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16 June 2013

Fathers Day : Weekend Review

Cheney Backs NSA Spying; Calls Snowden A Traitor, Says Obama "Lacks Credibility"
Fmr Obama Admin Official On Syria: "We Can't Just Stand Back, We Have To Engage"
FNC's Political Insiders: Obama Administration At A Tipping Point
Immigration Protesters Surround Home Of Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach
McDonough: Obama Doesn't Think NSA Programs Violated Americans' Privacy
Greenwald On "Smear Campaign" Against Snowden: "Tactic Of The Establishment"
Bob Schieffer To Snowden: Come Home And Face The Consequences
Rubio On Immigration Reform: "95 Percent Of The Bill Is In Perfect Shape"
Cheney: "Bad Call" By Obama Not To Use Military To Assist In Benghazi
Kurtz On Family Ties Between Journalists And Obama Administration
George Will On Syria: Obama Obviously A "Reluctant President"
"This Week" Panel: U.S. In Syria, Battle Over Immigration
"Meet The Press" Roundtable Reviews NSA Leaks, Intel Gathering Techniques
"Fox News Sunday" Panel: NSA Surveillance Fallout
"Face The Nation" Panel: NSA Spying: Is There Adequate Oversight?

BLACK Forest Colorado Fire Time Lapse 2013 - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » AT&T to Load iPhones With Emergency Alerts From Obama – That You Can’t Switch Off
NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls | Politics and Law - CNET News
Prison Planet.com » Democrats who attacked Bush for spying on citizens now justify Obama doing far worse
Prison Planet.com » Flashback: NSA intercepted and mocked soldiers’ phone calls as far back as 2008
Hundreds in Hong Kong protest NSA surveillance | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
Prison Planet.com » Britain prepared for war in Syria two years before the crisis flared up, France’s former FM says
Prison Planet.com » Multiple New Polls Show Americans Reject Wholesale NSA Domestic Spying
Revealed: Yahoo FOUGHT against NSA's warrantless spying program but lost and was forced by secret court to join PRISM | Mail Online
Prison Planet.com » Black Panthers Condemn Obama
Prison Planet.com » Jesse Ventura talks about life changing event, NSA spying and more
Prison Planet.com » Winston Churchill: War Hero or War Criminal?
Prison Planet.com » Democrats and Republicans Agree: America’s Stasi Surveillance State is a Good Thing
Assad Prepares Offensive as Obama Promises Rebels Arms - Bloomberg
White House announces it will not send troops into Syria, deploys them to the border | The Daily Caller
CIA preparing to deliver rebels arms through Turkey and Jordan - The Washington Post
Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul on Obama’s Syria WMD Claim
Janet Napolitano Denies Existence of ‘Orwellian State’ | Politicker
Web companies begin releasing surveillance information after U.S. deal | Reuters
Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent
Tear gas and bulldozers: Istanbul riot police clear Gezi Park protest camp — RT News
Prison Planet.com » Fact or Fiction? Syrian Army Has Chemical Weapons
Prison Planet.com » Jordan wargames: Patriot batteries, F-16s and 4,500 US troops near Syrian border
Saudi King Abdullah cuts holiday short due to ‘events in the region’ - Alarabiya.net English | Front Page
Prison Planet.com » Multiplying scandals to hide the scandal that could sink Obama
Prison Planet.com » It’s Time to Choose Reality
Prison Planet.com » Thousands Of Companies Have Been Handing Over Your Personal Data To The NSA
Prison Planet.com » Trashing the Bill of Rights: Where America Stands Now
Prison Planet.com » Ed Snowden’s magic thumb drive and other NSA fantasies
Prison Planet.com » Government waste galore: Secret ‘man caves’ found in EPA storage warehouse where workers watch TV and goof off
Prison Planet.com » 222 Years Of Gold, Wars, Inflation, Economies, And Presidents
Prison Planet.com » RANT: The NSA is There for you!
Prison Planet.com » Rainbow 6 Patriots Are Terrorists
Prison Planet.com » RANT: Suck A Black Boot!
14-year-old at the center of "NRA T-Shirt Controversy" now facin - WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports
Prison Planet.com » Amnesty for Illegals will Collapse America
Prison Planet.com » The Obama Drone Scandal
Prison Planet.com » Down with GMOs
Welcome to Utah, the NSA's desert home for eavesdropping on America | World news | guardian.co.uk
Prison Planet.com » Plastic Chemical BPA Leads to Obesity in Young Girls, New Study Finds
DOD establishes brain tissue bank - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Bilderberg Bills UK Taxpayers - YouTube
Congressional investigators vow to expand IRS probe | The Daily Caller
America's National Security State
Obama administration under pressure as US senators demand end to secrecy | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - Leaker may be killed in drone strike
27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine | SilverDoctors.com
NSA surveillance: the US is behaving like China | Ai Weiwei | Comment is free | The Guardian
PressTV - US intel community has become United Stasi of America: Analyst
Putin on NSA leak: Government surveillance shouldn’t break law — RT News
NSA director says surveillance helped stop 'dozens' of attacks | Reuters
Obama identity fraud: The net closes in
Flashback: Obama: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. - YouTube
The myth of PLU codes and GMO foods - Mankato Green Culture | Examiner.com
Alchemists Gone Bad: What You Should Know About Biological Warfare : Body Horrors
8 Skills of a Well-Trained Activist - Waking Times : Waking Times
Did the House and Ousted IRS chief Steven Miller just admit that taxes are voluntary?! - YouTube
NSA leaker's girlfriend says she's 'lost at sea' - CNN.com
Snowden and the U.S.A. Share the Same Shelf Life | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Did the CIA give the NSA documents to Ed Snowden? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Going non-GMO in dietary supplements: ‘The supply community is not there with us yet’, say manufacturers
The CIA Invests in Robot Writers
Fascinating Joshua Blakeney on 9/11 and Terrorism - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
Activist Post: Is it More Treasonous to Violate the Constitution or to Expose Those Violations?
