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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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22 May 2013


Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth: "I Have Not Done Anything Wrong"
Tapper On Obama On Scandals: Remember The Precedent Set "When It's Not Your Guy In The White House"
Islamic Fanatic Butchers British Soldier: "You People Will Never Be Safe"
Dennis Miller On James Rosen, IRS Controversy & Bloomberg
Anthony Weiner Announces His Candidacy For Mayor Of New York City
Carney On Scandals: "There's Been Some Legitimate Criticisms About How We're Handling This"
Rand Paul: I Will Only Run For President If I Think I Can Win
Bachmann: "God Is Going To Answer Our Prayers" And Free Us From Obamacare
Rep. Gowdy: Lerner "Waived Her Fifth Amendment Right" By Giving Statement
Krauthammer: Lerner "Clearly Gave Up Her Fifth Amendment Right"
O'Reilly: Going Bulworth On The Controversies In Washington
Ted Cruz: "I Don't Trust The Republicans"
Alex Wagner: Living In An Era Of Extreme Weather
FOX's Peter Johnson: Rosen's "Crime" Was Reporting For FOX News
Maddow: Tea Party Seizes On IRS Scandal
Sen. Hatch: IRS Officials Were "Pathetic" At Senate Hearing
"Special Report" Panel: Reacting To DOJ Targeting FNC's James Rosen
Dem Congressman: If IRS Continues To Dodge Questions, Will Lead to Special Prosecutor
CNN's Wolf Blitzer To Atheist Tornado Survivor: "You Got To Thank The Lord"
Chuck Todd: Obama Administration Wants To Criminalize Journalism
Cruz: "I Want Common Sense Immigration Reform" And This Is Not It
Krauthammer On IRS Scandal: "This Is Going To Go On And It Could Be Fatal"
Rand Paul: Apple Deserves Apology From U.S. Government
Krauthammer On Rosen Investigation: "The Fish Rots From The Head"
CNBC's Harwood: Lerner Pleading Fifth Is "Worst Possible Outcome For White House"
Powers: Obama Admin Treats Whistleblowers As Criminals, Leakers As Heroes
Carney Likens Questions About Scandals To Birth Certificate Controversy
WH Reporter: Carney Dings Press For Not Asking "Precise" Questions
Greg Gutfeld: "This Administration Is As Transparent As a Burqa"
Bill Kristol: Marco Rubio Should "Walk Away" From Immigration Bill
CBS's Attkisson: "Some Compromising Of My Computer Systems"
Oklahoma Twister Victim Finds Missing Dog In Rubble During Live TV Interview
Dem Sen. Whitehouse on Oklahoma Tornado: Republicans Have "Run Off The Climate Cliff"
GOP Congressman: Take The IRS Out Of Obamacare
Hume: AP, Rosen Scandals "Contradicts Obama's Support Of A Free Press
Jon Stewart Rips Obama, Republicans For Scandals, Not Getting Anything Done
President Obama Speaks On The Tornadoes And Severe Weather In Oklahoma
FBI shoots Chechen dead in Florida, man questioned over links to Boston bombers — RT USA
Holocaust Hoax
Obama's War On Free Expression
Investigative journalists threatened with felony for exposing security flaw — RT USA
The Ugly Truth of Class War.
PressTV - A US Senate panel votes to arm foreign-backed militants in Syria
NPN Article: Before Zionism, Most Christians and Jews were Pro-Palestinian
Iran election: Rafsanjani blocked from running for president | World news | guardian.co.uk
‘Don’t interact, don’t talk, they are not humans’ - Gitmo guard's basic orders — RT News
Tweeting for freedom: Gitmo inmate starts online campaign — RT News
PressTV - US military asks for $450mn Gitmo upgrade despite Obama's shutdown vow
PressTV - Antiwar.com sues FBI
Afghan president Hamid Karzai hands India weapons 'wish list' - Asia - World - The Independent
India Test-Fires BrahMos Missile from Ship | Defense | RIA Novosti
Spain spent $680 million on submarine that ‘can’t resurface’ — RT News
Pussy Riot’s Alekhina announces hunger strike — RT News
‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs — RT News
NASA to build a 'universal food synthesizer' to create 3D food printer made from insects and algae! | Mail Online
Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Satanic Sexualization Of Our Children - YouTube
PressTV - US terror drones kill more civilians than terrorists: ICG report
Top IRS official takes the Fifth: what it means | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Ron Paul: The IRS’s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties | SilverDoctors.com
Stem Cell Powder Regrows Finger - YouTube

5 Overlooked Lessons From the AP Subpoena Controversy and Other Leak Investigations | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Activist Post: Fabian Society: Pay for Permission to Use the Earth
DHS To Install Infrared Sensors Along 'Entire Border Of The United States' | Science and Technology
Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11 | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
World Trade Centre Spire Makes Freedom Tower Tallest Building In New York Again Since Twin Tower 9/11 Collapse (PICTURES)
3D-Printed Food? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Lady Gaga's Bad Romance - The Occult Meaning - The Vigilant Citizen
The FED - Celebrating 100 Years Of Stealing From You Every Day
Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why
Are Japanese Bonds Signaling Trouble?
