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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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23 June 2013

Weekend Review


The Secret Behind Communism - YouTube

Witness to Michael Hastings Car Crash Shares His Story (TYT Exclusive) - YouTube

Snowden spy row grows as US is accused of hacking China | World news | The Observer
Is Obama worse than Bush? That's beside the point | Gary Younge | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Obama: The Worst of Nixon/Bush II Writ Large
DHS Insider Warns: "It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now."
Don’t Stand Too Close to These People | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Interventions Created High Treason
Monsanto points to sabotage at GMO-contaminated wheat field — RT USA
Ecowarriors destroy 6,000 GM beets in Oregon | Food Freedom News
GMO’s: A Modern Disaster | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
USDA Organic Formula Contains An Ingredient Worse Than GMOs ~ RiseEarth
Obama birthplace mistake: Yahoo! News declines comment
Activist Post: How the Declaration of Independence got Hijacked
How Many Nuclear Weapons Does the US Have? Don’t Ask a Congressman - ABC News
Complicit In the Murder of Justice Worldwide
Shocking new study shows damage from radiation more damaging than at first thought! – Prof.Chris Busby « nuclear-news
Iran and The United States It Takes Two To Tango; Let The Dance Begin - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
Riot police cleanse streets of Istanbul, Ankara, as Erdogan blames ‘foreign conspiracy’ for protests — RT News
13 Things Your Car Mechanic Won't Tell You | Reader's Digest
Activist Post: World War Z: Emergency Preparedness, United Nations, and Predictive Programming
Has the world's most mysterious medieval manuscript being solved? Physicist claims to be close to finding message within the centuries-old Voynich book | Mail Online
Globalization? So much blather | The Japan Times
What 100 Years Of Change Looks Like [INFOGRAPHIC] | Conscious Life News
Tests On Dog Harnesses Show 100 Percent Failure Rate « CBS Miami
The Future of Bionic Humans: What's Next in Bio-Hacking? | James Rollins & The Eye of God | LiveScience
U.S.: House Passes Amendment Protecting State Rights To Grow Hemp For Research | Hemp News
Your Moisturizer Could Increase Your Diabetes Risk by 60% | Live in the Now | Natural Health News | Natural Health Resources
NewsDaily: Former Enron CEO Skilling's prison term cut to 14 years
Supreme Court Arbitration Ruling Slices Away More Consumer Protections - DailyFinance
Dilma Rousseff Responds To Brazil Protests, Vows To Battle Corruption
Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities | Grist
Bumble bees killed by poison meant for aphids | KSBY.com | San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles
The Future of Bionic Humans: What's Next in Bio-Hacking? | James Rollins & The Eye of God | LiveScience
6 Natural Bug Sprays That Work | Live in the Now | Natural Health News | Natural Health Resources
Republic of Ireland 'prostituted to Obamas' says Irish politician Clare Daly - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
Activist Post: Will the U.S. Gov’t Target Whistleblowers With Drones?
Top Secret Weapons
Facebook Security Officer Moves To NSA - Business Insider
The legal loopholes that allow GCHQ to spy on the world | UK news | The Guardian
GCHQ revelations: mastery of the internet will mean mastery of everyone | Henry Porter | Comment is free | The Guardian
PressTV - Bloomberg plays hoax against Obama
Could there be anything more twisted than these holocaust fantasists? How more people are making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimes | Mail Online
Paedophile Politicians Are Above The Law says EU! | Politics
From memory to sexuality, the digital age is changing us completely | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian
UK introduces obligatory Smart Metering via backdoor « Stop Smart Meters! (UK)
Fighting Al Qaeda by Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria: The Obama Administration is a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” | Global Research
Roi Tov—Chronicle of a Slow State Assassination: Rabbi Meshulam Died
Mysterious privacy board touted by Obama has deep government ties | World news | guardian.co.uk
General Wesley Clark: Whistleblower, Warrior
BREAKING: FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon
GM food off the menu in Parliament's restaurant despite ministers telling the public to drop their opposition | Mail Online
Why did the Tories change their tune on GM food? We expose the secret summit where slick lobbyists for bio-tech giants seduced all-too-willing Ministers | Mail Online
Genetically-modified Eggplant Found to be Unsafe for Human Consumption, Environment | Global Research
The Last Mystery of the Financial Crisis | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Historical Roots of the Social Crisis in Brazil. The Role of the IMF | Global Research
Enron's Jeffrey Skilling sees jail sentence reduced to 14 years | Business | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - China slams US as world’s biggest villain for cyber espionage
Russia:"Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East"
Russian Advanced Weapons for Syria: Unrevealed Secrets of Vladimir Putin’s Recent Visit to London | Global Research
PressTV - US endangering world peace: Analyst
Nelson Mandela in critical condition, South African presidency reports | World news | guardian.co.uk
Chicago Tribune - Fugitive Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador
Edward Snowden's WikiLeaks escort one of Assange's closest advisors | World news | guardian.co.uk
Edward Snowden Charged Under the Espionage Act
Statement by Julian Assange after One Year in Ecuadorian Embassy
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Slams NSA Spy Program
GCHQ monitoring described as a 'catastrophe' by German politicians | UK news | guardian.co.uk
Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: "I'm Dead Already, They're Gonna Kill Me" *VIDEO REPORT*
Activist Post: How—or Why—Do Viruses Become Lethal?
