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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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08 June 2013


Obama Weekly Address: Illegal Immigrants Must Go To Back Of The Line For Citizenship
Maher Defends NSA Spying Program: "There Is No Doubt That We Have Probably Stopped Terrorist Plots By Doing This"
Obama On Security, Secrecy And Civil Liberties In 2007, 2008 & 2013
Bill Maher: Immigration Reform Will "Just Create More Democrats"
Greenwald vs. Ari Fleischer On NSA Surveillance, Potential For Abuse Of Power
James Peterson: Future of Democratic Party Is Siphoning Fewer White Votes
Cavuto vs. Democratic Strategist On IRS Scandal: "Cut His Damn Mic"
"FOX News Watch" Panel: Not Enough Media Outrage Over Government Spying
Ezra Klein: Some Families, The Rich "Will Be A Little Worse Off" Under Obamacare
The McLaughlin Group 6/7/13: China, NSA Spying, IRS
Maddow: Are Companies Voluntarily Giving Private Data To The Government?
David Brooks On "Justified" NSA Program: "The President's Basically Right On This"
Rep. Messer Delivers GOP Weekly Address: Rising Cost Of Student Loans
Shep Smith: "FOX News Can Now Confirm There's No More Privacy"
Krauthammer On Obama's Handling Of Surveillance: "You Can't Trust The Administration"
Romney: Hurricane Sandy "Didn't Come At The Right Time"
Rand Paul: Obama Admin Needs "Remedial Education" About The Constitution
Jonathan Alter: 2014 Will Be "Big Year For Republicans"
Coulter: "Unbelievably Corrupt" Obama Admin Can't Be Trusted With NSA Program
Dershowitz: Don't "Overreact" To NSA Surveillance By Stopping Essential Technology
Obama: Spying Debate A "Sign of Maturity" That Wouldn't Have Happened 6 Years Ago
Obama Defends Surveillance: "Nobody Is Listening To Your Phone Calls"
Obama On NSA Program: "Modest Encroachments On Privacy Are Involved"
Ezra Klein: "This Is A Very Status Quo Jobs Report"
Pelosi On Obamacare: "Be Optimistic About It," It Is Going To Be "A Liberation"
Domenech: Rubio Needs To Hit The Eject Button On Schumer Bill Now
Maddow: Congress Regularly Complicit In US Spy Programs
O'Reilly: Federal Government Is Out Of Control
Sen. Sessions: Gang Of Eight Bill Dictated By D.C. Special Interests

'US desperately trying to hide the truth about breaking its own Constitution' — RT Op-Edge
Unconstitutional US Data-Mining
Saudi Silence on Deadly MERS Virus Outbreak Frustrates World Health Experts: Scientific American
Influenza Virus Mutations Could Result In Pandemic Flu
NYC Increasing Security Camera Surveillance » The Epoch Times
Obama defends secret NSA surveillance programs - as it happened | World news | guardian.co.uk
Utah Data Center: The one million square foot Utah data mining facility being built by NSA | Mail Online
'How little rights you have:' Anonymous leaks more PRISM-related NSA docs — RT USA
NSA telephone, Internet spying data shared with British Intelligence — RT News
PressTV - NSA targets credit card transactions
DHS Source Warns: "World War About to Break Out... Will Kill Millions of People" (MUST READ)
Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks | World news | guardian.co.uk
Activist Post: Smoking Gun: The direct link between Agenda 21 and local planners
Verizon & the NSA Are Constructing the “Red List” | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Kennedy, the Lobby and the Bomb - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
Alleged Anonymous hacker raided by FBI after exposing Ohio rape scandal — RT USA
Worse Than GMO? Urgent Action Needed! | Wake Up World
Source: Santa Monica gunman previously hospitalized for mental health - CNN.com
No Time On Rule Of Law « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
No time on Rule of law - YouTube
David Icke arrives at Bilderberg 2013 - YouTube
Neoliberalism has spawned a financial elite who hold governments to ransom | Deborah Orr | Comment is free | The Guardian
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Ben Fellows on the run after reporting MP Ken Clarke 
PressTV - Beware of spying Bilderberg!
Canadian Minister of Defense: We must overthrow the Illuminati - YouTube
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Truth and Lies in a Material Culture.