Website is currently unreachable
Supreme Court Authorizes Lawless Wiretapping
Activist Post: Study Finds Vitamin C Kills Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
YOU ARE CRAZY: New Psychiatric Guidelines Target Hoarding, Child Temper Tantrums, and a Host of Other "Illnesses"
Daring to Approach the Infinite « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Mystery of Moon's Magnetic Field Deepens | Lunar Dynamo | Space.com
Vortex to Another Dimension Reported in Brighton | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton | The Japan Times
Ousting Monsanto & Ushering In An "Earth Democracy" ~ Vandana Shiva - GreenMedTV
Boston's Blueprint for Martial Law | Big Brother Watch - YouTube
iRobot military bots to patrol 2014 World Cup in Brazil | Crave - CNET
Pentagon faces another sex scandal - latimes.com
The Big One: Preparing for mid-America earthquake » CNHI Special Projects » The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA
History Determined The Endgame We Created
7 Signs We Are Heading for a Mass Extinction | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Authorities never have “issues with authority” | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds - NYTimes.com
Supreme Court Colludes with Monsanto
Revealed: Stunning new images show gold-plated, ultra-luxurious Riyadh metro station that Saudi king has ordered to be built - Middle East - World - The Independent
Activist Post: Senate Panel Approves Even More Stringent Biometric Measures
Activist Post: Pesticide Content in Food Less Regulated by Codex Than Vitamins and Minerals
Coins found suggest Australia was discovered SIX CENTURIES before Captain Cook arrived on the island | Mail Online
Video emerges of Pope Francis reportedly performing an exorcism in St Peter’s Square - Europe - World - The Independent
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Could Simplicity Be The Key To A Peaceful Life?
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Schmoo Nation and their Disneyland Jesus Christ.
The Wright Brothers were NOT the first to fly a plane - a German pilot beat them to it two years earlier in a flying car, claims leading aviation journal | Mail Online
Half of America wants Obama impeached - Patriot UpdatePatriot Update
charles hugh smith-Weblog and Essays
charles hugh smith-Present Shock and the Loss of History and Context
Obama won reelection through ‘illicit means’ - Patriot UpdatePatriot Update
McGrath: "It's Not a Conspiracy Theory... It Is Happening Right Now"
* Raw Vegan Lasagna - Recipe And Photo!
Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why
Daring to Approach the Infinite « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
History Determined The Endgame We Created
Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds - NYTimes.com
Revealed: Stunning new images show gold-plated, ultra-luxurious Riyadh metro station that Saudi king has ordered to be built - Middle East - World - The Independent
Activist Post: Pesticide Content in Food Less Regulated by Codex Than Vitamins and Minerals
DHS Training Local Police to Enforce Martial Law | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Would Legalize 45 Percent of ICE Criminal Caseload | Center for Immigration Studies
Details of Alleged Photographic Evidence Re Roswell UFO Crash Leaked To The Public!
Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, regarding Roswell and More - YouTube
The Large Families that rule the world - English pravda.ru
Obama's War On Free Expression
The Ugly Truth of Class War.
Secret Lobbying Underway To Ban GMO-Labeling Laws At State Level
The Government Theft of Retirement Accounts Has Begun | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Satanic Sexualization Of Our Children - YouTube
UFOTV Presents - The Cold Fusion Conspiracy - FREE Movie - YouTube

DHS To Install Infrared Sensors Along ‘Entire Border Of The United States’ |
Activist Post: Obama's War on Free Expression
U.S. Military Grants Itself the Power to Police the Streets : Federal Jack
‘US opened Pandora’s box in Iraq, regional sectarian violence almost impossible to stop now’
rand paul: there’s going to have to be an independent investigation of “un-american” irs scandal
[169] Dr. Noam Chomsky Breaks the Set on War, Imperialism, and Propaganda - YouTube
Aaron Swartz's Legacy: US media's new system to shield leaks | XRepublic
Confirming Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right | Video Rebel's Blog
Camomile tea 'fights cancer': Chemical contained in drink takes away 'superpowers' in disease's cells | Mail Online
FBI shoots Chechen dead in Florida, man questioned over links to Boston bombers — RT USA
The Law That Never Was: The Fraud of Income & Social Security Tax — Home
How Some States did not Legally Ratify the 16th Amendment |
America Is Embracing The Secret Police Culture Of The Nazis | Pakalert Press
Undoing the Brainwashing
2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die - 12160
BREAKING NEWS: 'Soldier beheaded with meat cleaver in London - 12160
Activist Post: The Government Wants A Backdoor Into Your Online Communications
Homeland Security Monitors Tea Party Protests at Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis IRS Offices |
AP virtually led national media in censorship - misreporting of Ron Paul's presidential run - 12160
"Slavelandia" : John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting interviews Gerald Celente - 12160
Man shot to death while questioned in Boston probe
Congressman Worries About ‘Chilling Effect’ of Scandal — On IRS! |
