarpley: Trendy Left Demands War In Africa

» Fifth Amendment Dead in America Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Video: KONY 2012: African Invasion Psyop: Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Great news about Sesame seeds and disease prevention : :: Natural Health 365 ::

Vitamin P is a noble discovery : :: Natural Health 365 ::

Vitamin D dramatically reduces your risk for disease : :: Natural Health 365 ::

Breitbart video shows Obama at protest | Online Journal

+4 Parts/The Alex Jones Show – March 8th, 2012

+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – March 5-7th, 2012

Stop KONY 2012, LulzSec FBI, Fukushima Anniversary - New World Next Week - YouTube

+Audio: 95.1FM The Bridge: The 9/11 Money Trail | Dprogram.net

Max Igan - Totalitarian Australia - Radio SkidRow - March07 2012 - 1/2 - YouTube

» Not the Video Breitbart Died For: Leaked Obama Vid Already Aired on PBS in 2008 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » Breitbart and the CIA’s Heart Attack Gun

CIA Whistleblower talks about Heart Attack gun - YouTube

Breitbart's Death a Warning Shot To Journalists: Mancow Muller: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Obama Bell Introduction

Gerald Celente - Russia Today - 08 March 2012 - YouTube

U.S. Corporate Taxes: Freedom or Fascism? You Decide. - YouTube

Who is Ken, or Kenneth, Wainstein?

Who is Ken, or Kenneth, Wainstein? Part II

China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power

Fighting the “Rising Tide” of Arab Nationalism

Strange: “Vertical earthquake” caused explosion at Reactor No. 1, says NRC report on Fukushima — Did not impact other units — Occurred March 12 at 1:36a ET

Panel recommends US customize nuclear power plant emergency plans | Fox News

12 states on path to guns with no permits – USATODAY.com

Exclusive: Unedited Obama race video unveiled - Fox News Video - Fox News

Illuminati Use China to Loot the West - henrymakow.com

Sheriff Arpaio: ‘I Talked to Breitbart Just Before His Death’ :

Producer to Hollywood Left: ‘F--K You. I Am Andrew Breitbart’

Priest warns Obama: Better knock the Catholic Church out now - you’ve awakened the giant | LifeSiteNews.com

Anonymous take down anti-virus giant and Vatican, warn of ‘March storm’ — RT

Why Did FBI Director Robert Mueller Hesitate to Answer Question on the Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens? | Fox News Insider

How To Become An American Extremist In Style!

WallBuilders - Issues and Articles - America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President

Liberty is the First Casualty of War

Mitt Romney and "Gay Rights"

Romney's Olympic Scandal Whitewash

Romney Closer to Brokered Convention

Netanyahu: No Israeli Strike on Iran in 'Days or Weeks'

US Employment Boosted by Businesses

A Year After Fukushima Disaster, China Resumes Nuclear Energy Projects

Shark Blood Cancer-Fighting Research Gets Boost in Australia

Arrests Do Not Deter 'Anonymous' Hackers


Graviola-Tree-A-Natural-Cancer-Cell-Killer[www.savevid.com].flv - YouTube

Is This Fruit Extract 10,000 Times Better Than Chemo? | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Graviola selectively suppresses human breast cancer cells. | GreenMedInfo | Article | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy


The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson) - YouTube

Illuminati Playing Cards Predict A Major Global Event, The Rapture | Before It's News

Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix? | Before It's News


Center for Consumer Freedom – The Truth about PETA Hits New York


Peta Kills Animals(www.petakillsanimals.com/)


The Bragalia Files: The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed

What Does The Oldest Skeleton ON Earth Say About Extraterrestrials? | Before It's News

Can Humans See 'Spooky' Quantum Entanglement? | Human Brain & Particle Physics | LiveScience

People with X-Ray Vision? How does it work? | Before It's News

Pat Robertson: Pot should be legal like alcohol

Obama Calls to Congratulate Putin | The Weekly Standard

The Part-Time Economy (Redux) | ZeroHedge

US faces brewing battle for World Bank job - Yahoo! News Canada

Ogletree: I was joking about Obama video clip - BostonHerald.com

RNC's delegate count shows Gingrich ahead of Santorum - Washington Times

Rick Santorum’s delegate woes: Trying hard in some states; in others, not so much - Election 2012 - The Washington Post

Thieves Swipe $450K In Jewelry From Evesham Store « CBS Philly

Exclusive: Google leans on developers to use payment service - Yahoo! News Canada

U.S. adds Vatican to money-laundering 'concern' list | Reuters

With video: Godzilla the wild turkey stalks Commerce Township woman | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

Mysterious Illness Kills 3 Family Members, Sick - Flash Player Installation

James Cameron to explore Earth's deepest ocean trench - FRANCE 24

Illegal Immigrant Allowed To Collect Winning $750,000 Lottery Ticket « CBS Atlanta

Man accused of hiding transmitter under wife's bed - Timesonline.com: Local News

*Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan

Rush Limbaugh taking ads for adultery?

