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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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17 January 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"




"Im Your Captain (Closer-to-Hom" by Grand Funk Railroad - Grooveshark

Overhead Bin - Port authority to captain: 'Go back to the ship'


Fritz the Cat - The unofficial WebPage about the cool cartoon character



Fritz The Cat (1972) - YouTube

Cartoon 1970 - The nine lives of fritz the cat


"Rocket Man" by William Shatner - Grooveshark

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**GOP Presidential debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-01.16.2012 - YouTube

Republican Debate Highlights: Ron Paul Edition! - The Hollywood Gossip

Ron Paul Highlights in 1/16/2012 Debate - YouTube


Republican debate in South Carolina: Ron Paul takes drubbing - Reid J. Epstein - POLITICO.com

South Carolina GOP debate: Ron Paul booed, Mitt Romney takes fire from rivals - The Washington Post

The GOP debate in South Carolina: 8 takeaways - Maggie Haberman - POLITICO.com

Romney, Obama targeted in GOP debate - YouTube


**2012 Primary Debate Schedule; Election Central(www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com)


Election 2012 Interactive Polling Data(http://www.gallup.com/poll/election.aspx)


Barack Obama(http://barackobama-2012.blogspot.com/)

Barack Obama(www.barackobama.com/)


Most in poll think Romney will clinch GOP nomination - The Washington Post

Poll Finds Rural Voters Favor GOP Choices | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

GOP poll shows Oregon House race in statistical dead heat - The Hill's Ballot Box

Poll: Ron Paul battles Rick Santorum for third in South Carolina | The State Column

Fact Checking the Fox News-WSJ debate in South Carolina - The Washington Post

GOP presidential candidates showed debate experience in Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Political Intelligence - A national political and campaign blog from The Boston Globe - Boston.com

Mitt Romney runs strongest against President Obama in new WaPo/ABC poll - The Washington Post

Is Romney ‘inevitable?’ Here’s how he lines up against Obama - CSMonitor.com

Photos: Republican Debate In South Carolina | Denver Post Media Center — Denver, Colorado, Photos and Video

Gingrich Looks To Recharge Profile In South Carolina After Debate | Fox News

Ron Paul Shines in SC Debate, Despite Fox News Antics

Ron Paul Picks Up Endorsements, Vows to Stay in GOP Race - Washington Wire - WSJ

More mush from Jimmy Carter—Editorial - NYPOST.com

Wikipedia To Go Dark For 24 Hours To Protest Anti-piracy Bill | Fox News

British Airways Flight Mistakenly Tells Passengers Plane Will Crash | Fox News

Black pastors urge followers to join Occupy fold

Hackers disrupt Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al - Telegraph

'The Senator,' a 3,500-year-old cypress tree, collapses after catching fire in Florida - NYPOST.com

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, in Visit to Tunisia: We Shall Not Relinquish Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River; Crowd Chants: 'Killing the Jews Is A Duty'

Mitt Romney not a natural-born citizen?

The Local - Dad killed daughter in brutal axe murder

Who Killed an Iranian Nuclear Expert? Israel Isn't Telling - TIME

House GOP leaders get heat from rank and file ahead of debt vote - The Hill's On The Money


Scientists want climate change in young minds - Washington Times

Fox News Poll: Romney Hits Record High, Santorum Viewed As True Conservative | Fox News

RealClearPolitics - Rick Perry, David Axelrod & John McCain on "State of the Union"

Rick Perry adds Turkey to the terror list as Mitt Romney beats back attacks in Republican debate | News | National Post

Is A 'death Match' Coming Between Gingrich, Santorum And Perry To Be The Reagan Republican In 2012? | Fox News

The 'Moderate' Skeletons in Mitt Romney's Past - ABC News

Talking Turkey: Rick Perry’s Latest ‘Oops’ Moment? - Washington Wire - WSJ

Rick Perry Calls Turkish Leaders Islamic Terrorists and asks to kick out Turkey out of NATO - YouTube

Are Ron Paul and Rick Santorum top-tier candidates in South Carolina? | The State Column

Perry, Santorum may be booted off Illinois primary ballot - City - The Daily Northwestern - Northwestern University

Romney robo-call riles Santorum backer - POLITICO.com

Gingrich and Santorum face off on Social Security - Right Turn - The Washington Post

Rick Santorum ad: Mitt Romney ‘just like Obama’ - The Washington Post

Romney, Santorum square off over felons voting

Rick Santorum, Wife Karen Questioned By Supporter With Gay Son (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum's wife Karen had love affair with abortion doctor | Mail Online

Rick Santorum - Myrtle Beach Campaign Events Before GOP Debate 1-16-12 - YouTube

Romney's Straddle Tries to Hold Base as He Courts Hispanics

Bain Capitalism - chicagotribune.com

The media and Romney’s opponents focus on the wrong things - Right Turn - The Washington Post

Mitt Romney defends record on ‘tough situations’ - BostonHerald.com

Mitt Romney, after Huntsman, must show he’s ready for Obama - The Root DC Live - The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi: GOP knows Mitt Romney can’t win - Seung Min Kim - POLITICO.com

Mitt Romney runs strongest against President Obama in new WaPo/ABC poll - The Washington Post

Mitt Romney: Still Hunting for a Straight Answer - YouTube

Can Newt Gingrich make another come back? - The Washington Post

Gingrich pitch to conservatives: Don’t vote for Santorum – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Newt Gingrich: Why’s Mitt Romney waiting on taxes? - Tim Mak - POLITICO.com

Jim Clyburn: Newt Gingrich ‘denigrates’ the poor - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

Gingrich says Obama ‘failed’ blacks on jobs - The Hill's Video

Gingrich: My position should not offend blacks - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Gingrich's standing ovation for saying U.S. should kill enemies

Poll: Ron Paul holds steady, Newt Gingrich plummets | The State Column

Ron Paul Campaign Releases New Ad 'Three of a Kind' Challenging Rivals in South Carolina - MarketWatch

Donald Luskin: Newt's Opportunism Is Mitt's Opportunity - WSJ.com

Gingrich gets vote from S.C. lieutenant governor – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Newt Dropkicks Paul: 'That's Utterly Irrational' - Newt Gingrich - Fox Nation

Ron Paul and America's Alleged Racism - Page 1 - Dennis Prager - Townhall Conservative

Rick Santorum Plans Offensive Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul In South Carolina - ABC News

Rachel Maddow Apologizes To Ron Paul For Graphic Snafu (VIDEO)

Ron Paul Gets More Attention—and Scrutiny - Ken Walsh's Washington (usnews.com)

Ron Paul’s First Class Travel Expenditures Come Under Scrutiny | Ology

Ron Paul a Target Again after Bin Laden Remark | Gather

Ron Paul may be Republican Muslims’ pick for president | Rick Perry 2012 Campaign for President– News and updates

Paul says states’ rights to nullify federal law would be a helpful check on government - The Washington Post

Ron Paul tied with Romney and Obama — RT

What is Ron Paul's end game? - CSMonitor.com

Ron Paul Booed For Mentioning Golden Rule Then Cheered - SC Debate 1-16-2012 - YouTube

» Journalist Sues Obama Over Indefinite Detention Law Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Romney Would Sign NDAA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» VIDEO: Fox News Caught Completely Excluding Ron Paul From Post Debate Coverage Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» War on Drugs “Transferred” to Private Mercenaries Including Blackwater Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Ron Paul Tied With Romney As Most Electable Republican Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» EPA drops jackboot on necks of couple for daring to build on their own land Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» All Ron Paul South Carolina FOX Debate Highlights Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Doctor Doom Warns: “World War III Will Occur In the Next Five Years” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Fear and loathing in Central Asia: Will US go to war with Iran? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Nightly News: Radiation Danger Coming to a Bed, Bath & Beyond Near You Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Radio Host Levin Attacks Ron Paul Again, Vows to Vote for Romney Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Paul-Haters Plan KKK Stunt To Smear Congressman Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» CDC Increases Pressure on Parents to Vaccinate Kids with Deadly Toxins Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Ron Paul: Outrageous Overreach of the EPA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Smoking Gun Documents On Iran “Found” By US-Backed Terror Group Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Is President Obama Being Blackmailed Over Iran Attack? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Aspartame Trap: You May Be Unknowingly Ingesting this Toxic Sweetener Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Chile’s Desaparecidos and Obama’s NDAA Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» The Enemy Expatriation Act: No different than the Nazi Nuremberg Laws Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Joint US-Israel drill called off by Netanyahu, to Washington's surprise

