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their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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13 May 2013


Chuck Todd On IRS Scandal: "Has More Legs Politically In 2014 Than Benghazi"
Cheney On Benghazi: "Cover-Up Is Still Ongoing" And "Includes Obama"
Pelosi: IRS Scandal "An Opportunity" To Scrutinize 501(c)(4)s And "Overturn Citizens United"
"Morning Joe" On Obama Admin's "Inexplicable" And "Mind-Boggling" Benghazi Response
Klein On IRS: "How Much Did The White House Know And When Did It Know It?
Rand Paul: Obama's Reaction To IRS Investigation Was "Faux Outrage"
Obama: IRS Targeting Conservative Groups Is "Outrageous" And "I Will Not Tolerate It"
Mark Levin On IRS Scandal: "Where Were The Republicans In The House A Year Ago?"
Commander Chris Hadfield Performs Bowie's "Space Oddity" On International Space Station
Kirsten Powers: "Something Fundamentally Really, Really Wrong With Our Media"
Grenell On Media Coverage Of Benghazi: "They're Covering For" Family Members In Obama Admin.
Geraldo vs. Eric Bolling On His Remark About Obama's Daughters In Benghazi
Soledad O'Brien: "OK, White Person, This Is A Conversation You Clearly Are Uncomfortable With"
Carl Bernstein: "Can't Imagine" Obama Involved In IRS Scandal
Barbara Walters Announces Retirement: "I'm Not Walking Into The Sunset"
Obama: I First Learned Of IRS Situation On Friday
Full Video: President Obama Addresses Benghazi, IRS, Syria In Press Conference With British PM Cameron
Rick Santelli: Keep IRS Out Of Obamacare
Obama On Benghazi: "There's No There There"
FNC's Political Insiders On Benghazi, IRS: "This Is Chicago Gangster Politics"
George Will: IRS Actions Against Conservatives An Impeachable Offense
"This Week" Roundtable: Benghazi, IRS Targets Conservatives & 2016
"Meet The Press" Panel: Benghazi, IRS Investigates Conservative Groups
"FOX News Sunday" Panel: Immigration Reform, Path To Citizenship
Mother Of Son Slain At Benghazi To Hillary Clinton: "Happy Mother's Day"
Rep. Darrell Issa vs. Ambassador Pickering On Investigating Benghazi
Sen. Durbin On Benghazi: "The Witch Hunt Continues"
George Will On Benghazi: "Carney's Usefulness To This Administration Is Diminishing Rapidly"
Maher: "If You're Rich You Should Be Begging The Government To Redistribute Your Wealth"
CBS News' Attkisson Discusses Benghazi Investigations: "Still Learning New Things"
Gerson On Benghazi: "Even At The Worst, This Is Not Watergate"
Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama, Hillary Clinton Lied To Us About Benghazi
"Saturday Night Live" Mocks Benghazi Hearing
McCain On Benghazi: "I'd Call It A Cover-Up"
Feinstein: Benghazi Attack "A Great And Very Painful Learning Experience"
"Reliable Sources" Panel: Media Brawl Over Benghazi
Pickering: Wasn't "Necessary" To Question Clinton In Benghazi Report
Chris Wallace Grills Mark Sanford On "FOX News Sunday"
"State Of The Union" Panel: Hillary Clinton's Political Future After Benghazi
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse | Real Jew News
The Coming Of The Anti-Christ | Real Jew News
Larry McDonald on the New World Order - YouTube
Visionary: Larry McDonald’s stark predictions manifest today
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi
Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC isl - WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC
Another False Flag Attack? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry
Supreme Court rules for Monsanto in Indiana farmer's GM seeds case | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Nestle Folds to Consumer Pressure over GMOs in South Africa
IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought | Fox News
Bill and Hillary Clinton will not support Anthony Weiner’s return to politics, despite their love for Huma - NYPOST.com
Bush and His Aides Made 935 False Statements about Iraq In the 2 Years After 9/11 - Democratic Underground
Tribune poll: Rahm Emanuel's ratings on business and economy aren't favorable - chicagotribune.com
Committing Treason and Benghazi Murder Cover-up
Israel grounds drone fleet after plane brought down by fault | World news | guardian.co.uk
Israel minister criticizes Russia over Syria arms | World news | The Guardian
Israel 'does Azerbaijan airbase deal' in plan to attack Iran - Middle East - World - The Independent
Israel sets up 'secret' diplomatic mission in Persian Gulf — RT News
Russian Pacific Fleet Warships to Enter Mediterranean | Defense | RIA Novosti
PressTV - Mideast situation enters Twilight Zone
Syrian rebel 'cuts out soldier's heart and EATS it' in horrific propaganda video | Mail Online
Israeli Lobby Power in America
Roi Tov – Back to the Future: Israel Accelerates Heritage Program
Another Anti-Assad False Flag
Reyhanlı'daki El Kaide Bombalı Saldırısının Gerçekleştiği An - 11.05.2013 - YouTube
Bill Maher shredded by Glenn Greenwald on US intervention in Muslim countries - YouTube
North Korea replaces hard-line defense chief | World news | The Guardian
U.S. broadcast TV ratings slide pressures ad rates at 'upfronts' | Reuters
Defense of self Defense - YouTube
Did the NYPD's star homicide detective rig evidence to secure dozens of convictions? - Americas - World - The Independent
Brave director criticises Disney's 'sexualised' Princess Merida redesign | Film | guardian.co.uk
When Society Breaks Down « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Justice Department secretly accessed Associated Press phone records: AP - NYPOST.com
Global Warming Alarm: Continued Cooling May Jeopardize Climate Science And Green Energy Funding! - Forbes
Patent filing claims a solar breakthrough | | The Bulletin
Visible Origami | Enduring Adytums and Castles made of Sand.
