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children will wake up homeless on the continent
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02 May 2013


San Diego 6 - San Onofre Nuclear Plant Owners May Retire Reactors
The Land That Is
The Land That Would Be
The Land That Was
Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith
Businesses slash jobs as sequester impact hits - Economy Watch on NBCNews.com
Libya: Mystery of Gaddafi and the gold-laden convoy crossing the desert to Niger - Telegraph
Running The Show with Kosher Violence - YouTube
Panel Takes On Animal Mutilations And Roswell Crash | Citizen Hearing On [UFO] Disclosure Day 3 | VIDEO
An Exposé of UFO Hokum On Dark Matters Radio with Guests David Biedny, Royce Meyers & Lance Moody
Why the Treasury Market is Headed for Collapse | InvestmentWatch
My Blog
Jewish lawmakers insulted by ‘Jesus prayers’
China Reports More H7N9 Bird Flu Illnesses, Deaths - Forbes
PressTV - Five Saudis die from SARS-like virus: Health ministry
PressTV - North Korea gives jail term to US citizen
My Way News - Syria's Assad in rare visit as rockets hit capital
DARPA looks for a guided bullet with DEAD reckoning navigation • The Register
Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington DENIES his nation warned the United States about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012 | Mail Online
Communications Giants In Good Hands With Tom Wheeler
Guantanamo Attorney Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
Transgenics: A New Wave of GMOs Is Coming to Market | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Quit the Matrix - Build the Ark - Waking Times : Waking Times
Citizen Group Finds 30 Toxic Chemicals in Air Following Tar Sands Oil Spill in Arkansas - Waking Times : Waking Times
Freemason popularity membership boom - Topic
Exclusive: Three in four believe those accused of sexual assaults should be granted anonymity - Crime - UK - The Independent
On the Contrary: A Talmud Question from Sweden
Boy Suspended for Bringing Swiss Army Knife on School Camping Trip | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
How Big Pharma recycles old drugs—even bad ones | Intrepid Report.com
'Time Crystals' Could Upend Physicists' Theory of Time | Wired Science | Wired.com
Excavated skull suggests Jamestown colonists resorted to cannibalism | World news | The Guardian
Debunking Cholesterol Myths - Waking Times : Waking Times
Still Believe Nature Got It Wrong? Top 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana - Waking Times : Waking Times
Mystery Solved: The WTC Was Nuked on 9/11 | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
EXCLUSIVE: Cowardice Redefined, The New Face of American Serial Killers - Salem-News.Com
Obama’s SS is Here NOW | Shenandoah
Obama Picks One of Telecom's Most Powerful Industry Lobbyists to Head FCC | Common Dreams
Big Banks are Victims of Their Own Success - ProPublica
NASA to Pay $70 Million a Seat to Fly Astronauts on Russian Spacecraft | Space.com
The Messiah’s New Brightness | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Orthorexia – The Health Conscious Are Now “Extremists” « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Reflections in a Petri Dish | Something that Crawled out There and Died.
At the Window of Tomorrow | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Earth Heal - Sacred Carved Trees Of The Aboriginal People
OpEdNews - Article: They're Baaaaack--Old Pills for New Conditions
Almost $900 Million For Sexual Assaults - Business Insider
PressTV - New York mayor defends intrusive police practice that targets minorities
Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell - America is Gone - YouTube
Internet and Sale Taxes Dialectic
CME's Terry Duffy on Gold: “They Don’t Want Certificates, They Want the Real Product!” | SilverDoctors.com
20 Signs That The Next Great Economic Depression Has Already Started In Europe | SilverDoctors.com
Nigel Farage On "Wholesale, Violent Revolution" In Europe | Zero Hedge
Obama: US still not sure who used chem weapons | World news | The Guardian
Why didn’t the US just attack Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - IDF trains dogs to attack Muslims 
Three Russian Nuke Subs to Be Recommissioned in 2013 | Defense | RIA Novosti
Hezbollah is helping Assad fight Syria uprising, says Hassan Nasrallah | World news | The Guardian
The Monarchs of Money - YouTube
Cosmetic surgery trends show how the female body is fetishised | Hadley Freeman | Comment is free | The Guardian
Breast implants 'increase cancer death risk,' say scientists - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
Spooky Abandoned Hospitals and Asylums (PHOTOS) - weather.com
Creepy Abandoned Churches (PHOTOS) - weather.com
Refreshing News: Split up or son will be expelled, school tells lesbian couple
