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02 February 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"


Black History Month





Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of "African-Americans For Obama"
Michelle Obama Takes On Ellen DeGeneres In Push-Up Challenge
O'Reilly: There Will Be 12 Battleground States In 2012
Palin: "Imperative That Voters Do Not Become Lazy In Primary Process"
Fineman: Romney Makes "Extreme Statements" To Portray Toughness
Axelrod: Romney's "Great Negative Campaign" Didn't Add To His "Luster"
Corn: Gingrich's "Spite and Bile" Prevent Him From Dropping Out
Krauthammer On "Poor" Comment: Romney Can't Explain Conservative Ideas
"Special Report" Online Show On The 2012 Race
Rep. Steve Israel: Voters Have "Buyer's Remorse" With GOP Congress

Top Risks And Ethical Decisions 2012
Chinese Workers Kidnapped In North Africa
China's Change In Leadership
Afghanistan: Early Exit?
Clark: Afghanistan Given Fair Notice
Is Afghanistan Announcement Political?
Talat Masood About Leaked NATO Report On Taliban
Report: Taliban Encouraged By Pakistan To Fight
Greek Soccer Teams Go On Strike
Europe Hit By Record Low Temperatures
Avalanche Kills Three In Japan
Egypt Mourns Soccer Deaths
Iran And The U.S.-Saudi Relationship
How Long Can Assad Remain In Power?


Top Risks And Ethical Decisions 2012
Chinese Workers Kidnapped In North Africa
China's Change In Leadership
Afghanistan: Early Exit?
Clark: Afghanistan Given Fair Notice
Is Afghanistan Announcement Political?
Talat Masood About Leaked NATO Report On Taliban
Report: Taliban Encouraged By Pakistan To Fight
Greek Soccer Teams Go On Strike
Europe Hit By Record Low Temperatures
Avalanche Kills Three In Japan
Egypt Mourns Soccer Deaths
Iran And The U.S.-Saudi Relationship
How Long Can Assad Remain In Power?

Rick Santorum: Gingrich Not A "True Conservative"
Carville: Romney "Doesn't Understand Conservative Doctrine"
Romney: "I'm Not Concerned About The Very Poor"
Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Of Dropping Out
Romney Gets "Glitter Bombed" In Minnesota
Bashir, Jesse Jackson Link Brewer, West To Violence Against Obama
Crossroads GPS Ad: "Every Level"
Sen. Reid: "I'm Happy I've Done Earmarks All My Career"
Obama To Homeowners: "Programs We Put Forward Haven't Worked At The Scale We Hoped"
Maddow: Gingrich Making Fun Of Obama Singing Was Racist



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Bill Gates Funds Technology to Destroy Sperm! Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

U.S. Intel Director Prepares Public for New False Flag! Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream 1/4 - YouTube

War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream 2/4 - YouTube

War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream 3/4 - YouTube

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The Army of Control 1/4 - YouTube

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Infowars Nightly News for Wednesday, February 1, 2012. (Full) - YouTube

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Ancient Mysteries & Parallel Dimensions - Coast to Coast AM - Graham Hancock - 10-18-10 - YouTube

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Prophecies & Antichrist - YouTube

Contamination, Fish Deaths, & Alien Abduction - YouTube

Area 51 Secrets & UFO Investigations - YouTube

Terrorism & 9-11 - YouTube

UFO's And Government Documents - YouTube

Aliens And Secret Government Groups - YouTube

Reptilians And Underground Bases - YouTube


Dark Mission / Ancient ET Moon Discovery - 3-Hours - YouTube

Hyper-Dimensional ET Physics on Mars - 2-Hours - YouTube

Col. Philip J. Corso - The Lost Interview on UFOs - YouTube

The Legacy of Col. Philip Corso - UFO and ET Technology - YouTube

UFOs and MJ-12 - Stanton Friedman LIVE - YouTube

Sex, God and Revolution - Feature Film - YouTube

The Black Vault and UFO Secrecy - John Greenewald, Jr. LIVE - YouTube

The Oracle - A 400 Year Old Secret - HD

Ancient Alien Pyramid Mystery - Full Feature

The Enemy Within - A Global Conspiracy

The Secret UFO NASA Transmissions - The Smoking

Exploring the Alien Abduction Experience - Budd

Mind Control and the New World Order - David Icke

UFOTV: Forbidden Archeology - Secret Discoveries

UFOs In South America - Disclosure Has Begun - Full Feature

UFOTV: The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone

Ancient Aliens In Mexico and the American Southwest

End Game - A Global Conspiracy - Full Length Feature

Out of the Blue - Full HD UFO Movie

UFOs the Secret History - HD Movie Feature

Atlantis: Secret Star Mappers of A Lost World - YouTube

From Here To Andromeda Part 1 & 2 - YouTube

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Drug-Resistant Bugs Found in Antibiotic-Free Meat | Wired Science | Wired.com

Bird flu: 10,000 ducks to be put down

Wall Street Journal rapped over climate change stance | Environment | The Guardian


China's largest freshwater lake dries up | Environment | Guardian Weekly

China's disregard for the environment shows no sign of improving - Telegraph

Man-made pollution from America causes Europe to lose a million tonnes of wheat a year | Mail Online

White-Nose Syndrome Devastates Pennsylvania Bat Population | Essential Public Radio

Cell Phone-Induced Bodily Harm: How The Bees Can Help | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Monsanto Named the "Worst Company of 2011"

Activist Post: CDC calls Morgellons’ nanoworms a delusion, protects DARPA

Weird Noise - Moscow - August 23, 2011 - YouTube

31 Jan./Notice – Byron, Illinois Nuke In Trouble | Veterans Today


Sunset Blvd headed west and turning left at Highland. 1940s "Vintage Los Angeles" on facebook - YouTube


1940's Hollywood: Movie and Radio Studios and Landmarks - YouTube

To Live In The 1920's - YouTube

Hollywood And LA...The Great Days - Photos

Christmas on Hollywood Boulevard in the late 1940s. (From Producers Library of Los Angeles) - YouTube


31 Jan./'Unusual Event' at Exelon's Byron nuclear plant is over - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star

The marine who slept with Hollywood's elite and became a sexual Mr Fixit to the stars - mirror.co.uk

Hollywood vs. America

LeRoy's Pink Fist: Bartender Scotty Bowers claims he turned tricks for stars like Cary Grant

'11/Network Of Global Agenda Councils


The World Economic Forum(http://www.weforum.org/)


