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10 May 2013


Chris Matthews: "Humans, Maybe Not Republicans" Care About 4 Slain In Benghazi
Krauthammer On Benghazi "Cover-Up": "This Story Isn't Going To Explode; This Is A Drip, Drip, Drip Story"
Obama: The Economy Is "Poised For Progress"
Cornyn: People "Wearing Some Form Of Turban" Are Crossing Southern Border
Obama To High Schoolers: "I'm Going To Need Constituents To Pressure Their Members Of Congress"
Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Could Be Prosecuted Over Benghazi Testimony
Mother Of Slain Benghazi Victim Reacts To Hearing: "Government Does Not Care About Us"
Doug Schoen: "I Don't Think All Benghazi Questions Have Been Answered"
Jon Stewart Mocks FOX News, GOP For Creating Benghazi Controversy
Limbaugh On Benghazi: "The Administration's Gotten Away With It; It's Old News"
Fireworks: Barbara Boxer Explodes At Republicans: "Get Out Of The Fringe Lane!"
Peter Schiff: Ben Bernanke Has Injected Economy With "Monetary Caffeine"
Boehner To Obama: Release Benghazi Emails
Pelosi: Gosnell Abortion Case "Really Disgusting"
Scarborough On Benghazi: Obama Admin "About To Get Into Some Very Dangerous Territory"
Coburn: Harry Reid Is "Dishonest" And "Has Been A Failure As A Majority Leader"
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Asks For Elizabeth Warren's Autograph On Air
John McCain On John Kerry: "He's Doing A Shitty Job"
Dem Congresswoman: Obamacare Will Improve Marriages
Michelle Malkin vs. Juan Williams On Benghazi Hearings
Rubio On Benghazi Talking Points: Someone In Admin. Should Have Said "This Is Wrong"
Steny Hoyer vs. CNBC's Joe Kernan On "Pay China First" Bill
McConnell: Obama Could Take A Lesson From Texas On Growth, Job Creation
Full Video: House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing On Benghazi
Matthews: Senate Dems Will Face Opposition From GOP, Gun Safety Activists In 2014
Maddow: Fringe Conspiracy Theorists Find Voice In Congressional GOP
O'Reilly: Reactions To The Benghazi Hearings
Special Report Online: Were Our Questions About Benghazi Answered?
10 MAY
Carney: Benghazi Talking Points "To This Day Have Shown To Be Wrong In Only One Instance"
Maddow: Alarming Ineptitude In America's Nuclear Arsenal
Obama On Obamacare: "You're Benefiting From It, You Just May Not Know It"
Rep. McCaul: Bombing Suspect Wife Radicalized With Him
Sen. Manchin Talks Congress And Guns: "It's Not Over"
Carney: No, Obama Would Not Do Anything Differently In Regards To Benghazi
John Kerry: "I Haven't Really Learned Anything New" From Benghazi Hearings
ABC News: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed Terror Reference
Barney Frank: Dodd-Frank Takes A Very Pro-Market Stance
Unaired RNC Ad From 2012 Rips Obama For Benghazi: 3AM Call Was Ignored
Christie: "I'm A Damn Good Republican"
NBC's Lisa Myers: Benghazi Hearing "Reopens" Case Against Hillary Clinton
"Special Report" Panel: Senate Committee Takes Up Immigration Reform
O'Reilly: Does Benghazi Really Matter?
They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up (Pt. 2) | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Saville victims slam police report which says they DIDN'T cover up his sex crimes | Mail Online
Youngest Jimmy Savile victim was five years old - Telegraph
Church of England facing new child abuse allegations | World news | The Guardian
Campaigners' anger at the mobile phone for 4 year olds - Telegraph
The Anne Frank Fund on the Anne Frank Foundation: They’re acting like Nazis - Europe - World - The Independent
Dreaming of Valhalla | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
By Ken Levine: Terrestrial Radio sucks
Why Do We Weep? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
How Plants Help Each Other Grow By Near-Telepathic Communication | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Queens Homeowner Gets Utility Bills for House Destroyed in Sandy | NBC New York
The Next Contagion - Closer Than You Think - NYTimes.com
Kevyn Orr: Detroit Is In Worse Shape Than I Thought « CBS Detroit
John Friend's Blog: Are "conspiracy theories" gaining traction?
Willie Manning: Unjustly Sentenced to Death
The Three Party System: Left, Right, and Reality
Activist Post: Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice Honored for “Leadership and Progress” as Benghazi Hearing Confirms Lies
Op-Ed: US is involved militarily directly or advising in 74 countries
Pakistan Election 2013: Imran Khan Vows to Shoot Down US Drones If Elected
Prince Harry pays tribute to Diana as he wows White House with charity visit | Mail Online
America’s Roads Have Been Turned Into A Revenue Generating Surveillance Grid | InvestmentWatch
Every television newscast is a staged event | Jon Rappoport's Blog
How the Media Prevents Meaningful Discussion About the Condition of Our Environment - Waking Times : Waking Times
Anonymous – Can you stop an idea? – Truthloader | TruthTheory
Was There a Civilisation X?: Evidence Indicates There Was | New Dawn : The World's Most Unusual Magazine
CIA Report Names a Senator as One of The Witnesses in a UFO Sighting Over Former USSR | UFO CHRONICLE 10-15-1955
Why Are People Applying to Go To Mars and Never Come Back? » The Epoch Times
This Is The Matrix, Brother… | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
No Stress, No Progress!
The Mind vs. Brain Debate (What is Consciousness?) - Waking Times : Waking Times
Got Hemp Milk? The Benefits of Hemp Milk - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Most Famous American Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy - YouTube
Immigration bill backers thwart conservative amendments | Reuters
Inside The Nightmare
"...The Most Dangerously Ignored Aspect of UFO Behavior... a Purported Ability to Override American Missile Command Systems"
Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform | Threat Level | Wired.com
Obama's Syria Game Plan: Libya 2.0
Roi Tov – Is Iran anti-Semitic?
America, the WTF Nation | This Can't Be Happening!
PressTV - Indefinite enemies and the inhumanity of our 'war on terror'
The toy-gun arrests use “actors” | Jon Rappoport's Blog
State Department orders firm to remove 3D-printed guns web blueprints | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Japan is 'adding a Ponzi scheme to a Ponzi scheme' - Telegraph
Gold Banks Have Shot Themselves in the Head, Emancipation of Physical Gold from Paper is at Hand!! | SilverDoctors.com
Why Bitcoin will succeed - Outside the Box - MarketWatch
Hackers Steal $44.47 Million From ATMs Worldwide In Massive Cyberheist - Business Insider
PressTV - Student debt 'roadblock' for US economy
Gerald Celente: Crash, Depression, Currency Wars, Trade Wars, Then Real Wars- The End Game Approaches | SilverDoctors.com
*Seeds of Freedom - http://www.seedsoffreedom.info/

YouTube - "It's a Trick, We Always Use..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.