Activist Post: None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds
Five Myths About Legalizing Marijuana | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Hawaii’s Gentle Breezes Disappearing – Scientists Don’t Know Why | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Coffee drives you crazy (give it up and see) | News | National | Mail & Guardian
Recipe: Organic Macadamia Nut Burgers | Wake Up World
Colonoscopies Explain Why U.S. Leads the World in Health Expenditures - NYTimes.com
Breast really is best if you want a brainy baby: Just THREE months of breastfeeding boosts development by 30% | Mail Online
Limbaugh: ‘We are in the midst of a coup’
The Dark Moon Goddess and the Enchantment of Bilderberg
Government likely to open criminal probe into NSA leaks: officials | Reuters
Facebook and Google insist they did not know of Prism surveillance program | World news | guardian.co.uk
NewsDaily: US declassifies phone program details after uproar
Obama: 'Nobody is listening to your telephone calls' - U.S. News
Is Obama Lying About Big Brother? | Zero Hedge
Obama speech-less – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Privacy Disappears in a Prism | This Can't Be Happening!
Mass Surveillance in America: A Timeline of Loosening Laws and Practices
Ghost of Columbia- Part II: Legendary Columbia Professor Never Heard of Obama | TheBlaze.com
Audio Boom: Sheriff Joe's Certified Document Fraud Examiner Registered Democrat | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records
Obama Has Lost The War On Leaks
GMO Giant Monsanto Joins Big Business Coalition for UN Agenda 21 | The Liberty Beacon
Monsanto wants to brainwash your children with ‘Biotechnology Basics Activity Book’ | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information
Bird Drone Developed by Army Attacked by Real Birds | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Jellyfish Could Wipeout an Entire Foodchain « vineoflife.net
Inside the Global Industry That's Slaughtering Africa's Elephants - Matthew Scully - The Atlantic
Could A Volcano Power America? | Popular Science
14 Things You Really Don’t Want To Know About Your Groceries ~ RiseEarth
Obama’s Unparalleled Spy State | Alternet
PRISM...Total Surveillance, Total Tyranny - YouTube
PRISM scandal: Big Obama is watching you browse the web. Even Bush wasn't this power mad – Telegraph Blogs
The National Security Agency: surveillance giant with eyes on America | World news | guardian.co.uk
PRISM scandal: tech giants flatly deny allowing NSA direct access to servers | World news | guardian.co.uk
Obama's Verizon surveillance reveals massive erosion of US civil liberties | Jonathan Turley | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Obama administration defends NSA actions - The Hill's Video
Senators: NSA phone sweeping has been going on since 2007 - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Anger swells after NSA phone records court order revelations | World news | The Guardian
America's Greatest Affliction: The Presstitute Media -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org
DIANE FEINSTEIN | Kirwan's Art & Articles
Activist Post: Repeal of Monsanto Protection Act Blocked From a Vote
Mexico Protests Monsanto With a Carnival of Corn - Waking Times : Waking Times
Where are the “Food Shortages” When We Waste More than 40% of Total Food from the Global Supply? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities
PressTV - The minimum wage: Putting some myths to rest
PressTV - Rape, sexual assault prevalent at US youth detention centers: Official report
Roi Tov – It is not Terror if We do It
Daily Kos: NY Senate Makes It A Felony To Annoy a Police Officer
Robo Raven Fools Hawks | Robotic Bird | LiveScience
From the Trojan Horse to the Golden Calf—the Power of Deceit - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
Bilderberg Group: David Cameron attends 'private' talks - Telegraph
The NSA's Favorite Weasel Word To Pretend It's Claiming It Doesn't Spy On Americans | Techdirt
Google Government Spying Apps: Spying On You As You Type |
NSA Building $860 Million Data Center in Maryland » Data Center Knowledge
Privacy of World Citizens Wiped Out by USA
Judge Napolitano - What If We Are Already Living Under A Dictatorship | XRepublic
Jack Welch, Bill Maher, Lindsey Graham: We support Obama's NSA - 12160
Repressing “Un-American Activities”: The Historical Roots of Today’s Homeland Surveillance State | Global Research
Activist Post: CISPA Will Legalize PRISM Spy Program
All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need, Courtesy of Bush and Obama
How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme
Insider Tells the Truth About the Cover-up of the Attack on the USS Liberty | The Ugly Truth
Anti-Neocons • View topic - "Obama Is BIG BROTHER And He's A LIAR!"
