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25 April 2013

"A Shot Heard Around the World ...."

*Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had no firearms, explosives with him when captured

Coast to Coast AM April 24 2013 Conspiracies and JFK Assassination - YouTube

Stricken Boston bomb suspect under guard, awaits charges | Reuters
Boston Hospital Distances From Where 19 Yr Old Suspect Captured
Officials: Dead bomber name in terrorism database | World news | The Guardian
Putin: Boston bombing shows West's mistake | World news | The Guardian
Boston Bombings: Official Stories Change Like Fairy Tales - | Intellihub.com

Why Such Secrecy about Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Event? | This Can't Be Happening!
U.N. official pins blame for Boston Marathon bombing on ‘Tel Aviv’ | JTA - Jewish & Israel News
Boston’s Prelude To Martial Law | Real Jew News
Sean Collier funeral: Honor guard lines the streets in remembrance of MIT police officer | Mail Online
Activist Post: Department of Justice secretly gave Internet service providers immunity when conducting surveillance
CIA Officers Advised Russia’s Privatization Minister - Putin | Russia | RIA Novosti
Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption - John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com
Obama administration bypasses CISPA by secretly allowing Internet surveillance — RT USA
PressTV - Texas tragedy: Agricultural accident or clandestine cover-up?
PressTV - Lawyer’s jail torment marks US totalitarian state
South Korea issues Kaesong ultimatum | World news | guardian.co.uk
Obama Heads Closer Closer to War on Syria
PressTV - UK govt. starts scaremongering campaign to intervene in Syria militarily
PressTV - Jews, gentiles not equals in Israel
Israel forces shoot down a drone - CNN.com
PressTV - Nuclear-armed Israel source of threat in Middle East: Iran UN envoy
Roi Tov – Israel's Lag BaOmer: On a Failed Revolt, a Fake Zohar and a Festival of Fraudulent Empirehood
Israel never stopped pirating in Palestinian waters — RT Op-Edge
Israeli airport security given green light to search tourist emails — RT News
Texas University Sells $375 Million in Gold Bars...to Re-Invest in Gold Futures! | SilverDoctors.com
Gold glitters for many |Markets |chinadaily.com.cn
Silver Spikes Through $24, Gold Through $1450 on COMEX Open! | SilverDoctors.com
Max Keiser TV - YouTube
PressTV - Wall Street casino: The derivatives crisis
Dead Bankers & the Offshore Petroleum Standard | LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
Activist Post: Americans Under Siege – Has Tomorrow Become a Reality?
The Bush Legacy
Americans head north for affordable college degrees - U.S. News
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic
The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings? | Veterans Today
Republican trio push to militarize U.S. response to domestic terrorism | The Raw Story
Rights Violations Occur Amidst Boston Bombing Suspects Hunt : Freedom Outpost
N.H. state rep. thinks Boston Marathon bombing was done by the government - Fosters
Latin American Herald Tribune - Latin America Economy to Grow 3.5% This Year, UN Panel Says
South Korea warns North not to reject offer of industrial zone talks - CNN.com
What next with North Korea? – Global Public Square - CNN.com Blogs
Yemeni man brings the horror of drone strikes home to US Senate - Americas - World - The Independent
Invest £1bn a year to boost cycling levels tenfold, urges report | Life and style | The Guardian