How does your state rate on 2nd Amendment?

Obama’s racialist professor visited White House?

Obama Harvard prof: ‘Abolish white race as social category’

Virginia gives detention prevention plan to governor

Doubts raised over UN drinking water claim - environment - 08 March 2012 - New Scientist

Panetta caught in one-world scheme

Doctors’ Medicare cuts: ‘Rationing based on cost’

School: No 1st Amendment here!

‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975 video)

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Can Silence People From a Distance

The Occult Roots of Scientology: Exploring the Influence of Aleister Crowley on L. Ron Hubbard

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

Israeli Weapons Found In Syria Among Rebels

The Biggest Event of the 2012 Great Awakening

70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

Monsanto-FDA’s Michael Taylor to Keynote Food Safety Town Hall

Bigger Brother: Total surveillance comes to UK

World leaders expand the insanity bubble

Secret Warning of Military Strike Against Syria Issued?

US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa

Getting Prepared Month 6: Fitness, Energy Bars and Face Masks

America: Land of the Poor

The Syrian Gambit Unravels by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

The MEK’s Useful Idiots by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Panetta: US Attack on Iran Would Be Better Than Israel Doing It -- News from Antiwar.com

Army Suicides Up 80 Percent Since Invasion of Iraq -- News from Antiwar.com

Is the GOP Becoming a War Party? by Patrick J. Buchanan -- Antiwar.com

Robert Fisk: The fearful realities keeping the Assad regime in power - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

NSA whistle-blower: Obama “worse than Bush” - Salon.com

FBI says spying has hindered terror fight - U.S. - Stripes

Government officials concerned over Iranian-made ‘smart concrete’

Santorum to Newsmax: I'd Consider Gingrich for VP

Romney Now a Southerner: I Like Grits, Say 'Y'all'

Gallup: 50% of Americans Call Obama Presidency 'Failure'

Boehner to House GOP: Stop Squabbling, Focus on November Elections

SC Lieutenant Governor Resigns amid Criminal Probe

Facebook Co-founder Buys New Republic Mag

Cancer DNA Tests May Miss Mark

Velociraptor’s Last Meal Finally Revealed: Big Flying Reptile

Jeb Bush May Be Needed to Rescue GOP

Act Like Ronald Reagan, not Bill Maher


*The Ronald Reagan Legacy


White House Won't Say What Will Happen to Troops Who Burned Korans

Pelosi On Sandra Fluke: 'She Was Factual'

Michelle Obama: Hillary Clinton 'Is a Role Model for Me'

Sen. Harry Reid: Highway Construction Will Save Fuel

Rep. Gohmert Unveils Obama Apology Chart On House Floor

U.S. Wants ‘Justice’ for Gaddafi’s Victims, But New Libyan Gov’t Noncommittal on Lockerbie Cooperation

U.S. Asks Palestinians to Sit Tight -- Until Obama Is Re-Elected

$100 or $1,000? Wide Price Range for Birth Control

IRS Accused of 'Intimidation Campaign' Against Tea Party Groups

Film About Ugandan Thug Joseph Kony Rockets Through Cyberspace

Food Stamp Program Doesn’t Check SSNs of Some Recipients

Sen. Reid: Highway Bill Will Lead to Lower Gas Prices

Romney: Obama 'in part' to blame for gas prices

White House Won’t Say If Obama SuperPAC Should Return $1M from Maher

USDA Lets Retailers Convicted of Food Stamp Fraud Stay in Food Stamp Program

MSNBC's Todd: 2008 Dem Primary Was 'Clash of Political Titans'

Andrew Breitbart, Great Communicator

NYT Rushes to Texas Planned Parenthood's Aid in Front-Page Story

NBC Touts 'Exclusive First Look' At Obama Campaign Propaganda

IG: Welfare Recipients Traded Food Stamps for Cash to Buy Drugs and Guns

Activist Who Calls Abortion a ‘Blessing’ Tells Congress She Would Break the Law to Help Minors Cross State Lines to End Pregnancies

Pelosi: Fluke’s $3,000 Contraception Testimony 'Factual'--Despite $9-Per-Month Birth Control Pills

Conservatives Introduce Plan to Balance Budget in 5 Years--Eliminate Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce Depts.

Cornyn: Obama Using Texas As an ATM, One Day After Lobbying Against Pipeline Extension to Texas

NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws

White House Defends Opposition to Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Calling it ‘Ineffectual, Sham Legislation | CNSNews.com

NYTimes Severson Forwards Latest Left-Wing 'Hate Group' Report From Southern Poverty Law Center | NewsBusters.org

Can Russia Save the Day?