PressTV - SARS-like virus kills 15 in Saudi Arabia
Geoengineering Wreaking Havoc « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Taiwan's only H7N9 patient making good progress: doctors | Culture | FOCUS TAIWAN - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
CIA's new top clandestine spy outed on Twitter hours after being chosen despite still being undercover | Mail Online
The Big Split | Veterans Today
Christopher Bollyn: Just Another 9/11 Gatekeeper? | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Miraculous ‘Unexploded’ Active Super Thermite Burns at 430? Professor, PhD, Steven E Jones’ Search for ‘Truth’ | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Tom Philpott - May 2013 | Mother Jones
Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food - Food Revolution Network Blog
Money Confiscation Legal? Keep YOUR Money OUT of the Banks!! - YouTube
One Year In Hell…Surviving a Full SHTF Collapse in Bosnia | SilverDoctors.com
Chinese investors checking out Texas, Austin | www.statesman.com
Conservative wonk who wrote Harvard dissertation claiming Hispanics have low IQ is forced to resign | Mail Online
White House strategy for winning immigration fight comes with some risks - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Team Obama calls global warming doubters 'crazy' | WashingtonExaminer.com
Pentagon grapples with sex crimes by military recruiters - The Washington Post
The Souls of Animals | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Scientists create sensor that can be placed INSIDE the body to monitor every aspect of your health | Mail Online
7 Dangerous Food Practices Banned in Europe But Just Fine in America | Alternet
10 Worst Fast Food Meals You Can Eat | Fitnea – Stay Fit
The Most Pesticide Polluted Fruit and Vegetables - iVillage
Cause of depression still eludes us, says neuroscientist | ScienceNordic
Capitol Steps - "Take Ten Pills and You're Fine" - YouTube
Utility investigating vibrations that caused shutdown of nuclear reactor - Richmond Times Dispatch: Energy
New SARS-like virus can probably pass person-to-person | Reuters
Second French coronavirus case confirmed | Reuters

Pelosi Suddenly Against Distracting From Economy: ‘American People Want Us To Talk About Jobs,” Not Benghazi « Pat Dollard
Red Alert! Frontside INTEL Coming In: Trillions of Dollars Coming Back to The US! | InvestmentWatch
Thirdworldizing America
Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.’
Michael Moore Gushes: Bloomberg's Gun Control - "It's Wonderful!"
Immigration enforcement run by La Raza, claims ICE union leader - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com
Hispanic High School Graduates Pass Whites in Rate of College Enrollment | Pew Hispanic Center
Immigration "Reform" Hoax Will Kill Millions of American Jobs
Eroding Freedom in America
M&S, Co-op and Sainsbury's say chickens will be fed on GM soya | Environment | The Observer
Scientists Discover Bt Toxins Found In Monsanto Crops Damage Red Blood Cells | Collective-Evolution
How Nordstrom Uses WiFi To Spy On Shoppers - Forbes
ABC News Producer Comes Out As Transgender - Careers Articles
China Tries Paying For Organs » The Epoch Times
First Chinese stealth drone 'ready' for test flight — RT News
Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason
Roi Tov – The Beautiful Banality of Ugly Racism
Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease - F1000Research
TruthMove - False Flag Operations
Mysterious aircraft puzzles Boston-area residents
What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves? | Jon Rappoport's Blog
Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Darkness at Noon and the Light of the Dawn.
Ben Rhodes: Obama's Fixer behind the Benghazi Cover-Up
Team Trayvon's Big Lie
The Bloody Hands of Barack Obama
Barack Obama and the End of an Era
Marco Rubio's Theater of the Absurd
This Time it's not about Bill and Sex
Double Standards at University of California
Benghazi and Obama's Legitimacy
Republicans Block Obama's Choice for EPA Administrator
'A perfect storm threatening Obama's credibility'
Our president is hard at work - raising money for Democrats
IRS cast an even wider net for conservative groups than previously revealed
Low-level Scape-Goats or High-Level Operatives?
Benghazi bureaucratic blame game escalates
First they came for you...but I didn't care. Then they came for me. And you didn't care
The latest IRS story will make ObamaCare even more unpopular
Obama's fixer and the New York Times' 'beat sweetener'
Rafsanjani - the 'moderate' candidate for president of Iran
Benghazi Coverup Uncovered
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Serve This President
Sanctuary cities and states will bear the lion's share of amnesty cost
Survey Says: Islam is a Global Menace
The Schizophrenic's Recitation
Video: Kirsten Powers Hits Media: 'Something Just Fundamentally Really, Really Wrong With Our Media'
Video: Caught on Tape: Student Schools 'Lazy' Teacher
Video: Confronted: Robert Redford, the Terrorist Sympathizer
Video: 'Tyrants of the Year' from Time Magazine
Video: Black Leaders Praise NRA for Saving Them
Video: Duplicitous Hypocrisy on Race: Don't Fight the Left with Fairness
Rise of the Obama ‘Reich’
Crocodile Tear during Benghazi Cover up Smear
How the Greens Pick Your Pocket
Painful Possibilities of Obamacare
Welcome to bizzaroworld—Iran to preside over UN disarmament panel
The Cruzification of Ted
Graduating from college into a bleak unemployment world
Prince Charles Vs Climate Sceptics - Again
Timeline of the IRS Scandal
The United Nations Hezbollah Protection Force
Where is America - As the Clock Approaches the Midnight Hour?
How DOES Obama Manage It All?
The Ugly Facts About the Internet Sales Tax
Expose Obama’s abuse, then de-fang the IRS
Interior Secretary To Continue Energy Embargo on Federal Lands
Obama Breeds Rebellion Among the States
Puppeteers, Puppeteer-Controlled Government and Media, and Gosnell!

