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the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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20 May 2013


George Will On IRS: "Big Government Is Impossible To Monitor, That's The Lesson"
Vanden Heuvel: GOP Using "Weapons Of Mass Distraction" Against Obama
Hume On Scandals: "The Core Of Liberalism Is The Idea That Government Is A Great Mediating Force"
Woodward: Obama Administration Did Not Tell The Truth About Benghazi
Pfeiffer On IRS Scandal: Republicans "Definitely Looking To Make Political Hay"
Sen. Portman On IRS: Special Counsel Is Going To Be Necessary
Bob Schieffer: "Welcome To Dumb And Dumber" In Washington
Karl Rove On Benghazi Emails: "White House Was In This"
"FOX News Sunday" Panel: Benghazi: What Is The Bottom Line?
Obama: "As An African American You Have To Work Twice As Hard As Anyone Else If You Want To Get By"
"Meet The Press" Panel: Obama Administration's Response To Scandals
Paul Ryan On IRS Scandal: "This Is Arrogance; This Is Big Government Cronyism"
"Face The Nation" Panel: Have Controversies Paralyzed Washington?
Mitch McConnell: "Culture Of Intimidation" Throughout Administration
"This Week" Roundtable: IRS, AP & Benghazi Scandal Damage Control
Obama Aide Pfeiffer: "Largely Irrelevant Fact" Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attack
"Saturday Night Live" Opening Sketch: "Al Sharpton" Takes On IRS Scandal
MTP's Gregory On New Taxes For Obamacare: "It's A Lot Of Money"
Obama Advisor Dan Pfeiffer: Republicans Owe Susan Rice An "Apology"


A Pack of Questions about the Boston Bombing | This Can't Be Happening!
Twitter Time in the Gray Box | Jennifer Lake's Blog
The Large Families that rule the world - English pravda.ru
‘Conflict of interest’: US govt adviser on board of $334mn anthrax drug stockpile supplier — RT USA
ENDGAME In Virtual Reality
Nancy Pelosi's Greatest Hits :: Clash Daily
Labor union chief calls immigration bill dangerous, sees agency as 'approval machine' - Washington Times
PressTV - Russian Med fleet returns – an unintended consequence
Syria civil war: Hezbollah takes fight to anti-Assad rebels as they storm rebel-held town of Qusair - Middle East - World - The Independent
Hezbollah steps up Syria battle, Israel threatens more strikes | Reuters
PressTV - Militants from 29 countries fighting in Syria: Assad
PressTV - Iran launches production line of new air defense system
Tar sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist | Environment | The Guardian
How three in four pharmacies give poor drugs advice: Patients' health is being put at risk | Mail Online
Is our universe merely one of billions? Evidence of the existence of 'multiverse' revealed for the first time by cosmic map | Mail Online
Report: North Korea May Have 200 Missile Launchers | Military.com
John Friend's Blog: "Global War on Terror" is officially permanent
China Conducts Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile | Washington Free Beacon
CODEX and food safety? The hidden world of radioactive food! « nuclear-news
Rice planted in former no-go zone | The Japan Times
DHS Training Local Police to Enforce Martial Law | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Smoking Mirrors | An Ignorance and Denial too Vast to Measure
Getting The Platform Influx? | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms | Mother Jones
Bee Alert! A Cause to Celebrate and Capitalize | Wake Up World
Clergy to Bless Utica Planned Parenthood at Grand Re-Opening Event
Majority of pools are contaminated by poop, CDC says | Fox News
Google's Plan To Take Over The World - Business Insider
Red Alert! Obama Administration To Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty | Politics
Obama’s Endgame | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
When will Obama say, “I am not a crook”? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
PressTV - Unfreedom Tower casts a dark shadow over ‘Gulag America’
No swarms in space: DARPA axes $200mn ‘fractionated sat’ project — RT News
Fury at corporate tax avoidance leads to call for a global response | Business | The Observer
5th Grader Threatens to Kill Classmates, Sell Her Soul to the Devil
Honeybees Trained in Croatia to Find Land Mines | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
‘Environmental genocide’: Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline — RT USA
Fourth Coronation Street star accused of being a paedophile | Mail Online
Cancer Drug Linked to Flesh-Eating Disease - | Intellihub.com
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: 5 Easy Ways To Be More Active At Work
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Is Your Multivitamin Synthetic?
