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16 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"

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Black History


Wiesel To Romney: "Speak Up" Against Mormon Church's Proxy Baptisms Of Jews
Krauthammer: Romney Loss In Michigan "Resets The Whole Race"
Pelosi: Self-Insured Religious Institutions Should Pay For Contraception
Matthews: Is There Still An Old Boys Club In The GOP?
Gingrich: Voters Don't Want Candidate With "Deep Pocket Of Wall Street Money Running Negative Ads"
Dean: Santorum Has "Said A Lot Of Incredibly Intolerant Things"
O'Reilly: Liberal Americans "Want A Giant Colussus To Tell Us How To Live"
O'Reilly: Media Exploited Whitney Houston's Addiction
Shrum: "Romney Has All The Endorsements, All The Money" But Still Struggles

The Future Of American Power In The 21st Century
Trade War Brewing Over Chinese Solar Panels
Will The West Intervene In Syria?
How Do Italians Feel About Eurozone Crisis?
Greek FM: Several Eurozone Countries 'Want Us Out'
Amnesty Reports On Libya
Should U.S. Arm Medevacs In Afghanistan?
Thai Authorities To Charge Suspect
West Moves To Cut Off Iran From Global Bank
Old Friends, New Mission: China VP Visits Iowa
Relatives Mourn Victims Of Honduras Prison Fire
Thick Smoke Billows From Syria Pipeline
China Is Not Yet 'A Responsible Stakeholder In Global Issues'
Will Greece Leave The Eurozone?


Saudi Arabia In The New Middle East
Who's Still Supporting Assad?
U.S. General Prepared For Iranian Aggression
Thai Blast Could Escalate Mideast Tensions
Biden: U.S.-China Relationship One Of The Most Important In The World
China Says Ready To Help Solve EU Debt Crisis
Iranian Boats Shadow U.S. Aircraft Carrier In Gulf
North Korea Prepares For Kim Jong-il Birthday
Thai Police Shows Videos Of Bomb Suspects
NATO Offers Condolences Over Air Strike Death
Iran Claims More Nuclear Progress
Lessons Learned: Richard Nixon Goes To China
Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg On Greek Austerity, Euro Crisis
What Does China's VP Visiting Washington Mean For The U.S.?

Axelrod Targets Santorum: His Social Positions Are "Quite Divisive"
Santorum Ad: "Romney's Ugly Attacks Are Going To Backfire"
Donny Deutsch On Contraception: "Country Is Not Caught Up To NY And LA"
Santorum Calls Obama Administration "Elite Snobs"
Chris Matthews: "The Media Is Basically Rooting For Santorum"
Sebelius: "I Did Not Speak To The Catholic Bishops"
O'Reilly: Obama Is Calculating Voters Want "Free Stuff"
Romney Super PAC Ad: Santorum A "Big Spender" And "Washington Insider"
Alter: TV Stations Will Give Billionaires Time For "Hate Ads"
"Special Report" Panel On GOP Candidates' Strategies
Romney On Palin Doubting He Is Conservative: "Not Quite Sure What She'd Be Referring To"
Obama: Rising Gas Prices Means The Economy Is Strengthening
Romney's Michigan Ad Nearly Identical To New Hampshire Ad



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It is Not Good Being Nice Compromising With Our Enemies. It has Never Worked.

Sorry Israel,ADL and AIPAC. There Are Genocides Worse then the NAZI Holacuust.

Free Speech vs. Obama's Truth (Goon)Squads

Nanoparticles Shown are Dangerous, Block Nutrient Absorption | Natural Society

Whole Story » Blog Archive » GMO/Monsanto Buyout Rumors Untrue

Not Everything is “Interstate Commerce” – Tenth Amendment Center

Why Children Should Not be Using Cell Phones | Natural Society

400 Popular Lipstick Shades Found to Contain Lead | Natural Society

Food police reject preschooler's homemade lunch... in favour of chicken nuggets | Mail Online

Crude and sophomoric texts between FBI agents and informant derail corruption trials | Mail Online

Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon consultant claims | Mail Online

Final Solution: First Syria, Then Iran

Iran to load own nuclear fuel rods in Tehran reactor | Reuters

Iran presses ahead with dollar attack - Telegraph

Iran to stop oil exports to six EU countries causing prices to rise - Telegraph

Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria | Real Zionist News

Iran Falsely Charged With India And Georgia Attacks

Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning. Visible Origami

Mervyn King: helping savers would push Britain back into recession - Telegraph

Sinai explodes into violence after years of chronic poverty and alienation | World news | guardian.co.uk

Leading article: Superpowers in search of the next world order - Leading Articles - Opinion - The Independent

EU ‘asking Google to censor web’ - Telegraph

Russia narrowly avoided nuclear disaster after blaze engulfed submarine | Mail Online

Brazil police may have killed 30 during strike | World news | The Guardian

Editor who led fight against Brazilian corruption murdered by gunmen - Press - Media - The Independent

Children 'forced to shout Long Live Sarkozy!' when French president visited their school | Mail Online

Allies of Hugo Chavez start smear campaign against Venezuela's new 'Jewish and gay' opposition leader | Mail Online

Swiss craft janitor satellites to grab space junk | World news | The Guardian

How secret renditions shed light on MI6's licence to kill and torture | World news | The Guardian

News Corporation 'gives journalists’ sources to police’ - Telegraph

Mormon Church apologises for posthumous baptisms of Holocaust victims - Telegraph

Ministry of Agriculture Enlists "Miss Campus" from 9 Universities to Be "Eat and Support East Japan" Ambassadors | EX-SKF

Keiser Report: Tombstone Austerity (E249) - YouTube

Hillary Clinton 'wants to quit to run World Bank' - Telegraph

George Soros Endorses Mitt Romney - YouTube

Republican Primaries - Fooling Some Of The People

Santorum The Real Deal

Gulf1 - C - AB2: Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Ignored By Senate Leadership And SCOTUS----A National Travesty

Adherence to the Oath - YouTube

Abraham Lincoln was a Tyrant! - YouTube

NPN Email Alert: 'Babylon the Great' is Israel

Israeli envoy in Thailand: Embassy was target of botched bombing attempt - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

'Lay down your arms!' Anonymous attacks US tear-gas maker — RT

Armageddon averted? Nukes 'on board' blazing sub (VIDEO) — RT

Navy Seal Warns False Flag is Coming: Ed Asner Reports 1/2 - YouTube

The Michigan Citizen

Preemption Factsheet.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Activist Post: FBI May Shut Down Your Internet Access March 8th

They wear nappies, drink cola - and don't know how to open a book. One teacher's terrifying insight into 5-year-olds failed by their parents | Mail Online

Is Cancer An Ancient Survival Program Unmasked? | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Probiotics And Mitochondria: Bacteria Are Not "Other" | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy


THE UFO CHRONICLES/ www.theufochronicles.com/


Sharia! The Musical « Revolt of the Plebs

Disturbing, I'm Sick ABC Practicing Israel's War on Iran - YouTube

Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of a Victory? - YouTube

Reality Check: GOP scrambles under allegations - Flash Player Installation

1newsjunkie: You and I have an unprecedented chance to halt the statist machine in its tracks- A message from Ron Paul.

