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that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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16 January 2012

"A Shot Heard Around the World"







steeley dan




Harry Reid: "We've Had Obstructionism On Steroids"
Santorum: I'm A Threat To The Establishment
George Will: "I'm Astonished How Little Money There Is In Politics"
Gingrich: Get Rid Of Federal Employees "Who Are Ideologically So Far To The Left"
"This Week" Roundtable On Bain, The Obamas And Tebow
Axelrod: Do You Want Romney's Economic "Philosophy" In The WH?
"FOX News Sunday" Panel On South Carolina Primary
Rick Perry: Obama Admin Has "Disdain For The Military"
Matthews: Romney Not Self-Made, Went To Harvard And Had Connections
Gingrich On South Carolina: "I'm Probably Going To Win"
Harry Reid: "Tea Party Dying Out As The Economy Is Getting Better"
Stephen Colbert On "This Week"
Sen. DeMint: Republicans Will Be "Very United" Behind Nominee


Krauthammer: Romney Should Do "Jujitsu On Obama" And Attack Him On GM
Sen. Hoeven Gives GOP Weekly Address On Usefulness Of Keystone Pipeline
Obama Gives Weekly Address On "Hopeful Trend" Of "Insourcing" Jobs
Bill Press: Newt Gingrich Is "Suicide Bomber Of The Republican Party"
O'Reilly: Is The Election A Big Joke?


Jon Huntsman ends campaign, endorses Mitt Romney

Jon Huntsman Drops Out Of Presidential Race! - YouTube

South Carolina GOP Debate Major For Romney

[FULL VIDEO] Watch the Huckabee FOX News GOP Debate | BostInno

Huckabee Forum 2: South Carolina Undecided on Fox News in Charleston, SC (January 14, 2012) - YouTube

Golden Globes: Was Ricky Gervais too tame?

Car bombs kill 11 in Iraq

Murdoch Slams Google, White House Over Piracy, SOPA

Two-State Search for Body of Missing Teacher Sherry Arnold

Al-Qaeda overruns town near Yemen capital

Cruise disaster: Costa Concordia owner blames Captain Schettino for capsizing - YouTube

Thai Police Raid Warehouse in Terror Probe

Snowshoer Missing on Mount Rainier Since Saturday

3500-year-old cypress tree collapses after catching fire in Florida

Scott Walker recall deadline on Tuesday

Cause Of Fire At Historic Cornwall Building Under Investigation

Former Gov. Hulett Smith Dead At 93

Fox News poll: 2012 Obama-Romney race would be tight

NYPD investigates Brooklyn hate graffiti

Oil prices gain after Iran warning

Jon Huntsman's Endorsement to Mitt Romney NEW VIDEO - YouTube

Concerns about Romney's faith quieter but not gone

Gallup: Obama faces 'challenging' re-election environment

LISTEN: Is McDonnell Interested In Being A GOP Running Mate? He Plays Coy On WMAL

Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan

Santorum's past comments give Democrats fodder

Ultrabook: The New Most Meaningless Word in Tech

Internet giants oppose Web control in India court

Number of Web users in China hits 513 million

Skype: 'coming soon' to Windows Phone

Lindsay Lohan Cutting It Close with Probation

The Buzz : Golden Globes - YouTube

OJ Simpson Bank Foreclosing on FL Home

Kelsey Grammer's Costar Is Thrilled By His Twins News

Russian space probe crashes to Earth

Touchdown! Russia's elusive Mars probe crashes into Pacific - or Brazil? - YouTube

That Frog Is How Small?

IBM Research Determines Atomic Limits of Magnetic Memory.

Indians' remains to be returned to tribes

Doomsday Clock clicks minute closer to global destruction

'Cap and trade' system proposed for commercial whaling

Scientists reveal favourite 'deep, elegant or beautiful' scientific theories

Galaxy Has 100 Billion Planets, Including 'Star Wars' Lookalike

New TB Strain Resistant to All Drugs

Stop Smoking on Weedless Wednesday - YouTube

Cutting heath-care spending the old-fashioned way

Adults aged 65+ are the most frequent boozers

Study: Do men flash cash to find a mate?