The Moon Is Your Worst Nightmare! - YouTube

A Rothschild Speaks - Listen Closely - YouTube

The Police State ... - YouTube

Warning - Changing Battery Technologies Can Be Dangerous

Khalilzad - A Satan Whispering In The Hearts Of Men

Paul Drockton: Herbert Hoover Better Than Mitt Romney

Wealthy donors pouring millions into Republican race are named | World news | guardian.co.uk

Did Sen. Dianne Feinstein Just Reveal….Mossad Chief’s Secret Visit? | TheBlaze.com

Life & Death In The Balance

Adding Spider Genes into Humans to Create 'Bulletproof Skin' | Natural Society

Judicial Watch On Full Disclosure Network®

MITRE, Belfer Center, ICLEI (Manned Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, and Members of the CFR) « The PPJ Gazette

Politicians push for ISP Data Retention while Government sexually abuses children | USWGO Alternative News

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

A community betrayed: San Carlos city council votes for ECLEI and against their community « The PPJ Gazette

Is The Human Race A Flash In The Pan?

Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities? | Before It's News

International Business - Davos Style


Morgellons Exposed - (www.morgellonsexposed.com/)


Three Little Wives of Newt - YouTube

“Newt Groupie” says conservatives may break from GOP establishment | Sinclair News – LS News Group

Romney: Not focused on poor, they have safety net


Ron Paul On The Kudlow Report 01-30-12 ~ Dollar Would Be Linked To Gold At Fixed Rate - YouTube

Media Belligerence against Ron Paul Reaches a Pathetic Point

How the Public Schools Keep Your Child a Prisoner of the State by Karen De Coster

FAA: Meteor Falls Across Okla. City Night Sky - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City

Mind-reading program translates brain activity into words | Science | The Guardian

The net closes on cyber-snoopers - Online - Media - The Independent

19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For In America

Army's new self-steering bullet comes with tiny fins that guide it to its target | Mail Online

Al-Qaida-inspired plotters planned attacks on high-profile London targets | UK news | The Guardian

The BBC censors its own report | Opinion Maker

How To Keep Your Computer Screen From Frying Your Eyes | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Indigestion drugs taken by millions linked to hip fractures - Telegraph

One in 100 adults has autism with the condition much more likely to affect men | Mail Online

Christina Patterson: It's time to ditch the dumbing down and start the wising up - Christina Patterson - Commentators - The Independent

Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000 Troops Ready By March

LED Poised To Light Up The World: Study - Forbes

Ex-L.A. teacher charged with molesting 23 children – USATODAY.com

President Obama: Crossing the Rubicons | Opinion Maker

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home. Visible Origami

Consensus 9/11 - Seeking Truth, Dispelling Lies

'Don't Say Gay' senator is asked to leave Tennessee restaurant - latimes.com

BioTechniques - Chimeric Monkeys Born

Ranger zaps off-leash dog walker with shock weapon

The 'smart bullets' that steer themselves - Yahoo! News

Found in an Antique Store – California 1912 | NWOTruth

Craig Murray » Blog Archive » Truth Sneaks Out

Washington's Blog - Business, Investing, Economy, Politics, World News, Energy, Environment, Science, Technology

Gonzalo Lira: The Perniciousness of ZIRP

We Must Ensure A Sustainable Future For All Life On Earth

Barack Obama faces pressure over TVShack extradition case | Law | The Guardian

Iran unveils new laser-guided missiles and warns response to any hostile action will be 'regretful but destructive' | Mail Online

Iran launches Spanish TV channel | World news | The Guardian

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Gilad Atzmon: The Wannsee Conference- Truth and Myth

Death made in America-News Analysis-01-30-2012 - YouTube

Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Jews in Iran

Iran increasingly willing to launch US attack, top intelligence official warns | World news | The Guardian

Romney claims victory in Florida, builds new momentum - CNN.com

FL Primary Results: Mitt Romney Scores Huge Florida Win, But Primary Looks Far From Finished

FDA Whistleblowers: Our Email Was Monitored - Group of employees files lawsuit

Leaky Nuclear Plants vs Renewable Pipe Dreams

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in 37 U.S. States - Yahoo! News

Channel 6 News » Mexican swine flu outbreak kills 29, infects nearly 1,500

FBI Uses Chainsaw In Raid On Wrong Fitchburg Ap - Flash Player Installation

Nursery Water: "Purified" with Fluoride? | GreenMedInfo | Blog entry | Natural Medicine | Alternative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Consumer Advocacy

Global War and Hunger Porn on the way to Fat City Smoking Mirrors

Roy Tov — Israel’s Eugenics Program: Dr. Mengele Blues

Israel Hit By 1,000 Cyber Attacks Per Minute - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

Taliban intact and getting Pakistan backing, Nato report reveals - Telegraph

Taliban believe they will take over from US and Nato in Afghanistan - report | World news | guardian.co.uk

cbnplayer.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)

FDA’s New Claim: “Your Body Is a Drug—and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!” | Welcome to the Alliance for Natural Health - USA

Chinese 'gold rush': Country diversifying assets — RT

Europa & Palestine News « Kawther Salam

Jewry’s Lock On America’s Security | Real Zionist News

Bruce McKay violates Liko Kenney's Civil Rights for The Fighter, Bad Blood producer Aufiero. - YouTube

Bad Blood: Veteran Franconia officer discusses NH police malfeasance - YouTube

Who is the Mystery Telecom in the Iowa Caucus?

Senate Bill Will Force Radiation Testing Of TSA Scanners - 12160

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closed After Radiation Leak - ABC News

Dempsey Told Israelis US Won’t Join Their War on Iran by Gareth Porter -- Antiwar.com

Activist Post: 5 Wars That America Must End for Peace and Freedom to Prevail

Hyperinflationary Depression 2012 - 2014: Mainstream Media Keeps Putting Lipstick on Pig Economy | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

BBC "Reveals" After the Facts how British Special Forces Supervised and Spearheaded Libya Rebels to Victory

Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist | Public Intelligence

Paul Supporters Go From Outsiders to Vanguard in Nevada G.O.P. - NYTimes.com

Of the rich, by the rich, for the rich | SocialistWorker.org

Power-Grid Cyber Attack Seen Leaving Millions in Dark for Months - Bloomberg

American Airlines Wants To Eliminate 13,000 Jobs, End Pension Plans

Santorum to sick kid: Don’t complain about $1 million drug costs | The Raw Story

Under the Jackboot of an American Secretary General, INTERPOL Now Tracking Dissidents - BlackListedNews.com

