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and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

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16 May 2013


Intel Exclusive: Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed | Veterans Today
Benghazi Emails Directly Contradict White House Claims | The Weekly Standard
Retired 4 Star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi [EXACTLY!] | Terrorism
BREAKING: Obama White House Just Caught In HUGE Lie/Contradiction – See Proof Here. - The Ulsterman Report
Stunner: who is suddenly telling liberal jackals to attack Obama? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Obama counter-punches in effort to regain political balance - CNN.com
Internal IRS Mandate: 'Be on the Lookout' for 'Organizations Involved In ... Educating on Constitution and Bill of Rights' | CNS News
IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records | Healthcare IT News
Ron Paul: Gang of 8 Hiding National ID Card in Immigration Reform – Common Sense
Earth Heal - Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? UPDATE
Sen. Lindsey Graham at Center of Evidence Tampering Case? | American Free Press
Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist | LifeSiteNews.com
NBC News: Holder pressed over enforcement of infant protection act
Roi Tov – The Poorest Rich Country
Obama's Contempt for Venezuelan Democracy
Banners, airplanes ready to warn about upcoming 'Gay Day'
Grace Dent: How could so many years of horrendous abuse go unnoticed? In this case, the guilt extends way beyond Oxford sex traffickers - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Bladeless, funnel-based wind turbine claims huge efficiency gains | Science! | Geek.com
Activist Post: Study: Regular Marijuana Use May Prevent Diabetes and Make You Skinnier
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Marijuana is an Effective Treatment for Crohn's Disease
Need a Placebo Pill? There’s an App for That | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
World's most extraordinary species mapped for the first time - interactive | Environment | guardian.co.uk
An Interview With Barack Obama About The IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records And Benghazi | SilverDoctors.com
Monsanto and Other GM Firms are Winning in the US – and Globally | Common Dreams
The secret laser-toting Soviet satellite that almost was | Ars Technica
White kids will no longer make up a majority in just a few years - May. 15, 2013
Tommy Chong Beats Prostate Cancer with Hemp Oil and Proper Diet - Waking Times : Waking Times
Why Research is Right About Smoking vs. Eating Medicinal Marijuana - Waking Times : Waking Times
Satan Is Setting Up Shop In the Halls of Congress | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Jury Concludes that FRAUD Put President Obama on the Ballot in 2008 | The Daily Sheeple
Detroit – The Start of the End « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
7 Caught Trespassing At Quabbin Reservoir; Patrols Stepped Up Across State « CBS Boston
IRS as a Political Hit Squad
PressTV - Suicide leading cause of gun deaths
Pentagon plans to fight ‘War on Terror’ for another 20 years
Billionaires Now Own American Politics
Cell phone users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’ – judge
Chris Matthews sours on Obama |
Second IRS official resigns after scandal |
Arizona Man Winds Up Jailed, Unemployed and Homeless After Photographing Courthouse |
Witness Protection Lost ‘Known Or Suspected’ Terrorists: DOJ Report |
Judge Napolitano: IRS Concerned With Frustrating Obama's Political Adversaries | XRepublic
Attorney General Eric Holder flatly rejecting the idea of appointing a special counsel to investigate Benghazi. - 12160
Breaking: IRS Commissioner Resigns Amid Mass Outrage - | Intellihub.com
FBI Investigating California Deputies for Deleting Footage of Beating Death from Confiscated Phones - | Intellihub.com
Santelli Warns: Keep IRS Out of Obamacare! | InvestmentWatch
CIA approved AP report that triggered investigation — RT USA
Retired 4 star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi new Evidence - Politisite | Politisite
Spying on Members of the US Congress: DoJ Tapped Congressional Rooms as Well as Reporters’ Offices | Global Research
Bill Donohue: IRS Targeted Catholic League
Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in, sources say - CBS News
Some Conservatives Targeted by IRS Say They Plan on Filing Civil Suit Against IRS | TheBlaze.com
Russians Forensic Test CIA Wig - Business Insider
CIA approved AP report that triggered investigation
Obama fires acting IRS commissioner as pressure grows surrounding political targeting of conservative groups that sought tax-exempt status | Mail Online
How Billionaires Took Over American Democracy
Google accused of ‘devious’ tax policy
Documents: IRS letters harassing conservative groups came from Washington, DC headquarters and from California offices, despite Inspector General's focus on Cincinnati employees | Mail Online
Jay Leno Compares Obama to Nixon | XRepublic
The President Does It Again… |
Groundwater bubbling from a mine nearly two miles beneath Canada may be the oldest on Earth and offer clues about life on Mars | Mail Online
US moving 200 marines to Sicily for Libya protection - Telegraph
IRS goes after patriot/tea-party/anti-tax/conservative groups, Obama condemns | XRepublic
Congressman: Justice Dept. Wiretapped the House of Representative’s Cloak Room |
Congressman: Department of Justice Tapped Congressional Rooms as Well as Reporters’ Offices | Washington's Blog
An Even Bigger Scandal: Why Are IRS Audits Being Used To Punish Obama’s Political Enemies? - BlackListedNews.com
Why Can’t Students Borrow at the Same Rates as Banks? - 12160
Oil company executives cannot be prosecuted until law change, Number 10 admits - Telegraph
The New Pay-As-You-Go Landscape of American ‘Democracy’
‘Oil price riggers should face prison’
Lois Lerner Admission Baffled Audience At Tax Panel | TPMMuckraker
Military Sexual Assault Prevention Officer Accused of Running Prostitution Ring
Report: IRS denied tax-exempt status to pro-lifers on behalf of Planned Parenthood - 12160
The I.R.S. Abusing Americans Is Nothing New | XRepublic
David Stockman: “The American Empire And The End Of Sound Money”
New Phone Tracking System 'Violates Privacy Rights'
IRS criminality proves big government is lawless, unrestrained and utterly out of control |
Jon Stewart Tears Apart Obama: You Can't Keep Saying You Found Out About News At The Same Time As Us! - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 12160
Rep. Gardner Demands To Know Colorado Groups Targeted By The IRS « CBS Denver
Pope Blasts Global Financial System As ‘Cult of Money’ « CBS DC
Activist Post: Bertrand Russell: World Government Needed to ‘Prevent Human Extinction’
Refreshing News: 11 Governments Are Meeting in Peru to Figure Out How They Can Control the Internet
What is password 17?