Why Putin is Driving Washington Nuts

PTSD: Cancer Of The Spirit

Eric Holder Tortures the Constitution

Surveillance State: The Making of the US Internal Security Apparatus

Why Doesn't the American Red Cross Want People to See "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?"

Video Documentary:Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?

Conclusion: Improper Influence - YouTube

90 Lb. Woman Tasered by Police Files Lawsuit | FOX8.com – Cleveland news & weather from WJW Television FOX 8

No Checks or Balances in Warrantless Wiretapping Despite Holder's Assurances - informationliberation

Obama Administration: ACTA Is Binding & Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About TPP - informationliberation

Obama Uses Staged Cyber Attack To Sell Draconian Cybersecurity Bill - informationliberation

IRS cracking down on U.S. expat taxpayers - Business - CBC News

U.S. Said to Prepare Apple Lawsuit Over E-Book Price-Fixing - Bloomberg

The Criminalization of Protest: Say Goodbye To Free Speech in America

The Contradictions of Modern Feminism: The Triumph of Machine Politics Over Feminism

Gold and Silver: Crisis of the Fractional Banking System

Public Sector Banks: From Black Sheep to Global Leaders

Japan earthquake and tsunami anniversary: listen to the earthquake – audio track released - Telegraph

Nuclear ghost town near Chernobyl: Eerie images show wasteland once a city of 50,000 | Mail Online


Obama's Mentor: 'We Hid This Throughout 2008 Campaign'

Andrew Breitbart's 'explosive Barack Obama exposé' falls flat - Telegraph


**Lindsey's Narration The Protocols the Learned Elders of Zion in Modern English Complete HQ Audio.wmv - YouTube


Pro Libertate: The Resistance Rises: Reinstating the "Castle Doctrine"

GMOs - Label Them Yourself! | Farm Wars

+What role does AIPAC play in US elections? - Inside Story: US 2012 - Al Jazeera English

"Planetary Genocide": Fukushima One Year Later : The Poisoning of Planet Earth

Is Cosmic Music Unlocking The Matrix? | Before It's News

What's This On The Floor Of The Atlantic?

Fight Over Use of HIV Drugs - WSJ.com

Goddard Multimedia Item 10922 - NASA Jet Stream Study Lights up Night Sky

Senate rejects GOP measure to build oil pipeline - CNN.com

Peter Van Buren: We Take Care of Our Own: Eric Holder and the End of Rights

China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power | Dissident Voice

Congressmen Announce Bill To Repeal NDAA Infinite Detention And Torture

Roy Tov: 1981—2012: From Dolphinarium to Joseph’s Tomb

U.S. Covers Up Womans Murder and gets Caught!!! - YouTube


+52 min./Pyramids of Waste (Full Length - English Subtitles) aka '' The Lightbulb Conspiracy '' - YouTube


Did Alaska GOP cheat Ron Paul out of a win in Alaska?

ESR | February 27, 2012 | The forbidden word: Impeach

+Google Can Now Index Your Comments Made Through Facebook : Federal Jack

BBC News - Hotfile's digital locker service targeted by Hollywood

The LinkedIn Blog » LinkedIn Industry Trends: Winners and Losers During the Great Recession

Gigantic clusters of deep-sea tubeworms found near Costa Rica | Mail Online

McCain wants new SOPA - YouTube

Thousands of spiders blanket Australian farm after escaping flood | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

Gallup Poll: Gas prices must come down, consumers say

Government’s $10 million affordability award goes to $50 Philips light bulb

Alzheimer's group seeks $2 billion a year for research

White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law

'Game Change' is unlikely to change minds about Sarah Palin

Pelosi says Keystone might be 'worthy' but won't cut prices at the pump

Senate blocks bid to speed Keystone approval -- but Obama loses Dems despite lobbying

Republicans on Keystone: This Isn't Over

Miley Cyrus upsets her religious fans by lauding Big Bang Theory of creation

Former Navy SEAL booted from Gov. Christie town hall after heated exchange

New national forest rule to focus on restoration of damaged ecosystems

Imprisoned mom says kids lived in old bus to maintain 'routine'

Rush Limbaugh site purged of 'slut' remarks

Fantasy Politics online game for political junkies

College presidents want to reelect Obama

US faces increasing threat of cyberattacks by terrorists, including on battlefield, officials say

House approves JOBS Act in 390-23 vote

Kids are hazardous to your marriage

Study: Votes in favor of healthcare reform cost Dems 5.8 points in 2010 vote

Hoyer: Obama coattails offer 'reasonably good' chance of Dem House majority

Exclusive: Unedited Obama race video unveiled; From college days

Obama Harvard video causes blog storm

Obama super-PAC head: Maher remarks ‘vulgar,’ but not comparable to Limbaugh

Colleges find ways to foil pro-gun rulings

Sheriff: Judge's stolen nameplate seen on Facebook

Pentagon tries to sell skeptical Congress on new rounds of base closures

Mexican election may change how war on drugs is fought

Dem women senators press Boehner to nix vote on contraception mandate

Gunman dead after killing 1, wounding others at Pittsburgh psychiatric clinic

Republican Senator facing resistance over call for commercialized rest stops

Mormon church restricts access to Jewish names

W.H. intimately involved in Sherrod ouster

President Barack Obama's 'all for women'