Colorado Republican faces questions after she was granted immunity during a DUI stop | The Raw Story

FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Iran: This Is What Propaganda Looks Like

Alabama State Senator Says Low Teacher Pay Is ‘A Bibilical Principle’ « CBS Atlanta

550 abuse claims filed against Milwaukee Archdiocese - US news - Crime & courts - msnbc.com

Prison Planet.com » Full Body Scanners At Super Bowl 2012

Pentagon Staff Caught in Child Porn Sting - YouTube

Blog: Reality TV Coming Attractions: 'Plumegate'

+An Exodus Which Was Merely A Myth

Steven Spielberg to Direct Bloody Moses Flick « Revolt of the Plebs

Site: Ru/Video



The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Israel deliberately forgets its history

What Is Really Going On In Syria: Insider Update

Israel's War on Democracy

We Are All Suspects Now

A Journey To The End Of Empire

The First American Freedom Fighter

Whitewashing Black History Month

What Real Journalism Looks Like

Groundhog Day 2012 in photographs: Find out if we are in for more winter or an early spring | News | National Post

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow | KTVB.COM Boise

Groundhog Day 2012: Punxsutawney Phil's Forecast Is In

Groundhog Day in DC! - YouTube

They Haven't Forgotten 'Groundhog Day' and Neither Have We

*2 Feb.

American Minute for February 2nd

First Groundhog Day — History.com This Day in History — 2/2/1887

February 2nd This Day in History

February 2nd in History

February 2 Events in History

This Day in History for 2nd February | HistoryOrb.com

Today in History: February 2

Today in History: February 2

Today in History for Feb. 2 - YouTube


African American History Month 2012(www.africanamericanhistorymonth.gov/)


Facebook Fires up Its Political Action Committee - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets

+16 Lobbyists Hauled in $2 Million for Mitt Romney in 2011 - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets

+3 Parts: The Marxian Concept is Here with Author Alan Watt

4 Parts: War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream – Gerald Celente

The Daily Bell - Obama Carefully Crafts Health Care Failure

3 Parts: Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi | Dprogram.net

Warmongers: Chuck Robb, Mortimer Zuckerman, John Hannah, Dick Cheney, Eric Edelman « LewRockwell.com Blog

+2 Parts: Aspartame is Made of GMO Bacteria Feces: Infowars Nightly News | Dprogram.net

**Republican Establishment Excludes Ron Paul From 2012 CPAC Event | Dprogram.net

New ACU Chief Al Cardenas Puts Ron Paul on Notice | Right Wing News

A conservative civil war over the Conservative Political Action Conference - Ben Smith and Byron Tau - POLITICO.com

Ron Paul after Florida Primary: " I´m the Only Candidate Who Wants to Cut Spending!" - YouTube

Why Ron Paul Has A Good Chance Of Winning In Nevada & Maine | Dprogram.net

CPAC 2012 » Speakers/(http://cpac2012.conservative.org)

+Diminishment of Sovereignty and More Fed Manipulations – Bob Chapman | Dprogram.net

A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs – Samam Mohammadi | Dprogram.net

European Fiscal Pact: Int'l. Financial Dictatorship

» CFR and Neocons Work Together to Hype al-Qaeda Iran Link Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Rich Cabal Meet About Over Population Control: Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Read Between the Lines: Hollywood Mogul Buys 2,600 Acres of Farmland; Moving to New Zealand – Mac Slavo | Dprogram.net

No More Bullshit: James Cameron Runs From Bio Attack!! - YouTube

Google to allow censorship of Blogger content - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

Mind-reading device could become reality - Telegraph

Homeland Security moves forward with 'pre-crime' detection | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

DHS Launches 'Minority Report' Pre-Crime Detection Program | Threat Level | Wired.com

Pre Crime Detector F.A.S.T. - YouTube

Homeland Security and IBM are setting up a Database for Precrime - YouTube

Iraq in Retrospect by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

US No-Fly List More Than Doubles in One Year -- News from Antiwar.com

Senators Levin, McCain: Egypt Junta’s US Aid ‘In Jeopardy’ -- News from Antiwar.com

The Assange Case Means That We Are All Suspects Now by John Pilger -- Antiwar.com


Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11? | ReDiscover 9/11

9/11 and Israel: Alan Sabrosky’s Shocking Press TV Interview | Veterans Today

9/11:Israel did it - WikiSpooks

A New 9/11 Investigation - Coming to a Theater Near You? Hollywood Stars Seek to Make Feature Film Focused on WTC Demolitions

Federal Withholding Taxes




The Real Economic Picture: "There is No Recovery"

BUILDING A POLITICAL CONSENSUS FOR WAR: Former US Policymakers Promote War on Iran

Diet Drinks: America's Passion for Poison

"Post Racist Society". The Plight of Mexican Americans: Worse Off Today Than in the Sixties

VIDEO: The Girl Killed by Obama: She "never saw it coming"

WHEN WAR BECOMES PEACE: Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Win Leads to Formal Investigation of Award

Korean research, a first step toward Dr. Smartphone? | Reuters

Josh Fox arrested at hearing - Talia Buford - POLITICO.com

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors - YouTube

No-Fly List Of Suspected Terrorists More Than Doubled In Past Year

PressTV - Rights group sues US for 'targeted killing' memos

Networks Resort to Trickery in an Attempt to Lift Ratings - NYTimes.com

Panetta: Afghanistan combat ends next year - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

Taliban infiltrators in Afghanistan? Pentagon warns of 'insider threat.' - CSMonitor.com

China's Wen: May consider bigger role in EU rescue | Reuters

At U.N., Pressure Is on Russia for Refusal to Condemn Syria - NYTimes.com

U.S. Jew produces $100,000 YouTube clip on the Holocaust - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Obama Vows to Cut Lender Red Tape Stymieing Homeowner Borrowing: Mortgages - Bloomberg

BBC News - 'Supergiant' crustacean found in deepest ocean

BBC News - Mega volcanoes 'may be predicted'

BBC News - Sugar tax needed, say US experts

MRSA strain USA300: Flesh-eating bug spread by coughs and sneezes 'has spread from U.S. to UK' | Mail Online

Muhammad Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee, who helped win 3 titles, dies aged 90 | Mail Online

Anti-Neocons • View topic - Flight 93 my 2 cents

Out-of-Control Cop Punches Defenseless Special-Needs Girl - YouTube

poorrichard's blog: Obama: Not Cool, Just Cold-Blooded

Mossad Chief Secretly Met With Top U.S. Officials Including Sitting Senators :

poorrichard's blog: 47 Signs That China Is Absolutely Destroying America On The Global Economic Stage

poorrichard's blog: China and Russia on Iran's Side

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Rick Santorum Hates Ron Paul's Libertarian Ideas

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : "Ron Paul Is The Only One Saying What He Actually Believes" Chris Matthews

Rothschild Bank AND Goldman Sachs Are Both On The LIST Of Bondholders Getting U.S. Taxpayer Billions In Ireland - Home - The Daily Bail

Wayfaring Traveler: Tyranny Close to Home

9GAG - Epic Coelho against S.O.P.A and ACTA!

