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"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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18 May 2013




IRS Commissioner: Activity 'Absolutely Not Illegal' | The Weekly Standard
Congressional hearing turns into IRS smackdown as disgraced former commissioner and Treasury Inspector General face tea-party scandal questions | Mail Online
GOP Congressman Receives Standing Ovation After He Rips IRS Commissioner | RealClearPolitics
IRS stalled conservative groups, but gave speedy approval to Obama foundation - The Washington Post
Obama on IRS: ‘We’ve got to make sure that it is doing its job’ - The Washington Post

Terrified passengers escape alive as US Airways flight makes belly landing at Newark airport after landing gear failed | Mail Online
KMOV’s Conners Barred From Facebook, Interviews on IRS Controversy « CBS St. Louis
Farrakhan To Detroit: Investment Needed In City « CBS Detroit
Obama Consoles Student After Failing To Answer Math Problem: ‘Subtraction Is Tougher Than Addition’ « CBS DC
CDC: 1 In 5 US Children May Have Mental Disorder « CBS Atlanta
Cannes jewellery heist takes shine off stars on red carpet day | Film | The Guardian
Lew asks Congress for debt increase, says it’s 'not open to debate' - The Hill's On The Money
Syrian rebels: Dozens hurt in chemical weapons attack in Damascus | The Times of Israel
Russia reveals identity of CIA Moscow chief following Ryan Fogle's expulsion | World news | guardian.co.uk
Bloomberg to review privacy, data standards - POLITICO.com
Weiner’s Wife, Huma Abedin, Failed to Disclose Consulting Work Done While a State Dept. Aide - NYTimes.com
Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing takes over the oilfields once belonging to Assad - Telegraph
First Lady Expands Anti-Obesity Campaign to Museums | CNS News
Obama’s trust-in-government deficit - The Washington Post
American Way: don't impose Watergate on the scandals facing Obama - they stand on their own - Telegraph
Non-deportation rate drops — to 99.2 percent - Washington Times
Mitt Romney Talks AP, IRS, Benghazi On "Tonight Show" With Leno, Says "I'm Not A Fan Of The President" | RealClearPolitics
Merkel and Pope talk about a 'strong' Europe
Ten per cent of Facebook users are not human including Mark Zuckerberg's dog Beast | Mail Online
Iran dispatches warship to shadow Gulf exercises - Telegraph
Terrified passengers escape alive as US Airways flight makes belly landing at Newark airport after landing gear failed | Mail Online
Lerner's admission was pre-planned public disclosure | The Daily Caller
Google insider exposes ‘immoral’ tax scam | The Sunday Times
'We Could Lose Everything': Tea Party Groups Prepare to Sue IRS
BROKEN RAIL EYED: NTSB Probes Cause of Connecticut Train Collision
FALL FROM GRACE: Hero Philly Cop Charged With Rape, Other Crimes
Marine reunited with dog he served with in Afghanistan
What Obama must say to black grads
No pics for Boston suspect's lawyers
Michael Jackson manager e-mails found
Did mayor smoke crack on camera?
FBI searches apartment in ricin letter case
The War in Chicago
North Korea fires three short-range missiles
CHALLENGE FOR DEMS:Senate Campaigns Marked By Internal Battles
Suspect ID'd in break-in that left student dead
6 months before Dallas, JFK got up close with Nashville
Michelle Obama Makes Light of President's Failures
Says No Foul Play in Conn. Train Crash
Sheriffs Sue to Shoot Down Gun Control
Police ID New Leads in Madeleine McCann Case
Will Boy Scouts Accept Gay Youth?
Hofstra student shot in home robbery was killed by police, officials say
Should FBI manhunts use drones? US lawmakers debate
Puzzling! Swine flu virus detected in elephant seals off West Coast
Car barrels through Virginia parade crowd, injuring at least 50, official says
Gunmen kill senior woman member of Pakistani party led by Imran Khan
Church must help the poorest, not dissect theology, pope says
At least four suspected militants killed in Yemen drone strike
Armed groups bomb Libyan military posts in Benghazi
What's for lunch? In Japanese schools it's always healthy
Chance of survivors declines at Indonesian mine
Bombs targeting Sunnis kill at least 76 in Iraq
Will Latin American nations legalize marijuana?
