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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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05 May 2013

Cinco De Mayo


2 Living ETs Working with US - YouTube

Thousands of Airline Pilots Witness UFOs

"...Four [Alien] Species had been Visiting Earth for Thousands of Years" says, Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of Defense

+National UFO Center by George Filer

+Filer's Files - http://www.ufoinfo.com/filer/

"Where no man has gone before"
Photos: Freedom 7, America's First Manned Spaceflight | 50 Years of Human Spaceflight & Space Exploration | Alan Shepard, NASA Mercury Program & Human Spaceflight | Space.com
Mercury Space Program | Freedom 7
Freedom 7

Space ... the Final Frontier

StarTrek's Monologue - YouTube
‘Israel used depleted uranium shells in air strike’ – Syrian source — RT News
After the airstrikes: Scenes of devastation left by Israeli rockets as Syria pledges retaliation for the 'declaration of war' | Mail Online
Syria: Attack on military site was a 'declaration of war' by Israel - CNN.com
Charlie McGrath on RT ~ Syria Attack - YouTube
Roi Tov – Israeli Airstrike on Syria
PressTV - Lebanon opens border to anti-Syria militants: Syria envoy
PressTV - Turkey tied to trafficking organs of injured Syrians: Report
PressTV - Israel has no right to occupied Palestinian lands: Scottish church
'Jewish NeoCons' Responsible For Iraq War: MSNBC - YouTube
America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime
We Are At War

Red Alert! Eric Holder says Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab! | InvestmentWatch
How Obama Obstructs Justice in the Search for a Communist Terrorist
9 11 Fake Video Stars: The J Star Clones – Why Covert Operation’s Cointel Must Have ‘Fake’ Video and ‘No Planes’ | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Will Alabama Supreme Court Jettison the Impostor President?
Vt. Supreme Court hears case challenging legality of Barack Obama's run for re-election | Burlington Free Press | burlingtonfreepress.com
Dr. Steven Jones’ WTC 9 11 ‘Treasonous Tritium Truth?’: When 20 Is Normal, How Does 1,092 Equal ‘Traces’? Basic Math, Law and Lies. | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess - Yahoo! News
The Archon Agenda « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Have You Chosen or Created Your Health Problems?
Boston Bombing Scissors Mole Detected. | NODISINFO
US Navy gets their first squadron of drones — RT USA
US military secrets leaked to Chinese hackers for three years — RT USA
PressTV - Obama, grand chief of devils: Venezuelan President Maduro
Elder Tsarnaev’s cause of death: ‘Gunshot wounds and head-torso trauma’ — RT USA
America Under Siege!
Mexico’s greatest arms dealer blames U.S. citizens for cartel gun violence « Bob Owens
The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the 'Recovery,' While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion | Alternet
Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi | RealClearPolitics