DHS Insider: It’s About to Get Very Ugly |
On whistleblowers and government threats of investigation |
The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding the NSA |
How BIG government Recruits Food Lobbyists to Make Diet Police & Decide What You Eat |
Obama: Mass Surveillance Protects Civil Liberties -- News from Antiwar.com
DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on President Obama! | National Report
Obama on NSA Surveillance: Can't Have 100% Security and 100% Privacy - | Intellihub.com
Official Blog: What the ...?
Surprise, Surprise! All Occupiers Phones Were Logged | Alternet
Rand Paul: Orwell's '1984' has arrived | Peace . Gold . Liberty
NSA Conspiracy Theories Turn Out To Be Totally Correct | Market Failure
Judge Napolitano On NSA Spying: Most Extraordinarily Broad Search Warrant Ever Issued In US History | XRepublic
Prism scandal: Agency to reveal US links 'shortly' after claims that thousands of Britons may have been spied on by GCHQ - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Easily Abused, Domestic Drones Raise Enormous Privacy Concerns | American Civil Liberties Union
Microsoft transparency report details law enforcement requests for Skype data and more.
Web inventor Berners-Lee warns forces are 'trying to take control' - Telegraph
From the Trojan Horse to the Golden Calf—the Power of Deceit | Intifada Palestine
Bilderberg 2013 - Live Streams - News Updates
GMOs: Not Even in Moderation |
Eric Holder: From Waco To Fast & Furious and Beyond - 12160
Revealed: Secret Government Map Catalogues Spy Reports by Country
"It'd Be One Thing To Target ALL Muslims! He's Asked For The Phone Records Of Every Human In USA!" | XRepublic
Obama to Ignore Senate, Sign 2nd Amendment-Violating UN Gun Treaty
The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires « Underground Documentaries
European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants & Seeds Not Registered With Government | The Daily Sheeple
The Enslavement of Humanity - YouTube
The Blaze: NSA Whistleblower Says Everyone In US Under Surveillence, Massive Data Center In Utah | XRepublic
Activist Post: Obama: “Nobody is listening to your phone calls.” But What About Your Dishwasher?
Everything Created Digitally Is Nearly Free–Including Money | InvestmentWatch
Erosion Of Our Civil Liberties Highlights Those Who Will Resist When Society Breaks Down | The Daily Sheeple
Activist Post: Bilderberg: Powerful People Plotting in Secret is the Definition of 'Conspiracy'
The U.S. Government Has Been STEALING User Data From Major Internet Companies Without Their Permission | InvestmentWatch
Poll: Obama Approval Drops, 68% Think Government ‘Out of Control’ |
Watch Nancy Pelosi Lie Through Her Teeth: “I Don’t Remember Saying that Everybody in the Country Would Have a Lower Premium” |
The Department of Homeland Security's War on Freedom - YouTube
Flashback: Obama: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. - YouTube
U.S. intel chief blasts leaks on web, phone use tracking - 12160
PRISM NSA Spying: How to avoid NSA, FBI spying | BGR
Cops Use YOUR Children As Props For "School Shooter Drills" (PAID FOR BY HOMELAND SECURITY) - 12160
Obama Admin caught and admits to spying on Americans – The NSA isn’t just collecting the things we say. It’s also tracking what we buy and where we go | InvestmentWatch
Laura Ingraham: We shouldn't have laughed at civil libertarians when they warned us about the PATRIOT Act - 12160
Genetically modified soybeans have been found in northern Belize - BlackListedNews.com
Mega mosquitoes arrive in Central Florida | News - Home
China and the US Are at Nuclear War in Afghanistan | VICE United Kingdom
Microsoft Has Hired People To Make Positive Comments About Xbox One On Reddit, Says Redditor Claiming To Be A Contractor - BlackListedNews.com
CNN Covers Bilderberg Conference - BlackListedNews.com
Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents
