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to control the issue of their money, first by inflation
and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them,will deprive
the people of their property until their
children will wake up homeless on the continent
their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

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13 April 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

+Apr 13, 1743: Thomas Jefferson is born

Russia Builds Up Mediterranean Task Force | Defense | RIA Novosti
Tales from Gaza: What is life really like in 'the world's largest outdoor prison'? - Middle East - World - The Independent
Venezuela says it foiled plot to destabilize presidential vote | Reuters
PressTV - Big banks report record profits
Lloyd Blankfein's $21m haul makes him the world's best paid banker | Business | The Guardian
Crude Business - 13 Spills in 30 Days - Waking Times : Waking Times
Globalized Torture
Can The Awakening Be Hijacked? « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Mistakes and Being Human - Waking Times : Waking Times
Activist Post: Is Your Toothpaste Making You Stupid?
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: Alternative Cancer Treatments
U.S. says agrees with China on peaceful North Korea solution | Reuters
Nuclear North Korea unacceptable, Kerry says - CNN.com
US and China vow to work together on N Korea - Asia-Pacific - Al Jazeera English
Should the U.S. shoot it down? - CNN.com
‘The neo-conservative era is dead’: Ron Paul announces DC think-tank — RT USA
Here Are the 5 Most Interesting Things in Obama’s & Biden’s Tax Returns | TheBlaze.com
The Entire Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme | Washington's Blog
Senate plan would deport illegal immigrants entering U.S. after 2011 | Reuters
Look out Monsanto: The Global Food Movement Is Rising by Daniel Moss — YES! Magazine
Inhuman Radiation Experiments » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
Eric Dollard Tells us the Truth what HAARP Really Is.... - YouTube
Close relationship between North Korea, China eyed as country joins US in calls for denuclearization | Fox News
Opinion: North Korea already won - CNN.com
Activist Post: Key to Peace in Korea - Remove US Presence

North Korea reportedly warns Japan it would target Tokyo first | Fox News
North Korea Rocket Rundown: How Far Can They Fly? | Space.com
Korea is the focus, but this is China versus Japan | Timothy Mo | Comment is free | The Guardian
Nothing found for The-american-flu Scientists

MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently - YouTube
Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools • The Register
Dawkins Bitch-Slaps anti-scientific theist - YouTube

Yuan reaches record high against the US dollar | South China Morning Post
Impeach Eric Holder, repeat offender |
Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold? | InvestmentWatch
No Church Can Serve Two Masters. They Cannot Serve God and the IRS. Do you Agree? | The Lone Star Watchdog
U.S., China agree on North Korea denuclearization push |
Activist Post: Are Individuals The Property Of The Collective?
Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’ ~ News Forage
CIA Secret Experiments (Full Version) « Underground Documentaries
David Stockman: ‘Fed Is A Serial Bubble Machine For The Top 1%. We’ve Been Robbed By The Fed’ | InvestmentWatch
Fars News Agency :: Iran Owns 7% of World's Mineral Reserves
Will Voters Forgive Obama for Cutting Social Security? |
Joe Biden Vows ‘To Be The First In’ During Any North Korea Nuke Strike |
North Korean Hoax? Tourists Find Children Skating While Media Shows Tanks In The Square |
Hillary Clinton Laughs at Qaddafi’s Death
AIPAC Staffer Explains AIPAC's Tactics - 12160
Schumer talks Israel, guns at White Plains breakfast | The Journal News | LoHud.com | lohud.com
Porn site reveals downloading habits of Vatican City residents | Tech | Toronto Sun
Officer accused of having Trayvon Martin targets
AMBER alert: Girl taken from Texan might be headed to Chicago
Is global warming a hoax? Catholic Online interviews a skeptic
Can You Buy Exoplanet Naming Rights? No, Astronomy Group Says
Can Ants Predict When an Earthquake Will Strike?