Why the whole banking system is a scam - Godfrey Bloom | XRepublic
Many corn farmers go back to using chemicals as Mother Nature outwits genetically modified seeds - BlackListedNews.com
The Department of Energy Committed $11 Million Per Job - 12160
Think your Skype messages get end-to-end encryption? Think again | Ars Technica
Chicago School Closings: Board Set To Vote On Mass Shutdown Plan
‘Soldier beheaded’ in suspected act of terrorism outside Woolwich barracks |
Woolwich attack: Two men 'hack soldier wearing Help for Heroes T-shirt to death with machetes in suspected terror attack' | Mail Online
Mum talked down Woolwich terrorists who told her: 'We want to start a war in London tonight' - Telegraph
Mayor Bloomberg to cabbie: 'I'll destroy your [expletive] industry' - Washington Times
Man killed during Boston Marathon bombing probe admits role in triple homicide | Metro News - WCVB Home
Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for newly legal immigrants - Washington Times
IRS scandal hearing: Darrell Issa says Lois Lerner lost her rights - POLITICO.com
Guantánamo’s military defense lawyers cite My Lai massacre in plea to Hagel - Guantánamo - MiamiHerald.com
Anthony Weiner’s leaked video announces he’s running for mayor - NYPOST.com
Breaking News: Arkansas Treasurer Martha Shoffner resigns following arrest - ky3.com
Michelle Obama may have dated IRS IG in law school | The Daily Caller
Unions break ranks on ObamaCare - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
IRS Worker Used Federal Plastic For Amazon Buys | The Smoking Gun
Ledonna and Steve Cobb: Mother pictured in iconic photo of Oklahoma tornado devastation describes how she 'held on for dear life' to stop Briarwood students from flying away | Mail Online
Thanks To QE Bernanke Has Injected Foreign Banks With Over $1 Trillion In Cash For First Time Ever | Zero Hedge
Report faults former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke for Fast and Furious leak - POLITICO.com
Democratic senator apologizes for citing Okla. tornadoes in climate change speech | Fox News
Stymied by Socialist Policies, the French Start to Quit France | TIME.com
Media Coverage of the Bilderberg Group Adopts a Tone of Desperation

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World - Business Insider

Watford Police Fear “Possible Crime and Disorder” At Bilderberg - BlackListedNews.com

The Growing Global Challenge to Monsanto's Monopolistic Greed - BlackListedNews.com
Farms are great places to find pork. Apparently, so is the Farm Bill - BlackListedNews.com
US Treasury secretary says he has begun tapping federal retiree pension fund to avoid default | StarTribune.com
US admits killing 4 Americans in drone strikes - BlackListedNews.com
Feds Consider RICO Charges Against Hedge Fund - BlackListedNews.com
Senate Panel Approves Even More Stringent Biometric Measures - BlackListedNews.com
U.S. Counter-Terrorism Apparatus is used to Quell Dissent among Americans - BlackListedNews.com
No Arrests On Wall Street, But Over 7,700 Americans Have Been Arrested Protesting Big Banks - Liberty Crier
VIDEO: Armed DHS Guards Protect IRS From Tea Party Protesters - BlackListedNews.com
My Way News - Star witness to stay mum for House hearing on IRS
The IRS Targets Political Opponents Under Both Liberal and Conservative Administrations - BlackListedNews.com
Transatlantic Union: Scandals, Scoundrels and Global Trade Partners? - BlackListedNews.com
True Scandal | National Review Online
+The Miracle of Tea Tree Oil: 80 Amazing Uses for Survival | Dprogram.net
How Bill Clinton Forced Agenda 21 on America | Dprogram.net
FBI agent kills Chechen man during questioning about Boston bombing suspects and 2011 murder | Dprogram.net
Why Does Monsanto Need an Army of Mercenary Soldiers? | Dprogram.net
Federalized Local Police Helped Arrest Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
Amnesty Bill Swiftly Gains Senate Approval While America Focuses On “Scandals” | Dprogram.net
IRS Official Invokes The Fifth, Angering Tea Party Patriots Group | Dprogram.net
London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment | Dprogram.net
Over 800 world scientists agree: GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food | Dprogram.net
This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like – James Corbett | Dprogram.net
Are You The Next Alex Jones or Paul Revere? | Dprogram.net
Are We Entering The Worst Period For Natural Disasters In U.S. History? | Dprogram.net
Is America’s Economy Being Sovietized? | Dprogram.net
Woolwich attack: Two men 'hack soldier wearing Help for Heroes T-shirt to death with machetes in suspected terror attack' | Mail Online
Terrorist Attack! Beheading In London! Graphic Pictures: Soldier Behead & Attackers Shot | EU
Terror returns to Britain after man butchered in London street - News - Eastern Daily Press
» Armed DHS Guards Protect IRS From Tea Party Protesters Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Why so many people–including scientists–suddenly believe in an afterlife - Life - Macleans.ca
White House Gone Wild: Where Are You America? « vineoflife.net
Global Assured Destruction, Or How Bernanke Now Holds The Entire World Hostage | Zero Hedge
Accidental find shows Vitamin C kills tuberculosis -- Health & Wellness -- Sott.net
America Is Embracing The Secret Police Culture Of The Nazis
FBI agent kills man after questioning him about link to Boston bombing suspect | The Lookout - Yahoo! News


Media blame Rush Limbaugh in IRS scandal
Democrats turn on IRS: ‘There will be hell to pay’
Did IRS boss tell a whopper under oath?
