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06 June 2013


6 June
Harry Reid On NSA Phone Surveillance: "Everyone Should Just Calm Down"
Holder: "There's Some Things That I Want To Do, Some Things I Want To Get Done"
Gowdy On IRS Corruption: Not A Training Issue, But A Systematic, Character, Moral Issue
Chris Matthews: I Voted For Michael Steele Because He's Black
Leno: IRS Can't Determine Powerball Winner's Taxes Until They Know If She's A Republican Or Democrat
Krauthammer On NSA Program: "I'm Not At All Upset By What Was Revealed Today"
Imus To Jonathan Alter: "Take Your Book And Shove It"
Did Ed Rendell Fall Asleep On Hardball Tuesday Night?
Sen. Kirk To Eric Holder: Is DOJ Spying On Congress?
Mark Levin On NSA Tracking: "We Have The Elements Of A Police State Here"
Lawrence O'Donnell: There Is Good Socialism And There Is Bad Socialism
Chris Christie Appoints NJ Attorney General Jeff Chiesa To Senate Seat
O'Reilly: President Obama Does An Amazing Thing
CNN Reports: NSA Spying On Your Calls
Maddow: Obama's Tradition of Powerful Women: Rice, Power
Valerie Jarrett: Holder "Will Be In His Position For Quite A While"
"Special Report" Panel: Reaction To Ruling In Lung Transplant Case
Graham On NSA Tracking Phone Records: "I'm Glad The Activity Is Going On"
Jon Stewart Rips Christie For Handling Of Special Election
5 June
Krauthammer On Susan Rice: "Loyalty To The President Is Good, But Loyalty To Truth And Integrity Of The Country Is Better"
Ed Henry vs. Carney: How Did Susan Rice Get Benghazi So Wrong If She's So Qualified?
Carney On Michelle Obama's Heckler: "My Personal Opinion That She Handled It Brilliantly"
Michelle Malkin vs. James Carville On White House Scandals, Susan Rice
MSNBC's Martin Bashir: "IRS" Is New Way For Republicans To Say "N***er"
Limbaugh: Susan Rice Appointment "A Giant In Your Face To Republicans"
Megyn Kelly vs. Dem Congressman Who Blamed IRS Victims Now Suggests They Were Lying
Carville: Obama's Choice Of Susan Rice For National Security Adviser An "In Your Face Appointment"
Krugman: "We Actually Don't Have A Problem With Government Debt, Not Yet"
"Late Late Show" Host Craig Ferguson To Bill Maher: Democratic Party "Controls You"
Rand Paul: "I Can't Imagine" Keeping Susan Rice In "Any Significant Position"
Cruz On "Hysterical" Media: "I Ain't Here Working For The New York Times"
Catherine Herridge: Search For Answers On Benghazi Picking Up Steam
Michelle Obama Heckled At Fundraiser, Threatens To Leave: "Listen To Me Or You Can Take The Mic"
NBC: Scandals Take Toll On Independent Support Of Obama
Lawrence O'Donnell: IRS Targets Who Testified Should Be Charged With "Perjury"
O'Reilly: Things Getting Even Worse For The IRS
"Special Report" Panel: How Transparent Is Obama Admin?
Maddow: Christie "Chickened Out" And "Clearly Afraid" Of Being On Ballot With Booker

Bilderberg 2013: Ring of steel is drawn around secret conference attended by George Osborne and Ed Balls | Mail Online

Bilderberg 2013: welcome to 1984 | World news | guardian.co.uk

PressTV - Eve of destruction
Senator Not Sure Bloggers Deserve Free Speech Rights | Internet News for Entrepreneurs and Tips to Make Money Blogging
Obama Administration Defends NSA Collection of Verizon Phone Records | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
The unspoken qualifications for president of the United States | Jon Rappoport's Blog
20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities
PressTV - US reducing native populations to refugees to build military bases
Roi Tov – The Cost of a Mossad Assassination?
Obama appoints 'pragmatic' Susan Rice as US national security adviser | World news | guardian.co.uk
Gold rush could help transform Uganda's wild west | Global development | The Guardian
Scientists create device that tears a hole in time, enabling undetectable secret messages to be sent | Mail Online
How Do Killer Bees Kill? : Discovery News
Activist Post: HFCS Food for Bees Found to Increase Colony Collapse Disorder
Obama Wants Whistleblowers Silenced
D-DAY / JUNE 6, 1944
Why Gold Is Money | Zero Hedge
Smoking Alcohol: The Dangerous Way People Are Getting Drunk | TIME.com
Paradise does not exist for the children of the USA - ThePrisma.co.uk | ThePrisma.co.uk
Hijacked Christianity « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Activist Post: Multiple Scientific Studies Link Pesticides to Cancer
A long-lost piece of King Tut - Jo Marchant
Is the FBI Now in the Execution Business? | This Can't Be Happening!
