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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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27 June 2013


Rubio Addresses Conservative Critics Of Immigration Reform On Senate Floor
Dem Rep. Tammy Duckworth Shreds Contractor Who Claimed Veterans Disability
Paula Deen Gets Emotional On "Today Show"
Krauthammer: SCOTUS Decision Will Essentially National Gay Marriage In The Way Roe Nationalized Abortion
Christie: Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision "Inappropriate, Wrong"
Rand Paul: "You'll Get More Illegal Immigration Because Of This Bill"
Pelosi On Michele Bachmann's Reaction To DOMA Decision: "Who Cares?"
Limbaugh: Supreme Court Used "Character Assassination" In DOMA Decision
Hayes: John Roberts "Plunged A Knife" Into The Voting Rights Act's "Soft Underbelly"
Palin: Rubio, Ayotte "Should Be Held Accountable" And Primaried Over Immigration Bill
Schiff: People Selling Gold Now Will Have A Big Problem Trying To Buy It Back
Maddow: Obama's Climate Message Lost in the Haze
Matthews On Obama's Call To Prop 8 Plantiffs: "Like Nixon Talking To The Astronauts"
Laura Ingraham: President Is "Wildly Out Of Touch" With Concerns Of The American People
Democratic Web Ad: Same Old Party
"Special Report" Panel Reacts To Voting Rights Act Decision
Travyon Martin's Friend Rachel Jeantel: "Creepy Ass Cracker Is Following Me"
Prop 8 Plaintiffs Get Call From President Obama, Shown Live On MSNBC
Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA


License-plate readers let police collect millions of records on drivers | The Center for Investigative Reporting
Rubio addresses tea party criticism on senate floor | The Daily Caller
Kate Upton topless on a horse [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller
25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park
Michael Jackson's son says father feared concert promoter | Fox News
App records all audio all the time - New York News | NYC Breaking News
Steve Wozniak: Snowden ‘Is a Hero Because This Came From His Heart’ - The Daily Beast
Was Michael Hastings Car Hacked? - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones to Patrol High Crime Areas
Prison Planet.com » What if all criminals could use the same hare-brained excuses as the Obama administration?
Prison Planet.com » American Drug War 2 with Kevin Booth
Prison Planet.com » The Public Doesn’t Believe the NSA … Knows What’s Really Going On With Mass Spying
Prison Planet.com » Why hasn’t the US government snatched Ed Snowden yet?
Prison Planet.com » Why Didn’t Snowden Go through “Proper Channels” to Blow the Whistle?
Prison Planet.com » Woops! Obama Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives
Russia withdraws its remaining personnel from Syria | World news | The Guardian
Ecuador Official Says No Transit Document Issued for Snowden | World | RIA Novosti
'World order unjust and immoral!' Ecuador’s Correa rips into Snowden coverage — RT News
Prison Planet.com » What would happen if all corporate slogans had to tell the truth?
Prison Planet.com » Transhumanism with Dr. Roman Yampolskiy
Prison Planet.com » Report: Hidden Tariff On American Citizens In New Immigration Bill: Millions More Stand To Lose Their Jobs
Prison Planet.com » State of Mind Film Creators Speak Out
Prison Planet.com » George Noory: Enough is Enough
Prison Planet.com » The Snowden Case: What You’re Not Being Told
Prison Planet.com » Friend: Michael Hastings Was Working on “Biggest Story Yet” About CIA
Prison Planet.com » Sirhan Sirhan Lawyer: Compelled to Tell The Truth
Prison Planet.com » Brazil’s massive protest is a citizens’ revolt against Big Government
Drug-filled Mexican airplanes land nightly along southern border despite $100 million sensor technology | WashingtonExaminer.com
Prison Planet.com » What’s Next for the Perverted Food Industry: How About Meat-Scrap Ice Cream with Animal Waste?