America : Freedom to Fascism - YouTube

YouTube/New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting ( Shooter Bottom Left of Screen )
YouTube/Hawking and the Growing Israel Boycott Movement
YouTube/Americans Chained by Illusion | Brainwash Update

Defense Against the Psychopath | XRepublic
Immigration Reform – Whether the American People Want it or Not |
Tea Party vs the IRS |
What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi |
They may be fighting for Syria, not Assad. They may also be winning: Robert Fisk reports from inside Syria - Middle East - World - The Independent
Saudi student's pressure cooker draws FBI attention
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup
Good-bye Dubai? Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities would leave the Entire Gulf States Region virtually Uninhabitable | Global Research
U.S. Republican Expects More Benghazi 'whistle Blowers'
Tea Party-backed senator calls for resignation of IRS chief | Reuters
Jail Terms For Unlocking Cellphones Shows The True Black Heart Of The Copyright Monopoly | TorrentFreak
Tommy Chong: Cannabis helped cure his prostate cancer - BlackListedNews.com
Boston: a cynically calculated rehearsal |
CNN Pushes For Nationwide Real-Time Surveillance State, Based on Boston False Flag - BlackListedNews.com
Scarborough, Willie Geist Tear Into Obama Admin Over IRS Scandal 'This Is Tyranny...' | XRepublic
Monsanto wins landmark patent case in Supreme Court
8 Ways This Banker Occupied Government Is Trying To Kill You | Video Rebel's Blog
Another Layer of Big Brother Britain is Revealed
Venezuela's Maduro: US "mistaken" in ignoring his victory - Channel NewsAsia
Obama: Republicans ‘dishonor’ Benghazi victims with ‘political circus’ | The Raw Story
Top Stories - Why is Obama Hiding 6,000-Page Report on Bush-Era Torture and Why is Torture Still Allowed? - AllGov - News
Refreshing News: SATs cancelled in South Korea due to suspect cheating. First time an entire country has been banned from taking the test
IRS Caught Using Muscle To Shut Down Broad Spectrum Of Political Activists | Scandals
Justice Department secretly seized AP reporters’ phone records - The Hill's Hillicon Valley
Rand Paul accuses Obama of plotting with ‘anti-American globalists’ to grab guns
Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex |
Activist Post: Elite Gather on Gated Island for Secret Meeting
Stuff Happens and so do Leaks |
Another False Flag Attack? |
Why Are Police Simulating Armed “Angry Parents” Laying Siege to Schools? | InvestmentWatch
Lou Dobbs Rips 'Nixonian' Obama For Lying 'Through His Teeth' About IRS | XRepublic
JFK’s Space Odyssey |
Retired Detective Refuses To Comment As DA Probes His Cases |
Activist Post: Obama Administration Secretly Spied on the Associated Press
10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet | InvestmentWatch
Is “Our” Government Staring at Collapse? #n3 | InvestmentWatch
Gangster State America. “Naked Short” in the Gold Market
US Justice Department acknowledges wide-ranging surveillance of Associated Press
US Foreign Policy - Manufacturing Deception? | XRepublic
NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects |
Viewer calculates how much the government is stealing from you! | XRepublic
Every President His Bubble – And Its Aftermath | InvestmentWatch
Santelli On IRS Witch-Hunt Repurcussions: "No Stent For You" | Zero Hedge
Obama Plans a Way to Give Out $100 Million and Gain More Dictatorial Power - | Intellihub.com
White House Holds Secret Meeting with Reporters | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier
Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell guilty verdict - chicagotribune.com
Builders bulldoze one of largest Mayan pyramids in Belize | Fox News
PressTV - Pipeline blasts temporarily halt Iraq to Turkey oil flow
Obamacare: Taxpayers Must Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS |
Holy Land church leaders say clergy mistreated | Nation & World | The Seattle Times
Mission Classified: Manned Government Surveillance Plane Hovers Over U.S. Town for Weeks *Video* | InvestmentWatch
Why Liberals Should be Outraged that the IRS Targeted Conservatives | Washington's Blog
Regulation Nation - No Money & Going Out Of Business? You Need License To Close! | XRepublic
A tear runs down the face of U.S. President Barack Obama as he answers questions about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi during a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington | View photo - Yahoo! News
Ten Years Later – The New Normal Of Climate Science Fraud | Real Science
GOP Paranoics Freak Out About IRS Scandal, While Karl Rove Gets Off Scott Free
Authorities link Tsarnaev brothers to brutal triple homicide in 2011: report  - NY Daily News
UN says: why not eat more insects? - New York News | NYC Breaking News
David Cameron arrives in US buoyed by Russian signals on Syria | Politics | guardian.co.uk
Refreshing News: Bush and His Aides Made 935 False Statements about Iraq In the 2 Years After 9/11
Money Confiscation Legal? Keep YOUR Money OUT of the Banks!! | XRepublic
Sloppiness in School, Sloppiness at Work | American Renaissance
ah, mephistophelis.: Japanese Police, Coast Guard, Hold "Drill" At Fukushima "To Prepare For A Possible Terrorist Attack" DON'T YOU FEEL SAFER NOW?