Psychiatry's New Diagnostic Manual: "Don't Buy It. Don't Use It. Don't Teach It." | Mother Jones
Tea Party Leader: When IRS Asked For Copies of Speeches & Names of Employers We Withdrew | XRepublic
"The Obama Administration Is Using The DOJ & FBI To Go After Journalist Doing their Job!" | XRepublic
Kick'em When They're Down: Repeal of Obamacare Scheduled to Hit House Floor 1-800-Politics.com
Obama threatens Tax Audits - YouTube
Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in, sources say - CBS News
Activist Post: IRS as a Political Hit Squad
The Obama Administration is to draw a certain conclusion after AP scandal - Russia’s FM : The Voice of Russia: News, Breaking news, Politics, Economics, Business, Russia, International current events, Expert opinion, podcasts, Video
Brian Kelly's Blog: ALERT: All Loans Are Fraud
Sen. Lindsey Graham at Center of Evidence Tampering Case? |
Refreshing News: Charges dropped against Florida teen over amateur science experiment
Dash cam video of real Russia and its real people explodes Internet - English pravda.ru
Craig Murray » Blog Archive » The Mavi Marmara Murders
Rand Paul insults libertarians | XRepublic
Farmer Faces Over 2 Years Jail, $10K Fines for Feeding Community | XRepublic
NFL Player Instagrams Himself Peeing on IRS Building
US spy scandal: A typical example of Washington's Modus Operandi - English pravda.ru
DOJ Snooping on Journalists: A Witch Hunt to Enforce Obama Demand for Total Secrecy « Antiwar.com Blog
Oh My… Breaking: Holder Justice Department Also Tapped House of Representatives Cloak Room | The Gateway Pundit
Four Cincy IRS workers, not two, allegedly connected to scandal - FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, - 12160
10 Biggest Rejects Scooped Up By Fox News
Why Do Christian Megapastors Keep Get Caught in Sordid Sex Scandals?
Why Cops and Prosecutors Get Away With Throwing Innocents in Prison
Suicide Rates in Middle-Aged Americans Are Increasing
An Even Bigger Scandal: Why Are IRS Audits Being Used To Punish Obama’s Political Enemies?
They Come to America (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Everything Is Illegal In America (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Russia Catches CIA Spy Red-Handed | My Catbird Seat
RUSSIA Now Fully Commited With Rest of BRICS To DESTROY Reserve Currency Status Of DOLLAR | InvestmentWatch
Ousted IRS chief claims in email that he’s leaving because ‘my acting assignment ends in early June’… Obama claim: Was ASKED to resign | InvestmentWatch
Planet for Sale – The New World Agricultural Order (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Holder Says He’s ’95-99 Percent’ Certain Assistant AG Authorized Subpoena of AP Phone Records | InvestmentWatch
Lions And Tigers And Terrorists, Oh My! |
Education Dictates More Like ‘Communism Core’ |
Resolutions of 1798: Guideposts of Limited Government |
Amnesty Bill is a Massive Multi-Million Dollar Fraud |
The Trick to Suppressing Revolution: Keeping Debt/Tax Serfdom Bearable | InvestmentWatch
Emails show David Petraeus objected to Obama administration's version of Benghazi events | Mail Online
During Rose Garden press conference, Obama refuses to apologize for secretly seizing AP phone records, shifts blame to Congress for Benghazi security lapses, and dodges question about White House IRS knowledge | Mail Online
Obama loan policy rips off students by record $51b | XRepublic
Police Department Turns to Citizens for Ammunition Due to Shortage! | XRepublic
Israel has highest poverty rate in OECD | The Times of Israel
Yale Faces $165,000 Clery Act Fine For Failing To Report Sex Offenses On Campus ~ News Forage
Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields
United Nations nuclear talks with Iran fail to end deadlock | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR
The BIG Warning Signal to Stocks That 99% of Investors Are Ignoring | InvestmentWatch
Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant: Our Critics Are Fueled By 'Elitism'
Japan PM warns of possible military response to Chinese subs | StratRisks
Will giving the internet eyes and ears mean the end of privacy? | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Executed as they waited on a pavement kerb: Terrifying assassination video of three men by 'Islamist rebels' shows new front in Syrian propaganda war | Mail Online
Federal Judge: Only Powered-Off Cell Phones Deserve Privacy Protections | American Civil Liberties Union
Hollywood and 9/11: The Movies and TV Dramas Resembling the Terrorist Attacks That Were Being Produced in September 2001 | 911Blogger.com