John McCain Wants To Blow Up The Cable Industry As We Currently Know It - Business Insider
Pirate Bay Takes Over Distribution of Censored 3D Printable Gun | TorrentFreak
"Unfortunately Sometimes That Means A Diminishing Of Our Freedoms" | XRepublic
“We don’t punish or leaders, we just let them go off into the sunset. Often with billions of dollars.” – Larry Wilkerson | InvestmentWatch
The US government might be the biggest hacker in the world
Proof The Controlled Mainstream Media Are Trying To Brainwash & Program You | XRepublic
The Slander of Ron Paul and the Justificating Martial Law | XRepublic
Rand Paul alleges CIA smuggled weapons through Benghazi
US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through Cash4Gold.com - 12160
Holocaust Issues
WORLD BANK EXPOSED!!! WHISTLEBLOWER Former Senior Counsel Karen Hudes TELL IT ALL!!! - YouTube
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s Infamous Ugland House Ties Pop Up Again in Foreclosure Check Scandal |
Team Obama calls global warming doubters 'crazy' | WashingtonExaminer.com
Are We Putting All Our Best Efforts Into Searching For Exo-Planets That Are Like Earth? - | Intellihub.com
Unexpected twists in case of deadly blast at Texas fertilizer plant |
$45M Bank Hack Suspect Was Shot Dead While Playing Dominoes |
Grandson of Malcolm X Mysteriously Killed in Mexico - | Intellihub.com
“Welcome To America” ALL Of YOUR Phone Calls Are NOW Being RECORDED! | InvestmentWatch
Activist Post: US Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Supporting Israeli Boycott
Boston police spied on Occupy protesters instead of investigating Tsarnaevs - 12160
America’s Roads Have Been Turned Into A Revenue Generating Surveillance Grid - | Intellihub.com
Kings and Queens of the Supreme Court | Think Tank - YouTube
The Federal Government’s $16 Billion Education Scam |
DISARMED: A History of Gun Control - YouTube

Was Aaron Swartz Killed By An MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?

Senator John McCain Free-Falls on 9/11… Again
Judge Allows FBI To Use Evidence Collected Via Stingray Fake Cell Towers | Techdirt
Boston bomber buried at midnight in secret ceremony after mystery benefactor claims his body - 12160
Under the Microscope: Mass surveillance on rise in US after Boston attack - 12160
Why Cops Bust Down Doors of Medical Pot Growers, But Ignore Men Who Keep Naked Girls on Leashes |
ICE Union president exposes Obama admin LIES on immigration enforcement |
Targeting Stephen Hawking and Dustin Hoffman: Right-wing 'pro-Israel' advocacy as hate speech Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Stephen Hawking Protests Israel's Occupation Of Palestine! | XRepublic
Stephen Hawking's support for the boycott of Israel is a turning point | Ali Abunimah | Comment is free | The Guardian
FBI Didn't Even Inform Fusion Center About Tamerlan Tsarnaev | Techdirt
Desmond Tutu ‘will no longer vote for ANC’ –the party that brought Nelson Mandela to power | The Raw Story
7 Dodgy Food Practices Banned in Europe But Just Fine Here | Mother Jones
Subway meals can be UNHEALTHIER than those from McDonald's | Mail Online
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Using newsroom magic, CNN covers unfolding crime stories happening in two different cities from the same parking lot. - 12160
One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply | Wired Science | Wired.com
Exposed: Monsanto's Chemical War Against Indigenous Hawaiians | Alternet
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood stages anti-Israel rally | The Times of Israel
U.S. Kicks Drug-War Habit, Makes Peace With Afghan Poppies | Danger Room | Wired.com
Benghazi Memo Underwent 12 Talking Points Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference - 12160
“Humanitarian War”: Obama’s Syria Military Game Plan: Libya 2.0
US Prepares War with Syria as Washington backed Al Qaeda Rebels Lose Ground
Rand Paul "Maybe We Were Facilitating Arms Leaving Libya Going Through Turkey Into Syria" | XRepublic
Hillary Clinton on tape, "There are those who are saying, 'the best thing that could happen to us is to be attacked by somebody.'" | XRepublic
Activist Post: Media Lauds Scientist Who Bragged About Cancer in Vaccines
Activist Post: Use of secretive ‘Stingray’ FBI cell phone tracking tool ruled lawful by judge
The Strange Death of Vincent Foster « Underground Documentaries
The FBI never told the Boston police or the Massachusetts State Police about possible Russian terror connections of the suspected Marathon bombers until 3 days after the attack - 12160
China Loading Up On Gold |
Desensitization Training: Police Practice Fighting “Angry Parents” |
9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Removed from UN Panel After B’nai B’rith Request - 12160
Mystery Aircraft - Plane authorized by FAA to fly low over Quincy, MA without further explanation every night for past 2 weeks. - 12160
Hillary Clinton & Susan Rice Honored for “Leadership & Progress” as Benghazi Hearing Confirms Lies |
Immigration Reform Illegals Will Receive $592,000 More In Benefits Than They’ll Pay in Taxes
Genetic Jailbreak: GMO Fungus Escapes in New Zealand | Institute for Responsible Technology |
Texas Lawmakers Pronounce That The Establishment of Israel was Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophesy(!)
Awaken slaves! - How The Private Central Bank Ponzi Scheme Trapped And Destroyed America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
American media distortion on Palestine | Veterans News Now
Refreshing News: The truth is cops shot transit cop in Watertown during Boston bomber getaway. It was friendly-fire not a Tsarnaev brother.
Washington Surrenders the United States to Mexico |
CONFISCATION! NJ Senators CAUGHT Mocking Gun Owners Committee Meeting May 9, 2013 - YouTube
‘Worst’ File-Sharing Pirates Spend 300% More on Content Than ‘Honest’ Consumers | TorrentFreak
CNN Busted For Faking Satellite Interview. - YouTube
Mobile Phones 100 Times More Deadly For Children Than Assault Rifles | Real Science
Water on the moon may have come from Earth: Scientist's analysis of moon rocks find lunar moisture is identical to ours | Mail Online
EXCLUSIVE: Cowardice Redefined, The New Face of American Serial Killers - Salem-News.Com
Paramedic who responded to Texas blast arrested - Las Vegas Sun News
Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform |
Jeff Bliss, Duncanville Teen Whose Classroom Rant Went Viral, Escaped Punishment. His Teacher Has Not. |
The Nine Stages of Civilization – We’re Entering the Eighth, Dependence | Veterans Today
IRS admits, apologizes for targeting right-wing groups in election run-up - BlackListedNews.com
In eastern Syria oil smugglers benefit from chaos — Phantom Report
Germany arrests two Dutch citizens in cyber bank heist | Reuters
1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t -- $2 Billion in 2012 | CNS News
Hackers, Makers, and Tinkerers: Here's How TPP Would Hurt You - BlackListedNews.com
OK, He Didn't Cause Hurricane Katrina. But He Is Guilty of Fraud. | Danger Room | Wired.com
W.H. Marks Mother's Day By Celebrating Free Birth Control - BlackListedNews.com
Roger Stone: LBJ had Kennedy killed | The Daily Caller
cryptogon.com » Special Inspector General Claims Obama Regime Applying Pressure Over ‘Damning Audits’
California Attorney General Sues J.P. Morgan Over Alleged 'Fraudulent and Unlawful Debt-Collection Practices' | Fox Business
Blacklisted Radio w/ Guest Mike Vail of StratRisks.com - BlackListedNews.com
UAH unveils drone-like UAVs to aid police with campus safety | al.com
Obama’s Science Czar John P. Holdren Confronted on Population Control - BlackListedNews.com
Tests for new chemical guns in late stages - Telegraph
The FBI Is Winning the Fight to Invade Your Online Privacy | Motherboard
Why Marching with Loaded Rifles into DC is Civil Disobedience - YouTube
CNN Fakes Location, Again - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » IRS Admits Harassing Patriot Groups
Prison Planet.com » Congresswoman: Obama Gave Benghazi Stand Down Order
Rand Paul the one-man band - Alexander Burns - POLITICO.com
Boston officials say FBI failed to warn them about bombers | WashingtonExaminer.com
Prison Planet.com » Worldwide ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protests Planned for May 25th
Prison Planet.com » Science will destroy humanity, says team of scientists
Prison Planet.com » Not even good enough for dog food: Imported food from China loaded with chemicals, dyes, pesticides and fake ingredients
Prison Planet.com » Obama’s Science Czar John P. Holdren Confronted on Population Control
Lijian stealth drone prepares for test flightPoliticsNewsWantChinaTimes.com
Prison Planet.com » US Sending $100mln Aid Package to Syria
Prison Planet.com » UK says no evidence Syrian rebels used chemical weapons despite UN probe
Pyongyang Calls South Korean President’s US Trip ‘Prelude to War’ | World | RIA Novosti
Prison Planet.com » Academic Cesspools and Cultural Marxists (Or Do I Repeat Myself?)