A Conquered People - Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest - YouTube
It Seems We Cannot Avoid Our Own Uprising - Morris - YouTube
The Drone Spotting App – JoyCamp « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
6 Principles of Global Manipulation « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
The Resident: Why Americans hate their jobs - YouTube
Lighting up the sky! Photographer uses time lapse technology to capture dazzling sunsets and colourful clouds | Mail Online
Activist Post: Nutrition 101: How Processed Foods Make Us Fat, Malnourished, and Sick
A Wacky idea On What Is Causing Cancer - Morris - YouTube
20 Signs That The Pharmaceutical Companies Are Running A 280 Billion Dollar Money Making Scam : Dr. Leonard Coldwell.com
More On The Titanic Conspiracy: The Great Deception – John Hamer « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Facebook Says Technical Flaw Exposed 6 Million Users - NYTimes.com
WOW MUST SEE Obama destroyed & called a war criminal in Irish Parliament WOW MUST SEE - YouTube
Container Ship Carrying Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks | Philosophers stone
Nuclear Arms Reduction Deals to Become Multilateral – Lavrov | World | RIA Novosti
World's largest Bitcoin exchange suspends US withdrawals — RT Business
EPA refuses to finalize study blaming fracking for water pollution — RT USA
Superhydrophobic spray NeverWet enters US market in a $20 can - Science - News - The Independent
Robert Hastings • Articles -- The British Ministry of Defence Has Released All of Its UFO Files
UFO Desk was Terminated; Served 'No Defence Purpose' says MoD | VIDEO
UFO Over Stonehenge? Britain Releases its Last Big Batch of X-Files | VIDEO
Top 10 UFO sightings: from Roswell to a pub in Berkshire | World news | The Guardian
The Electric Comet—Full Documentary - YouTube
Moonstruck, We Become… | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
'Don't take vitamin pills': U.S. doctor warns that some supplements could harm health | Mail Online
Our grey summer really may leave you under the weather because lack of vitamin D saps your energy | Mail Online
The Obama Era: When Hope Became Despair
Obama Called A War Criminal In Irish Parliament - YouTube
Depopulating An Entire Region of the Country | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Animal-Human Chimera Embryo Experiments To Be Given ‘OK’ By Regulatory Panel - :
BBC News - Street View: Google given 35 days to delete wi-fi data
China: Conquering America One Company at a Time » The Epoch Times
The Pfizer investigation: CFR, Bilderberg & the Knights of Malta - Monsanto investigation 14 - YouTube
Marijuana Crops in California Threaten Forests and Wildlife - NYTimes.com
UFO files: How sightings of 'alien spacecraft' trebled when MoD axed its investigations hotline | Mail Online
Alien nation: MoD releases final UFO files | UK news | The Guardian
Genetically engineered sugar beets destroyed in southern Oregon | OregonLive.com
GM food: Owen Paterson says food is safe | Mail Online
3 Reasons Why You Should March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering on 8/25/13 - Waking Times : Waking Times
Stalking the world's biggest planes - CNN.com
Sacred Sites and Energy Fields - Waking Times : Waking Times
River cleanups reveal bottled secrets - CNN.com
Supermoon of 2013 on June 22-23 | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
How Guerilla Gardening Can Save America’s Food Deserts | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - Trending Towards Disaster - YouTube
Sick Pigs from GMO Foods | Interview with Jeffery Smith - GreenMedTV
Strangely like Fiction: Sponsored Academics Admit Falsely Claiming
Hours Before His Death Michael Hastings Contacted Wikileaks Attorney Said FBI Was Investigating Him - YouTube
NBC Prediction That WE WILL ALL HAVE AN RFID CHIP UNDER OUR SKIN BY 2017 [VIDEO] – Secrets of the Fed
PressTV - FBI demands broader surveillance powers
PressTV - ‘US will continue to invest on nukes’
iPhone App Review "UFO camera GOLD" - YouTube
Oink: Stop Sen. Graham's plutonium pork boondoggle - YouTube
Snow-Job Over At The NSA | Veterans Today
WikiLeaks says Michael Hastings contacted it just before his death. Are they implying he was murdered? – Telegraph Blogs
I am Bradley Manning (full HD) - YouTube
Inside the Kansas survival shelter that will save humanity from a devastating meteorite or a nuclear holocaust | Mail Online
Obama’s Plan to Depopulate the Suburbs | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
PressTV - ‘Obama dedicated to increasing terror’
What the Internet is doing to our brains | MyScienceAcademy