Flesh-eating disease can be caused by illegal 'bath salts' drug

Only Obama and Big Green oppose Keystone pipeline | Washington Examiner

Why Martin Luther King couldn’t wait - NY Daily News

Is South Carolina the Last Gasp for Tea Party in GOP Nomination? - ABC News

Jon Huntsman, anti-Republican and Vogue pin-up, ends his baffling 2012 campaign | Mail Online

RealClearPolitics - Obama's Scorn for the Constitution

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama's Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics - The Daily Beast

On health reform, the election will matter more than SCOTUS - Jennifer Haberkorn - POLITICO.com

Plans for high-speed rail are slowing down - The Washington Post

First lady right to call it what it is - Chicago Sun-Times

Bishop T.D. Jakes: Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to Forbes

Mitt Romney's Bain Record Doesn't Reveal What Kind of President He'd Be | Swampland | TIME.com

RealClearWorld - The State of the World in 2012

What if the Iranians start killing scientists? - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Russia's Revolution Is Tweeted, Facebooked and YouTubed - TIME

Lesson from Taiwan

U.S. Media Working With War Profiteering MIC & Politicians To Hype People Up For War - YouTube

Ron Paul & Doug Wead On Geraldo At Large 1/15/12 - YouTube

Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta! (E236) - YouTube

Ron Paul On Freedom Watch ~ Demint Is Helping Me Shift The Debate To The Issues - YouTube

Iran warns of dire consequences for Saudi Arabia if they increase oil production to help the West | Mail Online

TSA VIPR teams have a dream too - Chicago Homeland Security | Examiner.com

Prison Planet.com » TSA To Test Body Scanner Operators For Radiation Exposure

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Receives “Game Changing” Endorsement From South Carolina Senator

Prison Planet.com » Poll: Ron Paul moves into second in South Carolina

'Step by step' of Iranian scientist's assassination - Israel News, Ynetnews

Dead On Arrival: SOPA Shelved Indefinitely, Obama Succumbs to Pressure, Issues Official Veto Threat

Prison Planet.com » Is President Obama Being Blackmailed Over Iran Attack?

Prison Planet.com » Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act

Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act - YouTube

Netanyahu: Current Iran sanctions won't curb its nuclear program - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul: EPA Abuses

Ron Paul - Outrageous Overreach of the EPA (16-Jan-12)(POLITICAL DISCOURSE series) - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Reality Check: How Public Opinion Can Shape Your Daily Life

Prison Planet.com » If You Are A Blue Collar Worker In America You Are An Endangered Species

Prison Planet.com » Alex Jones Prediction Compilation

Alex Jones' Predictions that came True - YouTube

Alex Jones Prediction Compilation - YouTube

Congress logs most futile legislative year on record - Washington Times

WATCH: Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Debates SOPA On NBC

PressTV - 'Obama ready to give Iran strike order'

» Are UN soldiers responsible for bring deadly cholera superbug to the Americas? Scientists say yes Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global Internet Voting Firm Buys U.S. Election Results Reporting Firm Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Are The Middle East Wars Really About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking? Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Illustrated: The Incompetence of the Fed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Observer analysis: Banks overwhelmingly support Romney | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

» Wrongfully accused in L.A.: ID glitches see hundreds jailed who shouldn’t be Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Homeland Security Is Reading and Recording Every Keystroke

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: EU accused of ‘brainwashing’ schoolchildren across Britain

» Data Mining Your Soul (Or Digital Profile) Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Beyond the Cashless Society: IBM’s Vision for the Future Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Senator Rand Paul on NDAA, SOPA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens - YouTube

» Money Over God, Power Over Country: 9/11, The Almighty Dollar, And The Betrayal of American Values Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Colbert Super PAC Ad - (EstablishMitt) the Ripper - YouTube

Polar Active activity monitor for schoolkids raises privacy concerns among parents - NYPOST.com

Worst: "Modern Family" actress Sarah Hyland - Media (20 of 76) 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Kerry Kennedy making $40 MILLION by advocating for rainforests | Mail Online

Rense & Ellen Brown - County-Owned Banks Can Save America - YouTube

Obama Administration Speaks Out Against SOPA | Care2 Causes

Criminalizing Dissent In America

Michael Pollan: Twinkie vs. Carrot - YouTube

Apple juice made in America? Think again. | World news | The Guardian


*Film:When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe: Documentary (full) - YouTube