The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 1) | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 3) | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 4) | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
May 5, 2013- The Common Sense Show -Special Guest Lindsay Williams | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Bad news for egg lovers: Heart disease study spoils our breakfast - latimes.com
Tsarnaev Wife Skull and Bones, CIA Family Connections
Will American Soldiers Fire on U.S. Citizens? :: Clash Daily
People On Terrorism Watch List Not Blocked From Buying Guns : It's All Politics : NPR
The Occupied States Of America
Former Sen. Mike Gravel says White House Suppressing Evidence of Aliens
'An unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country': Russia concerned over reports of Israeli attack in Syria - Europe - World - The Independent
Israel bombs missile shipment in Syria - reports — RT News
PressTV - Israel’s airstrikes against Syria prove West’s desperation
PressTV - Syria army clears more areas of foreign-backed militants in Aleppo
US: New Bunker Busters Could Destroy Iran’s Civilian Nuclear Program -- News from Antiwar.com
Toxic pesticides burn up in California wildfire — RT USA
‘Astronomical costs’: Gitmo consumes $900,000 per prisoner annually — RT News
The Ongoing Scandal Called the Veterans Administration | This Can't Be Happening!
America’s Worst Decision Point was George W Bush | Veterans Today
Andy P. Hart - Suicide Or Murder?
Hounded & Censored DHS Whistleblower Tells All « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Facebook causes 'psychotic episodes and delusions', claims study | Mail Online
Stuart Hall case: victims say they were abused at BBC - Telegraph
Government-operated spyware on the rise around the world – report — RT News
Science Refuses To Explain Asteroid Impacts That Don't Happen
Aliens in Ancient Egypt? ~ Xaviant Haze
The Cancer Industry Does Not Want a Cure « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Synchronicity: The Key of Destiny - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Corporation Manipulation Model of Food
Can You Spell Your Disease? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Palm Oil Health Craze May Push Animals to Extinction While Destroying the Environment - Waking Times : Waking Times
Too-Big-to-Fail Takes Another Body Blow
Activist Post: Drones Against America?
Governments Use Spyware Disguised as Firefox #N3 - YouTube
The risks of H7N9 infection mapped | e! Science News
Tsarnaev's widow under new scrutiny as investigators find radical Islamist material on her computer — RT USA
Last Gobble for Oregon Wild Turkeys - ABC News
Our Galaxy Is A Vortex – The Helical Model « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
BBC ‘ignored calls’ about Stuart Hall’s attacks | UK | News | Daily Express
Stuart Hall: ‘Plea Bargain’ ? | theneedleblog
BBC man called 'The Pimp' picked up girls for Stuart Hall - and filmed them having sex | Mail Online
Nigel Evans – deputy speaker and Tory MP – arrested on suspicion of rape | UK news | guardian.co.uk
Farage: Sack Dave and I'll join the Tories! UKIP leader follows election triumph with dramatic coalition offer | Mail Online
Tories call for rapid Europe vote to halt Nigel Farage surge | Politics | The Observer
Ukip vote is payback time for a political class that has lost the plot - Telegraph
Guantanamo Bay: British inmate Shaker Aamer describes torture and humiliation | Mail Online
How Guantánamo's horror forced inmates to hunger strike | World news | The Observer
CLIMATE CHANGE forces women into PROSTITUTION - US politicians • The Register
Morocco in grip of DOG MEAT scandal after police find carcasses of pets destined for restaurants | Mail Online
The dawn chorus is dying out as bird numbers decrease | UK | News | Daily Express
Navy sonar 'did cause mass dolphin deaths' say scientists who blame war games exercise off Cornish coast for strandings | Mail Online
Plans for fully 3D-printed gun go online next week • The Register
The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Japan vows 'high safety' for Turkish reactor - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Japan and China start new (bidding) war (for gold) — RT Op-Edge