Neoliberalism has spawned a financial elite who hold governments to ransom | Deborah Orr | Comment is free | The Guardian
So You Think Bitcoin is a Great Way to Remain Anonymous in Your Financial Transactions? - BlackListedNews.com
Government Says Secret Court Opinion on Law Underlying PRISM Program Needs to Stay Secret - BlackListedNews.com
Russia Conducts Test of New ICBM Designed to Defeat U.S. Defenses | Washington Free Beacon
Spying on Americans before 9/11: NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999 - BlackListedNews.com
Nicaragua gives Chinese firm contract to build alternative to Panama Canal | World news | guardian.co.uk
Santa Monica gunman kills four, injures at least five others in rampage that spilled onto college campus - NY Daily News
Breaking The Set: NSA’s PRISM – Welcome to 1984, Lee Camp’s Comedy, Rebel Inc. Rocks the Stage | Dprogram.net
Greenwald: Obama ‘bullying and threatening’ anyone who covers PRISM | Dprogram.net
Hundreds of Gunowners Show up in Temple, TX with Loaded Guns At the “Come and Take it” March | Dprogram.net
Hundreds gathered for armed march | Dprogram.net
If you’ve ‘done nothing wrong,’ you still need to worry
DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on President Obama! | Dprogram.net
Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks | Dprogram.net
The Amish Don’t Get Autism? And They Don’t Get Vaccinations – Possible Link? | Dprogram.net
American Households On Foodstamps Climb To New Record | Zero Hedge
Report: Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment
Marines Charged in $1 Million Drug, Theft Ring - ABC News
» “The High Priests of Globalization”: Bilderberg Conference Convenes Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Shia Labeouf Tried to Warn Us! (About FBI Spying) - informationliberation
Obama: If People "Can't Trust" Government, "We're Going to Have Some Problems Here" - informationliberation
Government likely to open criminal probe into NSA leaks: officials | Reuters
Sources: NSA sucks in data from 50 companies - The Week
Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks | World news | guardian.co.uk
WeAreChange Vlog: Max Keiser, Climbing Cranes and Puppet Show - informationliberation
WeAreChange Vlog: Alex Jones Bilderberg Boat Ride, David Icke & Forward Intelligence Team - informationliberation
Obama in '07: "No more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing but protest a misguided war." - informationliberation

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 7, 2013

The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)
The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II)

**Bilderberg 2013: The Official Attendees List

Episode 270 - Solutions: Peaceful Parenting
Solutions: Peaceful Parenting - YouTube
Interview 675 - Stefan Molyneux on Peaceful Parenting
Interview 677 - James Corbett on The Solari Report
Interview 676 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Mayor Bloomberg Named Nanny of the Month — Again
How the US Congress Lost the Plot on Secrecy, Surveillance and Accountability
Top NSA Whistleblower Spills the Beans on the Real Scope of the Spying Program
What was the Israeli Involvement in Collecting U.S. Communications Intel for NSA?
Another Phony Jobs Report From A Government That Lies About Everything
Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich People Don't Create Jobs"
Power Served, Millions Betrayed
None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds
+Audio/The State Seeks To Split the Opposition
Download : The State Seeks To Split the Opposition
Eric Holder Refuses To Answer If Obama Admin Is Spying On Congress
EU Parliament Member Joins Bilderberg Protests
David Icke Calls for Mass Noncompliance at Bilderberg
Actress Stands With Farmers and Hemp History Week
NASA: “Clouds Behaving Strangely”
Department of Justice: drone strikes on American citizens are legal because Obama and Holder said so
Woman Scorned Arrested for Bloomberg Ricin Letters
Liberal Vlogger Jumps Ship: Impeach Obama!