A Plant That Teaches | talk2momz
Syria’s Assad Says Peace Talks Likely to Fail - NYTimes.com
North Korea Fires Missiles Into Sea - WSJ.com
BREAKING: Russia Sends At Least 12 Warships To Syria | InvestmentWatch
Tsarnaev’s lawyers seek permission to photograph him to show ‘evolving mental and physical state’ - Boston.com
Is Obama the New Nixon? | Common Dreams
The Health Toll of Immigration | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Non-deportation rate drops — to 99.2 percent - Washington Times
Maher: GOP has moved beyond obstruction to treason | The Raw Story
Opinion: What Angelina Jolie forgot to mention - CNN.com
New Laws Would Make Environmental Protest “Terrorism” | VICE United States
Dr. Eric W. Davis, of NASA's Breakthrough Physics Propulsion Project, Discussed UFOs During Lecture | VIDEO
Where is the Money Going? - KBR Tells U.S. Army it will Cost $500 Million and Take 13 Years to Close out Its Iraq Contract - AllGov - News
OpEdNews - Article: One Terrorist, A Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths
Nuclear cover up at fukushima to save money – U.N.S.C.E.A.R. obliges- ICRP dose advice increased!. « nuclear-news
The Real IRS Scandal | Real Jew News
Rangel to IRS official: Citizens United was ‘invitation… for abuse’ of the tax code | The Raw Story
Opting Out and Paying the Price of Being Awake - Waking Times : Waking Times
Congress Is Ready to Fight Over Deep Food Stamp Cuts | The Nation
Cardinal Keith O'Brien still a danger, say abuse accusers | World news | The Observer
Disconnect - Soaring Markets, Troubled Economies
PressTV - Iran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad
PressTV - Iran unveils achievements in field of renewable energy
Western leaders study 'gamechanging' report on global drugs trade | World news | The Observer
30 Titles From Fox And The Onion -- Can You Guess Which Are From Where? | Addicting Info
America: A Modern-Day Sparta
The Resident: How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires - YouTube
Dan Pfeiffer: "Irrelevant Fact" Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attacks - YouTube
BENGHAZI ATTACK: What Really Happened - YouTube
Adam Kokesh is a Political Prisoner |

Report: DOJ Leaked Docs to Smear Fast & Furious Whistleblower, Says IG
Why Was A Sunday Times Report On US Government Ties To Al-Qaeda Chief Spiked? - | Intellihub.com
Monsanto Protection Act May Soon Be Repealed Thanks to Activism - | Intellihub.com
The Washington Post Fact-Check on Lois Lerner and the IRS Is Blistering | TheBlaze.com
Official Story Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks |
The killing of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Durrah in Gaza became the defining image of the second intifada. Only Israel claims it was all a fake - Middle East - World - The Independent
Owen Jones: The moral case on tax avoidance is overwhelming - and we all know Google wants to do the right thing - Comment - Voices - The Independent
How Journalists Can Protect Themselves from Gov Spying | Scandals
Sandwich Priest Suspended For Plagiarizing Sermons « CBS Boston
The Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana Dispensaries - Waking Times : Waking Times
The Criminal Behavior of the IRS 1-800-Politics.com
Ron Paul: The IRS's Job Is To Violate Our Liberties | XRepublic
The dollar – and the USA – is toast
Kennedy's insistence on right of return prompted Ben-Gurion to rewrite history: They fled 'of their own free will'
Genetically modified democracy: Monsanto moves to obliterate states' rights to label GMOs

The Zionists Have No Clothes - Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern Roots
The Zionists Have No Clothes - Part 2: The Debunked Anti-Semitism Hoax

DHS Training Local Police to Enforce Martial Law | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans | Veterans News Now
Controlled Opposition
The ONE Mitigating Circumstance… |
Justice Department: Employees must affirm homosexuality |
You know Obama is F*cked when Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) is ripping him! | InvestmentWatch
Judge Napolitano To Shep: Rosen Committed 'No Crime,' 'Absolutely Protected By 1st Amendment' | XRepublic
Rep. Tim Griffin Grills IRS: "This Is The Perfect Example Why We Need Tax Reform" | XRepublic
7 Things About The Mainstream Media That They Do Not Want You To Know | InvestmentWatch
Armed march on Washington DC likely to take place during a constitutional convention |
The Smoking Gun on IRS Scandal? President met with anti-Tea Party IRS union chief the day before agency targeted Tea Party. | InvestmentWatch
Is the Nova PBS Premier of Manhunt – Boston Bombers State Sponsored Propaganda? - | Intellihub.com
Think your Skype messages get end-to-end encryption? Think again | Ars Technica
US Robots, Israeli Drones to Help Make 2014 World Cup in Brazil 'One of Safest Sporting Events Ever' - | Intellihub.com
Federal Income Tax in US is Illegal |
Obama’s Endgame |
Activist Post: Has Drug-Driven Medicine Become A Form of Human Sacrifice?