Officials on Benghazi: "We made mistakes, but without malice" - CBS News
WND report disqualifies ayatollah?
Rice’s Benghazi cover-up role back in spotlight
‘We’re 1 act away from social cataclysm’
FBI called into hate crime targeting whites
Marathon bomber murdered 3 in 2011 drug rip-off
Newtown Massacre Records: Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records - CTnow
Can death give us a glimpse into the afterlife?
Iconic scientist insists God is foundational
Court rejects Arizona abortion law - SFGate
Gay Fla. teen charged for underage girlfriend - SFGate
Rove: Obama 'Directly' Involved in Benghazi Lie; Scandals 'Corrosive'
Rove on Clinton: 'My Head Says She Runs; My Gut Says She Doesn't'
Issa: IRS's Lerner May Have Waived Rights at Hearing
White House Admits 'Potholes' in Handling IRS Scandal
Alan Dershowitz: IRS Chief Lerner 'Can Be Held in Contempt'
Priebus Demands IRS Documents on Targeting
Bill Keller: Bring in Ken Starr to Oversee IRS Probe
British Soldier Beheaded Outside London Barracks
Report: Man Killed by FBI Implicated Himself, Tsarnaev in 2011 Homicide
NYT: Fox Case Proves Obama Administration Has No Respect for Press
Obama Restarts Process to Move Guantanamo Prisoners
Terrorism Expert: Slaughter of British Soldier Like Daniel Pearl Execution
Disgraced Ex-congressman Weiner Announces Candidacy for NYC Mayor
Palin: Obama is 'Liar or Hugely Incompetent'
Emanuel Under Fire as Chicago Votes to Close 50 Schools
Former Miss America Considers Running Against McConnell
Trump Says 'Highly Unlikely' He'll Run for President
Ted Cruz: 'I Don't Trust the Republicans or Democrats'
Peace Debate Exposes Deep Rifts in Israeli Government Coalition
Pope Criticizes 'Savage Capitalism' on Visit to Food Kitchen
Saudis Say They've Broken Up Iranian Spy Ring
Vatican Watchdog Report: Efforts Boosted to End Money Laundering
Minutes: Fed Weighed Slowing Its Pace of Bond Purchases
Vitamin C Kills Bacteria Drugs Can’t: Study
Obesity is Mostly Genetic: Study
Natural Supplement Fights Parkinson’s, Researchers Find
Immune-Based Cancer Drugs Are Wave of Future
Shakespeare's Sonnets Come to Life in New App
NASA Funds Research for 3D Food Printer
Danish Teenager Makes Rare Viking-era Find With Metal Detector
Jihadists Suspected in Brazen UK Attack
9-9-9 Looks Even Better Now
Trust in Obama Is Tapped Out
Collision Course for Catastrophe
IRS Goes Biblical on Franklin Graham
Why the IRS Cannot Be Reformed
Ex-IRS Chief: ‘I Certainly Believe I Did Not Have Any Conversations’ with WH About Tea Party
Bloodied Attacker Invokes 'Allah' After Hacking Soldier to Death on London Street
$287,967 Fed Study Developing 'Virtual Woman' Who 'Will Agree to Some Sexual Activities and Refuse Others' with Drunk Men
Lois Lerner Says 'I Have Not Done Anything Wrong'--Then Takes the 5th
Congressman Objects to Lerner Taking 5th: ‘You Don’t Get to Tell Your Side of Story Then Not Be Subjected to Cross Examination’
Rand Paul on IRS Mess: 'Someone Needs to Be Fired'
Gallup: 72% of Americans Think the Country’s Moral Values Are ‘Getting Worse’
IRS Misses Filing Deadline: Fails to Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications With WH About Targeting Conservatives
Conservatives Frame Immigration Overhaul As Next ObamaCare, As Bill Moves to Full Senate
Liberal Juan Williams: ‘Journalism Has Been Criminalized’ by DOJ
Vermont Passes Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide
Senators Demand Transparency in U.S. Taxpayer Funding of United Nations
The 50th Super Bowl goes to San Francisco Bay Area
An Iranian Role in Syria Peace Conference Remains Under Discussion
FBI ID's Benghazi suspects _ but no arrests yet
Boy Scout leaders to vote on lifting gay ban
NY Times: Obama Administration Shows 'Insufficient Concern About a Free Press'
Man shot to death while questioned in Boston probe
Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb
Grassley: IRS Told Pro-Life Group to Swear It Would Not Protest Planned Parenthood
Ex-IRS Head on Who Knew of Tea Party Targeting: ‘I Can’t Say That I Know’
Hatch to Outgoing IRS Chief: ‘That’s a Lie by Omission’
The Genius of Jerry Garcia
Obama and 'Overreach'
Dem: There Will be Special Prosecutor and 'Hell to Pay' If IRS Keeps Stonewalling
Former IRS Chief: 'I Don't Take Personal Responsibility' For What 'Happened on My Watch'
Lew: Tax System 'Has to be Within the IRS and Apart From Politics'
GOP Lawmakers: IRS Scandal Shows That Tax Agency Should Not Be in Charge of Enforcing Obamacare
Sen. Paul: If IRS Criminal Activity is Uncovered 'Someone Needs to go to Jail'
Rep. Mulvaney: GOP Wants Immigration Reform 'And That Scares Many Democrats To Death'