CNN: Law Enforcement Is Intimidated By Anonymous - YouTube

White House signals more aggressive stance to protect homeowners - TheHill.com

EconomicPolicyJournal.com: The Tracking Tool the Government Uses that You Already Carry with You

Fotoshop by Adobé on Vimeo

Obama’s Sodomite Past Comes Back To Haunt Him « Truth In Our Time

Facebook illuminati - YouTube

Meat eaters – you are daredevils or dumb. Or both | Barbara Ellen | Comment is free | The Observer

Mitt Romney personal wealth: Mitt talks money - Orlando Sentinel

Paul Drockton: Is Mitt Romney a CIA/Mossad Asset?

Inside the intriguing world of Tony Blair Incorporated - Telegraph

This Republican abuse of the system is not the American way | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian

The world according to Goldman Sachs - Telegraph

Cruise disaster: what could have caused the accident? - Telegraph

US-Pakistan: The Alliance That Never Was | Opinion Maker

.:Middle East Online::Hillary Revives Dubious Iran Charge:.

“International Zionism Is Strangling The World”: | Opinion Maker

Hague confident new EU Iran sanctions coming | Reuters

PressTV - 'CIA, Mossad at loggerheads over Iran'

The Landlords of Eminent Domain. Reflections in a Petri Dish

savethemales.ca - Zionists Are a Fifth Column in America

OpEdNews - Article: Lieberman's Bill to Kick Off Internment Camps

Paul-Haters Caught Planning To Dress Up As KKK, Pose As Paul Supporters - The End Run

Russia: "Should Anything Happen to Iran ... This Will Be a Direct Threat to Our National Security"

Perry: Marines in video are 'kids,' not criminals | World news | The Guardian

Everything You Need to Know About Wall Street, in One Brief Tale | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Ventura Girl Scout, 14, Calls For Cookie Boycot - Flash Player Installation

Energy drinks industry rejects doctors' calls for greater regulation | Herald Sun

savethemales.ca - 9-11 "Terrorists" Used Secret Technology

Rupert Murdoch squares off with Obama over online piracy legislation | Technology | The Guardian

Senator Tom Davis From South Carolina Endorses Ron Paul - YouTube

FIRST ON CNN: Huntsman to drop out of the race Monday, source says – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs

Government Has Seized All Power - We're No Longer FreeThe US Is No Longer The Land Of The Free

Ron Paul & Doug Wead On Geraldo At Large 1/15/12 - YouTube

‘Certain inspectors have provided terrorists with Iranian scientists’ particulars’ - Tehran Times

Scientists link mass death of British bees to farm pesticides | Herald Scotland

Britain accused of hypocrisy over Arab arms sales - Home News - UK - The Independent

Japan's Government-Industrial Complex to Create Small "Japan" in Southern India | EX-SKF

Radioactive iodine in rainwater: Public was in the dark

Steven Yates -- On Ron Paul and "Electability"

A Tale of Two Candidates - Ron Paul & Mitt Romney - YouTube

Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » Ron Paul Placed Second in New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary

Obama concerned about re-election in seeking broader powers « Larry Sinclair News

The Talmud & The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - YouTube

US Election 2012: Jon Huntsman 'to pull out of the presidential race' - Telegraph

Medical researchers unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise - USATODAY.com

They lied before and they are still LYING NOW... - YouTube

Newt Gingrich Racist Comments: "Spanish is a language of the ghetto" - YouTube

Rick Sanchez: "there is a huge problem with journalism in the United States" - YouTube


CNN's Dana Bash Ignores the Question about her reassignment - YouTube

CNN stares me down! (Peter Morris, Dana Bash) - YouTube

GOP Ad Destroys Obama with His Own Words - Political Ads - YouTube

Ron Paul Ad: Who's Looking Out For You? - YouTube

They hate us because we support Israel - YouTube

NYT Caught Lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program - YouTube

Ron Paul Parade by South Florida Grassroots! (MASSIVE EXPOSURE!) - YouTube

Revolutionary Politics : Black Preacher says "Ron Paul Is The Most Electable Candidate"

Revolutionary Politics : Gary Johnson Slams Obama For Being A NeoCon Liar!

