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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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17 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

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The Synthesis Of Law And Politics
Journalist Robert Fisk: Arab League Using War In Syria To Attack Iran
Would U.S. Or Others Lead Effort To Topple Syrian Regime?
Will SWIFT Cut Off Iran?
Report: Iran, Syria Working Together To Evade Sanctions
France The Next Eurozone Victim?
Afghanistan Suffering From Horrific Drug Addiction
Nigerian Underwear Bomber To Get Life Sentence
Crew Face Charges Over Deaths
Akihito In Hospital
UN Syria Resolution Passed
Eurozone Crisis Has Left China Wondering Who Is In Charge
Campaign 2012: International Trade
Intelligence Director: Assad Won't Stop

Romney: "People Are Going To Have A Hard Time Finding Someone More Conservative Than Myself"
Warren: Scott Brown Wants To "Roll Back The Clock" On Women's Health
Col. Martha McSally Says She'd Like To Kick Santorum "In The Jimmy"
Reich: Republicans "Shipped Jobs Abroad"
Romney Web Ad Slams Obama On Stimulus Anniversary
Krauthammer: There's "A Chance" For Peace Talks With Taliban
Klein: Romney Has Become A "Mudslinger, With Nothing Positive To Say"
O'Reilly: Where Is The Media On Drug Addiction?


Geithner To Ryan On Debt: We Don't "Have A Definitive Solution To Our Long-Term Problem"
Krauthammer: Romney Loss In Michigan "Resets The Whole Race"
Pelosi: Self-Insured Religious Institutions Should Pay For Contraception
Shrum: "Romney Has All The Endorsements, All The Money" But Still Struggles
Gingrich: Voters Don't Want Candidate With "Deep Pocket Of Wall Street Money Running Negative Ads"
Dean: Santorum Has "Said A Lot Of Incredibly Intolerant Things"
"Engage America": Government Debt Simplified
Santorum Backer Friess: "Back In My Days They Used Bayer Aspirin For Contraceptives"
O'Reilly: Media Exploited Whitney Houston's Addiction
Pro-Gingrich Super PAC Radio Ad: "Time To Choose"
Wiesel To Romney: "Speak Up" Against Mormon Church's Proxy Baptisms Of Jews
O'Reilly: Liberal Americans "Want A Giant Colussus To Tell Us How To Live"
Matthews: Is There Still An Old Boys Club In The GOP?

The Future Of American Power In The 21st Century
Trade War Brewing Over Chinese Solar Panels
Will The West Intervene In Syria?
How Do Italians Feel About Eurozone Crisis?
Greek FM: Several Eurozone Countries 'Want Us Out'
Amnesty Reports On Libya
Should U.S. Arm Medevacs In Afghanistan?
Thai Authorities To Charge Suspect
West Moves To Cut Off Iran From Global Bank
Old Friends, New Mission: China VP Visits Iowa
Relatives Mourn Victims Of Honduras Prison Fire
Thick Smoke Billows From Syria Pipeline
China Is Not Yet 'A Responsible Stakeholder In Global Issues'
Will Greece Leave The Eurozone?





Exfm Raises $1.5 M. (and $1) From Previous Investor Spark Capital | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

Scroogle May Have Been a Victim of Hackers, Not Google | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

Despite Nine Percent Unemployment, Dumbo Startups Can’t Find People to Hire | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

The Rise of the Buddy VC | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.


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» DHS Stonewalls Congress On Social Media Spying Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» You Tube Caught Deleting Thousands Of Subscribers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Young Turks Caught Lying To Viewers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» New Implantable Microchips to Medicate Patients Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

+Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 96-4 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» “So Long America”: Only Truthful Mainstream News Show Ends Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Bill Gates Rebranding GMOs as “High-Tech Agriculture” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him As a Saint Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Bill Gates supports GMOs as "high-tech agriculture," February 2012, Bill Gates GMO interview - YouTube

Bill Gates: The Mastermind Behind Global Eugenics Program: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

» Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


» Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


30 min./Poor America - P a n o r a m a [B B C] - Broadcast Date: 13th February 2012 - YouTube


» Alaska Bill Would Criminalize Invasive TSA Pat Downs Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» BREAKING: Kurt Haskell Exposes Government False Flag Operation During Underwear Bomber Sentencing Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Infowars Nightly News: Kurt Haskell Breaks Down Underwear Bomber Trial False Flag Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

FBI Could Shut Down Internet for Those Infected With DNSChanger Trojan Malware | TheBlaze.com

Kurt Haskell Exposes Gov. False Flag In Underwear Bomber Case - YouTube

» FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Clergy Response Teams - YouTube

» FBI To Spy on Goldbugs Via ‘Suspicious Comments’ App? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Maine Caucuses: Counties Ron Paul Won Were Ignored, Omitted From Final Count Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Reality Check! Maine caucus fraud against Ron Paul - YouTube

Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine. - YouTube

» Obama Admin Invested Billions in Companies Supported by Energy Dept Insiders Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

400 lipsticks found to contain lead, FDA says - The Washington Post

» Medical Establishment Firing Patients Who Refuse Big Pharma-Big Government Vaccines Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Pennsylvania University Offers Morning-After Pills in Vending Machines Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Implanted Microchip Might Be Future of Drug Delivery - Yahoo! News

Bill Gates' GMO & Eugenics Funding Follows Father's Footsteps: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Scientists debate mutant bird flu risk at WHO - Yahoo! News

+ New Evidence Reveals Half of Pilots Were Only Assigned to 9/11 Flights at the Last Minute Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

U.S. News - Crane drops steel 40 stories at WTC site; truck crushed

» Valentine’s Day Bondage Game Lands Couple in Jail Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Private Prison Corporation Offers Cash In Exchange For State Prisons

PressTV - Private prison company to demand 90% occupancy

Face Masks, Snipers and Aerial Surveillance: Chicago's Newest Anti-Protest Measures Revealed | Truthout

Israel's Mossad did not anticipate Delhi terror strike - Times Of India

‘Diplomacy’ keeps NSG off blast site

A tale of two investigations: Forensics get to work in Bangkok as Delhi falters following blasts in both cities | Mail Online

NSG denied not to visit terror-hit car - Times Of India

» Delhi Attacks: Inside Job Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Are jihadists hijacking Syria's uprising? - The Week

» While You Were Sleeping, Central Banks Flooded The World In Liquidity Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

How credit ratings agencies rule the world | Business | The Guardian

China says next World Bank president should be selected on merit not nationality - The Washington Post

» Do TV Networks ‘Practice’ for War? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Apple moves to stop Facebook and Twitter accessing iPhone users' address books without permission | Mail Online

Op-Ed: Bill Gates Favors The Death Panel and Vaccines To Decrease The World’s Population | UK Progressive

Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! - YouTube

Rothschild loses libel case, and reveals secret world of money and politics - Home News - UK - The Independent

FBI Seeks Developers For App To Track Suspicious Social Media Posts, Sparking Privacy Concerns | Fox News

Social Networks Don't Have to Filter Content, EU Court Says | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

» Iran Teams Up With Al-Qaeda, Claims Dubious Telegraph Report Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Afghan Army to cost U.S. billions of dollars after 2014 withdrawal - The Washington Post

Libyan militias 'out of control,' Amnesty International says - CNN.com

Cameron offers Scotland more powers if it votes no to independence | Politics | The Guardian