OK, So This New Facebook Home Ad Is Actually Pretty Funny
Twitter acquisition move hints at music service
Google lets users plan their digital afterlife
Bing Delivers Five Times as Many Malicious Websites as Google
Yen firms after US says watching Japan policies
LinkedIn Confirms $90 Million Pulse Acquisition
2 missing in 2 avalanches east of Seattle
NY teacher who assigned Nazi letter put on leave
Obama's political group raises modest $4.8 million
Jodi Arias trial loses another juror
Calif. teen's suicide is the latest in a disturbing trend
Blaming Defense, Judge Frees Man Convicted in '75 Murder
Calif. teen's suicide is the latest in a disturbing trend - CBS News
Lawyer: Girl saw details online of sex assault - CBS News
Audrie Pott, Rehtaeh Parsons suicides show sexual cyber-bulling is "pervasive" and "getting worse," expert says - Crimesider - CBS News
Calif. teens face hefty charges in sex assault, suicide case - CBS News Video
Happy ending after Bali plane crash
Manhunt for French gangster who used gun, explosives to escape prison
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake injures 24 in Japan
Jimmy Dawkins Dead: Chicago Bluesman Known As Part Of City's 'West-Side Sound' Dies At 76
7NEWS - North Korea targets Colorado Springs inaccurately in propaganda video - Local Story
Michel Djotodia, Leader of Coup in Central African Republic, Holds On to Power - NYTimes.com
Kerry visits China amid N. Korea tensions - YouTube
Steve Stockman: “If Babies had Guns They Wouldn’t be Aborted” (Quote) | TIME.com
Student charged in Va. mall shootings; 2 wounded - WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va
NASA working on asteroid capture project - YouTube
NASA Mars Orbiter Images May Show 1971 Soviet Lander - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Million Year Old Ancient Mixed Human Walked Pigeon Toed : News : Headlines & Global News
Aurora Borealis: 'Northern Lights' Show May be Opening Act for Lyrid Meteor Shower - Greater Alexandria, VA Patch
Millions Of Wasps, 22-Foot Nest Found In Abandoned Home [PHOTO] : News : Nature World News
Feds Seize $1 Million In Food From NY Kosher Food Manufacturer - FailedMessiah.com
468K pounds of cooked meat, poultry, deli products recalled... | www.ajc.com
WDTV.COM 5 News: Autism Awareness Month: Wife of Deceased Actor Shares Her Story
Should medical marijuana be legal in Illinois? | Metro-east news | News Democrat
FDA finds widespread safety issues at compounding pharmacies - The Washington Post
WATCH: Hospitalized Missouri Man's Arrested Husband, Straight Brother Speak Out | Advocate.com
Sounds can Help Strengthen Memory during Sleep : Health & Medicine : Nature World News
Memorial held for pioneering politician Dawn Clark Netsch in Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times
2 dead, 6 wounded in weekend violence - Chicago Sun-Times
With Police in Schools, More Children in Court - NYTimes.com
Former Texas official arrested in probe of prosecutors' slayings - Yahoo! News
No hassle at the castle for biggest meeting of EU presidency - Political News | Irish & International Politics | The Irish Times - Sat, Apr 13, 2013
This Website Would Be More Popular If … - BlackListedNews.com
DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement - BlackListedNews.com
DA: Child porn charges in War College Army colonel's case based on solid evidence
Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet | Ars Technica
Bail-in and the Confiscation of Bank Deposits: The Birth of the New Financial Order - BlackListedNews.com
Forensic scientists recover fingerprints from foods
Selling Gold, OpIsrael, Magic Mushrooms - New World Next Week - YouTube
Interview 647 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
Pentagon: North Korea has Capacity to Make Nuclear Warhead for Ballistic Missile
Noam Chomsky on Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest For Global Dominance
Pervez Musharraf Gave US Permission To Murder People In Pakistan
Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”
The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time arcade documentary releases on Amazon
Crash Indicator: Mom And Pop Take The Plunge Back Into Stocks
You May Be A Dangerous, Paranoid Doomsday Prepper If…
Vermont House Approves Marijuana Decriminalization
NYC Bar Owner Now Lets You Pay Your Tab With Bitcoins
What Privacy? CISPA Passes in Closed Door Vote
Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer Blows Whistle on Chemtrails in the Air Force
House to vote on CISPA next week despite being horribly flawed after secret committee markup
11 Economic Crashes That Are Happening RIGHT NOW
Doug Casey on Second Passports
Taxed for Life - informationliberation
Jon Stewart Exposes The Monsanto Protection Act
US Warns Japan Not to Hold Down the Yen
Fear is a Pornography We don’t Need – By Stuart Wilde | Don't Tread On Me