President Bush Ordered NSA To Spy On Americans ... Vowed to Continue Such Domestic Electronic Eavesdropping (Redux)
Leaked Footage of Famous Hollywood Producer Claiming Obama Silenced Clinton By Threatening Chelsea // Mr. Conservative
Beyond Fake Death at the Boston Marathon; or "Northwoods Happens" - YouTube
The Emperor’s New Speech | Veterans News Now
Polls show Obama's real worry: NSA leaks erode trust in government | Harry J Enten | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Anonymous trolls NSA with ‘keywords of terror,’ disables website - National Anonymous | Examiner.com
PressTV - The NSA and the infrastructure of the surveillance state
While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online | Reuters
Expose NSA Domestic Spying Operation, Hold Global Spying Program in Reserve | This Can't Be Happening!
Activist Post: "Red Line" Lies Indicate Full Scale War Coming to Syria
Nicaragua OKs canal to be built by Chinese company - Jun. 14, 2013
PressTV - Obama’s extended trip to Africa to cost taxpayers up to $100m, report says
Hillary Clinton speech embraces Obama priorities, hints at potential agenda for 2016 - The Washington Post
Effects of Colony Collapse Disorder Now Manifesting in California | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information
Supreme Court DNA Ruling: Court Says Human Genes Cannot Be Patented
GM diet 'can lead to disease in pigs': Animals develop inflamed stomachs and other conditions when fed with 'Frankenstein foods' | Mail Online
Was the Titanic Sinking the First Staged 9/11? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Glyphosate Found to Fuel Cancer Cell Growth, Pose Carcinogenic Threat
BREAKING: Glyphosate Roundup Carcinogenic In the PARTS PER TRILLION
Order reveals policies for waging cyber warfare | Washington Free Beacon
Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Not Just the NSA: Politicians Are Data Mining the American Electorate | The Nation
PressTV - Edward Snowden and the real issues
NewsDaily: FBI director says U.S. will hold Snowden responsible on NSA leak
How Turmeric Reduces Oxidative Stress and Supports Your Brain and Heart - Waking Times : Waking Times
Shocking Differences In Ingredients Between The Same Food Products In The U.S, Canada and U.K.
Re-Thinking Tap Water - Contamination, Chlorine, Pharmaceuticals and Fluoride Make Water Filtration a Must - Waking Times : Waking Times
Perceiving Patterns in Nature | Show Me Oz
Activist Post: Glyphosate and Roundup’s Implications on Modern Diseases
Infant Formula Manufacturers Refuse To Remove GMO And New Research Now Links Formula To Chronic Disease - Waking Times : Waking Times
Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Uri Geller Psychic Spy? The Spoon-Bender’s Secret Life as a Mossad and CIA Agent | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Activist Post: The Real Solution to Agenda 21
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 1
PressTV - Are whistleblowers sometimes ‘too good to be true’?
Trove of Black Holes Discovered in Andromeda Galaxy | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Activist Post: These Tricks Are Played to Get You to Vaccinate Your Child
Is the Hyperloop the Future of Transportation? | Endless Innovation | Big Think
10 Most Powerful Militaries In The World - Business Insider
Abandoned America: Photographer captures haunting images of rusting steel works, crumbling schools and empty factories of a once-great superpower | Mail Online
I'm proof that anyone can sit an exam stoned and pass by spewing out facts | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian
Migrant men more likely to be in work than indigenous British males - Telegraph
Oil product glut coming as refineries mushroom - IEA | Reuters
Obamacare: Is a $2,000 deductible 'affordable?' - Jun. 13, 2013
Poll: Congress’ new level of awfulness – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
The Late, Great United States – An Epitaph « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Activist Post: 7 Powerful Ways to Maintain Your Privacy and Integrity Online
Challenging Unconstitutional Spying
Activist Post: The Constitution Doesn't Guarantee Safety, It Guarantees Privacy
NSA Deception Operation? Questions Surround Leaked PRISM Document’s Authenticity | Global Research
Newly discovered star throws light on evolution of Sun - English pravda.ru
Higher Perspective: Huge Mysterious Structures Found Middle Of Gobi Desert
Sharmine Narwani : Why Arabs Need Iran: Part I - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers | Dr Akilah El - Celestial Healing Wellness Center
National Secular Society - Russian parliament passes new blasphemy law as protesters call for secular state
What the Cellphone Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Radiation Concerns | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
No More “Fast Food” in Bolivia: McDonald’s Has Closed Down All Its Restaurants | Global Research
The Guardian Audio Edition: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden explains his motives - 11 June 2013 | From the Guardian | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - NSA leaks extremely damaging to US: Holder
NSA Copies All Internet Data, Creates Dossiers on Every User | Internet News for Entrepreneurs and Blogging Tips
Fascist US Leaders Expose Snowden’s Information Is Factual; NSA’s Booz Allen Hamilton Information; and More on Edward Snowden. | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Prism whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero to 40%, poll finds | World news | The Observer
Is Naomi Wolf working for the NSA? | This Can't Be Happening!
PressTV - Congratulations! You’re being watched
US intelligence outlines checks it says validate surveillance | World news | guardian.co.uk
Rand Paul: American taxpayers funding war on Christianity — RT USA
Detroit rock bottom: City announces $2.5bn debt default — RT USA
Update: Ed Ward MD On Suitcase Nukes, Why No WTC Radiation and Samuel Cohen Quotes on Residual Pure Fusion Neutron Bomb Radiation | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
PressTV - Russia ready to expand ties with Iran’s new administration: Putin
Roi Tov—What if Netanyahu Won the Elections in Iran?