Sebelius: 'Expanding Access to Health Coverage Is a Responsibility Belonging Chiefly to National Governments' | CNS News
Vietnam Again Escapes Blacklisting, As State Dep’t. Cites ‘Positive’ Moves on Religious Freedom | CNS News
IRS Charged With Unfair Scrutiny of Pro-Life Groups' Prayer Events, Protest Signs | NewsBusters
MSNBC’s Finney On IRS Scandal: ‘Why Didn't Romney Make More Of A Big Deal Of It?’ | NewsBusters
The Obama Crony in Charge of your Medical Records | CNS News
Unraveling the scandals – fast
Bringing Obama down: Race remains a factor
Following in Rome's footsteps
Tyranny: Closer than around the corner
YouTube frauds and freaks
Bring back Woodward and Bernstein
When did we vote to become Mexico?
Obama's media co-conspirators
Why are we importing jihad invaders?
Egypt's new pharaoh
P. BUCHANAN: The Spectator President
D. WEAD: The media's 'shock' over IRS scandal
J. FARAH: Obama: Accessory to murder?
B. FARBER: Put your money on 'distancing'
J. FARAH: The buck doesn't stop with Obama

+The Doors Tribute: Ray Manzarek | Celebrities
Terrorist Attack! Beheading In London! Graphic Pictures: Soldier Behead & Attackers Shot | EU
Obama To Confirm He's Gay ? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Foreign Troops Are Landing By The Plane Loads All Across The Country--So Many That It Can Only Mean One Thing-Surrender To The UN | Alternative
Cell Towers Are NOT What We Are Told | Alternative
Bringing Obama down: Race remains a factor
See what was really transpiring inside doomed compound
Six Facts Lost In The IRS Scandal | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Obama’s Tyrannical Abyss – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid | Survival
Sacred White Sage: A Way to Clear Negativity | Alternative
Easy DIY Ways To Harden Doors & Windows | Survival
Can We Survive Bee Extinction? | Survival
Intimate Tesla Secrets Revealed! | Free Energy
Naked Man Spotted At Scene Of Beheading In London | Strange
We Control All That You See and Hear! | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders | Health
Dandelion Benefits: Wild Edibles that Heal | Health
B Vitamins Benefits: Boost Energy, Repair DNA, Live Healthier | Health
Mango, the new diabetes and cancer buster
Boston Bombing Was A False Flag More Proof, May 22nd | Alternative
The Rothschild Family, Just A Conspiracy? | Economy
ETs Prepare Earth For Divine Intervention | Alternative

The Gnostic Faustus The Secret Teachings Behind The Classic Text | Paranormal
The Project Gutenberg eBook of Faust, by AUTHOR.
Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descends on America
The Smart Meter Cost
Woolwich soldier killer on VIDEO!!!! Machete Killer talks on camera calmly!
Obama Administration Now Favors Muslim Clerics for Christian American Military Burial Services
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid
Benghazi Exclusive: State Department Denies Libya Weapons Buyback program Exists
The Kiss A$$ Ladder to Success
Syria & UN Health Assembly Join to Slam Israel
Now Fact: All aspects ObamaGov Completely Corrupt/Criminal
Crown Corporations: Bigger Bailouts and Deeper Holes
Triage: Obama Summons Media Lapdogs to Secret White House Meeting
London Muslims Hack, Behead UK Soldier to Death, Shout “Allahu Akbar,” Asked Passersby to Film It – Bleeping Animals
EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Hezbollah Terrorist Freed to Dearbornistan Streets Commits Bridge Card Fraud
PRWeb Censors Shoebat, Rejects Press Release implicating IRS’ Lois Lerner in aiding Obamas’ Wahhabist Fundraising Empire
Explosive Shoebat Exclusive: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves courtesy of the IRS
Syrian army attacks Israeli army patrol; Israel retaliates, issues stark warning
Senate panel reaches compromise on foreign workers
Senator Hatch champions tech industry’s priorities in immigration reform
Court upholds CIA’s decision not to release post-raid Bin Laden photos
GRAPHIC VIDEO: British Soldier Beheaded With Machete On London Street
RUSH: That’s Rich! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer ‘Found The Only Atheist In Oklahoma’
Megyn Kelly Tears Into Kermit Gosnell’s Attorney: “You Sound Like A Guy Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome”
Limbaugh On ‘Angry’ Lois Lerner: “I Can See Her With Whips And Chains”
RUSH: Release Of IRS Scandal News ‘Orchestrated’, By 2014 Elections Will Be Old News
RUSH: Low-Info Voters Might Support Fox News Being Spied On
Limbaugh: “Where Is The Outrage At Trying To Suppress Me”
RUSH: NYTimes Blames Sandra Fluke Story For Media Not Covering IRS Scandal
HERITAGE VIDEO: Demand The Truth On Benghazi
WOW! Justice Department Seized Phone Records Of James Rosen’s PARENTS!
