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04 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"







Obama Presses Congress To Solve Housing Crisis In Weekly Address
Rep. Meehan Touts "Common Ground" On Energy, Infrastructure In GOP Weekly
Maher: Occupy Protesters Are "Douchebags" Who Need To "Get A Job"



Klein: Republicans Know Bush Tax Cuts Are A "Budget-Buster"
Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egypt: Don't Use US Constitution As A Model
Gingrich On Not Calling Romney: "Didn't Deserve Congratulations"
O'Reilly: Romney Is A Rich Guy Who Doesn't "Hang Around With The Folks"
DNC Web Ad: Romney Flip-Flopper On Obama
Fineman: Romney's "Tin Ear And Lack Of Ideology" Are Mechanical For Him
Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney Is "Obama Lite"
Steyn Rips Obama's "Brother's Keeper" Remark: His Brother Living On $12/Year
Gingrich On Jobs Report: "I'm Sure The President Will Take Credit"
Santelli: 1.2 Million Fall Out Of Labor Force As Participation Rate Hits 20-Year Low
Obama To Congress: Don't "Muck" Up Economic Recovery
Krauthammer: Trump Endorsement Distracts From Romney's Gaffe


Post-Durban Update
Pakistan PM's Contempt Case
Qatari PM On Escalating Violence In Syria
China To The Rescue For EU?
Should U.S. End Combat Role In Afghanistan Early?
Gates Responds To Afghan Drawdown
Reports Of Rebel Advance In Homs
Raw Video: Troops, Tanks Block Syrian Streets
Leftist Protesters Attack British Banks In Buenos Aires
Raw Video: Iran Reports Satellite Launch
Taliban Willing To Negotiate In Peace Talks
The New Afghan Combat Timetable
Campaign 2012: Latin America
Arab League Looks At Syria's Future



"DMT" Mind-Entheogen? - YouTube


Eric Pepin :: Higher Balance Institute: Energy Movements (Part 1) - YouTube

Eric Pepin :: Higher Balance Institute: Energy Movements (Part 2) - YouTube


Higher Balance Institute (www.higherbalance.com/)


+ Higher Balance Institute Online Catalog


* Free Seminar 1/11/2011: Eric Pepin on World Changes and Spirtuality. - YouTube

*Free Seminar 2/24/2011: World Changes, Siddhis Cube and Spirituality - YouTube



Eric Pepin - (http://www.ericpepin.com/)

Video & Articles ; Eric Pepin

Multi Dimensional Consciousness(http://eric-pepin.blogspot.com/)


Jeff & Linda Stone - Ritual Sex Abuse Victims - YouTube

Rense & Texe Marrs - The Plan - Die America Die - YouTube

Rense & Dr. Ken Johnston NASA airbrushed photos that had shown structures on the moon - Part 1 - YouTube

Rense & Dr. Ken Johnston NASA airbrushed photos that had shown structures on the moon - Part 2 - YouTube

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Are American Politicians Really This Stupid?

Satellite phone encryption cracked - Telegraph

The Jews and the New World Order - YouTube

Iran launches observation satellite - Israel News, Ynetnews

Mitt Romney, Bill Marriott and Illegal Immigration

Mitt Romney, Jack Abramoff, and the Utah Mormon Mafia

George Bush and the "Mormon Mafia"

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors - YouTube

Recapturing The Robber Barons


+Judge says Obama can be on Georgia ballot

Corsi (Corsi's Truth)- YouTube


*Article Links: Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?


WND Press Conference Pt1 - YouTube

WND Press Conference Pt2 - YouTube

WND Press Conference Pt3 - YouTube

WND Press Conference Pt4 - YouTube

WND Press Conference Pt5 - YouTube


Judge Malihi Rules Against Plaintiffs: Says Obama Born In Hawaii Therefore Natural Born Citizen | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Article II Eligibility Facts / Article II Super PAC


Morris - Fiat Money, Sex Changes, Alcohol - Zionist Press - YouTube

TRUMP-ROMNEY: Carnival Barker & Flip-Flopper

+A Double-Duty Solar Solution: How to Build a Solar Water Heater - DIY - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Red wine chemical could drive new treatments - Telegraph

Silver bullet for cancer: Metal can kill some tumours better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects | Mail Online

Kathy Ireland and Carl Levin to Speak at AIPAC Conference | Mantiq al-Tayr

Video: Self-Guided Bullet Spots, Steers and Nails Its Target (UPDATED) | Danger Room | Wired.com

Bizarre UFO

Fourth potentially habitable planet discovered - Telegraph

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: BBC ‘is £3m Brussels propaganda arm’

Surveillance drone industry plans PR effort to counter negative image | UK news | The Guardian

Promoting War

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - The 'Jewish Indiana Jones'

'Jewish Indiana Jones' admits to Torah fraud - Telegraph

'We'll back any nation fighting ... JPost - Iranian Threat - News

Engineering War On Iran All Options On The Table?

CAFR reviews and the path to Ending Taxation progresses. Ready for a "Real" change? | Ron Paul 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

The Daily Bell - HSBC Laundering Billions?

States consider alternative currencies of gold and silver - Feb. 3, 2012

Inspectors find ‘unusual’ wear on new tubes carrying radioactive water at Calif. nuclear plant - The Washington Post

Damage to both reactor units? | unit, reactor, plant - Nuclear leak - The Orange County Register

NHK WORLD English/Safety checks to begin at Fukushima Daiichi plant

Japan Lawmaker: 180,000 students may have eaten radioactive beef — 1,300 Bq/kg served for lunch in Miyagi « ENENews.com

AP: Integrity of Reactor No. 4 building a major concern among experts — Collapse of spent fuel pool could be even worse than 3 reactor meltdowns « ENENews.com

Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant - Asia - World - The Independent

Pet Rescue in Japan's Nuclear Zone - Yahoo!