Correspondent Anthony Shadid, 43, dies in Syria - The Washington Post

The New Blacklist by Pat Buchanan on Creators.com - A Syndicate Of Talent

Arizona bill would fund militia - News from The Arizona Republic

End The Wars, Help Us Make It STOP! Adam Kokesh Speaks Out 1/2 - YouTube

End The Wars, Help Us Make It STOP! Adam Kokesh Speaks Out 2/2 - YouTube

When Technology Fails with Environmentalist Matthew Stein 1/3 - YouTube

When Technology Fails with Environmentalist Matthew Stein 2/3 - YouTube

When Technology Fails with Environmentalist Matthew Stein 3/3 - YouTube

Audio: Muslim Brotherhood behind Syria insurgency? « Klein Online

Audio: Shock! Obama czar’s company benefited from ‘stimulus’ « Klein Online

Audio: Parents of SEAL Operations Officer killed in Afghan chopper crash speak out « Klein Online

Pew study: 1 in 8 voter records flawed – USATODAY.com

Why Ron Paul is still relevant - Salon.com

Final Episode of Freedom Watch: When the Government Fears the People, There Is Liberty - YouTube

Fox closes Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano - YouTube

"Facebook Promised To Keep Your Private Info Private... THAT WAS A LIE!" - YouTube

Afghanistan Experiencing Building Boom! (Of U.S, Military Bases!) - YouTube

Liberal Romney Camp Claims Santorum Not Conservative Enough

Steve Sanchez: Are You a Doom-and-Gloomer or Just Prepared?

Jim Brown: The Slippery Slope of Religious Freedom!

Romney, Paul decline debate invite – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

CNN Cancels Debate After Romney, Paul Decline Invites - TheStreet

Will Ron Paul win Maine caucuses after all? State GOP taking new ...

Ron Paul : A political force, a Republican blasting war


46 min./Ron Paul rally in Twin Falls, Idaho - YouTube


Ron Paul Polling Better Than Obama in Ohio

CNN Shocked by New Poll About Ron Paul - YouTube

Newt Gingrich vs. Ron Paul ? Let's have that debate

Ron Paul Super PAC Rallies All-Star Powercast Lineup

Could Ron Paul Still Win Maine? - YouTube


Ron Paul Local Fox Station Seattle, Washington campaign coverage 2/16/12 - YouTube


40 min./Ron Paul: When the Republic Returns - YouTube


Ron Paul's delegate strategy targets the unbound - CBS News

In An Ideal World, Ron Paul Would Win

Ron Paul's "Quiet Takeover" of the Republican Party

Let Them Eat Yellowcake: Iran Gives Enemies Another Excuse to Bomb Them - YouTube

The International Banking Cartel Run The Whole Damn Thing! 1/3 - YouTube

The International Banking Cartel Run The Whole Damn Thing! 2/3 - YouTube

The International Banking Cartel Run The Whole Damn Thing! 3/3 - YouTube


Alex Jones 2012-02-12 Sunday - YouTube

Alex Jones Show for Monday, February 13, 2012

Alex Jones 2012-02-14 Tuesday - YouTube

Alex Jones 2012-02-15 Wednesday - YouTube

Alex Jones Show for Thursday, February 16, 2012


Infowars Nightly News for Monday, February 13

Infowars Nightly News for Tuesday, February 14

Infowars Nightly News for Wednesday, February 15

Infowars Nightly News for Thursday, February 16


Prison Planet.com » Leaked Email: Military Top Brass Warn Troops Off March For Ron Paul

SOPA bill takes on new name in the Senate - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » $6 Trillion In US Bonds Seized In Zurich, Said To Pose “Severe Threats To International Financial Stability”

Prison Planet.com » FEMA Follows DHS In Monitoring News Coverage Of Its Activities 24/7

Prison Planet.com » Feds succeed in destroying entire business of Amish raw milk farmer

Prison Planet.com » DHS Stonewalls Congress On Social Media Spying

Prison Planet.com » Is IRS Targeting Obama’s Enemies?

Prison Planet.com » Who Carried Out the Terrorist Car Bombings in India, Thailand and Georgia? Iran … Or Someone Else?

Prison Planet.com » Report: Mossad chief visited New Delhi days before attack on Israeli officials

Free Syrian Arms: US gives guns to Al-Qaeda protege - YouTube

There is a Troika Running Greece, Not A Democracy: Nigel Farage Speaks Out! 1/2 - YouTube

There is a Troika Running Greece, Not A Democracy: Nigel Farage Speaks Out! 2/2 - YouTube

MSM Information war over Syria - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Despite Two Thirds Of Components Declining, Empire Fed Prints At Highest Since June 2010

Prison Planet.com » IMF’s Disastrous Neo-Keynesianism Is ‘Groovy Idea,’ Says TNR

Prison Planet.com » A Depressed World Economy is Here To Stay

Prison Planet.com » “Lehman 2.0″ Imminent Warns John Taylor

Prison Planet.com » Gold Standard Good? … or Another Power Elite Meme? Gold Standard Good? … or Another Power Elite Meme?

Prison Planet.com » Report: Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan; Gov to Freeze Bank Accounts

Prison Planet.com » CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression

+Prison Planet.com » 25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete

Prison Planet.com » California family ambushed by school officials, TV news crew after they refused to vaccinate their daughter

Prison Planet.com » First Freedom Watch Cancelled, Now Colbert Suspended?

Prison Planet.com » Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA molestation of their children and seniors

Soon, govt will keep track of where every mobile user is - Indian Express

Prison Planet.com » FDA Ignores Scientists, Dentists Warning of Amalgam Mercury Pandemic

Prison Planet.com » Normal personality traits and emotions like grieving soon to be classified as ‘mental illness’

Prison Planet.com » Parasitic fly creates “zombie bees” — a new factor explaining Colony Collapse Disorder

Prison Planet.com » 20 Times More Japanese Earthquakes in the 6 Months Following March 2011 than in the Previous 9 YEARS … Quake May Have “Awakened” Fukushima Fault

Left-Wing Foundations | Media Matters Donors | Progressives | The Daily Caller

Pat Buchanan Says He Was Blacklisted from MSNBC for Book ‘Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?’ | TheBlaze.com

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Responds to Obama Administration’s ‘Global Tax’

Venture capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department - The Washington Post

The Hegelian Dialectic: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » An Honest Assessment of Neoconservatism

Prison Planet.com » 20 Signs You Might Be A Typical American Worker

Prison Planet.com » Dirty Tricks By Israel, Washington, And NATO Are Bringing The World To The Edge of Nuclear War

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Confirms Syrian Bombings Were Carried Out By Al Qaeda “Opposition” … But We’re Still Fighting On Their Side

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year's top trends - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » America: Throw Out Time Magazine And The New York Times, Not Your Constitution And Bill of Rights

This is What It's All About: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Soros Big-Business Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business

Panetta: Iran is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons -- News from Antiwar.com

Al-Qaeda infiltrating Syrian opposition, U.S. officials say - The Washington Post

Iraqi Govt Panel: VP Ran ‘Death Squads’ for Years -- News from Antiwar.com

Robert Fisk: Could there be some bad guys among the rebels too? - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

The New American Way of War « LRB blog

Romney: Obama going in "wrong direction" on China - Yahoo! News

Police 'Tank' Purchase Riles New Hampshire Town

Stopping the Next Hitler by Bill Walker

The Global Land Grab by William Norman Grigg

Doug Casey: Is a US-Iran War Inevitable?

Let’s Start Here | Eric Peters Autos


Why I'm rooting for Barack Obama – Telegraph Blogs

Shocker: dirty electric cars | Watts Up With That?