Our Elections Are Not Fairer Than Iran's - Mahdi Nazemroaya - YouTube
Israel warns Iran close to bomb despite election of Hassan Rowhani - Telegraph
Europa & Palestine News « Europa & Middle East News
PressTV - Paul rips Obama on Syria war escalation
Hezbollah One of Last External Players In Syria - Mahdi Nazemroaya in Beirut - YouTube
PressTV - UK planned war on Syria before unrest began: French ex-foreign minister
PressTV - ‘US war on Syria is all about money’
Threat of sectarian war grows in Syria as jihadists get anti-aircraft missiles | World news | The Observer
The Free Syrian Army Subsidiary | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Fukushima Missing Fuel - Perhaps No China Syndrome?
F-22 program produces few planes, soaring costs - latimes.com
Nancy Pelosi Calls Late-Term Abortions 'Sacred Ground,' Triggering Mass Response From Advocates And Opponents Alike : US/World : Medical Daily
China’s Great Uprooting - Moving 250 Million Into Cities - NYTimes.com
UFO Chased By Jets Over Los Alamos | UFO CHRONICLE- 1952
Event Horizon Chronicle: Red, White & Blue Panopticon: Land Of The (Un)Free, Home Of The (Not Very) Brave
Investing in Education Creates More Than Twice as Many Jobs as Military Spending | Alternet
PETER HITCHENS: Do you still need proof our rulers are lying to us? Just take a train | Mail Online
True cost of Britain's wind farm industry revealed - Telegraph
China's credit is literally off the charts – Telegraph Blogs
Project Loon: Google plans balloon network to extend internet reach | Technology | guardian.co.uk
» Dangerously High Pesticide Levels In Celestial Seasonings Teas
Homeschooling Enrollment Skyrocketing as Parents Seek to Protect Children From Public School Brainwashing - | Intellihub.com
Do Women Have Less Fun Than Men? | Alternet
Activist Post: Skynet to Launch October, 2013
Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Researchers Find Biological Evidence of Gulf War Illnesses - NYTimes.com
Russian Tycoon Wants to Move Mind to Machine | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from Your Body in Less Than 7 Hours | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
TFI Daily News - Inside the NSA’s Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group
I have watched Barack Obama transform into the security president | World news | The Observer
Secret to Prism program: Even bigger data seizure
Google and Twitter Aren't Impressed with Facebook's Disclosure Dump - Yahoo! News
The Chemical Weapons Hoax
One-Sided Anti-Syrian Human Rights Council Resolution
Look At Who’s Sleeping with Our Government | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Federal Agents Now Invade Hospital Exam Rooms, Thanks to HIPPA | Restoring Liberty
The truth in the Earhart “mystery” is a sacred cow | Veterans News Now
The Beginning of the End of Stellarwind | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Ancient Herbal Diet Could Be Next Big Thing | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
13 natural remedies for the ant invasion | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Mystery of X-ray light from black holes solved
On Prism, partisanship and propaganda | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Yahoo Was Reportedly Forced To Join PRISM By A Secret Court
PressTV - Al Gore denounces NSA’s surveillance program as ‎unlawful
Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution | Thomas Drake | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
The NSA’s Line In the Sand | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Edward Snowden's worst fear has not been realised – thankfully | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | The Guardian
The Dangers Of Second-Guessing The Snowden Affair
The influence of spies has become too much. It's time politicians said no | John le Carré | World news | The Guardian
7 Tips to Avoid Government Surveillance » The Epoch Times
Brzezinksi: Obama Syria plan is 'chaos, baffling, a mess, tragedy' - My Catbird Seat | My Catbird Seat
David Icke - Syria:The Truth (Viewer Discretion Advised) - YouTube
Obama to Press Putin to Back Assad’s Removal in Syria | Russia | RIA Novosti
Julian Assange: "Google is not a friend of WikiLeaks" (full) - YouTube
Steven Spielberg: Big tickets, big budgets make film industry 'implosion' imminent - TODAY.com
Activist Post: How Schools Use Fear to Brainwash Students to Trust the System: A Parent’s Story
Exposed: Pesticide Industry to Receive Pollution Privileges in Farm Bill H.R. 1947 | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information
House votes to block Obama plan to close Guantanamo | Reuters
G.M.O. Label on Kraft Mac & - Cheese Box Raises Alarm - NYTimes.com
Mind Openerz - http://www.mindopenerz.com/
Tepco sells food from Fukushima during ‘Recovery Bazaar’ at Tokyo headquarters — “People formed long lines to buy them”
How Does Radiation Affect the Body? | Think Tank | Big Think
Unholy Alliance: The Federal Reserve and the Treasury
HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off | Grist
Shocking New Study: Glyphosate Found in Human Urine Samples From 18 Countries | REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information
Secret Service Invades Home Of Obama Critic Over Twitter Followers | Truth Is Scary
Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Recipe
Could Syria ignite World War 3? That's the terrifying question as the hatred between two Muslim ideologies sucks in the world's superpowers | Mail Online
While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online | Reuters
Expose NSA Domestic Spying Operation, Hold Global Spying Program in Reserve | This Can't Be Happening!