YouTube/ Guide Judge Jeanine "Fact Blasts" Hillary & Obama Administration on Benghazi Attack - 5-11-1
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities « Aletho News
Americans for Tax Reform : Obamacare: Taxpayers Must Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS
TaxProf Blog: The Deepening IRS Scandal
Blog: IRS scandal deepens: High officials knew of tea party targeting in 2011
Opinion: IRS abuses power in targeting tea party - CNN.com
Republicans slam IRS targeting of Tea Party as 'chilling,' a form of intimidation | Fox News
Rep. Issa: IRS apology to Tea Party groups ‘not an honest one’ - The Hill's Video
U.S. Kicks Drug-War Habit, Makes Peace With Afghan Poppies | Danger Room | Wired.com
Refreshing News: Jail Terms For Unlocking Cellphones Shows The True Black Heart Of The Copyright Monopoly
JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
Why isn’t Benghazi the Next Watergate? 1-800-Politics.com
The Nation’s Deathbed (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
China’s Consumption of Gold and Acquisition of Gold Mines Continues | InvestmentWatch
Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States |
Judge Delays Decision on Holmes Insanity Plea - ABC News
Did Obama Know Too? IRS Officials Knew Patriots And Tea Party Groups Were Being Targeted 2 Years Ago | InvestmentWatch
IRS targeted groups that criticized the government, IG report says |
FBI surrounds house of Saudi student following sightings of him with pressure cooker pot, only to find he was cooking rice ~ News Forage
U.S. Currently Fighting 74 Different Wars … That It Will Publicly Admit - | Intellihub.com
Shut Them Down! – Payday Loan Companies Are Making Billions Preying On The Misery Of The Poor | InvestmentWatch
Graphic Photo & Video: 19 Wounded In Mother's Day Parade Mass Shooting | Terrorism
*The Deepening IRS Scandal - BlackListedNews.com

10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet - BlackListedNews.com
Biometrics: A new intelligence discipline | Defense News | defensenews.com
FBI Shrugs Off Law Requiring Email Warrants - BlackListedNews.com
Israeli airport sorts passengers with ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’ - BlackListedNews.com
Under the Black Flag of Al-Qaeda, the Syrian City Ruled by Gangs of Extremists - BlackListedNews.com
Supreme Court sides with Monsanto, backs patents on ‘self-replicating technology’ - BlackListedNews.com

*Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency | Threat Level | Wired.com

Ingestible, Implantable, Or Intimate Contact: How Will You Take Your Microscale Body Sensors? | Singularity Hub
CNN Pushes For Nationwide Real-Time Surveillance State, Based on Boston False Flag - BlackListedNews.com
America’s War on Syria: Another Anti-Assad False Flag? - BlackListedNews.com
Bugs are the food of the future: UN | The Raw Story
Jail Terms For Unlocking Cellphones Shows The True Black Heart Of The Copyright Monopoly - BlackListedNews.com
Zionist Jews Are At The Forefront Of Advancing Gun Control In The United States - BlackListedNews.com
'Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves The Drug War Is A Joke' - BlackListedNews.com
Large Corporations Seek U.S.–European ‘Free Trade Agreement’ to Further Global Dominance - BlackListedNews.com
Searching the Web, NSA style -- FCW

IRS officials in Washington were involved in targeting of conservative groups - The Washington Post
Doctor Kermit Gosnell found guilty of murdering infants in late-term abortions | Fox News
Justice Department secretly obtained AP phone records | Fox News
CURL: Watch out for Petraeus in Benghazi scandal - Washington Times
Benghazi 'whistle-blower' a Democrat, voted for Hillary and Obama twice | The Daily Caller
19 wounded in Mother's Day second line shooting | wwltv.com New Orleans
Administration Relying on Shoddy Benghazi Report to Absolve Itself of Blame | The Weekly Standard
Boston bombers' mosque recommended men beat their wives | The Daily Caller
Kristol: Stop Attacking Hillary on Benghazi
Benghazi E-Mails Put White House on the Defensive - NYTimes.com
'Mounting evidence' Boston bombers were behind gruesome 2011 murders | The Times of Israel
Chinese hackers caught trying to steal secrets of our new stealth fighter as tens of thousands of cyber attacks are launched on our jet manufacturer every week | Mail Online
L.A. County officials worried about costs of immigration overhaul - latimes.com
Muslim group sues to ban Christian Action Network book, quash claims of terror training - Washington Times
My Way News - Is there a morale crisis in the US nuclear force?
Court slashes sentence in 'honour killing' case - The Local - m.thelocal.se
Muhammad Al-Dura: The boy who wasn't really killed | JPost | Israel News
Now it’s 3! Major scandals strangling Obama
Terrorist super-axis to strike within U.S.
Abortion advocates blame Gosnell atrocities on pro-lifers
IRS tells pro-life ministry to promote abortion
Obama tries to swat down 2 swirling controversies - SFGate
White House becomes butt of Twitter jokes
Obama Tells Harvey Weinstein, Justin Timberlake to Blame Rush Limbaugh - Elspeth Reeve - The Atlantic Wire
Terrorist super-axis to strike within U.S.
End May Be Near For Oakland’s Apocalypse-Predicting Christian Radio Network « CBS San Francisco
Your doctor’s diet is a death wish
Popular psychologist Joyce Brothers dead at age 85
Does it matter where you went to school? - CBS News
» Homeland Security Funded Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers as Terrorists Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Popular Archaeology:Archaeologists Unearth Lost Temple of Apollo

Red Alert! Frontside INTEL Coming In: Trillions Of Dollars Coming Back To The US! | Forex
Before The Delusion: Rewriting 12,000 Years Of History - Bombshell Written By William Gleeson | Alternative
Exposed Boston Bomb Amputee Seen Wiping Fake Blood On Leg After Blast - Video | Terrorism
Senator Confirms Obama/Globalist Ties Working To Destroy US Constitution | Obama
Nikola Tesla's Lab Saved After 18 Years of Activism | Alternative
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup | Health
CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens - The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya | Obama
Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Human Ancestors Hunting and Scavenging | Science and Technology
OBAMA to Ruin Family Farming. New Law requires all farmers to have CDL - Hearings underway | Agriculture
The CIA & The Death of Bob Marley | Libertarian
Einstein - The Mind Of God: History Channel Presentation With Michio Kaku | Science and Technology