Fans to descend on Pa. hamlet that was Monkee's hideaway

As Celebrities Rally for Elizabeth Warren, Her Rival Objects


Petrus Romanus The Jerusalem Connection Part 1 — Logos Apologia

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here - YouTube


The No. 1 issue that will defeat Obama

Conditioned to be mastered by others

America's enemies: From without … or within?

Sacrifice Marines for 'the greater good'?

Fluke's no fluke: Sisters love Uncle Sam

Requiem for Rush

Republican uber-hawks

Obama's lies about American oil

J. ABRAMOFF: The dirtiest election … this year

BHO's sexually confused caretakers

D. KUPELIAN: The Church of Sex

MOLOTOV: Obama's testosterone deficiency

Yes, liberalism is manifestly evil

Satanic Baby is Poster-Child for Parenthood

"Women's Day" Today is Old Soviet Propaganda Ploy

Bluebeam Scheduled for 2012 Olympics?

Satanic Signs Everywhere! -- Illuminati Logos


Fantasy Politics - (http://fantasypolitics.com/)


* BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- March 8, 2012


How Ron Paul Carried My County by Christopher Manion

Will Ron Paul Invite Mitt Romney To Be His Vice President? by Allan Stevo

Dr. David Brownstein - Holistic Family Medicine: More Reasons to Avoid Statins

A penny thrown from a skyscraper WOULDN'T kill you (but a ballpoint pen would) | Mail Online

The Guilty Pleasure That Could Save You From Heart Disease by Joseph Mercola

15 Potentially Massive Threats to the U.S. Economy Over the Next 12 Months

How to Ruin Your Economy and Influence People by Bill Bonner

The Ultimate Man Cave: An Underground Missile Silo by Robert Wenzel

On Prediction in Science by Immanuel Velikovsky

Quantative Easing, Austrians, Ron Paul and the Bank of England – Telegraph Blogs

US Military Seeks Sixth Sense Training | Soldiers Battlefield Intuition | LiveScience

Alaska's Orange Goo Mystery Solved : Discovery News

Flood-stricken spiders weave sea of webs

Scientists shed light on antimatter - Telegraph

Higgs Boson May Be Indicated in New Data - NYTimes.com


BBC News - Seti Live website to crowdsource alien life

SETILive / http://www.setilive.org/

SETI@home : http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/

SETI Institute : http://www.seti.org/


3-8-2012 Infowars Nightly News with Alex Jones, guests Webster Griffin Tarpley, Jon Corbett - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (3-7-12) - Jon Rappoport - - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (3-6-12) -Timothy Baldwin- - YouTube

Nightly News for Monday, March 5, 2012 (Full) - YouTube


Hulu - Transformation: The Life and Legacy of WERNER ERHARD


Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard Foundation

Werner Erhard - Wikipedia / Facebook

Werner Erhard - Wikiquote

Transformation Film


Stephen Hawking and Werner Erhard's Physics Conferences - YouTube


+Werner Erhard speaks to Kennedy School students - YouTube


Obama Assigned Reading: Bell Says Whites Might Enslave Blacks

Obama Assigned Bell at University of Chicago Law School

Bell, Farrakhan BFFs

Report: Derrick Bell Visited White House Twice In 2010

Derrick Bell: Liberal Whites Are Oppressors

Bell: USA Must Admit We're Permanently Racist

Bell: 'I Live To Harass White Folks'

Tea Party Knocks off Another GOP Incumbent

Soledad O'Brien: Derrick Bell Fan

Soledad’s Expertise on Critical Race Theory from… Wikipedia

The Vetting: CNN Implodes Over Breitbart's Obama/Bell Video

Derrick Bell’s 'Space Traders' Review: Racist Paranoia ... and George Clinton's Disembodied Head

HBO Panics Over Big Hollywood 'Game Change' Vetting

Obama's Energy Sec Doesn't Own A Car

Painful: Sebelius Speechless, Cornered On Obamacare Costs, Waivers, Broken Promises

A Challenge To Soledad OBrien On Critical Race Theory

Obama Gave Over Half of His Biggest Fundraisers White House Jobs

Fast and Furious: Rep. Michele Bachmann Pushes for 'No Confidence' Vote on Holder

Union President to Parents: Problems With Schools Are You, Not Us

'Occupy Protesters' Sing 'Contraception Songs'

Sharpton: In Alabama 'It's Against The Law To Organize Unions'