Free Shotguns In Chicago: Armed Citizen Project Wants To Arm Single Women, Homeowners - 12160
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk ~ Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles - 12160
Refreshing News: “If you’re not a terrorist, if you’re not a threat, prove it. This is the price you pay to live in free society" -NYPD official speaking out in favor of increased social media surveillance.
Video, Syrian Bomb Leaves Mushroom Cloud |
Radio Host to Lead Armed March on DC July 4th ‘To Put Gov’t on Notice that We Won’t be Intimidated’ |
US Justice Department investigating IBM bribery allegations |
Don't believe the hype: World is getting cooler despite increased emission use, Manchester scientists reveal | Mancunian Matters
Benghazi Whistle Blower: "... Americans were deliberately left there to die"
Arkansas Blows Away All Of Their Snow And Cold Records | Real Science
Activist Post: The Financial Press – A Disinformation Machine
"The ECB, Banks Of Japan And The FED Are Rigging The Game" - Gerald Celente, Sean Brodrick - May 4, 2013 | XRepublic
Ex-FBI Counterterrorism Agent Says US Surveillance State Beyond Our Imagination |
60 Completely Outrageous Ways The U.S. Government Is Wasting Money |
Anomalies Emerge in Photos of Second Bomb Site « Memory Hole
Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
More Kids Diagnosed With Mental Health Disabilities, Study Finds - Health News and Views - Health.com
Assata Shakur in her own words - FBI Killed and imprisoned activist, cointelpro tactics and much more! - 12160
Patriot Police Chief Being Targeted For Assassination - | Intellihub.com
Activist Post: Mega Banks, ATF True Culprits Behind Mexican Drug and Gun Violence
9/11 September 11th - Jewish Agents - Mossad in America Pt 1 of 4 - YouTube
9/11 September 11th - Jewish Agents - Mossad in America Pt 2 of 4 - YouTube
9/11 September 11th - Jewish Agents - Mossad in America Pt 3 of 4 - YouTube
9/11 September 11th - Jewish Agents - Mossad in America Pt 4 of 4 - YouTube
Barack Obama: Israel justifiably has to guard against Hezbollah arms transfer - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Syria #5 Israel Bombs Damascus Qasioun Mountain Research HQ - Chemicals Spread over City 4-May-13 - YouTube
Assata Shakur, "most wanted terrorist", talking about COINTELPRO and her frame-up by the FBI - 12160
Israeli rocket attack hit Damascus by large explosions - YouTube
Anti-Neocons • View topic - David Cole out of hiding
Israel Attacks Syria, 4 Dead, 70 Wounded, Syria Contemplates Declaring War | Israel
Global War and Hunger Porn - YouTube
The American Concentration Camp :: www.uruknet.info :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [gd]
Refreshing News: White Supremacist kills child molester after finding out where he lives on a website due to "Megan's Law" requiring their location be publicly documented
Military Stand-Off between China and India | Global Research
Billionaire Bankster Breaks Into Obama's Cabinet
Have You Ever Tried to Force-Feed a Captured Human? - James Hamblin - The Atlantic
Study Links Monsanto’s Roundup to Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s | NationofChange
Obama: Americans ‘Are Root Cause of Violence That’s Been Happening Here in Mexico |
War by Deception 2013 (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Corrupt Government Officials – Many of Whom Are Atheists – Use the Most Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide and Conquer Us |
US Court Allowed Gov To Spy On Citizens Almost 2000 Times
Activist Post: The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose
Gun Control Groups And MSM Launch Coordinated Effort To Shame Lawmakers Fighting For 2nd Amendment | XRepublic
The Case Against Gun Background Checks | XRepublic
Family of dead Boston bomb suspect says they want a second, "independent" autopsy. - 12160
Bradford Muslims Rally To Save Synagogue From Closure
Activist Post: Are We The Last Generation of 'WILD' Humans?
The 29% Solution: Various Scenarios | Video Rebel's Blog
Fully Exposed - How The Media Cheated Ron Paul Out Of Presidency | XRepublic
Boston Bombings are good for Israel, says top Netanyahu aide
9/11 Was a Mossad Job? - You Betcha! - YouTube