How Basic Can You Get? List #2 | The Survival Mom™

Valentine's Day 2012: Want to attract a lover? Make sure you're SWEATY | Mail Online

The Coming Crisis: Afghan drug war debacle: Blair said smashing opium trade was a major reason to invade but 10 years on heroin production is up from 185 tons a year to

Obama: A One-and-Done President? :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website

Chuck Baldwin -- Left-Right Paradigm Is A Hoax

Paul McGuire -- Dr. Strangelove, the Illuminati and Nuclear Chaos

Activist Post: Drones Enter Corporate Media Airspace

God and Country » Fort Bragg to Host Anti-Religion Band at Atheist Rock Beyond Belief

Obama Contradicted: HHS Banned Determining Whether Mandate Was 'Cost Effective'

Contraception Mandate's Authors Gave $116,500 To Pro-Abortion Candidates And Groups, Nothing To Pro-Lifers

Obama’s Defense Cuts Could Cost Economy $61 Billion While Endangering National Security

Santorum Vows To 'Repeal Every Single One' Of Obama's Regulations

Senator To Geithner: Here's $200 Billion We Could Save Instead Of Raising Taxes

Only 21 Percent of Chicago Public School 8th Graders Are Proficient in Reading

Rep. Barney Frank: Ron Paul 'Is An Intellectually Honest Libertarian’

HHS Allows Obamacare Modification in Only 7 of the 17 States That Requested One

Catholic Democrat to Bishop and Faith Leaders Testifying About Contraceptive Mandate: ‘This is a Shameful Exercise!’

Democrat Blocks Rand Paul’s Attempt to Cut Aid to Egypt Because of Its ‘Insolence and Disregard’

Federal Court Says 60 Churches Can Keep Meeting in NYC Public Schools – For Now

Obama Budget to Subsidize $10-K For Each Electric Car Sold

Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and Jewish Leaders Swear Disobedience to HHS Contraception Mandate

Rep. Fortenberry: ‘We'll Let the Courts Decide’ If It's Constitutional to Force Companies to Provide Products for Free

'Feasibility Studies' for Tribal 'Clean Energy' Projects Will Cost More Than Actual Projects

Smithsonian Exhibit Touts Jefferson’s ‘Genius’ With His Cut-and-Paste Bible, Doubts About Christ’s Miracles, Resurrection

Repressive Regimes Rally Around Syria at the U.N., But Little Support From Islamic Nations

Pat Buchanan Out at MSNBC; Says He's Been Blacklisted by the Left

LA Radio Hosts Suspended for 'Insensitive' Comments about Whitney Houston

Amanda Knox has deal with HarperCollins for memoir

Aretha, Stevie Wonder to sing at Houston's funeral | CNSNews.com

Democrats Pass Gay Marriage Bill in New Jersey -- Governor Pledges Veto

Pelosi Criticizes Hearing That Featured Two Women: ‘Where Are The Women?’

Consumer prices up as gas, clothing costs rise

On birth control, Santorum out of step with nation

Meese: Obama Administration 'As Close to a Monarchy As Since Days Of George III'

Rep. Frank: Ron Paul Is An 'Intellectually Honest Libertarian'

Religious Leaders Vow Not To Comply With HHS Mandate

Muslim Brotherhood ‘Has Overwhelmingly Supported’ Egypt’s Crackdown on NGOs, Lawmakers Told | CNSNews.com

Muslim Brotherhood: Cuts in US Aid to Egypt Could Imperil Peace Deal With Israel | CNSNews.com

HHS Secretary Grilled on Contraceptive Mandate: 'I Did Not Speak to the Catholic Bishops' | CNSNews.com

Liberal Joy Behar Trashes Virginia: State's Abortion Law Is Like 'the Taliban' | NewsBusters.org

MSNBC's Alex Wagner Spins Waters's 'Demon' Comment; It Reflects Dem 'Frustration' | NewsBusters.org

Liberal Author Crushes NPR Host's Hope to Spread Movie Myth of Gay J. Edgar Hoover | NewsBusters.org

Study: Big Three Spin Religious Liberty Scandal as Political 'Firestorm' | NewsBusters.org

NYTimes Embraces Stolen Heartland Institute Docs, Snottily Dismisses Climate Skepticism | NewsBusters.org

VIDEO: Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life

SOCIAL MEDIA "TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION": Spying and Propaganda using Facebook, Twitter

Banker Occupied Europe and America

Amnesty International Details Torture and Murder in Libya

Syria: Feeding Off the Carcase

Obama’s Game

War Propaganda's Triumph: U.S. Public Opinion on Iran

HAITI UNDER MILITARY OCCUPATION. Haitians Want MINUSTAH to Leave and Compensate Victims of Cholera

HAITI: The Macoutification of Martelly’s Power

Justice Department Wins Rosemary Award for Worst Open Government Performance in 2011

VIDEO: The Top Ten Reasons Why Wars Can End

VIDEO: Big Sis Admits U.S. Does Not Face Terror Threat from Iran or Hezbollah

US Secret Armies Gear Up for Global War

Republican primaries: Fooling some of the people

VIDEO: Greek Austerity Measures: Healthcare Doomed, Army Booms

Fixing Your State Budget — With a Steady Flow of Arrests

The ‘Accessory’ Allies in the War on Iran: What’s in it for Azerbaijan?

Syrian University Town Could Hold Key to End to Conflict

Libyans Mark First Anniversary of Revolution

Pakistan, Afghanistan Talks on Taliban Peace End With Little Progress

US Pro-Democracy Groups Under Fire for Work in Egypt

Iran Complains About Foreign Interference

Concerns Raised About Human Rights During Chinese VP Visit

'Storm of Century' Might Hit Every Decade

‘I’m Very Convinced’ Iran Is Building Nuclear Weapons

Bipartisan Support for World War III

Iran Seems an Unlikely Culprit for the Attacks on Israeli Diplomats

450 Bases and Counting

U.S.- Mexico: Border Battleground

Guatemala Pres: Seeks Regional Support For Drug Legalization

It's Official: Money Now Governs America

Instead of Being Disgusted by Poverty, We Are Disgusted By Poor People Themselves

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

Jeffrey Tucker makes the Case Against the Federal Reserve and the Banking Cartel - YouTube

Tom Woods Hosts Peter Schiff Show, 2/14/12 - YouTube

Caught On Tape: Cop Sucker Punches Suspect In Back Of Head, Then Charges Him With "Assaulting A Police Officer" - informationliberation

Carlos Garcia v. Terry Daniel - YouTube

Video Shows Sheriff Attacking A Deaf-Mute Throat Cancer Survivor Who Accidentally Entered Courthouse Through Wrong Door - informationliberation

LiveLeak.com - Video of sheriff using 'very excessive' force at Red Deer Alberta Court House

Seattle officers reprimanded over disclosure of dash cam video | Problem Solvers | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

Seattle Police Accused Of Racist Harassment - YouTube

How an Attractive, Undercover Cop Posed as a Student -- Then Entrapped a Smitten Teen to "Sell" Her Marijuana - informationliberation

No One Should Be Forced to Act Against His Conscience - informationliberation

‘Crystal clear’ evidence that MTA worker didn’t try to run down cop - NY Daily News

Presenting The 15 Richest Counties In The United States As Measured By Median Household Income

Democracy Is Destroying Your Wealth and Freedom - informationliberation

Music Industry Mulls Suing Google Over “Pirate” Search Results | TorrentFreak

Obama's War on Pot | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Afghan Heroin Production Up 61% in the Past Year Alone | Libertarian News