“Occupy Your Home”: Confronting “Electro Pollution” and Smart Meter Toxification
Global Cyberwarfare. High-Level US Intelligence Source: “We Hack Everyone Everywhere”
President Promotes ObamaCare During California Fundraising Trip
First Time Since 1995: U.S. Produces More Oil Than It Imports
UN Ambassador Nominee Samantha Power Wants Sovereignty Redistribution
What is the NSA's PRISM program? (FAQ) | Security & Privacy - CNET News
President Obama’s Dragnet - NYTimes.com
NSA's Verizon surveillance: how the White House tramples our constitution | Rand Paul | Comment is free | The Guardian
Cyber War: Another Epic Fail by Kelley B. Vlahos -- Antiwar.com
Outside Agitators by Patrick J. Buchanan
Why Was JFK Murdered? by Donna Coe
Homeschooling challenges, grade by grade | The Survival Mom™
Esther Williams, queen of Hollywood gossip: the movie star's life in her own words - Telegraph
Activist Post: UN: Fukushima ‘Unlikely’ to Pose Health Risks (Even as Kids are Diagnosed with Cancer)
Government Says Secret Court Opinion on Law Underlying PRISM Program Needs to Stay Secret | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Monitoring of Our Phone Calls? Government Spooks May Be Listening | Global Research
Lebanese Army Warns: “There is a Plot to Drag Lebanon into Syria War” | Global Research
America’s “Secret Fukushima”: Uranium Mining is Poisoning the Bread Basket of the World | Global Research
Did An Israel Lobby Front Group Organize McCain’s Trip To Syria? | Global Research
Assange: US rule of law suffering 'calamitous collapse' - FRANCE 24
China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors - Washington Times
Spying hangs over U.S.-China summit | McClatchy
This Won’t Turn Out Well | The Weekly Standard
Cincinnati IRS staffer: D.C. showed interest in Tea Party cases - The Hill's On The Money
Box Office Shocker: 'The Purge' Tops Friday With $16.7 Mil, Headed for $38 Mil Weekend
Facebook denies aiding spy program - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Glenn Greenwald: U.S. wants to destroy privacy worldwide - Katie Glueck - POLITICO.com
Santa Monica shooting was premeditated, police say - latimes.com
Officials: NSA mistakenly intercepted emails, phone calls of innocent Americans - Open Channel
UK gathering secret intelligence via covert NSA operation | Technology | guardian.co.uk
New documentary warns against Obama's 'Dirty Wars' - FRANCE 24
First woman in space ready for 'one-way flight to Mars' - FRANCE 24
Catholic Archbishop: Wake Up! Religious Liberty at Risk in USA | CNS News
Ricin Suspect Was Tracked Via Mail Scanners | The Smoking Gun

Michael Savage: ACLU turns on Obama

Leno: ‘We Wanted a President That Listens to All Americans - Now We Have One’ | NewsBusters
Secession Plan Floated By Some Northern Colorado Leaders « CBS Denver
Soldier Told Not to Read Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity in Uniform | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
Simon Cowell -- EGGED on 'Britain's Got Talent' | TMZ.com
Texas high school silences Valedictorian's microphone during speech on Constitution, report says | Fox News
Asteroid the size of a small truck buzzes Earth: NASA | Reuters
America in the Midst of a Coup d'Etat - The Rush Limbaugh Show
Data intelligence complex is the real story - FT.com
MotherJones.com | Advertisement
Obama Administration Declassifies Details On “PRISM,” Blasts “Reckless” Media And Leakers | TIME.com
Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data | World news | guardian.co.uk
Whistleblower's NSA warning: 'Just the tip of the iceberg' - Washington Times
FBI: Actress Tried to Frame Husband for Ricin Letters
Alec Baldwin Bashes NSA Spying, Bush
Will Left Use Jay Leno's 'Brother' Obama Joke to Silence Late Night Host?