The covert op to destroy the word “freedom” | Jon Rappoport's Blog
NewsDaily: Obama to name Susan Rice as national security adviser
Jeff Rense & Gordon Duff - Government War Crimes - YouTube
Talmud: The ‘Bible’ of Genocidal Bigots. Conflicting Zionist Lies Expose “Tob Shebbe Goyyim Harog”, and Warning: The Deadliest CAMERA on the Internet | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
ObamaCare And The Marx-Men
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Jewish Supremacist Rabbi David Bar-Hayim Talks About The "Nature of Islam"
The Sell-off Is Spreading: Markets Now In Triple-Digit Loss Territory; UBS CIO Warns Of Japanese “Abegeddon” Scenario!!! DOW -200!!! Dow Jones Drops Under 15,000!!! | InvestmentWatch
London Muslim community center burns down, arson feared over discovery of EDL ‘stamp’ — RT News
Huge Mystery Blob on Weather Radars over Military’s Redstone Arsenal in Alabama Still Unexplained » WTF RLY REPORT
People Have Killed Their Fear of Authority – and the Protests are Growing |
Multiverse or Universe? Physicists Debate | Inflation Theory of Cosmology | Space.com
Invisible GM Ingredients - Print Out, Taking Shopping
Secret man caves found in government warehouse
Obama nominee behind 'driving while black' case | World news | The Guardian
The New Microbiome Frontier: Johnson & Johnson Teams With Biotech Startup To Find Bacteria-Based Ulcerative Colitis Treatment : Drugs : Medical Daily
Dissolving Micro-Chip Will Tell Big Brother Your Every Move | The Daily Sheeple
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Food Allergies: What’s To Eat? Part 1
Rogue Wheat Now Found In 127 Countries! | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
George Monbiot – Innocent Until Proved Dead
'Okinawa bacteria' toxic legacy crosses continents, spans generations | The Japan Times
Can't travel to the Sistine Chapel? No worries! You can take a virtual tour of it online | God Discussion
Synchronicity & The Mystery of Chance - Waking Times : Waking Times
Genes Are Not The Problem, It's The Food Genius - Waking Times : Waking Times
7 Ways to Reduce Your Blood Pressure, Naturally! - Waking Times : Waking Times
The shooting of Ibragim Todashev: is the lawlessness of Obama's drone policy coming home? | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
Better than Wheatgrass: Raw Veggie Juice and Sprouts - Waking Times : Waking Times

Veggie Refried Beans - YouTube

The Government “Quite Literally Can Watch Your Ideas Form As You Type” | Washington's Blog
U.S. intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program - The Washington Post
Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off by Monsanto | NationofChange
Nancy Pelosi: 'I Don't Remember Saying that Everybody in the Country Would Have a Lower Premium' | XRepublic
Debbie Stabenow Pledges To Oppose Monsanto Protection Act Extension Without Full Debate
Ron Paul: Policies Of Both Parties Are Very Similar | XRepublic
The NEW WORLD ORDER, The PENTAGON and The GODS of MONEY w/ F. William Engdahl: | InvestmentWatch
Is the Government Also Monitoring the CONTENT of Our Phone Calls?
Susan Rice: How to advance in the U.S. government... | jeff-goodall
Lindsey Graham 'Glad' NSA Gathering Phone Records: 'I Know I'm Not Talking To Terrorists' | XRepublic
Eric Holder Admits on Secretly Pulling Records on Reporters To Prevent Media Leaks… Has No Intention of RESIGNING | InvestmentWatch
Is the Government Also Monitoring the CONTENT of Our Phone Calls?
Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Out Charities Over Use Of The Word 'Cure'
Bilderberg 2013 - Live Streams - News Updates
Is the FBI Now in the Execution Business?