Democracy Is Just A Front For Other Goals - Morris - YouTube
U.S. gives big, secret push to Internet surveillance | Politics and Law - CNET News
CISPA: Amendment to US cyber attack law banning employers from asking for Facebook passwords is blocked | Mail Online
Apple hints at 'exciting new product categories' - CNN.com
Dirty Business as Usual at California High Speed Rail | Crazifornia
Hundreds of Chicago Students Walk Out of Standardized Test | Common Dreams
March 1, 2013 - Browning, Montana - Between 4:30 & 6:30 AM MST |
Psychopaths’ Brain Patterns Lack Means for Empathy | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
New York parents sue after county uses son's remains to train dogs | Fox News
BBC News - Bringing people back from the dead
11:11 Is it Happening to You? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Citizen Hearing on [UFO] Disclosure: Will There Truly Be Any Change in Government Disclosure on the UFO Topic? | VIDEO
Hydrolyzed, Autolyzed, and Other MSG-Containing Ingredients In Foods and Vaccines Kick-Start Schizophrenia - Waking Times : Waking Times
Can Large-Scale Environmental Devastation Really Be Reversed? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Friend 'brainwashed' bombing suspect, uncle says - CNN.com
Chambliss: Law enforcement agency may have had info about... | www.wsbtv.com
Erin Burnett Questioned on Boston Bombing Drills - YouTube
Tsarnaev brothers didn’t rob a 7-Eleven: spokeswoman - Blog Central, Nick Taylor-Vaisey - Macleans.ca
Tamerlan Tsarnaev: experts puzzled as hunt for terror links gleans little | World news | guardian.co.uk
Could the Cops Be Lying in Boston? Surely Not! - Liberty Crier
17 Unanswered Questions About The Boston Marathon Bombing The Media Is Afraid To Ask
Boston bombing: FBI backlash 'risks turning US into surveillance state' | World news | guardian.co.uk
Boston Bombing Suspects’ Father Questions Testimony Reports | World | RIA Novosti
Napolitano defends US immigration reform amid fallout from Boston attack | World news | guardian.co.uk
The Motive Behind the Boston False Flag Operation | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
Pictures: US Boston Bombs – Both Explosions – The Secret of the Pure Fusion Bomb – Li7 – Lithium 7 | Ed Ward, MD's Blog of US Tyranny & Treason
THIS IS HUGE: OBAMA TO BAN GUN IMPORT—-Via EXCECUTIVE ORDERS —- no more milsurp parts sets. No more milsurp magazines. No more milsurp ammo. No more milsurp optics. Perhaps not even spare firing pins | InvestmentWatch
America The Fallen: 24 Signs That Our Once Proud Cities Are Turning Into Poverty-Stricken Hellholes – The City of Detroit Was Once Had The Highest Per-Capita Income In The United States!! | InvestmentWatch
New York Second Avenue Subway: Giant caverns that will one day be Manhattan's 86th Street Station are carved beneath the surface | Mail Online
Damage From Large Fire Closes JFK Library Indefinitely - The Mass Media: News
P P S I M M O N S: BREAKING! MORE VIPs ARE GETTING ON THE BANDWAGON! The Obama Fraud Is Nearing a Complete Exposure!
US Mint Suspends Sales Of Small Gold Coins - Premiums Rising | SilverDoctors.com
Gold Heading Back Towards Monetary System? Long Awaited Gold $100 Note to Be Released Oct 8th | SilverDoctors.com
ALBERT EDWARDS: Confidence In Policymakers Will Collapse, Hyperinflation Will Come, And Gold Will Go Above $10,000 - Business Insider
EPA Signs Industry Authored Public Radiation Rules | SimplyInfo