Paul Ryan: Next Generation Will Have Lower Standard Of Living

Pew Survey: 49% of Young Adults Bemoan Hard Economic Times

Rep. West: After three years, Obama Stimulus a Failure

Boehner Was Key Element in Payroll Tax Accord

Congress Passes Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Santorum: Friess Controversy is 'Gotcha Journalism'

'Obama Girl' Turns on President, Slams Him in New Video

Republicans Drilling Obama Over Rising Gas Prices

Romney on Santorum's Rombo Ad: ‘Most Negative I’ve Seen’

UAW: Romney Misleads Voters on Auto Bailouts

Wealthy Democratic Donor Says She's Keeping Her Cash

CNN Cancels March 1 Debate After Three Candidates Pass

Limbaugh, Palin, Huckabee Praise Santorum in Ad

Israel Says Iran, Hezbollah Plotting More Attacks

Jim Rogers: Buy Assets That Thrive When Governments Fail

Dr. Blaylock: Aluminum-Vaccine Combo Can Destroy Brain

Ann Romney’s Multiple Sclerosis: Could Her Health Affect Husband Mitt’s Presidency?

'Janitor Satellites' to Snag Space Junk

Nanotechnology Turns Plants into Common Plastic

DNA Robots Programmed to Kill Cancer Cells

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente predicts — RT

America's Poorest People Running Out Of Places To Live: Study

Warning: Banking May Be Hazardous to Your Health - WSJ.com

UPDATE 1-Traders influenced LIBOR rates, says Canada regulator-WSJ | Reuters

Underwear bomber gets life: He never expressed doubt or remorse, judge says - CSMonitor.com

Jose Francisco Romo: $40m lottery winner arrested after 8 starving horses found on his ranch | Mail Online

BBC News - 'Pharmacy on a chip' gets closer

BBC News - Body clock 'alters' immune system

Hell Is Cheap: China, Apple, And The Economics Of Horror

Hannity Desperately Tries To Get Obama Bio Author to Slam Media Matters, Bill Ayers

CitiGroup Whistleblower: 'Brute Force' Used To Hide Bad Loans

Politico Fail: 'Reporter' Mistakes Wisconsin State Flag for Union Flag

Teen Pregnancy Due To Aspirin Myth

Social Security: A Tale of Two Mitties

Actress in Hoekstra's Racist Ad Apologizes...When will Pete Hoekstra?

'Twilight' Director Chris Weitz Takes On Alabama Anti-Immigrant Law

Romney: Entrepreneurs Should Just Ask Parents for Money

Carjackings are Up 62 Percent, But Occupy Newark Tents are Down

Santorum's Super Funder: Women Used To Put an Aspirin Between Their Legs for Contraception

Olbermann: Debunking Breitbart's 'Occupy Rape List'

Eric Bolling to Rep. Waters: 'Step Away from the Crack Pipe'

Conservatives' Horrible Hypocrisy On Women's Health

Mormon Church Apologizes for Performing 'Baptism For The Dead' Ritual On Jews

Amnesty International: Time For Stricter Controls on Taser Use

The 1st Five » Dave Mustaine Did Not Endorse Rick Santorum. Just Thinks He Seems Like A Respectable Guy. That’s The Problem.

The Draconian Effort to Impose Restrictions on Unemployment Insurance « Main Street

AFL-CIO Backs Bahrain Democracy Movement | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

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Real Life Beavis and Butt-Head Images

+Is Cancer An Ancient Survival Program Unmasked? | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

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Revealed: Immortals Do Exist | Before It's News

Freakish “Half-Human Creature” Born To A Sheep In Nigeria | Before It's News

Sheep gives birth to half human monster in Sokoto, Nigeria 2012 - YouTube

The New World Order in Bible prophecy

New World Order - Time to blow the cover - YouTube

Wake Up Citizens The New World Order is Coming - YouTube

Meat Glue And Pink Slime. What Evil Is Lurking In Your T-Bone? | Before It's News


Thom Hartmann: Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us | Dprogram.net

Thom Hartmann: Why Fox News has the Right to Lie to Us - YouTube

Obama Admin Invested Billions in Companies Supported by Energy Dept Insiders | Dprogram.net

Detroit newspaper calls for birth control sterilants to be added to public water supply, reports Aaron Dykes

Sell Monsanto! List of top mutual funds to ditch because they own Monsanto shares

Hidden Power of Papacy: A Well-Kept Secret Vatican Recognized by U.S. As a State, Not Only a Religion | Dprogram.net


US Government 'Suspends' JotForm.com Over User Generated Forms; Censorship Regime Expands | Techdirt


JotForm · Easiest Form Builder(http://www.jotform.com/)


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 16, 2012


Sen. Harkin rips Obama for 'unraveling Social Security' with tax cut

GOP senators push for Medicare cuts

Enough! Republicans pull plug on CNN debate

Springsteen: US should be 'more like Sweden'

Pelosi endorsement of gay marriage plank raises stakes for Democrats

House votes to expand drilling, approve Keystone XL

Payroll tax vote divides GOP

Poll: Scott Brown opens up 9-point lead over Elizabeth Warren

Nat'l Intel Director: 'We’ll see whether, you know, the Iranians may be changing their mind'

U.S. intelligence chief sees limited benefit in an attack on Iran

50,000 Houston-area patients may lose their doctors as clinics end contract with Aetna

Admiral nominee rose through ranks despite being banned from flying U.S. jets

DOT 'distracted driving' rules would limit cars' info systems

Conservative Hispanic group defends Rubio over Reid remark

Georgia restaurant disclaimer says no crying kids allowed

Police: Teen girls' Facebook photos end up on child porn site

Framers’ own words condemn health care reform, says Sen. Mike Johanns

Orrin Hatch and Tony Perkins op-ed: HHS mandate flouts religious freedom

Obama's consumer agency wants oversight of debt collectors, credit bureaus

Advocacy group fears broader implications of ‘personhood’

Lawmakers debate mandated coverage of contraceptives in health-care law

Rush Limbaugh backs Chris Christie’s Whitney Houston flag tribute

Drugs found on private plane detained after straying into Obama's airspace

Cuban dissident tells Congress Pope must intervene in Cuba

Maryland same-sex marriage bill heading for vote

Maine GOP recounting caucus votes

Teacher under fire for taking a sixth-grader out to lunch without permission

Florida has one-fourth of nation’s foreclosures

Holocaust Museum in negotiations to maintain loaned exhibitions

Teacher sues CPS after suspension for slur during ‘teachable moment’

9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal - YouTube

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Express Yourself :: Alien cover-up: Have we really met ET?