Assad's team announced for Syria conference | Middle East | World Bulletin
Missouri Man Offers Free Land to Gun Makers in Restrictive States |
Buckling to Bigotry: The Newseum Dishonors Murdered Palestinian Journalists | Intifada Palestine
JFK II: The Bush Connection (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Detroit Mayor Calls It In |
Charges Against Cop Who Killed Unarmed Teen Thrown Out On Technicality |
Who Protects New Yorkers From The NYPD? |
NPR: the Voices and Views of One Side « Aletho News
Advanced Israeli Drone Hijacked by Iran or Hezbollah, Then Destroyed by Israel |
6 Reasons Why Obama’s Popularity Is Likely to Plummet
Anti-Neocons • View topic - King Corn
Authorities Hunting for Nuclear Device Lost in West Virginia - | Intellihub.com
Rep. Nunes: DOJ Wiretapped Congressional Cloakroom | XRepublic
The Big Fix - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cover up - YouTube
PressTV - Corporations, humans and taxes
Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
How Nordstrom Uses WiFi To Spy On Shoppers - Forbes
Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.’
10 Worst Fast Food Meals You Can Eat | Fitnea – Stay Fit
Conservative wonk who wrote Harvard dissertation claiming Hispanics have low IQ is forced to resign | Mail Online
Christopher Bollyn: Just Another 9/11 Gatekeeper? | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Bush and His Aides Made 935 False Statements about Iraq In the 2 Years After 9/11 - Democratic Underground
Still Eat Conventional Meat or Poultry? Preservatives, Antimicrobials, Antifungals, and Viral Sprays Saturate Factory Farmed Sources
Grover Norquist is a Charlatan and Architect of the Illegal Immigration Invasion - ALIPAC
GeoEngineering: The Basic Science of Cooler Summer and Frigid Winter – The Answer to the Scam of ‘If it’s warming, why is it so cold?’ ChemTrails* | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Climate research nearly unanimous on human causes, survey finds | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Tom Zeller Jr.: Scientists Agree (Again): Climate Change Is Happening
Father Beaten To Death By 9 Sheriffs, Bystanders Captured On Camera // Mr. Conservative
California Police Brutality Break into private residence and taze person filming - YouTube
Obamagate Drawing The Civil War Battle Lines - Morris - YouTube
OpEdNews - Article: Upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership Looks Like Corporate Takeover
EXPOSED: Angelina Jolie part of a clever corporate scheme to protect billions in BRCA gene patents, influence Supreme Court decision - BlackListedNews.com
Oil Majors Weigh Up Risks of Beginning Operations in Somalia
New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart - Forbes
Dairy Associations Lobby The FDA To Alter The Definition Of “Milk” To Include Aspartame - BlackListedNews.com
Why Did IRS Ignore Karl Rove’s Tax-Exempt Organizations while Targeting Small Conservative Groups? - BlackListedNews.com
An Even Bigger Scandal: Why Are IRS Audits Being Used To Punish Obama’s Political Enemies? - BlackListedNews.com
WH Benghazi Documents Show CIA, State Both Wanted Terror References Removed from Talking Points | CNS News
Cloning technique produces human stem cells for the first time - Vitals
IRS Faces Lawsuit After Stealing 60 Million Medical Records - BlackListedNews.com
iRobot military bots to patrol 2014 World Cup in Brazil | Crave - CNET
Genetically-modified humans are already walking among us - BlackListedNews.com
U.K. Conservatives Make History Voting Against Cameron on EU - Bloomberg
Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: CHARLES' LINKS TO SAVILE
Government to Share Cyber Security Information with Private Sector
ROAR Magazine - powered by FeedBurner
Yes to China, No to EU | Barentsobserver
Central Banks Buy Gold In Q1 - Business Insider
US Court Denies German Home-Schoolers Asylum
10 Scenes From The Ongoing Global Economic Collapse
In the Wake of Boston Bombings, CNN Calls for Real-time Police State Surveillance (video)

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 16, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 15, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 14, 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 13, 2013

Blacklisted Radio Podcast 5.16.2013

Congressman: Justice Dept. Wiretapped the House of Representative’s Cloak Room
Glenn Greenwald Exposes Bill Maher’s Hypocrisy On Muslims & American Exceptionalism
Exposure of IRS Malfeasance Erodes Confidence in Big Government
UN: Let Them Eat Bugs!