Activist Post: Exploit can turn Google Glass into secret surveillance device, even Michael Chertoff isn’t a fan
IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions, Health Records and Files from Other Government Investigators | Washington's Blog
Study: Porn Has Small Effect On Sexual Behavior « CBS Philly
Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! Ending The NWO Cabal…. | Political Vel Craft
Europe Has Become A Totalitarian State - 12160
Refreshing News: 16-Year-Old Girl Arrested and Charged With a Felony For Science Project Mistake
Sequestration 101: If a Budget Cut Doesn't Impact the Wealthy, Congress Won't Fix It | The Nation
Repeating Vietnam: Lies & Bloodshed |
AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER: "They Are Hunting Down and Killing Our Men!"-SEAL Admission 04/30/2013
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil | Washington's Blog
Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry ~ News Forage
Criminal Banking Scam Whitewashed By The Media
Americans Warned: Home Schoolers Stripped of Rights |
DHS Training Video Depicts ‘Militias’ As Chemical Weapon Wielding Terrorists |
US Army Warns of May 2nd Terror Threat |
The Question of the Century… What is the underlying motive? |
I-Team: Email Scam Gives Hackers Access To Your Computer « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
How I Discovered the Hidden Side of History | THE INTERNET POST
High School Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat - 12160
New Mexico county is first in the nation to ban all drilling and fracking | Grist
U.S. Seeks to Get Rid of Left Governments in Latin America | Global Research
Jon Stewart Rips Obama on Guantanamo - and Says Look Out for PETA (Video) - 12160
Financial Collapse - Is Bernanke Preparing to Jump Ship? :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website
Anti-Neocons • View topic - Man crushed 6 police criusers with a tractor!
Human rights record of the United States in 2012 |Comment |chinadaily.com.cn
Mapping The Tsarnaev Brothers | Video Rebel's Blog
Tsarnaev Brothers had a CIA Connection | NationofChange
Mitt Romney to Grads: Get married while in your 20’s and have a “Quiver full of children” |
Have We Lost Our Minds? Why the Boston Bombing Got So Much More Attention Than the West Texas Explosion | Alternet
Synthetic vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, kills beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut and cannot confer vitamin activity in the body
White House Correspondents Dinner: Journalism in Decline | Weapons of Mass Distraction - YouTube
The Data is Very Strong: Marijuana Plant Extract Stops Cancers From Spreading |
All Wars are Fought for Usury |
Industrial Toxins Silently Poisoning Americans: Largest Uncontrolled Experiment in History | Global Research
May 1, 2013: Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
Boston Bombings: Detonator to Mobilize the Entire US Security Apparatus. May Change the World for the Worse! - 12160
FBI posts new pictures of Benghazi suspects - CBS News
War Profiteer That Sold Fake Bomb Detectors To The Iraqis Gets 10 Years In Prison! | XRepublic
RED ALERT: EU Wants To Regulate Cultivation Of ALL Fruits And Vegetables (Even In Private Gardens)
The History of Guerrilla Warfare In America and How it Effects the Past and Now |
Boston: Facial recognition technology fail? | Video | news10.net
First Tunguska Meteorite Fragments Discovered | MIT Technology Review
How to Wink at a Muslim | Revolt of the Plebs
IRS Data Web Snares Mostly Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers - US News and World Report
Study Reveals Cannibalism in First US Colony - | Intellihub.com
Penny Pritzer for Commerce Secretary? |
Former FBI Agent implies that phone companies record conversations on CNN | XRepublic
Quercetin: The Anti-Cancer Flavonoid | ChrisBeatCancer.com
10 Ways to Alkalize Your Body Today | Care2 Healthy Living
Top 7 Alkalizing Foods and All About Alkalizing Your Body - Health Extremist
Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers
Activist Post: They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low
Former FBI Agent implies that phone companies record conversations on CNN - YouTube
The next MySpace? Facebook lost 10 million U.S. users over past year |
Steep Rise in Suicides Among Middle-Aged Americans, CDC Says - US News and World Report
Cultivating the Social Pathogen – Max Igan
You Work For Cobra!! – Alex Jones
Russian Scientists Say There is Evidence of 200 Year Sun Cycle – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
The Security Barrier – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
Iranian Children Progressing 11 Times Faster than Rest of World – Michael Rivero | Dprogram.net
Food investigations: Welch’s fruit juice cocktails contain more corn than fruit: 80% water and high fructose corn syrup | Dprogram.net