Shocking: 12 Year-Old Kid Exposes Criminal Banking System On TV - | Intellihub.com
High Crimes: Half Of Americans Want Obama Impeached (Including Democrats!) | InvestmentWatch
DOJ Spy Scandal: Associated Press Got What It Asked For By Serving As Lapdog Government Propagandists - BlackListedNews.com
Corporations Are Stealing Billions in Tax Breaks, While the Confused, Screwed Citizenry Turn On Each Other
Rand Paul "Apparently There Is Written Policy That IRS Targets Those Opposed To The President" | XRepublic
Breaking : documented proof of widespread domestic spying on Occupy Wall Street activists - 12160
Beyond Prophecy: Rigged, fleeced, duped and scoffed at - Is EVERY Market Rigged?
Crossing the world's most terrifying terrain... in a giant red bus: Eight intrepid explorers become first people to DRIVE from Russia to Canada across the North Pole | Mail Online
The Resident: How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires | XRepublic
Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun? - Scoop: Obama 'Met With Anti-Tea Party IRS Union Chief the Day Before Agency Targeted Tea Party' - 12160
Obama: “Things Are Looking Up! The American Auto Industry Is Thriving! American Energy Is Booming!” |
Obama’s War on Terror is Endless, Permanent
How The British Banking Industry Became An Organised Crime Enterprise
Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Obama's whereabouts night of Benghazi 'irrelevant' [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller
Your Medical Privacy - Who's Collecting Your Data & Sharing It? | XRepublic
CIA: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone | War Is A Crime .org
The Rise and Fall of the Holocaust Industry | Veterans Today
The Quiet Triumph Of Oil And Gas In Obama’s Policies - BlackListedNews.com
Drones Over the Homeland: From Border Security to National Security
Tech Corps Hope to Replace Your Wallet With Biometric Identification - BlackListedNews.com
White House Damage Control Script Jeopardized By New Disclosures - BlackListedNews.com
Chinese Hackers Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets - NYTimes.com
China Spends $125 Billion Per Year On Riot Gear And 'Stability Maintenance' - BlackListedNews.com
Police Chief: Media Blacks Out Key Boston Bombing Facts |
PsyWar – The Real Battlefield is the Mind (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Customers charged twice for items because contactless cards were activated from their pockets | Mail Online
The Psychology of Authority - YouTube
West Wing Weak: Your Guide to Obama's Scandal-Filled Week - YouTube
Anonymous IRS official — everything comes from the top… McConnell: ‘There is culture of intimidation throughout administration’ | InvestmentWatch
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Routinely Spies upon and Disrupts “Occupy” Protests
malcolm x - documents > zionist logic -- malcolm x on zionism
The IRS acts as the Brown Shirts of National Socialism |
5 Overlooked Lessons From the AP Subpoenas and Other Leak Investigations - BlackListedNews.com
IRS Scandal: Armed Police 'Escort' Reporters Through Cincinnati Office - BlackListedNews.com
DOJ Spy Scandal: Associated Press Got What It Asked For By Serving As Lapdog Government Propagandists - BlackListedNews.com
Police take DNA of 27 primary children a week | Mail Online
Mexican drug cartels’ spreading influence: Graphic - BlackListedNews.com
BBC News - Climate slowdown means extreme rates of warming 'not as likely'
Boston Bomber Backpacks Dont Add Up - BlackListedNews.com
Why Was A Sunday Times Report On US Government Ties To Al-Qaeda Chief Spiked? - BlackListedNews.com
Obama administration spied on Fox News reporter James Rosen: Report | The Ticket - Yahoo! News
Obamacare: Dealing a death blow to small businesses - BlackListedNews.com
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reveals government eavesdropping messages that allegedly speculate he’s being framed | The Raw Story
America’s cry for help lost in the White Noise
Chief Palestinian Negotiator Displays Usual Intransigence In United Nations Speech
Silencing Free Speech on College Campuses
More Secrets From Huma Abedin
The Dice Man Cometh: Would Sheer Chance be a Better Model for Obama?