US and Iran inch closer to military conflict - TheHill.com

Prison Planet.com » Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise

Netanyahu: Current Iran sanctions won't curb its nuclear program - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Prison Planet.com » U.S. Sends Letter to Iran on Strait of Hormuz

Prison Planet.com » Tehran ‘studying’ U.S. letter on Strait of Hormuz

False Flag - By Mark Perry | Foreign Policy

» Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Drone Disasters | TomDispatch

UPDATE 3-Israel rattled as hackers hit bourse, banks, El Al | Reuters

Decision on expanding cyber defense program due in March | The Raw Story

Prison Planet.com » EPA drops jackboot on necks of couple for daring to build on their own land

Prison Planet.com » Eugenics In Action: 3 Year Old Girl Denied Kidney Transplant Because She Is “Mentally Retarded”

Prison Planet.com » Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian On SOPA: ‘It’s Going To Break The Internet’

Killer flu doctors: US censorship is a danger to science - Science - News - The Independent

Prison Planet.com » Smoking Gun Documents On Iran “Found” By US-Backed Terror Group

+WTC Bone Fragments Still Surface a Decade After 9/11 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

150+ More Body Parts Found at WTC Ground Zero - YouTube

+ What about the planes that slammed into the Twin Towers? Wouldn’t they have disturbed the demolition devices? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Money Over God, Power Over Country: 9/11, The Almighty Dollar, And The Betrayal of American Values Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» PBS broadcast of “Solving the Mystery of WTC7″ reaches 2.7 Million Americans Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Why I want to bring down the internet – for a day - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent

Polar Active activity monitor for schoolkids raises privacy concerns among parents - NYPOST.com

» Company hoarding license-plate data on US drivers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

California Watch: Private company hoarding license-plate data on US drivers | abc7news.com


Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: EU accused of ‘brainwashing’ schoolchildren across Britain

» Data Mining Your Soul (Or Digital Profile) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Network on Vimeo

Prison Planet.com » Senator pushes for GMO labeling in Washington State

Medical researchers unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise - USATODAY.com

Prison Planet.com » Beyond the Cashless Society: IBM’s Vision for the Future

IBM Next 5 in 5: 2011 - YouTube

Offsetting global warming: Molecule in Earth's atmosphere could 'cool the planet'

Prison Planet.com » Officials Say ‘Toilet on Tap’ Wastewater Same Quality as Regular Water Supply

DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers | Privacy Inc. - CNET News


Prison Planet.com » Mitt Romney: Owned by Goldman Sachs



Prison Planet.com » NEWSWEEK: Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?

Gold price 'to hit $2,000 an ounce' | Business | guardian.co.uk

Prison Planet.com » The British Prime Minister Decided Taxpayers Shouldn’t Buy The Queen A $90 Million Yacht For Her 60th Anniversary

Prison Planet.com » Illustrated: The Incompetence of the Fed

Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Business Group Claims Obama Creating Constitutional Crisis

Prison Planet.com » Rachel Maddow, MSNBC colleagues score face time with Obama

Ron Paul Exposes EPA Landgrab! No Rule of Law - YouTube

Congress logs most futile legislative year on record - Washington Times

Prison Planet.com » Dr. King family’s civil trial verdict: US government assassinated Martin

Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act - YouTube

TODAY Health - Teen girls' medical mystery baffles doctors

The chips that are good for your health - Science - News - The Independent

India reports new TB strain resistant to all drugs - USATODAY.com

Prison Planet.com » Martin Luther King: Praised in Words, Defamed in Deeds

Prison Planet.com » We’ve Won a Brief Respite on Iran and SOPA

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul: EPA Abuses

Ron Paul - Outrageous Overreach of the EPA (16-Jan-12)(POLITICAL DISCOURSE series) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Reality Check: How Public Opinion Can Shape Your Daily Life

Prison Planet.com » If You Are A Blue Collar Worker In America You Are An Endangered Species

» Mission Impossible: F-35C jet fighter unable to land on carriers Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Jamming signals disrupt Iranian TV channels Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Al Jazeera TV jammed from Iran | Middle East Confidential

» Simpleton’s guide to what makes a strong password Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Killer Flu: Dutch lab attacks U.S. for redacting its research Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Radioactive iodine in rainwater: Public was in the dark

» Scientists On Track to Develop ‘Exercise Mimicking’ Pill Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Lumus PD-18-2 video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision | Mail Online

The magical (and sometimes ridiculous) gadgets of tomorrow - The Washington Post

» Facebook plans $10bn May stock offering Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Mitt the Ripper: If Corporations are People, Romney’s a Serial Killer (Satire) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Colbert Super PAC Ad - (EstablishMitt) the Ripper - YouTube

U.S. judge backs ATF multiple rifle sales reporting - chicagotribune.com

» Now, Operation White Gun: Another ATF Weapons Op Under Scrutiny Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Malkin: LaRaza Moves Up In Obama Administration » Commentary Commentary

» Wrongfully accused in L.A.: ID glitches see hundreds jailed who shouldn’t be Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

ID errors put hundreds in L.A. County jails - latimes.com

Observer analysis: Banks overwhelmingly support Romney | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

£11bn smart meter plans 'risk fiasco': MPs warn only energy suppliers will benefit | Mail Online

» Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Illustrated: The Incompetence of the Fed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Pro-Palestinian Hacker Kicks up Attacks Striking El Al and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Websites | TheBlaze.com

» Real events on the ground in Syria completely contrary to media depictions Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Are UN soldiers responsible for bring deadly cholera superbug to the Americas? Scientists say yes Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Saudis Can Replace Iranian Oil if Sanctions Are Enforced Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Whose hands are behind those dramatic YouTube pictures? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

MEDIA DISINFO: British journalist: Image of events on the ground in Syria is completely contrary to media depictions

Patrick Cockburn: Whose hands are behind those dramatic YouTube pictures? - Commentators - Opinion - The Independent

We the People vs. Mitt Romney - YouTube

Romney rattled by Republican rivals | World news | guardian.co.uk

Robert Fisk: The 'invented people' stand little chance - Robert Fisk - Commentators - The Independent

Nowhere to Run - Message to the sheeple - YouTube

Satanic & Nazi Symbols on New German ID Card | USAHM Conspiracy News

New telescope array will capture the first-ever photograph of a black hole | Mail Online

Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: High Strangeness: Earth's Shadow Denizens

Scientists Grow Meat in Labs (OMG!) - New York Restaurants and Dining - Fork in the Road

Smiles of the Dangerous Children | Mysterious Universe

Strange, unexplained sounds reported worldwide

When the Smithsonian discovered an ancient Egyptian colony in the Grand Canyon






C2CAM - 2012.01.15 - Alternate Realities - 2012 Myths - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.14 - Cosmology, the Universe, & Evolution - YouTube

C2CAM - 2011.02.21 - Doomsday & Brown Dwarf Star - Lucas - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.12 - Giants & Lost Civilizations - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.11 - Creation & Ancient Origins - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.06 - Metaphysical World & Open Lines - YouTube

C2CAM - 2012.01.04 - Understanding the Universe - YouTube

C2CAM - 2011.12.04 - Ancient Aliens - Alex Jones NDAA Concerns - YouTube




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Genesis Communications Network GCN News Video: Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina, Jan. 16 «

Fox News/Wall Street Journal/SC Republican Party Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC (January 16, 2012) - YouTube

This Is Why I Don’t Give You a Job «

US Senator Asked to Stop Pentagon Thrust to Domineer Southeastern Colorado «

(Videos) Free Speech Is On Thin Ice «

U.S. Media Working With War Profiteering MIC & Politicians To Hype People Up For War - YouTube

Ron Paul & Doug Wead On Geraldo At Large 1/15/12 - YouTube

Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta! (E236) - YouTube


The Katherine Albrecht Show 01-16-12 Hr 1

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World Crisis Radio 01-14-12 Hr 1