Revolutionary Politics : Mitt Romney Fails To Sway Ron Paul Supporter At Huckabee Forum

Revolutionary Politics : Newt Fails Voter's Question On The Federal Reserve & The Founding Fathers At Huckabee Forum


AP's New SMEAR: RP travels 1st Class! - 12160

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/16/12: Outrageous Overreach of the EPA - 12160


MLK “All Over the Globe Men are Revolting Against old Systems of Exploitation and Oppression, and Out of the Wounds of a Frail World, New Systems of Justice and Equality are Being Born” | OccupyTVstations.com

Kobe University lab creates 'novel' H5N1 in 'secret' lab | Citizens for Legitimate Government

5 Simple Ideas That Could Make Travel (And Life) Way Easier | Cracked.com

Huntsman Drops Out: Is Set To Endorse Romney, Whom He Called 'Unelectable' | ThinkProgress

Laura Trice: Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win

Opposing Imperialism Is Not Isolationism by Sheldon Richman

Smoking Gun Documents On Iran “Found” By US-Backed Terror Group

Rick Santorum lies about Ron Paul | NJ.com

Activist Post: America, Welcome to the Fourth Reich

Political Animal - Putting SOPA on a shelf

Under a False Flag by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com

The US Government Is Bankrupt by Doug Casey

Mere Mortals at the Fed | Laissez-Faire Bookstore

DEMOCRATIZE BANKING: Occupy the Neighborhood, How Counties Can Use Land Banks and Eminent Domain

poorrichard's blog: Paul Drockton: Is Mitt Romney a CIA/Mossad Asset?

Jon Huntsman Drops Out Of Presidential Race! - YouTube

American's Journey: Cruise Ship Disaster - NOT LIKE the Titanic - and Obama NOT like "Honest Abe" Lincoln

Dr. King family’s civil trial verdict: US government assassinated Martin - National Nonpartisan | Examiner.com

poorrichard's blog: Support the Proposed Amendment that Would ABOLISH ‘Corporate Personhood’

Retired Army Intelligence Col. on Fox News: ‘Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is Accurate’ :

Colbert Super PAC Releases Romney Attack Ad In South Carolina (VIDEO) - 12160

Presenting Mitt Romney's Top Campaign Contributors | ZeroHedge

poorrichard's blog: When is a Terrorists Not a Terrorist?

Lone Star Watchdog: The DIsinformation War inside the Patriot Movement

Video- Colbert Super Pac: If Corporations are people, Romney is a serial killer | The Political Carnival

10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free - The Washington Post


Politics in South Carolina is a dirty business - NY Daily News

Stephen Colbert and the Mainstream Media Want to Be the Only Millionaires Backed By Corporate Money Who Enjoy Unlimited Political Speech

Liberal Film Critics Put Streep’s ‘Iron Lady’ Through Ideological Torture Chamber

Real ‘Jane Roe’ Makes Pro-Life Case in Upcoming Feature Film ‘Doonby’

‘Killer Elite’ Blu-ray Review: Great Actors, Premise Squandered In Weak Execution

Colbert Buys Air Time in South Carolina to Mock Romney, GOP Super PACs

Golden Globes: In Which a Big Hollywood Writer Champions George Clooney – Twice!

Top 10 Power Pop Albums of 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Three Movies to Watch - Speakeasy - WSJ

CBS News: Obama’s 11 More Solyndras

Why Is the Left Protecting the 1%?

Two GOP Congressmen Received Discounted ‘VIP Loans’ from Countrywide

It’s Time to End the War on Drugs

Huntsman Out, Will Endorse Romney

Sign On to National School Choice Week 2012!

Cartoon:Obama Nation: Blame Game

Dinner With Democrats: Romney’s Tough Prospects

More Evidence NY’s Cigarette Tax Hike Was a Bust

Progressives Push Debunked Romney ‘Shoe Shine’ Story

Monday Crib Sheet: Newsweek Just Gives Up, Brit Hume On The Marines

Newsweek Elevates National Discourse: ‘Obama’s Critics Are Dumb’

Soros-Funded Media Matters For America Purposefully Omits Full Perry Quote

Sunday Crib Sheet: Keith Olbermann, Irony, and Selective Outrage

Media Matters Tries To Stir Controversy Over Loesch, Limbaugh – Fails - Big Journalism

US Muslims Joining Islamic Insurgency In Africa

Would John McCain Put General Patton In Guantanamo?