States in a race to secure drone testing - latimes.com
Monsanto wins patent battle with DuPont corporation to seize full rights of GM seed patents
DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement | Public Intelligence
United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Could Shut Down Flow Of Surplus Ammo - :

**The First Cities To Be Nuked

THE GREAT POSTAL FRAUD « The Burning Platform
North Korea fanatics work themselves into a frenzy and claim – Five Million Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack USA (subtitled) | count down to zero-time
Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ | FrontPage Magazine
Satellite Over Eastern USA, Is A North Korean Surprise! | Global Unrest
‘Evangelicals could be put on watch list, denied guns’
Updated Report Alleges Continued Abuse, Potential Fraud by Planned Parenthood
Top Syrian Rebel Group Merges With Al-Qaeda in Iraq
The Meaning of Hugo Chavez by Justin Raimondo -- Antiwar.com
Civilian Militia Expands to 38 States To Protect Constitution | U. S. Politics
Stephen Hawking predicts end-of-Earth scenario | Cutting Edge - CNET News
LUCIFER Is Helping Vatican Astronomers Look for extraterrestrials? | Paranormal
Who Are The Real Preppers? | Survival
25 Must Have Survival Foods: Put Them In Your Pantry Now | Survival
Spectacular Documentary On The Health Implications of Mobile Phone Technology
The Power to Create Money - Sound Money Campaign - YouTube
1000 Mile Electric Car To Hit UK Market | Self-Sufficiency
Billions Of Cicadas: Are The Bugs Swarming The East Coast Dangerous? [VIDEO] - International Science Times
Half-Ape Half-Man Reconstructed | Science and Technology
Archaeologists Shine New Light On Easter Island Statue | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
How to get free solar panels for your home | Green Living
Chemist shows hidden truth about aspirin | ThePeoplesChemist.com
How To Survive Cancer & The Truth About AIDS w/ Dr. Lorraine Day | Health
11 Uses for Lemons You Might Not Have Known | Health
50 Ways to Starve the Beast | Survival
Pope Francis Linked to Missiles, Deaths | Global Unrest
Is This America’s New Angel of Death? | Mysterious Universe
After an EMP Attack – How To Get Home When it’s 700 Miles Away | Alternative
Book Of Enoch Prophecies | Prophecy
Ark Of The Covenant Found - Government Cover up | Alternative
4th Dimensional Shift | Metaphysics
The End Of The World Project | Arts
The Coming Great Deception…. Wake Up! | Paranormal
How They'll Convince You To Worship Aliens (2013) | Paranormal
Mind Science Quantum Power Within Know What You Have Inside YOU! | Beyond Science
How I (Never) Taught My Son To Read by Linda Schrock Taylor
Cruz & Rubio: Tea Party Desperados by Chris Rossini
Crash Indicator: Mom and Pop Take the Plunge Back Into Stocks for Fear of 'Being Left on the Sidelines' by Mac Slavo
Meet the Man Called 'Crazy' By Doctors Who Cured His Own Colon Cancer
22 Things Happy People Do Differently by Joseph Mercola
Bail-in and the Confiscation of Bank Deposits: The Birth of the New Financial Order
Kerry issues War Threat over Korea
Obama to Supply $10 Million Military Aid to Terrorist Groups in Syria
Venezuelan Government Foils Plot to Destabilize the Country: Arrest of Foreign Mercenaries
The “Liberal Left” Promotes the CIA’s Covert War on Syria
Secret Negotiations behind Closed Doors: The EU-India Free Trade Agreement, Devastating Economic and Social Impacts
“Pro-Democracy Terrorism”: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Propaganda Front funded by the EU
The ExxonMobil Tar Sands Oil Spill in Arkansas. Media Coverup
“Covert Justice” for Bradley Manning: Prosecution Witnesses to Testify Anonymously
Drones and Law Enforcement in America: The Unmanned Police Surveillance State
America’s Uncleared War: Nearly 20,000 Foreign Mercenaries Fight In Syria
Africa: Imperialism’s High Mark of Conquest in the 21st Century
Obama’s Budget. US Heading Toward a Social Explosion. Millions More People to be Thrown into Poverty
The Korean Crisis: Washington’s Hidden Agenda
Breaking Up the Big Banking Conglomerates in America
Hollywood’s Dangerous Afghan Illusion: “Charlie Wilson’s War”
Shakira's ex-boyfriend, business partner sues for $100 million
Report: Lohan Will Leave Rehab if She Has to Give Up Adderall
PSY Hopes North Koreans Enjoy Latest Single
Kid Rock Stays True to His Populist Ideals, Will Charge $20 for Best Seats in House
PA Department of Health Inspected Gosnell Three Times in 13 Years
Sen. Blumenthal Defends Fundraising Off Newtown Shooting
Youth Speakers Steal Show at True the Vote National Summit
City Council Forces NY Veterans to Remove 'Offensive' Gadsden Flag
Rubio 'All-In' on 'Comprehensive' Immigration Reform
Pennsylvania Govt. Did Not Inspect Gosnell Clinic for 17 Years
Sen. Sessions: Immigration Reform Bill 'Will Not Withstand Public Scrutiny'
1,500 Page Immigration Bill to Drop One Day Before Only Hearing?