World Crisis Radio 01-14-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 01-16-12 Hr 1

Redding News Review 01-16-12 Hr 2

Redding News Review 01-16-12 Hr 3


Exploring Your Destiny w/ Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: The Misuse of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Dream - YouTube

Bond Info - Yo Parents: Your Little Thug Commits a Crime, You Go to Jail With \'Em! | Jesse\'s BOND

17.mp Jesse Peterson Radio Show

Jesse Peterson Radio Show 16th

Mutant TB Ravages India: Superbug or Eugenics? - YouTube

The Accelerating Disintegration of America 1/5 - YouTube

The Accelerating Disintegration of America 2/5 - YouTube

The Accelerating Disintegration of America 3/5 - YouTube

The Accelerating Disintegration of America 4/5 - YouTube

The Accelerating Disintegration of America 5/5 - YouTube

Manufacturing Your Reality 1/3 - YouTube

Manufacturing Your Reality 2/3 - YouTube

Manufacturing Your Reality 3/3 - YouTube

+“Survivalist Plans for WW3: Practical Solutions” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Prison Planet.com » Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

Lair of the Beasts: Monsters vs. Roswell! - Mania.com


Black Box Voting - http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

Infographic Design Agency: http://killerinfographics.submitinfographics.com/


Gingrich: Defund Planned Parenthood and Give the Money to Adoption Services | CNSnews.com

» Sowell: An Ignored ‘Disparity’ » Commentary Commentary

» Romney: McCain-Feingold a disaster; fixing Social Security » News News

» Gingrich hits home run on jobs for poor » News News

» Brown: Over-Regulation Is Choking the Life Out Of Business » Commentary Commentary

» Limbaugh: Mark Levin’s ‘Ameritopia’ » Commentary Commentary

The Most Ridiculous Income Tax Challenge Ever - The Loft The Loft

» Obama Borrows More Than All Previous Presidents Combined? » Fresh Ink Fresh Ink

Gunter Spens: USA Police State Worse Than East Germany - Infowars Nightly News 1/3 - YouTube

Gunter Spens: USA Police State Worse Than East Germany - Infowars Nightly News 2/3 - YouTube

Gunter Spens: USA Police State Worse Than East Germany - Infowars Nightly News 3/3 - YouTube

Videos:Prison Planet.com » We Will Defend Our Liberties to The Death: Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers


**World Map of All Wars and Conflicts Happening In 2012 - BlackListedNews.com

+The Map

DTI's 2012 World Conflict Map | AVIATION WEEK

*Defense Technology International Conflict Map 2012


++cryptogon.com » Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

Iran makes arrests in scientist assassination | World | RIA Novosti

Saudi Arabia, China Ink Nuke Cooperation Deal

The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare: What Seventy Downed Drones Tell Us About the New American Way of War - BlackListedNews.com

DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

Corrupt Regimes Crumble When the Foot Soldiers Refuse to Carry Out The Tyrant’s Draconian Orders Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

5 Part:Prison Planet.com » The Accelerating Disintegration of America

+The US Government Is Bankrupt - informationliberation

Suspect in Calif. homeless deaths a former Marine - Yahoo! News

DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

The Lies Of NBCUniversal's Rick Cotton About SOPA/PIPA | Techdirt

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery ... and Fighting Back is "Aggression" - informationliberation

Remain Diligent: SOPA And PIPA Must Be Squashed, Not Changed | Fast Company

No, The White House Did Not Say 'They Will Not Support SOPA & PIPA' - informationliberation

Bloodthirsty "Christians" Boo as Ron Paul Proposes Golden Rule - YouTube

FOX News South Carolina GOP Debate - Ron Paul Highlights - YouTube

US marine's trial begins in Haditha case - YouTube

Mitt Romney - Yes I would Sign NDAA - YouTube

When Is a Terrorist Not a Terrorist?

U.S. Government Funding Terrorist - Forging Documents

For Too Many African-Americans Prison is a Legacy Passed from Father to Son

Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Media Giant Broadcasting Limbaugh, Hannity

IRAQ: Remembering the Atrocities of the Gulf War: 21 Years Ago. Calling for the Release of Tariq Aziz

"Drones Over New York City": A Deady Drone, Modeled on the Dragonfly... .

Union Of Arab Monarchies: U.S., NATO Proxy In Gulf, Arab World

RENDITION: Thousands of "Suspects" have "Disappeared": Shedding Light on North Carolina's "Rendition" Connection

The Mainstream Media Lie about Martin Luther King

VIDEO: US Mainstream Media: Beating the Drums of War?

Oil, Dollar Hegemony and Islam

VIDEO: What Did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About War Costs?

The EyeOpener- Police State International: The globalization of Control

Systemic Indoctrination & the Culture of Outsourcing

Coleen Rowley: A Rainy Day in DC, Marching to Close Guantanamo

S.C. Gov. Haley: ‘I Would Say No’ to VP Offer

Santorum: Romney ‘Elected as Rabid Pro-Choice Governor’

U.S. and Israel Postpone Joint Missile-Defense Exercise--As Iran Boasts of 'Islamic Awakening'

Myrtle Beach Debate - Post-Game

Vulture Capitalism or Populist Demagoguery?

Levin To Obama: ‘You Don’t Give A Damn About Business Owners’

Rush: All The Agencies Obama Wants To Shrink Are 'Pro-Business'

International Planned Parenthood's Strategic Goal: Increase Abortion Services by 82 Percent--in Africa

Gingrich Draws Cheers for Explaining Why Obama Is a ‘Food Stamp President’: ‘And If That Makes Liberals Unhappy...'’

EXCLUSIVE—Mark Levin on ‘Ameritopia:’ ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country’

Mark Levin: You Cannot Have This EPA and a Constitution

Gingrich Won’t Say If South Carolina Is His Last Stand

OTJ: Mark Levin on 'Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America'

Gingrich: Planned Parenthood Funding Should Go to Adoptive Services

Levin: You Cannot Have This EPA and a Constitution

Santorum on Romney: ‘Track Record Matters’ on Abortion

Gingrich: Most Americans Would Rather Earn a Paycheck Than Be Dependent on Food Stamps

Romney, Santorum square off over felons voting

Santorum: 'We Need a Conviction Conservative'

Huntsman to GOP Candidates: Negative, Personal Attacks Are Not Worthy of American People

Fox Poll: 80% Say Ability to Beat Obama Most Important Factor for GOP Candidate

Ron Paul: ‘Enforcing the Constitution’ Would Be A Good Party Platform

Alveda King on MLK: ‘Man of God ... Who Feared and Loved the Lord’

Immigration Courtrooms Fall Silent As Obama Administration Reviews Deportation Cases

Ronald Reagan Signs Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday into Law: Nov. 2, 1983

NY Congressman Invites Homeless NY Science Whiz to State of Union Address

Audio: Cruise captain pleaded not to reboard ship

U.S. Urges South Korea to Cut Iranian Oil Imports

Ahmadinejad Says His Latin American Visit Bolstered Campaign Against ‘Global Hegemony’

Silent Film 'The Artist' Leads Golden Globes With 3 Wins

Polls: Job approval for Congress sinks to new low

Obama administration warns the left: You will not like our budget

Crowds flock to King Memorial on day honoring the slain civil rights leader

More schools likely to lose accreditation, experts say

U.S. launches national war on Alzheimer's

Chris Christie to address House Republicans at retreat

Burger King tries home delivery

Discussing voting issues, AG Holder invokes Martin Luther King Jr.

Scarcity of women causes men to spend more, save less

Homeless make up growing number of California welfare recipients

For sale: Hearse that carried John F. Kennedy's body in Dallas

Steve Jobs action figure pulled from market

Nationally known ice climber dies after Colo. fall

Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover

Reforms pitched for Colorado schools' zero-tolerance rules

Obama, Jordan's King to Discuss Mideast Crises

Iran Criticizes Saudi Comments on Oil Exports

Report: Captain Refused Orders to Return to Cruise Ship

Gunmen Kill VOA Reporter in Pakistan

Thai Authorities Investigate Terror Links to Stockpiled Explosives

US Senators Support Philippines in S. China Sea Dispute

US Senate to Consider Democracy Leader's Views on Burma Sanctions

Study: Milky Way Galaxy Has 160 Billion Planets


Was Martin Luther King Jr. a conservative?