Prison Planet.com » Psychological crossroad of an unhappy life
Prison Planet.com » Gosnell Horrors “Standard Operating Procedure” in Abortion Industry
Prison Planet.com » Australian Activist Defeats Spy Cameras In Landmark Case
Prison Planet.com » Sheriff Arpaio to Testify in Case Challenging President’s Birth
U.S. Postal Service posts $1.9 billion loss, despite efficiency efforts
Prison Planet.com » Jim Grant On Gold’s Recent Drop: “Confidence In Bernanke Is Utterly Misplaced”
Prison Planet.com » Three Huge Breakthroughs for Bitcoin
Visualizing the insane complexity of a half second of stock trading | Science! | Geek.com
China may not overtake America this century after all - Telegraph
Prison Planet.com » This Is What Happens As America Converts Into A Nation Of Renters
Prison Planet.com » MSNBC Host Caught Lying About Watertown Martial Law
Prison Planet.com » Professor Griff Speaks Out: Public Enemy Star’s Interview With Infowars
Prison Planet.com » Lew Rockwell: D.C. is The Locust of Evil
Apple deluged by police demands to decrypt iPhones | Politics and Law - CNET News
Prison Planet.com » Could U.S. Immigration Reform Include a National Biometric Database?
Could U.S. immigration reform include a national biometric database? | BiometricUpdate.com
Man who stripped at Portland airport fights $1G TSA fine | Fox News
Paramedic accused of having pipe bomb materials was fired 2 days after West explosion | Dallasnews.com - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News
Obamacare IPAB: Boehner, McConnell Refuse Appointments - Business Insider
Intelligence report identified vulnerability before Boston bombing - latimes.com
Prison Planet.com » Infowars Exclusive Interview with 3D Gunsmith: ‘Information Will Be Free, and It Wants To Be’
Prison Planet.com » Are children being zombified?
Prison Planet.com » FDA Wants to Increase Budget by Nearly $1 Billion, 94% Coming from Drug Industry
The Rogue Helping Obama Steal America
Benghazi and Boston: Maintaining the Momentum
UN Peacekeepers In Sudan Fail to Protect Black African Tribal Chief From Arab Militia Executioners
VIDEO: Democrats calling media looking for help undermining Gregory Hicks
Destroying our country, our military and our very existence
Did You Do Anything to Keep Liberty Alive?
Coptic Solidarity Urges State Department to Name Egypt a ‘Country of Particular Concern’
Puppeteers, Puppeteer-Controlled Government and Media, and Gosnell!
Hacking shows why gun owners oppose registry, records keeping
Benghazi: Will Hillary be charged with obstruction of justice?
Protest Political Correctness on July 3, 2013: Announcing Freedom of Conscience Day!
Video: Caught on Tape: Student Schools 'Lazy' Teacher
Video: Confronted: Robert Redford, the Terrorist Sympathizer
Video: 'Tyrants of the Year' from Time Magazine
Video: Black Leaders Praise NRA for Saving Them
Video: Duplicitous Hypocrisy on Race: Don't Fight the Left with Fairness
Video: Deja Vu? Another USC Prof. Caught Ranting About Conservatives
Obama's Demeaning Commencement Address
IRS political scandal a new political nightmare for Obama administration
Is Benghazi Obama's Watergate?
Mistaking Cause and Effect in Syria
IRS says it's sorry for targeting tea party groups
Woman found alive in rubble of Bangladesh factory after 17 days
Two Hamas 'journalists' to be added to Newseum's memorial
What the Hearings Mean
BDS and the Intellectuals
Putin Condemned
The Question of Evil and Hannah Arendt
MSM Benghazigate cofferdam breached
Workers raise World Trade Center spire
American Crossroads video on Benghazi
Job creation the Texas way vs. the Illinois way
You Can't Handle The Truth
The Faults, Fallacies and Failures of Wind Power
Homage to a Down Low Brother
The Oil Price Enigma
When you say 'Gay marriage is inevitable,' do you mean rich people want it?
Ariel Castro, Cleveland Kidnapper, Is a Registered Democrat
How to Read (and How to Fail at Reading)
Shocking Hot-Mic Gun Comments From New Jersey Senate: ‘Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate’
Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels
Formerly Skeptical BBC Editor Changes Tune: Benghazi Is Now ‘Very Serious’ and ‘Heads Will Roll’
Top GOP Senator Says Obama Could Be Impeached Over ‘Most Egregious Cover-Up in American History’
White House Holds Off-the-Record Meeting With Reporters on Benghazi
Jay Carney Downplays New Benghazi Info, Press Pushes Back: ‘All of This Is a Distraction’
Benghazi Whistleblower Attorney: I Have More People Who Want to Testify
President Obama: You’re Already Benefiting From Obamacare, ‘You Just May Not Know It’
Stunning, Just-Released Footage of Wild Shootout That Left Gunman Dead and Police Officer Wounded (Warning: GRAPHIC)
Connected? Paramedic Arrested for Possession of Bomb-Making Materials as Criminal Investigation Into Texas Plant Explosion Begins
Is This the Alleged Islamic Cemetery Where Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was Secretly Buried?
ABC Releases Big Benghazi Report: Talking Points Changed 12 Times, ‘Dramatically Edited by Administration,’ and Scrubbed of Terror References
SHOCK: IRS Admits to Targeting Conservative Groups During 2012 Election, Apologizes
The Viral Email Sent by a Marine General in 2003 on the Importance of Reading
These 4 Dems Really Wanted to Talk About This One Thing During the Boston Bombing Hearing
Released 2007 NSA Document Shows How Cyber Spies Are Trained to Find Information ‘Not Intended for Public Distribution’
This Is the Scathing Benghazi Ad the RNC Created Last Year But Never Ran
Is There a Scary Biometric ‘National ID System’ Tucked into the Immigration Bill?
Did an Imam Really Use Arabic Prayer to Covertly Damn Fallen Seal Team 6 Members to Hell During Their Funeral?
Will the Cleveland Kidnapper Face Murder Charges, Death Penalty for Abuse That Caused Five Abortions?
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Demographic Pandering or Sound Policy?
‘Lies and Deceit’: See What the Families of the SEAL Team 6 Members Slain in Chopper Crash Alleged at Their Press Conference
AWESOME! New Web Ad Hits Hillary Clinton On Benghazi
RUSH: Libyan President Was More Honest About Benghazi Than Our Own Administration
RUSH: Entirely Likely Biden, Kerry, Other Democrats Attempt To Leak Stuff About Hillary
Rush Limbaugh Defends Jason Richwine Of The Heritage Foundation
Limbaugh: Scarborough Inadvertently Swerved Into A Decent Point, Right-Wing ‘Overplayed Their Hand’
“That Is A Blockbuster”: Mark Levin Slams GOP House Committee For Not Swearing In Hillary Clinton
Dana Perino Shreds Bob Beckel Over Benghazi B.S.