The Left vs. the Liberal Media Media Lens debunks the BBC’s humanitarian interventionists
Boston Bombings Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Left Note In Boat
Everything Is Rigged European Commission Raids Oil Companies in Price-Fixing Probe
Billionaires Unchained - A Democracy of the Wealthy
Recurring Nightmares? Wake Up and Take Action
75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police
Chris Hedges: Monitoring of AP Phones a "Terrifying" Step in State Assault on Press Freedom
The US Establishment NGOs: The Shields for Imperial Presidency
Terrorist Entered Witness Protection, Then Fled the United States
New Documents Reveal How a 1980s Nuclear War Scare Became a Full-Blown Crisis
Photos: Is This the Future of Special Operations?
Donald Rumsfeld Wants to Give You the Most Ironic Life Lessons Ever
Scandal Week, Angelina Eugenics, Mini-Bilderberg - New World Next Week - YouTube
Interview 662 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Interview 661 - Tami Canal on #MarchAgainstMonsanto
Terrorist Designation: Muhammad Al-Jawlani
Obama, Erdogan Downplay Syria Differences
Economics and Armchair Psychology
The Anti-Globalization Movement and the World Social Forum. Is “Another World” Possible?
“Cuban Democracy” versus “American Democracy”
Spying on Journalists: House Hearing Whitewashes US Government Seizure of Associated Press Phone Records
Benghazi and the Deepening Crisis of the Obama Administration
The Cashless Society Arrives in Africa. The “Multipurpose” Biometric National Identity Smart Card
Encircling Russia with US Military Bases: Moscow Catches CIA Spy Red-Handed
When Cops and Prosecutors are Racist Criminals – Half of Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners in America Are Black
Top Constitutional Experts: Obama Is Worse than Nixon
How to Share Difficult Information with Friends
10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Death Of The American Worker
Verizon secretly handed over phone records of AP reporters to the federal government
CPS Rips Babies From Parents Over Legal Medical Marijuana
Debate: Why the Internet Tax Bill is Bad for the Economy
Monsanto Hides Behind Cries of “Elitist” in Response to Tremendous Global Social Media Movement
Why Are Liberal Jackals Suddenly Attacking Obama?
New Phone Tracking System ‘Violates Privacy Rights’
Google-Berg Merger Ushers in Planned-Opolis Future in the Hybrid Age
Colony Collapse Disorder Is a Fraud: Pesticides Cause Bee Die-Offs
E-Verify = E-Total State
Corporate Control Mechanisms Inside The Organic Food Industry
Congressman Demands Holder End Marijuana Prohibition
GMO OMG - Official Documentary Trailer
Dept of Edu Makes More Profit Than Exxon Mobil ($51B) from Student Loans
Florida Zoning Tyrants Order Magnificent Tree House Demolished
Is Obama in Charge of Anything?
Lies, Lies, and More Lies - Your Government in Action
VP Joe Biden Believes There's 'No Legal Reason' The Government Can't Slap A Sin Tax On 'Violent Media' - informationliberation
Larry Page wants to 'set aside a part of the world' for unregulated experimentation | The Verge
Do 'environmentally friendly' LED lights cause BLINDNESS? | Mail Online
WHO in Boston: Bombing Story Mysteries - WhoWhatWhy
Mises’ Answer to Would-Be Conspirators: You Will Lose
Storm Clouds Gathering by Andrew P. Napolitano
Flashback: Watergate, Nazis, Nixon, Rockefeller by Jon Rappoport
Lung Cleansing With Peppermint Oil | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
Top 21 Survival Pick Up Lines by Creek Stewart
Top Three Sources of Toxic Exposures: Traffic, Personal Care and Plastic Products by Joseph Mercola
Police « LewRockwell.com Blog
The Chicago School of Faux-Market Economics « LewRockwell.com Blog
Tsarnaev 'Confession' Amazing Break For Government! « LewRockwell.com Blog
The Evil of Deportation « LewRockwell.com Blog
David Axelrod Is Right « LewRockwell.com Blog
'Bea Arthur Naked' Portrait Sells for $1.9 Million
John Cusack: No Accountability for 'Virtual' President Obama, AG Holder
Former Michael Jackson Defender Now Says Pop Star Molested Him for Seven Years
'SNL' Obama Impersonator Appears at President's Celebrity-Filled Fundraiser
Kennedy Center Bows to Pressure from Latino Group, Will Revise Honoree Selection Process
Democrats Push Gun Control Technology Featured in James Bond's 'Skyfall'
Jon Stewart, Jay Leno Join Forces to Mock Obama Scandals
'Star Trek Into Darkness' Review: Kirk and Co. Revisit Franchise Highlights, Bush-era Critiques
Obama Supporter Patton Oswalt Mocks Admin on IRS, DOJ Scandals
Judge Upholds AZ Denying Licenses to Illegal Immigrants
House Holds 37th Vote to Repeal Obamacare
Conservative Group to House GOP: Don't Draw Attention from Obama Scandals
Obama's New Pick to Head IRS Furthered Sequester Fable in February
As Gangs Flourish, Displaying Historical Firearms Illegal in Chicago Museums
2nd IRS Official to Leave Amid Tea Party Targeting Scandal