EXPOSED: Child Labour Camp in Australia 2012 - YouTube




Climate Scare Machine

Climate Change Scare Machine(Large)


Lone Star Watchdog: It is Not Good Being Nice Compromising With Our Enemies. It has Never Worked.

Twitter Is The Latest Company To Admit It Uploads Your Address Book

Activist Post: International Currencies Increasingly Rejected in the Face of Inflation

Refreshing News: Joseph Kennedy III announces he will run for US Congress

American's Journey: What should be the "National Religion" of America?

iOS apps and the address book: who has your data, and how they're getting it | The Verge

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Tweety Leaves Ron Paul Out Of Discussion On Favorability Ratings Of Republican Candidates

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : POLICE STATE AMERICA : Cops Can't Stand Up For A Completely Defenseless Person Against A Known Criminal.

Activist Post: Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination

Rothschild Loses Libel Case, and Reveals Secret World of Money and Politics :

Why Do Americans Allow Their Government To Practice Child Sacrifice? | Video Rebel's Blog

High-Tech Trickery in Homs? | Veterans Today

1newsjunkie: New TSA Legislation Thugs forced "cute" woman to pass through a naked scanner three times

Television's Illusions Enthrall America's Cavemen

Ron Paul to campaign in Michigan next week

Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine?

Ron Paul's Stealth Campaign

GOP candidate Ron Paul to visit Richland, Wash., on Friday

Ron Paul is making multiple stops in Idaho this week

Ron Paul slams Obama budget proposal:

Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine. - YouTube

Ron Paul on Goldseek Radio 02/13/12 - YouTube


Black Listed News Radio - Tuesday, February, 14, 2012


25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete - BlackListedNews.com

As Predicted, CIA-Sponsored Muslim Bros. Becomes Enemy - BlackListedNews.com

Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive - BlackListedNews.com

Soros Big-Business Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business - BlackListedNews.com

30,000 Drones To Police U.S. Airspace - YouTube

SPD Ignored Multiple Warning About Violent Cop & Allowed Him To Continued Hurting Citizens - YouTube

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year's top trends - YouTube

Keiser Report: German Empire vs Greek Carthage (E250) - YouTube


The Katherine Albrecht Show 02-15-12 Hr 1

The Katherine Albrecht Show 02-15-12 Hr 2


Interracial marriage in US hits new high: 1 in 12

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating back to 50% mark – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Obama’s Net Approval Rating Among Catholics Is Down 28 Points…

Sebelius Didn’t Consult Bishops on Contraception Deal - Washington Wire - WSJ

'Underwear Bomber' To Be Sentenced In Thwarted Terror Plot | Fox News

World Bank's Zoellick to step down, U.S. eyes spot | Reuters

Whitney Houston Death Recreated: Enquirer Hires Model to Pose as Corpse in New Low - International Business Times

Whitney Houston was 'secret lesbian' - Times Of India

Oprah Desperate? Talk Show Queen Issues Rare Apology | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo! News


Redding News Review 02-15-12 Hr 1

Redding News Review 02-15-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 02-15-12 Hr 3

The Alex Jones Show 02-15-12 Hr 1

The Alex Jones Show 02-15-12 Hr 2

The Alex Jones Show 02-15-12 Hr 3

The Alex Jones Show 02-15-12 Hr 4


GCN Host Josh Tolley Interviews Libertarian Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson

Precious Metals Benefit From Continued Dollar Weakness

Obama’s CFR Economic Council Director Calls for Global Tax

The ‘Accessory’ Allies in the War on Iran: What’s in it for Azerbaijan?

The EyeOpener- Blackballed: How the FBI Bends FOIA

The Corbett Report | Blackballed: How the FBI Bends FOIA


Podcast Show #73;The Boiling Frogs Presents Shahid Buttar

Podcast Show #74;The Boiling Frogs Presents Coleen Rowley

Podcast Show #75;The Boiling Frogs Presents Philip Giraldi

Podcast Show #76;The Boiling Frogs Presents Cindy Cohn


Save Us from the Liberal Hawks

Video:Iran Propaganda Debunked in Less Than 7 Minutes

US Secret Armies Gear Up For Global War

The Imperial Way American Decline in Perspective

Clinton Remains Irresistible.. And Not Just To Women

The Greek Experiment

The Story of How U.S. Special Forces Infiltrated Pakistan

New Weasel Word on Iran Nukes | Consortiumnews

The Pentagon’s Lie Machine by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

Bipartisan Support for World War III by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com

Provocations Against Iran Follow a Rich Tradition by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com

Fact or Fiction: Iran’s Oil Embargo on Europe -- News from Antiwar.com

35 Percent of Libyans Would Like New Strongman -- News from Antiwar.com

GOP Objects to Nuclear Arms Reductions -- News from Antiwar.com

The Invincible Military-Industrial Complex - Reason Magazine

The NDAA and the Militarization of America by Carl Mirra -- Antiwar.com

FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia Probe | Danger Room | Wired.com

Fewer bases, same number of troops in South Korea, US ambassador says - Korea - Stripes

WikiLeaks denounces UNESCO after WikiLeaks banned from UNESCO conference on WikiLeaks

Online surveillance bill may breach privacy law, charter - Technology & Science - CBC News

Clear Evidence Republican Party Committing Voter Fraud! - YouTube

Joe the Plumber on Auditing the Fed, Gold & Silver, NDAA - YouTube

CNN - Police Officer Admits To Fake Shooting & High Speed Chase - YouTube

Officer threatens to make up evidence after arrest of innocent men - YouTube

Video Shows Sheriff Attacking A Deaf-Mute Throat Cancer Survivor Who Accidentally Entered Courthouse Through Wrong Door - informationliberation

U.S. News - Chicago cops who took bag of cash caught in FBI sting

Presenting PreCheck: Fascist and Furious - informationliberation

The Global Land Grab - informationliberation

Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross belong in a fear-mongering museum - Salon.com

Wired Opinion: Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake | Threat Level | Wired.com

Another Fed-Backed Solar Company Goes Bankrupt

Justice Department Wants $5 Million To Bolster Its Efforts As Hollywood's Private Police Force - informationliberation

How Much Is Enough? We've Passed 15 'Anti-Piracy' Laws In The Last 30 Years | Techdirt

Book Publishers ‘Shut Down’ Library.nu and iFile-it | TorrentFreak

Feb 15, 2012 Gold Fire Sale... Darryl Robert Schoon 321gold ...inc ...s

Time To Tame the Federal Beast by Andrew P. Napolitano

Ron Paul’s Last Hurrah | Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture

How To Leverage Your Job or Calling by Gary North

Bankers Want Entire Industry To Become One Giant MF Global by Bill Sardi

The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinking the Unthinkable

Obama’s Human Rights Insouciance by Paul Craig Roberts

What To Do When She Leaves You Altucher Confidential

The 'Progressive' Legacy by Thomas Sowell

Democracy Is Destroying Your Wealth and Freedom

Public Education: The Sick Dinosaur on Fed Life Support

Police Say Thailand Bombers Targeted Israeli Diplomats

Gunmen Storm Nigeria Prison, 118 Inmates Escape, 1 Dead

Clinton: US Focusing on Efficient Diplomatic, Aid Efforts

Chinese VP Concludes US Visit Friday in Los Angeles

North Korea Marks Late Leader's Birth Anniversary

10-Year US Counterterror Support Paying Off: Philippine Military

Rotation of Venus Might Be Slowing

Love is a Matter of the Brain

Researcher Predicts Future Super Continent

Vatican Prosecutor Denounces 'Deadly Culture of Silence'

Ancient Yellowstone Eruptions Not from Supervolcano : Discovery News

Many Of You Will Not Believe Some Of The Things Americans Are Doing Just To Survive

Dave Daubenmire -- The world is enveloped in confusion

Want to know the effect of a nuclear bomb on your home town? There's an app for that | Mail Online

Ronnie Cummins: The Organic Elite Surrenders To Monsanto: What Now?