Schakowsky Admits: Problem With Limbaugh Is Politics More Than 'Slut' Comment

Derrick Bell: Racism a Permanent Part of U.S. Culture

FBI Insists Weather Underground Bomber Bill Ayers is a Domestic Terrorist

ShePAC: Obama's Million Dollar Man

Obama's 'Inconvenient Truth'; Jake Tapper Eviscerates Campaign Film

'Undefeated' vs. 'Game Change'; Vetted vs. Unvetted

Palin: Obama Man Without Valor, Shouldn't Sleep At Night Taking Maher Dirty Money

O'Reilly: Ex-Obama Official Running Sandra Fluke

Bell Answers Rodney King: No, We Will Never Get Along

Obama Film Maker Can't Find Any Fault In Him

Bell: Farrakhan 'A Great Hero For The People'

Obama’s Mentor: ‘We Hid This Throughout 2008 Campaign’

Media Matters Project 2012: Attack Limbaugh

Advertiser Crawls Back to Limbaugh, Is Rejected

'John Carter' Review: Millions Squandered on D.O.A. Sci-Fi Franchise

Palin: Campaign Managers Wouldn't Let Us Investigate Obama's Radical Ties

Holder On Recess Appointments: President Decides When Senate Is In Recess, Not Senate

Derrick Bell: My Views Are Too 'Jarring'

Derrick Bell: I Write My Views In Fiction Because They're Too 'Threatening'

Train With Methanol Derails In South Carolina

'Jack & Jill' Blu-ray Review: Sandler Summons His Inner Tootsie

Tom Hanks Narrates Obama Propaganda Film

Vetting HBO: The 'Game Change' Rap Sheet

Romney Heads South into Evangelical States

FBI Bust, Aided by 'Anonymous' Snitch, Reveals Left-Hacker Alliance

White House: No Comment on Derrick A. Bell's 2010 Visits

Soros and Big Dem Donors Set to Clean Up from NAT GAS Act

Left And Kucinich Lose In Ohio

Correcting Frances Martel On the Obama Tape

Soledad OBrien's Embarrassing, Biased Interview

When Will Buzzfeed Vet the Prez?

Obama Biographers, Journalists Covered Up Radical Derrick Bell Video

Ben Smith on Obama Harvard Tapes: Nothing to See Here

Andrea Mitchell Runs Defense for Obama, Derrick Bell

Schakowsky Refuses To Condemn Misogynistic Language From Top Obama Donor

Local Radio Glad Breitbart's Dead, Would Pour Weed Killer On Grave

Dana Loesch And Ben Smith Throw Down Over Breitbart's Obama/Bell Video

Comedy Central Hands Show to Occupy-Friendly Comic

Media Bias 101: 'The Kennedys' vs. 'Game Change'

Afghan police killed while sleeping

'American Taliban' Attorney Now Number Three at DOJ

Iran's Supreme Leader Praises Obama's Israel Stonewalling


Bell: 'I Live To Harass White Folks'

Bell: Farrakhan 'A Great Hero For The People'

Derrick Bell: Clarence Thomas Promoted To Supreme Court Because He Said What Whites Wanted To Hear

Bell: USA Must Admit We're Permanently Racist


Obama Film Maker Can't Find Any Fault In Him

Obama's 'Inconvenient Truth'; Jake Tapper Eviscerates Campaign Film


Space Traders: Insulting Racial Stereotypes

Space Traders: White Woman Says Blacks Should Be Glad To Be Sold To Aliens

Space Traders: GOP Administration Discusses Selling Blacks To Aliens

Derrick Bell's Sci-Fi Film Portrays Reagan As Alien Slave Trader

George Clinton Hosts Derrick Bell's Racialist Sci-Fi Fantasy

Space Traders: Whites Only Appreciate Blacks For Sports, Blues, Jazz

Space Traders: Whites Are Worth Pennies


Cosmic Slop Space Traders pt1.mpg - YouTube

Cosmic Slop Space Traders pt2.mpg - YouTube

Cosmic Slop Space Traders pt3.mpg - YouTube


- Cosmic Slop - Space Traders - YouTube


+World View: March 8th, 2012


TSA Body Scanners Beaten Easily In Tests

The GOP is throwing the match.

Conservatives, this ain't over..go vote!