The Horrific Truth About Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide
Human Genes Engineered Into Experimental GMO Rice Being Grown in Kansas | World Chaos News
PressTV - 21 facts about NSA snooping that every American should know
NSA Spying: Damage Control Teams Hit U.S. Main Stream Media | Veterans Today
Salinas v. Texas, right to remain silent, Supreme Court right to remain silent, Supreme Court Fifth Amendment, Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, constitutional right to remain silent, constitution right to remain silent, Nicholas Yarris - Slate Magazine
The True Science of Parallel Universes - YouTube
Planet X, Nibiru - Clas of The Gods - Interesting Times..., - YouTube
How did a third radiation belt appear in the Earth's upper atmosphere?
Moab, Utah: Beauty and the Nuclear Feast | Golden Green | The Back Forty | KCET
Google admits its famous job interview questions were a ‘complete waste of time’ | Death and Taxes
Skype Provided Backdoor Access to the NSA Before Microsoft Takeover [NYT]
DHS Insider Quietly Being Targeted: Intimidation Used To Shut Down Source - :
Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON TAPE" Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash - YouTube
Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE - YouTube
Michael Hastings Death Met With Horror By Journalists Everywhere
No foul play suspected in Michael Hastings' death, LAPD says - latimes.com
'Paranoid' Michael Hastings told WikiLeaks lawyer he was being investigated by the FBI only a few hours before deadly car crash | Mail Online
Free Barrett Brown Offers Condolences for Michael Hastings, Urges Immediate Investigation | Free Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown and Michael Hastings v. FBI
Four Star Admiral Is Claiming Obama Conspired With America’s Enemies To Stage Benghazi - :
25,000 Bees Found Dead In Oregon Parking Lot, Environmental Organization Says
Thousands celebrate summer solstice ahead of 'historic moment' for Stonehenge - Home News - UK - The Independent
5 Signs That Your Body Is Starving For Vitamins | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Top children's vitamin brand chock-full of GMOs, aspartame and other deadly ingredients ~ RiseEarth
Activist Post: The Waste List: 66 Crazy Ways That The U.S. Government Is Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money
Activist Post: 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan
Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Hasbara Hula and the Empire of Vice.
UFO Desk: Why MoD Shut Real-Life X-Files
UFO Hoaxes at The Touch of a Finger with iPhone App "UFO Camera Gold" | VIDEO
The judges who preside over America's secret court - Yahoo! News
The Chinese Version of Agenda 21 and Why the US Should Care | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Steve Wozniak: 'I felt about Edward Snowden the way I felt about Daniel Ellsberg' | World news | guardian.co.uk
Skype's secret Project Chess reportedly helped NSA access customers' data | Technology | guardian.co.uk
WikiLeaks may publish more revelations promised by Snowden – Assange — RT News
PressTV - NSA spied on Obama: Whistleblower
Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax
Russia Right to Dismiss Obama Nuke Fakery | Veterans News Now

Jeff Rense & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - YouTube
Jeff Rense & Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 2/2 - YouTube

The First Myth of College
The Second Myth of College
The Third Myth Of College
The Fourth And Worst Myth Of College
A Look At The 'Serious' Courses In College Today
The Ultimate Effect Of Remedial Education
Introducing the NSA-Proof Font | Motherboard
Obama, Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Another Israeli War Criminal of the Year Award
LA Times Reports Hastings Was Going Into Hiding Before His Death
'Phishing' scams explode worldwide, researchers shows
Fact-Check: The NSA and Sept. 11
Rothschild Controls The Gold Market, Manipulation! | InvestmentWatch
World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes, 7 years after going public, gets her FIRST tv interview on Breaking The Set - 12160
MONSANTO – Scientists Under Attack Full Length Documentary - 12160
Michael Hastings called it: 'The Obama administration has clearly declared war on the press' | XRepublic
'You Suck!': Pelosi Booed For Defending Obama On NSA Spying - 12160
Activist Post: Pavlov’s Duck: Behaviorism and Control of Society
A Conquered People « Underground Documentaries
Beyond Prophecy: When the Social Contract Breaks - Will Anarchy Follow?