Guarding Ground Zero: A look at the amazing and terrifying artificial intelligence that will protect the new World Trade Center

UFO inspired metal boxes still vex experts while someone is taking the boxes away | HULIQ

Military Chaplains to be Charged with Sedition and Treason for Preaching Against Sin

FBI: 9/11 Truthers Should Be Treated As Possible Terrorists :

Darpa's Magic Plan: 'Battlefield Illusions' to Mess With Enemy Minds | Danger Room | Wired.com

For the first time ever, scientists can control human brain cells using quantum dots

Interview with Adam Kokesh of Adam Vs the Man - Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops! - YouTube

Activist Post: Washington's Insouciance Has No Rival

Activist Post: Why Children Should Not be Using Cell Phones

Activist Post: Meat Glue and Pink Slime. What Evil is Lurking in Your T-Bone?

Activist Post: Five Reasons Against Bottled Water

Activist Post: Soros Big-Business Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business

Activist Post: Research: Roundup Diluted by 450-Fold is Still Toxic to DNA

Activist Post: U.S. Prison Business: Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses (Updated)

Activist Post: Feds Threaten Banks to Deny Accounts to Lawful Medical Cannabis Shops

Activist Post: Widely Popular Nanoparticles Could Be Giving You Cancer, Nutritional Deficiencies

Activist Post: Battlefield Illusion: DARPA working towards better “human-sensory battlefield deception”

Activist Post: International Currencies Increasingly Rejected in the Face of Inflation

Drug War Profiteers Offer To Buy ALL State Owned Prisons In 48 States - YouTube

Activist Post: Federal Biometric ID Program "Secure Communities" Expands to its 27th State

GMO Foods and Intellectual Property: The Ultimate Food Fight - YouTube

Surveilling homeschoolers, the 2nd try …

School OK with zombies, but not pro-life posters

Obamacare challenged as ‘forcible economic rape’

Look who ‘has stolen IDs, fake tax returns’

U.S. military told to prepare for Iran ops

High school student refuses to sing Islamic song | KDVR.com is the website for KDVR Television, FOX 31 News in Denver, Colorado

Bible in school? It used to be mandatory

Political correctness set to ‘destroy America’

Did Media Matters fund marketing of Obamacare?

Gingrich meets eligibility attorney

‘Shell game’ used to conceal Obamacare myths

Gore’s global-warming agenda rising again?

Obama On Failed Promise To Cut Deficit In Half: "Recession Turned Out To Be A Lot Deeper" | RealClearPolitics

Mass Media Promoting Transhumanism: the “Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers”

Boy genius's book reveals life in college at age 8 - Yahoo! News

Venture capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department - The Washington Post

Cloaking device could make buildings 'invisible' to earthquakes | Mail Online

David Duke Show 16


David Duke Show 15

What Really Happened With Michael Rivero 15 1

What Really Happened With Michael Rivero 15 2

Paul Drockton Show 14 1

Paul Drockton Show 14 2



Moody's may downgrade UBS and Morgan Stanley - Yahoo! Finance


Live Free Or Die Radio - Tuesday, February, 14, 2012


THE SECRET RIGHT- VOLUME ONE-Josh Reeves(low quality upload) - YouTube




Nuclear Truckers: Warheads on 18 Wheels | The Global Reality

+Download:Global Reality Show

‪Knight Templar 2083 ~ Anders Behring Breivik ~ N. America Region - YouTube

Illuminati ~ Knights Templar ~ Alex Jones ~ Bohemian Grove ~ Norway Massacre ~ Amy Winehouse - YouTube

Josh Reeves Special Report: Norway Massacre, Winehouse, Templar Cartel | The Global Reality


Reality of Illusion, Part 1: The Pineal Gland | The Global Reality

Reality of Illusion, Part 2: Norway’s “Spiral Sumerian Stargate” | The Global Reality

Reality of Illusion, Part 3: Operation Haitiquake | The Global Reality

Reality of Illusion, Part 4: Julian Assange, The White Brotherhood, and the Nazis | The Global Reality


FEB 14th Judge Napolitano: Final Word after being fired on FOX NEWS Last Episode of Freedom - YouTube

Amerika: Land of The Snitch - YouTube

Ron Paul - Watch this presentation to see why so many people are endorsing Ron Paul for President - YouTube

Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane

3 Parts:Tombstone Austerity with Max Keiser & Alex Jones | Dprogram.net


New Jersey Threatened with Mandatory Water Fluoridation – Science and Residents Ignored | Dprogram.net


Fluoride Action Network(www.fluoridealert.org/)


Obama Pushes Global Minimum Tax in Milwaukee | The Weekly Standard

David Stockman’s Viewpoint on the Obama Budget Disaster | Dprogram.net

Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Dropped From Cybersecurity Bill | Dprogram.net

Bill Gates Rebranding GMOs as “High-Tech Agriculture” – Mike Adams | Dprogram.net

Bill Gates supports GMOs as "high-tech agriculture," February 2012, Bill Gates GMO interview - YouTube

Willie Nelson and 300,000 Other Activists Sue Monsanto | Dprogram.net

Back to the Start - YouTube

Rothschild loses libel case, and reveals secret world of money and politics - Home News - UK - The Independent

Articles: Impeach Them All

Hidden Power of Papacy: A Well-Kept Secret Vatican Recognized by U.S. As a State, Not Only a Religion :

Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan - latimes.com

Spy Tech Companies & Their Authoritarian Customers, Part I: FinFisher And Amesys | Electronic Frontier Foundation



Movie Clips/WingClips.com




Conservatives: Stop listening to liberals!

Are conservatives losing their minds?

300 million government slaves?

Time to tame the federal beast

Murphy Brown in combat boots

Communism by insurance mandate

The man who taught BHO to cook

Greece and all that's 'free' in America

P. GELLER: Excusing Shariah at CPAC

B. PRELUTSKY: The Divided States of America

J. FARAH: Why are conservatives afraid of media?

N. HENTOFF: Big Sis: The new J. Edgar Hoover?

Black liberals should be ashamed

Black Republicans and Whitney Houston

T. SOWELL: The Progressive era's legacy

The Jerry Site(http://thejerrysite.com/)

SOCIAL MEDIA "TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION": Spying and Propaganda using Facebook, Twitter

Justice Department Wins Rosemary Award for Worst Open Government Performance in 2011

Republican primaries: Fooling some of the people

Who Carried Out the Terrorist Car Bombings in India, Thailand and Georgia? Iran … Or Someone Else?