Yes, We Do Have A Right To Know What’s Going On At Bilderberg
The FBI May Have Your Phone Records « The Dish
He Should Have Had Due Process Before This Constitutional Law Professor Pres Sentenced Him To Death | XRepublic
Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches « CBS DC
The “Critics” of 9/11 Truth. Do They Have a Case? « Aletho News
Affect Of NSA Surveillance On Obama - Business Insider
Activist Post: Susan Rice for National Security Advisor
The NSA Is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) | Threat Level | Wired.com
Do Psychiatrists Create the Very Mental Problems They Claim to Treat?
Now FBI Wants Back Door to All Software |
Federal Judge: ATF Can Collect Gun Purchase Records Even When No Crime Has Been Committed |
FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied To Protect “National Security” - BlackListedNews.com
20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities - BlackListedNews.com
Shocking: Rape Is Rampant in Juvenile Justice System and Most Often Perpetrated by Staff - BlackListedNews.com
Mind-controlled exoskeleton lets paralysed people walk - tech - 04 June 2013 - New Scientist
“We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State - BlackListedNews.com
U.S. intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program - The Washington Post
NSA has direct access to tech giants' systems for user data, secret files reveal | World news | The Guardian
U.S. Is Secretly Collecting Records of Verizon Calls - NYTimes.com
NSA's Verizon Spying Order Specifically Targeted Americans, Not Foreigners - Forbes
Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches « CBS DC
Phone Sex, Banks & Google for Emails: The NSA Spying Is Bigger Than Verizon - Elspeth Reeve - The Atlantic Wire
CIA Chief: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher | Danger Room | Wired.com
How Outraged Should You Be About the NSA Grabbing Your Phone Logs? - NationalJournal.com
NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily | World news | The Guardian
Senate Passes Bill Making the Harassment of a Police Officer a Crime | New York State Senate
Rock Hudson's Wife Secretly Recorded His Gay Confession - The Hollywood Reporter
Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila announce split - Telegraph
No minutes, no press conferences - just the world's power brokers chewing the fat on the issues of the day. It's the Bilderberg conference - and it's coming to a suburb near you - London Life - Life & Style - London Evening Standard
Pope Francis says wasting food is like stealing from the poor - Telegraph
Welcome to the Bush-Obama White House: They're Spying on Us - NationalJournal.com
Ex-Miss America Erika Harold's campaign plan - Tal Kopan - POLITICO.com
6 Horrifying Things About Pork Everyone Should Know
New World Order Secrecy: Who will be Attending the Bilderberg Meeting? What Will be Discussed Behind Closed Doors?
The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use
Obama: The Most Effective of Two Evils
Kerry and Blair’s $4 Billion Mystery Plan for Palestine: Crony capitalism under the guise of peace?
The REAL Reason Housing Prices Have Skyrocketed. How Another Housing Bubble Was Blown … And Why
Bilderberg Member Set to Speak on Record
Venezuelan Government Rejects Colombia’s Efforts to Join NATO
June 6-9: Bilderberg Meeting behind Closed Doors. On the Agenda: Domestic Spying, Diffusing Social Protests, War on Syria and Iran
SUPERPOWER: See the Not-To-Be-Missed Documentary

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 6, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 5, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- June 4, 2013

Interview 676 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Who Pays for Bilderberg - Questions For Corbett #006
Prison Planet.com » Yes, We Do Have A Right To Know What’s Going On At Bilderberg
Take That, NSA - Scientists Hide Communications Using A Hole In Time - Forbes
The Impact of NSA Domestic Spying - Business Insider
BBC News - Ghana arrests Chinese for 'illegal mining'
Small African Country To "Seize" Chinese Oil Exploration Assets | Zero Hedge
Don't dismiss the possibility of gold confiscation - MINING.com
Asia Times Online :: Meet the 'Friends of Jihad'
Man Charged With DUI Despite Testing 0.000 on Breathalyzer - informationliberation
Dept. of Homeland Security: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched Based on Hunches « CBS DC
What if Laws Applied to Everyone? by Andrew P. Napolitano
Meet the 'Friends of Jihad'
Bradley Manning: Prisoner of Conscience
Bradley Manning Is Guilty of “Aiding the Enemy” -- If the Enemy Is Democracy
Four Years Ago Obama Promised to Investigate Afghan Massacre; Has Anything Happened Since?