OFA Accepts Contribution from Mega-Lobbyist Teachers Union
Bloomberg's New Gun Control Ads Praise Toomey, Target Republicans
Study: CA High-Speed Rail Will Lose $124-$373 Million A Year
Bat-swinging Chicago store owner fends off gunmen
Virginia Board of Health Considers Tighter Abortion Clinic Regs
GOP senator would broaden gun checks, no records
1 in 4 Seniors to Pay Higher Medicare Premiums
Rep. Chris Smith: 'If Gosnell Had Shot Seven Infants with an AR-15, It Would Be National News'
ICE Union Pres: 'Dark Day' for America when AFL-CIO Threatens to 'Steamroller' Lawmakers
Alleged McConnell Eavesdropper Was 2012 DNC Delegate
Bomb Threat at Office of AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Obamacare Architect: Affordable Care Act 'Beyond Comprehension'
Tax Payer Funded Hate: Bill Moyers Trashes America
Salon Declares NRA the Winner Over Obama, Media
'The Full Rubio': GOP Senator to Appear on Record 7 Sunday Shows
Media Acknowledge Blowing Gosnell Story, Pledge Extensive Coverage
DeMint Calls on American Grassroots to Expose Gosnell Story Amid Media Blackout
Tapper: Gosnell Story 'Not Getting Enough Attention'
Gosnell Trial Coverage: Five Networks, One Mention
Chavez Lives On Through Tattoos
Female North Korean Soldiers Patrol in High Heels
World View: John Kerry Says North Korea's Rhetoric Is 'Unacceptable'
Obama Calls for End to North Korean Rhetoric
Kerry: US, China Pledge to Work Together on North Korea
Russia Bans 18 Americans After Similar US Move
Nusra Pledge to Al Qaeda 'Boosts Syria Regime'
Momentum for Benghazi Select Committee
Obama Budget Attempts to Resume UNESCO Defunding Over Recognition of 'Palestine'
White House Provides Egypt with Four More F-16 Fighter Jets
UN Concerned as More Syrians Return Home from Jordan
Lion Air Plane Crashes Into Sea in Bali; 22 Hurt
Italian Journalists Freed in Syria
Hamas Arrests 'Collaborators' After Amnesty Ends
NW Pakistan Bus Blast Kills Nine
Google, EU 'Near Deal' on Search Probe
North Korea Says Tokyo First Target in the Event of War
Medicare hike could also hit some in middle class - Yahoo! News
Venezuela election to test Chavez's socialist legacy | Reuters
Mubarak, More Confident, Appears in Court in Cairo - NYTimes.com
Behind the Curtain: Newtown families: Victims turn lobbyists - POLITICO.com
'The Bible': Mark Burnett, Roma Downey Talk Satan Controversy With Oprah (Video)
IRS denies using emails to target taxpayers | Fox News
Woods Penalized for Illegal Ball Drop at Augusta - NYTimes.com
Google launches tool to help users plan for digital afterlife | Technology | The Guardian
LAPD Will No Longer Provide Info To Media On Celeb ‘Swatting’ Pranks « CBS Los Angeles
Obamas' Tax Return Shows Lower Earnings - WSJ.com
Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 in 2012 renting cottage to the Secret Service - Washington Times
Dateline Pyongyang | The Weekly Standard
BBC chief refuses to ban Margaret Thatcher death song - Telegraph
Ants can sense earthquakes a day in advance - The Times of India
Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines’
Feeling of being watched 'hardwired in brain' - Telegraph
Old Faithful's underground cavern discovered - Science
Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Built ‘Time Machine'
Is dark matter hiding a 'mirror world'? Researchers believe mysterious material could form its own world - complete with shadow Milky Way | Mail Online
'Afterlife' feels 'even more real than real,' researcher says - CNN.com
Ancient creature mixed human, apelike traits - Yahoo! News
Brain's music pleasure zone identified | Science | The Guardian
Analysis of the Atacama humanoid alien | Openminds.tv
RUSH: Democrats Turning Newtown Parents Into A Dozen Cindy Sheehan’s, ‘Human Shields’
Limbaugh: Everything Adam Lanza Did At Newtown Is Already Illegal. What More Is Needed?