9/11: All In One Chunk
South Africans hold their breath as Nelson Mandela's health worsens
15 interesting facts about Nelson Mandela
Top US Journalist Attempting To Reach Israeli Consulate Assassinated
America's False Flag Attacks | Brainwash Update - YouTube

PressTV - Hastings was probing CIA before death
Bush advisor: Hastings crash ‘consistent with a car cyberattack’ — RT USA
Putin rules out handing Snowden over to United States | Reuters
Snowden hid copies of secret NSA documents in case something happens to him — RT USA
PressTV - 'Edward Snowden should be executed'
PressTV - Why Edward Snowden is an American hero
The Daily Dot - The NSA won't confirm or deny that it has your data
Monsanto Blames GM Wheat Contamination on Activists
#Radioactive Japan: Using Children to Promote Agendas Continues Unabated | EXSKF
(Individual) Ignorance Is Strength (To Institutions) « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Murderous Hypocrisy – Pissed Yet? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
The Trigger Has Been Pulled And The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun
International officials demand privacy answers on Google Glass | DVICE
The Naked Empire | Common Wonders
What the World Rejected
How To Murder Someone Organically
Why Warp Drives Aren't Just Science Fiction | Space.com
Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from
Blueberry Coconut Dreamsicles | RAW FOR BEAUTY
Event Horizon Chronicle: Is The Machine Already Awake -- Is That Snowden's Biggest Revelation?
Snowden: World's top places of refuge - CNN.com
NSA "Disappears" Its Own Fact Sheet on Spying Program | Common Dreams
The Federal Reserve after Ben Bernanke
Supreme Court’s War on Democracy | Consortiumnews
Operation Insider Threat | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Heat Wave May Threaten World's Hottest Temp. Record | Climate Central
80% of Processed Foods in US Are Banned In Other Nations | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
The Wilde Weekly: The Rise Of Fascism | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
PressTV - World says yes to Snowden, no to Obama
The Snowden Case What You're Not Being Told - YouTube
Edward Snowden Steps Into Secret U.S.-Russia Spy Scuffle - ABC News
“Arab Spring” Detrimental To Christians
Syrian Cleric: Christians Now Obligated To Pay Jizya Tax
Staying in the Face of Persecution: The Martyrdom of a Syrian Monk
The Murder Of Father FranÒ«ois Mourad
Christians Will Be Massacred If Assad Goes
Christians Persecuted In Iraqi Despite New Constitution
More Than One Million Christians Have Left Iraq Since 2003
“After he refused to renounce his faith … They slit his throat with sharp objects”
Syrian Christians Take Up Arms And Fight Back
Video: Anwar Al Awlaki explains how Muslims see their Prophecies coming to pass
Tariq Ramadan more honest about Benghazi than Obama administration?
Four Benghazi Deposition Subpoenas
The Hagmann and Hagmann Report With Jim Fetzer on The JFK Killing, NSA, & 9/11
Sunday special: Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford: Our nation under judgment – choosing the Lamb’s book of Life or the Devil’s book of the dead
The Collapse of America | ATLAH Media Network
ABOMINATION: National Cathedral Rings Bells to Cheer Gay Marriage
China Is Sold on America - Yahoo! Finance
Exclusive: Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism
It's all in the genes—including the tracking device
Species Alteration: Is GMO Rewiring our DNA?
The Zombie Apocalypse and the Decline of Love
Surge in 'digital dementia' - Telegraph
FEMA, Russian Ministry to Join Forces Against Space Threat | Russia | RIA Novosti
Is It Satanic Panic? Illuminati At Walmart | Alternative
Can The Govt Hack Into Your Car? Just The Facts With The Young Turks | Science and Technology
Proof Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed? Sibel Edmonds Blows The Whistle On Government Blackmailing - The Corbett Report | Politics
The Mark of the Beast is Here (and More!)–Paul McGuire | Prophecy
Restaurant ice dirtier than toilet water, study shows - Raleigh health | Examiner.com
[VIDEO]: Students ridicule DOMA supporters as ‘hideous’ and ‘disgusting’ outside Supreme Court
Can Paul Ryan sell immigration reform to conservatives? - OrlandoSentinel.com
Gutierrez: Boehner a 'Friend and Ally' in Immigration Reform Fight
Was the Unabomber correct about the horrors of technology combined with government? | Fox News
Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber Manifesto

**Unabomber's Manifesto
C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police - NYTimes.com