WHO: H7N9 virus 'one of the most lethal seen so far' - CNN.com
"...I Wasted $10 to Watch Greer's UFO Documentary Film Sirius...So You Won't Have To" | REVIEW
Consensus shredded; major media up against the wall | Jon Rappoport's Blog
GE Capital Cuts Off Financing to Gun Stores | SilverDoctors.com
WHO Says H7N9 is "Most Lethal" Bird Flu Virus - YouTube
Tepco develops its own filtered venting system to hasten reactor restarts - The Japan Times
Radiation of Chernobyl blast discovered in Sri Lankan soil « nuclear-news
Japan and IAEA “grossly downplaying” Fukushima cesium releases — Chernobyl-like levels leaked from plant (AUDIO)
MSM WARNING! People Who Hate Wars For Profit Are Potential Terrorist! - YouTube
Sherrie Questioning All: Rand Paul is a FRAUD and another Obama! He has committed Treason against his Father and Now U.S. Citizens. I have NO Respect for him at All!
“The Future Is Coming, The Future Is Coming,”
Activist Post: Rand Paul flip-flops, says drone strikes on U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without charge or trial are okay
Stansberry Research: We As Americans Are About To See A Major, Major Collapse In Our National Monetary System, And Our Normal Way of Life. | InvestmentWatch
PressTV - ‘US real estate market in free fall’
Natural Health News and Wellness Tips | Natural Remedies and Products: GMOs: The Walking Dead of the Food Industry (Infographic)
Gov’t: Vegetables from inside Fukushima ‘no-go zone’ now ok to ship to stores — Farms preparing crops
Xenon detected in Japan — Consistent with nuclear fission event — Could be from reactor or other atomic activity — N. Korea bomb test?
What BP Doesn’t Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill - Newsweek and The Daily Beast
PressTV - US, Russia clash over Syria
John Kerry warns Nato to plan for possible Syrian chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad's forces - Middle East - World - The Independent
PressTV - Russia special envoy visits Tehran to discuss regional issues
What is the relationship between Iran and al-Qaida? | World news | guardian.co.uk
PressTV - Shame on Western deception!
Kids filmed firing heavy arsenal at tyke terror training Camp in Pakistan (VIDEO) — RT News
Campaigners call for ban on killer robots | Reuters
Catapult to future: Facebook 'building $1.5-billion data center' in US to conquer Internet — RT USA
Fracking Truck Sets Off Radiation Alarm At Landfill - Forbes
China builds second aircraft carrier | World news | guardian.co.uk
Second Chinese official dies in mysterious circumstances | World news | guardian.co.uk
China: 21 killed in Kashgar clashes | World news | guardian.co.uk
How Hemp Oil Cures Cancer And Why No One Knows ~ RiseEarth
The comet set to light up the sky: Hubble gets first glimpse of ISON as it moves closer to Earth | Mail Online
Plastic and Cancerous Compounds in Tea Bags—A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Bedbugs invade hospitals - MarketWatch
Wanda Maddocks: Jailed in secret - for trying to rescue her father from care home where she believed he would die | Mail Online
Elderly more at risk from H7N9, say researchers - CNN.com
Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA? | MadCow Morning News
Boston Terror - Another Red Pill / Blue Pill Moment for America - Waking Times : Waking Times
Obama: Don't form opinions on Boston attacks just yet | The Daily Caller
(U//FOUO) FBI Bulletin: Potential Use of Exploding Targets as Explosives in IEDs | Public Intelligence
Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - Americans On A Hamster Wheel To Hell - YouTube
My Blog
Executive Action: Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories
Web Censorship: The Net is Closing In | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
Expatriotism – The New American Dream « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Alex Jones finally admits family ties to government (video) - YouTube
My Blog
This McDonald's burger looks the same as the day it was cooked... 14 years ago | News.com.au
Activist Post: Flu Shot Causing Fetal Deaths
Pollution Is Radically Changing Childhood in China’s Cities - NYTimes.com
Study Links Autism With Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy - NYTimes.com
The New Way is the Way Through | Zen-Haven - Love Hope Courage
7 Foods To Stop Consuming Today - Waking Times : Waking Times
Who Is Trying To Patent Marijuana? - Waking Times : Waking Times
Ancient Europeans mysteriously vanished 4,500 years ago - Science
Brain Scans Reveal That Humans Definitely Feel Empathy For Robots
What Earth really looks like as it travels through space: New Nasa image reveals the magnetic 'bubble' that protects us | Mail Online
Plastic Compounds in Tea Bags: Source of Potential Toxins