President Obama's Green Warriors Verse the American People
Conservative Fool's Gold
Will Costs Lead to ObamaCare Collapsing Under Its Own Weight?
Obama’s ‘Quirky Maneuvers’ to Raise Revenue – Here Are the Top 5
‘I Don’t Trust the Government’: Ted Nugent Tells CNN What He Thinks of Senate’s Gun Bill (and Recommends Eric Holder Be Arrested)
Officials Intercept Explosive Sent to Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio — Here Are the Details
Was Rand Paul’s Speech Before Black Students a ‘Step’ in the Right Direction for Republicans Seeking to Win Back Minorities?
Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’
Parents of College Student Who Died in Texting-While-Driving Crash Release Grim Photo of His Last, Unfinished Text
From Obama the ‘Action Hero’ to Obama the ‘Painter’: Top Scenes From Newly Released White House Picture Album
Pope Francis Faces Calls to Overhaul ‘Dysfunctional’ Vatican — But How Will He Do It?
Former Justice of the Peace Charged With Making Terroristic Threat, His Home Searched in Connection With Texas DA’s Death
A Plane With More Than 100 Passengers Overshot the Runway and Crashed Into the Sea — Everyone Survived, Here Are the Pictures
10 of the Most Shocking Allegations in the Gruesome ‘House of Horrors’ That Was Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic (WARNING: Graphic)
Newtown Mother Delivers Obama’s Weekly Address Instead: Don’t Let ‘Our Tragedy’ Become ‘Your Tragedy’
The New World’s Fastest Roadster Tops Out at 254 MPH
Obama’s ‘Tax Freedom Day’ Was March 5…the Average American’s Isn’t Until April 18
Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘I Stand By’ ‘Kids Belong to Whole Communities’ MSNBC Promo
‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Used on…Fox News?
Tragedy: Teen Reportedly Commits Suicide With Police Chief’s Improperly Secured Gun
Mom Charged With Child Abuse After a Bobcat Attacked Her Son at the Zoo
Gang pallbearers cover their faces at Brooklyn funeral - NYPOST.com
DOJ claims budget cuts could allow criminals to go free | Washington Free Beacon
Sen. Feinstein: Private Gun Sales Play into Terrorists' Hands
Occupy Bomber Pleads Guilty, Gets 3 Years In Jail | The Gateway Pundit
Adulterous submarine commander who faked his own death to end affair fights to remain in the Navy - NYPOST.com
Strassel: Terry McAuliffe's Solyndra - WSJ.com
Margaret Thatcher: The grandchildren in the US who share the Iron Lady’s spirit - Telegraph
The American Spectator : Thomas Perez Should Be Blocked
Amish gather a last time before prison terms begin | Fox News
Marijuana Smoke Contains Higher Levels Of Certain Toxins Than Tobacco Smoke
Suits filed in body tampering, injured cop cases - City & Region - The Buffalo News
Bill Moyers: The United States of Inequality
Bipartisan-Ship Of Fools
RedState Compares Post-Roe America to Nazi Germany
Ethics Complaint Made Against McConnell For Judd Meeting
Carville: I Think Obama LIkes Upsetting His Liberal Base
Bank Corruption: Your Moment of Zen
Gitmo Defense Lawyers Say Somebody Has Been Accessing Their Emails
OK Tea Party Founder Charged With Blackmailing State Senator
8-Year-Old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Around Capitol Until He Drops Welfare Bill
A Tale of Two Constituencies
Jon Stewart Skewers Rand Paul for His Failed Minority Outreach at Howard University
Glenn Beck Vows To Boycott College For His Kids Over Common Core Standards
Colbert on Exxon's 'Cleanup Technique Employed by Drunk Guys'
Social Conservatives Put GOP On Notice
Nine Things They Don't Want You To Know About The Chained CPI
New York State Police Admit To Wrongly Confiscating Guns Under New Laws - YouTube
Chile-Contra: The CIA's Latest Latin American Scandal - YouTube
Eric Holder - Repeat Offender, Bradlee Dean - YouTube
Genesis Communications Network GCN News Who Gave North Korea Nukes In The First Place? «