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Amendment 1490 to the STOCK Act which would force former elected officials to forfeit their benefits if they choose to become lobbyists

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : New War Propaganda: Intelligence Report Says Iran Considering Attack On U.S. Soil!

Free SLO - Google Joins Twitter in Country Specific Censorship

Americans get closer to building weapon of the future - English pravda.ru

Lone Star Watchdog: We Have Become Our Worst Enemies in the Freedom Movement?

Moscow won’t support a “raw” resolution or arms embargo on Syria — RT

NASA Satellite Shows That Global Temperatures Continue Their Plunge Into Record Cold | Real Science

Ron Paul is right on Iran - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : GERALD CELENTE - U.S.A become an an IMMORAL nation!

National Security Letters: Eviscerating the constitution since 1978 - YouTube


**Ron Paul News 2-2-12 | Dprogram.net


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Cite Obama with contempt, lawyers urge

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Banking giant accused of laundering billions

Challenge to Kagan renewed before Supremes

Human ancestor or just … monkey?

Scientists puzzled by region outside solar system - Yahoo! News

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Feast of Purim: Festival With A Prophecy | Prophecy In The News

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The alternative minimum tax and one man’s 74 percent tax rate | Tax Break

Corruption in Fascist Business Model

Some 200,000 missiles aimed consistently at Israel, top IDF officer says - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

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The 'P-factor'

Democrats' taxing hypocrisy

Just what makes a 'bona fide' Democrat?

Don't count God out

To CAIR, up is down, black is white

Catholics' deal with the devil

3 cheers for Romneycare!

The Chinese are not our friends … yet

Farewell to my shining light

What is a just war?

Sen. Lee: Obama's Consumer Bureau Set Up in Manner ‘Reserved For Despots’

Sen. Lee: Obama's Consumer Bureau Insulated From Congress - A Maneuver ‘Reserved For Despots’

Sen. DeMint: ‘A Balanced Budget Amendment Would Effectively Put the Democratic Party Out of Business’

Pelosi: Planned Parenthood Relationship With Girl Scouts ‘Very Valuable’

WH:‘No Constitutional Rights Issue’ in Forcing Catholics to Act Against Their Faith

President Publicly Confirms U.S. Drone-Strike Program

Iran-Venezuela Links Examined Amid Fresh Calls for Terror-Sponsor Designation

ACLU Sues Obama Administration for Information on Its Secret Drone-Strike Program

Farm State Outrage Intensifies Over Labor Dept. Proposal to Ban Children From Doing Some Chores on Farms

Boehner: Obama Contraception Mandate ‘Violates Our Constitution’

House Considers Contempt Charge Against Holder in Fast and Furious Case

Holder: I Should Be ‘Given Some Credit’ for What ‘This Justice Department Has Done Under My Leadership’

AP sources: Trump intends to endorse Romney

Voter Fraud Is Major Election Threat Based on Recent Cases, Analyst Says

Arab Upheavals Leave Hamas Looking for New Home, Sponsors, Strategy

Egyptian comedian sentenced for offending Islam

NYC Councilmember Says, 'We're Running Out of Time' Before Schools Kick Out 60 Churches

Washington State Senate Approves Bill to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Pro-Life Groups Hail 'A Major Victory for Life'

US Archives to Unveil Magna Carta After Repairs

53 Percent of Americans Want Food Stamp Recipents Fingerprinted, Poll Finds

Romney Plan for Replacing ObamaCare Light on Details

CBO: Obama’s Policies to Increase National Debt 47 Percent to $21.7 Trillion by 2022

Democrats Emboldened by Republican Primary Race

U.S. Intelligence Chief Says He's ‘Not Current’ on Claims That Iran Uses Venezuelan Banks to Evade Sanctions | CNSnews.com

State Dept. Official Discusses Promotion of ‘Human Rights for LGBT People’ Around the World | CNSnews.com

Romney’s ‘Poor’ Quote Twisted by Media

Romney vs. Gingrich Nastiness Has GOP Worried

Palin: Obama Should Be the One Under Attack

Issa Slams Holder over 'Fast' Documents

Obama Links Economic Policies to Christian Faith

Obama to Release Taliban Detainees

Paul Ryan: Fed Policy 'Holding Economy Back'

Boehner: Feds Should Back off Birth Control Order

McCain, Kyl Push to Stop Defense Cuts

Planned Parenthood Replaces Komen Grant in Internet Push

House Nixes Cost-of-Living Raises for Fed Workers

Indiana Now Right-to-Work State Under Daniels

Romney-Paul Alliance Benefits Both Men

Five Possible Gingrich Comeback Tacks

Paul Gambles on Caucus States to Amass Delegates

Santorum Sharpens Criticism in Colorado visit

Paul: Immigration Not Solved by Barbed Wire, Guns

Israel Says Iran Has Material for Four A-Bombs Read more: Israel Says Iran Has Material for Four A-Bombs

Suzanne Somers: Birth Control Pills May Have Caused My Breast Cancer

Treasury May Let Investors Pay to Lend to US Government

From Shipwreck, a Treasure Beckons

Professor Documents Cancer Battle Online

NATO Chief: Afghan Timeline Unchanged

Obama, Top Leaders Attend National Prayer Breakfast

Posthumous Tributes Pour in for 'Soul Train' Creator

Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/12)

The Coroner in Charge of the Investigation of Amy Winehouse’s Death Resigns

How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)

WAR FOR THE WHITE HOUSE!!! Diebold accidently leaks 2012 election results - YouTube

Activist Post: Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

Activist Post: 9 Ways to Achieve Personal Peace and Freedom

Activist Post: 5 Reasons Obama is a Proven Stooge of the Elite

Activist Post: The Toddler's Brain On Modern Television

Activist Post: China Rejects Genetically Modified Rice in Opposition to GMO Crops

Activist Post: Occupy’s Main Point: Where is the Love?