John Pilger: Stealing a Nation
Revealed: NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions of Americans Daily
Racist War On Weed - New ACLU Report
New Sexual Dirt Unearthed Regarding Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe
Bruce Jenner Spars with Jimmy Fallon Over Comic Mocking His Plastic Surgery
Hollywood Actresses No Longer Favored for Magazine Covers
Some Stars Still Cling to the 'Hope and Change' Version of Obama
'Dirty Wars' Director Says Liberals Would Impeach Bush for Obama's War on Terror Tactics
Miss World Pageant Ditches Bikinis for Sarongs After Muslim Pressure
Report: Paris Jackson Suicidal Over Marilyn Manson Concert
Bill to Legalize Web Poker Introduced in Congress
Fascinating Maps of Americans' Dialects
IRS Official Gives Conflicting Testimony About Knowledge of Cost of Conference
PRISM: 'They Quite Literally Can Watch Your Ideas Form As You Type'
King: House Conservatives Ready to Fight Senate Immigration Bill
Mexican-Led Narco-Ring in Virginia Latest Suspected Cartel Activity in US
Former Obama National Security Council Spokesperson Mocks Privacy Concerns
Former Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley Eyeing Run For Illinois Governor
Legal Immigrants: Back of the Line
Food Stamps Up 39% Under Obama, Disability Up 13%
IRS Official: Disneyland Conference May Have Cost $5M
IRS Official: I Don't Think Disneyland Conference Was Wrong
Flashback: Christie's Senate Pick Said NYPD Surveillance of Muslims Did Not Violate Law
Acting IRS Commissioner: I'd 'Absolutely' Encourage Lois Lerner to Testify
GM Launches 'Free Enterprise' Public Relations Tour
NSA Scandal: Paul Introduces 4th Amendment Restoration Act
Florida paper: Is Rubio still 'on board' with immigration bill or not?
Obama Operative Cutter Must Testify Under Oath on IRS
NYT: Obama Admin 'Has Now Lost All Credibility'
Boston Bombing 'Bag Men' Sue NY Post
Mainstream Media Fail to Break Even One of Four Obama Scandals
Al Jazeera Hires NBC Reporter As White House Correspondent
Politico: Be Afraid Of Bloomberg
Jonathan Alter: MSM Tool in the War Against Roger Ailes and Fox News
Obama Thuggery: Adviser Plouffe Throws False Accusations Against Issa
Ted Cruz on New York Times Hysteria: 'Maybe We're Doing Something Right'
Poll: Americans Upset Over Dept. of Justice Snooping on Reporters
Susan Rice Gets Pass While Media Discounted Condi Rice
White House Renews Attack on Fox News
The Nation Invokes Truman for Gun Control--But He Loved Guns & the NRA
Media Fail: Majority Say GOP Scandal Investigations 'Justified'
Daily Beast Nominates Ted Cruz for 'Craziest Member of Congress'
Taliban Magazine Claims Obama Weak Like Gorbachev, U.S. Defeated Like The U.S.S.R.
Russian President Putin, Wife Divorce
British Government Pays Reparations To Mau Maus: Was Obama's Grandfather Among The Tortured?
Report: CIA Not Sure Who Drones Were Targeting for 14 Months
Tunisia Bomb Attack Kills Two Soldiers
Saudi Urges Lebanese to End to Syria-Linked Fighting
Iran Project Calls for Obama Admin to Use Diplomacy with Iran
Cleric: Woolwich Attacker a 'Nice Man', Victim Will 'Burn in Hellfire'
High rate of sexual assault at Joliet youth prison, survey finds
Anger swells after NSA phone records court order revelations
George Zimmerman's Lawyers Want 911 Call Played in Court
US radio host self-help couple in suicide
Romney's son won't rule out Utah run for office
Obama wants faster Internet in US schools . Would you pay $5 a year for it ?
Russia President Vladimir Putin and wife announce divorce
Secret Intelligence Fuels US Hacking Fight With China
At last! McDonald's to offer breakfast items after midnight
US farmer lawsuit filed against Monsanto over GMO wheat
Facebook aims to drive revenues by making it easier to advertise
Facebook Starts Rolling Out Home Improvements
Bing translation app projects real-world translations over text, awkwardly
Owen Wilson: Vince Vaughn treated Google campus like Club Med
Michael Jackson's teen daughter attempts suicide: mother
120000-year-old tumor discovered in Neanderthal remains
How real is the sexual assault crisis in the military?
The Question Libertarians CAN Answer!
EXCLUSIVE: Obama/Napolitano to ICE Agents: “Tell Us If You’re Straight or Gay;” Pays Agents to Attend Gay Tranny Day Tomorrow
Samantha Power: Obama UN Choice Wanted US to Invade Israel, Called US Jews Too Rich and Powerful
Money Laundering in the Name of Liberty?