The Stunning Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government
Meet The Man In Charge Of America's Secret Cyber Army (In Which "Bonesaw" Makes A Mockery Of PRISM) | Zero Hedge
ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly via IRS Loophole INCOME TAX FRAUD - Collecting Tax Refunds On Children Living Outside The US | XRepublic
Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it? - 12160
Follow the Money: The Secret Heart of the Secret State. The Deeper Implications of the Snowden Revelations
The NSA's metastasised intelligence-industrial complex is ripe for abuse | Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson
Supreme Court Bombshell: No Right to Remain Silent
Honoring John Peter Zenger: The Man who Stood for Freedom of the Press Exposing Corruption in Government . | The Lone Star Watchdog
DARPA Computer Geek Talks About Hacking Cars - VIDEO -Hastings Mercedes? - 12160
9/11 WTC Explosions: The Official Collapse Theory Implodes
Anti-Neocons • View topic - NSA blackmailing government for whose interests??
American Expose: Who Murdered JFK? (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
The Blackmail of America! Your Whole Life Has Been Tracked & Plotted in 3D! | InvestmentWatch
Who Has More Access to Your Data than the Government? Megacorps - | Intellihub.com
From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong |
Activist Post: Dangerous Vaccines Found to Cause Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome
Refreshing News: 'Supermoon 2013': Don't miss the biggest, fullest and brightest moon this weekend
Refreshing News: NSA leaks: US charges Edward Snowden with spying
Judge Napolitano On Edward Snowden Being Charged With Espionage | XRepublic
Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012 | XRepublic
The Nation’s Deathbed (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Corker Amendment Permanently Offers Citizenship to those Overstaying Their Visas |
The Hidden Secrets of Money Episode 1- Currency Vs Money « Underground Documentaries
MUST WATCH: The ASSASSINATION of Michael Hastings: Hours Before His Death Hastings Contacted Wikileaks Attorney Said FBI Was Investigating Him | InvestmentWatch
Doug Owen's Blacklisted Radio Podcast 6.22.2013
More Firms Named in Libor Case - WSJ.com
Al-Qaeda and Taliban Militants Fighting in Syria Come from Afghanistan-Pakistan - BlackListedNews.com
Decision day nears for two pipeline projects competing to transport gas from Azerbaijan to Europe - Real Time Brussels - WSJ
This Really is Big Brother: The Leak Nobody's Noticed - BlackListedNews.com
Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI? - WhoWhatWhy
VIDEO: DARPA Computer Geek Talks About Hacking Cars - BlackListedNews.com
Michael Hastings Sent Email About FBI Probe Hours Before Death - BlackListedNews.com
NSA Whistleblower: NSA Illegally Spied On General Petraeus and Other Generals, Supreme Court Justices, Many Other Top Officials - BlackListedNews.com
Mysterious privacy board touted by Obama has deep government ties | World news | guardian.co.uk
China approves three new GMO seed varieties for import
NSA: If Your Data Is Encrypted, You Might Be Evil, So We'll Keep It Until We're Sure - BlackListedNews.com
Eric Holder: James Rosen probe ‘appropriate’ - Tal Kopan - POLITICO.com
Is the National Security Agency behind Bitcoin? - BlackListedNews.com
Finally, Face-Scrambling Glasses to Go With Your Drone-Proof Cloak | Motherboard
DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.” | Survival
Jupiter Sized Object Discovered Next to the Sun | Space
20 Unusual Uses for Wine, Garlic, Honey & MORE | Survival
Now it’s Muslim lawyers demanding Obama’s arrest
Who Were The Patriots And Traitors In Nazi Germany? | Alternative
How To Use Your Water Heater For An Emergency Water Supply | Survival
Giant Unicorns Of Ancient China | Science and Technology
Cancer-Killing Dandelion Tea Receives $157,000 for Further Research | Health
More than 101 reasons to use coconut as a home remedy to improve your health naturally - The JB Bardot Archives
10 Benefits Of Bone Broth + Gut Healing Recipe | Health
Herbs That Control Blood Sugar | Health
Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-30-2013) Fukushima, Paranoia Politics & PFC Kimberly Rivera : Federal Jack
Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-03-2013) Obama In Mexico, DSM Denounced, Geoengineering & More : Federal Jack
Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-02-2013) FederalJack Reporter Gets Assaulted by the Cops & Two More MSNBC Hosts To The Woodshed : Federal Jack
Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-19-2013) The Boston Bombing & Psychological Operations | Alternative
Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-17-2013) The Boston Bombing: A Local’s View, Theories, & More : Federal Jack
Solutions: Sousveillance – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’ | Dprogram.net
The American Dream is Dying – Alex Jones | Dprogram.net
The False Flag “War On Terror” | Dprogram.net
It’s High Time to Legalize Marijuana | Dprogram.net
How—or Why—Do Viruses Become Lethal? | Dprogram.net
New study links over 7,000 cancer deaths to cell phone tower radiation exposures | Dprogram.net
Dealing with Corporatocracy – Max Igan | Dprogram.net
Top Hollywood Star: Think Outside the Box | Dprogram.net
USDA Organic Infant Formula Contains Pesticide Labeled As A “Nutrient” | Dprogram.net
U.S. Senate Will Vote on Immigration Amendment Scrawled in Illegible Handwriting CNS
Hagel: Why Shouldn't Women Have 'Same Opportunities' as Men to Serve in Combat? CNS
IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address CNS
On ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ Website, No Sign of Goodwill Ahead of Talks With U.S. CNS
Super full moon shines brightly this weekend
The Palin Doctrine
Paul Ryan: I'll Debate Anybody Who Says Earned Citizenship Is Amnesty
Rubio: Path to Citizenship is Basically Code for Amnesty
Chuck Hagel Asks Indian Professor: 'You're Not a Member of the Taliban, Are You?'
WH: 'We Will Continue to Pursue Reconciliation' between Taliban and Afghan Government
Obama meets with privacy, civil liberties panel
Border 'Surge' Provision Boosts Senate Immigration Bill
IRS, LGBT Group Silent on Illegal Disclosure of Donors to Nat'l Organization for Marriage
Obama: 'If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs ... That...
ICE Union: Immigration Bill Legalizes 'Gang Members, Drunk Drivers, Sex Offenders'
Victims of Illegal Alien Violence: Bill Will Create 'Thousands More Victims'
US Warns Against Snowden Travel; Fugitive Asks Ecuador for Asylum
Hong Kong: Extradition Request Failed to Comply with Law
Schumer: Russia 'Aiding, Abetting' Snowden's Escape
NSA's Alexander: Snowden 'Betrayed Our Trust and Confidence'
Nelson Mandela's Condition Has 'Become Critical'
Scalia: Justices 'Not Qualified' to Decide Moral Issues
Feinstein: Snowden Stole Unknown Number of Secrets
Rasmussen: Americans Think Government Will Overreact on Economy
Sen. Lee: Immigration Bill Heading for Passage in Senate
Obamacare 'Fair Pricing' for Uninsured Not Enforced
Rand Paul to Vote Against Immigration Bill
Gandolfini's Body Flown to US; Funeral Set for Thursday
Hostess: Twinkies Returning to Shelves in July
Shortage of Primary Care Physicians Exacerbated Under Obamacare
Democrats Pressure Boehner to Permit House Immigration Vote
Pro-Hillary Super PAC Fuels Hope and Concern
Schumer: Immigration Bill Still Lacks Crucial 70 Votes
Pakistan Taliban Attack on Tourists Kills 10
Investors' Taper Tantrum Conceals Improving Global Growth
The Great Heartburn Lie: True Cause of Acid Reflux
Diabetes Breakthrough: Researchers Get Closer to 'Artificial Pancreas'
Beyond Sun: 6 Skin Cancer Risks You Don't Know About
Report: FTC to Probe Google Purchase of Waze
Human Organs Could Be Grown In Animals Within a Year
Upward Mobility Starts in the Homes
Governor Rick Perry Signs a Pair of Bills Upholding Fourth Amendment
Communist Chinese Regime Forcing Rural Population Into Cities
Water Complaint Could Be "Act of Terrorism," Official Warns
6/21/2013 Why the Washington Elite Hates Edward Snowden
WikiLeaks: Snowden going to Ecuador to seek asylum - Yahoo! News
NSA leaks: US and Britain team up on mass surveillance | World news | The Observer
US: Taliban must show good faith in Afghan talks - Yahoo! News
How Will Washington Respond to the Iranian People’s Aspirations? by Muhammad Sahimi -- Antiwar.com
Troubling Implications of Susan Rice's Appointment as National Security Adviser
Trust us: A brief history of government spying | The Daily Caller
Obama Tracking Whatever You Say and Do. You're Americans? | Cato Institute
NSA Leaker Snowden Arrives in Moscow En Route to 'Third Country' with WikiLeaks Help
Forget al Qaida, The Real Terrorists Are Right Here
Congressional Bill to Tackle the Leviathan, ObamaCare
5 Reasons to Attend Army Whistleblower Bradley Manning’s Trial
New Canadian Law States Masked Protesters Could Face 10 Years in Jail
US Customs grounds 'Survivorman' for not having proper paperwork for camera gear
Monsanto's Game Over: Extreme Toxicity of Roundup Destroys Justification for GM Agriculture
How The British Government Destroys Children's Education
Soy: It’s Bad for You and It’s Everywhere, Even in Vitamins!