Alex Jones Attacked From Left and Right | Dprogram.net
Obama Issues Lone Wolf Terrorist Warning | Dprogram.net
Police State Coming to Your Mobile App – Mike Adams | Dprogram.net
New Boston Suspects and May 2nd Terror | Dprogram.net
Surviving The Obama Apocalypse – Mike Adams | Dprogram.net
Breaking The Set: May Day: Demanding Workers’ Rights, Repeating Vietnam: Lies, Bloodshed & Perpetual War | Dprogram.net
The Real Freeway Rick Ross is a Libertarian | Dprogram.net
A Dangerous Time in American History #falseflag | Dprogram.net
3 More Charged in Boston Explosion #FalseFlag | Dprogram.net
Mock DHS News Report Depicts Gun Owners as Terrorists | Dprogram.net
Infowars Nightly News Interviews Man Who Attacked Dan Bidondi | Dprogram.net
Israel gives up white phosphorus, because ‘it doesn’t photograph well’ | +972 Magazine
Palm Beach County sheriff gets $1 million for violence... | www.mypalmbeachpost.com
It Can’t Happen Here
Science Finds Fountain of Youth Brain Region That Slows Down Aging
Report: U.S. Government Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11 - BlackListedNews.com
According to the FBI, Jewish extremists commit more terror than Islamic extremists - BlackListedNews.com
IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions, Health Records and Files from Other Government Investigators - BlackListedNews.com
Fars News Agency :: Bomb Destroys Police Station in Libya's Benghazi
Navy Readies Its First Drone Squadron | Military.com
Armed Revolution May Soon Be Necessary... - BlackListedNews.com
Fed Policy Raising – Rather than Reducing – Unemployment - BlackListedNews.com
30 Toxic Chemicals Found at Exxon Pipeline Spill Site in Arkansas - BlackListedNews.com
IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions, Health Records and Files from Other Government Investigators - BlackListedNews.com
22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer - BlackListedNews.com
Planet Infowars: The People Are Awake - YouTube

Prison Planet.com » Man Drinking Iced Tea In Parking Lot Gets Arrested
Prison Planet.com » Bilderberg Kingmaker Kissinger ‘Jokes’ About President Hillary Clinton At Elite Gathering
Prison Planet.com » MSNBC Guest Who Attacked Infowars Exposed
Prison Planet.com » High School Student Faces 20 Years For Obama Facebook Threat
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years | CNS News
Reid defends remark likening Tea Party to modern-day anarchists - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
US drone strikes being used as alternative to Guantánamo, lawyer says | World news | guardian.co.uk
Prison Planet.com » Floridians Encouraged to Report Neighbors Who “Hate Government”
CNN/Time Poll: Cutback civil liberties to fight terror? – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Prison Planet.com » IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions
Prison Planet.com » EU Lifts Oil Embargo on Syria – Buys Directly from Al Qaeda
Prison Planet.com » You Are The Hope
Prison Planet.com » 22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer
Prison Planet.com » Pentagon: Christians May Face Imprisonment for ‘Sharing Faith’
‘Aliens’ Messed with US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen | Defense | RIA Novosti
Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington DENIES his nation warned the United States about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012 | Mail Online
Poll: Americans do not want US involved in Syria | JPost | Israel News
Prison Planet.com » North Korea Sentences US Citizen To 15 Years ‘Hard Labor’
Prison Planet.com » Israeli Leaders Blast Chinese Regime’s Organ Harvesting, Persecution
Prison Planet.com » Guilty of Not Wanting To Murder
Foreign Holdings of US Securities Have Exploded
Apple avoids potential $9bn tax bill - FT.com
Prison Planet.com » Fed Policy Raising – Rather than Reducing – Unemployment
Prison Planet.com » Sibel Edmonds: CIA Ran Tsarnaev Brothers
Prison Planet.com » Another Day, Another Temper Tantrum From Mayor Bloomberg
Bloomberg Reaches ‘Pounding the Table’ Phase of Defending Stop-and-Frisk - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Is your webcam spying on you? | The Daily Caller
Prison Planet.com » Police State Coming to Your Mobile App
Prison Planet.com » Posner: “Privacy is Overrated”
Prison Planet.com » US senators introduce bill to prevent government departments from stockpiling ammo
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones - US News and World Report
Spectacular Video Of First Virgin Galactic Rocket Test Going Supersonic Ten Miles High | Singularity Hub
Prison Planet.com » Bioelectromagnetics: Bees & Flowers Communicate Using Electrical Fields, Scientists Find
Prison Planet.com » Fukushima’s Radiation Threat with Dr. Chris Busby
Prison Planet.com » Why didn’t the US just attack Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs?