Successful human tests for first wirelessly controlled drug-delivery chip

Why Is What Is A “Right” For The Left, Is “Bigotry & Hate” From The Right? | Sinclair News – LS News Group

Advanced Dragonfly-like Drones and Black Helicopters Spy on Illinois Citizen (Photos) :

Ghost warriors? U.S. military to research 'battlefield illusions' to baffle enemies | Mail Online

Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Gone Dead American Train. Smoking Mirrors

Joseph Kennedy III announces he will run for US Congress - Telegraph

The Republican primaries – has there ever been a crazier election? – Telegraph Blogs

Financial sex aid: Students seeking 'Sugar Dadd - Flash Player Installation

New Car Smell Actually Made up of Numerous Toxic Chemicals | Natural Society

UPDATE 3-Nigerian 'underwear' bomber gets life in prison in US | Reuters

Activist Post: International Currencies Increasingly Rejected in the Face of Inflation

Flu Vaccine Ingredients As Lethal As Ever: Don't Risk Your Health, Pass on The Flu Shot

Pediatricians Refusing Parents for Child Vaccine Refusal | Natural Society

“Centralized Government is a Freedom-Grabbing Black Hole!” « The PPJ Gazette

AllGov - News - Obama Administration Invested Billions in Companies Supported by Energy Dept. Insiders

The Global Warming Hoax is Now Killing People

The Excavator: Surprise, Surprise: Navy Seals Don't Want To Be Sacrificial Lambs In New False Flag

'Metal Boxes' On OR Beaches May Have Been Hoax

Heroin production in Afghanistan has RISEN 61% | Mail Online

Russia is squaring up for a fight with America over Syria – Telegraph Blogs

Iran oil exports: where do they go? | News | guardian.co.uk

Fears over Iranian oil exports send crude prices soaring | World news | guardian.co.uk

New study links childhood leukaemia to nuclear power plant radiation - News - The Ecologist

Hillary Clinton 'wants to quit to run World Bank' - Telegraph

Hillary Clinton tipped for World Bank job as Robert Zoellick steps down - Telegraph

Having a curry could help ward off dementia - Telegraph

Rise in nomophobia: fear of being without a phone - Telegraph

Paul Drockton M.A. Who "Turned" Henry Makow?

Paul Drockton M.A. Henry Makow's "Punch and Judy Show"

Paul Drockton M.A. Henry Makow, Please Reconsider

Libertarianism as an Illuminati Ploy

Bill Cooper & Alex Jones - Soothsayer & Doomsayer

Freemason Revealed Greek Plot in 2008

Women Love Gay Men For Shunning Them

Why do Women Love Gay Men?

Family Law Designed to Destroy Men

The Hidden Jeff Rense - henrymakow.com

Jeff Rense Steps in It - henrymakow.com

Eddie White Academy: Student sues for emotional distress after school strip searched him for drugs | Mail Online

The next World Bank president: Bill Clinton? | World news | guardian.co.uk

Keiser Report: Tombstone Austerity (E249) - YouTube

Santorum The Real Deal

Gulf1 - C - AB2: Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Ignored By Senate Leadership And SCOTUS----A National Travesty

Adherence to the Oath - YouTube

Nanoparticles Shown are Dangerous, Block Nutrient Absorption | Natural Society

RonPaulFlix.com - YouTube

Ron Paul -End The Fed -US Tour - YouTube

Agent in Ron Paul’s Campaign Identified: The Campaign Manager | OccupyTVstations.com

4um: Maine Caucus Results Look Even Fishier

WW3?: Mother Russia Steps UP! + Iran War Rhetoric Absurd + March False Flag = Virtual? - YouTube


- poorrichard's blog: How to Use the Internet in Stealth Mode


The World Masters of Slavery - YouTube


Boeing 707 CRASH and Impact : PART 1 - YouTube

Boeing 707 CRASH and Impact : PART 2 - YouTube


Sin Of Omission: Why Is ABC News Omitting Critical Details of the Underwear Bomber Case? :

The Money and the Power: Israel’s Gambling on US Presidential Elections | Veterans Today

Kurt Haskell: The Truth About Flight 253 Has Been Revealed - 12160

ICH: The 'Porno Scanners': A Bizarre Tale of Graft and SleazyPolitical Opportunism - 12160

Video: BBC Panorama Show- Poor in America Plus What The BBC Did Not Say | Video Rebel's Blog

Facebook Disables CLG Editor's Account Name, Claiming It Is 'Illegitimate' | Citizens for Legitimate Government

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics :

Jeff Rense and Impasse City Reflections in a Petri Dish

Judge Napolitano Kindly Asks His Fans To Stop Sending Angry Emails To Fox News… ‘NOW’ | Mediaite

Rick Santorum: North Dakota is in the cross-hairs of an Iranian attack - DeepJournal

Activist Post: FEMA Solicits Firms to Monitor Media Coverage of Their Activities

Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11 | Video Rebel's Blog

PressTV - 'US forms anti-China military alliance'

Consumers not fooled by government stats - NYPOST.com

Rick Santorum: The Pro-Life-Pro-Death Candidate « Revolt of the Plebs

FBI WARNING! People Paying With Cash Are Potential Terrorist - YouTube

Bush Admits Government Plants Fake News Stories For Political Agendas

Refreshing News: MI5 files: Was Chaplin really a Frenchman and called Thornstein?

ah, mephistophelis.: VIDEO: This "Requiem" For 2012 Is A Fiction Worth Making Real

Refreshing News: Barack Obama, the Secret Service, and 'the plane full of cannabis'

Activist Post: Who Are Police Dash Cams Really Protecting?

'West plots to wage Syria war' - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul: "I Will Undermine The IRS".

Bankers & Government VS Evolution (Europe, Riots, and Revolution!) - YouTube

GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over Head - YouTube


*What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 14th Feb 2012 - YouTube

*What Really Happened with Mike Rivero 15th Feb 2012 - YouTube


Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul Tops Poll Asking Who's Policies Favor The Middle Class (Includes Obama!)

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year's top trends - YouTube

Under Obama 6 Whistleblowers Charged With Espionage

6 Terrifying User Agreements You've Probably Accepted | Cracked.com

The 2012 SC GOP Primary.pdf (application/pdf Object)

FBI Secures Warrant To Kill Internet Access To 4 Million Users

The Fair Use Act & Examples of Copyright Being Used To Censor Information on Youtube : Federal Jack

» Underwear Patsy Appears in al-Qaeda Video Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

AlQaeda.flv - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Bill of Rights & Constitution Chat ∞ Victims of War on Terror

poorrichard's blog: As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy

Robert Wanek Reports


*film/The U.S. vs. John Lennon | Watch Free Documentary Online


Revenge of the Snobs

Any Mother Knows Better Than Michelle

We Dare Call It Treason

Just a Taste of a Second Obama Term

Barack’s Smug Assault on Freedom of Religion Isn’t Just Anti-American—It’s Unforgivable

‘Agenders’ and Right Wing Conspirators

Obama’s Anti-Religious Implosion

Obama Still Poised to take over Churches and Eliminate First Amendment

Political Absurdities

Why we should worry the Republicans have what it takes

UNESCO Must Choose - “Palestine” or the World?

Obama Can Give the Economy a New Lease on Life with More Permits

How Obama learned to manufacture the ‘truth’

The Obama Budget and Wind Power

Greens Destroy Ancestral Grasslands

Welcome to Sustainable City

Obama King Herod of His Day?

The Anatomy of a Global Warming Smear

Let Them Eat Sight-Words

Obamanomics Has Failed

Heartland Institute responds to stolen and fake documents

Liberal Tactics: Just Lie, No One Will Check!

Buckets for Babies - Sex-Ed for Kindergarten – But No Bag Lunches, Please!

The Man Who Would Be King

The Obama Doctrine

Natural Law vs. Natural Lawlessness

Young Dad, Old Dad..

The GOP is Imploding

Romney, Severely Awful

Debbie Schlussel: Let’s Hear It For Obama-”Liberated” Libya: People Disappear as Muslim “Democrats” Get Vengeance

Debbie Schlussel:Outta Control Whitney Worship: Pan-Muslim Christie Lowers the Flag for “Hero” Houston?! The Jokes

Debbie Schlussel:Why Should I Be Surprised that HAMAS/Hitler Fan Oliver Stone’s Son Converted to Islam?