If I were President...
Time for a halt to government expansion into my personal life!
Legislating morality is happening now, it's time Christianity arose
Lila Rose: Media Cover-Up Abortion Dangers to Women
Real IRS Problem: It's Understaffed! - Crazy Libs
MSNBC’s Schultz Admits He Doesn’t Know Much About ObamaCare, Still Fawns Over Law
Juan Williams: The Obama Administration Has Criminalized Journalism
Conservatives DESERVE IRS Hassles, Aren't Legitimate: Libtalker Rhodes
Hillary, State snagged in massive Benghazi cover-up
Time to impeach Obama?
Shock reason Hillary sent Amb. Stevens into danger zone
MSNBC host says IRS scandal not as serious as outing Valerie Plame, lying to get us into Iraq war
Trey Gowdy GRILLS Former IRS Commissioner on why he didn’t investigate insidious conduct himself
Darrell Issa says Lerner voided her Fifth Amendment rights and now he’s gonna recall her
RUSH: The IRS scandal was suppressed last year because it would have had a HUGE effect on the election
UH OH: IRS conducted own investigation into Tea Party targeting a year before IG and still withheld from Congress
[VIDEO] Lerner pleads fifth, Rep. Gowdy argues she waived her rights by testifying
[VIDEOS] Rand Paul slams Senate for bringing Apple in for questioning over legal tax practices & vilifying them
John McCain opposes Rand Paul on Senate floor over preventing back door to raise debt ceiling
‘Sending A Signal To Fox’: The Five Crew Asks Why Obama Admin Went After Rosen Leaks But Not NY Times
O’Reilly Grills Bob Beckel: Why Are You Giving Obama Benefit Of The Doubt On IRS Scandal?
Greta To Cavuto: DOJ Snooping On Rosen Just ‘Latest’ In Obama Admin’s ‘Systemic’ War On Fox News
Chris Matthews Slams IRS For Tea Party ‘Profiling’: Like TSA Targeting Arabs
‘I Have Not Done Anything Wrong’: IRS Official Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth, Gets Dismissed From Scandal Hearing
Megyn Kelly And Guests Tear Apart ‘Lunacy’ Of DOJ’s ‘Dangerous’ Snooping On James Rosen
Megyn Kelly Goes Off On Gosnell Attorney: ‘You Seem To Believe’ Convicted Murderer’s ‘A Swell Man’
Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Proves The People Of Los Angeles Know Nothing About Politics
Jay Carney Invokes Birtherism To Fire Back Against Scandal Outrage
BREAKING: ‘Politically-Motivated Islamist Terrorist Attack’ In England Results In Beheading
DOJ Document Reveals Fox News Reporter James Rosen Wanted To Impact U.S. Foreign Policy
Eric Holder Admits For First Time That U.S. Killed 4 Americans With Drone Strikes
Global warming? Not so fast
Susan Rice, likely NSC head, had string of failures in Africa before Benghazi
Woman accused of poisoning five family members because one wouldn't share cheese
Democrats use running mate against Cuccinelli
Obama meets with semi-illegal immigrants to push amnesty bill
Atheist group says The Daily Caller is the 'most unethical news publication'
Chicago taxpayers could finance private university's sports arena
Newsweek in 1975: Tornado outbreak result of 'global cooling'
Octogenarians race to be oldest Everest climber
Brit Hume: Obama, Holder contradict themselves on press freedom with Rosen investigation
Carney: Questions about HHS secretary's Enroll Now scandal like birtherism
Arunima Sinha first woman to scale Mt. Everest with prosthetic legs
Issa reviewing whether Lerner waived Fifth Amendment rights by giving opening statement
Lerner: 'I have not done anything wrong,' then pleads Fifth
Former Bush attorney general: Special prosecutor to investigate IRS a 'lousy idea'
Issa goes after IRS inspector general for not informing Congress sooner
Shulman never looked into IRS targeting, though 132 congressmen contacted him [VIDEO]
Trunews’ Rick Wiles Calls on Alex Jones to Denounce Armed Open Carry March on Washington
CIA source: 4th shoe about to drop Trunews:
Financial Markets Are at Risk of a ‘Big Data’ Crash Trunews:
Some US Utilities Say They’re Under Constant Cyber Attack Trunews:
Killer robots instead of soldiers? Trunews:
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Sweden: Police arrest eight as Muslim riots spread to Stockholm
UK jihad murderer: "There are many, many ayah throughout the Koran that says we must fight them as they fight us"
UK jihad murderer: "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you"
UK Jihadist after beheading British soldier: "You people will never be safe"
UK: After brutal jihad attack, Muslim attackers "stood around, waving knives and a gun, and asked people to take pictures of them 'as if they wanted to be on TV or something'"
UK: Muslims screaming "Allahu akbar" behead British soldier with machete on public street
Florida: Muslim with ties to Boston jihad murderer shot dead after he attacks FBI agent
Fort Hood jihad mass murderer has been paid $278,000 while awaiting trial
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‘War in London Tonight’: Rioters Clash With Police Over ‘Cleaver’ Terror Attack (Plus: Read About Mother Who Reportedly Confronted Killers)
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Shock Video Surfaces: Meat Cleaver-Wielding Man Shouts ‘You People Will Never Be Safe!’ Moments After Gruesome London Attack
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Confusion Erupts in IRS Hearing After Lois Lerner Tries to Plead the 5th — Watch It All Unfold
Awkward: Former IRS Head Says He ‘Really Can’t Recite the Constitution’ When Pressed by GOP Rep.