Activist Post: Cell Phone-Induced Bodily Harm: How The Bees Can Help

Rick Santorum Hates Ron Paul's Libertarian Ideas - YouTube

The SOPA Wake-Up Call to Abolish Copyright - informationliberation


* FDA's New Claim: "Your Body Is a Drug--and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!" - informationliberation


Panopticon Coming to a Neighborhood Near You! - informationliberation

Recording police making arrests: The outrageous Illinois law that makes it a felony. - Slate Magazine

DEA investigates Montana state legislator for medical marijuana views - informationliberation

Skype Chats Between Megaupload Employees Recorded with a Governmental Trojan? - informationliberation

Feds Seize Sports Streaming Domains in New Super Bowl Crackdown | TorrentFreak

ACLU Sues for Records on Assassination of US Citizens - informationliberation

Estonia Next In Line To Receive US 'Encouragement' To Adopt Harsher Anti-Piracy Laws - informationliberation

Pirate Bay Verdict SignalsThreat Of Huge New Anti-Piracy Campaign - informationliberation

CreativeAmerica Literally Resorts To Buying Signatures | Techdirt

Layer 8: Super Bowl super bust: US seizes 307 websites; grabs $4.8M in fake NFL merchandise

L.A. teacher suspected of lewd conduct keeps benefits - latimes.com

Will Facebook Really Create 1,000 Millionaires? - The Wealth Report - WSJ

Santorum goes after Gingrich in new ad – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Romney Win in Florida Primary Shows Strength in Republican Race - Bloomberg

Police: TSA agent at JFK stole $5K from passenger - WSJ.com

China plants bitter seeds in South American farmland - Washington Times

Holder: No Coverup In 'Fast And Furious,' No Effort To Hide Details Of The Operation | Fox News

Downloading Empowerment: Application Gives Citizens Control Over Crime - Forbes

Study: Internet addiction a growing problem among youth - WTOP.com

Obama: I Pushed Dodd-Frank And Health Care Reform Because Of Christ

Obama Chrysler On eBay: No Sale at $1 Million - Driver's Seat - WSJ

Obama's Economic Approval Just 36 Percent | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of "African-Americans For Obama" | RealClearPolitics

Marco Rubio | Abotion | Roe V. Wade | The Daily Caller

Severed pig's head dumped on doorstep of crime fighting Italian priest after he condemned Mafia | Mail Online

First lady Michelle Obama cites 'remarkable progress' on the economy - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

FBI Targets "Hoarder" In Top-Secret Thefts | The Smoking Gun

NASA Probe Captures 1st Video of Moon's Far Side | NASA Twin Grail Probes Ebb & Flow | Far Side of the Moon | Space.com

Obama's Clear Alien Message Caught On Tape | Before It's News

Obama On Aliens - YouTube

Matrix Mindbenders For Young And Old | Before It's News

The Big Guys Of Faux Organics Are Cramming Coexistence With GMOs Down Our Throats | Before It's News

ACORN Co-Founder Exposes Possible AFL-CIO Scam | Before It's News

The 5 Levels Of The Psychedelic Experience | Before It's News


Google Earth proves 911 flight 93 did NOT crash at Shanksville - YouTube

Could 1270 Architects and Engineers Have Gotten It Wrong? | Before It's News

Howard Stern Refuses to Go On Leno to Promote 'America's Got Talent' | LimeLife


**Cooking and Recipes

Potatoes Lower Blood Pressure In People With Obesity And Hypertension Without Increasing Weight | Before It's News

Roasted Garlic Hummus | Before It's News


Testrific : Create Quiz(www.testrific.com/)

Ill. Supreme Court allows Burge torture case to proceed

Father-son owners of Elgin strip club charged with tax evasion

Emanuel names Paula Wolff to head City Colleges board

Gingrich: 'We should care about the very poor'

Polo Club Founder Adopts Girlfriend Amid Civil Suit

Court won't release CA gay marriage trial videos

Lawyer: Bob Bashara passed second polygraph test

Obama says looks to Christian faith in crafting policies

Senate Republicans propose alternative plan to current budget cuts

Democrats may get lengthy Republican primary race

Drought, warmer weather persist in much of US

Complaint About LA Teacher Made Years Ago

Industries in limbo as Congress mulls expired tax breaks

'Gasland' filmmaker arrested at House hearing

UN diplomats consider revised Syria resolution

US, NATO seek to clarify Panetta comments on ending Afghan combat mission

'Panetta believes Israel will attack Iran this spring'

S. Korea Optimistic Aid Will Bring North Back to Nuclear Talks

Putin orders share buyback

Royal Caribbean feels effect of cruise disaster

Muslim Brotherhood backs crackdown on US NGOs

Widening Kuwait opposition seeks gains in parliament election

UN: Aid workers kidnapped in Yemen released

Can you hear me now? Nigeria arrests Boko Haram spokesman.

Prince William arrives in the Falklands

Wealthy Investors Shrug at Facebook IPO After Private Buys

Bernanke urges caution in overly rapid deficit cutting

Mortgage rates hit a new low: 30-year fixed at 3.87%

Gingrich 46-State Strategy Doesn't Reflect Reality of Resources

Ron Paul cuts into Romney's Mormon voting bloc in Nevada

Romney's Poor Mouthing

People, not corporations, drive super PACs

Senate Democrats Call For SuperPAC Probe

Romney: Not Focused on Poor, They Have Safety Net

Mitt Romney 'Gay Glittered' In Minnesota; Confuses Protest For Encouragement

Bill O'Reilly: President Obama and your approval

Video: Rick Santorum Lectures Mother of Sick Child, Defends High Cost of US Drugs

Santorum picks up Tancredo endorsement

Mitt Romney poised for Nevada caucus win; Newt Gingrich looks ahead to Super Tuesday - The Washington Post

Look At How Much Google Search Has Changed Since 1998 (GOOG)

Soft Money: How Facebook Can Boost Its Virtual Currency

Sorry, Most of Your Tweets Are Worthless

Google Fires Back at Microsoft Over Privacy Claims

The Pandora's Box of Privacy

Zuckerberg's 'Hacker Way' Not Profit to Guide Post-IPO Facebook

French Court Fines Google $660000 for Offering Free Maps

Lana Del Rey: The Self-Made Pop Star As Target


Friends say 'Soul Train' legend was long depressed, possibly bipolar

The Contenders: Martin Scorsese goes childlike with 'Hugo'

Tracy Morgan on Family Feud: I Haven't Seen My Mom in 11 Years

30 Years of David Letterman

Pee-wee Herman Returns to the Alamo on Top Chef: Texas

Starz Licenses 500 Lionsgate Films

'The Innkeepers' doesn't live up to expectations

Brad Pitt And Jon Stewart Discuss Oscar Campaigning

New alien planet is perfect for life, scientists say

GRAIL Mission - YouTube

NASA takes first ever video of dark side of the moon

More Galileo satellites ordered

Are jellyfish hijacking the world's oceans?