Rush: We’re Supposed To Forget Jeremiah Wright But Foster Friess Is Creepy, Trashy, Dirty, Insulting.

Limbaugh: Obama Is Defunding Social Security With Payroll Tax Cut

Rush: Liberal Tight Butt Women Don’t Think Foster Friess’ ‘Aspirin Between The Knees’ Joke is Funny

Rush: Planned Parenthood Pushes Sex and Pornography

BREAKING: Rick Santorum Announces VP Picks; Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

ULTIMATE ‘Obama Sings’ Parody Collection

Warren Buffett: Baptist and Bootlegger - Reason Magazine

FBI busy purging its training materials of all traces of truth about Islam and jihad - Jihad Watch

Susie Tompkins Buell, at her home in San - Media (2 of 3) Obama losing financial backing of big S.F

Obama Contradicted: HHS Banned Determining Whether Mandate Was 'Cost Effective' | CNSNews.com

U.S. News - Atheists bill big names for 'coming out' party in capital

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops' exercise concerns - Army - Stripes

Frankfort school cafeteria gets visit from USDA - Flash Player Installation

British leader warns of Obama 'Europeanization' of U.S. - Washington Times

Hollywood Bows to China Soft Power | The Diplomat

Savage: Founders envisioned ‘petty dictator’ like Obama

Police: Man Removed Cremated Remains, Sold Urns - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

Suspect held on law that bans eating pets | Local & Regional News | Bakersfield Now - News, Weather and Sports

Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer's disease in mice: Hope for humans? - HealthPop - CBS News

Lessons From Obama's Home State

Unions and Government: A Suicide Pact for Everyone

American Politics in One Easy Lesson

Conservatives Lose on Health Care Mandate

Rationing our Rights

John Louis Esposito for the Defense (of an Alleged Would-be Terrorist)

Beware the ObamaCare Win-Win

Contraception, the Useful New Passion

Overregulation in America

Bare majority oppose Obama contraception plan

Secret clause in mortgage agreement forces taxpayers to foot the bill for banks

Meet your health care overlords

Chicago teachers union demanding 30% pay increase over two years

Obama campaign raises $29 million in January

Why are Jewish philanthropies supporting Media Matters?

Obama's Catholic Church Gambit: Lessons from American Communists

Can Michelle Obama's Media Blitz Erase Her 'Angry Black Woman' Image?

The Rising Fever of Despotism

The End of the Race Card?

The Ministry of PropOganda

Contraception, Churches, and the Left's Phony Argument

The False Promise of Contraception

Watch ‘Double Standard’: Santorum Uses Rev. Wright to Slam CBS During Interview

Woman Falls on Her Face While Texting During Live News Shot

David Barton Reveals the Sly Move Harry Reid Pulled to Stand Against Conscience Protection Amendment

Geithner to Ryan: White House Has No ‘Definitive Solution’ to Debt Crisis…And We Don’t Want Yours

Here’s How Cellphone Hackers Can Easily Track Your Location

Too ‘Provocative?‘ See the Valentine’s Day Note One BYU Student Got That Chastised Her Attire

‘I Thought the Aliens Were Coming’: What Flew Across the S. Carolina Night Sky?

‘Whatever’: Greta Confronts Santorum Over ‘Crazy’ Supporter & His Sex Joke

Watch UK Human Rights Chair: Christians Asking for Religious Exemptions Is Like Muslims Pushing for Shariah Law

U.K. Bus Driver Jailed After Shock Video Shows Him Ramming Cyclist

Why Did a TV Group Have a MI Educator’s Controversial Testimony Removed From the Internet?

Watch ‘Kick Him in the Jimmy’: GOP Congressional Candidate’s Eye-Popping Reaction to Santorum

Teen Atheist Wins Big: School District Won’t Appeal Ruling to Take Down Prayer Banner

Israel Warns of More Attacks From Iran & Hezbollah

These are the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

AP Hit Piece? Here Are All the Ways Santorum Is ‘Out of Step’ With Americans

‘Fracking Crazy’ or ‘Fracking Brilliant?’: A Look at the Pro-Fracking Documentary ‘FrackNation’

Barney Frank: ‘The Tea Party Has Been Much More Effective Than Occupy’

2 Dead, 1 Wounded After Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers Open Fire on Each Other

Democrat Congresswomen Storm Out of Contraception Hearing Claiming Sexism

Two Air Force F-16 Intercept Drug-Carrying Cessna Near Air Force One

Joy Behar Decries VA Abortion Law Requiring Ultrasound: ‘Is This the Taliban? Are we in Afghanistan?’

Mystery Solved: ‘Blue Faced’ Appalachian Family Caused by Rare Medical Condition

Don‘t Mess With This Bar’s Regulars: Armed Robber Gets Ignored Then Chased and Tackled

Fallon Drummer Behind ‘Lying Ass Bit**’ Bachmann Song Officially Endorses Obama

WSJ: Obama Advisers Have Had to Tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz to ‘Tone It Down’

WI Elementary School Confiscates, Bans 2nd Grader’s Christian-Themed Valentines


Coral Castle Video (02-15-2012) - YouTube

Afterlife & Area 51 & Predictions - 02-16-12 - YouTube


*Eastern Washington hole is shrouded in mystery | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

Mel's Hole - Wikipedia


Darpa's Magic Plan: 'Battlefield Illusions' to Mess With Enemy Minds | Danger Room | Wired.com

Tsunami Science - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine

Aurora Oddity: Northern Lights Flare Up Without Big Sun Eruption | Space.com

Paranormalia: Bengston's Energy Healing - Too Good to be True?

Godspeed John Glenn : 50 years since first US orbit

Cops: Missing Aurora woman tracked to northern Indiana

Sugar-drink tax to get Chicagoans, budget in shape?

Teacher sues CPS after suspension for slur during 'teachable moment'

McCarthy ordered to testify as part of lawsuit

Illinois Medicaid abuses part of system in crisis

Will County gives initial OK to mosque plan

Romney bashes union bosses as he attempts to win Michigan primary

Christie Holds Veto Over New Jersey Gay Marriage Legislation

FBI foils alleged bomb attack on US Capitol

Obama arrives in Everett, to speak about manufacturing at Boeing

Congress sends Obama legislation renewing payroll tax cut, jobless benefits

Foster Friess aspirin joke shows danger to candidates of outside political groups

Obama Raises $29M for Campaign, Dems

AP Sources: Ohio AG DeWine to back Santorum

Anonymous hacks US sites to protest treaty

Defense video shows Love holding Huguely's hand before death

German president resigns and could face prosecution in corruption scandal

Anthony Shadid, the 'most gifted foreign correspondent in a generation'

Dutch prince buried in avalanche, condition critical

Police: Iranian Bomb Suspects Partied with Thai Hookers

Rupert Murdoch spoke to staff in the newsroom

Libyans celebrate amid uncertainty

Inside peace talks with Taliban, Afghan government

Suicide bomb blast targets Shiites

Prison fire puts spotlight on Honduras meltdown

Cameron and Sarkozy find defence a unifying force

Israel: Iran, Hezbollah plotting attacks abroad

Charlie Chaplin arriving home - British Pathé video

Why shouldn't Foxy Knoxy sell her story?