Lessons from Santa Monica: Criminals Know Gun-Free Zones Are Easy Targets
False : Obama Claims Immigration Bill Requires Illegals to Learn English
Coalition Forms to Oppose California Ban on Lead Ammunition
Palin to Troops: Post Photos of 'Pro-America' Books by Conservative Authors
NY Senate Passes Bill Making Harassment of Police a Felony
IRS Agent 'Furious' with Lois Lerner for Scapegoating of 'Rogue Agents'
Getting The IRS Out of Obamacare
Obama's Bat Cave: $1.9 Billion Data Center Set to Open In October
State Dept. Sends Congress Benghazi 'Talking Points' Docs
Cornyn Amendment to Immigration Bill Divides Gang of Eight
PRISM Biggest Contributor to Obama Intel Briefings
ABC News: Susan Rice 'Got a Bad Rap' over Benghazi
Other Nations Surging Past U.S. in Job Creation
CNN Criticized for Celebrating Palestinian Terrorist
NYT Stealth Edits Article to Soften Its Own Criticism of Obama
South Africa: Mandela Taken to Hospital
Obama: US, China in 'Uncharted Waters' on Cybersecurity
French Geographers Publish Global Atlas on Sexuality
Russia TV 'Pulls Show' Over Putin Divorce Joke
World View: UN Rejects Russian 'Peacekeepers' for Israel-Syria Border
China Province Bans Metal Bra Clamps for Entrance Exams
Kerry 'Quietly' Approved $1.3 Billion in 'Military Aid' to Egyptian Government
Benghazi II? Beirut Embassy 'Fails to Meet Security Protocols'
165 Imprisoned as Slaves by Cartel Rescued One Mile from US Border
Amendments Protecting Soldiers' Religious Rights Approved by Committee
GOP Rep: Atheist Chaplains Would Describe Slain Soldiers as 'Worm Food'
Why Collect So Much Information if Obama Refuses to Use It Against Terror?
More Bilderberg Photos: Hillary Clinton, Queen Beatrix and more | Alternative
The Latest Obama Executive Order | Obama
Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″ | Prophecy
The PJ Tatler » Your Computer Is Bugging Your House
Smart Meter Waves Reported To Have Devastating Impact On All Life | Health
The Obama Bilderberg Connection -Western Journalism Report | Conspiracy Theories
Cannabis Provides Dramatic Benefit for Chronic Diseases in Recent Study | Health
What You Eat Late at Night Can Impact How You Sleep
How to get fit in minutes
5 powerful healing benefits of Aloe vera juice | Health
OBAMA' S real agenda | Obama
SEALs Arrest Banksters Seven Point Plan Take Back the United States! | Alternative
A New Human Race That Cannot Get Sick? | Alternative
9/11 WTC Drone - Military Plane Attack Proof - New Witnesses (Must See Video) | 9/11 and Ground Zero
Proof! Boston Bombing Conspiracy - Planned Highly Organized Terror -Video | Terrorism
Something Doesn't Add Up: Obama Allegedly Was Four Blocks Away From Shooting Incident [video] | Alternative
Team Arpaio Obama ID Fraud Could Lead To Mail And Wire Fraud; Missing Obama Year | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Easter Island Lookalike Statue Emerges In Sea Off Tsunami-Hit Town | Japan Earthquake
Treasure in Great Pyramid Awaits Discovery, Egypt’s ‘Indiana Jones’ Says | Prophecy
Verizon & the NSA Are Constructing the “Red List” | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Scientists create device that tears a hole in time, enabling undetectable secret messages to be sent | Mail Online
Exopolitics » Will Vatican declaration of an alien savior spark a religious war?
President Obama's Brother works for Organization Founded by man connected to Masterminds of both World Trade Center attacks | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
Muslims Demand (& Get) Prayer In Public Schools – Attack Off Campus Bible Studies : Freedom Outpost
Ricin Suspect Was Tracked Via Mail Scanners | The Smoking Gun
Limbaugh: ‘We are in the midst of a coup’
US government invokes special privilege to stop scrutiny of data mining | World news | guardian.co.uk
Shep Smith Goes Off on Gov’t Spying Latest: ‘I Knew Privacy Was Dead and Now It’s Confirmed!’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Santa Monica shooting suspect, possible motive identified, officials say - latimes.com
NHS is unsafe and inhuman, says director - Telegraph
Have we figured out how dangerous Islam is yet?
Woman discovers online ‘friend’ is actually ex-husband | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
E. RUSH: Whence cometh the revolution?
J. FARAH: How liberalism kills
T. NUGENT: Real assault weapons: Maggots who belong in cages
R. RINGER: The joys of central planning
P. BUCHANAN: America's interventionist agitators
J. FARAH: The scandals and the surveillance state
B. DEAN: Exposing the enemy of the people
End Social Security and start over
Can Dole, Scarborough, Christie fix GOP?
IRS-gate: Join the call for a special counsel
Why the brazen dishonesty about amnesty bill?