Why Contemporary Justice Theory Fails: The Missing Common Interest of Human Rights and Reason

VIDEO: Open Seeds: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life

ANOTHER PRETEXT TO WAGE WAR? The Fingerprints of False Flags Against Iran. The Thailand, India, Georgia Terrorist Bomb Blasts

Obama’s Human Rights Insouciance: Who will Liberate Americans from Washington’s Clutches?

The Menace of Present and Future Drone Warfare

Fears Iran Helping Al-Qaida for ‘Spectacular’ Attack

Sen. Graham: US Must 'Break Up' Syrian-Iranian Alliance

Conservative Leaders: Romney Not Connecting

Romney: China's Domination of 21st Century Is Not Inevitable

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters Assails Boehner, Cantor as 'Demons'

Critics Say SC Bill Would Create 'Secret Police' State

Trump: Santorum Surge Is Puzzling

Rep. West: Democratic Policy Amounts to ‘Insidious Slavery’

Priebus Needs Just a Year to Turn Around RNC Finances

Fox News Poll: Obama Leads Republicans in Swing States

Karzai Says US, Afghanistan in Secret Talks With Taliban

UN Chief Says Killings in Syria Must Stop

Forbes: Bernanke 'Supreme Socialist'

Al Gore Targets 'Unsustainable' Capitalism in Wall Street Overhaul Plan

Dr. Blaylock: Aluminum-Vaccine Combo Can Destroy Brain

1 in 10 Children Has Alcoholic Parent

Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and Jewish Leaders Swear Disobedience to HHS Contraception Mandate

Hillary Clinton Announcing Climate Change Initiative -- After Big Donor Deserts Obama Over Climate Change

Republican Senator: Obama Administration Is 'a Lawless Administration'

Meese: Obama Administration 'As Close to a Monarchy As Since Days Of George III'

‘Conscience Is A Sacred Thing,’ Clergyman Tells House Panel

Rep. Fortenberry: ‘We'll Let the Courts Decide’ If It's Constitutional to Force Companies to Provide Products for Free

Obama Talks Fairness in Competition for Jobs

Napolitano: ‘A Small Number’ of Illegal Aliens Not Linked to Other Crimes Were Deported Last Year

Pastor Luke Robinson: Media Don’t Want You to Know ‘How Horrible Abortion Is’

HHS Secretary Grilled on Contraceptive Mandate: 'I Did Not Speak to the Catholic Bishops'

Congress Set to Subpoena White House Officials in Solyndra Scandal

Planned Parenthood Calls on America: 'Celebrate All Things Condom'

Muslim Brotherhood ‘Has Overwhelmingly Supported’ Egypt’s Crackdown on NGOs, Lawmakers Told

Minaj Says Her 'Exorcist' Grammy Performance Is Part of Her Movie

Whitney Houston fans to follow funeral on Internet

Whitney Houston Back on the Charts After Her Death

Iran Accused of Exporting Violence, With Attacks in Thailand, India and Georgia

Obama Administration Silent on Saudi Journalist Accused of Online Blasphemy

House-Senate Reach Deal on Payroll Tax Measure

Website Gives Romney His Own Google Problem

Santorum's Tax Returns Show Rise in Wealth

CBS Trumpets Slanted Poll: 61% of Catholics Support ObamaCare Mandate

CNN.com Features Liberal Catholics Openly Dissenting From Bishops

Hollywood Director Scalds Alabama in Ads

ABC Showcases Chrysler Workers to Decry Romney’s Opposition to Bailout

OTJ: Pastor Luke Robinson

Sen. Ron Johnson: 'This Administration Has Become a Lawless Administration'

Rep. Fortenberry: ‘We'll Let the Courts Decide’ if it's Constitutional to Force Companies to Provide Products for Free

Religious Leaders: 'We Fought for a Free Conscience in This Country And We Won’t Give It Up Without a Fight'

Santorum: 'No Greater Betrayal' Than Obama's Israeli Intel Leak

Can Obama Order Grocers to Give Away Bread?

Bozell: Obama Administration Wants 'To Destroy The Catholic Church'

Senator To Geithner: Here's $200 Billion We Could Save Instead Of Raising Taxes

Santorum Vows To 'Repeal Every Single One' Of Obama's Regulations

Hoyer Won’t Say Whether Government Can Force Businesses to Provide a Product Free of Charge | CNSNews.com

Sen. Conrad Dodges Question on Constitutionality of Mandating Health Insurers to Provide Contraceptives, Morning-After Pill | CNSNews.com

Dem Sen. on Obama's Free Contraceptives Policy: Insurers Won't Be 'Giving It Away For Free' | CNSNews.com

Chris Matthews Rants Over Rush Limbaugh's 'Astounding,' Crazy' 'Assault on Women's Rights' | NewsBusters.org

Annunaki insider tells truth | Rebecca Latakesh

Anunnaki Dragons Reptilians - YouTube

Are HAARP Frequency Pulse-Waves Driving People Mad? | Before It's News

American Kids Eating Rats for Dinner | Veterans Today

American Children Eating Rats to Live.wmv - YouTube

Is Obama’s Decision To Destroy 80% Of Our Nuclear Arsenal A Payoff To An Iranian Muslim Judge | Before It's News

America Celebrates 54 Million Abortions | Before It's News

» Obama “undoubtedly pulled punches in his first term to maximise the likelihood of winning a second term” - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Seth Casteel Underwater Dog Pictures: Images Of Swimming Canines Go Viral (PHOTOS)

Scientists using Lake Vostok to aid in the search for extraterrestrial life | Before It's News

The fog of words: how we inadvertently reinforce the 9/11 official story | Before It's News

A chief architect of 9-11, Ehud Barak, interviewed on BBC an hour after attacks - YouTube

New Evidence Reveals Half of Pilots Were Only Assigned to 9/11 Flights at the Last Minute | 911Blogger.com

7,500-Year-Old Car Discovered in Eastern Turkey | Before It's News

8 Common Animal Misconceptions Debunked | Before It's News

8 Animal Misconceptions Rundown - YouTube

obama birth certificate, parking tickets and obama's surrendered law licenses.. | Before It's News

Obama records, IL bar application fraud, Obama lies, deception, Obama not natural born citizen, Andy Martin complaint letter to Illinois, IL Supreme Court, Illinois Board of Admissions | Citizen WElls

ARDC | Clerk's Office, Filings and Public Hearings

Obama finally pays local parking tickets - The Somerville News Blog

Chuck Baldwin -- Left-Right Paradigm Is A Hoax

U.S. probes golden eagles' deaths at L.A. wind farm

Tampa parents rip school for letting controversial Muslim group speak to students

Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'

Homeland Security secretary: 'We aren't sitting there monitoring social media'

House GOP pounces after Obama budget director says health mandate ‘not a tax’

Education Department deploys ‘mystery shoppers’ to check for fraud

Kids have been sleep-deprived for more than 100 years, study says

Catholic Charities denies endorsement of Obama administration's contraceptive coverage policy

320 super-PACs and independent expenditure committees have registered with the FEC