*1950 Chevy With Only 437 ORIGINAL Miles! - Photos
Jay Leno's Garage

U.S. Aims to Force Web Services to Compromise Message Encryption
Mega Banks, ATF True Culprits Behind Mexican Drug and Gun Violence - BlackListedNews.com
Corrupt Government Officials Use the Most Extreme Forms of Religion to Divide and Conquer Us - BlackListedNews.com
10 Indicators of Fascism - BlackListedNews.com
US judge receives 28-year jail term for his role in kids-for-cash kickbacks - Americas - World - The Independent
Authorization for Use of Military Force: a blank check for war without end | The Raw Story
More Americans Now Die from Suicide than from Auto Accidents - BlackListedNews.com
Facebook causes 'psychotic episodes and delusions', claims study | Mail Online
‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home | MadCow Morning News
America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime - BlackListedNews.com
Coincidence: Alleged Bomber’s Widow Is Granddaughter of Skull & Bones Member - BlackListedNews.com
Why is Britain now spending millions ‘training’ Palestinian security forces? - BlackListedNews.com
'Appalling irresponsibility': Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory - Science - News - The Independent
Uber-Neocons: The Main Architects of Post-Assad Syria at Work
Interview 656 - James Corbett on the Boston Bombing and "Conspiracy Theories"
Interview 655 - Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing
Like Russia, Bolivia Expels USAID for Supporting Political Destabilization Activities
Secret Spy Court Authorizes 100% of US Government Requests
Turkish Officials are using Syrians for Organ Harvesting
Syria’s Iranian and Russian Allies may Openly Intervene if Crisis Escalates
A Crass Apology for imperialist intervention in Syria by members of the Left
A pregnant mother of four sentenced to 10 months in prison by US for resisting the Iraq War
Iran: Obama Approved the Israeli Attack on Syria
Israel’s attacks have opened the door “to all possibilities” in the Middle East: Regional War in the Horizon?
US supportive of Israeli airstrikes on Syria
Ex-Bush II Administration Official: Israel could have used Chemical Weapons in Syria
The European Union and the McJihad in Syria
Aftermath of the Boston Bombings: The FBI, Canada and the Politics of Terror
America and Israel: Imperial Partners in War against Syria
Detroit’s Economic Crisis and the Role of the Banks: Part of a Global Crisis
The Social Crisis in America. The Myth of an Accelerated Economic Recovery
Questioning the Official Narrative: Support Movement for Tsarnaev Brothers as Innocent Grows
“The Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) Slated to be Used against Iran
Big Energy Means Big Pollution: Fracking Ourselves To Death In Pennsylvania
Anglo-American Remote Warfare: The US and Britain Establish “Drone Sharing”
Three Months After 9/11: U.S. and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant. Report
The Boston Marathon, This Thing called Terrorism, and the United States
Popular Resistance and Protest Movements across America
American “Media Objectivity”: “Israel Bombs Syria” Becomes “Israel Is Only Defending Itself”
9/11 in Context: The Importance of the Growing Contradictory Evidence
Israel fuels Regional Crisis by attacking Syria: Syrian Cabinet calls Urgent Meeting to Discuss Retaliation
The Iranian Armed Forces are ready to aid and train the Syrian Military
Israel Bombs Syria: Drumbeats of the Start of a Regional War?
Beirut condemns Israel’s repeated violations of international law, use of Lebanon’s airspace to strike Syria
Alert: Obama Decrees Loyalty to Gov as DoD Threatens Christian Soldiers
UN Land Grab Rapes Africa of Resources & Rebrands Dissenters as Rebels
Clinton Wastes Taxpayer Money to Prevent Gov Created Bio-Weapon HIV/AIDS
Artificial Intelligence Engineers Create Child-Like “Roboy” to Service Humans
Biologically Modified Soldiers Are the Future of Warfare
Tracking Citizens & Students With Globally Connected Biometric Databases
Propaganda & Gifts Keeps Planned Parenthood in the Business of Depopulation
Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)
Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?
Five Ways to Force West to Intervene in Syria
Arabs Join Israel in ‘Defence Crescent’
Terrorism And The United States
Killing Civilians Is a More Popular Than You'd Think
Are All Telephone Calls Recorded And Accessible To The US Government?
'Armed Revolution to Protect Liberties' May Soon Be Necessary, 44% Of Republicans Say
UN: Syrian Rebels are Responsible for Using Chemical Weapons
Federal Reserve Blows More Bubbles
Electronic Warfare: 2 + 2 = 5
EU Passes Ban on Bee-Killing Pesticides
New Business: Domestic Drone Detectors?
Unprovoked Attack on Syria: US-backed Israel Commits Egregious International Crime
NYPD Cop: We Have Quotas Because We're Lazy
Guantanamo Detainee Lawyer, Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?
Inspiration for Starting a Hackerspace
Demonstration of "World's Most Powerful Tesla Coil"
5/06/2013 The Israeli-Jihadist Alliance
The Hidden Cost of the Drone Program
IRS Sued for Extending ObamaCare Subsidies to Ineligible Individuals
Israeli Leaders Blast Chinese Regime's Organ Harvesting, Persecution
Pentagon Changes Mind, Says Soldiers Can Share Faith
Disease and The Drive to Hide with Stefan Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker - informationliberation
Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? - informationliberation
U.S. Government Fears End of Megaupload Case | TorrentFreak
How Protectionism Hurts Hawaii: Why It's Time to Repeal the Jones Act - informationliberation
Will Bitcoin Be Accepted by PayPal? - Digits - WSJ
Video: Victims Of Boston Bombing Police State Lockdown Speak Out - informationliberation
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book - Telegraph
Sheriff Bradshaw and the Palm Beach County Psihuska by William Norman Grigg
Truth Remains Elusive 18 Years After Oklahoma City Bombing by Bob McCarty
Can Our Lawless Police Bureaucrats Be Tamed? by Scott Lazarowitz
Phonics vs. Endless Days by Linda Schrock Taylor
DIY Don'ts! - Eric Peters Autos | Eric Peters Autos
Experience the Thrill of Being Spied on Via Warrantless Data Mining, Wiretaps, and Facial Recognition by M.D. Creekmore
Might Electron Deficiency Be an Underlying Factor in Most Chronic Disease? by Joseph Mercola
UN Commission Investigator: It Was The Syrian Rebels Who Used Sarin « LewRockwell.com Blog
The Father of the Atom Bomb « LewRockwell.com Blog
Will They Make Barf Bags Available at Airport Terminals, Too? « LewRockwell.com Blog
Undoing the American Revolution « LewRockwell.com Blog
Why, How Dare They? « LewRockwell.com Blog
Founding Father of the American Leviathan State « LewRockwell.com Blog
**Michael Savage wins landmark case in federal court