Do Americans Care?
The Green Enemies of Humanity, Science and the Truth
Obama’s Secret to Corruption: Never Appoint a Special Counsel
The Path to Tyranny
What freedom of press? Holder DOJ searched James Rosen’s private email via warrant
Kill Two Birds With One Stone: Abolish IRS!
Immigration Reform Should Strengthen, Not Cost, America
Video: Glenn Beck: NAACP a 'Joke' and an 'Affront'
Video: Dem Target: Gun Firing at GOP Opponent's Head in New Political Ad
Video: Unreal! IRS Shake Down of 'True the Vote' Involved FBI, OSHA and ATF - Who Checked Gun Safe!
Obama's Real Legacy
Obama's Leak Freakout: Lefty political cartoon
Immigration employee union head to oppose Senate bill
A very bad sign for Obama
A smoking gun in IRS scandal?
Confirmed: White House counsel knew of tea party targeting weeks ago
This column from John Kass deserves a Pulitzer
Press shocked by their spawn
Obama puts all his cards on the table amid multiple scandals
How Obama Told the IRS to Target Conservatives
Squelching the Tea Party Gave Obama the Election
Obama-gate and World War III
What Hurts the Most about Benghazi
If Government Were a Business, Obama Would Already Be Fired
Time for the American People to Demand an Apology
Shielding Barack Obama From IRS Disgrace
Hope and Fear: Obama into 2014
The Stasi IRS?
Legislating morality is happening now, it's time Christianity arose
The Ugly Truth of Class War.
Smokedown Prohibition V: Adam kokesh and NA Poe Arrested (video)
New Jersey City Raises Palestinian Flag Over City Hall – HAMAS CITY USA; Got Amnesty?!
VIDEO: Coolest Card Trick Ever (w/ a Kiss) – How Did He Do That?
The White House War Against Whistleblowers
A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe - The Washington Post
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Boston 'bomber' scrawled 'F*** America confession' on side of boat | Mail Online
Map shows world's most racist countries (and the answers may surprise you) | Mail Online
Complete News Protest in US disrupts CIA director hearing - YouTube
How Journalists Can Protect Themselves from Gov Spying - YouTube
Complete News - US government defends phone-records seizure - YouTube
Obama's Science Czar John P. Holdren Confronted on Population Control - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Justice Department obtained records of Fox News journalist «
Public TV Tried To Placate David Koch
Breakthrough Design By 18 y.o. Charges Batteries In Seconds
What's Behind Eric Holder's Attack on Journalism?
Are The Deficit Hawks Actually Trying To Starve Us Now?
Monster Tornado Wipes Out Portions Of Oklahoma City Suburb; At Least 51 Reported Dead
Candy Crowley Stricken With Sudden Amnesia on Benghazi
Stephanopoulos Feigns Ignorance on Why Republicans (and ABC) Owe Rice an Apology
The Courage to Put Yourself on the Line
Vanden Heuvel: Republicans Using 'Weapons of Mass Distraction' Against Obama
Koch Brothers Storing Oil Sands Waste on Bank of Detroit River
Gregory Points Out Noonan's Iran-Contra Omission in Scandal Mongering Op-Ed
Maher Reads From 'Outrageous' IRS Forms Sent to Tea Partiers
Rand Paul Continues Attacks on Clinton Over Benghazi
Jennifer Rubin Accuses David Shuster of Using 'Media Matters Talking Points'
Paul Ryan: IRS Connection to Obamacare Is 'Rotten to the Core'
Rove Says His Super PAC Is Same as NAACP Because It's for 'Social Welfare'
Pfeiffer to Fox News Host: 'Offensive' to Suggest Obama Let Americans Die in Benghazi
Gregory Asks War Criminal Rumsfeld For Thoughts on Government Accountability
Concha: Bloomberg Involved in Scandal Because It's His Company
Bachmann Pushes Lie That IRS Will Kill People as 'Enforcer of Obamacare'
Anonymous launches Operation Guantanamo
The Myth of Privacy in a Google Age
France Signs Gay Marriage Into Law
Maddow: Fair Game to Disclose Names of Republicans Who Lied to ABC News
Washington Times Writer: Fox News Scandal Goes ‘Much Deeper,’ W.H. Sitting on Something Top Obama Aides ‘Terrified’ About
DOJ Reportedly Snooped on TWO Additional Fox News Employees
‘The Daily Show’ Creator Makes Outrageously Offensive Anti-Conservative Joke About Okla. Tornado
Watch: Unreal Time-Lapse Footage Shows Massive Tornado Tearing Through Okla.