GOP demands apology for Obama campaign manager's 'chimichanga' tweet

Romney finds tough times in Michigan as Santorum leads

Obama's popularity could take a hit if gas prices continue to spike

Coins beat bills for saving the government money

Open government watchdog names Justice Department as most secretive agency

U.S. to cut funds for water testing at beaches

Last FEMA trailer leaves New Orleans six years after Katrina

USC study shows the price Wall Streeters pay for success

In Colorado, proposal would limit hospital bills to actual costs for the uninsured

Medical marijuana shops shuttered in Fort Collins

Colleges looking beyond the lecture

Vote by Colorado Senate panel embraces civil unions

15-minute-old newborn gets pacemaker for heart

Deaths rise among youngest drivers

Kennedy name gives candidate Joe the Third an early boost

FCC toughens rules on robocallers, Internet 911 outages

Jury awards $20 million to rape victim who sued apartments for failure to warn residents

Wis. Gov. Scott Walker cancels on Obama

Fresno crash pilot 'extraordinarily' high on meth

Obama losing financial backing of big S.F. donor


**Cooking and Recipes


Hillary Clinton, President of The World Bank | ATLAH Media Network


REFILE-Al Gore takes aim at unsustainable capitalism | Reuters

Mother Of Fallen Marine Offended By Half-Staff - Flash Player Installation

Claim: IRS Won’t Grant Richmond Tea Party Tax Exempt Status | The Weekly Standard

Vietnam man next to crying child opens plane door - Yahoo! News

Venture capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department - The Washington Post

Soros, Douglas support Natural Gas Act supporters - HUMAN EVENTS

U.S. News - Police buy cemetery plots to block Josh Powell from being buried next to his boys

Man Found Guilty Drinks “Poison,” Collapses In - Flash Player Installation

One-armed California Man Claims He Was Denied Starbucks Employment Due To Disability | Fox News

Maya Angelou: 'Barack Obama has done a remarkable job' | Books | The Guardian

Obama reverses progress on illegal immigration - Washington Times

DHS: 'CBP Stops Thousands of Unsafe Hair Dryers' | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Marco Rubio "Is Supposedly Representing Hispanic Issues," Harry Reid Says

The campaign to undermine Marco Rubio | The Daily Caller

Pelosi: '98 Percent of Catholic Women...Use Birth Control' - Nancy Pelosi - Fox Nation

China Reduces Holdings of U.S. Treasuries to Lowest Level Since June 2010 - Bloomberg


Colbert Report abruptly suspends production | Reuters

NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term - Washington Times


02/15 The Mark Levin Show

The Jesse Peterson Radio Show 16th

The Jesse Peterson Radio Show 15th

Kevin Trudeau Show


The cocktail of up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk | Mail Online

Is The Government Lying To You? : Kevin Trudeau Show

Government Paid Millions to Vaccine-Injured Kids : Kevin Trudeau Show

Activist Post: U.S. Prison Business: Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses (Updated)

Too Many Judges Want Authority Beyond Their Constitutional Role - Investors.com

Rats on Junk Food Pass Cancer Down the Generations

Deet Finally Exposed as Neurotoxic


The Manning Report – 15 February 2012

The Manning Report – 14 February 2012


Feb. 15, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN


Eugenics Quotes: Genocide and Socio-Economic Cleansing In Their Own Words. - YouTube


1972 clip of David Suzuki comparing humans to maggots - YouTube

'09/Archived-Articles: UN Agenda 21 - Coming to a Neighborhood near You

UN Agenda 21 - In your face. - YouTube

GRAIN — Corporate candyland

Agenda 21, the end of Western Civilization 1

Agenda 21, the end of Western Civilization 2

NPQ:01-24-2012 The West Needs a Long-Term Sense of Purpose


Activist Post: DARPA Set to Drop Computer "F-Bombs" to Spy on Public

DARPA-Funded Hacker's Tiny $50 Spy Computer Hides In Offices, Drops From Drones - Forbes

U.S. government using Facebook for surveillance

Government Monitoring About 200 Million Americans' Calls - ABC News

Big Brother Spying on Americans' Internet Data? - ABC News

Preemptive Policing & the National Security State: Repressing Dissent at the Republican National Convention

US in new push to break China internet firewall | Herald Sun

S.F. subway muzzles cell service during protest | InSecurity Complex - CNET News

How to jam your neighbor's Wi-Fi legally | ZDNet

The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS - TIME

Dropping the F-BOMB, A Disposable Spy Computer Funded by DARPA | Singularity Hub

Dropping the F-BOMB at ShmooCon | GeekDad | Wired.com

ShmooCon 2012 - Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky - YouTube


Malice Afterthought(www.maliceafterthought.com/)


**BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- February 15, 2012


Infowars Nightly News for Monday, February 13, 2012 (Full) - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News February, Tuesday 14, 2012 (Full) 02/14/12 - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News 2/15/12 Full Show - YouTube


15.2.2012 - 1/4 - Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle - YouTube

15.2.2012 - 2/4 - Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle - YouTube

15.2.2012 - 3/4 - Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle - YouTube

15.2.2012 - 4/4 - Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle - YouTube


Odd Black Hole Is Last Survivor of Its Galaxy | Wired Science | Wired.com

Icelandic River Monster Mystery Solved | Famous Creatures of Cryptozoology & Lake Monsters | Strange News | Lagarfljoetsormurinn Lake Monster Legend | LiveScience

Intangibility cloak could make buildings "invisible" to earthquakes

Scientific Breakthroughs Give Hope For Extended - Flash Player Installation

Author explores Sacramento River's myths, folklore | news10.net


Alex Jones 2012-02-13 Monday - YouTube

Info News 2012-02-14 Tuesday - YouTube

Alex Jones 2012-02-15 Wednesday - YouTube


How Obama learned to manufacture the ‘truth’

Welcome to Sustainable City

The Obama Doctrine

Obama King Herod of His Day?

Obama Media begin the Faking of Obama Poll Numbers

Catholicism and Freedom: A Moment of Truth

Inhofe Introduces Measure to Stop One of Obama-EPA’s Most Expensive Rules

U.S. Hostages Abroad and High Gas Prices at Home—It’s Jimmy Carter Redux

We Dare Call It Treason

Let Them Eat Sight-Words

Obama includes Canada in his `King of World’ territory

Inhofe: Obama Trying to Take Credit for 5,800 Nuclear Jobs While Having Covert Anti-Nuclear Agenda

Natural Law vs. Natural Lawlessness

New AIM Video - Imam, Priest, Rabbi: Religious Liberty and The Birth Control Mandate

The Abramoff Effect

Unequal Protection Under the Health Care Law

Brace Yourself for the Santorum Smears

Politics and the President's Pill. Are They Healthy for Women?

Renewable Green Nuclear Energy: Here, Now

Obama, the Great

How Do I Keep My Small Government Ideas When I Now Need to Rely on Big Government?

White grandfather with black granddaughter provokes 911 calls

Daily Kos nuts seek to imitate 'Operation Chaos' from 2008

Respiratory Illnesses in the Navajo Nation

Iran helping AQ plot attacks

Obama mulls unilateral disarmament of strategic nukes

Jobless claims at 4 year low

Coitus welfare

School Lunches and Tyranny

Obama's Catholic Church Gambit: Lessons from American Communists

Can Michelle Obama's Media Blitz Erase Her 'Angry Black Woman' Image?

The Rising Fever of Despotism

The End of the Race Card?