Tea Party vs. the IRS: The Conservative Victimhood Racket
Hypocritical Republicans Have An Obamacare Problem
Jon Stewart Blasts Christie For Flip Flopping On Wasting Taxpayers' Money on Special Election
So Why Did Democrats Vote Against Food Stamp Funding?
Rep. Mike Conaway: Atheist Chaplains Will Tell Parents That Dead Soldiers Are 'Worm Food'
Marco Rubio's Immigration Cube
Rand Paul: Promoting Susan Rice Undermines Obama's 'Moral Authority'
Sen. Jeff Sessions Blames Porn for Military Sexual Assaults
Michelle Obama Heckles Heckler Back
Building Collapses in Downtown Philadelphia; 6 Dead So Far
Every Move You Take, Every Call You Make, They're Watching You
Lies of breast cancer industry unravel as screening review shows startling over-diagnosis and lack of truthful information | Dprogram.net
Your Smartphone Can Photograph You, and Share the Pictures, Without Your Knowledge | Dprogram.net
Michael Savage on danger of Bilderberg 2013 and New World Order | Dprogram.net
Barack Obama: 'We'll Hold Somebody Accountable!'
Kathleen Sebelius Advocates for GaybamaCare
The Larger Lessons of the IRS Scandal
What to Do with the Power of the IRS
On Not Knowing What to Look For
IRS Takes Vengeance on Virginia for Enforcing the Law
In Obama administration, Hollywood trumps national security
Administration defends NSA communications dragnet
Where in the world is Samantha Power's Atrocities Prevention Board?
IRS officials in Washington may have directed targeting program
National Security Agency collecting phone records of millions of Americans
Obama, the second 'Teflon president'
Proof of Guilt in the IRS Scandals
The GOP and the IRS
Should Congress Impeach Eric Holder?
Barack Obama Climbs through the Overton Window
Video: Valedictorian Rips Up Speech, Recites Lord's Prayer in Praise Protest
Video: Killer Name? Deaf Boy Banned From Signing His Own Name At School
Video: The Answer to the Question 'No Libertarian Could Ever Answer'
Coast To Coast AM - June 05 2013 Alternative Treatments & Cancer C2CAM Today - YouTube
From Verizon’s ‘Can you hear me now’ to NSA’s “Yes, every eavesdropped word”
An Israel-Hater Heads to the U.N.
President Obama Chooses Left-Wing Samantha Power For UN Ambassador Post
UN’s “Post-2015 Development Agenda” Morphed from “Agenda 21”
How Extensive is the NSA Domestic Surveillance of U.S. Media? Is it legal?
Back in time: 2008 presidential candidate deplores spying on citizens (VIDEO)
Welcome to No Care Obama Care!
BBC News - Invisibility 'time cloak' developed
New Mars Rock Mystery: What Has Curiosity Discovered Now? | Wired Science | Wired.com
Are Humans Getting Smarter or Dumber? | Intelligence & IQ | LiveScience
NSA Gathering Phone Records From Millions of Verizon Customers | TIME.com
BBC News - Human ancestors' diet changed 3.5 million years ago
House rebukes Obama, challenges deportation policy - Washington Times
Immigration bill heads to Senate floor - Washington Times
Porn actor sentenced to jail in syphilis case | www.ajc.com
The scandals and the surveillance state
Will House GOP do what's right?
2 appointments, 2 bird-flips to the people
America's interventionist agitators
Appeals court spanks Zimmerman judge
Obama and Susan Rice get last laugh
Confirmation hearing should be 'Fast and Furious'
Too old for life insurance?
Exposing the enemy of the people
What if laws applied to everyone?
Why didn’t I think of that?
Whence cometh the revolution?
How liberalism kills
Prepare to be very, very cold
The child molesters among us
Take Obama at his word? Which one – and when?
Proof That Your Webcam Is Spying On You! | Alternative
Did Obama Have A “Coke Nail” At Occidental? | Alternative
Mark Levin: Elements of a Police State | Alternative
Biblical Angels or Aliens ? | Paranormal
NSA snooping has foiled multiple terror plots: Feinstein - U.S. News
Rand Paul: NSA seizure ‘astounding assault on Constitution’ | The Daily Caller
Manhunt over, Deval Patrick tied one on | Boston Herald
Ex-CIA director leaked bin Laden raid information to Hollywood screenwriter: report - NYPOST.com
Fort Hood jihad murderer says he killed 13 Americans to save the lives of Taliban jihadists - Jihad Watch
Immigration bill heads to Senate floor - Washington Times
Verizon scandal: Barack Obama's national security state is now beyond democratic control – Telegraph Blogs
666 Surveillance System » Privacy of World Citizens Wiped Out by USA
Is the FBI Now in the Execution Business? | This Can't Be Happening!