Garlic Mustard, Jack-By-The-Hedge, Sauce Alone | Eat The Weeds and other things, too
Research Links Music to Increased Immunity, Better Mood | Health
The Dangers Of Too Much Sugar: What The Sugar Industry Doesnt Want You to Know | Health
10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know | Health
10 Reasons To Quit Coffee (Plus Healthy Alternatives) | Health
Is This The Cure For Type 1 Diabetes? | Health
5 Tips For Juicing Greens! | Health
Vitamin D May Help Prevent Your Risk of Cancer By 77 Percent
Monster Barf: Weird, Smelly Foam Oozes Through Cracks in Chinese Streets | Who Forted? Magazine
Singapore begins inquiry in American scientist Shane Todd’s hanging death  - NY Daily News
The Mysterious Gabriel Stone Prophecy | Prophecy
+Here are fifteen free must have PDF preparedness downloads. | Prepared Christian

How to Steal the World – Max Igan
IRS Scrutiny Went Beyond Tea Party, Targeting Of Conservative Groups Broader Than Thought | Dprogram.net
Did Obama Know Too? IRS Officials Knew Patriots And Tea Party Groups Were Being Targeted 2 Years Ago | Dprogram.net
Bilderberg 2.0: New Technocratic Construct In The Works? | Dprogram.net
Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution | Dprogram.net
U.S. Consumers Can Blame Wal-Mart For New Online Sales Tax When It Passes | Dprogram.net
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Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye – USCG 7th District Stand Down Debunked & CTTBS #10 | Dprogram.net
Brighton resident 'discovers vortex to another dimension' | Metro News
Russian billionaire reveals real-life ‘avatar’ plan – and says he will upload his brain to a hologram and become immortal by 2045 | The Global Reality
Demonic Cannibalism Savage Online Videos Fuel Syria’s Descent Into Madness Muslim Rebels shout allahu akbar Cutting-Out Organs and Eating the Hearts of Assad’s troops WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO | count down to zero-time
Paul McGuire -- Archive
Paul McGuire -- Free America and Free Your Mind - Never Surrender to Group Think, Part 1
Paul McGuire -- Free America and Free Your Mind - Never Surrender to Group Think, Part 1
Americans for Tax Reform : New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS
Inside the Alien-Abduction Support-Group Annual Meeting in Newport, R.I. | Vanity Fair
Obama spies on friendly media
Lies about Libya
Political lessons of ‘Backyard Oilmen’
IRS targeting of tea party? I told you so
Never trust a guy named Castro
The heretic at Heritage
Thomas Sowell’s intellectual cruise missile
The Church of Scotland’s scandal
Saints among us
Education dictates more like ‘Communist Core’
Symposium: Cult of acceptance
Boston bombers linked to triple murder of Jews
9 of 12 Jurors in Gosnell Trial Are ‘Pro-Choice’ | CNS News
$406.7B: Monthly Federal Tax Revenues Hit All-Time Record in April; Individual Income Taxes Up 36% | CNS News
Obama: State Department that Didn’t Interview Clinton ‘Investigated Every Element’ of Benghazi | CNS News
Obama Brags About Contraception Mandate Catholic Bishops Call 'Unjust and Illegal'' | CNS News
Rep. Schakowsky: ‘Our Survival as a Species is Dependent on Women Taking Charge’ | CNS News
Obama: If IRS 'Intentionally Harmed Conservative Groups, That Is Outrageous' | CNS News
Gore: 'Our Very Way of Life' Is at Stake | CNS News
Gates Suggests Americans Have a ‘Cartoonish Impression’ of U.S. Military Might | CNS News
Obama: Obamacare Will Help ‘Young Person’ Trying ‘Many Different Jobs and Careers until You Find One That Suits You’ | CNS News
Rolling Stones Start It Up With ... Backgammon – Trim Rehearsals to Watch ‘Downton Abbey’ | CNS News
Syria Denies Role in Turkey Bombings, As Turkey Seeks ‘Joint’ World Response | CNS News
Franklin Pulls Out of Shows under Doctor's Orders | CNS News
Ex-Gov. Huntsman launching talk show on SiriusXM | CNS News
Fox schedule includes '24' return | CNS News
Sharif’s Election Victory in Pakistan May Further Strain Relationship With U.S. | CNS News
Search ends in Bangladesh; death toll put at 1,127 | CNS News
Mrs. Obama: 'If You're a Democrat, Spend Some Time Talking to a Republican' | CNS News
A look at new saints canonized by Pope Francis | CNS News
1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t -- $2 Billion in 2012 | CNS News
Lieberman: Boston Bombing Suspects: ‘Motivated by Violent Islamic Extremism’ | CNS News
Ohio Suspect's Brothers: Hope He 'Rots in Jail' | CNS News
Slain Benghazi Officer's Mom: Obama, Clinton, Rice All Blamed the Video As 'They Were Hugging Me' | CNS News
Ways and Means Committee: When Did WH Know IRS Targeted Groups Based on Political Philosophy? | CNS News
Obama slams GOP focus on Benghazi as politics | CNS News
Ways and Means to IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ or ‘Conservative’—By Wednesday | CNS News
Soledad O'Brien Lectures 'White People' Who Are 'Clearly Uncomfortable' With Her Documentaries on Race | NewsBusters
Trust Your Government...Or, Else | CNS News
Rep. King: 'Gosnell Is an Evil and Merciless Man, and His Punishment Is Now Due' | CNS News
Rep. Blackburn: Gosnell Verdict 'Indictment of the Abortion Industry,' 'Wakeup Call for Congress' | CNS News
What's Next - a Pathway to Ownership? | CNS News
Boston College Chooses Barabbas Over Jesus | CNS News
Obama on Benghazi Talking Points: 'There's No 'There' There' | CNS News
Sen. Susan Collins: 'Personally Dissappointing' Obama Hasn't Condemned the IRS for Targeting Conservative Groups | CNS News
The Pathway to Ownership | CNS News
Rep. Schakowsky: Women Must Take Charge to Save Humans From Extinction | CNS News
Pickering: No Reason to Question Clinton Now: "I Don't Think That There Was Anything There That We Didn't Know" | CNS News
Sarah Palin Says 'No' to Mark Burnett for TV Talk Show
Tea Party Groups Consider Suing IRS
Rep. Price: Action Must Follow Obama's Words on IRS Targeting Scandal
Obama: IRS Targeting Conservatives 'Outrageous'
Tea Party Leader: IRS 'Prevented Us' From Participating in 2012 Elections
Gingrich: IRS Targeting Scandal Raises Issues About Obamacare
News & Current Events, Breaking News, Analysis, Political Commentary – Newsmax.com
Justice Seizes AP Phone Records in 'Massive, Unprecedented Intrusion'
Lawmakers from Both Parties Call for Investigation of IRS
Ted Nugent Wants to Use Illegal Immigrants to Build 'Undefeatable Border Fence'
Obama:DC Gridlock Is Limbaugh's Fault
Tea Party: IRS Scandal Is About Americans' Rights
Obama Says Congress Benghazi Probe Becoming ‘Political Circus’
Newseum Will Review Decision to Honor Hamas Members
Alan Dershowitz: The Internal Revenue Service Targeted Me, Too!