Inspector General Report: DOJ Lost Track of Two Suspected Terrorists
IRS Grilled Tea Party Groups on Relationship to True the Vote
Sen. Boxer: More Guns at Campsites Create 'National Security Threat'
Report: Obama to Name White House Staffer to Head IRS
No Criminal Charges in Late-Term Abortion Death
Rubio Blames Obama's 'Culture of Intimidation' for IRS Scandal
Congressman to Holder: 'Throw the President under the Bus'
Bachmann: IRS Head's Resignation Merely Damage Control by White House
Tea Party Groups Blast IRS Abuse at Bachmann Presser
Obama on IRS Scandal: 'I Certainly Did Not Know Anything'
GOP Files Bills Limiting IRS Oversight of ObamaCare
IRS Scandal a Taste of Things to Come Under Obamacare
True the Vote: IRS Demanded Record of Every Meeting Since Inception
IRS Targeted Conservative Hispanic Outreach Group
Eric Holder Has No Answers for Congress on AP Scandal
IRS Rejected Group on Behalf of Planned Parenthood
Susan Rice 'Likely' to Become National Security Advisor
10 Questions Obama Must Answer on IRS Scandal
Benghazi Dump: Teleconference Transcript Missing
Labor Unions Struggle to Survive Under Obama
Obama Speaks for Four Minutes, Takes No Questions on IRS Scandal
Congressman: Holder May Have Broken Law in AP Scandal
Texas Lt. Gov. Demands Investigation of Abortionist After Video Exposé
Obama Lectures Congress on 'Partisan Agendas' as IRS Scandal Deepens
Piers Morgan Uses IRS Scandal to Re-Litigate Nixon
Fox News Hires Former US Rep. Allen West
Fox News' Eric Bolling: 'I Was Audited by IRS' After Criticizing Obama
AP Scandal: Washington Post Questions Holders 'People at Risk' Claim
Ari Fleischer: White House Claim Of 'One Word Change' To Talking Points Not True
Chris Matthews Loses That Tingling Feeling… For Now
'Morning Joe' Worries IRS Scandal Will Lead To 'More Extremist Candidates'
O'Donnell: IRS Did Nothing Wrong
NBC News Hosts: White Supremacy Motivates Obama's Critics
White House Refuses Straight Answer to Request for Benghazi Emails
Authorities Arrest Man in Idaho in Terrorism Case
Canada's Harper Pitches Keystone Oil Line in NY
Article Alleges Hamas Money Laundering
Boston Bombing Suspect: Bombings Were Retribution for Crimes Against Muslims
US Leads Joint Naval Maneuvres in Gulf Amid Iran Tensions
GOP Demands More Despite Benghazi Email Release
Attorney for Bin Laden Kin Girds for 'Good Fight'
Kabul Suicide Car Bomb Targets Foreign Military
Taiwan Stages Military Drill as Philippines Row Continues
Malaysian Couple Jailed for Starving Maid to Death
Venezuela Running Out of Toilet Paper
Official: 'Small Amount' of Chemical Arms Used in Syria
Petraeus Email Objected to Benghazi Talking Points
IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office - ABC News
Meet the new neighbor: Howard Stern reportedly pays $52... | www.palmbeachdailynews.com
More mystery over AP subpoenas process at Justice Department - POLITICO.com
Eric Bolling: I Was Audited After Criticizing Obama | IRS Targeting Tea Party | Fox Nation
Marco Rubio rips White House 'culture of intimidation' - Kevin Robillard - POLITICO.com
Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in, sources say - CBS News
Inside the Ring: Al Qaeda websites hacked - Washington Times
Bill Gates Retakes World’s Richest Title From Carlos Slim - Bloomberg
This Is No Ordinary Scandal - WSJ.com
Matthews: President Runs IRS, Treasury | Washington Free Beacon
McDonald’s Employee Finds Stolen Car At Restaurant’s Drive-Thru « CBS Seattle
Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views | Mail Online
Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island Homes Vandalized After Renovations « CBS New York
Pope Francis urges global leaders to end 'tyranny' of money - Telegraph
Petraeus email objected to Benghazi talking points - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
Inside the Latest Benghazi Emails: No One Knew Much of Anything - The Daily Beast
Exclusive: Holder Says 'No' to Special Counsel to Investigate Benghazi
Man With ‘Cop Killa’ Tattoo Charged With Threatening Cops « CBS Chicago
'Google DO do evil': Furious ministers and MPs rage at web firm's 'devious' and unethical ways of avoiding tax in Britain | Mail Online
Google quantum computer lab to study artificial intelligence | Internet & Media - CNET News
Porn Studios Are Going to Use Google Glass in Exactly the Way You Thought They Would | Betabeat
Google Glasses Quizzed Over Snooping by U.S. Lawmakers - Bloomberg
‘Facebook fatigue’ stirs investor concern - FT.com
Exclusive: Anthony Weiner Spotted Shooting Campaign-Style Video at Childhood Home | NBC New York
Video: Memorable Commencement Speech: 'You Are Not Special'
Video: Bradlee Dean: 'Honor The Office Of The President By Impeaching A Corrupt President'
Video: IRS-Gate Gets Audited by Sun News' Ezra Levant
Video: IRS Scapegoats: 'Simply Did What Bosses Ordered'
Video: Rubio on Obama Scandals: 'These Are The Tactics Of The Third World'
Video: Obama's Drama: 'What If Glenn Beck Is Right?'