Benghazi e-mails show 'no conspiracy,' expert says
Reporter Remembers Fear in Videla's Argentina
Dissident Ex-General Released in Venezuela
French President Signs Gay Marriage Into Law
Blasts Rock Libya's Capital and Eastern City
No injuries reported after part of Russian airliner catches fire, news agencies report
Jessica Lynch, others: Where are they now?
You won't believe what's in U.S. rivers
North Korea: Bae in 'special prison'
Will China mediate the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?
Richard Engel offers insights on humanity after his kidnapping
Engel: 'Can't think of a more complicated situation than Syria'
Raw video captures panic prompted by gunman at Cannes
Alaska volcano shoots lava up hundreds of feet
Response to Boston bombing to be reviewed by police and city
Young women add to Mormon missionary ranks
How your muscles impact your politics
50 years later, man arrested in wife's death
Marine who dumped toxins felt illness was payback
Solar-powered plane makes history
CO2 levels hit new peak
Not taxed at the tank? Not for long
For Obama, no more Mr. Nice Media
Don't lower DUI threshold
Our 'hookup culture'
GOP using Benghazi to smear
Two men charged with killing Malcolm X grandson
Texas joins flood of states suing BP over 2010 Gulf spill
Chicago commuter headache as 'L' train line shut for five months
Syria's Assad: Little chance peace talks would succeed
Space rock strikes moon with force of 5 tons of TNT
What's in millennials' wallets? Fewer credit cards
Ousted IRS chief defends against partisan charges
In Mexico, immigrants' relatives watch U.S. debate, and hope
Obama tries to steer attention back to jobs
Can Jodi Arias escape death penalty?
Deadly Greenwich Village shooting possible 'hate crime,' police say
Google's wearable Glass gadget: cool or creepy?
Student loan loads block home, car purchases
9 most popular USA brands sold in China
Career Killers: 7 Secret Sins at Work
Kill My Wife Then Feed My Dogs, 'Hitman' Asked
Inmate Sues Over Doritos Locos Idea
Class of 2013 grads average $35,200 in total debt
Financial Times hit by hackers
Bernanke upbeat on innovation outlook in commencement address
SUV passengers more likely to survive crashes
Pres. Obama: People Should Be Outraged at IRS Situation
New Highs = New Worries?
Is Yahoo about to buy Tumblr?
Meet your robot bartender
'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'?
Kid apps 'draw' on creativity
5 things to know before you cut your cable bill
Computer viruses on rise for first time in years, Microsoft warns
How 'Star Trek' inspired NASA, astronauts and more
'Smart Rifle' Begins Shipping to Owners
DirecTV interested in buying video website Hulu: source
Molested nephew says Jackson helped him
Seaweed, Peppers ... Prof's Healthy Pizza
Demand for organic foods boosts industry's sway
Mild brain shock may improve math skills
Computer games may improve 'chemo brain' in cancer patients
Latest Edition of Psychiatry's 'Bible' Launched Amid Controversy
Cellphone Use May Reveal Your 'Dominant Brain'
1 in 5 U.S. adults sports a tattoo
Gadgets may be making us dumber, studies show
World's biggest collider creates tiniest drops
Obama's Morehouse Visit Shines Spotlight on HBCUs
The South welcomes 'crazy ants.' Hail the latest invader
IRS scandal becomes Republican battering ram against Obamacare (+video)
Did the Associated Press blow an Al Qaeda informant's cover?
Obama Administration Knew of IRS Probe During 2012 Campaign
Jindal: IRS Officials Involved in Scandal Should Go to Jail
IRS Scandal Fuels Calls for Tax Reform
IRS Scandal, Premiums Cast Shadow Over Obamacare
Romney: Benghazi Talking Points Did Not Cost Him Election
5 More Religious Groups Say They Were Targeted by IRS
Egyptian Christians Targeted with Blasphemy Charges
Kudlow: Special Counsel Is Only Way to Clean Up IRS Rat's Nest
Buybacks Are Big Factor Behind Stock Market Boom
7 Secrets to Living to 100 in Good Health
Meteoroid Impact Triggers Bright Flash on the Moon
Was WH Counsel Aware of IRS Abuses?
The Media's Tea Party Moment
Scandals Prove Liberal Incompetence
Those Altered Benghazi Talking Points
Wireless Communications Must Be Improved in America
Could World Events Overwhelm the US?