Photos Raise Questions About Boston Bombing Story Line | This Can't Be Happening!
CIA Spy: "Iranian Regime Responsible For Boston Marathon Bombing;" More Attacks To Come - YouTube
Bush Library: Whitewashing War Crimes | Brainwash Update - YouTube
Michael Harris - Finally a politician speaks the truth about Zionism - YouTube

American Presidents Repeatedly Turn A Blind Eye To Genocide
I-Team Investigates The American Plant Food Corp. « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
Thousands Of Speed Camera & Red Light Tickets Will Be Voided « CBS Baltimore
US House Representative Says Government Planned Boston Bombings
Boston bombing facts & fantasies: Tsarnaevs felonious or framed? - YouTube
Boston and Freedom by Andrew P. Napolitano
Saudi national Ali Al-Harbi has visited the White House multiple times since 2009 » The Right Scoop -
Officials: Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev described plot, then silent after Miranda warning
Canada's Foiled Terror Attempt Coincides with Debate of Intrusive Anti-Terrorism Bill
Eyewitness Boston Suspect Was Run Over By Police SUV , No Bombs [Video]
Bush: Former first lady Barbara Bush says the country has 'had enough Bushes' when asked whether son Jeb should run for president | Mail Online
Witness: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Run Over By Cops - | Intellihub.com
Rep. Barbara Lee: Using drones creates 'more hatred, more anger, more hostility toward our country' | XRepublic
Boston Marathon Terror Attack: Double Agents, FBI Controllers, and a Collapsing Narrative
Now officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown - despite police account of firefight and him 'shooting himself' | Mail Online
Boston Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Arrested Stripped Naked so WHEN was he shot and killed? - YouTube
How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World | Video Rebel's Blog
Federal Magistrate Rules That Fifth Amendment Applies To Encryption Keys - Slashdot
A Plane hit the Pentagon - YouTube
Boston Marathon Bombings -- Staged By Le Crafters -- Staged Evidence. - YouTube
No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation | Global Research
Rachel Maddow Froths Over Boston False Flag And Alex Jones | Alternative
Guest Post: How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny - BlackListedNews.com
Retired Army Officer: DHS Must Surrender Their War Weapons To Dept. Of Defense - 12160
Brown Student Falsely Accused Of Bombing Dead - Business Insider
School forces girls to ask for lesbian kiss
Court: US must name U.S. Army School of the Americas grads - BlackListedNews.com
Boston Bomb Drill Made Into Hoax? - YouTube
Lest We Forget–Former CIA officer says Mossad posing as FBI agents In America | The Ugly Truth
Senator McCain just declared WAR on Syria.. (and Russia and Iran) | InvestmentWatch
NYPD: Boston Suspects Planned to Attack Times Square - Wall Street Journal - WSJ.com
Everyone’s Talking about “False Flags … Isn’t that Another Bogus Historical Conspiracy Theory? | Washington's Blog
Loan Co-Signers Should Not Be On The Hook With The IRS If The Debt Is Forgiven – Consumerist
Will the Boston Bombings Kill the Public Police Scanner? | Mother Jones
Refreshing News: Americans are going to Canada for college now because tuition is too damn high
Refreshing News: Judge refuses to authorize FBI spy Trojan that can secretly turn your webcam into a surveillance camera
Elijah Cummings Calls On Boehner To Retract GOP Report Blaming Libya Attack On Hillary Clinton
Baby burned to death on bonfire in Chile after cult leader decided she was the antichrist | Mail Online
Jon Stewart Trashes Fox News For Throwing Out The Constitution:The Law Is No Match For Freedom Math | XRepublic
Glenn Beck Claims Conspiracy Between Saudi National and Tsarnaev Brothers in Boston Bombing (Video)
Glenn Beck Offers More Details on Boston Bombings ‘Saudi National’ Theory (Video)
US Congressmen Follow Up on Glenn Beck’s Boston Bombings ‘Saudi National’ Theory
Reality Check - Internet Privacy Bill CISPA Means 'No More Privacy'? - YouTube

Was Boston Bomber Radicalized at U.S.-Sponsored Workshop? | Washington's Blog
Concern over anti-psychotic drug given to soldiers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Sub Teacher says he had photos deleted by FBI | XRepublic
Activist Post: How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny
John Boehner Not Allowing Select Committee Investigation Into Benghazi
Boston: More Questions Than Answers | Think Tank - YouTube
Obama Signs Firearm And Ammo Killswitch | International
Evidence Mounts Boston Bombers Were FBI Assets | Terrorism
9/11 Videos - The Controlled Collapse of WTC 7
Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses
The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark
1 Hour Shootout Or Hit Job? Police Admit Boston Bomber Was Unarmed | Scandals
Panopticon: The Documentary About Your Privacy « Underground Documentaries
Refreshing News: Medicinal Benefits of Whole Foods
A visit to the Chris Dorner Big Bear Hideout: Retracing the final steps from burnt-out truck to mountain condo
The Real Danger of CISPA
How to Defeat Government Internet Censorship – Pirate Internet! « Underground Documentaries
Activist Post: America's War on Terror 2.0
Reality Check – Internet Privacy Bill CISPA Means ‘No More Privacy’?
Judge Napolitano: CISPA Is A Direct Assault On Privacy | XRepublic
PressTV - Canada censured over anti-terror bill
Congressional leaders in both parties are engaged in high-level, confidential talks about exempting lawmakers and Capitol Hill aides from Obamacare - 12160
You're Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist - 12160
Feinstein's Husband Richard Blum Gets Contract to Sell Postal Bldgs - 12160
Who's your Daddy??? - 12160