Tracing Our Place In Outer Space

Flying Robots Called 'Nano Quadrotor' Drones Swarm Lab (VIDEO)

NASA Enhances Solar Storm Forecasting

New species of ancient crocodile nicknamed Shieldcroc

Claim of 2nd UFO in Baltic Sea Needs to be Further Explored

Why we'll never find an exoplanet like Earth

Shuttle Columbia Crew Remembered

UCSF scientists declare war on sugar in food

Path Is Found for the Spread of Alzheimer's

Health law delivers $2.1 billion in savings on drugs for seniors

February is heart health awareness month

Implants scandal a 'nightmare'

Ohio Parole Board rejects mercy for condemned killer who says new arson science could free him - The Washington Post

Susan G. Komen Planned Parenthood funding decision sparks donation spike, strong reactions - The Washington Post

Make Way for ‘Saint Obama the Pious’

Occupying the Lunatic Fringe

Getting Out of the Red to China

Syria: Dictatorship 101

Why Unions Defend the Worst of their Members; the NDAA 2012 Connect.

Money Talks

The ALEC AVC Report, The CATO Proposal; Examining the Errors

Debbie Schlussel:Muslim Chick, HAMAS CAIR Whine Over Not Being Allowed to Dress Like Robber @ Chevron Gas Station

Debbie Schlussel:FUNNY VIDEO: The Martha Stewart Version of “Jackass”

Debbie Schlussel:Don Cornelius, RIP: What You Won’t Read About Him From the Hip-Hop Crowd

Debbie Schlussel:Your Day in Moderate American Islam: Texan Ali Abudullal Mayberry Recruits for His Terror Cell

Debbie Schlussel:So You Want an “Interfaith Relationship” w/ a Muslim Prince? Meet Candice Cohen-Ahnine

Debbie Schlussel:New York Times Identifies Latest “Sexist Crime” Against Women

Debbie Schlussel:HILARIOUS Video: Talking Black & Obama

Underestimating Mitt and Newt

Why There is 'Too Much' Money in Elections

Digital Piracy Madness

Head Start: Can a Failed Program Ever Be Killed?

Romney comfortably ahead in Nevada

Here it comes: sugar as a regulated substance

Sugar: The new tobacco?

Chicago-style democracy at work

Romney unforced error has even his supporters criticizing him

Fast and Furious Thrill

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Family Files Lawsuit against ATF

Obama Got Served

Are Big Media Covering Up Fast and Furious?

Another Black History Month: The Left's Favorite Time of the Year

Hey GOP! Do You Hear Your Fed Up, Fired Up Base?

Is Michelle Obama America's Agent Provocateur?

The State Ruling the Church

Project Obama: A Puppetmaster or a Puppet?

Businesses, unions set spending record for lobbying in Sacramento - latimes.com

Philippines: Top terrorist wanted by US is killed - World news - Asia-Pacific - msnbc.com

House bans welfare recipients' money from strip clubs, liquor stores - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

NBC whitewashes Shafia honor killing: no mention of Islam in story of girls killed because they "betrayed Islam" - Jihad Watch

HURT: 'Islamist Firster' president not what he claimed - Washington Times

9 Islamists Plead Guilty To London Terror Plot Targeting US Embassy, Stock Exchange | Fox News

Man with Obama mask robs Riviera Beach restaurant - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

2 Texas Missionaries Murdered In North Mexico | Fox News

US man charged with eating brains of his homeless murder victim - Telegraph

Should #OWS Denounce Occupy Oakland?

Romney's Economic Plan Isn't Concerned About the Poor - or the Middle Class

'Gasland' Director Josh Fox Arrested for Filming Congressional Hearing

Romney Gets Glittered, But His Singing Gets Worse

Jon Stewart Knocks Mitt Romney For His Private Sector Job Credentials at Bain

The Great Debate: America and Equality

Pro Publica, NPR Report: Freddie Mac Has Massive Bets Against Homeowner Refis

Foggy Florida Pileup Leaves One Girl Without Family, Country Or Health Insurance

PA Jobless Held Hostage To The Same Old Vindictive Gang Of Right-Wingers

Mitt Romney Tells CNN He's Not Concerned About The Very Poor

Restoring Our Future: Figures From Mitt's Super PAC

Sarah Palin Now Totally Irrelevant in National Politics

Carl Stiles, Fracking Activist, Dies Away From His Contaminated Marcellus Shale Home

Michael Reagan: Think of Liberals as 'Termites'

The GOP: Preaching the Prosperity Gospel

Obama at Prayer Breakfast: Jesus Would Want Us to Tax the Rich

Spooky: New Photos Peer Inside an Abandoned Island Leper Colony Near NYC

Limbaugh Unleashes on Romney‘s ’Poor’ & ‘Safety Net’ Comments…for a Different Reason

Exclusive: Sen. Jim DeMint Calls for AG Holder‘s Resignation on GBTV’s ‘Real News’

Former Egyptian MP Has Screaming Breakdown on TV Over Soccer Deaths

Woman Wins Case Against Honda Over Misleading Hybrid Fuel Economy

Treehouse Lover’s Dream: 1,800 Square Feet Spanning Seven Trees

‘A Real Democratic State’: Justice Ginsburg Praises the Arab Spring During Visits to Egypt & Tunisia

See the Video of Mitt Romney Getting Glitter-Bombed Twice at a Campaign Stop

Watch Vanderbilt University: Christian Campus Groups Can’t Require Leaders to Have Specific Beliefs

Memo: Top DOJ Officials Had Extensive Knowledge of Fast & Furious

‘Alien Interstellar Matter’ Spotted: Just How Different Is Space Outside of Our Solar System?

See NASA’s Two-Ton Robot That Can Leap Over Asteroids

FDA Using ‘Interstate Commerce’ to Regulate Your Stem Cells As a ‘Drug’

‘The Year of the Bible?’: Atheists Angry That PA Politician Thinks So

Watch a Syrian Government Supporter Attack an Opposition Activist on Al Jazeera

Will the ‘Coming of the New Ice Age’ Mark the End of the Global Warming Era?