Meeting the Ron Paul challenge

Mitt’s ‘vulture capitalism’

Prizefight to watch: ‘Obama v. Arpaio’

‘American’ doesn’t have a hyphen

A disparity politicians ignore

Socialist kleptomaniacs

Mark Levin’s ‘Ameritopia’

Ricky’s F-bomb: Symptom of our sickness

How to settle with collectors

Romney Defends Record At South Carolina Debate, As GOP Rivals Fight For Edge In State Primary | Fox News

Single state defies Obama detention plan

Scientists Find Hundreds Of Lost Fossils From Darwin Collection | Fox News

Libyan weapons flowing to terrorists

Preparing for the dollar meltdown

America’s economy en route to Titanic ‘iceberg’

Guns, gold, and spirit of Jefferson rise again

Big Brother backs off regulating Internet

Vitals - Keep baby's sex secret to prevent gender-based abortions, doc says

Teachers should be graded, say New York parents - NY Daily News

Projekt Cloverleaf - Chemtrails and their Purpose - YouTube

13 American Gangs That Are Keeping The FBI Up At Night

"Jonah in the Belly" Coin Chosen | Before It's News

Are You Ready For The Coming One World Government? | Before It's News

Nearly Half Of All Pharmaceuticals Produced Overseas, Many In Unregulated Chinese Factories | Before It's News

10 Computer Threats You Didn't Know About | Malware & Viruses | Identity Theft | LiveScience

Did HAARP Bring Down Russian Mars Probe? | Before It's News

Did US radar down Russian Mars probe? — RT

President Obama Meets with President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness at the White House | Before It's News

TRUTH: http://trust-the-truth.blogspot.com/

Symbolic Pics of the Month (01/12)

NY Schools Monitor Fat Kids…Even at Home

Nike’s Kobe System: Advertisement With an Illuminati Message

Brittany Murphy’s Dad: “Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance”

Shaq Shows Off Masonic Ring on National TV (video)

Corey Feldman Will Reveal the Name of Two Hollywood Pedophiles That Abused Him

Trans Fats Linked to Brain Shrinkage

'Newt, Newt, Newt' Winner of GOP Debate

Gingrich Defends Remarks on the Poor, Food Stamps

Santorum on Defense over Votes in Congress

Paul Promises Deep Cuts in Military Spending

Perry Defends States' Rights

Romney Offers Robust Defense of Bain Tenure

Huntsman Quits GOP Race, Endorses Romney

Obama Adviser: GOP Action Will Cause Jobs Cuts

Towery: Romney Might Have Planned Poor Debate

Newt Wins Huge Praise for SC Debate

Largest Fla. Paper Gives Romney Half-Hearted Nod

Obama on Jobs: I've Made 'Substantial Progress'

Latino Group Endorses Gingrich, Knocks Romney

Obama Makes No Progress on Bipartisanship

Gingrich Slams Juan Williams in Racial Exchange

Huntsman Deletes Anti-Romney Attacks

Gingrich: I'm the Best to Take on Obama

Romney: Scrap Campaign Finance Laws

Gingrich Scores Big Points with Debate Audience

Jarrett Reportedly Gets Secret Service Protection

Obama to Accept Nomination at NC Stadium

Conservative Groups Launch 'Values Voter Bus Tour'

Fla. Considers 'E-tax' on Online Sales

Iran Warns Saudis Not to Replace Oil

US Urges South Korea to Cut Iranian Oil Imports

Economists: Housing to Begin Recovery Next Year

Robert Wiedemer: European Crisis Can Infect US

Two Slices of Bacon a Day Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Small Planets Outside Solar System Found

Mark Levin's 'Ameritopia' Reminds Us What's Worth Fighting For

Mark Levin's 'Ameritopia' Articulates Liberal Mindset

US Can't Afford to Put Globalization on Hold Over 5 Feet

America Should Take Lead on Iran or Get out of Israel’s Way

A Lesson in Capitalism for Republican Candidates

U.S. online piracy bill headed for major makeover | Reuters

U.S. Jewish Population Pegged at 6 Million – Forward.com

Manning’s attorney wants to depose Clinton - Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World - Military Times

BBC News - Hackers spread malware via children's gaming websites

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Both Speak To Same Dying Medical Marijuana Patient - YouTube

The Five Most Important Questions - YouTube

Activist Post: America, Welcome to the Fourth Reich

Activist Post: US-Funded "Rights Advocate" Censoring Free-Speech Forum

Activist Post: What IAEA reports on Iran’s nuclear energy/medicine: how US War Criminal 1% lie

Activist Post: Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

Activist Post: Citizens Assemble in Support of Family Farmers vs. Monsanto

Activist Post: Amish Men Jailed -- “We're Just Not Going To Pay”

Activist Post: What Happens When Money Dies?

Activist Post: Pentagon Transfers War on Drugs to Private Mercenaries Including Blackwater

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Cops and Judges Applaud Canadian Liberal Party’s Marijuana Legalization Resolution

Ventura Girl Scout, 14, Calls For Cookie Boycot - Flash Player Installation

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: The Tracking Tool the Government Uses that You Already Carry with You

Energy drinks industry rejects doctors' calls for greater regulation | Herald Sun

Fotoshop by Adobé on Vimeo

savethemales.ca - 9-11 "Terrorists" Used Secret Technology

Obama’s Sodomite Past Comes Back To Haunt Him « Truth In Our Time

Government Has Seized All Power - We're No Longer FreeThe US Is No Longer The Land Of The Free

Facebook illuminati - YouTube

Why Gay Parents May Be the Best Parents - Yahoo! News

America at Crossroads | Opinion Maker

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? | Opinion Maker

Rense & Ellen Brown - County-Owned Banks Can Save America - YouTube

Rense & Ellen Brown - County-Owned Banks Can Save America P2 - YouTube

America's Emerging Dictatorship | Before It's News

Daily Kos: Rahm Caught Red Handed By State Officials

WAR PLAN IRAN: Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf

Paul Drockton: Did Bain Capital Plunder Howard Hughes?

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

How Genetically Modified Foods Could Affect Our Health in Unexpected Ways | Personal Health | AlterNet

Gonzalo Lira: What If The Government Takes Over Wikipedia?

savethemales.ca - The Double Standard in "Hate Crimes"

ACLU trashes Obama over indefinite detention and torture act — RT

DEMOCRATS AGAINST U. N. AGENDA 21 - OK, So what is Agenda 21? And why should I care? Part 1

news » Alan Dershowitz, amoral and impotent dwarf.


Top Contributors to Mitt Romney | OpenSecrets

We the People vs. Mitt Romney - YouTube

2012 Presidential Campaign Blog: Overstock.com President Jonathan Johnson Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency

Adherence To the Oath :60 - YouTube

Poll: Obama %48 - Paul %46, CNN Baffled, Asks College Students Why Ron Paul? - YouTube

New Photos From Inside Fukushima Daiichi | SimplyInfo

CBS News - The New Solyndras - Home - The Daily Bail

A Tale of Two Candidates - Ron Paul & Mitt Romney - YouTube

poorrichard's blog: Albert Einstein Opposed Israel Terrorism and Zionism.