Prison Planet.com » 14-Year-Old ‘Mummified’ McDonald’s Burger Virtually Unchanged (Video)
GMO Labeling Bill Introduced by Boxer, DeFazio - Right to Know Act
Obama Makes May 1st "Loyalty Day" for Citizens to Reaffirm Allegiance to US
Robobee Officially Takes Flight: Robotic Pollinators to Replace Dying Bees
A.I. News and the A.I. Economy
Skin Probiotics Offer Best Defense Against MRSA Infections
Internet and Sales Taxes Dialectic
Tiptoeing Toward War on Syria
Police Arrest Man Filming Police and Delete Camera Footage, Hacker Gets It Back
3 Steps to Quit the Matrix and Build an Ark
Sirius: UFO Disclosure and Top Secret Energy Technology
WW3 Countdown: China Moves Against the US Dollar
'Unveiled and Lifted' Official Trailer
Psychiatric Drugs: Pills That Lead to Pistols
NDItech: In Bed with CISPA Sponsors, Seeks Hacktivists to Spread Corporate Fascism Worldwide
Three of Dzhokhar’s friends charged with destroying evidence (Updated)
Rubio says immigration reform bill will likely not pass the House

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 2, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 1, 2013

Interview 655 - Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing
You Are The Hope
Obama Hails Police Lockdown, Covers Up State Role in Boston Bombings
IRS to Spy on Our Shopping Records, Travel, Social Interactions, Health Records and Files from Other Government Investigators
Hawija: War Crimes, Iraqi Resistance and America’s Weapons of Mass Destruction
Whose Police State? Media Focus on Right to Bear Arms, Ignores Search and Seizure Abuse
Make-Believe Media and Government Propaganda
EU Lifts Oil Embargo on Syria – Buys Directly from Al Qaeda
Depositors Beware: Theft is Legal for Big Banks, and Your Money Will Never Be Safe
Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America
The CIA’s “Brown Bags” Full of Cash: Millions of Dollars for Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai…
Institutionalized Spying on Americans: Big Brother is No Longer a Fiction
The Events of 9/11: Does the Truth Have a Chance?
“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic -
Putting People and the Planet Before Profits
Silencing Whistleblowers: First Amendment Right of Former Intelligence Officer to Publish Afghan War Memoir, DoJ Asks Judge to End Lawsuit
The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than Terrorism
American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI - YouTube
DISARMED: A History of Gun Control - Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest - YouTube
World In Terror After Armageddon Virus Unleashed
Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)
Azealia Banks’ “Yung Rapunxel”: New Artist, Same Illuminati Symbolism
Will Rush Limbaugh Be Sent to a Mental Hospital?
One More Reason To Homeschool
It Might as Well Be a White Flag
Guilty of Not Wanting To Murder
More Holes in the Fourth Amendment by Andrew P. Napolitano
Book Review: David A. Stockman – The Great Deformation – The Corruption of Capitalism in America by Detlev Schlichter
The Case for Ron Paul to Another Paul by Ira Katz
America's Social Psychosis by Jack D. Douglas
The End of the Road by Bill Bonner
Fractional Reserve Banking: It’s Not Your Money…You Only Think It Is! by Mark Nestmann
Video: 6 Home Remedies for Acid Reflux | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
Obama Moving Toward Sending Lethal Arms to Syrian 'Rebels", Officials Say
The Free Syrian Army is Being Taken Over by Groups of Jihadist Thugs
Stealing Syria’s Oil: The EU Al-Qaeda Oil Consortium
Audio/The Boston Bombing, the CIA & the US Empire
Guantánamo Bay Enough To Make You Gag
American Exceptionalism: From Gettysburg to Damascus
Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Penumbra of Terror by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
U.S. Drone Strikes In Yemen Spur Growing Anti-American Sentiment
Did President Obama “Radicalize” the Tsarnaevs? The Future of Freedom Foundation
The Pentagon as a Jobs Program | Cato @ Liberty
FBI lobbying US government for 'back doors' into Facebook, Google and Skype - 01 May 2013 - Computing News
AG Holder: Feds Will Ignore State Laws and Enforce Gun Grab

FBI Wants Real-time Warrantless Access to Online Communication
LOCAL - Security guard at Atatürk Airport steals sacks containing millions of Syrian pounds