Boston suspects' father says he's returning to US
"The Battlefield Is The United States Of America" - BlackListedNews.com
Israel spy agency has presence in Syria, says senior rebel general | intelNews.org
Syrians Turn to Backyard Refining as War Reaches Oil - Bloomberg
Hundreds of Europeans fighting with rebels in Syria | Al Bawaba
U.S. Halts Largest HIV Vaccine Trial on Treatment Failure - Bloomberg
$2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery's Savior
Researchers watch nanoparticles self-assemble for the very first time
Syrian "Incursion" Imminent? Hints From Current US Naval Positions - BlackListedNews.com
Lawmakers demand 'action' in Syria after intel confirms chemical weapons use | Fox News
Farage: Eurocrats’ Cyprus cash grab a template for future stealing - BlackListedNews.com
US Unveils Iraq WMD "Curveball-Style" Lies Vs. Syria - BlackListedNews.com
American Gestapo: Boston Bombing Reveals Washington's True Colors - BlackListedNews.com
Reinventing GDP: US GDP to be revised in July by adding “intangibles” to the tune of $500 billion. - BlackListedNews.com
CONFIRMED: Both FBI & CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years - BlackListedNews.com
ACLU Uncovers Illegal Debtors’ Prisons Across Ohio - BlackListedNews.com
Sequester, tight budgets means DHS buying less ammunition - Washington Times
Suspected Saudi Terrorist Al-Harbi Visited White House Numerous Times - BlackListedNews.com
Court: US must name military school grads - The Hill's Global Affairs
Guest Post: How The Boston Bombing Is Already Being Exploited To Introduce Tyranny - BlackListedNews.com
The Geopolitical Powderkegs Most Likely to Start the Next Major War - BlackListedNews.com
Lawmakers May Exempt Themselves and Their Staffs From Obamacare. | AgainstCronyCapitalism.org
Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption - John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com
Boston Bombing Changes Lawmakers' Views on Drone Killings of Americans on U.S. Soil - US News and World Report
Private Prison Companies Find Loophole to Avoid Taxes - BlackListedNews.com
Obama administration bypasses CISPA by secretly allowing Internet surveillance - BlackListedNews.com
Boston bomb suspect's name was on classified government watch lists | Reuters
“Looking Forward, Not Backward” Is Not Only Stupid … It’s Also Illegal - BlackListedNews.com
Obama Administration Paying People To ‘Recruit’ Folks Onto Food Stamps… Fraud More Than Doubles In 3 Years… $750 million Each Year - BlackListedNews.com
Chambliss: Law Enforcement Agency May Have Known About Boston Bombing in Advance - BlackListedNews.com
Officials: Boston suspect had no firearm when barrage of bullets hit hiding place - The Washington Post
What's Bad About a House-to-House Search? - informationliberation
No charges for NYPD cops filmed punching, pepper-spraying Occupy protesters - informationliberation
Tamerlan Tsarnaev got Mass. welfare benefits | Boston Herald
Second Video Surfaces Of Boston Police Ordering Families Out Of Their Homes At Gunpoint - informationliberation
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 25 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 24 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 23 2013
+BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials- April 22 2013