RUSH: Incompetence is Used By Democrats To Cover-Up A Cover-Up
Limbaugh: “Most Important Thing About Benghazi Is To Get It Behind Us”
Limbaugh: ObamaCare Is Going To Be Seen As Wiping Out The Deficit
RUSH: The Long Knives Are Out To Discredit Heritage Foundation’s Immigration Study
UPDATED: WTF?! FBI Detains Pressure Cooker Found in Man’s Luggage, But Not Man (Who Had Bomb Making Lit)
So Sad, Too Bad: American Stabbed @ US Embassy Egypt Hates “Zionists,” is Pro-Palestinian Activist
Terrorist Skank Katherine Russell/Karima Tsarnaeva Hires Al-Qaeda Lawyer; Still Won’t Cooperate w Feds
BENGAZI TIED TO … BOSTON BOMBING? Common thread runs through deadly assaults
Video: Did Geraldo implicate Hillary in another Benghazi Lie?
Audio: Hillary Clinton Ventriloquist Dummy Victoria Nuland Lied one day after Susan Rice did
Liberal Media: Hillary’s Ventriloquist Dummy acted alone
Video: Liberal Reporter on MSNBC says Democrats want her to undermine Whistleblower Testimony
Video: Evidence Mitt Romney took a dive?
Anthony, TX (La Tuna): Where TWO of Hillary’s most problematic Filmmakers are locked up
Stunning Time-Lapse Shows Changes in Earth’s Surface Over 30 Years | Video | TheBlaze.com
‘F**king Religious Idiots’: The CraigsList Ad (and Promotion) That Just Has to Be Seen to Be Believed | TheBlaze.com
This Swimmer Set a World Record — Click to See Why That’s So Incredible | Video | TheBlaze.com
Adorable Video Shows Kids’ Faces as They Taste New Foods for the First Time | Video | TheBlaze.com
Yen Gets Crushed, U.S. Dollar Soars | TheBlaze.com
‘Just Get Up and Teach Them Instead of Handing Them a Frickin’ Packet, Yo’: Student’s Rant to Teacher Goes Viral | Video | TheBlaze.com
Worst Stunt Ever? Terrified Moviegoers Call 911 After Theater Sends Fake Armed Gunman Into ‘Iron Man 3′ Screening | TheBlaze.com
Injured Hispanic Custodian Sues School After Not Being Able to Read English Warning Sign | Video | TheBlaze.com
Chris Christie: ‘I’m a Damn Good Republican’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Record-High Teen Pregnancies, Drug Overdoses, Imprisoned Parents, Illiteracy: You Won’t Believe What ‘War’ W. VA Schools Are Facing | TheBlaze.com
A Miracle? Woman Found Alive in Prayer Room 17 Days After Horrific Collapse of Bangladeshi Garment Factory | TheBlaze.com
Exclusive: The RNC Benghazi Attack Ad that Never Ran - ABC News
Secret email reveals top official told Libya's U.S. Abmassador that terrorists were behind Benghazi attack - four days BEFORE U.S. Ambassador to UN said it was a spontaneous attack | Mail Online
Families of Navy SEALs killed in 2011 attack say government is to blame | Fox News
Senate Committee Takes up Immigration Bill
» Obama fired 3 generals, admiral to cover up Benghazi
Bill Gives DHS Sec. 'Virtually Unlimited Discretion to Waive Any Manner of Crimes,' ICE Council Warns Congress | CNS News
New York City considers allowing non-citizens to vote - Washington Times
HURT: Benghazi shows Democrats at most desperate - Washington Times
Exclusive: Dagestani Relative of Tamerlan Tsarnaev Is a Prominent Islamist - Yahoo! News
Limbaugh: Gun Crime Is Way Down Because Gun Ownership Is Way Up – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Video Blog Posts
RUSH: Drive-By Media Not Interested In Benghazi Because “There’s No Sex In Benghazi” – Daily Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Video Blog Posts
OBAMA USED TAXPAYER FUNDS IN BENGHAZI COVER-UP. 70,000 dollar Pakistani ad blamed obscure anti-Muhammad film « Klein Online
Huckabee: Benghazi Cover-Up Could Lead to Obama Impeachment
Huckabee: Hope to 'Continue Right On' With Radio Show
White House Dismisses Benghazi Criticism
Bolton: We Will Find 'Where Responsibility Lies'
Forbes: Benghazi 'Going to Be an Issue' for Clinton in 2016
Noonan: Benghazi Was All About Politicization for White House
Tea Party Groups to IRS: 'Apology Not Accepted'
President Declares Obamacare 'Is Here to Stay'
Attorney To Malzberg: Benghazi 'Whistleblower' Reassigned
Kerry: Not Learning 'Anything New' From Benghazi Hearings
Rove's Crossroads Hits Hillary on Benghazi
Rodman: I'll Deal With Kim Because Obama Won't
Hundreds of Pounds of Explosives Stolen From Remote Federal Facility
Conservative Anger at Benghazi Cover-up
Noonan: Benghazi Reaction Was Driven By Politics
AG: Ohio Kidnap Suspect Is Father of Captive Girl
Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast Spurs Criminal Probe
Ryan: 'Progressivism Is Arrogant, Condescending'
China's Xi Urges Netanyahu to Quickly Restart Mideast Peace Talks
NKorea Calls US-SKorea Summit Prelude to War
NKorea: Jailed American Missionary Plotted Overthrow of State
Steve Forbes to Moneynews: Fed's QE Comparable to the Titanic
Kudlow: Immigration Reform Is About the Soul of America
6 Foods That Boost Testosterone
Have Researchers Found Diabetes Cure?
Soy-Tomato Combo Prevents Prostate Cancer
Flying Car Could Become a Reality
Spacewalk May Be Needed to Fix Ammonia Leak on Space Station
Immigration Reform Bypasses Congress
Some Words Make Thinking Obsolete
A Background Check Law That Will Work
The Benghazi Patsy
Ways and Means to IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ or ‘Conservative’—By Wednesday | CNS News
FLASHBACK: Mark Levin Asks IG to Probe Possible IRS Misconduct in Dealing with Tea Party | CNS News
1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t -- $2 Billion in 2012 | CNS News
Obama Hails Health Care Law, Contraception Mandate in Women’s Health Proclamation | CNS News
Kerry Pledges to ‘Leave No Stone Unturned’ on Benghazi Culpability | CNS News
Slain Benghazi Officer's Mom: Obama, Clinton, Rice 'All Told Me About The Reason This Happened Was the Video’ – ‘They Were Hugging Me’ | CNS News
Lieberman: Boston Bombing Suspects: ‘Motivated by Violent Islamic Extremism’ | CNS News
NRA Teams up With Beau Biden on Delaware’s Mental Illness Reporting Bill | CNS News
Testimony: Stevens Went to Benghazi Mission on 9/11/12 So Clinton Could Announce on Upcoming Libyan Visit It Had Become Permanent U.S. Post | CNS News
62% of House GOP Now Co-Sponsoring Bill for Special Committee on Benghazi | CNS News
Federal Student Aid Form Now Using 'Parent 1' and 'Parent 2' to 'Reflect Diversity' and Better Calculate Aid | CNS News
U.N. Human Rights Official Again Links Boston Bombing to U.S. Foreign Policies | CNS News
Adult Swim plans a cartoon show to star Mike Tyson | CNS News
OJ to get Vegas court hearing on bid for new trial | CNS News
Later, Dawg: Randy Jackson Leaving 'American Idol' | CNS News
‘Democracy’ in Iran: Many Will Register As Presidential Candidates, But Few Will Compete | CNS News
Pakistan set for historic, unpredictable election | CNS News
Court Reinstates Christian College's Obamacare Lawsuit | CNS News
King, Messiah: New baby names suggest high hopes | CNS News
Biden: Amnesty for Illegals Is ‘Granting Them the Dignity and Respect They Deserve’ | CNS News
Prince Harry Mingles With Michelle Obama, Other Washington 'Royalty' | CNS News
Shorter Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton Will Benefit From Benghazi | NewsBusters
Dan Gainor to Fox Business: Benghazi Media Cover-Up to Protect Clinton, Obama | NewsBusters
NBC Hypes 'Jaw-Dropping Images' of 'Melting Glaciers, Vanishing Rain Forests, Non-Stop Urban Sprawl' | NewsBusters
Dennis Rodman: 'Obama Can't Do S--t' About North Korea, 'F--k Him' | NewsBusters
Prince Harry Visits America, But ABC Proclaims the Obamas to be 'Washington's Royalty?' | NewsBusters
6 Foods That Boost Testosterone
White House holds 'deep background' Benghazi briefing - POLITICO.com
Rush Limbaugh supports amnesty … on 1 condition
Carney: What I meant was... - POLITICO.com
Local taco joint selling tacos made with lion meat
Texas plant explosion a bombing?