The False Promise of Contraception

The Ministry of PropOganda

Contraception, Churches, and the Left's Phony Argument

Sarah Palin, could she be ...

Fraud and Financial Regulation

Maine sleeps through GOP primary, next Arizona and Michigan

Democrats setting GOP debate agenda

Debbie Schlussel: ABC “View” Hags Attack Orthodox Jews (Flashback: Walked Out When O’Reilly Said Muslims Did 9/11)

Debbie Schlussel: Why Should I Be Surprised that HAMAS/Hitler Fan Oliver Stone’s Son Converted to Islam?

Debbie Schlussel: Outta Control Whitney Worship: Pan-Muslim Christie Lowers the Flag for “Hero” Houston?! The Jokes

Limbaugh: When It Comes Presidential Politics “Distrust All The Media”

Limbaugh Has Meltdown Over Obama Weighing 80% Cut In U.S. Nukes

Limbaugh: Are We Ever Going To Hear That Anything Is Obama’s Fault.

Rush: Obama Sings ‘Just The Constitution’ Run Over By Me – Parody

Rush: “Peace Through Weakness” That’s What Obama Is Cobbling Together With Nuke Reduction

New Santorum Ad “Rombo” Features Rush Limbaugh Quote

Rush: President Obama On Childhood Lunch Preparation Awareness – Parody

Beck Announces ‘We Are All Catholics Now’ Movement to Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Rush: Obama Birth Control Mandate Controversy A ‘Culture War’

Rush: Govt. Wants Kids To Think ‘If It Wasn’t For The Govt. I Might Be Poisoned By My Moms Lunch’

ULTIMATE ‘Obama Sings’ Parody Collection

Chicago area has most corruption convictions in nation, UIC study says - chicagotribune.com

Rep. West: Democratic handouts an 'insidious form of slavery' - The Hill's Floor Action

Hollywood Bows to China Soft Power | The Diplomat

US settles lawsuit over '07 immigration raids | WTNH.com Connecticut

Venture capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department - The Washington Post

U.S. Lawmaker Seeks Answers After State Department Error Releases Mexican Fugitive From Texas Jail | Fox News

Study: Sierra snowfall consistent over 130 years

Actual New PETA Ad Portrays Violent Sex As a Result of…Going Vegan

Sarah Palin: ‘I’m Game’ to Run for Future Office & ‘All Bets Are Off’ in Event of Brokered GOP Convention

Chicago Politician Proposes Ordinance Preventing Gov’t From Using Electronic Blackouts

Tea Party Patriots Cofounder Lashes Out at Republican Field: ‘They’re All Losers’

Rick Santelli Takes 60 Seconds to Describe the Difference Between Tea Party and Occupy Movement

A Rabbi, a Priest & an Imam Weigh in on Obama’s Religious Freedom Stance

Putin Arrested? Viral Video of Prime Minister Behind Bars Is a Fake

Occupy Turning on Obama Over Exclusive Hollywood Dinner

Dealerships Fear Costly Fuel Efficiency Standards Will ‘Price Out Millions’ of Consumers

Are You Making the FBI Suspicious? See The Fliers That Reveal What They’re Looking For

French Lawmaker Under Fire After Claiming Gays Manipulate Media & Are Causing Mankind to ‘Lose its Dignity’

Did the President Lose ‘Obama Girl’s’ Love?

‘Janitor Satellite’ and ‘Trash Collector’: Ideas to Clean Up Space of Dangerous Junk

Planned Parenthood Declares War on Catholic…Food Banks?

Iran and Al Qaeda Teaming Up for Attack on West?

FCC Rule Could Mean Fewer Sales Calls at Dinner

President Obama: ‘Every Multinational Company Should Have to Pay a Basic Minimum Tax’

Free Market Think Tank Says Documents ‘Exposing’ Climate Change Denialism Were Stolen, Faked

Dawkins Forgets Name of Darwin’s Evolutionary Book During Epic Radio Debate With Priest

‘One of the Highlights of the Day’: First Robot-Human Handshake…in Space

Did Actor Denzel Washington Really Call Atheists ‘Sociopaths?’

This Exists: Introducing the 2-Inch Muzzle-Loading Desk Cannon — See It in Action!

‘Satan Doesn’t Have Any More Authority’: Rangers’ Josh Hamilton Gives First Post-Relapse Interview to Pastor Robison on GBTV

Asian Actress Apologizes for Starring in ‘Racist’ Republican Ad

‘An Unforgivable Insult’: Supporters Appeal to Supreme Court to Save ‘Unconstitutional’ War Memorial Cross

WSJ: Obama Advisers Have Had to Tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz to ‘Tone It Down’

‘There Is No Truth Except Allah’: Colorado Student Quits High School Choir Over Islamic Song

Jimmy Carter: Occupy Movement Has Been ‘Relatively Successful’ & the U.S. Is ‘Extra Stingy’

WI Elementary School Confiscates, Bans 2nd Grader’s Christian-Themed Valentines

Is This the Most Confusing Speed Limit Sign You’ve Ever Seen?

O‘Reilly Has Tense Exchange With Matt Lauer on ’Today‘ Over Whitney Houston’s Drug Use

‘Halfy’: Half-Headed Man Behind This Unbelieveable Mug Shot Explains His Injury

Will high oil prices hurt the recovery—or help it? - The Washington Post

Romney Outflanks Santorum on Unions « Commentary Magazine

The Maddow Blog - Struggling to prepare for prime time

Paul’s Delegate Advantage - By Katrina Trinko - The Corner - National Review Online

PolitiFact Mucks Up the Contraception Debate | The Weekly Standard

TaxVox » Blog Archive » President’s 2013 Budget Would Enable Almost All Americans to Save for Retirement

Targeted Tax Credits: Neither Conservative nor Free Market

Paul Ryan: Yes, Payroll Tax Fight Hurt GOP | TPMDC

President Obama Courts Silicon Valley’s New Digital Aristocracy | Newgeography.com

Mitt Romney’s working class problem - The Washington Post

The Saga of Rick Santorum’s Second Surge | Swampland | TIME.com

Look Who Warned of the Dangers of ‘a state which regulates and controls everything’? - By Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner - National Review Online

Under Obamacare, Federal Government Taxes Itself, the States

The Maddow Blog - Declaration of independents

The plunging labor force participation rate is now officially ‘a thing’ in U.S. politics « The Enterprise Blog

White House Wants Authority to Reorganize Federal Government | FDL News Desk

Power for the People

Biofuel Subsidies Are a Waste of Taxpayer Money - On Energy (usnews.com)

The time is now for Big Geothermal | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Payroll tax cut, meet $4 gas - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

Next Five Years Crucial to Energy Storage | EnergyBiz

Liquid batteries: A renewable energy game-changer? | SmartPlanet

View: Energy Independence Gives Opening for Renewables - Bloomberg

How the US Shale Boom Will Change the World

Global Oil Chokepoints and the New Silk Road for Energy

Obama’s Rocky Courtship of Environmentalists

Fossil fuels: I’m not dead yet | Energy Bulletin

Questioning Obama's nuclear agenda

Biofuels: Value vs. Volume | The Energy Collective

Bailout Bounce Over: Why Detroit's Task Now Gets Tougher - Forbes

Is This The Economic Recovery? | Macro Outlook | Minyanville.com

The Uptick’s Downside - Nouriel Roubini - Project Syndicate

The Dark Side of a Divided White America

Harvard’s Liberal-Arts Failure Is Wall Street’s Gain: Ezra Klein - Bloomberg

Obama Proposes A Pay Raise For A Group That Should Instead Have Its Ranks Thinned - Investors.com