Media: Ron Paul? Never heard of him - YouTube

U.S. Media Working With War Profiteering MIC & Politicians To Hype People Up For War - YouTube

NYT Caught Lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program - YouTube

Rick Santorum lies about Ron Paul | NJ.com

Ron Paul Ad: Who's Looking Out For You? - YouTube

Lone Star Watchdog: Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

MLK “All Over the Globe Men are Revolting Against old Systems of Exploitation and Oppression, and Out of the Wounds of a Frail World, New Systems of Justice and Equality are Being Born” | OccupyTVstations.com

GORDON DUFF: MLK, A Dream Forgotten Awaiting Rebirth | Veterans Today


The Wave Hits The Chief NeoCon.mp4 - YouTube

Mitt Romney avoids U.S tax by using Offshore bank accounts - YouTube

Ron Paul in the Center Seat - YouTube

The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny - Occupy America Social Network

How Ron Paul Helps You Be a Better Parent | Vactruth.com

crazy policeman arrests a 13 yr old kid for smiling - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics : Ron Paul Smacks Down Fox Moderators on Military/Defense Spending! January 16, 2012

Ron Paul Makes Fox Moderator Look Stupid on Military Spending - South Carolina Debate 1-16-2012 - YouTube

Americans Raid Savings To Get Through Stop-Start Recovery

poorrichard's blog: Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us

Newt Gingrich's history of bigoted remarks | Media Matters for America

Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn't Be President Because It's Against God's Will | ThinkProgress

Newt Gingrich Racist Comments: "Spanish is a language of the ghetto" - YouTube

Pax Judaica To Replace Pax Americana Which Replaced Pax Britannica | Video Rebel's Blog

Miracle food? Cherries can help reverse gout and arthritis inflammation

C-SPAN Gets Hammered With Prank Calls About Mitt Romney's Penis Size (HILARIOUS VIDEO) - Home - The Daily Bail

GIngrich: The rest of the story | Ron Paul 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

Decent? Who is Newt Gingrich to Speak About Decency? | Combat Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul "When Newt Gingrich Was Called To Service During Vietnam HE CHICKENED OUT!" - YouTube

GREAT DIAGRAM of how #ROMNEY owns the media: #RonPaul #tcot #... on Twitpic

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Why Is U.S. Media NOT Covering Stop Online Piracy Act In Congress?

Ron Paul - Three of a Kind - YouTube

Israel and GOP join forces to oust Obama - YouTube

Christian Zionism in USA to Protect Israel ? Who represents Christianity? - YouTube

Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us

Ron Paul says SAME as our Intelligence Agencies about 9/11 Motive - YouTube

Santorum on Nuclear Iran: Despicable Me « Pyramidion

Blue Chip Companies Bailing Out Weak Eurozone Banks - Home - The Daily Bail

Dr. Obama's Miracle Green Job Elixir Gives $737 Million To Solar Firm Linked To Pelosi's Brother-In-Law - Home - The Daily Bail

Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 7.19.52 PM.jpg (JPEG Image, 664x989 pixels) - Scaled (68%)

Twitter Debate Viewers Agree "Ron Paul Is The Only One Giving Straight Answers" - YouTube

poorrichard's blog: “The Vicious Domestic Enemy of Rural America!”


Guitar Zero | Before It's News


**Cooking and Recipes


**Healthy Cooking Videos and Natural Remedies - 12160


36 States Did Not Ratify The 17th Amendment

1/16/2012 -- 'Strange sounds' heard WORLDWIDE -- what is it?! - YouTube

Paul McGuire -- Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government?

Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

Rare Caterpillar-like Horizontal Earthquake Discovered | Pakistan Earthquake Risk, How Earthquakes Happen, 1992 Kohat Earthquake | Rare Horizontal Earthquakes, Horizontal Earthquake Faults | OurAmazingPlanet.com

IBM News room - 2011-12-19 IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives within Five Years - United States

Economists: Housing to Begin Weak Recovery Next Year

Average Age of US Vehicles Hits Record 10.8 Years

Roubini: The Bad News? 'Good News' Isn’t Real

IMF, EU May Need to Give East Europe More Help

Obama Jobs Panel Urges Broadened Tax Base

Isn’t a Bainful Turnaround What America Needs?

What the Great Gun Grab Means for Investors

Romney's Big Lie on the Economy Gets Bigger

Ed Potosnak Wants YOU To Pick A Pro-Environment Candidate He Should Give His Money To

Did Romney and Santorum Profit From Medicare and Medicaid Fraud?

President Obama Asks to See Betty White's Long Form Birth Certificate

Sally Kohn's Debut As Fox News Contributor Illustrates Why Congress Can't Function

Golden Rule Booed at SC Debate

Martin Luther King Jr.: 'A Time To Break The Silence' On War

Remember, Kip: When You Point The Finger At Someone, Four Fingers Point Back At You

The Food Network's The Big Waste

Working America Calls for Big Banks to Pay Their Fair Share for Financial Crisis

Krugman: Romney's CEO Experience Not Relevant to Being President

The Heart Of Unionism: A Philly Member Writes About His Local's Solidarity

Politicizing Climate Change

Rick Santorum: President Obama Doesn't Think America Is A Source For Good In The World

Republicans and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Reminder

Afghan Air War Hits 3-Year Low | Danger Room | Wired.com

Video: Governor Walker Recall – Lemon Law Protection for Voters | Blogging Blue

How come John Boehner wants the Keystone Pipeline? « Politics « WHITE NOISE INSANITY

The Mahablog » Christian Conservative Dirty Tricks

Wisconsin Gov . Walker opponents to submit recall petitions

Cash-strapped Zion may sell city hall to felon's finance company

Elderly Mobsters on Trial for Attempted Home Invasion

After airing false footage of Costa Concordia, Italian media under fire

Paul Brennan reports on the Costa Concordia - YouTube

Monitors feted by Damascus protesters

Gloves are off: EU launches legal challenges against Hungary's new constitution

Billionaire Kremlin hopeful says Putin must change

Top official says Kim Jong Un ready to lead

Mubarak Lawyers Blast the Prosecution

Islamic preacher in British jail wins fight against deportation

Clinton says Yemen leader has reneged on promises

Kazakhstan vote fails key democracy test, say officials

Thai police seek court approval to hold Lebanese suspect longer

Beirut building collapse toll reaches 27

India, China to set-up border mechanism

China eyes Taiwan's election freedoms

Romania promises to reinstate official after rioting

Turkey Reacts to Rick Perry's Terrorist Accusation

Martin Schulz, new European Parliament president, says 'eurosceptics are mentally weak' | Mail Online

TwitPic, Wordpress to go dark for online SOPA protest

MLK Day March in Downtown McAllen - YouTube

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Five things we learned from Monday's debate

Wis. governor opponents to submit recall petitions

Serial killing suspect's life unraveled after Iraq

Less snow in the forecast? It's "evolving."

2 arrested in high school soccer player's killing, police say

Occupy protesters rally against Congress at Capitol

Mom killed two children, two others and herself after taping herself smoking meth

US announces ban on import of pythons, 2 others constrictor snakes

Obama to accept nomination at Charlotte stadium

Police looking for answers in fatal child stabbing

Third-party Ad Ban Sought In Mass.Senate Race

NYC killer admits final crime: subway slashing

Rush Limbaugh: Gingrich Nailed Debate

Fast food made faster: Burger King gives home delivery a try

Millionaires Back Buffett Tax on Wealthy If They're Exempt

China's Growth Engine Declines

Mitt Romney's five rockiest moments from the SC debate

Romney, Santorum square off over felons voting; Santorum says front-runner ...

Gingrich reacts to SC debate shoot-out with Juan Williams

The Bain of Gingrich's Campaign

Sparks Fly at GOP South Carolina Debate - YouTube

Who Won the GOP S.C. Debate? - YouTube

Mitt Romney defends raising funds for 'super PAC'

Romney Says His Effective Tax Rate Is 'Probably' 15%

Poll shows Perry losing Texas, in third place

Tea party opposed by half of Americans

Evangelical group may boost Santorum in SC

Romney Booed for Support for Indefinite Detention

Fact Checker: Gingrich makes misleading claims about Romney on abortion

Rick Perry Proposes Wounded-Warrior Tax Exemption

Facebook Gives POLITICO Access To Your Political Beliefs

Holder warns voting rights still at risk

GOP meeting to discuss Mitt 'discomfort'

Google will protest SOPA using popular home page

Murdoch's Twitter rant over piracy - YouTube

More Sites Going Dark Over SOPA and PIPA, But Not Twitter

Apple's education event is getting seriously over-hyped

Facebook, researchers turn up heat on Koobface gang

Lifelike Steve Jobs doll pulled from market

Americans cut consumption in face of record gasoline prices

Nokia Shouldn't Panic At Lumia 710 Price Drop

Microsoft's Windows 8 Includes Tablet Hardware Requirements

China tops half billion Internet users

Facebook planning to launch Open Graph actions tomorrow?