The War On Terror Is Over. America Lost. - YouTube
Interview 655 - Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing
Boston Terror: Preparing for the Police-Martial Law State
Charlie McGrath & Sibel Edmonds on Boston Terror
The EyeOpener- Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing: The US Roots of “Chechen” Terrorism
Boston Terror Updates & Developments-April 24, 2013
Boston Terror Update 2-April 25: The Syria Objective is Nearly Accomplished?
“Heading Towards a Collision Course”: Will Israel Attack Iran with America’s Blessing by the End of this Year?
No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation
Building a Pretext to Wage War on Syria: As NATO Terror Front Collapses, US Drums Up Familiar WMD Lies
Is Kissing a “State Sponsor of Terrorism” a “Terrorist Act”?
Boston Lockdown: The New York Times Endorses U.S. Police State
Boston Truth: The Suspects – Who Is Behind Al Qaeda?
Canadian Government unveils “Terror Plot” as it Adopts Draconian New Law
Was Boston Bomber “Radicalized” at a U.S. Sponsored Counterterrorism Workshop
Oil Geopolitics in the Horn of Africa: Somaliland DNO Oil Deal Adds Fuel to the Conflict in North Somalia
The Roots of Terror: FBI’s Fingerprints All Over the Boston Bombings
The “Criminalisation” of International Criminal Justice
A Tale of Two Cities: Tragic Aftermath of the Explosion at Fertilizer Company in West, Texas
The Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA): U.S. Dictating Canada’s Intellectual Property Laws
Terrorists “R” Us
Why Does America Media Continue to Honour Henry Kissinger?
Boston Bombing: 19 Year Student Suspect Gets Death Penalty Charge
High Tech Surveillance: U.S. Internal Revenue Snooping Social Media and Emails Without Warrant
Political Opportunism. The Boston Marathon Tragedy Used as a Pretext To Extend the “Global War on Terrorism”
Building a Pretext for an All Out War against Syria? Allegations of Chemical Weapons Use
Nicolas Maduro did not Steal the Venezuelan Elections
“Walls of Shame”: The World of Walls, Security Zones and Electrified Fences
Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons: Chuck Hagel
Chuck Hagel's Amazing Overnight Transformation on Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons
US Unveils Iraq WMD "Curveball-Style" Lies Vs. Syria
The US Perpetrates a Boston Bombing Weekly in Pakistan, Yemen & Afghanistan
Orwell Does America
Boston and Freedom
Obama Administration Secretly Allowing Internet Surveillance U.S. gives big, secret push to Internet surveillance
We Must Fight Back Authoritarianism Has Quietly Enveloped Every Part of American Life
What Does It Mean To Be An “American” Corporation?
Barack Hussein Obama Will Be The Last United States President | Obama
Glenn Beck: Obama Will Be Impeached! | Obama
Alex Jones Admits CIA Ties - Trust Only God! | Alternative

+Alex Jones & Gerald Celente: Thursday (4-25-13) Entire Show | Politics
Source: Elite Fleeing Los Angeles Ahead Of April 28th Nuke Event | Alternative
19-Year-Old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From Oceans | Alternative
Plot Thickens in Saudi National Case
Boston Bomber's Background Check Highlights Amnesty Bill Flaw | Immigration
CISPA Is Dead: Senate To Shelve Controversial Bill | U. S. Politics
29 Actors! Operation Wack-a-Mole Unravels: Tom Heneghan - "The Time Is Now, The Match Is Hot" | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized | Health
Can The Placenta Determine Autism? | Health
Did Tsarnaev Brothers Use Obama Phones To Explode Bombs? | Alternative
Feds Won't Say if Tsarnaevs Had Gov't-Funded Phones
9/11 connection to marathon bombings?
36 killed in psychiatric hospital fire near Moscow | Alternative
Anonymous Defaces NAMBLA Web Site As Part Of #OpAlice | Alternative
Boston and Freedom by Andrew P. Napolitano
Boston Marathon Crisis Actors!!!!!! | Conspiracy Theories
The Man Who Stopped Hitler's A-bomb | Alternative
Martial Law: Three Things To Know In The Event Of Martial Law Or Invasion | Politics
Boston Bombing: New Evidence | Blogging/Citizen Journalism
Has Watertown Made Warrantless Searches The 'New Normal'? | CNS News
Joe Arpaio VIP Birther Presentation | 2012
Sandy Hook - Questions Linger | Alternative
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30,000 Year Old Bosnian Pyramids Built With Man Made Cement | Beyond Science
Alien Structures On Earth's Moon, Dark Matter UFO, NASA Source, | Beyond Science
Eerie Psychic Reading On The Boston Bombings | Terrorism
Evidence Mounts Boston Bombers Were FBI Assets | Terrorism
The Pyramids; Designed And Built By Nephilim Giants | Prophecy
The Secret Illuminati Clones-TruthShockTV | Prophecy
Politics on hold at the dedication of Bush library
At Library Dedication, Bush Basks in Texas Sun - NYTimes.com
Jimmy Carter Praises George W. Bush's Assistance To Africa | TPM LiveWire
Obama Uses Bush Speech to Push Immigration Reform | The Weekly Standard
Library dedication offers glimpse of tenuous Obama-Bush relationship - The Washington Post
Bill Clinton jokes about wanting George W Bush to paint him naked | Mail Online
Five living presidents toast new Bush library
CURL: W outclasses Barack and Bill, without even trying - Washington Times
The Presidential Wheel Turns - WSJ.com
Eugene Robinson: Bush’s legacy keeps getting worse - The Washington Post