Panetta Announces Combat Forces to Leave Afghanistan Next Year

Iran Now Considering Death Penalty for…Currency Speculators

Jim DeMint Tells ‘Real News’ Panel He Is ‘Glad We Dispelled the Myth’ That ‘Tea Partiers Won’t Support Romney’

UN Chief Sides With Palestinians: ‘All Israeli Settlements Are Contrary to International Law & Prejudice’

Rep. Moran: Allen West ‘Is Not Representative of the African-American Community’

FL Primary May Not Be Over: Gingrich Camp to Challenge State’s Winner Take All Status

Israeli Chief of Staff Concurs: Iran Can Make Bomb Within a Year

Paul Says He Favors an Immigration Policy That Doesn‘t Rely on ’Barbed-Wire Fences and Guns’

Sarah Palin & Marco Rubio Slam Obama on Contraception Mandate

Here’s the Video of the Anti-Drilling/Fracking Filmmaker Getting Arrested on Capitol Hill

Radio Host Loses It With Female GOP Candidate: ‘Get Your Stupid A**’ Out & I‘m Scared Your ’Whiteness’ Might Rub Off on Me

Nano-Drone Swarm Shows Off Slightly Creepy Formation Skills

‘Mona Lisa’ Copy Done Hand in Hand With da Vinci

Romney Reaffirms Support of Automatic Increases in Minimum Wage

Bitter? Calif. Researchers Now Want Sugar Controlled Like Alcohol and Tobacco

Report: Anthony Weiner Used $13,000 in Campaign Cash to Hire Private Investigators During Scandal

Actor Chris Rock: ‘I’ll Pay Higher Taxes’

Website‘s 75 ’Morning Faces’ Showing What People Really Look Like When They Wake Up

Oscar-Nominated Director of Anti-Fracking Movie Arrested During Congressional Hearing

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Win Leads to Formal Investigation of Award

Do You Live Near a Terrorism ‘Hot Spot’ According to This Map?

‘It’s Nice But…’: Obama‘s Offer to Help Woman’s Jobless Husband Doesn’t Secure Her Vote

Police: Squatters Took Over Iraq War Veteran’s Home, Sold His Belongings

Muslim Teen Allegedly Beaten & Terrorized By Siblings for Kissing a White Man

Hugo Chavez’s Anti-Semitic Actions Have Allegedly Led Half of Venezuelan Jews to Flee

Watch Did Mitt Romney Really Say He‘s ’Not Concerned About the Very Poor’?

Limbaugh: Romney Is A Stranger To Fundamental Conservatism

Three Years Ago Today: Obama Predicts Presidency Will Be ‘A One-Term Proposition’ If Economy Doesn’t Turn In Three Years

Bret Baier and Steve Hayes Weigh In On Limbaugh’s Santorum Endorsement Debate

Limbaugh: Like Romney Obama Says A Lot Of Stupid Things, But The Media Will Cover That Up.

‘Brilliantly Played’ Rush Has Media Thinking He Endorsed Santorum

Limbaugh Battle Cry: The Only Chance We Have Now Is To “Make It About Obama”

‘On the Verge of a Complete Nervous Breakdown’: HBO Movie Casts Sarah Palin in Unflattering Light

Warren Buffet’s dark side—Charles Gasparino - NYPOST.com

RealClearPolitics - How Romney Won, and Lost

RealClearPolitics - Inoculating Against Religious Freedom

Catholic Church’s unfair attack against Obama - Opinion - The Boston Globe

RealClearPolitics - Is There Hope for Obama in Fla. Results? A Sliver.

Eric Holder’s whitewash on Fast and furious scandal—Michael A. Walsh - NYPOST.com

RealClearMarkets: Market-Related News, Analysis & Commentary

Voters watching, proceed with care | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com

EDITORIAL: Obama's divided America - Washington Times

President Obama's perilous tax code gambit - latimes.com

Romney on the safety net; anti-Romney media still unhinged - Right Turn - The Washington Post

The truth about ‘electability’ « » Print The Daily Caller

The Battle Of Stalingrad


Limited War: Afghanistan

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Scandal - Top 10 Leaks - TIME

Book Review: We’re with Nobody by Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian - Businessweek

The Media Is You | Writing | SPLICETODAY.com

Holder: Of Course Bush and Cheney Were Right All Along « Commentary Magazine

Q&A: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse explains how the Buffett rule will work - The Washington Post

Liberals and Catholic Hospitals - NYTimes.com

Is Rick Santorum the logical conservative alternative? « Hot Air

Barack Obama, Austerity President - Derek Thompson - Business - The Atlantic

Contraceptives Mandate Brings ObamaCare’s Coercive Power into Sharper Focus | Cato @ Liberty

Did Health Care Reform Hurt The Private Insurance Part Of Medicare? Apparently Not | TPMDC


*31st/Transcripts:Mitt Romney's Florida Victory Speech

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Interview with Senator Marco Rubio

Interview with Representative Jim Clyburn


Boehner: Feds should back off birth control order

Group opposes plan to make "Toto" breed Kansas state dog

AP: Pardoned killer may fight return to Miss.

US Marine fights conviction for suicide attempt

Democrats may get lengthy Republican primary race

U.S. Republicans, attorney general fight over gun sting

Teacher accused of lewd acts had been under surveillance

Don Cornelius' health problems probed by investigators

Three indicted for murder of Jaffa Christian leader

Video: China: bigger role in EU rescue fund?

Video: Putin Trails in Russian Coffee Poll

Iran More than Doubles 2012 Defense Budget

Over 70 Dead in Egypt Soccer Riot

Russia and China Provide Cover for Assad’s Syria

NY, NJ Port Authority: New WTC Delayed by ‘Design Miss’ from ‘Several Years Ago’

Gen. Boykin Blocked at West Point

Has Kim Jong Il’s Death Caused a Breakthrough in Burma?

Media Matters Continues Blacklist Efforts, Lies About Loesch’s Remark

Politico’s Front-Page Priorities: Obama’s Days-Old Crooning Beats Today’s Fast & Furious Hearing

Admission: ‘Journalists Are Liberals Not Interested In Facts and Truth’

No One Watching His Show Didn’t Stop Politico from Anointing Colbert ‘King of 2012 Comedy!’

Thursday Morning Crib Sheet: Obama’s Media Control, CNN Overtakes MSNBC

ACLU: Facebook-Politico Relationship Presents a Privacy Concern

Trump Endorsement: Did I Say Newt? I Meant Romney

One Year Later, Another Look at Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics

Holder Hearings: Rep. Buerkle to Holder, ‘How Many More Border Patrol Agents Would Have Had to Die for You to Take Responsibility?’