“Food Justice” Has Arrived

Obama Syndicate‘s Panetta: Congress is no Longer relevant governmental body

The United States is a sovereign country…for now

Obama working on the Fundamental Transformation of Canada

Vetting Obama: an epic failure

Real Rebels and the Counter Revolution

Pope Benedict Attacked for Defending Marriage

The Greens Think You’re Stupid

Bail-out for CATS

Beck Issues Stern Warning to Canada: ‘You Are Now Dealing With George Soros’

Rush: Where’s the Outrage? ABC Premieres Show Called “GCB” (Good Christian Bitches)

Limbaugh Rejects Sleep Train After It Requests To Be Advertiser Again

Factor Investigation: Ex-Obama Official Running Sandra Fluke

Rush: Unemployment Numbers Need To Be Tied Around Obama’s Neck Like A Nobel Prize

Rush on Breitbart Obama Video: The Blockbuster Is That The Media Is Not Interested In Finding Out Who Barack Obama Is

Limbaugh: $45 Tax Credit For A $50 Light Bulb

The world is getting warmer: Romney | Reuters

Former Comptroller General Warns of Greek Scenario in U.S. - ABC News

Bad Karma: Our Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid breaks down - Yahoo! Autos

An American Auto Bailout – For France? - ABC News

Senate rejects GOP measure to build oil pipeline - CNN.com

Judges orders millions paid in NYC firefighter bias case - CNN.com

Savage to Mitt: Be extreme in defense of liberty

New ads pitch Marine Corps' kinder, gentler side - Boston.com

Immigration group blasts Boehner for failing to crack down on illegal workers - Washington Times

Sebelius Has ‘No Idea’ If Obamacare Adds to the Deficit | Washington Free Beacon

Barack Obama pushes for $1bn green tax credits | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Report: U.S. forces vulnerable to Chinese cyberattack - Washington Times

Savage: Founders envisioned ‘petty dictator’ like Obama

Secret Service agent: Clinton’s staff rude, Hillary aloof | Washington Examiner

The Mystery of 18 Twitching Teenagers in Le Roy - NYTimes.com

Obama's Political Expediency Is Hurting Our Nation

How Iran Could Save America

U.S. Schools under Attack as Secretary of Education's Brain Hacked

The Girl Scouts: Planned Parenthood's 'Tactical Arm'

Bill Moyers, Progressive Propagandist

The American Left and the Erosion of Public Discourse

Economic Outlook: Worse after the Election

Big Oil and Tax Breaks

Obama's solidarity with 'marginalized' Muslim enclaves of Europe

Kofi Annan: accomplice to mass murder does it again!

The U.S. Housing Market Crisis and the Faltering EU: The Bad Moon Keeps Rising

Lib Pastor Jim Wallis: ‘American Exceptionalism…Is a Heresy…& It‘s Very Dangerous’

Atheist Accuses Jews of ‘Religious Bigotry’ After Landlord Refuses to Display ‘Myth’ Billboard

Laundry of the Future? Done With No Soap, No Water, No Noise — Take a Look

Wasserman Schultz Admits Even Her Jewish Friends and Family Doubt Obama’s Support for Israel

Harvard Mentor Admits Hiding Video of Obama Hugging Radical Professor

Priest‘s New Spoken Word Vid Targets Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate: ‘A Threat to Our Country’s Foundation’

This ‘Saint Maker’ Guides Catholics Through the Complicated & Expensive Canonization Process

Report: Faith-Based Movies Brought in More Money Than Their Liberal Counterparts in 2011

Revealed: The Radical Racial Ideas of the Prof. Obama Raves About in New Harvard Video

Radio Talker George Noory Narrowly Escapes Kidnap in Mexico

Is SEIU Using Unionization to Extort Medicaid Money From Home Caregivers?

Dashcam Captures Ohio Wrong-Way Driver Seconds Before She Kills 3 Sorority Sisters

‘Everything’s Cool’: Limbaugh Says Media Reports About His Advertisers Are Misleading

Armored Truck Shooting Update: Suspect Stashed $20K at Grandmother’s Grave, Manhunt Continues

Can a Blood Pressure Pill Also Lower Racist Tendencies?

Nudge? Feds to Simulate Attack on NYC Power During a Heat Wave to Prove Need for New Legislation

Secret, High-Tech Cameras to Survey GOP Convention, Raising Privacy Concerns

Pelosi: Fluke’s $3000 Contraception Figure ‘Factual’ Despite Existence of Cheaper Options

Photos Show Barefoot Gunman in Shootout Outside of Tulsa Courthouse

Incredible ‘Trackchair’ Helps Wheelchair-Bound Go Off-Roading

Warlord’s Grisly Child-Killings, Rapes & Abductions Go Viral Thanks to New ‘Invisible Children’ Video

This Is How Student Debt Could Cripple the U.S. Economy

See the Trailer for the New 17-Minute Obama Documentary

Israelis Troops Clash With Female Palestinian Protesters Demanding Release of Hunger-Striking Detainee

Cranston Students & Others Seek Court Order to Prevent the Removal of RI Prayer Banner

Is There More to the Invisible Children Story in Uganda Than Meets the Eye?