PressTV - The NSA and the infrastructure of the surveillance state
Anonymous trolls NSA with ‘keywords of terror,’ disables website - National Anonymous | Examiner.com
Polls show Obama's real worry: NSA leaks erode trust in government | Harry J Enten | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
The Emperor’s New Speech | Veterans News Now
PressTV - New US poll finds all-time low American trust in Congress
What Your Mind Will Not Let You See | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials
If You Had Edward Snowden’s Proof — What Would You Do? | Thrive
Ed Snowden’s magic thumb drive and other NSA fantasies | Jon Rappoport's Blog
The Gourmet Vegan “Cant tell the difference” Quiche
News from The Associated Press
Google opts out of FISA disclosure deal made by Facebook and Microsoft, calls it 'a step back for users;' Twitter agrees | The Verge
The Anti-New York Times
Comprehensive List Of GMO Products and Companies

Firefox plug-in warns users of NSA surveillance — RT USA

Law Enforcement Demands Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ - | Intellihub.com
Domestic Spy Grid Designed Long Before 9/11
Secret Trade Agreements Threaten to Undo Our Last Shreds of Food Safety |
Firefox plug-in warns users of NSA surveillance — RT USA
US Sarin Claims a Cruel Hoax | Intifada Palestine
The Shocking Amount of Wealth and Power Held by 0.001% of the World Population | Alternet
Just the Scent of Money Is Corrupting: Study
Huffington Post Admits They Will Never Question The Goverment About 9/11 & Censors Anyone That Does - YouTube
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 1
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 2
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 3
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 4
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 5
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 6
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 7
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 8
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 9
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 11
Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down, Part 10
Chicago Hospital Accused of Cutting Throats for $160,000 ~ Orrazz
How The Media Lies (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Consuming Kids – The Commercialization of Childhood (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Report: Verizon Built Separate Fiber-Optic Line Linked Directly to US Government (Video) | The Gateway Pundit
Sens. Wyden & Udall: We Have Seen No Evidence NSA Surveillance Has Prevented ‘Dozens Of Terrorist Events’ | Mediaite
Activist Post: Chronicling the Eventual Rebirth of Freedom
The Two Centers of Unaccountable Power in America, and Their Consequences
Karl Rove: NSA Surveillance Is OK Because Fictional Cops Do It On TV Shows | XRepublic
George Galloway The G8 Members Are The Problem And Not The Solutions To The Problems | XRepublic
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk (6/17/13) Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy - 12160
Collapse Will Destroy ALL With Debt – Although Mortgage Rates Are Very Low, A Few Percentage Point Increase Can Wipe Out A Large Portion Of Home Owners | InvestmentWatch
Facebook Gives Gov't Access to Nearly 20,000 User Accounts
Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Scandal |
Ron Paul on Obama's Syria WMD Claim - 12160
How Predatory Reformers Are Destroying Education and Profiting at Our Children's Expense
Do you trust your government? Answer for most Americans is not no, but hell no - 12160
The Government’s Spying Is Not As Bad As The Whistleblower Said … It’s WORSE
BREAKING!! Google to DOJ: Let us prove to users that NSA isn’t snooping on them…and here is PROOF THEY ARE LYING ALREADY!!! | InvestmentWatch
Death To The New World Order – Heinous Warcrimes planned for June 22 2013 will be thwarted – Is Operation Blackjack a reality? – Will the war criminals face Justice? The answer is YES |
The NSA “scandal” isn’t important. Keep your eyes on the IRS plot, where the criminality lies. |
Refreshing News: The United States puts more children and teenagers in juvenile detention than any other developed nations in the world, with about 130,000 detained in 2010
A Brave New World: Preparing Our Children for a National Emergency. New York City Schools to Conduct Yearly “Lockdown Drills”. | XRepublic
Ellsberg: A Coup Against the Constitution
OpEdNews - Article: Transcript: Jeremy Scahill-- Obama's Legacy; to legitimize assassination as an essential Component of US foreign Policy
Infinity Augmented Reality Announces Relocation to Israel: Home of World's Top Software Developers
The Rebel - Rebel of Oz's Home for the Global Resistance - The Israeli Criminals Behind the NSA Spy Scandal
Even Obama Apologist Bill Maher Is Against Syria Intervention - 12160
Our Enemy the Administrative State
Virginity and Government Payoffs
Guaranteeing that Hispanics won't Assimilate
The Two Faces of Islam
Mission Not Accomplished
The Collectivist Government Surveillance Paradigm
Hillary Clinton's Legacy of Scandal
Obama is Abrading the Social Fabric
Obama and the Despots
Rubio Doubles Down by Lying about Border Security
It will be soon be known as 'The un-affordable Health Care Act'
The sun shines on savior Obama
Bill Clinton's memory loss on Rwanda genocide
Race discussion may crowd out scandals in wake of Supreme Court affirmative action decision
The Obama administration has a funny way of rewarding those who call us 'imperialistas'
Obamacare Too Expensive - for Congress
Senators ditch NSA briefing to catch flights home
WH thinks $100 million Obama trip to Africa a real bargain
What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?
It's official: Iran will elect a 'moderate' president
Panetta role in divulging classified info to film maker scrubbed from final report
Iranian President-Elect Rohwani on the Sublimity of Khomeini's 'Model'
'Moderate' win in Iran is the worst possible outcome
Michelle Obama's Irish/German/African Pre-Summer Vacation
Lois Lerner: The Face of ObamaCare
Iran sending 4,000 troops in support of Assad regime
Oh yes they are listening to our phone calls, Barry
God Save the Queen
Video: Bachmann: 'We Will Never Again Have a Republican President' If Immigration Reform Passes
Video: Rep. Jim Jordan DESTROYS FBI Director Mueller on IRS Targeting Scandal
Video: NSA Directs Police to Stop Reporters Filming on Public Land
Video: Biden: 'Don't Trust a Spying President'
The End of Control
14-year-old wears NRA t-shirt to school, winds up facing a year in jail
The great “Arab Spring” Hoax
The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax
Obamas to flout wealth in poorest regions of Africa
Hassan Rowhani’s Election as President of Iran: Initial Assessments
Am I a traitor?
Susan Rice’s Talking Points: The Syrian Chapter
Christianity Becoming New “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” in Military
Orlando Abortion Clinic Raided to Satisfy Multi-million Dollar Malpractice Judgment
Glenn Greenwald Calls “Weakening of America” a “Very Good Thing”
Narcissists, Crooks, and Sociopaths
Civil War Roster Index Now Available Online
Obama the Destroyer
Listen Up, Marco Rubio: Pay for Border Security by Reducing Foreign Aid Sent to Mexico!
Nancy Pelosi’s Goofy Definition of “Sacred Ground”: Late-Term Abortion!
Obama Epiphany About Red Line In Syria: Unrelated to Multitude of Scandals?
What If They Held a Primary and Nobody Came?
America is Under Attack and At War
Your Day in “Islamic Modesty”: Pakis Leading Searchers for Gay Porn Online
Levin BLASTS Jeb Bush: “This ‘JERK’ Takes Shots At Conservatives!” Not Liberals.