'I'm not going anywhere': UK can't kick out Somalian sex offender due to HIS human rights | UK | News | Daily Express
US suicide rate rose sharply among middle-aged EarthLink - Top News
NATO’s Worldwide Expansion in the Post-Cold World Era | Global Research
Iraq Just Had Its Deadliest Month in Five Years - Defense - GovExec.com
Robots Will Do Everything You Do Now Only Better—What Then? | Singularity Hub
China’s Cyberspires Outwit Model for Bond’s Q - Bloomberg
Inside the Ring: Russia builds up, U.S. down - Washington Times
Guantanamo attorney found dead in apparent suicide - Boing Boing
Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry | Ars Technica
Russia’s 20 Biggest Billionaires Keep Riches From Putin - Bloomberg
'Appalling irresponsibility': Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory - Science - News - The Independent
U.S. Denounces North Korea Sentencing - WSJ.com
Boston Suspects Originally Plotted July 4 Attack: Sources - ABC News
Zuckerberg's advocacy ads under fire - latimes.com
VP Joe Biden: Abused Women Fear Being Raped By The System « CBS DC
Bloomberg Offers Stunning Prediction Of Future NYC Tax Rates « CBS New York
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones - US News and World Report
Star Trek Into Darkness trailer: Uhura shares a passionate kiss with Spock | Mail Online
Where Are Syria’s Chemical Weapons? - The Daily Beast
A protester burns a cardboard face of US President Barack Obama during a May Day rally in San Jose on May 1, 2013 | View photo - Yahoo! News Philippines
‘Rubio’s Folly’ | National Review Online
Georgia Billboard To Target Marco Rubio And Immigration Reform | Fox News Latino
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event - Maggie Haberman - POLITICO.com
Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith
US drone strikes being used as alternative to Guantánamo, lawyer says | World news | guardian.co.uk
Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi | RealClearPolitics
Google Glass code lets you snap a photo with a wink | Internet & Media - CNET News
Psychiatrist pleads guilty to sabotaging trails
Flight of the RoboBee: Tiny hovering robot creates buzz - CSMonitor.com
Palm Beach County sheriff gets $1 million for violence... | www.mypalmbeachpost.com
Obama selects Pritzker for Commerce secretary
Rolling Stones Tickets Gather Moss as $600 Seats for Sale - Bloomberg
The Great Gatsby is A Snow Globe of a Movie, a 3D Pop Up Art Deco Postcard | Showbiz411
Counterterrorism Expert: Obama Admin 'Threw Dr. Afridi Under The Bus for Political Purposes'
Report: Iranian Officials Admit Providing Palestinians with Missiles
25% of Muslims in Asia, Africa Favor Suicide Bombings, 75% Favor Sharia
Hong Kong Lawyers Fight to Wear Wigs Like Englishmen
Pakistan to Deploy 600,000 Security Staff for Vote
Former CIA Chief Petraeus to Teach at LA College
On Bin Laden Anniversary, Security Concerns Push Afridi Decision to June
Report: Iranian President Ahmadinejad Arrested by Revolutionary Guard
North Korea sentences American to 15 years' labor
Bolivian President Ejects USAID from Country Over John Kerry's Remarks
Defense, State Dept Respond to Issa on Attorneys for Benghazi Witnesses
CBS News' Attkisson Describes Stonewalling From White House on Benghazi
CBS News' Attkisson: 'Sometimes I Feel Alone' Pursuing Benghazi Story
Newspaper Circulation Drops 0.7% In Six Months
Emotional Gun Control Supporters Invade New Hampshire Townhalls
Huffington Post: NRA's Money, Power Defeated Senate Gun Control Bill
GOP's Ron Meyer Announces Bid to Become Nation's Youngest Congressman
Obama's Community Organizers Rally for Immigration Reform
CA Governor Signs Law Allowing Confiscation of Firearms
Giuliani: Charge 3 College Suspects As Accessories to Murder of MIT Police Officer
Gov. Christie Hopes to Ban M-Rated Game Sales to Minors
Reports: Alleged Tsarnaev Accomplice in US Illegally
CBS: Investigators Recover Bombing Suspect's Laptop Computer
Silicon Valley Pouring Millions into Immigration Battle
Canadian Colleges Wooing US Students with Lower Tuition
America's Suicide Rate Skyrockets Among Middle-Aged
Obama Nominates Bundler As Top Trade Rep
CA University Hires Diversity Staff to Prevent Non-White 'Culture Shock'
Rep. King: Holder, Vilsack Knew Pigford Claims Fraudulent
Dick Durbin at May Day Immigration Rally: Communists? What Communists?