One Couple’s Fight With the EPA & What it Could Mean for Property Rights

Volvo Adds World’s First Air Bag for Pedestrian Protection

Barton Calls Obama ‘America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President’

Listen Liberal Radio Host’s Wild Rant: ‘Repossess’ Conservative Women’s Ovaries, ‘Cut ’Em Off’

Father Banned From Seeing His Daughter Alone After Accidentally Downloading Child Porn

British, Italian Hostages Killed by al Qaeda-Linked Boko Haram Operatives in Nigeria

Van Susteren Blasts President for Keeping $1 Million From ‘Serial Pig’ Bill Maher: ‘Is That the Obama Price Tag for Decency?’

Why Is the UN Condemning Israel Over ‘Women’s Rights’ but Ignoring Syria

Going Beck? Santelli Breaks Out the Chalk…Er…Whiteboard

Charging for Church? Harlem‘s ’Gospel Tourism’ Boom Sparks Controversy

Senate Blocks Keystone Pipeline Bill, 11 Democrats Defect

Watch Pat Robertson Sees Himself as a ‘Hero of the Hippie Culture’ for Stance on Marijuana

Atheist Behind Infamous PA ‘Slave’ Billboard Speaks Out: ‘It Is My Hate for the Bible’

‘Real News’: Why Is Occupy Wall Street Left Off List of Hate Groups…That Includes the Tea Party?

Marine Speaks Out About Inquiry Into His Tea Party Facebook Comments: ‘Constitution Trumps Everything’

Gov‘t Backed ’Green’ Light Bulb Meant to be Affordable Costs $50

Lifetime‘s ’Dance Moms’ Reaches New Depths: Girls as Young as 8 Dance Burlesque in Nude Bikinis

School Reverses Course After Threatening to Boot Student From Honor Society Over Church Service Hours

Scathing New Video Slams Obama‘s ’Double Standard’ on Maher and Limbaugh

‘Oh My God That Hurt!’: Reporter Walks Into Pole During Ambush Interview

‘This Spring, We‘ll See Action’: Piven Issues Dark Prediction on Occupy Wall Street

Piers Morgan in Disbelief After Obama Documentary Director Finds Prez Too Perfect

CNN Host Loses It Over Obama Harvard Vid, Calls White Supremacist Aspect of Critical Race Theory ‘A Complete Misreading’

USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds of ‘Pink Slime’ For School Lunches

‘Prostitute’: Students Hold Silent Protest After Professor Backs Limbaugh in Blog Post

Connecting the Dots: O’Reilly Traces Sandra Fluke to Former White House Adviser

AZ Baffled by New Mysterious Light Explosion… Days Before 15-Year Anniversary of Another Mysterious Light Explosion


ElectAd | Rick Santorum Addresses The Alabama Policy Institute in Mobile, Alabama – March 8 2012

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich Talks to Greta Van Susteren – March 8 2012

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ElectAd | Rick Santorum Campaign Rally in Huntsville, Alabama – March 8 2012

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Talks to Greta Van Susteren – March 7 2012

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ElectAd | Mitt Romney On CNBC Squawk Box – March 7 2012

Ron Paul's Reaction to Jobs Report - CNBC


flashback:Ron Paul Rally at the 2008 Republican National Convention - 2/9/08 - Fora TV - YouTube


Bashir Suggests Fox News Book Title: Satanism, Sluts, and Why We're Scared of the Next Election

Palin: Obama Wants to Return to the 'Days Before the Civil War' When People Were Not Considered Equal

Bill Burton: Notion That There is Equivalence Between Maher and Limbaugh's Remarks is 'Crazy'

Does Romney Still Find It 'Hard to Disagree' With Limbaugh?

Georgia Women Senators Walk Out, Protesting 'War On Women'

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner Introduces Legislation to Protect Men From ED Medication

Hannity and Breitbart Acolytes Team Up To Foxify a New Villain: Professor Bell

Judge Stops Implementation of Wisconsin Voter ID Law

International Women's Day: Women's Suffrage (The Lady Gaga Parody Take)

Koch Brothers Send Out Rebuttal To Cato Dispute Allegations

On Voter ID Law - Outspoken AL State Rep Hides Behind Blue Dog Dem

Audio/LiUNA Launches Ads in Support of 'Real' Highway Bill

Joe the 'Plumber': Questions About Homophobia Are Gotcha

Catholic Church Cuts Homeless Shelter Contribution Because New Director Supports Choice, Gay Marriage

O'Reilly: Fluke Thinks She's Owed 'Lifestyle Help'

Happiness: Not A Warm Gun

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Quantum Suicide: How to Prove the Multiverse Exists, in the Most Violent Way Possible

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One More Reason To Like An Invasive Species

Middle age: A triumph of human evolution - health - 08 March 2012 - New Scientist

Bees Are Thrill-Seekers, Too : Discovery News

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How Obama’s Energy Policy Will Kill Jobs — The American Magazine

Can We Handle $4 Gas? (CVX, XOM)

In U.S., $5.30 Gas Would Force Major Life Changes

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Drones, Dogs and the Future of Privacy | Threat Level | Wired.com

Battle of the Electronic Wallets - Technology Review

Why are companies defecting from Google Maps?