RUSH: If I Had A Magic Wand, I Would Extricate Rubio From This Whole Immigration Thing
Have the Courts ended the legislative process because of activism?
GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits | UK news | The Guardian
Spying on friends, American-style
State makes it law to harden grid against EMP
BBC News - US NSA 'probed fewer than 300 phone calls'
Ex-student seeks revenge by posing nude at Lincoln Pius X - Omaha.com
JAILED: Cowboy builder URINATED in pensioners homes to convince them to pay for repairs | UK | News | Daily Express
Scientists scratch the surface of itching's origins - CBS News
Government hiring ‘independent’ study of HIV
Defector: Iran prez picked by Ayatollah, not vote
50 years of godless schools
NSA class action suits spark citizens' revolution!
B. PRESS: Snowden: Measure him for statue on D.C. Mall
I. MERCER: Thank you for your service, Mr. Snowden
D. LIMBAUGH: Scandal central: Scapegoating & stonewalling
Time to re-examine 2nd Amendment, privacy
'Modest encroachments' on your rights
Why amnesty is not compassionate
Orwell's '1984' in 2013
A. KEYES: Defending America the American way
J. FARAH: Congress: Give Snowden immunity
Criminal journalism
FBI director should hand in his badge now!
Free cars for attending school
UK to NSA Leaker: You’re Not Welcome Here
Guess Who Tops the Chart of Countries Making Requests for User Data
Facebook Reveals How Many Gov’t Requests it Received in Last Half of 2012 Alone (Hint: It’s in the Thousands)
Dancing in the Streets: Iranians Celebrate New Reformist President
Obama: ‘When I Look Back on My Life,’ I’ll Be Thinking About Family — Not ‘Legislation I Passed or Policy I Promoted’
George W. Bush Defends Monitoring ‘Techniques’
Amid Calls for ‘Holy War,’ Egypt Severs Diplomatic Relations with Syria
Report: Intel Chiefs Hold Classified Briefing on NSA Snooping…Less Than Half the Senate Shows Up
‘Are You Kidding Me?’: Monica Crowley Calls Out Dem Activist for ‘Going to Bush’ During Debate on White House Scandals
NSA Spying Programs Thwarted Terrorist Plots in 20+ Countries, Intel Officials Say
Rush Limbaugh’s Theory on Why GOP Is Willing to Pass Amnesty and Create Millions of ‘Instant Democrats’
Patriots Owner: Vladimir Putin STOLE My Super Bowl Ring — And the White House Wanted it Hushed Up
Boy Scout Leaders Won’t Apologize for Marching in Utah Gay-Pride Parade
New Controversial First-of-Its-Kind Ammo Claims to Offer ‘Peaceful and Natural Deterrent to Radical Islam’
‘He Is Off the Mark on This’: Blaze Readers on Allen West’s Response to Bill Cosby’s ‘Be More Like’ Muslims Suggestion
Report: NSA Admitted it Can Listen in on Phone Calls Without Warrants (Updated)
Chicago’s Bloody Weekend: 7 Dead, 30 Wounded in Rash of Shootings
Jeb Bush: ‘Split Ballot’ in My Family if I Run for President
‘I Don’t Remember Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks Hiding in China’: Snowden Slammed
Snowden: UK Intel Spied on G20 Summit Officials’ Phone Calls, Emails
Dick Cheney: I Find a Lot of What Obama Says ‘Not Credible’
Sarah Palin: The NSA ‘Couldn’t Find Two Pot-Smoking Deadbeat Bostonians with a Hotline to Terrorist Central in Chechnya…Really?’
Sarah Palin on Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’
Vladimir Putin: I Did Not Steal Super Bowl Ring
Epic Fall: Spiderman Wannabe Attempts Acrobatic Apartment Entrance, Plummets 15 Stories…and Survives
Hollywood Actor Wants Obama Out of Office: ‘I Just Don’t Like This Guy’ (Plus: Why He’s Breaking His Silence)
Contradicting IRS Claims, D.C. Supervisor Personally Scrutinized Tea Party Tax-Exempt Applications
‘You Should Be Suspended’: Obama Skewered for Playing with an Object That’s Spelled Trouble for Many School Kids
Huge ‘Jihad’ Graffiti by Interstate 95 Sparks Outrage, Concern
Elizabeth Warren Warns of Corporate Capture of U.S. Courts
Jeb Bush: 'Immigrants Are More Fertile'
Democrats Take 'SNAP Challenge' to Protest House Farm Bill
'Cliff' From 'Cheers' Wants Allen West to Spread His 'Gene Pool' Across America
Sen. Warren Calls for Trans-Pacific Partnership Transparency
Yahoo Fought In Court To Keep From Giving Data To PRISM
How The Few Choose Inequality For The Many
Four Dead, Thousands Injured as Riot Police Clear Turkish Protests
Rep. Nadler: NSA Can Listen To Phone Calls Without A Warrant
Cheney: Obama Has 'No Credibility' -- But the NSA Is 'to Be Believed'
Jonathan Karl Cites Coulter, Erickson and Beck To Chide Sen. Rubio
Rove: NSA Surveillance Is OK Because Fictional Cops Do It on TV Shows
Lindsey Graham: Republicans 'Are in a Demographic Death Spiral'
Dick Cheney Calls Edward Snowden a 'Traitor' and Possibly a Chinese Spy
Andrea Mitchell Parrots Right-Wing Talking Points on Benghazi, IRS
Chambliss: Don't Put 'Any Limits' on U.S. Involvement in Syria
Martin Bashir to Michael Steele: 'What Does the GOP Hope to Accomplish?'