House Majority Whip: Pentagon Must 'Clarify' Position on Prosecuting Christians
Bill Clinton to Democrats: Forget 1994, Gun Control Is a Winner
Obams Signs Bill to End Air-Traffic Controller Furloughs
Obama Nominates Top Bundler Pritzker as Commerce Secretary
Obama to pitch immigration overhaul in Mexico
Gay Rights Amendment May Kill Immigration Bill
Rubio Concedes Immigration 'May Struggle to Pass the Senate'
Sessions: 'Tide Is Beginning to Turn' Against Immigration Bill
Watching the Pigford Story Come Back to Life
ACORN & Pigford: Government As Political Slush Fund
Immigration Bill: Obamacare Redux
Slayer Heavy Metal Guitarist Jeff Hanneman Dead at 49
Dispute Arises Over Rehab Facility Chosen by Lindsay Lohan
Lisa Lampanelli: Political Correctness Kills Comedy, Free Expression
Rapper Danny Brown Received Oral Sex on Stage
Jon Stewart Mocks Obama for Guantanamo Bay Posturing
Chris Kelly of Rap Duo Kris Kross Dies
Warner Archive Instant: A Great Deal for Classic Movie Fans
Warner Archive Instant Challenges Netflix, Charges $2 More for Less (UPDATED)
Exclusive: US Hired al-Qaida-Linked Group to Defend Benghazi Mission
National Review Rips Rubio on Immigration
Norquist: 'More Wasted Money' From Obamacare
Boston Marathon Suspect's Body Claimed
Hagel: US Rethinking Its Opposition to Arming Syrian Rebels
Rep. Steve King: Our Visa and Asylum Policies Help Terrorists
Allen West Voices Support for Committee to Investigate Benghazi
Pentagon Report: NKorea Moving toward Nuclear Missile
Rubio to Hannity: Tougher Border Language Needed in Bill
Graham: 'Political Correctness' Hampered Boston Probe
Tsarnaev's College Fling Says Additional Suspects 'Idolized' Him
Rhode Island Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
Richard Perle: Single ID System Needed to Stop Terrorists
Man Accused of Trying to Join Al-Qaida Confined to Illinois Home
Man Dead After Shots Fired at Houston Airport
Sen. Tim Scott’s 2014 Campaign Fund Tops $1 Million
NKorea Sentences American to 15 years; US Seeks Amnesty
China Warns US to Be Wary of Japanese Nationalism
Big US Insurers Wary of Entering New Obamacare Markets
Technology Squeezing Role of Analysts, Investors
Buffett 'In the House' Gets 80,000 Followers on Twitter
Myth of Dangerous Salt: Are All the Warnings Wrong?
CDC: 80% of Americans Don't Get Enough Exercise
Scientists Inch Closer to Alzheimer’s Blood Test
Is Antibacterial Soap Safe?
Vitamin D: More is Not Better, Study Finds
Feds: Many Causes for Dramatic Bee Disappearance
Empire State Building Reflects Hope
Boston Bombing Probe Raises Concerns
Let's Privatize Almost Everything
Feds Dish Out $4 Million to Increase Food Stamp Usage at Farmers Markets
New Obamacare Challenge: Lawsuit Says IRS Is Flouting the Law As Written by Congress
CMS: Obamacare Provides 'Tremendous Opportunities' for 'People Living With HIV/AIDS'
Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals
Militia Hired by State Dept. Warned It Wouldn’t Protect Stevens’ Movements in Benghazi
Justice Clarence Thomas Defends All Black Schools: ‘My High School Was Not Inferior’
Gallup Poll: Americans Want Employers to Help Pay Their Tuition
Overcrowding Cause for Prisoners Release, DOJ Says While Prisons Stand Empty, Underused
Federal Prisons Plan to Release More Inmates on 'Compassionate' Grounds
Bloomberg: ‘Going with the NRA’ Is ‘Going Against the Lives of Our Children’
UN Report Wants Moratorium on Killer Robots
Cubs chairman threatens to move team from Wrigley
Witherspoon: I Lied about Pregnancy During Arrest
Obama hints at potential military action in Syria
Business Owners Must Chip In for Obamacare's 'Comparative Effectiveness Research' | CNS News
Obama to pitch immigration overhaul in Mexico | CNS News
No More Feast at the Daily Beast for Howard Kurtz: Tina Brown Drops Him | NewsBusters
New Hampshire Paper: Media Dropped 'The Ball On Ayotte Coverage' | NewsBusters
AP Highlights GOP Problems for 2016, Ignores Democrat Baggage | NewsBusters
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years | CNS News
Boehner Must Impanel Special Committee to Investigate Benghazi | CNS News
Is America Nasty and Homophobic? | CNS News
New DHS, DOJ Policy Helps Insane Illegals Escape Deportation, Detention | CNS News
Obama: 'All of Us Have the Freedom to Pray and Exercise Our Faiths Openly' | CNS News
Jon Stewart Takes Apart GOP Warmongers on Syria
RNC Video Mocks Obama For Comforting Newtown Mom
Jon Stewart Mocks Wingnut Ted Cruz for Considering 2016 Presidential Run
Wingnuts Freak On Medicaid Expansion Because It Helps The Poors
Abramoff's Old Firm Gaming Wall Street For Fun and Profit
McCain Calls for Select Committee to Investigate GOP Benghazi Witch Hunt
On Fox News, Christian Activist Claims the Age of Enlightenment Led to the Holocaust
What On Earth Is Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Smoking?