China's Xi says no hard landing for China economy in 2012

Don't scam -- or be scammed! IRS lists 'dirty dozen' tax frauds

Italian police seize $6 trillion of fake US bonds

50-Cent Stamp, Other Postal Changes Coming

Liberties Groups Rap Google's Skirting of Safari's Privacy Protections

Apple antagonist Proview unveils its own iPad

Why Apple is winning

Microsoft's new Windows 8 logo: This one looks like a window

Early Praise in Inspection at Foxconn Brings Doubt

Google files for slide-to-unlock patent as Apple battle heats up

Windows Phone 7 Facebook App Gets Updated

FTC tears into Apple, Google over kids' privacy - or lack of

Facebook goes Twitter on us and will introduced verified accounts and pseudonyms

Republicans Drilling Obama Over Rising Gas Prices

Fracking contamination downplayed

China plans to launch 3 astronauts to space laboratory

Goats can form accents, study finds

Obama bypasses Congress again on climate change

Dolphin strandings remain a mystery

How massive black holes eat each other and shape the universe

Private Xombie Rocket Aces NASA Landing Test

Our sun may have been much bigger and brighter long ago

Stonehenge 'inspired by flute sound'

Feb. 16, 1923 | King Tut's Burial Chamber Unsealed

Flying robot made cheap, easy enough to buy from vending machines

Tiny lizards found in Madagascar

These tiny birds make the most extreme migration ever

Newark braces for crowds expected at Houston's funeral

First Person: Church Becomes Houston Shrine - YouTube

Adele Sex Tape?! Singer Gives French Kiss-Off to Tabloid's Salacious Claims

ROLL CALL: Janet Jackson Heading To 'The X Factor'?

Dustin Hoffman: 'All the first–rate writing is on television now'

Report: Stephen Colbert halts show due to mother

Kermit and Miss Piggy to Present at the Oscars

Disney's 'The Secret World of Arrietty': movie review (+trailer)

Thieves loot Greece's Ancient Olympia museum

Gingrich to get another $10 million from casino backer - sources

Caucuses, the Embarassing Step-Child of American Democracy

Patty Murray: GOP waging 'war on women's health'

Ron Paul delivers his 'revolution' message in Washington state

Why Should the GOP Settle for Romney?

The chimichanga wars

Texas Gov. Perry aims to turn campaign funds into PAC

Santorum touts candor and consistency to Michigan voters

Santorum's provocative language could be obstacle

Obama's budget has some bold moves

Romney Distancing Himself From Trump?

"Personhood" bill gains momentum as critics prepare to fight

Liberal group parodies Romney road trip with fake dog video

Romney endorsed by Gov. Snyder

Study: Autistic brains show changes months before symptoms

Study finds arsenic in toddler formula - YouTube

Dolly Parton -- I Didn't Mean to Diss Whitney Houston, 'I Will Always Love You' Is OUR Song | TMZ.com

Wireless Microchip Delivers Bone Drug

Deadly bird flu studies to stay secret for now: WHO

Stem cells found to help heart heal after attack

FDA Warning on 39 Million Electric Toothbrushes

Heart Attack Grill owner defends his restaurant

Mars Kills The King Size Snickers

Woman Dies After Dentist Visit From Legionnaires' Disease

Organic Brown Rice Syrup: Hidden Arsenic Source

Fakes Infiltrate Injectable Drugs

Recalls this week include play slides, toys, teapots, chainsaws, ottomans

Lafarge: cementing its position

Murder police seek man seen on pavement near where vicar died

Woman pleads not guilty over alleged racially aggravated abuse on tram

Immigration agent shootings involved 3 supervisors, sources say

Netanya: Man killed in hit-and run incident

France, Britain urge unity among Syrian opposition

Denied jobs, blacks in Iowa test new bias theory

Sean Stone hopes Islam conversion aids understanding

Gay marriage bill sent to NJ gov, who's vowed veto

Teen suspect in Craigslist murders denies charges

Terror suspect arrested near Capitol in FBI sting

Grape-flavored Infants' Tylenol recalled

Crackdown on barbers brings Latino backlash

Briton jailed for "extensive" Facebook hack

Macy's to hire 4,000 full time employees in 2012

Deadly bird flu studies to stay secret for now: WHO

6 of 10 on ethics panel drop out of Waters case

Woman faces life sentence for taking boy from womb

Hackers target Putin's vote-monitoring system

Video: BREAKING: Feds Arrest Suicide Bomber Heading To U.S. Capitol

Video: FLOTUS Makes Candy Makers Shrink Bar Sizes

Video: Clinton: If Iran talks resume, must be sustained effort

Video: Rumors Already Swirling Over Android 5.0 Release


Video: Geithner Contradicts ObamaCare Debt Promise

Video: Early Astronauts Recall 'Ridiculous' Fears

Video: Protesting students clash with Athens police

Video: Apple Works With Component Supplier To Test New Smaller Screen iPad

Video: Italy police seize $6 trillion of fake U.S. T-bonds

Video: wise sentenced raw

Video: Dutch Prince 'Buried Alive by Avalanche' in Lech; Johan Friso's 'Life Remains at Risk'

Daily Call Sheet: ‘Lilyhammer’ and Vin Diesel Rule, Masculinity Rebounds, and Happy Friday!

‘Entertainment Weekly’ Will Live-Blog Whitney Houston’s Funeral

‘Thin Ice’ Review: Thriller Insures Familiar Twists

‘This Means War’ Review: Spy Games Gum Up Love Triangle, Not Star Chemistry

‘Lilyhammer’ Review: Anti-Leftist Catnip for Liberty-Loving Conservatives

Sean Penn Visits ‘Friend’ Hugo Chavez, Trashes GOP

HomeVideodrome: Shannon’s ‘Take Shelter’ Performance Belongs in the Oscar Hunt

New Sci-Fi Comedy Features Sarah Palin as President

‘London Boulevard’ Blu-ray Review: Farrell’s Mob Movie Too Gritty for Its Own Good

The 2012 Grammy Awards: Minaj’s Performance Dishonored Christianity and Houston’s Memory

Your Obama Apologist of the Day: Questlove

Executive Abuse: President Obama vs the Balance of Power

US Government Is Financing Our Foreign Competition

Big Oil Wants to Kill the Keystone XL Pipeline

Audio:Geithner Admits Obama Has No Plan to Solve US Debt Crisis

States Show Tax Hikes and the ‘Buffet Rule’ Don’t Work

Get Ready for the Obama ‘Monarchy’

WI Teacher’s Union President Caught Lying About Back-Room Veto Pledge

The Fight for Michigan: Santorum Takes the Fight to Romney’s ‘Home’ Turf

Dems Storm Out of Hearing on Government Overreach (Because It Was a Hearing on Government Overreach)

CBO: Real Unemployment Is 15 Percent

School District Wants Teachers in the Classroom Full-Time, but the Union Won’t Agree

Occupy Gets a PAC! But Is the Founder 1% Short of a General Assembly?

Senator Mike Lee: Obama ‘Manifestly Wrong’ on U.S. Constitution

Judge Napolitano’s Rant Is Right: It’s About ‘Them’

The Left’s Message to Waitresses: I Can Succeed, but You Can’t

Reason.tv: Is Harrisburg’s Nightmare America’s Future?

Government Motors Increases Profits, Freezes Salaries

Will Congressman Spencer Bachus Be Removed from Office by Election or Investigation?