Amazing New High-Definition Video of Okla. Twister Captures Massive Debris Cloud as Entire Roof Is Lifted in the Air
DISASTER: At Least 51 Dead After Monstrous Okla. Tornado, Death Toll Expected to Rise (Plus: See Photos of the Unbelievable Devastation)
The Unbelievable Dashcam Video of a Van Accident Allegedly Out of Russia That Will Make You Gasp
Is This the ‘Smoking Gun’ That Ties the IRS Scandal to the White House?
‘Mute Him’: Conservative Columnist Accuses Current TV Personality of Using Media Matters Talking Points
Okla. Mom’s Incredible Interview: I Prevented Tornado From Taking My Daughter by Holding on to Her Hair
Video: Devastating Tornado Roars Through Oklahoma
Sebelius’ Controversial Fundraising Efforts Raise Concerns, Allegedly Chase Away Potential Donors
‘Motivated by a Desire to Undermine’: Gov’t Report Determines ‘Fast and Furious’ Whistleblower Was Retaliated Against
By Badge, Phone & Email: Here’s How Obama’s DOJ Snooped on Top Fox News Reporter
Viral Video: Man Riding Atop the Hood of a Moving Truck Pleads With Others to Call Police — And There’s a Hilarious Explanation
‘Pedophile Protection’: Rapist Takes Young Girl to Planned Parenthood for an Abortion to Hide His Crime
Israeli Motorists Shocked When Nazi Flag Seen Flying Near Palestinian Mosque
Beat-Up Poet? One of the Men Punished Over Benghazi Security Failures Fights Back with…Scathing Verse
‘Arrogance…Abuse of Power…Rotten to the Core’: Paul Ryan Steamed Over IRS, Benghazi
White House: ‘Irrelevant Fact’ Where Obama Was During Benghazi
‘Everything Is Gone’: 1 Dead, 21 Injured After Powerful Tornado Flattens Mobile Homes Near Oklahoma City
This Has to Be One of the Last Things a Bride Wants to Happen While Wearing Her Wedding Dress | Video | TheBlaze.com
This Teen’s Invention Means You Could Charge Your Cellphone in Less Than 30 Seconds | Video | TheBlaze.com
‘Bigoted, Religious [Zealots]‘: High School Senior Allegedly Expelled, Charged With Felonies Over Gay Relationship With ‘Consenting’ Fellow Student | TheBlaze.com
Israel and Palestinians Are Still Fighting Over This Iconic Image | TheBlaze.com
Rep. Jordan Pledges to Get to Bottom of IRS ‘Abuse of Taxpayers’ First Amendment Rights’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
University Will Investigate Christian Professor’s Intelligent Design Class Following Atheist Furor | TheBlaze.com
The 5 Most Interesting (and Creepy) Things From the Affidavit Detailing the Government’s Monitoring of a Fox Reporter | Video | TheBlaze.com
Senior White House Officials Knew About IRS Investigation — But Supposedly Did Not Tell Obama | Video | TheBlaze.com
Joe Scarborough Clashes With Robert Gibbs Over Recent Scandals: Obama Wasn’t ‘Totally Ignorant of What Was Going On’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Report: Obama Administration Apologizes for Another National Security Leak | TheBlaze.com
School Nixes Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for More Inclusive ‘International Day of Families’ | TheBlaze.com
In a Bold Move, Texas Announces Plans to Eliminate CSCOPE Curriculum Program from Its Schools | TheBlaze.com
Benghazi Scandal Leads to Rise in ‘Ben Affleck Syndrome’ | TheBlaze.com
John Kerry Reportedly Had a Breakfast Meeting With Father of Gaza Flotilla ‘Martyr’ Last Week — and There’s Apparently Picture Evidence | TheBlaze.com
One of the Most Unlikely Animals Being Trained to Hunt Land Mines | Video | TheBlaze.com
Michelle Obama Jokes About Her Husband’s ‘Failures’ in Graduation Speech | TheBlaze.com
'Daily Show' Creator Says Okla. Tornado Meant for Conservatives, Apologizes
Publicist: Doors' Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Dies at 74
Donald Trump: Everyone Should See 'Hating Breitbart'
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Urged Feds to 'Investigate True the Vote' in 2010
Left Mobilizes 'Mass Movement' for College Debt Relief
Obama Contradicts Himself on Job Market Future, Blames Sequester
A Trifecta of Scandals: What, Me Worry?