Biblical? Conservative? You can’t paint that!
A journey from Sheila to James for transgender radio announcer in Victoria
Prince Charles attacks global warming sceptics | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Department of Education to eliminate terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ for ‘gender inclusive language’
How to tell a ‘want’ from a ‘need’
Stopping the American cash drain
This Is Quite Possibly The Worst Breitbart Story Ever
Fox News Once Again Leverages Obama Daughters for Shock Value
Wendell Potter: Hospital Fee Discrepancy a 'Complete Failure' of Unregulated Marketplace
More Wingnut Welfare for Rush Limbaugh!
Republican Strategist: Benghazi 'Much Worse' Than 9/11
Texas Rep. Stockman Is Giving Away A Bushmaster AR-15 Rifle
GOP Boycotted EPA Head Vote For Lunch With Energy Lobbyists!
Chilling Castro Letter Found: 'I'm a Sexual Predator, I Need Help'
Bryan Fischer Refuses to Answer 'Simple Yes or No Question' About His 'Gay Impulses'
Fox's Bolling Offers Republicans and Biden Benghazi Attack Ad For 2016
Colbert Lashes Out at South Carolina After Sister's Loss to Sanford
Stewart Tears Into the 'Denizens of Bullsh*t Mountain' for Benghazi Fearmongering
St. Louis Fast Food Strike Spreads To Other Locations
Cornyn: Immigrants 'Wearing Some Form of Turban' Crossing Southern Border
Deal May Get Enron CEO Out Of Prison 10 Years Early
Maxim Hot 100 Includes Hoda Kotb and Kamala Harris
NBC Bringing Back '70s Cop Drama 'Ironside'
Mo. Theater Apologizes for Actor Carrying Fake Gun at 'Iron Man 3' Screening
David Letterman Targets Talk Show Host, Jay Leno Mocks Commander in Chief
'Duck Dynasty' Star Vows to Quit if A&E Bans Talk of God or Guns
Jon Stewart's Attempts to Protect Obama, Hillary Over Benghazi Looking Sillier by the Hour
'At Any Price' Review: Dennis Quaid Sparks Familiar Tale of Generational Divide
'The Great Gatsby' Review: Candy-Colored Remake Wallows in Style Over Substance
'24' May Return as Limited Series on Fox
Cantor: House Will Investigate IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups
Obama Targets GOP Members Who Cross the Aisle
IRS Blames 'Low-Level' Employees for Targeting Conservative Groups
HHS Secretary: 'Being a Woman Is No Longer a Pre-Existing Condition'
Rebel Baker Creates 36K Calorie Anti-Bloomberg Cupcake in NYC
Poll: 64% of Gun Control Advocates Wrongly Think Gun Crime Up
ICE Agent Union President Claims White House Inflates Deportation Numbers
True the Vote Prez on IRS: 'Assault on Free Speech'
DC Staffers Use Insider Connections to Cash In on Wall Street
IRS Issues Statement on Discrimination Against Conservatives: Mistakes Not 'Political or Partisan'
McConnell Demands Full Investigation of IRS' 'Political Thuggery'
FLASHBACK 2009: Obama Jokes About IRS Auditing Political Enemies
GOP Senators Boycott Vote on 'Radical' EPA Nominee
IRS Apologizes for Targeting Tea Party Groups in 2012
GOP Rep Calls For Joint Committee, Subpoenas On Benghazi
Complicated Immigration Bill Amends, Refers to 52 Other Federal Laws
Democrats: 'No Evidence of a Cover-Up' in Benghazi Deaths
Congress Demands States Detail Regulation of Abortion Clinics
Florida Abortionists Leave Women Mangled, Aborted Babies in Biohazard Bags
Dems Worry About 'Decline' of Party Post-Obama
Business Insider: Cruz Most 'Badass,' 'Fearless' GOP Senator in Ages
Illinois Sheriff Proposes Restrictive Conceal Carry Law
Team Obama Wants Public To Think Calls Republicans are 'Crazy' on Climate
Gosnell Jury Hears Testimony A Second Time About Baby Struggling In Toilet
VA Lt. Gov. Race Turns Into Debate Over Opera House and Role of Government
Benghazi: Progressives Rewrite History in Real Time
Obama wades back into the health care debate
Sen Graham Calls Benghazi Testimony of Joint Chiefs' Chairman into Question
Senate GOP Looks Set to Embrace Amnesty
'Sex Superbug' Worse than AIDS Hits Hawaii
Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly Raise $11 Million for Gun Control
2012 RNC Benghazi Attack Ad That Never Aired
Report: New York City May Allow Amnestied Illegal Immigrants to Vote
Flashback: Media Ridiculed Claims IRS Targeted Conservatives
Democrats Reach Out to Media for Support on Benghazi
Washington Post FactChecker: 'Bureaucratic Explanation' For Talking Point Edits?
BuzzFeed's Ben Smith Explains Motive Behind White House Libya Coverup
ABC News' Karl: Expect Lots Of Benghazi Questions For Carney
BBC Apologizes for Benghazi Coverage: Hillary In Trouble, 'Heads Will Roll'
Politico Reporter Declares ABC's Libya Smoking Gun a Distraction
Flashback: White House 8 Days After Attack: No 'Indication' Libya Was Terrorism
Carney Fields ONE Question On Benghazi Day After Hearing
Politico Hunts for Cash with Subscriber Content, Limited Paywall
Media Interest Is Only Difference Between Ohio Kidnappings & Philadelphia Abortion Doctor
Rubio Hammers Hillary, Congratulates Fox News on Benghazi
CNN's Piers Morgan Honored by Anti-Gun Group
Top New York Newsman Becomes Newswoman
Time: Tsarnaev's Islamist Cousin Acted as Guide During Russia Trip
Tripoli in Danger of Becoming the Next Benghazi?
Carney Blames Romney for Politicizing Benghazi
White House: Benghazi Talking Points Edits Not Politically Motivated
U.N.'s Falk Justifies Boston Bombings as Legitimate 'Resistance' Again
House Foreign Affairs Chair: Investigate Benghazi Accountability Review Board
White House Meets Privately with Press to Discuss Benghazi
Stephen Hawking Rejects the Zionism of Einstein
The Original Benghazi Talking Points Also Lie
ABC News: Obama Admin Scrubbed Terror References In Benghazi Talking Points
IMF says monetary easing could drive asset bubble
No Delay for Trial of Fort Hood Shooting Suspect
G7 States Meet in UK as US Presses Europe on Austerity
US Aircraft Carrier Nimitz to Join S. Korea Drills
State Department: Virulent America, Israel Hater Can't Be Fired at U.N.