Calif. bill would let non-citizens serve on juries
Venezuela arrests accused US intelligence agent - FRANCE 24
Md. man gets 60 days in deaths of 33,700 chickens - DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG
Camden County Mother Facing Charges In Cancer Scheme « CBS Philly
Believing in God can help treat depression | Mail Online
SKY FALL! Man tumbles off Empire State Building - NY Daily News
Baby burned to death on bonfire in Chile after cult leader decided she was the antichrist | Mail Online
Google's Schmidt says talking to glasses can be weird, inappropriate - Yahoo! News Canada
Google's Brin keeps spotlight on future technologies - FRANCE 24
Richest Man Slim Cited for Profiting From Phones for Poor - Bloomberg
White House: We don’t know if Syria red line has been crossed | The Cable
Revealed: tragic victims of Syria’s nerve gas war | The Times
Exiled Muslim Brotherhood plans return to Syria - FT.com
Reps challenge DHS ammo buys, say agency using 1,000 more rounds per person than Army | Fox News
DHS Denies Ammo Purchases Aimed at Civilians - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)
Democrats blink first on aviation cuts - Kathryn A. Wolfe and Burgess Everett - POLITICO.com
Congress Prepares $100 Million Bipartisan Flu Tax | The Weekly Standard
Record Number of Households on Food Stamps-- 1 out of Every 5 | CNS News
Mother Of Bombing Suspects: ‘America Took My Kids Away From Me’ « CBS Boston
Boston bombers' crazed mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva says marathon carnage was a 'play with paint instead of blood' | Mail Online
Feds Further Investigating Role of Bomber's Wife | The Weekly Standard
US army seeks new technology to replace GPS - FRANCE 24
Man arrested for selling newborn grandson on Facebook | The Times
Dem leaders won’t seek ObamaCare exemption - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill | TheHill.com
Maryland Offers Glimpse At Obamacare Insurance Math - Healthy Living - Everyday Health
Exclusive--McConnell: Entire Country Should Be Exempt from ObamaCare
Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her '22-year-old stripper's butt' at Iron Man 3 premiere - Telegraph
Today’s Talk: Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Most Beautiful,’ Shows Off Body At ‘Iron Man 3′ Premiere « CBS New York
Snoop Lion Clears The Air About His 4/20 Party Bust « Radio.com News
Government halts HIV vaccine trial after shot fails to prevent infections - CBS News
Senate committee representative: CISPA will almost certainly be shelved due to privacy concerns
Ministry of Truth makes Boston bombing suspect disappear
Retailer Pulls Pressure Cookers in the Wake of Boston Bombing, Then Puts Them Back After Public Outcry
CONFIRMED: Both FBI and CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years
U.S. Drone Test Sites Must Include Stronger Privacy Protections
Upcoming FEMA Drills Involve Community Groups And Faith Based Organizations
CNN: People Who Hate Wars For Profit Are Potential Terrorists
The Misguided Case for Capital Controls
Consensus shredded; major media up against the wall
Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece – And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In America Too
The Motive Behind the Boston False Flag Operation
All Americans Should be Exempt from ObamaCare
The "Gang of Eight" its Amnesty Stupid
Muslim Lawyer Dumbed Down Already Dumbed-Down NFL; Says IQ Test for Morons “Racist”
Funny But True: Islamic Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Tweeted This Video Mocking Arab Muslims
Listen to My XM Radio Interview on Tsarnaev Widow & Possible Lawsuits Against Her & Her Parents
EXCLUSIVE: Tsarnaevs Committed Immigration Fraud – Bush Rubberstamped Asylum Claim; Amnesty Preview
Katherine Russell/Karima Tsarnaeva & Islamic Terrorist Hubby Couple Committed Welfare Fraud?- Common Among US, UK Muslims
EXCLUSIVE: Apartment Complex Demands Disabled Army Vet Remove “Racist” American Flag
Did an Earthquake Destroy Ancient Greece? | Historical Mysteries | LiveScience
Mysterious Hudson River giant head found by Marist crew
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