Rand Paul Courts Evangelicals in Bid to Rebrand
Hamas Tries to Find Israel's Spy Networks
Saudi Arabia to Punish Men over Christian Woman Convert
Pento: Governments May Fall in Coming Bond Market Collapse
Can You Fight Fat by Eating Fat?
New Research Explains Statin-Caused Memory Loss
New Parkinson's Drugs Help Michael J. Fox Return to TV
Study: Insomnia Leads to More Hospitalizations
Immune-Boosting Drugs: New Front in War on Cancer
Astronaut Makes Music Video aboard Space Station
Creator Says Order to Remove 3D Gun Design From Web 'Political'
Hearings on Benghazi Likely to Be a Bust
Benghazi Hearings, Issa, Attacked on 'SNL'
Power to Tax — Power to Destroy
Watergate Cover-Up compared to Benghazi
Gosnell Verdict Is Victory for Women
Coast To Coast AM - May 12 2013 - Jordan Codices Update/ Present Shock - DisclosureRadio - YouTube
Flying car crashes near elementary school in Canada
Poll: Continued belief in JFK conspiracy - CBS News
Inside the Paris apartment untouched for 70 years: Treasure trove finally revealed after owner locked up and fled at outbreak of WWII | Mail Online
BBC News - WHO says new coronavirus may be passed person to person
Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform | Threat Level | Wired.com
Laser Shoots Down Missile : Discovery News
Amazing Lost 'Atlantis' Survives Beneath English Sea | Dunwich | LiveScience
Another Anti-Assad False Flag
Under the Black Flag of al-Qaeda Syrian City Ruled by Gangs of Extremists
Outgoing Syrian National Coalition President Exposes Roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the Syrian Crisis
Turkey': Protesters Blame Erdogan and FSA for Bombings in Reyhanli
Nuclear Terror in the Middle East Lethality Beyond the Pale
Consequences of Western Intransigence in Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran
Afghans Say an American Tortured / Disappeared Civilians
Dirty Wars, Filthy Hands: 5 Unsavory Ways America Conducts Its Global War on Terror
Murder Is Our National Sport
Eroding Freedom in America
Former Nixon Aide Claims He Has Evidence Lyndon B. Johnson Arranged John F. Kennedy's Assassination in New Book
Gerald Celente on the New Renaissance and Big Non-State Trends Changing the World
At Least 274 American Soldiers Remains Discarded In Trash Dump
Immigration Bill Trojan Horse for Biometrics
Did Obama Know Too? IRS Officials Knew Patriots And Tea Party Groups Were Being Targeted 2 Years Ago
Anything Healthy is Being Criminalized
Report: US government now buys more malware than anyone else in the world
New Suspicious Characters and Media Actors at Boston Bombing
Eroding Freedom in America
Drinking Coffee Kills Pain, Lifts Mood and Sharpens the Mind
Stateless Citizens: More Americans Than Ever Giving up Citizenship
21 Traits of an Awakening Soul
America is Losing its Covert Syria War: US Sponsored Al Nusra Rebels Defeated by Syrian Armed Forces
America’s War on Syria: Another Anti-Assad False Flag?
The Central Banks’ Gold: A Story of Silent Expropriation
Pakistan’s Elections: Continuity of IMF Imposed Austerity Under New Government
Bombings in Turkish Border City: “False Flag” Pretext to “Retaliate” against Syria?
Brutal Treatment of Christian Clergy by Israeli Security Forces
Libya’s “Water Wars” and Gaddafi`s Great Man-Made River Project
Crimes Against Humanity: No Amnesty for Guatemala’s Former Dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt
Economic Depression and the New World Order: Global Poverty in the late 20th Century
Imperialism, The Cold War, and the Contradictions of Decolonization
Mass Poverty, Social Inequality and the Thirdworldization of America
GMO Agriculture and Chemical Pesticides are Killing the Bees
Ronald Reagan: Accessory to Genocide – Ex-Guatemalan Dictator Rios Montt Guilty of Mayan Genocide
Interview 660 - Radio Liberty: The Illusion of the Rule of Law

+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- May 13, 2013

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Actions of 911 Dispatcher ‘Under Review’ | FOX8.com
Copyright Trolls Threaten to Call Neighbors of Accused Porn Pirates | TorrentFreak
Stateless Citizens: Americans renounce citizenship over 'unfair' taxation & policies - informationliberation
Clinton Never Questioned During State Department Benghazi Probe
Afghanistan Watchdog Says Officials Blocking His Reports
Russian Victory Day Parade Glorifies Soviet Union
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American Accused of Torturing, Disappearing Afghan Civilians -- News from Antiwar.com
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Police Steal $160,000 From Man During Traffic Stop « LewRockwell.com Blog
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Audio Interview with John O'Donnel Regarding Mutual Benefit in Exchange of Goods « LewRockwell.com Blog
The New Deal's True Legacy: Chapter 9 – The Great Deformation – The Corruption of Capitalism in America
The European Miracle by Ralph Raico
Former Nixon aide claims he has evidence Lyndon B. Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy's assassination in new book | Mail Online
The Persecution of Rita Hutchens by William Norman Grigg
Price Versus Cost by Walter E. Williams
Gerald Celente on the New Renaissance and Big Non-State Trends Changing the World by Anthony Wile
Nine Speeds, Ten Speeds: All To Keep Up With CAFE | Eric Peters Autos
Garden Rebels: 10 Ways To Sow Revolution in Your Back Yard by Daisy Luther
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Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up by Joseph Mercola
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Chossudovsky: Criminal and Complicit Mainstream Media - YouTube
Robert Gates: I Would Have Made the Same Decisions During Benghazi Attack
AP: Cancer, MS Patients May Face Outrageous Costs Under ObamaCare
Cops Release Surveillance Video of New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade Shooting Suspect
Are Stories of Historical Christian Martyrdom ‘Exaggerated, Invented and Forged’? Professor Outlines Myth Theory
Report: Traveler From Saudi Arabia Arrested With Pressure Cooker at Detroit Airport
Obama Dismisses GOP Criticism of Benghazi as ‘Sideshow’: ‘The Whole Thing Defies Logic’
‘Outrageous’: Obama Vows Full Investigation, Accountability Amid IRS Intimidation Furor
B.S. of A. Comedy Show Hilariously ‘Finds Out’ Where Benghazi Whistle-Blower Has Been
Gosnell Found Guilty of First Degree Murder in ‘House of Horrors’ Abortion, Murder Trial
Did Obama Cry While Answering Benghazi Questions During Press Conference?