White House: Edits of Benghazi Talking Points Were 'Stylistic Not Substantive'
New Evidence from His Doctors Shows Hitler Was Gay
Qatar's Duplicitous Game
Hearing: Local Law Enforcement Never Informed About Tsarnaev Brothers
Boehner: Benghazi Truth 'Shouldn't Be Hidden Behind WH Firewall'
Van maker backed by Energy Dept. loans shuts down
Report: Tabloid TV Editor To Be Named NBC News President
Fox News Mole Cops Plea
Vanity Fair Depicts 'Righteous Fighter' Breitbart as 'American Caesar'
Italian Police Discover Burned Bodies of 2 Canadian Mafiosos
Hippo Swallows Man From Waist Up
Turkish Airlines Reverses Stewardess Lipstick Ban
Israel Building 300 New Homes in Samaria
Terrorist Linked to SPLC
America’s Black Eye
FBI Busts Kid for Joining Terror Group U.S. Supports
AFP PODCAST: Family of Vietnam Vet Exposed to Agent Orange Suffers Side Effects
U.S. Makes Case for Wrecking Syria Like It Has Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya
Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus can't be left alone because they're so brainwashed into being around their fellow captives | Mail Online
Ariel Castro: Ohio prosecutors may seek death penalty for kidnap suspect | World news | The Guardian
Note reportedly found inside Castro home includes chilling admission: ‘I am a sexual predator’ | The Lookout - Yahoo! News
Ariel Castro: Cleveland 'kidnapper' told his wife what to eat, how to wear her skirts, even ordered her into a cardboard box | Mail Online
Ariel Castro 'kept his WIFE chained up in the basement where he later locked his victims and whipped her with dog chains' | Mail Online
Ariel Castro's mother Lillian Rodriguez apologizes: 'I'm sorry for what he's done' | Mail Online
Ariel Castro: Cleveland kidnapping suspect's daughter calls for him to be given the death penalty | Mail Online
Secret Boston intelligence report flagged 'increased vulnerability' of marathon finish line FIVE DAYS before fatal bombings | Mail Online
Boston Police Weren’t Told F.B.I. Got Warning on Tsarnaev - NYTimes.com
McDonald's cuts Angus burgers from menu
Obama pushes $9 minimum wage bill in visit to red state Texas - The Hill's Video
PressTV - Italy’s first black minister target of racist insult
Scientists create sensor that can be placed INSIDE the body to monitor every aspect of your health | Mail Online
The vampire treatment that 'rejuvenates' ageing hearts: Dose of young blood can reverse life-threatening thickening of organ | Mail Online
H7N9: Is It the New "Most Lethal" Bird Flu Strain?
Ancient Arctic was warm, wet, and green. What that says about the future. - CSMonitor.com
'What difference does it make?'
Memo to Christian troops: We've got your back
Welcome back to Washington, Mark Sanford
Senate amnesty: Non-enforcement is chief goal
Judgment has arrived in America
Pay no attention to man behind the curtain
Hillary's criminality no concern to Republicans
Symposium: Cult of acceptance
Waiting for an invitation
Time to get radical … with the radicals
The 5-year Nuge Immigration Plan
Why we should mistrust the government
Beware of liberals in evangelicals’ clothing
The beginning of the end of Obama’s reign?
Boy Scouts follow Girl Scouts downhill
Will Americans embrace synoptic thinking?
Administration blowing smoke on Benghazi
Obama: Blame America 1st
The Holy Grail of power schemes: Obamacare
Requiem for a Grand Old Party
We use jihadists to guard Americans
A burning dilemma among America’s dhimma
RAND PAUL STAFFS UP for '16, heads to Iowa this weekend -- DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: 'Biden can give Hillary Clinton a run for her money' -- DOUG SOSNIK warns Dems re '14 -- GOP seizes on Benghazi - POLITICO Playbook - POLITICO.com
Benghazi: The Real Reason Behind Obama’s Cover-up | Dprogram.net
The Most Expensive Military in History – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
Breaking The Set: Computer Age Philosophy, Supreme Court Kings and Queens, Green Friends and Foes | Dprogram.net
Living in A Sustainable Community Free From Coercion – John Bush #N3 | Dprogram.net
Is Gov’t Response to Terror, Terror? – Prof. Beau Grosscup #N3 | Dprogram.net
America’s 100 Most Trusted People – Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
Youth Passion for Waking Up – Adam Kokesh | Dprogram.net
Adam Kokesh on CBS DC WUSA9 #OpenCarry130704 | Dprogram.net
ASD, SPD, ADHD- Why Seek a Diagnosis? | Dprogram.net
Gerald Celente – This Week In Money | Dprogram.net
Science will destroy humanity, says team of scientists | Dprogram.net
Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference - ABC News
Watchdog says government has tried to silence him on Afghanistan - Stephanie Gaskell - POLITICO.com
Desensitization Training: Police Practice Fighting “Angry Parents” | Dprogram.net
Will Bilderberg Summon Obama’s New Trade Representative To The Table? | Dprogram.net
BBC: Heads Will Roll, White House Benghazi Cover Up Exposed | Dprogram.net
Why we should mistrust the government – Judge Andrew Napolitano | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 1) | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 2) | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 3) | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 4) | Dprogram.net
SLHS: Deconstructing Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ (Part 5) | Dprogram.net
BBC News - The great dinosaur stampede that never was?
News from the Edge | Extremely Unusual Object and Event Videotaped at High Altitude | unknowncountry
Hubble Telescope Sees 'Polluted' Dead Stars | Space.com
Macro Eye Photos Zoom in on Nature's Complexity | Raw File | Wired.com
Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov Plans on Becoming Immortal by 2045 | Motherboard
Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100, Experts Say | The Singularity & Artificial Intelligence | LiveScience
Google Street View discovers new cat species! « Why Evolution Is True
Mysterious hydrogen clouds detected in space, puzzling scientists - latimes.com
“She’s Not Alive Honey”: Mother Of Amanda Berry Devastated By Sylvia Browne | Ghost Theory
Stunning Astronomical Alignment Found at Peru Pyramid | LiveScience
Panel Convenes in Washington to Discuss Aliens - NYTimes.com
Government Lab Reveals It Has Operated Quantum Internet For Over Two Years | MIT Technology Review
A Cyanide Death in Pittsburgh | Wired Science | Wired.com
The Mystery of John Titor: Hoax or Time Traveler?
Babylon's hanging garden: ancient scripts give clue to missing wonder | Science | The Guardian
Cicadas on the rise: Bug fans and scientists get ready for the big buzz - Cosmic Log
Valley fever rates rising in Western United States - CBS News
Dan Brown's Inferno: the hellish conditions endured by those translating author's new blockbuster - Telegraph

Coast To Coast Am April 27 2013 - Alternative Health - Hour 2 - Coast To Coast Am Hours - YouTube
Coast To Coast Am - April 28 2013 - Military Whistleblowers ...
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Coast To Coast AM - May 07 2013 Power of Belief
C2CAM UFOs , ETs and Abductions MAY 08 2013 Coast To Coast ...