Stranded dolphins in Cape Cod baffle scientists | Environment | guardian.co.uk


The New Jewish Class Wars | Real Zionist News

Report: Western Troops, Firepower Being Moved to Persian Gulf :

What Will An Israeli Attack on Iran Look Like? - Middle East - News - Israel National News

'All Iranian facilities are vulnerable' - Israel News, Ynetnews

Iran warns world of coming great event

Africa Update - Thomas Mountain - YouTube

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant: Hundreds of Damaged Tubes Discovered, Small Radiation Release Confirmed :

Lieberman to meet with Clinton in Washington next week

Growing concern Israel may strike Iran this spring - CBS News

Morris - British PM on African Foreign Aid - YouTube


Panetta lets stand report that Israel may attack Iran by June - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

What Is a Just War? by Andrew P. Napolitano

* U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms | Video - ABC News

Ron Paul says Latinos have become 'scapegoats' - latimes.com

2012 Primary Debate Schedule(2012 Primary Debate Schedule)

Second GOP debate at Reagan library now uncertain » Ventura County Star

Gingrich to Hold Post-Caucus Press Conference - Ethan Klapper - NationalJournal.com

Nevada Caucus Battle: The Tale of the Tape | Fox News Latino

Romney Fires GOP Operative - The Daily Beast

Gingrich, Santorum Trail Romney in Today's Nevada Republican Primary - Kevin Glass

ElectAd | Rick Santorum Talks To Sean Hannity On The “Hannity Vegas Forum” Special – February 2 2012

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich Talks To Sean Hannity On The “Hannity Vegas Forum” Special – February 2 2012

ElectAd | Mitt Romney Talks To Sean Hannity On The “Hannity Vegas Forum” Special – February 2 2012

ElectAd | Barack Obama Ad: One-Term President?

ElectAd | Donlad Trump Endorses Mitt Romney – February 2 2012

ElectAd | Ron Paul Talks On Face To Face With Jon Ralston – February 1 2012

ElectAd | Buddy Roemer On Morning Joe – February 1 2012

Will upcoming caucus states make the difference for Paul, Santorum?

** GOP Debates Video:

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN/HLN/FloridaGOP) – January 26 2012

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (NBC News/National Journal/Tampa Bay Times) – January 23 2012

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN) – January 19 2012

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Foxnews – Wall Street Journal – SCGOP) – January 16 2012

ElectAd | Huckabee Presidential Forum 2 – January 14 2012

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (NBC News – Facebook) – January 8 2012

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (ABC -Yahoo – WMUR) – January 7 2012

ElectAd | Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum In New Hampshire – December 19 2011

ElectAd | Lesser-Known Republican Candidates Presidential Forum In New Hampshire – December 19 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Foxnews) – December 15 2011

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich/Jon Huntsman Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate – December 12 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (ABC News - Des Moines Register – Iowa Republican Party) – December 10 2011

ElectAd | Huckabee Presidential Forum 1 – December 3 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN – Heritage Foundation – American Enterprise Institute) – November 22 2011

ElectAd | Thanksgiving Family Forum – November 19 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CBS News/National Journal) – November 12 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNBC) – November 09 2011

ElectAd | Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Town Hall – November 7 2011

ElectAd | Newt Gingrich/Herman Cain Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate – November 5 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Forum on Manufacturing (National Association of Manufacturers) Iowa – November 1 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN – Western Republican Leadership) – October 18 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Bloomberg – Washington Post) – October 11 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Foxnews-Google) – September 22 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN – Tea Party) – September 12 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (MSNBC-Politico) – September 7 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Foxnews) – August 11 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (CNN) – June 13 2011

ElectAd | Republican Presidential Debate (Foxnews) – May 5 2011


AUDIO:Ron Paul Weekly Update - January 27th thru February 3rd

AUDIO: Dr. Ron Paul on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight (2/4/2012)

AUDIO: Ron Paul Holds Nevada Economic Press Conference and Rally (2/1/2012)

AUDIO: Rep. Ron Paul on Face to Face with Jon Ralston (2/1/2012)

AUDIO: CNN Coverage of Ron Paul in Nevada (2/1/2012)

AUDIO: Ron Paul Speaks at ‘Hispanics in Politics’ Forum in Las Vegas (2/1/2012)


** Ron Paul 2012 Podcast(http://ronpaul2012.podbean.com/)

**Ron Paul Videos - (http://ronpaulflix.com/)

**Ron Paul 2012 Podcast by Ron Paul - Free Podcast Download

**Ron Paul 2012 Podcast(www.ronpaul2012podcast.com/)


43 MIN./Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory-HAARP - YouTube


*Internet Resources for the International Man by Bill Drake

Country Specific Information(http://travel.state.gov/)

U. S. Dept of State;Bureau of Diplomatic Security(www.osac.gov)

International Crime Threat Assessment(www.fas.org/)

World Intelligence&Security Agencies(www.fas.org/)


World Stats,Country Comparisons(www.nationmaster.com)

Directory/Expatriate (www.expat-blog.com/)

+Promo:Network - International Man(www.internationalman.com/)


Rich Americans Are Fleeing the Country


Scroogle Scraper(www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm)




Google Translate(http://translate.google.com/)


The Government's Secret Real-Life Death Ray

Are Your Phone Conversations Recorded? by Bill Rounds

Wrong Ideas Are Sinking America by Michael S. Rozeff

Cain and Palin Applaud Dishonor by Linda Schrock Taylor

What to Eat on an Upset Stomach | Mark's Daily Apple


The Crucial Pillar of the New World Order by Gary North


+375 pg/ESSAYS ON AMERICAN EMPIRE Liberty vs. Domination by Michael S. Rozeff

+491 pg./THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND MONEY Corruption and Decline



America: Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version / 1:51:16

Taxation By Misrepresentation(http://taxation-by-misrepresentation.com/)

savethemales.ca - IRS's Dirty Secret -- Income Tax is Voluntary!

A World Without Income Tax - Steve Moore on Ron Paul - Judge Andrew Napolitano (2012-01-13) - YouTube

California Sheriff's Deputy Punches Special Needs Women in Face - YouTube

9-11 Attacks: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: Lies And Coverup

CIA Claims Release of its History of the Bay of Pigs Debacle Would “Confuse the Public.” « UNREDACTED


Activist Post: According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity

Anti-Neocons - 4 Ron Paul videos

Why Hasn't This Video Gone Viral - YouTube

Ron Paul Surges Into 2nd Place In Nevada Polling | Ron Paul 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

Romney Gets Bump in Recent Poll, Paul Holds Second | 2012 Nevada Caucus

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Nevada’s Latinos and Immigrants

Is the Bain Capital Video Political Dirt? See Both Sides.