Savage Online Video Seems to Show Rebel Removing then Biting Heart of Slain Syrian Soldier
‘Newseum’ News Museum Reverses Plan to Honor Hamas Cameramen
Why the IRS Scandal Should Lead to Obama’s Impeachment
Obama Spokesman Says White House Notified of IRS Investigation in April – So How Did Obama Not Know Until Last Week?
Horrifying: Australian Woman Gang Raped in Dubai – Then Jailed 8 Months for Sex Outside Marriage
N.Y. Man Arrested for Gun Violation in NY — His Offense? Two Extra Bullets
Why Is the Media Hammering Away at the IRS Scandal? Here’s Limbaugh’s Theory
‘This Is Tyranny’: MSNBC Hosts Lambaste Obama Admin, IRS Over ‘Unspeakable’ Targeting of Conservatives
How High Up Does This Go? New Report Implicates Washington Officials in IRS Scandal
The Most Transparent Administration Ever: This Redacted Freedom of Information Request Is Unbelievable
14-year-old Discovers Potential Heart Risk From iPad2
End of Day News Wrapup
It's In One Of Them Yankee States Again, Right?
Rubio Calls for IRS Commissioner Who Already Left Department to Resign
Feds Secretly Obtain Two Months Of AP Reporters' Phone Records
N. Carolina Leaders Protesting Tea Party Agenda Arrested
A New Mile High Club to Solve Technology Gap
Obama Starts A Classic Slow-Motion Fold Over IRS Controversy
Cmdr. Chris Hadfield Bids Farewell to ISS With 'Space Oddity' Cover
Gingrich: Obama 'Will Not Profile Terrorists but Profile Patriots'
Tea Party Complaints of IRS Audits is Just Gaming the System
19 Injured as Gunmen Open Fire on New Orleans Mother's Day Parade
Allen West: IRS Targeting of Tea Party Is Part of Auto Bailout Conspiracy
McCain Downplays Dangers of U.S. Involvement in Syria
Kristol Shreds Karl Rove's Super PAC for Anti-Hillary Benghazi Attack Ad
Want to Know How to Solve Poverty? Ask Someone Who Experiences It
Gates: Benghazi-Obsessed Republicans Have 'Cartoonish' View of Military Capability
Rep. Adam Smith Lays into Chris Wallace for Obsessing Over Benghazi Talking Points
Pickering Calls Out Issa For Lying About Willingness to Testify
George Will Floats Impeachment After IRS Targets Tea Party Groups
Senator: Holder Must Come Clean on Journalist Phone Record Seizure
GOP Rep: Eric Holder Needs to Re-Read Constitution
Weiner Enlarging Staff for Mayoral Run
EXCLUSIVE: House Majority Whip: 'We Will Investigate' IRS, Benghazi, AP Scandals
Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three First-Degree Murder Charges
Conservative Group Says IRS Leaked Docs to Rival
Planned Parenthood Ignores Babies Born Alive Murdered by Gosnell
Flashback: Multiple Agencies Involved with IRS in Intimidation
Philly Abortion Doctor Guilty in 3 Babies' Deaths
Sebelius Under Fire for ObamaCare Fundraising Bypassing Congress
New Mexico Abortionist: 'Am I Killing? Yes, I Am.'
Report: IRS Began Targeting Tea Party in 2010
Obama Commits to 20 Fundraisers
Obama: IRS Scandal 'Outrageous'
Reid: I Support Investigation of IRS
Heritage Pulls Out of BuzzFeed Immigration Summit
EXCLUSIVE: McConnell: IRS Revelations 'Just The Beginning'
Congress Investigating Obama Admin’s Hostility to Religion in the Military
Obama: 'Political Motivations' Keeping Benghazi Story Alive
59 Congress Members Demand Hagel Explain Meeting with Anti-Christian Extremist
IRS Employees Donated Over Twice as Much to Obama in 2012
Amnesty Bill Waves Away Rule of Law
Cuomo, Pataki Call for End of NY Suit Against Former AIG CEO Greenberg
Feds Killing Off Private Bus Lines Based on Bad Study
Square Modifies Its User Agreement to Prohibit Firearms and Weapons Transactions
Cardinal O'Malley To Boycott Boston College Commencement Honoring Pro-Abortion Irish PM
Nordstrom: Only Clinton Could Waive Security Requirements For Benghazi
Washington & Wall Street: Ben Bernanke's Global Inflation Strategy
Biden: Four Senators Want To Change Their Vote And Support Gun Control
IRS Warned Employees Not to Target 501(c)4 Donors in 2011
Govt Obtains Wide AP Phone Records in Probe
AP: Holder Approves Subpoenas of Phone Records
'Today' Host to Marry Longtime Democrat Operative
Time's Joe Klein Walks Back Obama/IRS Criticism
'Terminal Spying' Began On Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Watch
WaPo's Jackson Diehl Is Wrong on Benghazi
Bloomberg Admits To Snooping, Media Matters Ignores
Report: Bloomberg News Snooping Included Bernanke, Geithner
All The President's Yes Men: Bernstein 'Can't Imagine' Obama Involved In IRS Scandal
Barbara Says 'Bye-Bye'
Teen Fans: Boston Bomber 'Too Beautiful To Be Terrorist'
Chuck Todd On IRS Story: 'Where's The Outrage?'