Abortionist Slit Necks of Born Babies in Front of Teenager; Told Assistant: 'That's What You Call a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off' | CNS News
Fairfax Police Search for 5-Year-Old Cameron Serafin - Felony Arrest Warrant for Mother Issued | CNS News
Rep. Smith Asks Media: 'Why the Censorship' of Abortionist's 'Jeffrey Dahmer-Like Murder Trial'? | CNS News
Congresswoman: Tax Code 4 Times Longer Than the Bible | CNS News
U.S. Intelligence Sends Mixed Messages on North Korea’s Nuclear, Missile Capabilities | CNS News
Rand Paul on Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing: ‘Barack Obama and George Bush Were Lucky’ | CNS News
Pelosi on Newtown: 'Initiatives for School Safety Might Have Protected Those Children a Lot Better' | CNS News
Bozell: ABC, CBS, NBC ‘Deliberately Censoring’ Bad News on Obamacare | CNS News
Obama’s Budget Orders States to Promote Parental Engagement in Children’s Lives | CNS News
Kerry tamps down anxiety over NKorea missile power | CNS News
Obama's Budget Asks $30 Million in New Funding for ‘Gun Violence Prevention’ | CNS News
Gallup: 63% of Venezuelans Thought Chavez Gov’t Was Corrupt | CNS News
Rick Ross apologizes for pro-rape lyrics | CNS News
Guam on Heightened Alert Amid Continuing North Korea Threats | CNS News
Jada Pinkett Smith Praises Radical Leftist Angela Davis, Finances Pro-Davis Film | CNS News
Hurry Up on Job-Creating, Tax-Generating Keystone XL Pipeline, TransCanada Exec Tells Congress | CNS News
Bulletproof: $25 Million ‘Sitting in an Account at the Department of Justice’ | CNS News
Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke to Play Lesbian Couple on 'Glee' | NewsBusters
Bill Maher: 'The Role Model for Every President Should be Jimmy Carter' | NewsBusters
White House Website Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad | CNS News
Watchdog Group Sued For $85 Million by Terry McAullife's Green Car Company in Libel Claim | CNS News
HuffPost: U.S. Military 'Provoking North Korea,' a 'Rational' Obama Would Stop 'Rattling the Cage' | CNS News
Obama Proposes More Taxes - But, Tax Code Is Already 13 Miles Long! | CNS News
Pelosi: ‘No Reason to Say We’ve Got to Slow Growth of Social Security … To Reduce the Deficit’ | CNS News
Is It Time to Ban Assault Knives?
Guns, God, and Background Checks
The President's Charmless Budget
Report: Senate Democrats Blocking Resolution Honoring Thatcher
Goal of Nuclear-Free NKorea Tests US, China Ties
Amid Missile Fears, North Korea in Holiday Mode
Franklin Graham: ‘Power of Prayer’ Can Ease Korean Tensions
Sen. Collins To Back Compromise on Gun Background Checks
Report: Ron Paul Starting Foreign Policy Institute
Pro-Chavez Venezuelans Mark Coup Anniversary on Eve of Election
Clash Over Hunger Strike at Guantanamo Bay
Obama Plan Would Hike Premiums for Wealthier Medicare Recipients
Pope Taps Cardinals to Advise on Governing, Reform
Obamacare Guide Now No. 1 on Times’ Best-Seller List
After Home Searched, Texas Man Charged with Threat
Ben Carson to Meet With Herman Cain
Liberal PAC Progress Kentucky Founders in Mission to Oust McConnell
Report: Former Sen. Sununu Not Running for Office in NH
Republicans Must Not Get Suckered in to Obama’s Growth-Busting Budget
This Type of Exercise Stops Cancer
Patients Say They Don't Trust Fat Doctors
Pool Exercise, Vitamins Lead to Fewer Falls: Study
China Tries to Stop Panic in Bird Flu Outbreak
Soviet Mars Spacecraft Possibly Spotted in Photos
Embryo Discovery Indicates Dinosaurs Grew Fast
Hawking Talks About His ‘Biggest Blunder’
U.S. Schools Need New Science Standards to Compete, Group Says
Margaret Thatcher and The Reagans
Social Media Activity targeted by IRS
Facebook Gets More In Your Face - YouTube
North Korea: The Sum of All Fears - YouTube
Larry Pratt: 16 Republican Senators Betray Gun Owners - YouTube

+ Bilderberg Uncovered: Confab Set to Take Place In Watford UK; June 6-9 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