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : CNN Acts Like Maybe... Ron Paul Should GET OUT Of 2012 Presidential Race

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Great Myths of The Great Depression 1929

PLANET OF THE CHIMPS #2: HPV Vaccine Gardasil Should Not Be Given to Boys

HPV Vaccine Should Not Be Given to Boys - Easton, PA Patch

Activist Post: CDC Now Pushes Gardasil HPV Shot on All Boys 11 to 12

RIP-OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE: How they stole it all! « The PPJ Gazette

Gingrich Ends Candidacy - YouTube

The Riddle - YouTube

+Gulf of Mexico: Confirmed oil gushing blown crater was Well No 3 and not 2nd leak on the riser - Picasso Dreams


Newt: I will move US Embassy to Jerusalem - YouTube

Public Prisons Made Private In Florida - YouTube


32 min./The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime! - YouTube


TRUTHER: Nuclear Bible Flashback, Nuclear Reactor Terror, Indy Superbowl & Bio-Terror Drills - YouTube

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight CNN 2/3/12 - YouTube

Anti-Neocons • View topic - The new pathetic "racist" charges attacking Dr. Paul

Santorum Tells Sick Kid Not To Complain About $1 Million Drug Costs Because People Pay $900 For An iPad | ThinkProgress

World Of Technology: ‘Daily Show’ asks Gov. Rick Scott to take drug test

Activist Post: Congress Welcomes Drones Into American Skies ASAP

John Bolton Doesn’t Think It’s In The United States’ ‘Interest To Stay Out’ Of An Israel-Iran War | Mediaite

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Noam Chomsky Supports Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Newt Gingrich Promotes Homeland Security Just Five Days After 9/11

Santorum To Gay Man: You Don't Deserve 'Privilege' Of Marriage Because Gay Unions Don't 'Benefit Society' | ThinkProgress

THE EXPENDABLE PROJECT(www.expendable.tv/)

Santorum: Iran would nuke Missouri - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


30 min./Disarming the 911 Kook Movement - YouTube


*3:05:55/War is always by Deception - YouTube


'Muslims should not trust US, Zionists'

Rick Santorum Hates Ron Paul's Libertarian Ideas - Home - The Daily Bail

Ron Paul: "I Will Cut $1 Trillion In Spending The First Year Without Touching Social Security" - Home - The Daily Bail

Interview - Why Soros Bought $2 Billion In Italian bonds - Home - The Daily Bail

Employees Recorded with a Governmental Trojan? - 12160

Activist Post: FDA Whistleblower Lawsuit Sparks Congressional Investigation

You Will Never Kill Piracy, and Piracy Will Never Kill You - Forbes

Lone Star Watchdog: Crony Capitialism 101 Made Simple Example :Ticketmaster as Legalized Ticket Scalpers

Contrary to Government Claims of 243,000 Jobs Created, Almost 1 Million Jobs Were Actually LOST In January

Ron Paul interview on "Face to Face with Jon Ralston" - Local Nevada News - 12160

Clinic in US accused of using Chinese as 'lab rats' -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日 -- English Window to China New

HSBC Under Investigation for Laundering Billions! - 12160

ID required to buy teaspoons, which are "drug paraphernalia" - Boing Boing

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Disclosed: Fed Prez Who Owns Over $1 Million in Gold

How the government manufactures low unemployment numbers — RT

Final Nail In Today's NFP Tragicomedy: Record Surge In Part-Time Workers | ZeroHedge

Activist Post: The State of US Surveillance

poorrichard's blog: The United Nations Wants To Crash The World Economy In Order To Save The Environment

poorrichard's blog: It's Only $700 Trillion – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Obama Announcing New Programs for Vet Hiring | Military.com

New York Attorney General Sues Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. - 12160

U.S. Military Toxins: The Gift That Keeps on Killing -- In These Times

Activist Post: Crude Awakening: Mineral Oil Contaminates Everyone's Bodies

Amnesty International Closes Online Poll, Hides Human Rights Hero Winner - 12160

PressTV - 'US Muslims live under Nazi-style oppression'

POLL-- Is the Anonymous Movement a Cass Sunstein "Cognitive Infiltration" ?? - 12160

'Multinational companies help stop br... JPost - Health & Science

Israel: smart enough to create Stuxnet and stupid enough to use it — War in Context

Stuxnet code hints at possible Israeli origin, researchers say - Computerworld

» Another Jewish Historical Reference Found In Stuxnet Code - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

BBC News - Mega volcanoes 'may be predicted'


CHART - The Candidates' Tax Returns - Home - The Daily Bail

The Candidates’ Tax Returns - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com

Obama the love child? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

* Photo Archive @ www.navsource.org/

Prison Planet.com » Less than One-Fifth of All Americans Favor Military or Covert Action Against Iran

Prison Planet.com » Marc Faber: “Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President”

Prison Planet.com » Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity

Feds Seize 300 Websites: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Asia Times Online :: Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria

Iran begins war games in Strait of Hormuz | Middle East | Deutsche Welle | 04.02.2012

Prison Planet.com » Beware The Ides of March in 2012: The Double Blow of Economic Collapse And World War Is Coming

Prison Planet.com » I Can’t Take It Anymore! When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics?

Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution « CBS Las Vegas

Prison Planet.com » Kyle Bass: “Don’t Sell Your Gold”

FDA is GMO Friendly Under Monsanto's Michael Taylor: Infowars Nighlty News - YouTube

Brzezinski Fears Global Awakening: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Rich Cabal Meet About Over Population Control: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

ATF Plotted Against 2nd Amendment Using Fast and Furious - YouTube

Anti-SOPA forces have ISP snooping bill in their crosshairs | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

EU says Google should 'halt' its upcoming privacy changes | Mail Online

Muslim sales manager arrested as terrorist for call to ‘blow away’ the competition | The Raw Story


Domesticated Through Foods with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs 1/3 - YouTube

Domesticated Through Foods with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs 2/3 - YouTube

Domesticated Through Foods with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs 3/3 - YouTube


The Problem in America is Big Government 1/3 - YouTube

The Problem in America is Big Government 2/3 - YouTube

The Problem in America is Big Government 3/3 - YouTube


Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi 1/3 - YouTube

Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi 2/3 - YouTube

Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi 3/3 - YouTube


Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier 1/4 - YouTube

Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier 2/4 - YouTube

Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier 3/4 - YouTube

Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier 4/4 - YouTube

The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier 1/3 - YouTube

The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier 2/3 - YouTube

The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier 3/3 - YouTube


Diminishment of Sovereignty 1/3 - YouTube

Diminishment of Sovereignty 2/3 - YouTube

Diminishment of Sovereignty 3/3 - YouTube


State of the Union 2012 - YouTube

Ron Paul - FACE TO FACE 02/01/12 - YouTube

Forget Bullets! NEW Gun Shoots Laser Guided Mini-Missiles! - YouTube

Jim Brown: Which Republicans are not Endorsing in the Presidential Race?