NSA Deletes Fact Sheet On NSA Spying After Senate Points Out It's Actually NSA Lying | Techdirt
Energy Companies Entering War on Terror
The EyeOpener Report- Compromised: How the National Security State Blackmails the Government
Presidential Rule by Deception: Obama, the Master Con-man
All Americans Are Treated Like Terrorists
Bought - How Big Pharma and GMOs Bought Your Body
FBI Sued For Access to Facial-Recognition Records
Arrogant Obama Insults Skeptics: “We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society”
Challenging Liberty: The Danger of DNA Databases
Interview 692 - Nile Bowie on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Cyberwar
Will They Assassinate Snowden? - informationliberation
Richard Clarke: Hastings Accident "Consistent with a Car Cyber Attack" - informationliberation
The State Doesn't Define What is True or Right - informationliberation
The Trick is to Suspend the Constitution Without Admitting It - informationliberation
No Better or Smarter Time to Become a Permanent Traveller/Prior Taxpayer
U.S. Pastors, Christian Leaders Pledge to Stand Strong for Marriage
Obama’s Climate Change Speech Ignores Science & EU Experience
How Turning the Food Pyramid on Its Head Can Help You 'Slim Down Without Trying' by Joseph Mercola
The Truth Shall Keep Us Free by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Insanity of War Flags Over Graves by William Blum
Surveillance vs. Infrastructure: When a Country Falls Apart by Cris Sheridan
10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages and Preparation From the Economic Collapse in Greece
Whistleblower: NSA wiretapped Obama, Petraeus, Alito, others | Dprogram.net
YouTube Omits Infowars’ World War Z Review from Search Results | Dprogram.net
Why Didn’t Snowden Go through “Proper Channels” to Blow the Whistle? | Dprogram.net
Scalia Dissent: Gay Marriage Decision 'Jaw-Dropping'
Ralph Reed: Traditional Values Under Assault by 'Activist Court'
Lindsey Graham: 'Government Has Right to Define Marriage'
McCain: Immigration Bill to Pass Senate 'Overwhelmingly'
Dick Morris: Obama NSA Revokes 4th Amendment
South Africa Waits as Mandela's Condition Deteriorates
Ryan: House Will Do Immigration Its 'Own Way'
Hollywood Goes Gaga Over Gay Marriage Rulings
Four Years Ago, Snowden Said Leakers 'Should Be Shot'
Christie: Supreme Court Ruling 'Demeaning'
Jeb Bush: Obama 'Utter and Complete Failure'
Kerry Resumes Tough Israeli-Palestinian Peace Drive
Computer Games Can Reverse Mental Decline: UCLA Study
Woman Cries Tears of Blood, Baffles Doctors
2014 Could Be Year of Seniors
Why Won't Nancy Pelosi Listen?
Our Disastrous Public School System
Govt Can't Protect Us From Ourselves
IRS Parasites Contaminate Government
Kennedy’s Former Clerk Calls Him ‘First Gay Justice’ CNS
Obama Administration Exempts American Indians from Obamacare Mandate
GOP Rep.: Boehner’s a Goner If He Brings Up Immigration Bill Without Majority GOP Support CNS
Now Come the Consequences of Redefining Marriage
Pelosi Has Disconnected Herself from Both Faith and Reason
Hagel: Gays and Lesbians Serving Openly 'Makes Our Military and Our Nation Stronger'
Senate Bill Will Legalize Illegal Aliens Who Have 2 DUIs
Holder: SCOTUS Decision on Voting Rights Could Negatively Affect Millions
Pelosi: ‘Who Cares’ What Bachmann Thinks about DOMA Ruling CNS
Alito and Thomas Dissent: ‘Constitution Does Not Guarantee Right to Enter into Same-Sex Marriage’
Manchin: Obama Declaring ‘War on America’ With New Coal Regulations
Burial at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery Now Among the Benefits for Military's Same-Sex Spouses CNS
Flavor experiment: Wash. farmer feeds pot to pigs
Taliban Suicide Attack Near Presidential Palace Deals Blow to Precarious Talks
State Dep’t Urges Calm in Egypt, or Else-–What? CNS
Texts, video cited in charges against Hernandez
VIDEO: People Think Eric Holder Is an Actor in the Movie 'Fast & Furious' | CNS News
NYT Scrubs Obama Panel Adviser's 'War on Coal' Quote From Print Edition Report on Obama's Climate Speech | NewsBusters
Shhh, Don't Tell MSNBC, But Most Young Americans Support Restricting Abortion Past 20-Week Mark | NewsBusters
Republican Party Won't Survive Amnesty Bill and Neither will America
The Victims of Immigration Reform
What CNN Cut Out of the TWA 800 Interview
Hillary's Children are 'Too Small to Fail'
Anatomy of a Controversy
The Great Border Distraction
Endorsing the NSA
Blasphemy Law Comes to Facebook
Hey GOP: How'd That Gomez Running as a Democrat-Lite Thing Work for Ya?