Notes from the Campaign Trail: February 16th

Speaker Boehner on Fast and Furious: ‘This Justice Department Must Be Held Accountable’

The Last Pre-Tuesday Debate Collapses

Government Loses Money Minting Money

NBC’s Chuck Todd Previews How Media Will Team With #Occupy to Hammer Obama’s GOP Challengers

Friday Morning Crib Sheet: RIP Anthony Shadid, MMfA Donors Revealed

NPR & Marketplace: Keeping Smart Americans Stupid About the Economy UPDATE: CBO Reality

Global Warming Lefties Commit Identity Theft to Target Conservative Think Tank

Media Matters’ Tax-Exempt Status a Valid Concern, Not Just for the Right

This Is What Happens When Keith Olbermann Taunts Conservatives

Creepy: Google Bypasses Apple Browser’s Privacy Settings

Half of Kenyan Slum Girls Trade Sex for Sanitary Napkins

Obama Budget Failures Undermine National Security

Holder & DOJ Fail to Prosecute Palestinian Terrorists who Kill Americans Overseas

UN General Assembly Condemns Syria

Audio:Congressman Mike Turner: Obama Abandoning Few START Provisions Advantageous to U.S.

After Decade of Military Dominance, U.S. Negotiates with Taliban as Equals

Paul and Supporters Misunderstand Eisenhower’s ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ Warnings

Thailand: Captured Iranians Planned to Assassinate Israelis

Obama Raises $4 Million in Southern California for Reelection Campaign and DNC - The Hollywood Reporter

Jennifer Aniston to Receive Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - The Hollywood Reporter

Maureen Ryan: Ricky Gervais' Life's Too Short: An Aggressively Unfunny Comedy Failure

Oprah eyeing role in White House butler movie - The Reliable Source - The Washington Post

Emanuel Pushes For Gay Marriage In Illinois « CBS Chicago

Could Obama healthcare law force you to buy a car? | Reuters

Charles Krauthammer: Overreach — Obamacare vs. the Constitution - The Washington Post

Column: Cronyism Doesn’t (Always) Pay | Washington Free Beacon

Admin stops pretending it has long-term debt plan | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Moochers Against Welfare - NYTimes.com

RealClearTechnology - Opinion, News, Analysis and Videos

Health mandate vs. religion - BostonHerald.com

The profound lies of Deep Throat - Glenn Garvin - MiamiHerald.com

RealClearPolitics - The New Blacklist

Editorials | A few suggestions for President Obama | Seattle Times Newspaper

Scott Gottlieb: Meet the ObamaCare Mandate Committee - WSJ.com

Rent control laws: foolish and unconstitutional - The Washington Post

Caucuses, the Embarassing Step-Child of American Democracy | Swampland | TIME.com

DNI Clapper: ‘Shotgun Marriage’ Between Iran and Al Qaeda | The Weekly Standard

Eurozine - The sense of an ending - Stephen Holmes, Ivan Krastev Putin and the decline of "no-choice" politics

RealClearWorld - Ahmadinejad Seen as Big Loser in Iran's Election

An election campaign built on terrorism? Welcome to Iran - Telegraph

Talking with the Taliban, making peace with the guilty - CNN.com

The Islamist Plot: The Untold Story of the Libyan Rebellion - John Rosenthal - National Review Online

RealClearPolitics - Pay Close Attention to China

Martin Peretz: Obama’s ‘Hawkish’ Foreign Policy? If Only It Were So. | The New Republic

The American Conservative » Border Battleground

The Dodd-Frank act: Too big not to fail | The Economist

Your 401k cash is costing you - Feb. 17, 2012

How to find the best leader for the World Bank - The Washington Post

Obama's Budget: The Decline and Fall of the American Economy - Forbes

J.D. Kleinke: The Myth of Runaway Health Spending - WSJ.com

RealClearMarkets - Cheap Money Is Not a Victimless Crime

How 3 Myths Drive Europe’s Response to Debt Crisis: Harald Uhlig - Bloomberg

Why Book Publishing Can Survive Digital Age: Echoes - Bloomberg

Small Business Strategies: Retail's changing; so should you – USATODAY.com

The Dark Side of a Divided White America

Harvard’s Liberal-Arts Failure Is Wall Street’s Gain: Ezra Klein - Bloomberg

Obama Proposes A Pay Raise For A Group That Should Instead Have Its Ranks Thinned - Investors.com

Hitler copied idea for iconic Volkswagen Beetle from Jewish engineer, historian claims | Mail Online

The Best-Selling Cars of All Time - 24/7 Wall St.

Chinese Invasion of Vietnam

The New York Times > International > Asia Pacific > Malipo Journal: Was the War Pointless? China Shows How to Bury It

American President: Thomas Jefferson: Campaigns and Elections

A History of White House Attacks

Arab Like Me - Lee Habeeb - National Review Online

Bill O'Reilly's new book will “answer many questions” about JFK's assassination - CSMonitor.com

Orson Scott Card: Shadows In Flight | Books | Book Review | The A.V. Club

Monocolumn – A phobia of losing your phone could be all talk [Monocle]


17-Feb-12 World View

16-Feb-12 World View


**NEWS VIDEOS:BREAKING: Feds Arrest Suicide Bomber Heading To U.S. Capitol

FLOTUS Makes Candy Makers Shrink Bar Sizes

Geithner Contradicts ObamaCare Debt Promise

Angry Santorum Skewers Charlie Rose Over Contraception ‘Gotcha’ Question

Girl Falls Flat While Texting During Live Broadcast

Sr Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets

Happy Birthday, Stimulus

16th/Santorum Praises Income Inequality

West: GOP’s Proud History Of Standing Up For African-Americans

*Live Stream* The Dana Show

Behar: Abortion Restrictions Make Virginia Like Taliban

Wisconsin Public Employees Praise Gov. Walker’s Reforms In New Ad

Sebelius Admits No Consultation With Catholics On Contraception ‘Compromise’

State Agent Steals Pre-Schooler’s Turkey Sandwich, Gives Her Chicken Nuggets

Union Principal: Parents Don’t Know What’s Best For Children

Bill Whittle: Why Conservatives Suck

Energy Secretary On Solyndra Investigation: ‘I Work For The White House’

Barney Frank: ‘Tea Party Has Been Much More Effective Than Occupy’

Pelosi: ‘98 Percent Of Catholic Women’ Use Birth Control

Boehner Won’t Commit To ‘No Confidence’ Vote For Holder

Waters Silent When Confronted About GOP ‘Demon’ Insults

Reagan AG: Obama Administration ‘As Close To A Monarchy’ Since Days Of George III

Tea Party Stands Tall In Florida

WH Official On Budget: Obama ‘Not Afraid’ To Act If Congress Won’t

Watters’ World Goes To CPAC: What Has Obama Done Right?

Maher: Anti-Gay Santorum Believes ‘Life Begins At Erection’

Democrat Congressman: ‘Food Stamp President’ Ads ‘Racist’

How Has Obama Brought ‘Change’ To Washington? Better Websites

Foreign Diplomat Sean Penn Seeks To Resolve UK/Argentine Conflict

Santelli Demolishes Comparison Between Tea Party And Occupy

Allen West Sings ‘Pretty Woman’

15th/Mysterious Honduras Prison Fire Leaves 350 Dead

Man Falls Through Ice While Crossing Frozen Canal

WH Budget Director Contradicts Administration, Admits ObamaCare ‘Fees’ Not Taxes

Levin: Impeach Obama’s HHS Secretary

New Music Video: Obama Girl Having Second Thoughts

Senator: GOP ‘Men’s Club’ Wants Women ‘Barefoot And Pregnant’

Santorum Attacks Obama Over Jeremiah Wright, Cynical Use Of Christianity

14th/Israeli Armor Saves American Lives

13th/CBS, Grammys Mock Catholic Church

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