» Hot Dog Venders as Anti-Terror Heroes of the Super Bowl: Nightly News Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama Allows Yemeni Dictator in U.S. for Medical Treatment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

New York Times loses $40million in 2011 | Mail Online


» Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


» China Rejects Genetically Modified Rice in Opposition to GMO Crops Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


**Controlling Our Food

(copy 1)The World According to Monsanto

(copy 2)The World According To Monsanto - FULL LENGTH - YouTube


Health Risks of GM Foods:Summary /Debate - (www.seedsofdeception.com/)


The bitter taste of sugar prohibition | | Independent Battle of Ideas Blogs

» Alleged Breast Cancer-Abortion Link Cited As Komen Refuses Planned Parenthood Split Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Pastor Clenard Childress: The Negro Project - YouTube


China buying Gold like cheap cabbage, COMEX Gold speculator positions surge | www.commodityonline.com | 3

The Chinese Government Is Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States

AP-China Wants to Build US Roads and Bridges

Facebook’s new friend request: Political insiders - The Washington Post

» New Report Shows Illegal Aliens are Leaving Arizona Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» European Parliament official denounces ACTA for secrecy, dishonesty Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» America’s Pacific Century Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Robert Fisk: An attack on Tehran would be madness. So don't rule it out - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

» ‘U.S. uses Depleted Uranium, makes graveyards in Afghanistan’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Heinz Endowments fund Flight 93 oral histories | CNSnews.com

Fiscal Hawk Blocks Federal Aid for 9/11 Memorial Museum - Fox News

Obama plan would hire vets as cops, firefighters | Reuters


Russia and China veto UN resolution on Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent

Russia, China veto U.N. resolution telling Assad to quit | Reuters

American tourists kidnapped by gunmen in Egypt freed | World news | The Guardian

» Empire of Drones: Spies in the Sky Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


September 11 Museum (www.911memorial.org/)


FEMA DEATH CAMPS 2012(www.uaff.us/)


*Videos: Prison Planet.com » The Problem in America is Big Government

*Videos: Prison Planet.com » Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier

*Videos: Prison Planet.com » The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier

*Videos: Prison Planet.com » Diminishment of Sovereignty

*Videos: Prison Planet.com » Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi

*Videos: Prison Planet.com » Domesticated Through Foods with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs


Deconstructing The "Massive Beat" in Employment Data | ZeroHedge

American Airlines’ request for pension bailout draws criticism - The Washington Post

Interview with John Perkins, former Economic Hitman, about 2012, government corruption, and more - YouTube


+What Really Happened with Michael Rivero – February 1-2nd, 2012

+Alan Watt ‘Cutting Through The Matrix’ – February 2nd, 2012


UK elderly are “wasting too many bedrooms”

ObamaCare Abortions: Will Catholics Vote for Him A Second Time?

A Beating and Racial Slurs – but No Hate-crime Charges

Judge Malihi Decides Against Plaintiffs of Obama’s Georgia Eligibility

Trump’s Paper Tiger Rebellion Against Conservatives

Admission: Journalists are Liberals Not Interested in Facts and Truth

U.S. intelligence chief warns of cyber “Cold War”

GUN CONTROL. . . . no right answers?

Obama’s Attempt to Reshape Capitalism


Obama Speech at National Prayer Breakfast: Insincere Theological Farce


*National Prayer Breakfast - YouTube

Obama’s “green energy” policies won’t work unless pump prices are rocketing upward!

Debbie Schlussel:Israel, Iran, Obama & the “Impending” Nukes Strike

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Anchorwoman Has Hard Time Reporting on Cockfighting

Rush Gets To The Bottom Of This ‘Seasonal Adjustment’ Business

If The Economy Is Improving: Rush Asks All The Pertinent Questions

Rush Suggests New Group “Hobos For Romney”

Rush: Susan G. Komen Foundation ‘Heads Are Spinning’ Not Having The Slightest Clue What Planned Parenthood Was All About

Sen. Hatch Blasts Obama: ‘Only One Person…Walked on Water’


The Moon Is Hollow: How Come? | Before It's News


+The Nephilim Built The Pyramids - The Great Separation: Coast To Coast With Dr. Patrick Heron | Before It's News

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46 min./Phenomenon zecharia sitchkin The Lost Archives annunaki sumerian gods Genesis Revisited .avi - YouTube


Sumerian Artifacts And Ancient Astronauts - YouTube

Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL) - YouTube

Is our Moon a ship that brought the Annunaki? - YouTube

The 12th Planet written by Zecharia Sitchin (Audiobook)‏ annunaki .flv - YouTube

REPTILIAN AGENDA 2012 - 2016 - BIBLE PROPHECY: THE ENDTIMES (it's not "God's Plan") - YouTube

David Icke - The Sumerian Alien Origin - YouTube

C2CAM - Time Travel, Prophecy, & the Bible - Gary Stearman-10.02.2011 - YouTube

TRANSHUMANISM (DNA Super Soldiers-Super Humans,etc.) Tom Horn interview, by Alex Ansary.mp4 - YouTube

The Book Of Genesis-- Audio Visual - YouTube

The Truth About Nephilim Giants (Full Video) - Steven Quayle - YouTube

C2CAM-The Antichrist & Prophecy- Patrick Heron 05_21_2009 - YouTube

The Book of Daniel--Audio - YouTube

The Book Of Enoch - YouTube

The Jesus Movie 1979 Full - YouTube

C2CAM The Nephilim Built the Pyramids -The Great Separation - Patrick Heron - YouTube