Man Forces Pre-Teen Rape Victim to Abort at Planned Parenthood
Holder Won't Say if DOJ Ever Enforced Born Alive Infant Protection Act
Supreme Court to Hear Historic Religious Liberty Case
Hot Mic: Schumer Organizing Immigration Votes with 'Our Republicans'
Food Police Hit the Frozen Aisle
Obama Met With IRS Union Boss Day Before Tea Party Targeting Began
Top Dem Demands Detailed Answers on IRS Scandal
Secret Service Sued for Obama's Hawaiian Vacation Documents
Scandal Fallout Scuttles Democrat Dreams of Majority
Union for Immigration Processing Officers Joins Opposition to Reform Bill
Chief IRS Counsel Got Jeremiah Wright's Church out of IRS Probe Before Joining Agency
WH Counsel Withheld IRS Scandal from Obama
Rumsfeld Slams Obama for Absence During Benghazi Attack
Rumsfeld on IRS Scandal: Disturbing for Government to Turn Against the People
Before AP: DOJ Targeted Fox News' James Rosen
Two Special Agents with Elite Rescue Team Killed in Training Accident
Uzbekistan National Indicted in U.S. on Terrorism Charges
America Waiting on Big Decisions from SCOTUS
IRS Scandal Widens: Agency Accused of Abusing Audit Power
Romney Donor VanderSloot: I Was Audited Twice by IRS, Once by DOL & Investigated by Senate Staffer
Google and Verizon Gave Government Reporters' Records
IRS Scandal: Armed Police 'Escort' Reporters Through Cincinnati Office
Angry Press Corps Grills White House on Reporter Scandals
NY Times Reporter: Justice Department Leak Targeting Already Having 'Chilling Effect'
Report: Three Fox News Staffers Targeted By Justice Department
IRS Scandal: Washington Post Factchecker Busts Washington Post
CBS' Attkisson Reports She's Been Shut Out by White House
Gov't Memo Proves CBS's Sharyl Attkisson Got Benghazi Email Story Right
Issa Defeats Media: 59% Approve of GOP's Benghazi Handling
IRS Scandal: Beinart Stands up for Poor, Helpless Bureaucrats
Exclusive: Facebook Promotes Palestinian Propaganda in Jerusalem
Politico: AG Holder Now Untouchable
Boise Man Arrested on Terrorism and WMD Charges
South Korea Deploys Israeli-Made Missiles to Protect Border Islands
Hezbollah Helping Assad's Forces in 'Most Intense' Battle of Syrian Conflict
Obama Admin Decries Sale of Russian Anti-Ship Missiles to Syria
Uh-Oh: Hillary's Benghazi Scapegoat Speaks Out
Former Counterterrorism Head: FBI Never Called Ft. Hood 'Workplace Violence'
Gay Marriage Vote Poses Problems for Cameron
Tunisia Arrests 200 in Salafist Crackdown
Car Bombs in Baghdad, South Iraq Kill at Least 40
Suicide Bomber Kills 14 at Afghan Province Council
Second Taiwanese Fighter Crash Within a Week
Legendary City of Central America Found?
World View: Israel's Army to Begin Using Live Fire on West Bank Palestinians
Syria Ready to Strike Israel
Report: Al Qaeda Affliate Takes Over Syrian Oil Fields
Former Congressman Larry McDonald [Assassinated] on the New World Order
Adam Kokesh Arrested At 'Philly Smoke Down,' Charged With 'Resisting' - informationliberation
Adam Kokesh Charged With "Assaulting a Federal Officer" - informationliberation

Hofstra student Andrea Rebello shot in head by cop while being used as human shield during home invasion - NYPOST.com
Former Officer Accused of Rape Costs City Millions - Local News - Philadelphia, PA | NBC News
Government Is the Problem - informationliberation
Eric Holder Claims Terrorists Are Involved In 'IP Theft' - informationliberation
Aaron Swartz's Last Project: Open Source System To Securely & Anonymously Submit Documents To The Press - informationliberation
Kiwis Want To Spy On All Communications, VPNs, And Be Able To Use Secret Evidence Against You - informationliberation
Piers Morgan: Now I See U.S. Government Tyranny - informationliberation
4409 -- Bomber leaves Confession note in Boat LOL - informationliberation
Taxes on some wealthy French top 100 pct of income: paper | Reuters
CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder
The Wrong Men: How the DHS Failed to Prevent Terrorism
FBI Director Continues Cover-up of Contacts with Boston Bombing Suspects
Why Was a Sunday Times Report on US Government Ties to al-Qaeda Chief Spiked?