Video: Prank: The Soviet Union was AWESOME!
Video: Begala: 'I Love To Mock Tea Party, But This Time They're Right'
Video: New Military: 21st Century Warfare Training Shifts Focus to Modern Challenges
Victims of Boston lockdown speak out against police state tyranny
Shock report: 10,700 men raped in the US military - WatchdogWire - Florida
Mark Of The Beast? IRS Stole 60 Million Medical Records - New Class Action Lawsuit Launched | Politics
America's Sheeple Have Been Shifted into a Smaller Corral, With No Commotion - SurvivalBlog.com
House votes to fully repeal Obamacare | The Daily Caller
Rep. Gohmert on AP Scandal: ‘When There Is a Tyrannical Despot the Media Will Be One of the Early Victims’ | CNS News
Obama appoints Werfel as IRS commissioner - The Hill's On The Money
Could this pope prompt the end times?
Vatican preparing for ‘savior’ from outer space?
Farming on Mars: NASA ponders food supply for 2030s mission - CBS News
Earthfiles.com Environment | Persistent Sinkholes and Unexplained Booms
NASA's Planet-Hunting Telescope in Critical Condition After Hardware Failure | Wired Science | Wired.com
BBC News - Embryonic stem cells: Advance in medical human cloning
Dog And Human Genomes Evolved Together
World's 'Most Beautiful' Eternal Flame Reveals New Gas Source | LiveScience
Hot Blue Stars of Pleiades Sparkle in Spectacular Photo | Night Sky Images | Space.com
Weird Skin Color Illusion Can Reduce Racism | Skin Color & Bias | LiveScience
Monster Barf: Weird, Smelly Foam Oozes Through Cracks in Chinese Streets | Who Forted? Magazine
Thought Experiment: Build a Supercomputer Replica of the Human Brain | Wired Science | Wired.com
'Einstein's Planet': New Alien World Revealed by Relativity | Space.com
Rep. Gohmert on AP Scandal: ‘When There Is a Tyrannical Despot the Media Will Be One of the Early Victims’ | CNS News
Putin's power play: Russia building up missile systems while seeking to limit U.S. defenses - Washington Times
Benghazi Emails Directly Contradict White House Claims | The Weekly Standard
Obama evades question on White House knowledge of IRS targeting | The Daily Caller
Obamacare socks union health plans with 40% tax | WashingtonExaminer.com
Perez, McCarthy pass hurdle to confirmation - Washington Times
Four Cincy IRS workers, not two, allegedly connected to scandal - FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather & Sports
Report: IRS denied tax-exempt status to pro-lifers on behalf of Planned Parenthood | WashingtonExaminer.com
Did the IRS give Romney's tax returns to Harry Reid? | The Daily Caller
Obama IRS Refused Tax Exempt Status to Christian and Pro-Israel Groups But Granted Nonprofit Status to Muslim Orgs | The Gateway Pundit
Director of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office Is Obama Donor | National Review Online
Prison Planet.com » Council Vetoes Display of English Flag Because It’s “Offensive to Muslims”
Gangsters convicted in wild CHP chase - SFGate
Mark Levin Snaps: ‘It’s All BULLCRAP!’… ‘The IRS Must Be Dismantled’
RUSH: Obama Virtually Admits White House Knew What The IRS Was Doing
RUSH: Obama’s Success In Detaching Himself Is Political Genius
RUSH: ‘Virtually Everything Happening In This Country That Is Going Wrong Can Be Traced To Liberalism’
RUSH: AMAZING! Mainstream Reporters Are Describing Obama Using ‘Limbaugh Theorem’
Eric Holder: “I Don’t Know”
BECK: Benghazi, IRS, AP Scandals Display “The Arrogance Of Transforming The World”
Mark Levin: “It’s Time To Kill The IRS”
RUSH: A Message From Your Friendly Hometown IRS – Parody Ad
EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security Agent on BRAVO Reality Show: “Look @ My Fruity Gay Marriage,” Whines About “Sex Drive Gap” – Violates DHS Policy
VIDEO: McCain’s, Obama’s Precious Syrian Rebels Cut Out Soldier’s Heart & Liver, Eat Them
Angelina Jolie’s BRCA Gene Mutation Means Anti-Israel Actress Likely Has Jewish Roots; Heroine? ObamaCare Won’t Cover Gene Test
Schlussel Files Fed Racketeering Suit Against Largest Buyer of Foreclosed Detroit Homes; Hezbollah Scam Involving FOX News Personality, Dearborn Candidate; Took Christians’, Muslim’s Life Savings
IRS assault on Tea Party is a national security threat!
Big Government and the IRS
Global Warming was NEVER Scientific
Rubio calling on conservatives to support amnesty!
Incredible: Official in Charge of IRS Office Responsible for Conservative Targeting Now Heads Agency’s Obamacare Office
Megyn Kelly Goes Off on Guest Over Benghazi Talking Points: ‘Can We Have Some Honesty?’