Obama's latest crisis: Iran

Paul counting on rural Nevadans

5 things to watch in Nevada

Who Benefited From 911? Urban Renewal With A Demonic Twist | Before It's News

California judges use 1-liner on eligibility case

Justice Thomas: We are evading the eligibility issue - YouTube

Thousands tracking ‘cover-up’ of Fast and Furious

Buerkle to AG Holder: You Must Be Held Accountable For Fast & Furious Failure & Agent Terry's Murder - YouTube

Supreme Court justice: U.S. Constitution inferior

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interview with Al Hayat TV in Egypt - YouTube

'Made in China' Is Starting to Get Too Expensive - DailyFinance

See big bank money-laundering evidence

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ | CNSnews.com

White House advisers: ‘It’s time’ to hush Rush


+The 10 Rules For Your Emergency Food Pantry | Before It's News

- What Is The Best Survival Preparedness Item? | Before It's News

- Medical Supplies – Stock Up! | Before It's News

* List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies - Modern Survival Blog – surviving uncertain times


**Cooking and Recipes


Scott Walker Supporters Take Up Effort to Write in Gov’s Name in Democratic Primary

Bill Maher ‘Unbaptizes’ Romney’s Dead Father-in-Law: ‘I Call Upon the Mormon Spirits to Leave Your Body the F**k Alone’

U.S. Army Silences Catholic Chaplains From Speaking out Against Obama Admin Ruling

Romney & Gingrich Both Expect Romney to Win Nevada Vote

Steven Tyler ‘Meant’ to Sing the National Anthem Like That…

‘Conservatives Only’ Dating Site Ramps Up for a ‘Lib-Free‘ Valentine’s Day

Painting of Obama Trampling Constitution Resurfaces, Artist‘s New Work Tells ’Enslaved‘ Americans to ’Wake Up!’

Radio Silence From Researchers Drilling Into 20-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake

These Are the 15 Most Prosperous Retailers in the World

Atheists’ Anti-Religion Billboard Campaign Targets African Americans

‘Supergiant’ Crustacean 20 Times Larger Than Usual Surprise Scientists

Pakistan May Be Holding ‘Traitor’ Who Helped Take Down Bin Laden, Congressman Asks to Grant ‘Hero’ U.S. Citizenship

Michelle Obama to Celebrate Anti-Childhood Obesity Program at ‘Healthier’ Olive Garden

Murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Mother to Eric Holder: You‘re a ’Coward‘ and a ’Joke’

‘53’ States? Video of Teens Failing Miserably at a Civics Quiz Is So Depressing It’s Funny

‘Best Yet’: Another Potentially Habitable, Earth-Like Planet Discovered

Educating Mitt on the 'safety net'

Daily Kos and George Soros

Have American leaders been bribed, again?

Gingrich: An operator, not an innovator

Net data collection: Be very afraid!

The diabolical Justice Brennan

A congressman's Agenda 21 ignorance

Any true Americans left among us?

Obama's latest vote-buying scheme

Zombie » The Coming of the New Ice Age: End of the Global Warming Era?

TaxProf Blog: Number of U.S. Expatriates Continues to Soar

Planet found at perfect spot for life - in solar system with three suns - CSMonitor.com

Lake Vostok: Russian scientists drilling into 'alien' Antarctic lake buried for 20m years | Mail Online

Mystery illness: more cases emerge - Video on msnbc.com

UFO Chased Over Skies of Los Angeles (Video) | Gather

What's Taking E.T. So Long to Find Us? : Discovery News

Virtual Reality Contact Lenses Could Be Available by 2014: Scientific American

CultureLab: Animals get arty

Contradictions Don't Deter Conspiracy Theorists | Psychology of Conspiracy Theories | Princess Diana & Osama bin Laden | LiveScience

Stonehenge Precursor Found? Island Complex Predates Famous Site

Shaking Down The Working Class, State By State

David Brooks: The Villagers' Mr. 'Common Sense Center'

What Cancer Is, and What It's Not

Lizz Winstead: If You Don't Support Health Care for Women, How Can You Call Yourself Pro-Life

The Great Task Force and Settlement Debate

Was Komen's Nancy Brinker Lying Yesterday Or Is She Lying Today?

Average Corporate Tax Rate Falls to 12%, Lowest in Decades

FBI Anti-Anonymous Conference Call Hacked by Anonymous

Orrin Hatch to Obama: Don't Tout Christianity for Public Policy - That's My Thing!

Fox Talker Sandy Rios: Komen Backlash Is 'An Absolute Shakedown'

Alan Grayson's Opponent's Creepy Slave Ship Ad

Obama Gets Biblical on Republican Tax Critics

Chris Rock: 'I'll Pay Higher Taxes'

Take Action to Stop Assault On Unions in FAA 'Compromise' Bill

Komen Apologizes; Pledges To Continue Planned Parenthood Grants - Updated

Rick Scott and Florida Republicans Look to Privatize Prisons

AL Lawmaker Says Teacher Pay Raises 'Against Biblical Principle,' But Not His

TPC Exclusive: What it’s like to be an African American Democrat at a GOP presidential debate | The Political Carnival

Rescuing Slums in Latin America

The Coming Civil War in Afghanistan - By Arif Rafiq | Foreign Policy

Beijing’s South China Sea Gamble | The Diplomat

WPR Article | The Realist Prism: Preparing for the 'Day After' in Syria

Football violence fits in a worsening pattern in Egypt - The National

America in Afghanistan: Outta here | The Economist

Trading Threats With Iran - NYTimes.com

The Choice - Yochi J. Dreazen - NationalJournal.com

Eurozine - War in Europe? Not so impossible - Ovidiu Nahoi

Obama's Turn on Nuclear Weapons | Foreign Affairs

Franklin Graham Condemns Bombing of Sudanese Bible School, Christian News

The American Spectator : Civil Disobedience in Obama's Second Term

A meeting of hearts if not minds - latimes.com

The Church of Planned Parenthood - Ricochet.com

Religion News Service | Ethics | Money & Giving | Yes, Mormons tithe, but most others don’t

Hear, O Friends of Israel » Main Feature » Jewish Ideas Daily

Pastors Dodge Environment Talk to Avoid 'Liberal' Label?, Christian News

Alain de Botton's atheist temple is a nice idea, but a defunct one | John Gray | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Real Trouble With E-Books | Writing | SPLICETODAY.com