+Farrakhan Talks of ‘Satanic Jews’ and ‘Synagogue of Satan’ at Detroit Church Speech — but Wait Until You Hear Who Was in Attendance
NY Times, Washington Post, & The Hill All Publish Blistering Criticism of Obama Admin for Targeting the Press
Foreign Banks Operating on U.S. Soil Have Just Set a Record
Pic Goes Viral: Dog ‘Standing Guard’ Over Dead Body After Tornado | TheBlaze.com
Reporter Who Alleged Possible IRS Targeting After Tough Obama Interview Has Been Fired | Video | TheBlaze.com
You Have to Laugh So You Don’t Cry: Folks in L.A. Apparently Have No Idea What’s Going on Within Their Own City Gov’t | Video | TheBlaze.com
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Here Are the Names, Ages of All 24 Okla. Tornado Victims | TheBlaze.com
Comedian’s New Anti-Muhammad Video Excoriates Islamic Prophet, Juxtaposes Him with Jesus: ‘Very Wrong and Twisted’ | TheBlaze.com
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Lois Lerner thrown under the bus
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Obama Tosses a Grenade Into His Own Dugout
FBI kills Orlando man with ties to Tsarnaevs
'Immigrant' riots in Sweden involve hundreds of 'youths'
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Boston, Benghazi, and Barack
The IRS: Destroying Liberty Since before You Were Born
Liberal Barnacles Show How Not To Do It
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Treasury, White House talked about how to release news of IRS targeting scandal
The IRS storyline after the Senate hearing yesterday
The Obama administration does not like reporters who work outside of 'the tank'
Bystander President?
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The Case for Impeachment
Never Mind Impeachment; Keep your Eyes on the Prize
Iranian Presidential Election Turning into a Circus
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Syrian Rebels in Trouble German Intelligence Sees Assad Regaining Hold
Rand Paul: My Colleagues Just Voted to Arm the Allies of al Qaeda
Bradley Manning Prosecutors Seek to Prove WikiLeaks Suspect 'Aided Enemy'
When the Justice Department Pursues Reporters as Spies
Justice Department's Overreaching on Leaks Threatens Freedom of the Press
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Attorneys File Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Wrongful Arrest, Detention in Psych Ward of Marine Brandon Raub
The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar
No Historical Benefit in Vaccines: Polish Study
Another Ridiculous, Misleading Mainstream Media Headline
New York Mall Kiosks Raided by Homeland Security for "Terrorism" Goods
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This Is What A Tyranny Looks Like
Officials Draft Secret Bill to Keep Sandy Hook Records Under Wraps
Boston Bombing: The Action Is in the Reaction
World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve

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Weiner's In!: Ex-Congressman Running for New York Mayor
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LA Mayor Election: Teachers' Union Defeats Public Sector Unions
DCCC Tries To Politicize Sexual Assaults In Military
Durbin Backs Pritzker for Commerce; Heiress Has 'Broken Through Glass Ceiling'
WH Scapegoats Counsel Ruemmler for Benghazi, IRS
House Resumes IRS Scandal Hearings as Lerner Takes Fifth
Democrats Turn on IRS; Compare IRS Scandal to Totalitarian Regimes
Weekly Standard: IRS's Lois Lerner Has History of Harassing Religious Groups
Top Dem: 'There Will Be Hell To Pay' If IRS Keeps Stonewalling
Poll: GOP Gains Edge in Voter Trust on Ethics
Issa Lets Lerner Get Away; Update: Issa Will Recall
House GOP Creates IRS Whistleblower Site
Appeals Court Overturns Arizona Law Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks
Federal Worker Regulations Make Firing IRS Agents Difficult
Homeland Security Monitors Tea Party Protests at Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis IRS Offices
Report: 'Rogue' IRS Agent Claim Unraveling
Reid Preps Summer Showdown on Filibuster
Gowdy Pursues Shulman's Evasions in IRS Scandal
White House Set to Throw Lerner Under the Bus
Obama Endorses Senate's Immigration Bill
Man with Ties to Boston Bomber Shot and Killed by FBI During Questioning
Miller: No Partisanship in Targeting Conservative Groups
Approval Rate for Illegal Immigrants Applying for Deferred Action Over 99%
Labor Force Participation Rate Higher For Foreign-Born Workers than Native-Born
Prager University Debunks Myths Surrounding Separation of Church and State Meme