Anti-Fracking Activist Sandra Steingraber Released From Jail
Rep. Lucas Suspects Obama Gun Control 'Conspiracy' to Buy All the Ammunition
Taibbi: Bankers Freak Out Over Brown-Vitter TBTF Legislation
Sequester Furloughs for IRS Employees Will Decrease Revenues
West Fertilizer Co. Failed To Disclose Explosive Substances to DHS
The Diabolical Plot of "Compact For America"
Get that Sequestration Spirit... first step to fix America!
Parents abandon their South American and Mexican children
Would You Date Martha Stewart? Putting Herself Into Online Matchmaking Has to be Publicity Stunt
+Audio Interview: Wm. Michael Mott
I-Team: Former Lawmakers Hear Testimony on UFOs - 8 News NOW
Passenger plane involved in near miss with UFO near Glasgow airport | News | Glasgow | STV
Northwest professor turns to drones in quest for Sasquatch | KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
Dr. Nolan on Ata: Not Alien But Human
Tiny New Compound Camera Is Built Like a Bug's Eye | Wired Science | Wired.com
Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About Murderous Murphy Beds: Gothamist
The Weird but True History of Sin Eaters
Would an antimatter apple fall upward from the earth? - latimes.com
UFO conspiracy hearing boosted by former congressmen and senator | World news | guardian.co.uk
Parking Lot with Medieval Knight's Skeleton May Also Hold His Family | LiveScience
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Wait, What? Reporter Susannah Collins On ‘Blackhawks Tremendous Amount Of Sex During Regular Season’
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N.C. High School Student Arrested for Accidentally Leaving Gun in His Truck Gets Huge (Awesome) Surprise
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Mass. Teen Accused of Making Terrorist Threats, Faces 20 Years in Prison
‘Gosnell Should Be Acquitted’: Feminist Argues That Abortion Doc Should Be Released, Trial Is a ‘Sham’ — But It’s Not What You Think
MSNBC Host Mocks NRA With Offensive Version of the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Give Us This Day Our Daily Dead’
NY Times: Boston Bombing Suspects Originally Planned Deadly Fourth of July Attacks
Student Punished, Charged With a Felony After He ‘Tried to Do the Right Thing’ When He Forgot His Shotgun Was in His Truck
New Undercover Abortion Clinic Video Sparks Pro-Life Furor: ‘They Will Not Resuscitate’
Doctor Plans to Launch Chicago-Area Surgery Center That Follows Islamic Law
Chuck Hagel Says U.S. Is Considering Arming Syria Rebels
‘I’m Very Pro-Life’: Musician Opens Up About His Views on Abortion, Compares It to Holocaust
Treasury to Pay Down Part of the Debt For the First Time Since Bush Left Office
Scientists Find ‘Convincing Evidence’ of a Gruesome Practice at Jamestown Colony
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Cellphone Video Captures Suspenseful Scene During the Houston Airport Shooting | Video | TheBlaze.com
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Peddling the Arab League Peace Plan
MSM face Benghazigate dilemma
The more things change...
Gov. Brown gets $24 million to carry out gun grabs
New study shows Medicaid doesn't affect health outcomes
Possible 'Human Trafficking' at suburban Washington Saudi compound
Stupid college liberal activist fakes rape threat from a conservative and gets caught
Red lines are not real for the Obama administration
17 arrested in violent Seattle May Day protests
Harry Reid ignorant of basic federal law
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The She-Pope of Carnegie Mellon
CAIR-Friendly U.S. Senator speaks to open Communists then laughs off suggestion he did so
Pope Francis to canonise Christians Martyred by Ottoman Turks
Audio: Gohmert on Fire, implies Muslim Brotherhood is influencing Obama administration’s response to Boston Bombings
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NYPD Commissioner Defends ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Against Critics: ‘African Americans Are Being Understopped’
Watch The Mountain Dew Ad Pulled After Critics Called It ‘Arguably The Most Racist Commercial In History’
Limbaugh Declares Victory: ‘I Have Succeeded In Stigmatizing’ Feminism
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Tupac Shakur's godmother first female 'Most Wanted Terrorist'
Nine things you'll learn from Pew's poll of the world's Muslims
Amanda Bynes tweets topless pics, still swears she isn't crazy [PHOTOS]
New immigration bill has more waivers and exceptions per page than Obamacare
Dodd-Frank a total failure, bipartisan panel agrees
Coulter: 'Zero immigrants should be collecting government assistance'
Shots fired in Houston airport suicide, media link NRA convention | The Daily Caller
Louder with Crowder hits the streets to find out who knows about Gosnell
“He pulled me out of one of my darkest times” – Soldier reunited with cat he had in Afghanistan
Greg Gutfeld: What if May Day protesters were Tea Partiers?