Eric Alterman: Think Again: When Books Disappear

Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom | New York Journal of Books

History News Network:Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: FDR at Yalta

'A Clockwork Orange' Strikes 40 - Adam Chandler - Entertainment - The Atlantic

Yalta and the Roots of the Cold War

American President: George Washington: Life Before the Presidency

Presidential elections shouldn’t be based on popular vote | The Crimson White

How Facebook Was Founded

Venezuela and the Rise of Chavez: A Background Discussion Paper - Council on Foreign Relations

The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst. — The Claiming of Patty Hearst — Crime Library on truTV.com

IBM's Watson is changing careers - Big Tech - Fortune Tech

Disagreements on cyber risk East-West Cold War | Reuters

Is GPS All in Our Heads? - NYTimes.com

Who Really Was Behind the SOPA Protests? | PCWorld Business Center

What’s the Deal with Color? | Sound and Vision Magazine

How to properly secure your iPhone or Android device | ExtremeTech

Facebook’s only weakness: Mobile | ExtremeTech

Was Your Email Account Hacked? PwnedList Can Tell You | PCWorld

The Dirty Little Secret Of Silicon Valley's Startup Boom... - SVW

Censoring the Web Every Which Way | John C. Dvorak | PCMag.com

You Will Never Kill Piracy, and Piracy Will Never Kill You - Forbes

Lizards Give Glimpse of Rare Evolutionary Process

Hormone-Regulated Genes Control Gender Behavior

Butterflies Inspire Insect-Sized Flying Robots

Let battle commence: US diver hopes to find £2bn treasure on British war wreck - Americas - World - The Independent

Mars too dry for life - Telegraph

NASA Probe Discovers 'Alien' Matter From Beyond Our Solar System | NASA & IBEX Mission | The Solar System & Interstellar Space | Space.com

Tiny volcanic moon controls Jupiter's auroras - space - 03 February 2012 - New Scientist

Five Orcas, Five Slaves or Five Persons? - Miller-McCune

Zoos tighten security as threat of animal poaching grows | Environment | The Guardian

Flawed Studies Link Diet Soda To Weight Gain, Heart Attacks @PolicyMic | Cameron English

Life's Too Short: How to Read the Right Books | Floating University | Big Think

Colleges need to make sure students are actually learning - latimes.com

One dinosaur too many? » Scienceline

DailyTech - Self-Guided Bullet is a Soldier's Best Friend

Earth From Space: The Secret of NASA's Amazing 'Blue Marble' Photos | Earth Images & Suomi NPP Satellite | Weather, Climate Chang | Space.com

Chrystia Freeland | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters.com

Depsite the latest jobs report, we’re still losing the unemployment war - The Washington Post

Obama’s Jobs Gains Piddly Compared With Millions Of Jobs That Never Materialized - Investors.com

Cramer: Things Are Better - TheStreet

President Obama's State Of The Union Confusion And Deception - Forbes

Michael Kinsley: A 'Buffett Rule' for tax equality? - latimes.com

At 102%, His Tax Rate Takes the Cake - Common Sense - NYTimes.com

Floating Facebook: The value of friendship | The Economist

Why Facebook is likely to do a face-plant - Chuck Jaffe - MarketWatch

America's jobs report: Happy new year | The Economist

The GOP Has Obama's Number: 8.5 Percent

Facebook IPO: Is the social networking behemoth really a good business? - Slate Magazine

Institutional Investor Global finance market news, analysis and research

Expect China to Shape the Next Bretton Woods Pact: Philip Coggan - Bloomberg

6 pg./Obstacle Course: Obama and the 2012 Electoral Landscape

Beyond Blue Part Two: Recasting The Dream | Via Meadia

Rocky Terrain: Obama's Electoral College Map Grows Steeper - 2012 Decoded

The importance of U.S. military might shouldn’t be underestimated - The Washington Post

Afghan shift: The U.S. is right to curtail combat earlier

Don’t trample on religious liberty | UTSanDiego.com

Campaign 2012 so far: Analyzing the GOP candidates - latimes.com

We’re ripe for a great disruption in higher education - The Globe and Mail

The Cheating and Fraud at Claremont McKenna

In Rise of Gold Bugs, History Repeats Itself - NYTimes.com

Big Sister Is Watching You - WSJ.com

‘Throw Them All Out’ Author Lauds Insider-Trading Ban Move by Congress - The Daily Beast

Romney, the Rich and the Rest - NYTimes.com

WOLF: Obamacare is worth getting angry about - Washington Times

The Success of Romney's Health-Care Pander

RealClearPolitics - Is January Jobs Report a Turning Point for Obama?

**Videos: History News Network:(http://hnn.us/)

‘Rebecca’ (1940) Blu-ray Review: Hitchcock’s Classic American Debut Arrives on Blu-ray

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Blu-ray Review: That Most American of Movies Arrives in High-Definition

William Shatner Dishes on Khan, George Takei and El Rushbo

Box Office Predictions: ‘Chronicle’ Takes the Movies, Pats Take the Super Bowl

BH Interview: ‘Fools on the Hill’ Pushes Politicians to Read Bills Before Signing Them

+Actor Ben Gazzara Dies at 81

Leave Ellen Alone: ‘Family Group’ Protests JCPenney for Hiring DeGeneres

Why Haunted House Films Can’t Scare Us Anymore

Remembering Don Cornelius, TV’s ‘Great Unifier’

Energy Independence: Frack We Must

How Does the Nevada Caucus Work?

Obama, You’re No Jack Kennedy

Charles Sykes Makes the Case That We Are a ‘Nation of Moochers’

Political Moneyball: The Conservative Strategy for Winning the Fight Coming After the Election

In Nevada, It’s Romney’s to Lose

Scott Douglas: Covert Communist Supporter Leads Charge Aganst Alabama Anti Illegal Immigration Law

Obamacare Moves Forward With Job-Killing IRS Regulations

Federal Court Forces EPA to Enforce Rules Agency Believes Are Faulty

Poll Dancing Through America’s Safety Net

Seven Laws You Have to Follow but Members of Congress Don’t

Andrea Mitchell Attacks Komen With Activist Journalism

Saturday Morning Crib Sheet: O’Donnell’s Office Romance, Lauer Scores Obama Superbowl Interview

After Planned Parenthood PR Blitz, Susan G Komen Foundation Caves and Reverses Funding Decision

NewsBusted: Barney Frank Is Getting Married!