CBO: Obamacare in its First Decade Will Cost Double What the President Promised
‘Scandalous Hat Trick’: Sarah Palin Shreds Obama & His Scandal-Embroiled White House
Second IRS Official to Resign from Post (But Guess How Long he Held it)
Carney to Piers: The Three Government Scandals This Week ‘Don’t Exist’
Obama Dodges Big Question on IRS Scandal
New Energy Secretary Named With Unanimous Confirmation
So What Exactly Can Your Phone Records Reveal?
Justin Amash Discusses Benghazi and Scandals Facing the Obama Administration, ‘One of the Least Transparent in Recent History’
Obama Naming White House Official as Acting IRS Head
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(Updated) Feds Lost Two ‘Known or Suspected Terrorists’ Formerly in Witness Protection, Report Says
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‘A Damnable Cover-Up’: Hannity Panel Clashes Over Whether the IRS Was Working to Elect Obama
Marco Rubio on IRS Scandal: Obama ‘Doesn’t Have Clean Hands in This’
‘Multiple Fatalities’: 6 Dead as Powerful Tornado Rips Through North Texas Towns
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Gym Goers Stunned by Armed Bounty Hunters While Showering — ‘Thought… I’m Going to Be Shot’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Boston Marathon Offers Runners Stopped by the Bombings a ‘Do-Over’ | TheBlaze.com
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BREAKING: Cloaked in misinformation
The Benghazi deception
From Rags to Riches on You and Your Neighbor’s Tax Dollars
IRS Scandal another Reason Why We Need the Fair Tax
A nickel isn’t worth a dime today
Pope Francis to ‘Launch’ New Mobile App Entitled MISSIO
The President as Sergeant Schultz
Chris Matthews: No Longer “Glad” for Hurricane Sandy and Reelection of Obama?
Desperate Holder Throws Underlings Under the Bus
Hillary & Bill Clinton Redux: Obama’s IRS Scandal from Clinton Playbook
Obama and Kerry’s fingerprints all over Syria crisis
Doctors already are fleeing a federalized system that doesn’t value their worth
IRS Harassed Pro-Life Leaders from Pharmacists For Life International
Obamacare Is About Power
Renaissance in new drugs for rare diseases
Holder Doesn’t Know If Anyone Ever Prosecuted Under Born Alive Infant Protection Act
Rep. Gohmert: 'This is the Way a Tyrannical Government Comes Into Being'
Rep. Pelosi on WH Scandals: Republicans 'Make So Much of These Issues Because This President is Such a Great President'
Speaker Boehner: The President 'Can’t Continue to Increase the Debt Limit Without Doing Something About...Out of Control Spending'
WH Responds to Franklin Graham on IRS
Rep. Franks to Holder: 'Have You Ever Enforced' Born Alive Infants Protection Act 'Even One Time'?
Obama: 'I Certainly Did Not Know Anything about the IG Report' Before It Was Leaked
Survey: Liberal Commencement Speakers Outnumber Conservatives More Than Three to One
Soros Gave $6.1 Million to Groups Linked to Pressure on IRS to Target Conservative Nonprofits
Obama: ‘Complete Confidence’ in Holder’s ‘Integrity’ after AP Scandal
Boehner: Obama's Refusal to Negotiate Over Debt Limit Not Based in Reality
Gohmert: Holder ‘Was Not Being Truthful’; Holder: ‘You Cannot Know What I Know’
Nebraska Bishop: ‘Mainstream Reporters’ Largely Ignored Gosnell Abortion Clinic ‘Reminiscent of Auschwitz’
WH Benghazi Documents Show CIA, State Both Wanted Terror References Removed from Talking Points
Outstanding Balance on Federal Student Loans Tops $600 Billion--Up 250% Under Obama
Tea Party Activists Share IRS Demands – Conversations, Facebook, Twitter Accounts, Book Lists
KKK Lynched 3,446 Blacks in 86 Years – Abortion Claims That Many Black Babies in ‘Less Than Four Days’
China Seeks Foothold in Arctic Group As Competition Heats Up for Region's Resources
Afghanistan: Bomb kills 15, including 6 Americans
Chong Says Legalized Marijuana Could Save Country

Tea Partiers Confront Comcast CEO: Why Would a Conservative Want Their Money to Pay Al Sharpton's Salary? | NewsBusters
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Time for Legal Fees from Lawbreaking Government
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Syria: A Case of Humpty Dumpty
Applications for tax exempt status actually declined at time of IRS targeting
New sexual harassment mandate for colleges could make asking for a date a crime
IRS Cincinnati office gave 75% of political donations to Dems
IRS chief Miller falls on his sword and resigns
Anger? Wait 'til people do their taxes next year?
Is a constitutional crisis brewing? (Updated)
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The gun-control lies
What should Americans die for?