China Buying Up Canadian Energy Riches

Cracker Barrel founder Dan Evins dies

LL Bean celebrates 100th with a boot on wheels

Obamas mark King's birthday with volunteer outing

Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered across the nation

Hundreds mark MLK holiday outside SC capitol

GOP maps strategy in wake of payroll tax debacle

Immigration courtrooms silent during ICE review

UN chief urges Security Council to act on Syria

Iran cracks down on moral peril of Barbie peddlers

How Obama Betrays Martin Luther's King's Dream

The Left's War on Voter Fraud Reform

Seizing the Wealth of Landlords, One District at a Time

AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots

Settling for Mitt Romney

Welcome to the Plantation

Obama and the Constitution: How Inconvenient!

ElBaradei withdraws from Egypt's presidential race

Demolishing myths about the Arab Spring

Not so fast, Secretary Panetta

Gov. Cuomo's ex wife Kerry Kennedy in $40 million anti-oil deal

Smaller Government's Newest Politician: Barack Obama

Poll shows Romney, Obama in near dead heat

Congress logs most futile legislative year on record - Washington Times

Netanyahu deputy disappointed with Obama on Iran | Reuters

Iran closer to bomb than world realizes?

'The Descendants,' 'The Artist' and 'Homeland' Win Big at Golden Globes - NYTimes.com

TSA to test its airport scanner operators for radiation exposure - latimes.com

Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino and first officer Ciro Ambrosio arrested | Mail Online


16-Jan-12 World View

15-Jan-12 World View

14-Jan-12 World View

*16 Jan.

American Minute for January 16th

January 16 Events in History

Today in History: January 16

January 16th This Day in History

January 16th in History

This Day in History for 16th January

Today in History: January 16

Today in History for Jan. 16th - YouTube


**NEWS VIDEOS: Morning Joe On Huntsman: ‘Not Enough Of A Hater To Win’

Axelrod Amplifies Newt’s Romney Attacks

Newt: ‘I’m Probably Going To Win’ South Carolina

Santorum: ‘I Am The Consistent Conservative’

Paul Ad Savages Santorum: Corrupt Hypocrite

Dr. King Honored At Ebenezer

Insurgents Kill 7 Police In Iraq

Amateur Video: Panicked Passengers During Evacuation

15th/‘I Want To Thank God, Harvey Weinstein’

Huntsman Out; Endorsing Romney

Bill Maher: ‘If They Were Real Taliban… Not That Upset About Pissing On Them’

Michelle For Senate In 2016?

Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated On Corpses

14th/Paterno Speaks

Newsweek ’s Eleanor Clift: Romney Withholding Tax Returns Because Of Offshore Investments

Maher To Cain: You’re Like Reagan, Can’t Help But Like You

S&P Downgrades Nine Eurozone Credit Ratings

Cruise Ship Survivors: Crew Acted Too Slowly

Liberal Columnist Calls Tea Party ‘Terrorists’, Heads Civil Discourse Initiative

Newt Booed By South Carolina Crowd For Bain Attacks

Iranian Military Boats Approach U.S. Vessels

Breitbart.tv’s O’Connor Wants Wasserman-Schultz To Stay As DNC Chair

MSM Gatekeepers Hammer NY Times Reporter Over Obama Book

Cruise Ship Disaster Off Italian Coast

Bill Maher Admits His Audience Are ‘Brainwashed Liberals’

Podesta’s Bizarre Prediction: Alan Simpson Will Run For President On Third Party Ticket

13th/CBS News: 11 More Solyndras In Obama Energy Program

NH Gov Who Vetoed Voter ID Bill Outraged At New O’Keefe Sting

Tunnel Below Mexican Prison Located

Hysteria As Beijing iPhone Release Canceled

France Loses Top Credit Rating

12th/White House Called Out For Hypocrisy Over Grandstanding Against Outsourcing While GE CEO Sits On Advisory Panel


Alex Jones - 2012-Jan-15, Sunday