In his own words: Amb. Stevens diary revealed
The new hip, cool Obamacare
UN attempted end run around US Constitution
Video: Affirmative 'Uncle Tom' - D.C. Students Smear Justice Thomas, React to Ruling
Video: Surprise IRS Credit Card Spending - Wine, Romance Novels, Diet Pills
Video: Cruz Schools Schumer, Senate on Immigration Reform
Obama’s Eco-Assault on America
Obama’s New Crisis: Global Warming
Is Marco Rubio the same as Moderate Charlie Crist?
Zoning Laws, Conservation Easements, and the Right to Your Land
Obama spending $100-Million for ‘Symbolism” on African trip
From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong
Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Prop Up Morsi
Ready for Hillary
Americans have good reason not to ‘Like’ Facebook
How chewing gum or a shed hair can let strangers read your ‘Book of Life’
Who Watches the Watchers?
Obama to jobless Americans: Pound sand, suckers, I’ve got a planet to save
Rush said "You cannot take God out of America and have America!"
The Marxist Sciences: Evolution and Global Warming
Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Affirms Basic Human Right
I.R.S. as the financial agent for health care!
With Gay Marriage Decision, America’s the New Europe; United States of RuPaulistan
EXCLUSIVE: Obama Sends ICE Agents to Southern Border to Pick Up “Youths” Awaiting Amnesty, Deliver Them to Northern “Sanctuary” Churches
Zimmerman Trial: Trayvon Martin’s Friend Describes Final Phone Call, Breaks Down Under Cross-Examination
Drone Falls Dangerously Out of Sky; Local News Station Reveals What It Had Been Filming
‘Obamacare Hub’ to Put NSA Data Mining to Shame? Here Are the Potentially Scary Details
Watch: Marco Rubio Defends Himself Against Tea Party Attacks on Senate Floor
Wild Standoff in China Where Workers Held U.S. Boss Hostage Ends With This Odd Deal
12 of the Most Cutting Highlights From Justice Scalia’s Angry Defense of Marriage Act Dissent
America’s Gay Marriage Battle Is Far From Over — Activists Detail Plan to Push Nationwide Legalization Within Five Years
The Gov’t Will Soon Be Implementing New School Food Rules…Including Regulating Your Kids’ Bake Sales
The UK Bans Two Prominent American Bloggers From Entering the Country
Ted Cruz Tells Mark Levin That The Lib Media ‘Like Their Conservatives Docile And House Trained’
RUSH: Scalia Was Right When He Said If Sodomy Laws Rejected It Would Lead To Gay Marriage
New Book Ties Woody Harrelson's Father to Unsolved 1968 Murder
IRS Official Takes the Fifth over IBM Contract
What's Not to Trust About Obama's DOMA/Prop 8 Statement?
Pension Bubble:10 States' Liabilities Exceed Annual Revenues
Catholics React to SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Decisions
Heritage: 'Common Core' May Affect Private, Homeschool Students' College Admissions
Al Gore: Obama Climate Change Speech Best 'by Any President Ever'
Texas to Execute #500
Guardian Journalist Glenn Greenwald to Speak at Socialism 2013 in Chicago
NPR Excuses Obama's Africa Failures
Frank Rich: 'Is David Gregory a Journalist?'