Coast To Coast AM - May 09 2013 - OBEs & Astral ... - YouTube
Free Syrian Army Rebels Defect to Islamist Group Jabhat al-Nusra
Nasrallah: Syria Will Provide Hezbollah With 'Game-changing' Weapons
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA) - Full Speech - May 9, 2013
Israel Rescues Mujahid Obama
Arab League's Peace Initiative Puts Israel in an Embarrassing Position
Missing from the Arab Peace Plan: an Israeli Partner
Harper’s Conservatives Promote Military Ties to Israel
Pakistan High Court Declares US Drone Strikes as Illegal
Former Drone Pilot On The Effects Of Killing By Remote Control
Death is Preferable to Life at Obama's Guantanamo
Homeland Insecurity Seven Years, Untold Dollars to Silence One Man
Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order
Global Pandemics: Not If, But When
Vaccine Kills 9 Kids: Quinvaxem
How the Media Prevents Meaningful Discussion About the Environment
27 Additional Reasons To Use And Store Salt
Desensitization Training: Police Practice Fighting “Angry Parents”
9th Circuit: No Relief for Copyright Troll Righthaven
Boston Bomber's Connections to the CIA
Police Hold Shooting Drills Pretending to Fight Angry Parents
CIA: From intelligence agency to killing machine
The Beginning Of The End For The Mainstream Media!
The Universe Explained in Under 3 Minutes
Was Destroying Iraq Worth It?
The Demonization of Arabs and Muslims « LewRockwell.com Blog
Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)
Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo “Counseling” Due to her “Conspiracy Theories”
Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?
The Splitting up of British India
Bush Versus Obama: Who’s Worse?
US Prepares War with Syria as Washington backed Al Qaeda Rebels Lose Ground
“Syria to Respond immediately to any New Israeli Attack”: Syria deputy FM. Tel Aviv Supports Al Nusra Terrorists
“Humanitarian War”: Obama’s Syria Military Game Plan: Libya 2.0
U.S. Marines Train German and Moroccan Troops on How to Operate Drones in North Africa
On the Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign: ‘We will March to Ignite the Revolution King Called for’
No More “Fast Food” in Bolivia: McDonald’s Has Closed Down All Its Restaurants
The Basel Committee and the Global Banking Mafia
Hold the Front Page! We Need Free Media, Not an Order of Mates
Death is Preferable to Life at Obama’s Guantanamo
The Samson Complex: Israel again Rebuffs Peace with the Arab world
Interview 659 - Bill Conroy on the House of Death Scandal
Interview 658 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 9, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 8, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 7, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 6, 2013

Syria Update: The Geopolitical Double Game
The EyeOpener- Who is Graham Fuller
Election-Related Attacks Continue On Eve Of Pakistani Vote
Pakistani Campaign Rhetoric More Bark Than Bite?
Britain, Russia Agree on 'Urgent' Push for Syrian Talks
US Officials Urge Russia to Stop Syria Arms Sales
US And Britain Withdraw Some Diplomats From Libya
Boston Bombing Suspect Sought Jihad in Russia
DPRK: South Korean President's US Trip 'Prelude to War'
Karzai Agrees to US Request for Bases
Cops Tells Woman In Her Own Home: ID Yourself Or You're Under Arrest - informationliberation
Feds Spend $402,721 on Underwear That Senses Cigarette Smoke | CNS News
Report Says al-Qaeda, CIA Warnings Deleted From Benghazi Talking Points
Diplomat Says He Was Demoted for Questioning Official Account of Benghazi Attack
Eight Charged for Part in $45 Million International Cybercrime
United States of Europe
Feds Demand Wiki-Weapon Maker Pull 3D Gun Blueprints
Ableman v. Booth: How State Nullification Can Defy Tyrannical Government
Gosnell Horrors “Standard Operating Procedure” in Abortion Industry
Boycott Israel? by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Gatekeeping for Zion by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com
Political Decentralization Might Help in Conflict-Ridden Countries by Ivan Eland -- Antiwar.com
Karzai: US Can Keep Nine Bases in Afghanistan -- News from Antiwar.com
How the Iraq War Became a War on Christians | The American Conservative
'Butt Out,' 60% of 18- to 34-Year-Olds Tell Federal Government by Gary North
Jodi Arias Trial Is a Groundbreaking, Government Sponsored, Social Media Lynching! by Paul Huebl
Should Libertarians Join the 'Underbanked'? by Robert Wenzel
Requiem for a Grand Old Party by Patrick J. Buchanan
What Anarchists Should Learn From Chairman Mao by Jim Karger
Buffett to Bernanke: It's Easier To Buy Than To Sell by Bill Bonner
The Three Party System: Left, Right, and Reality
Big City Obstacles To Getting Home in a Disaster by Bernie Carr
‘Brazilian Atlantis’: Scientists Discover Traces of Sunken Continent Under Atlantic Ocean
The Dangers of Fluoride-Based Antibiotics
Sweden's War on Cash « LewRockwell.com Blog
Sweden’s War on Cash: News from the Frontlines :: The Circle Bastiat
Psychopathy in Politics and Finance - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV - YouTube
Syria Bombed, Hill Jailed, Zero Dark CIA - New World Next Week - YouTube
IRS admits, apologizes for targeting right-wing groups in election run-up - BlackListedNews.com
1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t -- $2 Billion in 2012 | CNS News
Carney: I.R.S. Run By Bush Political Appointee | The Weekly Standard
The Time President Obama Made An Auditing Joke
‘I’m not good at math’: The IRS’ public relations disaster
Mitch McConnell Demands White House Investigate IRS for Targeting Conservative Groups | WFPL
Congress vows to investigate IRS over conservative audits - Washington Times
IRS apologizes for targeting tea party groups
Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy Residents « CBS Boston
Exclusive: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference - ABC News
The Benghazi Scandal Grows | The Weekly Standard
ATTORNEY: Whistleblower Greg Hicks Told To Take Desk Job or Be Terminated - YouTube
Rep. Chaffetz: Hillary Clinton must testify again about Benghazi attacks | WashingtonExaminer.com
Scrubbing the Truth from Benghazi - NationalJournal.com
RAND PAUL STAFFS UP for '16, heads to Iowa this weekend -- DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: 'Biden can give Hillary Clinton a run for her money' -- DOUG SOSNIK warns Dems re '14 -- GOP seizes on Benghazi - POLITICO Playbook - POLITICO.com
CMU President: Police File Charges In Naked Pope Incident « CBS Pittsburgh
Randy Jackson: I'm leaving 'Idol'
Hispanic Custodians On Auraria Campus Claim Discrimination « CBS Denver
70-Year-Old Gardner Man Fights Off Home Intruder « CBS Boston
W.H. Marks Mother's Day By Celebrating Free Birth Control | The Weekly Standard
My Way News - Obama wades back into the health care debate
Obamacare IPAB: Boehner, McConnell Refuse Appointments - Business Insider
White House Meets Privately with Press to Discuss Benghazi
Paramedic in Texas plant blast charged with having 'destructive device;' unclear if related | Fox News
Emotions Within Israel Run High Over Jewish Women’s Group Visit to the Western Wall - Middle East Real Time - WSJ
EXCLUSIVE: Goldman Sachs employees concerned Bloomberg news reporters are using terminals to snoop - NYPOST.com
Lijian stealth drone prepares for test flightPoliticsNewsWantChinaTimes.com
GOP’s Rand Paul Raises Presidential Profile, Says He Is ‘Considering’ 2016 Run « CBS DC
Sick Video: Obama Has Islamic Iman Curse Dead Soldiers at Their Memorial Service (Seal Team VI) | Obama
ANGRY: Families Of Navy SEAL Team 6 Expose The Obama Admin’s Fault In The Helicopter Crash Deaths Of Their Sons « Pat Dollard
Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit | Health
Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate In Next 3 Weeks | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Terrifying Alien Encounter In Indiana | Paranormal