» Perks for Ruling Class Minions: Obama’s Sweetheart Tax Rate Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» King and Thompson to Introduce Gun Bill in House Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors Responds to Nanny Bloomberg’s Gang Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
» Journalist Ben Swann: Why MSM is A Joke Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
White House Website Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad | CNS News
Bloomberg-backed group launches ad pressuring senators on gun control - The Hill
New York town removes flag as ‘offensive’ Tea Party symbol | WashingtonExaminer.com
» Flashback: Taxman Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
John Hinckley behaving normally on visits to mother's home, Secret Service says | McClatchy
Report: Iran successfully tests three new missiles | JPost | Israel News
» Fresh Leaks Reveal Outrageous Corruption Among Political Leaders Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
September 11 defendants 'had emails hacked' - Telegraph
» Special Report: Former Deputy Sheriff Reveals Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
North Korea has no N-missile capability: White House
Prison Planet.com » Ron Paul Launches New Peace Institute
'5,500 foreigners fighting in Syria' - The Times of India
Prison Planet.com » Nuclear North Korea Armed Thanks to Bill Clinton
Prison Planet.com » Gun Grabbers Rejoice
Marc Faber Compares Gold With Apple - Business Insider
Prison Planet.com » Bitcoin price craters as panic selloff claims 75% loss from bubble high
Prison Planet.com » Former Black Panther: Government Preparing Invasion Against the American People
Deaths from new bird flu underscore grim fears, reports show - Vitals
Prison Planet.com » Monsanto wins patent battle with DuPont corporation to seize full rights of GM seed patents
Bozell on Varney & Co. 4/11/13
Limbaugh Accuses Democrats Of ‘Hiding Behind’ Newtown Parents And Turning Them Into ‘Human Shields’
Rep. Michele Bachmann Completely Baffles John Brennan With Bizarre Questions During CIA Hearing
Melissa Harris-Perry Dismisses The ‘Haters’ And ‘Welcomes’ More Debate On MSNBC Promo
Ann Coulter Battles Grover Norquist: Immigrants Only Help Businesses Who ‘Benefit From Slave Labor’
Bill Maher Tears Into Liberals For Not Standing Up On Guns: Too Afraid To Say ‘Second Amendment Is Bullsh*t’
WATCH: Gun Rights Advocate Reveals Key Role In Writing Manchin-Toomey Background Checks Amendment
Bill Maher Ignorantly Rants Against The Cuban Embargo, Adding Himself To The List Of Useful Idiots
Sean Hannity, Kirsten Powers, And Tucker Carlson Clash On Obama’s Tax Returns… And Biden’s Old Underwear?
How to Murder the Innocent, Defenseless, and Undefended—and Make Big Bucks Doing It!
The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady’?
Onward, Christian Ninjas!
High Noon Over Guns
White House Budget Taxes Producers, Subsidizes Inefficiency
Global Governance 2025: Rewriting the Life of the Common Man as we know it
The Korean Crisis, China-US Relations, and the Global System
Illegal Alien Propaganda: A Critical Lesson in Terminology and Tactics
Supernanny Cass Sunstein’s Friendly Paternalism: It is For Your Own Good, America
Relentless Liars: The Great Green Edifice is Crumbling
Romney's tech guys win everything except the election
Bill Maher: 'The Second Amendment is bullsh*t'
Levin says 'fascist' GOP congressman is trying to have his show pulled off air in his district
Durbin, Obama linked to defunct Chicago nonprofit under investigation
ICE union head calls on Sen. Rubio to leave 'Gang of Eight'
Mark Steyn prescribes dose of Thatcherism for ailing GOP
Hudson Institute report: America's fault immigrants are not assimilating
Video: A Colorado Sheriff Responds To President Obama
Video: Colion Noir Slams Gun Hypocrisy of American Elites
Video: Greatest Moments of Liberal History
Video: The Real Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady
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