Carville: 'Ted Cruz Is the Most Talented and Fearless Republican Politician I’ve Seen in 30 Years' | NewsBusters
Richardson on Cruz: 'I Don’t Think He Should Be Defined as a Hispanic'
Clinton sought end-run around counter-terrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say | Fox News
The Benghazi Talking Points | The Weekly Standard
Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Dan Rather: Obama's Opponents 'Want to Cut His Heart Out and Throw His Liver to the Dogs' | NewsBusters
Intelligence alert over terror attack on US consulate in Mumbai - The Times of India
Obama To Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny | RealClearPolitics
DeMint on Immigration Reform: ‘If People Read The Bill, It Will Be Blocked’ | National Review Online
Jim DeMint: Immigration Reform Will Cost U.S. Trillions - ABC News
Rubio seeks to boost border language in new bill - Las Vegas Sun News
Gay couples gloomy over US immigration reforms - FT.com
No early warning for U.S. on Israeli strikes in Syria | Reuters
Egypt, Arab League condemn Israeli 'attacks' in Syria - FRANCE 24
Rush Limbaugh: Don’t blame me for WABC’s declining ad sales  - NY Daily News
Obama: Americans 'Are Root Cause of Violence That's Been Happening Here in Mexico'
Obama: Most of the Guns Used to Commit Violence in Mexico From U.S.
Sen. Barrasso: Obamacare 'Anchor Around the Neck of The Economy'
Obama, in Mexico, Credits Latinos for Winning Presidency
Obamacare Already 'Hurting Jobs and Paychecks,' Republican Senator Says
‘Gang of Eight’ Bill: If Border Not Secure at Any Time in First Five Years After Law Passes -- Form a Commission!
Benghazi Whistleblower: I Reported Attack Was Terrorism 'From the Get-go'
Issa: US Waged Possible 'Cover-Up' in Benghazi
Graham: Benghazi Testimony 'Going to Make You Mad'
White House Emails Show They Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism
Democrats Fear Uninsured Won't Sign Up for Obamacare
James Carville: Cruz 'Most Talented Republican Politician' in a Generation
DeMint: Immigration Bill Will Cost U.S. 'Trillions'
Obama's Deficit Promises Never Added Up
Gingrich: Radical Islam Could Be U.S. Problem for '70 Years'
Rand Paul Not Backing Down on Tax Treaty Fight
Nixon's Grandson Retracing 1972 Trip to China
Under Fire for Immigration, Rubio Plans to Unveil Education Bill
Rep. King Won't Run for Senate to Replace Harkin
Hobby Lobby's Struggle Against Obamacare Is Threat to Liberty
Sandy-struck New Yorkers Seek Home Buyouts
NKorea Excludes US in Talks on Jailed American
Pope's Sermon Calls for Protection of Children
Buffett on Investing: 'Avoid Getting Excited When Other People Are Excited'
New Study Gives Hope Alzheimer’s Can Be Reversed
YouTube to Charge for Premium Content
CBS Sinks Cinco de Mayo With a Story of American Imperialism Ruining Mexico | NewsBusters
'Face the Nation' Spends 30 Minutes on Gay NBA Player, Still No Mention of Gosnell | NewsBusters
Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals | CNS News
Secure border, verify over a period of years, then we can talk.
Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up
Video: Syria air strike: Israel has the right to defend itself, says William Hague - Telegraph
Two sons of prominent Mexican journalists executed in Chihuahua - NYPOST.com
MILLER: Rick Perry says Obama wants to 'disarm the American public' - Washington Times
Al Qaeda magazine, radical Islamic files found on Boston bomber's wife's computer: report - NYPOST.com
Hospitals 'not reporting hundreds of blundering doctors' - Telegraph