Afghanistan's Benghazi: Grieving families want answers
Benghazi and America's distracted citizenry
Obama's 4th scandal
Sgt. Schultz goes to Washington
P. GELLER: Jihad: The right is getting it wrong
IRS Official in Targeting Scandal Now Overseeing Obamacare Unit
Sen. Thune: Special Prosecutor Needed for IRS Probe
Rep. Peter Roskam: IRS 'Not Equipped' to Run Obamacare
Rubio to Newsmax: 'Long List' of Conservatives Were Targeted by Obama, IRS
Peggy Noonan: This Is No Ordinary Scandal
Gen. Dempsey Warns Obama of Sexual Assault 'Crisis'
Conrad Black: Nuclear Cuts Would Encourage Iran, Other 'Irresponsible' Nations
Obama: 'I Have Complete Confidence in Eric Holder'
Gov. Perry: I Cannot Support Lackluster Immigration Bill
Rep. Reichert Echoes Boehner: Who's Going to Jail in IRS Scandal?
GOP Senators Think Alcohol Limits For Drunken Driving are a State Issue
Edwards Reactivates Law License, Speaking at Event
Survey: Small Businesses Want Immigration Reform
Study: Younger Seniors Drawing Down IRAs at Rapid Pace
Obama Taps Giffords for Fulbright Board
Democrats Seek Obama's Help on Gay Partners in Immigration Bill
Rep. Black: Repeal Obamacare, Keep Private Information Safe
GOP Rep. McClintock: Did IRS Leak Romney Tax History to Reid?
IMF: Central Banks Risk Steep Losses as They Pull Back
Scientists Clone Human Embryos for Producing Stem Cells
Scandal Coverage Reflects Media Bias
IRS Scandal Makes Strange Bedfellows
Redeem America — Restore Life
Gosnell Gets More than He Gave — Life
True News: The IRS Targets Conservative Groups?
Video: Human Embryo Produced From Stem Cells, Human Skin Cells Reprogrammed To Produce Embryonic Stem Cells, Opens New Doors For Stem Cell Therapies | Health
Son Was Born To Obama Sr. In 1961 In Kenya | Opinion - Conservative
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Officials demand more information about proposed immigration detention center
Illinois Man Finds $4.85 Million Lottery Ticket in Cookie Jar
Obama stays cautious on Syria after talks as Turkey presses for urgency
Plot against U.S. embassy in Egypt foiled - YouTube
Attack on US Military Vehicles Kills at Least 16 in Kabul
Pakistan's Future PM Described as 'Comeback Kid' - VOA
Hollande suggests changes in Europe on economic revamp
Intruder Commits Suicide at Paris School
Iraq: Attacks Kill at Least 21 People
Russian FM: Moscow will go ahead with S-300 sale to Syria
Megaupload can appeal evidence ruling in New Zealand Supreme Court
Social Media Pose New Riddle for CIA
Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill
Pope Francis attacks 'cult of money' in reform call
John Kerry's upcoming Israel visit is fourth attempt to push stone up the hill
BBC News - NY busts multi-million dollar 'cigarette smuggling ring'
Jury reaches verdict in Toby Stangel murder trial
Who's really in witness protection? - YouTube
Officials arrest man in Idaho in terrorism case - USA Today
N. Texas tornado victims awaken to hodgepodge of horror
Fire burns 3800 acres in Calif. national forest
Bipartisan House Group Reaches Broad Immigration Deal
Two 'known or suspected' terrorists vanished from witness program
Cause of Texas fertilizer plant fire may never be known
Fort Campbell sexual harassment manager arrested in domestic dispute
More Suspects Arrested in Mother's Day Second Line Shootings
Man ID'd by victim's blinks found guilty of murder - USA Today
School shooting caller turned himself in to psych services
Obama forced to defend self, administration amid scandals - NECN.com
Broadside: Dzhokhar's note - NECN.com
American Airlines will allow passengers traveling light to board earlier
Yahoo in Talks to Acquire Tumblr
Google knows which of your photos are best - YouTube
Google+ gets a feature-packed redesign (video)
Lawmakers ask Google's Larry Page to address Glass privacy issues
LulzSec Hackers Sentenced to Jail Time
Tim Cook to Congress: How to tap my overseas cash
Google Strengthens Cloud Platform
Google demands Microsoft remove YouTube Windows Phone app, cites lack of ads | The Verge
Google Glass Gets Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr Apps - ABC News
Emma Watson: "I Wanted to Wear a Sports Bra Until I Was 22!"
Google teams up with NASA on quantum computing lab
Neptune and Uranus winds may shed light on exoplanet atmospheres
Farming on Mars? NASA ponders food supply
Oldest Fossils Reveal When Apes & Monkeys First Diverged
The UN Says We'll All Eat Insects in 2050. Here's Why That's Not So Bad
Planets aligning for great celestial views
CDC study finds swimmers often contaminate pools with E. coli
Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer
Are multiple concussions driving suicides in the military?
Despite study, some universities cater to gluten-free needs - USA Today
Study: Why Pot Smokers Are Skinnier
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Cloaked in misinformation
The Benghazi Deception
Video: Liberal Comedian Jon Stewart rips Obama over IRS Scandal
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MAXINE WATERS LOVES CONVICTED TERRORIST. Democrat defends Cuba’s asylum for FBI’s most wanted
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