Rush to Koch brothers: Get written promise from LA Times staff who vow to quit BEFORE you buy it
Rick Santelli: If you wanna put people to work, put pro growth policies in place instead of socialism!
Sen. Dick Durbin defends rallying with communists and anarchists
“I don’t want to teach my kids those things” Atlanta Falcons cornerback says no need for people to announce sexuality
Rubio protested by the Tea Party over immigration reform
“We will not resuscitate” – Another abortion provider promising infanticide if baby born alive
Giuliani: Three friends of Boston bombers could have prevented death of Officer Sean Collier
Michelle Malkin rips White House over ‘smugness’ on Benghazi
Terry McAuliffe goes to Democrat fundraiser on the way home from the hospital with newborn in car and wife crying
Marco Rubio talks about something other than immigration reform for a change…and it’s awesome
TRIFECTA: Is Marco Rubio still a rising GOP star or has the Invasion of the Body Snatchers made him a pod person?
“It is who they are” – Rush on lib student who fabricated rape threat against a conservative
Krauthammer: Carney saying Benghazi happened a long time ago is “definition of chutzpah”
“Farms in New Jersey” – Cops break up international sex slave ring that lured women into prostitution in New York
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» GM Wheat Could Permanently Damage Human Genetics by Silencing Hundreds of Genes Throughout the Body Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Obama’s SS: Here NOW Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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» FBI Report Implicates Saudi Government in 9/11 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
'Appalling irresponsibility': Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory - Science - News - The Independent
Southern California wildfire threatens college campus - USA Today
Aldermen endorse tweak to horse carriage regulation
Illinois Gambling Bill: Chicago Casino, Gaming Expansion Gets State Senate OK
Chicago Fugitive Arrested in Madison
Opinion: School Closings Could Make Violent Neighborhoods More Violent
Slain Police Officer's Son Among Those Shot Recently in Chicago
UNO charter school teachers unionize
Would legal pot hit Chicago gangs' pocketbooks?
A Cubs ultimatum or just a wild pitch?
Durbin: Ruling should improve air quality in Union Station
Photos: One World Trade Center towers over NYC
Drug war and border security part of US-Mexico talks - YouTube
Angered daughter speaks out after mom's 11 year absence
Florida teen arrested, expelled over science 'blast' - USA Today
Jamestown's 'Jane' Reflects Grim Reality of America's Early Settlers
20th World Press Freedom Day - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Benedict returns to Vatican to live side-by-side with Pope Francis
Britain: Businessman Sentenced for Selling Fake Bomb Detectors
Amanda Knox: I was defenceless just like Meredith
200 Indian wedding guests allowed to land at South Africa's main military air base
Government to Appeal Terror Suspect's Release to Parents
Fannie, Freddie need a permanent fix
Buffett talks of successor ahead of Berkshire meet
Taco Bell Looking to Make Value Play With $1 Menu
Instagram adds tagging to photos
Mobile Ads Help Grow Facebook's Revenue 38 Pct. - YouTube
Facebook Turns Friends Into IT Support
Guys Like This Could Kill Google Glass Before It Ever Gets Off the Ground
High-tech camera acts like a bug's eye
iMacs get new cheaper, smaller flash storage options
Chrome caching to smooth out rough patches in network
Meet RoboBee, a bug-sized, bio-inspired flying robot
Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera
Search for ET Should Extend Beyond 'Alien Earths,' Astronomer Says
Princeton crafts a 3D printed bionic ear with super hearing, creepy looks
Robot hand can pick up 50-pound weight, use tweezers
Corn Syrup Makes Bees More Vulnerable to Pesticides
Most people aren't meeting exercise guidelines - USA Today
Suicide rate up sharply among middle-age adults
US studies find genetic links in aggressive cancers
Lipstick study opens up concerns about carcinogen - USA Today
Founding Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dies
Keith Richards Admits: 'I Don't Have An iPod'
New designation a reminder that 1970s cop killer Joanne Chesimard remains a threat - NorthJersey.com
5-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills 2-year-old sister in Cumberland County | Public Safety | Kentucky.com
Chinese Girls' Death Blamed on Poisoned Yogurt
European Southern Observatory Captures Stunning Star-Forming Region in Photograph
Russian space junk almost destroys NASA telescope | Fox News
Giant Solar Wave Erupts from Sun in NASA Video | Space.com
Scientists Advance Asteroid Detection, Deflection, Detonation Research
New autism brain bank to help replace samples lost in McLean Hospital freezer malfunction - Lifestyle - Boston.com
Free condoms for your 12-year-old? California health council can help - CNN.com
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Michael Jackson’s manager urged Conrad Murray to run blood tests on singer   - NY Daily News
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