Audio:Mexico’s Violent Drug War and How the GOP Can Appeal to Hispanic Voters

Sen. Rand Paul Offers STOCK Act Amendment To Ban Obama-Style Cronyism for Federal Loans

Chevy Volt Sales Plummet in January

PR Fail: Former GM Exec Scrambles to Explain Away Chevy Volt Fire(s)

Holder Hearings, Opening Salvo: Issa Goes for the Jugular, Democrats Attempt Smoke Screen for Holder

GOP Primary Turnout: Mitt Fails to Inspire

Nev GOP Governor Supports State Ban on ‘GOPALIN’ License Plate

Senators Forcing You to Fund Planned Parenthood

Michigan School Uses Kids, District Resources to Push for Tax Increase

Why Geezers Are Occupy Wall Street’s True Enemy

Obamacare and the Constitution

A Message to the GOP from Two Latino Conservatives: Don’t Blow this Opportunity!

Anthony Weiner Paid $13K in Campaign Funds to Private Investigators to Chase Down Non-Existent Hacker

Did Top Liberal Arts College Falsify SAT Data to Legitimize Racial Preferences?

Another Company with Obama Ties May Be Hiding Information from SEC

‘Atlas Shrugged Part 2′ Release Date Timed for Presidential Election

‘Gasland’ Director Who Decried GOP Censorship Over Arrest Once Censored Fellow Filmmaker

‘In Time’ Blu-ray Review: Flawed but Fascinating Look at a Society Run by Leftists

Behind the Smears of HBO’s ‘Game Change’

He’s Out: Cameron to Leave U.S. for New Zealand

Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum Highlight ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack

‘The Double’ DVD Review: Gere and Grace Click Chasing Cold War-era Assassin

Trailer Talk: ‘Get the Gringo’ Offers Old-School Mel for Newfangled VOD Consumption

HomeVideodrome: Gosling’s Cool and Cunning ‘Drive,’ Plus a Forgettable ‘Killing Fields’

Clint Eastwood still undecided about 2012 - POLITICO.com

With Newt Gingrich's delusional concession speech Rick Santorum gets an opening against Mitt Romney by Andrew Malcolm - Investors.com

House votes to repeal part of healthcare law | Reuters

WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah promotes Rubio ineligibility argument - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


2-Feb-12 World View

1-Feb-12 World View


**NEWS VIDEO:Obama: Jesus Would Tax The Rich

DNC Chair On Trump Endorsing Romney: ‘Both Like To Fire People’

MSNBC’s O’Donnell: ‘Whiter Than White’ Romney Tried To ‘Rewrite Ethnicity’

Koch Bros Fight Back Against Personal Attacks From Obama Campaign

CNN’s ‘New Faces Of Working Poor’ Feeds Obama’s Class War Strategy

#OccupyOakland City Hall Break-In Caught On Tape

Facebook Goes Public, Projected To Raise Five Billion

Sharpton Pretends Gov’t Poverty Programs Don’t Exist

Jesse Jackson Claims GOP Demonizing Rhetoric Will Cause Obama Assassination

Happy Groundhog Day

1st/#OccupyDC Mob Surrounds Retired Cop For Removing ‘Tent Of Dreams’

New Santorum Ad: Newt, Mitt ‘Not True’ Conservatives

Count The ‘Dog Whistles’: White Congressman Verbally Assaults Allen West About His Blackness

Conservative Group Slams Obama Over False Solyndra Promises

Blogger Asks Newt And Callista ‘Are You In An Open Marriage?’

Dozens Killed In Deadly Egypt Soccer Riot

Breitbart Editor: ‘No Question’ Congressional Insider Trading Happens

Napolitano: ‘Serious Mistakes Were Made’ With Operation Fast & Furious

Carney Cornered On Obama’s ‘Send Me Your Resume’ Offer

Undeterred: Romney Keeps Singing ‘America The Beautiful’

Air Force One Recordings Released From Day Of JFK Assassination

Romney ‘Not Concerned About The Very Poor’

Congressman: Releasing Taliban Prisoners From Gitmo ‘Big Mistake’

DeMint: Romney Likely Nominee; Won’t Endorse

Three Years Ago Today: Obama Predicts Presidency Will Be ‘A One-Term Proposition’ If Economy Doesn’t Turn In Three Years

Breitbart: Americans Have ‘Obama Fatigue’

Hate Radio Host Berates And Belittles Black Republican

Palin: I’d Vote Newt In Nevada


Retro Propaganda: Introducing Aspartame - YouTube

Bill Gates Funds Technology to Destroy Sperm! Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

*Prison Planet.com » War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream

*Prison Planet.com » Obama: The Illegitimate President with Dr. Jerome Corsi

U.S. Intel Director Prepares Public for New False Flag! Infowars Nightly News - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Bill Introduced To Challenge Authority Of NDAA

Ron Paul "People Are Frightened! They've Lost Faith In Government! They're Sick & Tired Of Wars!" - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Microsoft buys eugenics technology from Merck

Prison Planet.com » How US Fascism Comes Out on Top Via ‘Too-Big-to-Fail?’

Prison Planet.com » Diminishment of Sovereignty and More Fed Manipulations

Prison Planet.com » Nigel Farage: Whatever happened to the veto?

Prison Planet.com » Obama’s Economic Approval Just 36 Percent

Prison Planet.com » Obama Carefully Crafts Health Care Failure

Prison Planet.com » Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot

Report: 21,000 on 'no-fly list' - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash raises privacy fears with anti-radio chip stance | MLive.com

Downloading Empowerment: Application Gives Citizens Control Over Crime - Forbes

Prison Planet.com » Crops being sprayed with MSG, glutamic acid as chemical growth enhancers

*Wayne Madsen: House Oversight’s Darrell Issa Has Criminal Past Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

TSA discovery prompts New York bomb scare - six hours later - CNN.com

Four British Islamists admit plot to blow up London Stock Exchange | The Australian

After Obama’s remarks on drones, White House rebuffs security questions - The Washington Post

» Venezuela Announces “Irrevocable” Withdrawal from World Bank’s Arbitration Body Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Drug war hypocrisy: drug trafficking’s big money benefits Big Brother and corrupt banksters Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Water Industry and World Bank Partner on Scheme to Drive Public Water into Private Hands Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Murphy condemns purchase of 9/11 commemoration bracelets from China- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut

Obama’s radical power grab on health care - The Washington Post