Dare to Dream: ‘Tweets and Blogs Threaten Future of Newspapers’

Jenn Rubin: Mitt To Take 5 Point Hit Over Trump Endorsement

Raging Hypocrisy Alert: Politico’s Jonathan Martin Defends Use of ‘Cracker’

MMFA Prop Watch: The Week of February 3rd, 2012

MSM To Eric Holder’s Rescue From Big Bad Bully Darrell Issa

The Land of Israel Is Ours to Defend

Army Orders Court-Martial for Alleged Wikileaks Source Bradley Manning

For Whom the Drone Tolls: Air Force to Cut 10,000 Airmen Next Year

‘Heinrich Himmler: A Life’ Review: Portrait of a Monster Brought Down to Size

Sudan Bombs US-Funded Bible School, US Condemns

Muslim Brotherhood Trying to Police the NYPD

Report: Syrian Forces ‘Torture Children as Young as 13′

Some former Komen supporters can't forgive, forget

US renews warning to Egypt over aid

Some blacks insist: 'I'm not African-American'

Clinton says time to act decisively on Syria

Obama-backed Syria resolution rebuffed

Not possible to work with Russia on Syria resolution: Clinton

Assad should step down, says Obama

Charges dropped against U.S. soldier in Afghan murder

U.N. must take stand against Syria brutality: Obama

Reports: Russia's foreign minister says consensus on UN Syria resolution still possible.

US, Russia may cooperate on missile defense

Obama: Assad must step down 'immediately'

Mitt Romney on course for easy victory in Nevada as caucuses open

Phil Spector murder victim's mother settles civil case

Anti-Putin protesters march through Moscow

Pakistan seeks a place at Qatar Taliban talks

Wave of Syrian violence called 'massacre,' comes ahead of U.N. vote

Los Angeles teacher arrested over alleged child abuse

Activists, police clash at Syrian embassy in Kuwait

White House gives up more Solyndra docs - The Hill's E2-Wire

Susan G. Komen-Planned Parenthood showdown: Andrea Mitchell brought passion to story - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

Amid peace bid, U.S. got purported letter from Taliban | Reuters


4-Feb-12 World View

3-Feb-12 World View


**NEWS VIDEOS:PBS’s Moyers Says Saul Alinsky ‘A Good American’

Jimmy Kimmel’s Nasty Newt Gingrich Ad Parody

3rd/Supreme Court Justice To Egypt: South Africa’s Constitution Better Model Than U. S.

NBC News’ Bashir: Congress’ Reputation ‘Soiled’ By ‘Fast And Furious’

Santorum: Iran Nukes Threaten Missouri

Anchorwoman Freudian Slip

New Jack In The Box Ad Redefines Marriage

Unions Threaten To Disrupt Super Bowl

Obama: We Can’t Go Back To Policies That Caused Recession

Sisterhood: NBC News Star Mitchell Thanks Senator Boxer for Planned Parenthood Advocacy

Democrat Breaks Ranks On ‘Fast & Furious’: Congressman Calls Out Attorney General’s ‘Troubling’ Behavior

New Gingrich Ad: Romney ‘George Soros Approved Candidate’

Current TV’s Primetime: David Shuster’s Ugly, Hateful Rant On Conservatives

Watters’ World: Charlie Rangel Tries To Talk Football

Roseanne Announces Presidential Run

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Intercept Call Between FBI, Scotland Yard

Victory For Abortion Factory

Planned Parenthood To The Rescue: New Ad Defends Obama’s Forced Contraception Edict

Billionaire Adopts Adult Girlfriend As Daughter

Jobless Rate Falls To 8.3%

Komen Foundation Cuts Ties To Planned Parenthood

Mass Voter Fraud Discovered In Florida

Government Employee Unions Raising Hell in Arizona

Paul Ryan to Bernanke: Obama’s Policies Have Failed

Ed Schultz’ Orwellian Doublespeak On Right To Work

EU Blocks Deutsche, NYSE Merger

2nd/Holder To Puerto Rican Congressman: ‘Wherever You’re From’

Trump Endorses Romney

Green Filmmaker Arrested At House Energy Hearing For No Press Pass

96 – 3: Congressional Insider Trading Bill Passes Senate

Pelosi: Girl Scouts’ Partnership With Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’

Congresswoman Shames Holder: ‘How Many More’ Agents Have To Die ‘For You To Take Responsibility?’

The People Vs Eric Holder

#OccupyOakland City Hall Break-In Caught On Tape

Schumer Admits Obama Most Wall Street-Funded President

Koch Bros Fight Back Against Personal Attacks From Obama Campaign

Lawmaker Targets ‘Violent Video Games’ For New Tax

Facebook Goes Public, Projected To Raise Five Billion

Happy Groundhog Day

Pelosi Falsely Claims Catholic Church Supports ObamaCare Forced Contraception Policy

Obama: Jesus Would Tax The Rich

1st/Undeterred: Romney Keeps Singing ‘America The Beautiful’

Conservative Group Slams Obama Over False Solyndra Promises


States consider alternative currencies of gold and silver - Feb. 3, 2012

Isotopes hint at North Korean nuclear test : Nature News & Comment

HSBC Laundering Billions? - BlackListedNews.com

A belated reward for Riley Fox murder lead

Schools fear Quinn idea to shift pension costs

Russia and China veto resolution on Syria at UN

Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria - YouTube

Major pro-Putin demo counters the opposition

Iran launches new military exercises

Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Unknown Taliban Leader

Life term for Cambodia Khmer Rouge jailer Duch

Costa Concordia: 'clothing and lingerie of Moldovan dancer found in Captain Schettino's cabin' - Telegraph

Occupy DC camp raided by police

Economy key in Nevada Republican caucus - YouTube

Super Bowl ad makes New York Mayor Bloomberg gun control king

Romney looks to boost front-runner status in Nevada

LA teacher's neighbors shocked over arrest for alleged lewd acts

1 dead, 2 injured in explosion in military housing near Calif. Marine Corps base

Ex-Lacrosse Player's Trial Shines Light on U.Va.