U.S. judge allows Cuban spy to stay in Havana if he renounces citizenship - Cuba - MiamiHerald.com
Postal workers too scared to deliver mail in crime-ridden Brooklyn neighborhood, Brownsville - NYPOST.com
Justin Bieber Stops Concert Twice for Islamic Prayer (But Canceled Mtg w Israeli Victims of HAMAS)
Have I flipped my lid?
Elites in Washington still don't get it
Why the deafening silence from Muslims?
We don't need no stinkin' parents!
The company you creep
Why amnesty is bad for Israel
Indoctrinating for jihad in charter schools
How the 'gay' child-sex-abuse cover-up kills young men
Blue collar workers, unite!
J. KNOX: The terrorists won in Boston
D. LIMBAUGH: The hard left's war on the American idea
A. KEYES: A betrayal of the boys
I. MERCER: The Boston bombers & boyhood in America
L. KLAYMAN: Ground Zero mosque rears its ugly head
T. TANCREDO: The vanishing American
S. PARKER: Planned Parenthood targets black women
McCain: Benghazi Is Just Like Iran-Contra
Fox News Guest: Teen Pregnancies Should Be 'Celebrated'
Issa's 'New' Info on Benghazi? Speculation from Diplomat Not Present
Gingrich: LGBT Rights Fight 'One Sided' Because Catholics Are Oppressed Too
Howard Kurtz's Mea Culpa on Jason Collins, Daily Beast Firing
Fox News Shuts Down Dem Rep.: Talk of Republican Benghazi Hypocrisy Is 'Getting Off Track'
Carville: Cruz Is 'the Most Talented and Fearless Republican Politician' in 30 Years
Robert Reich: The Economic Elephant
Huckabee is Very Sad That We're Not Demonizing Muslims
Niall Ferguson Uses Homophobic Slur To Dismiss Keynesian Economics
Cavuto Paints Restaurant Chain CEO and Tea Party Leader as 'Small Business Owner'
LaPierre: 'We Will Never Surrender'
SNL Cold Open Takes Another Shot at Fox & Friends
Peter Yarrow, Dar Williams and Victim’s Parents Perform in Newtown
Lee Camp: CEO to Worker Pay Gap Up 1,000% Since 1950
Melissa-Harris Perry Takes on 'Self-Written History' on Katrina Response at Bush Library
U of Texas Law Student Develops World's First 3D-Printed Gun
Will Robert Downey Suit Up Again After 'Iron Man' Sequel's $175M Haul?
Katy Perry's Dad Calls Daughter 'Devil Child'
Obama: Spy Charges Against US Filmmaker 'Ridiculous'
Direct-to-Video 'Pawn' Squanders Game Cast with Sub-Tarantino Storytelling
Aerosmith Cancels Jakarta Concert Over Security Concerns
'Iron Man 3' Review: Whiz Bang Entertainment Complete with a Mash Note to China
Ted Cruz Challenges Joe Biden to Gun Control Debate
NY Rep: FBI Should Be Able to Question Muslims About Radicals in Their Mosques
CA Gov. Brown's 'Ugly' Plan to Avoid Prison Overcrowding Falling Short
Pigford Settlements: Where Are the Asian-American Farmers?
Feds Seek Additional Prisoner Releases
Paul Ryan Supports 'Concept' of Internet Sales Tax
PETA Blasts Gov. Christie for Killing Spider in Fourth Grade Class
Obama Rolls Back $5 Billion in Sequester Cuts
Struggling S. Illinois Braces for Oil Rush
Obama to Address Graduating Students at Ohio State
Destroyed Texas Plant Carried $1M Policy
NRA's Chris Cox: Obama, Bloomberg 'See Opportunity' in Tragedy
Report: More Than Half of Ground Turkey Contains Fecal Bacteria
Funeral Director: Tsarnaev Died from Gunshot Wounds, Blunt Force Trauma
Gabriel Sherman Travels to London to Collude with Anti-Ailes Forces?
No Mention of Islam in AP Profile of Disfranchised Pakistani Women
Sunday Shows: Democrats Back Away from Obama on Benghazi, Syria
Syria: Israeli Strike a 'Declaration of War'
Benghazi Whistleblower: 'My Jaw Hit the Floor' as WH Blamed YouTube
Benghazi Whistleblower Hicks: 'Terrorist Attack from the Get-Go'
Rep: Jihadist Named Tamerlan Tsarnaev as 'Fellow Extremist'