Google reaches out in ad campaign to educate consumers about Web security

How a Mouse Company Might Become King of the PC Jungle

Why we celebrate Betty White on her 90th

ShowBiz Minute: BAFTA, Lohan, Swift - YouTube

"The Artist" leads with 12 BAFTA nominations

Gervais is three and done with Globes

Brian Williams' rip of 'SNL' singer posted online

Elton John's Husband: Madonna Is 'Embarrassing' and 'Desperate'

Angelina Jolie Tells Brad Pitt: "You're Prettier Than Me" at Globes Party

'Idol' Judge Steven Tyler -- Aerosmith Jealous of Me

Lindsay Lohan vs. Megan Fox: Who Should Play Elizabeth Taylor?

Climate Proposal Puts Practicality Ahead of Sacrifice

APNewsBreak: Mars Rocks Fell in Africa Last July

Homeless teen science whiz invited to State of Union

UK Scientists Find 'Lost' Darwin Fossils

Mystery Persists Over Russian Spacecraft Fall Site

Online Tools Slice, Dice EPA Emissions Data

Saturn's moon Titan may be more Earth-like than thought

New Storage Device Is Very Small, at 12 Atoms

Hillsborough robotics team aiming for FIRST

Another Earth-like planet? NASA announces latest finding

Baby Born on Train - YouTube

Indian experts probing 'untreatable' TB cases

Study: No alcohol intake safe during pregnancy

La Nina 'linked' to flu pandemics

Anti-smoking efforts often fall short

Babies read lips before they can speak, study shows

Obama tells jobs council of `substantial progress'

Ryan Seacrest to interview Joe Biden - POLITICO.com

Obama Disney World visit: President Obama will visit Walt Disney World on Thursday - chicagotribune.com

U.S. drone that crashed in Iran goes miniature - Checkpoint Washington - The Washington Post

Black Box Voting - America's Elections Watchdog Group

SCYTL Acquires SOE Software, Becoming the Leading Election Software Provider - MarketWatch

6 Held In Beating Of Teen Posted On YouTube « C - Flash Player Installation

Man Who Found Kids Shivering In Bushes Talks To - Flash Player Installation

Man missing for 5 days, found dead in movie theater bathroom | wtsp.com

5 Year Old Accused of Stabbing 3 People Over Juice Box

Brains Of 40 Dead Children Removed, Kept In Jars In UK Hospitals

WH: Newt's Obama food stamp charge is 'crazy' | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics - The Daily Beast

Men Arrested For Smuggling Gold In Rectums

Strassel: Romney's Rivals Fizzle in South Carolina - WSJ.com

Mars Rocks Fell on Morocco, Scientists Say | NBC New York


Online Survey - http://polldaddy.com/

Intrade - www.intrade.com


*BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- January 16, 2012


Why Libertarianism Can Never Succeed

Job Creation

Debbie Schlussel:Get Ready for the Michelle Obama Campaign “Book Tour” – You’re Paying

Debbie Schlussel:HILARIOUS Video: The Muslim World’s Littlest Dictator

Debbie Schlussel:Book by King Friend: MLK Jr. Was a Conservative – On Immigration, Anti-Semitism, Etc.

Debbie Schlussel:Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Pro-Israel, But Muslims Continue to Hijack His Name

Obama’s Six Agency Merger - Smoke and Mirrors

Selling Out: An Artist Says @#!! Occupy, More Commodify!

The Progressive’s Foundation of Lies

Death to Capitalism! (Seriously!)

Eric Holder Fights Against Voter ID Laws

No-kidding red lines

The Society for the Protection of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

Anti-Capitalists Unlikely to Compliment Capitalists

Obama Discovers Shale Gas

Mark Levin’s Ameritopia shows us the way out of the dark

Race begins for wonder gas ‘frozen under sea’

Obama’s “Fairness” is Pure Communism

MLK Would Be Disappointed by Barack Obama and Eric Holder!

Watch the First Sci-Fi Film Actually Shot in Space

Palestinian Man to Serve Five Life Sentences for Gruesome Fogel Family Slaying

Paul: My Only Problem With Santorum Attack Ad Was That ‘I Couldn’t Get All the Things in I Wanted to Say’

Martin Luther King’s Niece Says He Would Have Supported Pro-Life Values

Gingrich on Unemployment Benefits: ‘99 Weeks Is an Associates Degree’

YouTube Freezes Palestinian Media Watch Account, Pulls Fatah Video Calling for Religious War with Jews, Born of ‘Apes & Pigs’

Romney Reaffirms DREAM Act Promise, Tells Illegals to ‘Get in Line’ With Those Applying for Citizenship Legally

I ‘Go to Church Every Day’: Actor Mark Wahlberg Credits Faith for Turning His Life Around

GOP Candidates Square-Off in Fox News/Wall Street Journal Debate (Includes LIVE Blaze Debate Chat Transcript)

Wikipedia Will Officially Blackout in Protest of Anti-Piracy Act This Wednesday

MSNBC Guest Suggests Romney Is Racist for Giving Money to Struggling Black Woman

Do Babies Read Lips?

Study: Selling Junk Food at Middle Schools Does Not Lead to Overweight Students

Watch Key Moments in the South Carolina GOP Debate

This Is What a 130 MPH Race Car Crash Looks Like From the Inside

X-Ray Photography? Here’s How the Stunning Photos Are Made

Ron Paul Denies Saying He Wouldn’t Have Ordered Bin Laden Raid in Pakistan — But Here’s the Video

Did the Crowd Boo Mexico During Last Night’s Debate?

See the ‘Sucker Punch’ That Led to an All-Out Hockey Brawl

Pastor & His Wife Hold ‘Sexperiment’ on the Rooftop of Their Church

Scientists Find Charles Darwin’s Lost Fossils — 165 Years Later

Graphic: Chicago Teens Brutally Beat, Rob 17-Year-Old Boy…Then Post It to YouTube

Watch Obama Cracks Birther Joke During Betty White’s NBC Birthday Special

Five of the Weirdest Sales Taxes in the U.S.

Shocking Vid: Base Jumper Crashes in Wingsuit During Mtn. Jump…And Survives!

Watch See the Exchange Over Race Between Gingrich and Juan Williams That Led to a Standing Ovation

Ricky Gervais Slams God Again At Golden Globes

Limbaugh: Screw Conservatives, Make The Media Your Best Friend. That’s What Huntsman Did.That’s Why He Lost.

Rush Uses ‘Pam No-Stick Cooking Spray’ To Poison Mouse In His House

Selective Abortion Worries: ‘It’s A Girl’ Could Be A Death Sentence

Limbaugh Jabs Scarborough: He Wants To Be ‘A Favorite Son Of The Left’

Rush Limbaugh on SC GOP Debate: “I Think It Was Newt’s Best Debate So Far, By Far.”

Rush Plays Epic Newt Gingrich Home Run, Grand Slam Montage From SC GOP Debate

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Scott Walker on Recall 1/17/2012

The Transformational Tyrant

Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

Romney Denialists

2012: It's Bain Capital vs. Obama Capital

Ron Paul's Successful Brand Strategy

Harry Reid: Friendly like a Rattlesnake

Has al-Qaeda Ceased to Exist?

Holder's hysterical claim that voting rights are at risk due to voter ID laws

Romney says he will 'probably' release taxes

NATO, G-8 Summits could be a disaster for Chicago

Barbie dolls are 'un-Islamic' - Who knew?

Mixed Debate Outcome in Myrtle Beach

Valerie Jarrett uses pulpit to bash GOP, praise Obama

Preparing for a Showdown in the Middle East?

Where were the liberal politicians?