Officer stabbed to death taking suspect to jail

GOP senators unveil bill to spare Pentagon from automatic defense cuts

Obama pushes housing plan in weekly address

Paul Defends Romney On 'Poor' Comment

Payroll Tax-Cut Negotiators Split Over What to Include in Bill

Army Orders Court-Martial in WikiLeaks Case

Roseanne Barr is running for president as a Green Party candidate

Air Force announces force structure overview for FY 13 and beyond

Ron Paul Has ‘No Idea How To Respond’ To Piers Morgan’s Sylvester Stallone Comparison | Mediaite

Let's fix jobs before we fix the deficit

Illinois man delivers Super Bowl pizza to troops

Bernanke Says Economy Vulnerable to Shocks Even Amid Signs of Improvement

Oil risks fuelling flames of Sudan conflict

Trump to Romney: Go get 'em

Santorum campaigns in Missouri

Santorum Fails to Qualify for Indiana Ballot

'Buffett Rule' Becomes A Bill, And Congress Bickers

Special Report: Mormonism besieged by the modern age

Obama: Jesus would back my tax-the-rich policy

Buddy Roemer is first in line for federal matching funds for presidential campaign

For Romney and Paul, a strategic alliance between establishment and outsider

Barack Obama: Doing what Jesus would do?

Controversy surrounds graphic anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial

FBI Admits Hacker Group's Eavesdropping

Micron CEO Steve Appleton killed in plane crash in Boise, Idaho - KBOI-TV - YouTube

Zuckerberg's taxes on IPO? How about $2 billion

Is this Facebook's great leap forward?

For Facebook 'Hacker Way' is way of life

Google's new search services and privacy policy have some calling for a boycott

EU Presses Google to Delay Privacy Policy Changes

Micron CEO Steve Appleton Dies in a Plane Crash

Angelic "Steve Jobs" loves Android in Taiwan TV ad

Apple releases major security update for OS X

Report: Smartphone Shipments Overtake PCs in 2011

The $1.6 Billion Woman, Staying on Message

Ben Gazzara, Risk-Taking Actor, Is Dead at 81

DVD Extra: 'To Kill a Mockingbird' at 50

Album review: Van Halen's 'A Different Kind of Truth'

Madonna On 'WE,' Super Bowl XLVI, Strong Women And Motherhood

What to Watch This Super Bowl Sunday - Instead of, You Know, the Big Game

Lindsay Lohan Calls BS on Boozing Story -- Threatens to Sue

Adam Lambert Joining Queen? Not So Fast

Don Cornelius remembered by friends, fans in NYC as an inspiring and generous pioneer - The Washington Post

Does Mars have life? New study says it's unlikely on the surface

Russian scientists eye mission to moon this decade

Second 'sunken UFO' claim doesn't really hold water

Blue Marble Mojo

Habitable Zones Around Alien Suns May Depend on Chemistry

NASA takes first ever video of dark side of the moon

Milky Way Has a Mysterious Twin

NASA flooded with applications for next class of astronauts

Reports: Iran successfully launches small Earth-watching satellite

Seeing visions: Science's annual visual challenge – in pictures

"Alien" matter beyond solar system spotted by NASA probe

Image Of The Day: A Crack Across The Pine Island Glacier

NASA Identifies High-Priority Technologies for Next 5 Years

Three States to Require Insurers to Disclose Climate-Change Response Plans

Some former Komen supporters can't forgive, forget

Komen Charity Reverses Planned Parenthood Grant Cuts - YouTube

Malaria deaths hugely underestimated - Lancet study

Lack of Sunlight, Vitamin D Tied to Stroke Risk

Siblings' brain scans may hold key to addictions

Path Is Found for the Spread of Alzheimer's

Eggs recalled in 34 states over listeria concerns

Cardinal and the DEA at odds

Latest illnesses point to raw milk's popularity

US Fears Iran's Links to Al Qaeda

Iran : Fact Checking the Media

Iran is the Root of all Evil

How Hollywood Spreads Propaganda.

Russia, US Acting Together

US Preparing Something Against Iran

The Genius of Chavez

Obama’s Refinancing Swindle

War on Iran Propaganda: The Lord High Almighty Pooh-Bah of Threats


**Podcast Show #75;The Boiling Frogs Presents Philip Giraldi


Sovereign Debt and "Triple A Ratings": The People's AAA : Audit, Action and Abolition of Neoliberal Economic Policies

The Euro Zone and the Crisis of Sovereign Debt

"Responsibility to Kill" (R2K): Washington Gives Green Light to Toxic Terror in Bahrain

Iraq War Crimes: Haditha: Another Small Massacre – No One Guilty

In The "Real Non-Propaganda World", Does Iran Constitute a Nuclear Menace?.

SYRIA: Fabricating a Pretext to Launch a US-NATO Sponsored "Humanitarian War"

Rohrabacher Wants Immediate End to Forced Birth Control Coverage, Rest of Obamacare

Boehner: Obama Contraception Mandate ‘Violates Our Constitution’

Former DEA Chief: Hezbollah Eyeing Southwest Border, ‘Hell to Pay in the Not Too Distant Future’

Romney Says He’ll Rescind Contraception Mandate Not Just for Religious Institutions, But for Everyone

Sierra Club Admits to Taking $26 Million from Natural Gas Industry to Attack Coal Industry

44.7 Million Americans Now on Food Stamps -- More than at Any Time Under Bush

Barry Goldwater Jr.: No GOP Candidate Has 'Sealed the Deal'

Iran Begins New Military Exercises in South

Iran's Khamenei Vows Iran Won’t Back Down

Santorum: Obama Most Anti-Religion President in History

Among Uncommitted Voters, Obama Job Approval at 20%

Gingrich Hoping to Beat Paul for 2nd Place in Nev.

Panetta Says US Military Not Abandoning Europe

Labor Market Said to Contract by 1.2 Million People

Japanese Entrepreneurs Aim for Silicon Valley

Pew Study: Facebook Users Get More Than They Give

Sheriffs Stand Tall | American Free Press

Muslim businessman becomes 'terror suspect' after he texts staff he's going to 'blow away' the competition | Mail Online

Insight: Oil industry sees no threat from electric car | Reuters

Strange New Respect for Mormon Faith When It Comes to Amnesty for Illegals at NYTimes | NewsBusters.org


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