The U.S. Threat To Sue Apple And Publishers: What It Means | paidContent

A Netflix Cable Channel? Right for Netflix, Possibly Right for Us | Techland | TIME.com

The five technologies that will transform homes of the future

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Anonymous hurt by arrests but hard to kill | Reuters

Google Buy Pinterest

Farewell, Pocket Calculator? - NYTimes.com

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Purim and the Exceptional Book of Esther | First Things

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News from The Associated Press

Bullies Will Be Bullies. But Victims Can Learn To Hit Back, and Hit Hard. – Tablet Magazine

1 Million Tweets Daily Defend Iranian Pastor | Guest Views

The Great Tokyo Air Raid - An Enormous War Crime

The Tokyo Fire Raids, 1945

A Forgotten Holocaust: US Bombing Strategy, the Destruction of Japanese Cities & the American Way of War from World War II to Iraq :: JapanFocus

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The Murders of gangsta rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. — Gangstas — Crime Library on truTV.com

What sank the Titanic? Iceberg, yes, but the moon may have put berg in ship’s path - NY Daily News

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the broken elegy - bookforum.com / current issue

Warren Buffett on how to con the media - Jon Friedman's Media Web - MarketWatch




Emanuel to push for trust on projects

Whitney Houston leaves fortune to daughter

John Mayer Cancels Tour due to Vocal Chord Granuloma

Starbucks will start selling single-cup home coffee machines

Apple to build $304 million campus in Texas, add 3600 jobs

Gingrich atop poll of Republican voters in Mississippi

People Hid in Fatal Psych Clinic Shooting - YouTube

Lt. gov. of South Carolina resigns amid grand jury probe

Rush Limbaugh vs. Bill Maher: Which one's words were worse?

Obama: New jobs report a sign economy on rebound

Documentary Maker Guggenheim: I Love Everything About Obama

Kids living on bus in Texas: Jailed parents say it was temporary

Facebook co-founder buys The New Republic

High-profile lawyer says Limbaugh should be prosecuted for ‘slut’ comment, cites Fla. statute - The Washington Post

United States agrees to transfer Bagram prison to control of Afghan army

Anti-Kony Video Campaign Draws Criticism In Uganda

Angelina Jolie: I don't know anyone who does not hate Joseph Kony - YouTube

Records Show Japan Gov't Knew Meltdown Risk Early

Pak Taliban want release of Laden widows, warn of strike

Russian rights activists lash out at Clinton over Putin comments

China: toils of communist boss give insight into workings of the party

Pakistan Taliban divided on talks issue

N.Korean Defectors in China a Sore Spot

Obama has partially left his delusions about Iran: Leader

Pope denounces US political push to legalize gay marriage

Apple's New iPad Launch: A Behind the Scenes Look

Earthlings watch, wait for sun's coronal mass ejection - YouTube

Feds: NYC Hacker Also Involved With Drug Dealing

Lower e-book prices ahead as government threatens Apple, publishers?

Search engine users disapprove of data collection: survey

Eye-controlled games move closer to reality

Mitt Romney's Southern makeover

Yawn: The clock strikes an hour early on Sunday

Another dinner with the Obamas

Mitt Romney Slogan Contest Not Won Yet

Loudly Catholic Santorum loses Ohio Catholics

Scott Brown's Mitt Romney problem

Bill Forces You to Register with a Party to Vote in Primaries

Senate rejects GOP environment, energy proposals

Feathers Worth a 2nd Look Found on a Tiny Dinosaur

A backhand slap from end of solar storm

Titanic Wreck Site Mapped

How Do You Tell Time On Mars?

Astrophile: The rock that sprayed 'fairy dust' on moon

Data Hint at Hypothetical Particle, Key to Mass in the Universe

Study: Bees Have Distinct Personalities

Neutrinos could help explain missing antimatter

Monitors detect small explosion at Alaska volcano

Lockheed Martin Develops a 'Space Fence' to Track Orbiting Space Trash

Massive solar storm may mean Northern Lights shine on Ireland again – VIDEO

Air Force space drone's secret mission hits one-year milestone

Robotic Cheetah Sets a New Robot Land Speed Record, Leaves Humans in its Dust

Nuke clock incapable of losing time chimes with boffins

Daylight-Saving Time Begins: Turn Your Clocks Forward Saturday Night

Cinnamon YouTube craze can be dangerous - YouTube

Coke, Pepsi changing their caramel

Recommended: Acid trip could help treat alcoholism, report suggests

Surgeon General Says More Needed to Curb Teen Smoking

“Pink slime” found in beef may be in school lunches?

Girl's Life Saved by Multiple Organ Transplant

Cancer gene mutation more complex than previously thought: study

“Cinnamon Challenge” Could Pose Serious Risks

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