Sarah Palin, Turd Tossing, and Conservative Outrage Fatigue
How Two Different Armies Handle Sexual Assaults
Late Nite Music Club With Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Congress: President Cannot Indefinitely Detain US Citizens
Russia's Putin Calls for IMF Overhaul, Bigger Role for BRICS
Russia Questions Syrian Chemical Weapons Evidence
Protesters Rally in Hong Kong to Support Snowden
White House: Obama's $100 Million Africa Trip 'Great Bang for Our Buck'
Minister: Rowhani Wins Iran Presidential Election
'Moderate' Rowhani 'Outspoken Critic' of Ahmadinejad
Wag the Syrian Dog
Pope Warns of 'Adolescent Progressivism' and Desire to 'Play It Safe'
Study: Global Elite Leave Bigger Carbon Footprints when Flying First Class
NSA Whistleblower Really a Double Agent?
Iran's Rowhani 'beacon of hope': Hezbollah
World View: Egypt's Morsi Endorses Syria Rebels
War with Iran May Be Inevitable
Samantha Power: The Quintessential 'Blame America First'-er
Snowden Leaks 'Detailed Records' About IP Addresses NSA Hacked in China, Hong Kong
Czech Prime Minister to Step Down Amid Graft Scandal
Media Buries IRS Scandal
'Fertile': Jeb Bush Saved By Being on 'Media's Side' of Immigration Reform
NBC Latino Contributor: Whole Foods' English-Only Policy Inclusive
Media Fail: Poll Shows Obama Lost Public Trust
Schieffer: Snowden 'No Hero,' Should Turn Himself In
CBS News Compares Iranian Candidates to Tea Party
Obama's Pick for CIA No. 2 Used to Oversee 'Erotica Readings'
Who Will Watch the Watchers?
Study: Childhood Stress Alters Men's Sperm, Affects Their Children
Final Chance to Stop the Gang of 8
Obama Rewards Top Donors With Ambassadorships
IRS Scandals Threaten Funding for Obamacare
Meese: Rove 'Way Off the Mark' on 1986 Amnesty
Senate Dems' Answer on ObamaCare: Go on offense
Mexican Cartel Assassin Confirmed Killed 11 on U.S. Soil, Confessed to More
Palin: 'Special Interest' Amnesty Bill Rewards 'Rule Breakers'
Secret to Prism Program: Even Bigger Data Seizure
Public Policy Polling Claims NRA Brand Flagging, Gun Control Support Growing
Palin to Congress: Go on 'Cruz Control'
IRS to Hire 'Diversity and Inclusion Specialist' with $123,758 Salary
MoveOn Petition Decries Whole Foods Non-Existent 'English Only' Policy
2016: Jeb Bush Takes Swipe at Ted Cruz
Sessions Knocks Rubio: It’s Not About Just Passing 'Something’
Obama Funder Raising Money for al-Qaeda Families in Yemen?
Mark Kirk Kept Campaign Promise by Voting Against Cloture on Immigration
Sen. Sessions: Credibility of Immigration Bill Sponsors Is in Question
Grassley Asks Weiner's Wife About Clinton Consulting Gigs
Rubio: '96 Percent' of Immigration Bill 'in Perfect Shape'
Rubio on Whether Schumer's 'Playing Him': 'I Don't Even Know What That Means'
Cheney: Snowden a 'Traitor'
WH: We Don't Know Where Snowden Is
Sen. Menendez (D-NJ): 'There Will Never Be a Road to the WH for GOP' Without Amnesty
Rubio: Senate Bill Needs More Border Security
Graham: Amnesty Only Way to Prevent GOP 'Demographic Death Spiral'
Fed Chair Bernanke to Princeton Grads: Meritocracy Doesn't 'Pass Ethical Muster'
Nadler Backtracks: NSA Does Need Court Order
8th Grader Suspended Over NRA T-Shirt Could Get Jail Time
Rush Limbaugh: Abortion at The Root of U.S. Cultural Decay
Leaked Docs: US Grabbed Medvedev's Phone Calls at G20 in 2009
IRS Supervisor Admits Personally Handling Dozens of Tea Party Cases
George Lucas Calls for More Funding for Military Veterans Entering Hollywood
Paul McCartney Carries the Weight at Bonnaroo
Palin Uses SNL to Rip Obama over Scandals: 'Really?!'
Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Actor Jeff Garlin Arrested
Elmo Puppeteer Wins Daytime Emmys After Sex Abuse Allegations
EDITORIAL: The felonious fibbers - Washington Times
Former officer accuses Consul General Donald Moore of bedding employees and escorts in new State Department scandal - NYPOST.com
Barack Obama is leading from behind in Syria - and can't see where he is going - Telegraph
Gun violence: 6 dead among 26 shot across Chicago - chicagotribune.com
CIA to arm, train Syrian rebels; Hagel says US jets, missiles brought to Jordan will stay | Fox News
BBC News - Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election
Weiner wife Abedin being probed over employment status - NYPOST.com
Diary of Second World War German teenager reveals young lives untroubled by Nazi Holocaust in wartime Berlin - Europe - World - The Independent
Hospital siege, blasts new Pakistan government's first security test | Reuters
Michael Savage caller: Americans spied on for decades
Stopping cancer's spread: New protein found to control deadly cancer metastasis | Fox News
Russia Hits Back at U.S. Over Syria - WSJ.com
Hilarious Video Imagines What Would Happen If the ‘Man of Steel’ Was Forced to Join a Union | Video | TheBlaze.com
CNN Cites Subway Censor Eltahawy as Authority on Freedom
China Announces Measures to Curb Air Pollution
Obama Deploys U.S. Marines to Syrian Border
WH: No 'Rush to War' in Syria
Saudi Arabia Expands Grand Mosque, Endangers Islamic Relics
Canadian Couple Charged $5,000 After Finding 400-Year-Old Skeleton in Backyard
U.S. House passes bill to ensure Israel can 'remove existential threats' - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Constitutionally Illiterate Michael Bloomberg Doesn't Want the DOJ Monitoring His Stop-and-Frisk "Military" - Hit & Run : Reason.com
77% Do Not Trust Television News - BlackListedNews.com
Czech engineers develop flying bicycle drone - BlackListedNews.com
Russia says illegal to impose Syria no-fly zone from Jordan - Yahoo! News
House Passes Ban on Drone Strikes Against US Citizens - BlackListedNews.com
Now feds want your mental health records
The New Great Game Round Up- June 16, 2013
Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/13)
The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-I)
The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave (Part-II)
PRISM: Big Brother Government is Now in the Open
Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue on Surveillance
Do Treaties Trump the Constitution?