Santorum tags Romney in SC ad

Soros's friend in the Oval Office does him a favor

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream

Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt

The Left's War on Voter Fraud Reform

Seizing the Wealth of Landlords, One District at a Time

AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots

Settling for Mitt Romney

Welcome to the Plantation

Voguing for Obama

Obama and the Will of Allah

The Abolition of Gender

The Tale of the Swine

OWS: The Children's Crusade Redux

Saving Face: The Middle East Minefield

Washington, Moscow, and the Invisible Tip of the Syrian Iceberg

How Israel's National Security Deals with Continuing Terror Threats

The Devil's Advocate and Free Speech

America, Rome, and Military Expenditures


*15th/ Transcripts:Guests: Gingrich, Reid, Graham and Scott

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Guests: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum & Jim DeMint

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

13th/Obama's Remarks on Government Reform

Shields and Brooks on the Week in Politics

Interview with Representative Darrell Issa

Interview with Representative Scott Rigell

12th/Interview with Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich

Interview with Senator Joe Lieberman

Interview with Representative Tim Scott

Analyst Discusses U.S./Afghan Relations

11th/Obama's Speech on Insourcing Jobs

Guests: Rick Perry and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Reporters Discuss Romney's Time at Bain Capital

Panel: How Romney's Response to Attacks

10th/Obama's Speech to EPA Staff

Interview with Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich

Interview with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

Analysts Discuss the Post-New Hampshire GOP Race

Interview with Representative Michael Grimm

Panel on Bill Daley's Resignation

9th/Interview with Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich

Interview with Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Interview with Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman

Panel on the GOP Attacks on Romney

Analysts Discuss White House Staff Shakeup

Interview with Senator John McCain

8th/Guests: Jon Huntsman and Nancy Pelosi

Guests: Party Chairs Wasserman Schultz and Priebus

Guests: Secretary Panetta, Gen. Dempsey & Sen. McCain


**16 Jan.'12/TRANSCRIPT: Fox News Channel & Wall Street Journal Debate in South Carolina | Fox News Insider


**Transcript of the NBC/Facebook GOP Debate**

**The ABC News/WMUR GOP Debate**


Leslie H. Gelb: Think Before Acting on Iran - The Daily Beast

Gordon G. Chang: Why Has China Declared War On Reality TV? | The New Republic

Expect the best behavior from our troops - chicagotribune.com

Behind the Marine video—Arthur Herman - NYPOST.com

BusinessDay - WOLFGANG MUNCHAU: A downward spiral will follow the downgrades

WPR Article | The New Rules: China Must 'Pay Globalization Forward' in Africa

RealClearPolitics - Romney Comes Under Fire in S.C. Debate

Election Beast - The Daily Beast

Newt grabs himself a South Carolina lifeline. Gingrich wins debate as Mitt Romney stumbles. - Mail Online - Toby Harnden's blog

In debate, Romney urged to release tax forms - Washington Times

New Year, New Government Showdown Brewing | TPMDC

Why are Barack Obama’s critics so smart? – Telegraph Blogs

Partisan Washington: Obama's broken promise - Carrie Budoff Brown and Jonathan Allen - POLITICO.com

Insulting Comments at Fox News Debate Show Newt Clueless on Black Americans - The Daily Beast

Mr. President, please don’t play the race card in 2012... | Facebook

Scott Walker should look to Ronald Reagan on collective bargaining - latimes.com

Riding Electability & Expectations, Romney Rolls to 35 Percent Support - ABC News

Articles: Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?

Keep It Simple - NYTimes.com

PRUDEN: Another grovel, not a rebuke - Washington Times

As Economy Fails To Ignite, Fed Prepares Next Round Of Quantitative Easing - Investors.com

Banyan: Let them eat yellowcake | The Economist

Mitt’s Big Love - NYTimes.com

» Why Is Andrew Sullivan So Dumb? - Big Government

Is it really Romney or Romney? | The Daily Caller

RealClearPolitics - Why Huntsman Reached the End of the Road

Santorum: Romneycare a 'Real Scarlet Letter'

History News Network:What Is the Military-Industrial Complex?

Eisenhower's Military-Industry Complex Warning, 50 Years Later : NPR

Palomares Journal - Spanish Town Struggles to Forget Its Moment on the Brink of a Nuclear Cataclysm - NYTimes.com

The Drudge Report - A Profile of the Drudge Report

Christopher Hitchens: Charles Dickens’s Inner Child | Culture | Vanity Fair

“Civilization: The West and the Rest,” by Niall Ferguson - The Washington Post

Can Great Novels Be Great Movies? « PWxyz

What was J.D. Salinger working on? - Salon.com

Book Review: The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz | Thinking Small - WSJ.com

*17 Jan.

American Minute for January 17th

January 17 Events in History

Today in History: January 17

Today in History: January 17

January 17th This Day in History

This Day in History for 17th January

January 17th in History

Today in History for Jan. 17th - YouTube


'Syria would let observers stay, not widen mandate'

More bodies found on Concordia as captain quizzed

UN nuclear monitors to visit Iran by end of January

German Jewish chief doubts 'Mein Kampf' pamphlets

'Hacks carried out through local computers'

Top 5 spots with a view

White House shooter charged with assassination bid

Romney may not release tax returns until April

In presidential race, it's the attack of the PACs

Wisconsin town residents go to polls for mayoral recall

Analysis: What Europe can learn from Alexander Hamilton

US: Strong signs Iran is giving Syria weapons

Final plea in NY drug ring case on Columbia campus

US obesity epidemic shows no hint of shrinking

Agent loses appeal over accidental shooting video

Sears stock rises on speculation it may go private

Treasurys little changed even as stocks surge

New labor leader at GM's Opel a break with past

NY's Governor Cuomo aims to cut capital spending

Iran Toys with Obama, Returns Stolen Drone at 1/80th Scale

The Left Begins to See Obama’s a Foreign Policy Flop

S&P Downgrades Eurozone Bailout Fund to AA+ Rating

US And Israel Postpone Joint War Games

AUDIO:Congressman Sensenbrenner Discusses Obama’s Foreign Policy and America’s Enemies

Obama: Prosecute the Marines, But Grant Amnesty to the Taliban?!

Nuke U? Iran Says 1,000 Students Switch Their Major To Nuclear Engineering To ‘Rob The Enemies Of Their Sleep’

UN Resolution 16/18 an UN-Wise Capitulation to Anti-Free Speech Fundamentalists

Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood Connection

CNN, ABC News Bury the Lede: On Getting Economy Moving, Voters Trust Romney Over Obama 53% to 40%

The Media Sharpens The Humane Society’s Claws

Tuesday Crib Sheet: Komrade Kommuniqué , Conservatives In MSM

N.H. City Clerk Caught Lying About New Hampshire Voter Fraud on Al Sharpton’s Show

Leftists Go Wild Over Dana Loesch

Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Joins False, Misogynist Attack On ‘Screechy and Emotional’ Dana Loesch

Selling Faux Outrage: The Economics Behind Media Matters’ Hit Pieces

Overblown Urine-Gate Story Reflects a Left-Wing Media Tired of Pretending They Respect Our Troops

Progressives Push Debunked Romney ‘Shoe Shine’ Story

Virginia Lawmaker Pushes Tax Break to Send Ashes into Outer Space

Obama Administration Supports Rogue IRS Regulation in Order to Please Europeans

AUDIO: Romney the Main Target in South Carolina Debate

Office of Congressional Ethics: ‘Probable Cause’ to Believe Rep. Hastings Sexually Harassed JW Client Winsome Packer

Wisconsin Democrats, Walker Challenger Welcome ‘F*** the Troops’ Blogger

#Occupy Manipulates the Media, the Public and the English Language in Squatting Scandal Strategy Session

Big Labor to Submit Walker Recall Petitions Today

112th Congress Passed Just 80 Bills, Lowest Number Since 1947

Romney May Release Tax Returns in April

Perry: ‘Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Trillion Dollars Ago?’

Popular State Senator to Challenge Rep. Bachus in Primary

+GOP Debate Reaction Round-up

Jim DeMint Is Right: It’s Time for a Debate Between Conservatives and Libertarians

End of the Hunt: Was The Huntsman Campaign Over Before It Began?