Sign of the Times: Food allergens are omnipresent dangers for millions of Americans
Facebook Privacy Blunder Highlights Online Security Gaps
The False Flag "War On Terror"
Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix
James Altucher talks to Lew Rockwell ;Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
Download/James Altucher talks to Lew Rockwell ;Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
Britain’s Surveillance State: The Secret Ops of the “Government Communications Headquarters” (GCHQ)
Can Israel attack Syria over the Golan Heights? IDF Forces Complete Drill for Future War with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas
Political Lessons From Greece: Fake Social Movements and the Role of “Alter-Summits”
Snowden Reveals US Secretive Spying Activities: US Hacking and Cyber Attacks directed against China
Iran’s Nonexistent Nukes: US ‘Diplomacy’ based on Public Deception
The Stunning Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government
Spying on Americans: The Bush and Obama Administrations’ Justification for Mass Surveillance
Biotechnology, Genetically Modified Crops and the Destruction of the Local Economy
Snowden Becomes Eighth Person to Be Charged with Violating the Espionage Act Under Obama
Communications of Millions Subject to US-UK Spying
US-EU Free Trade Agreement: A Corporate Stitch Up By Any Other Name
The Mass Protests in Brazil and the Crisis of Revolutionary Leadership
Known Charities Pay Disabled Workers Wages as Low as 22 Cents an Hour — And It’s Legal
Asian Food Fight - Asia-Pacific Perspective - YouTube
Interview 687 - Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing
Interview 686 - Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West
Episode 272 - Solutions: Sousveillance
The New Great Game Round Up- June 23, 2013
Is Cancer Being Cured Right Before Our Eyes? by Bill Sardi
Do You Really Need To Take Testosterone? by Joseph Mercola
Jamie Foxx Says He Would Party as Prez, Ignores Obama's Penchant for Posh Vacations
Bill Maher: Liberals Don't Understand Arab Spring Is Now Arab Winter
Punk Rock Didn't Need Our Money, Nor Should Other Artists
Jon Stewart Appears on Egyptian Satirical TV Show
NSA Leaker Seeks Asylum Where Julian Assange Found it
Soros-Backed Evangelical Front Group Prays for Rushed Passage of Gang of 8 Bill
U.S. Braces for Historic Supreme Court Decisions
Sen Cruz: 'This Current Bill is a Mess'
Mayor of Illinois' Third-Largest City Quits Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group
Lindsey Graham Plugs 'Border Surge' Amendment Despite Loopholes
Gettysburg Tributes Ensure Nation's 'New Birth of Freedom' Never Forgotten
Candy Crowley Tries, Fails to Trap Rand Paul on Immigration Bill
Sessions: Gang of Eight Bill Hurts Hispanic Working Class, Could Be 'in Trouble'
Congress Not Bound to Fund Future Border Security Promises
Gay Man Becomes Acting Secretary of the Air Force
Exclusive: ICE Union Attacks Corker-Hoeven Amendment
Rand: Snowden's Flight to Russia 'A Real Problem for Him in History'
NSA Director: 'The System Didn't Work' in Stopping Snowden Leaks
Dem Strategy: Climate Change Opponents Must Be 'Ridiculed'
Reid Super PAC Donor, Vegas Casino CEO Bets Chips on Immigration Bill
Obama Nominates Republican James Comey as Next FBI Director
Reid, in 2011, Touted Travel Promotion Act for Nevada; Extended in Immigration Bill
Corker Admits: Immigration Bill Amendment Does Not Improve Law Enforcement
Approval of Obamacare Continues to Drop
Bush Official Defends Obama on NSA Scandal
Judge Rules out Audio Experts in Zimmerman Trial
CASINO CRONY KICKBACK: Reid, Heller Slip Las Vegas Tourism Handout into Immigration Bill