GMO and Monsanto Roundup: Glyphosate Weedkiller in our Food and Water?
Sarin Gas Use in Syria. “This Has Tonkin Gulf Written All Over It”: Pat Buchanan
Police State Canada: Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Runs Massive Domestic Spying Program
Chemical Weapons: Building the Case for Further US Aggression against Syria
Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”
My Creeping Concern that the NSA Leaker Edward Snowden is not who he Purports to be…
The Obama Regime: What the NSA Revelations Tell Us about America’s Police State
No Evidence of Syria WMDs… And Still a Call for War? Again? Obama Pushes for a “No Fly Zone”
Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”
US Supreme Court: Genes Cannot Be Patented Unless They Are Synthetic
Democrats Spearhead Campaign against Edward Snowden as Evidence of Illegal Spying Mounts
A Free, Quick and Easy Way to Protest Government Spying
Bradley Manning Lynching: Judge Runs A Shell Game, Public Excluded from Hearings
The Syria Chemical Weapons Hoax
British MP George Galloway on the Anti-G8 Summit and Bilderberg
Fascist Revolving Door at 'Digital Blackwater' Booz Allen
Putin to Cameron: Do You Want to Arm People Who Eat the Organs of Their Enemies?
Target to Eliminate GMOs from Simply Balanced Brand
NSA Copies All Internet Data, Creates Dossiers on Every User: Report
NSA admits they listen to U.S. phone calls without a warrant, more than half the Senate skips briefing
US Military Thugs with Keyboards to Spread Propaganda Using Up to 10 Online Personas Each
The Truth About Syria
Orwellian State? Don’t worry – Big Sis says the DHS is not “going willy-nilly and using any kind of data that we can gather”
Learn A Post-Collapse Trade Before It’s Too Late
Zbigniew Brzezinski on Syria: US is engaging in "mass propaganda"
Jonathan Manthorpe: Saudi Arabia Funding Fuels Jihadist Terror
Israel and U.S. Coordinating How to Target Assad’s Arsenal
Assange: America is at the Precipice of Turnkey Totalitarianism
U.S. House Passes Bill to Ensure Israel Can Remove Existential "Threats"
Moderate Cleric Rowhani Declared New Iran President For The Israeli Government, Iran Will Never Change
Episode 271 - Planned Parenthood Exposed
Opinion: New ID rules would threaten citizens' rights - CNN.com
ZENITH 2016 -- PART TEN (Did Something Begin In 2012 That Will Apex In 2016?)
Lost medieval city found in Cambodia using revolutionary scanning technology and Indiana Jones-style expedition | Mail Online
7 Tips to Avoid Government Surveillance » The Epoch Times
Encrypted e-mail: How much annoyance will you tolerate to keep the NSA away? | Ars Technica
White House Announces Strong Opposition to Religious Freedom in Military
Fox News Focuses on Snowden, Ignores Gov't Assault on Bill of Rights
Feinstein Wants to Limit Contractors' Access to Classified Info
Pakistani PM Accuses His Own Military of Deadly Collusion With CIA
Israel Issues Warning After Iran Elections -- News from Antiwar.com
NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls | Politics and Law - CNET News
Freedom Rider: The Snowden Litmus Test | Black Agenda Report
Noonan: Privacy Isn't All We're Losing - WSJ.com
The Making of a Global Security State by Tom Engelhardt -- Antiwar.com
Building America’s secret surveillance state | The Great Debate
Hongkongers don't want Snowden handed over to the US, according to poll | South China Morning Post
Cheney says NSA monitoring could have prevented 9/11 - First Read
Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - US surveillance flap shines light on Web ‘anonymizers’
Activist Post: It’s Never Too Late to Learn About Vaccines
Activist Post: The NSA’s Line In the Sand
Activist Post: NSA Chief Lies to Congress
Copperhead: Words That Got a U.S. Congressman Deported by Thomas DiLorenzo
One Big Issue: Surveillance and Expansionism Are Linked by Michael S. Rozeff
Richard Ebeling on Higher Interest Rates, Collectivism and the Coming Collapse by Anthony Wile
High Crimes by Jack D. Douglas
How We Are Better Than We Used To Be by Bretigne Shaffer
Activist Post: 7 Powerful Ways to Maintain Your Privacy and Integrity Online
The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment by Joseph Mercola
NSA: No Such Agency by Eric Margolis
The US Spy Leviathan: Thomas Drake, prosecuted ex-NSA official, has some advice for Edward Snowden
Look What This ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Had To Say Back in 1984: ‘A Disgusting Procedure for a Professed Free Society’ by Mac Slavo
Datagate and the Death of American Liberalism by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
10 Causes of Bad Breath - Global Healing Center
Russian President Vladimir Putin talks NSA, Syria, Iran, Drones and Terrorism | Global Research
Obama Signals Start of US War in Syria | Global Research
As 9/11 Continues to Justify State Crimes, New Book Reveals Suspects: “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects” | Global Research
A Brave New World: Preparing Our Children for a National Emergency. New York City Schools to Conduct Yearly “Lockdown Drills”. | Global Research
The Protest Movement against the TransCanada Keystone XL Tar Sand Pipeline | Global Research
Nigeria: Candidate for Political Destabilization and “Regime Change”? | Global Research
Planned Parenthood Exposed - YouTube
‘Smoking’ Alcohol: Is It Safe? « CBS Detroit
Putin backs Assad and berates west over proposal to arm Syrian rebels | World news | The Guardian
Saudi Arabia wants missiles for Syrian rebels: report - FRANCE 24
NSA targeted Dmitry Medvedev at London G20 summit | World news | The Guardian
Pope blesses hundreds of Harley-Davidsons
Rock Found In Amesbury Backyard Came From Space Station « CBS Boston
7 Dead, 32 Wounded in Weekend Violence | NBC Chicago
NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls | Politics and Law - CNET News
Graham predicts 'breakthrough' passage of immigration bill with over '70 votes' - The Hill's Video
Peter Kirsanow  - Op-Ed Commentaries - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports -
Rubio Aide: 'There Are American Workers Who, For Lack of a Better Term, Can’t Cut It' | National Review Online
U.S. producing 'abysmally low' number of primary care doctors
Doctors dump health insurance plans, charge patients less
+Moon Will Be Super On June 24th - Space News - redOrbit

Glenn Beck to Release Name of 70 House Republicans for Showdown w/ John Boehner on Amnesty Bill | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Glen Beck Discusses DHS Insider "It's About To Get Ugly."Northeast Intelligence Network
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Skynet to Launch October, 2013 | Dprogram.net
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Report: Sudan’s Hassan al-Turabi meets with Muslim Brotherhood leader in Doha, Qatar
Video: Rep. Louie Gohmert hits Mueller’s FBI for working with CAIR
Interesting Date on Letter about Huma Abedin sent by U.S. Senator to John Kerry
Audio: Ben Barrack radio show
Marco Rubio defended Huma Abedin, played Patty Cake with Hillary Clinton, and now his allies are Teaming up with Grover Norquist on Immigration
The Petraeus Effect and Stephen King’s Andre Linoge
Audio: Big Time AJ (of Sean Hannity fame) debates Robert in Killeen (Liberal) on Lynn Woolley Show
Admission: Special Forces were only hours from Benghazi.Joint chiefs chairman confirms whistleblower account

+Coast To Coast AM - June 15 2013 IRS Scandal C2CAM, Radio, DisclosureRadio, Coast To Coast - YouTube

Amnesty for Illegals will Collapse America - YouTube

We're A Damned Nation - YouTube

Lego Figures No More Mr Nice Toy | Lego Toys | LiveScience
China Could Supplant U.S. as the Supercomputing Superpower | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
Prehistoric-Looking Horses Roaming China's Plains Again : Discovery News
These Buildings Are Made Out of Ships
Abandoned America: Photographer captures haunting images of rusting steel works, crumbling schools and empty factories of a once-great superpower | Mail Online
» Rachel Maddow Attacks Republicans, Infowars… Again Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Flashback: Obama Launches Total Takeover of Media System Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Admission: Special Forces were only hours from Benghazi
Prism revelations: Home Office warns airlines not to fly NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to Britain - Home News - UK - The Independent
Russia says illegal to impose Syria no-fly zone from Jordan - Yahoo! News
Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say - ProPublica
Kerry condemns Assad for threatening peace talks as CIA ‘prepares’ to arm rebels — RT USA
Investigate Booz Allen Hamilton, not Edward Snowden | Pratap Chatterjee | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Microsoft Waits to Fix Your Software Bugs So the NSA Can Use Them First - Yahoo! News
Senate rejects move to tie immigration overhaul to border security - latimes.com
House debates deputizing police as immigration agents
New Anti-Demonstration Rule at US Supreme Court | KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul
Rand Paul to Illegals: ‘We Will Find a Place for You;' Envisions 12 Million ‘New Taxpayers’ | CNS News
Report: Pete Carroll Blitzed 4-Star General With 9/11 Questions « CBS New York
Recovered Nazi diary gives rare view into Third Reich - CNN.com
British Honeybees Are Getting Wiped Out At Record Rates - Business Insider
140 workers fall sick in Bangladesh garment factory - FRANCE 24
Colorado high school principal defends 'One Nation Under Allah' | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
Iran Arrests Another Pastor | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
Thanks To Obamacare, A 20,000 Doctor Shortage Is Set To Quintuple - Forbes
Gas engine stands the test of time | The Detroit News
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Immigrants help U.S. economy, study says - The Washington Post
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16 June

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Miss Connecticut wins Miss USA contest in Vegas
Long-haired Rolling Stone rockers retain their locks
Black Sabbath top British album chart again: after 43 years
2 Merrionette Park firefighters charged with trying to rape woman at party
Man charged with trying to sell stolen car on Craigslist
Man shot inside Ogden church during domestic dispute
Chinese Activist Says He's Being Forced out by NYU
Jury selection in Trayvon Martin case enters 2nd week, security tight
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IRS supervisor in DC scrutinized tea party cases
Putin Pushes Back Over Super Bowl Ring Theft Claim - YouTube
Syria overshadows G8 Lough Erne summit
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Julian Assange meets with Ecuador's foreign minister
5.8-magnitude quake strikes central Mexico
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Google launches broadband balloons, radio astronomy frets
Google Creating Cross-Industry Database to Combat Child Porn
Why is Microsoft obsessed with live tiles, and why doesn't Apple care?
Facebook RSS reader said to uncloak June 20
Oxford Dictionary redefines 'Tweet'
Immortality by 2045 or bust: Russian tycoon wants to transfer minds to machines
Study: Hands-free devices still distract drivers
India Holds Rates as Rupee Drop Risks Fueling Inflation
Agency: Opting for checking account overdraft protection means higher fees
Scientists Moving 15-Ton Magnet From NY to Chicago
Major Milestone: 50 Years of Women in Space
All Chimpanzees Would Be Listed As Endangered Under New Federal Rule
Distantly Orbiting Alien World May Challenge Planet-Formation Theories
Prehistoric armoured fish had the world's first abs
NASA funds development of 3D pizza printer
Video: NASA Gives a Tour of the Cameras on the Mars Curiosity Rover
Admit All Ages: The Morning-After Pill [Satire]
Bullying by siblings just as damaging, research finds
Sen. Schumer seeks crackdown on "academic doping"