New Evidence from Japan Shows Why Romney’s Interest in a Value-Added Tax Is So Troubling

Vermont’s Three Members of Congress Give Staffers $236,830 in Taxpayer-Funded Bonuses

Democrats Desecrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy

Controversy Mars Santorum’s Endorsement by Evangelical Leaders

Daily Call Sheet: Armond White Sets Record Straight, Michelle Williams ‘Sexy and Toned,’ and When I Liked Janeane Garofalo

HomeVideodrome: Clooney’s Political Drama, Criterion Criterions ‘Traffic,’ and The Two Coreys

EW’s Ken Tucker Exploits Martin Luther King to Launch Racial Attack Against South Carolina Voters

‘Justified’ Review: It’s Good Vs. Evil When FX’s Own Dirty Harry Returns For Third Season Tonight

Politico Buries the Lede: Stephen Colbert Met with Audience Indifference in SC

‘The Iron Lady’ a Misogynistic Historical Fantasy

Big Movie Flashback: ‘Natural Born Killers’ (1994)

Class Act: Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About His Catholic Faith

Obama’s Celebrity Wish List: President Courts Country Acts to Gin Up Re-Election Campaign

‘SNL’ Picks Up MSM’s False ‘Fire’ Meme to Pin Romney as Jobs Killer

Hulu Gets Political, Preps ‘West Wing Lite’

Golden Globe Recap: Winners, Losers and Streep’s Classy S-Bomb

Ryan Seacrest to interview Joe Biden - POLITICO.com

Another Hollywood Actress Flacks for Planned Parenthood | NewsBusters.org

Conservative Movies: Are These Really the Top 10 From Last 50 Years?

Another Hollywood Actress Flacks for Planned Parenthood

Sophia Bush feels let down by Obama - POLITICO.com

Gingrich on Romney: Why Nominate a Loser? - Sarah Huisenga - NationalJournal.com

Obama, Occupy marchers mark Martin Luther King holiday | Reuters

Conservative blogs take on Newsweek cover - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com

Jan. 16, 2012 Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN

**News Videos

**NEWS VIDEOS:Newt: Votes For Santorum, Perry Help Romney

IL State Senator Uses Church Pulpit To Bash Republicans

5 More Bodies Found Aboard Costa Concordia Wreckage

Clyburn: Romney Reminiscent Of Racists Who Kept Rosa Parks In Back Of Bus

Plus Size Model Controversy

Obama Makes Birth Certificate Joke On Betty White Birthday Special

Voter Fraud Trial Begins Today In New York

‘Lean Backwards’ GOP Ad Mocks Maddow

SC Dem Slams GOP For MLK Day Debate; Dems Held Same Event In 2008

Robbery, Beating Behind Elementary School Put On YouTube

Breitbart: MMFA Controversy Over Loesch, Limbaugh Fails

Dana Loesch: MMFA Generated Outrage Is ‘Nontroversy’

Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Joins False, Misogynist Attack On ‘Screechy And Emotional’ Dana Loesch

Romney Advisor: Debates Are ‘Bash Mitt Exercise’

16th/Romney To Perry: ‘My Guess Is You’re A Serious Hunter’ #SCdebate

Ron Paul: MLK Would Agree With Me On Drugs #SCdebate

Romney: We Shouldn’t Negotiate With Taliban, We Should Kill Taliban #SCDebate

South Carolina Crowd Boos Ron Paul’s War On Terror Position #SCdebate

Battle Between Juan Williams And Newt Steals The Show #SCDebate

Newt: Unlike Obama, The Five Of Us Think Work Is Good #SCDebate

Perry: ‘South Carolina At War With Federal Government’ #SCDebate

Santorum, Romney Spar Over SuperPAC Ads #SCdebate

Ron Paul: I Regret I Didn’t Have Enough Time To Hammer Santorum In One Ad #SCdebate

Romney: Factory Closing Was Union’s Fault #SCdebate

First Debate Question Challenges Newt On Bain Attacks #SCdebate

Perry Piles On Mitt; Release Your Tax Records

Perry Piles On Mitt; Release Your Tax Records #SCdebate

Right-To-Work Groups Fight Obama’s ‘Recess’ Appointments

DNC Ad Undercuts Huntsman’s Romney Endorsement With Past Criticisms

Sarkozy Responds To France’s S&P Downgrade

Cyber War: Hackers Disrupt Israeli Travel, Stock Exchange Websites

Insurgents Kill 7 Police In Iraq

Amateur Video: Panicked Passengers During Evacuation

Mark Wahlberg Gives Us Someone To Root For In Hollywood

Political Pulpit: Obama’s Top Adviser Uses MLK’s Church To Bash GOP

15th/Bill Maher: ‘If They Were Real Taliban… Not That Upset About Pissing On Them’

14th/Maher To Cain: You’re Like Reagan, Can’t Help But Like You

Bill Maher Admits His Audience Are ‘Brainwashed Liberals’

Liberal Columnist Calls Tea Party ‘Terrorists’, Heads Civil Discourse Initiative


17-Jan-12 World View

16-Jan-12 World View

15-Jan-12 World View


NRCC Ad Mocks MSNBC's Maddow In Push For Obama To Approve Pipeline
Gingrich On Standing O At Debate: "Never Seen Anything Like It"
DNC Web Video: Romney Still Hunting For A Straight Answer
Kantor: Media Distorted My Book
Valerie Jarrett: "Direct Impact" Of GOP Opposition To Millionaires Tax Will Be "Layoffs"
Dan Rather: Republicans Turning Against Citizens United, Super PACs
Romney: All Ads That We Have Run "Have All Been Positive"
Obama Asks To See Betty White's Long-Form Birth Certificate
Mark Levin: "Obama Is Low-Hanging Fruit"
Frank Luntz Analyzes GOP South Carolina Debate
Walsh: Attack Romney As "Mr. One-Percent"
O'Reilly: During The Great Depression, FDR Was "Living Large"
Fineman: Romney Won't Win Big In South Carolina


Barth Eide On NATO
Car Bomb Kills At Least Nine In Mosul
Al-Qaeda Conquers Yemeni Town
Cohen: Iran Backed Itself Into A Corner
Iranian Military Maneuvers And Nuclear Negotiations
Sarkozy Says Governments Should Not Be Defined By Ratings
International Cruise Ship Safety Codes Loosely Enforced
More Pain Ahead For Chinese Economy
Clinton Arrives In Ivory Coast
Mubarak Prosecution Seek Death Penalty
Canadian Accused Of Espionage
Raw Video: Explosion On Italian Cruise Ship
The Real Legacy Of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady
Islamic And Secular Showdown In Tunisia
Perry: Turkey May Not Belong In NATO



Ron Paul: Tax Rate Should Be 0%
Rick Perry: "This Administration Is Out Of Control"
Gingrich On Food Stamp Comment: "Among The Politically Correct, You Are Not Supposed To Use Facts That Are Uncomfortable"
Rick Perry Calls For Romney To Release Tax Records
Watch Live: FOX News Republican Presidential Debate In SC
Gingrich Defends Attacks Against Romney
Gingrich: "Why Would You Want To Nominate The Guy Who Lost To The Guy Who Lost To Obama?"
Rep. Cleaver: White President Could Be Pushed More Than What We Would Push Obama To Do
Santorum: Romney Engaged in Outright Lies
Mark Levin: We're In A "Post-Constitutional America"
Santorum, Romney Debate Felons And Ability To Vote
Michelle Obama: "I'm A 112-Percenter"
Romney Ad Touts Huckabee Defense Of Bain Record
Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Gets Political At Ebenezer Baptist Church
MSNBC: Romney Is Racist For Giving Needy Black Woman Cash
Herman Cain Interviewed By Bill Maher On HBO's "Real Time"
Huntsman Drops Out Of GOP Presidential Race


Chemicals Poison China's Nanpan River


Santorum: I'm A Threat To The Establishment
Matthews: Romney Not Self-Made, Went To Harvard And Had Connections
George Will: "I'm Astonished How Little Money There Is In Politics"
Harry Reid: "Tea Party Dying Out As The Economy Is Getting Better"
Axelrod: Do You Want Romney's Economic "Philosophy" In The WH?
Gingrich: Get Rid Of Federal Employees "Who Are Ideologically So Far To The Left"
Harry Reid: "We've Had Obstructionism On Steroids"
"This Week" Roundtable On Bain, The Obamas And Tebow
Rick Perry: Obama Admin Has "Disdain For The Military"
Gingrich On South Carolina: "I'm Probably Going To Win"
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On South Carolina Primary
Stephen Colbert On "This Week"
Sen. DeMint: Republicans Will Be "Very United" Behind Nominee