Report: Top IRS Aide Visited White House 300 Times
Panelist: Gang of Eight Bill Will Have 'Detrimental Impact' on Blacks
Sequester Blamed for Shortage of Embassy Security Evaluations
Gettysburg at 150: The Reenactment
Gettysburg: The Cost of War
Long Remembered: Gettysburg at 150
Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence
More Black Democrats May Be Ready to Switch Parties
FEC Nominees May Bring Increased Campaign Funding Security
U.S. Gang Members Arrested in Texas in Connection with Mexican Cartels
Biden Claims 'At Least' Five Senators Want To Change Vote, Support Gun Control
Harry Reid: Ted Kennedy Will 'Smile Down' at Us for Passing Immigration Reform
Gang of Eight's False Promises
Obama Uses Weekly Address to Push Senate Immigration Bill
Sessions Mocks, Blisters Rove, 'Fat Cat' Donors
Top Democrat: 'Border Surge' Amendment Boosts Corporate Cronyism
Bill Kristol: Give People a Chance to Read the Bill
Brit Hume: 'Impossible to Believe' Corker Amendment 'Is Good Legislation'
Bob Woodward on Immigration Reform: 'Absurd' if Congress Passes Unread Bill
NBC's Gregory Asks Greenwald: 'Why Shouldn't You Be Charged With a Crime?'
DOJ Classification of McConnell Bugger as Journalist Slows Investigation
'Undocumented American': Politico Newsroom Hosts Illegal Alien
Liberty Worth Defending in Two-Front War
Kerry Heads to India to Talk Climate Change
Schumer: Russia's Embrace of Snowden 'Will Have Serious Consequences'
Kenyans Furious over Obama Snub
Military after 'Offensive' Materials in Workplace
Hagel: Why Shouldn't Women Have Same Combat Opportunity As Men?
AK-47 Creator to Be Flown to Moscow for Treatment
UK Gov't Plans Visa Bonds for 'High-Risk' Asians, Africans
Australia in Push to Outlaw Japan Whale Hunt
World View: The 'Experts' Scramble to Explain the Stock Market Plunge
China's Banking Crisis Arrives
Paper: US Has Secretly Trained Syrian Rebels Since Late 2012
World View: China and Philippines Close to Confrontation in South China Sea
Hamas Executes Two Israel 'Collaborators' in Gaza
US: Ball Is in Taliban's Court for Afghan Talks
Kerry: Russia Must Back Transition in Syria

Sesame Street: James Gandolfini Talks About Feeling Scared - YouTube
Mark Levin: Immigration Bill Another ‘Crap Sandwich!’
HILARIOUS VIDEO: Black Substitute Teacher
Shocker: Al-Qaeda pledges to fight for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President
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Video: British Politician admits to being a ‘Racist’, makes the Case FOR Islamophobia
NSA Whistleblower comes forward; presents more evidence of Petraeus Effect
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More DHS insider from DC
Interview with Yoda ( a deep insider ) on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report
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Border security provision deal makes immigration bill more acceptable to skeptical lawmakers
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Savage attacks O’Reilly for supporting amnesty
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The Shocking Moment a Group of Deliverymen Caught a 2-Year-Old Girl as She Fell From a 5th Floor Window in China
Massive ‘Sheep-Eating’ Plant Set to Bloom in the U.K.
Dem Rep. Asks FBI to Stop ‘Publicizing’ the ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ in Seattle – The Reason Why Probably Won’t Surprise You
Should Immigration Reform Bill Be Reexamined?
Why Is a Rare Carved Column From ‘Biblical Times’ Being Kept Quiet?
New Leaked Docs Reveal U.K. Spying Operation ‘Worse Than the U.S.’