Wallace Responds To Dem Rep's Attack On Benghazi Talking Points: 'I'm Not A Potted Plant'
Bangladesh Arrests Islamist Leader
Syria: We Can Invade Israel's Golan Heights
U.N. Disarmament Conference Chaired by Iran
Drunk Tourist Charges at South African Elephant
Don’t Blow It on Benghazi: The Focus Must Be Obama, NOT Clinton
Bangladesh to End Search for Collapse Victims
Israeli PM, Putin to Meet Tuesday for Syria Talks
Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills 10 Civilians: Officials
France, Germany Plan 'New Deal' for Jobless Youths
New Nigeria Islamist Video Claims Attacks, Shows Hostages
Pope Francis Surprises Pro-Life Advocates by Joining March for Life in Rome
World View: Pope Francis Canonizes 800 Otranto 'Martyrs' of Ottoman Army
Gulf Navy Drill Not Directed at Iran: US
Media: Western Drugs Were Tested on East Germans
Report: China to Become World's Largest Movie Market by 2020
Celebrity in Chief: Obama Fundraises with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Harvey Weinstein
Report: Beyonce Pregnant with Second Child
'24,' Kiefer Sutherland Returning to Fox, Will Jack Bauer Soften with the Times?
Conservative Artists Should Stick It to the (Liberal) Man
Minnesota Senate OKs Gay Marriage; Governor to Sign
Turning Texas Blue: Obama Tours Austin
‘Drunk’ BBC Host Slurs Words, Giggles — and Gets Yanked Off-Air During Live Show | TheBlaze.com
Mom Speeds Up to 140 MPH in a 900 HP, Manual Sports Car Like a Pro — and Loves Every Minute of It | Video | TheBlaze.com
The ‘Ice Tsunami’ Videos Out of Canada and Minnesota are Pretty Incredible | Video | TheBlaze.com
Father Dies After He ‘Begged for His Life’ While Cops Struck Him With Batons — Cellphone Videos Seized | Video | TheBlaze.com
This High-Speed Ferrari Crash Is Terrible & Horrifying | Video | TheBlaze.com
Revealed: The 55 questions the IRS asked one tea party group after more than two years of waiting - including demands for names of all its donors and volunteers | Mail Online
Rumsfeld: IRS also retaliates against outspoken business leaders | WashingtonExaminer.com
Tea party groups threaten to sue IRS - Lauren French - POLITICO.com
IRS targeted groups that criticized the government, IG report says
Wider Problems Found at IRS - WSJ.com
EXCLUSIVE: McConnell: IRS Revelations 'Just The Beginning'
The IRS admits to 'targeting' conservative groups, but were they also 'leaking'? | The Daily Caller
Scandal politics sweep Capitol Hill - Jake Sherman and Lauren French - POLITICO.com
My Way News - Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe
Insurers predict 100%-400% Obamacare rate explosion | WashingtonExaminer.com
Gosnell guilty of three murder counts
Finally: 56 Days Later, ABC Ends Blackout and Covers Gosnell 'House of Horrors' | NewsBusters
New forensic technique for estimating time of death by checking internal clock of the human brain - Science - News - The Independent
Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe
Twitter / DRUDGE: Warning to reporters and sources: ...
Brokaw on IRS Scandal: 'Welcome to the Second Term, Mr. President' | NewsBusters
Bloomberg users’ messages leaked online - FT.com
State pushes to keep Trayvon Martin's past out of George Zimmerman trial | News - Home
Soledad O'Brien: 'OK, white person, this is a conversation you clearly are uncomfortable with' | WashingtonExaminer.com
Google’s antitrust settlement under attack by rivals - FT.com
» Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Want ‘Scandalmania’ Hijacking His Agenda | Politicker
Store robbed at gunpoint across from police station - chicagotribune.com
Mexico's 'Popo' volcano spews ash, molten rock | McClatchy
Fox breaks 'Idol' silence: 'Everything is on the table' | Inside TV | EW.com
Reaching critical mass – what goes up will also crash
Saudi with Pressure Cooker arrested in Detroit for altering Passport
Video: Liberal Kirstin Powers says Obama ‘involving himself with these repeated lies’ about Benghazi
Andrew Bostom: Time to take a Second Look at Libya’s President
Are Nazi Comparisons to IRS / Obama’s associates finally warranted?
Video: The Most Important Message in History
Islamic Ritualistic Cannibalism CAUGHT ON FILM
Pack of ‘Lone Wolves’ in thwarted Canadian terror plot just grew by one
Syrian Jihadist Eats Human Flesh In The Name Of Allah
Cannibalistic Ritual Done In Syria
Video: When asked if Benghazi talking points were ‘scrubbed’, Far left Democrat Dennis Kucinich says, ‘of course’
What Benghazi Whistle-blower has in common with Station Wagon filled with Nuns
Video: House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa talks Benghazi on NBC’s Meet the Press
Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Implicated in the altering of Benghazi talking points
Video: MSNBC Panel actually talks ‘Impeachment’ over Benghazi
Mass Shooting At Mothers Day Parade! - YouTube

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