Chicago Board of Education Votes to Close 50 Schools
Top IRS Official's Attorney from Firm with Close Ties to White House
WI Gov. Walker Heads to Iowa
House Judiciary Chairman: Senate Bill Won't Stop Illegal Immigration
Why the IRS Went After the Tea Party Instead of Establishment Republicans
McConnell 'Undecided' About Immigration Bill
Report: Villaraigosa Spent 15% of His Mayoralty on City Business
Congressman: Immigrants Will Be 'Indentured Servants' Under Senate Bill
Texas Lawmakers to Eliminate Controversial 'Anti-American' Curriculum
Anthony Weiner's Disdain for Women Goes Beyond Twitter Hijinks
Investors.com: Obama's White House 'Reminiscent of Totalitarian Regimes'
Top IRS Official to Plead Fifth
BuzzFeed Staffer: Ted Cruz 'Latino In Name Only'
New York Times: Obama Leak Investigations 'Chilling,' 'Threatening'
IRS's Own Internal Investigation Ended 6 Months Before Election , Hidden From Congress
Columnists Who Met with White House Tuesday Write Same Thing Wednesday
Media Fail: Obama Approval Dips Below 50 In Four Polls
Israel Releases Damning Report on Al-Dura Hoax
New York Times: IRS Scandal Ignored Because of Rush Limbaugh
Chuck Todd: Obama Wants to 'Criminalize Journalism'
Milbank: Reporter Snooping Actions 'Shatter the President's Credibility'
'We Want to Start a War in London'
West Point Adviser Charged with Videotaping Female Cadets in Shower
Jihadists Suspected in Shocking Daylight Attack Outside London
Mexico Cartel Dominates, Torches Western State
British Soldier Hacked to Death in Street in London Terrorist Attack
Military Sources: Obama Admin Not Pursuing Benghazi Suspects
Top Syrian Official Due in Moscow for Talks
Diplomats: Iran Expands Nuclear Technology
Iran's Ahmadinejad to Challenge Ally's Ban from Election
State Dept Employees 'Accountable' For Benghazi Failures Receiving Pay Five Months Later
Polish Man Gets Quick Face Transplant After Injury
Hard-Right Historian Commits Suicide in Notre Dame
Canada Warns of Possible Iraq 'Civil War'
Four Dead as Clashes Rage in Lebanon's Tripoli
Syria Opposition Urges Rebels to Join Qusayr Battle
Seven Egyptian Security Men Kidnapped in Sinai Freed
World View: Syria, Allies Threaten War with Israel in the Golan Heights
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Military suffers wave of ‘gay’ sex assaults
Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier
9-year-old slams Rahm over Chicago schools - Salon.com
Names of those killed in Oklahoma tornado
Learn more about Oklahoma victims - YouTube

Suspect arrested in ricin letter scare
Deadly End to FBI Queries on Tsarnaev and a Triple Killing
LGBT activists in Doral protest Rubio after gay couples left out of immigration plan
Obama, in a Shift, to Limit Targets of Drone Strikes
Key IRS official refuses to testify
Women Were Secretly Filmed at West Point, the Army Says
Susan Powell's father retains private eye to review case file
Brutal attack in London heightens terror fears
Dollar muscles up on Bernanke comments; Aussie under pressure
Google Voice Can Prevent Twitter's New Security System From Locking You Out
Inside Google's Secret Lab
'Hangover' stars blend together like a fine cocktail
A Modern Stone Age Family? A Neanderthal's Molar Suggests Early Weaning
Insects are good for you and good for the world, United Nation says
Gene Sequencing Reveals Feet Have Greatest Fungal Diversity
Vitamin C May Be the Answer in the Fight Against Tuberculosis
Despite Protests, Chicago to Close 49 Schools - NYTimes.com
Wilmette's Highcrest Middle School sets record for twins - chicagotribune.com
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JD Salinger's secret life exposed in new documentary | Books | The Observer
When bad theology happens to good people | The Christian Century
Baptist Press - In Okla.: 'Faith-based FEMA' to be 'huge part' of recovery effort - News with a Christian Perspective
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Let artists, innovators and the public define our copyright system
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Himmler's mysterious death in 1945
Cyber attacks to grow as a threat to U.S. energy grid, Los Alamos head says - Pennenergy
1 Hidden Risk Energy Investors Must Watch Very Closely (CHK, CLR, GPOR, SD)
Electricity from thin air: Using nanotechnology to capture the energy around us
The collapse of China’s photovoltaic industry will spark the next solar boom - Quartz
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Kim Jong-Un Is No Master Strategist | Flashpoints
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