St. Louis Fed Prez: Bernanke Needs to Be More Careful When he Talks Publicly About Fed Policy
Border Security Amendment Offered to Save Immigration Bill – Here’s What You Need to Know
Sen. Ted Cruz Warns Border Security Won’t Happen Under Immigration Bill: ‘This Current Bill Is a Mess’
Comedian Forced to Cancel Shows in Middle East Because Venues Could Not Guarantee His Safety
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Take an Inside Look at the Planned ‘Citadel’ Community for ‘Patriots’
‘Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth’: Hannity Segment Devolves Into Finger-Pointing, Name-Calling Schoolyard Fight
‘To Preserve God’s Creation’: Obama to Unveil Plan to Combat Climate Change Tuesday
Email Sent by Michael Hastings Hours Before His Death Mentions ‘Big Story’ and a Need to ‘Go Off the Radar’
Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen After Firing: ‘Do We Always Have to Make People Go Away?’
New Black Panther Leader With ‘Kill Whitey’ Face Tattoo Busted on Gun Charge
Judge Rules Speech Experts Who Say it Was Trayvon Martin Screaming in 911 Call Can’t Testify in Zimmerman Trial
Obama Takes Heat for $100M Africa Trip…From Fellow Dem
Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Alleges Shocking Miscarriage of Justice in Speaking Out Against Big Government
Air Show Tragedy: Pilot, Wing Walker Killed in Fiery Crash as Crowd Watches (Graphic Video)
White House Needs to Be More Transparent About NSA Spying, Says…Robert Gibbs
Rand Paul Warns: ‘Nothing But Bad’ for Snowden if He ‘Cozies Up’ to the Russians or the Chinese
David Gregory to Journo Who Broke NSA Spying: ‘Why Shouldn’t You…Be Charged With a Crime?’
Want to Watch a 1,500 Foot-High Tightrope Walk across a Section of the Grand Canyon? (UPDATE: He Made It!)
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Van Susteren and Loesch Refuse to Let a Few Facts Get in the Way While Promoting 'Tea Party' Anti-IRS Rally
Widespread Ignorance in Congress About Nuclear Weapons
Food Network Dumps Paula Deen
Gun Shop Owner Apologizes For Actions at Gun Control Rally
Glenn Greenwald Takes Apart David Gregory for Trying to Criminalize Journalism
Fox's Latest Excuse to Continue IRS Scandal Mongering - Tea Partiers Haven't Been Interviewed
Obama Moving on Climate Change
Edward Snowden Flees Hong Kong for Venezuela -- via Russia and Cuba
How SCOTUS Could Shape Congress for Decades to Come
Graham: Immigration Bill 'Practically Militarized the Border'
Eliot Spitzer: Lanny Breuer at DOJ Was a 'Disaster'
Rand Paul Says He'll Vote Against Immigration Bill Over Border Security
Feinstein Can't Say What Information Snowden Has Taken
Rand Paul: History Will Judge Snowden if He 'Cozies Up' to 'Enemies'
Small Businesses Cutting Jobs, Hours to Save Themselves From ObamaCare
Ancient Egyptian statue has started MOVING sparking fears it has been struck by a 'curse of the Pharaohs' | Mail Online
Stunning Video Shows Parkinson’s Patient Before and After Turning ‘Deep Brain’ Treatment Device Off | Video | TheBlaze.com
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Smile! FBI scanning driver’s license images
NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows
Ex-CIA chief to Obama: Strike North Korea
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Low-rise Babel
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I hate coincidences
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J. CASHILL: Zimmerman's all white, all female jury
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Edward Snowden Going To Ecuador To Seek Asylum: WikiLeaks
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New amendment adds jobs bill to Gang of Eight immigration plan | WashingtonExaminer.com
Buchanan: Hispanic influx from immigration bill could break US into 'two countries' | The Daily Caller
Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence
White House Offers Stealth Campaign to Support Immigration Bill - NYTimes.com
Radio biz: market share receded dramatically, music industry | Variety
Man-made particles lowered hurricane frequency: study - FRANCE 24
British Invasion Reshuffles U.S. Media - NYTimes.com
The daily smart pill that can remember all your passwords: Tablets can transmit personal details to devices as they pass through body | Mail Online
Clintons, State Department Aid Return Of James Gandolfini's Body To US On Monday - Deadline.com
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Supermoon June 2013: Amazing pictures of the solar system's best lunar show this weekend | Mail Online
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Grand Old Propaganda
It's a Question of Trust
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Lethal Pandering
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Socially engineering racial conflict
'Syrian civil war' no longer about who runs Syria
Reid: Immigration bill will be 'finished by recess'
Hastings conspiracy stories won't die
NPR flaunts its wealth as MSM struggles
IRS sent tens of millions in refunds to illegal aliens in Atlanta
Pathetic Qualifications Produce Pathetic Presidential Performance

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