8 US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 Yr Old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave (Video) | Alternative
Proof That Denver Airport Is One Of The Most Evil Places On Earth (Incredible Videos) | Alternative
The Obama Defeat That Never Was – WHY DID THE RNC NOT AIR THIS POLITICAL AD????? | Terrorism
Gerald Celente: Crash, Depression, Currency Wars, Trade Wars, Then Real Wars- The End Game Approaches | SilverDoctors.com
Bosnia War Survivor Warns Of Things To Come In Collapse Of America | Survival
GMOs and Roundup – How They Affect People, Animals, Soil and Waterways (Great Video) | Self-Sufficiency
5 Easy Ways To Start Your Food Storage Efficiently | Self-Sufficiency
Benjamin Creme On How Lord Maitreya The World Teacher Will Show Us The Way | Paranormal
They Say People Come Into Your Life For a Reason | Alternative
Hitler Had Jewish DNA | Strange
Women Altering Menstruation Cycles In Large Numbers, UO Study Shows | Science and Technology
Hillary Clinton Was NOT Sworn In At House Testimony (Video) | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Did The Police, FBI Protect Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro? | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
I-Team: Man Fingered Castro As Suspect Years Ago | FOX8.com
Accused Amanda Berry kidnapper Ariel Castro known to ex’s family as violent abuser - NYPOST.com
Newest American Hero: Charles Ramsey gives Classic Interview after Rescuing Ohio Girls [Full Video] | Celebrities
Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure, Hardcopy | Health
HIV May Be Curable 'Within Months': Scientists On Brink Of AIDS Vaccine | Health
Plug Into Living Plant For Electricity: New Technology Makes It Possible For Plants To Generate Power | Free Energy
Secret Streets Of Britain’s Atlantis Revealed | Science and Technology
Did Aliens Create Christianity To Prevent The Advancement of Humanity? | Watercooler Topics
The Rapture & Then, "All Hell On Earth" | Prophecy
Black African Obama Breaks Back In Middle East | Obama Birthplace Controversy
Secret Boston intelligence report flagged 'increased vulnerability' of marathon finish line FIVE DAYS before fatal bombings | Mail Online
Boston police were not warned by FBI about Tamerlin Tsarnaev - YouTube
Sub discovers signs of legendary Atlantis - The Japan Times
Alert! Cuba And Cruise Ships Blinking Red For Bio-Terror Pandemic | Conspiracy Theories
Let's Get This 'Conspiracy Theory' Crap Cleared Up Once And For All - Roosevelt, Churchill and JF Kennedy Were Not Bullsh*tting! | Conspiracy Theories
Is Anybody Out There? Communicating with our Interplanetary Brothers | Mysterious Universe
Video: 'Deathbed Testimony' About UFOs Given By Former CIA Official | Conspiracy Theories
Fake Victim - Boston Bombing Video | Terrorism
21 Traits of an Awakening Soul | Alternative
Video. Who Is Obama? Takedown In Video. I KNOW WHO OBAMA IS SO SPREAD THIS GOOD NEWS | Prophecy
5 Things the Federal Reserve Hopes You'll Never Find Out | Economy
The Federal Reserve Is Socialism's Insidious Tool - Money Morning
The Federal Reserve's Magic Act is Destroying America - Money Morning
What Everyone Absolutely Needs to Know About Money - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About "Their Paper Money" - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Money (Part Three) - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Money (Part 4) - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Money (Part 5) - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Money (Part 6) - Money Morning
What You Absolutely Need to Know About Money (Part 7) - Money Morning
Former Guatemala dictator Rios Montt convicted of genocide
Former Chicago cop convicted in tow truck scheme
5 ways Big Star shows why Chicago is America's 'best food city'
Chicago man guilty of reckless homicide in crash that killed mom, son
Tallest Building Title Pits Willis Vs. WTC
Newtown panel: Tear down Sandy Hook, rebuild - USA Today
Ariel Castro, Cleveland Kidnap Suspect, May Face Death Penalty
Did Cleveland police miss early clues? - YouTube
Rand Paul takes anti-Hillary Clinton Benghazi battle to Iowa
IRS targeted conservative groups, official says
3-D Printed Guns: UT Student behind national controversy talks with FOX 7
Texas Launches Criminal Probe Into Plant Explosion
Cops: Mom checked medical website after son shot
Huckabee: Benghazi will drive Obama from office
Man damages 4 Washington homes with bulldozer
California woman slaps a cop to kick a habit
The Dalai Lama's compassion disconnect
Jodi Arias Trial's Penalty Phase Begins Next Week
Garment worker rescued after 17 days in factory rubble
Democracy Is on Ballot in Pakistan
Security tight ahead of Pakistan elections - YouTube
Rodman Says He'll Ask North Korea to Free American
Abu Qatada 'would return to Jordan'
Syria Likely to Dominate Obama-Cameron Meeting
Strange Argentina ghost town that was underwater for 25 years re-emerges
Troubled Life in Malcolm X's Shadow Comes to a Violent End
Two tech executives quit Mark Zuckerberg's Fwd.us political group
Why Ben Bernanke Still Worries About Wall Street
Airport control towers get reprieve from closure
Postal Service posts $1.9 billion loss despite efficiency efforts
Passengers admit to leaving on phones in flight
OPEC flags demand risks ahead of Vienna meeting
California Sues JPMorgan Chase Over Credit Card Cases
Technology Industry Lobbying Group Loses Supporters
PC Makers Hopeful on Windows 8 Changes
FCC proposal may greatly improve airplane Wi-Fi
Comment on Facebook Directly From Bing
City of Boston drops Microsoft Exchange for Gmail
New Google Nexus phone to replace de-stocked Nexus 4?
Facebook updating Home after one million downloads in a month
The Onion explains how it got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army
New Bill Tackles App Privacy, Security
Google Wallet kills plan to release physical credit card
'The Great Gatsby': How great is it? - USA Today
Slayer: Jeff Hanneman died of cirrhosis
Mike Tyson, with pigeon sidekick, to star as TV cartoon detective
Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Was Stoned When He Created "The Rachel"
Fox may reboot Kiefer Sutherland's '24'; NBC slashes comedy lineup
Star Wars: Episode VII to be filmed in UK
Chris Brown Grabs Crotch in Rihanna Reminiscent Dance Move
1 World Trade Center hits symbolic height - Newsday
Spacewalkers set to troubleshoot space station's ammonia coolant leak
Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark
Google Earth Engine unveils how Earth has altered
Community health centers to receive $1.7 million from feds
Judge Refuses to Drop His Order Allowing Morning-After Pill for All Ages
FDA Allows Generic Form of Powerful Painkiller Opana
Protecting yourself against Lyme disease
Antibiotics could cure 40pc of chronic back pain patients
Jerome Brown Charged: Chicago Man Held Without Bail In Columbia College Student's Shooting Death
FBI: Agent fatally shoots suspect at Richmond bank - chicagotribune.com
Orland Park: Man shot in home invasion - chicagotribune.com
Killing Wrigley Field will kill Chicago Cubs
Robert Sickinger, ‘father of Chicago’s Off Loop theater movment’ (1927-2013) - Chicago Sun-Times
Former priest, Chicago Archdiocese sued for abuse - chicagotribune.com
Bloodless Bank Heist Impressed Cybercrime Experts - ABC News
Justinianic Plague caused by same bacterium behind ‘Black Death,’ researchers say | Science Recorder
Heady mathematics: Describing popping bubbles in a foam
78,000 People Apply for One-Way Trip to Mars | TIME.com
Water on Earth and Moon May Have Same Source: Ancient Meteorites | Space.com
Brain Growth May Cause Differences in Identical Twin Mice - Bloomberg
Commercial quantum computer leaves PC in the dust - physics-math - 10 May 2013 - New Scientist
TIME, GOOGLE AND NASA: Timelapse of the Earth over the last 30 Years - YouTube
Root of teen’s mystery ailment: tiny wire from barbecue brush | Local News | The Seattle Times
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