EU Reaches Political Deal on 2014-2020 Budget
Tribesmen Launch New Attack on Yemen Oil Pipeline
Merkel: 'Anyone with a Heart' Wants to Help Syria Rebels
Philippines, US in War Games Near China Flashpoint Reef
World View: Violence Flares Again in China's Xinjiang Province
Obama Admin Discourages Anti-Morsi Protests
Taliban Launch Brazen Attack Near U.S. CIA Headquarters in Kabul | Occupy America
Family members reportedly summoned as Mandela said to be on life support
Edward Snowden NSA Leaks: Putin Won't Turn Snowden Over, Wants Him Out - YouTube
No sign of cyber leaker Snowden on flight to Cuba
Iran's top leader: Nuclear solution 'easy'
Married Same-Sex Couples May Now Cash In on Social Security
Defense seeks to undermine key witness in Trayvon Martin case
PayPal Galactic to boldly go where no credit card has gone before
Microsoft Sees Its Next Big Thing In The Internet Of Things
Microsoft latest with FISA petition
Google Maps and Earth upgrade brings clear skies to Maps and more
Bye-bye, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users
FTC warns Google and Microsoft to label paid adverts in search
Family and friends gather for James Gandolfini's funeral
Michael Jackson home movies, starring Prince, Paris and Blanket, shown in court
'Lone Ranger' stars have historic roots in justice
Military members with PTSD face double risk for heart disease
NIH to retire most chimps from medical research
Cutlery 'can influence food taste'
Poppy, A Device That Turns Your Phone Into A 3-D Camera, Launches On Kickstarter | TechCrunch
Researcher To Demo Spy-Phone At Black Hat -- Dark Reading
Updated Microsoft Visual Studio tools focus on 'connected app' building - Computerworld
Google to publish data on malware, phishing scams - The Washington Post
700,000-Year-Old Horse Genome Shatters Record for Sequencing of Ancient DNA | Wired Science | Wired.com
Throwing helped our species to evolve - Telegraph
Two alien planets survive birth in harsh, stormy star clusters, study says - latimes.com
Researchers take new look at future Colorado River flows | University of Colorado Boulder
CRICKET hurled humanity to world DOMINANCE - NOT BASEBALL • The Register
Environment: Obama Risks the Economy for the Sake of His EPA Legacy
George Zimmerman's Excuse - Reason.com
Modernizing Corporate Taxation by Laura Tyson - Project Syndicate
The Tax Collector vs. The Constitution | Hoover Institution
RealClearWorld - Iran's Latin America Strategy
RealClearWorld - 10 Worst Countries for Tourists - Turistas Go Home
Fork and knife use: Americans need to stop cutting and switching. - Slate Magazine
What if We're Looking at Inequality the Wrong Way? - NYTimes.com
RealClearScience - A Science-Based Abortion Policy Is Impossible
UN report warns of global rise in legal highs | Chemistry World
Fairy Circle Mystery Solved By Computational Modelling | MIT Technology Review
Crabgrass’ secret: The despised weed makes herbicide to kill neighboring plants
Evangelicals and Buddhists Share and Probe:A Unique and Fruitful Dialogue in Portland : Northwest Dharma Association
Demolition begins on St. James Catholic Church - chicagotribune.com
The Frontman: Bono (In The Name of Power) by Harry Browne – review | Books | The Guardian
What really happened at the “right wing” hackathon | PandoDaily
Your new cloud boss? Your old software boss | ZDNet
SSL: Intercepted today, decrypted tomorrow | Netcraft
The Carthage Conspiracy Trial: An Account
The Coal Lobby's Fight for Survival - NationalJournal.com
Did Obama Just Pave the Way for Keystone? | Via Meadia
Did President Obama Just Endorse Fossil Fuel Divestment? | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
The Iraq War Is Not Over | The Weekly Standard
Inside the World’s Deadliest Warship — War is Boring — Medium
RealClearDefense - Seven Reasons Moscow Will Say "Nyet" to Nuke Cuts
Opinion: Modernize, don't abandon our nuclear arsenal - Sen. Deb Fischer - POLITICO.com
‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Reform? Just Say No | The Weekly Standard
Barack Obama’s Crisis-Driven Second Term | TIME.com
Opinion: Man down in Massachusetts - Curt Anderson - POLITICO.com
George Will: Supreme Court is correct on Voting Rights Act - The Washington Post
Just Pass the Damn Thing Now & Move On | RealClearPolitics
Opinion: Justice Anthony Kennedy's contempt - Rich Lowry - POLITICO.com
Harry Reid: House ‘crazies’ pushing John Boehner on immigration - Burgess Everett - POLITICO.com
Texas state senator Wendy Davis filibusters her way to Democratic stardom - The Washington Post
The Court’s Immeasurable Impact - NYTimes.com
Clear eyes, full heart, can’t stop advocating for abortion
Coast To Coast AM - June 26 2013 Stargazing & Edgar Cayce C2CAM, Radio, DisclosureRadio - YouTube
The Savage Nation - June 26 2013 FULL SHOW (encore show) - YouTube
The Alex Jones Show - Wednesday, June 26, 2013 (Full Show): Roman Yampolskiy, James Lane - YouTube
Infowars Nightly News : Wednesday (6-26-13) Kevin Booth - American Drug War 2 - YouTube
The Manning Report – 26 June 2013
The Katherine Albrecht Show Wednesday June 26 2013 Hour 1
The Katherine Albrecht Show Wednesday June 26 2013 Hour 2
June 26, 2013 Alan Watt
Alex Jones - 2013-Jun-26, Wednesday
6/26/13 Mark Levin Audio Rewind
Red Eye Radio 6/27/13 Part 1
Red Eye Radio 6/27/13 Part 2

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