No jobs? Just learn to code - Outside the Box - MarketWatch

The Next Wave in High Frequency Trading | Institutional Investor

Jeremy Lin's Unexpected Success: 'Moneyball' Pioneer Explains Why We Missed The Star Athlete

If U.S. Troops Pull Out, Economic Growth May Slow: Amity Shlaes - Bloomberg

The Volcker Rule's Unusual Critics - NYTimes.com

The Secret Meeting That Launched the Federal Reserve: Echoes - Bloomberg

Are China’s Big State Companies a Big Problem for the Global Economy? | Business | TIME.com

Harvard biz alums have a job lesson for the U.S. - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet


Four Keys to Successful BYOD CIO.com

Apple unveils new Mac OS X Mountain Lion – USATODAY.com

New York Rise of the Facebook-Killers - Village Voice

iPhone Address Book Fiasco Should Be Apple's Cue to Build Its Own Social Network

Samsung Galaxy Note: The disturbing new trend toward enormous smartphones. - Slate Magazine

Why You Should Wait to Buy the Next iPad | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Don't discount Apple's interest in a smaller iPad, says analyst | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News

How Hulu could kill off Nielsen ratings and improve television | VentureBeat

5 Start-Ups Big Tech Is Eyeing in 2012 - TheStreet

I.B.M.: Big Data, Bigger Patterns - NYTimes.com

Google and the death of beta testing | ExtremeTech

The rise of the subscription commerce startup — Tech News and Analysis

Clear: Why This Simple To Do List App Has Everyone Talking | TechCrunch

New Theory About Lava Formations in Western U.S.

Prions Play Powerful Role in Evolution of Yeast

Big belly laughs – why is it okay to laugh at fat people?

How The Universe Destroys Its "Death Stars" : Starts With A Bang

Odd Black Hole Is Last Survivor of Its Galaxy | Wired Science | Wired.com

Queen of Sheba's Lost Gold Mine Discovered? : Discovery News

Fear Heightens Appreciation of Abstract Art - Miller-McCune

Ant colonies can only get so big | COSMOS magazine

DNA In the Cloud | Re-Envision | Big Think

How to Build the Perfect Human

Could a 'Robopocalypse' Wipe Out Humans? | Could Robots Kill All Humans? | Weird | LifesLittleMysteries.com

No More Mercury in Science Class? Totally Lame. - Blog

The National Science Foundation's Fleecing Of American Taxpayers - Forbes

Physicists find dark matter: It's everywhere - Technology & science - Space - Space.com - msnbc.com

Space Diamonds Reveal Supernova Origins | News Service - ISNS

Strange Attractors - Blog

BBC News - Bacteria used to fight sleeping sickness

Now we can hear the sound of cells - Telegraph

Contraception’s Con Men by Garry Wills | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

Is Confucianism a Religion? | Religion and Other Curiosities

Our Stance on Homosexuality – Forward.com

RealClearReligion - Pink Pills Aren't Evil Like Brown Shirts

You've heard of evangelicals, but who are they? – USATODAY.com

Will the Bishops Go to the Mattresses? — Crisis Magazine

Rabbi Jason Miller: Must Clergy Report Confidential Confessions to the Authorities?

RealClearReligion - Hollywood's Christophobic Vow

Americans Still Unhappy With U.S. Position in World

The Rise of State Capitalism

BBC News - How did we forget about mutually assured destruction?

History could be a deterrent to Iranian aggression - The Washington Post

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Prospects of Pakistan's Islamist resurgence

Beating History: Why Today's Rising Powers Can't Copy the West - Heather Horn - International - The Atlantic

Conspiracy of errors has saved Bangkok thus far | Bangkok Post: opinion

Obama should take the offensive on Cuba - Andres Oppenheimer - MiamiHerald.com

Venezuelans' presidential election possibilities - latimes.com

Europe v. World - NYTimes.com

The Limits Of A Messy World: Rating Obama’s Foreign Policy Record - Worldcrunch - All News is Global

Fyodor Lukyanov "Anti-Americanism in Russia. " / Russia in Global Affairs

TOC 2012: How Copyright Got a Bad Name

The University Bookman: It’s About the Music

The Future of Reading, From Avant-Garde Poetry to Sportscenter | Epicenter | Wired.com

The American Spectator : Thirty Minutes or Stress

Fidel Castro, 20th century revolutionary

Fidel Castro's Cuba: celebrating 50 years of progress, equality, poverty and murder – Telegraph Blogs

Forts Heiman, Henry, and Donelson

Inside the Mind of Hezbollah

Tim Stanley: God Save The Queen: Why The British Monarchy May Not Outlive Elizabeth | The New Republic

The Real Culture Wars - New York Times

RealClearPolitics - Obama Breaks His Pledge on the Budget

Romney returns to familiar playbook to stop rival Santorum | Reuters

CHART: Don’t Buy The GOP Hype On Obama Budget Deficits | TPMDC

Obama’s Budget Proves He Should Not Be Reelected

Political Animal - 2008 Obama Coalition Returning

RealClearPolitics - Commerce Is the Culture War

» A Post-Obama Vision in 100 Words - Big Government

UN veto suggests assertive China - The China Post

The Catholic bishops aren't alone - chicagotribune.com

Inquirer Editorial: Can solve voting's flaws without requiring ID

It’s math, not politics: Vast debt a killer | UTSanDiego.com

JFK: The hero as creep? | Washington Examiner

Henninger: What Would Clint Eastwood Do? - WSJ.com

RealClearMarkets - The State and Local Pension Crisis

Obama's War on School Vouchers - WSJ.com

The New Haven Experiment - NYTimes.com

OMB director undercuts legal case for Obamacare | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

President Obama Courts Silicon Valley’s New Digital Aristocracy - The Daily Beast

Warren Buffett: Baptist and Bootlegger - Reason Magazine

Comment: Poor, White, and Republican : The New Yorker


Aluminyze.com: Professional Metallic Photo Medium Now Available To Consumers


**Aluminyze - Let Your Photos Shine(http://aluminyze.com/)

**News Video

**NEWS VIDEOS:Waters Silent When Confronted About GOP ‘Demon’ Insults

Barney Frank: ‘Tea Party Has Been Much More Effective Than Occupy’

Boehner Won’t Commit To ‘No Confidence’ Vote For Holder

WH Official On Budget: Obama ‘Not Afraid’ To Act If Congress Won’t

Pelosi: ‘98 Percent Of Catholic Women’ Use Birth Control

Reagan AG: Obama Administration ‘As Close To A Monarchy’ Since Days Of George III

Tea Party Stands Tall In Florida

Waters’ World Goes To CPAC: What Has Obama Done Right?