Did 9/11 Justify the War in Afghanistan?
The Afghanistan War May End by 2024 … Maybe
The YouTube War: Online Videos Spread Fear in Syria
Two Cheers for ‘Isolationism’ by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Boston Becomes Toxic by Philip Giraldi -- Antiwar.com
Spying’s Amateur Hour by Eric Margolis
Radicalized = Weaponized = Kill at Will | Black Agenda Report
Monday Mayhem: 133 Killed, 283 Wounded in Iraq -- Antiwar.com
Hezbollah Squares Off With Syrian Rebels as War Spills Over Into Lebanon -- News from Antiwar.com
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 20, 2013

The Mother of All Rules Governing US Media: Censor & Cover-Up US Government Criminality
Washington Signals Dollar Deep Concerns
The New Great Game Round Up-May 19, 2013
G20 Policing, Chinese Internet, Troubled Waters - Asia-Pacific Perspective - YouTube
Interview 664 - Radio Liberty: Origins of the Federal Reserve
Interview 663 – The Asia-Pacific Perspective with Broc West
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) and Radiofrequency (RF): What are the Health Impacts?
CIA Troublemaking in Caucasus
Reagan Backed Ex-Dictator Jorge Videla and Argentina’s Dirty War
Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Report
US Supreme Court Rules for Agribusiness Giant Monsanto, Destruction of the Family Farm
Guantanamo Force-Feeding Constitutes Torture
Medical Marijuana: Big Pharma’s Campaign to Eliminate State-Sanctioned Cannabis Competitors?
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Routinely Spies upon and Disrupts “Occupy” Protests
Globalization Watch: Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
The War on Mali: An Illustration of Fragmented Totality
Bashar al-Assad Interview: Israel Supports Al Qaeda Terrorists
Did 9/11 Justify the War in Afghanistan?
The Afghanistan War May End by 2024 … Maybe
Is EVERY Market Rigged?
Drone Proliferation in Europe: Domestic Surveillance and Unmanned Warfare
Apple allegedly uses havens to avoid paying billions in U.S. taxes
Google faces new pressure in UK over tax claims
Secret Service probes right-wing radio host for threatening Clinton
Alex Jones: Democrats stole election, want to ‘legalize the 30 million illegals’
18-year-old’s breakthrough invention can recharge phones in seconds
Billionaire Carlos Slim to buy U.S. mobile phone company Start Wireless Group
Ray Manzarek of The Doors dies at 74 after battle with cancer | The Raw Story
'Obama Denies Role in Government' « LewRockwell.com Blog
Two Examples of Pure Government Evil « LewRockwell.com Blog
Have Martial Law Rules Changed? « LewRockwell.com Blog
Have I Found Someone Who Is Wrong 100% of the Time? | Tom Woods
Keynesian Phrenology by Richard Daughty
Invade the World by Charles A. Burris
charles hugh smith-Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out
Nikola Tesla’s Lab Has Been Saved
In America, taxes are voluntary but if you choose to not pay, you’ll be forced to ‘voluntarily’ comply
Pesticide Content in Food Less Regulated by Codex Than Vitamins and Minerals
Monsanto Planting New GM Soybeans in 20 Locations Despite Recent Activism
7 Things About The Mainstream Media That They Do Not Want You To Know
The IRS War on Medical Marijuana Providers
Joe Rogan & The Pharmaceutical Industry: Prescribing Happiness
Millions March Against Monsanto
Do You Really Know What Anarchy Is?
DHS Training Local Police to Enforce Martial Law
AP Chief: Justice Department was "judge, jury, and executioner - in secret!"
"Form OBMA" Added to Tax Forms for 2014?
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