NY Times: Obama Administration Has Lost All Credibility
Report: 9 Internet Firms Giving Data to Government
NSA Whistleblowers: Agency Casts Wide Net
Rep. Collins: Seizure of Phone Records 'Digs At Civil Liberties'
Intelligence Agencies Brief Senators on Phone Records
China Hacked Into Obama, McCain Campaigns
Jonathan Alter: 2014 Will Be 'Big Year for Republicans'
Romney Regrets '47 Percent' Remark
Sarah Palin: 'America ... So Screwed' with Rice, Power Picks
Lindsey Graham 'Glad' NSA Looks at Cell Phone Records
Pa. Girl Gets on Lung Donor List; Boy Also Sues
Christie Appoints Atty Gen. Jeff Chiesa to US Senate Seat
Rep. Garrett: 'Obamacare a House of Cards About to Collapse'
Whitney: 'Steady Drumbeat' of Stumbling Municipalities to Haunt US
4 Chronic Health Problems That Get Better With Age
The White House's Orwellian Ways
Al-Qaida's Money Trail More Elusive than Bin Laden
Egypt Is Perched on the Precipice of Chaos
IRS Reviewing 64,600,000 Pages of Documents for Info ‘Potentially Relevant’ to Tea Party Targeting CNS
Gowdy: IRS Spending on Lavish Conferences a ‘Moral Issue’ That Training Can’t Fix CNS
Pelosi: ‘You’re Mandated to Have Health Insurance, Yes, You Will Have An Increase’ CNS
Obama pushes plan for fast Internet in US schools
Boehner: Let Obama Explain Why NSA is Collecting Verizon Phone Records CNS
2nd Amendment Advocate: ‘Many Reporters Are Willfully Biased’ on Gun Issues CNS
5 Democrats Turn Out to Support Legal Pot, And 3 Say They’ve Never Smoked It
Church-State Separation Group Takes Credit for Air Force's Removal of Picture CNS
U.S. Gives Saudi Airlines ‘Unrestricted’ Access to American Skies
Obama Appoints Another Interventionist to His National Security Team CNS
Dems: IRS Discriminates Because It Needs More Money
Schumer: Put Aliens Who Forged Documents on Path to Citizenship

How Bilderberg Grew To Prominence - YouTube

Media Complicit In Bilderberg Cover Up - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Would-Be World’s Biggest Oil Merger Agreed at Bilderberg
Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg Member Set to Speak on Record
Prison Planet.com » Yes, We Do Have A Right To Know What’s Going On At Bilderberg
Prison Planet.com » Report: Obama May Visit Bilderberg Meeting
Bilderberg Group? No conspiracy, just the most influential group in the world - Telegraph
Bilderberg: ruling the world from Watford - FT.com
NSA Verizon Wiretap Judge Struck Down Obamacare - Business Insider
Six Canadians invited to secretive Bilderberg conference | Toronto Star
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» Ore. Senate passes bill to regulate tracking devices for kids Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
White House Defends Phone-Record Tracking as 'Critical Tool' - WSJ.com
Don’t Worry About Remembering That Password—Leave It to Your Unconscious | MIT Technology Review
» Judge Napolitano: Obama’s Unprecedented Violation of the 4th Amendment Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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ACLU Sues Border Patrol, Immigration Officials Over Voluntary Departures Program
Surveillance & Intimidation by the Obama regime
The BEST CASE against the IRS
Audio: Dennis Miller interviews Walid about Malik Obama / IRS Scandal
Explosive new Development in Malik Obama / IRS Uber-Scandal will be posted very soon
American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord picks up on George Clooney angle to IRS Uber-Scandal
Muslims Well Funded And Strategic In Persecuting Christians
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Why young voters are disengaged from politics «
NSA Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Of Verizon Customers Daily. Piers Morgan Newt Gingrich - YouTube
Did botched kidnapping morph into Benghazi slaughter? Al-Qaida terrorist claims American killed by lethal injection « Klein Online
Obama online gurus trained Turkey protest leaders. Hillary hailed ‘vanguard of a rising generation of citizen activists’ « Klein Online
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