Maher: Anti-Gay Santorum Believes ‘Life Begins At Erection’

Democrat Congressman: ‘Food Stamp President’ Ads ‘Racist’

How Has Obama Brought ‘Change’ To Washington? Better Websites

Foreign Diplomat Sean Penn Seeks To Resolve UK/Argentine Conflict

Allen West Sings ‘Pretty Woman’

Santelli Demolishes Comparison Between Tea Party And Occupy

Palin Floats Availability For Brokered Convention

Flashback: Santorum Passionately Defends Earmarks

15th/Matthews: Media Rooting For Santorum

Uygur Admits ‘Mistake’ Selectively Editing Breitbart Quote; Doubles Down On Baseless Attack

Mysterious Honduras Prison Fire Leaves 350 Dead

WH Budget Director Contradicts Administration, Admits ObamaCare ‘Fees’ Not Taxes

New Music Video: Obama Girl Having Second Thoughts

Union Shakedown Over Budweiser Hockey Ad

Government Debt Simplified

Santorum: Obama White House Full Of ‘Elite Snobs’

Media Matters’ Best Defense: Tucker’s Timing ‘Suspicious’

Is Media Matters’ David Brock A ‘Dangerous’ Man?

‘Miracle From God’ Lin-Sanity Reaches Frenzy

Palin On Obama Contraception Mandate: ‘Un-American Act Of Our President’

Man Falls Through Ice While Crossing Frozen Canal

Levin: Impeach Obama’s HHS Secretary

Senator: GOP ‘Men’s Club’ Wants Women ‘Barefoot And Pregnant’

Santorum Attacks Obama Over Jeremiah Wright, Cynical Use Of Christianity


Video: Raw Video: Randy Travis Arrest Video Released

Video: Report: Most Honduras Fire Inmates Awaited Trial

Video:How Has Obama Brought 'Change' To Washington? Better Websites

Video:French election battle heats up as Sarkozy throws hat in ring

Video: Missing Tot Mom to Sue State Over Disappearance

Video: Electric Cigarette Explodes in FL Man's Mouth

Video: "Underwear Bomber" to be Sentenced in a Michigan Court

Sean Penn Should Return His Malibu Estate To Mexico

Daily Call Sheet: Julia & Meryl Violate the Geneva Conventions, CBS Embraces Streaming, and Leave Tony Curtis Alone!

‘This Means War’ Latest Rom-Com to Devalue Relationships

BH Interview: Radio Host Michael Medved On Liberal ‘Humanitarians’ and Pop Culture Bias – Part 1

Trailer Talk: ‘Dorothy and the Witches of Oz’ Sends Us Over the Rainbow Again

‘About a Boy’ Director Makes Pro-Illegal Immigration Videos Calling Opponents Racist

O'Reilly Owns Matt Lauer: Whitney Houston Was a 'Drug Addict' and You 'Sensationalized It' - Bill O'Reilly - Fox Nation

The ObamaCare Mandates Have Only Just Begun

Yet Another Taxpayer-Funded University Study Smears Fox News

Senator Roy Blunt Vows to Fight Obamacare’s Anti-Conscience Mandate

Audio:The Lasting Impact of Senator Jesse Helms

Even with a Volatile Stock Market, Personal Retirement Accounts Are Better and Safer than Social Security

Judicial Watch Sues Obama Administration for Records Detailing Bailout Loan to California Solar Manufacturer Heavily in Debt

Denying Sexual Assaults at Occupy Victimizes Women All Over Again

Sherrod Brown Is a Serial Tax Delinquent

If Sarah Palin Is a Kingmaker, Will Mitt Romney Reach the Throne?

Media Matters Wastes Donor Cash, Loads Up on the Goodies

Cenk Uygur Owes Andrew Breitbart An Apology For His Smarmy Sherrod Smear

Behold the Golden Toilet…and the Occupy Protest of Scott Walker at CPAC

Daniel Hannan MEP Reviews the State of Conservatism and Debt in Europe

AIM Video – Imam, Priest, Rabbi: Religious Liberty and the Abortion Pill Mandate

Connecticut Parents Union Preparing for K-12 Reform ‘War’ with Teacher Union Leadership

Lisa Murkowski Backs Romney in Alaska: A Super Tuesday Preview

Why Mitt Romney Will Win the Nomination

‘Fair Share’ Sherrod Brown Delinquent on His Taxes

Texas Redistricting Dispute May Make State Irrelevant In GOP Nomination Battle

Occupy Women’s Pants: Debunking Keith Olbermann’s Pathetic Defense of Rape

Thursday Crib Sheet: MMfA Occupies MSNBC, Rape Defenders

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Dismisses Occupy Behavior That Leads to More Rapes

Shorter John Ziegler: ‘That Crazy Tea Party Will Ruin America’

Media Matters’ Misguided Gloating over FBN Shake Up

A Point By Point Commentary On Keith Olbermann’s “Debunking” Of The Occupy Rape

HuffPo Writer Calling Breitbart ‘Gay Conservative Activist’: Either Shameful or Commendable

Uygur Admits ‘Mistake’ in Selectively Edited Breitbart Quote, Tries to Spin Breitbart as CPAC Aggressor

Cartoon:UI: Media Math

Will Emily Crockett Repeat Her Lie About Andrew Breitbart Being ‘Drunk’ at CPAC? Update: Avoids

Keith Olbermann & Tommy Christopher Intentionally Ignoring Significance Of Occupy Wall Street Assaults

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Defends Occupy Rape Deniers

Sound Bite For The Day: Santorum Just Like Stalin

Paul and Supporters Misunderstand Eisenhower’s ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ Warnings

Thailand: Captured Iranians Planned to Assassinate Israelis

Would Obama Go to War with Iran to Win Reelection?

GOP Pushes Back Against Further Nuke Cuts

Audio:The Iranian Threat in America’s Backyard

Iowa goes hearty and local for Chinese VP dinner

NJ school bus crash kills 1, injures 17

Nigerian underwear bomber to get life sentence

Religious Americans enjoy higher wellbeing: survey

GOP senators unveil new Medicare overhaul plan

Government panel favors some WTC cancer claims

"Spider-Man" Broadway producers, trade group solve dispute

On West Coast, Obama courts campaign donors

Police officer in Ariz. shooting has shot 6 others

British tanks to be sent to Germany for storage so army can sell land in UK

Italy wins bid to provide IAF with combat trainer jets

Drowned girl's mom sought mental help, was rebuffed, relative says

Former Merrill Lynch broker fined 350,000 for 'serious market abuse'

More patients forced to wait longer than 18 weeks for NHS treatment

Libya uprising one year on: remembering the Zawiyah massacre - video

Ban sees possible crimes against humanity in Syria

Student loans payoff charge scrapped, but debt-averse could still be penalised

'Mossad chief did not anticipate attack in India'


16-Feb-12 World View

15-Feb-12 World View


» DHS Stonewalls Congress On Social Media Spying Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama Admin Invested Billions in Companies Supported by Energy Dept Insiders Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

AllGov - News - Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy

» Bill Gates’ GMO & Eugenics Funding Follows Father’s Footsteps: Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year’s top trends

Prison Planet.com » America: Throw Out Time Magazine And The New York Times, Not Your Constitution And Bill of Rights

*16 Feb.

American Minute for February 16th

February 16 Events in History

Today in History: February 16

February 16th in History

February 16th This Day in History

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Today in History: February 16

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