Why Obama was at peace during re-election
My fight against Obama's abuse of power
Laws are for little people
Seminal moment: Obama loses N.Y. Times
Erdogan’s Maryland ‘Mega Mosque’ will double as an ‘Ottoman Embassy’
Video: Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League (EDL) makes The Case FOR Islamophobia on the O’Reilly Factor
Obama Hates The First Amendment
Absolutely Stunning! Mark Levin Fumes After Learning Soldier Told Not To Read His Book ‘Ameritopia’
Dana Loesch Gives Obama Admin A ‘Dana Lashing’ Over IRS Scandal
Mark Levin Goes Nuclear On NSA: “Stick Your Data Mining!”
Shep Smith: FOX News Confirmed It – “There’s No More Privacy” Ahh!
Conservative British MP: Israeli Soldier Looked “Like a Bloody Jew”
Jesse Watters Asks Young Americans About Their Ambitions
Watch Anthony Weiner Blatantly Lie To A Homeless Man
RUSH: Terrorists Can Be ‘Profiled’
Rush Rips Candy Crowley: “Who You Gonna Believe, Me Or Her?”
RUSH: There’s A Coup d’Etat Taking Place In The US, Being Done By The Obama Admin
Savage outraged by ‘zero reaction’ to 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan | World Tribune
Prism: first they came for the online extremists – Telegraph Blogs
President: I could become NSA target - The Hill's Video
Eric Holder clinches the case for his resignation or removal | Power Line
Report Details U.S. Government’s ‘Disastrous Muslim Outreach’ | CNS News
Thousands of "Palestinians" rally for reestablishment of caliphate - Jihad Watch
NHS is unsafe and inhuman, says director - Telegraph
The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown – Telegraph Blogs
Video - Opinion Journal: Hawking's Moral Black Hole -- Sohrab Ahmari on Stephen Hawking's Israeli boycott - WSJ.com
Santa Monica Killings Were Premeditated, Police Say; Suspect Had 1,300 Rounds of Ammo
Report: NSA Does Not Actually Have ‘Direct Access’ to Google, Facebook (Updated)
Now There’s ‘Boundless Informant,’ the NSA’s Secret Global Surveillance Tool, the Guardian Reports
Obama to China’s President: Cyber Intrusions Coming from Your Country
The Only Senator Who Voted Against the Patriot Act Seemingly Predicted This Day Would Come
Did Secret Email Spying Really Help Foil NYC Terror Plot?
NSA Whistleblower: The Government Is Still Telling You an ‘Outright Lie’ About Its Spying Programs
Cory Booker Officially Launches Senate Bid
‘People!’ The Awkward Moment When the White House Staff Strands President Without Prepared Remarks, Teleprompter
The Left Needs to be Leery of the IRS Too
The limits of Rush Limbaugh, the conservative paradox
Maher: Reagan Was the Original Teabagger
Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck Go After Samantha Power and Susan Rice
Colbert: 'Obama Is A Tyrannical Despot Who Ignores All The Rules'
Beck: Standing Up to Heckler Confirms Michelle Obama Is a 'Monster'
Santa Monica Gunman Shot Dead After Killing 6, Wounding 5
4-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots and Kills Army Special Forces Father | Video | TheBlaze.com
Dem. Senator Shuts Down Obama’s Defense: ‘Average Member’ of Congress Not Aware of the Extent of Government Spying | TheBlaze.com
Nancy Pelosi Can’t Remember Promising This One Thing She Promised | Video | TheBlaze.com
Another Leaked Document Reveals Obama Ordered U.S. to Draft Potential Target List for Cyber-Attacks | TheBlaze.com
Boston Could Provide Condoms in All High Schools Throughout the City | TheBlaze.com
3 American Troops Killed in Another ‘Insider’ Attack in Afghanistan | TheBlaze.com
Is This New Horror Flick an ‘Obvious Attack’ on Tea Party, NRA? | Video | TheBlaze.com
Jobs Report Shows Hiring Is Steady | Occupy America
Chris Hayes/Jeremy Scahill Nail the Bush-Obama Relationship | Crooks and Liars
Lee Camp: How To End Terrorism in a Single Day | Occupy America
Rape and Other Sexual Violence Prevalent in Juvenile Justice System | Occupy America
Geraldo Ends Fox-Funded Senate Run | Crooks and Liars
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