Four Dead as Bangladesh Islamists Protest for Blasphemy Law
Afghanistan's Karzai 'Appreciates' CIA Cash
Colin Powell's Former Chief of Staff: Israel or Rebels Behind Chemical Weapons
Report: Israel Strikes Syria; 'At Least Some...Take Red Lines Seriously'
Thousands to Mark Hollande's First Year with Protests
Saudi Arabia Allows Some Schoolgirls to Play Sport
At Least 11 Killed in Suicide Bomb Blast in Mogadishu
Iran Ready to 'Train' Syria Army, Says Commander
Syria news agency: Israel strikes near Damascus
World View: Wall Street Stock Market Continues Dangerous Parabolic Bubble
State Department Blocked Access to Benghazi Witness for Months
Rush Limbaugh Reportedly Considering Major Radio Shake-Up
Glenn Beck Teaches Part of America’s History Like Never Before Using Guns in NRA Keynote Speech: ‘It Is the Man, Not the Gun’
Obama to College Students: ‘Reject These Voices’ That Warn of Big Government & Tyranny
Is That Occupy Portland Dancing Around a Golden Calf on May Day?
‘What Would You Have Done?’: Bill Ayers Reportedly Defends Weather Underground Bombings
Dem. Strategist Calls Ted Cruz the ‘Most Talented and Fearless Republican Politician’ He’s Seen in Decades
What Piece of Seemingly Benign Advice From an NRA Speaker Has Liberal Sites Up in Arms?
Dan Rather: Obama’s Opponents Want to ‘Cut His Heart Out & Throw His Liver to the Dogs’
SNL Mocked These Hosts Again…
Former Top U.S. Official: I Thought Benghazi Was Terrorism ‘From the Get-Go’
Dem. Congressman: Susan Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points ‘Absolutely’ False
Allen West Teaches Obama What Courage Is (It’s Not Announcing You’re Gay)
The Remarkable 107-Year Life of a Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor
The ‘$500,000′ Gun and 17 of the Other Coolest Firearms at the NRA Convention
These Are the Faces of the NRA Convention That the Mainstream Media Won’t Show You
Family’s Old Cabin Holds Big Surprise: A 12-Foot Beehive With About 60,000 Live Bees
Anti-Bullying Activist: Sarah Palin Chewing Tobacco Is ‘Upside of Oral Cancers’
‘It Goes Right to the White House’: Former Lawmakers Make Wild Claims About UFOs and Aliens
Yikes: Famous Historian Issues Apology After Making Controversial Statements on John Maynard Keynes & Gay People
World's first GM babies born | Mail Online
Police: Letters told public to turn in pastors | News - Home
Achtung, Baby: Are People Being Encouraged to Rat On 'Anti-Government' Neighbors? - Doug Giles - Page 1
All That is Needed Now is a Deadly Human to Human Virus | Shenandoah
Sunspots could soon disappear for decades: study
Inhofe: DHS ammo grab to ‘dry up’ supply
AK-47-Wielding Gunman Fires 37 Times at Shocked Cops During Routine Traffic Stop | Video | TheBlaze.com
Shocking: Historic Plane Crashes & Explodes as Thousands Gather for Spanish Airshow | Video | TheBlaze.com
The Amazing Moment Boston Double Amputee Jeff Bauman Received a Hero’s Welcome at Bruins Game | Video | TheBlaze.com
Did You Miss It? Here Are the Best Pictures and Video From the Kentucky Derby | Video | TheBlaze.com
Want to See Video of a Historical Actor at the NRA Convention Delivering a Rousing Rendition of Patrick Henry’s Famous Speech? | TheBlaze.com
Bill Maher: It’s ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Quaint’ & ‘Nonsensical’ to Think 2nd Amendment Can Prevent Tyranny | Video | TheBlaze.com
Sheriff Joe injects new life into Obama eligibility
Rush Limbaugh may leave Cumulus - POLITICO.com
Judges rule to destroy homeschoolers’ family
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