Repeating Past Mistakes on Immigration
Obama agenda marches on despite controversies
OJ's ex-lawyer contradicts his testimony on guns
Congressman Gets Standing Ovation for Telling IRS It Strikes Fear Into Americans
HHS:'Telework' Gives Gov't Employees More Time for 'Planning and Preparing Healthy Meals'
Obama: 'I Have Complete Confidence in Eric Holder'
IRS Commissioner on Scandal: ‘We Provided Horrible Customer Service’
Jackson Says Goodbye on 'American Idol' Finale
Boehner: Obama's Refusal to Negotiate Over Debt Limit Not Based in Reality
Rep. Gohmert on AP Scandal: ‘When There Is a Tyrannical Despot the Media Will Be One of the Early Victims’ | CNS News
Obama picks budget official to run troubled IRS | CNS News
Krauthammer on IRS Testimony: ‘You've Got to be a Knave or a Fool to Say That and an Idiot to Believe It’ | NewsBusters
Video: NB Publisher Bozell Cautions Media Will Quickly Revert to Defending Obama, Attacking Republicans Over Scandals | NewsBusters
Charlie Rose Wonders If Republicans Will 'Overplay Their Hand' on Obama Scandals | NewsBusters
CNN's Banfield: 'Take Me Off the Ledge' and Tell Me IRS Audits Weren't Political | NewsBusters
Rep. Pelosi on WH Scandals: Republicans 'Make So Much of These Issues Because This President is Such a Great President' | CNS News
Obama On IRS Abuse: 'I Certainly Did Not Know Anything About the IG Report' | CNS News
Google Seeks Slice of the Subscription-Based Music Market with 'Google Play All Access' | CNS News
Obama: ‘I’m shocked, shocked’ about IRS
Why GOP won’t start impeachment process
The Chicago mob in D.C.
Obstruction of justice, Holder-style
DOJ on ‘gays’: ‘Silence will be interpreted as disapproval’
Greetings from your friendly neighborhood terrorist
Reprogramming our destructive culture
Democratic socialists’ ‘Long March’
The systematic political abuse of the IRS
Obama ‘outraged’? He adores the IRS
Benghazi lies, IRS abuses: The fabric of tyranny
From sexting to snooping in surveillance state USA
Benghazi and America’s distracted citizenry
Biden now blamed in SEAL Team 6 deaths
Jimmy Carter: ‘I do not favor’ legalizing marijuana - Kevin Robillard - POLITICO.com
Dem: Ex-IRS chief lied to Congress - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Congress defies White House with new round of Iran sanctions - The Hill's Global Affairs
Cultural Earthquake: 70% Women to Follow Angelina's Double Mastectomy
My Way News - Feds: More time needed to indict Tsarnaev
Pew: Black Turnout May Have Been Lower Because Blacks Lie, Or Higher Because So Many Are Felons | Mediaite
My Way News - Egyptians targeted with blasphemy charges
Weiner’s Wife, Huma Abedin, Failed to Disclose Consulting Work Done While a State Dept. Aide - NYTimes.com
Idaho man pleads not guilty in alleged Uzbekistan terror plot - latimes.com
SALTILLO, Mexico: In Mexico, fears for democracy as threatened journalists curtail coverage - World Wires - MiamiHerald.com
Plea to police: 'Don't let me go'
NTSB examining 'fractured rail' in Connecticut train collision - CNN.com
IG letter to Geithner: Targeting not among top concerns – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Pat Robertson shrugs off adultery, CBN regrets the misunderstanding – CNN Belief Blog - CNN.com Blogs
Romney weighs in on Washington controversies – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Opinion: What Obama must say to African-American grads - CNN.com
The King of Clubs is back, and he may yet prove to be Saddam's trump card
Outgoing IRS chief deflects Republican attempts to link scandal to White House
Is Google Glass an affront to privacy? Rest easy: Congress has got your back
How to improve female fertility: avoid selfish men
B-list scandals begin to take the shine off Barack Obama's halo
Investigation launched over German Green party's support for paedophiles in the 1980s
Maid who claims she saw Michael Jackson shower with Wade Robson when he was EIGHT 'asked to testify at choreographer's new lawsuit'